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Incest confession of women(2019-07)

My incest

yuna himekawa[34456]
Father 50 years old, my mother was passed away 13 years ago. My father hesitated even to go out to work, leaving me alone, I have chosen to work in a self-employed for that.  At one point, \"Dad, I want to say to work, I would because it is all right\" also show bullish in front of the father, wasteful had been found. \"I because the return home as soon as possible,\" from that time, seems to have thought an independent. Father acquired the qualification was opened a small office in a location close to the home. \"From now on, I is stay together every day.\" I was clinging jumped into the chest of his father. That was the 13-year-old junior high school one year. Father and bath enters together commonplace as, show all in front of the father not hidden naked, I had decided that <shall I give dad> in mind. Had confided such a thought is, of course, was naked at the time was your bath. , \"Sayoko, thank you I do I Kurere Good luck even to study now..., If I get to the age of 20 if there is no change in the mind, paddle? Say still\" No good \"20-year-old? Until then wait us \" It 's\" loving daughter, I can wait of \" I had a strong hug kiss to his father. Toka get sucking tits to his father in the meantime the bath, the hair of dick also becomes like shave and the ask his father, become a commonplace that get shaved every night, was supposed to like get even licking, still not be determined from the father had been raised to 20 years of age as promised.  Yesterday business day, today is a day off. Contraception, of course last night also awakened pleasure received a hot father violently love one uterus, it is refreshing morning. Well then the father and dating date.

What should I do?

For the first time post troubled by the pseudonym Hiroyuki to become a one-year junior high school this year. Since age I was also aware that you are also masturbation. The other day, when I was cleaning the son of the room, we have got to find two books a male nude photo book from under the bed. Or swallow the liquid or adding a man to each other meat bar. It is in my head now pure white. Then with a check of the room every day, it a month position standing was around male nude book had found a DVD of mother-to-child incest products. But was also a little relieved to be interested in women are in can not even talk to is .... My husband is interested in maternal and child product rather than a young girl. Son does not become anxious and I think in the future things ahead.

My incest discourse

Attracting people who are here or off meeting ...

I asked the son

Son to pee Toka Masturbation you something, in front of everyone, because it was asked me show me, I did. It was also or embraced. Since then, every day, only one person wears to embrace coming home. Other child does not come, how because Oban, is one of the child If you think I'm like a I asked everyone. The thing I now, has been embraced by the 2 sons. But it has been hush money to his son. That you are (^ ^ soon, is summer vacation. Will inspire every day. Because I want to be the only two people, the child was borrowed house in the countryside, plenty, will come.

And a grandson.

Recently, I thought let's post I learned a smartphone to grandchildren. I am 69 years old. Elementary school There are 6-year-old grandson. It is the eldest son of the second daughter. There is a family of three in the countryside of old houses residence. Second daughter, we have divorced. The grandson of your Bachanko I relationship was good from before, but did not even think would be seen as the opposite sex. Been told the feelings in this year's spring break, it was with the body of the relationship was the next day. My daughter, we have a nurse, chose the day of the night shift. It is my judgment. In one night, being held in grandson, he is awakened the woman, was very happy. Me call my thing at Chieko and name. Of course semen was issued in me. Soon is summer vacation. I will be 70 years old on July 30. From the grandchildren, and me birth to my child continues is said from the first time tied night. Will Konosaki I would What happened? It does not aligned eyes face only that the child is approaching is turned red. Is this the Will of love? I was freaking from the day it was said that I love you. 7 months from the end of March, will not intersect I am the grandson every day.

Deceased father

I 26-year-old, 50-year-old mother  around is still my father was alive and well, in a time that was to become soon the 20-year-old, father of hobby but it is a camera, it was like the scenery.  At breakfast in a Sunday parent-child three \"Dad, me to shoot my nude? \" In how parents who have lost a surprise words, but still I have a nonchalant meal, my mother started to say at intervals little 're saying that such a\" What an idiot!? \" My father does not say anything \" stupid I not a thing, would be safe if dad ne ..., ... raised to dad ... dad So, ... would be nice ... of want you to shooting mom, good you will ..... I ... first men want to give to ... Dad ... \"of had decided to dad and mind parents there is no word, I had finished the meal destination It was. It was up on the second floor. Door I came in father is a knock. Words less I sit a father to bed, began to talk Potsuri ... Potsuri and father, casually sit next to the father, he had confided the heart. \"Paddle does not regret nice to paddle ... really? ...?\" \"I want to raise to a good dad\" would kiss hug to his father, as it is crowded fell to the bed pushed up even bra open the front of the chest, father I had not smoked in. Then, up to the father in the bed of his room, he clung strongly to the voices raised father in pain, my father was really feeling hot and the release into the uterus.Was a virgin loss, asked to have some time to bed in my father, but I was with a dirt of bleeding in sheets, and get off, supported by his father hug mother gently, to enter the father and living room, has a lingerie when you leave the room , I asked to wash gently through it to enter the father and bathroom, but my mother gave me the sheets are changed in the meantime.  Also it is a holiday from nude photography, but of course in the house, also shot in places not found in people outside, I finished the insertion of the contraceptive ring, and from behind caught in trees after shooting, outdoors Toka rugs love of was also increased. I had come to an end in such a day-to-day. Tears had told endlessly farewell. I think of the father has not yet disappeared. Awaken joy of body and taught from his father, nor does it think of to this former father disappears.  Sad events want to forget, but I think of the father ... ... is ask, sad question is not whether ...

We were taught to despise the friends

I was accustomed to son and husband and wife. Yuko two years ago Mom friend has got to know that you are son and sex, of course, her husband was a secret. Son of the eldest son of Keita and classmate (Yoshitaka kun) is a, Yuko is 43-year-old on the 5-year-old-year-old than I am. Nasty people, crazy people, the home would have become a messy, was variously thought despised, and we put the distance. Last year, Keita is the same club in the same high school as kun, but went up to the high school Yoshitaka, it became the club are the same Yuko-san and mom friend even when the junior high school. Keita is and that having sex with Yuko and parent-child from Yoshitaka-kun earlier this year, has confessed to me told its history. The end that troubled me puzzled a sudden thing, protested to Yuko. One day many times visited in this thing, Yuko and Yoshitaka kun were in together, I have been told that it has come to sex from two people, but the real impact has been felt to understand a little It was after this. Keita is that you were also sex Yuko and many times, that the other party was Yuko, who for the first time sex, I went home crying

From the mischief of daughter

I, twenty-nine years old is a housewife My daughter is two years old. I thing of yesterday, asked the father-in-law a Sachiyo because it is going to rain, I went out to your. I was back in about an hour, \"Mom, did show beautiful flowers I to I now Mom Jiijii, hey would be clean\" on the living room table, a whopping My underwear is shorts, are you full spread \"Satchan What I, is brought such the would be useless,\" I is in front of the father's eyes, until a little thing seems to hate my husband has been bought in, is indeed beautiful by, a variety of colors and floral such as, in the room to escape by pulling the hand of Sachiyo packed in there were plastic bags in there in a hurry, because Sachiyo being scolded slept, went to apologize to his father, \"Dad I'm sorry, is embarrassing, seen I have sisters - \" \" I'm good Emi, I to I was also asked by a feast for the eyes, I have to thank the Satchan, by the way what the Na I want to see it whether they wear \"is the first time that you are today always Is'm Sanzuke as \"Mr. Emi\", but I know honorific and \"Emi\" today. I was happy, I felt the familiar really, so \"Emi\" from his father-in-law


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I was withdrawn at the age of 37

It is Misato Nice to meet you, a little hand for the first time in the post, will be screened. It was a company working, but I have become Noirouze Gimi received harassment. Master over the sum to it is I went away from me. The recourse is me supported me was the only son of 20-year-old son has gone to the company from the morning of the part-time job every day. It is the labor of two hours in the morning from 5:00 to 7:00. Self-sufficiency will be 3000 yen because it is 1500 yen. Son is older women, it was a woman and dating of the same year as I like. Early in the morning you a part-time job of the money had been passed to the women of dating. Son says Kazuki. Nei-Kazuki are women and dating of about the same age as mom gonna saw coming out of Kazuki and about the same as my woman and love hotels son was anger, it is said to my back to mom I have to say to me that I not. I would say that even without ... one personnel to return a word. Useless of in my son surprise Eh mom it you serious of I shook his head to the vertical. My son told me. She said to come by passing the three months worth of money because they rely on my money. I was surprised to son of compassion as a woman. Son in addition to yen 69000 of living expenses to come down the money from the bank gave me to me. I told my son and I will go to bed with her mother to son.Son is sleeping with only one pants, but I sleep in the nude, I was wearing remove the Negurijie was wearing long time ago from the closet so disgusting. Son Once in a son and a double bed of futon panty is not sleeping in the appearance of Negurijie not wear've Karamashi the tongue while kissing hug me. Son had accepted the son thinking and what had been such a thing and that his wife. Son of Chinpoko is, that tasted until now that has been entered in the pussy, big Chinpoko much no, I came all the way into the pussy. Involuntarily voice while clinging to my son, I have out. Aaaaa ~ ~ ~ son'm feels good mom while moving the hips I have agony is hugged his son and comfortably I also. Son are you whispering with the mom I feel good in my ear. Among the pussy, we have built a Picho Picho sound make a nasty sound. I had become likely will be attacking the son. My son has been issued a pushed groan voice the Chinpoko all the way I thought to have been hugged suddenly strongly. Sperm in the pussy, I would I also kept alive when you came in. I was drunk to do a drunk while a kiss to lie embraced by two people. And the cooking washing housework, every day waiting for the son of return. I will have to put the Chinpoko without anyway and sleeping in the pussy. Or it is normal position, you will be allowed to various posture or be placed on the waist or embraced from the back.Son, you have the waist while massaging the tits come to put Chinpoko in the pussy embraced from the back when you are tired of moving back and forth. Son are you whispering with the mom feels good to me while to lie. I I also pleasant, but come Push the Chinpoko pulled back and run away to slide on top of the sheets as far as it will go. Son and you have to send me every day.

I'm next door

My neighbor is about to say hello to me when I'm cleaning the front door and taking out the trash in the morning . He has a fair and delicate body, and instead of being a little bigger, his rather fluffy school uniform makes his body look even smaller or weaker. Even though it's summer, the hairstyle looks like an old mushroom cut, and when you look at it , your eyes are hidden by the smooth long hair, which gives you a somewhat quiet impression. He looks like that, but when I talk to him, he's surprisingly cheerful and cheerful , and I only thought that I was a cute girl next door. It was about half a year ago that I noticed the eccentricity. The time was around 11:00 at night when my family was asleep. It was the first time for a couple to work on that day, but I left my husband who fell asleep earlier on the bed because I felt comfortable , and I went to the kitchen to drink water to cool my unsatisfied body. I went. It was when I returned from the kitchen, returned to my room on the second floor, and went to the bathroom before going to bed. The toilet on the second floor of my house has a small window, from which I can see the next house, but suddenly I saw a light on the first floor of the next house. The high walls between the houses and the windows that were visible through the planting of the next house were opened, and a little white steam was rising. I felt something was moving in the light I caught in the corner of my eyes, and I casually looked at it from the window on the second floor.The first thing I saw in the steam-filled window was a small flesh-colored body. I could only see below my chest, but I quickly realized that my thin, fair-skinned body was next to me. I didn't care about the floor plan next door, and the window was normally closed, so I didn't know what room it was, but I was naked, so maybe it's a bath. .. He seems to be sitting on a chair in the bathroom, but he has somehow regular and squishy movements. "What are you doing? I was worried about the strange movement, and when I looked at it casually, when his body moved a little, I could see his lower abdomen. Something pink stick was held in his hand, he was rubbing the stick up and down, and I soon realized it was his cock . "... I'm masturbating next door ...! " While I think the sight is bad that, in its first look at the act of the boys around, was no longer the other eye is tied up. I can't see his face, but as I watched his hands move faster and faster, my heart began to beat. Eventually, for a moment, I thought that a white streak had grown from the tip of the stick, and his movement stopped. And after a while he stood up, and as soon as he took a shower, the lights in the bathroom went out, but in my head the shocking sight reappeared over and over again until morning. Continued to be done."I'm doing it again ... " Then about a month I neighbor is in the mood, with through the window every time you go to the toilet now will look at the window of the bath field. The window was always closed during the day, but it was open at night when the sun went down. When I go to the bathroom before going to bed, it seems like the time when I was taking a bath next door . Sometimes it's time to wash the body, but after that it seems to be his pattern to end up holding the Ochinchin . I've been watching it almost every day since the day I first witnessed it, and every time I see it, I hold it every day. "... Isn't it so tiring every day? 』\ Unlike a husband with a solid physique, although only once every few months, he rubs continuously beyond imagination from the delicate appearance that seems to be weak . Is this youth? Or is he special? He occasionally issued several times a day. When I first saw it, I was surprised. I just thought that a white streak had come out from the tip, but I started rubbing again soon. "e? ···e? ... Well, again? Is it the third time? " He of the day I was out also 3 times during slight that have seen me. Were you really excited? Although the time for each session is short, I continue to rub it without rest even after I put it out . Even though he always looks bright and innocent with a smile, he seems to be unable to escape from his young sexual desire.And again, I couldn't get out of this bad act. One day, when I looked into the neighbor from the window, I saw that I was sitting on a chair in the bathroom and washing my body as usual . As usual, I start rubbing as soon as I finish washing my body, so I was peeking at it while waiting for it, but when I thought that my thin white arms stretched out from around his waist , I grabbed Ochinchin from behind. When I kept an eye on something, my hands slowly rubbed his sole twice or three times , as if I was hugging him from behind. He twists a little behind and stops moving. I can't see it from my position, but it was as if I was kissing. In the meantime, his crotch hand slowly continued to squeeze him, stroking the tip with one hand. Eventually, the owner of the white body wraps around in front of him, and when he sees a white and delicate butt , he sits down as if straddling his body. As the white hips slowly begin to move up and down, the well-shaped boobs bounce up and down as they move . When he reached for it, his soft breasts changed shape and seemed to spill from his fingers. Even at midnight, of course, I can't hear their voices or sounds up to my place. In the silence, the monotonous movement that was just repeated, only my heart rang like a quick bell, and it seemed to be heard.Among them, when I thought that the movement of the two people became faster, they stopped and hugged each other for a while, but after a while they both stood up, and when they took a shower, the electricity in the bathroom was fluffy. Disappeared. "Ritsuko-san ...?" Next door is a family of three. My husband, I, and my wife, Ritsuko. Only Ritsuko can think of a woman who was shaking her hips over me. If so, it means that the actual parent and child were having sexual intercourse. It wasn't long before I returned to my room after forever looking at the darkened bathroom window because I couldn't believe the secret act of the neighbor I had seen .

Son, was waiting to become 19 years old.

Son, to the husband and divorce at the time of the 16-year-old was a lonely night every day. Son while I would like to be nestled in the son, was looking forward to become an adult. Son of Chinpoko is, I was the one person lonely Onani while looking at going into adulthood of Chinpoko. In a hurry to say that I'll keep in here while taking the laundered underwear and pants in the Chakukae basket that is placed in front of the bath peek into the bath we hide the Chinpoko. Such day-to-day, it has continued. Son, when I became 19 years old Chinpoko son was an adult of Chinpoko. Thick and are you dangling a long Chinpoko. My pussy to see the son of Chinpoko've been wet. Chance, was always thought that if available. Surprisingly chance, I was visited. Night thunder of a hot summer day is, becomes light, was Mashi light throughout the glass. I went to the room of his son wearing a thin Negurijie without tomb panties I think Re此. I hug my son entered into the son of the futon saying scary. My son slept in one piece pants. Son are you hugged me saying as much afraid of was how mom. Chinpoko is, are you standing harder. Thunder outside is, will the room because the shining it through the glass of the window, it become brighter. I am son and has clung to his son to say that scary've put in the Chinpoko of pussy while hugged me have put both knees between the crotch lay me. I ... Aaa ~ ~ ~ while clinging to sonChinpoko of the long-awaited son, chest and considered to fall in the pussy, I have pounding excitement. My son has been moving the hips while saying the mother feels good. Impressed after a long time of sex was in accordance with the movement of comfortably son of the waist. Son ... mom sperm, okay out during'm going out out in because they were the contraceptive'm okay son ... mom out ~ ~ ~ ~ Wuwuu last summer, end winter, come also spring, hot come summer, it is about child stranded. Thunder is also this year, many of wonder August, we are trying to be a year you come. Being held in son has been a Ikasa which would be pleasant sex.