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Incest with daughter(2012-10)

Vagina of Rei I warm

Was prank to drink sleeping pills to his daughter. No one is family, today's opportunity. I give him a lie and sleeping cold medicine to daughter of cold Gimi,. It does not occur even shaking violently. Naked daughter seen after a long time had grown considerably. Spree licking pussy intently while wearing the pants daughter. It's in to it with a rubber. Schoolgirl I wish I say, Let's do tight and also different.

Incest discourse

I housewife cum hostesses death of 28-year-old. There is the father-in-law now deceased mother, but 14-year-old was the H for the first time with daddy.
It has had or rub from the top of the panty clitoris my toe began in the moat kotatsu, Papa
still open leg deliberately skirt without grave panty I excitedly while junior high school before
It was let me go many times in one hour position caress even surprised me when I do not wear underwear it suddenly and dived with bad tone is kotatsu When I pretend I slept. With H at the hotel shortly thereafter, the relationship has continued even now. I can not quit this relationship even to any good person kit.
Papa I love!

I love dad

yuna himekawa[1620]
There is no memory of my father because I was divorced when I was two years old my parents.
But Locate the photo would be dad at the time of the elementary school, and had cherished.
It was thought dad photo is very cool, and want to meet much.
Once Nakitsui grandma and I want to see, dad absolutely, you can tell me the city hall dad is working, I went to the City Hall with a photo.
It was a photo of 15 years ago, but was found to be a father soon.
It's grizzled hair is not in the photo, but the chest was pounding with cool really remains of the photograph face.
It went back and not hung a voice that day because it may be annoying.
When I went to see a second time from it, it was multiplied by the voice to dad.
When you show the photo, it is so I thought why not a daughter of their own I somehow when I visited for the first time in city hall.
It is so me been there and I think where I had come to see Dad, is not a place where there are dad originally, but that it might be coming again in apparent me. Dad was living alone in the apartment without the remarried. The Kusaku~tsu trash mess, we clean together on weekends room. It's clean, but not good to to clean with dad it was a lot of fun. Can I come once in a while? Dad told me happily I Come anytime and hear. Then I came to stay at the father on the weekend. Mom was not a good face, but you guys have me recognized as unbearably because parent and child. When you go to bed, Dad was so I'm going to sleep in sleeping bags for camping, I have come to us sleeping together from knead Dada want to sleep with dad. They wanted to do a consent reluctantly to say where he was red in the face and not believe at first when saying you want to enter together also a bath but with because there is no memory of his father. Dad had averted her eyes from my body, but I will look at me the body recently. Enter in two people in the bathtub. And though reluctant to say dad and because narrow, Allais became hard to tick dad has hit back to back always. Although I try not hit by pulling the waist Previously, we hit the back and my ass and it feels like no longer have to worry about this time. But I hide in the towel when you go up from the bathtub. you can kiss good night before going to bed. You've got to kiss in the bath rising Why When you kiss in the bath rising? Was angry. It is no longer occur even not just before you go to bed, even if you kiss recently. When I licked his lips Perot, and Hey! I was told I, but it gave me a kiss I Buchu and hug me strongly and say mon I love. It has come to the house of the father from the back of the school on Friday because we want to love dad quickly even a little recently. While the kiss delusion such as will entwined Belo and dad, we have masturbation on the bed of dad. Dad, love, tender and cool!

I wonder if incest to them

I'm having problems with lust daughter.
You happen to use masturbation pants daughter finally, was very excited to pants. I was surprised myself to release the portion pussy hits the large amounts of sperm.