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Incest with daughter(2018-10)

At the hotel with my withdrawal daughter

yuna himekawa[8317]
I forcibly took out my daughter, who was withdrawn in the second year of junior high school, and said, " It's bad for you to stay at home, so let's go to the sea today ." I arrived at the sea in about 2 hours, parked my car in the parking area, and took a walk along the beach. My daughter also stared at the mysterious beauty of the moment when the setting sun set in the sea, and when I was about to return to the car after seeing the setting sun, my daughter left her face on my shoulder, so I put my arms down. I turned it back to. When I got back to the car, my daughter said "Dad" and closed her eyes, so I put my lips on top of each other. It did about one minute long felt "Emi each other junior college." "I wanted to not kiss what" "Kai just have to kiss" "It is ..." and then again kiss spans daughter to defeat the seat, This time I also touched my chest and rubbed it, I did not resist, I unbuttoned it, lifted the bra, sucked on raw milk and bite the nipple, a small sigh leaked and I decided to get a virgin and ran the car and entered the nearest motel. "Where is my dad here?" "This is where I'm going to take a break." When I entered the room, I hugged him tightly, kissed him harder, fell on the bed, took it off in a hurry, and took it off in the futon. I sneaked into the room, sucked my breasts, touched the pussy, and when I was ready, I put something in my daughter. "Hurts ~" "a little more patience" all and press Guitto aims to back is fit again "I went all" "painful" put the remains moved without'll pat the breast and nipple and "Anne"I started to move with my voice, "It hurts," "Yeah," I found that the inside got wet when I accelerated the movement. The piston also became smooth, and when I pushed it deeply , a voice leaked , "Au, Au", and when I heard it, the feeling of ejaculation increased. "Dad is about to die." "Yeah." I pulled out the cock and fired it on my stomach. But, because the virgin of proof is not in the daughter "What Emi's not a virgin." "No, I'm a virgin." "I'm not with a virgin of proof" "Oh that I, in fact, in the three years of the seniors I a school I was called and held down by a few people, and I was able to put one, two, or three ballpoint pens in the dick, so I think it was torn at that time. " " Did that happen or did that make me hate school? " " Yeah. " "It was painful to be sorry," he hugged and kissed. Then I got an erection again, so "I'll put it in again" "Yeah" It's the second insertion.

Father put out a hand to daughter

Is a housewife who lives next to the apartment. There are families that live in the father and daughter next to me room, cocking but I have heard that his wife died 20 years ago, Toka 63-year-old daughter's current 38-year-old father was from the time of high school three years, But the neck will, the daughter, but was married 10 years ago, seems to have returned to his father divorced in three years can not be the child place. After that, the daughter has given birth to a girl, I think we became a mother of unmarried birth to children of men because apparently could new boyfriend later divorced, because the light of the well face in his father's daughter, bereaved wife the was sired by pregnancy dabbled in daughter from loneliness, daughter of also aware accepted the father relationship. Although his father is heard as sometimes information from being out a hand to her daughter, what parent-daughter is pregnant sex at the same feelings as husband and wife, there is normally raise birth to children reality, to think the human sexuality is it was.

Commit the first. 2F

Dad also listen to say that pressing the daughter of junior high school students. It loincloth stroked the crack from the top of the pants spread the legs, press the vaginal opening, pushing the cock Nugashi the pants in the place that you no longer give up resistance, within the vagina of the virgin is tightened narrow cock, cock of premature ejaculation feeling is also early an attempt was made to kiss massaging the breast of the poor milk slightly to stop the movement will likely spit the semen was denied shaking the face, kiss with smoke to give up nipple, semen Innovation Juru leaks from this moment cock, again to start the piston, fired culminates in a smooth sliding thanks to the semen. It puts in Moro. The following will Okaso the sister of high school students.

Wife to the daughter of the body, cried

Work, wife and go home at the end the house, was in tears. What happened? ? Miyoko is, I Nante body that does not fill the children, dad after a while (Yeah) how there is no Do not anger of saying like a human resources (wife) daughter, I had heard. Translation of mom of why is, not from the solution daughter is now absent from school depressed. Elementary school five-year-old daughter, becomes a withdrawal, if it does not allow it to be as daughter, go out to the daughter and drive and travel to think and so want to embrace the daughter to feel the desire to daughter though it is such a state became. When the wife see my face, that has also seen her daughter since coming suffering from something One to me, even to go to where the hate now go out with her daughter and two people. Daughter when I went to Atami Onsen daughter and two people have, was frolicked in smiling face. Meal also came in from saying dad in the futon and see the face of the daughter becomes the end time to sleep. Say try to do the dad and sex daughter (Yeah) was licking pussy to expand the crotch lay on his back the daughter the daughter from getting to me even naked in the nude. In mind that pussy, a chestnut continued licking pussy while thinking and can it be out in the raw was swallowed sucked up the pussy juice rolling tongue. Dick is Gingin. Pussy wet daughter is accompanied by a hand to my head, § ~When the daughter for the first time painful but put Ategae waist dick in pussy while embracing daughter to say that please the patience since become comfortable Once you get used dick is, while hug strongly daughter so walked into the pussy daughter When you put a dick deep've been squeezing your arm out the painful and voice. Kai was painful to her daughter but a little hurt by dad okay daughter and is comfortably and running the hips wiggle and thought it would be painful and whispered with Miyoko ... feels good to daughter, father to feel good Yeah \"very comfortable What is likely, dad because I love I-dad was good tightness of the pussy, well semen because I have been in close contact with the dick in such a pleasant climb to heaven, has come out in the pussy. Even to go home enjoyed sex with two people to feel even daughter When you continue to embrace the daughter hiding in his wife. My wife and I'll Miyoko was What did you do with changed even surprised his wife have become bright daughter was asked to me. I though he suffered from his wife, in between resting wonder was Fukkire Maybe ... likely to be his wife daughter came to go to school. When you go shopping will buy the products that the discount to go to or Seriously closed and daughter. On the way back, man, where do not pass, you return from the sex in car to the house. His wife, when you do not go home only in the evening go out will the Pies comfortably with the pussy hugging each other naked in the futon. Also it will be kept alive to me while out a cry of joy felt daughter. Now 17 00 minutes to work ... around here Hen

Kimo father

I want to see and touch my daughter's milk that has begun to swell. I pretended to be a coincidence and opened the dressing room and touched my chest with my elbows. My daughter is so warm that she gets angry while laughing, but she confirms the beginning of big breasts, soft milk and pubic hair, similar to her wife.

De S daughter and man's daughter

 I finally ran it. My older wife's de S daughter immediately found out that I was de M. I will never go against myself, or I will be obedient without doing any harm and I will be relentlessly provoked and tried It is was bullied everyone man in Lori face to look back a petite delicate saw many times from the following Yoshimusume My masturbation also veranda from the next , at the timing at which I also found purpose that is unbearable to those seen・While enlarging my daughter's line of sight reflected in the micro camera toward my daughter's peeping with a PC ・ ・ It's the same as handling while looking at my daughter's eyes in front of me Forgive me small while shaking my hips ... In front of my daughter ... I can't die with a cock! Please ... Don't look inside ... Don't look ... While looking at the monitor's daughter's eyes and fluttering with a strong ejaculation feeling, I ca n't stop the female masturbation so that the back of the anal is numb ... But Mai-chan Yumiko to the boyfriend is seen masturbation was like was taken to the photo, Netra is Mai is very hard and the I of the masochist also means ... daughter tease of whether mean to ... My maybe even get angry Mai is a man I don't stick to it, and it seems that Mama Mama was originally a customer who was looking for Yumiko, but ... The conversation between the two people who seems to be big is straight ... Yumiko Is that so? My Mai is too big! It's still good because it's fast, but ... I do n't have an affair with Yumiko many times ... But he's easy to get pushed out , and he's posted in magazines ... Is it an acquaintance or sexual processing? Even if it is made like ... Because it is a sensitive constitution that dies ...But do you want to show me a big man ... I 'm not really my dad, but Mai-chan's obedience, so even if I come home, I hang around in my pants or take a shower ... I just wrapped a bath towel ... I can't wipe it. & # 9835; If Yumiko starts to wipe out, she's on her waist, so if she wipes out, she doesn't wear it ... I'm pretending not to see Yumiko, but Mukumuku is more than twice as thick as Mai ... When Mai returns late, my daughter is my I bought it when I went to bed, and when I thought about it later, Mai-chan was going to break up. It seems that she had to put up with it. I 'm a convinced criminal. I gave a blanket to the room, so I didn't take a bath. When I looked into the room, I was sleeping. Jun-kun, I wasn't wearing it because I was trying to do it . With my mouth ... Ah, I was warped to the point where I was nailed ... I was throbbing while taking a bath and secretly taking a shower with the sound of the shower. While ... I'm looking at you, I stretched the blanket carefully enough to cover it. Head ... Jun-kun! In voice unlike struck N'a darkness together ... UU-N'Jupu Tsu Jupo ... Shabu Tteru ... and Mai N huh Ju' Okkii ... Nbu' Ah! Yumiko! I'm so excited that I'm so excited that I can even receive it by hand ...My wife is ejaculating ... Much bigger than Mai ... Thick and curled cock fellatio is no good. Such a hold ... I and I ... A'A'a' to issued An ... An'nani ... even though there is not said hand holding of Jun-kun does not turn even finger by pussy jumpy and agitated cock anymore Would you like to wear it ... will you die? Do you want it My daughter's boyfriend's cock Where is Yumi properly in this pussy! Ikuu ... Hora' also went out another useless ... now in the face of Anna female ... More of which ...

With the daughter of an elementary school student

I'm taking a bath with my 6th grade daughter tonight as well. My daughter doesn't have any distrust because I've been in it since I was born. Maybe it's because I've been washing my body since I was in elementary school, maybe I've never touched it, but my daughter's body, which I've been watching, has grown up and my butt on my chest and waist Etc. became glossy and I finally got my hands on it. When I take a bath as usual, I say, "Today, my dad will wash it for the first time in a while." I usually wash it with a healthy towel, but today I start washing with my bare hands and start washing from my back, then turn it forward and stroke my chest. I washed it gently. I don't know the expression because I'm lowering my face, but I didn't resist, so I went down and went to wash my crotch. My daughter spread her legs, so when I traced the cracks and washed, a sighing voice leaked. So when I picked up my clitoris, my breath seemed to be rough and my shoulders were shaking. I will put my fingertips in the vagina at once, because it is wet with shabon, I entered smoothly and when I looked back at my daughter with my other hand, it seemed to have a bright red face and autumn leaves, and nodded , "How do you feel? " Yeah. ”When I kissed my pretty face, I turned my arm back and grabbed my head. Next, when I gently stroked my breasts that started to swell, I put my tongue in, so I sucked as much as I could. It is said that 6th grade girls are not allowed, but that's right, especially when it comes to sexuality. If you shower for about 10 minutes and soak in the bathtub, sit on your lap and kiss again, your hands will come around your neck again, so lift your daughter's butt and slowly look for a hole in the vagina with a dick. I put it in. It was a moving moment when I was connected with my daughter.

Wishes come true

I wanted to be my daughter someday, but 20 years have passed without the opportunity, and my daughter has come to the coming-of-age ceremony. On the way back from the ceremony, we held a celebration with our childhood friends, and after 3-4 drinks, we got in touch with Beron Beron to pick us up from our daughter's best friend, and when we arrived at the store we heard, we got drunk in front of the store. I found it and managed to get it in the car with my best friend and went home. I parked my car in my garage, opened the entrance, carried my daughter on the bed in my daughter's room, took off the sunny clothes one by one, and when I took off the last long undershirt, I could see the thick pubic hair with no panties for a while. When the devil's whisper was there, it was time to clear the long-cherished desire, and he grabbed the breast and scraped the thick pubic hair and stuck it to the labia meat. I felt my daughter in the scent of urine that pierced my nose, and I carefully licked my tongue and urethral meatus and kissed my daughter's soft lips. I hurriedly took off my pants and pants and slowly put the cock that became painfully hard into the vagina. I was impressed by the achievement of my father-daughter incest, which I had longed for, but I was about to die after just rubbing it 4 to 5 times, so I pulled it out in a hurry and fired it in the palm of my hand. Daughter and excitement to the sense of accomplishment to enter the bathroom and do you Abiyo even Shawa not fit suddenly appeared "Dad would put to me now." "Eh?! Of you was happening?" "No, occurred in the discomfort I was sleeping of " " Sorry, let him. " " I it's okay, you know had been "from a young age that you are thinking of dad wish I had Kurere say so if you want to " you, you! " my daughter was in a crouch withered penis Gave me in my mouth. This was the ideal image I drew.After that, it was a male-female mating state. It was not a copulation to leave offspring, but a copulation seeking pleasure.

Mischief to grandson

Two years ago, divorced daughter (Masami) is, I Come and say I was, but returned two people with the truth (grandchildren) a month, including the work of rented apartment in the vicinity of the said house try to do my best in the long-term care, 3-4 times the night shift is there the day of become to come to stay at my house because the truth is one person, grandson also the day of the stay in the now comes joyfully to my house. Since can SEX with me. . . . Grandson, is a small 6 my woman.

Mischief to grandson

And retirement has been living alone.

Day-to-day daughter and love

I am 48 years old, is currently in a 23-year-old daughter is self-employed and I, because it is a regular holiday today, is the confession only a little.  Spent the night in a love hotel in the 20-year-old coming-of-age ceremony, since finished the virgin the got human equation spent incest sex life, such as a daughter and husband and wife, hair also regularly go to hair loss, also contraceptive ring will Shaved smooth put accept a raw me, you cum sperm toward the uterus.  My wife will divorce can be related to the young man, without being disturbed daughter and two to anyone, violently love it can, the skin of the daughter polished also has glossy skin firmness fresh, womb at Pies the semen to the absorption is so it seems to cosmetic effect. Tits for us also to'm good shape Sucking every day rubbed. West becomes the feminine body constricted, sex work hard every day, even us gladly daughter.  And so my energy is attached, and drink also recommended from daughter energetic agent. When you start having sex at its thanks, you will be asked from the daughter do # is a once and \"doing as far as physical strength.\" Also it has become a bright and good booty daughter thanks.

Cum shot with my daughter Atsuko

It's been a long time, everyone. Even after having sex with Atsuko successfully, I have no chance to be alone in the house, so I often meet with Atsuko outside and enjoy vaginal cum shot sex ♪I've learned a lot about how to make Atsuko squid, and if you turn your hips with the cock in the back, you'll be screaming. It's a great thing. I'm in a dangerous state because I don't need foreplay ♪ I've been disciplined to always say when I'm going to go, so I say I'm going to go, but I'm going to go past it and suddenly I'm going I often say that (laughs) I've come to do blowjobs, but I'm still not good at it, compared to professional foreplay girls. My hope is to acquire the tech that sucks comfortably to the extent that it seems to be lively from the moment of blowjob. Currently, my father-daughter close relatives with my daughter Atsuko have come true and I am excited, and I can enjoy sex with Atsuko who is still young and has just lost her virginity, but I may get tired of it in the future, so it is outstanding. I am thinking of getting Feratech to be acquired and recovering as many times as I want. I sometimes use contraceptive films, but it's getting more and more troublesome to buy, so I thought about getting Atsuko to take the pill, but I gave up thinking that my wife might be suspicious. .. It seems that I will make vaginal cum shot even on a dangerous day, by the way, I think that I have a high ability to implant sperm, Atsuko also has an easy delivery type and has a high fertilization ability in terms of age. If it becomes a mess, I would like to have a relationship with a man in another place and get pregnant. Even though I have not taught it, when my daughter is about to ejaculate and I approach ejaculation, it is a storm of kissing by turning it around my neck with a crab scissors ♪ It feels like I am doing the trick to make a man squid ♪ Experience other than myself Not so many times, but it's amazing improvement! My daughter-in-law wasn't able to make me squid with a pussy, but I'm surprised that her daughter Atsuko is a woman who can easily get inside. Perhaps, if I continue in the current state, Atsuko may be pregnant in a few months ♪ Honestly, I would like to see Atsuko's pregnant woman as well ♪

With my daughter-in-law

yuna himekawa[8129]
I will write about my experience with a woman who remarried in mid-July this year. I remarried earlier this spring and the lives of the three began. I'm 53 wife 49 daughter 17. My wife got sick and was hospitalized, and for a while I lived with my daughter. I had been friends with my daughter before remarriage, so I told my wife that they were okay with each other and that I should treat them with confidence. It was the night three days after my wife was hospitalized. On that day, I stopped by the hospital and brought back the laundry. Both my daughter and I decided to do the laundry after taking a bath, so I put my wife's laundry and my daughter's underwear in the washing machine. When the laundry was finished and dried, my daughter turned bright red and when she approached me, she said, "I'll do it." I hadn't thought about it because I was looking at the laundry that had been dried for a long time and underwear after taking a bath, but it seems that my daughter was embarrassed. When I was watching TV while drinking canned beer, my daughter who had finished drying the laundry arrived next to me with tea. After a while, I decided to go to the bedroom to get rid of my work on my computer and go to bed, so when I went to check gas, electricity, and door locks, my daughter was lying on the sofa and sleeping. After closing the door and checking, I woke my daughter to go to the room and go to bed, but she answered empty. I went to the bedroom and slept, but I couldn't sleep because I was wondering if my daughter had entered the room. When I went to the tea room, my daughter was sleeping as it was, so I woke up, but I slept soundly and couldn't wake up, so I hugged her and took her to the bed in the room. I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts.When I tried to lay it on the bed, I lost my balance and covered it from the side of my daughter, and I pressed my face against the tits. My daughter was no bra. I think it's a B to C cup, but I was excited by the puny feel, and my crotch became bigger in an instant. I thought it was bad, but my daughter seemed to be sleeping soundly, so I wanted to see it in person and gently turned up the T-shirt. The pink areola and nipple are exposed in a reasonable size. I gently placed my hand on the breast and moved my fingers little by little so as not to wake it up, but after confirming that it did not wake up, I started rubbing slowly. Unlike my wife with small breasts, it felt soft and comfortable. Even if I licked my lips and then put my lips on top of each other, there was no sign of waking up, so I went back to my bedroom and brought a digital camera to take a picture. I took off my shorts little by little and took a picture. I sniffed the sensitive part from the top of the cute pink panties and kissed it, but it didn't happen. I rubbed and kissed the tits in the form of getting naked and lying with my daughter, slowly inserting my tongue and entwining it with my daughter's tongue. After drinking a lot of saliva, I gently put my nipple in my mouth and licked it and enjoyed it. Then I took off my last panties slowly, took a picture, slowly opened my knees and looked at the sensitive parts, and it started to get wet slightly. I gently kissed and started licking with my tongue crawling, widening the crack with my tongue, then inserting my tongue and licking strongly to taste the love juice. At that time, as a result of trying to close my legs by calling out my daughter's cancer, I got into the form of pinching my head and pressing it against the pussy.When I licked it as it was, my legs lost strength, so I licked the last chestnut. I make a voice, but it doesn't happen, so I opened the chestnut skin with both thumbs, exposed the chestnut, sucked it, licked it with the tip of my tongue, and rolled it. My daughter's voice became louder little by little and the joy juice overflowed. When I wanted to insert it, I took my face away from the pussy and kissed slowly when I was in a bed-sharing position, put my middle finger and index finger on the pussy, put love juice on my finger and slowly inserted it. For a kiss, I squeeze my tongue and suck it strongly, and when I entangle my tongue, my daughter opens her eyes and is surprised. Regardless, I turned my left hand behind my neck and hugged my shoulder strongly, deprived me of freedom of movement, accelerated the insertion and removal of my pussy's fingers and put my thumb on the chestnut, and my daughter lifted her butt and shook her body and died. is. When I stopped kissing and sucked my nipples or rolled it with my tongue, I shed tears with ah ~ no ... no good ... no good ~. I wasn't thinking about stopping it anymore, but I said, "If you give me a blow job and pull it out, I won't insert it! I whispered in my daughter's ear and nodded, so I gave her freedom, hugged her, kissed her, entwined her tongue, rubbed her tits, and then lay down on the bed. When I put my daughter between my legs and pressed my head against Chin ○, I slowly crawled my tongue from the glans and started licking, and after licking it to the ball bag, I made it suck. It's still awkward, but he gave me a hard blow job to finish it early. When I asked my daughter to lick her pussy, she slowly got into a sixty nine position.When I licked a lot of pussy and rubbed my love juice and put in and out two fingers, I died immediately and I got tired, so when I laid my daughter down, I covered it and kissed it, and while rubbing and licking the tits, I inserted it at once when I hit the glans on the pussy .. My daughter resists pushing my body with both hands, but I can't pull it out because I'm holding my hips tightly. At first I moved slowly and slowly to enjoy my daughter's tight pussy. Because it is tight and resists, tightening is also good, so I can not be patient, so if I speed up the movement of the waist and insert and remove it, my daughter will start to make a voice, and when I say that I will die, I trembled and died. I also pierced deep into my vagina and died, and released it inside. When I covered it, I kissed and entwined my tongue with my breathless. Chin ○ is still a gingin because of the excitement of having a forbidden relationship with her daughter's tightening and hugging and kissing, so she restarted the piston and entered the second round. I didn't resist because my daughter gave up, so I raised her body and kissed her in a hug style and licked her tits while flipping her body and holding her hands and blaming her from the back. When I closed my daughter's legs and blamed her, the tight and tight pussy got more entwined and tightened, and it was released inside again. My daughter seems to have passed away several times. When I slowly pulled out the chin ○, sperm dripping. I wiped it with a tissue and hugged each other and kissed.My daughter was in tears, but she said, "I love Y! I wanted to hold it someday! I was forced to do it, but I was happy to hold Y. You can tell my mom that I was raped! I'm ready! "I don't say it!" Never say! I don't want my mom to cry! And ... "" And? "Because I finally have a father ... I don't want to be gone anymore! I don't think I was raped by it! Dad's etch was kind and I felt affectionate. It felt good ... " " Do I really have to say that? Can I stay with Y's father as it is? " Y also likes his father and wants him to stay," he said. The two of us took a bath, washed our bodies, hugged each other, and kissed. My daughter gave me a blow job, so Chin ○ became hard and gingin again, so I released it while looking forward to the third round. I returned to my bedroom, took a two-shot shot with my digital camera, hugged each other, and slept. That day was Sunday, so I got up in the morning and got a blowjob and released it in my mouth! I got a gokkun and caressed Y, hugged and inserted, vaginal cum shot and took a shower with two people and took a change of clothes to my wife's hospital as if nothing had happened. After having a conversation with the three of us for a while, we went shopping, eating, and going home. I held my daughter many times every day for the week before my wife was discharged. My wife is still hugging while she is away!


I'm a 68 year old man. I have lived alone since my wife died of illness two years ago. My daughter (42 years old) in the neighboring prefecture sometimes comes and does the housework. I stayed for 2 nights in Obon this year. While we were drinking together, I got drunk and told my daughter. "You 're becoming more and more like your mom." "Oh, yes, and I'll be lonely since my dad and mom died. " Oh, I'm lonely. Especially when I go to bed at night, I'm lonely. Will you sleep with me? " " Okay. When I was a kid, I slept in the shape of a river between my dad and mom. " There was such a conversation, and my daughter laid out a futon next to me. Slept. I was sick when I saw the body of my 42-year-old daughter who changed into thin pajamas. When my daughter fell asleep, I went to her futon and hugged her. I begged my daughter who was surprised to wake up and refused. "Come on. Tonight I did a place of the mother," "not a. Parent and child to say anything. I do not go," "ask. I ask. Only tonight, but a lifetime of hope" massaging the daughter of the breast, smoked a nipple I crawl my hands on my thighs. The resistance of my daughter who refused became weaker and I finally made her naked. When I put my finger in there, "it was already wet. When I inserted it, my daughter screamed. When I moved, my daughter gasped. When I thought that I was having sex with my daughter, I was excited and started to move violently. "Oh, don't put it inside," the daughter shouted.I pulled it out and brought it to my daughter's mouth. I spit it into my daughter's mouth.

Get a daughter's virginity

Incest with my daughter usually means that my mother has died, but in my case my wife is alive and acts with my wife. My daughter was first tied in the second year of junior high school after the graduation ceremony of elementary school, after eating at a hotel restaurant, she said, "I think this wonderful hotel room is amazing, I want to stay at least once." was. I booked a room and went to the room after meals, and told my wife what she was. Upon entering the room my daughter find a Jacuzzi bath running around the room excitedly , "Hey Hey dad What's this? Bath?" "Oh I say Jacuzzi bath" "Oh ~ Do not want to enter -" "Memorial Do you want to go in? ”I prepared while looking at the instructions and went in with my daughter. "~ Do what years of entering together with the father." "Do it three years since it was until the time of Do elementary school third grade's right" "~ or along I also would have little growth" "Oh also chest also Shi swelled a little hair Cho & # 12799; Don't grow up suddenly. " " No, if you're already a dad. " While talking about that, when I turned on the jacuzzi, a jet stream of water came out and my daughter's ass was just slammed, so I said " Cat ". As I said, I stood up, so I could see the faint pubic hair and blame that grew in front of me, and I hugged him and stuck to the crack. "Yeah! What!" Rubbing her small breasts and stroking her ass "I love Eri, I love you" "Dad!"With this one word, Eri seemed to be prepared and spread her legs obediently at my will. I laid it down in a large washing place and spread it out and stuck to it. It was a beautiful pussy that didn't know the dirt. So it sells to enough "'ll put Eri" "Yeah," we will slowly put the black and has become hard penis in a small meat hole, Cali neck fits , "Why do not! No one hurt," "a little painful Yeah" "put a little bit more When I put it all the way in, my daughter who endured wrinkles between her eyebrows loved me and kissed me. My daughter endured with her hands around my neck. It moves slowly, and it seems that the dick is screaming at the great tightening. I never leaked premature ejaculation, but I couldn't stand the tightening and was attacked by the feeling of ejaculation as soon as possible and fired immediately. I haven't reached the first tide yet, so I was thrilled to see the proof of my virginity when I washed it cleanly with wwww hot water even during vaginal cum shot . And I am connected to my daughter several times a month at the hotel.