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Incest with daughter(2014-08)

I etch The Return died two years ago, is 55 years old

And women mail sending please think of the same sex with me or anyone of my opponent'm a man still (^ _ ^) V stress and frustration has accumulated because I wanted to have sex


Paradise ends. that my sister live together is determined. Daughter-in-law may come back until now? And to say that, around did not say anything much, but criticized is ... that that possibility is no longer in divorce, then the poor life, in a dissolute life attitude of me that fully rely on her daughter, My daughter told me to follow desperately, but in the period the job sort of sister, father who was promoted with the support of his daughter sister. Enthusiastic home life is like a nasty sister also. decisive reason to refuse is not found, the decision ... little by little. Plan before the new semester begins, the move if possible. ... Decided to leave the daughter and sister moved away. Sister when he comes, there is no choice but to sneak etch. Plans to H plenty sister tonight because come tomorrow.

1996 Summer ... Brother and niece?

yuna himekawa[3324]
I think the genre is a little different, but I will write it here. At that time, I was 29 years old and lived in my parents'house ... I used to live in an apartment while working at a food factory until a while ago, but the company went bankrupt ... I was taken care of by my parents' house at this age. It was. I had a younger brother who was three years younger and was a truck driver, but a while ago I got a large bus license and was a local bus driver. At my parents' house, I lived with my mother, myself, and my younger brother. I have an older sister who is three years older than me, but I lived in an apartment with my daughter (niece from my point of view) and my husband, who were in the second year of junior high school at that time, about 1 km from my parents' house. My husband went to work in Kanto, so my sister and niece usually lived together. Since I was a kid, my sister and I had a bad relationship, and the cause was me. It was revealed that I brought my sister's underwear to the room when I was in middle 1. Then I looked at it with some disdain. By the way, my sister and younger brother were very close friends ... And my sister seems to have infused my niece with my niece ... In the future, I will proceed with a pseudonym, but my sister is Megumi, my younger brother is Kenta, I'm Kota and my niece is Misaki. I can talk about it now, and I will tell you what I have sealed so far. I wrote that my sister and I had a bad deal, but I wasn't so close to Kenta ... but for Kenta, it was clear that he emphasized the relationship with his sister. .. And it was also true that Misaki was attached to Kenta. It is true that Kenta was only driving a truck and had a muscular macho system, so I think Misaki might have seen it with the eyes of the opposite sex.And the beginning of the shocking event was just before the Bon Festival of the year. On that day, my mother, who works as a nurse, asked me to mow the grass around my house, and I mowed the hot grass. Kenta had no bus crew on that day and was on a weekday holiday. It was a little before noon, but Misaki came on a bicycle. I think it was the return of club activities because I wore a helmet and athletic clothes at school. Misaki passed in front of me with a silent and unfriendly expression, and went into the house with a sports bag. My sister Megumi didn't know how she did me for Misaki, but she really hated her. It wasn't like Gretel, and it was like a normal serious junior high school student, so it was really hard to be ignored. However, even though I knew that I wasn't confident, when I saw Misaki, who had a strangely disgusting body, I had a delusion. Seen from the outside, the curtains in Kenta's room were closed before I knew it. Kenta and Misaki were alone in the house, and I was thinking about something wrong. Frankly speaking, I think I'm doing sexual acts alone ... I was in a state where I could n't help myself. I want to go inside the house and check it, but I was scared when I was exposed, and I felt something more than that that made me refuse to approach. I was no longer able to mow the grass, and I was delusional about things in Kenta's room, so I was doing my best. The curtains were closed for about an hour ... I was looking at them in a long distance, but I confirmed that the curtains had opened.About 10 minutes later, Kenta and Misaki came out. Misaki had white shorts and a yellow tank top ... changed to plain clothes ... Kenta also had a black tank top in shorts ... Kenta left me saying, "I'm going to drive with Misaki," and my car's I got on the RX7 and went out. I felt a great deal of turmoil and went to Kenta's room without any hesitation. I just turned off the air conditioner and it was still a little cool. The top of the bed was tidy, but I looked under the bed first. Misaki's sports bag was placed so as to hide it. Looking at the contents, I found that the gym clothes were packed casually, and for some reason Misaki's white panties and bra were wrapped in the T-shirt. And when I smelled the panties, I found the smell of sweat and the strange smell that seemed to be very unpleasant. Misaki is usually cold to herself, but I felt it was really delicious. Just by touching Misaki's panties, I was very sexually excited and had a full erection. But contrary to that, I felt that they were definitely in sexual contact. When I looked elsewhere under the bed, I found Kenta's leopard print bikini casually placed. There was also a condom box right next to it. eh! I immediately looked inside the trash can ... Then there was a large amount of tissue wrapped in a leaflet, and a used condom came out of it. There was plenty of Kenta's semen inside and the mouth was tied.I was surprised and shocked by the fact that Kenta and Misaki were involved in sexual activity. It was a very exciting sight for me as a virgin, and I was ashamed to indulge in masturbation many times in Kenta's room. And they came back near the evening, but they were surprised again ... Because of the number of characters, I would like to write more.

Her daughter


Is the first post. Or plate difference because not a child of their own?
And sorry to Tara hardly read it because no literary talent. I start dating is to love her solid was met at the pub fairly small fifth grade daughter Mio similar punishment one 31-year-old 156? Yayapo tea MISONO self-employed 43-year-old married 180? 90 km snow she spec me. You have been dating for about two years therefore end began dating another man to put me up on her remarriage hope is not divorced. Was dated three years and the man, but of debt man apparently broke up in the problem, from a year ago, resurrected as a friend and drinking while asked to also occasionally gender processing. There is a barbecue in the company of her, take a drink and not drink cod! There is a contact, and then OK Banmeshi is because it was just yet, Mio daughter was also together and go to meet you at her apartment. I had avoid having to meet with Mio and I think that it is not good education on the future also, to did not bother to marry snow. It was a kindergartner when it was before, but fifth grade anymore. Was expected to or have been clean a little, but not cute honestly seems had similar to my husband. . . Sorry prelude is longer. That doing noisily in the tavern about two hours with two others and again drink in the apartment of snow. If you have a DVD viewing of \"Ana snow\" while drinking in the apartment, snow was drinking from noon without in less than 30 minutes爆睡. I, watching movies and Mio while drinking. And because it was the movie that you have not watched, was watching pretty seriously, but Mio is looking at me and glancing from the middle. Mio, seems to have seen the junior was not protrude from the gap of my pants. It (was take off the jeans too hot) \"Oh!'m not look!\" \"Mio-chan, looking dick my from a little while ago, but ?? of interest\" Mio I \"lie from a little while ago and I! yo useless I not say to \"ask mom Na Do you Itsukeyo to. Mama mon have noticed Mio-chan are you looking at!\" Mio! \"\" Well, Ageyokka show me ?? it is the interest. ne I was looking after all I ? \"Mio, that they confessed that there is interest because I have never seen, and the want to see. It's show dick daughter beside sleeping mother also because closed is interested in, and then made ​​a promise the day after tomorrow, and I'll show Mom I went to work Monday.

Daughters of 3

Every day, erotic night followed. When it comes to summer vacation, a friend of the daughter came to the usual stops. Night 7/18, B terminal and A child because it was Girl Talk and daughter, it was supposed to only take a bath together. Since become Bing I watched a young body, it is played in Handjob. Daughter accustomed good at best, but I get excited psychologically is to cute A child. I slept separately, until dawn seemed speaking, it does not come occur even if in the morning. Become before noon of the next day, to speak various A child-chan came awake. Say so have an older brother of the college entrance examination, parents are not bothered me, and because it is disturbed treatment, want to go on a trip together. I decided to take you when you return home with my daughter all the time. During a meal and watch the AV or say breakfast. It becomes uncensored things to them ,,, Become a erotic atmosphere like a course, or Blow imitate sausages, it is to look young daughter assistance. At, my daughter started to Toka story of commemoration of one (1) year from the loss of virginity, etch begins. When the daughter went and inserted into the B child. So you're lunches in the video, give up to try even heavier. When you succeed! Normal position in A child that lean most that we've entwined legs are Dakitsuka, it will put out in the middle to not come off even if it becomes likely out. A child can go home in the evening, but, B child remains When night anymore. In Nipple Vibe and Anal Vibe, daughter attack the B child. Since shouting and \"~ leaking pee\", move to the bathroom. You have already Honyo as soon as it is inserted. The poked alternating with daughter in the back with rubber. Www two people both, the face is so Allais

Events of the father daughter

It is a father of 54-year-old, but this year, it became grandpa grandson was born.
It is I who was excited to the first grandchild daughter got married two years ago was pregnant last year, late autumn of last year, things had happened it was going out shopping and being asked to daughter husband is traveling. \"Dad, when are in the belly of the mom I, really standing with sex until about 7 months?\" Papa a \"Well, it's that love of mom, or What. 'S because I was young,
daughter of 4 months pregnant, husband Is not me lovingly? \"one month\" here, I do not. \"No way ... or so\", I wish to not help but me dad instead ... \"I\" father-daughter incest, from dangerous genetically I, but seems to be no problem and only been contraindicated, if not pregnant. \"now have sex Dekirukana is yours with? Papa Do I chance just\"? \"\" over there, probably love hotel that Mom and Dad had sex for the first time. Mama said I entered I had. I'll let on. \"in love hotel that was old daughter in the great expansion, but Rogue atmosphere 30 years ago had been clean without in is being renovated. Daughter was taking a bath together for the first time in 15 years since the small 5. It was much lower abdomen has been Pokkori little, naked young daughter became Han勃Chi it sounded to cock. \"Did you mean? Did I was black so I cock Yada, daddy, are you and horny mom now?\" \"I have. Mama 's a good still a woman.\" \"Mama, - I lend Papa today and licked the pussy of daughter move to \"bed. I was in earnest or cunnilingus know how many a man, my daughter was so unexpectedly Mature Man. You have to remember such a tongue Tsukai \"Oh, A~tsuan, pa, papa, yellow, feeling, feels, Aan, wow, Kikuu\" where \". Giving your Blow in return. How can I have them Blow to? Daughter\" what, my wife was also tech surprised. Were placed in a raw because it is much trouble. Pussy \"Hello, ~'m Oji-chan,\" \"another, ... A Tara Papa~tsu, Ann ... Aw ... Haau ...\" daughter entangled in the cock of his father, I've been tightening the Uneune. As gouging large slowly, we used the waist to scoop out female pussy juice from her daughter. She feels good figure nor hail \"Auuauu, out, out, out, oh, oh, A~tsu\" daughter showed in front of his father raise the sensitivity of the cock, father-daughter incest excitement hinders the patience, and daughter mush I slammed the spirit of hot father in the pussy. \"You're good after all Pa~apa .... Has cock Mom ... Dad, I'm unstoppable kit.\" And \"Mom, you'll go mad enough to faint. Sex couple because it Enryonashi, when you too are nestled in the husband is , if so Yogare. unreservedly, and thus. \"is will be able to have sex that matches the breath in a long marriage, experienced a father daughter incest once a lifetime. The next day, when you embrace the wife, it seems to have become a service from excess guilty, you've let the squid wife in foreplay. Since then, my attitude towards my daughter will change, I began to presume profusely. Also the father daughter, and that it became a relationship of men and women, physical contact might have increased.

Confessions 1

I told my daughter that came home \". How to dad today,\" so as to carefully observe my face. Immediately, \"No, I'm good,\" said coyly, I'm smiling grin to my face that was invited \"will not dive anymore, Damedame\" daughter. Lower body was erection already had inflated greatly slacks.
And with me working the sexual desire processing of father It's a brave daughter, but a schoolgirl raw childishness remains still. Raise the泣声of joy is poked me, and drooling from the mouth to distort the face, my daughter has received an ejaculation of me tightly entwined hands and feet. It's a father-daughter to have a relationship forbidden so.