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Incest confession of women(2015-03)

Son and one years have passed since

Good morning. Kiyoko is 52 years old. Is passed one year from beyond the son and the clear distinction. Son was also now able to live away from home finish it even safely college entrance examination. At first But to visit the son of the room two or three times a month, room cleaning Yara ,,, I'm ashamed, but went back by also son of gender processing of the other party, But already Isoji became was also good gloss of skin as well rejuvenated to reverse been issued in because I is. In recent years, in the feeling get to return on Sunday to visit the son of the room every Friday, it is ridiculed as I'm became young to wife how Nearby increasingly glue of makeup also Yoku~tsu, and to those caught even young he ,,, But other party will have not be said to be son.

Travel destination

yuna himekawa[21507]
The other day, I was connected with my son on a trip. Two months ago, I asked him if he had anything he wanted for his son's 20th birthday. I was refused, but I asked again. "Anything is okay?" "It's okay," he shook his head vertically. "It's okay," was returned. When I kept asking my son, who was reluctant to do anything, he said, "I want a mother." I was disappointed with the unexpected reply and was told that I told my son that it was okay. In addition, I was told that I had always liked my mother. I spilled tears and complained to my son, "We are parents and children. Blood is connected ...", but he went back to the room even though he said it was okay. After that, there was no progress that seems to have progressed for two months, but in fact my husband, 48 years old, did not come home for the past few months, pretending to be work. Naturally, the couple's life was also cold. One night when I was watching TV with my son in the living room, I asked him. "It's the story before?" "Okay, forget it. Parents and children shouldn't do it." My son stared at the TV without trying to touch it. I stared at my son's profile silently. I asked my son again how many minutes had passed since then. "Do you really like it?" He complained in a strong tone to answer his son who was trying to throw it away again. The same answer as that day came back from my son's mouth. And when I replied to my son that I understood after exchanging several times, my eyes were shining and approaching. Waiting, I stopped my son and pulled him away."I understand what I like, but I don't want to have that kind of relationship right away. I cherish it more," he gently snuggled up to his son, who looked down. For a while, I kissed my cheek to be patient with this. Then I was told that my mouth was useless and I touched it lightly at first. "How do you feel?", He kissed at the same time as he said again. Since that day, my son has been cuddling up close to me no matter what I do, and depending on the day, my lips overlap once an hour. There was something I was worried about, and the number of times my son's hand touched my chest increased. At first I refused it, but from the second time I think it was because I forgave it a little. Of course, it's from the top of my clothes, but I often wear light clothes because it's inside the house, so I can feel the feel of my hands. At first, I felt like putting my hands on my chest, but gradually it changed to moving my hands. After that, what is your son's attitude toward me? Changes were seen, and I also self-answered to accept my son. After thinking about whether to be embraced by my son for a few weeks, I went to a hot spring hotel with my son without being determined to be embraced. When I arrived at my destination, I went sightseeing, and then returned to my childhood and devoted myself to shooting and playing games. I returned to the hotel in the evening and sweated, so when I thought about going to a hot spring, my son urged me to take an open-air bath in my room. For a moment, I choked my son's words with "What?", But I left the room to prepare for changing clothes because the large communal bath was larger. A son in a yukata stood as soon as he got out of the entrance of the women's public bath. My son also seemed to take a men's bath. And when I put my clothes in the room for a while, I heard a knock on the door. I heard that the meal was ready, so I decided to bring it to my room.We enjoyed delicious food from the mountains and the sea. When the meal was over and we were watching TV together, my son poured a glass to drink beer. Do you usually have a chance to drink so much? I drank two cups because of the feeling of liberation at the destination. Then I kissed my son's cheek lightly and lay down on the bed to go to bed a little earlier because I was not used to drinking and I was tired. How many minutes and hours have passed since then? I was awakened by my son. My son kissed me as if he was lying down with me. Then one of my son's hands touches my chest. I hurriedly stopped it after waiting for a while. I was drunk and didn't notice, but I was naked. But my son caresses me repeatedly. I crawl my lips around my ears, rub my breasts with both hands, and put my nipples in my mouth. Gradually my son's hand moved to my sensitive place. I was worried someday, but I left myself to my son without resistance to the embarrassing feelings I am facing in reality. I was blamed for the sensitive part by my son and started to be licked. While feeling, I closed my voice, grabbed the sheets to caress my son, and kept my eyes closed. After a while, one hand touched my crotch and my son's body was right next to me and asked for my lips, and he muttered, "I'm sorry." When I replied that I thought this would happen someday, I put my lips together again and put my lips together for the longest time ever. I suddenly looked at my son when he was kneeling in front of my crotch. My son, who I saw for the first time, only knows my husband, but I was a little surprised at how big it was. But the next moment my son pressed his crotch. As soon as I came in, I said "Uh".My son keeps sitting down hard. I gradually became angry at the shock I experienced for the first time. I keep sitting down at a fairly fast tempo, but it doesn't feel like it's over. My son doesn't know that he will stop even though I feel seriously and make a loud voice. Eventually, when I was overwhelmed by my son, I saw his face distorted. Then he muttered, "No, my mother! That's right!" And urged me to put it inside, saying "OK." My son's hot stuff fell into me. The suffocating son muttered thank you and asked, "Are you okay?" I replied that it was okay and overlapped my lips. Then, a few minutes later, it was time to crawl my chest and body with my hands while lying on my son's chest. When I touched my son's crotch, I was surprised that he was warping as before. After all, I met and went to bed only once.

First experience

From son, Yoshida you have friends to say the'll have mom and Pussies, and I attacked the. Son Will was hungry to desire, and I was as it continues to use the waist even if once ejaculation. And I lick my dick. remains I also said, I was licking the son of Timbo. Genital licking had no experience with my husband. Sheets in the overflowing semen I was wiping Bettori, even bed of stain as that is not known to my husband. But bedroom smell of semen I was deception in the Stink to deodorant and perfume. Still and, that night to bed without underwear. It was laughed at as \"Do you want to Yuriko\" to master.
Have had moistened is back in the daytime of shameless act, it is I think good to master \"Yuriko, it feels good by\" was loved and. I also also expiation of a son, was raised licking for the first time Timbo master. Semen of my husband is poured into your mouth, my husband is a kiss to me, I was A~tsu licking semen.

I have brother and husband and wife

\"Yoko, I'm like you!\", My brother had one beast. When pressing the I, to kick skin package and yukata, and I have been pressed against the lips a soft breast was bared. And I've been crowded twist to brute force the hand during the \"hit, by quit. Brother, we, gonna a brother and sister!?\" Bitchiri closed tailored thigh.
\"Yoko, only one. Once not a good, it became, Yoko\" while sucking breast, brother was now scrambling trying somehow opened the thigh. Although we \"no good, no good !! brother, You'll only funny\" resistance, \"at last when break open a jerk and thigh in the kneecap, and I went pierces finger and quick towards the center. \"Yoko, Is not I also brother and sister, now that parents were also lost mate, and'm not stay only and the other I Yoko. Five-body satisfactory man and woman lived under one roof, and trying to get along by.
When you disconnect the power from the \"brute force do because ...\" to say the whole body, and \"fit'll refers Na\" says, and I have by inserting the cover overlies the Minagiri superb article was fully. \"Ugh, it U~tsu ...\" could not be hamstrung. And the coming move the waist so as not to leak the pant clenching teeth, to not be completely put up at last, and I was clinging to his brother. \"Do good, is ...? Pussy\", \"I feel good, brother ...\" I my brother to ask and the bounced the Nuke breath, and began Tsukai to raise shake the hips from the self.
Body in widow life of three years or Will had been thirsty to thirst, I the feeling was not well panted. My brother quickly pulled out and become likely to ejaculation, and again move the hips rhythmically, and I repeat. Was deep ejaculation is referred to as \"'ll give Yoko over\" When I was after about 30 minutes. I was also accepted from under abandon Close your crotch hugging brother.
Playboy was the brother to the next her without even marriage from the following, from such a brother \"Yoko Pussies the best I'm\" I was happy with the compliments. The border that day, and the brother I now sleep in a double bed.
Old buddies are two older brothers yesterday, came to play and take her each. Enough to man drink becomes etch, I have been a called play the king game. Three people were the rock-paper-scissors, of the person who defeated her and I take off one by one're wearing. When lose six times since become naked I was also watching the rock-paper-scissors brother. All three people all became open. I had sat down and embarrassed, you two women, has been forced with a strip show. Bath towel is passed when end, I was wrapped around your entertainment.

In the bath

Son for you to go to friends and college tour, went back to before dinner yesterday.
My husband did not say that they do not go home tonight.
I mean, by like say I want you to embrace tonight from ... myself I say, because embarrassing.
Night, when multiplied by because dwarf Bathing and \"Please enter the first\" voice, for the first time \"there? Dad, that? Gotta\" and that we have heard, \"Dad, there was phone me not go back today.\" I answered with. I answered casually as \"I'll guess
so,\" \"Well,!? Gonna be mother and two
To me you were errands towards the back he approached.
He is been asked the mouth to ear grabbed my shoulders was whispered as \"Well, it? To me ride up spear and mother.\"
My husband had imagined the night and sometimes son from if there is contact with the not go back I was aware of in the underwear is wet.
Now I feel his penis on his back and asked the mouth to his ear.
Female genitalia is I felt to Kyu. But calmly worked to \"Dameyo. Such a thing just ...\" and I myself have found that voice is trembling.
While his hands Moteasobi grabbed the breast from the top of the cami, it was said, \"I try to enter together in the bath.\"
He had been soaked in bathtub entered the bathroom first. I do not want to be noticed that it is wet, look at me staring him and I wanted flowed over early hot water, came over here and stand up.
When I Dokeru hands are hidden over there,
\"I we did not want to hide because I'm such alone with two people ... Oh, by wet\"
\"I wanted to amazing ..., and my mother ... probably so\"
and \"death known ... Naiwa
\"He licked the ear while fuck over there,
and\" crowded
squatting he is suddenly coming out full ... to make a ... I'm glad Na \"and groped is that where there is Kuchakucha and nasty sound that so become in, and with the mouth to my genitals, you have to suck from the bottom.
\"Oh! No good, dirty by ... bad Okay,\" he sucks and vertical sound is fixed at the waist by hand, licking.
\"Bad ... Oh, no good ...\" I had to do crouched down lost the power of feet.
He from follows you support so I do not fall down, sat and stretched out legs on the floor.
\"Mother, once either. I try here, I'll come here,\" he says the penis, which bristles with pointed.
\"This the ... nasty ...\" and even though I think been pushing up the waist he suddenly feeling that Gan~tsu After trying Oroso waist slowly across his waist, penis is pierced at once in my year.
\"Ha~tsu! A~tsu!\" Was clinging to his neck is not thought to sudden shock.
\"I'm sorry, and I wanted to try a little mischief. Hey, I'll move\" is a nod to his words, it was moving the hips.
To like write rounded front and back and circle, it was moved to rubbing.
Though was ashamed to have move while gradually increasing the acceleration, you can no longer stop ...
\"Oh come!\" And I have gone to clinging to his neck by moving like a hit my stomach to his stomach when there is a sense of was. Faster than he is to ejaculation, ... and moving on their own
\"mother, Itta do I §! Dude, cute,\" he told me to kiss. Nothing I can not say for shame.
Since then I, if you can not be seen for shame also his face, he told me gently body and sink.
After a bath, Na I wonder would also been many times over the futon, if you believe Toka blankly, and I think if he were allowed to crawl on all fours me on the mat, you can have shed immediately penis,
\"... mother that I was also tempted out once also once called by\" we have put thrust from behind with.
Because he now has put the purpose of their own goes, I was driving strong unforgiving.
Soon he ejaculate inside of me, I would be I also said.

I was with a friend of husband

I, long time ago in a human man is 35 years, was the only husband. After the master has died three years ago, I now receive the teaser of \"meals\" from man. Especially in the Goto-san had been intimate husband and I was encouraged to come to my house you are mourning. After three death anniversary memorial service of the master has finished, also the continuing refuse received the invitation also many times in Goto-san I had took the bad with the cherry blossom viewing.
After walking for about 30 minutes the cherry trees in the cold day, teahouse in dumplings windy even eat, it was immediately boarded the car. Goto has been tears If you have heard is the husband and reminiscences of past days in a car. Goto-san I Would What tearful voice, stopped to shoulder the car, asked the \"Yuko okay\" I was issued a handkerchief from his pocket. Goto's kind-hearted concern, has again overflowing tears. When Goto-san left hand was holding asked from my shoulder, is I also \"Because seen someone here useless\" Tossa had originated with.
It was silent about each other five minutes after the car began to move. When hotel sign is visible \"Yuko, Likes\" are asked and, it was cut shortly handle reply. Is induced in the Goto-san, it is shame for the first time exposed was the man of the people of the late 50s body. Embarrassed even if what is, I was depending on leave but is free. Is injected of ejaculation are students warm is, \"Oh ended I\" is was honest feelings.
This becomes the edge, in the Goto-san I will receive the invitation as a secret events of each other. I also asked me the this site from Goto-san, is now enough to also incest to know that are home enjoying everyone, you can not read secretly. Goto also would be surprised kit and know that I have posted.


It is a housewife of 40 years old.
My husband has been away 10 years old. It had spent the day-to-day that was worrying endlessly become less state. I thought it even tries to find a partner in dating. But, it did not Fumikire at the thought of her husband. Is better to have an affair to think from now I think it was better.
It was that when I went to wake the son of a high school student. When turning the futon from trunks, I there son had run-off. Impulse that can not be suppressed was I have held upsurge.
Of course, it does not mean is not awake in such a thing. We release the hand in a hurry to go back to us and said, \"pervert!\" To his son. Body and I think that had to have their own became hot.
Unexpectedly son grasp the hand, and I went in strong and is \"I Nasty woman'll be touch if you want to touch\" tone. So I have been held to pushy. So was moved a hand.
I was also moved their hands as off the moment. And were I have started to caress remain mouth also using it is said to son. Son also been Nugashi my clothes, and has been licking over there. Even went know it 's that it shameful in the head, it did not stop. And, it is Noshikakara to son, and I have crossed the line. As never until now is to parent and child that, I would feel.
When it is said to be \"mom, want! Spear from behind\", it has become to the said is still on all fours.
I would say that it is \"gone go ...\". That night, I now take a bath together.
Hand wearing the son of soap came around from behind, I was Masaguri my chest. There was also Masaguri.
My pant voice I now feel that resounding. You know I would know the pleasure should not. From it, we had asked to devour in a daily basis.
The son of life is a bad mother who had mad.


In the period in the last year of my son went to college, and my husband and I were estranged.
Well to There was a partner outside each other, because it is easy it is mind that.
While we know, and to troublesome even for Tteyuu one by one go for a drink with a friend to soup.
Well son I was not surprised so much because it looks like I knew vaguely.
Husband was borrowed 1LDK apartment near company.
and I'm going to take care Toka occasionally cleaning on weekends because it is scruffy man, was I have been attacked for the first time in several years.
Well, I felt But really it is over quickly.
Well I boyfriend also look younger, someone who likes to enjoy the atmosphere It's quite older.
Actual sex will end in a few minutes.
So be that met weekly. \"Probably Otagaisama?\" \"It is? Angry boyfriend\" It was a couple that has signed such a conversation. At that time, was surprised I contact to be going to stay at the daddy son. \"Yesterday, (boyfriend and) not a there was? I did not come back.\" \"I'm also kind of thing.\" The next morning to Sunday. My husband says it's golf, I had my down near the station and out early in the morning. Eight o'clock in the morning and was attached to the house. Been happening son of eye half asleep in sound was face, such as saying that \"there?\". \"Because I sleep.\" Change of clothes and to bed so to say and pajamas. 'Cause I was not falling asleep with excitement or Nan last night. The like was \"cheating\". Quickly asleep me. When there to wake up if there is something wrong I have son of finger lower body naked was already deep entered. and \"What? What for? I know that? Who's\" When you try to Oshinokeyo and, suddenly Bashi! Was Ttobuta. \"Usseeyo! This bimbo is!\" And really scary face. It was I who understand in a moment the son of feelings. Crying and can not even resistance repeating \"I'm sorry.\" I. and \"are you doing feel?\" \"I'm sorry.\" \"I do so much to do want to do?\" \"I'm sorry.\" \"I do not even helpless it!\" and \"I'm sorry.\" son There are cute girlfriend from high school to. Little etch-ish daughter as much if there is back with his son. Son knew the way to Yorokoba the woman. \"Here, wonder here say?\" Son so as to entertain my hips thrust up a finger. \"Oh! Well. Damee!\" Reached with body Tsupparu me. And many times in one go, anymore limp when son is mind far has been put penis. Son has dropped the sperm on my belly. Son rested for a while push the penis in my mouth \"Namero!\" And. \"Oh, good Na.\" \"So?\" I answered happily already had fully become just a woman. Sex on Friday night about the busy son in bytes and dating with her. Since tinker over plenty time from evening, it's late at night to sleep. Weekdays with him. And also I am continuing sex with once place husband a month. When you have two people and sex in those mysterious we feel it is really like to be \"cheating\".

Are groping to son

The son of Kenta has he moved quit university was two years ago.
Since then Otosata without any, it was a long-lost and was in and finally there is a contact frog.
Address also has changed in the transfer of master in the meantime.
Speaking to have changed, I was completely turned Slim I also reduced also had weight whopping 20kg 70kg.
I went to pick at the airport and I think if Kurere review the I had been a fool to son.
Up, even though waiting to I think my son and I to try to Torisugiyo why.
But now pleased nisin because I came in front of me and turned back to go halfway.
But, I've surprised honest in words that came out of the mouth of the son.
\"That, I'm bad at suddenly, stomach empty not do either? Here for the first time why, it is not me around and if good or?\" Is ...
how to return early wrecked me Nante ...
Apparently rapid diet It seems unaware that it is mother to.
I have a little tempted to mischief, had decided to'll dating.
\"What Mom, No What kind of person that?\"
I asked my son while eating.
\"I think about up, age is the same, I's a chubby.'m Is not like a good style lady.\"
Eyes of the is said so in front, I was indeed \"stuffy\",
mom and saying \"such a thing
indeed to say to me bad I'm \"in,\"
Oh, I'm sorry,
\"well, I'm a son of saving grace from time to apologize to obediently is small.
Train was also rode together and because the son is not know the direction go in the same direction (is natural but).
I was not quite crowded takes to rush.
After a while, has been conscious hand to touch the around the ass.
\"Well, who?\"
I embarrassed, seems son is touched.
The \"useless ... mother of No'm ...\"
I had the feeling you want to cry so, it did not say for shame.
Then gradually bold move, was I have been dark wax.
it was feeling like overflowing from ... groin and gone feel completely subtle fingering to have also been dark embarrassing Toko wax ... son in the groin.
And I arrived to the next station when it became a ramshackle.
And the son was lowered so as to suffer holding me that head down while saying it Nante \"Oh, do you Aunt okay\".
And I had been Tsurekoma in toilet in front of the station park.
\"I'm easy to feel aunt. You know, you do think this want\"
I was gone suffering while being caught from the back that had been drunk ... pleasure me.
After you have established a dressed out of the toilet of the park, I son says seriously.
\"Oh, really sorry. Even I'm me serious. I'll come together because to introduce to parents.\"
Ended up son and sex to leave I will be prompted to son, which is not noticed, now form to keep up.
\"I'm home ~ ~ ~\"
When you enter while so good my husband came out immediately.
\"Oh, your way, do it was with Mother\"
husband to his son that stunned ... me,
\"I wonder'm was found but well. Those days and the heavens and the earth is that ... I\" ...
son me in silence I was staring at my face.

Spring inn

I am a mother of 52-year-old. Six months ago, there was a contact that \"might divorce\" from his son.
I took a consultation many times in worry. Watching the son fall did not collapsed home.
Finally divorce is established I was invited to the hot springs in the stay a son and for a change.
\"Going to travel mother and two people 's since the time of the child.\"
Son was me pleased. Futon When you enter the fun and eat bath dinner is had been laid side by side.
\"It would have been tired today. Soon go to bed?\" In Kashikomatta son say to his son and,
it was said, \"Mom, thank. I'll was thankful me various story also heard when the divorce. I thank.\".
and \"I quit, not a natural. cute defend with full force if for son would be his mother.\" I says.
Then my son is now likely to cry at tears to the eyes. I hugged my son,
and say, \"I have peace of mind because I lucky.\",
\"I, I love things of Mother.\" And has been kissed in tears.
I was also depending on the son of Kiss. Intense kiss entwined tongue lasted.
Son has touched my chest from the top of the yukata. When the yukata of chest Hadakeru son has been licking the nipple fill the face to chest. I felt the son of Acts.
Son yukata solves the band When push down the I was stripped. After being turned stroked in the body, and is crawl the finger from the top of the underwear to crack I take off their underwear,
and had said, \"more touch with.\"
And reach out to the penis of his son can not endure it was already in a state of ticking.
Dick just imagine that \"When you are put in a big penis is this hard\" was overflowing love liquid becomes hot.
I son also has been licking fill the face in my crotch When I arrived sucking son of penis. I did not Chablais well the son of mono out voice to much of the pleasure.
I would acme son of tongue Upon wiggle in chestnut. When is a limp and missing the power of the body was the son of things came from behind. Was
\"Ryuichi, amazing I. It is hitting all the way.\"
Comfortably as expected. Son chestnut Turn before hand while moving the hips has also touched at the same time. Was Mashi quickly Iki attacked by no pleasure of that you have ever experienced. Then was also Mashi Iki many times in a row.
Son was overlies on me to change the posture. I with son Nishigami,
was called the \"put out in because all right.\".
\"I put in a good mother?. Oh Iku.\"
At that moment, I felt that the son of semen is spread in my vagina. For the first time several times in this year also I know that go with continuous. Without the SEX of the other son was enough to think I can not live.
The next day was me ejaculate in mouth and suck a mono son from morning. It was a happy mood.

In fact, the son and sister

I also fact, I was surprised.
The is the sister and the physical relationship is the son and aunt was there made ​​... and the sister is already pregnant only the son of a child, moreover, growth in the belly until about can not fallen loss thing And then have more, consider that after from birth the rabbit also corner safely children. But the relatives, you should not have to absolutely secret. This is the only secret our family and sister.
When ask to son, it was to say that it's a beautiful woman fell in love with back also Takaku~tsu.

Son cock

yuna himekawa[21422]
I 39-year-old, son 12 years old.
The first time I was aware of the son, and had been hiding in the closet when the son of room cleaning, it is from find the underwear that has a dry semen.
You think I probably could not get to the laundry by wet dream, but I would smell the smell involuntarily.
It would be another completely dry, it was a degree of smell also to faint, and I have a masturbation while snuff it.
It to clam the trash son of the room from, you can find a tissue that has a semen has a masturbation while Dari smell it or add to.
Recently, hot, because the son is sleeping in a T-shirt and trunks, Dari smell as close a face to trunks go to secretly room, it is the degree or the along and kiss you meet but desire.
No more will I believe should not, but escalate likely to yourself scary.
... This morning, a son from going out the husband was entered by the courage and from a pause because a shower.
And I went to the bathroom under the guise of calm as much as possible, but not stop trembling of limbs.
I'm came while hiding the dick once in a small towel, but the son was in a hurry and quite surprised.
To say that it probably went together well childhood, deprives a towel full of son was using foam, it was raised to wash back.
As you begin washing, son are with jitter while looking down.
Back, arms, butt, and we wash the leg, to say that please orientation at me and because I'll before wash, does not and beyond while placing a hand on the crotch.
Since no choice, and began washing from the chest by turning the hand from behind.
When I'll pat the chest of direct frothy at the hands of those who vacated, small nipples had recessed was becoming stiff little by little.
Where was washed from chest to stomach, \"○○ (name) is the? Is wash Strip properly the huntingtin skin\" When I hear and has been as usual while hiding the groin, No. I and the answer is returned.
\"If you do not wash with peeled properly, you'll get sick Become dirty. Take a show you because not ashamed\" is referred to as, it was towards the body to me.
And sit on the edge of the bath, and forced mid son of hand Dokeru, it had an erection!
Was unnerving, but anything not to Peel gently as, it was raised wash with finger wearing a tight have lend a gentle soap smell.
Do ticklish of what feels good, son will not let twitching body.
I tried adding the plunge a dick became clean and good to now do not wash every day'm no good, and.
Son of the body becomes Piku~tsu than ever, the movement was stopped then.
Because you he had already done, and as it has continued to Blow, at the same time as the voice say \"N'a~tsu\", semen was hit many times in the back of the throat.
And drank it, you can give wash your dick again release the mouth, we hug gently son.
Although then was raised wipe your body out from the bathroom together, it was still of each other reticence.
When my son entered the room, is hailed me, and I went, \"Mom, also me wash dick?\" and in a small trembling voice.
I laughed, and said, \"I when daddy is not\", was hug gently son again.

Sex doll

Even though it is up to incest, which has been thought as \"absolutely not be there!\", I also, I have become to have physical relationship and second son of 24.
Process leading to there will be omitted, but now, I have become so anything not stick to hands a little become very anxious and does not come seeking second son!
Until before, to come immediately hug me and will be no hindrance smell husband and eldest son, I was trying to have sex with me, even forcibly.
Beginning, I had been done unwillingly while trouble, but now with defiant While we are done many times to think \"Please libido treatment with Mother.\"
So, since this three day weekend also disturbing two people can not stomach travel, ... I would have thought that it I'll slowly eliminate the libido of second son, and will go out and out say Toka go on a trip with a friend to the second son directly below!
If you wanted until now \"much trouble Even though slowly spear ride up chance with Mom, not by! Ran to go something to play\" I would have been continue to seek during the vacation and said there ...!
It is said that delicious in a strange woman, and whether not it have been deceived, is there is no way in the worry!
If so, and please do not be fooled by something you likely slut with Even such a strange venereal disease, I want to let them wake up and to convince the second son!
Mom, I do not win at the young because the other 53 aunt, and to be seen young enough is often picked up by still young child, because I have a charm strike age, you also probably had to say so!
The mother, because I'm good with as you go!
I Because sex doll for just a sexual desire processing 's not your mother!
... Today, it is nestled in the second son in the hotel, and came back a little while ago!
This morning, \"Today I want to! Spear and the 1st Mom\" I was happy wow is said to me son!
However, two people nuisance in the house (her husband and eldest son) soon I think also what to do because there, it was taken to Okubo hotel by taxi.
Second son I had accumulated defintely, and has been Mushaburitsui it is pushed down as soon as you enter the room!
When's hotel so nice to not have to worry about at all nuisance, I was also screaming obscenities loudly!
Second son in is said to be a nasty-looking of all fours, it becomes dressed of the street in the nude, I was crazy feeling in response to the terrible humiliation!
When I hear that women relationship of second son recently had become concerned about much, but it looked like a woman I like a being, the sexual desire processing told me that there is better of me!
Involuntarily \"Mother is, at any time over the of good and that you like! Because it is sex doll for your sexual desire processing\" I was screaming Toka as \"gonna be just like if the mother Even your favorite anal sex The -!\" !
The All told, it had been eventually embraced all day!

Pies to son

Because you did not take the holiday weekend in the relationship of work is rest in lieu today. Therefore yesterday I enjoyed slowly with two people.
Or is the honorific to son usually, have been embarrassed that also request one to but a month, I'll be spoiled twice. I'd I also am enjoying the gap ...
and from my son came back until go to bed was Blow during meals as usual way, in the bath was washing the son in my body .
When you enter naked in bed to wait for the son to end all because he said \"Mom\" today is to perceive that the Na I want to be spoiled, \"I, Mom? I might to sleep and what to wear today,\" said son I opened the closet along with.
And the chosen ones were baby doll and purple panty purple. While the change into it grip the son of mono was moving the hand up and down.
\"Mom, I'm becoming comfortably\" ejaculation with, \"Mom also'll feel good, try to touch her ​​pussy. The other is great idea,\" while keeping my head and move the things that became hard, while saying to include slowly up and down in the mouth was.
While rubbing my chest and tell it all and swallow \"It was delicious,\" it has been said that \"putting\". The other I seem to deliberately unpleasant Nari go cute \"Well, I'll put in mom pussy. Look, it would have become ish hate and pussy look? Mom?\" And you say while you straddle, I put.
\"I put out How? Pleasant pussy mom? Full. This pussy give me and because you also work hard pussy variety of. Mom that can be used freely in the pussy of mom. Oh, pleasant I. Large feels good pussy mom with dick!\" And son I rolled disturbance on.
And a is raised to lick clean the plenty However mono sperm \"Mom, felt good was\" so say I, \"I used any time pussy mom also really was good. Mom. Since this pussy's yours.\" while good and was clutching the son of mono.
Son was asleep in my chest while saying \"Yeah\".
While being son of a toy is violently I also like to be poked, but son coming graces in this way to me is also love.
Soon it is time that the physiological begins but son you will while Oazuke so reluctant that the blood is attached. Although it is lonely, and as someone become comfortably use the statement hands and mouth, mom will do my best ...

First experience

On Friday, I called my husband's parents' house the day before, but canceled as planned. After 8 am, my husband and daughter left home for two hours each way. No, I've kicked it out ... I'm sorry. I've done all the housework in my daily routine, and the last cleaning, the living room is so cluttered. When I started cleaning from our bedroom, the sound of the TV came from my son's room ... I took my cellphone out of my pocket and checked the time. did. Then my son opened the door of the room and came out. "Mom, what are you doing? Everyone?" "Mom couldn't go to her grandfather's house because of an urgent need. I couldn't even go to the urgent need." "Huh, what's that?" "Yuji? Did you say yesterday? Promise with a friend? " " I 'll go out when I get a call. " Somehow I'm stuck ... " Are you going ? " " Hmm . " " Mom alone? " " Hmm . " Remember the previous words. I wonder if I got lost ... To Yuji and the living room. "I think Dad and Shizuka will eat dinner ~" No reply ... Yuji is wearing a T-shirt and trunks pants. I feel that there is no difference in the amount of exposure. I approach Yuji who prepares for Shan in the morning and grab my arm. "Yuji, should I take a bath?" "Eh, now?" Head to the bathroom and show it with hot water. "Mom wants to come in now!" I took out two bath towels from the chest of drawers and showed them off without hesitation. I just rolled up Yuji's T-shirt while standing ... "You promised me the other day ~"" Hmm " Trunks are also my hands ... I picked them up because they move diagonally. I was jealous, so I peeled it off strongly. "A'" to ... nose ... up and down holding from pulling the waist "I hard and hot. Yuji ~? Yuji your mouth Did hoo?" "Uun., And Shiti" "Mama Mr. I 'll give you ~ ... " " Huh, mama ~ " " Hmm ~ nnn " " Mama is amazing "It's much bigger than my husband ~ ... " Mama feels ~ " No, I want to put it in early ... " " Oide" "Yeah" Yuji's finger was invited to the dick, "Mom will teach you" At that moment, Yuji laughed ...           "I know, Mama" "Yuji, I know" " Why?" "Daddy was doing it next to me when I was little." "Eh night? Yuji, did you wake up without sleeping?" "You turned your ass toward me and your dad put your finger in it." "No ~ Yuji" "Daddy, daddy more ~ ​​was muffled like this, mom" "Yuji is good ~. I'm gonna muzzle ~ pussy" "Mama is amazing. Pee ? ” I sat down on Yuji and was ashamed to look into him, but raised one leg to the bathtub. The fingertips are on the clitoris, the hips are trembling and the power is released to support Yuji's head."Ah ~" "Is this this?" "Ah, put your nails on the tip ~" "Doesn't it hurt?" "Hmm, feelings ~. Mom is so weak ~ Press ~" " Mama-I was able to put out a big one. " " Ahhhhhhh " I wanted to live ... but I didn't want to show it ... No more. I want to put it in. I wanted to get rid of it, so I stood up and stood Yuji and stiffly warped at 90 degrees . I like Tsu " " Tsu I leave Mom, Ikisou " " Dameyo. still Dame', net " Yuji to Yuji overlap the on lay on the mat, I Chu-in" Mom? " " Tsu mom love - " " it's tongue Look at it? More, that's right. Ah, " I put my lips on top of each other while entwining them. Crumpled ... "Hah ~ awesome" Standing on your knees and grabbing the cock ... "I'm going out, I'm going out" This day is a safe day ... Yuji's face looks like crying ...・"Yuji-Ippai Nashii! Mom's here" "Ah, wow- ah" I can't enjoy a cock that is harder and thicker than my husband. I shook my hips because I wanted to feel it in my womb and keep pushing. "Mom, come out""Went out, the mom of pussy! Give me, hoo's sperm butterfly of Yuji! Yuji!" "I was out twitching. Oh great Tsu" numbness I also have ... "No mom all right?" "Yeah, okay " Is it good?" "It feels good. " "Mom also feels good about Yuji's cock!" I heard the call of mobile phones and home appliances from the living room several times. After that, the bath was up from the I poked grabbed the waist to Yuji in the living room, knocked down are vigorously through the glass ... on the sofa the smell of this room not smell do not know Yuji and I only from this day I will.


This is the OL of 24-year-old member of society third year.
Last week, after drinking with friends of high school during homecoming, become a story of under gradually is love Bana, is gone raised in something etch exposure with the boyfriend, return is has become at around early morning 4.
Among other thin from bright, enters Sotto from home of the back door, if you try to ascend the stairs on tiptoe, was heard a noise from the parents of the room. hot whether, because the sliding doors of the shadow of Chadansu was open about 20cm,
mother on the gently peek Once ... futon from between the cabinet of Chadansu, she bent down to mono father spread the legs got up half with the elbow in the back had Ga咥E. So as to sandwich the father of things with both hands, I was licking the love press likely. Father Will such after being cunnilingus lot, dick mother of dark folds seems already to ass, you know the inner thigh had gone along. My father, had been stroking gently mother of hair by a pleasant look.
When the mother is stare at his father in Uwamezukai, father turned his back slowly here, mother is now on his back in the futon as replaces the father. When fair-skinned naked 48-year-old mother, who seem very beautiful that, soft curves looked ish very woman. Skinny feeling of father of nude 53-year-old is surprisingly muscular, shaking a black father of array than mono boyfriend, I would feel a man to father.
Overlap father on top of the mother, where he was a thick kiss hugging each other. Imperceptibly father of things if you are gouge deeply the mother of dick raw, father of waist were moving slowly. While whispering the words of
\"Oh ‥‥ you §
‥‥\", \"I love you ‥ ‥‥'s always pretty even\"
love, parents had to move the hips and hugging each other for about 15 minutes so as to tangled and Uneune. When it is 15 minutes, even though it is he if is already exhausted gone, father had feel the mother to not a violent movement.
Mother who had tasted a dreamy and father eventually spread large crotch, was shaking his father's waist while to attract the father of waist against the palm of the hand in the ass of my father. My father began to move the hips as if to gouging in the body of the mother to meet the requirements of the mother.
My mother gradually violently gasping started, began out is not completely bear voice. My father had been off the voice and blocking with a kiss the mother of lips. Movement of father of hip becomes violently, mother of folds had with Matowari to mono Beronberon and father. My mother went Nokezo~tsu with clenched sheets while groan. At the same time, the father of hip was trembling and bulbul.
Father, was the father of mono is pulled by hand several sheets of Tisshi~i mother. Then, father of semen from folds that blackened the mother was flowing and muddy. It mother, and then processed as well scoop, was again embraced parents.
So as not to interfere with the parents doze off in the afterglow, was gently returned to the room. You do not seem to quite unpleasant, while impressed by the sex of loving Ginkon couple, was excited about the first time I saw intravaginal ejaculation. We did not see even imagine sex of parents of Arafifu, and at the same time happy and be in a good friend so parents still, mother, which is so much loved by his father became envious. He, I would think how much I wish what is willing to love me ... this. Tomorrow, you surely think he is embraced because it staying in my room. At that time I'll remember the figure of mother-stricken and being held while being loved by his father.

In the bathroom

Of 39-year-old is the mother. High 2 son suddenly violent to be I was wit 's end.
It was early return home at two people is called from school.
I have come a son suddenly the door open and have a shower.
Surprised was I sat in situ defenseless hid the chest down on the floor.
\"I not you use color to teacher of
school!\" \"What are you talking about? What are you doing or know are?\" The body in the moment is Korobasa a bath of floor hung a shower from head to systemic said shampoo me was over.
I was also resisted, but did not get hamstrung slip floor. son to stop the shower When you give up pull out the power of the body went out of the bath. I try to get up slowly, I have caused the upper body.
Also this time the door opens son was the nude. I also I was crouched on the floor. \"I do not do anything, you just want to take a shower.\"
\"What!? And to try anything to\"
was showered from neck Ihanachi with. Crowded squatting while I hid chest in place can not be anything, it was not possible to take the motionless.
Son has stopped the shower to wash the more hard and warp勃Chi head Sri the hardened penis.
Then, this time while erection Standing in front of the eyes looking down the I was narrowing squatting. \"Mom I'm pretty ~\" It was like had come to head continue to be told and the homeroom teacher of
\"an enthusiast tannins?\"
I rummage by suddenly put a finger on my dick and say \"What? Not mistaken?\".
\"Cho and! Please stop! What are you doing!\" I've resisted it did not get hamstrung because of the shampoo.
I was also I have seen gradually regrettable love the strong penis force is missing son.
And a voice was I have a leak \"Yamete! Up God's sake.\" The son of hand was grabbed resistance with both hands, but did not enter is violently moved is force in the finger.
The missing force from my body, was now occur expectations and likely chest Harisake anxiety. I do not grasp the penis, still his finger had been vibrating violently in there.
I rinse the shampoo with me in the shower. Grasp the hand was allowed to stand at last.
I was grabbed your ass as it is wearing a hand on the wall.
\"Yamete! Damedame by!\"
Son has been put hot penis in me. Force is missing legs have been knock on the movement of heavy penis.
\"A~tsua~tsua~tsu\" my voice was would come out. I've put a finger in the ass while the violent movement.
\"No! There is no good\" son attacked mercilessly I was it away Itte. Situ has been pressed against the strong penis before sitting son in bathtub Dropping the waist first attracted me to. My head will be pure white, I was Hobari to mouth. Son has been pushed up the waist grabs my head.
I was issued in the opening stand while coughing and vomiting. I am a Shi teary-eyed spit the semen has been pressed against the ass had the legs laid me on the floor, \"I'm still\"
and \"refreshing? Another Yamete
I\". Hard penis has been put to the back while sliding push the meat of the holes of my ass. But pain and comfortably is came alternately, also I have it away Itte. Son gave me still a barely second time of ejaculation continues moving the hips.
It was not me finally freed when up to wipe the body while dizzy when brought is facing up to the bedroom to son closed the curtain while showing off a strong penis \"I do not still allowed\" release me.

Son to ejaculation in underwear

About Minoke is gruesome, it was thought to be a dirty Na seems unusual act, mischievous son against my underwear.
But while it lasts even six months, it is completely forty front of the mother began to accept the act of son.
Daytime, enters the cleaning in his room, and out looking for my underwear he of that fishy liquid is attached To Bettori from under the pillow, while sniffing the smell, it has become a while to masturbation.
For his son, today to wear the second day of underwear, you can stimulate the around the hole over there and ass from the top of the underwear. Son, is pressed against the underwear on the nose, while the suction abandon my scent wearing underwear, rubbing the penis, last while imagine is that the us fired wrapped underwear to its destination ...
morning, and send the family washing machine I was confirmed in. Last night, so had been put to the had been wearing for three days.
Son also seemed believe should not be Barre, only about once a week, it does not seem to take them to the room. To help bring last night, it was previously put the other three.
I do not see it that was still the most dirt.
Washing for the first time, it will head to the son of the room. If you open the door, faintly that fishy smell, a number that was rounding tissue is in the trash. Smell was from there. Once you have located under the pillow ...
and there was. And I had high until yesterday. to see and, son of fishy liquid does not come with. In an attempt to enjoy at this for a while, it became happy to think I'm me to take care.
Once brought back from the son of the room, you can try sniffing their scent in the living room. Even try smell yourself, you are disgusting smell. When I think my son was also rubbed while this, it is very happy mood.
And adding iodine to go to the toilet, and re wear their underwear. A place that is sensitive in the finger, I will rub many times. Or son will notice the new fragrance. In my left hand, is one mass of tissue that was brought from the trash. I sucks big.
Return to the son of the room, and take off the underwear, it was back to the bottom of the pillow.
This is the mother going to wake up more and more.

Fatherless family

34-year-old is the mother. I originally, there is interest in incest from when young, and have access to incest site, while reading the post had been masturbating.
Since that time, it is I was also thought When you are a child.
And I was married, gave birth to a child.
It is a long-awaited boy.
from the time the child is with discretion, I was a son to toys.
When you are taking a bath together, I was futzing a small penis son while soak in bathtub with two people.
While also not touch my chest as you like to son, I will tell you how to massage.
To very hard in a small hand cute son that rub my chest there is no way.
Son of penis also, it becomes hard and small but crunchy.
Still penis of phimosis.
When'll stripped slowly the skin with a finger, issues a lovely red dick face. a nod
is \"see sucks not just rub\"
son, I suck my nipples while massaging the chest.
Still son will remember the days of baby.
Around this time the other is in, I lived in a narrow apartment in husband and farewell, son and two people.
When up from the bath, sometimes, with or A~tsu playful on the futon naked, tiring and as it is in the futon.
When I do a hand to his son of the penis, son You also stretched a hand on my chest.
The chest was reaching for his son, but it does not extend the hand to quite towards the pussy.
Apparently you feel of my pubic hair that seems to hate.
During the next day of bathing, I in front of the son of the eye, was Soriotoshi his pubic hair.
From that day, my son also now actively touch my pussy.
Son is the time of 4 grade is to erection in serving, had come to until ejaculation.
I will give you to clean it in the mouth.
Take scooping the semen in the tongue, was added to the penis to mouth, and I suck as squeeze the rest of the semen.
Perhaps because it has continued to this sex life, son earlier than other children, I pubic hair has been growing.
I, and because of that mom also shaved, was ordered to be his son.
Since the razor is dangerous to children, I will give shave.
When I have shaved, son of penis came Lift the Mukumuku and face.
I'll Clean Shaven the pubic hair while give licking and licking the penis in the tongue.
Kiss of the son, but had been a Chu~tsu tutu ~Tsu Ju from a young age, and began to put the tongue, I think the son of pubic hair was around that was shaved.
Son is the time of the 6 grade is, whether the development was good, and what I was good that had been raised futzing every day, son of penis had grown into a big penis to not much different from the adult ones.

Came home drunk

yuna himekawa[21380]
I am a housewife of 43-year-old.
My husband, is currently in the bachelor I live with two people and son (18).
This site earlier, since I look after you appointed seems husband had seen when he borrowed the PC, and had a peek from time to time.
I wonder if there is such a thing really? I mean last night but I thought Innovation, was what happened also to me until a little while ago.
Last night, I think by drunk and I know that it has come home quite drunk.
Is there remember such as back home.
However, when you notice the well is whether really feeling looking at erotic dream, it was felt that are stimulated there.
And, that feeling was found to be a reality without a dream.
Son, I I was mischievous and sleeping drunk.
Son, had been touched or you can caress by lowering the underwear is turning the skirt open my clothes.
Son rough breath gradually Gaité,
you can put the things that became big in my mouth and put a finger over there.
And I've been put in me.
I had been a just sleeping was pretending to be scared.
Finally, tomorrow but I was relieved not issued during Fortunately, good whether the ...
son After contact with the son in any face, are you masturbation using the Toka my underwear know year.
Now, we think you've got a really.
But, it is true also of dick still is Gin Gin.

Forbidden relationship with my son

I'm a 47 year old mother. My 26-year-old son, who divorced the other day, came back and started living with him again. Encouraging his depressed and sullen son, he came to my bedroom and said, "I'm not at all , I'm accumulating. I'm going to be crazy." I asked for it. I felt sorry for my son and accepted his actions. I felt like helping my son masturbate, but he put his tongue on his lips. I had no choice but to answer it, and I was entwined with my tongue. My son started rubbing my chest and unbuttoned his clothes. My son put his hand on his back and unhooked his bra. "Mother's breasts are big and beautiful." The son stuck to his nipples. I've been crazy for a long time, and I haven't had sex. I thought I would never have sex with a man anymore, but in my heart I often thought, "I want to." When my son's hands extended to his lower body and his thighs were touched, he felt his dick moisturized. What a nasty mother! I can't get wet with my son's caress. When my son's hands patted his thighs many times and then came into his underwear, he was so excited that his heart was about to tear. When my fingertips touched the most sensitive part, I was involuntarily making a nasty voice. "Mom, I feel it. I want my mother to feel a lot." My son sucked on the nipple and stroked the sensitive part with his finger. "Ahhhhhhh" I completely lost my position as a mother. "Mom, do you feel good?""It feels good. I'm going to get it." "It's okay." "Ah, no. I can't stand it." I bent my body and lifted my hips and ascended to heaven . I lost strength from my body. My son spread my tight legs. "Mom's Coco is beautiful." "No, it's embarrassing." "I want to see everything about my mother ." Then my son buried his face in my crotch and let his tongue crawl on his dick. .. "No, no." I was embarrassed and resisted, but my son didn't leave and moved his tongue. I felt the exquisite movement of my son's tongue while saying, "Ah, no." There was a feeling different from fingers. "Mom, lick me too," said the son, flipping over and straddling my face. I let my tongue crawl on the strong meat stick in front of me. I carefully crawled my tongue and put the glans in my mouth as if I were handling something important. But I couldn't catch it well because I felt too much movement of my son's tongue. "I feel too much to concentrate," he stopped his son and said to him. I trembled when I grabbed my son's stuff and thought, "How comfortable would it be to put in such a hard and big stuff?" I asked my son, "Do you want to squid with your mouth as it is? Or do you want to live in your mother?" "Both are good. I want to say it at first," the son replied. I grabbed my son's thing, grabbed the glans and rubbed it desperately. "Ahhh, my mom looks good."" I'll make you squid." "Ah, I can't stand it. Iku, Iku." My son's hot semen spread in my mouth. I drank it and my son started to caress me again. This time, while touching the chestnut, I inserted the opposite finger inside and moved it. I was blamed for both at the same time and was attacked by pleasures I had never experienced. "Ahhhhh, I 'll get it again. " I cried. Iki clung to my son twice in a row like a wave, saying, "No, I want you to put it in." My son put his body in my crotch, grabbed a meat stick and pushed it into me. "I'm inside my mother," said the son, moving his hips back and forth. "Ah, it's great. It's amazing. It's the first time I feel so good." "It feels good inside my mother." "I 'm good again. It looks good again." "I'm starting to feel good. Can I get it?" "Okay. Come on. Give me a drink ." "Ahhhhh." I felt my son's cock pulsing. "Mom, it was great." "I can't move anymore." From that day on, we love each other every night without being disturbed by anyone.

Behavior of father-in-law of dementia

The other day that you will worry about that 70-year-old father-in-law of the 40s housewife is mild dementia, and father-in-law is try entered the room because he called me showing off the lower half of the body is father-in-law is watching TV while sleeping in bed to me already deceased mate and I have misunderstood me (hey, carp Ya over here'll be 000) and I tried to Nigiro my arms and I even can not be to enter the wife if the bet of father-in-law was the opponent do you think a little 's but father-in-law it is impossible to be that come out in fact really blur to me it does not understand, man himself also in trouble and in good spirits in its own way I, which really do not it be rape in this father-in-law recently You have become worried, but please advice I had for women that are the same concern

Son lover

Two years ago, we had gone crossed the line at graduation anniversary trip with his son, since like a newlywed couple, was also having sex two to three times a day every day, it is also the day. No, even now it is ongoing.
Me told me the joy of as a woman, you son rather than a master definitely.
To originally husband was more of protein, there is also this that asthma retention, and I was not able to so much violent act. While traveling, and passed away it off you have repeatedly hospitalized become sick, because was not it later also certain men, I feel it was still quite buds as a woman.
But, to my body line, thanks had been confident that it is not collapse in spite of the year, the son also do not have sauce at all large Even \"boobs, I much mistake and 20s when you see only the body to hide the face by. \"and, for us to say. (Laughing.)
Well, Will contains also flattering somewhat, in order to Moraeru willing forever to son, as much as possible the body I think let's keep the youthfulness.
Various things also was the first experience and son. That drank the semen, that it has been inserted into the hole in the ass, nasty thing to while wearing underwear and systemic stockings, that you go out without wearing underwear, that it was a go of public toilets, a student of Sailor It was wearing, using the Vibe in front of the son of
eyes enjoys a son by that masturbation ... really various. I run at the suggestion of from all son. I also, at first a little embarrassed of even although I that there is resistance, and \"If the son is happy, and if enjoy and son.\", It will then think run.
Will go now happened we? It just is a little anxiety. The Tai this remains in Zuttoi, but
even while ... I think so be when comes to the end one day, today is also wearing the only son of love systemic stockings, and I is to wait for the son of return.


辟. 譁~Yu霆 \"蜀吶? ∫┌ 譁~Yu菴So逕~I遖 ∵ ~Yu\" 縺~A 縺吶? Et ┌ 譁~Yu霆 \"蜀吶? ∫┌ 譁~Yu菴So逕~I遖 ∵ ~Yu\" 縺~A 縺吶?


辟. 譁~Yu霆 \"蜀吶? ∫┌ 譁~Yu菴So逕~I遖 ∵ ~Yu\" 縺~A 縺吶? Et ┌ 譁~Yu霆 \"蜀吶? ∫┌ 譁~Yu菴So逕~I遖 ∵ ~Yu\" 縺~A 縺吶?

Secret affair

I'm a 39-year-old mother who remarried last year. He remarried is three years younger than me. A kind and very nice person. However, when it comes to sex, I like to do things that are quite strange, or SM-like. And I usually wear skirts that are quite embarrassing ... The chest is like you can always see the cleavage. When wearing sleeveless clothes, put a pad on the nipple with no bra. I am quite tall as a woman. As a man, he is no different from a normal husband. I'm a little thicker than the standard. A husband who likes dark makeup. I have a very childish personality, and I feel a lot of jealousy with my son. After getting married, when I meet my son, I somehow become conscious. After all, clothes with a lot of exposure are embarrassing. The same was true for my son. My husband was jealous when he saw us conscious of each other. My husband seems to overlap me with my mother. Mother's complex is the end, but it seems to have a deeper root. My 17-year-old son lives in my parents' house. I am very close to my husband. His father was also tall, so his son is one head bigger than me. Club activities are strong schools in the prefecture. I go to cheer with my husband. My son is almost my life, so it's natural to care. But I keep it in front of my husband. If you don't, you'll be in a terrible mood when you're alone. It's like having two sons.My son stopped looking at me. I am delighted that my mother has a lot of exposure. It seems that I felt that way. When we talked to each other, I cried when I was told, "I'm no longer a mother. I try to think so." Of course, I didn't get married just because of my emotions. After my son's future, I decided on various things in my future. But it doesn't make any sense to lose my son. When I got home, I talked to my son. "You're important. You can't get rid of him. You'd better break up." The son said, "He's a good person. It's a little weird. I can't forgive my mom's change. I'm bad. . "I was shocked. "Does it look different?" "No, not just clothes ..." Oh, my son still felt that I was drowning in sex. "Speaking, gestures, strangely erotic ..." I can't hide it anymore. "Truly, it's true. I'm sorry ..." I have no choice but to cry. "Then, I have no choice but to break up." "That's not the case." The son who hugged me crying. It was a warm hug that seemed to melt my heart. "Mom, I 've become a naughty woman ..." "Yeah ..." "I like him ..." "Yeah ..." "But, you're the one I like the most. " Yup··""Don't move ..." I lay my son on his back and put down his pants. It feels even longer than my ex-husband who was big. I can barely talk about it. I took off my underwear, rolled up my skirt and straddled my son. I played with it myself and guided my son's hand. "Oh, awesome, slimy ..." "Oh, okay, it looks like it's crazy ..." And I pressed my son's penis over there and sat down. Does it mean that it is about to reach the womb? "Oh, it's going to be weird ..." I received the release of my son inside. I don't get pregnant because he wants me to wear a contraceptive ring at the obstetrics and gynecology department. I have come to love my son intensely. Sometimes I go to a hotel instead of home and love each other. I was made into a body that my husband feels in anal sex. My son's enema seems to leak no matter how many times he enema, so he interrupts it. "Then let's take a bath." "No ... no ... no ah!" I was fainted by the penis that pushed me up even if I leaked a little. Two people who love each other as a mother and a child, as a man and a woman to their heart's content. It seems that my anxiety has disappeared. My son is the best in my mouth, but my husband's body. That's because my body also belonged to my son. Then we started to behave naturally in front of our husband.The bond between mother and child. I still can't believe that sex has made it true.

Son of exam

It is a 40-year-old mother of. From 1 month ago I am a sex processing of high-3 son.
Last night also came an email from my son to mobile phone. \"Today also you want to do it but,\" said.
Husband is good because always in 10:00 before not return home, but the daughter of 3 will stay at home.
You are talking directly and because daughter would also noticed the Will was in the mail.
I am a mail, \"Dameyo.'ll Have is ○○.\" And it has been declined, and also that is requested is knew.
Daughter I was to the fact that at the time that comes to bath after all. However time is short. Also to go home husband.
I went Make sure that the daughter has entered into his room. He was always the same sitting in bed.
I've heard from say because time is not'm I do not take off the clothes, and the \"Do I'll was your mouth?\".
He nodded a little drinking spit even while puzzled.
He again sat take off the pants and sit in front of him with a knee. Of course it had been Horny erection.
hesitation and you think that it is rather embarrassing, we asked the lips to penis served with hand immediately.
Was the smell of Tsun and men because it does not wash still, but not uncomfortable.
Directly ahead whiff of head the mouth Ete, I was swallowed in the whole mouth.
Fellatio also tongue was also loved the penis using while wrapped gently with what years of thing or ... lips Come to think of it.
When looking up at him, seems to bear firmly Close and pleasure your eyes.
And without shutting off when increasing the pace a bit too many minutes, and groan as \"A~tsu ~!\", Was immediately ejaculation.
The heat and fresh feeling unlike to be receive by hand is not odd, it was boiling likely sense until in my head.
Until now, and it is many years ago to say, but I was drinking normally when you have received the semen in the mouth.
And I was going to them this time, but would be throat because it was after a long time, it was spilled in the palm of your hand.
He was a red-flushed face, had been thrilled to be \"It amazing mother, amazing was comfortable.\"
With or without apparently until the end, and wonder if me satisfied with this, and did you think.