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Incest confession of women(2007-11)

My discourse incest

The only son, so getting hurt even if she ate from a child into your eyes, I feel much 滅入Rimashita not even know it from listening to my favorite girl could become a middle school. Although it can not be seriously worried 子離Re, 子離Re do I say that his decision, feeling disconnected to my son, my son went out this summer and overnight DH, fun and games all day, "the bath together fit? "" Why? "" a declaration of 子離Re mom? "" 子離Re? need of help? "to take a bath after all I did not enter, his son away in bed, I realized my son was touching something. What are the things that happened, but I also feel there has become a mother at least Shaburitsuki ones that became her son, while avoiding the eyes of her son stare in amazement, tempt to have the excitement of her son grow up to be embedded in my body. Dear, to feel, feeling helpless, and I can let go now. We want to do this.

So many more

The only son, so getting hurt even if she ate from a child into your eyes, I feel much 滅入Rimashita not even know it from listening to my favorite girl could become a middle school.
Although it can not be seriously worried 子離Re, 子離Re do I say that his decision, feeling disconnected to my son, my son went out this summer and overnight DH, fun and games all day,
"Enter the bath together?"
"A declaration of 子離Re mom?"
"子離Re? Need of help?"
A bath containing the end I did not, his son away in bed, I realized my son had touched something.
What are the things that happened, but I also feel there has become a mother at least Shaburitsuki ones that became her son, while avoiding the eyes of her son stare in amazement, tempt to have the excitement of her son grow up to be embedded in my body.
Dear, to feel, feeling helpless,
And I can let go now.
We want to do this.

What happens next

yuna himekawa[5752]
32 years old, and three year old child.
Narrow escape in a motorcycle accident last spring and the husband would remain in a hospital bed, but got much more.
My husband lives in the first floor of two family house in his son's home.
Economically, the problem with the aid of her husband's parents and her husband is not insurance, just spoiled since the summer began working for a part for some time. Is the beginning of last December, and.
Children were away for the weekend to take a spa trip with friends to their mothers.
I went back to the company's year-end party the night there too.
The two-story front door is a separate two-family houses. I was drunk I slept pretty soon.
Was attacked by a man he woke up from a sudden and heavy. I knew immediately who the opponent in a dark room.
Opponent out of the room I went to meet the desire.
Then, the man has been attacked from time to time. I learned of the pregnancy in February this year.
I thought even down, I told my parents that the pregnancy ended.
Mother of children who do not know her husband well. And then they say your birth.
I tell my husband to grow as a child. Because such a state of infidelity but my son is nothing 問Wanakatta. It is to say the only grandson (takes after) I guess the measures to hold onto.
I was lying and that the son of the Son of man in casual stomach. My husband was like a father have mixed feelings.
And last month a girl was born healthy. For some reason, my parents are happy with me, to love me.
My home and neighborhood children and her husband are talking.
I have been in this house decided to Kurasou.
Husband's mother is in lessons, sometimes drill a home. The father is not like I've had enough.
After the kids went to bed, we like to drink milk as a baby.
Now, I just pray that my mother come to light.

Emiko 5721

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Thank you very much. To be honest, I was a SM girl. The owner who broke up with the M woman type was a customer of the shop. My husband is S and I am M. When I was trained in various ways and got into outdoor play and exposure play and had a son, it was a situation to fertilize in a group of people with the same hobby. I was able to do it because I loved it. At that time, I was already married to my husband. I divorced my husband because I knew that my husband was dating not only me but also various M women. Even after the divorce, I was frustrated when I occasionally saw the embarrassing photographs of those days. When my son went to high school, he found the picture and secretly masturbated alone. Will M's son be born from M's mother? I wore my underwear and handled my penis as if I was happy to be bullied, and on one side I took out my vibrator and put it on my anal and felt it in my room with hollow eyes. Normally it should be an unusual sight, but I didn't feel it at all. When I saw the appearance of my son, I changed from M woman to S woman, and when I saw my son who was embarrassed and was about to cry, my heart got hot and I said, "Mom will do it. I want mom to bully me. ? Did you get excited by the picture of mom? It's okay, feel more. It's the same as mom! " As I sexually trained my son, I had a relationship with him, and my reaction to me always erected. My son likes to be blamed gently with words instead of blaming hard words. Even the toilet is in front of me in the house. To put it another way, I let me hold the pee without using the toilet, let me poop once in the bathroom, and after that I always wash the enema. When I cleaned the anal and was seen by the wife next door, I was able to see the unrealistic appearance of committing my son's anal with a strap-on dildo from behind and turning both hands forward to handle the penis. I kept the SM tools I used in the past without throwing them away. I remembered when I was being trained for an exhibitionism in the old days, and I had an M-ness for myself and an S-type for my son. My son was seen more than I was When I was excited and forgiving, I started to stand naked in the lower half of my body through a window with only curtains. Kimiko is scared to be like a mother and child. You will not be able to live in real life. I'm thinking about moving with my son now, but mothers and children with perverted habits are enjoying each other's genitals all day long in search of stronger stimulation. Like Kimiko's son, I want to get pregnant with my son's child. While being stared at like when I was given this child. My son, who is pregnant and hungry, and my son are naked and connected to each other with a collar, and I am hungry and still ask for vaginal cum shot. I am delusional about such a stupid thing. I'm not ignoring Kimiko's worries. At the very least, I'm telling us on this bulletin board that I should be blamed for exposed mother and child rape.

Today it

I finally have a relationship with my son today.
The son has become such a relationship, it may in the wrong way of interacting with my son.
I regret it no wonder, we are like a budding new joy as a mother instead.
From tomorrow, and my son's life I do not know what the wind of change,
I think it goes toward happiness.

Emiko in 5682

Glad to be 申Semasen, Ramo Satoshi mother has been our past. It is similar. Masturbation was like the Son of my underwear. The appearance is lovely but having an affair was raised adorable shaved Emiko as seen through the penis. Girls and sports a rather good? Boyish and still say what? We also had 穿Ka usual. As for Emiko doting son was lonely, so we originally. I was allowed to go to school even when 穿Ka strong feelings for her son to pass the other child. It was a mistake. Sports day and had to let ordinary underwear for men will be put up. One day, let them drink the medicine go to school had complained of stomach in the morning on the blink. So I rushed into the middle of the road could not bear to park toilet in pain in the middle school to school. You've been in a hurry. I had to go into female toilets, and nobody would come to the boy's room unfortunately failed. My son did not recognize the key securely to the three girls was spotted and opened the door of my classmates when I was finished my underwear for a raise. It seems to change into plain clothes and were usually in the toilet. Women's undergarments, had yet to wear that day is passed to my son off this morning. Was sheer lingerie. That day my son did not innocently asked me to leave without saying anything more than usual. We want to be subjected to the pleasure I want to just plain dark script does not tell us what happened. My son went to school three days rest, the threats and bullying girls were seen and received. Someone asked me what underwear you are naked in the bathroom, and had been shot in the camera phone. Pictures and show everyone you rest your school. To two weeks after, we came home that child. Are confronted with embarrassing pictures of dazed son so far. My son has been ordered to masturbation naked lower body. And so are forced to place in my underwear wrapped around the penis. SEX me away and I have even potatoes. The show was forced incest with their children being threatened even before us. Has been talked about at school and endured, were treated like slaves as three people in front of a toy. There is also car and was forced to have sex in the car the night before the apartment house. Gradually we now also come out around the swamp mud, but Hamarimashita of between three months and quit school and work and the pleasures of Caught. I rather be known by others, and even I could die, was also joined by mother and child in the nude in the park at night. Rather pleasure to remember things my son and I slavery, was finally carrying a sex boys in that class as well. As well as the other boys my son from now blowjob and ass fucked. I thought about escape. Was pregnant. Whether a child might Shirezu son. It may have contact with people who know both our relationship and are now living in rural areas away from the city. I left with abortion.
I have been living peacefully as husband and wife and son. Now my son is 20 years old. My son has now recovered to study hard to accounting employed in the town next door. Recently, there is no way to seriously do not want me pregnant. Cute. Emiko will not want to make history like this, so far away from things proceed. Incest mother or pleasure would not be stuck with a strong taboo late? The relationship with his son asked for more people aware of the notice as Emiko. It is known from the excitement and taboo. On the other hand is still scary enough to live like slaves every three months and I have a feeling that things in my mind 落Chitai. I still do. Sorry to disturb you in the long wording. From of you might have been known to the world but certainly incestuous. I'm very happy right now. 44.

I envy.

The 17 year old student. Let was excited to see this site. My mother is 44 years old. Even if I do say so myself, nor does seemingly Motenai. There is also hope that thing called dating. SEX There may well go out and see it go up. I'm still useless. Some useless thing I went to the customs in their size. I do not have that 勃Ta. Masu Hashi masturbation, nor does it even because of it. Now have a sexual desire for my mother since I was in high school myself. The cause of his parents divorced. I'm having my mother at home in the park is taken care to my mother left the house. Two women living with women all too familiar to be interesting, even if it is also the mother. Remember wearing a lingerie masturbation natural mother, now end up in the excitement boiling perversion. The other woman does not react to being touched, there is no excitement. Nowadays it is no longer interested in AV and school children and gravure idol. But at home in your pants is hard enough to even eat with my mother before. Oedipus complex part of myself, but certainly there is something just as excited about my mother at home and on weekends. Before the erection of that even when the real mother is still unusual for a meal do? What shall it Shittara still mourn my mother? Women have confessed to this site (the mother) is to ask people. My mother and I want to SEX. It is also ever-increasing number of masturbation. Should I confess? What shall also be hated by the mother herself is raising?

Cousin exchange

Hello. The cousins had done this before tea.

I was in eighth grade, while a younger brother, and Yuki is. From home? Away about paternal cousin lives.
Kenta's brother (3 in) and his sister Aki (2 in) is. Good relationship from childhood, often shuttling between homes would each other.

Summer, we found the room dirty book and Kenta is Yuki and I go to play. Everybody was saying out of curiosity Gyagya.
Go to the content of the book gradually escalated, came out of the way pages are written and Blow tips and pistons.
Something in the rhythm, "Should I do" and be like, Kenta and I now do it in conjunction with Aki Yuki.
Although old and taking a bath together, naked to the pounding in a long time.

Kenta three other people to lick me without much resistance because the body is an experience killed it.
Kenta is felt naughty. We had a lot once in a while still.

A son or a slave?

This year I became 35 years old, husband and son to divorce (Yu) is a middle school.
While I was cleaning the room, his son has a strange box that they put away the magazines scattered as usual, was also included to ensure women's underwear and clothes inside.
My son from somewhere, and all the waiters look inside the box out and I was surprised to Kita Kano OL stole something they also contain clothes. I thought it was trying to masturbate to these hands of his son just around surely had somewhat mixed feelings. Inside the box was stolen because it was not a document containing a purchase is OK, it's no wonder What I have to do that for?
Well, when it was folded in a clearing in the box from the feeling that something precious son,
"It looks like I found a mother."
And his son were standing at a voice that turned around.
"I may dress like any of the mother."
Is said,
"I stop kidding me. You can not have such a year is not to be embarrassed to wear."
And say "I still look good." "I'll look young because my mother baby-faced." Blush I have been told.
Kiss my son is at that moment, I was just 押Shi倒Sa. Realized that the son sees me as the target of, only that it has jumped to skip 防Ganaku resisted desperately, but I thought, I was pressed down slightly by an enemy power. Son from've been trying to persuade to give up to resist me from getting entangled with a tongue to kiss me, I had the pleasure of a chance to escape, pretending to be accepted, the son of my Itarashiku notice began to take off my clothes.
Flat hand clap when I was desperate to resist a son, I was forced to stand 押Shi倒Sa bet is just to have a hand in his son. Pat her son was taking off all clothes and being naked and bound to stretch my arms and legs tied to the bed.
Perhaps did not have sex with my husband, waist of me in action son handed the away wet, my son, "You should now honestly if you want. You want me do not stand You're a women and mother ". I was told, the other is his son. Honestly can not become a matter of course. However, I noticed that my son is wet I "want to taste the joy of her mother. I remember again." The words were so body.
My son massaging my chest, put your finger in the vagina, where I learned I was frankly I was someone depart.
Son "from the mother to see her pussy well, I shave the hair the way. When a problem because it is not my birth." I shave my pubic hair into the slick to say.
Ro became my vagina, but my son is embarrassed to face them back myself and was staring closely.
"It's my mom Mankopinku beautiful colors." "I heard I can honestly say When you come to here." I was told, "I can not hear me say that Yu. Please open quickly , I'll wring it later. "I got angry with my son," if not honest, so I'm going to be honest. "" I do not know cry later. "" My mother, my slave I'll make. So, I call my mom. from now on referred to as snow. "I felt the fear that you mention it. The nature of the moment was presented with his son.
My son will drink something oral tradition to kiss me "in the snow, which'll be honest." Now that I "like" Yu fitted red as proof of a collar slavery is said to call I. Of course I'm going to be the son of a slave is not "the son, I like Yu-call.'ll Stop kidding me." I said, my son, "the inner bark is now soon Yu would like to say different. "" The snow is about to mark her pussy and I'll have to sign a slave contract. "It is said her son learned to fear.
And that such interactions while, 火照Tsu hot body, tight vagina turn pot had become impatient with 疼I body.
"The Aa ~, Aa ~ The" My son and gasped aloud that the state firmly Itarashiku I saw, however Stirring the pot put your finger in tight, I have been someone depart unceremoniously Shimaimashi breeze or. I'm exhausted and trying to "Hana Yuki no need to bind. Riddle." I say that has finally been freed, his son Shimaimashi to Shaburitsui penis held out in front of my son or.
My son saw it, "Yuki, and be honest if you want a dick." Bull rush me and said, "Now, answer me." "I want to do?" Is said, I forget the shame, "the vagina of snow Yu like a dick please. "the son said," I just that much? else would have something to say? do not know the word I'll vagina. "is said,
I said, "Yuki, Yu like a slave."
"The range of absolute obedience to an order Yu."
"Please Stirring Into hard dick pussy Yuki Yu you like." He said. Ino Tose drug confession was holding back tears to say.
Son, "marked and signed the contract with her pussy slave." And I handed the documents while you spend time at home in bunny costumes, like when you go out and set the body Rimokonbaibu Yu It was written over or go to the contents of the Son and the sign and seal without working her pussy over rationality of the body ache and pleasure seeking, "snow and get to serve me to change into it." was passed and was uniform.
I still wore uniforms and said, son and son continue to suck cock "I hope soon." "If you want a dick, put yourself into her pussy." Laying on his back in bed and say, I got my son I put myself astride a cock.
"This can not rape the Hana Yuki apparent. Snow because he was put in my complaint not say." Intensely alive someone depart the piston springs of the bed and holding me say that was. "Now as it is thrust back violently from" Ketsumanko also receive. "Forcibly inserted his penis into my ass and say 動Kidashimashita slowly. Even though my son's first experience with anal insert dick I beat it, I said, "The Aa ~, Ikkuu" The voice had come out naturally.
At the completion of the insult of all was back to my senses, and being ordered to dress in accordance with the contract 着替Ero slave to his son and son reluctantly bunny costume change into a "cute. I'm becoming my mother ., "I was told I had no say in answer.
From experience there, I was trained at every turn as the son of slaves, and respond to the needs of life with her son.

-3 Replacement

Hi, This is Naoko.
Less kindly people, those who read, thank you.
So I continued.

I forgive my fingers deep penetration of the body, as it becomes impossible for the body that cause, I 前Nomeri 突Tsu伏Shi to the table.
Right next to the bride sits down with her husband.
[... Feeling any wonder that the two men at the sight of this]
And he suddenly twist her head and two people sitting in front of the eyes, my husband was a groin.
There was apparently big stiff.
And we see how our eyes flushed.
... [My wife, but rather that is about to be committed to my son, why are you excited about something I had a ?·······]
A little sad now.
However, sentimental feelings that soon, we will cancel the pleasure given to the lower body.

Son fingers, stir deep pots of honey granulation can put their fingers in another pleasure.
Empty hands, turn the breast stroke, is highly vulnerable buds at 摘Mimasu.
Utsu "············ Metallic "
"Mom, but I do not have to endure. ... I let the sweet voice"
Yo pardon another useless Shitee ーーー "······· ー do not "
"Even saying such a thing, your body honestly <'m good> I'm drooling a lot of me"
"········ Do not say that they "
I understand that is embarrassing enough to wet myself.
But when I've wanted to raise our voices can not keep the pleasure of pride as a mother, was born in desperation.
However, even desperate shape for me, for my son seemed to inflate the joy situation.
Eventually he has just found a new plaything.
"Even my mom here, I very cute"
Saying that, we stretch the anal tongue.
If you get into a Hitsu "················ ?······ I not bring up that. "
"Why? It is also very good here."
His tongue, like the petals of chrysanthemums to check, I will slowly lick every one of the folds.
"···· Will not do, there'll dirty "
"I like her mother's body, something I'm not a dirty sucker. I, I love all the love my mother"
His confession and hot, rapidly melting heart and soul went into my first experience pleasure heterogeneous.
He pulled out a honey pot finger Once released from the anal opening, and now comes with a sucking granulation.
Huh "·········· ー "
Thinking, I sigh leak.
His mouth, back and forth while the honey pot granulation, but put the intensity, or smoke, so they are poking.
Eventually, the hand grip was to tighten your butt, you will move toward the gate of the chrysanthemum.
Are you trying to do next, but soon Tsukimashita imagine, I was thinking about another.
[I'm ... Yuji wet fingers stroked butt. So ... I am, I did got wet]
Reached their destination points has been crowded to slippery anal without hesitation.
Pain and disgust I was prepared for the expectations I have been betrayed.

"... Oh oh Iyan ーーー'll sigh"
"... There went there there"
I just swallowed the last word, that no matter what, my husband has been multiplied worse.
"... I Iti Noi ?····" feeling Naoko
At that moment, something has expired, crackling in my head.
It should be a wife, mother to be, before the bride to be, and I guess the hoop.
"I feel so very Iyo Noi"
I sat shaking violently while raising your voice like a kick devour.
"Mom, I did finally get honest, I'm happy too"
My son is a strong hold while I whispered in her ear. And "our father too, and I'm in, not knowing each other more, instead of two people 楽Shimeyo patience."
I said to my husband and bride.
When my son naked, fingers, hands, mouth, the tongue, the language has to caress the body.
"I'll ー ーー Huh huh uh ーーー KUU Tsu Tsu Oh Shit"
I feel like Iitsu "····· Iitsu Iitsu "
"········· ーー'll be genuine ooh're mad Ugh Ugh'll be spoiled do not fill with Yo ーー Oh "
Incessantly, a voice comes out.
I clung to his chest, thigh Suritsukemashita groin.
I ask again another "······ "
Indeed, there was resistance to the word afterwards.
"What is it, Mom. ... It has become impatient?"
I nodded silently "···· You're not, say tea Kurenaku clear from the mouth of my mother "
And the unkind.
I can not stand to embrace "······ asks again "
"Why do you want what you say and you really do not know"
"······ Feel let'll put more "
"Where what?"
I thoroughly unkind son.
But it was not like Jaarimasen.
It seems like I was maybe even M seemed to make me feel better amplify the masochistic pleasure.
Naoko "·········· put a penis in her pussy Yuji "
"... Oh Aaaaaaatsu"
Feel his word, as peeing, I even get wet.
He came and lay on his back overhanging cover me.
[Had] a condom with 貰Wanakya ......
I thought, I told him "feel Mitakunai directly to my penis? 感Jitakunai ... splashes of semen you in the back of the uterus?"
And has been whispered.
Revived earlier to mind the scene of the video.
I silently closed her eyes tight, clung to his chest.
We'll proceed as if the signal back to it.
When the tip is fitted, to tear things with a sense of my body weight is likely to place sound like Merimeritsu has been inserted.
[I'll never ...... big ーーー ?······ Uaa just came, so Chai broken "
Our parents finally did I set foot in a forbidden garden.

Also at this time, I will update.

Do you?

Known in the neighborhood who do not incestuous relationship? The 43-year-old mother single mothers. There are 17 year old son. Sending your child to the days of lust and incest and child to doting mother every day. It allows me to wear underwear to my son, our son will always be in a rut, too indecent underwear. But the events that led to a variety of incest, my son is not with me unless erection. Riya is a child but I managed to come to the heart and soul every day since I was masturbating for 12 years. Sasetai child feel more involved in repeatedly goes out over six months, to the best of 愛Shi合Imashita want and more pleasing. Now in the house is enough to shave pubic hair also thought to pass the child to anyone who lives in the nearly-naked. The son of a joy every day raising their voices 迸Rimasu given me the pleasure of the sexual variety. When old marriage, marriage as good parents and relatives disinherited against 押Shi切Ri. My husband divorced in 1996. This became even more so doting son. Do not mind being criticized by others? Was feeling. May be to blame for her son incest with a desire to become my son was too reclusive. Wednesday was the last I seen his wife's house across the street from the opening of the garden and I was loving my son feel at home there. I would also have us shut up, I heard about the mouth, barely distracted eyes when I met the mother on Monday. I would like my son and even overlap the body to feel the fear. Always in the house her son lust mother until I feel mermaid. If you've known around the neighborhood and their relationship, or that you tell me what happened?

By car

Been divorced five years ago, who returned with his son in the family home.
Home for his parents and brother's family is helping with the family business with the help of a nearby apartment.
The license takes his son to college last year, are you happy about riding around in my car.
I take the stress was considered an occasional hug me whether there was such a gap, or.
I think I'm spoiled, but it touches the chest and thighs came into the embrace of bed in the night.
Maybe I should scold severely melted there.
Hug from behind which was a waste Mogakimashita the first hand inside the underwear stretches. Son to come to every day.
Groped in a long time, and lower body another son naked rub it around the penis to release. I'm going back to my room and.
Usually, I was living in a manner quite different from each other.
For me, began to change in time of fear volupte time.
Become more deeply felt and thought but not every day.
Prompted by his son, by hand, now and in the mouth take.
Seen to brighten every corner in the room my son anymore, but I finally got to reach.
My son has Sarashimashita put a condom in front of the penis.
Kio Hiraku legs closed eyes in silence. In my exhausted son four times.

Two sons and

And junior high school, the mother of two sons.
Became the first son relationship between sex with her husband absent.
Where his son away I seen two people naked and embrace each other to two months, but it turned to two opponents.
In recent years now that with two sons have been made to do quite obscene.
And I want to be more and more obscene, is now thinking
It's embarrassing, I think people do not put together two of the penis is in front.
Would you please tell someone.

I'm with child

yuna himekawa[5666]
I married one year and two months. I am 27 years old, husband is 29 years old. Father is husband just turned 55. The former boss that I was a secretary. It is the other woman when he was working for me too. I was told when trying to liquidate the relationship from her father decided the marriage. I think I was bad at the same time seeing you, even after marriage relationship has continued. I'm really hot for 55 years of age. Living together, they do not, I quit my job and get married at the same time, full-time homemaker now. In the absence of one month Tatte married and the father came home 30 minutes in the morning without Tatte husband is at work.
"I can not stand still"
And he immediately entered the room of the apartment, was held at the hall from the entrance. Then morning comes once a week. It may come through the work day. Since company executives Father, I want to be free too much time. So, the husband has sex twice a week, but I then, your father and as many as five times a week has been. Embraced by the Father to the morning or afternoon, evening, and it may be held in the husband's son. To continue doing this, but really feel guilty, so sex with your father, tried to deny that many times, the body will do what I want. What should I think of her husband if the child early pregnancy, not yet. I would want my body. Not helpless.

-2 Exchange

This is Naoko.
Son the priest, the last address thank you.
The last time I forgot to write, 22-year-old son got a job now at 18, got married a year before the bride at the age of 27.
My husband and I are sort of a childhood friend, the relationship from school, he was my first man,
My husband and I have not lived until now without any male experience.
Today, 47 years old husband, and I am 41 years old.
This thing is a son of a wife suspected affair, that seems to have discovered a hidden camera installed in my house.

So, I'll write more.

I release the body of his son waving solve "received not say such nonsense. You and I'm a real family!"
And cried.
My son, however, nothing daunted, "But Mom, do not just looked at my cock to devour, is not bigger than my father?"
"Did not you happen to get wet?"
Said with a sinister look.
I do not have that "······· along "
I countered with "So, why show me the evidence is not wet, the panties off"
No sooner said, embracing the waist of my panties and dragged 下Roshimashita put her hand into her skirt.
I hastily pressed skirts, sit down and unsteadily to the sofa, panties 抜Ki取Rimashita from your feet.
And I said triumphantly at your fingertips stroking the inside of the panty crotch area.
"I have something with gunk, but will say it is not wet?"
"Father and son saying the truth, Did not I just got so wet watching her son's cock"
I could not argue anymore.
Yes, other male genitalia for the first time my husband, and saw the big fat thing And when I saw the moment of ejaculation,
[······· When pierced big like that, I wonder what you gonna]
[... 受Ke止Metara bring up violently in the back of semen womb, I wonder what you feel]
And I say forget the moment that his son is projected there, I imagine we had gotten.
"'m Sitting and doing so well this time you'll get dirty skirts"
Is said, I rise slowly,
Bully anymore so please forgive "··············· "
And just say,
"Wait, did the dirty panties might have been before coming to this room
I'll never see the same scene 濡Renakattara forgive "
Saying, rewind the video, I started playing.
"Instead, I look away Do not be with you"
Forget to stab nails.

In front of the video began to play an earlier shock.
My son was standing behind me, and to encourage a closer look.
"Watch it Mom, Look at the well. Big fat right?"
Snake tongue is made by hand squeezing the glans while wife [······· that so hard is it? ········]
I thought the moment, as if they were my heart heard the voice of "And I'm very hard"
And ear 囁Kimasu "really something, not to revenge my father, I always liked old things from my mom.
I thought I was going to put something in my mother's pussy forever "
"In the past, but I had to make a masturbation fantasy that while Mother"
"I think my mom, and I'll get harder,"
I can not say I did not do anything.
That you mention it as it were, a student at my son, there would often be missing for several days my favorite underwear.
Side dish to my underwear, and I've been masturbating with my son, I realized this the first time.
"And they would have noticed, Yumiko and length of hair, color, and I will have the same mother. 解Karu you why?"
The answer is attached imagine, I did say from the mouth.
"When I get back in, I feel like What can become a mother to have been like"
On the screen is violently Shigoi Yumiko hand "to do Oh, I want to blame your mother pussy hard"
I was such a state as if hypnotized.
[Must Not conscious, she'll lose 濡Retara]
Thinking about and, without imagining things when that happens, they were scarcely.
And can not stand feeling like suffocating, hot and heavy hips, Ijimemasu me further.
Eventually, my son came in the finish of the screen.
When I saw the semen gushing from the penis hard, I fall into the illusion as if I poured into her womb aloud short.
There did not "············ "
Pic to just when the power of the body missing and felt something which fell to the thigh.
Bend down to their feet and noticed a change in my son, have reached a finger thigh.
"Mom, I have come to love 伝Tsu liquid overflowing from the thigh down to her pussy"
"I'm happy. I will look at this wet stuff on me, and even negative in the head, the body it is honest"
She said, stroking the thigh of the fingers of my son love juice coming up on our stage.
To me, I could not even hold the hand of her son to escape it.
On the contrary, where widespread pleasure from his fingers touched her son now can not stand long.
And I came out naturally sweet voice as well as pressing.
Ah Yo ーーー ー'll "········ spoiled Dda "
're Mad when you touch so simple "············ "
Eventually, his fingers reached the destination, we at once you slip into honey pot.
"Oh Aaaaaaaaaaaaa Iyaaaaaaaatsu they'll"
I've finally allowed entry into the body, and really can not stand,
Accept as finger deeper, I sat down to collapse on the spot.

I'm sorry.
And has it been longer, so I got a strange feeling to come is far 思I出Shitara.
Also continued at a later date, you will write.


It is now about two months ago, was still around on hot days continue.
The son came home after work, come home, "Dad, Mom, come from where there is a sitting area with little to show"
I said.

Our house is an atypical two-family dwelling, entrance and sitting room, drawing-room in common,
House wife right into our front door, his son left the house the couple.
Each entry has the key is turned to each other's privacy be protected.
However, only seen from the outside would be nothing more than a slightly larger house.

Then go to the living room to my son, sitting on the couch was already the wife.
My son and my husband sit next to the bride, I sit in front of the TV
Sit next to me hung for granted.
Normally, I sit naturally together a couple of each thing that I thought it looked weird and did not listen intentionally.
Dim the lights and adjust the room by remote control put the power of television.
"What? Something of a new movie or something?"
And asked, "Look, if I understand"
And answered short.
Because there was a sound like angry tone, did not listen any more.

The video begins to turn, was multiplied by the projected bed covered with floral middle of the screen.
Hear the voices of men and women from outside the window, a young woman soon to his underwear, 映Rimashita middle-aged man wearing a suit followed.
I "··········· "
Why? Tsumarimashita put words to say.
Now a moment frozen in the air in the room.
Men and women in the screen is a husband and wife was without a doubt.
While lying in bed embracing crowded two people, you hear the chime in the distance and are exchanging kisses on each other while Masaguri body.
歪Memashita the husband to wear casual visitor, a bride who went out the door.
I heard the voice of the bride and son and interim pleasure.
"You, what is at this hour?"
A fevered loud and hid under the bed with my husband hastily.
"I was hanging chain why something"
"I'm sorry, from what I was about to enter the bath"
"Came from close to work, and I tried to stop by"
My son and hug her eyes watching erotic body, 押Shi倒Shimashita bed.
Hand and lower body stretching body Masagutsu son was, "Do not make awww. I got stomach pains getting something"
"Are you in a long dress like this was because"
And she says, led to his crotch in her hand, "I just end like this, I will not work anymore"
脱Gi捨Temashita stretch trousers and pants while saying this.

Go big ········
It is thicker than about one thing my husband around, and the length was long enough to 頭分 turtle.
My husband and I just no experience, was overwhelmed by the other male's first plot.
Son to bed and she was on all fours and started to caress the mouth and hands.
Quite quickly, I told my son that is approaching the climax, "I, I never seen the moment of ejaculation, as it spits out, not your mouth?"
Say, things started to rub his face away from her son violently.
"Out there"
At the same time my son says, from the tip of your penis, semen came out first and then mash Pyu Innovation.

Suddenly my son, off the TV for bright rooms.
The husband and wife with a pale without looking up.
My son is almost Omoshirokuna "After this I then went to work, drank the semen of the father Yumiko, I'm doing to sex"
"Dase mon in the moss at all,"
"········· To show us something like this, you've got what you want "
When my husband asked, "I want revenge for my father"
"I'm a father to his wife 寝取Ra. Let me why someone my mother"
When you declare it, embrace me on the shoulder, his groin 引Ki寄Semashita my hand.
There was seen alive earlier Kina Hiroshi things are hard.
Write more now


School is over, and take the train coming home from playing with friends, boarded the train that day slower than usual. Rush home and overlap, just crowded in the train Chikan. Been touched in touch with each other butt back, and it was scary trying to jitter, but in the hands of the skirt. Been touched over the panties, and get off at the station out of action there really was afraid. I thought I finally got off the freed people of Chikan We got off in a hurry to see the face of Chikan, how it was his father. I also thought that I thought I was,
Casual attire to hail and the way his father did not always see me without eyes, especially strange. But I heard we received pocket money when they bullied Just two people and then my father passed about a week. "I had the last Chikan" Then his father, a stern tone, "but when" I asked, "In the evening the train about a week ago," you say, my father was "no guy" I say, "Daddy Daddy like," you answer, look to the distaste, "I see so" upset and feel. I'll look cute and bullying father suddenly given a "put her hand into the skirt. Kano Hana nice guy but what if the child high school girls?" And say, "He really is outrageous," a word with . "But the good feelings that I'm a little ~
I also looked like a father, I'm not my father did not expect that! ? "Another silence and say.'ll Look the same and that the ~, Shitarashiku ideas."
Sorry, out of a whim, I did it knowing you are "and 打Chi明Kemashita."
But, I'm good, you'll get other people were arrested, "say, and how the season." I do not anymore, "and say" I'm not you mother recently, so -. "Come sit next to." You're a little felt, from no longer comfort me you, "and. Began to touch the body." No, you
Dad, stop it "to say stop. I have become his underwear now." Please forgive "and to resist and" found out from, and just FARA "I, reluctantly to Farah I'll be. there father is big and hard to keep Tino Naka. FARA now to give him, "Here we go," released in your mouth and I. Agerumashi drink a little bitter, but luck or. But a
Just 納Marazu times, I'll turn into another one. Rim learning as many people, even in your mouth the second time. That day is over you got a pocket, 3
Sun position to me again when "counting" and father. I could not refuse to give in yet again. This relationship is likely to continue for some time now.

Her son become the best 50

Started a relationship with his son, to 10 years have passed.
At that time, I'm 18 years old son was still 40 years old son, there are many fine Mote her.
I was not having an affair from Sekkusuresu with my husband, they have witnessed the scene enter the hotel with the other party having an affair with his son, "I - san do, I'm a woman yet," is said, you mean'm first? The Ppori could not understand.
"I often use too ○ ○ hotel"
"The Io - san and I'll keep it secret to the" place to say that the conversation is over, and came out naked in the tub one night only son a few days
"Which is huge and I do my boyfriend - san?"
At that time, I'm bigger than my son and my husband, even though things might still erection.
What color do I "does not erect than not"
"I, I do not and can not compare Well Blow 起Tanai"
When parent-child relationship and was not thinking about each other open and incestuous mother yet.
I am taking a bath after my son, I thought I will fight for his son to show underwear prank in mind while I was away from home My husband, wearing a purple T-back camisole garter belt Invisibility,
Out of the bath, TV watching 見Se付Kemashita son.

Then my son put his head to the erection of the penis as the type of boxer briefs,
"What - san, Eloi! I better my milf Saffle"
"Oh, I'm not happening for tea seeds ~ Blow"
"Big thing of piercing you! You'm glad she?"
"People will be happy"
"How many piercing? Have a girlfriend?"
"What! A grave dug his mother ~ who would then have a first grader who is a classmate's OL"
"I'm a man, but four people"
While they stood in the living room having a conversation with two people,
"You'll heal you - san in the T. Blow?"
"Are you talking about? I'm family!"
Finished my son and I lowered the briefs and started blowjob.
Saffle is the son of 4 people expected.逝Kazu Easy
They knew the coming wet blowjob while I also
Son lying on the spot, while wearing the underwear, my son span.
Various positions change, and promised to Hayato enjoy each other bondage sex got to enjoy each other about two hours has passed 10 years.
Right now it has become involved and enjoy swapping anal exposure,
I still feel her son's penis is the best.

My husband and married three years ago to now become the slave of our son.

Thank you for clumsy sentences acquaintance.

Is the limit

The housewife has her this board will look good.
I want to do in the past two years and serving just turned 40 this year, her husband and has no relationship with Sekkuresu,
When I was unhappy also limited, I saw this board.
Masturbation in the past two years have been honest comfort. This is the limit. No way to miss the human skin.
And without the courage to flirt, however, the affair as if his son would now have to see what this board.
My son is 17 years old this year. Next year, I also take note, and sometimes 移Semasen Naka Naka action I think you'd of inconvenience.
I hope you appreciated the words of advice and support you.


My first experience was when the 12. Partner is the father. Night, suddenly came into bed asleep I let undress. I feel good and has gradually added daily resistance.

And nephews

I (42) is a homemaker.
Kamigyou to college for a nephew from the countryside in April.
Go to school near my house from my apartment.
Last month, brought the fruit had been sent from the countryside, visited the house. My husband is a business trip because you can easily (and day), dinner for one person.
We talked a lot fun.
When you are out of my bra is.
My nephew Will was aware of it. When I stood up to the kitchen was 押Shi倒Sa.
Ear saying, went to open the body. My husband and rarely.
My nephew was a virgin. At first it did not work, and I was taught gentle.
Now, I hugged my husband and nephew on every trip.

Son libido treatment

When I heard you were arrested in child prostitution friends from her son's companion was surprised to be so quiet child.
Boy still imagine various things. The next day, and she asked that her son did not say I am, and responses. A man has boldly and say, if it is over.
Last night, my husband is now away on incentives. When the bath your son, "mother love" is 抱Kitsuka and in bed. Now the relationship between men and women. But I do not have regrets, and my husband to come to light note.


One day I saw my friend's son had to masturbate. Big cock, masturbation panting while I imagine that is inserted. Finally exploded one day than I have become involved and eventually do. Son relationship is good. I am 46 years old, 19 years old son.


Look at this board has many posts related to housewives with a son, please let me know.
My son (a high) are brought into the room my panties.
You may have tried masturbation. Became part of the crotch hard and crunchy.
Willingness to forgive, that I'm feeling a little wave may be seen as a woman.
My husband and only about 1.2 times a year. Comfort to your fingers.
What now has a son from a relationship with this situation.

Mon forbidden relationship Aichi

The 45-year-old housewife.
Continues a relationship with his son once a month.
Items that my husband take care of themselves in order to meet my son went to the University of Tokyo Getting them to agree,
From the end of the weekend in the Northeast where there are train go by.

Go to Tokyo for six months until his son, stole her husband's eyes almost every day, had a relationship with my son.
I taught my son the wonders of the pleasure I had forgotten.
Another son was a prisoner of the flesh.溺Remashita.
The vagina is still wet so simply return those feelings to the dazzling Bolero.
When my son passed the University of Tokyo, so also happy, sometimes sad.
This happy I will be dispersed far from the original is no more painful a happy hour
Tokyo sent his son to say to myself to become a parent-child relationship as before but on this occasion
I was going to send her son from the "I want my mother to" get a call until it is.
置手紙 leave her husband found himself, boarded the train, I had to go under the son.
Sex was the best one-month son. Fallen asleep.
My son realized that no other body has become not live.
Than when I was only two days for every day, I had myself felt surprisingly fresh for a long time either.
Continues to be not identical in the two and a half years now, and that relationship becomes addictive.
The unusually crazy from it to replenish more months of a passion, not to say in two days.

The other day the hotel is pressed against the glass window, watching the people who work in office buildings some distance,
Exploiting the squid was violently back.
I whispered in his ear son.
"I watch everybody. An odious figure of Mother" s.
I felt helpless as I no longer ashamed.
That parents have never seen it but I felt I was really unable to guess Some people imagine.
Please look for tips will do so next month will also see the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Please look at me look lewd. I'm drowning in a forbidden pleasure.


At the age of 17 is me.
One day, in folding the laundry yesterday and was still Iteta of underwear into the laundry is different. Why? Thinking and wondering, you think about this underwear is worn Bun day before yesterday.
That night, yesterday I was not into my underwear and take a look at today's underwear in the washing machine after my brother got in the bath.
Fearfully, if there is wet parts and we try to get their underwear, smelled of sperm.
At that time my brother was 14, if the H healthy boy looking around with a book and video I thought why not. But this is just shock, I mean, I was full of mixed feelings of disgust.
That night I could not sleep easily.
Masturbating with my underwear next to my brother today
I've noticed what should I do? I tell the truth? Shimawanai brother or hurt it? I should shut up? But it escalated to this Ittara? Tsudzukimashita conflict following the conflict.
The day went past without anyone not say this. But this action did not cease his brother can.
Imperceptibly I will now think about this while masturbating.
Ijirimashita over underwear pussy on purpose. Imagine a younger brother to use it,
But more excited, to be heard next door to my brother's nasty voice.
Masturbation and have one day as usual and found that someone came through the door. And care while continuing to masturbate, and slowly opened the door slightly. The Nozoka I, myself is very exciting. Easy to see that deliberately trick the mind, heart and Ijirimashita pussy. Now they are my brother Shigoi the penis in the door.
"Ugh," my brother is like gone. I went back to the room and close the door carefully. Lightning was seen masturbating first time I went.
The next day my brother came to peep. Violently than yesterday, with a finger in the pussy out, as my brother happy. Today I feel irresistible to me made it the go ahead. It was like my brother did just then.

My brother has a peek today as usual. But I have this day, "Who?" So, my brother was rushed back to the room. Oh brother went to that room. My brother, "for something?" And tried to cool the 装Ou. It as fun, "a little talk," saying Hitokoto and entered the room. My brother does not seem to settle down in silence. I said, "What did you do?" When asked, "separate" answered bluntly.
突Kitsukemashita find my brother under the bed in my underwear. My brother was crying so cute, I felt so honest.下Roshimashita brother's pants as it is. Silencing pointed underwear to protest his brother. Sasurimashita trunks from the top of the penis of a brother talking all that far. So much that I'm torn into large trunks. Give longer penis gently move it out Okkiku, and touched with the tip Bikun reaction. Still, his mouth and tongue, which crawled in your mouth, my brother in the mouth in less than a minute to launch. Swallowing sperm before the face of his brother, his brother Sorasemashita eyes red in the face. Already pretty irresistible. Sperm with a kiss on the mouth, stiffness and will soon touch the penis that still remain in the hardness. Rub my boobs have seemed to its brother in the mood. Cautiously, but I felt really slow. Still in bed
They were already fully man and a woman. He gave a gentle lick my pussy while his face buried. And I finally accepted him. I love them anyway to move his hips frantically, it leaks a voice to match, too.
And They Mukaemashita the climax of pleasure.

The next day I meet is a little awkward. School without even talking to you two.

I watched my son

I stayed at a friends house Masahiko son the other day, I put the phone to thank the other party.
"Well, well, I thank all the way" I was the mother of the other party is going ahead with the phone, "I do not think it will help the boys around, I was doing alone in the room together. I H and I was watching the video, "I hope that the mother of the other words are you have a video like that kind of Masahiko.
"Shota is such a thing but of no interest 一向Ni, it is not in trouble Ohohotsu"
I'm so into my head, "the Yes, I do not have to be something like that video of Masahiko, because I'm always checking up" and called, "Well, where the mother of his own s nothing but the best known and unknown child. "
Deceive each other but, like I was there.
But it is my Masahiko, "I stayed home You should not go to another Swallow Shota" I like.
Refers to the translation, Masahiko said, "but I certainly watched the video I H, but rather to let me watch Shota and I had secretly hidden in the house of Shota."
If that's true father or partner, mother makes things were concealed.
", The video was what, speak to your mother," I was suddenly interested in becoming infested.
I mean, I want to blame a child who Chino, Is not terrible.
Things I might have enjoyed watching with the wife and her husband secretly.
"It is embarrassing," and Masahiko is going to be red.
Care will become still more intense and so what I think.
"You know, you can be like that mom?"
"What is it, You'll know things like that. Look saying things right"
"... I put it in the ass," Masahiko is difficult to do so, I began 上目使I good.
I got in trouble I want to respond to what Yara.
"The Well, what you put your ass!"
"It's so cock" 漂Imashita silence between two people.
"The story you later," I concluded.
For me to put the arrays in the ass, and I was not even considered.
Was not considered that there would be enough if only the world of gay.
Anyway, if you were watching the house was really something, Masahiko Shota-kun,
Maybe you put into your asshole wife and her husband also, and would have been nervous.
I, when taking a bath, I was gone gently with your fingers touching my butt about remembering.
No wonder those of us her pussy, I hope they feel familiar with, seemed to go pretty much, the anus.
But I also translated Ikimasen now her husband on the scrounge.
Nevertheless, I've had interest in becoming infested.
It was there that night.
Masahiko goes alone with, "Hey, but what you said before, is well aware Masahiko?" We often talk about this.
I was going to sex education, "while I guess some men and women in the ass"
"The mother is not?"
"Mostly I do not have, if you've never seen a real vagina, maybe sometimes they put the wrong ass, ho ho ho ho"
Masahiko lure, She asked me on the bed rubbing his back.
I shifted down I was going to make pajama pants on purpose.
Me rubbing my ass meat for a while, I was getting too wet vagina.
It seems that interested me Masahiko ass, and I was still nervous Shime Shime mind.
Erogenous zones are stimulated in the ass as a bonus, I'm more, I had gone to the hips and make it more Kune et al.
No longer have it anymore, "Digi Masahiko, look mom ass. Now, more pants down," and say, shaking hands and pants down too Masahiko,
Has expanded at the crack of ass thumbs.
"Here, you're ass hole is," In terms of voice and 上擦Tta has gently touched with finger.
"Oh Oh!" Reacts with and now I've seen in the tip of the tongue lick.
Quick and I was elevated to the buttocks and vagina Jinwari was still getting wet.
"Try putting E! Try putting Tsu's cock Masahiko there," and say, with the saliva and Masahiko, astride been relying on my erect penis, and have been pushing Gugutsu.
I would relax the anus, Zuritsu, Zuritsu, I was coming out into the penis and anus Ito Hutoshi buds.
I was getting hit in the testicles of Masahiko cooch crotch and spread a little.
"Oh oh, you lucky Digi Kit. Jeon Yeah cock out" while good, however I was using the waist.
While I feel the love, Masahiko 頼Moshi to anal for the first time I had to let them sit Kune 濡Rase the pleasure of the first sheet.

What should I do how

When I heard you were arrested in child prostitution friends from her son's companion was surprised to be so quiet child.
Again the boy, You ought to have an adult and imagine various things. The next day, her friends worried about his son could have asked. I am, my son did not say and reply. A man has boldly and say, if it is over. Two days later, taking a bath in our "mother love" is 抱Kitsuka, 受Ketomemashita libido son in the room. I felt the satisfaction of sexual desire processing consistent with guilt and son incest mother and child in the semen flows out. What can I do this reality, please tell me who are experienced with my son.