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Incest confession of women(2007-06)

Son ...

yuna himekawa[4675]
40 years old divorced. It was found out the cause of divorce and the relationship with my son. Son and now two years since the summer of sex. My son was 14 years old.
If the husband does not travel during summer vacation week, I found this naughty son in the room. Married just a lot of things and MILF pictures ... I just just too much stone, but that's dick .... Come to light again, as is seen from the top of jeans in the bedroom I was touched. Without a lot longer with her husband, once a month about masturbation. Fingers during the day was about comfort. I remember a book just saw that I was going to put an end to the club before coming back from my son ...
Found my son came home earlier than usual, the kiss is 抱Kitsuka away ... I felt really hot body in itself. State because it was just the shirt and play with chestnut strong resistance to her son's fingers, feel pain, cry and feel Lightning. I'm quite pleasant to the touch of a finger other than my son's things that I really wanted, I helped a little resistance while inserting. Ikimashita son was put in many times. Come inside ... I was hugging my son the night. Can not give and then, if there are no sex with my husband and my son was still two years

I love my father

When I was four, my mother died of illness, from which his father was a kindergarten and elementary school events raised me alone, I was sure my father will come to be unhappy and would not let me .
2 sophomore in high school when I was me, have been studying in my room, and go down the stairs to go to the bathroom, out of the bath Kitarashiku father, father figure of the toilet door gap I saw it.
But it is funny how, at the sight of his father from the gap of the door, was put to the washroom, from the washing machine, and taking out my underwear, while masturbating with my underwear sniffing I've seen the Father.
At that time, seeing that his father was remembered for aversion.
Shiku 悍 came to think was to think and imagine that my father liked sex.
But come to think calmly, to raise me up, my father had come to regard himself had been Oshiku love.
Then I high school, graduated from college, I married him was to be met by employers.
I asked my father for dinner in the sense of gratitude had brought her father to marry one day two weeks ago,
His father was eating, so restless, I was eating alone at home.
Dinner that day, and when my little story, such as mother and lost love story, I was excited.
掛Karou to an end when the dinner, I had my gratitude to my father raised so far,
"Until now, thanks for getting raised," I said with a shy smile and floated.
My father is a wry smile smiling, shaking her head, "but I was going to become a surrogate mother of Hitomi, and we're not, I thought about marriage, I could not forget the mother, it's me I not here for people who come to places like "
Unfortunately I can no longer possible to keep the tears out of the eyes.
Face is large, bald head I'm the father
My father and say good reflexes
Poor father 後Katadzuke
But, gentle, receptive my father is I like.
And anything else, my mother passed away love, I love my father loved me.
I decided to tell my father I had a feeling in my heart ever 仕舞Tsu father. ,
"Embrace me" and
My father never believe that her words for a moment, but look 浮Kabemashita surprised, smiles floated soon,
"Do not make fun of what his father Hey, mon tell him it's like."
I have to talk back and caught the joke.
I got up and went in front of my father, I went to hug my father is gone, except my father hit,
"I'm really angry, I Cut it," I had been told off.
I still can not give up, take off your shirt and jeans, underwear 格好Nari only,
"Daddy, look"
"Your pupil became such a good girl"
She said, had taken the underwear, I showed my naked.
I provoke the father to my daughter, they would
I understand that I
But more like my father, I wanted to embrace my father.
The sight of my father, and stayed a while in the move.
I could not resist, I went to kiss her father.
My father does not even reject, without trying to embrace it and say, I was kissed by my silence.
I turn back to his father hands, I hug.
And tearfully, "Please, father, holding me."
"It's Dad, I like"
"I wanted to hold a straight before my father."
I went to my father all of the feelings.
Then my father, and kiss me, come put your tongue in my mouth, I first came to hand rub my chest.
- I'm sorry ... let me write more and

Father underwear

When two people in life, the father of three years from junior high school, I graduated from high school this year. Cleaning or washing clothes or household, but even now I'm up, I noticed that in those with occasional Bettori underwear was put in the washing machine before entering the school in the morning. Its not pretend to know has started a new relationship with his father was from that day I witnessed him away to sour and is sent to the crotch of my underwear and I was the father. In relation to sex, but like the others pass off his pants in front of my father and my father back, time is roughly the same as his father is home from school, rather than spread out in front of his father's feet and then rolling up the skirt Just my dad masturbating pants. Just look who his father is excited to wear pants with a sperm and an out.

S Son

It was the night my husband went on a business trip.
I slept in the bed as usual,
"Wake up, wake up"
I woke been beaten by a voice calling her cheeks. The rooms are bright and dazzling enough in the face with her hands 隠Shitaku enough, my hands will work to see the face of her son.
"Hey, wake."
Son voice, my hands are tied and looked around the left and right respectively handcuffed to a chair with his son beside there they saw a knife,
(Could it be killed?
In recent news was just cruel, things that float in my head,
"What? Hey, why something like this?"
As not to provoke his son, seeking to calm talk.
"Shut up, I am a Master!"
I thought really went out of her son.
With a knife, handcuffs and where you bought it? I stand against the gathering of the house, tripod-mounted video camera was unusual sight I can only imagine.
I "Master" command tone,
"Good! Hope you'll 適E future!"
Talking to me like a monologue, not a thing I like to listen to the stimulus there is only silence,
"I do not know what I want to say how dare!"
Neutral or even good to say no idea what a strange thing to say, and so is the thing Mottenohoka Stop,
"Come on, tell! Dare say!"
"You're a pussy want to bullying?"
"Try saying? To please a pussy bullying dare say?"
I'm honestly a little relieved to hear this word.
But I feel like murder but found it not to my son, my son ended up like this, I have designs on neutral even when no idea, rather than his son ever done this, let alone see a piece even swing or that there was no son, it was a shock to local conditions than this.

And two grandchildren

The 58-year-old Obaachan.
My husband is already dead alone.
Come visit me like every day at junior high school son to grandson live nearby.
It is because I do the nasty with me, I will be naughty grandchildren six months.
Every now and come after school, and I mine.
To look at us in this age of only about 居Masen grandchildren.
I have now is a sex life with her grandchildren.

My discourse incest

Last night in the bathroom, I saw that I'm the daughter of Louis and sex my father.

Louis since he was a kindergarten, so that put me in the bath when my father was still in grade five, Louis and I did not particularly funny.
Period last year came from Louis, Louis himself to dislike it, eight years after his divorce came back to me is home, and father figure of his father Louis, because I cherish me.

Yesterday, a little longer than usual bath, I thought, I went to see.
掛Keyou think it up, go through dressing room, two voices and strange noises from the bathroom ,,,,.
Pashipashipashi me, and what sounds like small nail, the voice of Louis and his father,,,
",,, Grandpa, grandpas,,,"
",,, Louis, Louis,,,"
Gently peeps, I'm in I 立Chi竦N.
I had turned its back on both of them, Louis was on all fours from behind the tub with their hands, so as to hold down the butt of his father Louis, I was nailed to the back.
11 years old, it is her granddaughter,,,
Although they did not see facial expressions, ass nailed grandson sat around my shoulder only to the 54-year-old father, while breathlessly like a beast, I was guilty.
Tangled up in my mind, I was unable to do anything in 立Chi竦N.

",,, Old man, good feelings, good feelings, oh,,,"
",,, Louis, Louis And my grandpa ,,,,"

I, while still groggy, returned to the living room from the spot.
As com Oops, was sitting on the couch.

"Mom, I empty the bath,"
Or just how much being hailed Louis, returned a for us.
Thinking, I look at the whole body of Louis.

Less than 150 cm, while wiping a towel and wet hair shortcuts
Louis stood pajamas into the ground pattern of pink Hello Kitty.

"Rei, I had a good bath"
Still give a glimpse of a little color and black upper body 180, my father came into the living room.

These two were, until just about now, I had sex.

From what time exactly,,,
Since I have a headache,,, to say, two people to flee back to his room.
My mother, last spring, died of cancer.
In this house, I have to live with my father, Louis.

Even after midnight, I could not sleep.
In the mood, the mood, I went to the room of Louis.
Was not there.
On the bed empty.
Front of the room until the very end of the first floor of his father and went on tiptoe.
From inside the room, and the rhythmic sound wet pants I heard a voice faintly.
I opened a narrow door, the light is illuminated small bedside
I figure two people having sex,,,,
Louis was also father naked.
The legs are fully open Louis 被Satsu to follow his father's body had been moved back violently.
Louis is almost painful, suffering, raise your voice so comfortably, but was clinging to him.
My father is looking hard thick penis, vagina, crackling from Louis dirty wet enough not to grow hair yet, was out.
I was thinking I finished Shagamikon.
Give you endured to become a voice, while biting the collar of the pajamas, I always look on the spot.

Louis spur the legs, hip movement earlier and his father, Louis Itte the first, while knocking on my back over there to impose his father Louis, the end,,,,
I can still crouched down, I Itte.
In two of the finger, but his shame ,,,,,.

Also tonight, now has two people taking a bath.

Should I do?

My discourse incest

SEX 1 favorite with my father, my parents when I was four years old, divorced.
Being raised by my mother since I have four people living in two brothers and mother.
6th grade when my mother that I had died in a car accident, eldest brother quit college years away, a job, a job with the company soon after the second brother also graduated from high school .
I'm on easy street, thanks to my brother 送Remashita a privileged life as well financial and material as well. I cherish my brother gave me. I loved my brother too.
One day I was in eighth grade, the second brother got married. To the wedding, never met my father came from divorced.
His father was a letter of his brother, called out that my mother died in an accident the first time. Father to us, "nothing to do with Yarenaku ever truly sorry" pigtails on the head and wept, then the whole family, for the grave of your mother. My father fell in love at first sight similar to his brother.
Until then, I grew up in fatherless families, were living in the gravy, you almost forget that I played with my father and my father, my father and playing somewhere in the heart, longing for ordinary home Imashi or.
Then my father, came to see us every day.
I can tell him some homework and make dinner together and, with his father and three eldest brother, was very happy.
My father often, "愛梨 gauze is just like a mother I wish," she said, I cherish me. Open class in the first two semesters is not my brother, get my father to come and remember that I was very happy.
One day, three nights on a business trip that became the company's older brother. My brother opened a house for three days, that's one worry I have decided to wear to stay with his father three days. I said, "I'm fine by myself" and I said, my brother still seemed a little worried.
One day I came home from school and my father had another.
My father is working all right? It reminds me of my father, "and three days 愛梨 gauze, Sugoseru is happy and I together, three days, talk a lot with my father, or ever can be in the future.'ll Even play"
I became very happy. Tomorrow is I'll take you anywhere for a holiday on Saturday! And I remember the excitement of.
That day to eat at a restaurant, rented a home video, CD I had bought.
Its return, is in the car.
I remember even now.
"愛梨 gauze is that the boyfriend or at school?"
"Yeah ~! Oh, I have not"
"Or a date, not that much time?"
"I do not uh, I'm not so much like a boy"
"Well, I think I still want to kiss like ~"
"I still (laughs)"
At that time, I was worried about my father, I thought you said that.
"It's like gauze 愛梨 father? Father, I could not do anything to give 愛梨 yarn ever, but I can not give even one with fatherly"
"I love you! Mon and Dad have fun too"
Saying that, my dad ran in silence for a while, stop the car and the house has suddenly touched my heart.
"? Dad, stop it!"
I was surprised to say that, to expand the power of my legs even crazier, with seat belts fastened.
"I want I want! Dad!"
"愛梨 gauze, gauze My father loves 愛梨"
Massage the breast while my father, my dick and put her nose over the pants, my tongue has been up and down.
"The father you"
I was half crying, I felt downright not say too comfortably.
But after all, you know that this father is sad.
My father was a coat and tear out a utility knife from a bag behind the seat, I became a shirtless.
"Stop! Dad!"
And I yell, my father's neck with a cutter Tsukitsuke "A loud burst! I'll kill you!" Was said.
I tied his mouth with a handkerchief, my voice is so 出Senaku. It is too painful to breathe.
Suware mouth and nipples, and licked, bitten or for.
I was still in eighth grade, never had so swollen breasts, and my father was buried face in my chest.
Was rubbed until a faint heart. So fierce, I hit my head on the ceiling of the car several times.
When you are done, remove the rope, Shibarimashita the neck and chest.
Father bag variety, and if they want.
The chest next to the nipple, because it was some time to be pressed down, it hurt. It was way too swollen breasts.
Pants were Gushogusho.
I also was not so much indifferent H waited for that, "Oh, I feel so wet," I thought the degree of.
But my father and I take the pants I was let out to pee. "愛梨 gauze, are you the first time I felt so much? 愛梨 gauze pee You're a naughty child, I'm stinking smell good"
Too much embarrassment, I finally got to cry.
My father 舐Memasu dick. I felt it most.
"Your hair is too much of this until I'm there yet ... button fully. I like the chest large"
Once you mention it, is licking dick, so had to feel faint, do not remember.
However, father also had to get naked and notice.
"愛梨 gauze, can you lick your dad's dick too?"
Anyway, it is now being put into the mouth, I was still firmly tied to the mouth.
"愛梨 Sha!"
Donara is, so I really scared, a little boy's father Kuwaemashita.
"Well I'm licking deeper yeah yeah Let's put"
Father Jim Johnson has ballooned Mukumuku. My father was in my stomach and leg kick.

What a care or a bully.

I was finally bedridden in a car accident, got to the place causing the computer Uteru bed now. Life is a day bed legs still stuck. My husband and I can not visit at work from a married person, will be discharged to nursing homes by force, I do not care for most of my work is saying. I am 21 year old son at the age of 45 fruit. My husband lets me taking care of his son.
Every day, get diapers replace his son several times a day for real, or has been tampered with or enema wash and wipe my crotch. My son and embarrassing, just looking at the ceiling without even talking to the boat 合Wasanai eyes. Gradually his son, while messing around with my legs put your finger, masturbation now. Now, son, while you put ointment and erotic sex toys and give the diaper. I have observed his son though he was in diapers rotor ripped numb, I'm patient and bear it. Iki I will feel at the end of the line, but embarrassing to leave my son! I said. But my son, to be patient because the treatment? I resigned from me, about twice daily is Ikasa. Now, though he does not exceed the family line because one son, and this remains, in a matter of time I am afraid of sex that does not work from my feet.


My brother is looking for a pregnancy to put your finger in the vagina of a woman one day by any person and Gynecology. Doing obstetrics nurse at the hospital my sister is also different. Have witnessed trying to put a finger in this examination until I have your doctor. Sister who is also his brother who also, it seems more and more women give you the juice Nasty crotch just before the doctor open up to the woman that the examination table. So when you say, like massaging your vacuum cleaner to suck up a little juice, but seems to suck the juice from your doctor, enough, before the doctor was going to take some time. Then one day, become a brother and sister naked SEX was doing. The elder son was ready to be placed at any time sexual intercourse increases her sister very much. Kiga example had a blast because of your brother until I Kono Naka and then after some time. Then after a while, but I my brother from sister prompted H. Both brother and three men got naked and wear insert to the Ching's brother to keep a loose vagina put your finger in my vagina. Mouth, vagina licking her sister and turned to squeezing my fingers into the hole. My sister is also a pleasant voice burst, Iki It has become so comfortably they become wage is inserted brother too. Thereafter. . . . . . . Now and then after a while my brother was taking the mother's body. Spa station mother and brother are doing and gradually feeling better feeling unusually flammable - surprised that her brother was about to come. Many times while changing the position many times and had to think about the idea of injecting sperm lost brother. That night my father and mother and brother were out all night I was working hard on business SEX. In another room also had my sister and I were excited SEX encouraging. SEX Now I want to go today. Frappr! ! ! !

First experience with my father

Was a virgin until last month to two years of high school. No other experience can only be Tokitaku and, in what is ugly just because I can not ask 頼Mikomi five and to this day several times until you feel really painful and I hope it was just my father's life I understand the movement of the penis or the smell of sperm and finally turning

Her husband

The lady just started the Internet.
I come here a lot of looking at the website.
It is all terrible. It leads to disqualification human behavior I now feel like a little saved for a while Fusagikon was in self-hatred.
I am part of a supermarket 58 years old lady. Husband and divorced 10 years ago.
My daughter is getting married in just 24 years old housewife.
Husband's swimming club in the senior high school two years older than my daughter, but now we are working for a construction company ripped is quite manly.
Is also a favorite to beat Orimashita better and I came out to play before marriage.
When I heard my daughter to marry him really happy, one person was raised in a toast.
Women living alone in his suggestions for living together that he was 無用心.

It was a sleepover the night went on a trip with her high school classmates.
I rise from the bath, speaking from the floor a couple of rooms upstairs for him to recommend a bath.
However, no response at all.
Whether the stairs and went to sleep again, I went to wake.

"Oh Oh No"
I heard a faint voice. Huh? I wonder if watching on television? Front of the room and I went to.
Has become a half-open door of the room was leaking from the light.
"This gaffer!" Looks in the room and none from the space and tries to see his voice was reflected in the figure of men and women indulging in sex on the TV screen.
Even more surprising was the figure that the plot Shigoi huge lower body exposed that he was looking at the screen.

I cry now thinking that Jack Robinson, the press killed.
He has a thing Shigoi intently watching the screen.
I was surprised to see more screen.
It was men and women aged 60 years old you reach 50 or nothing if 才代.
While staring at two people having sex, he is upset that Haahaa and breath.

When you step back to go back to the first floor of the hall echoed loud creaking.
He turned, and my eyes are suited.
"Your mother's! ...
He was in a cluster.
"I'm sorry. If you come to call to recommend a bath"
Words not come out then too.
"So I was being watched. Oh shame!"
Unadaremashita plot while concealing his hands.
"That's OK. Maybe I'll see You're young helped.'m A sign of health."
When it was put the words to comfort, I heard moan greatly from the screen.
"Well not immediately Guigu ○ Wow Wow I have Ah Come"
The screaming voice of women on the screen hard to describe wild animal knows.
Three step shaking the abdomen, hips are shaking like crazy over men.
"It seems considerably older." And I said, "I like this video is mine. For contempt?"
"I do not have that, usually the kids do not you?"
"I hope younger kids, older people like the old days, I often see this video."
"It looks like my year around.'m Ashamed of you all seem to be looking at me somehow."
"It's much more beautiful your mother. However smooth skin too. And the woman's mother in this video but you do not really have a bursting heart, I'm sorry."
And turn off the video, turned around.
突Ki刺Shimashita his gaze to my chest. I was ashamed when my heart says this is also clearly was confident.
While hiding from the heart of thinking pajamas, "and even bigger ass."
He openly before I began the better of me. I was stuck on the spot.
"I wanted to like plump women. I'm really your mother's ideal."
He came up beside the hugged me. Make my stomach felt as close to the waist of his rigid thing.
I had to put hands in the pants once patted my butt.
"I can not. To so far. That's it for today was not received into the bath."
All my resistance to his forces were powerless to escape.
"Oh Oh, I can not stand!'s Your mother! Please show me at least just underwear!"
"I really just underwear. I'm so bear with me."
"Yeah. I promise."
I am also excited about his lust for me in my pajamas off the top and bottom, chest hidden figure was a piece of panty.
"What it's really young. Did I built up coming. I still for ever. I hope my daughter I absolutely secret."
Saying that he touched the panties from the top of my Osane, the thing began to jerk.
"'m'm! That U"
"It is dirty room. I can not."
Do not worry about ironing He continued, was released a cloudy liquid on my body and I think growled large. I also got to cum.
I have one downstairs, wash in the bath, while being tormented by remorse returned to his room wearing a blanket, had remained absent.
Do not know the time, my daughter is back Kitarashiku late, the sound of doors opening, voices were heard in the distance and welcome him.
Itarashiku asleep before I knew it was in the morning.
Prepare and have breakfast, downstairs has a daughter with him.
"Good morning," her voice comes over the function without knowing the weather.
"Good morning." He also has called out a little muffled voice.
"Good morning." I was greeted awkwardly, I could not match his eyes.

The passage about a month and then be there alone with him.
What happens if there is such a thing but this time also? I'm having a day of mixed feelings and expectations on the dangers.

The story of his brother

yuna himekawa[4567]
Hi, here is the elegant HP was always envious look, I feel I am amazed at all the experience I think everyone jealous offensive to the ear like a scratch, so the first sentence I thought I would be able to change that sentence
My brother graduated from college and now I am 23 years old has an architecture-related work has been married four years ago at the age of 26, her husband live in a place about one hour from home alone is appointed.

GW came back to my home for holidays
向Kaeru three people were in high spirits on GW Myou All three had long since

The original is good friends with my brother.
I was so excited because it is not just away to have a younger brother, was dressed as my eyes caught the younger brother had been the day the line can understand one-piece unit body, from which light brown stockings and skirts looked like a little leg was put on life is like underwear, sometimes when 組替Eru leg (white panty) could be seen to seduce the little brother? And then I was.

Then my brother and I was seeing and feeling shimmering eyes off.

I was drinking a beer watching TV on the bath to kotatsu At night, my brother came out of the tub.

I was still sitting on the head with a towel, sprinkle one's hair in their pajamas together.
Cotton pajamas, you know where to make a bit of nipple bra, and really sexy so they 火照Tsu on the bath, but it was annoying show.

My brother somehow I was nervous.

I've been talking, laughing out loud while watching television

(My brother, meanwhile, the mood is far from TV in my pajamas gap seems not)

The intense "I love you}

32-year-old brother. I am a divorced. My brother's wife is the daughter of a certain famous corporate executive. It is quite wealthy.
No housework at all, crazy people and parents living in two lessons a child.
I sometimes leave my brother who lives in an apartment near a busy company there.
It seems that sometimes there was another woman, while serious and scary barrel? Had a life.
I like that combines the care of his brother, sometimes I was passed from my home. The family business while helping my parents, I was staying in an apartment with his brother and the good reasons to drink with friends.
Make dinner and clean at the time, I was raised to be washed.
One night I played with my friend, I was drinking with his brother in an apartment again because I rounded up to the very early drinking enough.
I had rather drunk and relieve the other is his brother.
When consciousness is clear, through his brother was already hard at me.
My brother is a pretty good physique too, more surprisingly large penis, long and hard for. What seemed to reach the uterus.
The familiar feeling, which face over spell, was planted Oshikoma mouth.
"It was really was the voice however." After being told, I was embarrassed.
Then again, I attended a week and Akezu.
And the nights sometimes.

Son of the Father 生Mitakatta

I work for a company at the age of 24.
My first experience was 13 years old. Is the biological father the other.
Since I liked my father did not feel disgust for the act.
There is no sense of resistance against incest is still as an adult, why, so that other families not give much of a wonder.

I was curious child was playing with his father when I was a child and sexual.
Among the divorce at home, I take back my mother brother and brother. Since I was living alone with his father, the act did not blame people in the house.
to say, or when taking a bath with my dad, do my bedroom before going to bed. My father got up and touch my body, touching my father's penis
Such an act.

The first of fellatio is when the third grade. Semen also drank a fine father Inspired. Treat your father so happy and now I love Blow.
The penis dirty 舐Memasu in cold blood after ejaculation.
Am I strong imagination, and Eru touching sucking cock, "I fucked this," Imagine the excitement. Stained with semen or body as a bonus, "are committed" with a strong sense, it will just feel good.
Blow me a while to those of my father, my entire life is a learned man called feelings.

I have a small 5 menarche.
It I was told my father.
I'm glad you want to join in adults.
In elementary school, at that time, there is sex education. Learn how to buy sex magazines and books in my own way. At that time, there was a magazine of stories listed on teen sex. In my favorite book, I was posting a hands-on experience.
Similar to the elementary school students have sex with 40 year old man. Maybe people who read,
I thought it was supposed to be in girl dating.

Another way my father taught me how to masturbation, every night before I was with my father.
Fun but also feeling naughty finger my dick. Elementary school at six years 濡Renakatta so much, I loved my father who is a massage lotion.
Also, I loved getting to lick the pussy.

I've lost her virginity in middle school was in early May.
That night, I was trembling body in a state of tension. I was going I was prepared to become somewhat frightened of his father to see erect penis.
My father saw it, called out to me my sweet, touching me gently throughout the body.
Lotion on painted interpreted dick, after becoming easier to get two fingers in one hour, and production.
I was asked to insert the penis in father's posture. My father moved me back pain and did not feel slow. I really feel the clitoris. My father touched me,
Is missing in such a weird feeling low, to the situation several times body convulsed.
I was back in elementary school in the body because it was becoming more vulnerable, even pleasant first experience accustomed.
When pierced with a ceiling near the entrance, especially now that love juice out amazing.
Among them, the father "has gone in is amazing! Pleasant. I ik too soon!" There was a voice over. The father moans while increasing ejaculation.
I absent-mindedness, but I was smart, "Sex was fine!" And I was glad.
Now, I think scary. At that time, my father did not use the rubber. It is normally put in the vagina. My father is like my dick to taste the life.
After that, though I used a rubber. And sometimes when my father got drunk, I was nothing without turning raw sex. So far, I think that more than 100 times in the ejaculate.

I was pregnant with abortion at the age of 16. Of course, my father was a child.
At that time, Bale mother away, now it is adopted there. Brother,
But unsuspecting mother and brother, you know had sex with my father.
The first meet since her father was always sad and crying.
How lonely father, an alcoholic in the hospital for two years later.
After a stroke and are dead. Poor Father.
I was in high school. Really, I looked to see you on the whereabouts of his father.
会Emasen was the last time. Also could not go the funeral.
I always head that things are Narezu. And being alone, I think only my father.

I do not have a father interested in other men.
I also made my boyfriend have sex they did not feel good. I think of a dead father's face. Consulted with his brother at the age of 20 are in trouble about it.
Of course, how the thought is scornful. My brother, on the contrary "is worrying and painful sex with my sister wanted me," has been confessed. May be because the same DNA.
My brother and I had a relationship immediately.
20s sex with brother, father and more than good. As a faint,
Eating a lot to ask, I Makurimashita Iki.

Four older brother is already married. But I will not even have sex as his brother's wife. Because my brother is a little taste SM, bondage and calm vibe and I would be exposed.
Be happy if his brother can do anything.
Recently, the dick into the vibe, enjoying anal cock into his brother.
If the Job, because pregnancy is not ejaculate even. If you do not want abortion but never pregnant. If possible, the public in the dark, and his brother 生Mitai children.
Regretted the relationship with my father, is.
If the birth if I could 暮Raseta I'm always with my father.

I wonder if good

I have a 20-year-old daughter and 27 year old son. I have a physical relationship with my son the other day. I'm not good or honest.
Learned from this site by accident when I found my son using a personal computer. We will post I will look if you wish to have a relationship with the mother and the people who have, and I have more libido even more robust, I'd think as soon as feedback.
My son was masturbating in my panties from the past. Was noticed. I was so wet bra and panties every morning snotty. But because the boy was often called, worried it would become a fix was not a good year. I began to slowly but surely escalate it. It's cute at first they hide their desires after the bottom of the laundry, now in its 隠Sanaku. Fresh off on it or should I now get up to mischief I have such a bath. As I worried
Away at the sight of my daughter that her brother was very worried. Fortunately, I grew up like that is allowed to laugh, think about Tsurakattarou susceptible. Maybe I should have 叱Re I
傷Tsuketakunakatta a son who is studying very honest.
While doing that, I noticed my son looking at this site. But that is not. My son was taken with digital cameras to post their exposure to the site. I was in the panty sniffing. Me had their faces hidden administrators who would know immediately if close friends. This is why you do not have edges and women.
Mimashitara crotch sniffing son in a nap in the living room was the smell of urine mixed with semen and one I ー. So cute my son was fucking herself a couple of times each day. The daughter was also worried about it. A girl's skirt and shotgun spots, it was an unmistakable dry semen. I think the bad son, not the son of a sex drive. I think about my son all over the place in the patient. See AV room next door to my son the night he heard the sound of the action has caused. Masturbation will be every 10 minutes, went to the room in time for him to his underwear to soak up the euphoria 見計Ratsu the liquid dripping from a big penis Cowper. My son was targeted as the reason lost, the penis has been boasting that show me happily. I smiled,
Blow in and I was far slower. My son led the ripe enough to fit in a cup and then eat pussy without a penis. I have expected from doing this in each other, you are calm sex smoothly. I believe that I'm worried about my daughter and husband. From Bareru will someday. Did you men who read this erection.
Please give your opinion might not be so calm. Read more at Itadaketa and women who are glad if you advice.

Daily struggle

Hi, many distressed and students will be participating in this forum.
I do not thing a month ago and I do things, I had a look at adult magazines under the bed and cleaned the room casually when Daisuke,
At that time, the thinking woman's underwear but I opened the desk drawer because it helped to think about "why?" Was undeniably my underwear and pick up in my mind thinking, I also The thing I was shocked that no underwear, my underwear thief I think Daisuke is indeed the end of the evening I wanted to hear directly what are you thoughts on Daisuke , Daisuke to come back, "Daisuke, I need to talk" and sit on the sofa and "mom today, the thing I was cleaning the room like Daisuke" Daisuke silence and underwear and put faces down. "Why underwear?", "women are interested in things that held the ,,"·· now talking with a variety of conditions, Daisuke Daisuke 1. the two others never talk about it. stealing underwear No 3. at last promised date only once, and appeared Daisuke sending my husband to wash the dishes the morning "Today, I promised date!", "I know! your room, so I go to," say that Daisuke to the room and I was wondering
"The really good?, Still make it?" Bustle in your mind and thinking - a cold shower to slowly undress system - went into the bedroom mirror while taking a look at the "first and last, today is my son I think so! "I Haori Daisuke room gowns to wear underwear for a decision," Daisuke, I get "Daisuke stood among the half-light and opened the door, Daisuke entered the room and in front of me, "I promise Daisuke, I observe," And so the wild Daisuke into my mouth and tongue to match Daisuke nodded my lips drawn has been entered correctly, I'm no longer able to stand to the groin from between the hands of Daisuke gown exchange of saliva and tongue entwined nature Daisuke Close your eyes and sleep in the bed bra someone is taking off and open the legs and underwear down slowly and eventually head Daisuke nipple sucking and licking his face buried in soup rubbed violently remove the "I'm wet," and said the finger into the vagina and I touched the genitals of Daisuke Daisuke nature was good to see you Tomaji adults to take off his pants and on my face, trembling slightly firm when touched gently by hand ... "I was 入Retaku" ... I've Daisuke nodded and snuggled them legs wide open, I was back with his right hand while touching leads to the entrance of the vagina and penis in his left hand and touches " coming in slowly, "and said in my ear, while expanding deep into the vagina rip Yuni, I came in to the back and turned into a woman I felt a hug from my mother's head while Daisuke arms, embracing each other was off Daisuke felt the heat flowing into the womb of Mashita finally, went in and put out the sperm, vaginal hand and I sat on the floor Daisuke saw that a lot of hot white hand and step up to the entrance of the lower body and has been embraced from behind, "not that good from the already over", "I love I said not to "finger in the vagina that has flowed into the sperm from the back and massage the breast while saying that, my reason is no longer at the mercy of the corner of the bed leaning Daisuke someone was a little hard to evening - and why should we do after this is different from what might

Scary man.

The mischief of the time of kindergarten, in a separate dual-income parents the same time his uncle and cousin had been there Dzuke grandparents. Return home from school, I played with cum clitoris is the only binding arms behind back to his uncle. A bath every day (public bath) is young squid, but that like unloved from the perspective of the end, I see.
However, found a mischievous uncle and grandfather, his uncle was out to the other provinces are cut off. But now their cousin licking naked elementary school to not even have breasts, or tampering, chestnut developed by rubbing his uncle was only a little cousin, a Buddhist memorial service and gathering of relatives and unable to escape even twitch. When the launch was to be sure someone mischief. I Okimashita sports driving distance relatives to flee from it. At the age of twenty, and got married for the first time made acquaintance with a person who, in his propensity hate divorce his cheating machine, but this time was the beginning of a nightmare already. My uncle was suffering from a serious illness back home at the age of 40. Stoneware is a relationship waiting to come every day.

SEX · · · father and sister

Yesterday, I had seen.
Where my father and sister have ... SEX.

My sister is 16 years old, my father was 42 years old, I'm 19 years old.
My mother is a nurse, it is the same age as my father was not at yesterday night.

My sister was certainly feeling before Electra complex.
However, the relationship between body until I had my father and sister Do not tell me surprised honestly.

My sister's room and they are separated by sliding doors Madake slightly yesterday, I woke up too long I heard a strange sound coming from my sister's room.
And give ear to the bran, so I heard the voice of his father, and what are you talking about? To think, so I could hear gasps of two, could ... the gap a bit of bran think look into my sister's room and was on his father's sister overhanging cover.

My sister while his father's arm around his neck ... daddy ... daddy ... more! More. Give me. Please! Oh Yeah!]
And was floundering.
His father ... well eyebrows eyebrows ... oh oh, Hey Hey ... pretty cute, I terrible, eyebrows, I'm really tight! Uhh ... That Ugh!]
Father's waist bread! Whump they continue to push up with his sister and intense sound, while I can not believe stunned by the sight, I noticed that the wet damp ○ LANGUAGE Oh my.
- Oh Oh Oh! Daddy! No good! I'll cum!]
[Okay, eyebrows. Well, I go!! I hope! I hope! I'll give you! I'll give you a dad in a cocoon!]
[Out ~! Daddy! To pussy out of the cocoon ~ ~!]
[Uu KUU! Out! Tsu Tsu Oh Oh Oh Oh!]

2 H over who is at the same time I dove into bed and close the sliding door.
I heard laughter and whispered stories of two people after a while. I was in disbelief Ippai yet.

I thought had stopped talking, I heard my father and moan. When we opened it again a little bran, Blow was nothing besides what their father's sister.
Blow the thing now in my father grew a sister in the back end began.
My sister is suffering so comfortably - Oh Oh, good tightening. Eyebrows. I'll give you the best ... again? Hey, you know? I rubbed the walls of the vagina is a cocoon of a ding-dong daddy ...]
[Yeah, Dad ... Dad ... I'm happy, eyebrows, because for whatever Dad, do not stop Uhh ... Ugh U]
[Now] I put seed ...
Oh Oh I [Nn Ann! ! ! ]
Oh! Eyebrows! ! Eyebrows! ! Tsu Tsu U Ugh! ! ]
I could not sleep until morning.
Today, I was absent from the university.

Morning, we have had to wake my father was sick ... I did not go out of the room to say.
Face of his father, sister face today can not look someone

I was surprised

've Made up a relationship with a high one son last Saturday.
Great for young,
They did not kick out the voice.

Impact 2

Long time no see, and Naoko.
Why do we get the picture, Takuya, I understand the truth.

As I wrote last time, hanging with my husband and I will take from the time of my junior high school.
Even though, you can take to get an amusement park, it was cute things together like going to the trendy cafes, the relationship began to change it a little bit adult, I have to take the spectacular from the time was not successful.
Sun's announcement of successful applicants from the mother

"So thanks to Taku, come to thank you properly"

Is said, went to his house, on the road your parents house, but was not added table.

"Hey, yo pass the Naoko!"
"From my mother, I was being told to come thanks"

"Well, OK, congratulations passed. It's really worked hard Naho-chan"
"If you are willing to thank me, can you hear me ask about me?"

"Yeah! Tageru were heard anything Naoko can do"

Then I had a brother called my husband things.
And his wish was that I take a picture.
And naked.
Of course, too embarrassed There was also confusion, that I love him, I also worked hard to take a compliment from him come along, put out only one condition.

"Make for a bride Naoko brother?"


"If it were ,········ Sure"

And only two nude photo session began.

From this day I have been photographed in his various exclusive model.
Buying new clothes, even when I had to take it each time you buy underwear.
In time, even when the relationship between adult development, with photos and video filming.
First time kissing, petting the first time, first time blowjob. . . . . . . . . . .
Moment of loss of virginity, first time anal, first time toy. . . . . . . . .

Saving pictures and videos have been shot this way, the store has been captured in the master PC and therefore have a huge amount, replacement new computer in March, he used the ever erase data I was up for Takuya.

I had to format the order was not completely removed, when I've accidentally erased their data Takuya tries to use the recovery software rescue, had a lot of data containing the name of my or so in a important data seemed to think I will be restored.

Remains the same as it was before the password is wrong and launched the personal computer thinking when my son was away, I learned more than reading a journal of her son in it.
And stealing our eyes on a regular basis, seemed to remove the image from your computer's new owner.

[All seen, had known all]

It was very shocking.
Son in the PC, there were more confusing to me.
It was located inside a folder named for the son.
It was a number of image files.
When I try to open


Running through the picture from behind my husband, had become a thing of my husband's face, Takuya.
In another picture, lying naked next to me, there are combined to naked pictures of Takuya too.
Those legs are so thick was greater than his master.
In another photo, the cut-up parts of the mouth of my face, put there to take pictures while the little boy.

In the diary, I had been spelled to me.

[Hug my mother.狂Wasetai my mono;
I want to see - just going to pee;
[] I want the children born
I would also [Anal]

Sometimes I do and how should we in contact with my son, I'm scared.

Again, I have become Aya Takeshi.
有Rimashitara and thank you any advice.
And eventually, something will report.

Sister rape

I did finish, but you hold 喚Ita forced to cry. Bukkake second time I put on my face.
What is Bukkake tool.
/ / / bukkake / enter.php


yuna himekawa[4487]
High School or entrance of hindsight? My father was a partner.
Example from a young age to help could receive pocket money home.
I was divorced parents to live with his father.
Higher grades, so I was at 10 yen and 100 yen was still run out.
I was 5,000 yen a month I got to take a bath with my father.
3,000 yen got it I was sleeping in bed together on. Began as the expensive time.
Of course, things were even naughty. But oh well because there is a mother? And
I was thinking for you. I had heard my father even use a napkin.
I think it was Iinari.
It started life beyond the parent-child relationship with my father was fine.
My father let me start wearing a miniskirt uniform socks Let me start wearing fashionable at the time.
Avoid like the first time since his father is from and I understood that sex is also a friend of my father. Found to be pregnant because of me.
Like to tell my father told the teacher raped.
I did not feel betrayed by the son of his father delighted.
After all, my son and father to abortion, but have become popular at school transfer.
Then I broke up with his father, now living selling your body.
But it is because there was no way to live.
I heard my father remarried and my friends.

Even though my sister

Students in job hunting is, since the bad relationship with my brother in college. Appointed from employers want to Moraezu enough, happened way back in Tokyo during the General Meeting of the company, once belonged to his brother found a girl, so I'm struggling but I think my sister ~ brother was the angry e-mail.
The less immediately from my brother asked me "So what I do ~" came in like that. Where are the e-mail then? I want to see to it, it will take three people, but I was also tired of the job hunting suit daily, and legless by Chata.
During the way back riding on the center line somehow, but come to touch want molesters to or chest from the top of the suit is my brother, partly too drunk and tired I got been felt gradually, but had ignored to
I was quite wet in the pants.
The station, but I'm bewitched hotel brought my brother a little rest, I can do it in one's cares
Accepted of him.
And I have several relationships, but it is not that?

Goofing off school today

I was still in uniform was taken as it came into the bedroom when his father suddenly hugging going to change into school uniform. I'm always on the rubber for the rest because I'm tired of being with the two times I have attached a skirt or just Dasa. You feel some discomfort in the sperm still inside


The 45-year-old housewife. My daughter is currently married six months ago has been living alone. My husband died of illness three years ago. 23-year-old daughter, gave birth to a girl because I recently became a grandmother this year. 30-year-old daughter's husband. It has made her pregnant, but as a parent I was shocked a little, they were making very hard to protect his family had been able to watch it with me in peace.

Is the last month. Mean that the sudden death of her high school teacher, my daughter went to Nagoya by Mari Tomari to attend the funeral. The turnover and the arrival of my daughter, "Mom, I'm sorry 博San (husband's daughter) and I ask her," said hurriedly and went out. With at most one night to say it, but of course Hiroshi absent at work during the day. Was pleased to be playing with a baby a long time can do is silly.

Put away clean laundry and went back to the grandchildren while burdened. Some clothes were mixed with Hiroshi's underwear. When I saw it, I remember thinking her husband. My husband is there to stick to a strange place, and colorful boxer briefs are 穿Kazu all, it was a white man through in the end briefs. The same white briefs underwear Hiroshi "as her husband's commitment, WTF?" I thought.

That night after dinner for Hiroshi's home and drank sake and lightly 博San lie awake after her grandchildren. While chatting with no silly, remember that during the day, I had asked to be helped Hiroshi Drunk.
"Hiroshi is a school briefs?"
"What?'s Your mother, suddenly what is it?"
"I have not wash today."
I told them my husband laughing.
"Is that so. So sorry I had to remind weird in trigger"
"I do not apologize. I just wanted to hear, I'll never remember if I cried out 経Te three years. Well, why do?"
"Certainly from the boxer briefs I like better. I like the color of white Temasen separately stuck (laughs)"
"Oh, I got the red or blue or black or then."
"No, but they have a red or black, if you have blue or gray. I have to wear a gray"
I had never seen the gray briefs, I am thinking, "I have gray? Let me see," I said.
If this can usually be embarrassed to say he was drunk and that there is also a member of the family is already aware of that, I've won more curious embarrassment.
"Etc. If you see Ge 見Seshi Masu, something embarrassing I"
The pajama pants Hiroshi 下Roshimashita but shy.
Have jumped into my eyes gray briefs, however, that the Department's array was lifted from the back of briefs. Brief excitement that I was far greater than perhaps her husband. It was not my words. It is a moment I think it was probably time to come out next words felt so long.
"A, you are so uncomfortable I have some gray pants"
I was desperate to hide the shaking. Hiroshi perceived to prevent and "Maybe I'll see that White is better after all my years. Now, I receive a bath before," said hurriedly and headed for the bathroom.

I noticed that as the flow in the groin while taking a shower in the scullery, water and paint, there was a different feeling, and Innovation. And although there are still 45-year-old grandson. My husband passed away three years, including four men over a period of years and although his illness was not mentioned, however, it had gotten wet in the crotch just seen his son-in-law of all things. I fell into self-loathing strikes 浴Bimashita like to forget the whole body with hot water shower.

Gatatsu and suddenly I heard there was hugged from behind the next moment. Butt crack was pushed against something hard.博San did.
"Hi, 博San, what are you doing?"
"Your mother's will was just pretty excited,"
"What's say this! Stop!"
"Is not it so I turned red. It is what your father's death more than three years.'ll Miss."
The Department's holding back my arm, I grabbed the hand of the other breast. Were licking from the neck and tongue in my ear.
"Oh, no! Is no, stop"
"Your mother's, mother's tonight you'll be comforted me."
Hiroshi pulled my left hand on his crotch, arrays have been grown by holding it firmly.
, "But that will not do, I'm your wife"
In the mouth, but to resist and were unable to move his left hand as it was tied down, could not release the Department's array. Now in the meantime is in my crotch came into the hands of Hiroshi.
"Your mother's, so I'm supposed to slippery"
"Oh, no, they said"
"How is this"
You stimulated my finger blisters Hiroshi.
"The Utsu, but, damn useless"
"I'm still getting sensitive. You long time."
"I KUU, ha ha, no, no,"
Hiroshi faces to the side and my face has been superimposed lips.
"I Nn, Muu"
I entered my tongue inside my mouth, my tongue and 絡Mi合Imashita.
"I KUU, the Utsu"
Deprived of the lips, the nipples being rolled, you have tampered with the beans, I felt the power going missing from the body.
"'ll Say nothing once"
Is held from behind while I marked the climax Bizotte Hiroshi for example. Could barely support the state on one's hands on the wall collapses.
"Your mother's, but I got going"
"Please do not just fall"
Hiroshi has been saying that stick in my back significantly from the solid array.
"Ah Ah Aha! Uu Uu"
"How about Jim Johnson is a long time"
"Oh, oh, oh, no, good, feel good"
I shout it out from my mouth finally forbidden. Son-in-law was caught from behind in the shower while bathing the body, I had surrendered to the pleasure of it.
"Your mother's, I also feel, looks out"
, "But that will not do, while useless"
"Put out like this"
"Please just stop it"
"Oh, No! Out already!"
Hiroshi's speed and tempo at the end, I poured a lot of sperm left in my waist holding me. Head for the second time I peak at this time and got into the scullery to.

Go to the bedroom while naked, in bed 抱Ki合Imashita. He entrusted himself to caress your tongue entwined Ai Hiroshi's hard. Breast crawl around the neck tongue, there arrived in my belly button transmitted through the ribs.
"Your mother's here, I really beautiful"
"Stop embarrassing"
"You is not ashamed to come here."
Blister your tongue to lick Hiroshi, the sides of the lips, sucking, I was still feeling out loud.
"Your mother's, he also runs for me."
The array was extruded solid Hiroshi's big face before. Shaburitsukimashita us to forget the little boy's far more powerful son-in-law husband.
Eventually, what is fitted in the crotch 放Reta mouth, came in posture. I clung to Hiroshi, lips repeatedly entangled tongue was holding his voice in doing so. Tsukatsu and I sit on and leave, or for being caught from behind like an animal, was ranked last of normal.受Ke止Memashita in again because it was issued in time.

I do not know how many times has it going all night. Hiroshi unleashed in me, at least three more times. He was off work the next day spent in bed all the way to hear from her daughter. Even when my daughter came home, and even guilt that he feels sorry for her daughter was not so much.

After that period came Fortunately, pregnant at that time did not cum. Hiroshi relationship with it is not still going on. Or take it out in the mouth with a rubber and wear me but not before the next period I think I want to take in. After many years, I do not know the other can Hiroshi's, I now I have become irreplaceable. I really sorry for her.

Shock! !

[... Why? This is why ...] Takuya
[You lie ... I mean like this? ...]
[I do not believe it - or? ...]

I was so shocked by things, I sat down to collapse on the spot.
Leave something in his hand grasped. . . . . . . . . . . .

Sole was found, the owner and his son Takuya as usual, was later sent to the snake table.
Family structure at home, the desk is 44 years old husband, 18 year-old Takuya, Takashi Yoshimi 15 years, and I is a family of four 34-year-old Naoko.
My husband and I are childhood friends, a private middle school for my exam, but he was first acquaintance of the husband were asked to tutor at the time was in college.
I was pregnant then 15 years old, married soon turned 16, gave birth to a son Takuya soon.
But because it was the birth at a young age too, when the children entered adolescence, there is a strange effect on parents and not speculation, I read in a foreign hand, Sabah I call it 41 years.
Actual age of the children do not know me.

Finished the laundry, cleaning up when your room in the trash Sole Takuya had entered the room.
I have a sore first I thought it was something I threw the test print to rounding.

[Ttara Takuya also dense, low-performing test, you're willing to destroy evidence as found in the mother? ]

And he, raising Innovation Hyoi inadvertently picking, such as from sore inexperienced and has floating flowers smell like the smell of chestnuts.

Kya [No way, she Ttara]

The odor without any doubt, it was a smell of spirits of a young male.
There is also a lonely child to grow happy, sore eyes and turn a complex emotion, I could see her legs like a rounded edge of the paper.
Pean Tokimashita immediately.

[I'm] a side dish to print masturbation

I wish once abandoned along with other waste as it is, could not stop the curious Mukumuku and raged.
I think this feeling to know if Nowak enters the mothers with adolescent boys.

[Takuya wonder how she has a type. . . . ]

To confirm whether masturbation was a side dish with any kind of picture of my daughter and I went round to expand the paper.
Will expand from the bottom and larger M I saw the legs first open letter.
And further expand, which is stuck 見Te取Remashita deeply toys modeled after the angry penis hairless pubic mound.
Black toy and sticks closely behind the cloudy juice, obscene 見Se付Kemasu contrast.
Ass under the sheets, but that was like bedwetting, semen-stained spreads.
Ripped from the joy juice flowed behind, stuck in the anal, flowing on the surface of the toy as well join of large drop pearl pink.
Apparently, that was released around this hassle with exceptionally strong smell of males.
Somehow I feel even with wet paper, I felt like a little blurred print.

[...! ! ! ......]

I've felt like an unpleasant feeling tightening in my chest.
However, unable even to halfway, I spread the rest at once.

:! ! ! "

Black toy sticking to the secret part was accompanied by his right hand and fired to the left is strong enough to collapse a breast massage, which was strongly Kujitsu nipple between your thumb and forefinger.
Long black hair fall on, something that has withstood the 眉根 The wrinkle, eyes open and yet thin haze You Hana because they are like, look like a dim, half-open lips, tongue licking .
On the edge of the mouth drool hanging.

"- Nde I'm kidding ーーー ?···· lie!"

Low and behold it.
Was reflected in the photos, it was my own. . . . . .

Not even going to talk to people, one thing thing, such a preference, I know of incest, arrived to this site.
What do you think of my son act like this?
We hope you find your opinion.

I question whether I could get that picture because my son has no idea that not, then look a little research, I also hope will be reported.
Sorry we Aya Takeshi.


Last night I was photographed with a naughty brother.
Taking off the pajamas is the place where sleeping chest and was taken over there.
From the above it does not, my father and mother, was forced to promise to tell your friends and teacher.
Now, being said to my brother, I write this.
I swear that you break a promise to publish the photo.

My son incest girl

That long ago. I had seen my son and husband have sex. When my son was 32 1. When his two sons, I have been riding on my son was taking a nap. My son was massaging my breasts. I was astonished. What will you do. Mom, would you also let me. I, I got to see the body of the mother Tarashitaku. I tried to 脱Gasou Then my clothes. I want that I got my brother, will not you make it in what I'm like that. And why it makes you out. I'm going to make me be. After that I was naked despite the fierce resistance. Come now, but I will not leave the body from head to this since yesterday. I wanted lots of massaging my breasts for this. My son has been forced repeatedly to the lips. Was absorbed in the breast and carefully. Suwa I was about 10 minutes. And there was a finger tossed terrible. Finally Nugimashita son's clothes. His son had become something the size of grown man now. Hey, suck it up for example. You were working on yesterday. I'll reluctantly grabs his mouth and hair, feels good. Because I said so feels good fellatio. It was like her body is beginning to life. And my son was quite a slow process but in me and Ireyou. If I had to give up now. Is coming in last. I thing they 攻Me立Temashita hard. Oh, very pleasant. Best female body. I Play. The Dasanai stop. My son will not keep the pregnancy we often ignore the waist. And while I fired. Since that day I was raped by her son. I'll put out at least Tanomimashita to face the ridge because I get too pregnant. But Nakada Kurenaku out to stop taking the course I was pregnant. Actually, I took into my body some time even my husband's sperm to have a relationship with his son as they prepared for. A husband to cheat in a pinch.
But I know me. The child is a child of his son did. I honestly thought that I could also produce a child of her son. I'm pretty good actually have sex with my son. The tough and durable large Cali, I was so looking forward to having sex with her son. Pies continued even after the pregnancy was found. I'm sorry but my husband's son has produced a child. Four years, yet has continued relationship. But since my son let a child I can hold my horse came to me out however. Ever since I let a child born now seems to enjoy sex only. Brothers son (daughter) seems to be great satisfaction for me was that the child 産Ma was. But sometimes trouble. I seen her having sex with our last son.
While we did not just pull out my son. I have tea with your mother not bring the bullying. It seems crazy, so I thought I felt I was bullied. I wanted to I was more irresistible.寝Kashitsukemashita naked together reluctantly. I have tea with us (I call him so) I was always going to ride a larger penis Nde. We managed to Gomakashimashita. I was still hazy with interrupted. Go to bed with her daughter and matched each other violently and seek. If I had woken up a little close to violent son. Sex and the other is the son can not stop.


Onani, I saw. Maybe because I did not like my marriage.
At that time I was a virgin. H boyfriend is made to
Because poor Daddy is revealed for the first time. But I'm too late.
Are you beginning to understand dad.
I shake my hips a little boy to hit some dark things in the bath.
Later saw the kitchen trash, there was a hole konnyaku discarded.
Projecting out of the bath furnished, the view from my room upstairs window.
Nde always left open that window visible from the outside.
She looks like daddy's face, I saw your penis firmly.
Most probably ever seen Okkii.
I think I'm cute and you Onani Dad also always tough.
I say gross, but all his father's little boy did not do that.
Opportunity to make this time, I thought it's OK to raise or if Handjob Blow.
But I wish that you will get mad, Dad.
Yes, when my raise to sleep drunk.
Seishi out of your mouth in rut, right 怒Renai. I'm sure.