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Incest with daughter(2016-10)

Detective Naitosukupu \"stepped on my face!\"

During this time, I was watching a program I 16 detective Naitosukupu which has been recorded with the daughter of,
at the request I \"stepped on my face!\", Women are willing to stepped on the face with a foot from various human content was.

Daughter because I was as interested deeply I \"so much pleasant wonder if\"
When you say I \"or I'll step on?\"
After thinking a little,
lying in front of the sofa stepping been saying \"stepped in\" It did in.
Daughter \"softening seen over, pleasant, dangerous, and strongly,\" I
Once you stepped on strongly
bought a little out voice tantalizing lust I daughter \"calibration! Afuu\" Yaba. Stop and,
daughter \"more ~. Stepping in,\" because he told me
here even if the erection come excited After stepping aboard tone
I seen it to the daughter was very awkward.

Daughter 16 of curiosity

yuna himekawa[6278]
Daughter still had to bachelor abroad at the time of the small 1
is 1-2 times of homecoming in the year
my daughter is also 16 if noticed, completely adult is female
honest grown into a woman's body each time you return home to parent and child pounding and you
daughter, man away of the year rather than in my father to come I year to 1,2 regression (boyfriend)
I feel like looking at something like
come to the daughter, almost, so I did not stay in the house, that you would I do not feel that Yu and his father
but not too much is also a conversation with my daughter, I have a little drunk, but at that time, when asked embrace the daughter of the shoulder, I daughter came asked the face, ...
When I realized, I had to kiss daughter of lips ...
I thought and you'll do for a moment, because the daughter did not mind, was hot.
Without looking at it is from ... the mother, or hug the back, completely boyfriend is a treat
that's like that a daughter, I, is likely to make a mistake ...


I 26-year-old bachelor, his father 48-year-old, 51-year-old mother, in the management of the small company of local
current three stores, I have become the one of the store manager.
 My father is so son-in-law, my mother took over the grandfather of the company and married my father.
I mother happens to be is the know want to have a relationship with my grandfather
would have Tsu, my father I think that it is poor, I'm raising my three years ago my father.

 Become a father and love relationship to make a time, seeking violently at the hotel
there is also the be, has become as I'll received by the uterus.
 Will be like having a father relationship, I own body is a woman than before
will feel the constriction is conspicuous of Rashiku waist, your makeup is also riding really
was built to changes in the body and in no longer physician myself.

 It last year, I was told from the suddenly mother.
\"You, Are when such from?\"
\"What? What was that?\"
\"Know gonna have, would I be with Dad,\"
\"e!?! Mom! ... Why?\"
\"I sense of woman ... trousers tooth would it \"
it was a surprise, I was also countered.
\"I mean, mom your grandfather would be just fine .....
a father is poor, so ...\"
\"will do is guess ... birth control did you know
I'm dwarf not pregnant.\"
\" Yeah I do not say ... the dad ......
the better is even would say, \"mom

was therefore only mother and two people, dialogue is the month, the father to the mother
also spoken of are known not, recently, my mother is my father and I to the hotel
Yes and conveniently to go, my father at the hotel did not know anything
asked for my body, it has challenged vigorously. No shortage thanks to
my mother is like have a grandfather of the other party, but only age to 79 years of age
we have entered the facility becomes.
 Tomorrow because the physiology is completed today and scheduled to go to the hotel
Yes talking to the father, it is so work hard. Lingerie is also
father of the favorite, sexy lingerie see-through
also Yes to buy, go to the hotel wearing it tomorrow
going, father also like looking forward, hotel also
has to go to around the hotel. Night view can be seen from the window
and hotels, hotel voice of the next can be heard, the bath is large
, such as hotels, enjoys a variety of hotels.

Daughter broke up with him

I 54-year-old, daughter 28-year-old daughter came back and broke up with him, was pregnant
Will there be unaware of, was to abortion last month
I, but I think the notice if the pregnancy, only gone
is was, but want to have a relationship or would be and his daughter
there were. No way imagine trying to be myself is such a relationship is also a
rather, there is no fear of pregnancy because the daughter has inserted the ring, daughter since
we diverged in.

I died five years ago my wife, me at it since single persons daughter
with me to the fear, is said to be okay to remarry from daughter
but had been, is remarried fact at this age not I think that it is possible,
 to occur that will be on Saturday night last week.
I went to the bath, still in the shower without stretched hot water
at that time you are washing the head, but my daughter I came in, the head
washed with shampoo, has been daughter entered because I closed my eyes
for had begun to wash my daughter is a shampoo.

\"Dad wash I'll\"
I was surprised, but I was not close the eyes can not see the daughter of the body
wash in the shower, shampoo that has been attached to the face and clean
sink, of the face when I opened my eyes in front before dick daughter of eyes
in surprise, because I have a crack, just do stick to my face
was time ending wash in the shower in.

That was more surprised, daughter had pressed against me there.
\"Dad, touch and, I Are I ... Dad look at the middle
but no longer a virgin to increase to, say Are I ...\"
I've put a finger to open outside, in soft warm
for the first time in a long time the woman of the part touched, I had the erection

I stood up crowned on the wall of the bath the hands of daughter, behind
the push-up her daughter from, was put out in the daughter in comfortably.
This is the opportunity, will spend the daughter and the first night, the night
has become day-to-day going to bed with my daughter since. No way his daughter
, such as having a relationship, I bowed to the wife of the altar, to someone
I think the confession, I was allowed to post to find a confession.

\"Nice to meet you thank you ♪\"? ..

★ ☆ ★ I was acquainted with mistress Hamerando ★ ☆ ★ with the newly married woman.

The bulletin board only \"Nice to meet you Thank you ♪\".

It came the reply Once the time being to your voice cliff.

\"What is a husband is estranged in the circumstances. Are you all right?\" I was a big welcome or rather okay.

Then change to the straight main inflated the conversation.

Early 30s married woman's live opponent in the neighboring prefecture.

1 person is a child.

Her husband is in the bachelor.

★ ☆ ★ conversation in there quarters mistress Hamerando ★ ☆ ★ In since it etch for the purpose it has been written, go of course.

Now that the Let's meet together the circumstances to look at any opportunity.

Sometimes I get a phone call also over there seemed to go is more and more To the feeling that \"I want to meet\" is amplification.

E-mail is completely lover mood in entering or even heart mark almost every day 10 copies or more.

Finally the convenience of each other is coming a situation of all at once arrowhead that became trying to meet to meet next week.

It husband's was come back suddenly.

It seems to have come to commute from home by the went to work at a local.

It plans to meet course you postponed.

We decided to ask the opportunity once again to continue to talk with the time being e-mail.

A scolding for the husband's the person in that such a story came out.

In short form of the night of the act is so I'm unusual hobby.

Simply put, is SM.

I'm very unpleasant that still would normally act is such a thing or is blindfolded or tied it accepted ... and.

Despite her husband's to say that I hate is comfortably consists of ... while you are okay

is so ends up with the Toka reason.

She will spend every day that was either not called every night trembling with fear.

When it came mail \"I have called I was ... to go\" the other tears were going out.

We were able day seeing you finally backdrop.

As it is hotel direct to buy lunch in the basement of a department store while hold hands in the waiting lover mood in the phrase terminal station!

First conversation to eat lunch ... and flirtation start.

The body is a little narrow chest is also a small taste (^ _ ^;).

As you touch the groin has been moistened gradually.

Normal position switch and well moving us !! to start cowgirl

reinserted if there licking the place important of each other a little break.

It was filled out in the stomach.

Roughly we spend probably will do each other fun and naughty time about three hours.

Feet reblogged fluctuates go home send-off myself her to the station tired.

Although it from had continued to H email, still ★ ☆ ★ who want one shot spear because mistress Hamerando ★ ☆ ★ are still account to please try to challenge! !

Daughter and pleasure

My wife ran to the man discarded the Mizuki daughter and I, flow is four years from out of the house .... At that time, become a 15-year-old 3 in even 11-year-old's One was the daughter of a small 5, the growth of the body follows the ever-rising, chest G cup, hip nightly in the big size of 90,
in search of my carnal pleasure the hungrily became a junior high school student.                 
For the first time with Mizuki, was having a sexual intercourse each other in the summer of small 6,
without any resistance, was was tied to nature.
Expand the foot of naked daughter, licking Hikai that grows longer淫毛, Sucking still cap the clitoris to suffer skin 
and out, what, still flushed with淫密to that 12-year-old 
\"An An Damee ... · the I raised the voice to go ... Ikuu ... \". I think suspicious, we confronted the Mizuki.
Again, it did had been committed to the teacher of the class teacher. 
Over several times been Tsurekoma to boarding house, did the confessed weeping to have been inserted. Still, salvation is that to go to at that time in the things that are not medium-out with a contraceptive device
as I learned 
I was allowed to change schools in the school of the next town immediately, 
to the sad I think even if the thing to Oogoto is I think the daughter, the teacher of the class teacher I've insert the nail in contact with Do near mutual agreement to again daughter. Then I was narrowing taught all the sexual foreplay to Mizuki, dawn is ...... year in preparation for the out in the long-awaited, will be 13 years old, when you cum came to Mizuki, the before and after of safety Date of physiology pick was. We had summer in the nude began from the pre-and foreplay that goes by, 
first, saliva exchange of deep kiss, and 69
posture in the Mizuki in ... nightly skin with mating of
pussy will loosely,
waiting for the love juice my cock I have. \"Mizuki, put yo raw cock I'm ...\" 
 \"rocking daddy big breast, in one of the daughter and welcome the cock of his father
and with both feet cinching my waist Dirty
 © too\" comfortably ... Daddy's cock ... plow. plow ... \"is抽送and Mizuki not unbearable and raise rubbing the clitoris in the missionary position was remember the first time of Acme,
pussy after I was suck the white juice of the cock you unplug the lick
is now penetrated from behind, continued shaking the waist to fit the Mizuki ... my movements trembling in the vortex of pleasure, and has entered the second time of Acme,
the other sexual intercourse only one hour 
 is the daughter I ride on top of the movement up and down in Doggy Style, ... I greedy one animal of the female continues to devour the pleasure 
limit is close, I cried 
, \"Mizuki, put in'll die ... ... at the same time pass away do I'm ... ah ... \"     
\" Papaa ... give me, give me ... Ik-Ik-Ikuu ...... \"Doc, the pussy of Doc and JC
my sperm is poured ,
I had forgotten us to comfortably remainder ......
notice if Mizuki had a cleaning Blow carefully my cock ...

Mistress daughter

It is a 50-year-old in the second generation of the company that his father's wife has caused.
In 23-year-old became the officers daughter graduating from junior college, widow cage in the house
has a relationship with the woman, sometimes violently love to go to the hotel
to spend the time, she tossed also be a stress release for me
loneliness of the widow was as a partner to heal, on the burning violently each other
we had spent time want.

One day, in the president's office
, \"Dad, of that woman ... I to change I Are'll be\"
not out of the words I was wondering and bring up what
is better will not know, \"Mom ... I was suspicious
not will it, gonna I also raised if the father, \"
I had been aware of the daughter. Somehow suspicious from the state
I think, yes I was Cans look at to go out with her.

For the first time have a relationship with my daughter, about a month before had through the virgin
in the hotel shower, wash gently the white beautiful skin, Zhang
Rinoaru tits, nor that it was still sucked nipple, and
thin the care have not yet been opened to the hair that apparently are, and
see the crack of the virgin, it just would be the erection, myself
I was raised rubbing gently tits from behind the woman's body of the daughter.

\"Oh ... there ... father ...\"
When you as knead the nipple, I weight the daughter is annoying voice
massaging tits while the lightly kiss ,, the scruff of the neck over to
\"The father ... bed\"
of daughter wipe the body with a towel, and at that time I wind the daughter with a towel
was lift up.
\"E! ... Embarrassed hate ... father ...\"
I felt that hide the face in my chest Turn daughter both hands on the neck.

Lying on his back in bed, towels Yes still wound
I was beginning a daughter and kiss to lie aside.
\"... Dad ... Hmmm\"
daughter kiss also ish for the first time, each other Sucking entwined to issue a tongue
to open the towel displacement under gradually, Sucking pink nipples
had smoked sideburns Sucking with, the left and right.
\"Aah ... Anne ... dad ... there ...\"
the cute daughter of the virgin was now penetrating excited state.
Still open the bud of the flower, the petals slowly from the bottom to the top of the
to To crawl the tongue, attached sometimes Sucking, it had also smoked or
was a feeling that soon petals began issued a wet honey.

\"A'otosan ... Oh embarrassing ...
dad ... Ann ... Ann ... hate ~ N ...
Oh dad feels good of ... uh force omission likely\"
daughter is twisting the body, Nayamashiku erection is completely It was upward.
Insert slowly suffer from both legs of the daughter, still rising is pain daughter
kissing overlap with my daughter, I had died up to the back of the slowly daughter.
\"Dad ... uh uh ... has come Dad\"
moves slowly, and the push-up daughter to bend backward so, I
push-up is gradually becomes stronger,
\"Oh hurts ... dad ... amazing ... Aan - Ann
... Ann ... dad ... \"
daughter had diverged as Megakeru the cling uterus.
\"Oh Dad ...\"
also become a gushing again and again in the back of the daughter, out entry for a while even after the
lead to one in the remains, OsshaMuko several times challenged daughter in bed
a limp the only, the sheets of virgin We are bleeding stains,

for a while to rest, give wash in the bathroom lift up the naked daughter
rinse also attaches virgin bleeding me there, also embraced the daughter
lay on the bed up,揉suck tits become a daughter and a lateral
raise Nde , let them for a while to rest, shorts also allowed Jaca
give also wearing bra, cute mini dress also
to wear, reclining placed on the front passenger seat of the car to support the daughter
down to, I was allowed to start the car.

Mistress daughter

It is a 50-year-old in the second generation of the company that his father's wife has caused.
In 23-year-old became the officers daughter graduating from junior college, widow cage in the house
has a relationship with the woman, sometimes violently love to go to the hotel
to spend the time, she tossed also be a stress release for me
loneliness of the widow was as a partner to heal, on the burning violently each other
we had spent time want.

One day, in the president's office
, \"Dad, of that woman ... I to change I Are'll be\"
not out of the words I was wondering and bring up what
is better will not know, \"Mom ... I was suspicious
not will it, gonna I also raised if the father, \"
I had been aware of the daughter. Somehow suspicious from the state
I think, yes I was Cans look at to go out with her.

Kidnapped beloved daughter

My daughter, who will be in the fifth grade this year, is an honest entertainer-level beautiful girl. My wife and I are at a normal level, but a miraculous beautiful girl is just an angel. I've been cute since I was born as my only daughter. To be honest, I love Lori, and since I was a baby, I've been curious about my daughter's oma ● I've been treasure the photos I took secretly. At one point, my wife contacted me that my daughter wouldn't come back. There is no clue even if you hit all the friendships. After all, I searched around overnight, but my daughter did not come back. In the morning, after a search and consultation with each other's parents, I decided to go to the police. However, my daughter came back before noon. The clothes are a little disturbed and the hair is rough. My daughter said she had just sung in the park and took a bath and fell asleep. I had some doubts, but my parents went home and my wife went to the holiday part because I was glad I came back safely. Before dinner, I went to wake up my daughter. Then my daughter is crying on the bed in her room. When I was surprised and patiently asked my daughter, the worst situation was discovered. It seems that her daughter was not singing in the park, but was imprisoned by a stranger overnight. Even though it was imprisonment, it was like being put on something like a wagon, being taken to a place I didn't know, and being tampered with all night. I persuaded my disliked daughter to ask for specifics. A cigarette-smelling man asked me the way and I got on a wagon.I was taken to somewhere like a mountain. I parked in a lot of trees and was stripped naked in the car. I licked a lot of peeing holes (probably cunnilingus) I leaked a lot of pee (feeling acme?) I rubbed my uncle's dick with my hands and mouth (blow !?) Uncle's dick around my body The uncle who peeed on the white pee many times fell asleep. The uncle who woke up came back to the house that released him in the nearby park on the condition that he was secret . I felt like my eyes were bright red. The same was true of the anger at the man who abducted his daughter and did his best to assault him, but the jealousy of the man who got the right to play with his daughter was very big. My daughter, who is a pretty girl who is much more cute than a celebrity, must have been a good sexual object. Eventually my daughter will fascinate everyone and one day she will have sex with someone. Perhaps my daughter's virginity was already ... I couldn't help thinking so, and I told her to disinfect and pushed her down to bed. "Did you lick a lot of pee holes? Did you feel uncomfortable?" "Yeah ... I wanted to pee right away ... I was embarrassed to leak pee ..." "Then my dad will disinfect it. " Eh ... hey ..."With a lot of force, I took off my daughter's pajamas and licked my sweet and sour daughter's pajamas. I smelled a little urine, but the immorality was the best. "Ah, ah ... dad ... hey ..." " Hmm ... no ... dad ..." My daughter seemed to cry, but she didn't resist much. It felt like I already knew the pleasures of the year. "No?" "Ah ... hmm ... something ... weird ... dad ... then ... no ... no ... maybe ..." "Well, I'll give you a clitoris. It's a secret to my mom." "Yeah ... oh ... Tsu " shaved Turn licking feverishly, was exhausted even sucking a small clitoris daughter. She licks her real daughter's chestnut with blood and slurps her love juice. I was excited just to think so and my penis was fluffy. "Ah ... good ... good ... dad ..." "Which is better, dad or last night's uncle?" "Dad is better ... oh ... good, that ... good ..." "But ... it's not good to lick it ... It's bitter ... " " Okay ... Dad won't let you do that ... " " Ah ... Dad ... Okay ... Okay ... Ah ... "When I spent a lot of time licking my clitoris persistently, my daughter's voice finally became a woman. It became something like that. It hurt a little when I put my finger in it, but once I get here, I can't turn back anymore.While checking the clock, I made up my mind. I still have two hours before my wife comes back. I poured a large amount of saliva into my daughter's vagina, and when I used it as a lotion, I inserted my penis while hugging my daughter. "I hate Ah ...... hurts ... hurts ... dad hurts Yoo ......" "I'm sorry ... because soon end because ... okay ..." "hurts ... hurts ... hurts ... hurts ..." still inserted in the adult penis young too daughter was torture Probably. It was quite rampant and I complained that it hurt many times, but I prioritized my pleasure over my daughter. If you pull out the penis a little, menstrual blood will appear on the meat rod. It was certainly a proof that I got my daughter's virginity. It wasn't until I came here that I realized that I was doing something terrible to my daughter, but I can't go back anymore. I was shaking my hips and pistoning while calming my daughter. "Ah, it hurts ... it hurts ... dad ..." "A little more ... a little more ... oh, it feels good ... it's okay ..." "It hurts ... dad pulls out ... it hurts ..." Just to deceive the crying daughter and ejaculate quickly I was thinking. In the meantime, my daughter's vagina is incredibly hard and hot, and I feel the most comfortable. Eventually I ejaculated in my daughter. I even felt like I had a lot of semen in my life. That's how my daughter's vagina was a masterpiece. My daughter was still weeping, and I hurriedly boiled the bath and took a bath with her to erase the traces of sin.The bloody sheets were immediately machined and patiently told the crying daughter. "It's absolutely secret because my mom will be surprised, isn't it?" "Yeah ..." "It's absolutely secret? And it hurts only at the beginning, and it feels better and my dad's dick becomes addictive." "Really?" "Oh. If you can keep the secret that you keep secret from your mother, I'll make you feel good." "... Yeah." My daughter was originally a daughter who loved her father, so it was easy to persuade her. Since then, I have been dreaming of slowly training my beloved daughter, who is a beautiful girl, at a time when my wife is absent, and eventually parting from my wife and living with my daughter and having children.