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Incest confession of women(2007-09)


My first opponent was the dad.
From 10 years to SEX. Indecent relationship with the father but it was more from a young age.
Can not leave even if you know that daddy is not permitted and brought into adults.
And inconceivable that someone other than the father to the man.
Can not do anything.
Embraced by dad last night.
Yuki was a girl in the happier.

I feel it is my time, I was 5 years old
Dad and entered the world of the forbidden.

Father and husband and wife

yuna himekawa[5307]
I am troubled relationship with the father can not do anything.
The 56 year old father, 53 year old mother, 32 year old husband and I are older than 3 years ~ 4 masters. My husband now live with married parents, children 授Karimashita soon. But my husband around the same time, with wine and women play is intense, and many could still continue the fight away overnight. Parents, my husband many times Shimashitara attention, out of the house was going mad tea.
The father, "I do not have to worry about coming back in from it." Is said to me, did not come back even after three months. I looked at all my father became alarmed, found that women living with snacks. The father and talk to my husband, my husband turns out to be the disinherited. Father said, "Because you will have no home at once, or you can stay home and do good." Likes me. However, since the mother heard her son say that every day is a parent's or say things just a grudge against my responsibility to say now say to myself. And so now let the father to shut up all the room and even child care, prolonged hospitalization and became a professional I asked the doctor.
Around this time, father and children and I now live in three. Life, so give us more money than is absolutely necessary that every month my father, when it was made better luck with a beer or food. "Michiko, and I'm sorry all the time. And you gone over just hard." "Our father you, I'm happy. My husband does not take care of a child on you lets try, lets a lot to the cost of living I'm grateful to. "heart and told each other the day, I definitely respect the father alone and went a good way to encourage men to love.
The feeling is growing day by day went. The calm voice on the phone conversation with the father, when going out of style to the golf, the scent of cologne when going out at night snack with a friend, who smoked a cigarette while watching TV. Eventually, the dream is now coming out of Ralph. Also that night, a dream that repeated violent father and the body, toilet, so I woke up woke up, into the first father-Mashi Tei "Well, tonight, I do not to Nemurenaku. Goodnight," he said I went back to the room.
Two days later, staying in childcare because there child during this consultation with the father, now a mother to go to visit. Unfortunately, the situation is said to be meeting not to go back now. At that time, because we noticed that no mind to eat, I was looking for a restaurant, the father, "So great pains, try to eat at a famous hot spring hotel here. Tonight is your favorite thing Eat a cup. "and called for a trance.
I chose the most delicious-looking things. And to drink beer. The father, "Michiko to wait a little bit." I went to pick up the car and said something. And "a bit early but, yes, this birthday gift. See opened!" Expired, so much stronger holding hands and embrace me on the shoulder saying. I could not stop crying at the same time open. "Your father's, like expensive things. I knew that I wanted this bag to me?" "Michiko, we're supporting each alive. Your concerns and thoughts I'm going to know about. I've been drunk.'ll stay at this inn tonight, OK? "is said, we went to the room, the bed side by side there. Alcohol also has momentum, and looking at the bed, with the rattle reason collapses abruptly and went from relying on my father. The father, "I'll take care of your grandchildren and your life. Recently, I'm always looking for your dream. To go to your room at night. Sometimes you have a golf I have to play golf in my head is full of thing. I Please Me, to this this year. "" Your father's and I love you too. our wedding anniversary today Let it. "言Emashita other than to calm.
Kina Hiroshi rode over him. But he was twice the limit. So I was sucking mouth forever example where his precious.
We now have to live like a normal couple. Could I do not mind father and quarrels. Grandpa and the kids so much, I think that to Daddy.

The biological father

I have been raped during the pregnancy of 13 biological father.
At that time I still did not think that I would be pregnant at one time just because sex is not getting my period.
Then my father became so kind and I hear from my selfish guilt, what you want me to buy anything now.
And I've seen some overweight people have a few months from friends "from the get what you want to buy anything, I'm happy fat" but I was a fool,
To undergo a physical examination and promotion
The pregnancy came to light, and 23 weeks in obstetrics and seek is to say, abortion was not capable of becoming.
Then father and mother gave birth to a girl in her family life to a divorced mother.


The 43-year-old housewife. Our house is already a helpless state.
I have a 21-year-old son and 45-year-old husband. Were ordinary families everywhere. That last summer, I have become incredible. Was the son did behavior. I began to unnatural behavior clearly aware of me. You come to my dressing room while taking a bath or walk in the house looks like naked. And the end of summer was. I had my son goodbye. I was desperately resisted the Kanaimasen. Eventually I was raped. Since then, I kept holding my son. Whenever the last desperate resistance to the son of course I also unchanged. My mind if I try to talk to my husband I did not dare to state that really work in harsh conditions. Just a few months time has passed, my husband has been known to last days. I cherished my time living in purpose master's son came home. And the nightmare happened. I came home my husband. Then I was going to be put in the background. My husband raise their voices yelling, and my son was returning SEX yelling to stop. Originally the two terms are now the bad beat Ai. And my husband was killed. My son saw that resistance is no longer my husband and I also started SEX.
Since my husband has been brought down to his son, my family moved to the leadership of his son. Originally workaholic husband hard at work now increasingly Awasenaku son and now face. Now my son can sleep in the bedroom of the couple. My husband is now sleeping in another room being kicked out, and I can no longer talk.
SEX Now it is repeated time and my son, will be a variety of techniques, I was forced to serve a lot again. The morning begins in the kitchen and living room SEX blowjob happening soon became commonplace. At home even when their actions regardless of my husband, my husband is there will be alone in another room. Now, helplessly, my husband just because you are divorced more to worry about appearances, it seems there is 荒立Ta Seruki. How exactly this situation last forever, what do I do, I come up with an idea. And, just just hope the other women feel toward my son is bored.

I made more than write restriction. Miwa's then please let

Fearless son.

I have such sites. A little surprised.
I am a 42 year old housewife. My husband and 48-year-old, 20-year-old son is a family of 3. This is one of the mothers I knew I would not have a problem with breaking the taboo of incest and.
Last month, can. My son is doing a fearless rugby in college, I've tried to talk to me alone together at home. Want to listen to and I wonder what she said surprisingly. "I am, that I love my mother, honestly, I want to mother" and. I'm not sure what is what is now. Then my son more, "one woman they viewed as a mother. But I am afraid not, I have repeated that a few years now, and was determined to 打Chi明Keyou feelings when adult," and continued 言Imashi or. I said, "Calm down. Are you serious?" And say "do not lie to my feelings," and ending intensified. He added, "I want to really tell on my feelings, I will wait until the get the answer," I said. It ended that day. Since then I have not see the brunt of a son .... Could it be the real son and the dream did not see such a serious confession. And I feel that I have foolishly shaken. Exactly, what should I do for my son ... 接Sure.


Recently, a frustrated mess.
I got nearly every day for the past three months must be masturbation.
I Admit it still is not that the penis can be seen Kotonakatsu.
With a terrible longing for an erect penis, the penis or have a significant amount of image collection (> <
In an unusually strong sex drive that recently, I have a bad idea.
Before entering the school yet, I have yet to target the younger brother.

Drink and waited for the sleeping pills to sleep lightly.
Penis in front of Shaburimashita not hesitate at all.
It is terrible, but I can sleep an erection.
Grows rapidly in the mouth, I instinctively taking pictures like crazy.
I just really feel good to lick, my wet hand.
And continue to lick, which had a sudden ejaculation!
I also wish I had a drink concentrates was surprised, I had banged out the mouth.
Really would be bad! If Kusa! !
I'm always with the mouth, those familiar topic than expected.
I give up and finally the mouth to clean me and I had a hard w
Sex is the first time! This is my brother! The elementary school w
I'm putting it vibrator comes, I enjoy smoothly.
What is it coming from the spirit, the tremendous feeling of a smaller than usual.
Giteoshikkomorashiteshimai cease feeling, I have a brother w Bukkake
It does not matter! I got to thinking or to Nakade.
I'm sweet Nakade servants had the sensation of being Nakade irresistible.
To clean up tight, finished a great night.

Brother and two

Smooth things with his brother wrote some time ago.
Little if at all, let me share with my brother and leaving things clearly.

I have also gone with his father transferred to the mother, basically living together with my brother.
Our relationship from having an affair with his brother for the first time in about a year ago has changed dramatically.

"Sometimes even now, my brother and hugs"

But put it in an earlier post, almost every night in bed together.
There are days, but not sex, marital life seems like.
That day, his brother said.

"I always you a" sister "as was observed.
Friend, "sister, is not cute, big breasts too," When you say that somehow 腹立Tashikatta. I'm dying to touch, to you I will. "

First day, my brother was relentlessly caressing my chest.
Not violent, but it is gentle, and left too many kiss marks.
I was glad it is.
Not only breasts, thighs as well, if you wanted to leave some place to hide in the clothes.
So I was squeezing it.

I spent almost naked so obsessed with something the next day.
The sweat in the shower, and also embrace.
I was supposed to be sensitive in the body it was supposed to only be divulged to speak by touching his brother.

"Hey, I want to feel your brother"

I say, let my tongue snake body of his brother, brother's fingers explored the area feel.
It was not until I have things to only two men.
So it was pleasant feeling.
But, my brother had sex with incomparable.
"Forbidden" I might have had the feeling things will be named Takeshi Masu.

"Even if I do not know, hard to imagine a rosy touch someone else"

Sleeping in the same bed at night without sex.
And kissing, touching, while little brother say so well.

Perhaps, we will stop it is this relationship which may not be able.
If brother and sister, and no wonder even live together separately.
But, but has remained outside the normal range.

We will not continue to happen.

Forbidden would wish, please advise.

I graduated from college, from this spring have OL Miwa says. (Miwa's and below is another), please report the relationship with his father ....

Six months have passed since the relationship with my father about the first time.
The force did not.
The bath is raised to say, T only fault was wearing panties on me shirt, but, after folding the laundry when you stood in the living room couch was 押Shi倒Sa. Bad terms with his father on a daily basis, the mother nurses weekdays and weekends, they worked day and night, the house was at that time 居Masen. "Hate! Stop!" Has repeatedly struggled to cry, my father was not an enemy force.
The basis weight is suppressed and glare, I too became head of the white terror .... T-shirts are taking off wildly,
I was very quickly stripped to panties.

"Cringe No! Cringe away!" And I said, and will be open to brute force the leg, I've been licking dick. Yoshi Tadasu is so desperately resisted too shy, and I remain robust 押Sae付Keta father I have been obsessively licking Yurujuru Woji while making noise on purpose. It was filled with disgust, I feel that time is not on the contrary, I've been gradually come to feel.
During the attack a dick in my father's fat fingers, "is Atsutsu! Aantsu Oh!" Was leaked to the voice and disgraceful.

Next thing you know, my father became naked.
And groin, force or rampage penis size ... I have never seen before. Ways of thinking but paralyzed, I did a last stand.
But are readily 払Inoke has forcefully pushed into my father's things that are fitted with hard Wareme hot. Fucked hard, I would've felt agony not knowing what somehow. According to the movement of his father,

"The Utsu! Is Ann! The Aatsu!"

Voice out, they ....

"What? Are you sure?"

And the voice of my father's reaction mean enjoy, remember that I heard a hollow ear.

Despite being raped by my father, I had the pleasure ... surrendered.
His tongue entwined with my tongue in my mouth screwed into the Father obsession, about a passionate kiss would accept.
Further increase the speed and movement, my father pulled out his penis out quickly and let the semen is ejected 目掛Ke gushing hot and my face. Father's cloudy and soak up the liquid in the face, I immediately take Yupachupato crazy licks his lips and cover the penis is inserted in the mouth .... Shocked woman is indecent position myself ....

Since that day, my father is now committed, I will come when the mother is absent. How much is the head and had taken a contrary reaction Nevertheless, there were only having sex with my father in pain. When I was a beginning ....

My own obsession was to find a body like his father finally noticed.
Imagine the anguish and daily sex with him.
Narisagatsu father was a thing of the heart and soul completely. And sometimes, I told my father that one.
"More ... shite" and. . .

Since that day, my father was there also at night out of my mother she hold me now in my room and plenty. I was still pressing the sex killing of course were happy voice. When my father out of the room felt the loneliness 無性Ni,

"Come tomorrow again ..."

And hope to get enough.

I've totally immersed in this relationship, the parting was dating my boyfriend at the time also continued to have sex with his father intently.
Although it initially had only disgust, when the father of all let me confuse.
That body of work related to construction, the 50s and strong muscular body ... can hardly imagine. The size of that dick and ... scary. Low resonant voice ....
My boyfriend went to his adult masculinity was more and more attractive.

The technique also ... and of course sex. It was in the technical skills, makes you feel about always lose consciousness.
Power is also remarkably strong and they come to think about sex and sex is not a place other than my father anymore.

But it happened about three months ago.

As always, my father was intensely hot, tangled in the night there. But when I opened the door to go up and left the room my father
The hanging came flying towards us screaming mother raised.
All I have known my mother.
Despite three at night, lying in the mother drew away to hyperventilation boos poured out like screaming continued.落Chitsukimashita breathing immediately, but, since the house was falling apart.
Separation of state and in the home, the mother became violent and hit me wild kick, and eventually became an inch would not come out of the room. Eventually it became a nervous breakdown and depression.

I had to for this mistake in our mother was sorry to think that every day, my aching body out looking for his father's body still as the days passed.
And can not bear too, that night, my father went to the living room to sleep.

And I had asked us all night. To enjoy sex with his father after a long time ....浸Rimashita heartily threw all the pleasure. At first it was because there 噛Mi殺Shi mother voice, I boldly went every day. Ino Hutoshi thing that pierced his father once,

"Aaaaatsu oh!"

And Ge's voice was. Father

"Refrain from alive O, some more 出Se"

He says. But it is not called from.
I honestly can not stand and speak comfortably. With each passing day, the sound went intensified make out voices. Scary things, things I forgot my mother and gradually.

The house is now alone with my father. My mother was hospitalized. The recurrence of breast cancer are treated with radiation. Last time I went to visit, 暴Re出Shi like crazy, "Go home" and said it makes no since.

But I can I get alone with my father's life without hesitation, is happier now. Morning, noon and night, hot and father, fiercely, and messy ... intersect.
My father, he told me things that caused the mother having an affair with the mother outs. Honestly, I think have it coming.
In addition to revealing the inner thoughts,
I myself secretly hoping that the progression of the disease.

I'm at the end of next month, the company retired.
So for him to spend life ....
This is going to be my new wife.
Now the things my father "you" is called.

... And I decided.
Sex with his father until now, did not have birth control was 腟外 ejaculation. In the majority of my mouth ....

"I want to put in ..." and I'll try to convey feelings. My father and I are already married. The child should be allowed to make. At the risk is to devote all of my father ....

However, when, what time, I know what my father 告Getara face something like this for what. It is crazy, may seem, I have scared myself to think 移Senai action.

I tried the site's had a talk with a different, but I could not receive a reply. So this time, I also posted on this site. Please check it good advice. Thank you. I hope to give birth to a child's father seriously.

My brother

I have a brother three years older.
Siblings were reasonably good relationship since childhood.
Junior position once every two months and even watching a movie with high school and college students start byte and his brother
Birthdays and Christmas and gave us clothes and accessories.
The next day I saw a friend that happened "yesterday, was with her boyfriend? Cool! College?"
I was also asked.
My brother is also favored by subtracting the relative parts cool and I think easily.
So, "introduced" Suspend was always properly called I did not like.
That being said, there is something you did not separate.
Just a good brother and sister relationship.
So, until that day was about a year ago.

Students were turned around for a while, now senior associate Innovation on one of the same circle.
Was going to be 8 years of dating.
Sometimes, even though I was talking about the future, and I especially did not stick to the marriage did not hurry things.
What went wrong in it
Last summer, he said while trying to plan a trip together.
"So this is the last trip"
Imperceptibly he used to hang around with people and I met at the fork in the joint and co-worker.
Marriage partner is a strong desire, even by comparison with their parents were
I cry even if it appears that story.
We also planned a four-day trip to Okinawa.
As if nothing will change until then, as a lover.
As two weeks passed without anything back from any trip, it was the rest of the summer to digest
My brother said I had come home from work at home without going out.
"What, what 休Menakatta boyfriend together?"
But was not properly introduced, and seeing somebody knew.
"Did you ... bye"
I think that was when he answered smiling as usual.
"What? Because, I went right along with Okinawa?
... Well, I have on. Yes, I go for a drink after a long time? "
What worries me a little bit. I went with my brother called to leave.
Pubs have to go along with his brother several years earlier in a station.
My brother, I also drink fairly strong, fairly there and drank that day.
The next day at work my brother off on Saturday, said there was no worry about because they Tsuite行Tsu 五月蝿Ku mother but his father has been appointed to Osaka.
Train and gone, I decided to walk from one station.
Small snacks and drinks at convenience stores and still be drinking from the back, buy dessert.

I take a shower at home. And really take a shower 浴Bitaku.
I called my brother in the shower and change out when I prepared a simple snack.
Started drinking in the living room couch, leaning leisurely.
While talking with my brother started to trickle in and things he
I also had tears imperceptibly because of alcohol.

"I feel the 利Kanakatta
Became useless because I did not have charm "

Because it seems to have endured eight years of truly was dating did not even think myself.
I hugged my brother suddenly the tears spilling from one minute to the next.

"Akane, Akane, I'm a woman. Are plenty of man."
"I hurt my brother"
"Sorry, about"
My brother hit a relaxed look and Then.
But this time without the pull was 押Shi倒Sa.
"Little brother"
My word was put out by his brother's lips superimposed.

I was drunk because there was also, it might have been hoping will happen with my brother and maybe Nope.
It came down to the neck lips brother had been at the mercy of clothes in hand 滑Ri込N.
Wherever gentle caress of his brother, felt endless and endlessly.

Sometimes my brother is still in an embrace.
This target remains to be seen.
However, feel each other, because it might be a worry-free.

Ask my son

Hello. I have three sons and husband and family. Committed a mistake in this summer. I had to do with my son. It had caused my debt.
I have the past few years, the stock was trading saved money by using the internet part. There are times when I sometimes rhythmic, gradual loss went swell. I wish I had quit when there are fewer victims hindsight, turned away to make up something crazy, swollen damaged more and more. Savings even touched the house without telling my husband still did not work, and finally to the consumer credit debt. After that, life was waiting for another return for a loan debt. The Mori Tsumoru debt snowball, you no longer do anything. But also not too late to talk with a husband (I was afraid Divorce) 思I立Chimashita agony trying to talk to my son. Son is also well-known companies to work for working people already in its fourth year, but we expect to have in store for nothing. Son to expect the savings is about as embarrassing a parent, I decided to talk because it was desperate and even Uezu.
I have consulted, my son surprised me quite a state of debt. And objected to help pay off debts, of course. I want my son to help anyway, I ordered dozens of times, has also declined. I ended the day with it, night after two days, my son came to me. The "matter of debt, good cooperation," said I did. I was so happy tears, thanked his son. Then, my son ", not just the condition that" has been saying. I heard it was appalled by the condition. Son, "let someone get my mother, I have become a woman" is that .... White in front of me now. But the next moment my son has been forced to kiss me hug. I tried to 振Ri払Ou, son, "debt going to do? Genre and take it to work? You're the dangerous Baretara my father? 任Sere'll be me I'll do something" has been saying. I, again, the room was not left to choose. The son is just turning out to friends ... SEX. Thanks to debt, but somehow now, and our son often 行Uari to treat hot .... Or where ever you go anyway, I do not know anymore.

What is Incest

I'll see Teru Hayo fine strainer to have your childhood.
I saw that too and I ejaculate in your tea, so they showed the first period came when or even reversed. I had seen and what might be masturbation. But, and this little bit unfair to show more of a man.
If she could do from the Hao tea recently, maybe I will look a lot better. I like sex to tell you how touched I was not going to feel good. After sex, but I'm supposed to tell me how to do

Slave of his brother

Last year was raped by my brother. Take my picture was threatened. Has violated almost every day since.


I did not. I never fucked by the family. Two of my time, I was living in one of three brother and the brother of one level lower. My father and mother when I was three years, died in a car accident with. So I Could housework I was with my brother. My brother is not coming home anymore, is cleaning up the dinner I was just me. Then my brother came home. "Oh I'm home," "Welcome home" "What's for dinner today?" "It's curry. You take me to the homework in time?" "Yeah." It was also made to communicate with. "Oh Akira Hutoshi (brother) Did not you soup dish," "Okay." Dish with heavy brother, my brother came down, so that is when I ate curry.

Our parents,

yuna himekawa[5163]
I'm from the end of this summer, go into the room every morning as my son, I entered the room itself, so there is something wrong with my husband too, I wondered Needless to one who is cleaning and swish swish go out to work. I swell up in the morning erection young son, the chestnut and mouth 銜E package once, squeezing raise, he was a violent convulsions, vomiting not said a word
But still, I revert to my son in my womb, so there is resistance, and now it still on treatment with oral sex and hand treatment.
My son is in eighth grade next year, because even when important stay ahead of the exam, because you wanted challenged to take to it as much as possible to me, in that there are things there we .
In the moment, my husband, of course, even without telling my son, I would like to obtain permanent sterilization surgery. I have not even made for children too soon, my son will be able to be partners in peace processes of the you wanted it to pass, it is a foolish mother, thank you for laughing too It is. But there is great hope for my son I just 其Re, please understand.

We believe that there is a similar thing, if we just stay Mom, please tell me your opinion.

My discourse incest

I have three high-brother is a high one. Brother in the room last night (My brother and I the same room) so I could see that Shikotsu, approaching that so (ow) I did threaten.

It was just like when my brother comes in, jump out in feeling Piyu sperm, I got surprised.
Red in the face with his brother, sister you've got to do, she said threatened to 取Reyo responsibility, pushing me to have with a penis from the top of my pants.
"What I'm going into," I said, I said, "I'm good," I said.
I like to think I had a brother before, a chance to think "I'm" I told you.

I heard my brother back three times I really, "I'm you and" I say, get rid of the panic in my pants, I came into the penis become lascivious.

There is also the brother penis 18 cm, when put before a brother root, and this I understand that it is on the belly button to my penis.
And his brother started the piston, floating in the air to 気持Chi良Kutsu body feels much, I was the best going away soon.

The brother of the "Serve no good" I told you, I put up to discourage holding penis radically embraced his brother back, "I'm out," Ittara I was scared by my brother crazy but, since I was moving back, I still gushing into the penis in the innermost, I found what went into the hot inside of me.

I have my younger brother is scared of the cum that still plans to take The ー tonight. I like the best sex of siblings.

♪ daddy loves

I have a surgeon father, my mother was born between spending the day in a lively circle of the hobby.
Only child, a girl. . I'm having a great day full of love.

One night six years old when I woke up or 寝苦Shikatta,
When I opened the door of the bedroom sleeping mom and dad. .
Wavy bed futon, so I could hear heavy breathing pained Dad and Mom,
I'm afraid I will Batan!
Back to my room and closed the door, 潜Ri込Mimashita bed.

The next morning, I was lying on the sofa and reading newspapers and dad get off on the first floor from the second floor,
But last night I was in the mood, good morning as always! To kiss,
寝転Bimashita surplus places with dad on the sofa.


When asked

"I heard the evening back at work in the town. I'm staying with dad before."

But I also like the mom, dad loved it, had been happy with glee.
Take me to the zoo! Even shopping! Lunch on the Mac!
While such a request to have a question Dad.

"Last night, I have mom and dad, I dream I saw the nose?"
Thinking "Yes," say "that shit, and I'll give you love your mom from dad.
Then I'm happy mom. "Hearing that" Phew ~ I, "tried to answer but dismissively, and
I felt jealous of thinking is "why do not you smell a dream?" And
I asked some poutingly.

Then Dad smiled gently, "and I want to love the scent because you want to dream ...?"
I have shining eyes "to to! Please!" And to solicit "But mom knew it,
Jealousy I might be jealous. . What now? "Dad said viciously.
I said, "to be kept secret from mom of course! So please! To dream for even smell!"
While that exchange, Daddy stroked my body,
I like having fun like the soft clinging hands, rub and Dari was pinching.
"Dream incense Well, should we study the daddy!" I invite to the second floor,
I went seat climbed the stairs to the second floor I am glad, Dad was sitting in a chair waiting for the study.
Are you washing your hands, Dad came into the library after a while to tweak the sound under the faucet,
Caress later turned over to the pajama-like feel to make sure my chest and shoulders are sitting on a chair,
The warm smile, "dreams incense, see the pajama pants off," so I,
Obediently took off, rubbing his thigh dad pants down,
I started rubbing her pussy across shiny palms are hiding plump cunt.

I feel kind of weird, getting hot and is a part where you are,
~ Dara missing body strength as I come, crawl your dad has let my fingers even split.
Momentarily "I Batchii there!" You tried to pay out for "Daddy I'm also not here because I love the smell Batchiku dream." He said,
Suu ~ I let my middle finger back and forth along the crack Innovation.
From embarrassment, I was a little surrendered with downcast eyes, cheeks flush,
Been floating body sweat and felt that the hair sticking back of his neck and forehead extended Kuni Takeshi.

Looking through half-closed eyes, sometimes
Dad we will increase noise and violently Kuchukuchu smiling happily at me sweaty,
I went to take a finger entwined love juice spill gently moving your finger at.

Brought increasingly coming soon finger movements gradually, queuing in the body! What likely driven by impulse,
Pikutsu every time! I do miss the quiver,
Dad, "I'll cherish dreams incense filled daddy
Once I'm with my dad feel good Do not worry about anything.
I can smell pussy and cute dream. I say sweet daddy's fingers. .
See, I'm so happy to slippery! "
Showed me the finger wet and shiny.

Dad is included in the mouth after tasting something so important with the fingers,
Now I began to taste the tongue clit.
"The smell here is a dream, you're mom transferred. In a little bigger, hopefully dad brought up right now is important,
You can be good and much bigger than the pleasant mother.
I'm glad Daddy! To grow faster, stroking stroking the tongue with a lot Akeyou. "

You hear about gooey, hard lick to give, sometimes rolling on the tongue,
Clit sucking daddy's mouth with pursed lips after all, the patient unable too. .
"You gotta O ~ Dad, uu tea pee smell out of a dream!" At the same time say, I have to urinate.

But at that moment, mouth to pussy Daddy incense oneself a dream, I drank a gulp and ours.
Honestly, I was surprised.
But, in the following words said Dad, I love daddy more now.
"What a dream fragrance, what daddy dear. I smell a dream where all cute, of course it than mom"

Since then, Dad polishing techniques for a pleasant aroma dreams
The fragrance will also accept any requests dream.
3 starting to get bigger breasts are small or even nipples sucked and bitten,
I ll have to lean on the thigh juice pussy naughty for us but it just Gingin,
Finish is really sensitive, ♪ ik even be a little nipple

The clitoris is much bigger red Koume, just rub panties at school,,
I'll leave work early to come along from Nabutsu Dad got to sucking on your fingers in your mouth filled with connections connections while mom went out.
So recently, are you a daddy scolded because I got too much like 大Kikutsu Korikori in again.
So saying, but Dad happily.

In the summer of high school freshmen became so well D cup breasts, ☆ Dad also very happy to open up Fucking
I like a lot Namename hung sperm face!
And because of the father, full of sexual intercourse from the wet, slippery even in the buttocks
Put vibes here too! I Segandara, sweet ass!
Copyright in the ass looks like, when have to cherish her daddy
Sexual intercourse with a penis Dad always back into the butt sex.
The nipple and pinched strongly from behind with it, are you just cum.

Another man, except daddy want to!
Mon incense me to satisfy a dream. ♪ daddy loves

And Oh, I know Mom ~
Teru Mon unloved mom better than incense dream!
Mom will continue in secret, ask dad to cherish her fragrance naughty dreams!

. . Somehow, after this Kakiko no, I want to become a dad again.
I'm already wet and Bechobecho. . .

Today Mom, told me the tea with your friends. . . ♪ ♪ ♪
Can not wait until the afternoon, ♪ Oko to about 4 times to have the imagination to masturbation Dad
'll Love Daddy! (*^^*)

Everyone can see the bulletin board that I love and be loved papa is so happy!

H mother and uncle

My mother (age 43) and uncle (age 39) of the H I watch. Little did I dream I would come home with the milk I have no way.覗Kimashita from the bottom of the glass portion of the door now. Looked very good. At first I did not really understand what they are up to. Mother having raised her legs from behind his uncle looked like an infant that will be like pee. My uncle has a closer look pants on the floor, lower body was exposed. My mother's uncle Orimashita raised to accept things rolled slit denim skirt long before the wide-open.
Was very strange sight. My uncle was a big body up and down violently and having embraced lightly wrapped like a little mother.
My mother was almost like a puppet out of yarn.
I often saw two faces. Uncle eyes were red with a white face again. Was repeated likely face comfortably loose face and sometimes very painful.
Could not stand to see another face. Long hair is always a bunch of neat disorder, and sometimes cover their faces was enough. Iyarashiku saw was really yelling shaved eyebrows. Yodare eye was hanging from his mouth open so big and I have a dislocated jaw become completely white.
Thread was cut almost like a puppet.
My uncle still dressed that 絞Ri上Ge body of my mother and my mother was snug against the chest to the thighs, let convulsions while 突Tsu張Ra times like stretch to ping the toes, reached a climax fierce but will knock your face was the.

I fell into a relationship between my son and a man and a woman ...

"Yoichi, put it in ..... and let it die! …………" "Mother ……… .. It feels good! …………. …… ” “ Take it out! ..... give it a drink! …… My mother is no longer good!… .. I'm about to die! …… ..... I'm gone, I'm gone! …… ” I don't even remember how many times I passed away, and I'm not inferior to my husband, but I'm rubbed and stirred by my son, who is far superior to my husband in terms of size, hardness, and energy. I was drunk with the pleasure of dying. The above conversation is a part of the conversation between me and my son when I had a muddy copulation for 2 hours in a position where I was sweaty up and down with my son just half a month ago. There is. I usually knew sites such as incest bulletin boards and mother-child incest bulletin boards on my computer, and rather than knowing them, I was particularly excited to read the sites called mother-child incest. I never expected that I would actually fall into the act of incest with my mother and child, but if no one knows about us parents and children like this, then by all means, if there is nothing to be revealed. Kano someone like would like to talk, write the facts of the genuine and ended up bubbling up is the feeling that I want you to know there depends tried beginning to come. Even if I draw a myth and write it, I think that it will not last long, I hope that I will take care of this site for myself and write it as naked as possible. It depends on you.And, I think that the fact that even we parents and children actually fell into the act of incest between mother and child is actually a thing in this wide world, and such anomalous acts must be done quite here and there. I don't get. My real son and mother, I started to copulate violently by connecting the genitals firmly and deeply. If you talk about the background, it is deeply related to the habits of my husband in the past, and it has become very long. However, at present, my son Yoichi is like my husband on the SEX side. Since I first had a relationship with my son at the end of June, the number of acts in the past two and a half months has already reached 20 or more, and at first the piston act was completely awkward. Now that the compatibility has become quite familiar, the timing of hitting each other's genitals has become smoother. And to be honest with my husband, it was an act that I had never done, but I will never forget that trembling ecstasy that I died violently with the feeling that my son licked my genitals for the first time and ascended to heaven. There is no. Now I'm so addicted to it that I'm in the opposite position with my son, licking each other and drinking each other's sticky things. The story goes back and forth, but in fact there is a reason why my husband currently lives in another place and has not progressed to divorce, but somehow the problem could not be solved well and the situation continues with slurping. .. It's been more than a year now, and I've been discussing some sort of solution as regularly as possible through a reliable acquaintance, but I can return to a normal life with three parents and children as before. In a situation where only God knows whether or not it is ......... Moreover, I would like to say that my son and I have fallen into such a relationship between men and women.Then I cannot help feeling the more difficult future. In such a situation, I imagine a man and his cock while looking for an obscene image on a personal computer to process the aching body of a woman until the end of June when the relationship with her son begins. Although I was masturbating with my fingers and foreign substances around me, I was not satisfied with that, and I knew from a personal computer because my son happened to know that I secretly purchased and obtained an electric vibrator for mail order. It was the beginning of a male-female relationship with my son. By the way, my son Yoichi was 23 years old and had a head dyed in brown hair like a young man, and now he is forced to be a part-time worker. Don't worry. I'm 47 years old now. About me and my son This is only a part of it, but as for my current feelings, I have finally written it! I feel relieved. Actually, about a week ago, I wrote the above content on another site, and I received encouragement and opinions from quite a few people, but it's because it's the content, words, or expressions I write. I wondered if it was temporarily unwritable, but it was fixed again and I happened to know that I was asked to change to this bulletin board, and maybe a few people know that. I'm really looking forward to not knowing this post tonight and maybe you'll be able to reply. I often admit that I can only write in hard expressions, but since I'm going to write here from now on, I'm free to be obscene without being too concerned about words and expressions. I'm wondering if I'll write it indecently.That person, Mr. J, Mr. N, other people who gave me funny and obscene words, other people, if you notice this site at any time, please advise me and write any small words. .. As I wrote it, everyone's words are the best. If possible, I would like to reply to each person here if you can write it. My appearance, face (although it is a part of the mouth etc.), naked body (I hope you can think of it as a plump body such as a little fat and big breasts, buttocks and thighs) Look at other image bulletin boards I am glad that you have trusted me, including the fact that I wrote the facts without telling a lie, and I am very happy to post it. Now, the relationship with my son and the relationship between my best friend and me are beginning to progress. I cannot predict how we will go further in various aspects from now on. If you talk, it will be very, very, very long. It may be too long to read, but I would be very happy if you could read it by yourself. I keep writing while waiting for my son to return, but I haven't returned home yet. Since it's Friday on the weekend, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are consecutive holidays, so I sometimes have a drinking party with my friends on such evenings, so maybe that person. I usually get in touch in the evening, but ........... I've already been around at 9 o'clock, but I may get a call in the near future. For the time being, I will stop writing here.I'm really sorry for the long time, thank you from now on.

Son Middle School

One of my sons, and has the desire to be a mental illness to a man born women. The first time I realized what I was a small 4.
Mari Tomari and events coming out with the bath 入Ritakunai with other boys and
As a sixth grader, and put my underwear in secret, and to take care of Itari secretly went to the escalation and more and more.
Of course, I also went to counseling, "do not deny, but only watch"
He says. Worried about not sleep at first, but, by the time you rise to admonish his son in junior high school teacher, can finally be accepted.
Now, now know enough to dress like a girl enjoy shopping with my son like a transvestite. And last summer, two people go out to buy underwear O揃Ide, rejoicing in the safe home for two people like my son and noticed the clerk's. "I mean, this kind of game underwear," I joke that "Mom, no, try to wear in your room?"
Accepted the proposal of her son, of course, went to bed together.
Start with your clothes off, and again noticed the change in behavior is much more flattering me. "Mom look at this way," but shy son starts dressing and shoulders at about a little, I did so admire it from every woman. "Mom as soon as possible?" "Yes Yes"
"I guess it was kinda gay mom ~" strong sense of her son during a nude shoot after Kio Mukai and "Huh?" And turn around and "very good mother"
"What you talking in addition, you'd better suits your !!!?"
Turned around, his eyes questioned. Woman hanging her son for several years until now just amazing little boy Hami出San son from the race no shorts look great too shiny inner Bebidoru down with me I found myself going to crumble and I said to myself.
"Mommy will not touch my heart," nearly five years now divorced. Longer periods of abstinence because it would think that even thought his son married.
I hope you would have touched, but knew purely
"Sure" (and me are you going eh) on the bra and pushed the hand of his son to take "soft" feeling distant memory} {had a moment
To remove the bra from me, "Do not be shy, I'll tell you what a woman's body becomes" {} I wonder if I'm talking about ... now bowed out of the bed next to her son almost like caring caress her son, his son time to lose one's cool while touching the rough breath and I did not take. Hide those shorts and stripping of pubic hair and no son to bed 寝Seru his son, including the mouth
Position was reversed, as though men and women, watching the reaction of his son's face agonize
"Mama Mama s too late," "Wait, mom received, waiting"
{Great} son and his son across the intersection before we did the first course I have it in my son.
交Warimashita son every night since then. And now my son is happy we are.
If you want to go back to the guy who if his son, until they can do no not have to be a normal marriage, pain and hope it is.

A real brother ...

I graduated from college at age 23 last year I was a OL. First out is a bonus, one-week trip to the free bonuses that parents, the parents went on a trip this week. I have I have an older brother by two years, his brother was seized yesterday. Suddenly my brother came in to read the magazine since updating to Tiger laying in the bath room to rise, "Let me Yara" came up and said. "O brothers and sisters because I can not do that" was taking off clothes naked force has resisted the likes Kanawazu. For example forced to stuff my brother has eaten body groped "her brother to stop now," my dick and asked for the script does not stop a thing my brother was pierced. My brother is brutally shake the hips "Stop," I was gone to raise your voice to match the movements of the waist pant she said. Changed back to last position cowgirl missionary position has been pounding hips move posture. Then "I 逝Ki soon. I put in" has been saying. Yesterday was a day so dangerous, "No! Baby you'll be out today! Out the door!" And asked for his brother "I die" for the likes vaginal cum shot. Feeling the pulse of things and the Bikubbikutsu brother "to go out. Nakade is then got dangerous ... I'll be the day baby ... O tried to do" will Yogi in my head went blank just like to think that pregnancy.


During her summer vacation into a true vacation relatives came to my house. A true son of her mother's sister. 16-year-old is one year old as I am high.

True to her room single room next to the bran separated, there is a brother studying in the room.
Last night, being held Imashi real penis with her hand while touching my dick licking my chest and lifted her in my pajamas and waking suddenly during the night real or.
Eventually, her true Uttsu! Warm soup flew over my chest and saying.

If I desperately pretending to sleep, her real juice in the tissue wipes, and undo the pajamas, and went back to her room and hung a towel true.
And while I was stunned, and fell asleep.

Morning and came nose poke fishy smell like rotten fish to occur around the chest. So from her toilet is true that happened in the shower the morning maria chan? I've heard.

Last night I came to hear what they know about me is going on?
This is what I had better talk to my father and mother?

Now at last

yuna himekawa[5067]
We turned back, while her husband slept scratching high Snoring
I accepted a bed right next to her son.
It is that last night.
I was first opposed. Baretara End. Everyday life is broken.
The son 言I聞Kasemashita "In the end, the love of my degree I'm it.'s Becoming a woman lie about me like I was"
It is said, be prepared to consent to.出Semasen voice of course.
Mouth biting the pillow, was made to turn toward her husband accepted a horizontal posture, that the son.
Tapir tapir had heart. I feel helpless feeling as well.
My son moved back, my husband sends a strong throw to the back end while still slow, I say in the child.
"My mother is a woman I'm a woman of" and.
It was too much stimulation too, my son ends in less stet in 5 minutes
I cum while her husband is blurred my sight as well.
I finished what I 思I悩N to come to the foot and finally here at the same time.
This morning, the other in such dangerous behavior and stop 言I聞Kasemashita son.
Morning and not see her husband once in the face, chest a little spoiled by the fact that guilt
From this kind of feeling is not the first time have a relationship with my son.
Stimulation and excitement, I think, waiting for my son and has been the destination of the pleasure I feel like there is only destruction.
How can I go back.

My discourse incest

The relationship with my uncle for the first time three years ago from now, when I was in high school. During the summer, is derived from the first of his uncle when I was home for the parents of my mother alone. I was a year ago that he had experienced first experience at the time was dating my boyfriend Just then, I had a request from his uncle in order to wake up in frustration halfway accepted gone up.
While taking off clothes have been worn a kiss.
"Hey wow ~"
My uncle was looking at my chest with shining eyes (he is proud of tits.) Then my uncle has blamed the relentless until my boobs. Dari pinching the nipples, and gently bite, and buried her face in my chest, much to my caress and carefully and persistent in the meantime also been tampered dick cum I do it just once.
Here I was surprised. I saw my uncle was away a bit stunned at the sight of cum I started to undress I was a hard Cock incredibly large. I have tried to measure 20cm lot there is also a little later. "What do'm proud Weekly"
He's a good first experience in the incomparable "No, do not enter the"
And uncle, but I was a little resistance, "OK, fine."
Cock Ategai laughed my hole and inserted at once.
Voice was not even longer. After a moment away shocked by the terrible screaming had only just insert another. Once in a normal position once in the sitting position, once in the back, and finally with a total of four times normal position again. His first experience with fast, violent, almost no foreplay, but his uncle four times seven times but he was also the first time Dattarashiku course uncle age (50 bit) and given the unusual about it, The peerless swing that is more than anything 物凄Katta. Since then, I'm fending off relationship with his uncle and settled at a time take a break and winter vacation. They had asked me why I have not heard it yet uncle.

My discourse incest

Incest is the father of my opponent ........
First there was a tampering at the age of nine. Maybe I learned about it first.
Every day since then tampered say why.
When not until the mother was licking clitoris sexual intercourse from being naked. Put a little boy was 11 at the time of me.
Since that day when no father and mother and Makurimashita SEX. I'm still with my father and SEX.

Family breakdown

The 43-year-old housewife. Our house is already a helpless state.
I have a 21-year-old son and 45-year-old husband. Were ordinary families everywhere. That last summer, I have become incredible. Was the son did behavior. I began to unnatural behavior clearly aware of me. You come to my dressing room while taking a bath or walk in the house looks like naked. And the end of summer was. I had my son goodbye. I was desperately resisted the Kanaimasen. Eventually I was raped. Since then, I kept holding my son. Whenever the last desperate resistance to the son of course I also unchanged. My mind if I try to talk to my husband I did not dare to state that really work in harsh conditions. Just a few months time has passed, my husband has been known to last days. I cherished my time living in purpose master's son came home. And the nightmare happened. I came home my husband. Then I was going to be put in the background. My husband raise their voices yelling, and my son was returning SEX yelling to stop. Originally the two terms are now the bad beat Ai. And my husband was killed. My son saw that resistance is no longer my husband and I also started SEX.
Since my husband has been brought down to his son, my family moved to the leadership of his son. Originally workaholic husband hard at work now increasingly Awasenaku son and now face. Now my son can sleep in the bedroom of the couple. My husband is now sleeping in another room being kicked out, and I can no longer talk.
SEX Now it is repeated time and my son, will be a variety of techniques, I was forced to serve a lot again. The morning begins in the kitchen and living room SEX blowjob happening soon became commonplace. At home even when their actions regardless of my husband, my husband is there will be alone in another room. Now, helplessly, my husband just because you are divorced more to worry about appearances, it seems there is 荒立Ta Seruki. How exactly this situation last forever, what do I do, I come up with an idea. And, just just hope the other women feel toward my son is bored.

Posting from certain Kopipesaito

Recently, when I went to the spa is the story of two people with friends nearby.
Incidentally, two of them single ♀ (20) is.
If you keep talking of women's bath in the scullery, and looked like being with a woman his mother came into the boys.
Is it about 5th grade or 6th grade.
In retrospect, I was a teenager Naka Naka (laughs).
Hot springs there, and I'd accepted before bathing in elementary school, I'm a man enters the water usually reaches the upper grades.
Well, I do so I'd not seen, I thought "You're a bit unpleasant," and somehow I was anxious while washing.
Rather fortunately, no other customers to see even more naughty boy eyes, the impression given by the looks rather stay.
Still facing down, I was also Furazu Waki目 body wash.
The first is a "what children with disabilities," I also think, in that it looks right, it is said that women's bath came to my mother only.
Quietly with friends "also put her in hot water to force the boys that age, Hey I kind of child abuse," like I was talking about.
For young people, including women's bath has had seven or eight people I think.
Is it about 34,5 years old mother.
A beauty of a healthy atmosphere of the young Sakakibara Ikue.
Too big breasts, breasts are jealous of me (crying).
However, it is not you feeling the local people.
Our eyes do not mind, "Watch it, wash properly," or I was hailed as normal boys.
上Garou is when I thought I was now.
There was an incident with a boy.
The array is hanging in the crotch, I've got up to Muku Muku.
Since there were some young women around, I might have to react instinctively.
I think not that we never responded to (laughs).
The boy desperately tries to hide while washing, but this is not a hidden cut off mon.
We also look at each other with "Daa and" never saying, well Lightning observed.
The notice also like other customers, and giggling voice, "Oh my goodness, hey I'm fine," and even murmured Obasan.
From what I have just one boy in a woman, I was somewhat relaxed atmosphere.
And incidentally, that the child, it was pretty good for her age.
Ishi Hana hair still grows, but I think I was wearing about half the skin,
I think there is a 15cm.
I had a beautiful pink color, and also quite thick, so much that I got there I was curled my stomach.
Indeed, as her mother pressed a little while around worrying about "What happened? Kung ○ ○" but I was never hailed the boy in a red face just look down.
Yeah I think I was embarrassed.
Mother, without being seen around (lol I saw it all) is multiplied by the water and then I was a boy in the crotch, just harder arrays are more and more.
I felt embarrassed that I'm watching large enough for me.
Then do what Mom wanted, and a quick flow of bubbles attached to the body, I pulled out the boy walked.
The boy said nothing, without looking up Tsuite行Kimashita hand drawn.
"Poor and do not rise, but also into the tub yet," ... I thought just my mother brought the boy had entered the restroom stall tea.
Hot springs there, there is a toilet and dressing room door is facing a separate scullery, leading to a private room that I just opened one squat toilet.
But I think for a short time in the bathroom Moyooshita, the mother took the child into it.
Both men are naked, of course.
Somehow in the mood, while I soaked in the tub with some friends, I saw that scene for a while.
What about ten or fifteen minutes passed.
Gently open the door to private, but Kyorokyoro around and spy out, came out the boy's mother pulled out.
Our focus, of course, the boys gather in the crotch.
Then ... I'm just a little off the usual hanging ○ Argentina at all.
Until now, had seemed to be facing a lie that much over the Gingin.
The two men begin to wash the body, as if nothing happened.
Guests who are also around, as if nothing happened Tome Tetsu, like I was taking a bath as usual.
Because we now risen, the subsequent state of the family do not know what happened in those private Lightning ... think about it.
Boys came from private, but was still facing down shyly as usual, I look like without a clean heart ... I mean, I guess my imagination.
But when you leave the bathroom, you multiply the water boy's crotch with his hands around his mother, while care is good but look Lightning.

Ever, with the wish to

To Have and my dad, ★ 打Chi明Kemasu the first time someone other than my Dad
Write me good I think someone remembered it.

The old array is really not a high school student but now a little (^^;), ★ I'm having sex with my dad for several years

Not allowed to put in place still raw, I'm drinking pee and sperm as a token of love dad.
When a little further to take in raw, ★ I give birth to a child's father

↓ ↓ lot, but there is also concern
居Masen mom.
I decided to have a job without even Toco Satoru Susumu now, it is also good if you like Papa [favorite] Kanae me I say.
And if they will be only one woman so far as Dad, Koto otherwise not want anything. ★

I wonder if I can continue this happy (;_;) really like,
I wonder if other people like Chawanai made (;_;) or dad,
A baby after his father, after all most anxious because you will normally grow vigorously (>_<).
People who talk about a life experience like me, looking like working hard in recent net (..).
Ttemasu I surprised a lot of times they experience amazing stories (¯ o ¯;).

But what, in my head when I was organizing people to feel this way to explain, but refreshed in mind for a moment ('∇ ).

Hope you like me happy if it were real (I'm such a system a lot of naughty things people say even) me people are reading this, I'm rooting for in the depths of my heart Please ★

Whether, ☆ I'm happy as ever followed

капаё (^ ^) v


I am a 35 year old bachelor living in.
My brother is 32 years old. Has wife and children. Two days ago, my birthday,
Cake and champagne brought my brother.
Then my brother got married, I turned to how much help,
In the past, would go well together.
Open a bottle of champagne brought, while drinking, and folk tales when I was talking about, my sister is not married?
Not a good person? And had some acquaintance with the 20s at the time, now, You can do alone.話Mashita and my brother.
Undress naked brother became suddenly pushed down to me, my brother was also taking off clothes in my hand into her skirt.
Also included because it was alcohol, H Kanade to good,
I was not without resistance, is inserted into my vagina, after a long while I called my brother SEX, so I embrace.
My brother, I called home, just because my sister to stay,
Hung, naked brother 起Ttara thing is noon the following day.
Insert the number of times I do not know. My brother, my sister, and let people until you find someone good, so no how to get the OK. Today, the company rested with the fatigue of yesterday.
Found this site posted.
Fine, and I have relatives. Also, my brother came, H writes that.


No one can not forget the exciting but still seems so far away and talking about memories of 10 years ago there was a physical relationship with my father 25 years old and married the father at the age of 14 Kimaru It is true that Once the marriage relationship is contrary to thinking, so I promised to my father all take it breaks somewhere, so I told my father to stop, but marriage is a painful and sometimes I can not stand my father father and invited me for a year marriage was thinking he wanted me to hue wound me now just opening my father would not a been an ideal I kindly father speak endure hard, but his dad because it promises a strong will lord it might even have been Wase fortune more premarital love with my father father at 2 in the kiss good night and me reading a book or story from the early age before going to bed I miss really, but a husband good kind I was looking like a long time were you when he pretended to sleep in my bed as usual
I was surprised I came up to touch his chest open your eyes kind of pleasure that day, but my dad went back to the room in which the father I'm feeling a woman, then went to bed thinking about it and did so joyfully That day I did feel that I reluctantly thought his dad might even have been actively Chata my dad hugged me and then put something soup to impatient finger licking followed by becoming the father pretends to be bold only ivy that soup while I was excited really dad saw semen begin to flow from the legs when the second was for it in three times, but pain and Wait "can be any number of times you and Hikaru" scared of pregnancy was surprised I or P
I think that even in the period while the soup is wanted, but actually cut SEX
Gamba I think I even remember to be patient and I'm still my father and I was!

Summer vacation

Summer vacation ends. It can be a bit now separated.
Until today, every day begins July 25, had become a tool of three sons in the age of 15. It got started when his son entered the room to clean the room they were naked, too hard to sleep,
Lower body, T-shirts began to multiply clean.
My son is happening, "Mama, You see.." "What?"
You saw a penis. Do not say my son and talk back and fool me suck Eh Ro something happening however to have an erection,
The 押Shi倒Sa, in torn clothes and underwear. When my milk sucking 付Ka,
I missed the power to forgive. My husband is going to Kyushu for another two years alone. Since summer Kirri two sons and never returned. My son ejaculation as soon as I inserted into the vagina. Twice a day until the deciding factor just because it affects so much studying to depart immediately, and continues to this day came. Is a doting father, and children just do not want to, tying it takes effect.