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Incest confession of women(2005-07)


Cold! Really cold, here. I have also caught the tide.

Made for summer vacation.

Tonight everyone is into summer vacation weeks a year to students from my aunt, nephew of the country, and to have been asked to stay on, to crack a nephew and his friends the night together! It is still two days from coming home, somehow, a change in my underwear? Apparently, our nephew is not like when I'm not here looking to room with me, and tonight is like while taking a bath which was peeps! To test this evening, but with a stain underwear look purposely placed in a basket in my dressing room used, or have I am looking forward responsive Ne how Tsu ~ ♪


I'll grind summer sea is romantic all year

Incest mother tonight

10 days will be tied to a true son. After a long holiday, thinking about tomorrow tonight I want to enjoy the mess for two.
DVD is a bad mother son during the day to remove the excited one.
Heh - heh incest mother tonight is someone DVD Please see Ne actress becomes the


Here's what I'm talking about what home is all that I was not doing this

And to: a ~ ♪ ... Thank you.

yuna himekawa[734]
> Incest? Should be written.

In one line of the post lady, or good answer to what?
[730] I think this criticism of the post.
We apologize that I had a little bit off.
But now ... for a family incest in my life as a stream,
I met people here post on the site ... write to fold into a certain number of lines of text spiritual exchange with Yoo Mi.
Several times to get out of all sentences in that post I 折Rimasen.
I (lily) Overall (incest) I am glad if it can be read as part of life.

A Nasan What is there to make yourself more posts? ?
Or do you just get people to browse and read? ?
A party of a post, the inconvenience to everyone I think.
成Reru through this site to your friends ... and I think that Nasan.
The criticism of my family read the story, you'll enjoy a criticism, I would think I am very pleased.
If you have talked with in an incestuous family of Lana.

My family, parents, sisters, siblings, parents grandchildren, lesbian parents etc.
I say abnormal family relationships in the world.
My family, the family is also happy Ino Makoto family home in ~ ♪
However, the important thing is the only contraceptive SEX parents kept securely in the fold.
Also in this post, mother, father and daughter, who also gave birth to the child seems to get pregnant with a sibling? ?
I think Dangerous Liaisons serve to understand.
While the party can stay even De無I people who Hayashi立Teru it.
For example a few percent to take some risks but it can produce a child to think for example to avoid pregnancy.
Abortion also be lower for children ...
I think not enough humiliation for women 是Re take us.

Because of the loneliness of the moment, I find it a guilty pleasure is.
Parents and children would be better to SEX.
But ... I like to avoid pregnancy by using contraceptives such as condoms and pills, I think adults should have the wisdom.
Want to sacrifice their children for adult 有Rimasen ignorant.

In Will you or your reply! ?
This time, 有Ri難U御座Imashita.
A lily ... that's more to 2005/07/29

At school with my brother

And a brother of Mika is the same school. Mika has a brother in the middle of the room found a naughty book from my brother What I recent being three. I'm so normal ~ even talk to friends about it. What did you think I must look so I do not want to see Mika odiousness things lately.

When I was walking down the hall had been a friend and brother by accident a few weeks ago, "Mika, do you free now?" From they say "Yeah, but I'm now in the club during training camp come from the teacher I "The men's toilet things 連Re込Nda Mika did not say I suddenly everyone! "What? What is this?" Suddenly come to kiss your mouth I said "Uhh ーー Phew!" To him by the arm to three seniors who can resist me, in a small private room without a toilet You're disgusting, butt stroke, Mika came into their hands is taking off in shorts bloomers ~
Brother still worth a damn, but I resisted so crazy about the way your nipple licked Mika on roll up bras. Another person was in before the scythe Demou confusing feeling for where I'm licking tongue licking the pee out of a crouch Mika. "I 犯Shitakatta Mika before, I am" because I called. Let your brother is with lots of spit masturbation finger Mika Bakkari I was rubbing up and down because he usually cracks Mika place is really feeling I got "No Anymore Huh" I Mika said to the blood vessels stand out because I'm the little boy curled up very well in the nude naked big brother is. The little boy came in and mix and suddenly the mouth of Mika! Although older brother who was playing with a split Kuchukuchu Kitara been sick until now something to shake his head violently back and forth by hand Mika "and has also fully erect clitoris, but I'll put more" me. At first I was suddenly pushing Nyurun sexual intercourse with the slightest tip of the little boy Guigui, Mika! I tan while screaming in pain in pain who lost their opening was the first time a senior from half Once I ~ Mika (T_T) and my brother are being denied or put out roughly to ignore me Gutchugutchu Are you. The splashing sound I'm getting a little blood dripping on the floor you see your own pussy. "Very hard! Mika sigh I really feel good!" Jerk about Mika's body is lifted suddenly did not say I! Chupyun to feel hot and thrust into the vagina to the uterus deep winkle in time! I pulled out my brother's.
Maybe next time ~ I thought I was done and because I have to insert a different person! "No more useless ーー!" Mika yelled at, but bad boys have been different in the toilet And when it was really embarrassed because I bowed to a pee-toe as it is transmitted through hips Did you pee of! "It comes to light do not be quiet," my brother despite being mean, now on when I'm being put in sexual intercourse that Mika has been put in force the hole in the ass dick your slimy juice sex Mika! Mika got too easy to get in was full of juice, "I poop ーー hmm!" It was inevitable to put a voice to me ~, Thats just ejaculate inside, and for two 引Ki抜Itara Did you go too hard to stir up Mika from Mika finger holes are even older brother came dripping semen trickle. Because I'm the other floors can have sex with pee puddle juice and let the blood ー station. Then came last example covered her face with ejaculate ー will face a few times, Mika was put pee naked seniors face. Because my brother to put in the terrible and the only station Mose ー been hanging strips until I pee in your face when transmitted through breast was rolled over on to ransack your finger from the vagina stet dark I just got home from my brother to the night crawling since Mika
I feel weird ーー ーー Huh

Ne is a hot summer ^ ^!

High school sophomore son, in the beginning of summer, complete your homework, rest, spend time with my schedule to see Tsu slow! Has my child in the belly of his son well and have my son in the father is composed of a great man, respectably well Tsu vagina, in the afternoon ☆ 堪Razu better looking, my If you go looking for the Na, Fufutsu ^ ^!

Re: [730] to love ... ♪ Sister Yumie

Incest? Should be written.

Sister loves to Yumie ... ♪

> This week to take the day off yesterday and today, but Tom was a partner and cleaning the house, even outside the vagina so hot and not refreshing, until now worked with Tom in the room cooler Today was crazy ♪ ® watering from AHHHH · · · towards me and I ~ Tsu, ♪ ® pant were raised hear the voice (♪ embarrassed) Of course, ♪ Ne wore a camisole But, I also beauty, what we received Na dick with hair loss? Will always probably be happy with Tom ♪ Ne Because I handle myself, but I place much Na?
> Today's Tom mono, ♪ ® ♂ was good more is impressive

Hello ~ ♪
Yoo Mi-ae's a good to have sex with Tom ~ ♪
Recently, the thigh and went home, went to a friends house and I love your mom did not. (Sad?)
However, Mr. Yoo Mi ~! ~ Listen! I was a Mom I love and sex twice, but it is amazing ~ ♪ ~ ♪ twice
Really, I love your dick is bigger I (a surprise)

※ The beauty of hair loss is more commonly seen as part of the table.
Hair loss treatment is that the private parts under which they have in the area so embarrassing?
In the few? Watch it look on the Internet.
If the lily is mom to pay me in full.
He placed about 150,000 yen per person. Your friend's mom is a beauty salon.
It is also here from the Salon regulars mom ... (Why Has discounts -)
I attended six to seven times.
Too much woman, where there'll be a shame people from lesbian relationship ...
Yuri 解Rimasu well come from hot body with excitement when something has been processed.
You can see it coming stay moist Asco I not supposed to feel (embarrassed ~ ♪)
Lily is easy to grow into immediately from the usual ~ ♪ Bichobicho
No. It seems that flowed under the buttocks with a towel pull people Este.
Year-old man who was beautiful in the same level as the lily.
Could not stand being like that caressed the lily fingers touching the genitalia of the person.
有Rimasu voice out a few times thinking it (shame ~ ♪)
~ Because I really like going to rely on laser hair pluck one by one around the hole ... touch the sensitive area.
Aloud at the most is around the clitoris to Noke反Tsu (by ~ The blushing)
Lily, lily of the body of a person's fingers are in charge of this beauty Shan,
Enough to touch the goose bumps where part was made to feel like sensitivity.

I'm really excited embarrassing would (laughs)
Yuri, because they still goes to this beauty salon ~ ♪
Staff consisted of women from friends, I kind of like to try to invite any meal time.
If you quit Yu ~ The Ae's angry (jealous want to ♪)
Yuri's mind to go carve it's slightly Yoo Mi ♪ ~
Yuri, I have sex with people other than your friends mom 有Rimasen relationship.
I was fascinated by other people, Yoo Mi's first time (tears)
So maybe. ~ Yuri Yu Mi's and think about the ♪,
Nervous and excited to come (Ah ~ ~ I want Embrace ♪ ♪)

Incest is not even out between the family of the lily family.
Yuri also from an early age, growing up knowing came over society in general.
有Rimasen to have things well you work! The society also rubbed 有Rimasen things for sure.
Of course, good things, bad things will fold of common sense knows better.
Tsuchikatta thing for gentle sensibilities of the lily family along.
That reason alone, makes the idea of thinking lily pure.
Fold consider a pure feeling against Yoo Mi's.
Yoo Mi-ae's is great incentive to give lily heart.
So that might be blazing hot heart of the lily.
Yuri, I also know of more than usual SEX fold. But my heart is another.
Do not forget I love the 折Rimasen tears.

Yuri, Yoo Mi's love ~ ♪
Yuri, it's a moment I forget 有Rimasen Yu Mi.
I always like is hot, pounding the body.
Yoo Mi-ae's I want to hug ~ ~ ♪ ♪ lily

This week, the evening of Friday, I am going to my parents.
Dad driving, I'll pick the thigh and lily.
Dad on the phone ... "from the meet to pick up his thigh and lily"
Yuri schedule, K had planned to go to sex and love's house!
The invitation from Yuri lovers can also 断Remasen (happy ~ ♪)
This time, my husband does not come in the work of the lily (miss -)
I'm sure mom is the most sad (so cute ~)
Lilies can be peaches and I love to have sex with daddy ~ ♪
In or I will report back 来Mashitara ~ ♪

To everyone reading the posts there to make yourself ※ ~ ♪
My post was somewhat less for private parts!
Please forgive.
Everyone has gotten to read my post, with the slump incest
有Rimashitara unhappy! ? I say go.
From lily 2005/07/27


I am 41 years old. My husband died in a car accident three years ago, and lives alone with a 16-year-old Kazuya. Since the office to work Orimashita parts before you deposit with us to leave his home while my husband and only luxury is a decent living conditions for the Yukeru possible. My husband died in pain of not fully healed yet, but not every day that comfort themselves by smell fading clothes holding him and he wanted the body of a night too. My husband is a man of my first experience, he has been indoctrinated into all the night life. Normal outdoor exposure from the action S
M · until Scat Anal. He did not allow me to wear regular underwear. So in my chest of drawers contained nothing but underwear is not obscene, I would remind him every day in a dressing. A number of tools out in the back of the leaves is to use Tansu, will still seek the warmth of the human body. The only salvation is the presence of his son, Kazuya. Child has grown to me without any kindness I normally go wrong. State that people work hard for us to study can also help moderate the house.
I began to feel the gaze of Kazuya Recently, however. Not really and I have a normal life, as if looking Around the chest and licking my ass and find self. What at first that my imagination? And I thought I did not know that I never saw a woman. Well the last thing to fear, but the thing she wants to convey in the back of my mind Maybe I might become like that.
When I was taking a bath in the dirt and tiredness of the day. When the washing machine to put something into the laundry basket out of the bath, feeling the hand closely and viscous liquid. Kobiri付I had a lot of stockings and shorts should see it. Mire in semen smell it! To tell the truth, I smelled the smell dizzy the first time in a long time female. But it is his son. I have mixed feelings attacks a variety of lust mixed expectations fear disgust. Maintaining the day care I get past somehow, but what semen I wore the next day or next day. Another girl also 16. Remnants stronger day by day my husband died, chest thicker, the stronger male presence as more and more. The women are interested in it might be annoyed with me looking at them as the target is indeed!
I finally had to endure dull. I've worn a lot of underwear with a sperm on the bath.取Ri口 semen finger to scoop. We feel that the current running through the body odor and taste in a long time. I indulged in masturbation, while we dug underwear rub the anus and genital area, as it still remains in underwear. And act to see your son to know that, hard times!
We turn around and return to their voice, his hard cock of her son!
"Well why !?··· hate here! Not look!"
But was too late to hide the body in a hurry.
"I'm sorry Mom, I was using my mom masturbation I do not like your mother every day
You can do that ... wearing now? ... And those eyes had me by my mother also knew Mum! "
"This, this is different from that Nn! ... I shook!"
I covered my son Kabusari body, the mouth was closed. Can not even stand the feel of a broken lower back after a long kiss. Relentless movement of the tongue through, it rubbed the breasts and buttocks, nipples sucked roll, I wake up every single woman can lick up all the action there, and invite you to climax.
"Ah no useless! Afutsu hmm ...! Tea ... Ah do that No! ...
Sauce "
In the Mouth of those bodies could not resist the resistance.
"Ah! Sauce Oh ... and do more to stop stop sigh, the feeling of Well
Ah no good "
Kazuya then stop.
"I'm tender mother. Stop here?"
I'm going 焦Rasu me she's a virgin.追Isugari I stand with that child, his mouth was standing and flourishing. Mother as I will no longer, had become the only females. I want that thing so carefully, and licking it relentlessly, including the mouth.
"Oh, I want to come 入Retee please please."
Butt sticking out, hands extended begging affairs.
"Ah! Sauce! I Yeah! Oh! Oh! O sauce ... and more!'ll Cum ... U ik ik!"
Movement reached a peak Kazuya I can not stop. Violently thrust comes from the back.
"... Ah received while there! Sauce! ... Ah!"
Nuchanucha hear a sound from a place that is connected to the sound of skin hitting skin Pampanga
... I'm going to destroy the reason for all the sound of my voice and heavy breathing Kazunari gasp. I'm feeling hot inside and Kazuya 迸Ri not come down.
Kazuya act only young once took me to the bedroom unable to meet and ask again and again. And Kazuya Tansu hiding behind the tool is supposed to bring up to know.
"Where's Mom and Dad that I watch many times. Mom, You are not satisfied with just the usual?"
Back violently, as if not minutes later you're back again, as my husband passed away! And was relentless.
"Damn they're so mad and there Itsu Hi there allowed Yeah nothing once the sauce! Uu !···· KUU they have tea!"
I think they like really crazy, and finally had fainted.
Now it is enough to feel without the body of Kazuya and Yukenai alive. Kazuya waiting at the front door coming home from school, I now ask you to get naked at the door. Understand that while they do, I can not stop

Hello, ♪ Lily Chan

To take a holiday this week but yesterday and today, but Tom was a partner and cleaning the house, even outside the vagina so hot and not refreshing, until now worked with Tom in the room cooler, ♪ Today ® was watering like crazy, from the way I'm from ~ AHHHH · · · Tsu, ♪ ® pant were raised hear the voice (♪ embarrassed) Of course, even wore a camisole ♪ Ne , and I also Este, what we received for the Na dick hair loss? Will always probably be happy with Tom ♪ Ne Because I handle myself, but I place much Na?
Tom's thing today, ♪ ® ♂ was good more is impressive

Papa and

College student. Papa fine, I can.
Papa, but Sai and 51, probably in a friend's dad I think the most stylish and cool.
I did like the father from childhood. So, without scruple or Shitotta Chu dad. Did you know that, too.
At 17, were forced pregnancy, a bad guy, I did not do anything, the parents said. Mom cried, Dad told me,
We parents and obstetricians. Abortion for a child, when I sleep at the hospital that evening dad came to pick me up. In the car, "It is great for any stomach?" I'm in tears and I heard a little, kiss me.
We do not know why but at that time, or you put Rerorero, had a passionate kiss.
Papaha, while it was in Tamannai hugged me and kissed again and again long time.
I thought that with my dad wanted. Dad also 思Ttarashii.
A few days later, two people, after eating dinner back in school, intense and erotic kissed Daddy's car.
Car as it went into a nearby love hotels. Always saw the car at the hotel, something happy.
"Hey, and strange, this place is going in the family."
While saying this, Dad, or asking for my reply, so have a normal woman, while kissing,
Massage the breasts, raised skirts rolled up. Dad came in Bichobichonoasokoni fingers. Chupachupa sucking nipples are 付Ka, reddened nipples "cute" to say who.
Dad sex very very comfortable weather. I will fill out loud, you can lose your mind many times.
I did start, so I felt. I did like sex, and so will begin to live earnestly.
Dad, can you just put the rubber to put all the time. I hate doing Ittara, sometimes a large amount of time, then you could remove the rubber out loud plucking. Also put me dick in raw eggs ー ー occasionally
The sweet comes, they pull me hot hot.
I want to get out in full as a father taking the pill.


The husband, SEX is gone, finally the last six months, it is awakened to masturbation. The many days, sometimes more than three times a day. This year I am 37 years old I and my husband, of course, a 17-year-old son in high school marriage, I have a mother. Really worries. My husband says folks in the elite, the difference between me and six, at work, goals met, even people, like Jean-good ideal, and I'm winning, myself, so I thought. However, work-related things, because, Earlier this year, my husband, cock, to stand at all, I've. In addition, a good person could anyone? Like seriously, 話合Imashita. Even with the hospital, my husband, and to import, it is shameful, cock, wanted, wanted. Meanwhile, the desire for salvation deepened, child, H A, magazines, DVD and all too easy to see, in masturbation, and indulged. Also, a friend of telecommunications built, get numbers tell us, TEL H well, as now. Yourself, even toys, are 行Kasa to buy, tell me, a guy who got to number, TEL while, lotion, apply plenty vibe thick ultra-raped every day, and so on, and at that time, I reached . My bed, as usual on the shifts a bra, panties, while lowering, directed Douri, the rotor, put the hole in two, from the top, fuck with vibrator, crazy, a kneeling position, When it became! The front door key, the sound was to be opened, but, TEL people, only Tsuzu your box! And was told in strong, while pounding, a son, and waited. "The mother did not?" In the voice, then. This interaction TEL people all the time, was listening. In the meantime, son, and I'm absolutely delighted, my ear, like a whisper, to issue instructions to continue. Meanwhile, despite that, my son, my room, eyes are fit, my son, his face, bright red, was silent. Honestly, TEL, and only a smattering of people talk about things, in speaking, as it is, continue to masturbation, next to my son, You'd better vibe to, was, and it ~, and I hesitated, son, as an alternative, I was told. Pass receiver, etc., imperceptibly, my son, and take care, there also was a Bing. Later, he directed Douri, a son of Mr. Happy chin, licking and clean, even one minute, in less, squid security, very dark, semen, fun on the tongue and drank. Son, it's very satisfying, I was surprised that I even masturbation, even knew about sex and seems to go. Ever, and children, but I thought, somehow, relieved, I feel. Now, a husband, to voice mail, shopping, even in the car, feeling love, or fellatio, funny son, when my husband at home, my panty wearing, stripping, and feminine hygiene products, menstruation, while licking, I know it Shigoku. His aim now is my friend. And my relationship, I know him. But, son, and then rejoice, and many, setting, believes that a middle and everybody is between women from the truth leak, funny. A son, a good man, get to!


Although I am a qualified nurse and computer-related to the current OL.
Write stories when I was ashamed of my nursing students.

I went to a university hospital nursing schools attached.
That's when I was 18 years old yet.
The nursing school that I have a checkup once a year, I have the physical exam, "hematuria" I came out and the results.
I called the curriculum coordinator said, "to come under scrutiny in the hospital for a week University Hospital." I was told.
Nursing school student, so I came, admission fees, examination fees and now the hospital as a patient for a refill of the free.
At that time I "of the patient for" good sense 判Razu,
"I am a student from a patient or for the science says." I was thinking about without permission.
I found out later, "for patients of" is, I know that it's become a guinea pig for our medical students. I do not know and I simply signed the agreement.
Unlike my ward general hospital, there is only one tree has spread over the bed in the room where six people, bathroom TV
They are even equipped with shower, wall shelves of health care, the medical equipment was lined've never seen.
This was bringing me into the hospital room for six people who are students of a professor of urology intern for a while.
One of the students in the club I was a senior.
There are medical and nursing school attached to the same campus, join the club made it to the nursing students of the faculty club, I was in the Film Studies Department.
Busy as an intern and study, but will suppress the club face too much, talked a few times that both the senior said.
The issuance of such words is hard to believe, and professor.
"Today, given a chance to check the mirror and the urinary bladder." From a student nurse and I do embarrassing how much catheterization and cystoscopic examination of the nuances are well.
It just can not explain what an old professor, among them six more students who are seniors knew that before.
I will be asked of students just out of hospital at least, not such a thing was not allowed.
Professor, "What are we doing now for patients to become of Toi." Was only to be scolded.
I was forced to get naked, but did not follow.
Underwear forcibly taken half Ue have been embarrassed to have her student's legs, groin, or alternately is Nozoki込Ma with or been touched.
Amarino in shame, as I understand how that could be anything.
It was one week from the worst week for me.
Is said to have uterine fibroids by ultrasound, pelvic examination was also one of the training of students of the uterus.
Further examination of the scene was also shot video and photos.
Some came to the hospital room one by one after another student is different, Yukimashita neglected to practice and test my shame.
Seen or touched understood the many college students naked in the hospital.
Among them were people who knew nothing of the other senior clubs.
Test results are no big deal, it was that urine comes from exhaustion.
From the hospital, the match will face the embarrassment of students intern, I also quit the club ever since.
When I think of you ashamed of the chamber is seen in videos and photos of students were taken back then still

While, ♪ Ne is waving her lily

From mid-week, PC not feel? But among women it ♪ chan Yuri Sorry ♪ I like the back somehow, to finish a meal in Rauji view of the harbor and into the bus in two bodies of each other (genital), her lily ♪ Ne I against each other to flow dick, the subscript? Or is it on? Later than before, when Tom, a scratch on my body, dressed in a camisole I ®! Yuri-chan, thank you to love, the greater will be good vagina ♪ ♂ ~ Tsu Well, ☆ and? Love ♪ lily

And my brother (then)

Eventually, my brother and for afterwards.
I like a bit of a (brief) I'll show me a cock.
So there, I'd look around you, my brother went to the mood of the room after all, a little lick, but it is well placed.
What sex is the best of him?
Though I will be as much as you, and it is guilty too.
I'm too pleasant.
With no hesitation
I can not stop I got.
I had no idea such a good thing.
Oral sex can also be Blow
Also what position is the most pleasant everything.
Oh well ----- Maybe?


They are living with my brother. After GW "dumped her in a dated"
I came back in tears saying Gujogujo. "飲Mo together,
I'll listen to stories, "I Gubigubi whiskey together.
From slow to say why the hula, I said, "Could it be related to the H problem?" Kiitara me, "she 痛Kattarashii is too big for me."
I got to laugh at the silly say. Partly drunken "You show me" and told me I reluctantly dropped his pants
I came out and mellow or rather not so Nyororin separately from the briefs,
I mean usually, "Well I do not want such a big" shame on you going to say I, "my sister, but gets a little skirt flipping" seems to give him because he told me, the Omg! Been raised as if to grow quickly SFX Gugu I like watching the changing of the movie.
500ml bottle, but we may lose the length from elbow to wrist I had. Maple got warped in the vein like a haunted hat stand and shape!
I was scared, I could not believe that it is his brother.
Kitto's look more like a polished tomato Tsuruntsurun shining,
It would not be put up.
"Let me just touch a little," Why do not hold up to Pikunpikun Innovation So hear me out. At that time, other states may be cut to be honest I'm feeling like a man against his brother rather than a completely amazing.
The hot liquid from the interior of my body JUJUNJUN! I came up spring.
Ppokara thin transparent liquid which is also close to his brother's mouth SUUU been hanging me from thinking, I realized JUPPA, JUPPA exact F
I was into the action. Yogari terrible voices, or rather brother breath.
"Oh, great sister!" I am excited to leave a voice called again.
But "my sister, please let Erase" I stopped yet noon Innovation instant voice say, without knowing the full monty state.
Sur face to face with the brother from the closed mind, but truly, from behind.
Very strong stimulus of the size Amarino "AAAAAH! The, Giruu spend ~! Uu broken tea!" Rolling without screaming in the room next door I Okamai residents also. Act like a beast in rolling back the brother and sister.
Morning all sweaty, covered in love juice 愛Shi合Imashita cum covered.
But she is too large to fit like a brother and sister after all is well physically.

Tadashi Tadashi son

yuna himekawa[720]
I am 38 years old. Height: 157 cm Weight 50 kg Bust: B cup. It is very, very ordinary housewife nor grammar in particular. 42 years ago with her husband and married a year ago. My husband had one son, 17-year-old Hazime Makoto. That son-in-law. That is three months before the event. I felt someone behind me and I'm drying the laundry. Suddenly turned around and I see that the fluttering dry panty girdle and Shinichi me. At that time inadvertently "Hazime Makoto's watching what? Perverted ~" I laughed. I find that missing one day after my girdle and panties, but one room and walk pass the true face rubbing my panties and girdle Shinichi in through the door a little open, I was a masturbation . The moment I was surprised when the think-law and son to have my panties masturbating 17 year old young man, however, has been pounding heart. I was wet and there's already had to just pretend nothing happened to disturb the reason. But the next morning, the laundry basket, was also included tsushin pants. I remember that last night while pounding and removed, to kick ass and smell had become crisp. My vagina was wet enough already put a stain on panties. I can not take it anymore and went to bed with pants tsushin for example masturbation while sucking mouth semen stained pants Shinichi. I noticed that the door was ajar and that tampering with a crazy chest and vagina. Beyond the door is. Shinichi I saw. Irrational I opened the door towards the foot on purpose, open the index and middle fingers in the vagina, the clitoris stimulated. "Hazime Makoto ~ ~. Ah ~ I. Hazime Makoto ~ ~" I was hooked on masturbation and gasped. I thought that might come into the room and fucked by Shinichi, S. The person is a coward so just went back to my room. When I opened the door there was left on the floor Shinichi semen ejaculation. Until then, I was about masturbation, but not like once a month less, but it turned to masturbating every day since then. Shinichi Hazime Makoto masturbation and that I look into each other to pretend I did not know that masturbation knew. Driven by the urge to finally Iretai vagina Shinichi my little boy soon, however, opened the door to tsushin masturbation, went into. I wore a girdle Hazime Makoto was rubbing your face with unwashed soiled my panties. "What are you doing!"
Deliberately said angrily. "Please, I'm sorry. So what mother told me it's because I can!" Has to talk back. Then I wore underwear tight white blouse and beige was not attached. I give a fuck tsushin bed skirt riding silently, began to the vagina just before tsushin face. "The 入Retakatta here?" Hazime Makoto caught on the collar "- yeah.." Replied the. One little boy wanted me are true. "He said, opened the zipper of the pants, Emashita suddenly suck. They crazy over there in Aimashita licking each other. Shinichi "sudden and doing Komitai mother's pee!" And said. I am moving to the bath, and I was pee in the face over the one true. I finally connected directly in the bath. Hazime Makoto and since it has a secret relationship Subsequently.


But I'm working, my brother in high school to stay home for the summer,
Until now, I was beaten.
I just looked in my brother's room, is suddenly put 押Shi倒Sa quarrel "I'll have to show a picture of masturbation father!" Hey, pushing across the face is 押Shi倒Sa Hirundara jingle, then the momentum ...
Are inserted quickly (Yo I got into sweat away from the heat?) Was in the soup in a spree.
Since it ended helped, but Well good.
Naka Naka and I lost my 気持Chiyokutsu?
But, never have sex with my brother because I did not expect,
Still, I'm a little upset.
Now my brother went to the room, I knew I would do it again.
What should I do? ?

Thanks Les Pont's

Thanks Pont's address. (But I'm here is the site written by a woman, do not you write to janitor scolded too much?)
I continued to write his son appeared before the bath towel sprinkled with plenty of perfume left in the shower to wash off the wet wet Koh.
Bing has become another son has suddenly clung to me
"I No" once and the body will react refused to accept because it is attitude, "I love my mother can not stand" (true name of the son ○)
"Is not there a true experience in her yet?"
"My mother would be a girl, not a lot"
"I want it mother"
"I love"
"Mom also Yandaisukiyodemooyakodeshou brass"
"But can not stand"
My machine interaction was drenched in my hand like this pulls down the trunks of her son. It took me a moment, instantly violently something hot in the lower abdomen. With a large amount of semen ejected from son's penis. My bottom Oheso became sticky.
"It's OK, two shower 浴Bimashou"
Went into the bathroom by the hand of her son.
See penis for the first time her son had become surprisingly good.
It seems to me that my son is the greatest experience so far with several men.
Carefully wash and give to the penis, penis has become a young hard out earlier and I just simply amazing, "came out ahead in the room Come on mom saying,"
My son has to follow soon after.
Another son was saying rather than to fly to somewhere other reason I was really tough guy to have sex with a young man, "you'll become a woman, want to make," and shouted My son has been massaging my breast violently seized, and responded to the female animal crazy like I was crazy like an animal sucking Tsukimashita.
My son came in strong in the penis and finally my options. Now I started a lot earlier semen has a long duration. I knew in DVD, Center for the first time gave me time and again squid me great technique. Each time, "her real nice," I was raised was that the female animals without any embarrassed and Lovely Voice.
What passed for two hours, after accepting a lot of semen and heavy, but until now had to embrace his son taboo, "the son of trouble," sex and mistress entered high school as soon as I heard It was the last peep masturbation mistress broke up with me later that I sometimes ended up as a woman and since I see that I can look into the body wanted the focus of my study It was
Incest mother and child had been misleading the DVD in the loneliness
This is all I seem to have caused
I was also best to do this is though.
Next day I engaged in sex with my son last night for three consecutive days.
Prep tutoring my son next week, I promised to work 励Mou.
Maybe I ask my son while my body every night, but I draw the line between day and night I would answer I want is.
For the time being, I want to be naughty night.

By the way, pump

"Masturbation" Really I have? I'm very happy for me.
Imagine her excitement Lightning's catches masturbation I felt like I was put's semen on my body catches.

Now Bong's semen is thought keiko Please take me saying "Bong's" Lightning 3p son and imagination. (3p son I got excited to try DVD Dehajime) Haittara son at college, my son and it is good at Pong's for 3p or,
Tonight I want to hug her son's being watched while Bong 11:00

I used to be a figure often called Takeshita keiko was similar. Please imagine her without it I'm sorry sexy actress. (Actually, the net name keiko)

Son erection

The 45-year-old housewife.
Yesterday, light makeup and go shopping subjected to late afternoon, came during a large earthquake with a change of clothes.
I've been really surprised to jump into the room,
抱Kitsukimashita twelfth grade son.
Am I excited about my body from my son's body about 5 cm from a short body Gyuutsu I was pushing.
Then my son has embraced me. At that time,
Me. The stick like thighs and Glyn, the imposition gradually became so stiff Gungun pushing my thighs,
The solution of Karimashita grow. It was the erection of a son.
I strangely forgot to Us, to love their husbands wiggle naturally nervous, my son was in Itooshin.
I dressed in that moment, was only a half-cup D cup bra and panty.
Was crawling around on the bottom hand of her son.
The earthquake, which had long been settled, we
Were hugging each other.
And when her son felt his lips neck, "Oh, no, I bad her ○ ○" 離Shimashita and son.
My son, "I'm sorry." Went back to say.
My dick, beat the wet, excited to face the mirror,
Red eye, I was in 潤N.
Since then, my son's eyes have changed.
I become conscious of a man.
Her husband, long-term business trip, not at home.
I seem to love the evil thoughts in his son.

[590] jealous ~

Nice to meet you ~ let's enjoy with excitement, my brother and please tell me more things to 頂Mashi.

The Question - The

Nice to meet you! Kakiko the first time. Known as a bit of baggage in junior college graduate pool.
Much from this post messages on bulletin boards, for example family and I ~ is the brother relationship and its frankly ー ー Yu.
Heck, a man other than my brother does not know w

I know, my brother I'd like to use my mouth now, you all good?
However, the semen itself, but I like ー foot race partly familiar, what I say that? Flirt with guys when you go out or not transparent interface easily. I'm bitter unpleasant array.
Allais is not like I like it. I hope you put something up soon I will feel good w
May be a spiritual flavor w

keiko to:

Keiko's, congratulations.
I also, while I waited to see a nervous person.
In my case, from early childhood was, pounding away made sense related to memory was not very natural.
Keiko's writing "was signed," I'm also excited about the title.
Will stimulate
As you enter the next night, too, would burn during the day or on Monday alone with my mother.
Thank you write or how Keiko and satisfaction of mothers and mother's salty son's face.
Because even when it's most red-blooded son, I think about it can be satisfied by ejaculation.
Not like crazy, while his mother care for his genitals, please build a good relationship forever rest while incorporating adequate controls.

Re: [711] Bonn's also a man's thank you

> Keiko's

Thank you for reporting the results of that now.
keiko has an obsession with masturbation while reading it's written.
Thank you in detail the contents of more and more intertwined with his son.

Thank you also men's Von's

There is no confidence to write a very long worn out hips wildly blamed her son anymore but actually written last night, so I decided to write about a person upon request at Bonn's also a man's request Thanks
My son is a continuation of the day before yesterday night while drinking beer and cola drinks a love scene was the DVD I was watching at a distance, and another as my lower body a rough feel the breath of his son Wet Wet had "got me rub shoulders stiff Nde been seen too intense?" My son and I put a hand different from daytime Sasoi started massaging my shoulders around to the back of the silent nod found that the faint trembling, "I drank too much like a drunken lie somewhat like" lay down on the sofa saying, "Because I get to sweat a little shower," said the bathroom and entered into, "How about you?" They were not invited to be ashamed about what.
My son appeared before the bath towel sprinkled with plenty of perfume left in the shower to wash off the wet wet Koh.
The other is a son of Bing and write again I'm sorry I can not stand going to bed I want my son got wet getting out somehow Yeah we're writing a sudden I'm holding on to

Re: [708] was signed

> Request a subsequent detailed report request!

Re: [708] was signed

> Keiko to:

keiko's writing ((o (б_б;) o)) I read but nervous.

> Detailed reports will be any subsequent request
> How come those who are offended by personal and> in this area may

I say thank you by all means write.

Was signed

It is reported last night.
2 people watch a DVD for son. The R was given a fairly hard. "Once in a while you'll see," a detailed report later found that his son's rough love scene of fierce breath while talking and jokingly and upon request will but in this area may come from those who are offended by personal and

And uncle

I have a couple to live rent house two years ago my uncle.
Since my father is my uncle's brother was getting good care of since I was young, willing to accept me even when I asked the hanger.
Dwell in the house that is why parents are away to a relative's pregnancy as soon as I came to Tokyo.
Pregnancy when the parents are convinced that lying and rape
The actual place was in the state do not even know who the father of the child because it was crazy spears at random.
I was a boy called it, it looks pretty ladylike (I think very fair because?) Yes there is a ski 犯Shitaku something.
My uncle from his father to "Please heal scars of rape of a girl from" good to us and asked for everything in it.
But the fact of life for me things like house arrest. H overnight also be impossible to frustration.
I have become aware of the uncle as a man to such a life. I'm aware of quite consciously as a woman who is also my uncle and actually beginning to look like that look,,,
We went to my uncle asked for the clothes, the most likely to deliberately expose the breasts, and remind them around over there staring at the little boy's uncle,
Place two weeks after starting the weekend doing that, I came an unexpected opportunity. I got it to go away for a night at home for my aunt was like. Is understood to have been somewhat too conscious of his uncle. My uncle was watching TV for a while after sending my aunt went out to buy cigarettes going to come. I knew the place to come back in 10 minutes wearing a micro skirt and started cleaning. I came back I was aware of the fact his uncle,
Kio Migaku went to the floor on all fours pretending to be unaware. Wipe up spills something while I was floating a little sigh much less sit still cleaning offices fours under the table or on purpose. Of course I wore the T behind the back pad is cleared to see the state of hip fracture.
My uncle is inserted from the back and pretend to resist the uncle cried uncle once we get tongue snake into my body while a full nelson from behind me a few minutes later the Ikimashita immediately. My uncle has been a tearful apology and I had to half of their subsequent rape. My uncle did not go bad dick aunt recently Rino Shima,
I head down saying it was the best place I can not believe they shut and my dick.
After that I had in mind as me? My uncle held a bare chest and still allow the uncle said.
My uncle buried her face like a spoiled child has been chewing on my nipples gently while listening to the state.
We have had crawled dick sucking fingers after a while I like boobs like a baby.
You can clean the dick licking had already been drenched. Jim Johnson is very warm curled his uncle would come to see the liquid flowing lick it lick it. Shake your hips now across from my uncle that I no longer possible to endure.
Ikimashita twice continuously panting loudly while away a long time blowing a lot of tide turned unbearable to stimulate the clitoris at the same time my uncle. My uncle is my uncle twice in its place while the liquid and then covered with an immense quantity of liquid to the excitement drew poured on the floor. In many places do that weekend Makurimashita no time to dress 15 minutes before my aunt comes home after all. Senior years and also the 25 H I'm hooked.
H still sticky older fathers place I felt the first. And uncle still has at least once per day did you find the time.
I'm going to the kitchen counter or even under the canyon when my aunt recently become a really bold.
Of course I wear the pants thing is ready for quick insertion uncle always forbidden. It is also fun because my aunt went out this weekend. ,,


Summer son today, I took two people to shop on vacation. I got to rub shoulders in the shower. I was hit back to 知Ran振Ri penis is hard.
The night promised to watch DVD.
Will report tomorrow.

The other father

The father and mother remarried when my grade three students annually.
It was seven years younger than my father and I saw my mother would not differ from even 20 years.

Participating in life, but suddenly a man who was living with two mothers, I remember something Djita pound. When the elementary school as it has lived as a good father.
My brother will soon be available is that when the mother's tummy getting bigger.
Including swelling of my breasts, started the summer of eighth grade that may be interested in what. While my mother went to the screening was when I was home alone with my father and my work done faster.

I know how to make a child, to know how you connect with how comfortably, I was tinkering with his own genitalia. I was doing myself a few years ago. I had called masturbation is, in about a unified feel to play around with it somehow imagined. An inexperienced with the opposite sex.

"What to eat rice?"

Suddenly my father's room is opened up to say so.
My lower body is at full throttle, I was over there indirectly into the first two fingers just right. Wet enough there, I seen this act pussy and father, embarrassed anymore! !

"No, it is"
I stuck with confusing, can be perturbed father was not.
I changed the eye. And approaching me, accompanies his hands instead of my hand was split Doke.
"I hope to do more like this" I know something or what, there Masaguri a big hand in my father, in the long fingers and I went to go little by little. The left side of my body sliding, I started touching their breasts. I rather someone else being touched my heart, my agony.

"... Ah, do not ...."
Aloud as gone can not believe it myself, kind of embarrassed to Shimashimashita.
"... Cute."
I said something that was cute the first man. Gradually left nipple play, while making a disturbing sound right in there. What was the feeling that my experience with tampons, so I think that it placed 痛Kunakatta.

Been tampered the clitoris and observed intently to me there is not enough hair still grows. Put tongue sucking face over there. Like a scoop to feed the beast like it in your tongue.
Anyway, many have tried. Do not touch or trace the yen to write, or pull. I think that probably had seen so.
Wet enough to be seen, the father was wearing his trousers down, I began to point to the sky dick momentum.

(What is it over there into this)
His dick inside me to be guided. Finally crossed the line, I ate a dick father. Nothing but pain! ! And out slowly and gradually will act quickly to make sure that I'm getting used to.

I accept the father's feet spread. I leave you lying face down, or standing. Can be lifted with ease.
Will be visible outside the window to rest her grandmother in the garden next door. But in the house from the day I'm having sex.
Father came to see the school play or sports day that becomes a man hold me now. More when I got so excited.

I not say something good, like a wanted it for them. Yarimashita father and several times thereafter. I asked looking at me from the opportunity. I could not forget the pleasure of that time, I'll just imagine wet. Such as a woman win.
With a lot of things really. High school students from becoming more concerned about the return of my father, I sometimes put a chastity belt vibrator. I return to the slow O仕置.

You can help a busy mother raising children instead of the house, soaked. Indulge in tampering with the father in front of my mother, I also secretly Itta. I got excited and increasingly more often I. This lasted until I graduated from high school.

10 year or more since then. But now has a normal life with his promise of marriage. I think sometimes not satisfactory, because it usually. This should be good.

Today, I rested!

The past few days, but happy busy screaming! Day, fireworks in Yokohama, Yamashita-cho is a great person, especially "Chinatown" is ® is amazing! Yuri-chan ♪ the feeling in my heart care
However, ♪ Ne Butsuketai thoughts are with each other if you can direct 逢Tsu
Harbor View, in a hotel room, ♪ overnight between women
Lily Chan, ® I love you! Mess with me, still better than men, a woman (her lily) is, ♪ let the squid Yumie


I got beaten by my old man.
Grandpa came while sleeping
Sasurimashita belly rub hard for me to say.
It is said that those lower down, hit the penis becomes hard.

I have been a virgin, but I was surprised that the penis was touched, and I was rubbing just looks good because it was a very pleasant old man.
Grandpa for a while, "Will you also look more" likes 下Roshimashita trousers and pants.
Face to face with your penis is stiffened.

That said, my grandfather and terribly surprised.
The two girls are still high. Since the body of a man was interested.
I tried many things to check.
"Holding it, so rub up and down," I will say.
I gave a cradle like a baby and rub it hard, like that of the bar. Grandpa has a very pleasant looks good.

I'll try to play with everyone including Tamatama reach.
It is strange. Punyupunyushite Tamatama to ascertain the stiffness will go to escape from my fingers.
Grandpa reached out to let my body while the victim to rub it in my chest and waist Mawashimasu stroked.
"The growth of Akemi. Was a beautiful woman. What I see first-hand well"
That is. And let me take off your pajamas.
"Yes. It is also Kimekomakaku skin inheritance to his mother."
Rub and rub the skin.
Real mother is the daughter of Grandpa, I got to your husband's father.

"I grew boobs me see how far"
Lets say take off my bra.

"Oh, what a beautiful breasts. You're more than good looking mother."
Grandpa and the cries of admiration.

"Please let me better," began to massage my breasts and said.
It seems like pretty breasts touched me. I feel that the hand of the rainbow ー Grandpa, Grandpa comes from the urge to move the penis in the hand like freezing. Then rub resumes.

"Akemi boobs are better shape and I will go more and more bigger.
Right now, I'll welcome a massage. Because I grew up in such a form of massage nice tits mom grandpa too. Let me suck grandpa. "
Grandpa and plunged my nipples sucking like a baby. I rubbed my head are going to gray hair. My nipples are tightened in good standing and feeling excited.
Grandpa will have been sucked into it more and more. I noticed is that my grandfather had to fondle the breast as well, but my mother and daughter say.

After sucking both nipples fully both grandpa "Let me see what the hair also grew, Akemi," he says.
"Stupid. I'm high 2. Why not," and indeed I resist.
Grandpa, however, sadly,
"I wish to see the growth of the granddaughter." Downhearted on this. As a last resort, "See? You look good." Healthy and grandpa became rather suddenly
Pajama pants down my panties then 下Roshimashita well.
"Yeah. I grew beautifully. Fine fine. Masaru Shige so on are also very good ass hip to it too"
Mawashimasu stroked around the hips and said.
"Are not there Akemi virgin anymore" and will ask Grandpa.
It was hard to answer,
Answer and grandpa's eyes shone and he has even a virgin.

Grandpa will rub hands from thigh to ankle.
"Virgin skin that is different. Because he burned the skin of the memory of the virgin land of the dead grandfather as a gift Akemi it now." Stomach next to the legs and hands from my lips and tongue, breast Licking the Mawashimasu. And I came up there. Grandpa was there to kiss me, "Let me in a souvenir of the underworld Mesa" I asked.
Both mother and grandfather, "Hameta" because I also "wear" should have the right.
Claimed. I thought the strange,
It was okay for the poor old man. I was just wanted to graduate a virgin because it was also the 11th grade.

Grandpa has been put to me. It hurt a little, we used to.
"Yeah. I'm happy. Akemi. You'd be very loose."
Grandpa said that in my 果Temashita.
"Yeah. Is that it の Rino Shima Hana Akiyoshi mother inheritance.'s Better if you grow"
Raised the voice of admiration.
I talk to and very interesting.
I'm not really a child of the father and mother, that it is a child of my mother and grandfather.
So I mean it is my grandpa and my daughter and grandchildren.
And now has passed away, my grandmother married my grandpa that the fact that it is Grandpa's sister.
The mother was born between her sister and grandfather. It is very complex.

According to my grandfather, was born in our house is actually incestuous fathers too many people angry they often diagram family incest for generations, it seems to have the family tree in the back. So mother and grandpa, in our family and my relationship is a very common thing.

The first story seemed very unusual, I've convinced gradually.
Now you can once every three days in memory of my grandfather's room.
And will fit. Grandpa's hope is to make children born to me.
Whether sperm are still alive to know, but my grandpa sperm,
My first is still in high school. So I ask them to contraception.

I think that is the younger brother Shino Taka. I heard that the child and mother and grandpa Takashi. Takashi and I want to fuck. Grandpa sex with it too, but it is fun, I would like to meet a young boy's skin and your skin.
I want to welcome my little boy in pink.

Is where opportunity is trying to have sex with Shino Taka So now my brother.

By the way, even grandpa virgin mother
Grandma's virginity was also his sister and wife,
Boasts the best that they can be a virgin, and my granddaughter.

I'll receive a virgin in the two brother. I look forward to.
I will also report success.

Sister loves to Yumie ... ♪

Tonight ♪ ~
Yuri, she's like a Yoo Mi ♪ ~
Would you glad ♪ Thank you. ~ I love lilies so ~ ♪ ♪
Yuri also to Yu Mi's, we'll love you lots ~ ♪
Lilies, all I want to Kiss ~ ♪
To be loved to see you soon ~ ~ ♪ ♪ Sister Yumie
Lily, you will understood this painful feeling ... (tears, tears)
Sister Yumie to, want to be a lot ~ ~ ♪ Kiss

Today, Mom came in the morning.
Tomorrow I am going to home with 3 people and thigh.
To Mom, it's Tom Yu Mi, we talked about.
And I think the feeling we spoke about Lily Yu Mi's.
Yoo Mi-ae's a when you are writing, feeling,
Lily's body, or of any state!
The crotch, well guess I get a towel ... (tears) True Tears ← ...!
Mom "Ne real! Meet the ...?"
Yuri, tears, "Yes, miss ~!"
Mama "s not an ordinary meeting, considered the best Ne ..."
Mom gave me a hug and kiss to the lily.
The lily, when begging for something for Mom, floating it on a tear (shame)
"Mama! Holding lilies ~ lonely ~! Mama ♪"
(I know, the parents are children forever) (laughs)

I have Tom's Yoo Mi (Labrador) to talk too.
"Mom, this could have sex with the big dogs?"
"I do not have! And I love your mom's friend's house ..."
"Koko house sizes differ little boy and how much ...?"
"So from the day, I came to hear speak firmly to Mama!"
"That is, koko at all than I'll Kii Hiroshi ~!"
Mom, from listening too firmly speak, to read the mind of the lily! ?
"Yuri, you want to have sex with the same love he's Yoo Mi ~?"
I anxiously, "Yeah, okay I ~ A?"
"Mom, koko try to feel that sex with, I think that it is OK ~!"
"Tomorrow, thigh 預Ketara family home, see your friends go to treatment"
Mom on the phone immediately, and contact the person you consent to your friends.
"First of all, tomorrow we go to see ..."
"Is a black, I have two dogs there! Lily, try to 出来Tara sex?"
I'm embarrassed to say, "Hmm, made at the time to watch, I understand ~!"
"Maybe ~? Mom, maybe I'll be ~!"
Mom is thrilled to shy person came to hug and kiss me.
I entrust myself to leave the body like mom.
"Yuri ~! Go to bed with Mama! ~ I can not stand!"
"Even Momo, I'm there ~!"
"Momo ~! Go to bed, Mom and Baba and the three of us ~!"
Which was read a book, peach, happily, "Yeah, go ~!"
"Well, I simply took a shower after three people ~!"
Mom, while toward the bathroom, lifting my lips superimposed ...
Mom, one hand twisting your body like a draw ... I embrace, but with the dumped ... I bowed out of the three peach ...
I went to the bathroom.
The three, undress in the dressing room ... take a shower in the bathroom with three ...
Mom is a soap with a sponge, like a thigh embraced, kissing while, raised a body wash.
The three went into the bedroom out of the bath in the nude.
Mom is a bigger twat wet sleeping on his back legs Kio Hiraku the bed,
Expose ...
"Yuri ~! Please ~! Peach kisses ~ Baba!"
Mom began to embrace and kiss his tongue into the thigh.
I have repeated genital lips wet with love juice mom ...
絡Meru raised like smoke chestnut tongue sticking out greatly.
Mom, while kissing and thigh, Noke反Ri moment "Tsu Uhh ummm!"
I like pushing my tongue rolling tongue Karame chestnut ...
Put a finger in the vagina the G spot, a circle with your fingertips Egaki 探Ri当Te,
Sometimes, fingers tapping, and finger-like tracing back of the vagina ...
Mom, grab the sheets, Noke反Ri body, increase moan ...
"Ah, ooh Aaa Nna Tsu Hmm ik ~ ~! Useless Ah ~! Ikuiku ~! Aaa Oh! Hmm Tsu Oh Oh Oh!" Head for the climax ...
Mom, the thigh wet twat, mouth and tongue pulled his face,
To caresses.
Can peaches, Bikkubikku body trembling, raised a moan.
"Ah ~ I Uuu. ... Ahhh ~! Useless ~! Ooh Ah ~ ~ I'm"
Can peaches, reached a climax is different.
I'm up on the bed, and I was to kiss thigh.
Mom also raised the bed, I opened up one foot on the mom ...
Mom's legs, who attract their own ...
The pubic Bichobicho wet with love juice,
Repeatedly pressed to close contact with the genital area like mom ...
I like the genitals and pubic Draws a circle of close ...
Rotation started to rub like chestnut and chestnut.
Resounded with the sound 厭Rashii kucha, raised their voices to each other,
Three full pleasure and pleasure, the sound of a moan in the room cum ~ ♪
"Ahhh ~! Good ~! Ahhh Ah ~! Good ~! Ik ~! Hmm Aaa Tsu Oh ~! Ikutsu Ahhh ~! Already useless ~! Ik ~!"
"Ah ~ ~ I also lily! Ikutsuii ~! Aaa Oh! Ik ~!" Thigh, while I turned to, repeated his face wet twat mom ...
Mom, while entering the hole in the pubic region of a finger thigh, leg and roll your tongue ... the clitoris, sometimes reflexively as we 震Wa body little by little ...
Momo "Nna Tsuuguggu Tsuu ~ Hmm! Tsu Nu ~ A ~ Ah ha!"
Momo is like a body 反Raseru celebrated the climax 成Ranai words aloud.
Mom and I celebrated the climax of pleasure surging again be straight.
Then a nap for three people.

Private parts of my hair and mom, mom's in the beauty salon ...
有Rimasu to permanent hair removal.
So ... even if the suit a long time rubbing, rubbing the pain of it 有Rimasen (to talk to this thing, it is embarrassing)
I would incestuous lesbian funny ~!
It is also lesbian lily 実妹 ~ ♪
This is all well, my parents taught me ~ ♪
And three is a common love of Papa ~ ♪
And in the near future, I will join you in the thigh of ~ ♪
It is also good technique consisted of 5th grade ~ ♪
Yoo Mi-ae's also, I do not see lesbians thigh and once ~! ? (Laughs)

Today, now, is going out to the parents of three people.
I come to see now I'm excited and Labrador ~ ♪.
Maybe even love or sex with Ne ~? ? Formed handseals ~ ♪
koko is, ask your friend's custody to be processed neighbors.
Although this writing was written last night ...
Writing early in the morning the gaps.
Yoo Mi-ae's I wanted to report ~!
Yoo Mi-ae's, will you really loving lily ♪ ~
For someone to have sex with lily Sister Yumie ♪ ~ ♪
Yuri, 165cm with average height and weight are almost the same as mom.

Now I wake up mom came, and in reports.
Yuri, fold wanted to go to value time with Sister Yumie.
Please ~! I want lots of love ~ lily ♪
Does come to go.

Sister Lily ♪ than to love Yumie


Tsu's wisdom,

Tomoko is, this weekend is now becoming a habit, too many times, and has now become a habit and the lady in the mid-fifty, but I think for 55 years, only one man knows Shikya From my stay at, knowing from my son every time I'm in is filled with son's sperm! ... But the recent change in my body, old and fresh blood from my genitals, you say? Made from this age, your period, why? ? ?


yuna himekawa[699]
Been transferred to my husband for two years overseas, I did not lose the loneliness of sleeping alone gradually. By the time the passage than a month without masturbation, and they can not, at first once a week, three months after twice a week. With each masturbating, with the impossible has just become her husband wanted the flesh slowly and gradually even know. But I'm not much care about anything that allows the body to a man must know.
What to say, the body had been aching to come hit me up at night every few days, yet 33
I just put down to the age of masturbation had become impossible.
I began to whisper another.
"You do not put up with just masturbation?"
"But this is not the husband as soup together abroad."
"Well, can stand on one and a half years later?"
: ...
"We just can not stand I?"
: ...
"I'll only be cheating!"
"It was nasty. I absolutely hate sex without love."
"If I love?"
"Well, your loved ones?"
"I'm sure my husband is not!"
"Only my husband?"
"I can of course Daisuke!"
"Do not be decided."
"Sex without love is hate. But a hunger for cock that only a living Maybe I'll .······ Daisuke?"
"Daisuke is it my child!"
"What's that?"
"I'm not in the child sex!"
"'s Wrong why?"
"You parents too!"
"Why were not the parents?"
"Sex without love is hate. But a hunger for flesh and blood cock .······ Try saying that if there is another answer?"
: ...
"You know that there is no answer as the other?"
: ...
"Daisuke temptation to take the plunge, if you can stop it 済Mu 嫌Gattara Daisuke."
"It's your bad. I go abroad two years alone."
"I'm not bad. Things have not even cheating."
"Daisuke and I have only until you return."
This day I was completely taken away my self-control another.
I realized I was standing in front of Daisuke room in his pajamas.
Break even as soon as you knock on the door was left slightly, "I really?" The feelings of "I like it!" Was changed.
When I opened the door softly, already answered Daisuke electricity remains off laying in bed.
"I'm sorry. I was asleep already?"
"Nope. I go to bed now."
"Yeah. I thing a lot of memories when I was little time to 眠Renakutsu Daisuke. 寝Taku It has become next to Daisuke for a long time. ... Useless?"
"No .... I do not have that."
Lying in bed, her hair was softly Nadeage sideways and then turn right at the bottom left of the neck immediately Daisuke.
"Do not be too grown Daisuke. Do you remember when the little? So I've been sleeping well."
"I do not remember too much."
"Yeah. But it's really Satoru Naka second grade now."
Now he says we were interrupted between the legs of the right leg Daisuke.
"Mom. Do not stick so much."
"That's OK.'m For a long time.'s Mother or hate it?"
"No .... That will not happen."
"I love you?"
"I love you too mom Daisuke."
Daisuke lightly kissed.
"I am, I go to bed."
Daisuke has turned their back on me embarrassed.
"No, I ~. Teru Yono embarrassed, but what a mother."
I bust my back and hold tight to Daisuke had adhered to the back of Daisuke.
"I turned to here."
: ...
"Ah! It! Daisuke Is it?"
"What chance? What?"
"Did you grow?"
"You little boy. You did I grow!"
"I do not do that!"
"~ Can it be real?"
As mentioned in the lower abdomen and then turn right at the waist Daisuke was still soft.
"I'm sorry. I apologize to my mother misunderstood. I apologize."
"It's OK."
"But I'm glad I misunderstood. If I'm not supposed to do if I 取Ranaku greater risk because of the mother."
"What responsibility?"
"I'll be back to the original. Now, to turn this way. 寝Masho."
Daisuke is 向Ki直Rimashita towards me.
"Good night in the mother's breast."
"It's helped my mother at any age is lovely, Daisuke."
"I am."
"Blame it on Mom."
"You mean, Daisuke."
Now, my hand hit the little boy quickly hardened Daisuke touch in the lower abdomen.
"I'm sorry. It's mother to blame."
"But Daisuke is a good mother?"
"Yeah. A good mother."
"All right. I must not lie."
Daisuke is a little boy than I thought was good.
Compared with around one indeed was a small proprietor, the hardness was not inferior.
It came in the room with the slow time of Daisuke, sometimes in school tomorrow, before the ceremony because it was well enough 潤Tsu honey pot I decided to be inserted without.
"Wait just a little."
Take back to the bedroom saying that condoms.
To kiss the little boy take off Daisuke pajamas with a condom attached.
Daisuke has massaged the breast with my pajamas off.
"Today is the late, still letting his mother."
Daisuke lying on his back, I went to the honey pot led to straddling his cock from above.
Came into my honey pot in the head of the cock Daisuke Nurutsu.
Daisuke cock and hips to sink as it is I comfortably wrapped in my honey pot.
"Feel good?"
"Yes. I feel warm."
I have the feeling of cock flesh, felt the waist while moving slowly.
"Mom! Uu tea out!"
Daisuke was the beginning of this incest.
That day, I arrived at the following promise to sleep.
One must be a secret only me and two of Daisuke.
One, when sex should be as mother says.
One, the father return from overseas trip, you can restore a person.
To satisfy my cock Daisuke, but is still likely to take, I want to tell me slowly.

To Tomoko

To answer

Hello ♪

But give the name and personal, do you talk to the lady who I am if I know H-Ne ♪ I love, and he was two, she is "One" ® s (kiss ) m (^ 0 ^) m ♪ ~ ~ yuri


Yoshiko, Ken-ichi, Miss Lily, Thank you for answering my post was poor.
Feedback will be valuable as a reference.

Shout, but I would like to solve the misunderstanding, my opinion is the opinion written Satoshi 蔑Nda poppy disabled people is not me. I myself have 居Rimashita disabled son (died at an early age)
"People with disabilities are human beings." Painfully feel like without being told. There were also stories that lady whispered looking away to come here all the way and looked to have been my son (alas for such acts to the lady for some reason)
Lily added, "people with disabilities are human beings." Is like saying, please their word for it is already established that discrimination. Since I will now farewell, Yoshiko, please ease.
Thank you.

keiko to:

There will be said by those who have meaning for mother incest, [679] 有Rimasen no problems I also underway as noted in the current maternal and child incest.
It loves his wife loves kids, loves family, everyone from my mother, because I love my family.
I have one year of junior high school, my mother at the hands of knowledgeable, experienced the pleasure of ejaculation.
Of attitude toward the mother, in a general sense of ethics and morals will not understand.
In general, I will be denied incest mother was a logical bit different.
Among incest incest incest mother and son say that thinking is allowed.
Although sex is still seeking pleasure for pleasure, and it descendants but leave the first condition.
This is a problem in genetics, he had in mind I never avoided.
Exactly even if contraception, maternal and child bond becomes deeper things, to say that it could concentrate on studying, my mother was a theory.
Until menopause forgive me my mother had never intravaginal ejaculation. It leads me in the days When you collect ejaculation, even to go to the peak, led to his own genitals my fingers, I remember the pleasure he felt the excitement.
Leading up to the father and son sex between mother and child are both attracted to each other, love, if such a state would ultimately be remembered Itooshi was unusual but said nothing.
From a couple of strangers to the deep affection and ties of the mother is more blood-related son of his alter ego, even when its ties to households by example, and it should not change was saying.
Fortunately, our family lived under the same roof, I am wife and mother, children, similarly to the love, the love pouring.
Not sufficient for the erection attracted to my mother, of course, that relationship is the hard conventions of the private firm alone, my wife knows nothing.
Solidarity is the condition in the family tie this thing. From the standpoint of his son and said, I think there is nothing to fear.
It is aware of his mother's son from the scene, but no doubt, the board room I think I'm Onani do?
You should also have a sense of shame from his son
In view of better over time to invite the gentle?
For example, on the bath or wearing a bra and panties, her "····, "and I'm itching to back ~ ~
Back to around the waist, while his penis to you Morai, casually, "elbow" or something to touch, while watching his erection while checking, if you like your son has an erection Because I lust for after the mother's courage in public speaking
Daily from the appearance of son, the hope, I think She must come true.
And son, and I think the convention well.
Mother, birth control until menopause to enjoy it as well is an absolute

Re: [687] I'm troubled

> It is 44 years old civil servant.
> I live alone with two sons 17 year old high school senior now been divorced 10 years ago. Next spring, but university entrance examination is not to tell the hands to study recently. The reason seems to be with me. I've seen that the sex with her lover. Recently, deep in my underwear with masturbation. At first I was hiding, I recently seem to confirm the reaction put my sight on purpose.
> Incestuous son's room I was cleaning the DVD there a book or something. The mother and son sex was looked fearfully.
> Since then, I would like to be seen as unconscious of his son, too. And the public was relieved to read your experience that there is a similar story.
> I feel it is a matter of time as my son is coming up.
> I hope that suffer from it myself.

This evening, Kaiko's a woman have before, I do not forget to have a mother. As a temporary sexual outlet?
Committed himself to his son! ? Consists of the mother or a woman?
Then his son a few years too, going from a lady taking off.
During the years, I love going away and lovely lady love?
Perhaps referring to the magazines and the Internet, and indecent son and friends, yet not in the sense of flexibility, belief in spirit,
In this world, only one absent mother, the right to pollute,
I 有Rimasen a son.
I'm younger than that lady! Human common sense is to have estimates.
Kaiko's, lady is the mother of his son.
Son to have a future if given time to SEX! ?
How about some time to acquire a sense 費Yashitara 遣Ru people think!
I (lily) is a newcomer by the name of the post.
My whole family is incest.
However, Kaiko's case and less for the difference?
The happy family is very kind people to care about family.
[696] attached to this site, it has a little bit,
Hope you read.

A son, "I'm your woman 成Ttara, will you look after married life ...?" How can I say?
"I entrust myself to a man about a simple, no cheap woman?"
Lady's family is his son.
Temporary, a tool for pleasure is a thing 成Ranai.
Lady of pleasure for yourself if you want to SEX! ?
I think if you build a good boyfriend outside.
As imposing "for our happiness, make my boyfriend ..."
"So, you have the tools of his son 成Rimasen SEX ...?"
Say it clearly.
Still, like committing to take action? I give it a chance.
This site environment and contributing to it are written out in their sensibility.
Are excited about this site, or lady is not itself?
May be just the sexual awakening of the taste and only son?
Lady himself, the remainder of loneliness, you feel like a son to provoke.
If that's the case, the lady is a worthless person who slander.
People with disabilities are human beings. Is not I a good friend Mel looked at this site.
Consultation lady, in the pleasure you experience yourself? ? ? ?
If you expect your son to SEX! ?
Lady should go to their dating.
In love with you, if you age? Some people will be there If she will hold the money.
, The story of the rude, please forgive me. Kind regards from Lily

If common topic 楽Shimere

Horny housewife is looking forward to this board.
I think this is a place to enjoy a common topic of incestuous sexual abstinence.
Shitakattara personal stories that people have their confession,
Would you like Nasattara in a different way.
As readers are tired of.
If you continue going to be yet, I can not here anymore.
I think you care even if they have better administrators.


Satoshi? Are you coming to this site why?
Find another site if the e-mail friend. What do you mean because even the disabled?

To Tomoko

I am a disabled 50-year-old man.

To walk upon it, even tighter language disorders,

I speak in the face, hard to tell enough,

I want your e-mail friend and a woman without much edge

Thanks for advice

Thank you friends who advise adults.
But to be honest, I worried so much fear.
In the heart of the incestuous mother could not hold myself to a DVD which had experience with such desire.
I think I should do to knock her son's room while you are still in masturbation or better yet tonight.
Someone's "push" (justification) that wanted to write.

To Mom!

Many worried, please answer guide, as a woman,
Then please tell me answer to you.
Looking for happiness

I'm troubled

The 44 year-old civil servant.
The living son and two current high school seniors age 17 and divorced 10 years ago. Next spring, but university entrance examination is not to tell the hands to study recently. The reason seems to be with me. I've seen that the sex with her lover. Recently, deep in my underwear with masturbation. At first I was hiding, I recently seem to confirm the reaction put my sight on purpose.
Incestuous son's room I was cleaning the DVD there a book or something. The mother and son sex was looked fearfully.
Since then, I would like to be seen as unconscious of his son, too. And the public was relieved to read your experience that there is a similar story.
I feel it is a matter of time as my son is coming up.
I hope that suffer from it myself.

Oh Ah Oh!

This weekend, Dixie ® is made happy with the brother of my uniform all day today and ends (^ 0 ^)! However, virgin and handsome older brother is the way, I have a very thick cock in my womb with his brother to lead a non-virgin "Oh Ah Oh, I feel! Tsu my brother, Ikutsu, I ~ I Nn Tsu! "and the special chemistry of the body from the brothers, na fine? Now my brother is in bed ... I've 14 years old, my brother is a relationship of 17 years, parents have been living in a different treatment is 有Tsu translation.
I rest now zzz!

He suggested people use free talk and administrators

Whew ... What a lawless no longer (sigh).
Well, the truth will not matter kno my own, people who are engaged in a free talk here recently, this board is at least "a confession for the experience"
頂Kitai not forget to say.
As far as I have a confession of experience in the free talk is the only member of the lily said, after everyone would just talk?
You are, I will have to use a non-native usage here?
Other users of the junk I have a confession is hard to read the original experience,
I would like you to restrain irresponsible things.
If you want a personal conversation, if available to get a free e-mail address will be entertained by the best there is.
Using free email, because the identity will be less worried about Bareru.
People who manage to ...
This situation persists not continue if I was very sorry to trouble you with,
Could you consider for the establishment of a free talk board?

[677] ♪ Yumie to Sister

Yoo Mi's cheers for good work ♪ ♪
[682] is continued. When you are writing, wrong (ENTER) and press send Maimashita. (Laughs)
Also available in the embarrassing typographical wording. I beg your pardon!

Lily is a dedicated her virginity to dad started 5th grade ... ♪
For now, I still followed by Lovers ♪ also married to my husband.
Lesbian experience, I received from mom taught.
Mom, my husband and lilies, ♪ I still love birds
And even fifth grade daughter is also present in the lily!
Dad (father), but I got to tell dad Yuri childhood,
Papa, ♪ I like to teach her thigh slightly
Dad came to stay with the thighs and papa will not leave a moment. Together bed bath together ... ♪ ... ♪
Where I go with it.
But to embrace and kiss in front of me ... ♪
I also like heavy 絡Meru tongue kiss.
Sometimes, playing with his hand placed in a pants zipper down daddy
I moved out on the table consisted Kikuno Hiroshi daddy thing.
I am also jealous, ♪ Papa to kiss you
Blow to the plot, including the mouth of the Kiku Hiroshi consisted daddy ...
"W ~ today is useless because only Gigi leg, raise the mom"
"Momo, now enters the bath and Gigi ~"
"Gigi later! Increase lending to mom like" What did (laughs)
The two went to the bath.
10 to 15 minutes, but the laughter came 聞E Kyakya?
Suddenly became quiet, ♪ The howls came 聞E do something painful thigh
"Ugh ... Ahhh ~, ~ c option, Oh Aaaa" take time to stand,
Momo is made up of voice goes large.
I was naturally excited to foot, while looking a little Doa opened the bathroom before going to ... explore the clitoris with your fingers and roll into their hands in a skirt wearing no underwear, and put your finger in the vagina masturbation .
I am fully open to the Doa, look like two people
Looking at both those two acts daddy ...
Finger movements while violently gasping noises 厭Rashii kucha ...
"Ahhh Ah ~'ll Ikuiku, U Ah ~ I, ~ Ahhh Ikutsu"
Are stimulated, ♪ 反Rase loud on the back and thighs like a shrimp
"Hmm Uuu Tsu, Ah Ah Ah ~ I, ~ Ahhh Goodbye Goodbye"
The climax? This is greeted like. Kiku Hiroshi Sosori立Chi thing Dad!
"Ah Mom! Raise lend Gigi Mom" amino're sorry!
I, T and unhook the Fureasukato Tishatsu took off,
I fell down without any resistance.
I said, "out of the thigh? What do you do?"
Momo is "looking at Gigi and Mom!"
"Please stay to hang a towel Ne ..."
I like to leap into the bathroom and dad, arms around his neck ...
With a deep kiss, tangled tongues and me dad, daddy's hand,
My nipples with your fingertips touching the breast roll, grab like sideburns,
One hand, the wet vulva clitoris masturbation for me between two fingers around, like Draws a circle from the entrance of the vulva, and two fingers in the invasion of the uterus to slowly and noisily,
Began to move.
Daddy's fingers, my fingers just 探Ri当Te G spot, like a creature with eyes, gently 撫Ze around from point fingers at,
And the pointy end, or, out repeatedly, or, G Spot,
Dad fingers, tease me, and I felt "No ~ Ah Tsu"
逝Ki it grows into? We will leave.
I said, "A Dad ~ ~ Ahhh Ah Ah Aaa Iyatsu ~! The Ear ~"
I love juice flows down because of the height and spring upward surge ... ♪
Fingers and out of time, the sound 厭Rashii. Nuchonucho drenched ... ♪ ... ♪
"A more useless daddy ~ ~ ~ put ~ Ahhh early, put oof ~"
Dad, me to all fours, like a trace of my genitals,
And I wanted to guess!
While in the womb at once to narrow the vagina, vaginal walls way,
Wade rush, and, like turn back a stiff!
Like my ass beat Pettawo, Kari Bukkake wet body!
Noises and gooey, intensely hip Dad,
Nail me ♪ ♪
"Oh Daddy ~ ~ Ahhh Tsuikutsu Agu Tsuikui Tsu Oh oh oh ummm ... Ahhh ~ ~ gulp ~ Aaa Igutsuii Tsu Oh ~ Goodbye"
(To quote the letter of your post, sorry) (sweat)
And, also Papa "also Ikukku Ppapa Tsuiku Ootsuu ~ ~"
Dad, ♪ hassle with a shot hit the wall of the uterus like in my veins
Her thigh, the introduction as an option one's eyes, and out of the vagina with your finger
Dad and my life watching, to raise our voices against masturbation.
"Uuu ~ Hhaahaa, Mmama Ahhh ~ ~ ~ Aa ~ The Group"
I said, "Momo Chang, Gigi juice drink"
Momo said, "Yeah, I drank ..."
"Then, go to sleep over here!"
Momo is sleeping on his back and mouth open waiting for the floor.
I was away from the father, the love juice on the face and thighs astride semen,
Pouring into the mouth of the thigh, thigh, his face drawn into a small hand grab my ass, sucking noisily Chuuchuu us. I turn around and grow into the 69 took the thigh wet twat tongue relief, go suck your tongue to stimulate the clitoris during vaginal insertion,
"Uu ~ I, U Goodbye Tsu Ahhh Ahhh ~ ~ ~ Mom"
Momo is sucking noisily even when many of my private parts.
I raise to attract Blow into the mouth daddy thing ...
Moreover, ♪ I came to slightly increase the size
"Dad, or, later in bed, to raise the thigh Shiawa ~"
Daddy and thigh, body wash in the shower ...
Risen from the bath. Sweaty body wash too ...
Dad hit the shower water pressure put your finger on the sperm of genital stimulation to the clitoris, I felt like the climax groan again ... ♪
"There Ahhh Ahhh Ah ~ ~ ~ log ~ Ikuikutsui"
Daughter in the thigh near ※, ♪ Daddy will consist of a lover

Sister Yumie things, the lilies do not forget ... ♪
Yuri, ♪ like to browse the site made this post
Consisted imagination like a very strange acquaintance with ♪ Mi Yoo.厭Rashiku consisted of a red face and you realize the place myself.
It is also true that's inspired by Yoo Mi (♪ embarrassing)
While thinking about Sister Yumie into bed ... ♪ ♪
I also masturbation.
Lily dick is like a wet towel drenched always. Just thinking about the things ♪ Sister Yumie
Consists of the stomach seem to be burning hot.
The entrance to the uterus, a hot love juice comes out and loosened overcame Kyukyu choke. Today Oshibori rounded like the two pieces have been wrapped in plastic wrap.
Solution composed of slippery moves and the love of Lily and Sister Yumie (shame)
It is very comfortable to stimulate the clitoris.
Copyright feeling good about feeling lumpy in the towel.
Like this, but I hate lily in 成Ranai (sweat) (tears)
This time, ♪ has talked to her thigh
The whole family, including me, SEX is a truly loving another.
Lily also is the first man also gave their virginity to dad 実妹 Akiko.
Daughter a few weeks in the current leg of the lily ...
♪ I'll give her virginity to dad
Yuri also married, I still love being embraced by the father.
My husband and lily is another form of love.
My husband took great lily is a man without a purchase on credit dear.
[Incest] in the form of love, and you're looking at the field posts
Love and hate seem to have varied.
Even though flesh and blood! Mother and only one person in the world, my father.
And a sister. The flesh and blood.
Like shape of the lily family, but I think there?見掛Kemasen too.
Also, write letters.
I love to ... more Yumie Sister Lily With Love ♪ ♪

Please work hard you are posting ※.

Lily Chan, Tadaimatsu!

Yokohama today, fireworks display, now just over 忙Shikutsu Tsu, Tom came back from a walk! In front of the room, he ® bytes had finished college! There are many people in town are still crowded Yokohama will be tomorrow? But, her lily family was there a lot of envy Na ^ ^! Tonight, he quickly embraced by, rest zzz! Ne sorry, but this weekend will be terminated, then the summer is going, so I m (-_-) m
Yuri-chan, do you really love good?

* Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry for the privatized here with her. But 有Rimashitara interested, please join Ne! What should her lily?

Sister to Yumie ... ♪

> Now is 忙Shikutsu Yokohama, just to break me but also from the small notes, Ne ends from work, her lily m (^ 0 ^) m!
> Ne lady because I thought the same!

Thank you. ♪ happy (tears) (Heart ~ ♪)
You are busy, sorry!
[667] ♪ ♪ Please do not read well
It is also the lily family ... I also want to know a lot Naa ~ ♪
Yoo Mi-ae ~ Yuri he's (Tom) is considered the same as trying to breed the lily ... koko (dog border), because it is still 14 months,
It is often just so cute that (tears) 辞Memasu now.
Because ~! Lily things, so give me love!
♪ I really cherish my daughter to 懐I
Koko thing with me is not know yet, maybe in the know? ?
Sometimes, koko I lick his face thrust into the skirt of his daughter.
My daughter is sitting on the couch surrendered without reluctant.
It is just like the young age of the lily!
Also daughter (5 years small), we know masturbation.
Sometimes in my room, ♪ When you are done to study the masturbation time
聞E comes the moan. "Uhh Ahhh ~ ~ ~ Ah Aaa"
And be sure to call me "Mama! Coming soon coming ~ ~ ~ Ahhh Ahhh ~" I, ♪ ♪ girl goes flying in the room immediately
"Ahhh ~ ah, Ikutsu, Tetsu saw Mama, Ikuikutsu dense,
Thigh, she'll say Ahhh ~ ~ ~ ik ~ Ahhh Mama! "
I am so excited my hands are stretched ♪ I touch clitoris
Reached a climax thigh "Oh Mama ~ lick faster, Ah ~"
I like draw put both feet on the shoulder of the thigh, leg draw with twat, wet love juice flowing, but beautiful like licking sucking mouth and tongue, rolling the clitoris with the tongue slightly in his face ,
Mouth while breathing, and stimulating ...
"Oh, Mama! Utsuu challenging feelings ~ ~ ~ I Tsuikutsuiku Ahhh, ik ~ ~ Aaa Tsu Oh Mama!"
I lick clean, wipe with a tissue ...
Looking at a wide open crotch of my wet twat!
"Mommy is good?"
"Today, I'm a good mom!"
(Actually, I want to lick ~! A way that is cleaning the dining ~ "(sad)
"Quick, come take a shower!"
"Ha ~ ♪ I" went flying into the bathroom look tidy.

The lily, in the bathroom of a home dad from the age of peach now ...
Every day, awakening to a variety of things taught, ♪ be taught masturbation
I still, ♪ I also have to stimulate the clitoris in the body 蕾Mi
Mama, I can lick clean the genital area and getting wet ...
In my case, lying on the floor of the bathroom dad will 跨Ga on painted liquid jelly little boy his devoted to little boy's dad twat lily ... in the beginning, the back of my dad move back and forth and multiply into their hands, your father is made Kiku Hiroshi hard dick ...
The lily hand 当Teta hips, raise your voice ... Dad is moving quickly
"Oh you ~ Papa Copyright elephant, Utsuu ~ s, ~ s Uuu"
Inspired by my little boy's dad too hard, raise your voice ...
"Oh Aaa Ahhh ~ I ~ Chii feeling"
And the tip of the penis of your father's genitals have under my
Gushing and white liquid came out.
Together when mom is licking a white liquid came from dad, mom
Raise your mouth to suck dick Chuuchuu your dad.
I went immediately to mind in imitation.
And two-time dad, instead of the mother to raise me.
Left, a white liquid Dad, I lick the beautiful, the little boy's father, consisted lick your mouth like a small increase.
Come accustomed to direct, I have received in the mouth, while Muse返Ri ... ♪
I swallow everything.
Around this time, made to go I like the taste of semen.

And made the first summer of my fifth grade ... ♪
Mom and dad and three people, just like taking a bath based on what time ...
Wash the body over time, resulting in the jelly coat of the little boy lying on the floor my Dad ... Dad ... Dad astride a little boy myself,
Move the person went to stimuli.
At that time, Dad put my finger in the genital area (like entering the finger was made up of two) to stimulate the clitoris came.
I have pleasure in your body heat raged, and stayed groan aloud.
"Ahhh Aaa ~ ~ Oh Daddy ~ Chii feeling Iaaa ~"
Dad also "Hmm, I go oh oh Uppapa ~ ~ ~ Ikuiku Tsu"
"Even lily, with Aaa Oh, Oh ooh Aaaaa Tsu KUU ~ s"
I go with moving your mouth to dick daddy soon, take into his mouth raised in drinking semen father.
I leave with dad, ♪ mom was masturbating himself
Daddy's little boy into his mouth, sucking noisily raised Chupachupa.
Standing a bit of a little boy came up big daddy made.
And mom and dad away from his mouth ...
Mom, "Lily, would you like Daddy"
"Yes, Lily, I love Daddy ®"
"Yuri! A little boy's dad, mom to see, in Tsu 入Retakunai lily" Mom ... Dad moving the little boy
I'm glad "to see the mom to stick in the lily ~ Tsu"
"Haitsu, is understood, we're putting good, I'll be out of patience but a little sore. I'll raise leads to mom"
Mom took the jelly, me and my dad paint treatment.
Mom "Then, straddling the little boy's father Yuri"
Sleep while Dad was standing in his little boy hands.
I was hit in the genitals astride his daddy.
Mama, "little by little, taking its ~, put it in and go"
I went to sit down a little.
Feeling your body to go with a slow spreading genital entrance, I sit down every few inches, feeling pressured,
My dad's arms while a load off ball, while a patient, or a little ...
Lowered waist.
I have to raise our voices! For tightness, or pain, or 痛Ku無I? ?
I dropped back at once.
I Clench your teeth, moan, cried out.
"Ahhh ah ah ~ Tsu U, Uu ~ I, ~ I went Oh Aaa"
I am a great dad and everything, the whole body feels accepted.
Papa got up and hugged me, put your tongue in me,
Kiss me to make my tongue tangled.
To sit there while the pain is gone.
"Aaa containing Daddy Oh, daddy love Ahhh ~ ~"
I went for a deep kiss from his dad.
Then my hips started to move slowly up and down dad.
I came a little familiar, no Sore程 pain, I just moan!
Move bit by bit, feeling the dad has made the traditional feel a little hot Dzutsuo stomach.
"Aaa Oh Daddy ~ ~ ~ hot hot belly Ah Aaa ® ~ ~"
Dad came running as fast gaining a little.
"Ahhh ~ ~ if they Tsu, Nuke ah ah ah ~ ~ ~ hot"
I have made in the body is hot and Gingin, went inside the vortex and pleasure.
"Ah Ahhh Ah ~ ~ I ~ ~ dad ~ Ahhh ~ Chii feeling"
Dad always different mouth and fingers? Pleasure surging from the body,
Feel a sense of climax was the speed of movement become more father.
Every time dad thrust from the bottom, the thing in the back and hot wet
Like squirt was shaking the whole body to feel the climax.
"Oh Oh, nice! 変N're made for, like Ah ~ Hmm Tsu"
"Oh, Dad also Ikuiku ~ Hmm, ik ~ ~ Oo you Tsu"
I felt coming in and blowing things gushing hot inside of me.
Papa to kiss came to lick his face like I turned my hug.
Dad to smile, "Lily, I am glad!"
I said, "I love Daddy ~! That contains the father yet."
I put the tongue raised to kiss daddy.
Dad is sleeping next to mom, my fingers while touching the clitoris,
"Yuri, on the face of the mother, the mother received to cover the early, there there ~"
I, Over the face away from the mom dad and went to push my wet twat.
Mom put a hole in your tongue noisily Chuuchuu arm around my waist, sucking my love juice ... go with my dad and swallowed.
"Splashing sound! Ugh ... Chuuchuu U U Bukkake!"
I am a mom with a mouth made of wet processing in the opposite direction

The first post.

On this weekend is cute nephew visiting from the countryside. I am a person who lives in Tokyo, during the holidays just been asked this lady, is a nephew to sleep. Nephew, in one of next year niece from my brother in the exam in the poor, but I looked after, so that the brush down on me for a summer vacation last year, his nephew last night after a long time welcomed me into a cock. Incidentally, I, 38 × 1-year-old, recently a person before the coming of his nephew in obstetrics and came got a prescription for a pill, but it is time to time (hazard day) is not responsible for nephew The Tsu take it, myself! Nephew is uniform, increase condom 付Ke方 also teaches. And you know, I think, for just in case! Nephew, and for tonight, but now I rest, I in,

You Hazime Ken, thank you!

Crowned heart to know our thoughts, thanks! Between age, hey thank you also.

To Tomoko

Encounters on the bulletin board here, and many other things I worry that mothers who have been closely connected with the son, or some happy.
We can actually mother and became a mother at age 60 years and still not have a relationship mother Tomoko, to love and be loved meet each other.
Now I work in relation to working at night and day to work, to school even if his son and wife out to work part-time
Night shift day dawning in the home environment is such a mother and two
My wife, but also sex, my wife is very technique 及Bimasen mother.
My mother, too, to be thoroughly spoiled, do not hesitate to say I enjoy reading things my mother I want to.
My mother is my pleasure point inserted in the vagina before foreplay (Cali neck muscle behind the glans), are familiar with, or even this, without love of the penis repeatedly attacked what it rolled to the brink of ejaculation, which Then I will accept.
Tomoko sex every day and is tired of it, 32 years old son in the prime of it now is, even daily "OK" should be
Insertion into the vagina without the daily pleasure of three points of the penis son's mother to take the initiative (the glans neck back muscles Calicut) again and again, and (or twist or pinch piston Dari massage relaxes you) and "Shigoi" son went to do it right from the ejaculate seems to have been a virgin, I think they'll kick Kono上Nai happy.
I am now 35 years old, my family is my mother is living with his wife and that third grade son.
In memory of my father was not there. Elementary school at the time his father had to take a bath together with her mother did not always exist, but I had fun getting daily routine of washing the penis. And the erection was pleasant and familiar with children and for not as I recall. My mother always say, "penis," she said ~ I wash, peel the neck near the Kari "click click" I like to remember Tomomi was loosened. Since then I have "penis" feel good things I liked to get washed. It was from this daily life I thought we'd like you to wash it forever.
So I was a savvy, slower than other friends did after entering middle school, my mother and your penis out again as always
The penile urethra is extremely pleasure and feel good at the time unusual Tsumami上Geta the glans from the neck grip Cali "Muzugayui" milky feeling "mushy" things that many times, each time out several times and pleasant place to escape the waist, I knew that this ejaculated.
Words can not say I 現Senai, I thought there is such a pleasant thing. My mother embraced me gently to strongly.
Even now, I remember the pleasure of that day clearly.
I told my mother to see that at this moment, the most excitement was at this time, I felt the pleasure itself is the best.
This was like the mother-infant relationship, there he was inserted into the vagina to the time since, I do not have a clear memory.
But let him say clearly in the intravaginal ejaculation, was the mother at the age of 50 who are in menopause, many times before using it skillfully hand palm fingers ejaculation times let me. Old mother of pleasure would go through menopause, I inserted it without my mother was about to touch the genitals with a finger? ?
From mother to menopause, and come looking for me like if it were hard to change people went to get along with each other and change each other pleasure seeking, and now his wife has not come looking for me to lust, like a mother to love them anyway, is excited too unusual.
Cherish my relationship with my son's trashing of others without even things that Madowasa Tomoko, down to love and be loved. I support you too.

Kumquat-colored spider silk

Thank you for showing your Okonaenu numerous feats.
The story is done in the near-rape by 馴Re馴Reshi 気安 relatives, such as a spotlight 当Teta very secret, the dawn is the best transparent, like strip clubs, there is something to entertain.
I enjoyed.
But it is also in 親Shiki] [in courtesy to those who like the white too feebly, I might be badly received.
[I] will definitely happen because we live in such a universe, even Fushidara any act, you (usually the man) I wanted people to catch the feelings (mostly women) that they , the only problem was realized, it said simply speaking of ending, Gozaimashou.

[Infinite universe, you have infinite talent] and it is believed that, if the universe holds such, the experience is like you, beyond humanity, "slag" as it might act, hell The thing must be to fall into, no.
So to speak, to play the cards you need to catch a man Baba, everyone is (needed for the universe Naritatsu) just might be a Bubba was won by this hand. Space will be a valuable experience for them.
Any rate, a healthy (referred to as microcosms) to make the human body, even the filth of sake lees Yara Yara poop, because it's necessary.

Pains [I mind exalted as make sure it happens] from it and you have, that a spirit such, because it's a real experience, from the doodlebug fell into his own, can rescue yourself, absolutely possible. No, listen to what Fusagou, 塞Gou both the mind and eventually you will notice it. Everyone is a hellish world for myself, I may be rescued. If you want to be rescued from there, it is anxious.

You are valuable be a [mind] What's owner, do you believe deserves to keep his body is dirty or beast? Conscience remain sealed, and people continue forever, do you think?
While many people get a kick out of near rape postscript strong, that some people did not get the pleasure too, why?

Mother Of A son incest [mother] by the matrilineal society in Japan is so rare it would not. That is so taboo, it was not.

Imaginative people, the sense of guilt - in erogenous, but do we get the result that strong self-absorption near-rape, "But do you have to do it," people who are disappointed it can not only result , the first impression the ranks of the adults smoke cigarettes, it is similar.

Conscious sense of guilt and complicity [bad] is taboo, people have the power to fascinate. Berlin wall is required to break the time and stamina, pleasure would be destroyed if large. Yes, violating a taboo, but a sense of immorality leads to pleasure, the pleasure is "known only to things done" rather than those of the 有Ri得Masen. It is also in the long history of humanity is very mundane.

Sure thing, one night a sense of self-absorbed to the end of corruption in the morning that always come.
Plastic under the sun, leaving only the hideous fact disobeyed virtue, so we can not finish your life.

If the universe is made up of love, so infinite, and you need assistance is given without fail.
多Karan happiness to everyone that will pray!

Ne Sorry, Yuri-chan ^ ^!

Now is 忙Shikutsu Yokohama, just to break me but also from the small notes, Ne ends from work, her lily m (^ 0 ^) m!
Ne lady because I thought the same!

Sister to Yumie ... ♪

Hello ... ♪
Yoo Mi-ae from friends, I miss the reply 無Kutsu (tears)
I passed the lily family story is important?
Yuri, I think you can talk a lot still Yoo Mi's.
Yuri, ♪ ♪ miss I think I like Yoo Mi's
Yoo Mi-ae's ... you know the heart of the lily is disturbed.
I think the thing's Yoo Mi? How to speak without any pounding.
Indeed, the whole family incest thing lily, it is true that not even 間切Re!
Families like us who 有Rimasen trouble.

You also will be posted to experience the suffering that each problem!
These, like trying to find a site in his post.
And some people give a great variety of opinions.
During the one and defaming (ego, for the material you excited?)
Post to incite people like?
The non-party people, excited to read the description of the normal post ...
So, I know you will worry that there are more, I think a good thing.
Some opinions are, ♪ I will give advice to people who also really great
Yuri also, how to write sentences and those who are posting consists very much for thinking.
I also like the writing to be excited just like you? I like 成Rimasen too (laughs)

Think of the lilies I do is useless ... ♪'s Yoo Mi ♪ (sweat)
Yoo Mi-ae's, I've met. But it is!
Like the lily, just feelings, they have the 先走Tsu?
We well understand that it's an inconvenience to take Yoo Mi (laughs)
Yoo Mi-ae's in, they also felt it was not touched ...
Weird things that (tears)

Today, Mom and Dad came back (Lonely)
Soon, we are going to take my daughter to play at home.
The daughter Lily (Elementary 5th) ♪ I love Mom and Dad too
♪ I love consists in the lily even met mom's Papaya Yoo Mi
Yoo Mi-ae's the thing, of course we'll love ♪ A lot of mom and dad to raise the most lily love, ♪ I want to love
In or write letters.

To all of you to post ※ ♪
Private thing, I'm sorry to use the post box.

To Tomoko

> What should I do believe if you even have to believe me? My aunt recently in man (son) just so welcomed, and my daughter are invited to change (genital) can result in damp, then you are also pages of men's wisdom居Masu you doing I write it, or you are delusional

Kono Satoshi I'm not. Sad. Only want your e-mail friend.
... I do what I felt so afraid of you? ? ? I'm sorry.

To Tomoko


Still something to me?

What to me, now they want to cherish the time I was 35-year-old son, by a line at the bottom line too many times last night, had lost half a mind knowing ® ! Recently, ♪ It even moan
Aaaa Tsu Oh, I will listen to his son ~ ♪ I'm Tsu Nn
So, Satoshi, the interest is there from 一向Ni, will simply give up -;

To Tomoko

Sad sad


yuna himekawa[671]
I am 14 years old in the second. I was impatient to see the little boy really a man at one time or another I forgot. As well as masturbation and all 14 pre-experience in early child may already seems small Itta 4. Such excitement in my class talking about things like vacation time may be a little weird guys sex with men in the toilet of the school he'd get a great person combed SEX

There is also very interested in me, I was always antsy to just Nde masturbation was that kind of courage.
But one day, one thing became so high to go slow at home parent tray
Spent alone with his brother. My brother wanted to embrace it before it was a very good body with a baseball club. I got in the bath I take off all your underwear and I happened to good anymore since my brother was taking a bath when I was really wanting sex and body and this before

My brother and I came to know that I was washing her hair is "Hey! I'm in but I'm now, after the Roman: Come," his brother back to 抱Ki着I I say to ignore I had a vagina rub like crazy.
But we are likely to feel the switcher at the back of his brother is rubbing the clitoris so, I gave my brother holding a short-kyu Innovation.

My brother first saw the little boy but I thought I was yo this is not why I did stand out into the blood vessels to grow so they curled up something "to lick with his tongue in the mouth" Men were sucking your dick Makurimashita absorbed in adoration while they say it more confusing. I'll tell my brother and my tongue licking the slightest crack of Saki "Oh get out!" She said she saw me because I have a moment in front of them ー'm Kiga example. Nde like that now Suck and Itta Chupuchupu while still dripping body went to the pimples on his face I feel lukewarm Pyuppyutsu crazy white liquid from the previous split I tried to drink, It tasted strange with something sticky.

Now the elder brother, "Let me see your vagina even Yuri" the masturbation was forced open and his back to me I go to bed
Lightning cum brother and now I'm really embarrassed being watched while playing with a man over there again, this time to pause for a while Gui and suddenly I put in my vagina area where the null ! But my brother is come out the other voices Since it was sore in pain for the first time I've put everything I was forced to hold back the times Yuri waist many times to ignore I was up and out. Chupon I pulled out my little boy came out of the way her brother in a warm moment came in the vagina hot vagina and Gingin was something more distracted. "Sorry, I got soup in impatiently," I mean, I still remember that I could not think of anything, not Soredokoro.

Brother is now the mouth certainly a little boy forced into sexual intercourse by force and also 済Mu it came out station ー make the mouth of Yuri and also has been out a while come by screwing force a little boy with a blood I've been Buchi込N

I no longer feel I was being put into the vagina of the body to let my brother ー station until midnight. Into the vagina up close saw the moment of ejaculation around six times I let out a station from the crack ー where I pull in front of crackling and it will Nutchari stet.

I then poked the uterus is being threatened every day forever if I do not want you saying Barasa 聞Keyo the parents of the brother of a slave. Nde brother endless energy are high school students recently I let out a station at all ー I made up my face and tappuri Shigoi my hand and Shikoshiko.ー station has been put in the toilet of the park we face today can not stand the morning with something every day I do not even squid.

To Yumiko

What is reported by her husband and son's?
I'm glad I both of us happy ^ ^

"What sin is the woman?" When I heard "It's a sin lady" I would say. Even children who are hungry species, but it is a crime to think that a child born without sin is now home to be like that in a positive light to prospective child regardless Yumiko lets go!

After a while, how to rest? Maybe they work harder in class from noon or short?

Barre Gun! Yumiko!

To: m ^ 0 ^ m! Yu Song

On the verge of summer vacation with my son coming home 早Kutsu yesterday, I told my son could, of course, your children! The birth of a new life in my stomach. To her husband last night, after a long absence from it and say things 身篭Tta tell, no one husband husband and son have the same blood type were delighted. I just know my husband is Ne, and Yu Tasan sorry, I do girl sin?

Sister to Yumie ... ♪

Yoo Mi-ae's how are you ♪ Hello!
Lunch, it's like lots of work, Yoo Mi (laughs) I beg your pardon.
Yoo Mi-ae's is a thing of the lily, I think that strange woman?
The lily family, family you think you pervert ... (tears)
Lily is also common sense, we recognize and understand that non-sense expressions ...
It might be a group of people is strong sensitivity of the lily family.
The family is kind to everyone, but sometimes you can fight all along gently ♪.
So stay around our family, friends and acquaintances who are just good.
Yuri, ♪ which grew to like it who's intuition thing Yoo Mi
Yuri's body (just thought Yumie ♪ Sister ...) would react to the strange ... What is hot?
Even now! Yuri focuses on two rounds of the genitals with a towel!
Yoo Mi-ae's a thinking, I feel the uterus is hot even write to my stomach.
(Already, just thinking that Sister Yumie still come out of the 解Rimasu fluid flows ♪ I love Bichobicho)
Yesterday, koko lily to have sex with mom and ... ♪ ♪ ♪
However, koko got into the only mother (laughs)
Yuri only stimulation or to caress mom.
When Mom and koko is connected, mom and mom into the bottom of koko ♪ looking for a place that leads
Just to stimulate the clitoris mom raised.
I waiting to spread the fingers under the lily face twat mom (tears)
Mom, gasp, moan, like there own world of pleasure ...
You'll also be helped 有Rimasen!
When things are connected ♪ I please take the move (laughs)
Yoo Mi-ae's too, too lily mama, I (mass) are connected by time,
I only know what I get the pleasure of ecstatic party ... ♪
Yuri is like a lesbian in love with Yoo Mi ... ♪ ♪
Sucking the breasts to increase Yumie Sister ~ ~ ♪ useless tut
Then, what may be having an affair with her lily Tom (sweat) ... ♪
(But you are useless? Yoo Mi-ae's important to him, sorry) (sweat)
Lily ... I may look so obedient? I'm pretty lecher (laugh)
Since then, koko from the ends and sex!
A mom, and I adore the thing into the lily Yoo Mi's ... ♪
I told you ♪
It also comes with full wet lilies, even writing to ♪ ... ♪
Mom "If such a person, I want to embrace pictmap Yoo Mi's mother also," I would say (♪ happy)
Perhaps, also Papa also masters of the lily, ♪ maybe even brother lily
Yoo Mi-ae's beloved ... ♪ I might would have been held
(Yet, maybe lily own imagination? I hope you actually 成Re)
But starting the Sister Yumie are things of the lily ... ♪
I know the lesbian sister of the lily. Dad is a lover of the opposite sex ... ♪
Yoo Mi-ae's family ♪ lily is a family I like it ~ ♪
※ people who are kinky, but it may say on the appearance and abnormal? Lesbian, gay, molestation, rape, bestiality, murder, war etc.
Everyone is abnormal. All human thought is the act of doing. Incest is the same thing. I think each person's sensibility.
Lily is composed Yoo Mi's love, I love it also be composed of metamorphosis (laughs)
Yoo Mi-ae's embrace ... not for the lily ♪ Sister Yumie want ~ ♪
Even impossible right now, I want you to stay up waiting for the day must go to see.
Today, lilies are Papa and Mama loved ... ♪ ♪ ♪
Today, my husband is so slow (sad)
More thing, Tom amino know ... ♪
Lily, ♪ I Bichabicha crotch wet towels
The Sister Yumie, lily love from me ~ ♪
Does more to Sister Yumie lily ♪ ♪ I write letters or

Yumiko Congratulations ^ ^

Are you Yumiko pregnancy? Congratulations ^ ^
The first report, the husband? or son?
Yumiko's happy even when I changed it to who?

What about small changes to the post?
I have waited for Yumiko Mori Natsu.
Also, his writing funny, disregard!


Re: [645] IP to come out though

> Blatant spoof, kno myself, about five officers per person

I also think this is true, it funny to read, but I'm writing the person will think I have Bare無I!

Misae's, was only?

[662], and that means you're saying?
The 41-year-old I can stay to say anything either, but know the meaning of your sole, "Jealousy" ♪ Do
Or Shikya from harassment and frustration you receive what do women really? Ne is the question ...?

Yumiko-to-Naomi Tomoko

The Orimashi ヾ fun to play, so I look one of your (> ▽ <) o Gyahahahatsu
Good luck and please write in the future, we support you. (Laughs)


The other day from the day of Tanabata, dependable man that she can handle from me two weeks have passed. And take her virginity in itself I hardly believe it! But because I did not have to worry about pregnancy, my son survived ♪ ® is enjoying sex with me as promised in the beginning, of course, ♪ myself
I look at your writing, studying in its own way.

Yuni's song?

Recently, it's not written from Yu Song, something to be worry enough! Recently, the blah, 貰Ttara to a doctor and I still go to obstetricians, and ® is a blessed event, I was told! From a premature, but also because in a few days into summer vacation with my son 診Mashou again next month, and anticipation and then tell my pregnancy. I took the 22 from last month, but other times she would stick to what I feel now, even the voice Tsu even more obscene wet vagina, I'm embarrassed.

♪ Yumie nice to Sister

Tonight, ♪ I like Yoo Mi's
Lovers and it was not normal but strange ...
Different from that mentioned by Yoo Mi-ae's body is hot ... lily ... ♪
From the body, bit by bit hot thing comes to pimples.
Thus, while Yoo Mi's writing to ... o'clock foot and sighed, rubbing the lily, while her tits,
The hot area immediately shudder ... ♪ uterus and uterus tightening Kyukyu
Love juice coming out bit by bit and really wet right now ... come ♪.
I've done. But it? 2 ply towel roll up to ...
Wet processing is pressed against the lily. (♪ watch masturbation)
Yuri is very strange. The other towel Bichobicho ~ ♪
Enter ♪ feel touched to see that's been licked Yoo Mi
Yuri things like this ... Will you ... ♪ (tears)

Last night, full of love 貰Emashita daddy.
(♪ terrible thing it is big daddy) ... ♪ Fufufu
Could mom was living with my husband ... ♪
Yuri and dad for the couple opened the bedroom Doa.
The screams of two sets of peak and stimulate each other.
Lily ... I can even raise the voice of mom cum like crazy.
But the most amazing mom and sweet voice, the voice at the handshake,
From the body, from the back of the throat with a groan ...
"O ~ Aaa Utsuu Uhh Oh Guuguuaaa Ikuiku ~ ~"
"Oh Aaa with a deeper, and Ikuu Ahhh ~ ~"
It is the voice of Mama was a ladylike little lily ♪ ~ The (shame)
My husband and dad, at the same place the two sets of Ikimasu. Why ... ♪
Get angry because mom and lily.
居Masu wait to go after those who made the first man either Itta. Because this is the first husband had Itte ...
Hold the wet twat while mom ...
Wait for processing and dad came to Lily. They understood it too daddy
"Oh ~ lily, also Papa ik I ik Ugh ~ ~ ~ Ahhh Tsu"
"Even lily! Ikuiku Ikuppapa ~ ~ ~ Aaa Ah Ahhh ~ ®"
Daddy's winding plot Kutta lily in the wild gushing sperm ...
Sperm to the uterus 射Shimashita 目掛Ke lily (♪ happy)
From lily, lily of the pubic face pressed against the wet like to straddle my face away from mom and dad turnover,
Mom and sperm mixed with fluid flowing love his face pressed against genital lilies will swallow in the stomach, mouth and tongue ring sucking throat noisily Chupachupa.
Mom and Lily and goes Chuuchuu roll noisily sucking clit tongue each other.
"Oh Mom Atsuaa, together Ahhh Ikuikutsu Itte lily ~ ~ ~ Ikutsu Ah Aaa" Ikimashita raising their voices too.
(On the pill can I Mum)
Mom and I are addicted to the pleasure last forever?
Was continued until Dad call out.
And my mom and my husband ... ... ♪ ♪ Daddy

Bichobicho crotch towels Yoo Mi's lily ... ♪ ♪
Lily, you want to want to be embraced Sister Yumie ~ ~ ♪
I want to lick a lot a lot ~ ♪ ~ ♪ ♪ useless
Yuri, ♪ by Yoo Mi's "I love you ... ♪"
The ordinary lily ♪ ♪ is not considered a hot feeling
(Koko entrance is in the circle), so a little cute?
Tomorrow is the lily sex with mom and koko ♪
In from the lily ♪ ♪ I love Sister Yumie or write letters

Lily chan ♪

Ne ~ Thanks! Lily Chan, now in sympathy with me, I'm glad even to me, even families, not even family.
But his size and the other day for some time but still want to see her once a lily is now the only Tom Ne! But her lilies, even from a woman, "I love you!" He said ♪ Lily regards her mother as well thank you very much ♪ ♪ Are you good


What should I do believe if you even have to believe me? My aunt recently in man (son) just so welcomed, and my daughter are invited to change (genital) can result in damp, then you are also pages of men's wisdom居Masu you doing I write it, I do what you paranoid, so I feel afraid of you? ? ? I'm sorry.

Brother and

My name is "Emiko" called. It is a high. I have a twin brother, "Yuji" called. There are about 180 Yuji tall, slender,
I laid a cool girl. When our eyes will skip a beat even with my sister.
We go to school together every morning they attended the same high school.
They lived their lives in an apartment and two Yuji was watching TV and talking about this before Yuji. Then it was the scent of lemon, "Yuji, I licked the carrot?" I heard. "I'm licked." Yuji answered with "?" She has heard. I think it brought us a new American, "Yeah, give me." He said. Then, Yuji put his hand on my shoulder, have a kiss. The candy came out I was surprised Yuji mouth, went into my mouth. So-called oral tradition is a fucking kind. Yuji went into the room. That night will not stop pounding, I could not sleep. I was never kissed me,
The first kiss was with Yuji.
The next morning "Emiko, yo make rice." Originated voice and Yuji. I still have things to be aware of yesterday, "Well, yeah." 起Kiagarimashita but nervous. After eating breakfast, getting a phone call if the other tidy up, so it was from a friend Yuji, Yuji entered the room, "Yuji telephone." And said "Yes." Answered the phone If I go to. Without a lot of furniture was a beautiful room overlooking Yuji. Suddenly, my eyes Iki Yuji bed, I lie on the bed. I had my nose close pajamas, I tried to smell. Like shampoo, with a good smell. Then, "What are you doing?" With a low voice. I had to come back to the room Yuji. Dope! ! I thought, in a hurry 起Kiagari "Ehehe." Gomakashimashita laugh. "Phones, it's over?" Hagurakasou tried to talk to. "Finished." Yuji answered this. Then, Yuji has approached me. I was surprised, frightened eyes looked at the Yuji. I was pushed down to me and Yuji notice. There in front of face Yuji. Yuji Matsuge of a long, no acne on the skin did not look beautiful. Amarino with embarrassment, "da not." I reject this. Yuji is "Emiko." And called my name. Yuji's face staring at me, eyes gently closed. Something struck the lips. Yuji is the lips. We're going to fall gradually his lips and went to the chest. I was so pajamas, Yuji and bubble wrap, remove the button, roll up your bra on, and kissed him gently on the chest. Scissors lips nipples,
噛Mimashita teeth and gently. "Utsu, ah!" And I instinctively raised his voice. Yuji and sticking out his tongue, lick the nipples turn Neton and warm feeling. "Oh, Yu ... Yuji!"
We are quickly became naked. I was young, had a bath in it are often two. Yuji dick small dick around right now is small but not small as in the past. Looked very big and hard. My dick was already flooded. Yuji is a dick 突Kkomi fingers moved vigorously. "Oh, and ...! Not,'ll Aa." Reluctant to. The pain was first put up a Tsumuri. It gradually turned into pleasure it well. Kuchutsu [,] kiss my dick was coming from the sound disgusting and obscene. Yuji Kio Hiraku my crotch and tried to put in it. "Dametsu, and ...!" I tried to stop Yuji. Yuji is Harainoke my hands, you hold my arms, can not be made to move. I aimed my dick dick Yuji. Yuji is going into the vagina and Zubuzubu. "Hey, Ken, and ended up screaming and -----!!". All the way to get into more and more, Yuji is a "feel good?" Has been heard. I "Well, yeah. Pleasant, Ah." Answered. Then, once Yuji is 抜Ki出Shimashita dick. Then swiftly, I have to poke Zuntsu. "Oh Oh, damn useless! Uu cum tea!"
Yuji has a piston. When pierced with every Zunzunzun "Ah, ha, Oh" I let out a voice. "... While Emiko." Is said, and nodded Kokun. "Oil, Yuji ... feel something.
Something hot .... "" Yeah .... "I will have sperm inside Yuji. Stomach is getting hot for pounding.
Since then, every day to Yuji.
I sometimes get in the school infirmary.
It is good to have more school thrills.

Re: [651] to: Yu Mi ... ♪

> Eventually the young woman 32 years old college student, Tom came with me from morning to go to treatment Jealousy, the smell of my dick is not good at writing from a long time representation because it is bad, allow ne comes to the weird and wonderful things and I never called her Lily ♪! With your husband, it's been a while?
> But perhaps her lily, as I Na or a constitution?
> Yumie is, S can be M, OK from both men and women are in, it'll but her transformation is the only Ne m (^ 0 ^) m little or 引Kemashita?
> Anyway, but I like sex, older guys are 懲Ri懲Ri Oedipus complex! So, Oita to Tom, my things, made it the talk Ne, ♪ In
> However, ♪ ♀ even if you are interested in lily-chan

Yoo Mi-ae's ※, Kyu heart ~ ♪ Thank you. And I'm happy about that application.
I am 28 years old ... I Yoo Mi's lovely Sister ... ♪
So, there I am now writing addressed to Yu Mi's,
So about tightening in the chest, made up of body heat.
Is a very strange feeling nervous.
(Now come really wet.'s Like being touched by Yoo Mi ...)
♪ I like being caressed's Yoo Mi
The abdomen is hot someone is likely to raise our voices. "Ahhh huh ~ ~"
Yoo Mi-ae's very sad about ~ ♪, ♪ ~ hot
Yuri Yoo Mi-ae's interest in me ... have made so that ~ ~
Asuko many times, come again and again tightened wet glass ~
~'ll Voice out, "Sister Yumie ♪ ~ ~ Ahhh"
Sigh ... but really with Yuri ♪, has written.

Last night, my husband came home in the drinking of alcoholic beverages ...
Just too tired to sleep I 有Tsu.
I went to go out early. Around noon, my parents will come.
Yoo Mi-ae's in, what is an interest in this site but why is lily? ?
I speak a little ... full Dzutsuo, ♪'d like to talk with Yoo Mi
It is also to write to my husband because I know.
Yoo Mi-ae's a thing of the lily, the unresolved matter and understand?

Lily ... is included in all five family incest family home!
My husband is married to a member of the lily family consisted ....
I met my husband and ask multiplied by the lily,
My husband and mom lily lovers before marriage ...
Made to come to my house like a lily, and I met.
When first introduced to my husband, mom, "O man of her future husband ... this person is the lily" has been introduced.
That night, while drinking a drink for the whole family surrounding the table ... ♪
Even stay to talk, if this person ... I decided in my heart.

That night, I went back to the room all their own.
When I 差Shi掛Katta the bathroom before going to the toilet,
From sweet moan and occasional "Ahhh there ~ more ~ Yeah"
My mom's voice that I understand immediately.
People together into one who is the husband of the lily.
When I have returned to my room masturbation alone into the bed with excitement, their mother entered the room from the bath to rise.
Then came the 聞E Mom moan and sad and sweet voice.
I left the room to undress completely naked like an invitation ...
Mom's sweet voice you hear in the room,
Doa went inside without even opening the knock.
Mom noticed me, "Ahhh Lily had her staying there ~ ~"
"Ahhh Ahhh ~ Sigh ~ I ~ ~ Ikuiku ... oh great"
Mom's voice was on him like crazy on a near scream moan violently, engulfing all sides of his plot to fill the uterus shake the hips ...
"Ahhh ~ The ~ Ikutsu Ikutsu Ahhh, Oh Aaaa"
He also "us ~ Oo Ugh, Ikutsu, Ikuyo ah ~ Hmm"
射Sa mom was in the spirit of his sperm with a gasp.
"Ahhh ~ Yuri-chan soon, ah soon come to bed ~"
My mom is said to rise in bed, like pillows and arrange his
Mom is doing his sperm womb full of smoke,
Hold the wet pubic Bechobecho flowing away from him ...
Hold the liquid in the genital area and love the mix of sperm,
Like a cross over my face, pushing 放Shimashita hand on my face. I like to stick in the mouth and tongue sperm flowing from the following:
Well suck sperm flows following Pour in the stomach again and again grows into his mouth, sounds like a throat and swallowed.
My Mom's body, lingering on the voice that left still
While trembling, pressed against the pubic move back into my face wet ...
"Ahhh ~ ~ Gurijan also lick Ahhh ~ ~"
While gasping, 成Ranai raised their voices in speech,
"Jubajuba ..." Blow to the rumble of his plot.
My mom rolled tongue clitoris, sucking the lips ...
Swallow without love juice flowing continuously, and continued to caress ...
Away from him ... his face buried in my pubic region drenched wet,
Raised on my feet, put down in the vagina like rolling your tongue into a finger to suck clit, lick me turn 厭Rashii noisily.
Mom ... I also like the house in a vibrant rush of pleasure,
Would raise a loud voice.
Each other, naturally went into the lesbian action.
In fact, the opposite sex than the voice of SEX, it may be large.
(Mom, before marriage was a real lesbian. I feel a woman knows why the treatment.'m A technician) Ufufu ... ♪
Now, knowledge of the lesbian mom taught my sister too I was little ... ♪
My favorite technique, rubbing the genitals and the genitals of another suit,
焦Rasu like a chestnut and chestnut taste sensation like ... ♪
Lapping the wet genital love juice and slowly ...
An emphasis on hand like a leg pull intertwine ...
Like the octopus suckers, tea comb out crowd of pleasure, many times ... ♪
"Oh, Mom, Ikuiku Ikutsu Ahhh ... Aaaaa Oh ~ ~"
"Oh well ~ Ahhh ... Ikuiku ... oof lily, Ah ~ ~ Copyright Tsu"
Mom, "her ○ ○, quickly raised lily love ..."
And he put his tongue to kiss me Karamase ... ♪
Dipukissu to, like I push open the vagina in genital area is like stroking the entrance to the quiet thing, I came to enter.
He is like my taste in the vagina spread, the walls of the uterus Megake ... ♪
Use the back and slowly began to move.
I am raising her voice, "Oh there Aaaaa Uuu ~ I ~ ~ Ahhh"
(When the time is SEX with him first. ♪ It is a bit embarrassing)

Do you despise it's lily ♪ Yoo Mi? (Tears)
But, the sad reality is happy ... ♪
Love of my life is a dad. Since the age of seven or eight ...
SEX daddy ... maybe being taught, and gave my virginity,
I think the place at 10 years old.
Sometimes people stay in the bath with Mom and Dad and 3, to kiss ... ♪
Comes with a secret part of my caress. Mom tongue lick my breasts,
A split, I will like to lick caring caress.
Daddy and mommy is still ... ♪ ♪ ♪
Papa and Mama From that day comes to stay 居Masu few days.
Today, in the early ... my husband who is also returning to the 4 SEX.
Maybe your mom is the koko and SEX.
(What's bestiality is gotten from mom)
Now, because there are kept in the home, come home to stay with us this way. Never does it in front of the husband and dad.
Tonight, koko I think Hayaki rice bake. Fufufuu ... ♪
My Dad loves to give me a lot ... ♪
Mom will love it and getting the young master ... ♪
Day and tomorrow ... with my mom in 愛Shi合Imasu koko.

Yoo Mi-ae's, do not like this lily? (Tears)
Yuri, Yoo Mi-ae's thing, so I made up mind.
You can wet thinking that's Yoo Mi (sweat) ♪ ♪
To Mom, it's a little talked Yu Mi.
I find it difficult to "see to meet the ... ♪" had to say.
Sister and lily ♪ Yumie ... like there is already connected (of sweat)
In to the lovely Sister Yumie (♪ hearts) from lily

To Tomoko

Trust. Me


I'll confess this is the board's experience?
Excuse me but is too well written expression.
Do you know the real incest? The fake stuff like that can be expressed in the video is not. Physical act of overlap with my son is a sweet and sensual. And that is forbidden We search turned into a beast shake it off because I feel like corruption. I looks like a normal 45 year old who lives in Chiba Prefecture will soon welcome and OL is a housewife, and when my son acts are covered with shame turns into a bitch like a porn actress in foreign countries. Just looking at her son's penis was raised, beating faster, is full of saliva in the mouth, it would serve to mouth and drools. Leak or that voice in my neighborhood at home, or have visitors or courier, or even her husband was there with you, and you can meet, yes. In order to continue the relationship with my son, I need extra attention. I never hesitate pants of me without a kitchen or bathroom area in the mother and son in the video.
So, when my son uses ranging behavior and Tokyo hotel. Finished work early, or send an email but there is a prolonged meeting with her husband to work overtime, go to see my son. Since my son is enrolled at universities in Tokyo, the city hotel where you go to college also not close to the company is not yet safe. While going to the hotel separately contacted by email. Go to first check the room first son, my head is coming from the room number is sent in the mail. Enter the room to make sure that nobody in the hallway of the hotel. My son at the door, "Gacha" I like the sound and open. Seem to have been forbidden to open the door, I would make my heart flutter after the act begins.
Slide into the room as well as recently closed at the moment his son was drawn to the key, I was robbed of his lips. It just ran electricity to the whole body, I feel they are floundering. Character and conduct because he was the first time in a week, while Ai Masaguri kissed each other repeatedly, kneeling before his son needs without the clothes and leave your mouth, for example licking dick sucking hot already hardened, whizzing and sucking cited . Accumulated considerable Itarashiku son 果Temashita in a matter of minutes in my mouth. My son has just a little sadistic, crotch pressed against my head eternally in your mouth even when, they want to become an more in the back of the throat. The answer to my son but they suffered a sense of the weeping,
I think is a saga of women. The greater the amount of sperm poured back into the throat, I would feel the love of her son. Remain blocked in the throat penis would have been thrilled to own a large mirror-like reflected on the leak from the mouth end of the mouth full of drink 下Sezu. Keep me taking a bath son already stretched water and then wash each other closely. I like my penis look ugly smell of my son, so there is hope to flow back and hug my beautiful son. Of course, we will fill wash over each other's genitals in his face Mattopurei. To bring a sticky body lotion, my son is a caress, it just makes it stet. We are always here for the game. I take control of the character and conduct in the next bed who was here earlier in the squid. Usually, that would have lost the skill of his tongue at me. Devour the genitals of each other and also moved to the bed, wet erect at each other, are long behind him. I would just say it lightly, really is a bitch. This day was a welcome let me cum hard. At mean son. Can I put a cigarette break on purpose without the penis becomes so stet. My dick is aching helplessly is "being inserted! ○ ○ Give me your dick to me. Kiku say anything from" I cried imploringly. "Anything," his son responded to the word 4cm in diameter from the back vibe there, it took out a liquid enema. It told me later that day, it looks like I'm going to have to play a kind original. Yukata belt restraint at me behind my back, blindfolded and was also niece Reina was dressed like the ass shove they'll be deaf. Enema were also four hips and buttocks turn toward his son. I also had to defecate Workshop materials that, because it has been detained, you can not go to the bathroom. "Let me mad toilet," I cried, my son, "I want you to be cool," and laughed, and it has been inserted into the penis dick Zuburi. It was blowing. At the mercy of the waves of pleasure every time the feed and defecate 挿Re was limited. At that time, I began to fill the hole in the ass son lotion. Thick and was thrust into the vibe. I feel so much pain, was the first time. Today I turned on the vibe that my son likes to give pleasure to faint. After that there were only tears pant heavily. The secret of the victim to rub my son's penis in the ass I say take me to another world of intense stimulation to defecate and vibes. The rest of the story, I let the body and convulsions after fainting, and had been so Iki.
A SEX beast Kisou Surataji filtered after fell into the home before I arrive. How are you? Incest real, it is the best. How about more of the same family, son You to fulfill sure, like me.

To: Satoshi

Really, what's good in me? Also, your body is 不自由Rashii occupancy, but since I am still afraid, if it ♪ see you here, you little ... But what obscene here.
Later, his son every day and on alternate days is hard on a body without the H, and 言Imashitara to Tsu and I got it!

To lily's!

Eventually the young woman 32 years old college student, Tom came with me from morning to go to treatment Jealousy, I smell the dick is good at writing the traditional representation So bad, Ne forgive and come to feel weird and wonderful things that I said in my lily-chan ♪! With your husband, it's been a while?
But perhaps her lily, as I Na or a constitution?
Yumie is, S can be M, OK from both men and women are in it Well, but her transformation is a sole Ne m (^ 0 ^) m little or 引Kemashita?
Anyway, I love sex, older guys are 懲Ri懲Ri Oedipus complex! So, Oita to Tom, my things, made it the talk Ne, ♪ In
However, ♪ ♀ even if you are interested in lily-chan

It is my sister

I have one younger brother. "Mr. Shin," is called.
As a knight to protect me from my childhood, wrapped me like a brother to me and like to grow up.
Shin-kun is an old type of cool. But I will very gently smiling.
Able to work and crisp, if this is my boyfriend ... I thought again and again.
When reading a book at home, car or drive, or to make a plastic model in the sometimes innocent like a child.
I love Shin-kun.
Shin kun me "Mina" is called. My friends said that is the atmosphere like a lover.
Shin-kun and I are living together. From a parent dies in an accident, estate administered by the Shin-kun is doing the housework while working too.
Shin-kun and living very happy. And preparation of food, I feel as if his wife was making to have lunch. But lived together for five years, the thought never fades.
Shin-kun is "It helps me with housework always Mina" will say.
"The good, feel good if someone would work that Shin-kun," I answer them.
Not want to break this time.
Until now, Shin-kun has dated two women experience. Was shocked when he learned. Shin-kun is known to smile I just felt like another woman would have been caught.
However, differences and parted in the busy work.
I was happy irresistible.
At the same time, Shin-kun I will surely convey your thoughts. I thought that many times so far this was the fear is gone by when I said this happy moment.
But told to take the plunge. Shin-kun, I was silent for a while. Could heart that burst.
Shin-kun laughed, "Mina, do not regret it?" There was answered.
"Yeah, I liked Shin-kun ... He always felt like my sister ... but I dont think many times, but you like Shin-kun"
"All right, not even from parents and relatives, not even dating, we're live all the way to let this"
Happy and did not stop crying with joy.
That night, Shin-kun and become one. I used to hang around with other men had to forget if H Shin-kun.
But was not a virgin, Shin-kun and feels like the first H fits, I say shame about many times.
Shin Kun goods is large, yet is long. The electricity runs through the body just come inside.
Now, that embraced every night, every night is also double bed, put on underwear like Shin-kun.
Shin-kun is a soft S-faction, or say the words that humiliate me. I feel it is irresistible. Always drink sperm Shin Kun. Will be very happy too large quantities. Calls can be made on the face. But afterwards hug me all the time.
Proof is now happy to sleep in the arm pillow.
Wash in the bath while the H Ikko. During this period the first time, showed the figure to pee in the toilet. After urination, the vagina was touched. Yamaguchi Yoguchiyoni was wet again. Shin Kun, including the mouth thing erect, as it is in the toilet in the back Iremashita. Though, felt like being raped. Even when the sperm is put on the face, and some were in the mouth. All drank. It is not possible anymore with another man.
Seen as a couple or even a date lover. Shin Kun car's passenger seat is my own.

Re: [642] Last night

> I have a penis of a man other than Tom really long time
> 口説Ka the boys are part of your job, about three years after
> I was going for more 懲Ri懲Ri, the body of a young energetic
> I was in the arms. And it was in allowing the arms cum live just like Tom always be embraced. Today is my day off from work, he still be here in bed ^ ^ ®!
> Tom Sorry Tom Ne in the next room!

Yoo Mi-ae's ※, happy hello from you ... Thank you.
Bestiality is still facing each other on instinct with no emotion ...
Only feel joy and pleasure is the world's only human body.
But (and Tom koko also be considered as contrary to human ...) (laughs)

Yoo Mi-ae's, SEX is full of human feeling at ease in people who have not forgotten. Say this, sorry (laughs)
For example, such as severe burns in a while he and the new SEX atmosphere and feel delight in the whole body,
Comes across to the person's eyes Yoo Mi's facial expressions.
Also staying in the room next to Tom, Tom remember (at that time?)
I tasted the excitement.
Yoo Mi's very nice. I like it.

I am also in the bathroom, wash his ass ... for him,
... If we had come to pick up objects into licking my twat face Wotsu,
I was taking his hair is collected in gutters ...
I came back from hanging lengthen.
Tajirogimashita the moment ... he tuck in my paw, so ...
Use the back hard, my genitals on him, he came to enter.
My vagina, a uterus full, like nail wall of the uterus,
I came back with a hard.
Came increasingly thrust his penis size.
I have raised close to screaming voice ... (I think ...) (laughs)
... To stop his violent behavior many times, rush ...
Taste the pleasure penetrating the body, gone several times.

Today my husband and return home. Yoo Mi's the same ...
Tonight, with my husband, "Oh Aaaaaaaa" It is (laughs)
In a letter to friends or ... Yoo Mi ... lovely lily

Re: [638] to the cradle's. I thank you for your reply.

Thank you for your reply summit. I no I was glad I 頂Keru Nao Akira. (..)/
Excite forced to get off enough. Please, have confidence. ... It is no longer with you young people are still count it is said to be reduced. Iron in the abnormal world of the future also peep, and looking forward.
Only two young people, but I feel that the relationship between the body has become deeper and deeper.
And less for what it is like and what's good brother? Shall not indulge his pleasure a woman as pretty, I think. Hana Yurika's what about? -----
Also if you like a friend invite you to take this opportunity e-mail friend? Also please feel free to post.

But come out and IP

Blatant spoof, kno my own, it seems there are five officers Wota paranoid about one person ~ hilarious.
But I get to play Incest MILF Delhi can call her mother?
Apart from incest, but I'm not a naysayer, I'm too naive to cover as in Nomeri ~ Akira Aya.

When was it?

yuna himekawa[644]
The first six years of elementary school when I was sure.
My parents have already died, Toco is taken care of his uncle, the brother of the mother from the age of six, I was living there.
Or rather, our relatives are all dead Jatsu hand, I had to just me and my uncle.
But is his uncle, in the man cool look is not, and knows many things and I get read the book or the terrible answer immediately any question out of the story There is no telling to watch TV To us, as long as I remember I liked it much more sophisticated than that in poor urban people in the country.
And especially since I remember that my father was a clown.

And since I was taking a nap and my uncle also remembered masturbation.
Sleep in the arms of his uncle, but love pillows, sleep can be very safe and my legs entwined legs of his uncle, I still really like.

, And really felt this was the beginning of the jeans to rub his uncle fabric underwear at the time.

They changed the character of the uncle quite love is taboo that people have no theory.
Even when having sexual feelings for his uncle, so be gentle with me.

A friend of my uncle always come to play sometimes when I was [that] this guy is not human for the first time someone said he knew why.
My uncle from the act of sex, who likes to get off to a gentle caress, caresses it was a fetish as it were.
So even when the Virgin gave to me and hugged all the way to move, they just gave us a long time carried on caressing Kitara softened the pain.
My uncle is to move at all, just happy for us just get off me.
But put me almost every day, but I just keep moving squid at all.
Became a full-fledged sex is because after two weeks.
Is not that what I had said something really delayed ejaculation and 耳年増 of my classmates (of course, that your opponent is Temasen uncle taught) could only hold me to really care about me.
There was no translation in 抱Kenai violently and knew just did not want to become impossible for me because I'm high.

In fact, it pretty incredible w

Have passed since seven years since then, my uncle still has to hold me gently, leaving the state without care less other than my uncle.
Apart from not being aware of body odor do not feel my uncle because I like the bath, I have been happily around the house today.

However, in broad daylight on the veranda facing the road that first experience, we were sitting back, now as a shameful indeed still blushing.

Second life

It was the summer two years ago.
Messager divorce and leaving a piece of her husband, and had evaporated with my best friend.
My (then 38 years old) is Masaya (high school seniors was 18 years old) in front of the stout-hearted acts were performed in a strong mother desperately.
But of course I was really torn to shreds in mind and body.
Husband married me out of the house virtually disappear without a trace over the objection of the family, unable even to rely on relatives as nobody too late, I felt left behind by only two people in the world with Masaya.
I accept the reality that there are only in front of you, now get to work for a living.
引Ki払I a high apartment rents, no bath mat and moved to the apartment six and 2K 四畳半.
But to get to earn enough to support life could not be me who was always full-time homemaker.
Livelihood support me start my job without telling the newspaper approached the college entrance exams next year to give up even 見Kane Masaya to me like that.
Do I mind no matter how healed are they Masaya me. If it had not been Masaya I might not already the world's children.
And Masaya I, unless you go to school and work were always together even when I go anywhere.
We live in a desperately alone holding hands, even formally decided that year dawning Masaya employment,
Later that day we live in a hard day just looking forward to graduation.
One day, the shortcake was waiting to buy my home from work and Masaya.
"I had bought it from mom's birthday," my word is full of tears, Masaya, Masaya was nothing but a hug.
Masaya finished dinner, I had cake. "Happy Birthday Mom. I'm sorry but I buy a present."
"Now I'll protect my mom." I gently hugged me and I say.
I was that day, any more than I say go out in tears.
Late at night, dear dear did not help staring at your sleeping face Masaya lying beside the bed lined up.
That night went into the bed gently and causing Masaya Masaya Masaya intend to embrace sleep.
Masaya is also noticed in like a hug from behind of asleep and slept hugging each other here too softly Kio Mukai Masaya.
The converse of eyes staring at each other in silence, feeling the feelings 取Riau to each other, so it took time.
I rely on no man Masaya Shika, but I also rely on people of Masaya is not.
Masaya has been left to me, just the only way to survive a sudden two holding hands of each other is no.
From no one for a while, his lips were overlapping in nature.
Take off my underwear and pajamas and I was in my bed in Masaya.
I had to take off my pajamas and underwear do not know what to do Masaya encourage women to know.
Incest guilty that I had no mother. I think it must have been so Masaya. Masaya and I that night, I was going to be tied to tied Rerubeku sure.
As the body of Masaya Licking People, by the time concentrating on my penis tongue Masaya, Masaya could not stand it any more so.
To take action right to your lips around the penis, including the mouth of Masaya, Masaya is "I'll Ugh Uhh" ejaculation with the back of my throat and speak out.
This time I got to lick my body Masaya. I showed that the structure of female genital Masaya take before I hand it goes without saying.
Clit licked hard in Masaya, wanted to become one as soon as possible too impatient in my heart and mind of Masaya.
As said above me hover over asprawl Masaya, led me to have a vaginal opening penis Masaya.
To put it as gently as it is to shove back, Masaya, has opened his mouth inside my head of the penis in my vagina Masaya. Become one with my body and mind thus Masaya, I gave up a lot in my womb received a token of love in Masaya soon.
At the beginning of a new love of our two people, it was a first experience with Masaya felt inferior to the happiness of the dumb sex love lover etc..
Masaya from me and it is up to it, "Masaya" Mama "from" call it, "Masaya" "Ryoko"
Now call each other the names of each other, started life as a married couple love each other.
But one might have trouble. Perhaps a cheap apartment in thin walls, I've been like had heard the voice of Masaya love my neighbor and every night.
廻Rimashita so hello to apartment dwellers as mother and son when you moved in, our mother incest rumor spread quickly in the apartment, we were forced to move again.
Why does not the same as renting an apartment but also in relation to rent a new house, this time with a real estate agency that the couple also decided to look at other provinces who do not yet know us.
Be able to get a job at a new place soon but fortunately had to be changed and I have worked Masaya.
Greeted by a couple as well as apartment dwellers, not to say of course. Fortunately, it will be seen in this way a year younger than me.
Again, the voice seems to be leaking at night, and now it looks like the couple is a stimulating next door.
Get along with his wife and neighbor, "I actively write." I have never been told.
Now, my stomach is blessed with a crystal and I love Masaya.
I am very happy that I made the children of Masaya 身篭Ru.
Masaya is also my pregnancy when I found gave me very happy.
I gave birth to a healthy child, I would like to build a happy home in the future.

Last night

I am cock sure men after a while but Tom
The boys are part of 口説Ka from work, about three years after
I was going the other 懲Ri懲Ri, I was in the arms of a young, energetic body. And it was in allowing the arms cum live just like Tom always be embraced. Today is my day off from work, he still be here in bed ^ ^ ®!
Tom Tom Sorry Ne in the next room!


Satoshi, scared to do something? Fifty mid-aunt,
Shibuya - Just, here, in a talk to the?

To Tomoko

Please e-mail. From T.

Well to:

(It better come with the same name, I have a real name)
Please check our web but I was glad they hear a story.
Then, from what I always tell when I said, for now, let's remember that after writing.

But now is about two or three times a week, I was at that time almost every day.
Mostly at night, also sought in talking with my brother, we are just like you were feeling. So I went to get used to each other sex.
My brother is a single ejaculation is not satisfied, issued several times to continue well into the hold. The previous boyfriend had no such thing surprised.
And my boyfriend because he got to make sure the rubber, Shino Nakade So I learned my brother feeling.
A brother, "sister, sister," Hold me desperately, saying that while the warm sperm out of me scared a little boy was happy and irresistible. (But still)
Rather than sex feels good, happy that his brother was resigned to her cute spoiled, fallen asleep, so the extra head tell me that happens to a dream that my brother and me.
So often when I was gone about five times to say, exhausted each other, as it continued to embrace the day sleeping.

What was good ... feels like a story? (It is not sure:;)
Even now, a feeling of calm just think unchanging number of each other.
In fact, I feel that the relationship between the body has become deeper and deeper.
Because of such a good brother, and really now, what do you say the training?
There are many things but still 打Chi明Ketai, since the time my brother comes back soon, now, excuse me today.

Re: [621] and that of his brother

Also, expect a post.

I am the edge?

Tsu to Satoshi, and I ® is a lady boy in the mid-fifties (~ embarrassing)! But conversely if e-mail friend, thank you from here, so that pollen can also memorize how to use email, then, I write the other day to see what consisted?
But until that case processing will forgive honest with each other, let me tell it!

Re: [629] ♪ Tom's love for Yoo Mi

Friends Mi Yoo, Hi ~ Last night ♪ ♪, the ends writing sent to Friends Mie Yu ... place not understand what you are doing yourself excited about really since then, so excited ... I immediately got up from a chair, stand捲Kuri possible to do a skirt on your ass ... ...
I sticking with him. He also rising ...
In my pubic Bichobicho wet, rough and long tongue,
"Huh, huh," she said ... like to put your tongue inside the vagina
Licking came. I think I'm too excited and a little red genitals ... he ...
Make my came. I'm always like, reach out and touch him raise, 4,5 cm in the treatment and he could not stand out ... you ...
Lengthen hanging on me ... What a strong side with Kaka holding in my paws,
Use the back hard, hit the hole in my genital area around the anus butt ...
Came into a little. (I even get halfway 有Rimasu occasionally)
I barely escaped in a violent spree end movement ...
Led to his genitals in my wet twat.
Enters the wall of the uterus, vagina, like a strong pressure on my vagina mouth,
捲Kurimasu thrust violently.
I ran like the physical body to experience pleasure always first,
振Rue, moan ... I think that yelling and screaming.
(I also added it is the same as Yoo Mi)
Touched with a finger clitoris, nipples to stimulate ...
Lower abdomen to feel the pleasure again and again with no rush from the core of the body ...
Many times, we will again and again. (Like all texts)
"Oh, Oh Aaaa ik, ik, Aaaa Haa Oh ~ ~"
(Even a little real writing? Embarrassing but I'm excited)
"~ General Nhaahaahaa" Athleticism stop to think that he stopped,
I spit like a womb, a great amount of semen,
Even though there is no space entry, radiation was spread in the vagina.
Since that time, his genitals are large in me, Kiku Hiroshi expand ...
Further expand the vagina for a straight, press the abdomen wall to wall of the womb of his genitals,
I feel like coming in infiltrated.
Since that time, he and I, for one thing no relationship long distance,
I'm in a rush or euphoria, and to stimulate the clitoris,
"Oh there Aaa, Ikutsu also Ikuikutsu ~ Ahhh"
I was in my mind ~ as volume, like the faint ...
It is a pleasure ~ the best until last for many Tsu.
PS ※, I turn now to take time ... little by little it is impossible
SEX Sex with him is to want to see.
Wish to see an enema to clean up my intestines? ?
SEX anal experience is enough so a few times
Until then, we'll practice putting vibes. Formed handseals ... ♪
It is that I do a little kinky. (I want to go escalated)
※ Do you have a Yoo Mi-ae's that thing?
Now today, as soon as you walk back to ...
Wash him in the bathroom.
Maybe I'm in the bathroom today and consists of one koko.
Is excited to get wet even if Yoo Mi writing letters to friends.
♪ I want to see Tom's treatment are connected Yoo Mi
Now I pantyless legs extended greatly.
I put Bichobicho wet twat licking his face.
In Yu Mi's! Please, for your reply. I look forward to ♪

Ladies and gentlemen, Ne Amazing!

The only mother and son intense fellowship, Ne is a great word! I asked the parties to actually incestuous mother still is impressive!
Just listening to thinking there is like my vagina too wet.

Tomoko media - become a friend Le

The T.. Want your advice. I Matsu Teru


What son erotic whirlpool of intense tonight, in my mind to know the joy of sex is more feelings of joy as a mother I do not think only of my mother, I also let

Tsu, too!?

Lily's, tonight ^ ^!多Kutsu recent days to bad weather, I walk very well, Tom's and lilies, all the same what?
Also, the question is Lily's, is about 30 minutes, but various ® is a chestnut or stimulate your nipples and in the meantime!
Tom, I was unexpectedly asked to kindly come ® ^ 0 ^!
A little embarrassing Naa ~ ~ * ^ * ^ 0; But when Tom finally went, together, too! I'm excited to hear about other people's our lily. Even just to talk, but in my dick, good night zzz!

Re: [622] [607] in ^ ^!

> Your reply, which I served 34 years or suffering, or how to live in Yokohama Megumi Yumi served to × 1. My opponent,
> The Love "Tom" and his things are easier plethora ® is a tool that I still hold ^ 0 ^? But because I work for a living and I also like having time with him there as much as possible from the position he prefers at the back of his nails, but like to keep one ®, otherwise, from my own painful fits. But Zara is that × and tongue lick my dick 2 Atto言U間Ni wet with love juice after the act after him?
> Koko mother, if possible, the lady's name?

Thank you. Reply ※. I happy.
My name is Lily. Thank you.
I have read this post Orimashita to post, I was 恥Zukashikutsu refrain.
I Wotsu into licking his face between his thighs now.
I wash day tomorrow to raise him.
I'm very excited to even write a reply to the lady.
It's embarrassing! Come very wet love juice.
Excuse me ... I am pleased to talk to the lady.
My treatment is wearing a sock makes his paw.
But he sounds like a big lady. (Not scary?)
But I want to see put (I'm so excited)
Lady is his (fist), or even part I put everything?
I think that made him come out from inside Itte in love with you ...
Lady away from you on how much? ?
My treatment was 20 to 30 minutes or more 有Rimasu also be pulled out.
Meanwhile, to stimulate the clitoris with my hands.
Many times, will raise our voices again and again.
About your body numb, feel good and will Itte.
I'd like to talk useless for someone of his lady and more ... ♪
The relationship between me and koko, find a mate to master processing,
From the loneliness, I received allowed to say things.
My husband, "What better person to be cheated ..." forgive me saying this. I appreciate my husband. (It may be filming Bruno, formed handseals)
But do not spend a husband before.
Even after, also found only at first.
koko and when you go for a walk, or wear spats and G guard bread. When I went in wearing no underwear skirt was hard.
I came face to lick twat Wotsu included in the skirt.
When that did not stand talking to my friend and just.
I 離Shimashita immediately, but Gomakashimashita friend!
(Was a cold sweat, but I wonder ... Has little interest)
Today, tomorrow, so my husband 居Masen, because a lot of love juice out with excitement, now, I want him Chata ...
I always be here in my feet, if you widen the crotch ...
When you finish writing the lady, I think I come to power soon 向Ketara ass. I love the skirt with the other fluid stains.
Maybe he 突Ki出Shimasu ass. Can not stand it.
Little, I 厭Rashii.
And his love affair with a lady thing, Could you tell me more.
(I really want to know)
He lady, "Tom Chang," when you are entering, the lady's feelings,
Helpful ... I would like to know too.
In or I will post.
I want to talk more with his lady ... see you proud? ?

Yuri-san made a mistake (with my younger brother) I'm sorry

I would like to hear more about it. How is your life after that? Please let us know if you like. Maybe I'm in danger too? ・ ・ ・

Re: [622] [607] in ^ ^!

Yoo Mi-ae and her friends like to hear more about Koko Tom's mother. Yoo Mi-ae's Koko Erashiteirutokorotoka Fu imagine the excitement of each to his mom.

Re: [621] and that of his brother>

> About a year ago, I'm in love with his brother. My brother is now 19 years old, I am on five.
> Lately become known to the irresistible feeling that someone would like this relationship,
> Find this site, I dare to write.
> And the thing was originally written, it has been my brother since she ate very little. Because of this, I think my brother still has spoiled me in particular.
> So, since I started going to college, my brother was interested in bringing out of it gradually, I look naked in the bathroom when you have lost the hope.
> At that time, but it just ended, and then after a while, I knew that I always imagine masturbating brother.
> Embarrassing story, but even when I masturbate since I was in high school had gone to his brother about imaginary opponents.
> So to be honest, but I felt happy, I think it's bad for my brother after all, then had to be careful not to provoke my brother as possible.
> The second half of the university, they rented an apartment to live together with friends, while you are first boyfriend. To have sex dating in about January, but that area until I was happy to come to know the nature of his increasingly nasty, with the leave of six months after the fight.
> Since then, the men become to feeling distrust, because I'm well aware of the sex, but when there are very frustrated.
> Unable masturbation also quite comforting because there were people living in the day in about a week back home was a lot at night.
> In the meantime decided that job, now get into college when my brother now. So, missing a apartment roommate, his brother became the form of a boarding house instead. (Because my brother went to college with me)
> In that case seemed relieved parents, brother and two people are still living.
> I got a longer introduction, so if it goes alone to life, now I have become conscious of his brother as a man more than ever. The new boyfriend or something is not considered yet, it is far more fun thing to live with his brother and also more than that.
> So, I also like to talk more deeply than ever, when it became the story of dating younger women.悩Mirashiku she is unable to so shy, I always knew Hashi Sono, quiet place of my brother it was such a favorite.
> Anyway, the story rolling from there, my brother gave me and I confided in my thinking about masturbation today.
> So, I finally feel ruined now, but I miss it and the body is 口走Tsu Inakutsu good people older sister.
> That night, after taking a bath with his brother, when I was in the bathroom and clean yourself, there came into my brother. I am, I was prepared for a long time has already come. Abandon been embraced, was touched.
> It just now, I'm no longer standing.
> And, I was the first experience against his brother. Cute brother with a tearful face so excited, excited to not hesitate in front of anything because my younger brother. My brother in mind that sex will be a decent raise, while comforting and led'll be fine. We like being in a Owarazu brother was nervous, I went to my first.
> Something like that, I think to myself I was glad my brother is a woman.
> And my brother is going to limp to ejaculation. Sun was not a concern because it is not just a little dangerous, until the moment we did not feel any embarrassment that served raw.
> I've written at length with excitement. Please forgive us.
> From that day, my brother and the other is the relationship between men and women continue to be a long time. The thing that worries my brother and always together, and repeat that would love to forget each other without knowing it. And I think a lot of bodies had been developed with his brother. Maybe now, not my brother can not live. These days, now causes us to feel unbearably embarrassing to feel younger. My brother and my sister is so good, but not I M is said.
> This post is my brother is a secret. My brother does not find the net I think it almost certainly will find contempt. But when I've spit out secrets like this, I thing that I've never been excited about. If you like a more concrete action, you have come to listen to those who will answer as possible.
> In fact, I seem to get myself writing again. So, excuse me late today.


Also last night, so no apparent reason refuse sought each other until this morning until about noon, I slept ® ^ ^!
This relationship would continue for a while.

To Yumiko

It is not there yet ^ ^ Well recently as morning sickness, I'm actively seeking it from those Yumiko? I would imagine the act of really intense. What is my SEX LIFE? It is not enough here for another post, we all mad tea room Nde reported for women (laughs)

[607] in ^ ^!

Your reply that I served 34 years or suffering, or how to live in Yokohama Megumi Yumi served to × 1. My opponent,
Love the "Tom" and his goods, easy plethora ® is a tool that I still hold ^ 0 ^? But because I work for a living and I also like having time with him there as much as possible from the position he prefers at the back of his nails, but like to keep one ®, otherwise, from my own painful fits. But Zara is that × and tongue lick my dick 2 Atto言U間Ni wet with love juice after the act after him?
koko mother, if possible, the lady's name?

And that his brother

About a year ago, my brother and I love each other. My brother is now 19 years old, I am on five.
Lately become known to the irresistible feeling that someone would like this relationship,
Find on this site, I dare to write.

And the thing was originally written, it has been my brother since she ate very little. Because of this, I think my brother still has spoiled me in particular.
So, since I started going to college, my brother was interested in bringing out of it gradually, I look naked in the bathroom when it lost the hope.
At that time, but it just ended, and then after a while, I knew that I masturbated I always imagine my brother.
Embarrassing story, but even when I masturbate since I was in high school had gone to his brother about imaginary opponents.
So to be honest, but I felt happy, I think it's bad for my brother after all, then so was careful not to provoke my brother as possible.

Second half of the university, they rented an apartment to live together with friends, while you are first boyfriend. To have sex dating in about January, but that area until I was happy to come to know the nature of his increasingly nasty, with the leave of six months after the fight.
Since then, the men become to feeling distrust, because I'm well aware of the sex, but when there are very frustrated.
Masturbation also quite unable comforting because there were people living in the day in about a week back home was a lot at night.

In the meantime decided to find a job, and now my brother is now time to enter college. So, missing a apartment roommate, his brother became the form of a boarding house instead. (Because my brother went to college with me)
In that case also seemed relieved parents, brother and two still living.

I became a long introduction, so if it goes alone in life, now I have become conscious of his brother as a man more than ever. The new boyfriend or something is not considered yet, it is far more fun thing to live with his brother and also more than that.
So, I also like to talk more deeply than ever, when it became the story of dating younger women.悩Mirashiku she is unable to so shy, I always knew Hashi Sono, where my brother's quiet it was such a favorite.
Anyway, the story rolling from there, my brother gave me and I confided in my thinking about masturbation today.
So, I finally feel ruined now, but I miss it and the body is 口走Tsu Inakutsu good people older sister.
That night, after taking a bath with his brother, when I was in the bathroom and clean yourself, there came into my brother. I am, I was prepared for a long time has already come. Abandon been embraced, was touched.
It just now, I'm no longer standing.

And, I was the first experience against his brother. Cute brother with a tearful face so excited, excited to not hesitate in front of anything because my younger brother. My brother in mind that sex will be a decent raise, while comforting and led'll be fine. We like being in a Owarazu brother was nervous, I went to my first.
Something like that, I think to myself I was glad my brother is a woman.
And my brother is going to limp to ejaculation. Sun was not a concern because it is not just a little dangerous, until the moment we did not feel any embarrassment that served raw.

I've written at length with excitement. Please forgive us.
Since that day, my brother and the other is the relationship between men and women continue to be a long time. The thing that worries my brother and always together, and repeat that would love to forget each other without knowing it. And I think a lot of bodies had been developed with his brother. Maybe now, not my brother can not live. These days, now causes us to feel unbearably embarrassing to feel younger. My brother and my sister is so good, but not I M is said.

This post is my brother is a secret. My brother does not find the net I think it almost certainly will find contempt. But when I've spit out secrets like this, I thing that I've never been excited about. If you like a more concrete action, you have come to listen to those who will answer as possible.
In fact, I seem to get myself writing again. So, excuse me late today.

To: Yu Song!

Up over there yet, but recently put either actively seeking ashamed at me ^ ^! Recently, Yu Song's the way, what is, please let us talk! Days later, all mothers of my generation, it is thriving!

I'm home, last night

Tomoko is the son of the hotel and went to work, I have finished the preliminary shopping, my son now, because it was still a virgin, to take time to brush me down! My son has gone three times, but remember, I made up 分Kannaku translation is from the middle, before I knew it was morning, and caused his son again in the morning after the communion, let me take a shower to sent to work. Maybe in my vagina sperm filled son, tonight

Eri's Ayako

It is amazing I still leave me a mother's body for both of our sons. Please Keep it up because I do not understand his son's only once or whether this relationship persists in the future. Post thank you and my son's life and future.


I finally crossed the front line, but once he's Folly, it Ikanakere life this truth to bear.
I am 38 years old to a housewife in Tokyo, my husband Sarari normal 42 year old - conjugal relations in man son in high school, not bad, I live three and cool, they think of home ordinary myself The Mashita
The incident started to feel cool is because I entered high school, when I was swept into the room with cool things started looking like a woman instead of my mother's eyes , my underwear was good to see women's underwear unintentionally opened the desk drawer, I knew I was lost, I felt a moment time stopped in shock but never cool, and then the room I came out of magazines or other people's underwear and adults to examine the problem alone, meaning that it is cool I decided to talk directly to the criminals and become cool. I came back to my room early in the evening school is cool and cool to room 言Wanaibeki but I doubt you say "cool welcome back", "like something?", "In fact something like this I was cleaning the room, "cool to show your underwear and faces down speechless," Why are you such a thing? It is also someone else's underwear! "opened his mouth ... cool heavy" can not bear to women are interested in "... then we talk a lot and decided to have a relationship under certain conditions, the conditions are: 1. relationship once
2.3 I tell no one. Underwear decided to steal it is held in the above conditions.
Finally appointed day, a day of unrest began, I sent my husband appeared cool to the company that sat on the couch in fear and doubt thinking, "I promise I'm Mom, I'll protect you" and thighs and hands to sit next to me, "I know, and so went to the room," I say to cool the room but hesitation shower - go slowly and to bathe in the bathhouse Take off your clothes "really nice? time yet?" shower but ask myself - bathing, dressing and sitting in the bedroom and "I do not think today is my son! I get laid a normal guy," and sworn in mind, underwear, wearing a bus Russia to white drawer - cool to room Haori a job, "cool, I'll go," Trunks in a dimly lit room and opened the door and knock stood in his shirt, I nodded and walked slowly staring eyes, was the first to kiss her lips together 抱Kitsuka in the cool, 息Zu you feel fit, tongue in my mouth B bus to the mouth of saliva Ai cool too soft and sticking out his tongue entwined wildly - from being rubbed on the job taking off the bra is "I'm really good?
"..." I just today promised "to bite the hand underwear and eventually painful nipple sucking wildly while rubbing his face pressed into the valley with both hands and said to the breast and the bra was removed from the top of my vagina I was holding on the cool side bets could not stand to cool and limp "Today I want to do it" ... "Yes," and Kiss said, and began touching hands over awkward around the vagina and underwear on little hands stretching thighs were covered with saliva and rub her breasts while another face, and I I led the way in lingerie takes a touch of cool hand "You are wet and therefore welcome a man hit a woman, it's wet, try putting your fingers" ... "a soft and warm, mom feeling is running in "... cool and take action I dent looked me spread the legs to take underwear," It is terrible, get excited! "I stretched vagina with my hands" I and genitals of the woman which , is cleared on this, I feel it most, "saying that cool my tongue licking and sucking face buried," Hmm, "I began to feel lost and reason aloud, finger Two, come inside and three, I moved a lot of love juice while listening to the sound of splashing sound and that has been transmitted to the pulsating materially from the trunk to touch the penis, Previous large trunks off me, slowly licking the head with tongue touching the hard, his tongue licking ass licking penis by hand squeezing the ball lying on each other's Sixty Nine and also sounded cool but you suck "I can not stand! I put?" ... I nodded Ategai penis at the entrance of the vagina on his back and legs spread, slowly in While pushing and "hot mom in! It's like running in" system ... I - Grab the tree Ekusutashi - feeling "Hmm, if ~" Ryo is back to back ... beginning to end, hold the moment, hanging from the vagina and pull out a large amount of sperm from the vagina kissing penis while it was infused into hot things,,
I arrived at Ai hug and kiss and sleep forgot to wipe


Maybe but maybe not terrible morning sickness Yumiko recently visited?
The taboo is sometimes impossible thank you to recent reports.

Re: [612] Tomoko

Tanabata night, another woman what it was memorial day how I was with my son incest is linked to the son of feeling like a girl probably does not matter what the year is not

Re: [537] In my case,

> This time, we will post the first time I live in Yokohama, 34 × and 1 year old with no children and now pets (dogs) lived with 居Masu ®! ! But I think that while some people can stay quick on the uptake, it is! He (the dog) to the batter 仕込Mimashita dog! Every night 貰I her to lick my dick ○ ○, finally, the thing sank his body into 迎I are going with tea too!厭Ki man is a man, for the translation, which is a large dog that deliberately 選Ran

Please tell me more like everyday life.


My college son (her husband's previous marriage) with her farewell, alas that I always have the blues, which has been encouraged to put the body.
That day, sometimes absent husband at work, I called my son-in-law bedroom. The temptation to see his son lay on the bed thighs and disgusting. My son seemed to have hesitated a moment, and demanded my body immediately. It was still awkward sex with ejaculation inside of me many times that I read as much as possible. I am also, I have become addicted to sex with such a son.
What triggered this was not know, son-in-law gave me to rejuvenate. But instead, I had sex with me in trouble often rising son.

Friends Nori Take

I decided to make a meeting near the company's commitment to his son to carry his son earlier tonight by email! If you can, write it here tomorrow, Mr Nori Take, regards the impression of a 53 year old lady!


I know.
That made my brother and mother.
I learned, had been circulating in the business when, because I saw two people coming out of a love hotel the next town.
Then, we examined many, my mother had an abortion four years to three. All children of his brother.
Although I am appalled, "Ignorance is bliss," I thought, are still silent.
I want to see how long this relationship.


I have been married for two years, is three months pregnant.
The report went home that night I was finally pregnant.
I stayed home that day.
My room is located on the left, together with his brother had used.
Has arm around my waist and my brother talking to his brother.
Although I was surprised, to see if it be what I do then The Ride, has been a kiss.
I was in my head "No," but I thought, that my brother had left.
I forget that you are pregnant, the relationship between man and woman become one.
Because pregnant cum 回Shimashita 2.
My brother and my husband large penis, unlike a little sore but I was satisfied.
The next morning, I did not have time, and drink the sperm of her brother in fellatio.
My brother touched my pregnant belly was happy.

Re: [605] I'm ashamed.

Tomoko, and son of the forbidden door,
I think probably something sacred and beautiful.
I mean, please proceed naturally wet but I was already there, becoming some of the female body Please enjoy a great night

Satoshi even after all the talk

[597] I also added she was away in the wisdom, and Tomoko, I'm sorry. But over the weekend, but I think a virgin 32 year old son? What more can be issued in the period that I would be in addition to a better way, I worry about pregnancy is rising because there has not tonight, it is Tanabata, many people are tied in Like I do?
Tonight I can wait, my body may challenge the other son, the lady was burning with excitement in the mid-fifty in there like raised blood pressure, even embarrassing wet vagina ~ I feel!

Re: [537] In my case,

yuna himekawa[607]
> This time, we will post the first time I live in Yokohama, 34 × and 1 year old with no children and now pets (dogs) lived with 居Masu ®! ! But I think that while some people can stay quick on the uptake, it is! He (the dog) to the batter 仕込Mimashita dog! Every night 貰I her to lick my dick ○ ○, finally, the thing sank his body into 迎I are going with tea too!厭Ki man is a man, for the translation, which is a large dog that deliberately 選Ran

Nice to meet you, I love to browse this site better.
I saw a lady to write, and am happy I decided to write immediately. At this site, and who are you doing there but I did not want the same experience. He is in love with you (large) and it is.
I he (medium) is. The lady is not envious.
I also want to think big but!
有Rimasu still a little too scary thought.
For now, I am perfect I feel like his size.
I, his size, full length 17cm, width 4cm,
The thickness of the part 6 ~ 7cm 有Rimasu fist. (Embarrassing)
For reference, in love with you, Could you tell me the size of him?
Me and ※, he and a couple of times a week and then SEX.
With him, take a bath. Of course, do not be naked, too.
In the beginning, but he was wearing clothes shampoo!
Bichobicho grow into the clothes, the clothes, so it's no use ...
Naked and take off your clothes when washing him, and somewhat excited,
He is a rough tongue twat face 突込Mi my crotch, came to lick my wet love juice.
Normally, I stay at home when the pan is no 過Shi.
Why? Which grew to like him and live, one time for a nap while I go through the whole body pleasure not say anything thinking "Ahhh ~" I think the word 成Ranai moan and raised.
In the dreamy state of mind, and suddenly look down koko (name him)!
I was turning my tongue lick lick from the top of Ito Takeshi twat panties have to smell the smell.
I held a large comfortably over hips, his genitals were sticking out. (And what penetrates the body is feeling good) I'm panting loudly, and tongue feel rough like further
Take off the panties would naturally get multiplied.
Many times, tasted again and again screaming climax.
Since that time, no bread (laughs)
Oh, excuse me ... I talk back to the bathroom.
He comes to turn them lick twat tongue crawl into my crotch.
I like all fours consisted friendly lick.
My whole body for the intense pleasure, to raise our voices 震Wasemashita body.
At that time, I came up from behind him 伸Shi上Gatsu.
Amazing speed using the waist, poke like fingers around my anus and genitals wet, 捲Kuri thrust his genitals at me consisted 容赦無Ku large
I'm looking for a hole in my private parts.
I was raised by hand, wet hole leading to his genitals.
Going to do is freed, like the vagina to squeeze his genitals which grew large and violent in the vagina and Zunzun 捲Kuri move violently,
I directly into the uterus still hit, strike the wall of the uterus.
The increasingly expanded in the vagina, pain. But it?
It seems foreign objects into the vagina into the Kina Hiroshi.
I was screaming like crazy, and tasted the pinnacle of times.
At that time, he said, "The General ~, huh, huh," singing is like exhausted.
Feel a great amount of sperm to shoot his sperm into my womb, filling up the inside of my vagina ... but he has since left my body.
The moves he made of things like pull out of my womb,
I am also thinking, "Ugh, Ahhh ~" shouting frantically ...
He has only aligning the movement.
In the meantime, and tasted again and again a sense of climax moan.
I'm made of anxiety, and left him many times like that Mogakimashita?
I also like him to move away from "The General ~" I followed 啼Ki.
I still stand on all fours body will not leave it unable.
About twenty or thirty minutes standing position, like breathing out, feeling of pressure in the vagina is gone and left me his body. Then he,
The nose and tongue in the vagina in the genital area of my rough tongue, licking turn came to break open like in the womb.
I was shouting at the height of the body comes bubbling up from the core.
I like go out from the bathroom, I could not even move. When it realized that, I like to cuddle him,
Was licking my face.
In a recent in love with you and please let us know.
Nor shall he have the same kind of people there, Could you please report it to?
※ koko relationship with me, we also know the owner.

Tomoko is okay

The son also had an affair with when I was 52 years old.
I was widowed at 40, split at the age of 50 he also had the edge there acquaintance three years later, to feel left out, every day was continued 寝付Ke無I night.
My home in such an apartment next to the glass sliding door between the two sons was sleeping mat 6.
This son, but she was unable virgin shy personality was now 25 years old at this time.
One morning, woke up Kozu son past 8:00, I will not open the doors 寝Tsuka became concerned last night, and the rest said the company still did not come out of the futon sank.
I said, "You're not ~ ~" Tori Hagi and a futon, "Ha," what his son to his chest in the electricity ran naked penis was erect the glans Kina Hiroshi Pampanga.
I lost words for a moment. Take her and asked what's the correct
My son could not hold down your passions, and I had a peep in the room next door where I have sex with him by now, and I wanted to have sex with my mother one day,
It is still a virgin, and I began to speak.
I love them anyway and this son had embraced obsession.
My son, tell me how to do ~ ~ Mom to come and hugging.
I was at this time, holding his son felt a strange lust.
Was attacked by a strange sensation without at the same time I ever felt.
So we are tied, the son of libido is strong in this day continued into the night.
Thus the relationship between me and continued until the age of 29 had a son get married.
Hayo Tomoko sex with son or have something very special.
However, you must have the courage to bear a relationship.

I'm ashamed.

Your reply to 頂Ke who like me, but my son is 32 years old and unmarried, so this weekend 童貞Rashii And I like to teach my son a woman's body, over- What protection, what stupid? My husband passed away in mid-made fifty three years have passed, you start to second life, son
Also, Yumiko also, it's hard to please 17-year-old son.

Re: [595] to her daughter ...

> I am a 38 year old widow. My daughter is 16 years old this year, a high school student. The fatherless family home is near
> The place is famous lesbian parents. Her husband died from loneliness, to have a relationship with my daughter
> Maimashita. Teenage skin has truly soft and smooth. I always list
> Mode, accelerates. Deep kiss the sound is so heavily tangled in each other's saliva in the mouth
> Fit. Turn the body lick, and suck dick wet with lots of spit. From the back
> I'll lick ass hole until full. My daughter, "Ah Ah Ah ~ Iia ー"
> Mogakimasu and whole body trembling. Ask a girl to lick my dick too.
I am glad to ※, [married] daughter incest families. Mother and sister-in-law and friend of my wife and her mother is a lesbian 38 years old man.
In front of me and fuck each other a deep kiss each other.
Anywhere and are instead greeted with a kiss.
When I got home from work, face flushed with his wife and mother,
Only met two people wearing gowns, body hugging each other,
While kissing, "Welcome back ~!"
He sends me two kisses.
Then two people left naked, in the kitchen with an apron,
Is cleaning the meal, while kissing, hangs.
"You, you take a bath ~"
I was a little warmly, "and anyone entering today ~" from the bathroom,
And call out to the wives "Today, even the mom ~" the voice of his wife,
And five minutes, "Today, the sun and I get ~" she said,
Hold the mine, while a hard deep kiss ...
Mine, including the mouth, "Gucho, Gucho" slurp blowjob,
Then I became 69, to caress the tongue and finger wet twat in the excitement of his wife and mother Rezupure,
Stella has "put Aaa ~ Ken-chan Oh, ha ha, ~ Ahhh"
The mother, stood with hands on the wall and,
"The early putting ~ ~ ~ ~ Ahhh Ahhh ~" Like struggle,
Lard-ass sticking out, comes Segan.
I have genital mother, stepmother and shot at once in the sperm move into the hard thing, "Ahhh Ahhh ~ ~ die die ~ ~" moan and scream while raising a large 果Temasu even her mother.
The entrance to the bathroom, my wife, "you, but they drink beer up to the first, with later I get too into the mother."
I rise from the bath, drinking a beer ...
Then the sweet, sad moan of the bathroom, two large ... Sometimes
"Oh Lily Aaa ~ Ahhh Ahhh ~ ~ ~ Ugutsu die, Ah ~"
In the "Mom, come full Ahhh ~ Ken-chan, Ah ~"
Doa opened, the bathroom, each other and licking each other,
Last forever ... sometimes, and sister-in-law to come home in three high
聞E excited voices coming from the bathroom, holding hard with me
Kiss me while I Masaguri groin ...
"Ahhh my brother Ken ~ ~ ~ Ahhh ~ licking boobs"
A sister-in-law and my breasts, my neck and put her hand into her skirt,
And gradually increasing the moisture from the top to caress the secret of the panties ...
Going to feel like a caress with the fingers Nurutsu,
"Ahhh Ahhh ~ ~ ~ fill with my brother Ken is putting ~ ~ ~ Ahhh"
I'm still sitting on the sofa of wide-open secret off your panties, pee tree ~ pungent smell, feeling and then ...
Sucking mouth, tongue and roll love juice flowing without any treatment stopped coming into the vagina to the tongue, Chu, Chu, crackling and smoking increase,
"Oof ~ Ahhh, Ahhh Tsu die die ~ ~ Yo, ~ Ahhh"
In that place, saying his wife "cleaned, had her fall back from there to the old woman taking a bath right now, hold your tea included"
My wife was holding me with a kiss, stuck with it ...
Sister-in-law was "Huh ~" she said, in the bathroom ...
In less than five minutes, the caress of her mother, sister-in-law is a cute moan ...
This is the story of last week, my family all have a physical relationship,
Loving each other, even without just lesbian sex between women is a SEX. Of course, to contraception.
I love bond between parent and child is a wonderful wonderful I think.
I met my wife over heard is from my relationship with her mother.
The mother (age 48) wife (age 28) sister-in-law is (age 17).
I want to go and talk to various people through this site.
He walked, I write to you.
In the world, the abnormal relationship might say ...
We have a feel for the whole family to use, it is very close to each.
This time, the relationship between lesbian parents in love with you, I felt the same home,
Even with different situations - incest - is 有Rimasen wrong.
I see no eyes on 厭Rashii, I think a nice relationship.
Parent-child relationship may be happy to post this ... 気Zu Karemashitara Moreover,
Please tell me a story. Answer does. NALU

Yumiko, Tomoko

Yumiko has been posted here, nice to meet Tomoko.
The two of you talk about abstinence, and let me enjoy reading.
My own experience of incest is not,
When I was a junior high school, I remember also interested in the mother's underwear and body strangely.
Recall those days,
I might have a little time in developing it A young mother incest.
I come up with the story of two people,
Maybe there is a temptation for anyone incestuous mother.
So you get a life of bliss known only trusted men and women have been experienced.
I also very jealous.
I secretly cheer for.
Can you still hear stories.

Brother and sister sex

When the school during the night, crept into the room at him asleep when my brother, I might have kissed.
Eventually my brother did not do more than that, since then,
I fucked my brother [between] is lying to imagine that masturbation.
Have an interest in incest, or to look into have a look at sites like here.
My brother had already married, so it is actually tied it became difficult ....

Room and board for letting me into the house of his uncle married this spring, started going to college in Tokyo.
This house is the cousin of a cousin in middle school and high school students.
Recently, the cousin, "Hey, I'm alone in my underwear and sex"
Listen to jokingly say, I got terribly excited.
And once all means, I would like to see a real brother and sister incest led to the blood, I thought.
I brought up Insumin from university labs, and cousins,
"I sleep better when you take the head of exam study proud of," I presented this.
Cousin is anxious "or how much deep sleep?" I've seen and heard in that vein, such as,
"Even three hours is enough to wake'm pinched," taught.
After year-old boy sleeping pills to get this much, you can use on what had been imagined.
In fact, late that day, heard the sound of a door opening and closing the cousin,
I listen to what I will, "which made" and I headed to the balcony rooms are connected by a cousin.
From between the curtains to peer, cousin is still looking down the sister that had fallen asleep.
The first and stroked his cheek, and breathing seemed to have been helped, and seen as 覚Masanai eyes and dragged from the penis pajamas
Let the hands of his sister and began squeezing and cover their hands on it.
From whatever it is you want, touching breasts or lips pressed against his penis, and was kissing.
No blurring of what soon before the "u" and moaned and wonder, to bring the penis into his sister on the face of a hurry, for there ejaculation.
From a cousin is out of the way, an unbelievable amount of semen, I had a cousin in the face burning hotly Hitsu.
Under the nose and lips are covered with semen and Bettori is seen as the skin.
My cousin has looked upon the face of vague and sister for a while, what with the decision finally
Panties down and started dragging her sister pajama pants.
Purpose and somehow played a cousin while her sister's body upside down, buried his face between his sister's thighs,
I started licking her pussy. Imagine that the same scene during masturbation, I always really excited.
Sibling incest want to show real soon to insert, but I thought, What was satisfied that his cousin,
To ejaculate again to rub his penis into his sister thighs, so was the end.
The use Polaroid instant cousin, sister's face and covered in semen
I took the pussy and splashing.

The cousin said, "I want the drugs and sleep well" is said. Which made it taste like sleeping with his sister apparently committing.
The second drug has not yet passed,
In the show until they get into the real and someday I look forward to inside.
And many times have you, quietly passing around of low diazepam effects
I wish that I woke fun while committing a cousin, and so I think.
I also figure out that Polaroid pictures that hide between the reference books,
And what happens when you tell it to my cousin?
Is irresistible to see how we fall, to muddy the brother and sister sex.
Please tell me what a great idea either.

Two secret?

I look forward to his son's reaction?
Almost every day reading the posts? I Yumiko SEX ^ ^
By the way, son, how old are you?
I like it a secret for two Barenakya life husband?
This is something I envy.

Thanks Tsu!

To her is to tell 有Rino侭 anticipation! So her husband is lying to Bareru, Ne is the woman I never Barenakya bad ^ ^! Now, even outside in the rain tonight with my son and my husband to write a Snoring sleeping high in my heart I love her.


Yumiko I'd like to unintended pregnancy?
Maybe I should I say congratulations?
I'm hard on my husband Baretara? But like her husband, also come to light come to light SEX I work hard to make because it did ^ ^ Yumiko
Maybe I reported to my son's baby 出来Tara surely?
Please enjoy the family I might say irresponsible.
It said it and here I thought it was a nuisance Te無I!
Even for people who become friends ^ ^


I'm in the land into two parts inside. I slept on the bed enters the room to take off the jersey, so I just tired of the club. I was tired, so I pretended to sleep but I heard a voice calling his brother. I came close to getting into the room and then my brother. If you keep pretending to sleep yet, over the sudden Bloomer (dressed as my T-shirt and gym shorts), there came the rub for me. At first hand, many times your fingers along the seam of them. I continue to pretend there were only terrified to sleep. The nipple was done Korikori placed his hand rubbed the chest under the shirt. Gym shorts and underwear were together and taking off.
And my brother was over there and lick my Dari Smell.
By that time I feel I am, I was getting very comfortably.
My brother came and put my finger in there. I got to move about the body. But he is unaware of fingers moving.

At last I was raped by her brother. It was strange and painful was not the first time. By the time of ejaculation, I feel like really felt good in the spread. Perhaps the end, maybe I got a voice out.
My brother over there after I wiped with tissue, clothes and went out again.

To Tomoko

I am severely disabled 50. Virgins. My mother say. Stand the son of 解Rimasu. Me - Please Ru. I can be a consultation. Wait. Ru to Me

[587] A 多佳子 the fifties

Fifties but I also, in many, the courage to? 1.2 times a week with his son, a physical relationship, and can stay with that person, even my son can I? My son is 32 years old, apparently in an injury yet, how do I 童貞Rashii?


I am a 38 year old widow. My daughter is 16 years old this year, a high school student. Home of single mothers, the lesbian parents in the neighborhood is famous. Her husband died from loneliness, I have a relationship with my daughter. Teenage skin has truly soft and smooth. I'll always have to lead. The sound is so heavily 絡Mi合Imasu deep kiss on each other's saliva in the mouth. Turn the body lick, and suck dick wet with lots of spit. I'll lick ass full of holes through the back. My daughter, "Ah Ah Ah ~ Iia ー"
And whole body trembling Mogakimasu. Ask a girl to lick my dick too.

I agree!

I agree too! If slanderous, without the nameless,
Speak a name!

2 agree

I'm not good from Kakiko can freely board? I'm good at do not want to come but you were good people have come forward to them coming! I like to stab people Kakiko is better not stopped. Ladies and gentlemen, do you think?

Sorry Tasan Yu.

Tasan Yu, Thank you, sorry to put in like a nuisance. From others, from 41 years old this month poses I like to thank 頂Ki nameless opinion, it 身篭Tta occupancy, Baretara her husband, at that time, made ready for this from 居Masu ... After that I hope the child is born body integrity.


I am not planning on not going to argue that privatization by nameless.
I was just commenting to just purely Yumiko.
The other way, so I will still continue to Quit and I did not write.
But to comment on anything. But it is because there is no post from Yumiko.

My brother

To meet you everyone.
24 is a brother to me too pretty.
I thought I'd post my experience of everyone reading this site works in a certain hospital. Taking a bath and went to leave the drug on the desk in my room I got a hundred Sleeping go home I told my teacher I sleep at night I go back to the room where the tub rises they've lost it [and medicine? I have not drank] Yes Yes I think I asked my mother? [Do not you have the room and told me my sister is going 進Metarashii headache] I (I have for preventing migraine pain, so rice) is knocking on the door or responded to my brother went to the room in haste There. Sri jerk I was sleeping and tried to imagine what the room and I drank too. I wanted to tell you the wrong drink to wake, I shook occur. How should I talk to you tomorrow, well ~ I did so, they could not sleep without underwear exposed Why do not you see what I merrily untimely Then I tried to roll over my brother left the room. I've seen such things away to see my brother and his brother man, bigger has perceptively in the mouth of the mouth may 小Sakatsu Fukumimashita then unconscious of his brother. While I'm gone I touch myself I have come to understand that drenched his dick. I went to put things into his sleeping brother and brother's impossible to stand astride the example. Was initially slow to wake. I'm still yours, but my brother could not bear to move up and down is hard going away, [it, toots? Dopey] would have become the head of the drug effect, if I move up and down violently as it is [dense] in that his brother had been called out.
My brother is away to bed soon after that, sperm Fuki取Rimashita come back dripping from his dick in the room too soon. My brother told me the next day. Like her not embark intense yesterday. I have become my blushing. I'm a fun night with my brother and I still have four years have passed and


Have decided to stay at his brother's apartment Kamigyou date.
"They've come to take a shower."
Suddenly my brother came and said to have a shower.
"Doing a good body as I thought."
Caressed my body was turned he says.
Kiss her breasts are still being held hold me tight,
The adhesion between the body feel feel hot.
My brother is Sosori立Tsu cock pointing straight up.
Glans reach Terra Terra umbilicus was shining in getting ahead.
We found out in response to wet myself gradually showed off her brother's erection is turned 撫Ze kiss.
"I feel, I'll feel better."
From the neck of his brother nipple tongue, navel and gradually goes down.
As it was violently sucked the dick and lick soft skin in the groin.
Passed away and quickly be put at the finger in the anus.
Just kiss her brother and still love 溜Meta solution in the mouth.
Saliva and semen are mixed drank been sent tongue.
"Let me see your hips open."
Spread your feet about hips thrust out a hand bath.
As the drill 抉Ra anus licked my tongue suddenly.
Gashitsu 掴Mare sit and "抜Keyo force."
Severe pain that ran like a top inserted into the anus burning tongs.
"If painful, 裂Keruuu."
"Through the power, I go in now. Okay, I'll protect the virgin."
As it penetrates through the roots and Merimeri ass.
My brother was still first, and gradually moved back and forth.
"Oh Oh, wow, amazing."
"Okay, but I can only pinch. Try more tightening."
Sound echoed to the bathroom and moan Nuchanucha indecent.
"Look, look in the mirror." Figure that was reflected in the mirror on the wall anal fucked looked up his brother's voice.
"I can only pinch. Try me out. Watch it, you do."
"Oh Oh, only, if I can only pinch."
"Well, I do. I'll keep seeding this. I hope."
Insertion and removal from the anus and began to shake violently back and forth my brother back.
The sound rolled raised mucosa and further Nuponnupotsu nasty.
"Oh Oh, good, thank you."
"Soon, Ikuzo. U Iku Iku Iku Iku."
At that moment, I felt something hot and Dokuddokutsu.
On this night, was thoroughly fucked ass brother, kept me a virgin.

[584] who is? Fifties than women,

You will really man? "W the man!" To what the average woman who ® is truly unfair to use, at least you are man>

I agree too!

[584] who has written on, Who is it? "W cunning" It is man? You can I participate in, or were not, you do man? Tell the truth!

It is embarrassing ~!

You have Jealousy Is it? You're made to some ^ ^! Then I write your own ® quick! The name is also humbled, Tsu Ne least people are unfair!

Yumiko and Yuuta

Hey I'll be in heaven here with privatized up to you hesitation.
Fool I do know by e-mail addy.


Are you still coming?
You might perhaps wish will come true ^ ^ Yumiko
Are you in the soup while her husband and to be sure?
I'm a mix of two sperm ^ ^


Perhaps because there is still another thing that always 有Rubeki?
Also, always from the husband and then, burned fiercely tonight! My husband and 遣Ru 遣Ru only after a deep sleep, so, once shed a dick, even that kid down, taste the excitement in her husband ^ ^! Tasan Yu, How is your sex?

Yumiko Kano Hana pregnant?

Maybe less for me 篭Motta Deta signs himself perhaps?
Also my husband and son after SEX What is too severe?
As dangerous or experience the thrill when her husband have escalated too ^ ^ Please avoid

To: Yu Song!

The delay in replying, I'm sorry ^ 0 ^! Maybe my son would have followed the letter under a false name, maybe I 身篭Tta of the word and Kana Bareru your husband and the uniform spend a child of her son We still up, then, my son always more to come hard and challenged me, I like to answer it!

Old memories

My father was having sex with more than twenty years ago is.
Was the first time was when the eighth grade.
Somehow become such an atmosphere, 抱Ki合Imashita each other.
But when you put very painful, I remember that I was happy for me.
Also, it has been kept on sex, be aware that there is no physiological entered ninth grade in March, was pregnant went to the hospital. In high school I graduated from junior high school entrance ceremony without the abortion immediately, think of the stomach to go out with a child, my father said to his father but born of a wish, it is not difficult to understand or so, with the abortion after a few days as I think the entrance ceremony.
After that relationship continued for three abortions at all.
The third time, I wanted to end somehow, with the abortion limit from the stomach to increase the available abortion.
My father saw my stomach grow, "Masetai life" but gave up because they said they can not afford.
No regrets for that child's father was pregnant, but rather happy.
Ordinary people would understand.

The brother and sister fight

yuna himekawa[577]
I am 18 year old high school student. My brother (age 16) is driven into the Lightning. (What are little boys soon, "Yaro or commit?" You say the wrong thing in the first place was in a room alone and defenseless my towel, so my brother knocked on the door, "Wait a minute," you say to open Before I got the figure of his brother ... "Oh? sorry" "What I hear from you ... You open your answer" "I'm bad ... from the elder sister dressed like that ..." where the dispute over the door clothes as is staying with excitement ought to wear "Are not you always look into," said the moment his brother into the room and open the door "or dressed like I was invited to what? Yaro if guilty What? "in" I see you spend a 遣Reru mon? "result in a towel from the floor of the 押Shi倒Sa blow for blow, tit for tat as it is provocative state obvious brother is suppressed down to shorts in my hands or. When senses states resisting in the event of the moment was playing with a split LANGUAGE Yes for me. My brother was drooling from Nko Yes of which can not oppose locked his foot stepped on my body ... for me to type in a push against when you see it Npo Yes, something woke up I was driven in another. and others were different. I grind my brother early in the came. implore with rubber like it will not go outside (with a rubber usually H
) And my brother was, however, continued to be injected 仕舞Imashita drums. I learned from being dumped into the uterus pleasure but at the moment. SEX Now that the raw injection (What a man "
Come inside? "At first I said is" really good "and funny looks from the bottom of'm happy to shake my hips while saying) And now I'm dedicated to my brother got from me. The others are injected into the fire and I know why my brother to experience pleasure. At length I'm sorry

Ryu, Good luck!

That I have written before, I did almost every night with his brother.
Takeshi's the same advice but only'm pregnant sister gave better be careful. I'm drinking from a pill to prevent pregnancy, What more can you want. We did that three times tonight, all I got out into the vagina. Semen is poured by hand all the drink, she was pleasant to death. Today the mood is good because it came from his uncle and mother, from around 8:00 to go. I think it probably went to the hotel, I came back around 1:00. I'm mad we do in the meantime. There is still how to 火照Tsu genitals.