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Incest confession of women(2007-10)


I is a one year college. My mom (43) is masturbating underwear.
Sometimes I clean my room mother and as Barenai is hidden under a chest of drawers trapped mother panties and erotic photography book.
変Wari無Ku mother is normally in contact with know this and are aware of the feeling. I moved the location slightly.
One day, my mother is not listed in the paper underwear thief thing, "I'm not and Tatsuki Hazime not steal your underwear"
"I did not"
Followed by silence for a while, "who was in the instance underwear?"
I confessed to the idea.
Then my mother became gay underwear for a while.
Father (55 is a bachelor.
The mother and still have not even sex, masturbation in lingerie is to tolerate half.
Please tell me.
I do not know my mother felt. This site wife, less waiting

The mother

Three years of high school.
Mother (42) went into the room with underwear, now has a relationship Bale away. Father (53) when the trip is, sleep together.
Have not called my father and three years. Eat a handful of us standing while Bing hard.
Shake your hips ask aloud bestial.
Mother sex with such irresistible. I think that the mother, can not stop. Her mother is the same.
Recently, her mother is traveling with his father wear sexy panties.

My son is a sophomore in high school I am 38 years old.

Hello, you become close to two years to have a relationship with 17-year-old son. Was started when I have helped my son masturbating.
That masturbation Orimashita know my underwear before, but it did have a snack when you enter a room while studying for exam, oral and sorry for my son to the penis in a chair Shigoi gave included in the. It was not awkward to talk to each other a couple of days after that, from the bath when I invited my husband's business trip. Here pussy, here pussy hole Osshiko led to a hand ... a penis of her son.
..... Songs are at least twice a week since the relationship between them. (My husband and whether there is a once in two months) I'm not a mother is a woman. Sometimes made love in the kitchen while my husband is taking a bath.
They also went to the hotel. Does the practice at home can.

Son sex

A tray of the year, a car driven by his son for the first time I went home to my home from Tokyo in Yamaguchi Prefecture. On the way back was a large well near the interface becomes congested highways Ogaki God Tomei Expressway and get off to consult with my son in Itinomiya Internet, I decided to stay overnight.
Driver fatigue is also the son went into a nearby love hotels. Kept saying to my son a bath, was pressed against a cock from behind and washing hug. The spot will run away when his son came up from the bath to give up accepted. My son is saying the best Omeko mother was 離Shimasen my body until the morning. My husband is also a strong body free energy and strong son, was reacting to. 2 months since then, my husband has sex in secret.


yuna himekawa[5529]
Barely a 16 high.
Try to write like a diary Nde fresh memory.
I have with my father.
Last night I had my mother on an errand,
In the bedroom and saw daddy on TV.

And that his father liked the original, H H somehow because there was interest in imagine I will be like but I was then, lying on the futon in the living room of his father in pajamas watching TV without thinking too much Mashita.

Lying in the back with me, I thought agreeable to me a good feeling and Kanade hair, or even back me or pat his shoulder. I still pretend to know something on TV I was glaring hot atmosphere.

Do not you hate in a found out something like, to me was the bra or the waist or neck rub, I could see it from behind the chest was open and this considerably.

I thought I got really nervous when I came, we were stuck behind me when I was still a PITA, but more like getting even rubbed his belly and chest up and this. I felt I could understand Bikun and touched the tip of the nipple or Worse because he gently stroked.

The heart came from there thinking how to put his hands skirt gone Then shut an eye, got in touch directly. I feel honest.

"We do not really hate?"
"... Yeah"
"I hate were saying?"
Tea was nod.

気持Chiyokutsu been touched up here and there just really, is to take off on
Even when they are below the de panties would be very ashamed of you know the wet. Was it still light.

Raretara no good dick breath is spread over the legs, but I wanted to hurry up and wait, or come tantalizingly like a lick or more on the thigh,
Dick lick me from the terrible Shirashi.

The finger is feeling and feeling about'll float into the body,
... I was touched to the heart can reach out a finger and tongue in rage I felt something there, it felt more as a strange body.

The handshake I do not know called, has always been pleasant to continued anyway, I just give up The snake moan body.
I do not know how long lasted, it was the first kiss came from the father and then hug.
Are you stuck with something causing bodily Innovation dick.
... Little boy was.

Something be put into force as though it was close to the resistance of the foot to spread Nde I thought somehow I still hate, 気持Chiyokutsu been a little lazy in there patting the places of the chestnut There is not null so I open legs cod.
Got into.

I never supposed to be painful to the first experience. Did daddy pull out quickly in a weird feeling.
I even got asked out soon afterwards.
Too excited now, I'll put in my hands.

I like to tan me to properly avoid pregnancy.
I thought it was safe from the Sun and is scheduled around New Year's Eve from the period but, because I wanted to experience during the first however still awaited.

She said she is not from the mother another day, could be tonight.
What is your job ends soon.
I want to try that many have not yet experienced.

16-year-old children and

Fellowship in child and I knew that sex is so pleasant. Soon, the kids come home from school, waiting for my face?

One night my brother in the room

Nice to meet you. Alice High School two years (of course HN) is called. My brother on two 居Masu.
It is a tall, cool Tamayama Tetsuzi they like, I do not know what you think Teru Kano but I always really friendly too cool.

The night of December. I was with my phone and playing with books and reading while lying in my room.
To darken the room a little bit, feeling that when sleep as usual, and his brother came into the room.
"Huh? On What happened?" I was surprised that the state residence of his brother, my brother has been hugging in silence.

I do not get it 解Razu, and are confused, gentle voice, "Sorry, But I, I hug that she" has been kissing?
Actually, I'm still at the age of 17 H was 在Rimasen thing. (Though I was to masturbation v)
In the first, yet the head is incest! ! Despite the words flicker, and was admired by his brother said so that really seeds, become a good feeling at all.
Experience teaches that even if the first brother.

And that you're thinking, "you do not have you done? It'll tell you something," and whisper in my ear, neck and has kissed.
Gone to them just feel so vulnerable to tickle the old type was a "fill with, sauce" has been gradually increasing this.

The cold hand of his brother, feeling extra skin, I sides are weak! After a period Pikun react with clothes. .
"Oh Brother, do the weak stomach!" And say, showing a rare excitement, "she is too cute" clothes were ripped off as containing the switch.

Chest while being kissed, let my right hand and slowly crawled toward the thigh and groin. So weak leg, "Huh Huh Oh" Innovation Pikutsuite feet and came closer to get wet there.
Kiss the nipples, lips, and then go to the back of my neck Korogasa this time has left chest massages.
I am also suffering gone, "Huh Tsuan" said Ha Ha and leave.

What I'm twitching and well worth getting wet over there, etc. My brother is like the S, I staple at the root.
"Oh, brother'll cease.. Do not 触Nnai there too much," but something good, "Heh heh.. I had not, she, s not give" all the time saying the wrist etc. have been tied to the Daily!
"Eetsu?" I thought the character, feel the situation is something that I do not S M: H Yet I found a.

So cheers to state hands, they become bare Canali, and whatever is done.
Canali stood nipple so times I feel, "Ahhh not fill with awww, do it! Bad" while the whole body licked, "You're naughty you Alice," and grin, and finally there 触Remashi or.
Chu gambling gambling Yuto Yarashii sound!

And in response to "fill with Ah!'ll Feel bad brother," I see that it falls out as a caress after the other Canali.
"I was disappointed that I lie to you so you trying to Alice Yarashii v" I kidding? G Spot attacks and saying Kuchukuchu. I've already comfortably bigger voice.
Yes it makes Kuchukuchu unconscious while licking and chestnut.

Things came out of his brother grew older brother asked me "Look up gently lick" but was forced by Blow and guidance.
Hamuhamu gone and try to somehow to harmonize with, "Damn it Alice," The state can not bear to face, not cute little brother ever seen them, but things kind of an S 芽生Emashita.
My brother is plugged because I put a rubber hand, "I put" I put my legs over the shoulder to say.

"There is a Ah Ah I" went out of their own voices heard without a and Canali.
To get into the skin and the skin, I was sore, it was relatively safe caress is a lot of simmering.
To the piston, I 喘Gimasu accordingly. I also massaged my chest and my brother, dies.

Morai as they then, I want to do an aggressive top. Blow after his brother and of course, seen to fall back on the cowgirl from the v 善Katta mind.
More than anything, "Eloi really," I said to my brother is happy.

After his brother found "new you" or "I'm going to develop," it is said, I beat every day. My brother is so fickle, but I understand what you get when you want, if not try asking for a lot.
Is happy about his brother really loves us than before vH is fun.

73 years old

The relationship between me and my son is 12 years. In the rural Northeast, and daughter out of high school, from the village go out to compete. And married 40-year-old son, who was introduced to 25-year-old migrant from the Philippines to come to those who work for a life insurance company, got married. Waiting for the birth of grandchildren were no signs that even after six months, and are reluctant to seek refused to ask his son not involved in and things, things that speak to the bride, went out Mashita.
To pay alimony for the divorce. My son is married and just wanted to have fun, now think the poor. At that time, an invitation to a bath together, 擦Rimashita cock my naked son was excited. Aloud to feel ejaculation quickly. All accepted in the bed. And then my husband died 10 years ago I became a woman in a long time. My son has no female experience, but glad I got this 61-year-old grandmother. Was still 73 years old when my son ejaculation mom and issues a voice. Attended a meeting of women in the computer classroom, posting until now. In secret until now, been reading of you have read the posts of 60 people, I enjoy that 70-year-old wrote to try to have the courage to know.

Please help

The 53-year-old housewife. Night life of husband and I were satisfied with each other, not been invited to a job from a friend Keiko, and I was just talking to hear the old man. The first day is not just about an hour and we discussed about 70 years old 5,000 yen, the second day to speak with 60 years of age, holding hands and give Itadakimashita 8,000 yen. Spanish mackerel and give to the body, said 10,000 people from the circle to shop for and understand better if the old man happy. In those 62 years old and have a talk with his wife has been widowed, has touched my heart over the clothes and miss booty hand gradually into the skirt, and good feeling and kindness, Accept I.帰Ri際, and customers were very pleased with the shop, Itadakimashita 15,000 yen.
The next day, you and other young people, and the nervous waiting for the thing to sex with Anni, it was his son. Looked at each other, "there" was only silence at the same time issued a voice. At that time, my secret has been Change Barre.
The next day, my son is required to fellatio naked children go to the room, it would have been fired just mouth the semen. I've finally crossed the line between parent and child. This results in a canyon Sixty Nine sexual intercourse will Iki son escalates, more excited to see your cock. Then they insert the raw cowgirl ride on me.
Then, although both male and female parents etc.. Moved back to each other is fucked hard, but it has been ejaculated sperm in a pussy. After that, I embarrassed my husband sought absent time. I think my husband and Baretara daily, irresistible fear. How come mom incest mother and child are being supported or how, please let me know.

Strong sexual desire

It is a woman of charm and sexuality Lovers unabated to the chin that soon in 50 years. My son loves my hair Bobo Noman. From sex to be standing back with his son Martin Pozu Kozu today.

My experience

Those who had a chance I saw. I Run Women's Post. Thoughts posted Whenever she saw men protease. Since women's version because it will not post. Miyoko's put a comment.
Immediate family or legal norms that are strictly regulated, I have a way, or feel natural.
Deta naked pussy when I saw my mother around the age of 18 from the bath.
It has been a sudden pin points. This is the same as if the man has experience, remember the first time saw a pussy or feel and sharp edged. How will be? ?
Although my mother a look of surprise, I became an adult! I'm not ashamed! ! ! He said. At that time, putting hits ーー obscene cock mother like now because I can not widespread, but there was no knowledge of. . Or feel that you put with it and 申Shi Deta. Then, I hit the mother was 有Rimasen, walk and see how the pants cock stood when the young wife with the laundry and washing machines next == c then there ー Yo

I was watching. . The young wife::: and told me I was a man too,, the village get-together after a few days showing us (even I get wine at a meeting of the village) to middle-aged gentleman (with his master) is going to depend on. . All showed me the invitation. Put.
The young wife, when told to lick the pussy was not only men post ー Yo 申Shi very surprised.


I was Alisa, and I married in the spring of this year with my dad.
My dad is there too little 190 back, but his dad because I like 172,
I think that girl is Okkii.
Skin color is but I like it a little 白Kere Mom, Dad and I will praise a cute light brown.

20 years since Dad came to Japan, I was born 19 years, and Mom divorced last year,
I was in Chiba, from becoming such a relationship, I live in Tokyo now for moving.

Daddy Daddy's home (rural Minnesota), the well known and have to say the truth I was, this relationship is a little Ya.

But when you have sex with dad, Itchaimasu forget that many times.

I wonder if black people because I thought, daddy cock Guy in three people have experienced so far is the most Okkii, hard, painful at first but now hooked.

Dad now, so you work at night, soon, will come back around 4:00.
Almost every day for about two hours before bedtime, and then have sex with me.
I will endure to make a voice as much as possible though he, Dad, so they pretty aloud, might be famous in this apartment.

Before graduating high school, so I did not think I would with my dad, doing it every day.
Oi you are cute, I love you, can you hear me out.
But, even with a holiday drive, always love hotel.
2 hours driving, four times what it was in a love hotel.
This little seven months, I felt my mouth Arabia's Daddy's penis every day.

I love my son

Son in college and has confessed to masturbation mom loved you every day. I'm not against it but, now that my son masturbation cock in front of me showing I was away. I slowly going crazy, but it turned to dreams of sex with her son. Last night, and remained naked Nedara son, my son received. His son cock hard and thick, like they stick to the engorgement of the tree though, it seems my vagina in a terrible rage. I feel many times I went. Feelings were often dying anyway. I usually did not come out how much full of joy juice. In love with my son.

What to do about contraception

My husband and high school classmate, married at age 26. The newlyweds initially had to meet the desires of each other hungrily. Pregnancy, childbirth repeatedly, since the child was born three people has decreased twice a week, now just select the sex safe day.
Gradually reduced to sex, became twice a month, I invite frustration was rejected because we are tired and my husband asked.
When going to China to study abroad my husband went to invite my sister lives in pubs in the neighborhood. While two people talking, drinking, drunk so I do not remember riding home.
Ponderously in and fall unconscious, I was out over my son 被Satsu in high school. There also things that drunk, just entering the power wriggle toes, I inserted them.
At the touch of a long time, embracing his son from the bottom, according to the motion of the hip was his son. During the ejaculation, was suffering from guilt that sickness was blown away. Are going to wipe the semen spill, tears came out. Fortunately spared pregnancy. Since then my son, when my husband will ask not. But if not I 満更, I am worried about pregnancy, contraception, please tell me you are about.


It was a holiday in May.
The past midnight the night before my husband few days off topic, you slip from there for people who wake up and feet, then falls to such a thing but my husband
"Welcome home." "Yes."
Or to float on my back to cooperate with my husband take off underwear and pajamas.
To feel stuck, as usual, and momentum like something different from usual, but I felt great.
"You're amazing today."
"I'm very pleasant."
I get a hug my husband in an ordinary way I 捲Ku quilts and quilt works hard to stay hidden,
"Aa are you going? You! Are you going?"
As usual, I was shouting in response to his master.
It was a sense that they hit me according to my husband, still working hard to hide, I have gone, its not out yet but my husband
"You come!"
I was shocked to get a frozen moment 捲Ku Tta quilt.
Be here in my groin in my son's son just turned Takashi Hazime.
Not even voice.
The jump came as the son and overlapping, intense,
I can not do anything anymore.
Would feel as much pleasure from this mode also reject the libido.
My husband and always has been more intense stimulation and they know it feels like my son stuck under the influence of what was clearly felt differently.
I do not feel welcome addition to the other without climax or gone.
I blew up my son to match and it would not force me intensely mad.
Feeling anger does not come to dwarf you have no other words, what can I do, I fit in or not a relationship at a time like this, like Wax On lord, is normally 戻Retamashita many things are finally over, know the pleasure of running through the body to start moving again, son.
As well as the ability to put a stop hand.
"I love like my mother."
My son is working hard to move and desperately, still run strong in spite of terrible second.
Ah, incest.
While her son was attacked by a hug or something and end up like this pleasure.
Pleasure to come up against incredible momentum behind the back, the other in the head is white, but was no longer possible to go 悦Bu represent best be met.
I went to go deeper joy rapidly turned into a relationship with his son and from this day.

Sex with my brother

yuna himekawa[5469]
One day was enough to return to the room dressed bath towel into the bathroom late at night.
Along the way, did you watch the video masturbation while sitting on the couch casually 覗Itara through the door was open a little brother.
I quietly approached from behind, but saw the younger brother desperately realizing Iteta Shigo dick.

I said, "feel good?" I was hiding, but eventually I was to put his hands in pants dick in a hurry to say.

I sat next to his brother amused, "You're the way yet, I'll help you"
I did a finger touching the tip Kojima put their hands in the hands of a brother she said.
Became a little freedom to go off my hand or hands I thought it felt good to resist.

While holding the pole up and down Shigoki "You feel good," said his brother saw the hand of the heavy breathing that I have said nothing in Shigo.
I watched the shimmering reflection of the place and my mouth to blow job video of them, "Do you want your mouth like a video topic?"
My brother nodded in silence.

I kept my hands Shigoki the pole up and down his head including the mouth and tongue to lick things endure the juice was slippery.
My brother is now "Yes, has already come out," I tried to let go of my mouth to say that the head moved up and down vigorously with both hands holding his brother back.
My brother finally became possible to endure, as it did ejaculate in the mouth.
Now I have to swallow semen Tappuri mouth and release the body to kiss his brother Shigoki hand while the younger brother started touching my body.
Chestnut chestnut dick and doing a finger to remove the nipple boobs rub the towel I was hard to recover as soon as Bing.

At that time, but did you really wet pussy I am excited.
Now I no longer possible to tolerate, while kisses and straddles over his brother and his brother to move back and forth while his brother sat on my things fit in the stiffened boobs rub vigorously with both hands or.
If you are working like crazy and my hips, my brother became so hastily withdrawn stet, splattered on my face and body has been launched with sufficient vigor Shigoku cum hard while licking your hand.
And I'll tell you something my brother lick clean tissue wipe it, I was a happy face.

Since then, I'm having sex with my brother on a daily basis. Than the unstoppable feel with my boyfriend.

Eh its mouth to his son

I am a housewife adult board enthusiasts.
I am 32 years old, 27 year old husband, 8 year old daughter, 5 year old son is a family of four.

I have something like a petit incest me the other day.
Swollen red inside wearing leather but did not know of purulent or something of that insect bites look came back in tears and half a sore cock first son five years old I went to kindergarten I feel like I was.

I want to come off the peel thing too painful, more came out the back of the glans and I was raised with a cotton swab to coat the drug.
Actual use of children in kindergarten is five years old, but your tiny Chinchin large hard but I was not able to Shiro's something.

Why do not voice what stimulates the urethral swab around the mouth and ended up in medicine that I painted about a mischievous mind and I feel fine and I wonder if a son, but the real pleasure Pikutsu their cock, but I like to respond 出Sanakatta even as you move and certainly did not feel like you Why do not you put out a little or a cotton swab into the urethra.
I like the power of clench into a fit like hand movements that stimulate the swab did not miss I arrived at the mat.

Even though one's own son had gone to no reason a little bit what are thrilled to react to the young child, too, "it still hurts, I'll with the saliva of the mother can become pleasant to painful 付Ketara spit "I have not listened to the answer to say that stimulates the urethral opening and nothing besides the mouth with the tongue, I was the son've heard how you breathe while Kkiriri 上目使I Omoi.

I told my son was still in his hand an tampering to understand.
After rest and a sense of guilt, not worried about whether there is still talk to someone persistently and repeatedly pressed the feeling that anyone can speak to his son.

Do you exchange ideas and advice Itashimasen who have had similar experiences.

This is not Aunt

The "wrong way to put up with it however evidence of good health. Chan Yu I take it all out Do not hold back because things natural. Surun well into adulthood from've got to masturbation it every day girl you put in and even classmates However I "
I still carrying a little boy to observe sexual intercourse ankles nephew, was playing for a while.

"You can understand her excellent here. Is a slippery when wet is amazing sexual intercourse in older women. You're the same little boy in her superior. Out with the slimy mouth of the little boy so much,,,, I'll feel terrible. Chan Yu also by older women Did your finger feel "

"Have you auntie Ah ~ ~ I ~ limit ~ Serve"
"I can not put in?'ll Put JAA ~. I want to start an Aunt"

I'll move up and down violently and the little boy held his hand, like in response to object vigorously, 溢Remashita in the hands of semen coming from the mouth to blow all at once.
I just began earlier, was full of semen nephew about the same amount, while hanging was a dirty little boy.
"Put on this is amazing her superior, I'm useless put out every day too.'ll Talk at a secret to her mother, I'll help the lady, now. I'll give you to neatly lady through to adulthood Chan Yu. You know, so dirty, right I get scolded by my mother caught me "
While drunken 口走Ri, I was sucking a little boy's nephew example.

Semen from the little boy paint was still left standing erect, has expanded into the mouth was still leaking fluid. The nephew was a little surprised, unable because of anything obtained were sucking your penis was in agony every time 仰Ke反Tsu move my tongue.

I'll lick and clean the whole dirty little boy calm down and now I seem to Iki is also immediately came to me with that look.
I'll tell you the pleasure and without including the mouth of a little boy nephew, cum away immediately, and was also caught in the mouth cum nephew.
I'm honest I was surprised. The little boy is hanging up 早Kutsu 少Shiu recovery from an erection I curled longer. I'm from the young natural.

Nephew and I just went into the bathroom, make sure to wash your body and matched each other like before.
And show my vagina nephew, the nephew was touching to observe peeps like.
Dally had a Labia clit hardened up and congested large.
To be picked casually stroked the clitoris is protruding in the use of clumsy fingers, and now I'm away 仰Ke反Tsu "Yu-chan, Ah ~ feel useless Hi ~ ~ I,, Ah ~ I"
Stance had become more exposed vagina spread legs protruding hips feel blatantly Kiku Hiroshi away.

"Aunt, feel good here."
"I did not know that it'd be a slimy woman"
I started to feel it in my nephews too, many times your fingers touching vagina was aware of the things I want to touch slimy,, I came in 滑Ri込N fingers in a secret location last.

I groan aloud in agony away without any resistance can, I've entered all the way in response to the finger.
Time to find out what crab is there and I took my nephews. Time is out again and again, but I cut I hold intensified, all had to show her exposing Kedashi.

"Yes, the little boy go into here."
Nephew is "somehow Yeah I know Aunt"
"The next time 溜Mattara little boy full, but I'll tell me lady, Yu-chan. Today is to be patient, like a good boy ..., can touch a lot from"
Nephew listened to me and honestly, it is permitted freely to my vagina started 弄Bi more intensely, while the left is the nephew did not release me.

I know mischievous nephew remains of the pubic hair is growing on me, "I'm going to look like a pure and shaved lady"
I stuck out my lower body to the state it can not oppose the nephew, pubic hair was shaved away neatly in the hands of my nephews, I've been back like bare like a child .
Is enhanced by exposure to erect clitoris gaping chasm, and with looks like a small little boy there.

"You better not have your cute her hair Route. I'm here I like better. To see Chi Chai with a little boy"
"Oh her Have you no good to excellent in. Ashamed You,,, I ~ Oh, is it not the same as her excellent"

My vagina was exposed and hidden like all the younger part of a long time, had become a perfect and exciting with underwear.
I slept in the same bed after a long time with my nephews. I slept a little boy while holding a nephew, of course.
See you tomorrow, looking forward to coming home from school roller nephew.
I want to be reported and more.

The son of restructuring

Neurotic son was being restructured, who smoked a little country air I decided to come out and said the idea of a good wife.
In the past, his son and I was surprised, but totally different, I almost said, relieved to be better than a month and complexion.
There are bed and I can wear into Dari noisy at night from wearing out several times, seemed to have settled pat on the head of them, like holding a child, just fall asleep There has often things.
Came into my bed the other day and I served as a calming Imashitara and pat her head or holding my son, my son suddenly, "do," he said, is to take back the underwear, the power of his son I would not have to come true, (I forgot, I'm 55 years old 30 years old son. My husband passed away two years ago.) came into my son.
Do not know what to say about his son becoming healthy signs of recovery began to appear even sex, except I did not take his son to himself, while this excuse.
I had to close the eyes look, they react to physical pleasure such as those known to be a woman himself.
Then my son to sleep as normal with me, like my husband, and my body has gotten filled with joy until the woman's son may have gone .
Month that later, our son and daughter 言I出Shi that divorce.
A son, "I lives with my mother like this." 出Shitaku also go as a mother I said, I bought my first lingerie to be anything fancy Iemasen.
And I know my son is sick at the sight of neighbors, and suggests that we are willing to look me in becoming well recently, no one lived here as a son to divorce I do not think I even doubt.
Funny thing with it is shameful, to hear the story of a divorce from my son, I think as I have the pleasure of growing.
Until there is any separation, we would do what it is.

Relationship with dad

Papa and the first two months, I longer to H ~ ~ fast.
Electra complex at a young age and was well,
Had to take a bath together until 中三,
Somehow the first person I had with my dad decided vague.
When it is said in the loving care from my mom who is in the car after school, become happy, and just now I had a chance to kiss "to sex," Tell me dad in or.
The first is "No way," but papa told me me,
"I also have sex with my dad who do not know?" I asked "No!! Never forgive" (laughs).
After all, in the hot fucking in the bushes behind the small deserted shrine, the first time sex! !
I hurt, one got used to the feel and what I love daddy's Ureshi did.
Speaking of Dad, and really rough snort, I had the heart to Baku Baku.
Sorry, but what mom is my dad
Mon to have sex with me because even after a one-box car 買I換Eta.
I feel that sex has become the latest
Before this, I see this is the first Chata ~ I say (laughs).
Dad also gave me so happy.
17 years old, so pregnancy is still careful, high.

This is not Aunt

The sperm of her son like a nephew, an aunt I have not had a taste I licked up 恋Shikutsu. Distinctive smell and taste in the mouth spread, and unable 疼I away anything I say downright think, less than a little tired but devotion to lick your fingers entwined, wearing underwear wet toilet to change we left.
The rest of the semen in the toilet as it is wet and slippery, I felt indescribable feeling running up and stick to fit into my vagina.

In the mouth they still remain vividly in the taste of semen nephew, many times your fingers trace the wet part of the intense excitement without underwear in 年甲斐 was fun.
I came full 淫汁 also been spread to stimulate semen in my vagina, I spread throughout the stimulation wrapped underwear and feel more slippery.
The excitement of this is really long masturbation, sexual intercourse was a rub like crazy in the first time I learned.

The bathroom was a place out by the time they left the toilet nephew reasonably happy at last.
I do not hesitate to enter the bathroom, took off my underwear and even get in front of the nephew.
While listening to properly wash your little boy, and see me see, I've held a little boy in the momentum of my nephews. Still standing up for nephew surprised "It is dangerous ~" When asked what's so dangerous to say "I'll stand ~ Aunt"
"That's OK. Since then I've been watching Yu-chan was born, right into the bath too well with her excellent aunt. 可笑Shikunai Tatte from standing so not that good"

I grabbed the little boy still held, did not come here also made her an adult Yu,, Kuni Yoshi me see her priority a long time.
Your nephew's dick after a long time, came in about hairs still a little naive, a nephew of the year was split might be a slow growth.
Like cute like my childhood still I came here to grow a bit, chan, Naka Yutaka wash your neatly between the skin You know,,, ah ~ starting grow in my hand slowly while peeing and , have responded strongly to lift his head.

"E ~ I have to become like adults"
The momentum was like at 脹Ran explode in my hands, and straight Sosori立Tou would push up to stand on my hands.
Your nephew fully erect penis was in the hands 蠢I transformed to the adult penis hot dense veins like a whole different creature.

I'm there to claim as many times from the young to recover soon.
While I pretended to see, and I'll move a little, had been suffering from such a burst erection even harder.
"I ~, ding-dong Yu-chan's so big it'd be .... Are you doing this masturbation?" When you move the wrist and Innovation to stick pins in my stomach watching the agony nephew 堪Razu the little boy began to Sosori立Tta Shigoki.

From the mouth of the little boy has been put out full of juice, while the sound more obscene, Dally had stopped moving repeatedly up and down many times.
Like pulling the strings from there until I filled you will be my 淫汁 truly was dripping on the floor.

Nephew is like sticking 仰Ke反Ru leaning back basin, with an attitude like a little boy I leave, I call my breath several times in rough Ge.
"Ah ~ Ah ~ ~ Chii feelings,, I ~ terrible, useless ~ E,,," I groan in agony aloud words 成Ranai Innovation.
I mentioned this several times until I dumped the instep of your nephew thinking, the fact becomes slimy legs spread at a time rub 淫汁 nephew is, like the cut in last leg presses bear Kuni Tsuyoshi was rubbing your vagina.

Nephew also truly, until I noticed this feeling you I was to enjoy the feel like lifting your toes.
Thumb firmly hooked into this until I crack open your My sloppily, I Tta masturbation rubbing on the ankle to the hip shake up many times feeling sandwiched stimulation.
Hot erect penis while watching your nephew is curled into the Bing, I'm 跳Ne除Keyou reacted strongly with my hand.

"What I'll do this every day ~ Ona. Let a report or mother. Chan You did excellent today"
"~ Hate school, she never say,, oh ~ I beg you. I'm sorry ~ Did you just now,, got out of the pants lady Ah ~ ~"

"Oh yeah lady out ~ ~,,"
"I need that will not do ~ out yet. Endure Yu-chan,.'ll Forgive her, but Yu said the truth from. Now it's too early to oneself ready buildup of semen from young I helped every day Do I have spent out of the body if it becomes wet dreams adult. You also know that my mother did. Yu-chan's wet dream thing is,, I'm going to see in dirty pants "
"Yeah, I know, lady ... I'm going to the hospital for good cop,,,. It is said the good thing Shinakutsu mind at all because it is a natural teacher 無Kutsu bad place, but if masturbation I was told I'm lost and learn from. I've been told my friends mom or dad Ask "
"My mother told me what?"
"Masturbation was told not hold me still I think fast, friend, but like the other H Itashi everyone was asking me to I'm looking at magazines and videos, stealing underwear girl classmate Could it Teru子 too .... It showed me that I Could Teru子 underwear mom, you know, look here, this spot was, until I've got to have your smell,,, the smell was just a dream 精Shi smell It Chatan,,, auntie then I remembered I,, without telling my mother I'm "
"Such a thing is 由実子 not feel that way from the ignorant,,, I wish to tell you will be rewarded properly ~. It's anyone I'm going to masturbation, I know a thing about big brother thing the boys do Like a habit,,, because I was touched like the little boy's brother Sanza. because mon touched Sanza in 由実子 with lovely goodie bags ginger erection like her superior, she because I got out every time,,,, Dad I've got to teach the extra I was perfectly well ~ Yu-chan "

SEX while they are both friends son

I, our 48-year-old housewife who runs a barbershop in detail alone in a provincial city.
Shimashi to hospital because the hospital had some better now lying at her husband's stroke late last year are older than 10 years away for me was actually along Barber, of course still walking I have continued to spend in the state is still recovering at home can not even move even get up crawl.
While reasonable This site is written at the beginning and everything is fiction, you can write in peace without anyone Ramo Tomo and I can see where writing could very much at ease with the truth, or even whether or not it therefore I want your heart to know that my writing really here because the site is up to take the plunge and started writing and I want to scold advice.

I now have a relationship with the rapid approach of gender Shimashi more than her husband without expecting very first days of the year last summer engaged in everyday work and take care of her husband's barber, as described above.
Over six months for the actual negotiations and lost my husband could not die in the act of SEX is crawling fingers aching legs and body however natural to a state no longer get frustrated sometimes with Nao Akira 申Shimashi also fall into such a state, to masturbate with vibrator 買I与E husband had been looking like a finger on the screen and indecent sexual images on the Internet from a PC used article 貰I son received comfort, it also escalated to more severe, it would be getting around too many times and gradually.
So the man "thing" is relegated to memory friction Watakushi came into the vagina first, comfortably on air that when the piston is one word to me about it just can not kick 言I尽Kusu was intended.
Nothing but a daredevil who held on to its number or its not even remember what I was repeatedly passed away and die in agony continues shaking the waist pant.

The man (who is in the early 40s 所帯持 best customers of Dell that is congenial to have known me regulars came to a barber for many years) and sat with his arms folded when the barber had done in May Then push the groin and hit my posture which happened to his elbow for a moment the nature and hit each other again a few seconds 引Kimashi continued state of the state as he and I both, where his elbow I understand clearly that the list started rubbing his groin while holding my vaginal area.
He had known that my heart is still sitting 引Kanakatta from my head in my crotch and feel is Masagura in his elbow, and I will be stunned again, "this Sunday How about going somewhere for tea, but it was I had to ride ?......." easy to invite said.
At that time I think I Mono無Katta to Moushitaku, became aware that the state of his body scrupulous carelessly without even the sense of rejection from the shame is unbearable I wanted was the time It was a reality.
Even the tea grown man ........ what do you mean to say that I was too soon nuances.

There away in time for the husband to move twice lets hold at most about once a month between the hours of 2 hours or longer in three suburbs of love hotels also unable to go out soon The adult dating 参Rimashita repeated this a dozen times before I was even Uka 頂Ki aching body to heal.
Such activity has never made me even my husband (got that pleasure to die 舐Tsu the vagina, ejaculation can make me feel a hole in the ass) told me he already knew the pleasure of such in relationship with him was one I just have to give up my life no longer negotiate with my husband and I was absolutely been really encouraging for the future.

From one day past the tray But when two people for dinner as usual with my son, my son was drinking beer (23 years old) that I already knew the affair slowly from the real and It was supposed to see a woman as a mother I unawares, it was more honest to confess that such a machine was confusing me with a desire by masturbation.
I can not make a very little while the answer was clear to me that often confided in his heart 溜Menai "Thank you for the words and only ........" 返Semashi Facts about the affair for a while or not being able to answer immediately then was followed by silence.
And in my mind what my son thinks that the way the affair? And what is not snitch on their husbands? I only had to worry about such things, such as cheating, and good position to think my mom will never stop and now helped another thing to say but can not say, against his father and neighbors If I come to light is to be absolutely safe for people to enjoy as a woman and mother of the mind, happiness is not disturbed,
And I feel a force to said ties would not want after I leave the mother feeling better ............. nice way to understand my position and my son I feel I have not cried to me.

I noticed that the chance of cheating because my son is a chance that they saw a man driving a car at a parking lot at the corner of my local shopping mall Sunday afternoon, Sunday afternoon and then closed the barbershop Go to the parking lot of the rounds of car after checking out my dress up from
It seems hard evidence to properly grasp and went into following him secretly to the love hotel to check where my men get into a car again.
Take off the black garter belt and slip in the dressing room bath, stockings, sexy panties and a few times and turn into a love hotel is the place where an adult son, for example by 23-year-old is seen probably going Demou有Rimasen difference was immediately perceived as such see no.

I'm still at dinner for a few days after being told his son to such a confession from a glass 差Shi出Shimashita a mother and poured a little beer drinking son.
That night in a selfless son prepared for the body to deposit more than the ....... at least, Mother's Day has passed and that some days thinking that they did even as a woman I want to love my body away in a very cute and my son turned to go out, I've been on Susan was really the feeling of wanting to love on his son's body.
A light spray perfume on it dressed in a bold bedding open heart and Crouching enough that the breast first, and another glass of beer Nedarishi you feel a little better and was sitting at a table across phase Teita when my son was on a chair next to another.
My son is looking to the eve of the valley of the state of my breasts, I'm a big sigh and an eye on each other facing the other things that his son had gone to erect a hand while talking on her son's thigh will also be understood as had been changed, and suddenly my son "Mother !..........." I plugged in your mouth your mouth and come hug.
When I started sucked being rubbed up spilled boron and the breast slightly larger that removes the shoulders of the bedding is material which had been turned over to hard to tick more down the trunks of the son is also my hands I was slowly rubbing up and down to grab.
"Her mother ○ ○ !............." !.........."" just running hard while crossing each other's hands and the words It was followed by the state for a while.

My husband and I timed the number as the piston head to the vagina and put things into your son on the bed quietly so as to get out of my son's bedroom next to a piece sliding door separated hip wiggle time, started waving at the moment, "Oh !........." first ejaculation by emitting from my son and whispered,
I soon got the feel of semen inside the vagina to the great momentum of the mass.
How many times did you act on the piston is still at an awkward time I reached a climax violently gone too big.
In the mother that first SEX in like gone almost too guilty even an embarrassment to Nomeri込Mimashi the splendor of the incestuous mother gone two months early as today through action, more SEX several times 20 times, and gradually their contents and making it thicker.
I also much higher than the number of times that a date with my boyfriend once a month.
Once a month yet both boyfriend allow her son could get to someone depart have in your inventory good is good healthy young can at home at any time freely without hesitate what to safely and really still has, so I act SEX is the son of that has changed recently as it seems it is the best.
I think fondly of my way so hard to throw away that kind of a boyfriend and well.

It's holiday today and tomorrow is Sunday and Monday once a month, Sunday last week there is a state to another; refreshing your body loves it gave adequate advice in various acts of love hotel for two hours on a date with my boyfriend after a long time one week, we will look at that as carelessly horny son's body still
Tonight is the tie to the body hard 逝Ki 合Itai son.

The thought

Had applied for a bus tour to celebrate my husband's sixtieth birthday, his father died and my husband works for a company that started the day before, suddenly became a college going son. It was just unfortunate that my husband was looking forward to a hot spring trip, the trip will enjoy a new relationship with my son was born.
Coach individuals, couples, and in various groups, in a surge in Hokuriku hotel bus arrived at around 4 karaoke. The banquet was like drinking a beer, the young son was likely to PacPac not wait to eat your food comes out. At the end banquet, Shou has been invited to the waitress's interesting because, we walked 10 minutes. Your bed is covered in the middle of the room about 30 tatami mats, has appeared naked middle-aged woman and a young man sitting with 10 people surrounding us like it.
Began kissing, licking finished first with a woman's face until the man from the toes, lick that example in your mouth suck cock men then women, has soon erect cock. Stepped between the thighs of women by men, and insert just sat down cock Kina Hiroshi storms of thunderous applause. Waist pants for women at the man move ended with 10 minutes. There is a sticky 濡Remashita I was watching with excitement.
Back to the hotel and leave the excitement, hugging her son has been with her mother. That night, asking his son to leave and continued until the morning fellowship. When my son and my husband did not and enjoy.

My brother tried to

yuna himekawa[5411]
For today.
Junior and his brother from their interview appointment is three. There are no classes the afternoon.
Skipping 梨菜 went home this afternoon.梨菜 home only with my brother.
梨菜 instructions from various people I had went to the room of his brother T-shirt and skirt.
Went naked underwear.
At first I was a little study.
During said.
"One of the favorite child like?"
"I'm alone with this thought that?"
"The thought was that without my sister?"
Said that. I was his brother's body will gradually harden.
"I'll tell sex?"
To say
Raised from the top of pants to touch his brother and a kiss.
It is not you the brother and sister.
Put your hands in your pants. My brother and I was touched.
Could get rid of mouth and I was pants.
I gained all drink in the mouth.
I went to bed.
My brother is in the top 梨菜.
With breasts and lick me. I brought my brother's crotch 梨菜 hand.
Christo and get to touch, might get a little put.
I feel shame and also full.
"To my sister as well"
I had to say so lick.
"Pussy clitoris"
While many asked to teach.
For the first time many of us to stop but not identical to his brother
Kuretari thighs and licking just licking me
With sex as it is.
I felt full. Been issued in full.


What's the relationship between son and what they made it easier than abruptly.
Suddenly things, but desperate resistance, and even the Son of man power is what I win.
If you are hit me and my son is young, I should not have from a woman becomes mother in fragile to go.
To contribute to the site I was looking to kill time in Paso.
Son and another child on men and women has gotten completely without.
What if it is no longer even the uterus body.

Daughter and son

I recently laid in two daughters and three sons inside.
I noticed it during the day but I go out to the part, date of leaving school early one day and go to the bathroom next to the toilet, so hot, the sound of rattling hurried, if two people naked ran away toward the kitchen.
That was the glimpses of her son as well I think Cor.

Also about this time last year, together with a shower or two people, and get along, and I was not much to worry about.
I myself, my brother and two below, because there'll remember the highlights from becoming strained middle school, but this was fake Innovation, or touch it: I was joking, was underestimated and Takao .

However, taking a bath when her daughter alone, and go to the laundry room Shimaini daughter, still attached by a PC, the screen of the video H
"I wish my daughter interested," while thinking, and try to click on the attached video, listen to the voices of two tame!
I'm suffering from a hip shaking was her daughter jumped on my son.
And is not the first time feeling, I just had a couple par with the movement.

Son Tottarashiku digital camera is exposed, a healthy son arrays are still stuck over there Uiuishii daughter.
(Large ~ ...)
Since I have not more than six months with my husband anymore, and likely to change in the stimulus looked instinctively grabbed my heart.

Exploring's place and save the file from there or else I wonder, I'm certain that there about 30.
I came out of her signs, but more were hastily completed 見Remasen, when I go out and see two people, the son of a daughter long, so I'll lick the back of the tongue Teru Yano Feller, and the place they embraced each other in the mirror of the washroom, Teru Yano shooting a movie with a smile debonair daughter while being rubbed big breasts daughter from behind as it is, also got to deep kiss violently-up There.

There are a lot of during sex is the most amazing in the movie topic in hand I give my son, I'm out there on the floor of the living room facing each other on whether they Rite Sawa, daughter, "I'll give you" and back to turn around, and I give massage your hands while I was taking.
"Oh, Oh!" To ejaculation rather vigorous and son, 2m fly to the destination as "Suggo ~" to take a good while white liquid, "Hey, tried to ~!" In an excited voice and daughter I'm done.
Still there and pretty daughter, son, beautiful skin of penis (longer than my husband) is also a lot of pictures up. .
Impatiently looking out, one in a while H. Tanbi will then look at my computer to copy the secret.
Honestly, I want my son.

My brother

My first H is just three hours ago.
I have tea with your opponent.
H and I came to your tea when I was not watching masturbation site "I'm trying to" have to say.
Since I was already full of H with feeling OK.
Some however are not promising.
When the conversation is ↓.

Brother, "Yaro Good ~"
Nanako, "Yes."
Hana Oh brother Nugasemashita this dress, "I Okkii boobs"
Nanako "Tofu"
Brother "U - U ~ I'll eat this guy"
Nanako "Well I"
My brother tits Suimashita Nanako, "Ah I... Hmm Aaa Uu Ah!"
Brother, "Do you like it stack up"
Nanako, "because"
Brother "Aireteyaru you."
Nanako, "Do not Dasanai."
Brother "and he. Burst"
Nanako "or Daa! Tut in Dasanai"
Nanako cried tears.
After a while my brother but I have soup.
Brother, "I do like Eeimootohottokeneeyo"

Owarimashita saying.
10:10 Yarimasu again.
This time in the bath.
An all day today, so they are going to be a parent.

Memorable, the story of molestation

Well well, daily routine of riding a crowded train (ride go to school) and I are molested on a daily basis to Masu Ai.
This is what I think about the incident 載Seyou remaining in the heart most especially.

About a year ago, I took a train packed as usual. To sleep in, the result was using makeup and hair still time, I almost missed Ayauku would.
However, while I rode around 20 to 40 office workers something like sweaty. And as far as the virility (laughs).

Not surprisingly, the hand is touching the bottom.
But it just was not. The one hand trying to open the shirt button.
More ass more to reach the pants, and to lowering.
Shirt button is gradually being opened, the bra became exposed.

The patient had to voice, even if another comes, another moment thinking, "Well I" got out and a large voice. Other people noticed it, it will etch eyes.
Moment were distracted by it, is taken bra exposed nipples are happening. D-cup breasts, I have seen people before.
And let your finger in the vagina, mouth Yukuchuto, echoed sounds disgusting. Attacks from behind are also seen by other people, my first bold pervert panicky.
Even if I become, I thought after all Muritte.

Was finally like to submit this little boy, I was so afraid, the faster I can get off at three station somehow.
But how, ran into the bathroom away without molestation taken a bra, panic again.
I thought I try to do now, for after school, on school rules they bring the tank had been disabled, it came and went to school.

But the bad thing is overlap in that day, I had PE. And volleyball.
Since white gym suit, transparent and scolded away, you hard.
With a gym bra reluctantly. The boys were next door was doing it without moving too much sweat was Kakimasen.

, And then returning to the dressing over! It is raining. It is raining cats and dogs.
濡Remashita. ... Seen in men (it is a shame shame, we now also have a spare bra.
Since then, it is not so bold molester met, but not much sense ^ ^;

Since the summer now, and I like sex every day with my boyfriend recently started dating.
If you have a tutor at school, at home, were free of each other, sometimes in the field. Also you have something, ♪ let a report

Figure on camera

Was really shocked.
Son, Tatsuya morning (pseudonym), wrote in a confession was attempted criminal trial,
Plant a camera, I went to bed.
Tatsuya out video rewind the morning after the first had only pushed the play button on the sleeping form of my
Two hours later, I shake my Tatsuya maybe I made the video would not drink the medicine for dinner, and has no consciousness and kiss slowly, with Nugashi pajamas, I lick the whole body.
When I look at the moment of insertion to the hole from the toe of the butt felt ashamed, the video is moving quickly pulled back with a condom is moving way too many times Sorashimashita eyes, three times Ittemashita.
I still can not think of anything, really pathetic that it might as well be asked whether you are committed 口説Ka

Please tell me

My problem is one raised herself until high school that my son can not afford monthly rental of poor Yashiro. Good thing it reminds the landlord comes to being forced to pay as usual in my body, while they refused to accept. Six months ago, I had witnessed the appearance of being embraced by the landlord. Son that night and I was overwhelmed with suppressed anguish, I had been raped attacked. And one-sided love from my son, I could not embarrassed to talk to anyone. Now his son full of sexual desire, sexual women are accepted. My son asks every day - just young. To maintain a good relationship with her son now, how do you any good? .

The 躰

Try to feel yourself getting off to incest is not that I can not take a step.

Even my husband could not marry his father away from the arms 躰 unsure about the sex I embraced my father and put something Ai just acting.

I've reacted to and aware of her husband and father 躰.
It is not much more than

Want to be Held

Communion with his son

This morning, coming back from China for the first time in six months my husband has a business trip. My son knows that jealousy of my husband and I meet and have to put in a week or so, many times violently last night looking like crazy son was just released.
Is the first experience with my son two years ago. Ai rushed back to the parking lot when I went to watch the fireworks in a thunderstorm and two sons when the car became soaked 乗Rikonda. The car had felt frustrated by heavy traffic jam almost motionless. My son cut the handle to be guided into a hotel in neon.
Take off the clothes that went into the bath and into a room wearing. Hug from behind has been washing into the body and a son. I was surprised to here the instant the shouting, I can not. My son entered the tub, wash the body in silence and went out. When the son saw the cock was like a duck in a thunderstorm.
But worried about leaving the bathroom and think about the future, was standing in a while. Dove son lying in bed wearing a robe prepared to decide. My son had massages while milk has a dick in touch soon. Rub gently with both hands and give up my cock, likes to feel ejaculation're immediately.
Bend your knees and open my sleeping on his back, covered Kabusari son cock has been inserted. Before I was excited, but was released something hot in my womb 5 minutes. Was disqualified from that day ... never forget the mother Ramasen
Two years since then, I felt a strange excitement in the child sex. In the rough, without any technique or tactics, but I'm nothing but a violent sex would just cum deep enough to fall unconscious. Son, "I cum like this?" Dim consciousness in the voice says, hold me tight to his son, 逝Kimasu together. My son is licking me until my dick. I loved my son I just did not have such a pleasant experience.
My husband is traveling abroad, my son sleeping in bed. Son and fellowship on a daily basis almost feel the pleasure of a woman. My husband does not have any complaints, now I rely on my son are living together. If you have any experience mothers are like me, by all means, please let us know your opinion.

A son in high school

Here you will find women, you there?
I would and I've already installed, the body will feel tired the next day.
Long to be loved is on the verge of feeling very naughty ik, really like.
Yet my son, I installed and I thoroughly Kaseyou.
Ultra Bright in the living room. Bring a full-length mirror, "Look, look!"
Orders to, and I continue to be embarrassed to tears or other interface.
I have become a bit of the body respond to stimulation.
Thanks, I have a ridiculously Ikanakya underwear companies are also in place. Sleepy all day and, feeling indecent,,,.

Favorite son

I love my son. Son to pass anyone.
You want to be a marked woman. Your Ma is my birth. I was able to accept your right to a mark.
I want my son penis.
Messing up your mom. Mom's body becomes a man.
I'll also fill fellatio. Ma has grown in your mom's milk. Give your mom even milk.
Marr you, come back into the mother.
I leave history.
If, seeing this, mom noticed me

The beast father and sister (and peek from sliding)

The relationship between father and my older sister has been going crazy in the head recently.
Relationship between these two, but concerns alone can not even talk to people, and surprised that so many people are doing the same thing I was searching the net, "just in my house I'm not." Now I feel a little relief.
But how in the real family members still do not think.
Relationship with his father, sister and remember as it were, before long, you feel like there were signs of that.
At that time, 10-year-old fourth grader I have a 15 year old ninth grade 5 years older sister, my father was 38 years old. My mother got sick and passed away of cancer when I was eight years old two years ago.
Hot summer night, and come back to the store from delivering the Father "by spending money in this high come to say the summer festival. Tonight I came home late." I said, "Yeah!" And went out of the house.
I got home, playing with friends until late, it was too late, 入Rimashitara making any noise in the house, went up from the bath with my sister now encounter.
My sister, in the face with a start, "then, were you watching?" I said, I said, "my sister, I went back right now.'ll Be scolded by my father. I beg you to shut up." I replied After the "Yes," replied her sister at the time, and my father, "Oh, Yoshiko, a ~ felt good." came out with the bath.
The father's face at that time was just as surprised when my sister, my fourth-grade did not know the meaning.
Eventually, high school was about her sister, father, "From tomorrow, my sister was cleaning the shop and instead of working mothers, laundry room, under the tough changes in preparation for lunch. Yoriko, 2 Spend the entire floor room. "so I said, I remember very pleased.
At the time, I thought it might unintentionally funny. One morning, or are lying in bed and my sister's neighbor told to wake it does not come to wake your father, now naked sister the other hand, they sleep in the bed of his father in the next room, clutter the tissues, changes fishy or have to smell, I wanted to pee at night from the second floor, gently, bring down, "Ryoko, Ryoko" or call the voice of his father and sister, "Uh Oh" I said to my sister's voice , where the gap between the sliding door fearfully 覗Kimashita so large bed was shaking, so I'm sure my sister is sick and suffering, that I went upstairs with confidence that my father cared for me yesterday as I remember.
However, those narrow house that is private, is last long. Into the shop with my sister graduated from high school, had just turned 42 Bon father.
We three went to the temple to pray near the home of the deceased mother, father and sister and I have to go back to your work shop, my mother's home for three ~ four days will put but now, I feel people not meeting the family went back home for the next day by bus.
Evening, I closed the shutter of the shop was in the state arrived at the house, "and what's going on?" He feels, to Imashitara asleep upstairs in my room, my sister and my father finally returned Kimashi or so I try to do two amazing people, Imashitara to hide my breath, my sister, "I'm so much fun. It was a blast that hotel. your father, I believe that love really I was. more kisses. no one best tonight! "said her sister was a voice.
They were talking like a couple conversations. That night, licking each other's vitals until midnight, and continued smoking behavior and terrible squeak noisily.
In the meantime, I thirst in the throat, because it was not even on the toilet, there was 済Masemasu paper and putting clothes into the trash.
Then I no longer wanted to talk to two people less than animals.
I can barely get a job, could leave the house.
After a while, what I mean, to welcome an adopted child becomes older sister, attended the wedding but did not want to face up to your adopted child's pathetic.
And so was born a child, it becomes normal in our home too, so glad I had been thinking, gone back to your adopted child's home, breaking up is rumored to have raised my sister and we have jumped.
The story is not only that "the house that the daughter and father have a physical relationship, seems to be incest. Child was born, in her children her husband does not." It says was.
I have heard this story, left the locals to leave the company I was working at the time.
And now change the name, age deception, and work phone numbers in different snacks.
Recently, the word can now understand a little bit of Kyushu. My life is worn out already. But I also like this, that salvation with those who truly like. What a fate rather out of the way, age is Sukebejijii age 56 as his father, and me spending money like my father, at that time is always between his face sleeping pee in my bathroom, and finally his Sperm must drink.
These days, the sisters we might wonder why this has become your life. My sister, my father not only has sympathy for the idea and you want more happy I was more experienced men.

Recently, my son

About six years since my mother died, I did not yet primary school grade 6,
Now instead of a mother to do housework.
Now intercourse between father and at the same time.
"Do you want a new mom?"
12-year-old child, I was my father's words that I remember like yesterday that showed a strong rejection.
I can not imagine a mother Tsukanakatta strangers know.
"I do not need.'s My mom's place"
Niyari father saying that laughter, I said hug.
"From today I'll wife Aya dad. Like"
I was in the arms of his father, "Yes," and nodded.
At that time did not think deeply.
As usual now, and just live a normal father and son together.
But that night the incident occurred.
It came in a bath that the father alone.
Entering the bath with my dad was the first time in three years.
"I had a bath from Dad's wife before I wanted a future together 入Ranakya"
My mom and dad, so surely the word came in together, and convinced that so ~, and washing the body,
"Aya, try to show a mature daddy"
I started touching my body and my father say so.
"I'll wash up like before, Mika"
Niya's face went still remember that my father.
Free breast massage 捲Kuri still a dick 忍Bi寄Rimashita hand.
: "No, Daddy!"
If you divert your body "I'll be sworn to his wife daddy. It lies also his wife," said the father,
Dick 擦Rimashita hands time and again got soap bubbles.
Bikunbikun apparent reason and knowing the body, what body floating feeling confused.
"So, Did you feel, Aya. Hmmm What is it about?"
My father asks, "I do not know the first time such a weird feeling"
Father's breathing became rough.
"Daddy I'm already impatient Aya Chata haa haa.
Look, the penis of the father. Has become so big.
Blame it on Aya. This is becoming Chatan sex penis because Micah's dad "
I shook his head from side to side strongly, "I'm not naughty I am. Mon different," and denied.
"Aya, your dad touch your penis. Do rubbing up and down like this"
My father forced my hand closer to your own performance, let the grip.
"Dad, I do not like, you dirty"
I said my father returned.
"It lies with his wife too. ... I'll Come"
My father raised her voice and no choice but try rubbing.
"Ah Ah ~ Aya, thank you, oh I feel fortunate Dad ~"
Give me the warmth of his hand gently caressing her hair and feeling the voice of the father so I could not stop.
After a few minutes, however the body of his father to knock "Aya, I ik! Aya ~! ~ ~ Oh Oh!"
Father 降Ri注Gimashita white liquid on one side of my body covered in soap.
I hug my dad until they were as stunned without a word.
"Aya is more worthy wife, father"
巡Rimashita ran repeatedly on the head several times in the words of my father as a revolving lantern.
Act every night about a month and then continued, not even forget Christmas Eve,
Acme I first learned of his father's fingers.
Strongly 抱Ki締Memashita father in the bathroom.
Then I is a 12-year-old girl who fell to his father.
Hug while his father was, my father was taken to a bedroom, bathroom,
横Tawa forced to bed before the portrait of a mother was forced to caress the body.
Vagina which will be especially carefully caressed by the tongue, squid Sera were many times.
Again and again I Bakkari I learned a while ago, a small wiggle, it continued to be crazy.
Time around 12, and Christmas Eve
"Dad, you know I can not stand anymore so Aya.
I waited a month. I knew I would be a real husband and wife can be with one of Aya, Aya. "
My father gently stroked her hair, and my legs spread wide kiss lightly
Picked up a video camera was put to the side to get inside my warped Cock Kikuno Hiroshi father stood.撮Rurashii the moment is passing through.
"Look well Aya.'s One moment with my dad. You know, put it here. I go here.
Aya Aya become one with my dad! ! Ah ~ ~ ~! ! "
Now mind went blank and confused feelings of joy that has become one of my father inside.
It was a piercing pain is still the Cock and his father all the way,
Unable to raise a fierce kiss tongue twined with his father.
Mouth opened and my father watched.
"I'm so happy huh huh, Aya. Now I Dad, really excited.
You know the sound of the heart, You hear me? You are so excited. This is the first time.
Aya was born that way since you and you always wanted "

Then about six years, I was trained by his father.
My father is no body has become not live.
18-year-old summer, with the pregnancy was discovered.
My father is happy. I was a little uneasy.
Get your hands off the father of her daughter too.
And later I heard a young age, is likely also involved with a real mother.
I was astonished.
"Daddy I'm kinky"
I learned my father had laughed a little fear.
Must get your hands If your child were a girl down to grandchildren.
Just when such anxiety is that cold February. My father died of a heart attack.
Could the young age of 52 yet. I was shocked. But with a little Ando.
Some things the kids. I finally finished it. A trip around the forbidden lust with his father around.
I feel lightened body freed from the chains on something.
Become normal. Now love as usual, and I even thought about getting married someday.
19-year-old spring, bore children. The son of the Father. Was a boy.
25 years old and is married with child-even.
I've crawled out of the remnants of forbidden lust had been sleeping in the back of the body but now my 35 year old.
My husband is not happy in honesty. For an affair. In the past six months and dozens of people, too
Patty took part in the orgy. Has turned countless.
But that's the pleasure and excitement in my father's reach is not that unusual.
Recently, my father's face like a son.
I understand that dick is wet.