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Incest with daughter(2017-10)

Fall into the forbidden world

yuna himekawa[8176]
When I changed from elementary school to junior high school, I was taken to the underwear department of a department store saying that I didn't like underwear until now, but I decided to wait at the waiting area because there was no middle-aged old man. After waiting for about an hour, I came back with a big smile and grabbed my arm to go home, so I went home. When I got home, I lined up the underwear I bought and started changing clothes in front of the old man. A beautiful naked body is in front of me ... Naturally, my foolishness is fine ... The same pink panties as a pink bra, and the breasts that make the bra look bigger with a pad, how beautiful! I'm so excited to hear that my daughter is so beautiful! I really hugged him, so when I hugged him strongly, I closed my eyes and put my lips on top of each other. There were several kisses, but this time it was a rich one and I felt like I put my tongue in and out and sucked violently. Naturally touching and rubbing the breast, removing the bra, sticking to the nipple and putting hands in the panties ... I fell into a forbidden world while being a parent and child.

With a granddaughter who has no parents

My granddaughter, Saki, is in her third year of high school, but she doesn't ask me for pocket money at all, but she doesn't tell me that she's working part-time for her cell phone. It's really helpful, but I don't know what the part-time job is doing, so when I ask what kind of part-time job I'm doing, I hesitate a little and ask if I'm doing a strange part-time job because I'm late on Friday and Saturday nights. He says that he cheats his age and works part-time at a delivery health. I was surprised, and when I heard that Eh, Deriheru was going to deal with a man, I was just touched, the young girls now have no sense of chastity, and sex seems to be a sense of play. When asked if Saki is in contact with a man naked, yes, all high school students say that they are cheating on their age and doing it in secret. When I asked him what he was doing with a man, he said that it was forbidden to do it because he was blown, drunk, peeed on his face, licked his pussy, and put his finger in it. When I asked him if he hadn't put in a cock yet, he kept silent, and when he asked again what happened, he said that the customer would pay by money and had him put in a cock several times. As a high school student, I was surprised if I could do it that much. There are many people who are old like grandpa, so I always thought that grandpa was still a grandma, because grandma has dementia, so I can't do it, and when I say that grandpa has been out alone for years, Poor ... Saki asked me to put it out by mouth, so I asked if I could ask, and as soon as I lowered my pants and took off my pants, Grandpa, it was better to wash in the bath. When two people take a bath, they wash the cock well, put it in their mouths, and blow it well. I'm better than my wife.And when I'm about to get excited, you know, Grandpa, you can take it out, and when you give it a drink, he said that he was satisfied with all the things he had taken up, and he said, yeah. When I say that, I want to put in my grandpa, but I'm not feeling well anymore, and if I say that I want to put in after a while, it's okay, anytime, and after my wife has dinner and she lays down , To thank Saki and go out for yakiniku, we went together, and after returning, after my wife fell asleep, I went to Saki's room and said that I wanted to Saki, the room I turned on the air conditioner, and when I got naked, I said grandpa, and I lay down, I sucked on the pussy, started licking, and while fingering the nipple, the pussy got wet with Jukujuku, so Saki When I told him to put it in, I pushed the cock. It doesn't hurt at all and it fits comfortably in the back of the cock, and Saki can move her hips from the bottom, so I was surprised, Grandpa, we asked if I should do it up, Saki got on top, and my hips were up and down well. Let me be squid right away, and when I asked him to pull it out from his death, he said he was taking medicine and could take it out. Full of surprises, I'm taking the plunge, and when I pull out the cock, I'm satisfied, but Saki says Grandpa, I'd like to ask. When I asked what it was, I hadn't squirted yet, and my friends said that when they squirted, they felt open, the embarrassment disappeared, and they could take the plunge and do any kind of sex, but we can tell our customers. No, I remember dying, but he says he has no experience of squirting.Grandpa says he can do it, so when he says he can do it, he asks, so then, because it gets dirty, it's better to take a bath, so it's the finger I used when I was a wife to take a bath and squirt quickly. I liked the bent rotor, so I replaced the batteries, put it in my grandson's pussy in the bath , kissed while fingering G with a finger rotor, and my grandson gradually turned red and his body gradually became red. I started to twist, and my voice started to come out, and after a while, I started to say that my grandpa was going to die, and I was going to die, so when I did my finger violently and violently, I said that I was going to die. When I thought about it, Kamisui jumped out and even to my face. Saki, when I asked if she died, I was delighted that she really felt open, unlike when she got a cock in her pussy or was licked by a chestnut. After that, when I push the cock from the back, the voice is louder than before, Grandpa, if I say more motto, I'm gone, I'm going to die, saying that if I poke it still, Grandpa will die. I passed away, then I took a bath and slept until morning.

At the hot spring with my daughter

At the age of 35, just a week before the wedding, his husband, who never returned due to a car accident, was shocked and depressed as if he had lost his soul. After 49 days, I invited my daughter to a hot spring. I said I wouldn't go at the beginning, but I took him forcibly in the middle. Did I get a little cheerful after soaking in the open-air bath? At dinner, my smile returned and I also recommended drinking with a little hotness. Alright, we toasted tonight. After drinking Guigui unexpectedly, I cried to Uedo. When I sat down next to him and calmed down, I thought that I remembered my boyfriend , "Dad, I'm lonely." I stroked my head and said, "Yeah, yeah, you can cry." I buried my head in my chest and started crying. When I was stroking my back, I was drunk, and I said, "Dad, I want to hold me and forget about it." I kissed violently, so it became a kiss with my tongue entwined, and when I touched my chest from the front of the yukata, I did not wear underwear and rubbed my soft breasts. When the hem of the yukata was exposed and the thighs were exposed, I could see dark pubic hair without wearing underwear, and when everything was exposed, I buried my face between my legs and started licking my pussy. I licked it a lot and pushed the meat stick when it was moist. It's been 12 years since I lost my wife, and it seems that a meat stick is drooling in the twat for the first time in a long time. Pleasure didn't seem to continue, and the feeling of ejaculation soon boiled up, "I'm about to die" and "Please give me a lot because it's a safe day" I fired immediately.It is out of reach of the tissue, and if you pull it out, semen will spill out, so carry it to the small system bath in the holding room, and if you pull it out in the washing place while pouring hot water in the bathtub, it will run down and cleanly shower the floor, omeco and meat stick. Soaked in the washing bath. Then, when they entered the futon, they asked for their bodies again and licked each other's genitals.

I want to connect with my grandchildren ...

I am an old man who will reach his grandson this year, but his energy is still active, but his wife is 62 years old, dementia has progressed, and I have only one daughter in a situation where I remember me only occasionally. However, after leaving my granddaughter (17 years old) high school student to us and remarriage, I take care of my wife and granddaughter Saki, but in August, I saw my granddaughter naked after taking a bath. When I stroked my breasts raw, saying that I was fascinated by the beautiful white skin, Saki, and became a beautiful daughter, I said grandpa lewd, and I saw the body of a young woman after a long time. After burning and letting my wife lie down at night, sometimes I sneaked into my grandson's room, it was a hot night, so I did not wear a futon, I sneaked down my sleeping Saki's pajamas and underwear and touched the cute pussy in the bush I've been rubbing my chest, licking my chest, and recently licking it, but I'm doing it to the extent that my grandson doesn't wake up, but I think my grandson knows a man. I slid my finger on the pussy only once, but it slipped into the wet pussy smoothly, it seemed to be painless, and when I touched the sensitivity of the chestnut, my waist was moving and I could not think of it as a virgin. When I licked my chest, my face looked comfortable, and last night I thought I'd put a cock in it, and when I put my finger in it, my face looked ecstatic, so I was at a loss, but I couldn't put in a cock. , My cock is often quite thick, and I was told by a mistress, so I can't easily insert it into my virgin face, so even if I try to insert it for a while, I can't do it unless I understand it. So, if I should attack my grandson and put it in, I'm worried that my grandson might run away from home, so for the past three months, I've put up with just touching and licking. I posted it because I wanted to hear your opinions. Thank you.

I want to conceive my daughter Atsuko part5

My daughter Atsuko will be 24 years old in June next year, and if I stay at my parents' house without having a romance and missing the marriageable age, I would like to have sex someday.

Mischievous with my daughter

It was good that my daughter's vaginitis was almost cured yesterday. But my daughter tells me that it's funny, my pajamas have been taken off in the morning, my pants are down, and no thief has entered at night. I'm surprised, but I don't think there's a thief because I have a dad and nothing has been stolen. I wondered if you took it off yourself because you had a bad sleep.For the first time in a long time, yesterday night, I put a little more sleeping pills in the juice of my older daughter, went to mischief, lowered my pajamas and pants, and exposed my pussy as before. Then, illuminate it with a battery, take a picture of the pussy with a mobile phone, lick it, and yesterday, wash your fingers cleanly and lick the chest for a long time, the wrinkles and the pussy get wet and you lick your fingers When I put it in, it goes to the root more smoothly than before, and my daughter seems to be accustomed to the pussy a little, just by moving a little, the piston can be squeezed and while licking the chest, it seems to be comfortable and the face does not seem to hurt It seems like I'm smiling, I licked it for a long time, pistoned it, and tried hard to see if my daughter could make a voice. For the first time, my hips are squeezed and my fingers can be made quite easily, so when I tried two, my face seemed to hurt at first, but when I got two, my face returned to its original state. When I looked at the G spot and the place I saw in the book, my daughter reacted very much, my waist was squeaky, juice came out and the reaction became intense, and it was difficult to get up, so I stopped there today and put back my pajamas. Next, I went to my younger daughter and did the same for my younger daughter, but it's strange. My younger daughter has one finger in her pussy, but she has a little voice, but maybe she didn't have enough sleeping pills, so she turned over so much, so I stopped there. I was satisfied, went back to my room and masturbated, and it made me feel good. Masen is still satisfied with the cock in her pussy, and I think it's better to dedicate her virginity to her boyfriend, so I'm happy just to have fun every day. I want to put a cock, but I just can't. I'm happy if my daughter has a cock, I don't have the courage to put a cock ...

In bad is aware

Is the father of S graduate next year. In the bath, I me came together at the moment. . When the breast is also looking at the slippery man hill began to bulge, is another cock also awkward in Bing. Rica daughter does not seem to care in cold blood, but ... until about small 4, I had been an assistant to wash the pussy. Somehow now. I do not want to destroy even a good relationship with his daughter. Because to do is people Job, I want to lick clean pussy of Rika. How Once you do you get used to your great relationship like? By all means, please teach.

My wife and my late son

I have seen something difficult. I live with my wife, 41 years old, and my son, 20 years old, last week. My son goes to a special school in the world, that is, he is a child who is late in wisdom, and even at the age of 20, he has only the wisdom of a child. It was last Saturday. I usually take a bath, so I didn't notice it at all, but my son and wife always go in together and my wife is washing. I wanted to take a bath early on Saturday, but they were so long that I took a peek at the bath. I was surprised when I opened the door and my wife was doing Chupa Chups with her son's cock in his mouth. Well, for a moment, at that moment my wife was a son, but I felt like having an affair with another man, and I scolded you for what I was doing. At that time, my wife said that even when this child is full-fledged, it is insensitive to not know a woman, and it is a pity to stay without knowing a woman for the rest of her life, so I am teaching little by little. Say. In that word, I closed the door, returned to the living room, waited for them to come out, asked my son if he wanted a girl, said he didn't know, and asked if he felt comfortable with his mom. Yeah, when you put it in there and get out, it feels good. My wife has her in her pussy. When I heard that I was teaching my wife when I was about 18, when I was about 18 years old, I was playing with my chest massaged in the bath, and then I was touching my pussy and giving a blowjob, and my cock started to grow. He said that he put it in and taught him how to move his hips.When asked if he always takes a bath, he says he does it on a futon. Even if I'm my son for a moment, my wife feels like an affair, and I'm wondering if it's okay to continue as it is in the future. I'm embarrassed to say that I want to see what this kid is doing once and show me what he's doing as a wife, but when I see it, if it's difficult to do, put a video camera in the room I told him to do it tomorrow morning, and when I set the camera on the TV on Sunday and watched the recorded video at night, my wife was naked and my son was naked at first. I'm letting my son lick a pussy. My son also licks it for himself. After a while, my wife brought me to 69, and I was sucking my son's little cock. If you do a little blowjob, the cock is getting bigger. Even if the wisdom is delayed, the cock will grow bigger, probably because of the man's instinct. I was surprised because it was bigger than mine. At first, my wife grabs the cock, and I get on top and lead the cock into the pussy. When I put it all the way in, my wife moved up and down, and my younger son did not seem to change his expression at all, and after doing it for about 5 minutes, my wife got off and when I pulled out the cock, my son told me . When I told him to put it in, the son was also used to it, and when he got on the wife, the wife grabbed the cock and hit it against the pussy, the son moved his waist and pushed it into the pussy until the cock disappeared, and the son When he moved his waist, his wife began to speak out, and he put his arm around his son's waist and said his motto, motto. Then, when the momentum of the son became faster, the wife began to cry out, and it seems that he died. I didn't know if my son had passed away,When I asked my wife later that it was dangerous if she had a vaginal cum shot, she said she was taking contraceptives. Then, when I asked him if his son had died, he said that he hadn't died for about a year, but he started to give it out half a year ago, and he started giving it as a blow job. Should you admit this and leave it free? I'm a son, but I feel like I'm jealous.

Mischief to elementary school daughter

I'm a 35-year-old man who divorced last year, but my wife went out because I was divorced, so I have two daughters left, 6th grade and 3rd grade, and I'm raising them. I also go to deli and sometimes handle sex with a man, but last week Miss Deli looked like a high school student by all means, and said that it was only two days after entering the store, deli He is not good at work at all, he is not good at blowjob like acting with his daughter, and he says that he has not done the actual performance with the customer yet, but the manko can enter even two fingers, and the sensitivity is also good. It seems that I have experience elsewhere, and when I say that I want to do it, I will ask for an additional fee, so it is OK to put out 10,000, but it was a dull production. When I went home and saw my daughter, I remembered and had a mischief, and they took a bath, and after 8 o'clock, they served cake and orange juice, and both of them got their juice from the night shift at the hospital before. When I put in sleeping pills and gave them a drink, they both seemed to get sleepy in about 30 minutes, so I went into the room, and after about an hour, I went to the room where they were sleeping. Go, in a dark room, turn over the upper daughter's futon, dive, shift the pajamas and underwear, sleep completely, even if you spread your legs, you will not notice, so only one leg is removed, When I illuminate the pussy with a battery so that I can see the pussy, I can see a cute yet unopened pussy, and it feels like the villa villa is also attached, and even if I open it with my finger, there is a pink pussy, I When I put my mouth on it and licked the cracks in the chestnut and pussy, my daughter turned over, so I turned sideways, so when I raised one leg, licked it from the side, and tried to put my finger in the pussy, it was hard I couldn't enter and my daughter moved, so I stopped there that day, went to the lower daughter this time, and licked the lower daughter in the same way, but strangely, the upper daughter's pussy The taste of my daughter and the taste of my younger daughter's pussy are a little different.The older daughter's pussy tasted like a deli girl, but the younger daughter's pussy tasted sweet, like the mouth of a newborn puppy, and I bought and raised a puppy two years ago. It's like having a smell in your mouth when your puppy licks it when you're licking it. The smell of the mouth of the puppy is different after more than a year, but the younger daughter's pussy tasted sweet and addictive. I'm a bad father. After that, I've done the same several times. My daughter is completely unaware. I don't have any sleeping pills anymore, so I'm thinking of going to the hospital today, saying that I can't sleep at night shift, and getting more prescriptions, right? Such an act ...

Surprised by the wishes of an unexpected daughter

In this rain, I posted it without doing anything to work, and from where ... Uuu ~ I decided to write and see each other's conversations. My daughter is 17 years old, I am 38 years old and my wife is 37 years old. My wife is a protein person, and my daughter who doesn't like sex is like me. It seems that my daughter has a boyfriend who is dating, but he doesn't approach me at all, so if I don't kiss him, I'll just walk hand in hand, daddy ... I'm drinking this, so he won't get pregnant Then I didn't do anything I was surprised ... What are you talking about? When I asked him what kind of medicine he had, he told me that he had a stomachache and had a bad period, so he went to the obstetrics and gynecology department to get the medicine and took it. The psychology of the man was funny and I felt a desire for my daughter. Chest and lips ... Lower "Crotch thing" Can I make a vaginal cum shot in my head? ?? ?? ?? ?? I was imagining. Wife, daughter in the living room that does not go out is, ... that Papa challenges 'll be no dad in you hate because over a period of say might laugh It might get angry Papa Datte What I ..... not get angry do not laugh absolute Really daddy ... Ah ~ I'm persistent, talk fast, I'll talk, "I" I want to have sex, daddy, "D", who will be me , isn't it serious or not ... if I'm glad dad ...Instead, it's a secret only for two people. Satomi "Yeah." I know, after I got naked and went into the bathtub, Satomi came into the bathtub naked. Satomi started to wash her because she washed her back. Satomi's chest, which is swelling in Kagami, has swollen her head and back. When she has finished washing her head and back, she told me to turn to Satomi, so if she turned to Satomi, her dad and toes would grow bigger. "Daddy" who washed out the front of standing Wash your butt by yourself Washed your crotch from your chest , washed your cock and balls from your thighs to your toes, raised your hands horizontally and washed both .. After showering, I washed Satomi's head and back. I turned my hand from my back and turned Satomi, who had a breast, toward me, washed my chest and entire crotch, and then went into the bathtub. I grabbed my cock in the bathtub and kissed my daughter and entwined my tongue, saying that I'm scared of such a big thing inside me . My daughter was also interested in it ... Umm ... Umm ... In the bathtub, after wiping each other's body moderately, I headed for the double bed and laid a bath towel on the sheets. .. I laid my daughter on it and I licked my tits and sucked milk. My daughter closes her eyes, pulls her lips to her crotch, spreads the petals of the pussy, licks it and slurps it, and when the juice comes out and swallows it, she holds my head and says "Uhhhhh" Satomi is crying out ... I'll put it in, so I'll hug my dad firmly. "Yeah . "When I put the cock in the hole of the petal and put my waist little by little, I went inside like a hole. Satomi hurts ~ I hugged her with a loud voice. The cock completely went all the way in. It's tight and comfortable Satomi Is it okay ... "Yeah" It's okay Dad It hurts at first, but when I get used to it, it feels good, so I thought it would hurt "I solved it" and kissed while moving my hips I was drunk with comfort while kissing my tongue. Satomi ~ It looks good . I wonder neatly are taking medicine 'm fine because drinking neat I love you Aa ~ ~ ~ Satomi, leaving ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Wuwuu Daddy's was comfortable I was Aa ~ really felt good Papa・ I ... I feel good when I can only hurt , so I had to put up with it until then. "Yeah." I solved it. "Daddy" When I removed the cock from the pussy, sperm came out and red blood was on the bath towel. It's been a year since then, and my daughter, who is about to die, is embraced by a woman and is embraced by me. She is holding her daughter twice a week. It's about time.

Connected with my daughter

yuna himekawa[8050]
It was a few years ago, before my wife, I was out in the yard, just standing around without any special errands, and it seems that my daughter was watching it.  My daughter was entwined in my arm, and I was watching the flowers that bloomed together. "It's beautiful ... Dad, can you take a picture of me?" At that time, my daughter brought out a digital camera without thinking, but I started to take it off and was surprised, "Eh !! ... Hey ..." "Nobody will come ... I'm embarrassed. I was surprised that my daughter took off her dress and her bra and shorts, too. I put on my bra and shorts on the dress I took off on a nearby tree branch. I took a few shots, but my lower body also swelled in front and my daughter was looking at it, but "Dad, here ... I'm no longer a virgin." No way, my daughter in the garden. Unexpectedly, I inserted it into my daughter from behind while standing in the garden, and pushed it up while rubbing my hand around my daughter's tits and spilling it into my daughter's womb.  Sometimes I can't look into it from the outside, so on warm days I lay a leisure sheet on the lawn in the garden, love each other under the blue sky with my daughter, take a bath with my daughter, and share the bed.

Single father

I accepted my father in the summer of 18 years old, a third year high school student. The house at that time was a father-son family of my father, me, and my sister, and my sister was four below me. My father was trying to confuse the loneliness of having no partner with my daughter, and since I was a child, I have been touching my body and touching my own body. When I was a junior high school student, my father's actions escalated and I was asked to do more, but I strongly refused to do so and had him put up with it by hand and mouth. When I was in high school 3, my sister consulted me. My dad forced me to do it, and I was in trouble. My sister knew about me and my father. My sister is still a middle school student and has no experience as a man. I was in high school 3 and already had multiple male experiences, including compensated dating, so I decided to comfort my dad. I told my dad that he would accept him , provided he didn't touch his sister and put on rubber . As usual, I put rubber on my father's thing, which grew up with his hands and mouth . The moment my dad covered me and came in, the enkou fathers and my dad were dub in my head, and for some reason I couldn't hold back my tears. It is a memory of a hot summer night 20 years ago.

I'm about to cross the line with my daughter ...

I feel like committing my daughter right now. If you have sexual intercourse with your daughter, please give us some advice. My daughter Kinan, who is 12 years old in the first year of junior high school, is a father and son, and his wife seems to hate it because he feels a little noisy, so he always sticks to me. I'm a 34-year-old civil servant, and my daughter is petite, but her body is like a full-fledged woman, her breasts are big, her hair is growing underneath, and it's shy to take a bath. Kinan is not like that at all, it moves and shows in the bath with a soft-shelled turtle, so sometimes when I touch it, my cock reacts and it gets bigger. When I tried to hide it, I found it, and Dad Wow, when I was growing up, I said and touched it. Isn't it strange why it grows even though it's always small? He says he can't explain and sometimes he gets bigger. However, my daughter Kinan has no sex appeal, and even though she has a bath or nakedness to me, she sits behind her in a bathtub, hugs her, and when her chest hits her back, she is shocked. When I'm facing each other, I can't see the cock, so I don't know even if I stand, but once I was hugged from behind, my hand hit the cock and I said it was big. Well, I think that if you want to embrace Kinan, you will probably accept it without any resistance, but your reason will interfere and you will not be able to cross the line. If there is a person who has exceeded it, would you please give me various advice such as the reaction of my daughter after that and the secret to my wife? I look forward to working with you.

Not fiction

That's Gold Week. I'm 6th grade, my sister is 2 years old, and half a year ago my mother was a new man, and I was in a small house, hugging next to me less than 2m away. Raising mother Wet sound, I witnessed sex many times I woke up to sex, Sunday afternoon when I and my sister and my sister were not there, when I was taking a nap Somehow I woke up was in the futon suffer the towel from his head to is moving something, you will notice as soon as the foot of the sister I was sleeping, sister of the skirt is turned is underwear are visible bright daytime thin cotton blanket of The inside looked bright and clear, there was a man's hand in my sister's underwear, but I was pretending to sleep with my moving hand in the first place, I gradually felt excited and my stuff became harder A hand that moves in my underwear for minutes ... When that hand folds my sister's knee into an M shape, my sister's underwear is lowered, and in front of me I can see my sister's genitals and a hole in her butt. have you been this time a man put out the things that became firmly opened the chuck and put the palm of his sister, had not held close the hand, also now when the move is a man of hand turning the jacket of sister still Start stroking your flat chest, and when your finger returns to your sister's genitals, move up and down the cracks many timesWhile going back and forth and opening repeatedly, stroking the entrance with my fingertips and poking ... I heard a light sound from my sister's dick, and after a while , I heard that sound clearly. When I hit the entrance splashing sound and ... with the turn of a sister to them, sister of underwear is healed the man with the ignorant pretend I end to lie, when the mother is not home, always a man near and sister are or sleeping there thing to me was noticed, but the days of summer vacation, man is also in pretend diluted slept next to the sister are and many times sister ... hit the turn over to see the man and the sister of the man hand, to the lower body of sister Was growing

only daughter

When I was a child, I came in later when I was in the bath, so I showed my nakedness without hiding it. Even when I became a junior high school, high school, or junior college student, I didn't hide my nakedness in front of me. Etc. were ignored and I and the bath were taken for granted. Let's get back to junior high school. The hair underneath was growing, but I was watching thin hair every day. Perhaps the breasts were still in the process of development, I saw the breasts gradually swelling and growing. A word from my wife <I think I have a younger body than me> I have a little bleeding from my knees during my period, and I don't go into the bathtub and I wash my daughter's body gently every day. I was trying to wash it. "Yes, Dad." I sat on my lap and put my nipples on my mouth and rubbed it. I made a cute voice, and when my wife asked me, it was bad, so I naturally kissed my daughter and hugged her. "Dad, I'll give it to my mom when I'm 20 years old." After my period, I stood my daughter up and went between my legs, opened the cracks and started licking and sucking with my tongue.   I was embarrassed to invite my daughter to go shopping on holidays and let me choose at the lingerie corner. My wife used to work on holidays and on weekdays, so she said , "Dad, have you ever been a love hotel? 』\ It was sudden. "Eh !!" "Do you have a bath? Do you want to go with your dad? After all, I brought my daughter in. Of course I'm patient without crossing the line, kissing in bed, sucking and rubbing the tits, I lie on my back, straddle my face, let my daughter put Soko on my mouth, lick and suck, I also taught 69 and made my erection suck and taught, and my daughter drank semen and was surprised. My wife didn't know it and I had a bad relationship with my daughter, and when I was a high school student, my tits developed, and maybe I was sucking and rubbing and stimulating, I developed into a well-shaped tits and gradually became a woman's body. However, the virgin did not penetrate yet, and as promised, she made her body a 20-year-old sexually explicit woman.  A daughter who became a good woman, I am a small company, but I am an officer for the time being, and recently I spend time in love at a love hotel and it burns up.

Time of bliss

Junko, my only daughter, has been a dad since I was little and has been with me wherever I go, and even now as a high school student, my dad's kid still escalate and behave like a boyfriend or lover and go shopping. It may look like a lover who is older than others when he crosses his arms and sees it from others. Such a daughter would continue to take a bath with her and would be very opposed if her mother was alive. When was it? On the night I got home after drinking alcohol, I had a faint memory at the entrance saying , "Let's drink until I get so drunk." Seemed to have been wiped. It seemed that some of my memories had touched the wilted dick many times. I think I didn't get an erection because I was drunk. I don't know the fact because I haven't returned home after drinking other than that day. So, when I decided to drink at home and bought wine or a can of highball and drank it as an evening drink, my daughter said, "I want to drink it too. " By the time I finished the fun dinner, my daughter was more drunk than I was, "Please take care of my dad who got drunk today." This time I took my daughter to bed and took it off in the same way. When I lay it down, "Daddy-Let's sleep together-Take off my dad" When two people sleep in a single bed, there is no choice but to sleep narrowly, and when men and women are naked and stuck, there is no choice but to get entangled in a natural way. I had my lips overlapped. Since I wasn't drunk, my cock erected immediately and hit my daughter's body.I rubbed my plump breasts, sucked on my nipples and groped my pussy, and I caressed my daughter with a mysterious feeling that she was surprised and grown up by a girl who writhes and shows a different face. Did you feel that? "Daddy until the end!" "Is it okay?" "I want a dad's child." "I can't love my child, but I can love him." It was a blissful night of comfort and excitement. So, from that day on, I've been living like a couple. Of course, I continue to use contraception.

Insert when the heat goes down

I lived with my daughter in my third year of high school (my wife passed away six years ago), and the school contacted me, and I wonder if something was wrong. When I answered the phone, I heard that I was sick because I was studying for the entrance exam at midnight, and I had a fever of nearly 40 degrees, so I hurried to pick him up, and on my way home, I had him watch at the hospital and got a prescription. When I got home, I hugged my fluffy daughter and it became like one hand holding my chest. I thought it was unexpectedly big, but when I carried it to the room while holding it down and laid it on the bed and took off the uniform, I wiped it with a towel that was soaked with sweat and the underwear was wet, so I took off everything and wiped my body again. The side of the big breasts and pubic hair was also laid down with new underwear and pajamas. I had a beautiful body-I thought I was a child, but now I'm a good woman-I felt a little relieved and complicated. The next morning, I went to see my daughter, and when I measured her fever, it was still about 37 degrees, and when I tried to leave the room softly, "Thank you for my dad." "Did you wake up?" "Yeah, you changed your clothes." "Oh, because it was drenched in sweat na " " the underwear also a whole " " Oh, I showed me a beautiful body " ," calibration! embarrassing " " will not ashamed that because parents and children that do " " But ... " " mon's feet around na " " ..... " " Do eat something. " " Uh-uh, appetite there is no " " go to sleep feet'm also " " Yeah, " the evening again saw go with in the midst of change of clothes in the " Aggomen ""It was just right, I think I was sweating again, so I want you to wipe it." "Okay, but wait a moment because I'll get the bath towel." "Yeah." It 's cold because there is no air conditioner in my daughter's room, so I put on the heating in the living room and wipe it in the living room. I decided to call my daughter, and the room was warm, so I took off my pajamas and started wiping. When the good breast also wipe around shape before from the back "a little embarrassed but happy" "Do so, what's the heat," "already a lowered like a" "Do not was good, what Nugo also lower because this room is warm." " "Yeah" When I wiped out the nakedness of my naked daughter, "Dad, don't you feel when I see my nakedness?" " I feel that my dad is also a man." "If so, hold me and make me a woman ." " Is it okay? " "Yeah" I immediately sucked on my breast and chewed my nipple, "Ah ~ Kanjiru ~" When I squeezed my pubic hair and groped my cracks and picked up my chest, "Hey ~" I sat down as if my waist was broken. Sit such a girl on Seo & # 12791; and enter between her legs and lick the cracks. One hand rubs her breasts and the other hand caresses her vagina. It's getting moisturized, so "I'll put it in now. " "Yeah." Lift your leg and insert it. Everything fits in and it's all in. "It's all in, doesn't it hurt?" "Yeah, it doesn't hurt."Start putting in and out, meat folds are entwined with the cock, this is a pleasure. Although it was a little in and out, it was quite a long time ago, so I was already attacked by the feeling of ejaculation, I pulled it out and fired it in my stomach. I cleaned it up with a bath towel and carried it to my bedroom and started again. This time I put on rubber and challenged, so it is a vaginal cum shot.

I want to enjoy it for free

I'm looking for a celebrity woman in Sapporo, I want to talk on LINE

I want to conceive my daughter Atsuko part4

The outfield is noisy! Mr. Taku, all the other supporters, please shut up! It doesn't matter if they're excited! I don't have sexual intercourse with consent, and I don't carry anything to the beat, but I only write the truth!

My daughter is my monya

I live with my daughter. I can't stand my daughter because I love her. Always be on the lookout for bad bugs. My daughter's growth is always checkable. Washing my daughter's underwear is an important housework for me. For now, I'm putting up with a blowjob, but my daughter asked me, "Dad, can I join me?" And "I'm the first man to get your virginity." I was faced. As soon as I'm going to get into uniforms from next year Well, for that reason, I put my finger in the vagina and spread it out, and my daughter is easy to feel and gets wet, and the love juice seems to be. The milk is still swelling, but the nipples are sensitive and my caress makes them crunchy immediately. Recently, I have developed it so that when I lick a pussy, I make a pant voice and shake my body. My daughter is coming soon, and it hurts only at the beginning, and every time I'm struck by my dad, I start to drool from my mouth and give a joyful voice.

The day when the writer's feelings were understood

It was dubious and wonder are you really in the parent-child Te read the writing, when I entered the daughter and bath of just the other day a small 5, daughter say that you want to pee , "please in front of the drainage ditch," say I started crouching. It was the first time for me to see a girl peeing even though she was a child, and after she was strangely excited, she carefully washed her pussy. I usually wash it cleanly in the bathroom, but at this point I was washing it like a male and caressing it, and I was also playing with chestnuts and the inside. Then my daughter said, "My dad's dick is getting bigger ~" The erected cock stood up and looked up at the sky. "Yumi also touches Dad's cock." I hugged her with her small hand holding a dark-skinned cock and closed her daughter's mouth with her lips. I tried putting my fingertips in a small hole, but it was not enough to accept the cock, so I rubbed it myself while touching it. After leaving the bathroom, I thought I should say something like this. Real incest will be possible in the next few years.