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Incest with daughter(2014-10)

New hope.


New and changing patterns than tie up in Sockpuppet thank you.

In drunken momentum ...

I was going to delete ago so was devastated in less.
Even if there typographical errors, please unnecessary you pointed out. And I played a loss of virginity clearly using the pain rising while his father while the daughter ... No, no, that had invited me. The next night I confessed after I was exhausted. As I wanted up to Shin-chan. Is Mushoni dear daughter said that living with me much. The first time but the night pregnancy was I that was not mind ... I because lays When you baby ... and ... daughter had ejaculate to carefully nurtured cute daughter to be needed to together forever ... pain want in the vagina of daughter . But physiology came the following week. Physiology in was continued intravaginal ejaculation is not wearing a condom. and out Hinchichitsuma the difference between 16-year-old was carried out with a big chest that I do not think doughy good pussy. I will ejaculation every time copious amount. Well soon from per weekend If you do not contraception ...

In drunken momentum ...

yuna himekawa[3484]
I am 38 years old, daughter is a 16-year-old two years ago my wife is still trivial quarrel got home to home in the original. Daughter seems to have gone to meet occasionally. Quarrel'm feeling you have made ​​a man dating in excuse. Wife processing at a much less state and had I also met at the Hotel Scam weekend and the 42-year-old widow was met at dating. But still worried it would be a mistake with my daughter. Of it has occurred is that of the last month ... I'm her widow has gone 10 days in overseas travel. My business trip was also quite accumulated in what it has not been about one month tangled. Hate to drink outside I am the favorite to drink with your scepter of daughter at home. That day is also the daughter of the home cooking (from small time food was good) is your scepter to fish. Was drunk fairly high ball begins to beer. Soon to say it Kana ... so to end of it daughter will give you an Ochazuke of tightening ... Shin-chan I would go into my bath ... daughter I do call me by name rather than Papa from small time. And ate the Ochazuke I went to the toilet. I went to try to Migako the teeth and finished the use to wash basin of the dressing room. The daughter of underwear is ... still is different size from that of the wife of underwear ... bra chested even slightly larger that grown-up in the habit of children to and undressing basket enter in. Had to involuntarily hand the panties ... had an erection in a whopping ... daughter of underwear ... Shin-chan? Daughter noticed my sign from in. Yeah ... I to polish the teeth ... it was after a quick pace dressing room and returned a flustered response underwear. Penis says only daughter wrapped the sign of the daughter in the back When I look at the TV in the hard while it is still ... sofa ... Shin-chan ... a little while ago bath towel probably touched my panty. Eh ... Why? To come to the front of the eye. Seen by ... etch ... Shin-chan of etch ... Kagami Kagen to say Cleavage. I've Innovation uneven. I will do as it is stripped bath towel and pushing her daughter on the couch. After that I would be committing a daughter to the does not work brake is ... No, no. I will elaborate shed accumulated semen in the vagina of pain want daughter. Is the devil. I left home early in the morning it is not possible to see the face of the daughter next morning. I would do had a such thing.

Preparing for the first night with my daughter ...

This is the third post. The first and second presentations were entitled "Lover is my daughter's panties". We would appreciate it if you could read the description on October 18th. I hope that those who have read it will understand it. However, here I will briefly summarize the circumstances and write it down. It has been more than a year since I stuck to my daughter's panty underwear (panties). A daughter who went to college, now 20 years old. I am thinking of living alone in a condominium in Tokyo, and I go there every weekend. It's been over two years today. I was fascinated by my daughter's used panties. After enjoying the dirt and smell that adhered to it, it was the weekend of my father who worked hard on washing with his own mouth. In other words, I wasn't satisfied with the stains and smells, and I knew the taste of the cage. It was two years that I had devoted myself to my daughter. During the six years of junior high school and high school, I couldn't do such a bold thing because I lived with my family of six at home . Only sniffing was at least the time allowed. Then he put his panties in his mouth and told his daughter that he was removing the dirt. My daughter didn't seem to be so upset and accepted the situation. I already knew it ... I was convinced. That night, I was upset to hold my daughter. The daughter who saw it. I have offered a two-year grace period.He wanted me to wait until I graduated from college. She was a girl who showed a shy expression , saying, "When that day comes, I will be my father's masturbation." After I got home, I knew my daughter's feelings well, but the two years were long and long-awaited for me ... I just wanted more thoughts ... I could n't resist the arrows and shields, so I decided to take action. It was a serious act as a father. It was an idea to "restrain" my daughter. That same day, I went to the store and asked for hemp rope. For her beloved daughter's soft skin, hemp rope was pitiful, so in the unlikely event that she stopped by a kimono shop, she bought a few waist straps to hold the long undershirt. If you connect these, you can use it easily and it is gentle on your skin. However, the feeling of restraint is the same as that of hemp rope. When I was about to leave the store, I noticed "Oh,". "Please give me a few towels ..." I told the clerk. It's never been better to be careful. This is "Gag", a preparation for when my daughter makes a noise. When I bought hemp rope at a rope shop, got a string at a kimono shop, and picked up a towel, my ichimotsu swelled up and pushed up the zipper from inside my pants. I wondered if the clerk would notice it. A gagged girl who hangs a rope on her naked daughter and doesn't say anything. I wasn't aware of paying the price, and I was reluctant to think of my daughter's bondage body. The thoughts I have dreamed of for many years. It was me who had no rope for my daughter who was still young in elementary and junior high school.I wanted incest, but I didn't have a lolicon hobby. And speaking of hobbies, as I said, I have always been a person who seeks pleasure in restraining the human body with a rope. Speak quickly and be a "sagist." To be honest, in the past, I have tied up many women. SEX is taboo because it is a contact at sm lovers' association. Even if you get tired of it, it is a meeting to enjoy the binding. Of course, he is still a member. It is a very dangerous act to bind the human body without knowledge of an amateur. Unexpected accidents accompany you. Even if the tying person and the receiving person agree with each other, if an accident occurs, it may become a guarantee problem. It is a "bondage technology demonstration" to prevent them. It's been 10 years since I joined. Such efforts have paid off, and I am now a professional-level skill. We can handle all kinds of rope hooks. This is all for my daughter, for this day ... I'm thinking of winning. Don't even think about your daughter's feelings ... I'm the father of a devil sm enthusiast. A daughter who has no way of knowing about her father, who bought a rope and string to tie up her daughter in a store, and inflated her chest and groin. A few days later, she is a girl who is made into a woman by the rope . Forgive me. I 'm very sorry that I wasn't able to talk about sm discussion, which is my hobby . "If you want to post an article on sm, go to that specialized magazine Katsuko."You may want to say that, but please forgive me for that. The basics are incest, even if you get tired of it ... Please understand that a rope has been added there. I took a bath together until my daughter was in the 4th grade of elementary school. I haven't seen my daughter's pussy since that day. I would like to take a closer look at what kind of vagina it has become. I want to tie it up with a wide crotch, peel off each fold, peel off the core, and lick it. That day will come tomorrow, Saturday. I decided to tie up my daughter, but I was worried for the past week. Certainly I am a daughter who likes me. Two years later, she even says she wants to be connected with me, and she has to betray her heart. I asked myself, but I couldn't beat my daughter's desire for sex. However, I am also a child of a person and have the affection of my parents. Because it is incest, it cannot be established without love. Even if my thoughts do not change, just attacking my daughter in the dark clouds and hitting the rope is nothing but a real devil. I didn't want to be that way, and I came to want to bind my daughter with a minimum of love. << This is the outline of the first and second posted articles >> Now, let me start the main subject from here. I sent an email to my daughter the day before yesterday. "I'm going on Saturday this week as well.As always, a week's worth of panties is washed clean by my dad with this mouth, so don't wash it in the washing machine ... leave it to your dad. (My daughter had a week of washing a week's worth of laundry all at once on Saturday night. Only the panties of that week I used to wash my mouth with this mouth every time. Of course, it's a blissful time for me ...) Next, surprisingly, this time I'll bring a rope. To tie you up. To tell the truth, I was going to keep silent and tie up until the day. No matter how crying or crying, I was planning to do it. However, that was the only thing I didn't like. And I decided to write this email. It is also to confirm your feelings. You're already an adult, so you know, you're tied up. You can see what that means. Of course, I'm naked. It's embarrassing, but it can't be helped. I can't move because I'm tied up. In addition, I think it will be humiliating for girls, but it also bites gag. After that, I would like to hang a rope on XX's pussy. It is called "crotch rope". Have you heard of it? I tie it up by letting it bite into this crack. Also called "vertical rope". I think it will be a spicy rope for ○○ -chan. And when the rope is untied ... you already know.It's time for Dad and XX to be connected. When I was silent about this and tried to tie it up on the day, if XX, who was surprised , resisted the rampage, my dad had no choice but to lie down by force. You can also hit him to make him quieter. When that happens, it is nothing more than violence. It is a sneaky act, such as using violence to tell a dear daughter what to say. I sent this email because I wanted to avoid it. You think you're a scary dad. Do you look down? Please be sure to contact us as it is fine until Friday night. The answer can be either Yes or NO. I don't need long words. Well then, I'm waiting for a reply. If you do not contact me, I will forcibly tie you up and take away your body, so please keep that in mind. I understand. From my father " and today, two days after waiting. Not long ago, I received an email. The hand that opened the email trembled. Naturally, I was prepared for the words that would hurt me. But, contrary to expectations, the letters were suspicious of my eyes. "I understand my dad's feelings. I'm tied up and embraced. I don't go wild or hate.Because I love my dad ... because he cleans my dirty panties in my mouth ... thank you ... if tying me makes him happy I will put up with it no matter how tight it is. You can tie it tightly. Please gag your crotch rope and gag, which you said was painful to the girl. What should I do until my dad comes ... Is there anything I can do and I'll leave it for you. "○○ child" "I always go through around 7 o'clock. Like taking a bath and waiting naked ... However, please wear only panties. Dad has fun to take it off . Please have. the truth, but I want you not even bathe, because, because I like the smell of the skin of ○○ chan ... but it is left to the ○○-chan. So we are looking forward to tomorrow. than his father " reply I was. Within a few minutes, I received a reply email from my daughter. "If you're okay with a sweaty body, you won't take a bath . I think your pussy is dirty and smells. If that's okay, but I'm embarrassed ... I'm naked and waiting to be tied up. But I feel embarrassed. I 'm waiting with my hands on my back.That kind of person ... somehow seems to calm down ... XX child " Isn't it a cute girl, listening to her parents so far? Tomorrow, I want to give it my all. While striking this text, the thing in the crotch is me who is standing upright now. Lastly, the reason why I didn't let my daughter get into sexual activity by violence was because there was a reply-less word from "Father's @ Incest". I would like to thank you again here.

Lover is daughter's underwear

This is my first post. In fact, before I knew this site, I was so obsessed with my daughter's panties that I even thought that I was inferior to dogs and brutes because of metamorphosis. However, as I read your precious posts, I was glad that there are people in the wider world who, like me, have deep modeling of my daughter's panties. Anyway, it depends on your relief. Even so, my daughter's panties, which I raised by hand, are my treasure in my life and the worth of life. No matter how beautiful a woman is, after all, it's rude to say something else, but she can't cover her face with the dirty panties of a woman who doesn't have the bones of any horse. In a nutshell, it's filthy. I will get sick. But if it's my daughter's, I can put it in my mouth without any hesitation, even if the crotch is harshly smeared on the woman's stains. What to hide I ... my mouth is a washing machine. Of course, it is a special machine that only wash your daughter's underwear. In detail, it is a panty mouth washing machine that my daughter wears and stains on a daily basis. Fill your mouth with saliva and lay the cloth on the crotch part of your panties sideways. Use your lips, upper jaw, and tongue to massage in your mouth. Approximately five minutes ... My daughter's dirt, which had soaked into the fabric stubbornly, melts out with my beloved saliva and her efforts and spreads in my mouth. Dirt ... to be exact, it's a vaginal discharge. By the function of keeping the inside of the vagina clean, the purified product is discharged to the outside of the body as waste liquid.After sucking up the deeply soaked dirt on the fabric, swallow the saliva (sewage) left in the mouth. Put every drop in your stomach and integrate it with your daughter. I ate my beloved daughter. The taste varies from time to time. Sometimes it's light and sometimes it feels quite dark. It may be the physical condition of the daughter at that time. By doing so, I can say that I am in charge of my daughter's health. Before and after menstruation, not only the smell but also the amount and viscosity of the cage attached to the panties encourages the activity of my tongue by fully rotating. When it comes to seven, jaw fatigue is unusual. It takes more effort than cunnilingus to change the couple's life at night. However, the joy of washing the mouth is irreplaceable. To me, my daughter is "more than a queen. You might think she 's a fool, but she's a beautiful girl. Three sizes are perfect. I'm sorry , she's currently in her second year of college . Going to college in Tokyo . the reason, is only that an apartment house apartment in Tokyo. I, while small, is Hashikure of management who are working hard causing the company. such me daughter has me respect. to daughter Every weekend, I stay overnight at my daughter's apartment to prevent bad insects from sticking to me. I'm thrilled as if I'm going to see my lover. When I think about it, when I propose to my wife It's a feeling for my daughter who is far more exciting than that. I can't wait for every weekend to come.It's a fresh touch each time. And fresh (raw) panties are waiting for you. Bad bugs ... My daughter isn't interested in men at all because of my New Year's Eve, and I'm just studying. However, he is not an ugly woman who is not even looked at by men. At the school festival that was held just the other day, I was brilliantly selected as Miss Campus. Even if I can study and win the crown of Miss Campus, human beings have their own drawbacks, and my daughter is a troublesome person or is it rational? Because of his personality, he puts it all together at once. Laundry is also washed once a week on Saturday nights for a week. The next day, in the room on Sunday, the colorful daughter's panties fluttered in the wind of the air conditioner on the laundry rope that was handed over to the small, studio space, like the national flags displayed in the elementary school sports venue. It's fluttering. Of course, the panties were washed clean with detergent, but as a pretreatment, my daughter wouldn't have noticed that my mouth washer removed most of the dirt. Whenever possible, put the panties that have been cleaned with your mouth back in the washing machine. The daughter who came back from school will take a bath immediately. I will boil the bath in advance. A daughter who is happy to go to the bathroom. I throw the underwear I wore that day into the washing machine and disappear into the bathroom. "I'll put the detergent in and turn it ..." I call out from outside the bathroom. A voice saying "Thank you ..." is returned.Before putting in the detergent and switching on the washing machine ... Of course, there is something to do. Pick up the panties that leave the warmth of the skin of the daughter who has just taken off, which is on the top of the washing machine. Press it against your nose. A fragrant scent flows into the nasal cavity. Some have a cheese odor mixed with the urine odor, while others have a scent similar to curry. I'm always looking forward to seeing how it gives off such a varied scent. The smell of the day was like fermented sauce. Whether it's cheese, curry, or sauce, it's a fermented food. The inside of the vagina is weakly acidic, and the secretions that have been excreted and reached the ostium of the vagina adhere to the panties. There, it is steamed and fermented at body temperature. I'm wandering around Taoyuan Township, standing there with my daughter's panties on my nose. I'm even more euphoric about the thrill and guilt of a piece of frosted glass in the bathroom. "Dad ... what are you doing ..." I returned to my daughter's voice. I started checking my daughter's panties when she was in the first year of middle school. At that time, it still smelled like urine. Isn't it the smell of an adult woman now? Suppressing the regrettable feelings, switch on the washing machine ... Two days, Saturday and Sunday. A lot of panties dancing overhead ... "One, two, three ..." I count with my eyes. I tried to say, "Oh, I wonder if there is one more ..."."For a week, there are seven, but eight are weird ..." I added more words. "Already ... what are you looking at if you're a dad ... counting young girls' underwear ...". She was a girl who spoke in a small voice as if she was ashamed. The cheeks were dyed light red. While seeing such a girl's embarrassment, she muttered in her heart, "From tomorrow, please make me dirty again ... I don't mind giving it a scent ... I'll always wash it with my mouth ... Ah. …Queen…". While looking up at the overhead of the panty in the eyes that Junn, "I'm, Na still anxious, do not match the date and the number is ..." mean, was I that was the word again. "I don't pursue that kind of thing for girls ... because there are so many things ..." It was the night of the day when I talked with my favorite, cute, cute, and daughter, and talked about panties for the first time. It was a night of unexpected progress. "After all, even my dad is worried about women's underwear ..." I immediately responded to that word, "Yeah ... not that, because it's ◯◯ -chan's underwear ... I'm worried about it ..." .. "Well ... if you're a dad ... you can't ... I should tell my mom." "Actually, I have to apologize to ◯◯ -chan ..." I couldn't stand even if I was there. I confessed to my daughter, feeling that I could be despised. "There is a man who is dating ◯◯ -chan ..."The girl who was confused for a moment said, "There is no such person ... What happened suddenly ..." "I thought so, I was sure ..." "Well, what do you know ..." "That, that is, ◯ You can tell by looking at ◯ -chan's underwear ... " " Well, underwear ... that ... panties ... "For the first time, the word panties came out of my daughter's mouth. Then the conversation became panty-colored at once. After a few tens of minutes ... "That's right ... I've always checked my panties ... for a long time ..." "Sorry, I've been silent until today ..." "Yeah ... good. ... I'm not going to marry anyone in the future ... I'm happy if I can be with my dad ... "At that time, the daughter who felt that my eyes had changed, said, " But wait another two years. Please wait until you graduate from college. At that time, you will be your father's ... so please forgive me now ... " I was hugging my daughter unintentionally because of her love. And my daughter whispered in my ear, "Dad, thank you all the time ... have your panties washed ... but ... don't break your body ... it's never beautiful, so it's a vaginal discharge ..." I was the daughter who knew I was doing the mouthwash of my panties. The thrill is gone, but from tomorrow I can openly chew my panties in front of my daughter. Where is my daughter's line of sight at that time?Also, can I myself cover the dirt that my daughter has taken off with a normal heart?

Precocious daughter

It seems to have touched every night cock brother of 4 small daughter of a small 6 whether precocious.
My son went out from the bath nice and quick When I wash the body of the daughter and son of the wash bath hate ahead to put a bath two children.
\"I'm going to be hard to the touch is I cock of Hiroshi dad
Hey\", \"Hiroko paddle're touching cock
Hiroshi\", \"mon and wrapped in inside the futon my ne when you are sleeping
Yeah\" and \"Hiroko How are you touch
\"Hiroshi\" Yeah also come touch
\"are you doing What are you doing in the\" brother and sister
\"'s cock mon'm interested coz\"
\"I do have mutual touch\" Why \"cock of interested\" So and not from me to \"touching cock Hiroshi'll no good anymore\" \"Why\" Ee~tsu \"terrifically\" useless useless \"May I touch your cock dad Well\" \"to the touch if you wanted Dad Oh\" I hard frightfully The ~ big wow \"\" \"This is an adult out rubbing grabbed it'll okay\" I No big black I dad users responsibilities without ~ rock ~ I \"\" the look \"penis so as to have to Hiroshi always\" It 's penis \"it'd be so big Hiroshimo Well\" \"Na\" Maybe \"How to be when you grow so\" \"Try moving the\" before and after \"section,\" \",\" Oh yeah, \"I do feel good when you do this\" \"You and I\" Yes this cock'm entering in \"I\" medium \"'m in this\" cunt \"greater this\" It'll not enter \",\" it is'm fits easily into \"I wonder if also enter in the\" I to expand the pussy of daughter that spread your legs Do not unreasonable to Hiroko still \"\" \"I'll tell me where do you go but I knew\" \"look to expand the\" foot \"section,\" \"and\" early \"washing place it's\" here I pointed to the analyst and \"'m. Were placed into the vagina hole slowly fingertip \"I think I Kokokaochinchin is entering\" cock's still impossible but kana enter and if finger. Up to the second between the clause went smoothly. You would think the cock and may enter \"paddle is not anything if\", \"strange little feeling to do something but yeah\" Could it be that the fingertip to \"paddle painless\" \"I do not downright Yeah\" was advanced to deeper has subsided all . Try to stimulate the clitoris is still in the fingertips. Daughter is entranced with his eyes closed. Medium is seems has been wet I met only precocious. and \"Do I feel good if\", \"feels a little Yeah,\" \"Which die do feel good,\" \"Which also feels,\" \"The paddle try to put cock dad Well\" and \"put Yeah\" Continued

Chestnut Yokan


\"Do it like Yui,
daddy?\" \"Yeah,. Become bride of Papa instead Papada-i lovers. Yui,
Mom,\" \"Okay,'s bride Daddy Yui.\"
Wife young man six months, Yui small 3 was Bettari me go out with. As I was taking a bath together, you have already erection naked Yui or had too much to accumulate. Yui saw it, said, \"Have you seen the time of kindergarten ... Oh, mom's licking dick Okkii of Papa. It probably had been stabbed in the crotch of mom then.'s The your job bride?\" And, began licking licking with a cock with both hands. When you remove from the mouth of Yui \"Yu, Yui, all there, all there.\" Barely, semen takes the Pyupyu~tsu to Yui, Yui had been stunned. While the description of the semen, when you open the crack of hairless and lying on his back the Yui and up from the bath, Crit and cute little man hole saw. \"We should have him become comfortably Yui, even bride, and I'm not a couple.\" If you lick gently cute Crit to say so, Crit of small 3 girl bulge and Puku~tsu, it came out from the foreskin. \"Strange feeling ... up ... augh ... Aan ... path, such as tickling daddy ... something ... Ann ...\" Surprisingly, from the man hole of Yui, liquid of different viscosity apparently had seeped from the hot water bath . \"... A, Haa, Haa, Dad, what is this, ah ... feels good ... Yeah ... I've been numb body is somehow\" Yui felt the erogenous for the first time. And as panting you feel reluctant pain six months Yui becomes small 4, it becomes possible to Blow well handling of cock also accustomed one year when only from cunnilingus for the first time, and even if you play at the tip of the tongue wearing a finger Crit became. I, tried to Yui the chestnut cap became a first step suspect infidelity to discover from the bag of his wife earlier. \"Yui, this would be cute. Here, it'm Tsukeru doing this.\" By smearing the lotion to crit of 4 small girl, was wearing a chestnut cap. \"... ~Tsu! ... Cookie ... Ah ...\" Crit is sucked out and Piko~tsu suddenly, since growth and Myo-down, I tried to turn it in a circular motion while to slightly press the chestnut cap. Was doing removed in 3 minutes because it is \"...! ... ~Tsu ... Oh A~tsua ...\" first, but crit which extends went back, but I had congested while came out from the foreskin, feel that it was Nuru~tsu of lotion and lick a little After, so began to jerky spasms \"Hia~a ... Au~tsu ... oh, oh, A, will die, Dad, ... Aa~a ... I will die Yui\" is Yui, in Atega~tsu to crack the cock, and doing a intercrural sex along the crack Once, it is trying to stop the movement of the hips hug me while flowing your Soup to hyperemia crit that was rubbed \"Wow! ... Au~tsu, Au~tsu, Au~tsu, Au~tsu, oh, oh, oh, oh, Damedame~e ~ ~ ...\" cock Now that we have, it was submerge to crack the glans shaken from side to side, if you like poke Crit, it seems pant woman to shame your gluteal, \"Yeah ... up! ... Aan ... Aan ... A!? ... eh? ... A゛~Tsu! ... stomach and stomach eh ... \"Does it hurt? Painful? That one? Cock that had been Tsuntsun the Crit is, had entered Zuppori to Man hole Yui. And no choice, looking to put to the back slowly, it was accidentally enter has tightened the cock and sudden suddenly. \"I have entered over there pa, papa, Yui. I'll ever fall dick daddy like a mom.\" In the excitement too much, you've poured a daddy semen young pot Yui directly. Strawberry milk flows out of man hole hairless, contrast with the crit that engorged had to produce a chestnut Yokan. Thus, instead of his wife disappeared, not only sucked out the Crit, Yui young 9-year-old still small 4 I was baptized cock insertion finally.

I love my father

Is it okay to write here? The separate board seems to be mainly for mother and child. I am currently looking for a job at a high school of 3. The family consists of a father 45 years old, a mother 48 years old, a returning sister 25 years old and a nephew 7 years old. My sister gave birth and got married at the age of 18, but divorced last year and returned to her parents' house. I think it was about 4th grade that I woke up to my sexual desire for my father. When I was alone at home with a false illness because it was a hassle to go to school, I sneaked into the couple's bedroom and found an erotic magazine hidden under my father's bed. It was all incest, and the content was that the father and daughter had sex. I learned about sex in this magazine, learned about masturbation, and came to take it for granted that my father and daughter had sex. I'm just a sweetheart, and at this time I sometimes slept in the same bed in my father's and mother's bedrooms. At that time, as I was awakening to H, I touched and grasped my father's dick with the intention of imitating the manga. Then my father's thing stood up in my hand and became hard. I felt that it was interesting because of my curiosity and the feeling of handling toys. I was told to stop at first, but then my dad was left silent and began to rub his dick around my body. It wasn't long before I was intercrural sex, and I think it was relatively early for me to ejaculate and apply semen to my butt and over there. Eventually, my dad sneaked into my room at midnight without going to the couple's bedroom.I knew that it was nice to have sex, so I was happy to welcome my father when he came, and I also had a blowjob, cunnilingus, and 69. I think it's been about half a year since I had an erotic relationship with my father. My sister's pregnancy was discovered. The other party is a college student's boyfriend who will be the ex-husband of his older sister. My mother was furious, but my father easily agreed. That night, my father robbed me of my virginity. I was still in the 5th grade and it hurt a lot, but after that I felt so good that H fainted and became addicted. It became commonplace to hide from my mother and sister and have sex with my father from that time, and I had them vaginal cum shot all the time until my period started. My classmate boy seemed childish, and I could only recognize that my dad was the coolest and nicest guy. Eventually my sister gave birth, got married and left home. My mother started to appear in the lunch box part at night, and we loved each other more positively because there were no obstacles. I wore a condom when my period started, but I thought I could give birth to my father and son at any time. I think I wanted to imitate it because my sister actually got pregnant so early, gave birth, and had a happy marriage. He gave me a vaginal cum shot on a safe day, but I had to take a pill and never gave me a vaginal cum shot on a dangerous day. But I was happy just to have sex with my father and have him love me. But suddenly it's over. Even when I went to ask for my father, I was stubbornly rejected and was angry.Parents and children don't do this. If I didn't do it again, I would definitely refuse. I knew immediately why. My sister, who came to visit my parents' house, revealed my relationship. I was secretly having sex while my sister was coming, but she seemed to see it and got angry with my father. And my sister told me I had seen everything and was angry that I would never do it again. Since then, I have never been able to have sex with my father. It's been 15 years since I was exposed, so it's been less than 3 years. I was confessed on the way and had a boyfriend, but I don't love him as much as my father and I have never felt orgasm. Now my sister is back and I can't get in touch with my father more and more. I even feel like my sister is watching over me. I'm forced to take care of my nephew and I feel stuffy. I feel like elopement with my dad, but I can't say that because I'm afraid of my dad's refusal. Above all, I knew that incest was abnormal, so it was even more difficult to invite. My mother doesn't know this at all. Even if I masturbate thinking of my father, it seems that my sister is watching over me ... There are a lot of incest between my father and daughter here, so I feel comfortable. You can exhale your feelings obediently. If you have any advice, thank you.