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Incest with daughter(2014-05)

Incest discourse

And accumulate, you want Omankogashi, please Omankoshi Shiraishi Mitsunori

To daughter

yuna himekawa[3157]
You have until touch pussy and give him sleeping pills daughter! (Could not be only up there because was scared even to roll over and sell from time to time) next I'm going to do to the insertion and cunnilingus. 19-year-old become a 20-year-old soon daughter, that it was going out with a man is also of a virgin that without yet fully, but I'm going to get virgin daughter and what he even was before being issued a hand to man somewhere either. You can put away as it is keep over sperm in the crotch part of the panties that are in the chest or side dish of masturbation panties peeping before washing of peeping dressing room of the bath, which until lightly in the chest you can kiss light when you're sleeping where he was or touch, but does not fit in that you do not fire in the pussy of daughter again! Actually you might not occur while sleeping in sleeping pills if inserted painted hymen around with Xylocaine available, but I'm going to have a try at xylocaine without by Nemurase soon because not wait. Try to launch until at rubbed entrance this time and you were likely to Yaba.

I love my daughter

 He threw his body, closed his eyes, and occasionally hung it to endure the repeated cramps that swelled.  "Cute ..." While looking at Yumiko's face, I slowly put it in and out on Yumiko ... If I poke it toward the uterus, parallel to my daughter's (Yumiko) body, Yumiko I knew that he was going crazy, so I was deeply poking at the uterine ostium ...  Yumiko seems to still feel the G-spot ... Yumiko "Dad, fall ..."  I " be patient, look ... " little by little the body, sluggish then came grabbed me while  Yumiko" it's Meeee, fall Wuwu " I violently, sticks horizontally so as to rub the body Yumiko At the end, he says that he seems to fall into the hole. When he becomes normal and calms down, he talks about his friends, school, etc. on the floor every day ...  Now my wife I divorced and lived with Yumiko, but Yumiko is my treasure. My wife had him before marriage and refused to have sexual intercourse. Yumiko was able to force her to get married and not let her do it .  So, from breastfeeding to exchanging diapers, I grew up ... I took a bath together ...  Yumiko "Is it different from my dad? ..." There was a time when I said, "Yumiko has forgotten ...", and I also taught her about menstruation. When talking about health classes, in the bath ...  I remember talking about "This, if you go inside Yumiko, you           can have a baby"  Yumiko "I don't want to go in ..." I'm doing it. Menstruation began at the end of elementary school 5.  I was talking about what my friends are using, and is it called a tampon? I used to insert it ... There are talks about pregnancy and childbirth, but I have to tell you that the tip of the uterus looking into the vagina is easily damaged due to vaccination against uterine sen cancer. I'm not convinced ...  I taught sexual intercourse on the New Year before I entered junior high school ... As a man, I was at the limit of my patience , but I didn't want my father to have a pregnancy that I couldn't understand.・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ Yumiko "Dad ... Hey"  I "What's wrong? ..."  Yumiko "Ask  me, can you ask me ?" I " Have you done what you wanted? ..."  Yumiko "I have money ..."  I "What are you going to do ???"  Yumiko "If you don't say it, no?"  I " How much ? ..."  Yumiko "That's ..., 20 ..." I "I'll give you Yumiko, but I'll ask you how to use it later." ... I don't think I need such a large amount of money, and I could imagine a story about a friend working part-time on a motorcycle. I heard that I was going to play ... I didn't want to think that Yumiko was pregnant ...  I went to Yumiko's room that night I slept ... I went to the floor and went to bed I embraced Yumiko ...  I "Did you get pregnant?"  Yumiko "Why did you know k ?, not me ..."  I "Yumiko can't hold anyone! ..."  Yumiko "I know ..." I forcibly put my hand in the panty earlier than the words. The hill was rising and the hair seemed to grow slightly. I was prepared to put it in ... Local I bought the anesthetic at the drag store during the day ... It's been a year since my pregnancy started, so I thought it wouldn't hurt even at the anti- itch position, but  Yumiko, who applied the anesthetic used for the dentist, stiffened her body. then, does not work in the middle If you put in, and it can not stop with patience ... because I was aware of  deep, put until the end, poked and not half-hearted, - I want to completely adults Yumiko・ ・ I caressed the blister with my medicine finger so that the anesthesia works. Since there is little love juice, I put saliva on my middle finger and ring finger, painted it up to the bank of the blister, and got on Yumiko ...  I "I'm going to make Yumiko an adult ..."  Yumiko "I don't know ..." Reason is also common sense. I got drunk with the flesh for the first time in more than 10 years , but  I stabbed it. "Does it hurt? ..."  Yumiko "Hmm ... it doesn't hurt ..."  I "Thank you ..." I held Yumiko firmly and shot deeply

Daughter cans wife certified

46-year-old me, 42-year-old wife, daughter's college freshman at the age of 18.
I, to have sex with her ​​daughter, not just his wife. My wife's a Naka certified. It is triggered when in 2, is the daughter had a look at the workings of the wife and me. Look at the part of my penis is in Zuppori to the woman behind the wife, my wife noticed her daughter had been solidified. I should blame the daughter opened the bedroom of the couple without knocking, but it was hard to explain gone dismay, my wife and I are to love each other how. Daughter in a trembling voice, and said, \"Well then ... continue ...,\" he said. If you think you or go out of the bedroom Tekkiri, it was still a sex tour of his parents. In raw sex marriage much since, ours couple was cum in the safety day this day exactly. I, released Bukkake semen in the vagina of wife in front of daughter. Look curiously the semen of my spilling from the vaginal opening of his wife, and asked, \"baby, not a Shimawa made?\" He said. My wife seems to have noticed that was in the bedroom still daughter for the first time at that time, I was pretty shocked, \"Anta? Yeah, probably? Lie were you there much,\" he said. But, and that there is a day that can be intravaginal ejaculation and if managed by the body temperature cycle of physiological, for the pleasure and joy to receive in the vagina the semen of men who love, it was described in earnest. Before I knew it, \"Hey, to today Papa us sex? What time? I went to see it?\" Daughter, and so on, and finally, by the time say \"To Mom sex today and dad, but I? You see,\" said rang. And spring break which finished junior high school two years, when the workings had lost his wife in during menstruation, \"Hey, when the physiological,. Mama I also want to be loved to Daddy. I want to have sex with me\" family conference 6 hours, after all, I went to buy a condom. Raw and daughter because too first. While his wife watched, Rim gently Intention tongue nipples daughter, it traced a beautiful woman shade and let the open crotch. Honey full of Trolli proved estrus daughter. He started gasping voice that closely resembles the wife to cunnilingus father, daughter, was waiting for cock father ripe madder woman behind the 14-year-old. I was inserted slowly. Grasped his hand to his wife, and had endured the pain of the tomb. Vaginal wall of the daughter to feel condom over it was narrower than the wife tightly. with excitement to abnormal Acts punctuated the genitals and my daughter love, filled with semen a condom covered in blood with no 10 minutes. Thus, I began to engage in sexual life and daughter when his wife of physiology. Began to manage the body temperature as he graduates from junior high school, my daughter, came to wish the insertion of a Barebacking. I, decided to raw inserted only safety date of the daughter. Then, I began to be asked my daughter to date safety even when his wife is not physiological. Day of December of high school one year, safety Date and daughter physiology of wife overlap, it was raw sex with daughter for three consecutive days, but the physiology of the daughter began in the middle, vagina daughter for the first time it is desired to daughter I released the Bukkake semen. Daughter was slumbering in Utsurona eye spacing out while feeling a large amount of semen is going to fall into the uterus of a daughter, and I suddenly realized. Daughter, seemed said for the first time with a sense of hot semen and abnormal excitement of sex and cum with my father. Daughter has been living in Tokyo university students from this year. And I thought it was a return to the relationship seems to be father and daughter finally, but came back to Golden Week, \"and because I can not rarely, and.'d Lend Daddy during the holidays,\" said 2 times a day in three days of 3, 4, 5 each, I was made ​​to a total of 7 times sex once in the morning of the 6th. And returned in the afternoon of the 6th, but was determined by passing the drool from Jokage wife the night of the 6th. By golly, if you can not even boyfriend daughter soon, it is likely to be summer vacation is horrible.