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Incest confession of women(2007-03)

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[3977]
Recently, my brother and I have SEX for the first time.
On that day, but it was not home, brother.
Brother, in my own room 連Re込N Agari bath
I bet 押Shi倒Shita. Been a sudden kiss, the chest is rubbed
Could be lost as it is and not beat the power of the men resisted.

We did not put on underwear and one bath towel,
押Shi倒Sa when the pussy is already spreading quickly in plain view on pussy big brother, the chestnut was blamed on the tongue, I got a messy mix while being installed inside the finger 厭Rashii abused words.
And make sure that I Tta Lee, astride his brother on my face,
Twist came into my mouth was overflowing hard penis.
I was excited that my sister will be forced to Blow, The photo was finally beginning to take a face full ejaculate.

The first is inserted into the penis slowly into her pussy My brother is a distracted from doing the juice poured into the back of Minami's brother endure. Is said to have committed motionless. Like a long time but I was already crying.
Insert your brother live, continue Enough committed my heart and mouth while not moving. Now I thought hard and said piston has a long rickety. Older brother and ended up in response to stretch his voice a voice until now has been put into my bedroom while her parents into holding Kaka for example,
Let us now I've managed! Today I'm gonna let a pregnant bluefin here.
No! What if you get to be true! ? It is also inclined to hear my voice, my brother is then run into the bedroom Nakade parents.
Pull out the penis, has been transmitted through the thigh with the semen flowing lukewarm.
Since then, I is then a total of seven times a day, Nakade that took me into the bathroom and kitchen reluctant.

Older brother they are pooled me PET 注Gitairashiku masturbation even in the sperm out, upside down with a foot inserted into the bottle in my pussy, pussy to see the sperm is injected into I'm excited.
My brother is an anomaly.

Only the name is allowed,

I am 43 years old, she is 23 years old, is the husband's 29-year-old child.
Caught in an accident about six months ago my daughter, and lower body 利Kanaku son sex definition virtually goes into (your husband's), the daily masturbation to settle the 無Kutsu outlet for energy, but I righteousness and told my son to talk to the girl, the daughter break up with anticipation, I say emphatically no. But I consulted with her to raise her son to do something for righteousness, and that person from her mother instead of me, I say raise a person's life for the night. If the mother still young, I can say from my mother made you forgive him if the child is. Please, for a mate and raise him,,, month before last, so I spent the night with righteous son. Since then, regular (2.3 times per week), but justified his son reached a penis, but also ends this month, things have come this month Saka Hama is coming, the son of righteousness in my womb Insolent child! !

My discourse incest

I have an younger brother of two of when I have no parents before was that taking a bath, my brother was out cock, have a brassiere and panties was yes until now, my I'm trying to look into.

And my brother, "I want sex with Ai" I become naked to come to bath and 云Tsu.
I've asked my brother to look at his brother erect cock.

D my brother to my tits and clit licking out I cup Omowazu voice.
I reached a peak at my brother I feel good standing back to let my younger brother.

I can look into the place they're from masturbation or change of clothes and then I said to my brother, yes I was masturbating in my panties and brassiere.
My first experience of sex feels good and do the best sex with his brother at the age of seven and 13.

One brother and two on

Hi! One in the first post! Brother and I did on the day before yesterday two!!

My brother is in school Mote na man ... I've a brother ALWAYS So I give it my brother be given a love letter addressed to the girls
What then. I'm concerned about is getting your tea, but I have to like people.

I have not slept in your tea as usual went to pass a love letter to you I have tea and then two months later (what, right)
Yusuttara blanket fell to wake my brother
Naked brother in amazement, "I say Yaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!" come ^ ^;

'm Going away with your voice if the tea, is tea I grabbed my arm was still stiff, so you have to have been kissed D. To that time, was a naked gas could pass (sleight Since when.)

I have been massaging the chest tea Then you stay, I got out loud.
"No, my brother Haan improved,"
What it. 've Been inserted into the switch pussy brother
"Aaaaa No!! Ai was hurt!"
Even though you have to do with tea is not seem to have forgotten what we hear.
But then I felt it was in then.

Instead of the master's son

A few months ago that I parted with my husband of two years. It was when I was thinking something that looks like sex.
Kikoe has a strange sound from the room of his son.
When I had one son.
It did not seem aware that I came back from outside.
I've been watching quietly peek and adult son.
I like that watching one son was still inside.
I close with a gentle embrace from behind, "What are you doing," To say his son was facing stiff surprise here.
Lightning's perfect.
I was with the state of the penis and navel Omoikiri curled son.
I'm also big it is. Mao still had to fly rather unbalanced.
"I did rub penis."
"What the. Came in a sudden"
Sawaritai Kararemashita desire to cock my son.
"I'll tell my mother," I say Nigirimashita penis.
Hard and it was great.
My son wants to shame, but Hanareyou and I no longer feel and this resistance to Semeru. The skin was half toward the state. I gave peel.
There was the smell of white cheese is full Tsuite.
I do not clean the important thing to me. I say, and I was taken using a mouth and tongue licking. A son, I also did not resist the cock sucking mother Gill. A little pain still wanted to be sensitive. Even though I did not want to dirty dirt.
I like it rare plaque can accumulate plaque becomes harder to strip is swallowed. I rarely taste the dirt would not be a virgin woman.
Glans expands to take his son to lick all the time, and now vigorously lukewarm, which flew into the liquid back bad honestly. It is really amazing. 5 and 6 were still off a few times then hit the tongue back forcefully, as any time a water gun.
I was surprised at the amount of incredible.
I swallowed some of the fire after another.
The first time I drank the semen. Ejaculation in the mouth was the first time since. Lukewarm on it pretty bad, but I Dashitakatta, I felt pity for you first so that I drank the rest.
And still a little Dzutsudeterundesu.
My son is so excited Kaetta in our state is suddenly awake, Kakushimashita penis.
Even though there is no sense hiding it now Ttara her.
I know this is very pretty.
The problem was that night.
My son came into the bedroom.
"Mom, can I sleep with you?"
Since that day we had had in mind.
"What happened? I sleep together."
"I want to mother?"
I wanted to really care about my son is too big.
And erect penis was touching her son.
"What happened? Becoming more so"
Words were not needed anymore.
Let me take off my son's pajamas in my bed.
And kissed. I gave my son to lead an inexperienced Nde.
The son was caressing my body.
Son to watch others having sex many times, I'd wanted to become irresistible, too.
",·····"" Mother doing?"
"Let me put" "What ?""·····"
Because it seems in trouble, "penis?" And I was saying.
Then, "Yes."
"I and our family," "I do not the secret of my mother," "so I insert" "Yes."
I really wanted, so I already gave to me long. I wanted to try it as soon as possible so huge thick.
Haitsu son has still more.
Well, after a long absence, this sense
Still immature, had tea Owatsu soon.
I'm looking forward to a great future and I thought things are well.
I'm a little unsatisfactory, and now stand half a penis Shigoi to become one with my son while I Nokkatta Ategai yourself out there. Quite durable, so for us the third time that day.
My son will not you fly Demashita hair troubling, especially since I'm dark. It was around two weeks but with a relationship. Have short hairs. The number has gradually increased further after a while. I like getting new bushes grew more and more seems quite still.
As we think about the changes after the penis is a bit stained.
I am looking forward very much to try and grow hair in the brush down.
I also have to be put inside of me Kuni Takeshi later.
I think the opposite sex was good for their children.
We are parents, yet the night is like a man and woman as husband and wife. When you have sex in order to clarify the relationship, you are right, my son called Sayuri, usually, I honorific, mother and son said.

Parents and children were playing tea!

The other day, to successfully graduate from high school, I enrolled in college and, it is studio, which could be room to move to 22, in order to raise household goods to be justified, and I was Kamigyou son. In addition to natural light 良Kutsu, at such a relief not to worry about the environment. My husband is, I was told to come home at night. Household goods of a street, but aligned raised, not only in pairs, so a blanket, and one thing my son rest in bed after a long time, but, from a mother who's son, tomorrow, and going home said, and asked why I was silent son. But his son, with a serious face, me, and yet what is actually a still He said, I'm red in the face, Pintsu! I came with my son ever since she 居Nakatta, it takes a virgin! ! Once my son, and your a virgin, and ask your son nodded lightly. The mother and tell you to do so, 訊Kimashita. I stayed silent for a while son, from me, and the 遣Ritai mother and son will ask nodded. But you and I, I say a child, my son really stayed silent, his son and becoming a good mother is the first woman looked up, opened her mouth, I said only a single word. From me, and the underwear off your dressing gown, with bare my son again, sorry for my son and I said no, nod my son, later, to lead me on to teach the body of the woman Mashita.
Since it was a memorable first experience, was worried, will be raised naked. Thing greater than his master in addition to his son, who contrary, I have had the habit Kanemasen 為Ri. After all, to return to the Tomari Hazime more in touch with my husband the next day, about how many times I know how to cum rubber properly, went home to spend a. I am 44 years old, my husband is 53 years old. Long, I'm sorry.


I'll be 42 this year. Write the relationship between a son and three this year. My husband was traveling a lot for work, the house is vacated half of the month. There is such a night. I'll go into a room with coffee and my son, I was not watching adult Shigo. In fact, I brought Since when, I was not Shigo while licking my panties. Rush out the video my son, and hid the panties until they shall have no time, I saw clearly what his son stiffed. While holding the coffee came out of the room in a hurry, too.
Then one hour later, my son went into the bathroom. Could be the second match each other awkwardly. I raised my son from the bath, then I entered.
And rising from a bath, my son was watching TV in the living room, and I speak a word is not found, you go toward the bedroom, my son has a sudden hug from behind.
"Kazuo, what a ride. Go and stop the" son and said, "It's like my mother." He said, then grabs my heart has been heavily massaged.
"Stop saying that the" is resisted, saying the living room 押Shi倒Sa were kissing hard.
My son started sucking boobs pressed down hard on my body.
I have continued resistance, the hand of his son, when he started to caress the clitoris from the top of my panties, I suddenly missed the power of the body for some reason.
My son no longer check the resistance, I continued to suck breasts slowly for about 10 minutes. I came to feel, "~ ha, ha ~" has become a voice out.
Then my son tried to 脱Gasou my panties, I said "Yamete embarrassing," but with resistance, but it turned into sexual intercourse is taking off dew once. My son sounded indecent splashing sound has a licking my vagina violently. I was already drenched in there. I felt from my husband several times.
The son said "you suck Ochin wage," so I said,
I gave no resistance suck at all.
"Mom feels. Feels good."
"Well, still stiff to call"
"This still feels good. The best of this Fellatio"
My son is 30 seconds or so and I end up in my mouth. Glug and drank my son's semen.
My son is "still put into this vagina," I say, let us put the rubber I have finally been signed.
"This still feels sexual intercourse. Also, this warm vagina."
"Kazuo's more poke. More intensely."
So I became a stet, "Kazuo's Copyright, ik, ik ~" got away with Itte.
Now my son, "ik ~ Naoko too" seems to Itta.
Since then, much has been squid twice a week when my husband travels.

Parents and brother by stealth

Tea was done with my brother w. Moreover, w is the twin brother of the I'm.

Something at night, I'm Omottara Mozomozo ~ I, Takuya (T) I was touching my breast!!
I ignore the side Unexpected Muitara D kiss!
Really killed it!

Then, "What is it you, somewhere saying," I said, "I want me and Meg," I
I did Chokimochi Indesu unbearably!

Parents the next day the two of us it was a trip to (and that summer)
So when I bath Irou and "too" or going to come. . .
Once 抱Kitsuka together are so very Bibitta ww

Oh, and Spanish mackerel were Ikko cod vagina. → then straight to bed nervous!!
D is about one hour and then I was kissing. Is taking off all clothes were licking the body. Until last dick

Feeling good about to "A, and stop," Hey. . .
Then T is "getting Mochiindaro? What more do it?" Was coming to say if the finger
"Aaa ~ ~"
"What Kimochiii?"
"Lick me even then?" What

Licked it.
T is "Kimochiii ~. Gitsutsu Omaeumasu"
Lick my dick So T, T of my dick licked. Mata and put my head between the bed for a week but embraced!!
What are you doing from anywhere in the home or parents that do not!
When I'm eating like, Oh, I like doing it when the trains go shopping!
And I do every day!

Recent People in the family sex

Chi, I celebrated 20 years of age to meet the OL this year is the ceremony.
I ordered the latest victim of sex brothers, already knowing his own strange and unusual things to shame myself alone in suffering such a thing myself Demashita I had this site is it not in the head with it, is not ready to talk to anyone nymphomaniac cross was just different from what is not.
But in the world through this website and I wish I started enjoying the sex is quite advanced so too.
My first experience was robbed of her virginity with a friend who wanted to play half its earnings were a little pocket-money one-off fellowship with the man hailed in the town 10 years older at age 15 .
At that time, but I thought that I hate this painful sore left after just started completely crazy to have my life by the experience.
Then I shall stick to the uterus because mon random people to come back with no inserts might be better said, petting and rather clumsy sex 上手Kunaku I was not that much but my girlfriend without seeing him in pain and was divided between the sex.
If we had foot race oops likes Look to touch you I touch because mon get touched and I Kii Hiroshi milk toots your a bath by chance one day, my brother gone into Pori Zutsu pussy fingers in their brother wrong may overlap into the room thinking I was a little excited because I saw you doing watching masturbation video sex with my brother to peek in the room and then left the place but I said sorry to my sister who is also ○ Chi grew up in silence
I grasped the policy to help masturbation.
Departed the next day the place is dyed red in the face I instinctively took us return to full blast in my face cum on him at once suave yo sister my brother I went to work like nothing wrong I have gone in the toilet masturbation likely to go crazy even if my head Yogiri to work that big cock of the brothers.
My brother and family all gone one day past few days (15 years, 17 years) there is a house sitting for two days in three people.
Brothers night, for me it helped me today Hazama Kono sister? Nde I come before you two have a sex video and tissue in the living room because it was a good answer because what I'm saying, but I thought these guys do, I still feel left in the hands of that time Since then I was again feeling.
Afterwards the two brothers have a big cock in front of my face in my pants and, if you can put me in big anyway
I'm pussy just such a delusion it is 解Rimasu're wet in wet panties wet.
As I reached out both hands, are you thinking Shigoi the example I was sucking his brothers and his brother Pakutsu cock in the mouth often see you doing much to stand in silence ejaculation
Extended objects in the mouth, I guess it feels a little better imo I did not say I Tororo semen inside my mouth while I say good out of my younger brother who does not stay in no time and then cum drinking tea because it would've just taken forcibly into the mouth.
That day was reconfirmed just blow job from the day following the day off I'm beyond the point that the brothers are inserted at different time cock brothers on my body in the shower when returning from school brothers We were also exude sexuality is my younger brother.
Then I was angry with his father's mess up potatoes have sex, and now his father is angry People become obsessed with sex in my whole family.
The four people living in our mother because I divorced when my elementary school.
I have become the prey of men in the family, but I now have sex with without the 立Chi代Ri will take turns cock three any time in any act, I wriggled cum in pussy for me.
My body seems to bear a child thing is not the result of earlier diagnosis in obstetrics and gynecology.
Then in the uterus seems funny now but I was shocked helped us considerably. Please give it up I said to the doctor though it is not like that in'll fibroids.
Recently, we become so good orgy just because my family always go on the trip.
What is more family-like transformation? Similar to what my family 居Masen?
Less would be appreciated.

There should be no bad thing.

When I was the one medium, I immediately embraced by the father after divorce.
The very kind everyday, dependable father, but still appreciate me grow hard from me to break up with my mother,
That night was different. There was also because of the drunk
What went wrong, the work has 怒鳴Ritsukemasu 血相 me in that I have never seen before. Because it encourages me a futon bed spread. Of course, sanity and misunderstanding that separate mother and yelled at me It was clear unbelievable.
've Made to my mother and father know, the thing I knew, but went out later that my father had been suffering a double.
"Just imagine that you are doing and where he's such a fellow," what would there be regrets.
While I was surprised, I thought really want to do something to his father and the poor.
Suddenly, "I'll make you remember the old"
I've clung to.
Moment, but stiff, decided to have arms in 嫌Garazu may settle anyway.
Forced kiss, this time I'm forced to insert the hard stuff in my mouth closed and his father forced caress from the top of most clothing is unconscious.
When it realized that my father without taking my shorts skirts rolled
Was a place on it trying to insert "No!" I mentioned in our first frantic voice of denial, "it is only useless, it just is"
Masu Masu things will aggressively push into what sparked the fighting spirit of his father it in reverse.
Taken 毟Ri to notice the presence of shorts and at last, and pain to me not to have ready yet, my father shake the hips in silence can beat your head in my father's desperate surprise, even if they were nothing to be free from pain occasionally When noticed then but flew consciousness for the second time in there from the back is prone to be rolled is take the pain like a lie, a strange feeling about see the shape of the vagina, "which SEX? "and I imagine things to be different from syncope and are far different from consciousness 遠Noki
I woke in the morning was. I slept like a cute face next to it lie yesterday. As you can see the sadness in my father until there was a transformation while they were aware of what you instinctively
Had been raised to hold from behind and to the poor.
Of course, my father woke up, was taken to the bathroom without saying anything you sense the situation is the alter ego would wash their Hotobashitta hard body in the vagina of my father's tears error was made to flow.
"Papa Do not worry, just over the period"
The father was holding and poor.
When I go back to junior Hana Sono ~ I was just dimly beginning to think this.
And the second person to be a good dad invited me to help my wife's father no life like this
Shikarimashita father of course, but I continued to find employment relations 23 years. My father made a new opponent,
I am married and I now more advanced psychology originally
DV, family relationships, counseling practice and has a broken heart.
I consulted with a similar correlation and this is called.
"The correlation was originally banned humans.
Accordingly, materials that should not take precedence over the patient's death it is.
You also firmly aligned their people in two Zen, his father and his son was a child,
Want as long as another misfortune it is to heal the sick minds and the best partner. "And

Our family says by his son

yuna himekawa[3928]
I'm only getting 43 years of full-time homemaker.
My husband and I (age 45) and son (age 21) and daughter (age 18) lives of four people.
The incident happened when my family was a son of a college entrance exam three years ago.
My son is the beginning of all the universities hope all fell.
My husband is going well and then failed exam prep, scolded his son that his son had been living too lazy to stay home positions 就Kazu Furutte family violence to the point of half-mad husband I have reversed.
And my son is not kind to my son so far to turn around and behave now as obsessed with something outrageous.
My son is equal stature they master in judo at a young age is really weak in the macho feel slim.
Has become a commanding tone, but also in contact with my son what that attitude is reversed from the standpoint of parents and children.
Have become touched by breast and buttocks do not mind, I thought.
When life did have a date night with my husband daughter is not going to camp. The bedroom door suddenly opened. My son was standing there frowning.
My son said, "It did me no good to the guys in the act."
"I get to study Tsukanakatta from doing in the mood calm despite the fact that I'm studying in the exam."
And he also Midashimashita son to grab wildly at my boobs getting dragged out of bed in the master walking up towards us.
Has been ordered to take off your pants blowjob Bring your legs in front of my face then.
Some of those I have seen my husband, son, what is common sense for so reluctant to resist but I could not believe his son has asked rubbing my crotch anyway.
To face the little boy had hit his son have an erection, and look away and my son still has me beat with the flat hand.
At that time, his master, "Stop it. What I'm thinking.'re Wrong" and 助Ke出Sou I did just say to me. My husband and son to confront the violence they frightened old son was with me. Pathetic.
The little boy my son has been forced to put in my mouth. Jim Johnson is the son of a barely big enough even greater than his master Hoo張Ru mouth.
果Temashita mouth back and forth to force reluctant grabbed my head. We had no choice but to drink the semen is said in the mouth and Deta.
Following is tomorrow

One brother and high-Did you

My brother (Hutoshi Yuu below) is a high, two years younger high three why I Hutoshi Yuu everything, I just started playing soccer into the school, I figure that pretty good!
And then, during the other arrive at about 1:00 am I feel if I'm studying in my room, looks 寝Yo. I like when I was getting ~ Boo Innovation, Hutoshi Yuu came into the room "What happened? At this hour?" She said, like I have been lent to the MD before returning Doo, MD Returns to ask.

I want to go to bed really soon, being kissed suddenly, "do I'll stop!" Yuttara me, I just got embarrassed Rite Kana is finally taking off underwear down. . .
And then even Kurenaku Hutoshi Yuu is stopped, hands on my dick Hutoshi Yuu.
I got kanji "Aan, col," What is erotic voice. .

"Natsu, ☆ I'm pretty wet," I laughed at everything, I regretted something, to give to Blow, "★ ☆ I also stiffness Goi Hutoshi Yuu lives," I teased.

Then it was sore dick is Okkii Hutoshi Yuu, insert, and finally ended with a kiss D.
Afterwards, "I wanted her sister Janakattara multiflora" Death is happy w me Yuwa

Hutoshi Yuu now I think I want to Aatte Nde and comes back in the middle of training camp.


Kou Sumi's board, and so I write freely,
I'm sorry for that.
Here again, the writing experience.
(March 18 story)
The 37-year-old housewife.
Somehow similar to that too.
With young (a teenager), so married recently and my husband a lot of passing around an older, because I missed you.
A longer time with my son, I go to college to do with my son this spring.
From my son to go to university in Tokyo Wednesday, I get home.
Living alone is concerned.
In March in Tokyo, together, help prepare a new life with something.
Perhaps, also, get laid, come and asked his son, and I refuse.
(The Story of the morning of March 19)
Last night, I embrace my son again.
My husband is a bachelor, returns to Sapporo on Sunday night by plane.
The 15-year-old daughter has had to go to Grandma's house to play.
If so, just us.
Such feeling in the morning I had.
After supper, we were coming to hug me back in the kitchen to clean up, "right?" And.
No, but I hope, I found that will power through.
As it is rubbed the chest, was taken to the living room sofa is a kiss, being touched. You have to take off on a carpet as it is called.
When the firm came in the thick of things my son, I hug myself.
While thinking aloud should not put his son who put his lips desperately.
Son still not used to the act of sex, just keep getting hard 突Ki立Te.
So fresh and innocent acts.
KUU with a voice, swelled bigger dick in my son, ah! Spread hot fluid in my son think.
At that moment, inside my head until 突Ki抜Kemashita from my back not say downright stupidity.

Now my son is sleeping in his room.
Mother and not the usual condition persists morning, I will not be able to write myself.
(March 19 story)
Today, Monday.
Have been invited to go for a drive just took my son to practice driving. No reason to reject, after breakfast, go out now.
The first highway, entered the Tomei Expressway, close to Mount Fuji
Sitting next to her son and 80km run as slowly, looked at the cloudy sky.
The bad weather did not appear to be clean and Fuji, and tasty way home to eat lunch in Numazu.
However, "Hey, get into over there" is pointed at his son, the hotel seen from Numazu Interchange.
Indeed, it feels hotel.
"Stupid, that will not do" to say, my son is driving the car. We could say the car into the hotel.

"No." "No way, you want to."
After a dispute, I was asked to refuse.
It will be tough to have to grow up selfish,
Hope to be many times more the day after tomorrow and I think it's gone, "Well, I do," thought away.

Entering the room, we were hugging right away, taking off one piece underwear being kissed while being fast.
Of all things to do this morning was good to come dressed in the new underwear, and I think, I myself would not weak.
Stand and hold my lips dear son, my neck and shoulder,
Breast crawl, my body will react every time a touch-sensitive.
Put up with that voice come out, rubbed his son's head, but have come to understand wet embarrassing.
"Wait," he said, to the bathroom.
Body wash carefully, and return to the room to the bathroom a son turnover.

Lying in bed and looking at the ceiling, and the throbbing in my chest just Hachikireru, 波打Chimashita heart.
My son came out.
Continued son had a blanket strip naked on the bed, I've just 乗Rikakatsu.
Close your eyes tightly closed mouth, mad anguish that I had to caress her son. Fever, such as those from the body, and feeling hot.
Confirmed his son's finger had touched with my wet, open my legs, "I put" this.
Very solid, big, hot stuff when you came in, thinking "Oh," I aloud. When hard things came in from there and come through to toe kick.
At a time when pierced, feeling like a thrill running up your electricity back of the head.
After that, I do not remember if tied. Been caught time and again, on the bed, drunk with pleasure not only to remember more.
I learned where I can put in from the back, or asked me to ride on me.
Able to become the first woman and the immorality of happiness one month before his son,
And it is a complex mix of pleasant feelings.

Under 180cm son near a foot wide open, accepting,
Semari pleasure anguish come back to the movement of his son's voice seems to stand out, with a son who Kuni Tsuyoshi lips.

And became impatient, according to the movement of my son, I thrust the hips.
Now, it is embarrassing to remember.

My son is in my body, three times 果Temashita.
Not long after the period since, as it will be cited.

Son issued a hot fluid in me three times, so the hotel was about 3 hours.
To get outside, yet bright, bright sun felt.
Way back, driving his son, was strongly looking at the profile, I felt my head was empty.

A friend has heard the story says 20 students were still at the "body of a woman you honest", meaning it was said, I feel like the right.

This relationship, however, others who know the feeling,
Do you?

My discourse incest

The first post! !

Went to visit my cousin's house after a long time!
Its cousin, so I come out and say their mother did it because it was about time to separate (T) I'll be alone for Chatan and I ... (Baku Baku heart!)
Then T came down, I, I've noticed! ! (Slow)

T Then I suddenly I was coming down the kiss!
T is "Long before I liked your" I (Nono) He just has to bring him down on the bed kissing Then D

Ladies D I kiss the naked remains. When I T is the voice in my dick down canyon gradually hand
"I ah ah!" I (ashamed)
Then T is "U - Geez I feel I got (laughs)" What

Blow Utteomotte if I'm going to say that so, T I 思Ikkiri pants down.
My senses I was surprised.
T reluctantly I did fall in love, so I do I will face Yu.

Then T has suddenly come into the lick my dick
Introduction Taku Tei, "O hurts ~ ~ ~!" What I aloud
But, I feel in the middle "is a sauce more Aaa ah ~ ~ I ~ ~ O" I did not say I've moved back very Soon.
T Kitara to me and even breathing coarsely, T tea was done five times in 気持Chiyokutsu I've been in the soup ^ ^

Please tys tys to Me

This bear is obscene and sex-obsessed 20 year old nephew.

The evening concluded


Become a college student son "man" and to feel,
And drink beer together, "Masturbation is committed to the mother in 1000." Confessed to laugh.
I am young, my son is in the brain longer Sole (sex) and just said I was off.
Instead of that from either, I had opportunity to state if they have to say there is another feeling.
It was a hot day in early July. I have a drink with friends, drank beer in the living room and cool off in the shower and bath towel from home.
Favorite friend's little man, I was envious Yara hot body and been told the story of a young man.
My son came to take a drink, going back to the room to avoid staring at me.
More natural, and mouth "I drink with them." What I was called out to me.
My son sat silently next to drinking while watching TV.
My son has turned his hand to.
I'm looking at my son, "I hope also, (condoms) as well?" He thought a moment and went flying off.
I wonder that perhaps a convenience store. While the other is pounding with excitement imagine.
Breathlessly back and his son, but I Tsuburimashita eyes in silence. My son started playing with nipples and vagina with your fingertips on Kakae legs.
It was still eyes closed, I was desperate to keep the voice.
And that night, I kept my son enjoyed the hard cock in my body.

Son Punishment

I live in three married sons and daughter-in-law from the time. But two people still in the honeymoon, you hear her moan of the night. I have no experience with men over 20 years.

One night I came out of the bathroom, I heard a voice from the room gasp of two daughters.
I was listening to the voice of her pants to rely on their ears to the door, I imagined how much two people.

After a little bit and now hear the panting of her voice. I was curious, I peeked into the door a little while to dawn. Then both of them in the nude, that was just added to the penis of her stepson.
I have to hurry back to the room, a large penis burned into my mind my son did not sleep until morning. And then hear the panting of the girl, was quietly continuing to look into daily wet panties.

And pants to find his son sniffed the laundry basket is the smell, I imagined that the figure was on the suffering that my daughter and her daughter hit the vagina from the back.

One day, there are times when my daughter go back a few days on business. Spend two days with my son who was the first time. I came back to almost the same time my son, my son came in and suddenly have a change of clothes in my room.
Just take off your panties and bra tops and skirts, but I did not know what to do.
Then my son, "Mom, You are my every day except for our sex." I was told.
If I am silent, my son, "comes from a slap on all fours now," he said.
My son is usually very easy, words can not imagine I was surprised.

I will tell all fours as his son, "突Ki出Se more ass," he said, knocked on your ass panties.
And shove a butt as I was told, he was down to around the knee panties, ass Pashitsu punched Pashitsu many times. I really hurt but there was wet for some reason.

He was then also removed a bra, the nipples were pinched by washing shears. The tears spilled in pain in pain, I did not get permits.
In fact my son is my dawn drawer chest of drawers have been embarrassed to find the word bully in panties.

Ichidjiku enema found 10 pieces of the back of the wardrobe and hid.
My son is out of the box it in front of me 並Bemashita on all fours.
And one remove from the bag, "I'll put it in the ass mother now," he said, said in a tone more forced to shove your butt. I apologized that I did not get desperate allowed.

And extend my anus with one hand, we put cold liquid slowly insert the tip of the enema Ichidjiku.
After putting all this time to me, "Put yourself look," he said.
I'm hesitant to have started with the flat hand spotted ass. After the cover from about 20 "Okay. Please forgive himself from the enema," he said, I was finally allowed.

And for myself an enema. Had been constipated for several days, the pain has been attacked earlier than you think.
My son said to me to enter another.
Furthermore, since the cover your butt, but obediently followed, attacked an enema to have a bowel movement while, I have a little leak. Forced to endure the next few minutes, rather than the toilet, was forced by a bucket.

Because constipation had a lot more than usual amount of smelly, and I was crying half the state.
Finally time to defecate is no longer his son and wipe my ass, and has been an enema. And, he got his penis in front of my eyes.
Rim had a daughter a few days ago, was a big excellent.
And lick shit ik said to not.

I struggled a penis Shaburimashita than 20 years. Hoobari full mouth and drank the last one young man's sperm, and the crackling and British Columbia, continued to poop out.

Relationships with sons

Though it is the story of last weekend, but said Tokyo Disneyland when we went to play with two sons after a long time, I lived two sons and three people died after an accident three years ago, my husband actually居Rimasu up. Sometimes we went to play at a sleepover on the weekend and I took my son. My son is 17 years old and 16 years old, I'm 37 years old. The age and sex every day could come over there should still be active. Three people to travel long bodies of father and son watching his son take turns washing the body, while the story played day conference in the bath at the hotel everyone indulged in after the first amusement park grown sons and I can tell you guys remember a thing about my husband and I after a long penis thing I was clenching my hands about how cute is reversed hide blushing Aritsui apologized saying sorry even grasped the excitement, you feel really sleeping in the bathtub that is grasped by themselves Orimashita family sleeping in bed and enjoyed the story has been well out of the bath the day Just looking at the sleeping face of our sons being unable to sleep in my head Yogiri The only thing i still get to feel the penis from the pants off the bed to turn the page on about how his brother 済Mazu I can now do things that would cause his mother eventually moved Orimashita son sat thinking bursting increases gradually in my mouth knowing I've also put a blow job Finally ... in the mouth with big brother's penis because even those tricky yo just say my brother came from his brother who is also going to raise mon choppy voice is the voice of my mouth I both brothers for once in each ejaculation, ache of application ○ ○ Oh but my sons say that day has arrived in Tomarimasen sleeping bear with a jerk.

Spread a souvenir from home the next day, his sons entered together because I shall be my sons I do get into the bath with my mother I was watching the TV to eat to sort things raise any friends sons When I did get to wash your body with both hands on the body perfectly for me I'll wash me back to the sink to wash her mother also gave his sons every inch of your body, lower body wash just It happened when I got up, thinking aloud when I hit the clitoris, while his sons thinking I wiped my body in the bedroom Morai shed in the shower and heard said by Nde No pain Sorry cases disturbs the thing to suck out in front of my face and said larger penis sucking mom and son coming in and we are not doing masturbation finger can stay, for two days I expected I pull out my semen useless thing because it put out in Iki piston will lead to many times while sitting in my penis larger so it can not also hold an ache in eye Pushutto I get a lot of face on him.
Euphoric we have truly been a while since I been many times in my piston aligned brothers.
I slept next to a good mother? Naked bodies together and slept with three people to hear something from me Iiyotsu.
I went to school there but nothing like the morning the next day everyone, I intersect in the bedroom with a bath and then the next day with his sons.
Today I Take it to what we would prescribe a pill to go to obstetricians.
The taste in my uterus directly sons semen.
After all I am to act like you do it?
Your address, please.
Sons aside, penis size is a significant thing I have about 17-18 centimeters.

Well not satisfactory to him

Hello. I will have one year of high school.

I had sex with the boyfriend becomes hate the last six months and going out;; Yanakutemendokusainaatte advance and feel.

Originally there is only a little number And I'll did not at all recently.
I was embarrassed myself even gotten a little cold or boyfriend because of that.

I tried to talk to two older brother one day. I was riding with me always helps a talk with a topic like that.
It seems pretty Mote had also heard from friends that she may still have a brother.

I can only say the same naughty like always, "Come on if you are actively" I was told, "it is troublesome," and say, "There's that like?" Asked me was.
"Normal position?'s Like," I said, "Only Son?" I have returned. . . I was silent.
And "give it to the brother!" I asked for.

The first is "what are you saying that fig?" And was told "you fig!" I really returned to "like a one-time" and was told, things that parents are going to travel the next day I got.

Day. I waited for my brother to go home club.
Why not talk much to each other without awkward older brother came back I was watching TV Nde "me into the bath," I entered before my brother, then I entered my "Let my brother," I My brother went to the room.
Nde kiss from her brother, neck, hand man I've been going down steadily in the canyon, not feeling hungry.
My brother got in the hands of just going up really fast Gotsuku.

I was breathing disorder, give him standing there with his brother Shikotsu in tan "crap is out there ..." I said, after issuing has 思Ikkiri rub my chest.
I know myself I'm pretty wet, I was desperate to forget the siblings.

"Put my brother ..." If you ask me, my brother put my hands on the railing of the rack with a rubber suddenly, it all came back to topic.
Quite far to pick Makurushi bigger brother, Lee soon got me pretty quickly.
座Rikomu the floor and missing at the same time force the Shit "Are you okay?" What worries us.

My brother slept in the room like crazy just so tired doing Nde various positions.
The next day, my brother, "far from trying not you all?" Was said to (my brother than a boyfriend I were a boyfriend now lol ~ I thought (laughs

The sex was good and the best brother!
I enjoy sex with my boyfriend promised me a one-time Nde.

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[3851]
I am a medium, a senior brother in college.
Always be with me from childhood, looked after me a lot. I wanted to give something back to the child's heart, kissed her brother one day in fifth grade.
And "Thank you for always caring. I love it." I said.
I point at my brother's eyes suddenly. I had just upset that I did myself, "No, I Oh ride from here to take, saying there are things you can give to my brother?" I said hurriedly.
Then my brother gave me a hug and kiss me.

When it comes to the fifth grade, I know how a man should rejoice.
While my brother was kissing, I grabbed the little boy put his hand gently into the room wearing boxer shorts and my brother.
Surprised that I quit kissing her brother, with my knees in front of my brother, sucking mouth Emashita the little boy pulled out.
I got tight in an instant, large mouth, and licked hard. Buffet in my mouth for a while! I Seeki me out. I'll drink the whole thing I was issued, as to give a lick, "Eh heh, I would be bad. But now take care of your brother, I'll I'll tell you! I do every day?" I said.

After that, it made me get my brother is not expected to intrude into the room I was sucking. It was also followed up to the junior high school.
And last summer, my brother want to try a pacifier club back from you soon, and already bigger.
"The excitement to the gym suit?" I said, I was a little upset. I said, "Wait a minute." Back to your room and take off their jerseys and shorts worn down, 履Kimashita around the elementary school gym shorts.
Gym clothes on the lower short-sleeved white bloomers
In junior high school girls are dressed as the brother (now obsolete as bloomers, I have changed.)

"Shazam!" I went to my brother's room was a little happy.
"After the club, but I could endure for a little sweaty?" Start of a pacifier and say I'm bigger.
In about half the usual time, Seeki me out a lot more than usual.
I said, "it earlier than usual." I was with a bitter smile and a joke? Brother did not say anything, but I know I my brother's subtle reaction. My brother was "probably sweaty ~" standing up with excitement at KOTO.

I cling to my brother, "he would rather kiss." I said and kissed him.
The little boy also has a bigger brother, I got excited, "my brother's little boy, I want to put." I say, let the cheers have been suddenly 押Shi倒Sa.
Then I started to smell armpit odor.
I said, "full of the smell from the smell good, put your dick?" I said.
Brother lift my leg and have been shifted to 脱Gasazu bloomers. I did not like was the way it was wet for the first time.

"The older brother, because I'll go after my pacifier. I wish I could put in force?" I said, for us to put up force slowly.
Came into office at the border all the way at once, and incredible pain at the same time.
I said, "was it - A!" I cried, my brother gave me to stay motionless.

Gym clothes to take off my bra and then lick me my heart is equal to 10 minutes there.
The tingly feeling I had, "forget it." What I said, my brother gave me to move slowly.
I was feeling I did not feel good at first, seemed to be feeling that the brother, "does it feel good to move a lot, I'm out a lot? Would still be fine because my period." 抱Kitsukimashi to say or.

I was holding a brother, sat dressed me moving.
Older brother and moves to stop for a while, I found out what are you warm inside.
Are you feeling scared little boy in me is, "I did it. But many times I'll brother with you?'d Be happy for my favorite brother." Kissed me out.

The first experience is about six months, as usual, with Pacifier bloomers gym clothes.
I also got topic sex about once a week.
The issue is that while I would be bad indeed, the moment I got out through bloomers. This school before Deshimashita swimsuit.

Since the first experience of the summer, there is a physical or without the big brother so happy, I wear gym shorts gym clothes every day.
Under the uniform, except when under a dressing gown bath, gym clothes I'm wearing two day every 2.3 days.
Brother will be happy to give me.

My discourse incest

Last night I was out, so parents, my brother, "tonight, come to my room," Yuttara to, "Well, really?" I ー Yu said, "I'm waiting from the" me slowly, and at night I was waiting.

Go out after 10 parents, brother, "toots, I come in?" So one ー, "I entered," I came in Yuttara brother.
"Like the other day, H or trying?"
"Really, you sure?"
"Yeah, but it's really been a while," to me slowly, I was naked they both take off your bra and panties.

My brother began to have a massaging my breasts.
After a while, "toots, can I touch your vagina?" So one ー, "Sure, it's live but gently," and one ー came suddenly into the vagina brother's fingers.
After a while, "Brute man stir" has been sound and nasty.
Bing was already stiff cock in touch with my younger brother.

"This time I'll lick Koshiyou" ー one so, I will lick your brother's cock, vagina licked my brother.
"Toots, and I'm feeling better", so one ー "gotta, put it in my" What ー one, and he had sexual intercourse into a cock my brother.
When the piston while "toots, so out Darn it", so ー one, "yet, you not bring out" I Ta single, "Oh U, no, Darn it," Oh boy. Alright one, I was then out Ippai in this until I you my .

"Oh well, you're fast!" To me slowly, hands gripping Could I get iron in my brother's cock mouth, so I also bigger, "Darn it once put it" Oh One I had my dick into a vagina to me again.
To the piston for a while, and now better feeling I have "Oh go!" Shouting in a loud voice I, Ittara clinging to litter my brother up and down the hips, tight Gyuugyuu have sexual intercourse "toots, and 're out yo! "One Oh boy. Alright, when I hugged tightly, both of you, I move that cock until I Gubigubi Among these your Bisshori sheets came out to a lot of sperm.

"Oh, great, What should I do if you are pregnant!" I thought I, In another Rino Matsu. But Cho was good feeling. "And if I did not try to parent H" I promised my brother.


Today, we are in the aunt and nephew, who is having sexual intercourse.
Recently, while showing each other mutual masturbation, and can gain the highest rises, but eventually it 遣Ritai nephew said, we are always rolling up each other's wet honey juice.

My discourse incest

Nice to meet you. The Kei. My brother Ryo and I actually had to SEX.

It happened two months ago.
Masturbation used to be a night while their parents are not. Vagina or put your finger on, or stimulate the chestnut with the rotor. If we had a lot of things about "Aaaaa Oh!" I aloud.
The Department said "What are you doing my sister?" I came into the room.

Then I was naked.
The Department "that? Monjan Ya like me saying I please." I have said.
I've covered 被Satsu Ryo suddenly or too soon can I do if I have.
"I'm really sunny Ya? Kyung." And I've always prefer to be called Ryo different.

Have been forced to kiss Ryo, I've yet put to the tongue. I am a man but I still resisted. No enemy forces.
Which you hold hands, tongue licking my nipples Department is turning, the left hand massage the left breast, right hand and are crawling around Wasa Wasa Noman me this.
I was crying, "Yametee'll ask! I'm siblings?!" The resistance.
But Ryo is "not right just because it SEX siblings too Do not be translated to mean?" To talk back, and my mouth is blocked in my mouth.

Once again the hand position remains unchanged. Noman from there I'm full of juice comes out.
Painful to breathe, I punched in the chest Don Don Liang.
Department mouth to me and finally let go, I breathe and Nuke.

I have responded with Innovation Man Kono Bikun. Yes. I was sipping my Man Kono, Ryo.
"I quit! Eeeee I beg you'll stop Tsu Liang!" I cried.
Liang said, "A Usse ー."'ve Pushed a handkerchief in my mouth while I hope.
"Hmm! ーーーー hmm!'m Uh!"

Shitsu Department has put a screw stimulation and not worry about me.
I remained for a while now that Lee Kisou.

R. Then I've put my cock Man Kono me as one misfortune followed another. I was surprised, "ーーーーーーーー !!!!!!!!" I'm shouting.
Liang said, "I quietly closed at the mouth of Shinee. And Whatever. Handkerchief, I'll take us to the" take a handkerchief from my mouth to say.
Instant Liang took the Majimemashita shake the hips.

"A Hann fill with Oh!"
Department will continue while shaking the waist
"There ぁぁぁぁぁぁあぁぁぁぁあぁぁぁぁぁ !!!!!!!!!!!" shouted and I feel lost.

They wake up neatly dressed, clean up there is also a futon bed.
"Dream?" Put out my mouth and shout, "It is not a dream." And has been the voice of Ryo. The Department had to look toward the desk.
"Lovely lady."
Were talking, laughing and always with a tone of wonder.

SEX Department and is still forbidden to.

Masturbation brother and extended

KARINA experience model boasts read (laughs)
OL boyfriend and normally they have been dating for just a day off.
5 or go to an after dinner conversation with friends and women ...
But I have spent Wednesday night together with his brother Mattari.

My brother went to visit the apartment, drinking and making of them, together with your dinner, or to sex sometimes.
Frankly speaking, my brother and the "extension of masturbation", and what you love as a man, not like that at all.
Mindedly pursue only pleasure.
I said, "I'm sitting's high" often seen in the wind, can not look too greedy boyfriend isn't bad, so I fancy pants.
In that regard, if a congenial brother known since my childhood "Can you lick me?" Not hesitate to say this.
And I get sweaty suck dick spend 30 minutes a day.
Yes, I'm a pro by far chestnut love the canyon.

Fill My brother had a face on his groin to my feet.
The first attack Chirochiro and chestnut ... I already know everything about the weaknesses.
Face up to 10 minutes that followed the "elder sister, but I'm thread caught her pussy lewd" and say something unnecessary.
I scrambled to put your finger or tongue or partial and full of honey.
While I hear the sound coming from there Dirty Deeds will become etched into more and more.

Doing this, my boyfriend can not hope Breath busy not affected.
"Please ○ You can lick my slimy" like catching a man I never say never.
Listen to Unchiku wine in a chic restaurant, once a normal position normal city hotel in the fashionable ... and a date with my boyfriend that is totally different from when spending my brother and I to become obedient even the desire of my .

Not show is the ultimate!

What I get worried about myself and what I see I got so w
But great exhilaration! A I'm feels good (laughs)
Add me Maya flasher? ? www

???????????. /
1818 @ password

Morning Wood son

"Xx-kun, is a wake hoo!"
Hectic preparations are put to bed in the morning and I place a voice on the second floor.
The answer is no, it suffered from a bed to sleep Guuguu sure yet.
I reluctantly up the stairs, his son entered the room.
Sure enough, my son was still in my bed covet inactivity.
The vacant space next to my bed sleeping son, because I was sleeping in there a while ago. Bed sheets were laid side by side the two are intertwined as-sleep disturbance two people last night. Just looking at the shape of the wrinkles that are hard last night reminded me of the fellowship, face turned red.
"Xx-kun, wake up! Look, I'll be late!"
Grasp the shoulder and shake, my son paid Nokemashita so loud my hand.
As soon as the blanket that covered the lower body Hadakemashita son.
Protruding from the lower body blankets son was naked.
"Sleep pants and they are fine, not catch a cold"
So while I scold my son, I have become glued to the thing that jumped out of bed in the eye. Morning Wood said that is what the physiological be good if the young man,
Much knowledge was also me. But it was thought to come from a physiological phenomenon of sexual frustration. My son is not supposed to sexual frustration.
Last night before bed, about the things that are bursting with a bulge in there,
It sapped every last drop from a supposed inside me. Nevertheless,
Just one night passed, I have been doing so already.
Looking in the sun in the morning, it felt even more fierce and savage feebly.
And tips, as a symbol of youth itself, though, is Teratera and shiny.
Entertain my son with me in bed with and 引Kizuri込Mou.
I guess the intention of his son resisted.
"Come on, you can then occur by the let up once."
I'm sure that my son is going, it was initially pretended to sleep.
"The time for that, it does not have translation? To fool around, get up quickly!"
And use strong language, indeed it seems a little Hirunda son.
"But I'll do this to this, looks I go to school."
He says my son comes to pushing my body erect genitals.
And erection pressed against that hot body first time directly, but it is missing from my body, thinking power.
"I'm only one I helped? Instead, I will end it early?"
"I'm right over the known, to worry about it."
My son and my naked lower body happily, no technique, nothing before, suddenly came through. And like waking up in strength to think, began to stroke vigorously. I have not shaken so, could not only just clinging desperately to his son. SEX so rough But my body to react firmly and noisily began at an embarrassing wet out son.
No reaction time to make sure my son's face and goes to second rise in earnest wholeheartedly, I was filled with love to say to accept all the dumb.
At the same time, however, only in the intersection of vomit just attend to his son this way,
My body would feel as a woman, there was little 恨Meshiku.
"It's so energetic in the morning why?!'ll Be morning and evening, I have the body"
Entwine with the body at the waist like spoiled son of a nasal voice, I recovered the last time, I feel my body get to the point surely turned into a slow movement of the body, I remember exchanged with me this morning as the first kiss.
Son who knows the movements of the waist of my body, too long ago that they may forget the time my son to school anymore 送Ri出Sanakere must, in order to bring in something deeper than the body of his son, but his son move回Shimashita the waist to fit.
"I'm talking about, a habit that cock into my mouth happily so."
Close the curtains and say that, in the room is bright, my foolishness was exposed before my eyes through all of my son. My body was stained red with shame, the body rises and goes to pack, but I could not even do.
Hit with a body that can only move like rolling on the brink of orgasm,
And rub with the most sensitive part of the glans to the opening of uterus slimy son,
Shake your ass son a little earlier than the limit,
"Ah, you'll go!"
Spit and served in a voice say, to repeat the feeling deep inside my body in the intermittent,
I will be sitting convulsions, I had a climax.
"Thanks, Mom! To clean this, you can go to school!"
My son can not stop my body still shaking, and finally pull out things softened,
Quickly change clothes, I go to school.
I still limp and had to go away to hear the sound of my son riding a bike. The groin, while semen dripping of her son.
Indeed, is hard to have a healthy son.

In our house,,,

In your house, everyone seems there are various problems, the single mothers in particular, are marked with your eyes families Rassharu suffering with a sex mother and son,, with the of his son at home in fact There was also troubled with the time, has now become men and women living alone. Of course, I earned my son to feed.
However, I would say the tribe, "age fifty", and my son is a 22-year-olds. But because I still have your period, I enjoy sex with care. Incidentally, 4.5 times a week (once emit 2.3 times in my vagina, however, only when and safe day) comes looking for her son. Today, it is the dawn night,, and worked is a nurse.