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Incest confession of women(2007-07)

Family Ties

yuna himekawa[4843]
Into the summer has been a long time with their children over 10 days. My son, I'm 15 years old in three of the 37 years. Child.
The same age as my husband. Two years ago, I stood my home, is hard at work. Yesterday, I stood and opened the door so that his son heard a noise in the shower because I was going to buy the sweat scratched. I asked to see his mother naked what are you doing, come inside me and son naked in the shower again refused to say what that voice crying out to take a bath together with your has been embraced and kissed. What are you doing? Anger.
Not quit. My son, 180cm they wrap around my hand like a tall, turned to massage my chest behind my son, it's a small mom tits. But none of that 言Uu with it small and seriously doubt it was touching that someone somewhere, somehow in this case because the situation is the situation, I know I left and Sunnari said lever waited in the room went. What should I do believe,
Room just talking to my son, my son was naked.
I like what my mother and asked, right not? Would like to say amusing. Been brought down to his son by force, arrived under the take off those worn, take on me is cut one thousand cash, genitals in my hand, my son thought it would be like what, my dick son inside, my body became hot, I was ashamed of his son's body by turning your feet feeling piercing the uterus.
My son is now on the mother. He got lost several times to get to the back so violently as a mother and son, what are you doing with my son meet the eye.
Leaving a son, and I ejaculate inside of me to say hold on to his son feeling. Son lying, girls and Shitarashiku hundred classmates and hear properly and where you learned, TV watching 14-year-old mother of drama. A son, her hundred are not, you can talk about serious drama, like a child 出来Tara yesterday dumped her. And that I really want to be with his mother and used it. And I'll become a stranger to take his mother against a son who is responsible is not. My son is found to behave, you will come into the inside of me immediately. This morning, ate breakfast with her husband rare, 見送Rishi, and I come inside. I do not get pregnant because the body is a birth to my son, my son, put out five times in the morning
Now I sleep. Husband to come home at night, so I want to concentrate on studying for entrance examinations but not to worry.

Come to depend on mother son cute

The 34-year-old mother.
Become a son in the summer, you will Retsu Tei'll take you up one day. So far that something like incest, but I did not feel so well when the atmosphere has changed little in two days off.

My son likes to take in my mother's old kitten, even rising up to the school 触Rita breasts, hips or clinging to come, and I was to come you slip into the skirt. Be happy and healthy child growing up in poor health were born early, I've always allowed it to get spoiled. Also like the train sometimes disconnect button my blouse, "a touching boobs mom" to or been put in hand and was in need, in public and become older students now will be patient Mashita. Become a junior high school, if you shop, there also fight off the pervert who was trying to shoot me in a skirt, seems to me that I really cared.

But now amount to put in public, I feel like getting spoiled more heavily when two people are off in my way when I feel too embarrassed.
It is not my son and Fureau I hate, it is a temporary happiness, it sometimes feels like it the way a man touched me lately come. Kanji Kanji massaged my chest and suck on the nipple, not just himself but to touch the hand involving Kanjita waist, as well as I expect a reaction. And even when pressed to come face to legs and lower abdomen in my skirt, inner thigh, or been using the tongue, lips and nose and to impose Guigui interested in the crotch of underwear particularly ... (My son, "Mom pants with smooth, because I like the smell good") to
Besides, he was not such actions do not become even before her husband, increasingly, is becoming a little secret I act with my son.

Honestly, I feel embarrassed for most of my own body. Fureau son happy and feeling like the other previous (pleasure?) I've have in mind. Throughout the act, a peaceful and no longer like the old, stuffy flows so nervous at the time. Look each other in silence and son look at each other, thin Haki出Shimasu a sigh.
But my little response (or body trembling voice) would be cute son with sparkling eyes. Therefore, care must stop while puzzled. After all, I love my son.

The couple made

The ex selfish, impatient to be divorced place already.
The son of two, is later divorced and I exam of scales.
Formally decided to divorce, I decided firmly money, and changed into an apartment house home Orimashita freeload, striving to go up and two sons live in the future Just when I thought It is.
My son was attacked while sleeping, I resisted at first quite a surprise and shock,
Another man was it 懲Ri懲Ri, the thirties was what I said,
Satoshi Satoshi and I would accept his son, there could have been conveniently also be considered,
I think that is wrong,
Son desperately,
Then you will sooner or later I would lose,
Accept gone, and then my son was sleeping with a bed together.
That later that one year, part of which, we met again and divorced men, and far beyond ex-husband is a gentle,
Looks like love,
Not being able to talk to his son,
Continues to have relations with his son
Was it retribution,
Some say I'm from his marriage, and can not be introduced in 居Masu son.

Younger brother-in-law

I have a physical relationship with her husband and her sister agreed.
And no one has seen. Home my sister is following in the footsteps. Year-old brother likes the same. 6 people lived in the family, I am single. The first half of the thirty. Sister and his wife together. Grandmother with her parents. In the home, but can not do. Recently, a friend's wedding make room for two nights in a local sister, parents, and golf. Day, who was a grandmother and three. Shitakunari in the house, after eating lunch, my grandmother for a walk in daily, about half an hour. When I was in the shower in the bathroom so intertwined the sweat scratched once in my room, her grandmother's home. Earlier than usual. It looks like my grandmother. Although a lot of excuses, my grandmother washed my brother back in three to enter the bath, and Kizuki misunderstood my grandmother, so call your name I was washing her hair sister I worry relief. Parents at dinner,
The story so Awatemashita bath or 呆Keta father
Concerned. I rest assured How relations potatoes. SEX has to be outside. Recently been heard from his mother. My grandmother,
It is likely that the recognition of dementia. My grandmother had a firm hold of his brother in the bathroom ○ wage. Maybe have a play?


My 34 year old bachelor. Tomorrow, my brother's wedding. Celebrate what is good? I asked, good sister.解Ranaku continue the story and I mean SEX. It can not and refused. But if you take a bath just so persistent. I kind of hope I was put in bathing suits. Brother home from a small car outside the hotel, where members of the action because his brother 手馴Reta. Stunned.
The bathroom to change into bathing suits, the younger brother, they hide out in a naked child chin, my legs began to play with my brother I was right to resist a bathing suit so you 脱Gasou . Eventually,
The take off away, twice in a bathtub, the bed 回Shimashita 3.
Bachelor last night tonight, with the promise him?
The first time, gave his brother a cup of semen. The hotel gently tonight.

I'm stacked up a bit ...

Actually I'm doing is not known at all, but still gravure, or magazine has also listed restless! Please watch out if my page is good.
I've put so many photographs ☆

My discourse incest

Morai from a variety of teaching positions 兄達, or use the back and on my back and is inserted from
Blow or alternatively be forced to stick to his brother's sperm as well as a drink.
Maniawazu pull is, there are several servants Nakade, when it failed to care too much I feel.
兄達 stick close to dawn All three were exhausted to force it into your erection completely lost the ability to remain soft.
Finally even the sperm was still dark, white and thinned out like Chorotsu Wed.
Siblings were also saliva mingled on the sofa bed is also, semen, sweat Bicha Bicha state.
The room was full of nasty smells.
Insert two students who are committed to real brother, the servant Nakade, in the end I had gone up several times 兄達 squid.
兄達 tired, I fell asleep after I cried and I'm scared to look back on what I did.
But I hate to blame the 兄達 Dari could not.
Since I was responsible for originally.
I imagine a lot of excited to 兄達 genitals. And this grew to see, I want to touch,
But I want ik.
So excited to masturbation, because it did stimulate the 兄達 voice.
I wish I had been to the depths of my heart and this can become 兄達.
I'll keep that in mind as've only once's Folly
Without knowing I was asleep.
But even then the relationship between I 兄達 continues.
I'm also a fact that luck is a black market confidence in me. ,

Watching fireworks

The 22-year-old college student. Next year, I can not even finish watching fireworks and peacefully last Saturday, I went to see fireworks in the neighborhood under his brother invited the two.
I went in was to arrive at underwear bathrobe. Nde 履Kimasen most part I'll really see a bathrobe and underwear lines. I can not even front - through the hair because it double.
Since the increase in the neighborhood of riverside fireworks will be best seat on the banks. I went ahead to take place because much trouble right in front 陣取Rimashita launch. My brother with me giving up the embankment stood behind fogging.
By the time the first fireworks rises on the banks are now packed with great crowds. My brother came back perfect 被Satsu pushed me. Came in then bite into something hard in the ass for a while. Oh, but I thought his brother, Nde I was stuck shut. Imposed is the same as just a pervert on the train. However, I lifted a little ass, so I embarked on a bank, I was hitting the little boy's brother right there.
When the fireworks ended, I left a little brother. I've felt so much, but I wanted to help, my brother came and pressed immediately. This time I felt more terrible. Maybe I thought wrong with your penis out in front of the yukata. Bathrobe after a thin sheet. I'm sure you wet, it was embarrassing and really think so.
Grew dark around time between the launch of a little empty, hung a hand in the ass brother. I started to slowly flip the hem of the yukata I never put out the voice from the silence of course. I thought I ー hands lies on the banks because not resist. Yukata been rising gradually, but immediately hit the little boy over there at last. Hot, sweaty now I'll put you on in earnest.
Really came into. I think I was pretty wet. My brother quickly made it the whole place. Every time you turn the sound back my brother is up fireworks. And while I will be free and jitter. This is repeated endlessly, but it has become caught grinding all the way to climax the launch.
I went out with a hip feel to slip Nurutsu retired brother hear the announcement of the end of it. I was worried about the smell, I did not like his brother was relieved by out.
People started moving, we also left the breakwater. Where There Were None, "an idiot" I told my brother "really good" my ass 撫Demashita me. I'm not saying it was a wonder, and now I understand. He's my brother, I was imperceptibly with the condom.
"Honey, Mori Tsumoru from the beginning was" outraged, but I did not say anything just smile. Nde got too tight and I was feeling better too lax 怒Remasen.

Brother and

Hi, I'm 16 years old high school year. Twin brother and H Lightning last summer.

That day, five days we did not travel with my parents house and gave them five days.
Since that day, so there was no club for a while, raised a big brother to go to the morning, we were suddenly hugging her brother, saying he liked KISS has been, and bed clothes are 押Shi倒Sa like I said have to take off. The older brother licking my chest and started messing around with my finger click. I will feel good,
I out loud.
Then my brother has been there for me to lick.
And I insert the arrays have been grown over there is my brother but my brother had to endure the pain really started in the first piston, I got more out loud . When the piston while, but I said in my brother out,
Then I'm OK, things came in hot gushing and brother.
A lot of semen and blood came out from the array and pull out a brother.
Then five days spent in the nude brother and I both came back to my parents, to take a bath together and, over there 50 times in total, all issued in the ass about 20 times.

My discourse incest

I am a father were forced to have sex. Because nurses mom is always at night. I really hate to, will be comfortably beaten.

During the night shift mom is a bath with dad. Daddy will wash the whole body.
While washing, I can get to play around with my dad ● intercourse. Daddy's fingers and tongue to 気持Chiyokutsu are like tea. And I mention ● Deshimasu Ochin Papa too. Then you can put your ● This is my dad. Bathing voice echoes so'll have to put up with the voice is not that hard.

Then eat dinner. At that time, will let you put your vibes on this ●.
Camisole and pants just clothes. Until after the meal, Could you remove the vibe. After dinner, daddy is holding, watch TV.
While watching TV, Dad has been tampered with and can ● tits intercourse.
● I have since become Ochin I want to lick your own dad did Ochin ●,
● Put this on your own will. Since Dad watching TV, I will move.
When this is rubbed Nde Ochin ● ● intercourse, in the voice 気持Chiyokutsu Cha.
Dad clings to the last, "Ah," I would say to me Lee.

Then in bed and have sex with my dad.
I prepared a dad dressed. Last time was the gym clothes and gym shorts.
Or play with the vibes, and then licking each other there.
And I will be wearing a ● ● You can Ochin to you again. I hate it, can not stop it feels good. They say daddy me daughter Eloi think I know. Sex in a bed, the white head turned around three times,
"Oh Oh Oh" What I would I install it aloud. ● This intercourse is becoming pulp, until the sheets will get wet.

Mom is tomorrow night. I'm sure Dad sex.
Incidentally, the grade school ● ●.

Too painful mistakes

yuna himekawa[4798]
The first experience was about the worst irreversible.
That day was turned into an aphrodisiac horny bought in a shop in the adult.
Started masturbating in her room at 10:00 at night, it was already midnight 2.
Now more! I'm a masturbation I was getting hard.
And had even put a vibrator anal cum was usually dislike.
Even after all this disorder as a virgin, know the taste of a man.
I now want a cock.
Thought after all ... my brother entered the room.
I was naked, her pussy was still dripping anal vibe Plug it in joy juice.
Gently take off the clothes of sleeping brother, 12-year-old appeared penis.
I had to practice with vibrator Blow Blow could ever be as tame without scruple.
Despite sleeping brother penis was erect.
I got vibes thicker than long,
They realize it on his brother, was trying to 重Neyou body.
Hesitated for a moment, lost in an instant, but sexual desire.
Sensation in the penis came in first ... I did it just as likely stet.
Just waved back.
Imperceptibly brother is awake, still continued to have sex.
Also continued to shake the hips cum brother.
Let me also bigger Then I'm satisfied.
Did they cross each other, how much might remember Temasen Itta times.
I noticed the next morning and found that the bed hugging his brother.

Torikaeshi irreversible.
A few days later, I was sure that out of this house.
I do not know what the brother has since met

Sister cousin

Last summer, I can see the fireworks from the room at the high-rise apartment I went to see fireworks cousin sister's house in Tokyo, from a high place on the first try, your cousin sister's house reassurance was taking away a lot of very drunk alcohol. The party ended at 22 pm fireworks. Live in the neighborhood to clean up later. Sister, aunt, cousin is away to go home. I just became a child bride and her sister and your cousin ho, ho play well and you come to the country, in high school,
When I was playing in Shibuya, he got to come to the aid relationship was in trouble when the train is gone. Bride, become a weak drink before bed. Only two people after a long conversation. When I heard about was getting a divorce and I had just fairy tales. You ho, long time ago. Yoshiko Hisashi and often got in the bath. Is said. 1 to 3 of you in my ho Sure, I was in no sense, there are memories with each other. When I entered together until middle school, I was still a small chest of B-78. The story they put a white towel on your penis hidden ho, you talk funny but grew up at around 12 to go out drinking with you ho did this story. We arrived there and the hotel. Was drunk, although I away inside the rejection. It is said that only get into the bath
You can get wrapped in a towel Department, among them naked penis into hiding, like I used to grow a penis Serve,
After a few minutes to spray on my face and say I want to see. Taken with a towel wrapped around this time was like in the operation, the hand coming in there like I was wet too, as it is in my bed, when you enter something in your ho, ever No, there is also the body feels.
Ikasa been away many times, finally becoming a slave to your ho away. I was in the soup. Fortunately, I did not pregnant, they could not forget what I felt in that body, fireworks again this year. This year, taking the hotel in Asakusa. I think you want to be embraced by the Department. One year, during which I, SEX Temasen to. Ask for a lot.

My husband and son in front of

My husband was a teacher in high school. I graduated five years, reunited at a reunion attended.
At the time, I split up with my boyfriend from college was dating. Immediately after his wife had divorced and teachers.
Also helping of nostalgia, comfort and fit body of another unfortunate, coming home from after-party,
I remember the old days to sign into the eyes of the love hotel.
Sex with teachers in six years, from more than 10 people I worked with since then I have also
During the first experience and I want to change my way up from the hard Ugh.
Two years, two times a month to meet with the teacher was sex.
The teacher said that the boys 4th grade Akino Tora knew at the time.
I'm feeling I want to marry and teachers There has, in fact that is difficult about Akira,
I decided to wait.
In the meantime, visit their teacher and gradually, to meet and eat together outside.
Akira will recognize the relationship between two people, married a sixth grader at the time of the Akira.
After making only thing between a husband and children. The estimated date of ovulation during sex for a month but things hard to feed the spirit stick, two years have passed without pregnancy easily.
And those rainy days, I thought a call from the police returning late husband.
Was taken to hospital came from a truck crashed into the front car on the way home my husband had to say.
My husband was rushed to the hospital and hit the body and two Akira coma in intensive care units.
My husband was temporary until the critical condition, seemingly recovered from a foot trail,
Returned to teaching in 18 months from the accident.
But when the penis ripped Zakkuri accident, my husband was crushed one ball,
But once formed with the penis, I'm crippled. I got all stand.
Immediately after the accident, I thought I wanted to live anyway,
Five years from the accident, I had lost the night life is slowly inviting frustration.
Only that great master of the penis and, in line with our elementary school dick now.
I just got turned into a tube for the pee out.
No reaction to give any example of a little boy suck the wounds of his master.
Grimly painfully suck my husband that for example 30 minutes "Please stop now" and said,
I also want you to comfort me at least, my husband lost libido before I fall asleep.
The first was complaining that sometimes, once in two days to master their frustrations,
Marital relationship to become too uncomfortable, now divorced from the people of my mouth.
And it was a summer night last year.
I cherish the people that came with my husband. "What happened!" That said,
Nde I always really 上手Katta foreplay my husband would - carelessly aloud was Ikasa.
When I was enjoying the afterglow of pleasure today five years my husband lying on the chest,
Your ass is suddenly lifted. At that moment, I did not know what's going on?
And think what a hard hit in the ass, I came Gugutsu Ito Hutoshi things.
"Oh, no!" But my husband is in my hands you hold me? ?
Was reflected in the mirror looked up, it was the naked figure of Akira holding my ass!
"Oh Well ~ Tsu, Akira-chan, oh what you'll ~"
When my penis to the uterus until Todoita Akira,
"Oh Yeah ~ Tsu, Tsu ~ spoiled yeah!" It ran the spine and had the pleasure Zokuzokutsu.
"Settle for me instead of my penis Akira"
My husband and I say let go so I got off the bed.
To sign it, Akira began violently shaking the waist.
"Oh Yeah ~ Tsu, Tsu ~ yeah useless, no good example of this ~ Daily!"
The feeling of rubbing the penis in five years, but the word on Susan was contrary to the pleasure.
Akira quickly, "and leaving" a scream and raised.
"Oh, no good, while bad, out the door!" And I cry almost at the same time,
"Give! Out just once!" Said the voice of his master.
"Ugh, Ugh," Akira hard I ejaculate inside of me.
Convulsed hard several times while sitting, many times.
Akira embrace instant hot semen, I was well up trembling sense of climax.

Lazy father and daughter

The relationship between men and women became the father of three is high time, now is the 25-year-old daughter neat. To say I have a feeling my daughter will probably like this neat lady is crazy about
When my daughter unsteady worker, not three hours. But have never done anything long lasting.
Still, until the two high-Nde naggingly mother told me, that was just the Noro Noro said.
When two people living with the father and his mother died when three high, I can not even aware of what a good father has gotten busy in the company 篭Mori state transactions. My father is angry indeed, and finally I was steeped in rhythm Since it was fully three hours, I finally gave up my father.
And the fateful night (remember I was impressed but not particularly so to say) has come.
Father: Huh ... I ~ ~ ~ ~: What? Father: I'm 70 to 70 before it lives, it lives up to 100 100
Me: Come on dad you can live longer: I take care of you till I die: from the rich do not mind me 出Rujan pension.
Father: Where are the girls are not interested even in his own future in fashion is also the man about 18 years old?
Me: I think there are more than one person. Father: I'll cut off my bill even in my home, even without seeing one of her grandchildren.
I; Father Son Oh, I also want Dad: I hope that I'm modest minimum: Hey I'm in trouble I hope I can grow a baby. Sure dad if they can grow.
Father: Such things, I worked with her husband: My husband is my best at taking care only no papa.
Father: I take care of cleaning, washing, preparing breakfast, I'll all I'm doing: making dinner for my father Tenjan Dad: Oh whoa I would Hokah valves: one is always soup I'm making my father too I'm making soup with seaweed and dried bonito properly: it's you I'm good Hazime Yui: Wake me 取柄 Father: I mean, I can see how his grandson face time: continued to talk at length annoying Nde I should have melted them one after the smelly old man 産Ma Hahaha mom, smash up from a (Asobase sorry) if I give birth to grandson so I think I want to talk 打Chi切Rou so what? Why do not you say, but not right for you 産Ma Once you've grandchildren.
Or, blood pressure is rising partly because I was drinking each other, gotten into something messy flow,
It seems to me too lazy to handle the daily also had trouble Dad was not there after all lust, dad went to bed that night, and I was let.
I'm just not good at all painful, already directly into the ejaculate,
Me: Dad, do not Yabaku? Toi just glad my father still reminds us: I do: I said good birth father will take care of children if Dad: I just cut the pipe you are born.

Seven years since then, Dad was pretty skiing, I gradually getting better, then became Nde ik started about a year to not even two weeks, I will place 700 times a daddy so far.
Then I put it in the usual care Nde-cleanup,
By connecting a large thick towel repeatedly, and the guy strips away the example Baribaritsu Wakka's about making dad and I go, I'm using it to wrap around the waist of the two people that stretched from the end I never contaminate the semen flows backward to the bed to sleep as it is spread only by Wakka.
Father: You're made to devise such a thing myself, or I can not do it, too, somehow, I wonder just what is even praised it twice in like soup followed by praise

Am I a looser?

I dated more than 10 people came so far, I can not feel anything. 'll End with it much like a party in January.

During this encounter in the Lightning dressing room with my brother was in high school. My brother just risen from the bathroom naked. I was hanging with the little boy Dallan, Okkii than anyone I've ever seen. Fat, especially around the error? Did this great? (The little boy looked at his brother since elementary school)

"Oh, sorry"

But I panicked and ran away, the little boy stuck his head up Kobiri付I and his brother. Sometimes I look into your bath or from doing or have the underwear, I am going to try to catch next time.

Is a trivial matter

Not done well recently with my brother.
Both of my brother's 12 and the last two years I SEX.
A friend of my brother last Sun "Let me let soon sister as well, yesterday. And I'm the best because they are let immediately even live with anybody anytime anywhere. Who knows first quite famous is'm not.'re Here 'm most grateful for all the guys from the Bars of you always take care of my sister. "
My brother and I that this is 気Ni入Ranairashii praise it.
SEX I will not even care, so why stop it now by refusing to feel the soup is just trying to 有Rimasen.
I know what's wrong together.
Now my brother and the boys so I think of SEX I will show you where to direct.
SEX and the boys show me where I think that is who I think the mood and so does my brother and me to shoot me always happy.


I simply had to clean the room so messy I last son.
When the DVD is coming up. Was incest.
What? I was surprised. Incest of all places.
I wonder. I could have a taste for her.
To incest. It was a mother and son.
I rather have a son later, my son, you do this.
Oh, and I freely Sawan. My son and I have to do is swop Watasazu, do not you funny.
And noisy.
Do you think maybe you want to be like her mother.
Iidaro matter.
Did not deny. Unbelievable.
I am 36 years old, my son is 15 years old.
I would still return, I'll do if I return.
Try it is ok with me if you can. I was so excited, I'd say it was gone.
Silent for a moment I thought my son, you're okay.押Shi倒Shimashita caught me on the spot or recover rather gave up on it. After that, my son, I said back softly.
Somehow I do not have the courage to say this child. I suddenly became strong, despite being a cheeky Iinasan mother do not have the courage. It's such a funny look.
Then I thought Hanareyou, I had my son my breast Min.
I'm thinking, Kya, I hate to say.
I know your doing the right of you?
You doing okay? What are you going?
You can do if you've told you dare.
My son started to take off my clothes. Tekozutsu I had to force his son to win out time was all it took Nugasa. And now my son naked.
Unbelievable. Bing was a penis.
We will be naked, I was not ready to bear a son anymore.
My son has been sucking my breasts. Since the resistance force, but did not win, you'll regret doing this. We'm a parent and child. I must like this as this. I was no longer his precepts to his son did not stop another atmosphere.
Eventually, my son, I can not take it anymore. Over there and began to Ireyou And so my penis.ぎっていれさせるのだけはやめさせなきゃと thought the penis to his son. I was Osaetsuke hands and now my son has been to hand Tsukawazu Ireyou. Tip of the penis was pushed further and entered into me when my son was only a little time. My son, I'm beyond there is a woman. And so I started to sit 突Kita. Good feeling. My son kept saying that while shaking the waist.
Tsuranuka I was only at the mercy of her son.
Eventually my son will be rough spirit, and I began to sperm in rather dense. Then my son suddenly became calm, but mom said I'm sorry, I said Give it up now. It was a crisp day. Now for the first time since it went into the endless summer two sons. Dakishime son from behind me this morning, that time can not forget me. I will not do anymore, let syne. Well, my son, but not convinced. I have been massaging her breasts. There began to be touched, and put a hand on the skirt. I let my son beat the power of love as I knew. Recall the last time was after a while, too.
I'm really wet mom. Not the feeling of his mother.
I feel good.
I was already feeling the resistance gone. My son came about from behind and take off my panties.
I will not do. Resistance was only the most perfunctory opening.
I poke around in the ass son, I'm here. I hear things like that and I was leading.
You're already that anyway. I thought he was right. Push my son has. I'm pretty big. Those of his son.
I'm feeling good and thick. I thought I'd be going to this relationship we can not give anymore.
Resistance in the heart was no longer relevant today.
Then one more time in our son's room for SEX.
I guess my son asked probably many times more Nde two endless hours in the future.
Squid penis was the son of my first day of the second.
It was an event last summer Omowanu.
My son seems to have been the first time I am woman.
The good mother is the first woman? This fact has also been asked by some disappear. I'm glad I said.
I turned away embarrassed that his son be the first experience in his body is there.

That was easy.

38 years old, and 13-year-old son.
Recently I learned from the PC to see the site of incest in 疼I did not help with my body.
It became impossible to be patient with my son wanted to have sex.
So I, I worry about trying to show their adult son. This is when the husband was away.
Touching the body of his son watching the video a little light in a darkened room, and then I check erection, have sex with her mother speak] Why I nodded silently and invited, on the 侭Inserted on board. Last wish is fulfilled, I feel a lot.
To have sex with my son it was easy.
It seems stupid for ever 思I悩N Deta.
Intersect but now I work like every morning after her husband.


I have sex with him.

I saw that from my father and grandfather having sex my daughter Louis, almost a week to three agony as'll let you stop to his father, Louis the day I'm going to play yesterday, spoke with his father .

"What was seen"
Wryly says that his father is that Louis soon began having sex with my mother passed away last year.

強Irashiku energy are about to laugh at yourself about healthy mother every night
It had sex twice, from the mother to the hospital twice a week but the patient seems to have made soap.

My mother passed away two weeks Tarashii but to be patient, while Louis and I'm taking a bath one day when I had seen there was Louis, becoming impatient with erections.
Louis in the bathroom and holding a first time, and it had to end.

A shock,
"Louis is only the safety of the day, not for vaginal cum shot."
At other times it is either get a Blow, I use the skin.
So what was said.

"I have to Tageru. So Louis and stop now."
The appearance of two people having sex the other day I was in my mind, I said myself.

Feller had.
In front of my father Shagamikon sitting on the couch, pants down to his father.

Hard, and rugged.

By the time you ejaculate in my mouth moaning of his father, I was wet too.

To take a bath together in the tub and holding were, permeated by his father from behind.
Body still wet, having been brought him to his knees on the sofa, the sex on the couch, her breasts are rubbed, my father caught while screaming ejaculation.

"Well, have won"
Still on the sofa, his father received from the root of the penis, when it started a second time, flew in the Louis living room.

Now, I can also Louis, the drain of the Father.
My father comes off like a hoop, to Louis and bombarded me four times to me this evening in the end, two times in the Louis ejaculation, and sex.

Absolutely unstoppable.

Typhoon No. 4

Stuck in a typhoon. Parents to come home in the memorial service.
My brother (son) came in place of the parent. This time, I had taken the hotel, they stopped the plane go home. Two days ago,
Thank you one room in the hotel, so the state can not separate this Post. Gratuitous, 移Ttara room double bed room with my brother, Even with two brothers get along, because the state had no choice situation. Each other, are married. Last night, I started out to say stop watching adult programs that pay to see my brother and I are watching TV is boring and Kamisan. I've been watching quietly while drinking together. When my brother turned 12 and I Neru, lying half of the bed, I went to bed.
Or a premonition I, 00 from her brother out and say I know better than to say how many times a week is a big brother, I'm a daily basis.
My brother is 32 years old, I decorated it with great, is ridden on the
I'm taking a bath before middle school. Began to massage my chest, upset away, the shower is caused by the tongue body and my body is left bare to say, the first kiss with his brother. Something different!
I feel the man and his brother, a strange feeling. Again, tangled in the bed is inserted, and first ran electricity to the body. The tension between thought and think something else should.
It is well expressed write, I love my brother.
I heard from my brother on this site. I'm writing from my brother PC. I did not understand many times with my brother until morning, sleeping on the side.
Some people act and I also had. I heard my husband and I had so far on whether it is true, too!
The airport tomorrow, so tonight is like no good together. I
Last year, they 敵失 uterine surgery and is physically able children. I know that my brother, did you understand that and make sure tonight. How cute is that salvation from her husband with his brother when the outside. My brother knows this site, and you wonder what my sister-in-law and sister? I think this guy hentai.

Papa and

14 years old with my dad was signed, too.
I cheated on my mother to divorce to remain under father. My dad raised me and just plain work.
But Daddy I also regret that my mother cry at night I slept in a small hand embracing a dad.
One day, two were inside me.
Replaced by a loved one from dad.
It is now very likely.

(6 / 6) in the kitchen with my son, standing

吹Tsu切Reta I like to remember the shame, violently shaking hips Tatemashita obscene. Vigorously challenged in the vagina is soft and moist cut 潤Mi, 悶Emashita son to be truly miserable cry. Unexpected counterattack, waist pulling her son has become almost involuntarily, I am attracted to reach back.
"You should not run away! Copyright ride in mom like this!"
I keep yelling her son's mouth cock deep inside my body 受Ke止Memashita the ejaculation. After a while, a mixture of two fluids,
Parts led to overflowing while, went to 伝Tsu from the thigh and ankle. Together, going to where we could.
To step into unknown territory and I fear that Kasumimashita visibility.


(5 / 6) in the kitchen with my son, standing

"No, I ik around here, ー embarrassing."
If ik, as always, are embracing Ikitakatta son in bed. In the kitchen, I stood ik being fucked from behind -.
To begin shaking the body naturally, but I could not even do that anymore.
I still like the furry fours posture, convulsions Ikimashita let sit.
I was in bed Doggy squid, but there are times, of squid from behind while standing by the kitchen, I felt shameful as many times more than that. I'm not, refuse pains with this story so far is
Relationship with my son, I came to the little secret in bed. Yes, I do anywhere, a woman raped by her son when ik. Wherever, so give me 開Ki直Ttara committing my body as you'd like to take what ever was supposed to weigh, so I felt a little feel at home.


I nympho

Escalator up from the junior college-educated women, arranged marriages and distant man upon graduation.
Lost virginity honeymoon wedding night. Night life with my husband once a month from the first 10 minutes as well.
Then five years, one year or more sex while I have never once experienced pleasure.
I'm doing about an hour or more each week and thought he was a friend who married a lie.
The man who uncovered the existence of dating before marriage to my husband for divorce immediately.
I know I work for the company is indebted to his father lives back home.
My mother divorced when I was three years old, my father raised me I can not remarry.

When you were six months back home.
My father came back from two o'clock to midnight to end party, the people who backed the company
One who was very drunk so stand Berobero. That his father was the first time.
Colleagues from the bedroom carrying his father went home.
One who managed to take off my suit, I hesitated a bit pants to 脱Gashimashita.
When I saw the father's penis Daratsu and I tried to stunned.
Because I'm thick and longer than my husband's penis becomes larger when broke?
Man's penis until it becomes larger than 10 centimeters,
When sex is something that I thought from the peel of the tip.
Also returned to his bedroom and did not sleep floating in front of his father's penis.
I wonder how much a penis that grows?
We pull a string with sticky fingers 当Teta liquid in the crotch by chance.
And! The clitoris was protruding from the crack grows in his groin.
The electricity runs around the waist and touch, I rub like crazy. Masturbation was the first time.
The next morning, but my father has been going on as usual, I have become concerned about my father's legs.
It was from masturbating in bed each night imagining the penis of his father.
York State Of Mind "Dad, put! Example'll poke hard ~!" What she said.
I also stay at home household work during the day had become increasingly like that masturbation during the day.

In April of this year. When I came back with a drink Father welcome party for new employees.
Or from the drunken father, "Hey, Akemi, or take a bath together!" I told you.
"Oh Wow, dad sex!" I saying,
I got into the bath with my father to see the penis.
"O ~ Tsu, Akemi, I wish I was a pretty big breasts ~ Daily!" And was told,
Thinking, "Wow ~ I," I said and covered in his hands.
Father's legs and eyes go suddenly had a little bigger penis!
It was the first time in 15 years I take a bath with my dad.
For the bathtub 浸Karimashita back together in the embarrassment.
But I steadily hit something hard in the ass around.
When my father got up from the tub, There has been a huge chunk of meat in front of me turned around!
I divorced my husband looked at least twice. My father's penis, I suck instinctively example.
"Oh, Hey Stop!" Said his father but continued to suck for example intact.
It is thick and long and a hard and above all I!
Another shook his head feverishly. But did not enter into a very full mouth.
Hikuhiku convulsions penis was the father. I spilled tears came,
口走Tsu the thing that I ever concealed in my heart.
"Dad, please! Put Eh! You feel me!" I've said.
Looking down lying in my legs open scullery, "Do you really?" Hey.
When I came into the penis of his father, and her husband separated when, unlike
Merimeri feeling and push open, my lips hurt 堪Emashita biting pain.
But the itchy feeling around the waist and immediately started shaking his father back!
"Oh, Dad, and more! More!" Retroflexion but ran back electricity to the strong spine
Intense white light shining moment disappeared in my head was like fainted.
"Akemi, Akemi Hey, are you okay?" I went back to his father's voice startled us.
"You're the voice I was screaming in terrible!"
Hikuhiku convulsions were still hard thick penis in my father.
"I'm not you frigid! Please! More poke! Eh ~'ll poke all the way!"
My father also began to thrust violently. And "Oh Oh, by, you'll go!" To overtake and I was saying, I, I was entangled at the waist with a leg hugging his father in a daze.
"Oh, oh, oh ~ Daily!" My father let me sit and Bikun was convulsed violently in the back of my ejaculation.
More and more things when she filled the back of the vagina lukewarm, with intense 反Ri返Rimashita back.
"Oh Yeah ~ Tsu, if, Ikuu ~ Daily!"
I'm not you are frigid. After finishing, has been filled with happy tears.
抱Ki起Kosa when his father, his father fell from his groin and Botatsu sperm.
It is a translucent liquid Sara Sara no, it was a mass of white jelly!
To go straight to bed as it is embraced by his father. And for the first time 跨Rimashita penis.
Rolling womb screaming grinding sense of the penis and rubbed my father
Cried wolf a kick while vigorously shaking his hips.
"U Ugh, too sweet, Akemi you?" What she said,
Rub me on my breasts from under him.
"Dude feels ~ Daily! Dude feels ~ Daily!" Replied crying tatters.
Doggy from cowgirl, when done in a normal position, and stood more than an hour.
Now I feel I have become a delicious fishy semen drinking father.
I myself did not know she was so horny.

(4 / 6) in the kitchen with my son, standing

"You should be in a place like, what? Xx always seems different today is fine."
Instead of answering, he was let me ass protrude, push came in from behind me Sono Tsuyoshi tension. The unusual position, the first son, I seemed to move about or 判Razu. Turning the hips to move easily but my son, my son is immediately grabbing the ropes, and as always I
I feel the first place, the firm came freshly plucked at the top. Tsuma先立Tsu they thinking about, having been violently slammed the waist from behind, grabbed me tight to the edge of the sink, but that was my best bumping his head on the wall.
I heard the splashing sound and moist parts of the body are connected to two gradually, those transmitted through thigh overflowing from my body, pouring out the ankle went.



My sister's husband, who was seven years older than I used to know from a brother than I am. 158 cm-law is a little man in less than 50 kg. I am 165 cm, 65 kg of fat is. My sister went away, are faced with in-law agreed. The brother of the little man is outstanding Tsutomu Kiyoshi, many times stronger than the giant husband, and tasted the climax several times.

I was raped by son

yuna himekawa[4715]
In April, I raised my son was raped in high school.
I think it was still a child, back higher than I have already noticed, my son had grown much stronger power as well.抱Kisukume is strongly
"Mom I love you"
When and whispered,
"Stop the stupid things"
While resistance was weak force has become.
Any way from the way his son "like" and I do not think her mother is said to feel that bad.
And since I had to end it would continue a relationship with his son and slurping. I want us to better contraception from sex with each son, and I'm too gentle to think what they've to think positive about allowing the body to his son.
And now, now my son and I enjoy the act.
The master of stealth, and they've inflamed the sense of corruption that I have forbidden sex with my son.
Extreme sex young son along with it.
I ask my son to become more proactive rather than me.
My son has recently penetrated still whispered.
"Yoko is my girl again"
"No, do not call it like that"
Screaming, I felt it bitterly.
It had been attacked by the honorific masochistic joy of my son. Kuni Tsuyoshi I clung like crazy son with a severe deep kiss. This is also a tacit understanding that they act as a woman without her son.
Is said to have contraception, safe in recent days as it is now.
It is annoying that every time I wear a condom to ejaculate several times in a single sex.
Pregnancy should not only absolute. I know and love is stronger than the joy many times. I think I'm pregnant hard constitution.
Summer vacation soon. Waiting to have sex with her son probably will be the lap.


Since I have the non-written again.
I'm sorry to write truth lies.
But I do not write outside.
I'm sorry.

(3 / 6) in the kitchen with my son, standing

From "found out, in bed, right? In no hurry so much from her mother to give."
The state said that her son can not take it anymore, you slip her hand gradually came boldly into my clothes. Today, I will not go out anymore
I came home from shopping, and was dressed in rough clothes. Favorite son among them, skimpy, had clearly chosen the clothes line out of the body, because there was somewhere that would feel like to say her son still inspire lust. As targeted, and it's come to my home,
Mushaburitsui immediately came to my son. Obtained so far, but fierce and was unexpected. Then it'll raped while standing in the kitchen.
Until now, it only allowed the body to his son was not in bed.
In unusual situations, I was excited.


Had seen

For thinking nothing had not seen his son scenes.
Takashi Hazime and the mere thought, that had gone to think that nobody,
Were by seeing that. Could not excuse.
Had known her obscene. And to know more than I apologize,
Has apologized, I told my son to be stuck 其Re be good.
Excuse me how much her son has heard.
I do not blame my son started to get more knowledge. Now it,
A man.見計Ratsu to be attacked when there are not any more than ask my husband.
瀬間 rarely allowing it forcibly than hate I think. Submission to say they come looking for her son and would do so. In the heart of her son is still referred to her husband say he feels bad and they've made the body is sad,
When there is a husband, or saying anything that you know, was just over 合Su eyes.
Recently, more things coming up and where her husband taught me how. Risa Moyo in the nude hugging two people are embarrassed to be naked even lick it. Fuck that was supposed to meet.
Longer than her husband can not believe it, but put in a full length but no depth, only thicker,
Seems to be hurt than to be thrust 突Ki抜Ka not until Mari Osamu Nemoto.
Was comprised 堪Ranaku it nicely.
Remember that I care enough to use even without knowing anything get in his son.
When issued will be feeling good is feeling good momentum.
I told my son seems to embrace tired of being abused every day.
The taping also stripped me of spreading there legs to wear them once pushing.
I truly pregnant. Doing with my son still could not say it to her husband demanded.
Worry about whether his son lay not know. Her husband and son in January and 2.3 is about every day, but the valve. Better to be his son,

The brother and uniform


It let me write a few things before.

My house is on guard to make breakfast for the day I was preparing breakfast and then made ready to go to school early in the morning because it was my day. Wake up earlier than usual to come Then my brother, I came from behind to rub my chest suddenly.
"Hey ~ bookmarks, you are being invited me I absolutely uniform apron"
"Such a thing I do not let go O"
"Hey, you always want me to pull one shot"
"I say a foolish thing in the morning"
So I will continue my brother while gently massaging my breasts. I actually got my brother and I did that well versed (^ ^;
"Do not get spoiled parents going"
"Do not come yet happened. I'll help you make the morning meal than that done too, okay?"
I get the neck while he can blow. She is a brother after all the other pace.

Older brother in the room eventually succumbed to temptation.
I'll gently Shigoi hands and mouth so hard and now I want to say. Chi Yukuchukunyuru Huh Huh
'll Attack the bottom of my brother's hand at a time. Ann Yuru to fill with tea Pu
"Bookmarks is a way so that I H. You know, negative."
"I'm not bring uniform dirty Huh?"

THICK Haitsu is coming back at you my brother must have been deaf to it.
O brother Sure
Jatsu roll anymore like I been suffering quietly from behind Jupujupu out.

I had to go in my brother's back as it is. (I off course ^ ^;
Then, I'll even do the night slowly over time.
In the morning I think I had better at night I can not stop a run slowly?
What a difficult man> <

(2 / 6) in the kitchen with my son, standing

Mono-imposed ass son I'm already hard and swollen.
I reached down, seized the son of a strong tension on the pants.
"I also gave up the morning, it's going already so why."
I deliberately rough, Sono Tsuyoshi Shigokimashita tension over the fabric.
Morning and really driven to do a thing insufficient son is still a force sent him to school. Even while going to school I'm sure it would do Sul and I just thought all the time. While my son at all, just amazed.
But more words I could not blame her son mouth.
Having a feeling I just not good enough, many times while watching the clock,
Do not wait for the return of his son was feeling a tingle?
Despite the reality was more resistance, so maybe the body had been Masagura from the top of the dress is still my son.


Bad dad

I sleep with my father today Omottara off slowly, we came once before I hugged while I go change into school, become to much stain on the skirt of the husband and I started because I was over soon It was. What is it I am not tempting

(1 / 6) in the kitchen with my son, standing

Indeed, the strength of a teenage boy sex drive is amazing.
Every day I meet them because it is my best.
Today, my son in the morning before going to school properly
Sex will be raised in spite of, and demand came as soon as my body and go home.
"Again at night I'll wait until that."
I will say so in the arms of his son Mogakimashita in my son heard me course not.
My resistance was only arouse the passions of his son effect.
The other son has become a much stronger force than I am.
Should have no place can match his son who resisted the
Nuances were from the beginning.
Maybe I'm the thing to resist, and to tell his son to be, just maybe a 演Jitakatta.
I also want to say I, from the moment her son was hugged from behind, so 痺Reta gotten the body,
I had wanted from filling up fast at big dick son.



We had to stay at her husband's brother came from the countryside.
The hero is a giant brother, husband in quiet man of gentle manners, his brother the dog. Brother tonight to entertain entertained. Eventually, my husband drinks weak and slept before I leave it to bear with his brother.
Mouth, so I can go, was drinking with brother, brother-in-law is an order of magnitude stronger. I finally seem drunk imperceptibly.
When noticed, they are naked, my brother was there licking. Indeed tried to escape, naughty body. Masaguri fingers over there brother, was involved in sensory storm sucked the nipple. Put into the mouth of the big brother were made to him by the head move back and forth. Eventually, when it had raised in a piercing voice. Brother-in-law moved violently. Indeed startled to notice, "while not extend," asked.
The brother and 吐Kidashita poured into my mouth.

Kina Hiroshi brother

My sister's husband, who was known in ancient seven years older than I am a brother. Dixie jealous when I heard my sister to marry. If you marry me if I can. Might think. I often eat at home with each other. They are taking a shower in the master key Agattara brother as soon as I arrived at my sister's house when my sister at home that day knowing that what I
Came out naked, brother and sister are surprised because it was three hours before I come back Itarashiku his brother earlier in the self-employed? Wow, so there was
Hug my brother away. I was surprised the other party picked up kissing. I just was embraced without resistance. The clothes
Remove the underwear and inserted inside of me suddenly. Quickly, it Ikasa was air dropped many times. Ever, for the best sex. I envy my sister was being held. My husband and will compare to. But what of that is great. Standing with him before and after filtration, the 140-cm 185?, I am 148 cm 43? - And in the end feel of the image, however in the cowgirl. That night, it was dinner always, from my sister, "I asked." Brother, instead of with me, if I was with my sister because he remove the contact,'ve embraced the wrong I or. The size of my sister, my sister talked to seems to say something different but almost identical brother says.

Sister-in-law gift

To me there is a secret that my husband, I was thinking about the day when you know it's incest or even my husband someday. In a year trying to 過Giyou married, my husband's sister is going to stay in the fun and get drunk and come to play better. I'm such a day will raise a gasp as you hear of my sister-in-law's Son.
When my husband first, but I was surprised, but now have become husband and raise a bold As Son's gone to get used to. I think I have good sex if you can quickly become husband and Son's. Son added that even if this is a really helpful so you better come to play.
Secrets To me, I had been a long incestuous relationship with his brother in the arms, before the actual marriage. I was promoted to director of the employer's son in an attempt to get married my mother knew it. I decided to marry my husband is found that when my sister's cute. I it was promised because as someone as I can always get married while being embraced by the elder brother is also in daily life even when held to the lord "big brother" I have read and . Sometimes mistakes I've doubled up with real brother. So you have to call your name "brother" will continue in much.
Moan of the night is also "more big brother" to the Son's and should have heard. And I have always felt strongly that when someone comes to my husband. Last month, after the embrace of his brother's delight when told that the Son is the idea that I think 抱Ki合Eru two couples next to each other in the incestuous in the near future. I will produce children of his brother when it comes to stopping the pill.

However, the changes occurring around the Son's, it has become more crash in our apartment in January. I'll only be able to prepare the environment and Son Sex husband's plan to make various early. Recently, my husband and Son's alone when I went shopping to a nearby convenience store run out of liquor and I was already feeling about the arrangement. I've gotten to sleep next to me just one person've drunk alcohol.
My husband had been entangled in the Son's better when he had heard the conversation between two people. My husband is a "brother" because it was already getting excited to be called, I thought it would be strange Son's always someone just a matter of time.
I do not know what had become tangled if the owner, the owner's Son should be courted when they fall for sure.
Be carried to bed when my husband has been filed after sex in the room I was not already his Son's Son's. Kang is a woman at a sensitive and frighteningly scary. Brakes can become ineffective if it goes once it's forbidden relationship that I have experienced. On my days off are always trying to have sex with my husband and two Son's. I had it many times. When two people are addicted to having fun in the arms of her brother, too. I want to say that my husband's children when the Son held. I've been saying I beat my brother so that he feels great. I have been beautifully recorded set so that the digital player. The birth of a child like my brother already has 高鳴Tsu and feelings about time.

Inspired by

Recently I learned the computer, learn how to look after, looking just like incest sites here.
I have a brother in eighth grade 居Masu under two years old, raised on this site show the other day.
Both of the parents were out holiday.
While reading together, brother, "her sister would like," What I started to say.
OK, so really I immediately wanted to Lightning.
I Shitata I already experienced sex, the younger brother was the first time.
I raise my brother put it so painful to shake the hips confused, rubbing gently raised to'll tell more.
Temasen remember what it was that day, but it was three or four times, has done many times.
Parents are hiding from the sky has.
When my boyfriend from before, you feel pleasant.
'll Continue in the future might be, I was absent from school on a cold Well I have.
My brother came home early I'm sure do to me again.


Last night, I have him? 39 - 35 year old brother I have, I married one another. Also, you want to.

Sun lover was the son

Thing five years ago, still remember that day.
To pass the entrance exam of high schools like my son, when I went to an amusement park in Tokyo to celebrate,
Play like a kid in a candy store about noon, checked into the hotel, dinner done,
To take a bath, comfortable bed, and a fun day, feeling sleep soundly,
The time has come to settle like a long time.

I like to sleep close your eyes into a body is moved something I like, I was taking off pajama bottoms, eh, what? If 戻Se awareness, trying to figure 脱Gasou my pants,
Wait, this hotel room, but should be absent son, surely,
The "Hey, what are you then,"
"Idiot, what are you then,"
Son to resist rather than be surprised in a hurry, but resisted until I raised my claws into the hands of his son
My son came towards unflinchingly, is taken care by the pajama pants underwear
"Stop, you doing, silly,"
I just hit my stomach son's legs had to kick them repeatedly bang your tired feet
My son fell out of bed to go flying,
"Don" and I heard a dull, looking at the lights, he was not lying on the floor,
My son went to the place of a hurry than before,
"Are you OK? Not downright?"
"Are you OK?"
I'm worried about her son's injuries, the lower body is exposed, he was suddenly getting jumped again, been brought down to the floor remained 押Shi倒Sa son coming towards the open legs of her son struggling forces are repressed,
"Stop, fool, idiot,"
I have seen my son's penis was screaming, fat Ikiri立Chi large in size as when I first saw a decent man experience, that his son was growing up here we had a good girl that cute surprise, let alone my mother's assault force, violent behavior, was attacked by a feeling like you've gone away from where my hand.
What a sad or empty, go in person to resist violent force is fading son, around the crotch and press my penis hard 減Ri込N son comes in, like scraping 押Shi開Ke tight groin, the moment at once 突Ki抜Ka consciousness is to deny the increasingly be concentrated in the crotch, I'm the son of the penis and adultery in the eyes, groin obsessed with sex and women and miserable, I can stop going to kick that turned into intensely 突Ki抜Ka stimulus no, there has been dominated by his appearance in his son's penis size obsession, even a pleasure to go appeared to be swallowed by the pleasure, rather than accept the joy of pleasure end in adultery to be written, the body There was the one they opened.
And my son is not a virgin, the attack included some time, my body will react to repeat,
Been met go drunk with pleasure, not a woman turned into hail, my son was crushed penis.
Suddenly the voice of his son,
"Today is secure?"
What I hear those words from the mouth of the son, it is hard to believe it, I'm being swallowed by the force of the penis, in response to his son Orimashita a safe day I nodded obediently than surprise.
Opened the groin to his son from being drunk penis son, was overtaken attacked so I do not know were spent how much, hit the groin is without end intense, I'm being informed of the height, while head for a climax again bathed by his son ejaculation deep, and can not stop spitting 淫声 had enjoyed the pleasure of a climax to his son a hug.
Go to bed, for example sucking dick suck without resistance was offered to my son, What a pathetic figure dropped from her mother, and tears spilled the natural son of an erect penis again vigorously, which would be carried to accept from me in the crotch opening, the end to close up to playing with penis, still continue to die of pleasure hitting things can not return,
"Jutsu pot, pot Jutsu"
Hear voices from the crotch intersection of adultery, which is pounded into the side to sleep on one leg thrust, the thrust incorporated Yotsun這I poised to reverse the further pleasure is repeated as crowding everything to lose, and face- hugging fits, poised under son, I have pleasure seeking desperately to respond to the hip shake, my face is directed to the penis, penis sucking sucking son stroke in his hands for example, the momentum of erection more and more juice is released into the ejaculate in my mouth, the momentum coming back jump into my throat several times, which grew into a woman did not know that I completely fell into the drink hot.

Maybe better!

I am 48 years old, 29 year old daughter. His last Sun's original TV drama her mother's boyfriend. Also out is a surprise. Divorced three years ago. × I 3. 10 years ago, when he was in junior had divorced her husband having an affair with his 31-year-old. That he is, has been proposed to marry me, that time is not possible.
The state did not die a natural death 音沙汰 obsession. Daughter is married at the age of birth to twins 21, divorced at the age of 26. Demashita to work.
In the workplace, his representative H yuan trading partners. It is also cosmetic.
My daughter was supposed to rise to top office in the end results of his supporters there. H dating, dating married three years. H was the first marriage. He is a sweet-tempered, but I met was a common greeting. And to live together, where, H, the form could live together but different. Coincidentally, we met with my daughter, H is. Yara downright happy.
Meanwhile, I embraced him. I'm sorry but my daughter and I became in love with H.
Go shopping or daughter, grandchild in the absence into school and love in the house. To marry at the age of 41 two-person is a great person. Now, there is a family vacation planning, we decided to go bathing. I feel sadness and regret to hear that someone your daughter's husband. To me, dated as directed, would - you hear a voice. I am being defeated, how will the children Zurou husband!