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Incest confession of women(2007-01)

I 六十路 aunt.

yuna himekawa[3693]
But feel young and I do. In fact, talking and listening to your 居Masu your "disgraceful" and I can speak it, and it becomes a little easier feeling,,, I currently live in the forties and two sons that is, caught in an accident his son a few months ago, I took the liberty of the body. Moreover, even with a cheating wife, a settlement out of the house out to make divorce a man out without permission,, but my son is working hard to rehab every day.
From here, but ashamed to speak, as will my son do a whole lot energy are there? I like staying with my right arm to masturbate every day, in the trash basket, so we left with plenty of semen and spit son aunt even know how much, say it is the sperm is also the son, knowing the figure that Denarimasen poor. And told his son late last year there, in soap land is (business) also asked the people in the speaking and take the reign and accepted, the results also wooed the female body it likes accepted are, and I My son thought a while, issued a decision. I also ask a woman friend and stopped in the neighborhood because it stands a strange rumor. Their own role, I decided to say handle.
I already have, and was one of the reasons for not having periods, while others have 挟Me, worry about leaking a secret, because there is also a matter of first reign, and if 済Mu myself, my son provided the body. Since that day, 3.4 times a week, who parted from his son hanging a voice, and recently, also sometimes ask me. But years later, what can?

Now with my boyfriend

Brother and eventually will continue to do every day, ☆ Ya is still made me have a boyfriend
We write the story of the same class with her boyfriend.

I could have a boyfriend I'm about two months earlier.
I was alone after school, waiting to board in the classroom, so a friend of my favorite people (N you) accidentally came into the classroom.
To have sex in the classroom and talk with people you 2 N "I like things Omae. Why go out?" Hugging and I was told. N I love you, because it was an immediate OK!
N Then you, my heart came to kiss and touch your dick getting "I! There!" Has come out and voice.
I was extremely excited to have their N from Lightning lick your dick! He was discharged to the inside of my mouth erotic aloud, and swallowed.

He said: "We back!" I've said dick licking.
To really feel, "Oh! I'll'll b!" Has put his array To say suddenly.

"I had there! Hmm"
His "feel good? Nuke"
I "Have you the best. Go!"
His "I'm no good yet."
And, to say the piston speed, ☆ Lee Tsu had tea for two

Then, he "did not'll first Asuka?" Lightning has been asked "It was the first time? 痛Kunakatta much I can!" Could somehow excuse and say (sweat)
Yaru from my house and it is ♪ Ya me on a daily basis at home boyfriend, do not really Yarimasen are likely to Idi Me Later brother. ♪ Ne fun and I hope it also
Allows you to write and The ☆ ★ ~ (^ 0 ^)

16-year-old son is "man" and I.

Looking at this story, but it is a lot of mothers and two people I live.
After all, a man and his son is, however, something I would not do what his father would shift.
Two sons and I are living alone. I was lonely, that'd get my son into bed Well, I've noticed that little boy come together and hardened his son at night. Chest and hands gently over there, and with Crispy.
And did fumble, something or go toilet,,,.
Naughty little heart out, gave in his hand stretched out by hand Tsutsun.
I want excitement in Slut.
Grasp the penis backwards son, my son is over there's the rub for me.
My son was fastened to taste my penis by holding it almost every day.
And when there are oriented son here, Slide hand went into my pajamas.
At your fingertips from the clitoris vagina is played, the electricity was not run.
Dick rice holds the power to get my son thought I should not let the ejaculation.
Gradually I, went to his son what holds Nibuku movement. Finger at the mercy of his son, no good! I was getting them to stop Innovation.
Then one Saturday, I was working this morning, I was lying.
What was three o'clock, under the jerseys with his son came home from the club is taking off, I had been tampered.
Another son had surgery to put Kuruwa to see me.
The motionless body as escape, I gave up already.
I figure I installed on my son, I've seen.
Without eating dinner, is played until late at night, many times I suck dick Emashita son mercy.
At that time, someone put a vagina, but not allow it,,,


I envy you. I also was molested at the preschool brother, still in the vagina is 疼Kimasu strange feeling at that time. Indeed, the story is surprised that I did it. The first time ... Stories, Ikimashita while reading.

My discourse incest

Yuri Kaoru is a 17-year-old high school student! Yuri Kaoru's mother is trying to work the people who live alone and Home Care of Elderly.
One day my mother on urgent business, "pocket money from the lively, absolutely" been asked to, instead of being Tanoma want to go home 71-year-old grandfather's house is Yuri Kaori Ueda, Yuri Kaoru also The purpose allowance, there were no plans for a simple, simply because it was said to house, it's assumed.
So I was getting into contact with the house Ueda mother beforehand to bother you, like cleaning, then, the old man, "but young, and help your mother, hey I'm impressed ~. Grandpa young Bye Surun love to talk to people.'m glad they'll be her partner Yuki Kaori Satoshi while. "
From say, "That much, yo I ^ ^" and for a while, I had something to talk about school, grandpa Ttara Unexpected "is another eagle, short 生I先. 申Shi訳無I indeed The Bye, I'll see what will ruin the young man gift of the land of the dead body. "and I say with sadness, Yuri Kaoru, I was kind of getting poor," Yeah! Yo nice. so ashamed, but, grandpa, you will be happy doing. But just looking Ne! "and the bra, just turned her panties, Show them in or.

Then-chan "Yuki Kaori Satoshi its also pretty breasts, but I'll want to see." To say, I was ashamed, and also gave off bra to show up.
"Oh ~ ~! Well breasts brilliant! High school girls these days ah So what do the growth ~!" He said to me and be happy really that "The Suma, lie down here a little, I want to see Yoku is then. "from say, Yuri Kaori, gave lie to show.

Then the old man now Ttara chan "Yuki Kaori Satoshi, ah Can you touch a little bit, so I ~?" Hey.
Yuri Kaoru also from Anmari happy grandpa, huh ~ ... a little Iitsu. I thought, OK instead of the eyes closed. "Oh ~ ~ Arigatai! Arigatai!" Hey, grandpa, a little rough in the hands of Shiwakucha, D-cup boobs of Yuri Kaoru, to massaging, I was timid at first, gradually and boldly, You can also click Clear nipple pick Dari. Buy Yuri Kaoru Somehow, I was gradually becoming more comfortably with the eyes closed just feel that I hate.

I feel for Nurutsu Then, opening the eyes, the old man, the tongue, put out to Namename nipples, "Grandpa! Yeah ~ ~ useless body" I told you not to feel good the move.
Yuri Kaoru got tits are the remains of the old man, Rerorero Chupachupa chestnut chestnut.
Yuri Kaoru, I was naturally out without knowing voice, "Ah ~ ~ * ... Oh, Oh, Oh." Hey.

Grandpa, "Kaoru Satoshi Yuki-chan, a reward, I feel good ~ ~ I gotta get up ···." I, in turn, put his hands came in panties," There is absolutely No way ~ Grandpa "Hey, because I understand that I'm supposed to wet myself wet, I Kashiku shame.
But "W it! You'll take her out so much juice Kaoru Satoshi Yuki" from feeling old man was ashamed and it is said, I feel I got more -.
Been lowered panties, pussy, Kuchukuchu pat pat. Then open your legs are, Grandpa's head is in the Yuri Kaoru Omata. Tama Yuri Kaoru got up from the lovely goodie bags are also Rerorero been peeled chestnut Pachupa Chu Chang Rerorero "Ah ~ ~ ~ hmm? Ah ~ ~ I" I really got to give a loud voice.

Grandpa's face, I'm pushing her pussy jerk without knowing it.
"More, more, I'll feel okay! Loud Well lovely voice! See panting like crazy!" Well, very happy! !
Grandpa also to take off all clothes Jatsu, Sri Sri their bodies to the body of Yuri Kaoru. Unexpected grandpa asked me "Oh ~ ~ ~ ~! Of Mine! And well, and your Johnson Yotta Mine! Ah ~ ~ How many years? From Ho Tsu chan Yuki Kaori Satoshi, late to watch!"
Wait, are you really grow tea.

Yuri Kaoru, really wanted to have tea sore, "Oh ~ ~ my grandpa made no patience ... Yuri Kaoru! Ah want a penis grandpa ~ ~!" Well, now no, I have to Onedari Yuri Kaoru!
"Yuki Kaori Osamu Yoshi Yoshi-chan, looks for someone I put Kaoru Satoshi Yuki Chan, looks slimy pussy I put ~ ~!" Hey, Zukozuko, only the sound Kuchukuchu Nasty slimy room During resounds.
"Ah Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ I! Grandpa! Yuri Kaoru, feel good ~ ~! Ah ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I Tsu!", And got really crazy pants!

Grandpa too, "Oh ... ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I'm good ... I like that, or her freedom for years Kaoru Satoshi! O Oh ~ ~ I ~ ~ ~ * awesome ... "Hey.
It also, without telling her mother, grandpa house, well done ~ ~ The play? !
And two, have you got to feel it!
Recently, "Tanaka's grandpa, I'm really feel alive." Hey, Mom! !
Well. It is a pleasant tree Mi Hee, just between the two? ! ! ^ ^
~ ~ ~ A Yuri Kaoru did! !

Son as a toy

Son received training, and are fascinated Mieko.
I do, unlike the previous guy I thought only a soft place to mess with a man body, totally fascinated by a violent son.
My son told me from the front of lust, it too is not answered.
But like shameful, and I did not think such a woman.
Before parting with a man I knew tide soon, I'm crazy to blame for his son.
My son shamed me continuously, I focus on the wisdom 悦Ba You Tose.
Tore my days off work three days absent son bytes.
I think I thought something did not listen.
Next morning to finish a meal, ready Shiro said. Repeat the enema shower is heated at Gurisenrin was injected limp, but want them to see for my son peeing.
"You're OK again." "Soon,, oh the stet want."
着替Ero said begging me to endure again.
Black leather skirt and top was a fleece jumper next to the skin. Even though lingerie is no longer just in length.
There was an hour convenience store and driving a car.
You Oriru example, is played over there, I have a little jet. Still hanging in the thigh to the store.
to register if the k-cage heater or gum.
Two high school students like the young clerk,,,.
While I bought a shame.
You bet I was bitter for two.
After a while driving a country road, and left the beach.
They have five boys on the rocks around the junior high school,
Was fishing.
I was being led out in front of waiting, my son catch on? Or spoke.
I look at me talking and whispering.
Proportion to the boys came towards me.
Navigate to the streets, I became the shadow, the son brought the Folding leisure car seat, open your legs let me sleep. Let the boys wearing a condom fingers, "like this"
I taught how to fuck ass and vagina and two fingers.
Kio Hiraku Furisujanpa before, as well mess with nipple; said.
Bend the knees are holding two people, was expanded to Me full leg. "More, on far Tsukkon," "rub out there,"
While reflecting on his son directed the video.
I speak for 30 minutes, I continued Iki, from there, Ass, I was crying while spewing liquid from embarrassing pee hole.
My son said to thank the children and put the car but, I still continued to peak did not stop the tears and shock.
Stopped the car on a deserted street, her son while playing with anal screwing penis clitoris has deep discharge Cum.
Put one leg and was in the car, I took the ass Cum dripping.
"I first shot yet. 15 times in four days Yannaku I've got this drive." He said.

From me

There is reason, I kept my son when deposited in the family home since birth.
After all, I would less conscious mother.
Become a college student, living close together, but more convenient to live in my apartment I was reluctant.
The son feel like a young lover, I also enjoy drinking together, but minutes were ever feel lonely, I thought I 償Itai.
Well, I'd drink and stay. Jau I had rather drink it with my son safe.
They again returned to the apartment drinking was confessing to his son. "Living with updating to Tiger, you'll never committed one day." Hey. Yeah yeah? U thought I though, "good guy" and I.
Then I had a strange sense, I felt rather strange to me. Really think, got hot body.
Drinking "also, thank you ^." Hey.
"Really?" "Yes." Was signed that night.
Now, I hope you'll forgive so I screwed up is played continuously. My son continued to vigorously upheld.

I will deal with how to do?

We are from two and a half years ago, but two parents who stay home to parents, I was in there like Yara son how to bullying in the class before the end of the preceding two years ago Shiwasu, classmates and Listen come home now upperclassmen frequently, while dark and finally directly, but one senior, I came to get me out! The son threatened to make, say anything and eventually I had to have one of the rape, all committed in quick succession is 仕舞Imashita. Moreover, even the instruction to his son and Tsu 遣Re me! !断Rezu son, and my connection went to the end. And we parents are now hurriedly moved to other places, we lived with my son and daughter. My daughter made no to a child they raped me, because after that there was a physiological fact, since then, have a relationship with my son was safe after a period, I could immediately was a child.

Is frustrating,,,

"Here we go!" I was naked and my son has picked the car push.
My son was dressed down, the car they Norikomimashita sandals. "Oh, I'm going to do rice?" "In combination" will buy something. "It was supposed to be the son to family restaurant.
But from there to about the knee is slightly down Ue son,,,.
Are seen quite crowded in the store after all.
Longer enough to vaguely embarrassed.
Is played out in the passenger seat to at last, I Want to Cum quickly ,,,,.
But in the shower and into the hotel Sosoki, absent-minded son of martial arts to watch television.
I was in agony grasping fingers rummage son perfunctory movement.
I would stop it loud.
Is driving me crazy frustrating nearly two hours.
向Ki直Ri son finally "Really, I wish all Yosuke."
Saying that we put.
Finally, to lay down any sudden "Noreyo on."
I sat across 下Roshimashita.
My son is in his hand pillow "will Ugoka back." And.
I kept turning round and round and Iki to pinch her nipples and shake their own hips.
The more miserable tears, I feel very well.

My discourse incest

H quite like my dad. H mom and dad father in the hospital because my sister is a recent mother and I can not I H.

Once my father suddenly came in to bed and I sleep just yesterday, "Aoi, H Why do not you?" I had been told not to answer.
"Dad came to the room," I said to my father first entered the room.

Or due to open in obstetrics and gynecology examination table leg, and black ropes, handcuffs and there.
"Lying naked on the examination table to" Dad brought a variety of tools are said to sleep becomes unbearably naked.
Examination table with legs opened suddenly move.
"Hana Mamoru breasts became huge, with your hairy pussy as well," and I was told.

"I'm gonna shave your pussy hair dad Aoi prevent everyone laughed," I have been told shave.
Then came looms Dari and breast massages, and H in the bed and took pictures and spent a long night for the video and take.

Son and site-based Deai

Tiyo beauty is a 45-year-old housewife.
60-year-old husband and family who runs a trading company, 20 years old and 16 year old son.
Night life as husband and married for five years once a week, then monthly for five years,
This is the state for 10 years with diabetes, so my husband sex.
Still, I was a younger son's elementary school under the
I feel it was slipped something was hanging hands.
My husband is a certified past five years, the young man in its mouth from time to time today for example.
Two years from the comfort of this place was a convenient things I have Deai phone system site.

It was last October.
Find a partner in a love hotel 落Chi合Imashita Deai based mobile sites as always.
I entered the room a little earlier were waiting for a hot shower in the nude.
The eyes are suited as 抱Kitsukou came against.
"Akira!" 凍Ritsukimashita shouting. It was the son of college! !

Talked to my son into the room anyway.
Male students are not around her little son, and have experience in sex.
But my son could not even hang with a girl voice, and women have not experienced yet.
I tried to find a partner and site-based mobile Deai it.
"Honey, was still a virgin!" So, my son is still facing down "Yes" to.
Looking beyond the bushes Yes my son, was bursting crotch jeans.
I let my son take off your jeans.
Pants were out of the dilation of the glans of her son.
"Oh!" The penis of over 20 cm in front of my pants down and think!

The reason I popped fly, my son was Mushaburitsui penis.
His son cock with a lot of ejaculation just rubbed the back of the throat several times.
Glued to the back of the throat, very immature sperm Pedro Pedro.呑Mi込Mimashita something.
But the penis is the son of heaven was to hit the dilation yet!
Son lying on his back on the bed, I stood on the penis of his son while his son semen dripping from her mouth. I went to sit down and slowly.
Have raised the creaking of my vagina was too loose a baby together.
Felt that his son's penis comes in all this wall until you do.
And when I press the uterine crushed glans son, "I'll grind ~" was 仰Ke反Tsu this.
But I vaguely remember that the target then.
Faintly recall the past is now under pressure from intense screaming from under his son.

Next thing you know, my son and I slept side by side on the bed.
This feeling did 30 years after burning intercourse.
On a large sheet of thick semen and leaking.
I told my son, "put after" I was like a little girl and begging.
I was screaming like crazy son become a female dog.
I felt a moment of ejaculation inside vagina and third, we were fainting 仰Ke反Ra back.

I had not noticed the familiar 有Tta penis.
My son is now confident girlfriend,
Complaining to me and I will be happy and everyone's sex pain emergency.
In order to eliminate the frustration of a son that is acceptable to me every other day.
And now I have mixed with the second son is planning to 2P.
We expect big cock to satisfy me I'm sure my son too.

Son incest

Due to divorce cheating husband eight years ago, and two sons came in pretty hard.
My son is 12 years old this year. Elementary school six years now.
Well done studying straightforward personality is impeccable child.
One day his son
"Mom, there are things I'd like to know," is said,
"What?" So,
"When you move a very pleasant tinkle from a friend yesterday, I heard a really?"
When I heard it, now my head went blank for a moment.
"Eh, eh" and a loss for words, the son continued,
"But I say masturbation. And I have the skin of the penis move, I get a white liquid. You did say the sperm that?"
"See, but yes, why?"
"Chan cut, because I'm doing every day. I know it feels great. Yes, but first had to do with mother."
Chang said the cut was one of the best friends son is living with the mother and two of his house.
"U along! Tatte mother got to do?"
"Yeah, I said, Chang cut"
"All right. I asked my mother"
Having said that, I asked to call immediately.
"You're right, Keiko. 走Ttara troubled after that with a strange direction I look. I did tell us that one. You can then not worry. I also give him Keiko?"
"But it was something very touching her son's penis so. You embarrassed."
"No, it's okay. I'll do I become a teacher of sex education."
"So I wonder?"
And the end of the phone say things, my son got to go to cram school.
All things considered Hazama Sono
Before 8:00 pm, my son came home.
"Well, you get into a bath together tonight ?"··· said that one.
In my mind all the other appointments are made.
"Yeah, fine. It has been a long time. But why?"
"Yeah? Lunch I was saying, I thought to tell her"
The other is the state of my heart tapir tapir. I'm wondering mother.
"Well, I'll go ahead." I say go to the bathroom.
After the fall is not possible anymore.
Went into the bathroom to take off your clothes to his mind.
"Come, Come out.'m Sex from them now."
Then my son stood up to hide your penis without, came out in front of me.
Son's penis and groin children hardly seem large enough
Skin grows over the firm still has more pubic hair while also suffered
But the eyes of a child being poured into my naked, he did not look like anything.
"Then, sitting in this chair"
"Say something embarrassing.'s Seen his mother naked," my son smile and sit down.
Body shampoo body wash do first, to pick up lather
Son penis slowly.
Erection for the more slowly and gently wash and feeling a shock.
"Oh venerable penis never" feeling in mind,
Shigoi that flipping through the skin, "Mom, something weird is under the belly"
Ah, ik soon, I'm going up on the balls firm to the touch and feel.
"Oh something strange, strange" and said
The yellow crazy body charged with the sperm came out.
And all my heart
"I came this? This is it masturbation. Know how?"
"... It hurts a little. Are you all right?"
"All men are doing. I feel more and more will be doing many times. Look, look, where the breasts of the mother. It is this sperm."
I hung penis with hot water and saying, also began Muku Muku erection.
"Jeez, I came to grow again. Try it yourself this time. I'll see my mother."
"Yeah, I'll try" So, I started holding myself Shigoki.
Was not possible to endure in my slippery dick had already seen it.
"Well, masturbation is also a good mother? Try it here watching the mother."
No sooner said than, and was moving the other fingers.
"My son's penis, I comforted myself masturbating while watching it"
I was just so I knew I would cum. That time
"Mom, Serve, Serve"
"Out, to put it all out!"
Wow look at my son's sperm and cried, took to collect the semen in the palm face full of sperm, but we also put a lot of this now
Oh to bad mouth eating sperm spontaneously Copyright son
"Mother, mother There'll be ik ~ ~ bad," I forgot to say great screaming in the bathroom.
The other is the white head, I was ready to faint.
Son as if nothing wrong, I quickly went out.
I'm just numb penis rest in front of a fine son.
At that moment imagine Tondemo無I
Want to be caught in that venerable 思Ikkiri son's penis
How do I get nailed for this desire
I am not confident.

First sex partner and brother

I am now one year ago I ☆ junior brother's first love and I have a H! ! !

Parents at home they could not go shopping with my brother Just two people!
I pushed down on the bed with my older brother came in and suddenly you are studying in his room and has a nipple lick off your clothes!

I said, "Your brother? Stop it! What happened suddenly?" And said "I liked the previous OMAE!" He said, came off your pants .
My brother also liked it but did not resist.

Since I have been cleared to take them lick her pussy towards his face became so pleasant, "Oh! Your brother!" I was panting and my brother, "I, can not take it anymore Can I put in? "I've heard" Enter! "said Lightning.
Then my brother has put a big! The first time since I hurt, "her brother! It hurts!" It would feel good to say it immediately, ☆ Lee Tsu had tea for two

My worst

yuna himekawa[3637]
Last night I woke up at around midnight two.
I got off one floor and go to the toilet to pee.
泣声's mother heard from my father's bedroom.
I turned the doorknob slowly.
Wow, the body of the mother is not bound by ropes, Omar was sitting on a newspaper and a plastic sheet while being blindfolded.
Its body is trembling mother out there ~ ~. I heard the sound in my ear] filth out violently in the Omar said.
He was then wiped out part of the father by the hand ass mother, father lotion with the same thing when attached to my ass the other day, my mother stabbed from behind.
It was like a mother was suffering agony.
[Hurts] at first disgusting I started to wet my panties was more, see the series of words such as yours! Okay. Poking all the way up. And] feels.
It was like my father was moving my hips wildly over time.
To see that the end had come too limited.
Now I use a toilet floor, from Bareru thing happened to my parents, close the door knob to slowly climb the stairs on tiptoe.
Go back to my room, take off your panties wet pee slowly toward the roof of the veranda.
"Pichapichapicha" I let the sound and the time to two minutes.
Pee from the veranda was a little embarrassed at first.
But looking at how anyone went to bed, but just looked around to wear panties and I shut the windows and no balcony.
The first floor and I still care about
Imperceptibly, had Onatsu.

When the mother was out this morning to work anymore.
Was eating breakfast my father alone.
[I will see him last night he would look into. Eagle already know everything. ]
Will say, your finger on the secret of my panties to put his hands blocking the opening in the coming towards me
I soon move to the dirty hands, sitting away, away to bed, and began turning my tongue lick the secret of my father.
A smell of princes [Today] Yonben to Omeko saying
I want to put [as usual? ] I said to the old man motioned with his hands on his head turning.
The hard thing is implanted in the body.
Eventually became a pleasure as always, my father in me exhausted.
Wiping the sperm from the father came out in secret panties and went to school to eat breakfast.

In classes that had been done in secret donations of abortion Mayu China.
I could not because there is no money donations.
Recess, said China wanted to Mayu had pregnancy test.
After school, at home pregnancy test with Mayu China.
Blu-ray came out a minute later.
What is China Mayu [Who, right? I could not answer that] he asked.
But it was just tears.
Mayu left the house of China.
Now my room has two floors of the house, my parents did not come back yet.
In my stomach while also posting what I think of the new life growing body Sukusuku, anything entering the body.

Ah, now my parents came back.


My cousin is on the Ikko, ♪ pretty good guy in a really good friend she never devoted
I wonder I was sleeping on the futon together when they're on good terms with all the Futsu. I do nothing at all.
What I, if I sleep in a bed two people lying on the Ikko other day, I was going to 寒Kutsu, I supposed to sleep together in the proper direction at all times apart from some slept I did not think anything, tried hard to love one another banner, turns out I love to kiss each other, put out my cousin's lips touch

Kano Hana really kiss me? But I think, absolutely impossible to believe that she did do alright as it is felt to be more friendly to the touch.

Then gradually coming closer look
First French Kiss kind.
I got lost once in a while longer to be sure to kiss I wanted to, I waited, without coming to Tsubutsu.
Of us came in tongues entwined Then gently. It was the highest ever in Hontto! ! !
... Like I'm melting kiss me ~ I

To really feel good, I think I want to much, I was aggressive from my tongue Karame, I was about four times to get to and from my French cousin 離Shitara vvv

Then gradually came into the T-shirt in hand, my heart was tossed.
Complex because I had no feeling in my chest too skinny, "and from there I ~" claims about the nipples I told you not to worry.
I got breath was getting rough sex with a kiss I feel, ♪ eventually got to the sex
Rubber also put me fine, but wondering if this would hurt me to the second was a virgin, slowly at first, soon got to the piston Bikunbikun for quite gradually.

Janakattara'll never fall in love my cousin (laugh)
I would not like it ever again, and I kiss ♪ Let but ask

Brother sex with two of

ー'll Yaa home town! ! I'm 12 in 6th grade. Or example, the brother of the two were lost in the first. Yo my brother was pretending to Ppokatta ー Kinpa opened in loud piercing.

Yesterday I returned home with what you finished early Gakkou ー Rachi Yokko chance.
Nde, the house was a friend of my brother and brother.
Tsukatsu Terurashikatta mother went out for shopping with my brother. And then, friends of my brother comes back, I somehow got home.
And then, taken to the accompaniment of Lightning Room Unexpected big brother big brother pulled the arm.

As soon as I entered the room also was being sucked tits taking off clothes. From really surprised, I did the first people to escape hard feelings going gradually getting better, getting wet tea also had sexual intercourse.
Then her pussy was fiddling with a pillow.
U can, what you feel to that time, I was staged as you like.

Then, move it like crazy to put a finger in her pussy vigorously. Too, from Hageshikatta "‥ ‥ sauce Oh," I made it the voice is so disgusting.
My brother came and listened to it more intensely, I was feeling crazy Seriously.

Do you know that I'm feeling a habit that I feel "? More violently to what yo?" Just like, I was turned nasty.
Or none at all and my brother is not normal, and not even from Hanashikake, I was really nervous.

And clothes off in the middle brother, was put velocity. And then, at Nakade Shisa. Seriously, did however voice 気持Chiyokutsu roll.
Rice may be good but nothing Kuki ー Suggo highest vv vv
When I entered, Temaji mother came back, standing Yabakatsu! !

So Baremashita mother came into the room.
Then came clothing, might be asked why perverted or wrong with about 10 minutes.
And then, my mother, "Do not Tsukunnai children," said she ended up. Another, and my brother and I got two times a week when I'm not bad and perverted Haitsu.

And many times I was my mother Barre.
Dad is like me in the dark vv
Ecchi Death older brother and I love you vv

Children, knowing my son

Akari is a 35 year old.
1-month-old nursing mother. This child is the father of 20-year-old college student.

20 years ago, pregnant at the time of ninth grade, and gave birth to a boy.
College students tutor other relatives. Sono Hazime time was devoted to the virgin pregnancy.
As adopted by the paternal relatives are released immediately after birth, it never failed to entertain.
Parents worry about appearances only understood at the time of the pregnancy leave of absence will bring out the disease in school
I gave birth to live in an apartment run by his father in a neighboring town 有Tta.
However, since it is parents and soured relations,
When you graduate from middle school one year later, to run away from home, came out in Tokyo.
After all, snacks, cabaret, and Thorpe was a typical fall courses.
But my 95 G cup bust, under natural Shaved Moreover fuzz about.
Big Pussy would you like a daughter constantly, around the 20s I was more than five a day for your partner.
Special course most of them. But I never did feel 有Rimasen.

That was last spring.
"Kaoru Rei's, I'm nominating you. Students" professional name of the shop is Kaori Rei.
Say hello, have already been brought to the dilation to take off your pants Gingin.
The 19-year-old student is in college so that Kamigyou.

When the whole body was quivering Hikuhiku frothy, ejaculation was carelessly live Munching moment.
"Oh, maybe still a virgin," and asked, his face red with "Yes" to shout.
Hugging moment that sucked the nipples of my chest for some reason, ran back electricity.
I never did until now, that time I will be live inserted.
10 minutes and violent end to a young, but I match the rhythm.
Turning the hand back hug, shake the hips with the waist with entwined legs
Lovely Voice was raised. "More, more intensely poke Eh ~ Daily!" And.
Eating a lot and he was back in my vagina convulsed violently many times we sit.
Convulsions were let back in that moment of climax, too.
The next day after a mysterious thing, now I feel like faint end of the visitor.

Since then, he came through the shop several times each week.
There is no money in the translation status of university students continues.
I got to the store pretending to be some point money was passed at one's own expense.
And next month, I was living with him.
Toy boy younger than 15 years. Somehow he and away matches is very rhythmic,
Even if no person dealing with customers in the shop every day, wanted to return his body violently.
Excited nipples sucked him, was unconscious inside the vagina to take a violent ejaculation.
Next thing you know, he always was making a breathing Suyasuya face buried in my chest.
And I pregnant with his child. Thorpe quit.

Place three months pregnant, to return them to him when he attended the wedding of a relative.
Which is a commemorative photo and come back when it was, the father figure of the photo.
"What?" I thought. I hear stories of his parents' home became faint.
He adopted his parents house. And ,····
But I do not know, my son asked hard body, she was pregnant.
My son cried all 話Mashita. He was surprised at first too.
But I hold that broke down gently,
"The light is my mother may be unable to marry. No matter with you forever" and.
I want his lips hard, according to him, and had accepted his penis.

Then three months, we asked many times and matched each other's body like crazy every day.
And I left his former leave 置手紙.
"I nurture a child is your birth right. You are married to a decent living in other people" and.
There has been enough savings to live my life to be 15 years of luxury soaps work.
The city gave birth to a daughter in this region. Fortunately, my daughter had no disorders of 有Rimasen.
浸Rimasu the time to include a feeling of happiness in her milk, aching in the groin at the same time, you 滴Rimasu soup.
Now, my daughter sleeping Suyasuya face buried in my chest.
But I could not stand the ache in his groin, and comforted to play around with your fingers.

I keep Iki

But I am also a single mother, when she asked her son, sweet,
Could not be denied.
I regret that there was little, I think so anyhow, I put an Nomerikon.
And I was not that much, but I did not experience sex I ik, is sending the Sekkusuraifu stet leave my son bought many toys.
I have a stiff vibrator son recently.
Would affect the sex video, white goods is very dangerous.
Or when assigned to the clitoris directly, and not far to 痛Kutsu Kanjiru.
However, the lubricant used Innovation null, but I felt numb brain straight.
Video alone, I end up embarrassing the liquid erupted from there. I will b so difficult to breathe.
Even the videos I bought for taking my son to grow,
His only shot of my shame.
Open your mouth in a faint away when I'm at the show wearing only messy back spasms were truly embarrassed about crying.
The recent body changes. Is rubbed into the waist from behind his son went to the local supermarket, got about leaking pee.
Take me on a cell phone there obscene, sending her son a nasty friend.

My brother

My brother is in college. Even though the year was a good place because I was a surrogate mother is the family business restaurant business, but I've been away 11.
I was in Tokyo I'd married, divorced and came back up last spring.
If so annoying to be going home and I live in the city about 40 minutes of temporary work for a company.
My brother was a student I train every day, often staying to come from the apartment where I live so close.
If I like a little mother. It is said that his brother's body burden at worst middle school well. My brother and I continued in high school and college sports very tall, strong body.
Updating to Tiger drinking his brother to stay at that apartment, I got excited about a lot of naughty drunken There is also considerable.
I noticed I was holding onto his brother's knee, is taking off every Pantei jersey was being tampered with fingers.
It was at the mercy of struggling to understand and even wasteful, has been feeling very conscious about flies, but I hate his brother said here.
Apartment because they're the next Kikoe.
I shall not concentrate.
Love hotels have a place in town for about 15 minutes by car.
To drink alcohol, but the Lightning went on tandem bike.
Taking a bath together, and another brother went to pierce my beast.
Ever had sex with a man's penis was a bit prohibitive.
I'd love hyper soup was beyond terrible agony.
Toutokara your day, "her sister's voice still echoes in my head." I received a mail.

Is no walk in underwear,

Farewell to long-dated men, I mean little, I had increased considerably desire.
I found I was leering at me like that.
Bath is going to drink sake with my son, I feel the momentum of what really drunk, sex videos to watch my son borrowed, Lightning really excited.
From the chest, legs, and he is slowly heating up and taking off underwear.
And I remember I had a voice that is as much to lose to Tatte heavy breathing of the video.
I keep getting completely crazy at the mercy of a finger.
The thing I was it was a condom is a shrewd plan.
The next day, even after not help much even if a company, I was disturbed.
The son sought no time to regret it, I got the move on.
My son is not around I have experienced so far, and Sex.
Penis much longer,,,.
The weekday Dameyo Nde I say worn out at work.
I put the car on weekends and go out and around.
盛Ri上Garimasu to have sex and feel pretty in a strange land.
I go out for sex, and I do not think of decent clothes.
The skirt does not go far as well, with very short skirt this year.
What my son bought underwear. It is not working as an underwear.
I reached out and get a car crowded.
At one point, and stopped in front of the restaurant for dinner and was Tora Hagi was Gusshori underwear.
Really excited for. I might look, physically gotten hot to think.
Nde I is amazing that the subsequent disorder, like all such sons underwear is now also have to put me bra. To be walking through the city before the sex.
Hey, I'd get the nipple is stimulated and the skin was really me blouse. Wearing down or even men who are passing strange Kina Ayumi anxious to close the legs staring at my legs look,. I'll get crazy on the street.
The more miserable with tears spilling flaky. But sex is then burned so I'll faint.

Excuse me.

In fact, I am male so the thing itself is a violation of the rules written here, but I know

My partner is a wife, mother, if from me, but a mother, a mother and the end of last year, but it turned into an adult relationship. Her mother was 48, I am 27, my wife is 24 years old. Wife and mother to stay working, there is a form will be living together and tell their mother at home. The father, who passed away three years ago to the already
Exactly, there is a year-end party in the company each, rose also like time to go home × at 2, in order to take the train home, just when you stay towards the station to meet her mother, and there again to drink two people talking been talking about the erotic content, and to speak from my feelings for her mother candid, drunk in momentum, it keeps saying I favor that there is also a stepmother. Mother is very sexy and nice body, you just stay where I met my wife in fact than a stepmother, I guess making a pass at her mother stayed up!

Sorry ~ ~

We have a cousin brother again. But what of the marriage possible? ! Somebody, who is familiar with the law 居Mashitara, please let me know. Thank you.

After bathing with my brother ...

I have three of the younger one is inside. During this, my brother invited, together with the bath after a long time.
My brother and I did not enter but about six years since the morning, gone I'm supposed to look Chiratsu Okkiku is my brother, I was curious, so asked.

Haittara together, still shy, but gradually each other was hiding in your hands, there to see Ikko.
My brother, to become really Okkiku I was surprised. So cute but not grow.

"Can I touch?" Teiu and "Yes," I mean, hurt, really hard to surprise.
If I touch it like crazy, "Ramo Sawa let my sister," I say, "Sure!" Let me give my heart and tossed the D cup so, "I Okkii great!" The younger brother to the first Sawattarashiku was excited.

I was so excited, "Yeah! You Okkii ~!" Or say, "try to breathe!" Just because I had smoked.
I'm always Umore nipples were very surprised yourself out.

Feeling really gone, I was massaging a brother like crazy, "Oh, Oh!" To say, suddenly Pyu ~ ~! ... And I got out.
I was surprised, "Oh stop!" And I cried.

I cleaned the floor of the bathroom in two, his brother turned a tiny, so cute, "Oh I'll wash the" lift, clean and soap, "Hey Why do depending give licks" and say "I yo no," but rather was sucked tea.
My brother was also reluctant, or feel good, "Oh Sister" and it came to Tsukidashi was well again standing tea.
Since I Tamannakatta in sex "and if a sister!" And legs spread out, I had to lick there.

Forget the other siblings called, you are filled with two deep Lightning Sai. Then, two steals in the bath several times a parent's eyes, I like that works ~!

Post a long time.

To take for granted that pleasure every day, women are immersed in happiness.
But that person is my child! !
Nice! Nice! The highest pleasure.
Much we want everyone to know the people.

No bread as before, to volunteer in hospitals bra.
I'm working hard on the reader.
I hope that abused word.

Eros father

I, during his father did. My mother is already dead they are two people I was living with my father.
Father and get along well, about once a month, I was also included in the bath together. I am 15 years old, my father was 39 years old.

That day with my dad was taking a bath. I also have they become E cup breasts, and how excited my father. I, I had a chest rub.

Ah Aun sauce I Uan

I aloud that nasty, rough breath with my father, had a hand rub my chest, come under increased gradually 突Tsu込Mimashita hand into her pussy.

Yeah I Uaa whizzing

I have already had significant leak. My father is pushing me to have to kiss.
Then, turning to lick the neck, chest Shaburitsukimashita. I In the meantime, was rapidly leaking.

I also licked the little boy's father, with intense sex.
It also, and his father, when taking a bath is not necessarily.
Also inside, one was issued


yuna himekawa[3593]
I am 19 years old, is to my brother at the age of 17.
My brother and I in the same room, even sleeping side by side bed when he sleeps.
I do not how to masturbate well, from the morning before the bath, about twice a day before bedtime and turn ~ 3. Not lying down in bed and I was particularly diligent in activities without worrying about the room, even my brother.

My brother has said anything in particular, and trying to act so even if I do not care, and thought he was not aware of each other. Occasional "not concentrate on studying voice" or the phrase I was told.

One day, I would have masturbated before going to bed, my brother started to masturbation. Another thing to suffer was time to act fairly, because it was my brother more frequently recently, I think, it is also a favorite child? I thought.

I Iki (when that act is naked), and you 穿Kou underwear, wait for my brother, and was stopped.
What happened? When asked, the more I pull on her show today Ne.
I was surprised.
I do not move and are confused, painful and just watching and I thought, he said, 被Sari out over me, has been inserted.

Why me? I mean what are you putting in? It is our brother and sister? Now that we have floated a variety of questions, I was immediately after the act is easy to feel, could also put the power to resist.

"Ah ..." I got me Lee. Vaginal contraction, tightening things his brother seems to reached a limit. And ... was issued in.
萎Ezu brother thing at all, is inside of me.
... Which starts from the second and third do not remember.
I was many times what Lee had gone completely blank in the head.

落Chi着Itarashiku his brother will lie in my bed.
I heard this I thought being together.
Lust thing with masturbation but I have before, and now more frequently incur the time and I wanted the thing to realize lust, unable this time I committed myself.
Could not have children did not like the way it seems.
I just do not realize that I was surprised, and somehow cute, with a kiss. Then again Shitarashiku 押Shi倒Sa was also lust. ... Toughness.

Two years passed since then, but her boyfriend to each other, then I almost every day H.
My boyfriend has good fingers, but her brother in the chest 大Kiirashii in H-like siblings for some reason was more pleasant.

Why go together with the same gene among themselves.

Child to learn his father 籠Tsu

Akemi by ~ The 20 year old.
The nine months of pregnancy in pregnant women. Heavy body irresistible.
The college I dropped out in preparation for childbirth. Devoted to child care and.
My dad is the Father!

In love with my father was holding the fourth graders reached the menarche.
恋焦Gare ever since his father, but 言I出Senakutsu up easily.
Dedicated her virginity at the age of 19.

Ask them to bless his father to attend college and drank alcohol a little, too.
When his father is taking a bath and went into swing in the nude for drunk.
And "Dad, I bum Oh they" embraced me with, I was falling asleep as it swings.
Surely, I thought I will do on the spot,
My father is a "guy that helped ~" I said, bringing me to the bed and embraced me.
寝Seta to bed at me, hugging my dad got'll notice.
"The maiden took placed because I love my father. So I took the maiden," I.
My father let go of the body in horror, while staring at my face
"You do was still a virgin! Your virginity is dedicated to the people were like" What.
So, "I love daddy.'re So dedicated to his father virgin" Hey.

The little boy grew bigger an instant, my father standing beside the bed.
But I feel that face to 引Ki攣Tta surprised by its size.
I mean, I never so big ding-dong of a man.
I have never seen a video borrowed from a friend back, to long Yappashi spot, and thick.
Fit in my vagina like this. I do not split up.
My father looked at me like that, "I'm fine.'ll Multiply slowly overnight tonight," I.

Clitoris licked my face buried in his father's crotch.
And embarrassed, I feel like licking the moment I ran back electricity,
When my father and thinking 退Keyou, "I'm fine. To loosen the body" s.
Do not stop or how much time has passed, but then
"Dad, I'll ~ sweet, sweet ~ I'll" Yes, I was crying.
Let us take the legs touched the hand of my father.
It is slimy, "he vagina juice Kuo had" turned.

Slowly came into my father in me.
But I really hurt the moment I heard the hymen is broken,
有Tta momentary pain like a needle piercing a bit. But all.
More importantly, when you enter a full sexual intercourse is my little boy's father,
I feel filled up the hole in my heart something was very happy.
My father just did not work for some time.
When I started moving slowly, I was very aware that I feel good.
Ugh I feel that Kazu was shouting something. Also experienced a sense of climax and say.

They embraced me from the side, next thing you know my father.
"How," asked Nde said, "I really felt good doing it again," I.
After all, did it four times that night. But everything was put outside.
Sex but really felt good, feel something is not met.
So the next day asked the night crying. Come inside. I give birth father a child.
His father was thinking a while, "Do you really? That I'm okay," Hey.
Since that night, my father put me in it.
Moment I felt the back of the vagina to ejaculation father
From there until I ran back electricity to you, I was faint in my mind become pure white.

And I was pregnant with a child's father. I feel that waiting for this moment for nearly 10 years.
We want to take care of the children of the stomach, is five months Temasen sex with him.
I'm making a stain on the panties vagina 疼I daily,
I put up by his father Gokkun sperm every day.
Give birth to a child next month, while dreaming of things to get a full sexual intercourse with his father and little boy.

Recently, light comes out from the nipple of the breast looks like anymore.
My father smoked Chuuchuu F will massage the breast while the cup.
And I'm licking a dick licking your father.
Maybe a child is born, I will drink it and the baby father left breast.
I was getting excited and got writing. I am going to drink again ~ The semen.

My discourse incest

I spoke to her mother in the living room while watching TV after dinner. Mar Hey you, I'll see your beard has grown I've heard their father's image? Questions have been pouring relentlessly to keep quiet and did not know what that means. The statue's face is out? The image's white Yodare came from yet? And has various other questions. Me what that means is that suddenly is silent with embarrassment guess, I face I must submit an extended Kitara's bearded image of your mother. I'm talking with understand Metallic naughty baggage, I'll take down his pants to see if your normal mom said I have to check out Ma!下Roshimashita pants still called from being overwhelmed by fear of shame in the face yelling at me a little bit scary. It's marked down your pants!
I tear came out to show penis mother grew up. It's OK to cry softly and you mark my mother's condition suddenly in tears Suponpon lower body. As I say I do not worry, Mom. And she started checking from the demons and angels. I'm really mark you!
It's your beard has grown a little. However erect penis to touch the ranks of the adults but I hope it's also another bigger picture was still no good head and blushed hard enough away to stick to the stomach but I thought other things . I had hair grows penis when erect 14cm Dearimashita little place.
Mar mother looking at your erect penis, my penis started to peel but true phimosis and I try to show it's face image. "I was ~ I want," I beg you to stop! It is said that the ceremony would take an adult patient mother. Cass was full of white faces come into view about half of my penis to have patience. They seemed adherent to the halfway portion of the goose and a half I 剥Keta. At that time I was stripped to the riot hit Uzukumarimashita flew away too much pain. I'm sorry you Ma! Hold me like she made me well said.
剥Ke around the goose had indeed look like a penis adult penis was too much of a wither in pain and covered in blood and the smell of shame. Mom gave me, including the mouth gently lick my dick and dirty but I'm going to do to clean your mark.
As dirty mother! It's alright Ma 汚Kunai you nothing!
Shimashimashita almost like an erection and painful even to clean out that saying. They become good penis and far different from your mouth and try to remove it as an adult and I hope that you mark up your mouth it feels. Face full of white juice took her mother's face as soon as I thought it was hot, then lower body strength. Sai'm sorry! My mother laughed, "I became an adult," but me and I gently wiped with gauze.
Mother and then (Continued!)

Finally? !

I am pregnant, is revelation! Approximately two months have passed.
The other is the relative youth of 23 years, I have a 36 × 1 year old.
But, 20 years old met at the place I had only met a few times since, I remember him most was the feeling there. We even met at the pub, I met several times fit the story, while staying frank meeting, unawares and to meet any other bar, men and women to become involved, much time is required is 要Ranakatta. But when I went to my relatives in the New Year this year, meeting ran smack into him, and realized that among the relatives who, in his mind now and tell each other what that word too late feeling, occasionally speaking in the mail, then decided to meet commitments, of course, is continuing physical relationship.

The picture will only

When I went to college, I decided to sell the hot stuff in Buruserashoppu quick thinking earn spending money. I had my brother help you in those years I was in high school makes sense when you are sick after the place they photographed it and really naughty.

I wear the uniform, for example, are posing in the back of it feels like, let me take a picture I feel like standing in a place it seems after my brother.
Yes, I did so and a T-back, but the younger brother after I was let stand naked body because it'll be reflected in ^ ^, that the Lightning first saw this when my brother ^ ^ v

I looked like I'm being really look at the picture later. Beginning his brother is "not stupid", but she wanted to Kitarashiku gradually become somewhat interesting, among them "toots, if she got this bad?"
I got quite enthusiastic about getting up or 言I出Shi.
I'm just being realistic in a normal position and put not see properly because of my hair, at that time I had taken my brother from the top to really take off your legs without underwear ー cane.
"Do not look," Do not look at me Muri Yu better posture Well I told you this, I saw my brother is probably one of my dick firmly.

Buruserashoppu went up for sale on a little picture from the built up such a thing to do at least twice.
I was working to put the eye or my brother.
Then the manager was really happy there, "This is a pretty good price I sell"
I never Yu.
I started playing I was going to wear uniforms in high school I grow on active duty. Take off your panties on the spot,
5000 yen I had bought fresh off panties and 5 pictures. But we have some photos Hakikae panties,
I like him if I took off my Post on the spot anyway. Instead, I was being photographed wearing at the time ^ ^;

Eventually got to buy six sets like that, I went back to receive a whopping 30,000 yen.
Nde 300 yen at Ito-Yokado also bought him the panties, I felt something killing me ^ ^ v
My brother gave 10,000 yen to the Galleria.
"Honey, you gave me money Rakkijan manage to choke on my body," I get to say, my brother-chan "Hey, great pictures were about 10,000 more were bought in 5000 yen I get like this, 're going to be? "I Yuuno.
"What more awesome, Do Yuu Yono" I Yuttara,
"What is it with you boobs rubbed from behind, and you feel that you are putting your finger in dick, and this is something I Feller"
What I'm Yu.
"I like that there not? Photos or Gomakashiki" I Yuttara,
"Oh, good. Yarushi were about to do my Son" I never Yu.
"Are not you stupid. Yanannainosa misplaced why is such a thing to me is you" and I Yu, "Come on, But I'm not really have sex," I never Heki suru.

That place also went to another day, I asked the manager to sell any pictures were high,
"Ne I thought, I suddenly have a foul and sell high guy" was told.
"Sugokattajan last picture. I'm glad something is put in place they posture. I had sold it on the same day. Right then, how Feller. Of the popular"
"I really got to take more of that and I asked my boyfriend," I Yuuno.
The picture even Yarase Barenakatta is contrived and I hope my brother

As my brother was saying. That guy, I wonder what I did in high school to the habit? ^
Why do not you tell from my brother back "Oh, right, that so I Yu 撮Rou of" What I really keen.
"Well, Once in the bathroom and coming from," I went back to my room I slowly.

And rises out of the bath room I have, my brother came.
"Oh, toots, you seem like a sexy ho hair is wet? It around behind me"
Come up slowly behind me without permission I have to touch the chest from the top T-shirt.
"Screw you, what are you doing it." Stop and I'm saying that my brother let go of your hand
My brother has a hand grabs my breasts from the bottom, the moment "Huh?" I felt so big and strong I think. What I felt your body involuntarily and Vic.
"Toots, ー're a rehearsal is still felt s bad tea," My brother was laughing.
"The Well, I like this?" My brother has put his left hand touching the chest with my right hand 内Momo right.
"First, while wearing clothes, feeling?" Said his brother away from it with a digital camera set.
Set a timer and Pasha posing in a hurry to come back earlier.
"Then the next ー be, for example I'll just take off her pants hey had" got turned into something more pace and my brother.
I just took off the bottom, which I've just taken a similar pose
I touched my brother had a finger over the panty.
"Let me stop a moment"
"I'm not, I'll look into this as not Yarase. Hey, I take"
"Hey ー following her, took off on"
"What? I Yada."
"You'll be fine from that perspective rather 分Kan put things right" to take off my brother takes me from behind.
"Oh hey, I know, do not Hippannai" I started playing I just got the panties.
"O ~, ー toots on his chest only. I knew.'s 85 D cup and I"
I was stunned. This girl I know you like my breast size.
"Yo touch, right?" Right? I was saying I already been touched.
"~ Us, only ー Soft. Mochii come ~" So slowly brother to me adopt a similar pose and just
And this is my honest, I feel I got sloppy coming. And brother, while his right hand touching the left nipple with your fingers touched my heart I've been on my clitoris stimulated stronger than before.
I was thinking, "Oh" and I've aloud, and began to fondle my brother like crazy like it was signaled.
"Ah ~, I Yada, Oh Oh stop stupid" I was like tea Nokezotsu to leave your body at all bad at the other brother after that I was trying to resist.
"Toots cute. Iroppoi tying" My brother came to move your fingers really hard and rough while breathing.
"Ah ah ah sauce ~ ~" The thing I like the other picture I was crazy to forget about feeling.
"Toots, but I Pantsu Bichobicho cool" Yu and his brother so we put a finger from the side of the panty with a jerk.
"Ah ah ah ~ ~" I was a little rough and intense fondling his brother, to etch ever felt like no great pleasure. To feel like that shit
Chan "Hey, I want sex" is like my brother had to say such a thing. To me it is like at that time I did not understand what s going on, and noticed that his brother opened up my knee back up they have come before. I saw my brother above facing array.
"Hey, Yada, Stop it, what were doing for" 言I終Waru before me is, my brother came with me to put things into their own.
"Oh Yeah ~ ~ ~" I cried with great pleasure. No longer will it become the translation is 分Kannaku
I have great Tarashiku aloud, while his brother had been directed to poke my hand to mouth.

My brother got me Sore程 installed in less time. The last out was on my tummy.
If I was motionless for a while, my brother and I had to wipe the thing in his stomach tissue.
"I'm really glad toots"
"Hey I wanted to properly long before I was to follow through masturbation while thinking things toots"
"From the first time at the pictures taken with him, I already put up Dekinakutsu"
"I'm happy now gah grinded. Okonnai it in?"
I will be surprised and anger to hear that my brother had to speak.
From the way I feel is a man clearly in his brother, thinking too little or not,
The truth is I noticed that I could not stop.

Since then, taking pictures and selling, but still continues, has already taken in Yarase enjoying sex with his brother without 思Ikkiri.
Oh, and Blow is popular photos lately been full of requests I got from the manager.
Eventually my brother somehow unable to get the best?

Inspection of the mother (1)

That was in seventh grade that I was 13. Is that often when I was going to a public bath with a father from childhood.
When the father happily that have little hairs on my chin into madness began growing just after her mother had gone to talk to your mother. My father is a home away from home and decided to go abroad for about one year alone the lives of the engineers started with two of my mother. ...

Happy days with my son

Called mandate. 31 years old.
My husband was killed in a traffic accident in Tokyo 10 years ago to go to earn money.
Traditional son has said the current school year between 3 and my husband.
Also, my husband's parents are home.
The farm family business, we are barely able to eat four.
Life has gotten a decent salary as a clerk in my field office.
Has been annexed to the city with a population of 50,000 Heisei municipal mergers,
My area is around 100 people lack.

My husband was forced to marry soon after graduating from junior high school.
Then I it was the only female student in the district. Was decided that marriage between parents.
My husband is 10 years older. One was a man of quiet sincerity do not do smoke or drink.
I was a virgin until you marry me Nrashii.
The district had been rumors of them I think is impossible.
My first experience in eighth grade and said. When I was three years of middle school experience ranked 10.
The district's reputation that it is bad but it is not.
The remaining area from the habit of night crawling said. Husband who it was unusual.

Spit out things like my husband had piled up at once and asked me every night.
Did you know well Gokkun to Blow. There just seems to know.
Bore a son at age 16. 5 years and my husband died.
I am 21 years old at the time still had a craving of comfort in masturbation every night.
Since the same class in middle school male students went outside the district in every high school,
I had no other singles my age can.
My husband died two months, the father, "I'll miss you," came the night crawling to say.
The mother, knowing that 知Ranpuri. I pity the mother, you say Keshikaketarashii.
Thank you for everything my father's place once a month. Finished a year ranked well.
Since then, life was always a man drought.

Pants wet dreams when I found my son's fifth grade,
Ringing in my heart as much as the smell 張Ri裂Ken, 疼Kimashita in the groin.
That night, while I 耽Rimashita masturbation pants smell of semen son.
Killing mouth desperately pressed pants voice of her son.
Tasted a faint sense of climax in five years.
Since then, my son had to check the pants in the washing machine every day.
Bettari pants when I found that my son got the semen,
潤Mi eyes, ringing in the chest, the groin 疼Kimashita.
込Mimashita put away a plastic bag so the smell of semen fly.
Sun that the errors were clerical work often empty during the day.
Work has been completed and flying back and it fucking herself nose while breathing the smell of semen filled her son at midnight everyone is fast asleep.

Of such activities during the six months just started to sprout in me but in the plot.
Yes, my son tried to sex partners.
Consider such a thing was never a special thing.
It is certainly an unusual idea, the original population is extremely limited in the area of more than one hour by car from the neighboring town, the past is also quite find sex partners.
Incest mother, who bought many people it is rumored to be born in the paternal incest.

When my son was a sixth grader, 呼Bi込Mimashita his son from entering the bath had been together longer. In front of his son, and groin or bush that show on purpose,
Hug from the back legs stretched a hand in the name of his son to wash his back.
"Mom, what I escaped," but my son is too shy to escape,
As you can imagine, the little boy was the son of dilation. No more than you imagine!
Retroflexion thick hard dick your son was out to break through the skin glans.
I have cramps and Hikuhiku. No matter become such a fine!
Emashita I suck your dick to jump on his son. And shook his head frantically.
One minute of what his son is "Tsu Oh, Mom, you'll get out ~" knock and let sit convulsed with small cries. Received a severe throat ejaculation.
Many times, many times. It is immature to gruel was so young sperm.
To speak of semen after seven years, I have become pure white in my head, shook struck by the sense of climax.
Scullery little boy sat down my son is still hard butt heaven,
The reverberations of the semen was leaking. I am with the last one sucks and sucking.
All drank of course, goes without saying.

And that night, my son has you slip into my bed as expected.
Little boy was curled up already hard to dilation.
Wushe attached the first time in 10 years, a son of my nipples were standing on pins and expectations.
Found that the honey pot nectar belching out every time I rubbed one breast to be his son.
My sheets are near the groin was making a big blot 噴Ki出Shita my honey.
A hand in your son's penis, let me put in slowly.
Bring a thick cock in six years. I go to my vagina pushing it.
突Tsu走Tsu were the backbone of my pleasure in itself.
When I hug my son, my son is leaned heavily on instinct.
Once in the bathroom because it was out, his son continued strong thrust at least 10 minutes.
Sono Manaka, I was screaming but nothing besides killing by the sleeve by pressing the voice nightwear.
And while my son 果Temashita. Convulsions while sitting time and again,
I typed in my semen inside the vagina rich young what seems an eternity.
I was back in a faint 仰Ke反Ra made.

The next morning, the mother "s Traditional 良Kattarashii. Just pregnancy, but be careful" and.
Father was also grinning at the side.
Yes, I knew two people. Masturbation in the past is also my son's pants yet.
From that night I was enjoying sex with her son heartily 張上Ge a Lovely Voice.
有Rimasu 4 km from the house next to the main building that I'm just listening to their parents consent.
Is going to be four years since then.
Jim Johnson became the ninth grade son is now in much good.
Long, hard, curled, now has more than one hour each day, and anything else.
One hour, the end of the spree and plucked his son screaming, and fainting were forced several times.

My son is getting ready for high school.
I was living in an apartment near the school with his son and tell the parents of her late husband's consent.
But that was just intense Lovely Voice advised to be careful.
My parents are opposed to, I think his son make a child.
Since my son wants it.

Relationship with father

I also had to write me, write here (I'm glad to see so you can write a delusion here ^ ^)
My father is 24 years old and lives with two now (I live in Kansai)
My father and mother divorced when I was 11.
Can cause people like my mother, and their children if you are pregnant.
Now that I am like my mother, and not understand at that time, and I thought Utomashiku mother, I felt very unpleasant to be a mature woman.
And I felt my father was very poor.
Then my father to change jobs, medical device company involved (see less ^ ^) to succeed, if true, it is able to become richer, they work for me to reduce my I like it or be very happy.
Had come to me when I was 17, who housekeeper (61 years old was the child's Bibi) because we'll need to go back to the country in relation to his brother's sudden illness, then I'm home now performing housework.
Bibi's son, but I was sorry because I loved my grandma like that of a housewife from a child's beauty is to feel like we all learned.
At that time I will have to short, so I do not want a strong feeling that much 女No子Rashikunaku.
Friends can have a boyfriend, or happily to it, but to talk of love, I can not like that so I thought I heard somewhere I was wrong.
I had changed is that when high school seniors.
At that time I have, two have a friend, there can change the feel of one of the proton.
I even heard a proton, because it is not very proper answer, I thought it yen or maybe not, "it's not," he says with feeling like it was really an affair, he took someone else I wonder vaguely felt or.
When some people drink they drink two glasses of wine (this is a minor obsession is okay ^ ^) When the story became a great story.
Proton-proton father's brother. I was dating that guy.
I was him I'll think incest is not it, thinking to see Yoko talking happily, I cheer.
Then I found that something is changing in every time I see my father.
Kakemeguru something like body feel like they have itching, it is somehow frustrated, embarrassed, no longer even talk to my father too.
My father expected him seems to me there was a girl like that around me.
(Write once more because it seems longer).

In the beginning,

He is one among mothers with a mistake, too. To worry about contraception now, become a lost age, but in the beginning, and still worry about was having an affair with his son be jumbled together in a curious thought. At the age of 21 and 44 years, but it is of course! My son was just hitting young coming apology, well I went in there to lead me. A few times during the years since then, but there was a child I stayed with my son, because it was filtered to age fortunately fallen, but was put on after care. You also come, but please be careful working hard! !


The first two of wine, what more and more 効I first one came,
Two half-opened eyes around the beginning of the sickness around,
But watching the clock to make sure my memory,
Burn was looking around.
Once back in the room next to the bed, feeling suddenly come out of the wine drunk, not drunk and persuade, without any drowsiness, not to 確Kamenaku tonight, but courage is far from what確Kamenaku to have had the urge.
To think that wine is drunk win out, would have slept, had put the air minutes, while the cool things that are taking off underwear, lie, my son, why not to 飛Bi起Kinaku, but , say what, to resist the riots, leaving confusion and hesitant, his son started licked, do such a thing, never useless,
"Who are you doing?"
I got up,
"I love you, Mom,"
Jumped in so that my son is 押Shi倒Sa,
"No, do not, I can not."
I would press the body desperately to wake her son was holding the arm, the chest was tossed about,
"Stop, no,"
Dispute is repeated, massages his son desperately to grab the chest,
I rattled my brain trying to do is figure floating in the pleasure the other day at a time like why, why,
Erogenous zones is a weakness of my heart, that I caught as by stimulating
"I love my mother, I love."
"I'm a hopeless love."
A bar that Kira Bukkake, except to answer my son needed me,
Resort to such desperate, confused why I do not know better,
I like my hesitation, the son of man had entered the groin, in my 突Ki刺Sarimashita.
That same night, stuck in the incredible momentum pierced at once the pleasure to inform the momentum,
"Oh that Ame."
言Wasazu stimulated with or without systemic runs, the movement continues to pick incorporated,
Iki passive body can also be changed to do,
To be missing is no strength in my hands to resist
Only the movement of men stuck in the body of his son, certainly conveyed to me pleasure, it becomes impossible to stop the body will rapidly 上Ri詰Me, yet real son, my body is led to one man I taste the pleasure, joy and agony impossible to hide your breath too, but too full of my 淫汁 groin, which raised the 淫音 stirred friction, disordered breathing with me, "Jubo, Bicha, Bicha. ".
Come on pleasure, the pleasure I can not bear, hug his son at last, they still accept the stimulus could've solved my body.
That same night, the body 突Ki抜Ki something so hard and strong momentum,
Not be entered without getting hit in the mouth and pleasure, was struck in the innocent pleasure in welcoming a climax, my mother forgot to forget myself, went mad while accepted as a female.
The stakes are punched hard, rubbing the very best, even without knowing where to go but 善Gatsu 善Gatsu, guided by the height of pleasure, to catch a male and a son, a man becomes 離Senaku, was implanted in the body but they know the head and went to the peak reached on several occasions but felt that it can become something memorable things away.
By the time exposed to the hot ejaculation, glow in the whole body, more hot ejaculation was still facing a pleasure to be the final culmination of 突Ki抜Ka.


In late year-end party with my friends to do every good relationship, the liquor was fairly strong one, indeed drinking too much home by taxi, and arrived at the house bed into the room until the stores around here, I was somewhat , if there licking my husband found himself suddenly slept Mutteshimai, I'm naked, I did not even remember I took off my clothes
"Welcome home."
Like said, they were licking your fingers into my husband, drinking too much is uncertain in the sense of not feeling, I 断Ritakatta, turned sour and refuse to seek his master's mouth for a week My husband is like listening to me, but I feel I want to finish early
"I'm safe day."
Irregular relationship with my husband, two or three days and then if someone feels like it my husband is also quite common that there is no more than a month, but I feel tonight is a very long time I think the worst, I'm sorry my husband is done early Let me in mind, I have become a favorite style position husband back, butt sticking out,
"Oh, put."
My husband had stabbed the moment, my husband always cheerful and completely different,
"Great, today, I amazing."
"What happened to you."
"Oh, wow."
When you're tired and sometimes say things but his performance was also the master of the night really is something like master of the power so much incredible energy and great, and usually hits the body ass, not the master Isao Takeshi comes up against the uterus in those,
"You terrible, terrible."
"Oh, good feelings."
"You. Amazing."
Despite drunk or sleepy to help, like I had ordered more than pleasant words I praise my husband pleasure.
Ejaculation before going too well as my husband is a pleasure, the power is still going hard I'm stuck until ejaculation
"Aa, wow, come Mochii, ー KUU going."
I was there myself but I think no matter how loud, like it was the best pleasure I 上Ri詰Me away several times, put out to become dizzy back to Moro intoxicated, ejaculation when my husband is back We remember that there were their own thing like I'm gone to pieces.
Ejaculation hot body flew my husband, I would just like to sleep exhausted and sick leave is exhausted coming to attack.
The thing that I did not alarm woke rarely say what a pleasant tiredness and even met my husband and I drank too much last night, I towel wound around the legs, then wiping towels are always used in last night Remember they were a refreshing smile.
After returning home, I would take off with pantyhose and underwear and jeans and wearing down the side of the bed I do not slovenly, even in bed has become bra naked, drinking too much last night reflection 返Su返Su was forced to be.
Raised going to make a breakfast room and master bed, master of the house from their beds and still so much that I trimmed from last night telling my husband that no Orimashita home .
Who's holding me yesterday, lies, incredible, a dream, there is no such thing, certainly, no doubt, and confusion in my head, not in dreams and fantasies, I always use towels, and a mistake in a dream It is not used up once too high and the two sons did not expect, that, surely, I'll try to put a towel into the washing machine from a towel soaked in water 伺Ezu had nothing, the son起Sanaku the time to do too, raised a son with no time to think,
As always constantly unfriendly reply,
"He is yesterday's return."
"I Shiranee."
Going to finish my son to school meals,
My son has that, I'd have no way,
What a dream, but excessive drinking, be careful with the
Telling you, feel something suspicious,
They remember to remember to follow the whole story,
換Waranaku seem to stay clean even when it receives a dirty underwear ejaculation,
To believe, but I really wanted to believe dreams
Also remember to follow the piecemeal, it definitely suits sex,
If you pursue it, leading to what was going raped son
Hold the feeling suspicious, sought to forget it is.
And on weekends, my husband is speeding the old year out with golf, do not come home at night tonight,
"Dad, Mari Tomari golf."
"Oh. I was saying to come back."
Lie went away immediately, why my son
Questions have never heard such a thing son,
However 過Giri things to the head two days before yesterday,
Do not tell me my son was probably the fact,
Can not sleep in bed, like I'm pulling a little drunk after just a drink, head 優Rezu feel confusion,
Tonight my son may come,
If you really want to support, you really want to talk,
In my head is screwed up in confusion,
I drank wine to get up insidiously,
Soberly yet another one
But my son comes,
In the worst feeling, to feel rough 開Ki直Tsu Shimaitai,
Pull out a bottle of wine was.

For his son

We have a mother of three who lives with my son.
But this spring, he was graduated from high school, and employment is expected to leave the house with it. But when I listen to is said to have told the mother told me, I heard from my son who consulted her mother, to know a woman before a job, but to say yes, mother Since there already over 70 years of age, etc., a translation could come talk to me. So I'm mid-40s, is from her mother so I talk to my son, happy. Much anything, but I feel at home I ride so, let me be the first experience in a nearby love hotel. Naturally, Stella has gotten permission to. If the mother, is taken from an important post, then I also make it the day I was naturally safe.

Mother training

yuna himekawa[3542]
New Year

Congratulations. Thank you again this year.
I posted a long time. Late last year I made to my mother, "revealing in contact" is comments Orimashita to write about the effect of training, freely supposed to show.
My mother first, training of law imposed cooling method and anal contraction Fri. Coming in and suddenly my mother on the toilet but when I have, on sucking the glans to grab from the base balls I just piss out his mug of ice begun to erect, the balls浸Shimashita therein. I have to leave the Orimashita mother without understanding why. The balls were immersed in ice water for an instant, contracted out, too quickly Mari Osamu glans erection, I went to shrink in a moment. My mother nodded to confirm it yet, "Yoshi Yoshi" and roughly grab to lift the balls and the base again, a rough tongue Shakuri上Ge glans in Sao lift the other hand, has undergone a vigorous Bakyumufera. My penis comeback momentum again, but dark red 屹立 mother saw it and soak your balls in ice water immediately. This is 10 times the first day, then gradually increase the number of Iki, one month after the cold method is now subjected to 20 times every Dzutsukono Fri. My mother is not only cooling method to prevent premature ejaculation this money, but also help strengthen Orimashita believe the vitality of the penis itself, but a sharp decline, inducing inflammation of the prostate, and prostatitis complicated with cystitis away, two weeks from the doctor Osamu Tamotsu just been sentenced to forbidden sex.
Fri mother gave up the cooling method, procurement method has been trained to prevent premature ejaculation then had anal contraction method. My mother will be on all fours naked with me, with his left hand while squeezing the penis, anus crowded painted lotion, pledged to root deeply into the drill bore as the right hand little finger. Right little finger sandwich ordered the mother to contract the anal sphincter to me in that state. At first I could not shrink along nicely in the mood anal stimulation to the penis, it is now possible to put the screws to the little finger again and again to do little by little. I finally found after much to exercise that deflate the erect penis to the anus, through the movement to put Orimashita without actually ejaculate.
It again and again to continue it day in and day out, you experience the hang of controlling ejaculation. Contraction method anus, this training method can easily alone without the little finger of my mother apart when Kibaru in the toilet is, of course, when you are eating, when walking, was rocked a crowded train When did a quick exercise you can practice law in every situation of daily life.
I have mastered rudimentary skills in this discipline to control your ejaculation, finally able to clear the first step to overcome premature ejaculation. But this is just a mere beachhead long, mother of intense training, it did much later and finally found one.

Change in condition

Yesterday, I had to leave the hall after the familiar home from school shoes.
Mother was the shoes.
See him and my mother was a white face color, "I spent a nuisance. I'm sorry," and the voice conversation is over.
I'm loving the room upstairs.
Father unless there is another mother will not come into my room.
It can concentrate on the study.
Emergency, dry throat and sit at the desk, and sleepy, adhere to the hand to study.
Moreover, in the first floor will it be with my mother and father having sex after a long time? Would imagine.
I think so, Iki hand back part of the secret nature of the panties, they started masturbating while imagining things my father angry.
Opened the door of the room at that time fell in love with my masturbation forget imperceptibly.
It was my mother.
"Are you in the hospital when I learned that I? It s become a dirty girl. Like me. When you properly use birth control and the men are. The money filtered into my home now because I'm not fallen ., "went down one floor and closed the door of the room said.
I went to my father and mother shopping at the supermarket for a while.
I was left alone with the continuation of masturbation was satisfied.

The celebration dinner was controlled discharge Mamoru Hitoshi mother.
I just threw up but smelled the smell of raw fish.
Recent condition of the body something is wrong.
The slight constipation embarrassed, I feel weak.
Soon as it went to sleep in my room just beside.

This morning I awoke, ran to the bathroom in a hurry.
I like vomit from the mouth of the gastric juice.
Speaking last night Was it so had not eaten anything at all?
The mother made me a rice ball.
Mother after a long time to eat rice balls were delicious.

Still feel tired body, including the ice hitting the keyboard while the mouth.
It's time for dinner soon.
But there is no appetite.

Please listen to my shame.

Came back last year's New Year's Day my son. The mistake, when staying in drinking last night, I tell my son suddenly serious face. Mother, tell me what to me, and listen, he was blushing, and his son 25 years old and still a woman, it was a virgin. The late, I'm 45 years old.
The son looked serious at first, but had been a while since I Ooita, yet tonight, relatives and people from his dad there, tomorrow, before sending you to the station, and work out I think ... what if later, his son and bold things, I thought. But once more the words good morning, according to the first son and I nodded, before going back to his father, and son lied to a little shopping, went out with my son. Son enters a love hotel on the outskirts of town next to this thing a secret and I'll definitely reminds us, because there is no time, my dick was something of a gel pillow Shibuya - to get naked fill, let me wear a condom, let me put my dick. Of course, the son of the first experience a few times, shake the hips cum put away, but it was fine, that the son yet again, when its replacement is staying too wet vagina nature of my voice returned home, happy to be out together, my son went home. And this morning, came an email from my son to meet him and in fact, the same thoughts a few days I stayed. Meet commitments in the near future with my son

My son was not forgotten cock

Masako says. 40 years old now.
思I立Chimashita and beast will confess my past life to see why this site.

Menarche was 10 years old spring. I think most early classmate.
During six years of primary school because of that I was so swollen breasts need bra.
But remember that was the target of nasty bullying from other girls that.
7th grade first experience of the summer. Movement of the dream was a senior in middle school.
When did it in both the ninth grade homeroom teachers have wives and children.
The teacher and half year relationship, has been trained for anal from Blow Gokkun.
I did one year of high school during summer vacation and classmates. The father of her son.
The first experience from each other five times a night, so the first six were 有Rimasen we have made.
I enjoyed sex all afternoon and then meet every Saturday.
I did not have a condom and it was never put out, including the first experience.
Atarimashita unwarranted assumption to have been a penalty but does not say why or pregnancy.
I thought the fat around the waist came recently, I realized I was pregnant in December.
I consulted with my mother was already four months past, bore his son dropped out of high school.

At first I left the world of entertainment business himself falsely old.
Height 165 in 17 years, more than 90 robust enough and had to say There has twenty years. ~ 2 month enjoyed the sex shop and three customers.
At the age of twenty-two came out back in a half interest in the video as well. Could all of incest.
Role of drowning her drunk father raped, sister drown in sex with his brother officers.
The blowup was without my groin is a mosaic from the back. The Pie and all.
Of course, compensation was also attractive. Facial cum many rewards that 20 years ago, so good.
It is indeed becoming a reality, when I did not think so.

When it is a fifth grade son. I opened the lid the smell of semen washing machine.
Semen was sticking with the half-dry pants and son look Bettari.
Son became a man, at that time there was a profound thought.

7th grade son was in summer. I passed the room when my son.
From inside the room, "Ha, ha," came to hear the heavy breathing.
"I was not ~, such that masturbation" I thought, and is thinking bad things carelessly,
I peek in the door opened a little curiosity.
Yes 160 is already tall, I was embarrassed because I was attending adult to build a tennis club, when saying that his groin thing.
Has more than 16 cm, 逞Shiku thick, pulsing and I was warped Hikuhiku.
Moreover, when saying the size of the ball bag!
Look at the television screen 凍Ritsukimashita moment. It was my pr0n.
I remember. Come back and tell that it was hidden with a souvenir.
I thought I did not make it the subject of masturbation to find his son.
Bikun moment and sat trembling ejaculation son was in my wet pussy violently.
My son is what is semen flew over 1m. Hard times, too many times.
TV screens in the groin is a closeup of my son had become covered with semen.
I caught the back of the vagina nailed to the illusion, I sat down on the spot.

It is then. I went completely mad.
Want someone to his son. Exploiting the cock hard and strong, intense ejaculation vagina and back to receive him.
I want to drink and been issued and that semen throats.
Delusion is increasing day by day, I have lost interest in male passenger of the shop.
And six months. It was that I did not have sex for six months more than a month before that it was not sex.
I had to spend masturbating nightly delusion that his son committed.

Imagine that masturbation is committed to her son that night, then went hard, next thing you know,
I was standing there 剥Keta son cock protruding from leather pants to the dilatation.
"Mom, I'll put up Takeshi screamed. I wanted my mom and even videos like" this.
I fly what reason I popped in my head.
Pulled down the pants of another son in a daze, was the first time with a cock Wushe strong.
Wow, this cock and his son for nearly six months 逞Shiku 18 cm further
Also 剥Ke skin, it had grown even thicker 逞Shiku.
The swollen glans hard purple head from side to side overhang was ranked Cali never seen.
The glans was Mitsuteru Tei is disgusting and getting ahead 噴Ki出Shita Numenume juice.
Crazy to say, putting the tasty, 受Ke止Memashita back of the throat again and again that violent ejaculation.
Mass of jelly sticky semen is mixed, and compare to other men are not ranked,
青臭Ku, was the bitter salty, drank all the good feeling why.
"The mother drank," and you say, "The good Hayo Takeshi" I had to say.
A son, "Mom every night while watching the video, had to imagine having sex with masturbation mom" when it is confessed, felt severe back ache vagina, spanning over a hard cock of her son still
"I wanted to be mom and Tsuyoshi" I confessed to violently shaking the hips.
My son is at the cock we did not ejaculate inside, cowgirl, Doggy Style, exploiting hard to change posture and position, I felt a climax whenever Egura stiff neck Cali.
Nailed to the back of the vagina to ejaculation instant intense last
Electricity ran ran toward the spine head rising from the vagina,
仰Ke反Ra will be back hard, I was the first to experience fainting.
During the next thing you know I might have a hard cock of her son still was Hikuhiku and convulsions.
Of course, I still do continuously.
After all, once in the mouth that night, five times the back of the vagina, the sperm of her son 受Ke入Retamashita.

It was like 10 years from a dream. My son was completely crazy cock.
Sent out to school during the week by far raised the pride of the morning by mouth,
I went home and ended at full speed shops every day, I accept the strong cock of her son.
People have sex until the weekend at home from morning to night. There is also many times more than it did 10 times a day.
In the summer wearing something bare apron, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bathroom, in bed at night of course.
Perhaps because my son was watching the video every night I appeared on the back, was outstanding from the first technique, not to teach me. Until they have mastered teasing way,
Peak times on the verge of being shut down, There has to be good crying begging me to ejaculate.
Be terminated without disconnecting cock ejaculating, sometimes slept without legs entwined in an embrace.
Amount of leakage of semen came out great cock pulling out his son in the morning.
My son had it in me ejaculating over again and again while sleeping.

Pregnant with her son from the experience, of course, dangerous days of drinking only ask out loud.
Peak just before it was overtaken by intense and piercing, the body is now able to drink cum.
The moment his throat violently ejaculation is going to be pure white in my mind.

My son is also usually have a smaller cock than half, just the size of the ball.
Son to have a bulge in the crotch pants Mokkori a ball, I was shy,
I love them anyway I looked at the sperm ejaculate are produced several times each day.

National University of us into the local universities. I was also good in school as well as sex.
Eyes and ignoring the other women, it proved to satisfy me every night. Again and again.
I had to work for foreign companies to his son graduate. This position is based headquarters today.
Age of Japan branch has comforted me I came back two nights on weekends anymore.
And last Sun, send me a picture of a woman came to say that foreign engagement.
Rough Sex and I think that dealing with the woman every night, my legs would have 疼I.
I was away from his son and another parent, the mother is still unable to 子離Re.
Are engaged in masturbation while imagine things that caught my son cock vigorously.
When I was a college student son cock more than 180 centimeters in physique is far beyond the 20 cm,
逞Shiku was hard and thick curled. From foreign ones too lonely to go abroad have tried since my son had heard enough, could not be satisfied.
I'm feeling fat konjac. Cock and a hard core that is completely different.
Moreover, the semen will come out and just drop, but my best three consecutive times.
The rest of my life has continued to punish guilty of incest is shining like a beast and son will be?
What continues to comfort herself with vibrator cock imagining my son every night?
The pleasure that Egura neck and potassium, but that euphoria is beating back the vaginal 味Waemasen semen.

Perhaps more subrogation same year,

I'm a stay engaged in medical work. So too are other more competent, can not speak, please, please forgive.
My age in the late forties, is currently single. 21-year-old son was there one person, but I live with my fun, and fun, but soon I'll know how good you intuition, to live at home are as good spouse. So I extract the younger son Yo is housed in the womb there regularly! I said I guess I'll work health care, so I'm working hard to arrive at a condom in my son. Variety of means, but it is one about a year and a half, I was dating other men while her son also. Of course, would spend a normal sex Yo.

If I just stay with relatives know,

It is about three years ago. But if they just stay with relatives who know from the start Even if you know which was the result I think was the same. He is a man coming from the city, I lived there from birth in the land right now is their country. The first meeting begins among clinic patients from the clinic to fit well to talk to each other now, but he who is young, he invited me from among those who Come and eventually was invited to eat with his left, which was 着Kunari to reserve a hotel room in the city, I embraced him, a passionate kiss just lying on the bed the rest, being at the mercy, for the first time I SEX with him. Then for a while, see you from time to time he returned to the country, asking each other if each other naturally 逢E now in the car to have sex in the dark. But as I said the first thing a kinship with him, but then I noticed a while, too late and did this thing. Of course, relationships are also understood, as a matter of course 居Masu followed. At that time, I'm 44 years old, he was 39 years old, I'm careful, safe sex on days other than the 居Masu avoided. But Tsu, right? ! The first time, without thinking such a thing, was supposed to have SEX in the city, while looking for each other many times see you many times, and naked (skin) to


I was late last year found to be pregnant mother.
In addition single mother, three years ago after a divorce, and sexual intercourse with men, but it should not here, the only one except for the presence of a son in high school it was. My son and I in the late summer of last year has crossed the line, I had sex almost on a daily basis. Of course, in the beginning, but stayed to wear a condom, in that on a daily basis, and without the tedious way, But the first time, it was still raw inside out. But truly, 9, and filtered The Fallen in anticipation gynecologist.

The mother of fatherless families

Currently, one of my 35-year old son 居Masu 7th grade.
My son and I had been helpful to me like a junior high rises such as cleaning and laundry, but there was a reason.
When I was returning from work earlier than Etta always. "Now," his son and his son opened the room hurriedly looked in a hurry.
I examined the room was worrisome after her son went out to cram school. Then I came out from the panties in my desk. I 隠Senaku surprise, as it returns to the panties on the desk, and left the room. Age boys and although I have my panties toys, shock and embarrassment, I panicked and I wonder to do.
Sun pretend to know nothing that is spent, no longer care how things turned passing day, bad things are not looking to leave early thinking companies in the closet of the room behind her son son込Mimashita. It was the second day and place. I finally saw her son masturbation scene.
My son left the room and went naked. My son and returned to the room wearing my bra figure full monty, came back to get too many pieces have still not wearing underwear and lingerie wash things. I could not believe his eyes on his son. I understand it erotic books and adult videos, lingerie or a side dish why?覗Kimashita shocked by the figure of repentance and transformation of the son I looked down trying to not come to his son Pedro.
I do not know that the son of scrutiny is a full-length mirror before moving Kurozotto T was the mirror image reflects Bakku Wear. Of course, bags and hair was sticking out big time. Then the smell of my son's penis 嗅Gi出Shimashita string panties and began to wash the side of the back stretch T-突Ki出Shimashita.
I've worked for one year without a man I care for divorce breath 覗Kimashita excited about peering into her. Then my son sat 振Ri出Shimashita pole with hook my panties and smell the panties and began to wash the other.履Kimashita high-cut panties and T on top of another piece Bakku. Kito and rub issued Shikoshiko wrapped in parts of panties out there to remove laundry from the side of the penis while wearing panties and lick and lick your face wearing panties. I gasped aloud was pretty sensitive because yet again. I started doing with their hands or even not wearing panties and I still want to cum and my panties. The second time was running out more than the hips and wobbly voice. After taking off underwear masturbation in a hurry and went out of the room to gather.
I heard the bathroom door quietly left the room while nervous, I drank a beer to keep the back of mind I like sitting on the couch in the living room.
My son came to the clothes went back to the living room, but seemed surprised, pretended to know nothing, "now, and came back a little early today" and said his son is "welcome back" to say back to the room.
My son saw a transformation of the place that someone had wet himself. I felt excitement and joy it is earnestly committed to his underwear, and somehow my son.
That day my son went out to the institute saying that laundry back.
My son is gone now become a toy my son has committed underwear.
The semen was closely marked with darker son committed hung yellow panties spread. Dick touched her panties smell, too. Really excited about things like that myself in my panties committed. Finger paint and scooping up the semen nipples and her son, also painted around all fours and inexperienced ass. I was more excited about a transformation in myself and for the titillation of masturbation anal cum licking her son while wearing panties from my face fell to his son. Ino Tsuyoshi smell semen young son did not even place to paint my dick very delicious.
And two sons is still living longer than ever like to attend beauty often buy underwear for my son in mind.
What mother or her son sex?
Post a typo so excited I'm sorry but I will forgive their long

'm A goofy Raremase!

Mariko San, How is your son?
I like you and in our relationship with her son several times a week.
Unlike my husband really burns. How about you?

Freaky Life 2

Akuru day at work and sleepy, I got nervous and flushed feeling and it is amazing there.
E-mail from my son, "Kiene head erotic face!" To come and fueling,.
And feel somewhat ashamed of my son at night, my son in the room hurriedly.
Abi body while I wipe the shower, I lifted my son suddenly appeared, I took to my bed.
"Shazam" to condom and put my penis was exposed to forced hot, pierced and stretch your fingers.
"Ge grinded, dude, I'm in,, I Haitsu,"
He said while the union's son.
My son's neck Mawa hand, Orimashita all down for now to state his odious.

Freaky Life

Freshman son. Would eventually leave the nest, while raising the family home I received an early age easier to divorce my life on track owner put out the opening few shops run by glue, too.
I want to let the thought.
And the last two years my son was on the relationship.
Platonic love of course.
I am strangely aware of the good son would say, me too "man" began to feel her son "love" I have.
Became a university student and son, and I now live Conveniently located near the university.
Away from home, not attend, the first son was still hesitant.
It is also the exam, I was pretty nervous when I had two people come to stay in my apartment sometimes. When I spoke with two people. "Something, uh, crazy tee." "Oh, is not good? Should I go back to were ear,."
And started living in two.
Hang out together drinking alcohol and getting used to talking face to meet them every day, every week is like a karaoke.
It was a day of heavy rains in June.歌Imakuri pretty drunk fuck 酔Imashita box nearby.
Resting on the couch and returned home a little drunk Mashi Akira.
Yarazu sensation, and the two began to drink wine in the house.
And my son, "(with me) to Taman Ne Yaritaku." Confess and be baptized.
"Oh Yadda." She said, hugging my mother had a son willing to kill someone that I look more like praise celebrities.
You kiss they fell to about? Keyed Innovation lips to his son.
I embraced the hand of his son and two people I'm shy Medium to TV, has turned his hand to rub my chest.
ー not ticklish, been around the whole body and hands and trying to escape.
",,, I just do not touch ."",,,,"
After all I was such a conversation lifted her skirt, fingers are not allowed to take off a leg Pantei be closed, it had been played with and on. The last way I feel teaching is a settlement for his son.
What I've reached many years.
Help my son because I was holding my penis.
"I wonder if the penis was so hard?" I think a hard enough.

It is for work from today.

Morning, several people and I have remained in company with a customer service 居Masu of those who came to greet the New Year.
My New Year's this year, until the evening of New Year's Eve around noon the next day, went to Hatsumode, holding hands with him, and what is not cold, he was worried about me. Along the way, while the young couple 混Jirimashita rest in the family restaurant. But, without a care and treatment Inevitable, issued summons to kiss a young age.

Today, everyone, lets go home on time.

More Kumiko,