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Incest with daughter(2015-10)

Maternal and child home little girl

It was decided to keep the daughter of the 5th from the mother, to me
you have tame, I want to go to the meat doll of my favorite over time,
if you become a Iiza, what from the good get started ...

Daughter remember masturbation

yuna himekawa[5132]
What a daughter and two people living in the small 4 1DK, but seem daughter learned masturbation. Futon I'm sleep side by side separate because summer is hot, it is cold day until last year laid only one futon, and I've been sleeping together and doing in the arm pillow and sleep side by side two futon even colder this year do it. Although I've been wondering around for the, still cold Toka to say from time to time may be required to arm pillow there is sunk in my futon, and if you can bring them sleeping from the beginning together, is also without the cause falling asleep, also, daughter I was a little irritated that the Na to be sleeping happy to taste the Punyupunyu sensation. Last night, I was not falling asleep due to sleeping in the bullet train movement of daytime business trip. And I noticed, is ... to sigh and Gosogoso clothing is rubbing against the sound of her daughter. It is clearly masturbation and upright Listen listening to concentrate. I had seen his daughter as a woman recently which I thought as an opportunity, while you are thinking How do you try to act, my daughter began to make a sleeper's breathing. I thought it was unfortunate, but it became impossible to sleep if you begin to believe what to do if you start tomorrow night masturbation to think well. And to say it's also work tomorrow, not even settled thinking. Well I was in trouble. It is strategy recruited by not say. Thank you. I go to bed and stop to think in preparation for tomorrow's work.

I think I try to marry the daughter

Daughter on the family register's others, but it's my child almost certainly. When I have a small 4-5, Son of a college student Misato who had done a tutor. The home Teachers' Day as well, it was like crazy Yari went to the house almost every day Misato because house of Misato was close to the school. I think it meet not had, but also the day, did not even afford to make a boyfriend with. It was H and I are much repetition to. So, it's probably my daughter. At that time, I every day was happy, the place is I got to a situation such as that from hell. Or father of mistress is discovered, the mother was often to go out no longer so much housework in general (probably cheating) home environment is the worst of circumstances. Misato in such a time seems fraught my child. One day, it is also not meet go to Misato's house after school, lonely home. I heard from my mother that it has quit the tutor. It was a thought, such as fell in hell. When the story that I heard from after, Misato at the time can not determine that the Fallen loss, I and my courage to say to parents like did not, and without saying a detailed situation to me and parents, suddenly tutor It seems to return home to the quit home. Nearly every day had been crazy to do I accumulate horny no longer There are other party, when sister Asuka and two small 3, horny also reached the limit, was dabbled in Asuka. Mother also many go out, I even like crazy to go to Misato's house, did a is playing happily Asuka who was lonely I think that it not Yare at my opponent. Still, there was Osanaka~tsu a small 3, it was possible to somehow inserted Once greased with me still rough Chin of small 5. It it was from not earnestly SEX in almost daily Asuka opponent that is fortunate mothers go out often. A few books of erotic book that you can pick up and Unusual Asuka and erotic in teaching materials. I wonder if it was me is 2, calm down a little home environment, and began troubled to where you want to go out of the mother also reduced SEX time such, Misato the reunion, was aware of the existence of the daughter Ray. The house Misato had lived before, but was close to the elementary school, near the junior high school at the time, my house itself, since the closer of the junior high school than elementary school new house of Misato was a really good location convenient. Then, by involving also the daughter of Ray, I, Misato, Asuka, and came to enjoy the 4P in the example. Misato to give birth to a son when I have a high school. Son is in the Asuka toys. Son nor crying pattern is altogether bad. From around Asuka that became a junior high school student, often, it is saying that Maybe you can boyfriend, away from the wheel of H, it is said there were farewell Maybe you fight also came to unrestrained by came into the circle of H now, of Whirlpool (be my child?) cross 1 in coming also brought daughter I have been participating in the wheel of the H. Daughter of Ray much as ever to me doing to me, I have come to say that want to marry me now to the age that you can already get married. Misato is reluctant, but Asuka even acknowledge already lay in favor if us to continue to H relationship. Now we are earnestly Pies with the aim of dextromethorphan marriage.

Promise of incest with the father-daughter

Bathing with daughter small 6 is the only fun metamorphosis father.
It is now finally the end of the bath is now is said to please stop lazy to wife.
\"Manami, and yo's last entering together in today.\"
\"Ee~tsu, really! last of the\"
\"Yeah, mom to Manami also a year old around Even another useless\"
\"~ 's what it ~ Manami hate\"
\"Dad also painful from a scary if you offend mom Na - \"I
\"Well I finally'll to commemorate wash cock Manami is beautiful father\"
I'll make clean \"Well dad also Manami's\"
to clean each other array of to have and to come I suddenness When I think it's the last
\"Are~tsuotosan I have become big,\"
\"I because oh feels good\"
\"Manami, you want to give to comfortably more dad\"
\"Try rubbing Grasp 's or so\"
small hand cock grabs in
\"How do I?\"
I was taught that \"I've got to do this.\"
I also touch the Manami Nomanko. Small 6 Demomanko you stroked look plucked the chestnuts have can also flesh folds and clitoris.
and \"What about here I feel it\"
\"Yeah feels good\"
hole and then try to put gently finger in the hole and I think what about.
Somehow fingertip it has subsided.
Here it is rubbed daughter cock attacked by a feeling of ejaculation
and \"'m going out Dad,\"
\"what will come out?\"
\"I've got the juice comes out.\"
\"No feel good?\"
\"Oh, get out'll\"
Dopyu ~ and semen is I was jumping out.
\"I come out like that of from here, wow I\"
\"Really here I'll do I want out of Manami\"
\"Jan do I Know so\"
and \"nice to do?\"
\"Dad also will do feels good\"
and \"a little I'm so painful'll \"
and \"If you'll put up with\" about a little
or \"layer\"
here from outside the bathroom wife of voice
I let up sloppy - of which contains up to \"when\"
today to expect that it is impossible any more
because is calling \"mom This continuation I now \"
\"Yeah, found was\"
absence of daughter-in-law is waiting etc. dear

Maternal and child home little girl

The mother, I was adopted five years ago in my company, daughter of elementary school 4 (Aya)
now also come hug is called the father of my
last month, passing a souvenir in the mother, the Aya me You have to live at home, slowly to my liking, Thailand raised to Torture, from now, it is fun

Incest discourse

It is after a long time of posting. Son born daughter between the daughter becomes the 2-year-old is now one year old. Daughter nor I is growing healthy without even now of treatment failure son. This before, it painted lactofermentum is mischief heart clitoris daughter of 2 years because there was too attached tried painting happened to rough skin prevention. It was hard. It was hard as languished. And we are depressed by receiving rebuked full blast from daughter is a mother.

Daughter of brother

We are living with the daughter of his brother who died in a freak accident (5th)
sometimes waist We ask them to massage and hurts
we got massaged naked only towel recently the bath is
but was laughing first kyaa kyaa, recently Since the towel swells, the taciturn face down the eyes, and then erection painfully in the delusion I want to was hands and mouth
can not be found easily proceeding opportunity

Daughter of obese children

My daughter is Deb said frankly. Kanako Yanagihara similar in type only in the face is a different person. It is the challenge was several times diet, but ended in crushing defeat. It is such daughter you, but dear daughter for me. Under the three-stage belly bulge breast is large, even small 6 there is a genital visible only hair. Menarche also I had come early from the summer of small 4.
Of the daughter and sex began did from this summer.
It is time that you made ​​in cliff stayed at inn and also serves as a sea bathing.
When I went to see the fireworks and finished the rice evening
\"Let's swim dad\"
\"'ll not wearing a bathing suit,\"
\"Bale I'm not from Jan dark naked good\"
and began to swim soak in the sea at each other naked. Daughter of breast and pubic hair when you are resting in rocks up to the land to swim for about an hour I saw Nayamashiku by moonlight reflected on the eye.
And I have to kiss and grab the breast Intention holding daughter.
I started caressing outstretched hand to genital because it was a daughter who was surprised at the sudden action seemed to go with it without even resist.
I was toying with per clitoris and vagina in the feeling of the fingertip.
Would two fingers is this if penis also enter enters lightly the vagina
daughter was inserted from behind was tell a hand to rock.
And whether smoothly penis was wet at the caress it was now fit to vagina. It feels good meat skin in the vagina is entangled in the penis.
It is attacked by ejaculation feeling several times of out was fired into the sea.
And I went back to inn clean and wash the vagina and penis in seawater.
Then we enjoy a daughter and sex on a daily basis.
The sad Is it good willing become breast becoming common style is also small by now been skinny daughter was fat at say whether ...

Unexpected development

I never felt a woman to my daughter, but the other day I went to a karaoke shop on the way back from shopping and when I was singing together, I was thrilled to see her singing and hugged me and kissed me. I have. The daughter who was surprised at the sudden kiss was Kyoton. After that, I sang and went home until the time came. When I was relaxing in the living room after eating the sushi I bought on my way home, my daughter sat down next to me, "Hey daddy, why did you kiss me?" "I'm sorry because you were so lovely and loved at that time. " Yeah, don't make a mistake. " " Have you ever kissed? " " No, my dad is new to me. " " Yes, can I kiss again ! " " Okay, "Hugging my daughter's shoulder I put my lips on top of each other. It was a long kiss. I just put my lips on top of each other, but I was pretty excited. It was very exciting because I never thought of kissing my real daughter. Naturally cock even erection to have daughter noticed the bulge of the pants "yan is happening is Papaare" "Oh I because you are dear" "I want to see daddy Allen" "How did you to look at," "Papa of roughening "I just want to see it." "Have you ever seen someone else's thing?" "I'm not interested in that." "Yes, I'm a high school girl so I may not have many chances to see it."I lowered the zipper on my pants to expose the gingin's cock. "Wow ~ amazing ♪" "How is it?" "It's different from what I saw when I was taking a bath with my dad." "That's right, at that time I haven't shown you an erection yet." "Well, that's right." "What should I touch ?" " Okay. " "It's okay because you're the one." A girl reaching for a terrifying cock. "Something exciting" cock? When I touched it, "Wow, it looks hot and hard." "Try to hold it tighter." I squeezed it tightly, so when I shouted "It hurts, " "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. " "I'm sorry, but it gets so big." "Slowly rub it up and down ." " What happens when you do this?" "It feels really good." "Hmm, what happens?" "Ejaculate at the end ." I I I " " Oh, learned in Jugyo you know it. " " How did you learn " " that I heard out when processing male libido on their own, " " I'm also a girl not only a man. " "I've heard of it." "It's the first time I've talked to you like this.""Well, I've never talked about this." "That 's how you grew up." "What's happening with your dad since he broke up with his mother?" "Why?" "Daddy is still young, so sexual desire "There will be." "That's right, but I just put up with it." "Don't you handle it yourself?" " Don't ask me anything hard, I 'm not masturbating at this age. " "No!" "No difference" " Would you like me to put it out ?" "Do you know how to put it out?" "Tell me because I don't know." " Okay, but I 'll do this. "Yeah." " Something is dry ." " Will you hold it in your mouth and get it wet?" "Eh! Lick it!" "I don't like it." " If you've done this, you'll have to do it to the end." I can't help it. "My daughter snapped. The semen that had accumulated in the feeling of being held by my daughter and the feeling of being held in the heavens ascending to heaven became so, and I fired it the moment I shouted, "I'm about to get daddy." I was still holding it in my mouth, so in my mouth ... It was because a large amount of semen came out in my mouth, so the surprised daughter was wondering what to do with her eyes swaying and her mouth open. .."Swallow as it is" Shake his face from side to side and say it's impossible. I hold the semen that seems to overflow from my mouth with my hand. I was also sorry and handed over Tish. Of course, the cock is still out. I spit out the semen in my mouth "What? This is sperm! Mazu ~" "Is it so bad?" "Yeah it is bad ~" "I don't care, please wipe my dad's cock" "I'm sorry" This time my daughter I wanted to put it in. In the near future ♪

Virgin of 6th grade daughter

I live with my 6th grade daughter. On Sunday afternoon, my daughter said, "Hey, dad, I bought a bra. " "Bra?" "Yeah, bra." "What 's wrong ? " "It's small and tight now." "How tight is it?" Then I took off my jacket and showed my bra. It was. Certainly it seemed cramped and was biting into my skin. "You'll grow bigger and your breasts will grow as much, so even if you buy it," give 10,000 yen and "buy what you like." "I'm glad I 'll go right away." For shopping with a big smile. went. And in the evening, my daughter came home with a humming song, "I bought my dad ♪" "Yes, I'm going to take a dad's bath, but if you can wear new underwear, will you go with me?" "Yeah ... with my dad It's been a while since I've been together. " Yes, I haven't been together since I was in the third grade. When I saw the body of my daughter who was taking off at the dressing room, her chest and bulging hair grew and she was already close to an adult. "You grew up without even knowing it ~" "What's that! I watch it every day" "That's true " " I'm going to enter" and entered the bathroom. I also went into the bathroom to follow suit. When I looked at my back while taking a shower, I saw a cute butt in my eyes and patted my butt unintentionally. "Cha! Already dad's lewdness""Sorry, I'm sorry" At this point, the dick had a full erection. " That ~ Dad is awake, nasty ~" "Because you are nice" "Hmm, already ~" and showered the erect dick. "What I hardness likely" "paddle to the touch," "Yeah," fearfully the grip penis "amazing! Tick Ya," "the first time Kaichin po touched the" "Of course I, I enter the such large" "Why I enter I think so. " " Because I learned at school, what I did to make Akachan. " " Yeah, do I learn that? " " Yeah, just take the boys out and just the girls . " " Hmm . " "Oh, " "I'll wash it, thank you for buying the bra," and started washing with soap from my back. After finishing my back, I wash my chest and arms from behind, but I can see that my daughter's breast is on my back. You can feel the soft nipples changing hard. Sometimes I pressed my chest against my back. Especially when washing the dick. After my washing, it's my daughter's turn, "This time my dad will wash it." "Yeah, thank you."I start washing from the front. Wash your neck, chest, and chest slowly and carefully over time. A daughter who seems to feel comfortable when she washes her chest as if lifting from below. When I picked up my nipple, I said "Ann!" "Does this feel good?" And when I rolled it with my fingertips, "Yeah, it feels really good." I got a little tired of my chest, so I went to touch the omeco. When I opened the standing sujiomeko, splendid meat folds appeared and the beans were also splendid. When you stroke the beans with your palm, it reacts with Picun. "Does it feel good here?" "Yeah, it feels good." The patience juice comes out from the tip of the dick. Up to this point, my father and daughter can play with me, but I'm driven by the mirror I want to put in. "I want to put a dick in you." "Can you make a red chan?" " I don't want it, but can I put it in? " It's okay if my dad wants to put it in. " " It hurts a little, but can you put up with it? " " Yeah, I'll do my best. "Let it lie down in the washroom, spread your legs wide, and push the dick of patience juice into the hole. My dick isn't very big, but it still hurts. "Dad, it hurts after all." "It's a little more patience." I inserted it all at once. "It hurts" "I 've got everything already" "Don't move" "Oh, let's kiss"Kiss with my daughter for the first time, pry open her closed lips and screw her tongue. Of course, don't forget to massage your breasts. Kissing, rubbing the breast, and finally fingering the chestnut will tighten the dick inside. I started the piston slowly. The dick was tightened in the narrow vagina and I almost died as soon as possible. It rubbed by hand remove the penis in a hurry "I have seen since leaving" for a share vigorously popping semen from the penis. "Is this the one who can make red chan?" "Yes." "What is this red?" "This is a sign of your virginity." " Hmm." " Do you want to do it anymore?" "Yeah, it hurts. But if my dad wants to do it, " " Yeah , let 's sleep together from tonight. " " Yeah. "

Narcissism of daughter

Small 6 daughter I was sleeping in the house to leave early the company yesterday is coming back from school, I have to do something while saying to himself at whether the next room I thought it was out. \"Oh, yea,\" \"embarrassing\" or if you strangely peep because play was strange soliloquy that was bought, the breast Once started bulge naked only wife of sexy lingerie (guy almost like even bite before only with a string) hiding in hand stood in front of the full-length mirror. It seems to imagine yourself being allowed to apparently forcibly odious figure from man to hear the monologue. While which stroked the nipple with your fingertips on your own \"No, not bully the tits of Rina,\" he said he Toka. Apparently it seems I had seen that was to his wife the day before. I've finished sat by rough breath just mucking nipples when I look into for a while. It does not seem to remember you still mucking genitals. Daughter was thought not so similar to the wife, but peeps was figure was similar in surprisingly atmosphere to his wife.

Basin field dressing room

I and so is slow coming back up from the bath has a previous toothpaste sleeping daughter always twenty years old. We will be standing with my daughter in front of a large mirror and naked on the Dell to dressing room. Dosuguroi penis is semi-standing state as usual. Daughter is like watching a flickering while the toothpaste the其.
I want to so I slowly show off a half-Standing of the penis while or take a towel and turned to the side from the side. So as not to wait for my penis and then convulsions and scared to face on.
Daughter I have to pretend not to notice. Wipe the head with a towel and facing before its remains. Penis of strange state is a close-up in the mirror.
You can dry the head or shaved the beard, it also comes at a naked or a toothpaste.
We are going to spend the odd time with his daughter about during 10 minutes.
Daughter of the state that is reflected by two people in a mirror in the state stood to Pimpin has the guise of calm, but it should not be ordinary.
It makes the toothpaste coming in a daughter from even after when the time is shifted.
Dosuguroi penis in response as soon as my daughter come in will lift the gooseneck. It I'll do from now on Mottomotto showing off.

At the hands of daughter

yuna himekawa[5018]
Conversation seems You lived with the daughter of a high 3 conversation had spent every day you have a detached without. Such for we have completely changed it is when I was wandering the life and death caused a traffic accident during work, it seemed to hear the wailing of the daughter voice in a dream.
\"Do not die dad\" and
was completed without dying somehow there is also its worth, but now while hospitalization life What with fracture Yara bruise.
The conversation daughter coming to visit there was no it was not me talking like a lie every day. 3 months after discharge hospitalization day has come.
Crutch is walking in, but had been thrilled to be pleased to that go home to my home after a long time.
While it go home for three days was only had wiped the only body until now and to consult a daughter will want to go into a hot bath
and told me that \"since it somehow if you want to enter a good yo dad\".
You me undress took to the dressing room I was preparing for the bath.
Underwear was also a little disappointing to me you, but other than a calm daughter of all Nugashi naked (it would've been expecting what)
me to the tub and dipped one end daughter went out of the bathroom.
Then Genra-ware was daughter was wearing a school swimsuit (I wonder I was what I expect)
\"Do you Arao dad body?\"
\"Oh sorry Na\"
and sat from the bath and help of daughter in washing place It was.
I began to wash paint the soap sponge.
Wash the chest and legs from the back
it says \"here also?\" Tochinpo the and in the eyes.
I was Unto nodded.
My daughter began to wash gently with a sponge to lift from the bottom cock.
And I have an erection as I think has been touched on much of the comfortably and daughter.
The \"Thats came What the? father suddenness, are you staying?\"
\"etc., why?\"
\"I also'm a high school student, gonna have also learned something men's sexual desire,\"
\"their, so do\"
to put out the Tara \"good in my or I'll? \"
\"its, or spits out I see?\"
next to the next
to \"good is\"

Handjob daughter

Even junior high school one year daughter and now I'm taking a bath together.
My wife has a job where there is a night shift.
I knew that the daughter began interested in sex is masturbation.
Last night, my wife the night shift. The first time I was kept alive by hand-job in the bathroom.
I was surprised in a large amount of semen. If you'll make a cunnilingus in return, it seems daughter also said while trembling body.
Wife of the night shift is not wait.

I do not want to Mencius daughter

My daughter is the always hate to do. Less but a period of time you are Jussi. Even you do not go to but there likely go, I do not want to hurt then. The good feelings are Sawa in the penis. But it is not put yet. It has put finger while sleeping recently, likely to enter two from one finger. To try while you are kneaded Once seemed not want to do this time.