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Incest confession of women(2007-05)

Sex with my brother

yuna himekawa[4455]
In 11th grade I, being a brother is. School without a parent in an interview long ago, Kenji was in fact secretly aiming (brother) and I'll look over there, take a shower when my brother, "Kenji ~ little sister to hurry, I'd join a bath soon ... "went into the bath towel in just because.

I was quite surprised my brother, my brother was taken to the room stood up as soon as I pulled out the arm ....

Naked brother was naked ... I towel fell away.
I thought my brother and me Ya I do, after all ... my brother was beaten.

I saw my brother over there, "It's there Kii Hiroshi Kenji." When saying, "If my sister ~ I also very heart." ... Was told it was.
We gave you like a brother about two hours.
I give him my brother masturbation show from the end I got so excited to have been properly cleared of tinkering with my nipples ....
And felt pretty, but the other was the best I got to be licking his brother there to watch the whole time ....

Since then my brother came to my room and very often the parents are ♪ Ya me in secret

Relationship between the two brother

First experience of high school three years and this year was a two-year relationship with his brother, too high one year and Satoru Naka. All three It was the first experience, too. I also had sex with the girl since I was in elementary school and was interested in Hashitsu decent thing, like for example when you are in her room one day the three of you asked me is like masturbation, filled in the answer I gave that first experience will be more eventually say that since there is so much that I said I imagined her things She said Hey you guys what you put in reverse for you.

Three sons in the tamper

My mother's family and us. Bed sleeping side by side.
Sometimes in the winter means where I crawl into bed with each other.
Noticed the middle of the night there with Crispy hand over there.
I slowly hand Doketa now frequent.
And noticed that conviction.
I'm tired and I drink a nightcap of work will soon fall asleep.
One day, we burst into a nervous hand to thigh, I pretended to sleep and its Whoops.
Rub comes as a subtle poke.
Stopped and turned over depression. But after a while also.
And apparently the other hand my son, I was like tampering to the penis.
Ijirashiku turned away, pretending sleep after several times, "Hey!"
Spring and a futon, I was holding my son and put condom penis.
Waru My son is almost divorced Niya Innovation.
Condo son - wearing the system, then out, and I've been using repeatedly washed in the bath.
Buy? I said that there has been used to find my underwear drawer and heard.
Well!ー use or about two years. Did not notice.
Well, anyhow, for my son, "What shall together?"
And 持Chikakemashita.
Although rare, it was entertainment, too ー.
I became a naked lower body, open your legs bend knees, fingers Nazorimashita.
The intention of the act, and I think I've seen really feel.
Eventually my son, I'm happy that I had to help Morai.
Become a daily routine, just because it is also a holiday lunch midst.
My son is brave, when you yourself are you doing chewy, try to put in?
And invited.
After I'm a happy son of the penis like, I do not thing that it can scarcely put a finger and still the same thing,
Dakiai naked, and I was the first woman and the son I'm feeling the penis in the vagina wriggle. Chaimasu excited doubtful that such a feeling like I'm in a scary mother.
My son liked Deipukisu like, makes me tampering while tangled tongue.
Occurred early in the morning and on weekends,
"Mom, of ik? Iki Really?" "Yeah, ik,, ik,, Oh Yeah"
Son forget the mess my penis, I attacked several times a day.


I am 35 years old. 152 cm 46 kg. Body is stupid enough to infant nephew and head and body 5. I'm aware my heart is swollen enough time being.
The thin face small eyes drooping eyes. I mean shortcuts always seen young, or that there is no sex appeal.
But Tsuya Tsuya has white skin. Her husband made her like'm separated, as sometimes you come to eat rice occasionally, but was troubled period Deta lazy though. What is the best money properly because he came in, "I muttered to myself.
Nephew is a sophomore this year. The eldest son.
Tall, but very cheeky, so once I'm hired to work in my size, and follow, fine.
When a late nephew, 泊Rimasu store and residence in my house.
Selfish husband was sleeping in the room, I saw something nasty videos borrowed.
One day, I drank beer in the nightcap. Even with the eyes, perhaps,
Nephew went to the room to kill free time.
"Hey!'s Weird to see you!" Nephew was also surprised to ignore Cor eventually began to see.
Sex, shall be, not what you see, had seen the sex video. Most women will do so.
But pretty excited and looking to kill the free time.
Or red and also how I like Atashi agony.
U is a nephew to be there "anymore, you go!" Towards what you and aunt!
"I'm going to bed soon pull out." "Oh. Alas,"
Pat on the head and teasingly, Kita Kano Embracing Innovation suddenly annoyed, "Now even five Mariko head and body, I'll do it." Notamaimashita this.
"So better ^ ^" and really started to take off my pajamas and Yarikaesu.
If you really beaten, not the art of resistance.
Run away in my underwear, being naked and taking breaks, and between your legs closed, fingers.
Stooped down, after a moment of silence, "my, no,, no,"
And I was weak voice echoed in the room.
Invade the penis, was released just two things in my womb a hot minute.
After a while, nephew of "Woman" I realized my expectations are very excited about that than to regret things.
Indeed nephew, I was so head down to the drought Waru.
Quick shower, with bi de vagina too lightly.
The nephew returned to the room, next to the nephew 寝Soberimashita surprised.
Nephew began playing with the vagina, penis, my nephew 握Ri締Memashita.
"You're in!" And to condemn the unilateral and abandon my leg because it was Hirakimashita Iki.
"Oh,,,, ik,, ik,, Ikuuu,"
While I reached and nephew's face.
While holding hands while entering the vagina, and I endured a wave of "functional ーー cute Hey, yeah pretty Ge grinded.."
Copyright and cute face when I showed, you are now and then embraced the finger firmly installed, I received a second release of Ai but lick your face.

Was committed, the family

Hi, I'm a normal 25 year old housewife.
I now have a forum, and I'd be a lot to you.
In fact, I now present my husband with two years ago, age is just 20 years older than me, women's underwear is not even decent enough to say that killing even a small company now We are a company and sell.
My husband and I live here, we have now ex-wife divorced.
We lived together there for four family wife and two children before.
My husband is 45 years old 25 years old, my son is 21 years old and 23-year-old son.
We started to change from the previous life was a little like a brother to me and not change much year.
It is the first thing I'm becoming a slave since the night tied with his sons from a year ago but was now feeling what you're thinking of you guys that I drool I'm so horny M afraid to go himself transformed Did a lot of women.
The first in the mouth with plenty of semen devour cock husband a blow but it's since seen their son I was playing in the bath together with my husband into the bath when I happened I want to be seen in full from a nervous look and his sons after a bath containing Cum.
I blush for, I know of what you are saying now approaching Nde I feel it Let me suck my cock even one day,
At that time, but I settled on it 突Ki放Shi
I have been in bed sleepy and confused, and no eating yogurt yogurt know you like me then.
I must have been a sleeping pill, you're right, was the first state not believe I had been raped by two of his sons at the time, at last been fed cock their two sons in a pussy When the noodles came out with plenty of users out of the pussy vaginal cum shot is then that I became pale, a picture is taken as a bonus, like when I was in panic and turned my head to the video good? I have become.
In the photograph they have taken some photos Munching beautiful sons cock in my mouth was the worst conditions.
I was born this way I could not say it to my husband.
This seemed to be his sons may be seen as threatening words half they showed a photo absolutely say so. It is once a day from two sons as slaves were raped.
It was in a euphoric mood is invited to eat out while I eat out because there is little talk with my husband one day.
Such talk could be hung from the head with ice water, I tipped my husband is. Helped to place the story is finished now husband and I let him lord, I'm fucked three sons at the same time each night, beginning when it is sex with three people I always I go to bed and the sex, the first in the head and body but I think I would be dying to What our family is inversely proportional to, is now covered with semen pill every day is to drink too ordered.
I am now in the house in the nude, we have a full life, we have to spend outside the home even enters the naked sons and husband, of course.
It is our rule, no one has come to be naked clothes will be answered in the nude with nothing on and the visitors who came to the courier.
Are you the same exposure, so I'm not a real person but a visitor came to me to say. Recently, I guess it surely happy smile comes to those accustomed to home delivery.
It became quite famous visitors to the
But last night I'm looking forward to enjoying our three devour enough dick drool.
So when you go out is expected, but Ikimasen naked, clothes are clothes that you can enjoy moderate, of course you are transparent.
Something over a short skirt and nipple see-through you, then naturally I take my recent scary to say the thought of the night, but I do not hang on the brake In myself becoming more horny頂Kitai I tell you what to do good to everyone.

Honeymoon mood

The sheath body has given my son take while studying.
Far from becoming too bored college students, is the son of my body Nomerikon that more and more.
While shame hesitation that I have better now and really unbearable torture at the tear-stained face, and culminated in his will felt.
At first anyway, was now push comes to penis sex entirely, "The ik me is one day."
I decided. With inflammation in my dumping symptoms, Dr treat my body took care has also stopped.
By using a lubricant is very sore the next day will be reduced.
When a son is usually the only one apron, one piece thin nightgown.
Was forced to masturbate in his son that, I felt I was, "Please,, quickly,, yeah let squid,"
Weeping and pleading for his son.
And devour the tongue while his son, is played it gets.
疼I come in the afternoon as the company.
Take off your clothes faster,,,. Time to go home while I was waiting I Omoi.

This year marks the twenty

Dad's first experience with high school because I can not say I have a baby and let's try Naka Naka Could not contraception. The number of times yet never have to I'm five years since the dark as much as possible once a week Dasa? This year's father fifty Muridesho Well if you can not parent this year and still be so physically Do U?

I am a high school

Hi, I'm a normal woman to meet high school students are living in Kansai.
Finally lost her virginity this year, high school sophomore.
But the other is the father, when there was a casual act.
I live alone with my father better away from home in Nagoya.
Trading in the house as a career by working in Kansai to eat well every day my mother is always alone, alone I miss most.
Most go back home to my father recently went to play it when I was in Tokyo on that trip to Tokyo this spring because, with a deadline.
Also go to Disneyland, we went to visit his father and calling on spring break in three days and two nights.
For me to go to Disneyland with a rare father slept together that when I am staying in a condominium apartment on the last day of his father also enjoyed sightseeing in Tokyo for me, I should say clearly and body language but I was told what year you live from my father went looking for his father's penis was like confused by large enough to take the retroflexion Frankly navel my grip and vice versa and words I was surprised I even moments before the DVD is very excited to further expand my father and I'll tell you in the mouth including the mouth and forced fellatio penis as seen, then how many minutes I began to insert his penis into her pussy where my father grew Kashita, the father eventually licking me until it easier to insert Bechobecho gently licking my father said I'm sorry to say I'm hurt I accept the penis.
I felt more than I felt the pulsing of the penis and the Father is in me, a lot of pussy cum in my father passed away at the best mood I pick it up for about an hour or to release a lot inside.
Many heard the words my father I'm fine If I have kids I thought I thought I'd do if I am to reality rather then subjected to cut pipe from my father let me be born into this world seems.
I said I'm fine with not getting pregnant, so absolutely.
I am at a rate of once every two weeks then I got to go to Disneyland took my father to play the original. But I really Disney matter.
I go to enjoy sex with my father come back even after the end of this trip his father. I will take me to a love hotel from a good clean once I came back I promise
We grew wispy pubic hair I recently hair but I now seem like the father and that part of the thin makes a beautiful body to lick clean before entering the bath, cock father and my I give to clean.
I wish I would like staying forever if by chance my father is 17 years old this year. You wanted to give me a bigger penis and warped father every day, I want students to develop into a more prurient.
My mother in secret


This evening, to meet ー.
I am a high school freshman now.
Could my brother actually has a sinful act.
I'm 16 years old, my brother is 17 years old on one.
The action began this spring, but I'm just.
I did not at first, but only about Ai touch, now that I look like before sex and fellatio.
Actually my brother's room and the room was next to hear the conversations and noises are not always separated because only one piece curtain blinds.
I've seen things from any mistake that you are masturbating while watching a sex video without knowing that his brother is probably in my room one day.
Nde was no world of the unknown and never touched something that I do not know how much the standard size of something that my own cock.
Ppokara where you hide it from his hand concealed in his hands to cock my brother embarrassment when I opened the curtains to blinds deviated was looking at my feet a place that one day my brother masturbation I was told to say by bites nails never came out from seeing the hand was filled with white paint something Innovation. Let me touch you once did I say I'll also overlap in silence once out of curiosity I wanted to touch because of my own cleaning solution by Pedro I Pedro I reluctantly left my brother earlier in the tissues I brought before the beginning of more and more into the hands of that back and forth just like his brother was fairly interesting Nde surprisingly soft to the touch, but saw it was going to touch and stare While his brother Shigoi hands with one hand Osamaranakatta Nde I end soon become big in the moment and my hands Ugh. I learned that men's sperm has been found on the Internet gradually find out a lot and hear a friend.
First blood came out from where I strained my precious among the highlights every night before sleep for a while and then Ai seems to be broken hymen finger deep into the thing I apparently hurt his brother.
Cock my brother a few days and repeated nature of "knowing where I received an important, but now once every two days is not the end is my brother in .
Of course the first rubber of the month so I do not put me from knowing nothing had been ejaculating in the end I live these days in children could be very wise Now and will not settle, so the experience of every three pass out yours if you know my mother and father about sex to ~ 04.
At first I was sore every day, but now there is no lonely brother's cock.
During this time the thing home from school that is good alone since we travel out to your father and mother Ai strainer body wash each other from taking a bath together to eat raised in the bath with fellatio, 果Temashita once in my body there.
Total licking me until the morning through my body in bed and then 7,8
How was tea time.
I really really well and I thought man, from about the third time I was pounding the hip shake my brother many times I said I can not stay erect 萎Manai now I engaged in sex work hard and we even began, as mothers in sex.
What sin might be wrong I like his brother?

They lived with my father

Gave birth to a girl last month. It was Baremasen school to high school. Father is a partner. It was not until three years had hard luck, but I Tsukuritai me since I started Tomoko and children in relation to the father since he was three years junior high school.

Disqualification mother ...

When a pregnant high school sophomore, at the age of divorced parents at the age of 25 became 17. High school to enroll his son Kazuya luck alone from male suitors asking too dated, remarried at age 33.
He was two people who have lived their lives and Megumi's daughter died, two years from his wife, his son Kazuya.
My husband continued to travel every day many busy small business start-up opportunity to marry me, did not enjoy every day with three people in addition to Kazuya me and Megumi.
Kazuya is very 可愛Gari new sister, Megumi Natsukimashita happily too.
I was also initially very pleased that my good brother and sister turned with appalled to see her sneaking out of the room is Megumi Kazuya night.
At that time my best to hide but only for itself without being noticed Kazuya not sure what yet.
Since then, "What should I do if I was causing the error ..." followed by sleepless nights to think, we continued to go to make sure the room quietly concealed the child's feet every time you heard a noise.
Kazuya 覗Kimashita room gently to feel like one day heard a noise at midnight and passed about 10 days. Then 居Masen Kazuya. Megumi and I chance to rooms ...
Kazuya hazy figure in the darkness saw a gap in the door ... my mind went blank a moment ...
When I watched Megumi eyes peering Suyasuya asleep. Kazuya right hand while looking into the sleeping face, so it's boring in bed fingered left hand was moving in his crotch.
Act shocked that his son had been, and will be sorry to that person was a previous marriage and her husband, hesitated a moment I did not know what should I say I'm discouraged would stop calling out . In a low voice and I had no husband to face more mistakes but "Kazuya ..." and 呼Bi掛Kemashita.
Kazuya has reacted to solidify out of the room so quietly without being noticed Megumi stopped moving.
"Come over here anyway," decided to listen to reason took me to the bedroom.
"Since when did this this year?"
"How many times in this?"
"Megumi was not noticed?"
Kazuya was still silent, face down the various 問Itadashimashita not have a look at my face.
"There are naturally interested in sex at this age. Ties of blood, but I'm much sucks even without a prank to my sister. I noticed the mirror was going to do if you Meg? Was going to do the voice 上Getara of? "問I詰Memashita and quite.
Kazuya began to speak quietly weeping.
"I loved my mother. It was the proud mother of a young envy become even better friends. To my father remarried and doing it seemed crazy to sneak peek . with haunted voices in my head and his mom and dad doing, I'm strange ... It has become, "said crying.
Kazuya hugged me. While thinking hug. Kazuya, it will not cause any problems this will have to somehow ... again ...
"Kazuya, and her mother want?" I'm embarrassed to say such a thing had disturbed everywhere.
Kazuya was crying face buried in my heart has to push down the overhanging cover and I nodded down at the same time. Kazuya and before I know it was like a different person. Kazuya's body Bakkari thought it had been a child a man.
Can not refuse to come here, I was strangely excited at the hot body and Thinking about what would make the mistake and his son, Kazuya.
"Kazuya, have experience?" Me 埋Zu shook his head while his face and chest and listen.
How nice of the brush down. Got me thinking ... and the mother was not suppressing the body's heat more and more.
Can I fall into hell ... trying too happy with my body ... for Megumi to convince myself thinking of excuses and arbitrary.
Remove buttons wore pajamas when sleeping and Kazuya is revealing braless breasts pressed against his face as Mushaburitsuku spoiled.
I am a virgin with no experience so far, I do not know how you will be rewarded the man to lead the first time.
Kazuya embraced now take off pajamas. The young man had forgotten the smell. Involving her husband and sticking to the skin on my body like a different stick.
Kazuya Koji開Keta moment in the thigh, crotch, I felt something hot and hard. Kazuya is the neck from the chest, and kissed my lips.
Deep kiss with my son ... but in my mind is the body that lead to resistance is a natural reaction. Ethics is also gone when I last kissed it.
Held over to mess with what became stiff Kazuya pants. Penis cute kid, but now has become so hard and so big. Concentrate on thinking of that kiss.
I want you to caress me ... even at that moment Kazuya was going to have to take my panties on hand. Have been strongly pushing Kazuya crotch. While pushing the body was so stiff rub.
U Uu ... and Kazuya had cum while wearing pants and let out a voice.
I do not know what I say I gave my heart to pat her head to face Kazuya hold anyway.
Just 10 minutes away from being 押Shi倒Sa, was less than 5 minutes from the act of touching the groin, in my head had felt like it took hours.
"Even though when I'll 早Kunai masturbation so much ..." says Kazuya uncomfortable with, "OK, first I'm young like mon.'ll Be able to enjoy more and more accustomed to" take off your pants were saying. During the semen came out lukewarm.
"Now even my mother will not touch my dick," Kazuya said, and now I just tried to lead the hand is approaching from me. I am no longer the "I'll teach her how to deal with this child" had gotten to feel like that. "Panties, it was so I go down the hips down and Surusuru. Try it," said apology teach or take off from the tips. Panties wet look "wet I did not know that woman?" Come to be thought of Kazuya caresses she said with great interest. Children really love ...
"It was kind like," "There is more intensely," in less than 10 minutes to increase interaction and that in the groin of Kazuya.
Once you have got bigger I had wanted I can not stand another state.
"Kazuya, I put it," said Kazuya I have inside me. The child sex really, I think incest is not that strange excitement I felt and experienced. The size, in such a technique could not get excited. I guess the brain is excited about him ...
In the rough, without any technique or tactics, but I'm nothing but a violent sex just was not deep enough to cum so Shimashi to fall unconscious.
While enjoying the feeling I'm exploiting the womb, the children came out of the womb to this ... I was thinking about doing this ... as a mother can not afford this.
Kazuya's "okay to cum like this?" Even unconscious nodding away in a dim awareness of the voice to say, I strongly hold while Kazuya cum first.
And went blank in my head, in my ear, "Mom ..." when I realized the voice whisper Kazuya, Kazuya was a warm cum flowing out of me. I accept the sperm is real son.
Disqualified her mother that day will never forget ...
Kazuya then is likely to have sex and sometimes even she can. Both my husband talking normally get along.
But two or three times a month is a day away from home because her husband at work, such a day will almost certainly come into my bedroom. Has, of course.
It is wrong as a person I know.
I feel there might be criticized from all of you to stop.
Then we write the flow of had the chance again. I am sorry to write at length away.

Helping my son

Leaving home, now live with my son used to buy a house in the suburbs.
The first floor of my bedroom and office. The second floor living room to our son.
Even when parents are home, the family was his brother, and lived apart, but somehow it was noise, however, is now really become aware of each other to live alone with two.
Son is seen as always,.
It is also good mothers and good friends joke, but I argue it.
Mom doing masturbation. With my heart beating fast and it is said jokingly. I had to believe is true.
My son is quite upset that I gradually became so sensitive to teasing fun.
Honestly, I'm quite naughty. While men, but often I console myself with your fingers lightly.
"Have you put your mother in Pantei Seriously."
"That's wrong?" "And put into the washing machine."
Well, wearing underwear all day,. Now a little red.
"I then washed the least." Baku Baku saying I was no longer in the chest and once 切Ri返Shimashita.
Take my son next year. I thought I'm studying seriously.
Friday night there, I'm late son.
And say something "a little." And he responded that he.
She said her son always lie down after masturbation.
Son room impulsively gone.
Have a drink and supper snacks.
My son will be surprised.
I have a blue mini-dress like a nightgown. Pantei black figure.
My son in silence, Pakutsuki candy, looking at me.
I lay in bed and closed the eyes of his son.
Followed by a moment of silence for a while, my son will let me slip my finger or leg 飲Mi込Meta last.
Pantei started rubbing nipples while poking a finger.
I opened the leg, so I started playing with the hand rub violently push his son wrapped.
The other half gets wet Pantei time, "get rid ,,,."
I put his voice.
Men and women were only just now.
Zori only hit my son 悶Emashita to have crazy fingers.
Squeeze your own stuff and started his son, suck Emashita mouth.
Now I'll have my son's bedroom.
For now, my son and never want to insert the penis,
I will accept at any time when desired.

This time to apologize even if

yuna himekawa[4374]
If I dressed up from the bath as usual, etc. Oh sliced open the door dressed in a covered waiting Did not you say I call my brother to come ~ ~ ~ ~ 被Satsu Innovation cover. Innovation and Thinking it strange, to put both hands and push forward my brother's shoulder, we 起Ki上Gara, I had a fight with her again and Innovation and whether there was something she did it? Wait, look okay except we care? I say if I bother to take off. Being pushed to the wall beside the front door window came a different state my brother always puts weight. They just do it ... .. feeling the rough breath on her brother can not breath gradually being pushed around like crazy, shouting to stop on the 重Kutsu Seke I and another break I'm evil effect. The house was finally alone with his brother from being torn T-shirt, came up if I said there Watch out for wearing a tank top ー Yarashii sports bra wearing it at home. Marks are gripped around your wrist attaches to evade when the door outward to resist, but eventually enters the mind is a memento of his brother from the bottom while being beaten ass milk are forced to wear purple bikini while being gripped the wrist. Were asked to follow a strong hand against the wall and back. Nejikoma is ... straight from the hole on the room wearing black pants thumb is if I Hold the mouth dripping with legs flapping hysterically. Oh Oh Well ~ I cried when the case was his brother tits lips loose string bikini anymore. The leak came even got my breath even 無Kutsu escape, the imposition imposed thumb jerk, and he cut into spats with, just a hole there. Yo face or said in jest 思Ikkiri let my brother wants to come around if you get Son Kikaseru voice became the voice Antsutsu I felt pushed into a hole in the pants as soon as you open Kuni Kitsu or. Is taking off more and more embarrassment for beating his fist on the wall with tears finally spilled. . And feet were scattered down the edge of a broken window dressing gown is taking off quickly extinct. They tend to refrain from, but I sometimes evicted from her room to do this to you, brother! Mosomoso like wild animals themselves moving to my body on a moment without saying a word to stop the movement and I said yes I will burn. While suffering oppression gone raw plug the hole with my index finger to his brother's shoulder into force fucked by Kutchan Innovation I really useless. Its scary, but far more slowly are you different from being raped by a totally different person since I'm two years older brother I saw my brother back because I'm always working hard been pointed out - his brother was full of juice is a finger thrust Yoguchonni Yamaguchi. . Came a sudden thrust of cock on her brother pushed up milk on the painful call on my own pants off of them my brother. Come ... by far the thrust seems to be strong enough I'm not crushed by the powerful pro wrestler in the virgin hole while hitting a wall with feet about empty Boss Boss Innovation. . . The rebellion was at its utmost of my gasp for air crying tired of the pain was extinct. Yet'm just stuck ... My brother, like brother said just how much violence and attacked everything astir upper half of my name called, stepped on and suffered a minute of losing a brother to 辛Kutsu instep, - Come inside ... I got my clitoris while kneading my brother four seconds later the place. . Then I had the rare Ikasa I inserted the wall while his brother and lukewarm limp was barely bend it to recover my breath look towards the window. While rent was never to be so violent actions perpetrated in the past three times since becoming a brother so unpleasant to live with his brother was not the first time, is not considered Raremase But even want to think without crying since becoming a thing of the past had to do.泣Kijakurimashita. The other night ... too much violence continued to apologize and then night night my brother, who suffered from a long stay at the house of Innovation boyfriend Never go back again ...! ! ! XX !!!!!!

Whirlpool thirty-two at the age of three

We've been all the household chores are not in a car accident one year my mother in high school. It is the first time they experience life father and brother and brother when I was three years junior high school. I borrowed my dad is watching all your AV if the room is, it is said Hey I came to her a bit younger brother of AV was first sought by force to his father and brother I was excited. Then I wore a baby three times now I make everyone eventually climax today with the kids after dinner or with Tomoko.

Whirlpool id in twenty two

The longer a mother in a car accident a year Satoru Naka

My discourse incest

End a call from her husband to travel when I was taking a bath, my father came to the loud noise from the room kerflop, for example I heard you groan too.

I hurry, bath towel, sprinkle, the father went to the bedroom.
Open de bran gently, looking, like a head untimely Dresser, stepfather was covered in blood fell to the head.

抱Ki起Koshi 寝Kasemashita a futon. Father is paralyzed limbs in rheumatoid arthritis. Put the medicine, bandages Makimashita head. From the kitchen cold compresses have been placed on his head.

And how would you try to stop the bleeding. The father finally noticed. Going to take a cup of tea, I said head untimely and has taken tea. Let the side faces, let swallowed. Father's was grateful.

Suddenly, my groin's stepfather tried. Looking at the bottom left of the towel, it was because it was making a whole leg Mie.

When you stand up in great haste, being grabbed Hikkurikaerimashita father's feet. Father's dick has to kiss. It Hairy, hair is said to be marked with the pussy, the white in my head now.
The father pulls a towel, massaged my chest Dari has been licking nipples.

Hands went down, rustling in the hand, stroked her vagina was, and let Ubiquitous away feeling, my legs open and natural.

Initially, there is only married her husband was daily masturbation.
In wet wet, now I want to put that feeling soon.

The father took off his pants, came in between the legs.
From there, the sound was indecent splashing sound.
I immediately say I gasped aloud.
The father "Th ~ Iki." Pulled his penis out of me about.
Did not have a rubber, put me in because I'm afraid to stop pregnancy.

Father's penis was slippery in my love juice.
My father is not your penis larger Deji was to let the end.
I feel sorry for what it is, and then got Nakade. .
I will go very quickly stepfather.撫Ze father ever was my dick happily. That night while the father slept in my bed naked. (Again, the warmth of the Guy)

Father and has every month.

Sun's brother was raped.

Then I (19), Hiro (17), Tomo (15).
My parents went to two people in a wedding anniversary trip, we were answering.
At night no special things that have changed, I went to bed.
The pressure on what happened and 掛Kara and Dontsu.
That is difficult to see in front of the dark, Hilo.
What are you doing? Mouth closed and have been forced to kiss you and say.
To take off your clothes to my confusion, and realize Yabaitsu indeed, but a desperate resistance, Hiro has finally entered the inside of me.
I feel frustrated or more, even though I could not come ... but the question of siblings.
Tremendous momentum in Hilo Masu Hashi piston posture you hold me.
Gishingishin and creaking bed, what happened at the sound. Stood at the entrance to my room Tomo.
Tomo help ... and say, Hiro, you Tomo Yaro virginity? You ask my sister to drop off brush ○ ○. This.
Tomo took off pants and shorts, the closer to me.
Tomo array is definitely stood dark.
Hilo is sampled, will be on all fours I've put in my mouth. The Blow will be forcibly grabbed his head.
Whoops Yuru to further my dick in that thing ... I have inside me TOMO.
Tomo is just 果Temashita moved several times. ... In me.
Hilo is a sense the sore, I fast, and what we put in too Morao. This.
Hilo is committed again in my posture. Tomo was resting at side.
Rape, incest ... also excited to blunder away, I'm suffering Demashita.
When I came in to me ... Lee and Hilo.
Hiro is happy Shitarashiku went out of the room pulled out of the Tomo.
Three years have passed since since then, and put the rubber on the condition that his brother has SEX.
Contraindicated or too excited about that sort of thing ... ... Chaimasu.

Recently, my son and

The recent "day mother" is the thing.
7th grade son and one day, I received going out shopping.
Mother's Day position, saying going out shopping for mom, forced half a day, let 付Ki合Wa. Previously I did well walking down the street arm in arm, has recently turned from a junior high school as before, become even Kurenaku by connecting the hand. . But when I walk by connecting force, Dari from his arms and his son who gradually (before I knew it was too far back at me.) . By the time the evening had come along with me to the arms and waist, while I somehow became aware that one man as his son returned home, and into the living room, my son Suddenly, with me holding later, Mom and shout and tell me there for a while as is, my son came overlapping lips on my lips. However, I felt my son, I understand that, which is that I'm still so not ready in mind, I got to talk about waiting for his son translated. But I and my son in the near future will lead to one thing. .

Brother was deprived of her virginity

Hi! Satoru Naka I am now a freshman.
I have a brother three years older.
In the shower this summer, we did not have an umbrella I went home in wet conditions. Then, they came back wet in a shower is also a high school freshman brother, "Welcome home, Aya. I'm boiling bath. That enters." He said. I soaked in the rain without thinking, "Yeah. Thank you, I have tea with us," he said, as it entered the bath.
思Ubeki did not enter the bath wondering first why my brother is now considering. And I'm soaking in the bathtub, and brother, "I 風邪Hiki too cold. I come in?" Has been heard.

I am so embarrassed I, and expected him to Hikasu a bad cold, "I'm seeing things I did were" answered.
Open the door of the bathroom like crazy Then her brother, however have a penis erect in front of my eyes.
My "brother! And I'm going! Ah what did you see?" And hide their faces and hands saying, "I like that Aya!" To say, my mouth Put the tongue has entangled.
I'm really good feelings about, so parents have to come back, "her brother, looks I'll be back Dad," I have resisted, saying, "We could come back anytime soon because my father was a high school reunion I do not "is said to have been kissed again.

And "always wanted to Ayawo yours ..." he said ... and then "Aya, you're pretty good tits," I started licking my nipples and saying.
"Oh, no." I think, for example voice I peeing.

After I turned my nipples Konekuri carefully, including the mouth and started sucking. While there has been hot on the tongue that is licking the nipple. When one topic that was not such a pleasant taste.
And my brother is to bring the hand there's me, "You're wet pussy excited, I must do such lewd, well, I'll wet the more" but I hope, next began to rub the whole there with your fingers Mashita.
I have become comfortably "Ah," I aloud.

Getting more love juice overflowing from there, so now go along the thigh. Brother forced me fingers entangled in my love juice, lick love juice after removing and began rubbing my clit thumb. I, masturbation, even when it did not touch the clitoris for direct, was attacked by a great pleasure.

"You're great amount, I'll wipe your tongue to clean my brother," his face, saying there has been close to.
"Oh, look at my brother," he said.
Close to my face there, but smell the smell, "it smells like sour cheese."
While saying this, my tongue began to lick.

The first patient was still rough feel sick.
"What comes out but I can lick lick. Ayano is a bad girl," she said, now began to lick a little rough. It gradually becomes pleasant, and you feel it was pee out.
Longer then my brother was loved like crazy.

The penis is Okkiku brother, I was a virgin, "I want! I want!" I was then in rapid succession. Each time the older brother, "Do not worry, better feelings about the mess right now, but if I put up a little sore," has been slow to say the piston.
I have been echoing in the bathroom so I drenched sound to come out and you put your dick brother.

The elder brother in the middle, "Aya, I do, you feel good?" I've heard, I have tears in eyes "feel good, big brother," I answer and shout.
The older brother heard his words, suddenly became early piston. And the next moment her brother, "Aya, go, Ugh," I said to ejaculate inside of me.

I love juice and blood in semen and from there he pulled out his older brother, my brother's penis, pink and flow out from there and drop my thighs have been transmitted through flowing up.
I was hanging on to my brother I got in my head went blank for more exhausted. Brother also had got to just stand and wait.

And I do not have my period. That's right. I entered the belly of a child older brother. Although my brother likes them 墮 Ro, no money. Becomes gradually larger stomach, like morning sickness too. Bareru to do when her mother and fearful.
Love like a brother every night, but I do live.
What can I do so I try this?

My brother molested

Up to now look after the tissue is masturbation brother masturbation I was excited for the naughty little brother is sleeping to see if direct means.
To not feel like a little brother or become somewhat of growth since the time of his brother's elementary school and there is little hair will slow down the pants of his brother sound asleep
Jim Johnson came out to see some more down to the most. Is also grows hair 剥Ke is no less than I thought.
(The longer the time my heart was pounding now I wake up trying to do.)
Becoming larger and larger surprised that tinkering with the various little boy or try to strip off the overburden and the skin become too bold to make sure a good night's sleep.
I'm sleeping even larger. (Wondering)
That mean's I'm a big, too bold maybe I might be able to ejaculate.
I tried but I just get to see that and this. Well something came out like I thought it came out beating the little boy becomes an instant voice breathing fast and his brother Niginigishi I rub up and down the little boy I know.
Well in the dark was so surprised because I did not want to fly as a lukewarm buffet buffet drop what I see.
Rest assured that I was sleeping soundly and I'm afraid I think what happened at the same time.
I returned to my room and masturbated hard and then the first moment of ejaculation 見Reta.
What I really naughty as too incestuous I have not?

PS. Post-processing of semen was difficult.


I put a long affair kicks into life, came back in the country.
Well, parents will have healthy, well job done cheaper but fortunately agency.
My brother lived close to the couple, both spouses often since I work, and inside three of the one child that I come and eat.
Many married couples to travel, I'm staying with you.
So around the mouth can barely hear it I was so aware.
Especially on children.
I am also a little nervous now.
Some weekends, parents Agricultural trip.
My brother married a business trip. I put the phone that I have come from.
Even when eating lunch, flickering, watching.
I was not on purpose - like a mini skirt.
Came really wet, there were m away to another irresistible.
"Hey, back hurts. Massaged me."
Watching my children are prone beneath me rub your back.
On the position of the child from thinking Pantei see Teru Towa,
Gently opened the leg.
Looking back our eyes met. I got up and called the child.
"Naughty things you want?" They turned red I was silent.
Lying on his back, a child's hand on his chest. Slowly we touch. The bra blouse. Rubbing to feel very much.
Crawl turns two hands.
Again, I screwed up, open your legs Okiagari led.
Or rub or poke, or pressed with fingers Gugutto.
Second, the Gusshori Pantei.
I had two people get rid of them all.
I use my fingers, and you get a nipple biting.
"More, faster Uuu" pretend myself a stiff lower back hips, I Tta Lee.
I have embarrassed the liquid jet.
Many times, people take off your pants after reaching two, Lee Kasemashita hand.
Went to eat dinner in the car were two people left on until midnight and fuck.

The best sex with son

That was the thing six months ago. Atmosphere in the home because her husband was involved was a black woman.
Estranged husband and was, always arguing with both Orimashita son.
Never learn the cause disgust to her husband, but until then I have become men and women about men and Ai was good drinking buddies.
That was totally crazy and tantalizing spice is good people and yet very gently.
Son in college, or where and how you doing every day seemed to get spending money and sometimes in contact with her husband.
Ai was a daily frustration Najiri quarrel with each other.
There is a thing of the night. I also happen to residence of poor insects start with trivial things and I think I said pretty badly.
It is said that power to just bitch like as if my son got beatings.
What is it? Was pressed down with the 押Shi倒Sa.
Away from the pain! Speaking of her son back to the room, at that time were supposed to get into the skirt of a sudden.
Struggle, of course, but struggled, but soon tired of it at the mercy of it leaves the hand of her son.
As one hand roll back towards the lower half of my body, I have been Buchimashita retainer back many times what his son was in vain.
Over time, turn the skirt was raised, one thousand underwear I have been cut in half.
They can not close without a cushion is sandwiched between the large leg
We will trace the clitoris vagina fingers from her son.
I do not feel like tea,, and I think superfluous.
Another could not help raising your voice.
"I'm all right, Mother?" Son to be like that body I know not pregnant. Had had tubal surgery and forced to close again after a miscarriage a couple of times gave birth to her son.
"I let him put up ?"",,, I'm fine."
Well, in a manner of adult disease prevention.
All I was taking off and was taken to my room.
I do not sleep with no blankets to fold type. Sitting,
Mattress waited for his son lay.
My son, I got me wondering whether or not to commit yet.
Mischievous or just finish, or your girl.
Son of years older and dated 3 OL may, "and broke a streak." Yes.
No wonder people are accustomed to playing with.
I was lying sprawled out, watching his son moved the hard face of my fingers.
Almost reaching the waist and Omowazu Yojirimashita.
My son should be between my legs, thighs Kakae to one side
Rub your finger raised, the ping and beam waist Nokezori I gradually went to daunting.
I'm still just a wave, what came into my son hard.
"I do not think that the Yurukatta squid."
The other long hard cock bursting,
At a frightening pace, overrun the vagina,
Screaming with my son it was released into the womb.
Already filled with breath, painful.
To adapt to the body worn son and hugged each other while I fall asleep.
4 o'clock in the morning seems to have been longer.

Grandchildren skewered

yuna himekawa[4305]
Yumiko is a 59 year old baby boomers. They are now living with her grandchildren.
Grandchildren in pregnancy workplace affair with her daughter's manager, retirement, birth, and soon re-employment.
Akira is a grandson like that I raised.
"Grandma" because I hate to be called "Yumi-chan" I called them.
My daughter transferred to the U.S. headquarters to seven years ago, Akira place.
Seemed to live together in the coming three years Temasen already returned home.
D Sohn year in high school this year, nearly 180 centimeters tall, I'm crazy about basketball.
That was during the spring were two grandchildren.
When I passed the grandson of the room, but do not moan banged from behind the door shutting.
覗Itara casually, but he had his grandson with masturbation!
My eyes are glued to your grandchildren dick! It was nearly 15 inches long and thick!
I put the glans were swollen with large dark brown Ella!
Akira was frantically rubbing. The "oil, Yumiko!" And a small cry,
Cum again and again to let the knock back spasms. I thought of it and drop out,
It is, I flew almost like pee like 50 inches!
That ejaculation screaming my name the grandchildren! Hurriedly ran back to my room.
Had seen things not seen. But the ache in my lower body hard,
With a throbbing heart was in 潤N eyes. I got addicted to masturbation clitoris rubbing a long time. I want that pierced penis!
I want to scrape by on that error? I want that intense ejaculation vagina lashed back!
But it belonged to grandson, I can not stop incest?
Endured for six months was a struggle going crazy while being masturbation.
"Akira-chan, fuck!" I scream.
The fiery after-shower body that night, was crazy about masturbating while imagining that person's penis caught in Akira. And suddenly I was licking my crotch!
I was holding the waist with a penis engorgement will be the full monty Akira!
Thread expired grandson stand in front of the penis. I desire is on fire.
I said, "Akira-chan, it's good. Put" I've invited me!
Cock first time in years to recruit 20 men! I was there they shrank,
Cock like Akira Merimeri enter. But, rubbed the glans of the G spot Akira,
To feel good now, "Tsu Oh ~ good ~ Tsu" I ended up crying.
And "poke! Example'll poke more ~!" Was shouting like crazy.
Akira shook hips too crazy. And in a matter of minutes, "Yumiko" and moaning,
Lightning Gakutsu ejaculate in significantly shake the hips.
Moment is understood to be nailed intensely hot mass uterus, and tasted a sense of climax in a long time to become pure white 仰Ke反Tsu violently inside of my head.
"Yumi-chan, sorry. Got out in the" apology and Akira,
"I felt good will?" And asked, "really felt good!" Could happily. However, as a great young me. Akira now has dilation.
寝Se on his back to Akira, his knee in my 跨Ga I went to sit down with a hand stand erect penis Akira Numenume glowing.
But there is Akira Ino Takeshi penis in my 142 cm height was too long.
To all 呑Mi込Mezu was grinding and crushing the top of my uterus while the glans is lifted into the air skewered the penis.
Mighty chest with hands on Akira, Akira received a desperate stab with a slope.
I have the pleasure at a time when pierced on Susan was flaky and the tears spilled chest grandchildren.
"Ah ~ Ah, ik, ik, ik, Ikutsu, we Ugh ~" quivering violently back on their own, "oof, oof, oof" and moaned as far barely remember.
But I thought the white light flashed in my head immediately after dark in front of me and Suutsu,
Far as it is now conscious. I was fainting.
Air could pass, was lying on the crowded Akira's mighty chest.
The vagina and were filled with hot liquid, the plug was Akira's penis.
After all, that night I received five times the semen of young grandchildren.
Three years since then, been skewered nightly penis grandchildren are avidly forbidden pleasure.

Paradise Paradise

Yuko enjoying sex is like playing doctor with my son.
I found something in the drugstore.
Lotion from the beginning stages now, but there I was really there only territory is not painful. I was a little expensive.
Once you've played with all day to get carried away, well the next day the pain was really close to 疼I pee, although not leak and going.
I guess I was not a physiological napkin.

GW last week, so not go anywhere, but I went to a nearby hot spring.
Reluctant to take my son, I felt heaven in the bath or massage.
I had time to arrive, and son are enjoying the scenery on the porch drinking beer, down by the skirt underwear,
Has been pranksters.
Just to feel good while, I was'll install.
引Kizuri込Mi son into the room, the arcade will be launched quickly from behind.
Deliberately gentle evening massage there.
Fingers about the sword, my son will serve in a dream I fall asleep.
It is soundly until morning.
And wake up, only the upper body over the bed, legs open lower body was exposed Kiku Hiroshi bend the knee.
Cum on the face closely And.
Another lazy to put in, then scrub yourself until 寝Tarashii face.
I received quilts hanging around! I put my son to kick.

V naked

And lives with her husband are estranged lover much money you earn, so it'll get put no complaints.
But it was the castor Rite Kana son is gone.
There are lessons to teaching the neighborhood housewives at home
Just three days last week.

Chibi-type things like children or my son I was a fool forever.
I live in one-room apartment into the university.
An hour and a half, I've been in the laundry or clean occasionally.
済Mashi eat, shower as usual, attracted by his son suddenly drinking a beer bath towel, bath towel was stripped.
Desperately close leg, stopped in a tearful voice,,, come and invade the repeated finger, I felt more helpless, hurt my best not to say that least.
Abandon the opening leg and I will trace the finger.
I'm supposed to cry, the obsession, "Oh, now, I'll feel," I was to twist the body.
I was like tampering to me there are young children amused.
"I Sawaritai.," He said as his son naked, I had to hand and mouth.
This is a good penis easily. I've seen it, whichever is greater.
I'm such a hard the first time in Kochinkochin. Murmured.
"There were about and did nothing until now?" - But hear me playing with my son.
"Eight people, how?" "Dude!,,, The Screw super!"
"I put ,,,,, sorry?" "I do the ninth,"
"Oh, you're silent I ?,,",,.
My first time. Moved a little.
"Today, I think all right, but,,,"
"I have." I can not rely on use, what I have.
Can be immersed in peace. I clung to my son's head as I kept the voice out in desperation.
Clenching their teeth three times while my son, let me end.
Nipple biting or given, but I reached about twice 貰I knead the clitoris.
Son to come home, go by car to a love hotel.
出Semasen a loud voice from the front of the neighborhood.
I do not hesitate to see her son writhe was really surprised than porn.
Hotel-lined streets are just 30 minutes by car.
Once the car went away with friends and meet my son did not come home until late.
I came home today is that I take a bath and pears.
"Hurry up," that his son is said to wipe his body is naked in my car 押Shi込Meta.
Well, I always go to a separate parking lot, I found the door just because there is not, I'm embarrassed her son naked in the back seat seems like it.
You've fired up for a little excitement, too.
The return of a son Haorimashita shirt.
After that, I was always put in the nude.
Something once? But when we have a dress for the occasion.
Jana is looking at me son to detour on purpose.

My sister took an older brother

I had a relationship with my brother two years ago. Decreased suddenly asked me to come that the brother. Many will be obtained from me.
I happened? Not so much reluctant to lately?
My brother was the equivocal attitude.
With the voice of my sister came back from my sister's room for a while when Splints.
It is that voice.
I looked 込Mimashita softly.
I'm naked and embrace each other brother and sister.
I barely knew.
My sister is not just a cute face than I,
I want my heart grows rapidly.
It is much larger than me, but smaller than me.
I C E I was likely.
My brother was still sucking the breasts of her sister crazy.
I was with my sister better than the body I was always treated my children.
But recently it has been bigger, but I was never known by looking directly seen, was bigger than I expected.
Kio Teru Medatanai and so much clothes.
After a while, "Hey, I lit my sister yet?
You and I will not fit my boobs mackerel "
I was shocked.
I'm not pressuring me and my brother like sister.
While I was doing so well, and the two gradually becomes more intense, and finally with his brother into a sister.
I was waving my brother back violently.
My sister felt I was crazy. Then I felt before I'm already pretty.
And my sister is now trying to sticky even before my brother and my parents do not.
Spanish mackerel will make your chest bigger brother before something this fun. I said in front of me.
Temasen seek such care for about a week my brother anymore Narenaku.
At this rate, but I knew I would hate that stuck in my sister I think.
Sometimes I feel like I'm relentlessly feel a sense of superiority to become my sister breasts were being made fun of me.
Sister, sometimes I have said sometimes it Hairou a bath together.

Electric massage

Yuko is enjoying playing with my son the doctor.
At last I bought. So-called Ma.
Omg is sleep. Freely floating in the waist, you got to blow a lot Shiodome.
I felt really stet leave while the lack of oxygen.
The face makeup and sweat and tears ,,,,. Omg now face.
While you work, dangerous conditions 疼I Rite Kana.
Leak to pee,,,.
Now Ma has banned weekday. Today while I was biting the Mac until about 2 in the morning.
There is dust and dust, to,,,.
Later, I wonder if a little Let them be,,,.


When her husband's house in order, black lace lingerie.
The chest is wide open like a mini-dress.
Rimokonrota attached to, come out to watch while doing housework.
And that day has arrived.
My husband son, what is 持Chikaketa 抱Kanai me.
"Not interested in Oban body like that." They said (a little surprise for Innovation program,,,) but it's OK with you.
Husband's instruction set is that you oppose me,
Another was a panic.
And the date of implementation. Parents and children exchanged conversation as usual.
But I figure ANO. Is not expected to face his son.
Doing the dishes with her husband and son whispered.
I noticed my son for quite scary in front of me.

My hands are tied, lying on the floor is 転Basa was blindfolded.
My son was not at that time, the other from the beginning to the torture of her husband's fingers and vibes and I'm sure I have seen,,,.
Middle, hand movements obviously felt differently.
It is also terribly rough breathing.
Urahara and on in my head, I have the body reacts violently.
"I'm here to do this." Bagina filtered so as to hold up better clit while being thrust two fingers deep into anal, you are kneading.
Chigau long fingers and always longer, "Oh no,, Uu Ikuu," and I raise our voices.
"Sooner," pinch my nipples while her husband tells her son.
真Tsu白Nari front, I went daunting.
To come to my vagina, I was into the long 逞Shiku wriggled.
Taken blindfolded, with his son watching Aimashita.
"Do you feel it?" "Yes, very,,,"
"You're wanted?" "Yes. Desuuu happy.."
受Ke止Memashita a deep feeling of joy in my son very much.
Are only three men and women seek only pleasure anymore.
起Ta son will lick up the things, I was asked I would not be deaf.
Sex lotion was painted rice, I have failed many times after finally Egutsu.
Be put in this much anal cock was tough the first time.
"You'd worry about her husband's voice hurts ...." seriously.
The severe pain that Hashirimashita gasp, and they pay more calm. In fact, it's functional now as never before and this seems to penetrate to the small of the rectum.
"O m" Ge grinded yeah, "my son screaming and firing gradually becomes more intense.
And still, watching the pubic meeting.
Two holes are covered in white out of her son.
My husband, "I give, too." Screw in my mouth, I suck exhausted.
"After You'd like to." You sleep and leave the dialogue.
Body does not know it already obscene stay, my son enjoyed the spans.


I enjoy sex Mairimashita under various masters of the two.
He was usually a very good husband, very gently.
I became a single mother of youth in Itari have people watching me and my son.
But for me sex is subjected to diabolical torture.
Tools can be used gradually been made in the field of play, went to a very lascivious body.
Felt in front of her husband's embrace, while others wanted to do,
Away in agony, "You know, you thought it was a horny female dog."
While I was exhausted and rebuked.
But with the years, my husband who works on the key positions in the company busy, and somewhat diminished completely impair liver association.
Conversely at me,,,. It is held by a man to be my Mottenohoka in the absence of her husband's eyes.
Only because I love my husband deeply, happy things, my husband I feel pleasure from it.
My son is now a college student last year. To live in a studio apartment I commute about two hours from home.
Some of the trick has been bothering me, my husband and I are so close to each other like friends.
I strictly feel that my husband is sweet.
Tall like his father, actually strengthened by the basket body.
It seems quite Motel.
My husband is also back as I am. Much less from the time I was also too poor to weight.
Drinking at home alone with a 3:00 and started talking about sex have become the story of my son's girlfriend.
"Women and I'll like this, I'm great now." It said.
I like a woman You? What excited for me.
"Wow, yo I'll stop happening." Nori Nori is like my son.
That night, my husband held a long time.
More when I feel I have a son who kept the voice, the way the state does not know.
Outside, her husband and son are the means where I sometimes drink. Would often talk about doing that.
"He (son) Well, but what I was saying and thereby you're attacked." Such a conversation with her husband, while being tormented rejuvenate a little while.
"You probably do not like anyone who is a man? Not you want him to? Look to say." "I want someone to her. Desuu also want the thrust of the vagina and the anal!."
A Surprise but just imagine,,, I would like very much.


Go out this weekend with the family of his son, wife and eldest son, grandson and I stayed with my daughter and sorting.
What was temporary after midnight, my son came into the room drunk, lying in my bed tonight came in, I thought my son would be helped to drink this, it is not my place to sleep I started my son over.
How did you shake it gently to sleep in a subdued voice their grandchildren, to entertain his son was caught suddenly collapsed as his son was riding on a bed roll, what kind of voices Do not leave anything to be surprised know what, my son has taken quick movement 毟Ri underwear, but have resisted,
"Today would be nice."
What that means, maybe his son was the wrong room
"I'm me."
To convey what you hear son, I get to take off already been touched, my husband passed away two years ago, is rubbed away where my husband liked it, trying to do, I'll Hippatai, there The irritation felt sensitive, the lie will lie, my son away 及Bazu also came in power to stop, I thought that parents and children, while over there I put rubbing, I have become more irresistible.
The son was moving violently, suddenly stopped moving,
"Oh, Mother?"
I Hippatai Orimashita to face his son.
You son returned to his room to cut and run, and did not arrive I feel good, because once things got into my son, my husband just like that, too I was laughing out which is likely the case.
After that, they had to touch it myself.
Half were from.
Still no call from her son.

Late in Kizuku

Golf since early in the morning is as well but when her husband was known,
Today was the same after holding out before I go,
Tired and just fell asleep early on the morning.
Husband just came over me again overlap was safe to go out and think, and always thought those differences into an awkward but I was left with half his sleep again, estimates that lack of husband
Had been asked to leave. It is cramped in the incoming
How did you sense where your eyes seem to be pushing the incoming assignment,
The husband had three sons face with anyone I do not look high.
Because it is being ridden over to get up and you have already been 押Etsuke surprised,
Not move they've been fed. Serve in a hurry and I thought the voice,
I came over sleeping daughter, and I saw this place Raretara 若Shi been noticed,
I stopped to resist against. The son still held in silence.
Were more likely spread things get torn into a large entrance.
Longer feel the uterus falls or is placed to fill the difference between her husband and Kiku Hiroshi Naka Hazime.
Iki has already said it is finally embracing her son feel each time.
My son noticed the hat I said we're good to go, too,
Not extend into late and shouted, and the momentum of the painful Ittarashii,
Gone, too. The three times in the border Ikasa 其Re comes thick white liquid flowing forever after I had pulled my son 堪Tsu liquid.
My son has been crowded with piercing mouth 舐Re bring it shelled.
Ito Hutoshi hold ear saying, times are likely to see her husband,
Hold a larger yacht is never seen. Drinking has become a fit as it was put away when you say open your breath and close large is too large, including painful mouth. The soup in the morning light pierced soon,
Spread her legs still feel naked in good shape could pass the area looks good,
蒲団 was circling the wet out they ass Tsutai issued from the liquid.
Now that the wind became stronger and in secret 有Tta anyone. The gag is that we have put in place and Rino Tsumoru again then. I feel great,
Since my daughter was severed in anyway feeling like staying out of it clean.
Go directly to the bath and there's seemed swollen red.
Was feeling really good. Estimates that if someone put my son asked me if the future.
Feel so good in there and just never expected so far.

Ecchi with the boyfriend

yuna himekawa[4286]
Before, ☆ I posted that Megu's cousin brother
I had to comment, we would like to post the story with my boyfriend. Nde 細Kakatsu or describe, but it might get prolonged;

Er ... like the pain had disappeared in recent years, had these things to do Oh Crap! We know this.
My boyfriend is also, like I got enough coming out.

Tea was on spring break the other day ... starting school again, playing with her boyfriend in a few times, went to the house of sex with my boyfriend once.
It was like a parent is not just a job, so my boyfriend and his brother shared rooms, I said I was crazy out of w

Tried hard to talk my boyfriend into the room a while, and I was there to touch your hand. Then sit on the bed, and he gradually collapsing regime ... Ttetara Icha, my boyfriend is switched ON.
"And Chu-tee w" What I say, Chu said nothing.
"Do you have w" and say, Chu also said nothing.
Chi D Yuuninattete naturally, I was out I got the voice.

Then, the boyfriend 喋Ranakatta until now, "they also Yaba! Take off ... (laughs)" Nde I said, luck took off all our clothes.
My boyfriend came from the overhanging ends off, "Wow," I hit my head it says on the shelves behind the bed. Laughed at her boyfriend (PД q)

Peta 寝転Gattara I shifted position slightly, D Yuushinagara was immediately rubbed both breasts.
In rolling already feeling, "Well, Aaann cheek, I, I," like I said;
I'm born and still turn it by grabbing the sheets, "by Megu, more voices out w" and her boyfriend were told.

"♪ Tsu look out"
It is said that upset you and suddenly, the gas dick with one hand - Tsu! I was out violently. I dope it anymore. (Laughs)

I mean come back more pleasure from something, but I'm happy again ... I just know this is a desperate boyfriend move the arm.
"Aaaaatsuaaaaaaa'll solder"
I put my voice was still intently.

That alone, "Lee Tsu'll already!" I thought you were like, this time coming out of the fingers of one hand, we were directed to click Guriguri finger tip ... but I got too much to feel ripped.
"Geez ... I sure Utsu Lee Ah ..." I put out the best voice, the boyfriend stopped the movement, "Well the end."
Changed ... why? While I like, got up.

"Eh, eh, mon, and that freaky Lee"
"No. I do not think I want my Na w"
"[I] My Fu ... Era?"
"Did not you its mouth w high"
Like that (like what?) In Ferasutato. (Laughs)

Like that I'm the offspring of the Kii Hiroshi something man! Is also into his mouth to mouth Kiranakatta. While Mogomogo something (laughs) or try to move around, might try to tip Pero I'm ー.
Every time a boyfriend, "Oh ... I'm Charmed w" so you say, JAA will work hard! Moved in feeling.

After a while my boyfriend's face, "U ... Uuu" getting me "out loud if?" Was asked. ~ I wonder what taste? Partly or interest, "it s fine. Drunk!" Replied.
Followed by "grinded out Jatsu ... ..." My boyfriend says I came out The Gunidopyuutte.

Sperm Oishikunakatta.
We'll have that kind of ... I do not say I drank without saying anything.
My boyfriend is "really drank? Guarigatotsu Yaba ... Me," told us that he Nde, ☆ Well I was good and I guess

Also, that the boyfriend inserted immediately after the resurrection.
Pants were rolled again w
It had at that time to fine rubber, ♪ felt safe to

But now in 3, and now my boyfriend is next class!
Erotic massage but can not be there or take, I guess I try to post Matashitara!
Who kindly read in Wadewa, thank you (· ∀ ·) Bruno

I found a mysterious video from my brother PC.

While alone at home, well my brother 漁Rimasu room.
Discovery of erotic relations purposes.
The story is okay to have a look on the net, I also get excited by what was called his brother ... the real excitement? I'm good.

Same as always only be one way to find. So my brother helped launch the PC and looked for sex-related folders.

Then come out (laughs)
○ female students a rough idea of system, many of those rapes, there also fairly cold sweat missed the brother and sister incest.

More folders in many videos.
There was a look in one video.

Quality is very bad, some camera shake.
've Seen landscape, Heck room.
My room? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Admiration for my face to the Crimson on the bed.
Oh ... just when I drank alcohol for the first time dressed as ....

Camera is placed on the desk, visible to the entire bed from the side.
Overlap with and cover man. ... My brother.

My brother has an erection ... in the nude.
"Seriously ..." I muttered and thinking.
My brother take off my T-shirt bra take off the hook, and lick the nipple while massaging my breasts with both hands.

And take off my jeans, pull your panties.
Once you take the camera, my dick shot in UP.
We held the hips, until I reflected in my dick with one hand spread.
Then insert the middle finger, "Slimy (laughs)" I said there. You die. Heck I do wet heaven (crying)

The camera back to its original location and started canyon.
Nu ~ ummm gradually and with a voice like Unasareta do, I'll, like, ah, feel like that (laughs)
I then sat on his brother's face pressed against yet ....

My brother let me bend my legs, covering the overlap with mine.
Yeah, I'll be right from the start I was thinking. You've really put it ... and has been excited to see and understand.
My brother is slowly sinking back, I became a little bow, and ah ... I muttered.
Nde I know me. I'll b there Tta.
While I'm a little masturbation Ikimashita body (laughs)

After the pelvic thrusts intently. I'm suffering from the AV ... like Anan.
What was it about 5 minutes. My brother raised the speed of pelvic thrusts. ... I'm much impressed with the voice like the floundering Demashita (laughs)
My brother is far into the deepest, while resting, piston slowly.
... What is it? My brother wore the rubber did not swing .... Hey, just Nakade ....
I forgive more than that.
Not be voiced aloud while his brother still, I Bikun.
Hey, what is then to install Nakade Tta? Heck it should not let ik. I was put in mind collided.
Gestation period is coming because they are not. Yeah, you say something ... ... the result of Orai.

My brother is draining, clean up with tissue. Ashamed of my vagina can be cleaned.
And still remain in the semen 掻Ki出Sa fingers yet.

And the video ended.
So what to do. Excited honest. , And outrageous. This is outrageous.
When I try to delete the video and
"Hey, do not erase ours"
Abide the elder brother's back ....
1 hour later.
I understand the feelings of the time is then to install Tta Nakade (laughs)
Bikunbikun pulsing with the array, Yuwa Sono後Ji say anything ~ what felt hot and spread.

I saw

I have to write it properly. This board.
I went to stay with friends at the holidays, is Dotakyan, relatives of people came Well I'll have no choice.
Do not return from office, they locked the front door, you come away and have his head on the head. What nobody anything.
To the mother's voice from the back room Then my brother, I firmly asked ridiculous.
"× ×, good, good,"
Shouted the name of his brother, doing voices, Bukkake is about to collapse.
40 year old mother, his brother Takashi Hazime there like that?
"Ah, ー KUU it."
Voice mother and brother, but the door 蹴飛Bashitakatta and could, why?
To go out and call home, my mother was like being confused voice.
I then quickly went back, my brother 居Nakatta.

I saw

I have seen a mother and older brother.
I can not believe it.
I thought about it Bakkari the delusion, such a thing.
The mother and brother also filthy. I hate it.

Play doctor

The people living there are two reasons I am with my son.
Play doctor and has three sons inside.
Look like a man who recently had a son, I was rather put out dabble.
"Is not heaven by an erection in front?" I got touched.
This'll be touched, now I get my doctor to just unilaterally naked unawares.
Early morning on weekends and I will be lying naked on the bed.
The ball point pen and traced, and the obsession is tickled by saying Kyaakyaa duster or I will put the order on the finger while reaching to his son Nokezotsu floated to Vietnam.
I'm working on pulling the floor cushions lot lately and got ejected.
Let me, but I was not wearing condoms penis, no big deal? Okay, so fingers better.
"Yuko, the ik? Of Iki want?"
While teasing fingers sometimes go easy, blame my son.
And I leave it at school burned from head to son
The leering face and voice "Oh Setee squid, and more and faster Uuu," I'll install again and got no shouting.

Abnormal action of the son

Is played out and I would be thrilled to let it cool embarrassing anomaly.
It may be a little like Abu constitution to be seen.
Usually a long skirt, baggy dress to work. The Guokashikuinatchaimasunde otherwise.
The son came blame.
I live two, my son suddenly demanded half a year ago.
Little to help his son during masturbation exam last year.
Ai Masaguri each other, let them be released by hand I was her son.
I can devote to studies with a clean, thanks? The long-sought university admission.
I realized I was naked and lying into a fine, finger vagina have crawled around my son.
It is of course not I feel far, it has been signed.
I kept playing with my son to suffer on a daily basis.
Go out together in Oita to come out, reacted extremely sensitive to interest me, I became a toy for his son.
Super-mini and is truly Ikimasen now be wearing a skirt and walk about 15 inches above the knee tight.
Both are not tampered with without underwear, would become Gusshori.
Now comes the anal or tampering effects of recent video.
Of course I have experienced so desperately pleading no, not allowed at last been made to the enema, I had to forgive, Anal.
Insertion of the penis is not far from truly feel sore just now feeling totally driven insane by mysterious leak likely to be tampered with your fingers.
Walk without underwear is as usual, had been the thrust of a finger in the anal Monokage occasionally.
If you suddenly deaf and Ide Omottara finally arrived home,
Knead with fingers is hard ass, I got it I installed.
"Did yo I'll b just Ketsu Ttenee Oh Ya!"
My son exclaimed happily.
That day I also unusually excited, I have reached many times over by moving the hips straddling her son abandon.
Sometimes my son go through the anal fingers, already gone wrong.

Dad and Me

I am a high school student in Tokyo.
While parents are in their 50s.

Father, the belly is thin and big head and little Tekatsu is a man of feeling really old man.
I have a copy of as much as people hate to say old man.

But because the company was trying hard, they're giving their lives in the gravy to me, but I think a good family father,
Mom and Dad are bad terms, something that looks helplessly watching your father makes me sad.

In front of my father, a spoiled child sex in honest, but sometimes I feel a little bad, and I love my father would forgive everything I wanted to get well at all.

You can see it in the house full of bodies.
Breasts and buttocks as the fifth grade, feet are often touched.
Train to become a high school to go to school, but I halfway through with my father, my father's power of sex is fully open.
Also comes in a bathtub.
I know some underwear hiding.
You can also enter in your bed and sleeping.
When you are drunk are licking my body. Always pretend to sleep
Naka Naka 取Renaku Yodare to smell the next day, a little embarrassed.

I sometimes think the ear, still loves his father.

Some people are going out with, and even if you know weird,
I am also glad that you get used to doing his father.

My boyfriend, of course, confessed that tell anyone.



This year began a physical relationship with her husband's sister is pregnant.

Visited their house in January, had just one older sister who went to the hospital. Was talking with my brother-in-law to take time. It was a happy home, her sister's so heavy, so it was impossible to recent H. Apart from me and I thought something like that, nothing has come a strange invitation from his brother-in-law.
"Rika-chan, wait until delivery to the people at H me? From ultrafiltration has been reached now."
I was surprised, but hey, brother-in-law in front of it like that thought. I had a stroke back from my sister sometimes by stealth. (It was even stroking ass actually.) Even when I went to the beach to watch the bikini Jirojiro my pretended judo in the sea, and touched the breasts of my sneaky. I thought it was such a cunning fellow, and gave tacit approval for the girl to. Furthermore, I liked that cool guy.

Affair with another woman that his brother in law is so bad a thought, when her sister would always Barasa shame. So when the invitation came strange was to become the mistress of my brother-in-law's sister for 17 years.

First, even though the kiss was to be gradually production. H because I experienced it at all was fine. To tell the truth, and brother-in-law has become H I like to. At home after school every Friday H beyond that. (I went to the hospital as her sister), brother-in-law cock cock is not only larger than the current boyfriend, who is also good but I caressing the dick. I feel the lower body of a woman getting too detailed. Beams do, cunning decision was right. I think absolutely there is also another lover. He is not a limit on power. I've even went, he continued. Even if I go back over H, and attacked him from behind in the hallway, down to just panties, and H is.

Month before last, but the child was born, we have continued to flirt. Even from my brother-in-law but 終Etakunai. Now satisfy one another energetically. H is in balanced. H He and other women do not, I'll tell you a lot to satisfy me as much as possible. I even gave approval to be taken.

However, I have been bullied recently wanted to have a special relationship.
For example, one day inside of H skirt uniform wiped my cock sperm after his brother-in-law. Next time I wiped my cock on the outside of the skirt.
Last time, H is ordered to call my sister for a while. While the most important thing people can not forgive the yearning of the girl was talking on the phone with her sister! Admitted that bad. I left there, went into her husband's cock was talking about the baby.

I do not think there is only more respected in bed. H brother in law has become like a toy thing. Would be finished with it? Depressing. . . How on earth would be forthcoming on how the H?