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Incest confession of women(2007-08)


yuna himekawa[5022]
Recently I am my brother's cock every night to tampering.
My brother is in grade 1.
I and my brother sleeping in the same room with two bunk beds.
How did mess with my brother's cock, not because this year
Because it was the older brother fell into bed at night occurred in the bathroom and entered the eye of a brother have a bulge in the groin of the bed suddenly as 掛Keyou.
I'm interested in is lowered pajama pants and rubbed my brother cautiously.
There are mushroom like their cock.
Brother's cock and saw it at the time of the last four was a different thing at all small.
Eventually the little devil in me whisper, I was touched and imperceptibly the Sawa Sawa Tamatama cock your right hand with his left hand while supporting a lick and lick my brother's cock.
Then the cock pulse 打Chi出Shimashita blood vessels stand out even harder.
I wanted to address with my dick's dick naked brother and I am excited to see that obsession.
From my dick into her brother's cock until the roots are completely and we drove down the stretch the lower back pain I have and they have a lot of juice dripping out funny -
To be understood that the back and hitting me.
10 minutes the pain was just in a jitter.
Cause and suddenly I was face to face buried in her brother's chest
Older brother they are already taking place, they pat me gently wraps me like.
"Natumi · · · the first time what?" "Here," it said, showed me a finger and wipe your hands to do the finger joints.
What the bloody finger love juice, and had arrived tappuri.
"Shameful" and I say so
"Even my brother, natumi What is the first time," confided to me.
Next thing you know we found that the pulsing in my brother's cock.
"Natumi if I could put in?" "Yes."
The brother moved under my hips.
I endured the pain brother, leaving.
Kiku Hiroshi 突Ki上Gemashita me three times and the movement of her brother intensely after 10 minutes.
At that moment, I found three things at the outpouring of feeling in me hot.
Eventually, I knew it is hard to say just the state to discourage soft 逝Ki brother's cock.
Chinchin the blind is less than the erection still round!
And every night, my brother and my relationship has continued.

And uncle

4954 is a continuation of

As I mentioned before, after I got to cherish her first chance to be quite alone did not.
Over the weekend at home aunt and a cousin, uncle of the many things I will go to pachinko.
Uncle of many things during the week late at work, home was always at night.
The aunt was waiting for something people fall asleep quickly uncle home (because of the way but had to work myself)
I was always going to give up and wait until my uncle comes back.
In 中三 from students was, but that there had to study late at night,
My uncle came back to work, "Welcome home" I wanted to say.
My uncle's smiling at me and always gentle, "I'm home.'s Still awake," I said to me.
Then my uncle always went into the bathroom.
Gone with it I want to get into, with stealthy steps would be carried out before the bathroom again.
However, if the room were also 篭Tsu cousins, however, was and always stay up till midnight,
Even if I slept, I bath with it, you can not do anything much daring.
Under the same roof even though my favorite people, me perverse, really painful.

Sometimes, they will have to steal the eyes of the family touch, even though
Abandon or embrace it can not get to touch the skin directly.
Maybe it's the first time, that one time that I got drunk uncle topic momentum,
Maybe go in and think twice and again became unbearably lonely.
I never again, no, my uncle also wanted as many times as she ate.
My uncle from being sucked in, always nipple pops out, I wanted to see was too feminine breasts.
Pretending to be innocent niece, uncle, or a beer then on,
Every time casual daily exchange words, not enough heart-pounding past the throbbing pain.
I think from now on, I would've been completely in love with another uncle.
"Ojisan, I'll touch on Maki. Maki uncle's love. To take you somewhere Maki"
I was always in his heart complaint.

Lead to the wish that the day came at last.
I think it was about a deep fall.
The uncle, who is waiting to park the car way home from school.
I got into the passenger seat, uncle will soon launch the car,
"Where are you going?" Was as strong for me to hear.
Still I was not at all 恐Kunakatta very happy in fact.
Comfortable to climb to heaven but, also known as What's in this.

Also ran an hour, had arrived at the beach parking lot somewhere.
Because the season had ended long ago, there was no other car.
Best to park your car and back, my uncle gave me a kiss now I'm attracted.
Speaking of which, last time, so could not get to kiss for the very nervous.
Until then, I have, and rather kiss, just like I thought it fit the lips closed
When they broke into his uncle tongue lips are truly surprised.
And back surfaces of the teeth, upper jaw and are relegated to the inside of the cheek Neburi,
Been poured full of saliva, but it became 噎Se,
吸Imashita uncle's tongue hard, too.
Of course, the vagina has 疼I But that goes without saying.

Then my uncle, and killing the passenger seat, I have overhanging cover.
People do not feel that parking is too much to say,
The scrutiny is likely to be excited by someone.
My uncle started touching my chest is no such a thing Okamai.
Then, to put their hands up from the hem of the uniform jacket.
My uncle is a sailor did not know how to take off.
My uncle is very pretty to think so, I remove my ribbon on my chest, down the zipper,
Open the chest and gave his coat.

My uncle from the top of the bra to my chest after 揉Nda that could boost
Bra pushed me to suck the nipple like this before.
Oh, this would have been looking forward to feeling how.
Roll the tongue nipple uncle and hear the sucking sound strongly
Was so happy, I did cry.

"Uncle, I love ..."

Holding the head of his uncle, stroking her hair and muttering firm, has raised uncle raised thigh rubbed like a skirt got the courage to turn it.
Now that we have 滑Ri込N uncle fingers pushed aside rubber panties soon
Nikukattarashiku touch So now who have put their hands from my stomach.
Legs stuck because his uncle, also unable to close my legs
That was stuck.
That is a lie ... a little from my own legs were spread as large as possible in a small car.

Uncle fingers, I trace the crack coming up from the bottom many times.
Because I sure remember that Lee was in Masturbation
Would I feel good about where the best you know Saware yourself.
But the finger of his uncle, there will be quite gave me touch.
I'm sure it was deliberately irritating.
Right next to you right through or staying a little later at the finger.

But, of which there are touching moments Iitokoro,


Raised his voice.
Of course, it's also because I felt,
My uncle had to inform the more it wants to touch.

"... Are you here?"

The uncle said, looking at my face.
I know, saying something like this, my uncle is having fun.

"Th, there, there ..."
"A little over ..."
"Well, here?"

Uncle nasty fingers, finally caught the most sensitive beans.
After a few times lightly scratched, pinched fingers and is Kyutsu,
I'm thinking I floated back.

"Feeling good?"

I have also heard, but can only nod.
Is being pinched or rubbed to many times and then,
Lee is now almost Kisou,
But when it did not.

To be honest, I thought that feels better when in masturbation.
However, the fact that his uncle to ask,
It is seen that the excitement of embarrassing myself like that,
It was a pleasure masturbation and far beyond.
Itta uncle is like I thought.
Now grab my hand, led to his groin.
To be honest, I liked to be touched, but his uncle,
To touch something of his uncle, there was still resistance.

: "No, no ... ..."

引Tsu込Meyou and hands but said,
Seeing the sad-faced little uncle,
I feel like a bad somehow pulled out the power of the hand.
Guided by the hand of his uncle, was touched over the pants.

"I understand the stiff?"

There were large enough to see clearly the shape it hard over the pants.
With courage, and I'll rub your palm a few times
Open the zipper on my uncle, let me put my hand in it.


Still called, grabbed.
I thought that you are more slippery when wet,
It was very hard and dry.
Perhaps because of that, and even disgust faded, I recall that while reading novels and books on sex
To put the power and I was treated.
Then my uncle, my face buried in his shoulder,

"Oof, oof ..."

I let out a small voice.
That uncle was very cute, and I was rubbing the hard,
After all, did for the first time at all, you so bad I was.
I thought my uncle did not even ejaculate.
But you know, just a little tip of the dick wet,
Too wet for the first time I heard it I knew the man.

And from the aunt seems to be too late to change that day did not do more than that.
Imperceptibly out they are quite dark,
Look around when you leave the parking lot, they stopped the car away from the lonely lonely few cars,
Some people could see inside.
People who are doing the same to us, it seemed many others.

Way back in the car and told things.
First, the aunt said, "Maki late in the preparation of festival, it came back with a chance meeting with uncle back home"
I've combined it with 口裏 say.
Then uncle holidays I usually go to pachinko
Now is really going to pachinko parlor, I heard even know was looking at the side of the house.
It does not come out of what was waiting for me.
And did not know that at all,
My uncle asked what I thought of and even goes to the pinball to see my face,
I was glad to tears as much.
At the same time, I thought that was not sorry to give notice to the feelings of his uncle.

So this Saturday, the first Maki, "go to the library" out of the house, saying,
My uncle, pretending to go to pachinko as usual,
待Chi合Waseyou now say that in front of the library.
Did not know whether the library is open on Saturday,
Bareru be something I have never visited the library were also cousins should not even aunt.
What were "going to a friends house" and I hope I can say this.

Older brother

I am a second year high school in the country.
The older brother came home for the summer earlier this month have gone to college.
I had entertained while my brother went to the bow of the tray to the relatives and parents yesterday.
Since my brother came while I was taking a shower in the bathroom door open on purpose after eating lunch prepared to Yuwaku a mini-skirt and tank top and a lot of exposure from a chopper because it was hot in the morning, chance of putting arms around my brother came into the shower, so more angrily to hang the shower I thought my brother.
Brother went to the room naked I walked out in embarrassment from my brother Then, bigger brother Jim Johnson said 脱Gashitara pants or because I take responsibility for my body look away I Hikyou Because I, got to get rid of the trunks to lick your dick You say I'm naked consisted greatly.
Ecchi want a bigger brother to me from then? From the chopper, so he really has to say? So he really did say that.
Blow me to feel I did not say I really put me to feel good lick, but I can ○ embarrassed about your brother lying on the sex thing, but I'm not well.
Jim Johnson has been placed among eriko you say Then say it may be because he told me I'm getting into this wet your ○.
I was really happy to get hurt and tell Gohlke acth a virgin in love can endure big brother what you think of the little boy, but my brother felt much longer, but I think I was about 1 hour 3 minutes .
Sex than I was yesterday is not the time and parents 痛Kunakatta today.
I love my brother, my brother at home while I try eriko sex daily.

Teenage cousin sister

Hazime Yuki you live in Tokyo for high two sister's husband cousin (pseudonym) and H for the.

The house is Konnyaku rice and grain farmer. I am 27 years old.
Wife came to marry at the age of 22.
This house last year, now three and three-year-old son died and her mother father and husband have been living.

August has helped me to family relatives in the mountains and rice fields. Hazime Yuki came, I talked to my father you want to master the power of young children. It is a year since my mother's funeral last year,
The handsome guy in the country is not a child.
Bon previous day, father and husband to go in meeting the agricultural cooperatives will rise earlier than usual job, husband and father went out.
Only son and you Hazime Yuki and me, me taking a bath with my son you Hazime Yuki, what good is quite little boy you Hazime Yuki went to peep how his son, hiding before hand or Kizuita me was. When I was taking a bath from his son Mesmerize,
Ballmer is empty side of the door, what? I thought, if you stand Hazime Yuki and I opened the door, what is it? I'm going to do that laundry is out of place when she said that I
Naked they say, you Hazime Yuki, I have resisted up and I clung to me, because I just saw that move my heart to see, and take off your clothes Hazime Yuki, just above The kids thought I was watching an erect penis is a grown adult.
Wash with soap and give him a penis, ejaculation vigorously. Sperm is still erect straight face. By one before, you're not a virgin.
Blow to give up in the bathroom, you are inserted from behind in the changing area Hazime Yuki, vigorously exploiting, where petrified with terror, turned cowgirl in the soup. On that day, until the last minute to pick up my husband
Let me love you gave your Hazime Yuki.

The next morning, you are helping me Hazime Yuki cheerfully, by stealth husband and father, was touching or kissing. Shopping in town back in the mountains, or H, and H is in a cornfield, with her husband because he was sometimes, you Tomoshimashita Hazime Yuki. Many happy days were spent in the blind spot out very well.
Today, the village does not meet the father and husband. I take a bath with my son. Tomorrow I return to Tokyo. Now enjoys.

Affair with his brother

My brother has been a long time for someone to divorce. I remember writing a lot.
Brother and six year relationship, from the age of 11. How did is from me.
I was a tomboy in a lively child. My brother was a bossy brother and sister who I have quietly reversed.
Seek a class of sex offenders as sex education and women gathered before the summer break.
Unusually interested in why. Invited his brother bath.
Earner during the day in our house was quite alone with my brother.
I was puzzled, but like his brother, invited anyway.
Na's brother was still in the erection unlike Itsumo Kiku Hiroshi.
At that time I had my first period in front of my chest I think it was too slick in Pettanko vagina,
My brother seemed pretty excited I'm like that. The Na Dosakusa brother had touched a hot hard and surprised. Since his brother is 見Yasukatta Deppateru,
My brother was like no way to see my dick. I tried to look Karakai half.
I asked my brother to see the semen. My brother and I from this time a reversal of the position has touched my body. I think that your own brother Shigoiteta.
I remember really shy and felt good.
Indeed, my brother and I had to ejaculate in my chest. It smelled up to white hot, sticky, fun. I hope you are over your face and this can go 観Taku painful to the eyes. .
Blow up my brother I was unawares, I eat pussy like me to be his brother.
I had the Cum Eating, drank all the time. I was in love with his brother.
I want to put my brother, but I was, I was rejected because it's incest. I said, "I could tough kid," and said "You, I'm not fine the period. Once the period is not" accepted thing is said of his brother. Although I was sore for the first time I heard, was more than I expected but I resisted crying, the power of the enemy was not his brother.
I do not remember my brother was about to ejaculate I asked my brother later.
The brother wanted to kill, the next day I thought my brother wanted to fuck.
I was not into my house every day 2DK because it was the same room with his brother.
It came with the first period as junior high school. It was noted his mother. I was like Bale.
Note also looks like it was his brother. My brother gave me love my body had swollen breasts too.
I put the pregnancy care. But he can not seem Chaimasu Nakade Leo and I put into.
I put a fellow at the behest of her childhood home of his brother. Hindsight I think was bad. Ho sex with my brother who was still three first period before it was home to ejaculate.
Involving girls in the neighborhood relationship continued. I think it was partly a bully that I was there. I was a child from a friend can put in for his brother.
After all, the relationship made me have a boyfriend in high school I ended up being.
Kaori was the last friend at the time, six small, very girl was not stupid.
My brother liked the slender body Kaori Lolita. My brother was still like a child become a metamorphosis. I called the blame. Oh well I think you also are.
Eventually, my brother got married and Kaori. Ho is a lover of Big brother growing up.
My brother is back related to divorce. I think maybe my daughter is done with his brother.
狂Waseta I regret we had a girl's life but my curiosity is not trivial

This idea is how about you??

I'm a mother and child incest is difficult to stop once and can not easily start.
When I started masturbating my son from me most is when strong sexual desire when they saw the mother and the mother as a woman, and I tend to incest, mother's body away so easily once 覚Etara 2.3 from me from one day become the daily routine is about.
I also difficult because it can only be let go this time to drink a healthy sperm in the bloom of youthful bodies and adolescent sons of my mother with it.

It had initially been looking for the most part, but later his son was crazy about the incest afraid.
As for me, and incest should stop feeling with each other as long as the force required is not expected.
Mother incest taboo, but there is certainly, I think this is taboo nor have the expense or anything.

Parent-child relationship rather than a force to stop catastrophic, I think the best is that there is no wait for a physical relationship at a distance and gradually over time?


Once back I think her son can once.
Let me read your posts, and I are the same.
My husband was so popular it has become sexless honeymoon first, run out there and work at a busy fishing hobby, my son is just waking up to sexual adolescence.
But who is the head strength Karakkishi just have to be confident, like I'm Raretara masturbation stamina hit every day in age I was full of complaints that there is only strong enough to upset.
Liquefied being attacked by such mundane, but resistance was useless,
Moment came, "What is this?"
Intense, incredible momentum,
Frustration would explode at once, not give up,
Penetrate to the brains feel pleasure,
Other "wet" 悦N'm becoming,
Is not to stop, but must not deny,
To not be able to do the body has blazing,
Female sex, these words will be 当Tehamatsu.
Longer possible to do anything that this body is yours or is disconnected,
MOVIE momentum as well as honeymoon period with my husband,
Leave my body wet
And now it is not regret.

Continues a relationship with his uncle.

4941 is a continuation of the post.
I later learned from that day, my body has asked the uncle for the first time,
Today their cousins when they heard the breakfast is not to say that the house
I had to leave early so they know it's a company that I alone.
My uncle said it was aimed at so much opportunity.
And I think they gave me eyes so my uncle, I became very happy.
Had to be hunted down like a rabbit hunter, and you feel scared, but sweet.

Well, it is the uncle of the day, with plenty of milk both suck my nipples are terrible to crumple 弄Bimashita, did not do more than that.
Although it may be permitted in the junior high school that I was still
More than that, it's feared that their sons come home.
I did enough things that I wanted to farther until there was no choice but to endure it.
My uncle and the family is not known for leaving early that the company
I say go out and get killed from time to time to go home at some point in time.
"This is not say I'm no good to anyone"
I was feeling pressed, will of course did not tell anyone.
Between uncle and I made was a great secret.
While every care to become, I say bad things like this,
Also my cousin because I also hated aunt,
I think that was irresistible with joy to those guys 出Shi抜Ita.
Middle school will indeed be coming to touch my body can no longer be their cousin,
Around the breast that look with covetous eyes I knew.
But the milk they touched me just the clothes on, my uncle touched directly
I cherish me.
Milk and I think this is just for my uncle, I was glad to somewhat proudly.

After his uncle is gone, I am not that Masturbation is saying.
"Uncle, uncle," I mutter while the chestnut knob and turning yourself playing with nipples
Lee has many times.
Actually, I wanted to but my uncle.

Then I knew that my body has definitely changed.
Was depressed nipples has never retire now, Plump inflated at any time,
That will tick at the mere thought of his uncle.
Sometimes, the pain just became much more sensitive bra rubbed.
And I think my uncle to change my body,
This is a woman that pleasure, though it was still middle school, I felt clearly.

But sadly, after that, did not get a chance to cherish her uncle easily.
We can not leave early to go to the company resting so many times because my uncle,
The house we are cousins and aunt have all the time.
I finished summer vacation soon.
My uncle is still sometimes, when passing in hallways and stairs, my breasts and buttocks secretly touched me between the legs.
Although I had no choice but to remain the head bowed with shame,
I really happy.
But halfway to being touched that way, there can be painful superfluous,
At that time I had a night like masturbation.
At times, impossible to endure at school, there may be hidden in the toilet.

I would also become uncle alone How do you
I want you to breathe faster and milk, I was thinking about.
I myself can only mess with you, or you feel sucked or bitten by the teeth,
My uncle could not find is what is not allowed to give.

Well, today is the day you come to my uncle's apartment.
Cooking a meal so soon, around here today

Real brother

yuna himekawa[4952]
The night my brother came back home, I was playing with the phone in the toilet, the bathroom door suddenly gets tired, I have seen a vagina. "Ah," I heard a voice out of my brother. The time now "Bad Bad" shut the door and said. I'm sure it showed.
Out of the bathroom and back into the room, then there are looking for something work-related, is a shed almost went Hanare room. Even if it is not much room for the foot pedal. Kio Hiraku fumble and cardboard, and are looking for something to, my brother came into the room. "When, Shaved?" "Hmm, a few years ago." "Why?" "Not to feel better."
"Let me see" "What?" "It was a beautiful show," is said, is puzzled, "skirts" to flip raised. I was wearing no underwear, of course, be exposed vagina.
There was also embarrassment, there is also peace of mind that his brother, for some reason, I see now.
"It's beautiful. From bell earrings and, when turned on?" "During the past few years." "Man, what?" "Umm ...." "Can I try to touch?" "What?" I thought I already said, my brother was like stroking touch my vagina. "Well, it" has touched the skin from top to bottom and Shaved saying. "I sit here a moment." Is said, to put away a little in the middle of a room full of luggage and sat down together. M: I have character split from the beginning. He started touching and sexual intercourse from the right side. From around gradually, clitoris and vaginal entrance was tampered with to expand the Labia. By that time already become fairly pleasant, a little voice in Maimashita away. My brother has a finger into the vagina. You put more in the wet in wet and nasty sound to Pichapicha, and erotic feelings at once, to fully open crotch. My brother is out or your fingers, rub the clitoris. "I ah ah ah ah ah Ah ~ ~ I" Do not worry anymore, I feel great cry. Iki was going to come where I was told to be naked on all fours to his brother. Was told to stick your butt back, and shove 思Ikkiri, my brother knocked on my ass whip. "Oh do. I Yes." Every time a voice would be knocked out. And the collar was put. 'm Being told to be quiet outside, and'm out in the garden, naked, attracted leads and was told to walk the dog.
Thrust the hips, shake your hips while walking the dog, found that come even wet. The solution is found to come from there until I love you. At that time, I have seen how my daughter. He told earlier that his daughter entered the room immediately.
My daughter has a face that has seen great things. My brother, gently, "clothes off Look" "What?" "Take off you'll be" taking off her clothes and began to leave for some reason called. "Let the adults play," said her daughter began to touch the body. My daughter still has to be made. Is on all fours and is tampered with a vagina from behind.
I felt like, "Oh I" I heard this. Been let for two fours. Then my brother was forced enema is just me. Walk the dog walked out on two of them just arrived at a nearby park. I could not take it anymore, we got mad park restroom. A small park bench in front of nobody, so I was told my brother they both knees. Then, my brother messing around with your finger while your daughter's vagina, I have to Anal. I am in pain "Oh no ~ oh" I cry with. But he'll put a ding-dong Yamezu jerk. Daughter and I are "Oh Oh Oh Oh ~ I do," I gasp and cry. Then I had to endure I then touched my brother's chest gently rubbing the body, playing with me and vagina. My brother sat on the bench, took off his trousers and pants, "Let the cowgirl sex." He said. Daughter will be on all fours, I rode into the vagina as a little boy's brother. Immediately went into the vagina wet wet. "Shake your hips"
"Yes," to say, I started shaking. Cowgirl sex in front of her brother.嫌Rashiku appears with the hard back furimashita also excited about the situation. "Ah ~ Ah ~ I'm, I'm more Iki ~ ~ Oh Oh ~ ~ !!!!" more sex with me but I think what will become Ikitaku to feel anymore. Swing both ways and back down to the last peak clitoral stimulation too! "Oh Oh Oh I, we take ~ ~ ~ we'll go Oh Oh Oh Oh ~ ~ I squid!" The next moment, I have already gone at last. Next girl. My daughter will be on his back on the bench, He started to have sex in a positive level.
Itarashiku daughter excited about the situation, "ah ah ah ah ah ~ s sauce" and cry, I had a climax quickly. I walk my daughter to become a dog called his brother an enema for sex. I have been trained in the family my brother. But he gave me a towel over two people had gently.

This is not Aunt

Nephew showed me the morning I woke up with my little boy is doing well in the morning.
Nephew really bored it was found that the young little boy.
Nephew is just put in the pocket and take my underwear in the toilet.
Good, but others, like, if you steal my Yu-chan,,,, yeah like to promise, I promise aunt, from stealing all right ,,,,.
I say that out of school immediately.
I would imagine that masturbation in the toilet of his nephew to school there for a while thinking.
Know is coming without any wet 年甲斐 come again hit the afterglow of what happened last night and I would think the state of my nephews masturbation several times a day.
I feel more like they feel there's been really worried about myself but now I think my underwear to show someone in hindsight it,,,
Classmates would have been known,,,
Umau their underwear and have played with classmates to see my dirty panties,,,
Yeah I wonder why men do play in underwear,,,
There is also a woman will feel 恥Zukashikutsu imperceptibly ~ ~ What should I do this time,,,
Maybe looking to expand my panties all,,,
Marks the spot, but has become 淫汁,,, oh ~ ~ What should I do
When I speak to you until I shaved my hair this last night, maybe,,,
Ah ~ Yu-chan, please do not tell me was muttered.
I remember the feeling and indeed they remain smooth sexual intercourse get the sensation of touch nephew.
See below how this looks 真時 trick until I was in your nephew,,,
Nephew will be honest I would report to classmates.
But I feel it my duty to be a man and a nephew had no regrets even closer relationship a secret in the pro-Mari Hukashi and nephews.
The poor lady is excited to spend time with my nephews I made every excuse from now on.
Testing will give a little boy playing with pants and nephew comes back soon.
Stay home from 帰Semasen dirty pants. The find is hard to feel sorry for her excellent mother,,,,
I'll see my nephews that I become my mother.
There is nothing from my interceptor is going to accept another invitation to frank nephew

Parent and child

To me, there are three sons and daughter in 11th grade.
My daughter, on summer vacation club, went to school every day, often longer in the day at home with my son.
During his son get out of school, it is better if you have to clean the rooms, books and H under the bed there was a DVD system. Among them is a shock, DVD and things were close relatives of the molestation cover. As a parent, it is natural to Onani old son's molester, especially those just want this criminal act is not, because I worried about my son that even though the metro to go to school I.
The next day my son at home alone, my son went to the room.
Son, talked about the things of the bed.
At first, I was silent my son, my son
"Every day I saw a woman on the train, underwear could be seen,
Sometimes you want to see the boobs in Onani "I had to put said DVD watching. At that time, his son,
The 抱Kitsuka, 180cm physique, losing weight away but the same force and I have to kiss.
My son was with her mother. Want. Want.
You will never sucked breasts bra rolled clothes. It leads to ideas too.
I like the mother of soft and flabby. Looking at her son's penis to get naked son was fine.
In that state, in me, the only clear distinction is exceeded.
I had to accept things in my son.
My son tried to put into entering me.
I've only touched on the sperm splashing son penis by hand. Take my face and body, wash each other's body in the bathroom with my son, or, from young to have an erection immediately touched by hand only. I want my son. Some of my vagina hand of her son.
Son's penis in his mouth, raised his son to Blow.
Old in the mouth without having to recall the minute was his master,
Eating, drinking raised. Son, so far! Moved to the living room from the bathroom, talked about the. My son is convinced that if, in turn, has become an act and come to touch my chest and snuggle up in front of her husband.
Still, while I do not accept is, almost every day
Onani has become a tool of her son. If you do this, Yu,
What good has it received?

Continues a relationship with his uncle.

24 OL-year-old is.
I'm not say whether incest
My uncle (mother's sister's husband. So there is no kin) has continued a relationship with for many years.

Parents divorced when I was in sixth grade elementary school, will be having my aunt looked after at home.
The aunt's house they have two cousins (I think it was in those days two and four small), or two people often look into the bath, we could not collect in the ear have come to touch the body.
Toriatsu script does not appeal to laugh at my aunt, uncle that helped me was I was worried a.
My uncle, who is slender and shoboi feel, really care about me that I had loved since childhood.
The sorry state has been laid in the fat ass in a big callous aunt, uncle, and I was often kind to me.
If you want from those years may have had in my favor to his uncle.
Well, were secretly masturbation fantasies, while his uncle is a prank.

The dream became a reality that was the summer of three years in middle school.
It was very hot, neutral, studying hand, I was taking a nap in the living room.
Aunt work. The club were also cousins, no one should have been home.
But suddenly you realize, that I should be sleeping next to the uncle at work.
It also seems to fit me stick to the body.
From its breath, smelled of alcohol a little.
To truly feel a bit nasty, I feel pity for the uncle got up and release the body too openly, but I tried to roll over, pretending to leave.
Then the uncle has suddenly reached out his hand to my chest.
To be honest, I'm not good proportions.
Chubs speaking well. This is actually a bit thicker.
Therefore, larger breasts, and I think its because of their cousins touched, my heart was a big complex.
But when my uncle touched, I somehow can not resist.
've Been doing that much in the delusion, however,
To become reality, may be scary after all.
I hate it, there was also bad for your aunt is feeling indebted.
So, I pretend I'm sleeping, pretending to not notice.
If do, please quit now, but I was chanting in my mind, and
My uncle gave me to stop.
Clothes from the top of the first (because it was home for the summer, T-shirts in one piece, did not even bra), but was only lightly brushed,
And the nipple becomes hard, rolling the fingertips and just picked them Dari.
Among them, becoming a kind of weird, I found a dick get wet.
To stop, but I want to keep more.

Swing sleeping and opened his eyes, but indeed I am unable,
What is happening to me, was like his uncle was already aware of.
Eyes open and make sure that I

"Maki, right uncle you love?"

Saying that I have milk in a squeeze.
And put your hand inside the T-shirts, I massage the milk directly
Have been sucking nipples with shirt lifted up further.
Splashing sound, and vividly chirrup,
I realized they are spread legs, while I was in my uncle's legs come overhanging cover.
What should I do someone else comes back, but I thought, I can not feel good to dispel.
Long time, my uncle was sucking my nipples continued.
Finally got away when I saw her nipples, very surprised.
I am working to nipple and rather depressed,
From my aunt, "Well that breast when baby is able to, you're in trouble," it was even called me insensitive.
Yet when my nipples are swollen not only to fly saliva uncle, but he had grown two inches longer than the first.

I had long, leave it so much today.
Please have the opportunity to talk again.

Revenge on cheating husband

The Kayo. Three family life today. My husband divorced last year and consultation.
D high school freshman who has two sons, I know the twins.
My husband is divorced my immediate superior at the time of joining. I was divorced.
I am, I was a virgin. Honestly, There has interest in sex, but really,
有Rimasen suburbs was also an opportunity because the Christian school to junior college system from the women.
That, I was drinking too much should be left in the first year end party he joined,
I feel it was an apartment owner could pass.
I was drinking then fine, but I did it thinking I may venture into the heart,
I was surprised because my husband and I were virgins.
I can not get pregnant 至Razu thoughts, I did it for the continuous live.
I noticed that when you become pregnant, already three months in the spring. Twins as well.
By the time the two could not keep a week to experience the joy of the first three times I was met.
Sales are already in relationship with my husband because it was known for married hurriedly left the company.
More than twice a week to get married was playing. Prepare to be hospitalized the night before my birth.
One month after birth but the doctor I was being told to refrain from sex
Immediately after discharge. It started since fewer managers were promoted to the position in five years.
During third grade elementary school children away from home become a branch of the local branch.
By that time, several times a year now. I forgot I am busy taking care of two kids, too.
Three years ago I discovered a book in the room of many adult sons.
Satoru Naka is also year three sons, was not surprising that age of desire for 有Tsu.
I found I carelessly. I had forgotten 噴Ki出Shita were suddenly hot.
I have crazy masturbating nightly. The third time is never a time in D impatiently.
Still impatiently, I decided to descend without telling my husband earlier on Friday appointed.
My husband went to the apartment in the evening to buy a Kobe beef steak in the middle.
I enjoy after a long tonight tappuri, in a state of euphoria!
When I got off the elevator, rode like a woman in liquor trade turnover.
When entering the front door unlocked, the smell of perfume strong woman just the same? !
I was in a washing machine also contains many pieces of lace underwear dirty 女物 groin.
I get to leave. Meat has been abandoned on the way back to Tokyo.
Arrived home at 9:00 in the evening. There has to shed the entrance of 女物 sneakers? !
Sons 連Re込N'm a woman! For blood rises, jumped into my sons room.
I was hugging his sons in middle school girls naked shorts in one piece already.
"You guys! What are you doing!" Went out from the side of the room holding a hastily uniforms hysterical girl whose voice was surprised. Sound of a closing door and the door.
煮Ekuri返Tsu I was irritated. Living with her husband of cheating past the liquor trade,
Sons away from the opportunity that I'm a junior high school girls 連Re込N!
When I was in bed crying 突Tsu伏Shi opened the bedroom door.
Incoming and sons in the nude, I came up to me goodbye.
"What are you doing you guys!" The sons took a strip of continuously wearing my brute force.
"Well'll ~, eh ~'ll stop, you'll ~ what are you doing to your mother"
And direct smb. Toward my hand lying face down on the bed, I have stabbed me after Akira.
"Oh no oh ~ Tsu"!
The cause and put my hand on the side Satoru, I'm sticking my dick in front of your face. Weight it! And length! There has over 16 centimeters!
I pressed the muzzles Satoru poked penis in my mouth.
For example I opened my mouth to suck his penis 堪Razu.
Akira after a hard and piercing, which will shed a tear for example Satoru suck cock.
But! I rose from the lower body springing back to my pleasure now!
No, stop, I feel I got my son!
Stop back Akira shook violently, "Ugh Uhh" 唸Rimashita and small.
"Oh, Tsu No! Eh not extend to the medium-Daily!" Should have a voice to scream nothing besides a penis.
Intensely hot mass was nailed in the back of my vagina!
"No, Guh U!" Screamed the moment I put,
I have a Satoru ejaculation throat vigorously. I drink myself.
Painful, my face is released from the penis of the mouth, as played Satoru,
Been nailed several times more semen.
My face became Gushagusha tears and semen from leaking out semen was lower body.
Sons that night, I kept committing time and again alternately. They meet at least eight times.
But when I put in place Satoru Akira, I raised my claws to cling to Satoru,
I waved back together. Was rejected by the waist and extends over Akira.
The next morning, I woke up, our son was sleeping Suyasuya put your hand on both sides of my breasts.
Sons sleep in and did something like ten years.
Had wild hair caressed his sons to love them anyway. And I made up my mind.
I, as an outlet for sexual things our son! All the doings of the husband also taught.
From that night, and have the desire for sons, comes into my bedroom in the buff.
Is another example of its mouth, shaking always sat astride one.
Are you taking the pill to be able to put their son in any time.
Then last spring, I suddenly came back while my husband and my sons are doing.
My husband was appalled 有Rimasen words. But we, I continued to ignore my husband!
Rather, I am more than ever 張上Gemashita a Lovely Voice. Brought in and out.
My husband and I are now uncontested divorce. Family Court hearing on the differences in character and only just.
Stick to the face is unusually husband, sons and things I did not say a word.
If I threatened to take out things we can also be cheating the company of my husband touched it myself.
The defense was not even a word would come to me with two sons.


My brother in law ... We have a real sister and brother 27 years I have had far more than 10 years the so-called famous Kimoota.

My sister snapped a Nozoitarashiku that the bath when my sister, "Kimo die"
Confined to the room was strange how I say

As expected from the bad "If that apology?"
My sister told me her sister had been taking off clothes tied to the pipe bed I went to my sister's arms from coming back well into the room when I went to apologize

I very confused with you experience something like this is also the junior sister is still not told me to stop I'll stop hastily, "I do not agree with me?" She said

"I'll put up with his sister Nana impossible if I want to take away my virginity I'm so famous Koh I like best in junior idol Coco" and was told

So forgive me just once? I was told to put up with it, so he of course

While I talked to my sister to learn to look at or ne are doing and this is my mouth has been her lot'll Aonee

When you're placed in his ear, "It will come to speak clearly among Dasanai sister," they say, so I start voice "sis to me so I feel that the Kimoota"

The more I Nde I would write a longer time

Strange feeling

I talk quite strange, I know I have a physical relationship for granted and one son.
When my husband and "Ah! Get pregnant the day" pregnancy gave birth to a son said to feel like somebody.
I like this, I started as a man conscious of every time I see her high school son to mature this year, when I was on holiday in May.
My husband is away on Mari Tomari in playing golf, dinner and two sons, they imbued with something like a mood for something different but that is usual in such scary eyes see my son is seeing a naked Such feelings are, I wonder what I felt weird.
When you are taking a bath, and
"You go Mom!"
(A has ~!)
Even though I wonder what would normally be noisy, so 有Tta move away to be tied down, the man stuck out his son into the bathtub, for example are so suck my mouth.
(Why?) Know that his desperate sucking.
Moves in their own way but I know I am naturally led by his son, squatting on the edge of the bathtub, and stabbed a man coming towards her son, hitting the highest pleasure to 付Kanaku not be entered into his son observed,
"Aa, yeah, yeah, much more!"
What are you talking about, I went out of her mind?
Feel the highest peak of raising your voice like a scream, feeling like shining a flash to know the translation, the situation was supposed to have been attacked only pleasure.
Being taken to bed while his son was holding his son for what it is, the height was attacked many times, seemed to become exhausted and slept.
It was like a surreal nightmare, I woke my son to bed and they sleep next to his son, dirty linen and cold as 沁Mi full, move your body sinks even lower back 起Ki上Garitaku if pressure me hanging body son awake, I accepted your legs, and moaning loudly away any time soon reached its culmination.
All she could get up to wake up again late morning.
Eating pizza in mind Narezu nothing to do with my son to bed again.
Peak was hit by his son in bed until the husband comes home late at night.
Everyday life do not send anything like few days later, had not changed anything with ease, but so far after a long time depending on the request of the owner, proprietor, I was sleeping next to his son come from the actions to room, his son attacked soon peak, and aloud No, no, pick a great climax to raising your voice too willing to ignore such things Shimaini also forget the pleasure of his master were drowned.
The husband returned to bed to sleep near dawn, my husband is not fast asleep, I would rather not hear, like a strange incident, we continue today.


I am 15 years old in three. When I was four years old, divorced mother.
In the summer of a small, now married and the father. My father - my mother is 39 41.
The kids just me. 3LDK live in an apartment.
The other day, then to the kitchen to drink water at about two in the morning so 寝苦Shi Dixie, a moan from the mother's parent's room.
And the first peek, I saw live SEX.
My mother is always different, I see him.
Or .. and so this Omoimashita received sex education at school.

During the day yesterday, so my mother was out, my father talked off of SEX. (Oh, I'm in the girls.) Father and
And has been talking about anything so far, was talking with my mother. Who was taking a bath before entering junior high school 3.

My father recently, knowing that the room I looked to my mother, and never said that.
Normal father of a young man who was married SEX SEX The
You're wrong. Chata marriage made in show business or something wrong with the TV coverage of the magazine and weekly. SEX for fun in the fashion sense of a strange and two hours, to talk soon.
My father thought that people place too neatly 出来Tara both,
To act. I actually love the father (and mother), looks,
I love my father and mother to protect me, but I'm a fat.
His father, a worsening of my tribute. My father and say, like a shy,
If we had national Hitsu, my father suddenly grabbed my hand,
My father has been taking off the naked thing was wearing, I thing this Post.
Threatened. I also have a 怖Kunakattara her father.
At that time, I cried when I turned my father gently,
Take care virginity. When the time came, I was told.
My father and I have no ties of blood from relatives is not, and I thought that my father really loved his mother.
Ask for the father. Or difficult times when I like to hug.
OK with me, kissing the forehead is now happy.
I have written to you, but different, somehow I felt as you read and understand that the boy loves his mother.

The size of your penis

yuna himekawa[4919]
Son of college (Y) seems to have dumped her. When the word drunk
Seemed to be small because the little boy apparently was told. That said I do not know and only my husband died four years ago. Centimeters or more of the net and find twenty small place, there seems to Oita centimeters wide.
Proprietor, twelve had three centimeters. It did not seem too much painful memories, especially because no weight.

I've seen in a dressing room with my son for accidentally bump into the state if and Dallan. It seems not centimeters. Balance as of 1 meter 80 centimeters tall, so there seems less sure. They go so well so I can consult with my son if his father. So, I decided to check the size of delving into the field grew at masturbation.
To take a look at this and other sites, was also attacked by Yottara when Satoshi Satoshi.
There is a pill period started drinking yet.

When I tell my son about masturbation is. He was in the room, so somehow rock the house next door (so jerry-built) and then dumped her I did most days. The decision was not attached enough, my son went to the room with coffee and cake at last with grim determination. With the private key of the Temasen.

"Y You do not have tea."

Y suddenly opened the door holding a little boy I was on the bed.
I just stuck with surprise.

"Oh, sorry."

I saw he says firmly. My husband was about the same.

"It is nothing."

向Kimashita Y is the side with a frown.

"Hey, she's not new."
"You Leave me alone."
"What small, I care."
"I thought, my little me."
"No, I just as his father."
"But, K Beauty (ex) I laughed a little."

Once the Y your penis size talk is now a little serious face. Tan is still worried.

"Y was the first time in K's beauty."
"Well, not know."
"But I try not to go to the translation in the other."

Decided to hear the word try. Not mean that other person and allow the body to listen. AIDS is hard when moved to the genre something is going.

"Take off all."

Say that Y has looked at me with surprise.

"I just try."

Y 脱Gi捨Temashita what you wear and I feel the change in. 'm Ashamed of a little loose, but the stomach did not stop anymore. The little boy was so Y and Dallan while, let your hands 屈N Doke, I hold. Muk Muk and soon grew bigger. I just held out her finger tip. My husband seemed to be thicker than the first.

"That's OK."

Y did not believe the face.

"OK. The pill drinking too fine."

Move the little boy twitched and chew on. I did not master that well, Y and I think it was okay. Y me turned around to make by hand. It was full of embarrassment in front of the show and think,
As soon as I started licking his face straddle. In less than five minutes stopped the mouth of the Y,
弾Kemashita in the mouth. I choked up because it was far his mouth.

I thought of failure. My husband did not once 果Tetara second. However, Y is not small at all, but I came addressed to me to bed soon. Fit the position put a pillow under the waist. There was pain and twitchy after a while because of what comes in a little.

"More slowly."
"I'm sorry."
"Do not worry. But gentle with."
"Mom, really hard."
"Y's, I'm not small."

I finally reached all the way to get everything. Not to short nor thin. Relieved.

"Hey, can I move more."

Y is heard on a serious face. I was just trying to remember that I said.
Stop on the way here to come to my policies, Mori Tsumoru I did not end with this.

"Do not worry. I'll continue to do. But you gently."

The husband had sex without a condom until I realized that the Y-kill with a pregnant. I realized once again the feeling of Dumping. Perhaps exhausted by mouth once Y has fairly long-lasting. I think probably more than one hour followed the motion.
Have never learned the feeling I ever experienced, thanks.

"Hey, it's okay. From not worry."

Y to see the happy face, I thought good to forgive.

Then, from'll know once daily, and Y and intersect. What came first because the tightness is gone accustomed to, also knew the feeling is different because you do not mind to move violently reversed.

Until there is a promise with new girlfriend, now does not seem to mind that Y. I also like a younger friend in thanks,

"Do not recently had a boyfriend."

Was mocked.


Please take this opportunity to let the confessor
The 48 year old housewife. My husband has long been plagued by violence, but finally it comes to divorce, partial paralysis became suddenly collapsed. This time I was waiting for the pain of nursing. Bedridden husband is selfish upstairs room every day. This is my son is only supported at body and mind are overwhelmed. To live alone in two hours away. I agree with the master.
Will come from to make sure that my husband went to bed without telling her husband late at night sometimes Mikaneta son. I relate to my son the other day. I have become men and women can catapult us comfort each other. Now it comes to comfort on a daily basis. Now I expect someone at any moment. That I dont know. But I finally found a life. I was saved.
And son made this emotion, but it relates to my son and I guess not allowed. I wanted to confess here.

Dear Father

Relationship between father and I had also started from an early age can remember still adhere.
My father and I was really looking forward to entering the bath and I came back after work flying time. Wash me clean from top to bottom, especially in the crotch and down his hand whisk, slowly and sometimes quickly from the bottom. I would have been stimulating the clitoris hindsight. I still remember the 4.5 from a broken knee but despite aloud to 気持Chi良Kutsu years old. Since that time already had been indoctrinated Blow also had something to suck father's example without any hesitation. Mother and daughter have a husband that I did not expect what I expected, taking a bath while two people were the dishes or watching TV. On my days off and I immediately start running in the daily routine in the drive and loves to Blow my father buried her face in the crotch from the passenger seat of his father, his father is in danger because the car is knocking and licking and licking the first'll Wait The fun did not stop and say stop it. To lay open the front passenger seat of his father who took off his pants legs and touching her pussy and
"I can see from the outside" to touch us but trouble and Copyright. And the father alone for at home moms and travel or go to the neighborhood soon after entering elementary school and my mother, my father was deprived of her virginity like I was waiting for that time. My father is indeed one of the great small, deep into the body in the surf with pleasure and pain endured such a split would not want my father hated his father more than necessary and caress My father and my father to accept such a huge thing going on inside me - through the 果Temashita. My father, "I'm glad I'll tea ○. I love you." Likes me. Entertain with a pain in my father forget his words with the things my father dig Musha and "holding more!" Was saying. After that did not stop anymore. Blow in the daily drive, of course, was to raise a voice to people without worrying about the eyes to cover the pants off just above the knee with his father holding his neck while running. I can see from the outside skirt, and that SEX would never think of.
I was watching what looks like I'm laughing with good family is just Damn.
I am not my father anymore 愛Semasen. By stealth were junior high school my mother is still on the tongue twines voices of his father, but has accepted the love juice dripping thick black father thing. The person is coming soon with my mother instinct, but the rivalry looks like a woman looking for my attitude. The three estimates of elaborate enjoy rubbing off even if the mother Baretara. My father will do anything to be loved. Father and another man in front of my father
SEX would not hesitate if ordered with Shiro. I'm glad you give me so happy my father.

Contact pine

It was written in less but three days, my son will be away from home in the summer camp of the school from today actually ... again. Not is'm the 3rd minute mean that, but during the day you do not have a husband, go to a love hotel and son in the car (a few years), without hesitation in the neighborhood, it was crazy panting loudly. It is amazing about 3 hours across the break, I youth, roughening of the son I be resurrected soon (laughs). My son has been asking me everywhere in the room. Of course bed, Bathing, now, it's embarrassing now that I think about it, but (it is really embarrassing) and ended up across the son to sit on the toilet seat in the bathroom. My son told me in the car on the way back. \"I bought Wow most erotica ever mother of today.\" I myself was also surprised. Are you was Iyarashika~tsu Am I so? · I. My new discovery. my real son known only. My sex. I answered. \"Did you like I'm your fault. You were mad at me,\" he said. 3 days from tomorrow, has no son. The thing ... the first time since becoming this kind of relationship (It is today anymore time). I \"Yes, OK\" and \"I thought about me, I'll masturbation. C'mon it from pulling out while watching the image horny mother who took in The photo it was found? I also somehow\" son because say in commanding tone The answer is laughing, 4:30 pm close, I went to homeward.

Clean underwear mother

My mom says in public, but his mother says older age fifty, I am speaking, yet beautiful women × 2 (mother) is.

During the rainy season this year, I was well dried in the laundry room. Along with the mother's underwear, in the various colors and designs (bread-based T-back straps), there is a matching top and bottom, in the smell would instinctively. But late last month, my mother came home drunk and was totally drunk driving my car.
My mom drinking water in the living room, so come with me sitting next to embrace so spoiled for me, watching TV, holding that the mother, too, pretend to drop my head from my mother now, even my mother and her lips repeatedly snow, I was in a skirt to kiss me 捲Ku chest holding the couch down from mother nature. The mother and the eyes of each other, as is her mother, eyes closed lightly, then became the only man and woman from the mother and son, one of the couples was born here.

You can put your hand up to my daughter's husband

Among single mothers are, I also finally married his daughter, and I decided to live together there are reasons.
The first half passed without incident, but it, and gotten so close to get past the girl that my husband, my body is carrying a forced relationship.
Although my daughter is away from home in a week of work, I come to my bed that night, always aiming for.
Hear me say I think it bad for my daughter. And 40 yet I also, if after five years to break up with her husband, there also had been a while considerably better over there, Kirenakatsu seriously opposing the hands of the press strong from the husband of my daughter Both kite, I think my daughter has had bad things very deeply guilty. It hurts to match a face with my daughter every day. How much do you torment me things behave as if nothing happened. And that day is coming, but her husband has come to my bed as normal. While I have been plagued by guilt, to be breathed sweet words from her husband and daughter, I would say that the body becomes more out of control. The night was like a daughter have a normal sex with her daughter, from a small thing in our house, come and moan leak through the wall of the daughter, is gone I can not stand filled with desire is comforted myself that one day.
Guilt and her husband had a steal sleep, and life with a mixture of desire to do Moraenaku I can not even meet her husband only.


Recently, a neighbor who wife "Do not become beautiful" or "I'm younger," is often said that I like.
On the surface, "I go to the gym" or "results of walking", but say others.
Every day say the truth, I have held my son.
This year, it was my son wanted to break But the university declined to take it a lie
To be a relationship with his son Uriah was asking would I really mind somewhere.
That strong arm of his son, my heart Want to be Held
Thinking it was so obvious fact.
Masturbate while thinking of his son's excitement and pleasure was beyond my imagination.
Was limited. I want my son! ! Want to be caught in, that the son! !
On that day one month before his son's gaze is turned into a man's gaze.
I was taunting her son.
Go to the bedroom and came back to make sure my son home from school, began to masturbate as usual,
Open the door Panashinishi showcasing suffering son in a loud voice to be heard.
After a few minutes, I found that my son came to the bedroom door before.
I have dandruff to increase pleasure while saying the name of the son, and still provocative.
Ino Ara I heard my son breathing.
It seems to be my son.
And more exciting to imagine doing it while thinking of my son has grown,
While I sit and float cum daunting.
Notice and, if the span of my naked son, already inserted, had motivated the waist.
Not sure of the dream a reality, which run through from top to toe foot pleasure head,
I recognize this reality and arms around the neck of his son, staring, "you wanted to have a permit could not stand"
And say "I love my Mother and I wanted to be okay, Mom"
Me and my son back.
Happy heart is full.
The joy at this time and if they really love someone, I knew the first time.
Boundary of the day my son comes home from school every day, asking me to come now.
Hug from behind are living in 腰砕Ke gotten to kiss her neck only,
Will left everything to his son. I really honest body. Another son is a prisoner.
I know the joy in your mind and body to be loved, and now it can not turn back the pleasure of knowing.
This is thought to be abnormal.
I think that nowadays more exciting because of the unusual.

PS · ·
Yesterday evening, my son has been proposed.
Of course, but not on the family register, "I just become a woman" is Kotorashii attach.
Future member of society and my son wants to divorce husband Now that you can live as a full-fledged adult.
I said, "I, at this lady?'m 45 next year?" The 聞Ki返Shimashita and "I love you so" and lift the legs, strong 突Ki上Gemashita from the front.
While listening to the hum of my husband who will be immersed in a bathtub across a piece just beyond the wall
Son making a claw back, to put up gasping,
Dokkundokkun and son sperm pulsing, feeling that my vagina falls into the uterus
I nodded.
Today I was "just a woman's son" is now.

Ordinary housewife

The 37-year-old ordinary housewife.
I went to school there is a tripartite meeting Takayuki ninth grade son the other day.
I had dinner at a nearby family restaurant with a mother and you return the same class Sato.
And Sato have met before, and that shopping was speaking terms and that of his sons.
I thought of mother and child get along before, it was shocking to hear from her lips that day.
Sato is the mother how to incest.
Son of women's magazines such as Onani well - there are stories that would give his mother's body, and Sato, when I cleaned my son's room, the story of mother and son have sex It came out in large quantities.
Some, such as the video horrifying to hear the title just like saying a mother cum.
Remarkable is that I came up with the underwear of Sato's son's sperm.
I have heard the story, the family restaurant during the day suddenly returned to us, I'll have to talk I have yet Takayuki next. I tried to stand and seats with Takayuki, "waited a moment, mother," I was put off to the Department and noble.
"I want to be my mother," the word is ridiculous Deta Takayuki mouth.
I can not worry about around the "I know my saying that?"
I cried out with.
Surprised at the size of my own voice, calm and a little "Takayuki, it would not bring such things to such a crazy person," he said soothingly.
Would have stood up and pulled out of Takayuki.
I thought we stood, from which there is no consciousness.

I woke up to the odd feeling, and I found the first time knowing when to get up often situations where they placed their left headache and lassitude.
I am the hands and feet were tied to the bed is in Sato's house naked.
"'s Big tree, I'm sorry," I've seen seems to be talking to Sato's Pardon from below.
"Why is this happening to me," Gamute so raise your voice into your mouth - are attached to said I group.
"Takayuki is safe, Takayuki is?"
Was ashamed of my face buried and where his head's foot wake.
At the time I learned of this situation is finally his.
I was there with both hands spread lick my mother is a real son Takayuki.
"Well, Takayuki Stop."
Try to make him stop but not said aloud, stop signs and no speck, and finally, I hear not a word issued from the mouth of his son.
"I'm the mom wet vagina."
Such nonsense, get wet How could I have been a mother I feel so real son.
Just when I thought so, I felt full of things from the womb.
"You must not feel Do not be like"
Takayuki wanted a way to somehow survive a desperate 思Itodoma telling myself repeatedly in the head.
Nokezotsu instinctively ran away with the body and pleasure in extending to the breast nipple pinching Takayuki hand, it became more like you want to continue.
She is licking her son's real shadow, Sato's mother is seen in its form of strangers, I began to feel strange being surrounded.
Tinted move back, so I would blame Seriage Takayuki mouth of the woman behind.
Takayuki I thought that would do?
What that bitch Hashitanaku Omotta?
"Takayuki's like that, I'm not a real mom. Nympho not think my mother's sake."
While shouting in mind, body and another was heard to say to.
Gamute mouth - not least also the salvation of the 違Inaku voices were heard, Takayuki disgraceful the group had not been posted.
Love dissolves in the body fluid could leave the already overflowing.
I thought I was released from the hell away from heaven like the woman behind Takayuki finally, it was a real hell from it.
Since then at least two children who was married to measure basal body temperature every morning they wanted.
However, Takayuki birth to the "day" and not meeting the ten years I have it very difficult to master.
Yes, today is the day, Sun is the most fertile period of the previous.
Takayuki crotch rose, but your erect penis.
"U along, kidding. Takayuki, it's a mom.'m A real mother."
Caught the blood drain from my body.
"Sato, Did not you'll help me. I hope, Takayuki somehow."
Sato's desperation to see.
Have jumped into my eye was her son's already intersecting.
"I hope, and Takayuki 思Itodomatsu. At least, at least Condo - wearing the system."
I came in I finally Takayuki ignoring my feelings like that.
Takayuki issued an insert with a happy voice.
Takayuki face is clouded with tears in sight.
The happy face, repeatedly, "It feels good mother."'ll Appealed.
Whenever he heard the voice, Janakattara mother. It's sad.
"Oh Oh, Mom. Out"
"Why? Why?'ll Can not."
I Iremashita your legs are bound to escape from Takayuki.
So, I tried to escape.
However, because of that, Takayuki womb rather deep lift welcomed the waist, the cervix is expanded Hikitsura stomach, the little boy is stuck there.
Takayuki is clung to me.
Was poured into the uterus and hot semen.
Etc. Damn, case report contains dozens of times poisonous Innovation.
I can not move away stuck in the fear, I got all caught Takayuki sperm.
Since then, Takayuki is to ejaculate inside of me many times, I got mad would - I finally asked, Takayuki.

Then the body away and repeatedly with confidence because there was a period Takayuki, I was everytime I will ejaculate in.
Then again, my children, pregnant and feared that, Takayuki.
The fire is burning in my body, horny pregnant sperm Takayuki real son.


Agreement with my son.
Panties in front of it showing that I have seen my son,
Rub over the disgusting, chestnut, and crevices panties,
Be passed to his son wearing panties stained.
And my son man juice panties attached to it
I can smell like smearing on his face.
This contract to his son, "Take this stand," I call it.
But my true feelings for the little things in my "training" that is.
Sexuality will not compare to a young son and husband something.
I curled my stomach as hard because I get to looking array.
You do not have a forward line once it 越Etara?
I have no interest to me would have it she 出来Tara.
Finds awaited "free penis" What is.
I want to taste my dick in this contract.
Actually my son so much that now fall outside of the contract.
I said, "It'll settle for," he said, is now full of man juice in her hand painted,
I decided to give handjob to die for.
At the end of this summer I am looking forward can go anywhere.

Summer vacation

Today it is still like summer just started, I saw my son masturbating.
And a boy, a naughty book or DVD, have a look I knew masturbation.
I would never even look at ours
I wanted to shop early because 済Maseyou son home, and opened the door and call out for his son stay in the room.
No naked little boy is the son of then, that the other was not in such a pretty thing.
Masturbation was a great man holding his penis.
I opened the door and is like my son was just before ik.
My son will be seen as surprising to me. "Oh, your friends huh," she said with vigor ejaculation.
It must have been about 30 seconds Hazama Sono probably seemed terribly long time.
I can not take your eyes off the penis could not spit out the sperm.
Coming out from the sperm to the penis, followed by silence, suddenly must become cool! I think the "mom I'm going to go shopping, I take showers Abi fine!" Leaving those words and just left the house.
Leave your eyes burned penis sperm spit while shopping of course.
Copyright moment yet, "Mom," I've wet vagina why it was said.
I love masturbation per week to 2.3 degrees during the day, can not be summer pain was very sore.
Just when I thought of the "incident" is.
Head is going crazy, just looking at a cafe in what still incest.
So while writing is also wet.
I think let's try this show wet panties I get to my son to venture out