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Incest confession of women(2014-07)


I am five years becomes 41 years old widow. My son is a third-year high school students 18 years of age.
Because it is a businessman high school, I get a job after graduation next year, but
let them breathe every day tits with fondness from becoming alone with my
son, it will stick Sucking nipples like a baby though.  You sleep in with his son, I have spent every day that you love, but refers to her son, such as appear in the prefecture after graduation, I want you to embrace me is! Away from the son, until you get married at the very least . We were strong hug \"Hey, get out to the outside of the prefecture?\" And \"I dont'm fine, it is! Leaving Mother\" son. \"I love ... more ... aah ... love Mom\" become one deeply semen hot son is released into the uterus, entwined on the back of both legs hugged his son also strongly son, skin and son It had been strongly adhered. I am forever I want to be nestled in the son leave this.

2 I want to get your virgin brother

Thank you everyone.
In addition, I will write.
I leave the vertical thread for the time being.

I have followed even now

yuna himekawa[16104]
The first experience with my son, I have when I was 41 years old. The birthday of the 18-year-old son is a habit of the countryside, we have heard that there is a ritual to serving the son from his master. Of course, my son knows, only in the morning, after eating lunch, and I went to town by bus and son farm work of the day. When you enter the inn husband has been reserved, and was guided to the room on the second floor, but there was not hardly any conversation that is worrisome son and I are hidden starting from now.
When you return to your room to finish dinner in the dining room on the first floor, it was Yes laid the futon. It has been guided Nakai-san brought a yukata, bath and to enter immediately because the order system. Following the son, I also received a bath. When I enter the room, it is beckoning to son from the futon, I was diving next to turn out the lights.
Son is a full monty We've already hugged me. What I shy even forcibly, 21085 & # yukata, the underwear; did take skill. \"Rich-chan, for the first time,\" said shaken and \"down\" the neck when you question, we have been looking into open the crotch so sucks tremendous momentum in your milk. Even shouting not look ashamed I did the mucking crack at your fingertips.
I have the eye closing eyes to the voice of the son of \"I put\" body though not ready to welcome a phallic enough yet. And to have experienced on a daily basis with my husband, I felt like electricity ran through the body to the penis of his son. I ejaculated immediately. When you wipe the semen flowing out, again, son've asked the lips while moving the hips slowly. It had to endure it and do not feel but emits a voice to be \"Ugh\" involuntarily my waist Tsukai son is or slow down is earlier, I arrived son Nishigami.
At that time, I feel the sperm of his son as has been injected in the back of my body was. Three times twice, I became filled with the sperm of her son in a moment. penis son began opener, thick, long, hard, strong libido, can not be compared to the master, it was fine.
When you go home in the afternoon of the next day, is called a word cheers for hard work If you look at my face, my husband went out to harvest. That night, my husband did ask the details of the fellowship with his son. To say \"I'll I was, only once,\" you laugh, \"I was a good pussy\" \"You How was the mom\" ​​to my question because it Toikaeshi many times. My husband I ejaculated twice for the first time in a long time. But I was anxious again.
Then, sometimes, I was asked my son until the marriage. After marriage, it had ceased completely about two years, but again, it was Mashi Hajimeri triggered the birth of the bride. It is the only son my husband does not try to embrace me now. I think bride son does not realize, but we know maybe a husband are you friends with his son.

We lost

I learned from Kenshiro's Part I, my husband and has become the illicit relationship with Yoko's part. Serious No way my husband was skeptical, but it was reality. It was every day to confront someone about a husband after work is slow. It becomes that it is aware of the son of a high one, my son was out of the house by two people is because I protect the mother. When I was about a week after it is to live in an apartment together, son I came in when you wash your head in the bath. Resistance vain, massaged your milk, is expanded dick, it was a boy. It had experienced her matching ..... to son. That night, it was still the lead in the futon, it is inserted until the morning. never 8 months, I felt in the sex life of 19 years with my husband, it was the joy of the woman. Compatibility of raw is to say that mom, son were words of adults.
I apologize with prostrate at this late date that was after three months, my husband and broke up with Yoko. My husband is a poor me, and kana good preparative be considered, I think, but my son does not let him. Real mother also knows the physical relationship with the son, sometimes, I will come to convince. I'm troubled dove, the relationship eliminate son, so at the expense of a son this time for me. Good advice, thank you.


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The thing the other day

The invite son, it was snow to sea bathing.
Prior to that, it was snow to select the swimsuit together with his son.
I chose the dress first, but I decided to swimsuit son chose it because I go with my son ... but to say bikini is cute son. And the day was a T-shirt in the sea bread already from before my son go out. I also went out in the T-shirt as well as the lascivious on top of the bikini. It was like a couple away of old like in the sea. We are of Yuku through the park close to the house to eat the way home, the dinner of course, but today from son Then ... a kiss to my son from me and made ​​a waist on a bench in the park during're talking many things , being held in a bathtub is said Keiko also I was cute, and, to the bath together Nari got home, it was together until the next morning ... the sex from the back. ... I was rude in a poor wording.

Me dying man is wanted

It has been raised in one person the son divorced and her husband five years ago.
We went to a few times a week part because it received money of about able to do just enough to also not have to work.
Son is a high one. I am 39 years old.
I had become a woman who loves things that from SEX met with a very good person you are playing pretty teenager.
But such I also got married and pregnant with his son at the age of 23.
And the average SEX of my husband? And I was not a good category particularly
But it came without having a relationship with men other than her husband from married. Cheating husband was due to this I am a SEX-loving He came to the devoted husband.
It has been brought up a son without even to whom it is embraced until now.
I have gone to see the Toko son wanking in the room a while ago.
It was a big fine potash than the husband that broke up the penis to that still in high school.
And I was looking through some time so that it is not aware of the son, but semen was splatter from penis vigorously soon.
Wow ..... Oh.
what I'm leaving the room gently but grew to serving of my son could not forget the.
Son will show the innocent smile does not seem to have noticed at all such a thing,
but I've come to think seriously this child want If you think this child is to have a big thing so much.
I want you with a big thing that me if you are you ejaculate by rubbing yourself. Then I though it is killing two birds with one stone I also son also comfortably familiar.
It became Yang approaching the room a couple of times my son a day since then.
I want to help them when I rub again, if.
You would think that I Mote Once the relationship naturally distance Kitara narrowed.
It is a splendid Another man said to be high school students.
And I'm dying to want his son to want.

It might be pregnant the child of father


There are two sons in fact now, we are living with us to the consent of the husband for my mother died at 50 years old, my 36-year-old housewife, three months pregnant now husband zip my married to husband I was pregnant Good luck Let Sanmo the children of third person and in consultation with, however that also I have a relationship with my body or would you drunk when you are not the master from lonely that does not have mother father at the same time Zip reason is sputum did not work I was in the form that realize one's desire to mother a few years in me as it is, was that of not differ about the 2nd day and my husband die a thought in me most But, my husband was later father with the tip of course, but I believe that there is no mistake in the child of the husband-sensitive and maternal sense of woman, but change from the depth of the blood you are pregnant with a child of the father if We do not tell the three months pregnant my husband still does not accumulate in the worry to be born When a child such, but I would be good even if the gave birth while this

One roof

The impetus is, it was that my husband was transferred overseas.
Junior high school, one son (Masaya 17), was a top-grade class in the honors.
It was said movement Well was not good enough, but serious son, and not first-class high school pass mistake.
That rainy day failure! It was son advanced to the end of the day Shingakuko private, but it is confined to the room in the house also lose confidence is now many.
The relocation of the husband to arrowhead that! Two people living and son began. When half a year has passed since her husband went abroad, it was found in the room of the son was naughty DVD. Women who were tied up body is drawn on the cover, yet mother and prisoners .... I was shocked. Serious so much son Nante have seen such a thing .... That night, I'm started Yabukita and ripped the clothes of me while becoming horsemen to me amok when you talk of a DVD to his son. No enemy should intends to force a high school student, is naked in the hands of his son, sucked the chest on the couch eventually tied the hands and feet, lips up had robbed me. Semen son until I was issued in the vagina thing son is in vain, and, come penetrate into the body of me (useless! Stop) such resistance. I fucked until midnight in the bedroom of the couple, I was greeted in the morning in a state where it is bound thereafter. Under one roof, two people living and son! Consultation also to anyone and without being able to, I came to that fucked son nightly. Video and photos to be taken, I pasted a photo as transformation to a woman amateur posting site. Desire of the son went more, to come to me that you saw in a book or DVD, I is allowed to spend in the nude at home. Was added to the huntingtin son on a bench is naked in a nearby park, and have been blamed from the back every night recently. I have been squid to his son immediately buckwheat salarymen drunk is resting on a bench nearby. Contact husband and return home temporarily came soon. At that time, my son is worried about what to do by asking. You come threatened to (and probably do come back Dad! 'S fun! Once seen this figure's ... very!) And while grinning. Six months, until Anal been developed and I fucked his son, does not have to hair over there. Bound body in the belt of the 1st mesothelioma, It is in the state was put from the vibe in pussy to three rotor anal. Without even supposed to convince the son mad gear anymore, I hope that that will get bored in my body.

Relationship with son

High school two years, my son will be three years position to have a relationship with his son. It became an
opportunity to have had included the nipple 2 circa junior high school, during the
study, but my son wants to suck tits every day,
open the front of the chest, and push up the bra, my son
no longer wait tits sucking will suck nipples. I think the story is often the case, it became a relationship of body and doting son would divorce my husband, but to the divergence in me because there is no worry of pregnancy. We are through to the whole body hair removal on a regular basis rather than by de-hair in the hope of his son that hair. I think that you do not go, but you might think extra and can not be pregnant and want to pregnant with a child of his son. It is! Think that it does not go like this, it is mothers who dont.

The jealous mother

Is consultation.
This before, I would look at Mom and Dad from being etched.
Until then, love mom, and I mean not really like, dad was honest hate.
The got very excited and yet if you have seen to have been etched at the waist Tsukai amazing dad, panties I would wet Gusshori If you notice.
How can I do not even try to feel strong mom that you can etch feelings, and dad and I want to etch and dad I hate from it.
There are a lot of experiences that is etched in parent and child and it is this site, but there is also a feeling you want to etch and Dad still a virgin, but I am afraid that I will not Fumidase is one step.
The love each other every day and Dad If possible, I want to give birth even if baby dad wants me.
I want you to divorce mom. I want only love me.
I know this seems unusual feeling, but it does not quit. During the etch of the father, and I mean not a reluctant, it does not have to seem comfortably mom. Quarrel often and dad, and I think that it does not like the other dad. I love dad, I think really want to dedicate a virgin as a man. I've been saying I cute ex-boyfriend of my young mom before. It was I have parted bad feeling, but I think it is allowed to infidelity mom and boyfriend Better yet, it is allowed to divorce, and I want to get the father. I want to etch and dad. Think only thing dad always, masturbation was by rubbing full over there stealing underwear dad before washing masturbation. Dad with experienced seniors, a daughter, also the direction of others, thank you have advice.

The sex education to son

It is the son who enrolled in junior high school this year. In divorce late last year,
it becomes like'll also bathing with his son is the only two sons and the husband, I was taught to open my body.
The Show them there son open it and put one foot on the edge of the bathtub,
was raised lick is allowed stick Sucking there son,
so as to impose on the bottom and holding the head of his son with it will raise the voice
to a \"favorite
raised Rim attached to eat mom only \"son Sucking amazing there,
release the son can not be put up, from behind,
was raised put greeted at the back of the body a son devoted to the wall both hands, I of I let the push-up strongly
do not pull out as it is in pleasure, such as numb and hot in the back, I was challenged for the second time. The laying futon from bed and out of the bath, and I was in love with the son violently at the bottom. This is the night of the 12th Saturday of last week still, not me lying overnight in most, since in love until the morning close. It is summer vacation soon. It is said, \"want to go to a love hotel Once mom, summer vacation, and take you\" from my son, I give you a promise that you take. Ahead will Omoiyara. The sought after breakfast the day of the 13th, I was challenged to as far as physical fitness.

Dating cheer Circle Horseman!

Women who had to know the kind of stimulus once
also ... you the opportunity to get to know and a wife? H Do you like
does not get away from the pleasure his wife a
H. Please consult If you're looking for the others wife of
slavery? M'll see. ○ ○九一二三六六一四八

With my sister's husband

I'm Aya, a 39-year-old bachelor. I live with my parents, but this year my sister and her husband moved next to me when they returned to their hometown. My sister's husband was a salaryman, but she got rid of her salary and lives in the office once at home and twice. It seems that my sister's family didn't like to stay in the house and decided to go to work twice a week. I was asked to take care of my niece (1 year old) when I was absent while my sister was away, and I was asked to take care of it, but a while ago my sister was late at night, so that day was night. I was at home until. My husband finished work around 6 o'clock and came up twice. I took a bath and came to the room with my shirtless. It seems like that after taking a bath this season. It seems to be refreshing. But his body is strong and hungry. I knew that I liked sports quite a lot. When I saw his body, I became popped. Nice. I'm such a man type in Moro. He took the beer out of the fridge and started drinking. I was asked if my sister-in-law was also good, and I went out with her. The story is fun and the second one. So I thought about what I shouldn't do. I pretended to be drunk and leaned against his shoulder. I happened to be wearing a slightly shorter skirt, so I tried to make it look like it turned up naturally. Hey, what's good about that girl? I'm troubled with words and cute.But I envy that child. I'm 39 years old, a lonely woman who doesn't deal with anyone. He doesn't do that. Your sister-in-law is wonderful. Thank you. A gentle lie. He doesn't do that. My sister is 30 years old. He is 27 years old. I like older people. That child was also my sister's wife. If that happens. But you, a woman 12 years older than me, aren't older, right? No, if you're an older sister, it's a strike zone with plenty of room. Then what do you like about me? Well, can I tell you the truth? I think it's okay that my sister's breasts are big. Mika (sister) is a little small, isn't she? My sister is a B cup, but I have myself in my chest. But the night is fulfilling, isn't it? He seemed to be in trouble, but after a while ... I'm in a sexless state right now. It seems that since my sister gave birth to a child, she often refused to have sex. But Kazuto is still young, so isn't that irresistible? Even now, I'm dying to see my sister. eh? what? Are you kidding your aunt? I'm angry. That's a little. That's true. Prove that it's not a lie. He approached 10 cm in front of his face and said with a sullen face. Proof?I hugged him in trouble. I'm not satisfied either. I haven't been loved by men for two years now. I continued talking at a distance of 10 cm before him. If you haven't seen it, comfort it. If you really think so, comfort me. Actually, I'm glad that my younger man told me that for the first time. But to your sister. Clearly already. I kissed him forcibly. I started to kiss violently. I also pressed my breasts. My chest is at your disposal. Older sister, if you do more than that ... I'm even more excited. It's really good. He finally returned from himself. I've been rubbing my chest. large. It's amazing. How my boobs. This big woman is my first time. really? Did you like it? Yes very much. You can touch it directly. At this moment, we went straight to cross the line. I was really accumulating. I don't know. He took off his clothes and became naked in front of me. If you like this aunt, please like it. Yuki-san. He caresses me and says he touches my penis.Yuki-san is big. Mika I refuse to be so good. I don't like that. Hey, then I'll accept this decachin from now on. I'm big and okay. It's close to 20 cm from him, but I honestly thought it was okay for the first time, but I didn't want to lose him, so I just said so. At last, the moment of foreplay. Older sister, is that okay? eh? In the older sister. ... I can't stand it anymore. OK. That huge thing came in softly. It seems that he came in and somehow his pubis touched and my over there sank him. Are you okay? my. Yup. Did you say that? I'm happy. He rushed to say so. Ah, I was full of satisfaction when I welcomed a man's thing into my body for the first time in a while. Oh, I'm one with him. His stuff is coming and going over there. He made SEX quite good. I'm good Yuki's best. Yeah, it feels good. I'm going. Really. After he had finished for the first time in such a pleasant time, we met again. It was great after it was over. It will continue to comfort you. This unfulfilled body.He seems to be captivated by my sister. He said.

Menopause Exit

I'm glad a little. No, because there was a pretty nice thing.
It would be Wakana come to a man, but the physiological went up after menopause, suffered.
In the mid-40, it is a little shock as a woman, but, above all, that every day, such as the depression is gone. At the same, or rather what, it's hard to say, but it raw, medium soup that OK. But, libido I'm pretty I decline after menopause. The .... difficult to wet and not quite blame the son But, it's in to so OK, and a little excited, and my son ,,,, above all. Almost every night, I will ask. It will be two or three years since I began to have relationship with the son, but so did not let the Pies. But I have them out in Yappa is, I'm good. And that Jiwa~tsu, feeling lower abdomen will want per pleasant. But for the time being in to it would be a Motome-raru SEX, but I think you want to enjoy enough of now.

Sex life with Demodori son

43-year-old son will be 3 months back in divorce. You have to worry about my mama's boy originally and I knew. When I went on a trip of two nights by using the long weekend of May, I asked the feelings of the son against me, I confessed my mom's best after all. The futon Inns, Ai show each other all, I enjoyed the first time I have sex while in the lead. It was decided to back home, buy double bed immediately, rest together in my bedroom. The rest is about twice a week now, but I enjoy sex a later date. It is now 66 years old, I feel the joy of the woman.

... And his daughter

yuna himekawa[15896]
I am a widow to become 50 this year. My husband passed away easily in cerebral hemorrhage three years ago. We live with my daughter, my daughter's house to accommodate him well. It was irresistible to me the night we stayed, and love each other violently. There was also often would fire with the body of my voice gasping daughter heard from the room of her daughter. Week 1 was still in love with my husband, but as it has become rather stay suddenly, body and mind I was sick. However, his daughter knew the horny of such me. One night my daughter does not come back at work. I was dozing in the living room. He was licking an important part of my lower body ... woke up lower body to suck suck something. An attempt was made to refuse to use the power of the whole body, but missing power under Tsukai after a long time, we would be aloud. I was ready again, but have been had live suddenly he. Good feeling about head becomes strange, I was rubbing her crotch from his. Perhaps because you do not have a long time, he ... had issued a sperm in it gone immediately. It was put out live me a physiological yet. And now the chooch frequently with him on the border that night, we are still the relationship secret to daughter.

Drive and son

Either would have been this time last year, I had promised to raise
that with the celebration of employment and high school graduation of his son, and invited to drive with my son, it
was the first experience of the son.
 I'm in one piece dress naked boldly,
and was wearing on the jacket, but
the tip of the nipple out valley is exposed in V-cut deep Before the chest of one-piece, so wore a jacket
are you has hide, but the skirt length is
not a mini so much, but the hand of the son
I had touched the inner thigh is exposed during operation, but sensitive dick while you are allowed to touch as it is
hand had touched extends to. Stop position quite  I also feel there leading has been wet, even to try to stop the car is also not found, the car enters the mountainous areas, there is a road, such as fall in the mountains in the middle, road off the handle How would ran how much to along and out of the wide little place, and down from the car, if you put off in the car with a jacket, it becomes naked off even one piece, and down the pants of his son, that his son already large had become. It had gripper hard great to the touch, I open the legs in the mouth is full and my son and surprise, as lick son the bottom of my Then lick up, and raised licking Ano part you feel most , I had to raise the voice. Taught from behind a son to become prone to the hood it becomes a woman not a mother anymore, I was allowed to push up the uterus put greeted back. Semen of hot large amounts, such as the crowded shed in the back of my push-up like crazy, I was looking for a son I will also be crazy. I was surprised to be challenged without disconnecting. It was not possible without disconnecting 's husband, and I was overwhelmed by the energy of the son. It becomes every day that you love and son since then, we have sent a sex life like newlyweds like.

And brother-in-law's

I went on a trip of three days and two nights to Ise district of Mie Prefecture in four siblings couple in Golden Week this year. In two cars from Kyoto, we stopped in Toba with your Ise Shrine is the first day. Eat seafood caught in the local Ise shrimp, abalone, etc., and drank. When you return to your room, \"and in secret to big brother\" We were invited to the brother-in-law's. I did not remember me, and I say \"see you\" at that time, but I invited the only two people because they come up close and three times twice after home. When bad for us to have refused many times, we see you without telling your husband. Brother-in-law's, I was told the affair of sister-in-law's. While I give riding advice, while I was sympathy, I had crossed the line.