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Incest confession of women(2015-12)


yuna himekawa[24699]
I am 48 years old, my daughter 26 years old, and my daughter's husband 33 years old, and I live with three people. As you can imagine, I'm having sex with my daughter's husband. When I was in trouble with divorce, my daughter and her husband invited me to do it together, so I started doing so two years ago. Both I and my daughter Akane are nurses. And my son-in-law, Tatsuya, is a civil servant. It was three months after I lived together, and my daughter and Tatsuya had a drinking party at work, and when I was watching TV after dinner alone, Akane came back and was drunk. I sat next to the sofa I was sitting on and said, "Mom, I'm drunk and uncomfortable," so I said, "Are you okay? Should I bring some water?" And I fell asleep without a reply. I told him to sleep in the room, but he didn't try to get up. Then Tatsuya came back and said, "Mom, eh! Akane is sleeping? Hey, I'm going to Akane's room." I hugged my shoulder and took him to the room. After a while, when I went to the room to see what my daughter was doing, Tatsuya took off her daughter's clothes and only wore her underwear. I was always a kind child, saying, "I 'm sorry Tatsuya-san!" "No, it's okay." When I hung a futon, he said, "Mom, I feel uncomfortable." "That's why you should drink water!" "Yeah, I'm likely to vomit if I drink it," and finally fell asleep. Tatsuya told me to take a rest because it's okay for me.I said, "Tatsuya is kind," and when I left the room and sat on the living room sofa and watched the continuation of the TV, Tatsuya who took a shower sat on the sofa on the other side of me. While saying "I'm sorry for my sloppy daughter," I asked "Do you want to drink something?" And I took the beer from the refrigerator and started drinking. When I was watching TV quietly without talking, I said, "Did your mother take a bath?", So when I said that I entered, I said "That's right," and said, "Then, do you also drink?" He prepared a glass and poured beer. After drinking with him for a while and when I came back to the bathroom, Tatsuya was lying on the sofa and napping. At that time, I wondered if it was boxer shorts, and it looked very big with the tent that was commonly called there. I was watching TV while pretending not to see it, but I couldn't help but get into my sight and my chest was throbbing. I tried shaking my shoulders to get Tatsuya to go to the room, but it didn't happen. I brought a blanket and hung it on it, but I couldn't help it, so I flipped the blanket a little and suddenly saw it. It's been a while since I divorced my husband and I used to masturbate. It seems that I have fallen asleep, so I touched the tip of my pants with my index finger. Then, it seemed to be pulsing. I could clearly see that my pussy was also damp. Excited, I decided to flip my pants a little. Tatsuya's cock seen through the gap was a phimosis with a little skin.Like my husband, for some reason I liked it better. When I remembered my husband's thing and wanted to touch it raw and grasped it with my right hand, it was harder and thicker than my husband's thing. If I touched it as it was, I thought I would wake up, so I put back my pants and hung a blanket on it. That night, I masturbated and went to bed, remembering the feeling of touching it, but it was more comfortable than recently. When I woke up early in the morning, Tatsuya-san wasn't in the living room, and it seemed that he had returned to his room and slept. When I went to the bathroom, I heard a voice from my daughter's couple's room, so I thought it was awake, but when I got out of the bathroom, I noticed that the voice was having sex. It's natural that I'm fine because I'm young, but I still remember the feeling of Tatsuya's cock that I touched at night, so I went to the living room while listening to that voice while remembering. After a while, we got up together, had breakfast together, and on that day, Tatsuya-san was off and we were working from the evening to the night shift. When I was standing in the kitchen trying to cook dinner before going to work in the evening, Tatsuya went to the bathroom saying, "Mom, don't worry about me." I was told that, but when I was thinking of something simple, I came out with a pair of pants, took out the beer from the refrigerator, came to me, and went to the living room saying thank you. My daughter left home a little earlier. I was ready for dinner and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Then, he said , "I'm sorry for my mom, I'm running out of soap," so when I looked at it, it certainly wasn't there.I got naked, so when I decided to just take a shower, Tatsuya came in with soap. I handed it to me while saying "Oh! Sumimasen this!" I was completely naked. However, I was touching Tatsuya's cock, so I was able to open it again. Tatsuya said "I'm sorry for my mom" behind the door, so when I said "I don't care because my aunt is naked", she said "No, I'm not an aunt" with a light feeling. .. When I was taking a shower and changing clothes in the room, I heard a knock and Tatsuya came in. I, when an attempt is still Shimeyo the door saying so was still of underwear "there! I'm sorry", I, as it is "what sweety" and speaking "and want to see absolutely Is the I's that hard to say mom again," I I knew, but when I said "What?", I said "Mom's nakedness." "That's why it's a young person's skin!" "No, my mother's nakedness ... " there is no time I," I have seen so spree Job and say I say if a little ", Tatsuya's excitement is my body of only bra and panties come next. When I was nervous and silent, Tatsuya touched my nothingness, so when I said "Did you want to touch Tatsuya?", He touched his pussy through his panties. I did.I stood tense with my legs closed, but I couldn't go to work as it was, so when I said "Tatsuya-san, I have to go again", I left the room saying "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry". I did. I thought it was okay to take a rest, but after that, I didn't have anything for a while, but one day my daughter was on a day shift, and when I went home the morning after the night shift, my daughter went to work. There was only Tatsuya at home. It was early in the morning, so Tatsuya seemed to be still sleeping. When I made breakfast and went to the room, Tatsuya, who was in a deep sleep, was sleeping in a big letter in a tent like before. I think it was late to drink the day before. It didn't happen easily. Fortunately, I decided to go to the side of the bed and touch it as before. When I touched it a little, Tatsuya hugged me while calling my daughter's name. I fell asleep next to me. Then, Tatsuya touches his chest and kisses him. With a little liquor-smelling lips ... I thought I was asleep, but when I left it, I put my hand under my shirt, lowered my bra, and touched it. Looking down, Tatsuya's cock hit my stomach. When I was nervous and silent, I put my hand on the zipper of my pants and touched my slightly damp pussy. I felt cute. When I touched it as it was, I was surprised because it said "mother" this time, but it was like sleep talking.Call me? Tatsuya, who woke up a little from the drowsiness, seemed to notice something a little different, but it remained as if he pretended not to notice each other. I took the plunge and touched the cock, and when I put my hands in the pants and touched each other, "Mom, can I put it in?"! When asked contrived and "did not happen?", "Yeah from another front" "I do not fooled anymore! Want to put in me? But you know is madder?" And saying and then remove pants, I I have naked. When I saw Tatsuya, who was excited and rushed, I felt so cute and irresistible. When I said "Tatsuya-san, you don't have to panic, I'm scared! Come on!" I tried to screw in the already big cock, so I wasn't wet yet, so I decided to lick Tatsuya-san's cock. .. It was hard, thick and big. However, as I saw before, it was a phimosis, but it was so exciting that my pussy got wet and I spread my legs and accepted the big one while saying "Tatsuya-san is good!". After a long time, I felt a little pain when I came in, but soon I felt better. But this was the first time I was born. I was embarrassed to shake my hips from myself, but as I continued, I said "Can I say my mom ?" " Is it going to happen again?" "Because my mom feels good." I'm happy. , "It's okay to put it inside, so put it out and put it out a lot."Then, Tatsuya entered me as if he was rigid. It was such a short time that I couldn't go, but for some reason I was healed. I was held for a while, and while telling my daughter to keep it a secret, I put on my clothes and went to the bathroom ... Continued again !

1st anniversary of dating my son

I (43 years old), who divorced three years ago, and my son Ryota (22 years old, office worker) have just started dating as men and women for a year. Today, Ryota has finished his work and will come back to my room at night. Last year today, I had been confessing my feelings to Ryota before that, and frankly, I was confused and worried alone. I felt that I was looking at me from a different perspective than my mother, but for my woman, that was also a pleasure, and while I was wondering what Ryota's next action was, it turned out to be a matter of course. I left it to you. Last year today, he confessed to me in hotter words while drinking wine at night with Ryota. Even if I live separately, I can't help but feel a man when I see Ryota who has grown up and grown up, because I rely on Ryota who is close to me in my heart. did. Not as a son, but overcoming my mother's position, that feeling suddenly swelled. After nodding to Ryota's words and entwining his little finger to make a promise, he gently hugged me and put on his lips with the scent of wine. It's okay to be embraced ... I'm sure it crossed my mind. But ... there was still a wall somewhere, blocking Ryota who was touching my chest, and saying , "After getting along properly and checking Ryota ...". I couldn't answer when asked "when?", But I said, "Wait until my birthday," in an emergency evacuation. My birthday is in the middle of March. I thought that if I had that much time, my feelings would be closer to Ryota and my feelings would be poured.Ryota kept that promise. I met him on the weekend and had a date with Ryota. I could take my shy hand, hold it, hold my hand and walk, and from some time I was entwined with Ryota's arm. During that time, I only kissed. He controlled Ryota's hand that came down to his chest and said, "Dame ...". When I reached my birthday, they prepared a small cake and spent time with us. And that night, in my bed, I was tied together with Ryota for the first time. From just above the hug, he called me "Mami" by abandoning my name. "I love you ... I love you," whispered, and he put his arm around Ryota's back. He was really kind and loved my whole body skin. I was able to sort out my feelings, but my body was tense and tense, and I couldn't move as I expected. After that, Ryota said, "Be tense." Then, several times, I was screaming at the comfort of Ryota's body. I was embarrassed when I was told, "The voice I feel is different from my usual voice." I couldn't imagine how much I could feel loved by my beloved son, who was born with a stomachache, with his skin exposed. When my weakness was discovered and I focused on it, I became a woman indiscriminately.When I opened the place where I was born, saying "It's beautiful ..." and stared at it from a close distance, I was embarrassed that a fire would come out of my face, but Ryota's tongue crawls on the chestnut. When I was licked and sucked up, I was at the top of the woman. He bent his back, disturbed his hair, held hands to me who was sweating, and helped me run up into the white world. "Mami ... I got it ..." I was embarrassed, face down, and nodded. Ryota gave me the pleasure after a long absence. And I also had Ryota's hard penis in my mouth and licked it lovingly. From then on, accepting young Ryota's fine, hard, thick and long penis deep into her vagina filled her with even greater joy. Before this summer, I ran into a friend at a hotel in a rural town that I thought wasn't. She also said she was holding hands with a nice man I didn't know other than her husband. My son didn't know her. At a later date, she and I drank tea, she confessed her affair, and I had to talk to Ryota. "Yes ... I can't say about people, but I can't just make mistakes," she advised me. My son has good contraception. But lately, when I insert it without a condom, it always comes out on my stomach and buttocks. I left it to celebrate the first anniversary with Ryota.

Lazy son of college students

I am a housewife of 42 years old.
It was lived in peace in three people of husband and son.
Son of the one-year university now wag since the appointed place the husband alone.
Beginning Although care has been taken strictly, gradually and now rebellious, and now violence also wield.
Called mother me with you, all the instruction tone.
Talk to her husband, it was extra useless if you ask them to note.
College student son yelling to say \"Why told on him\", was thrust defeated me.
Son sat across the around my waist became the prone position.
I did not accumulate on the painful.
It was Iwasa and many times, \"I'm sorry to tattle\" to the son.
Son turning the skirt by saying \"It's a punishment\", and began beating my ass.
It was unable to move it while sat down to his son.
I was saying \"It's your retarder because I was also hit to you when small\".
From it, I note the son did not.
One month later, I was aware of the son when her husband came home.
Husband is angry attitude of rebellious son, I beat my son.
The next day my husband went back.
And anger at the husband was directed to me.
I tied behind him, and was overthrown.
While he referred to as \"shit's get back at my father\", I was taking off skirt and shorts.
\"If know that is I thy crotch saw, Na would be father of the guy frustrating.\" And saying, I was instructed to open the crotch to me that was close feet.
It was not a situation can be rejected.
It is the first time showed there other than the husband.
Son also had been staring for a while, but it began to grope the dick to come closer.
I would have been easy to squid to son that had been thought to be scary.
If you have limp, and has been inserted it has weigh suddenly son.
No way I did not think it when you so far.
I was screaming like crazy to the son of hard penis every time that tell a back.
We are committed to every day son from this time.
Even before the bachelor was about once a month with her ​​husband.
As the child becomes larger, more recently, to mind the children did not even abandon the thing.
But son I wanted to every day.
Once committed to a son with physical strength is young, but is a bad husband, I also will feel.
We also surprised to myself that you can every day in this year.
Son is not and skip some schools by now, it does not wield even violence, for me to have behaved in such as husband attitude.
I also increases the son, just the two of us in the state, it is attacked by the illusion, such as a married couple rather than the are also sex every day with the parent and child.
But there is a time to be scared when I think When you are aware of the husband.
I to us through to seriously school son if endure, peaceful home is kept.
I do not know the home of others, but our house was now think this is good.

In the year-end party way home

About 10 years ago of the story.
Once the company year-end party of return in walking toward the bus stop, the sound of my call in the horn from the rear. It was a classmate in high school. and \"it sends. not go even to drive?\" passenger yet because time was faster at that, drive to the famous city of scenic spots in the night scene. The re-drinking classmates home attracts several people was the same club in that it referred to the \"I'll call everyone Well because after a long time.\" So I lost consciousness.
When I woke up in the morning in bed in the nude. Five classmates and spent a large amount of the rubber of the room sleeping Zako in underwear. And have not it seems, behind even before tingling discomfort out during. The other, it is not even helpless. To ask let me take a shower, and a blah Okigake After I go home. After all, run out of 3 dozen of rubber, it was the first time 3P / 4P also experience.

Mother-in-law Chie

and My name was delayed but mother-in-law wisdom 89 years old I am 60s. Mother-in-law Chie is the subject of sex. Also there is a difference of nearly 30-year-old year excitement is if nice and exciting.

The confession of the elderly

It is a young age of the woman how to be appeared. Mother is 50, 60, 70s, many years my son and now commonplace as parent and child that sex {and mother-abortion gave birth conceive the son of the child was the mother}. Son I have hidden even got a daughter-in-law. Plump son prisoner to become life is moist of the female body that do not taste a young daughter. Mother becomes the 40-year-old mother of 70, son without releasing the son, son missed the marriageable age. Without such as bra in drawers of age appropriate not only string panties, collar around the eroticism of women's underwear and so on retro Showa frilly. Take the plunge woman of everyone older then your post please. Grandma sexy underwear PostScript elderly also I like the erotic. What it does not feel a commonplace also 30, 40-something young mother wearing erotic underwear. There is a feeling of life 

Mother of infidelity

I am a housewife of 40 years old. Last fall, it has the affair with the college students of part destination.
My husband did not have to busy most of the house work. Son, in high school, was a time to want noisy mother.
While I think that it does not go, we have continued to loose To relationship. It was gradually devoted feel. I, myself became scared.
Spring break has come. It was around that time. I now feel a son of the line-of-sight. It was to have seen my face To intently.
I've Gikurito.
I asked the \"lucky something to what look for that? Face? Ne funny child.\"
\"Around this time, something had?\"
\"softening, feel is different by\" I was told.
I was pretending to be desperately calm.
\"Softening, and clean longer I\" was called and Potsuri.
I will laugh while, \"to say such a thing, nothing I'm not leaving,\" did I say.
I was a complex mood, such as troubled as happy.
The border that day, has changed gradually eye for my son.
It was soggy by the time the holiday is over, it had turned into a leering look.
I was confused. And guilt and fear of things that are of their own, the son of feelings I did not know.
It can not even consult my husband, it was no choice but to pretend you do not notice.
Son rest is the end even to go to school, I was relieved.
At the same I no longer feel the son of the line of sight at the same time.
It was around May. It was Dasa has Wakarebanashi from college students. I also think that it is high time.
But when viewed farewell emergency, it became very lonely. But, how to contact cotyledons was gone.
I had become so increasingly frustrating.
I was puzzled even his own. And even though there was no such a thing before, it was not such a thing without much.
Part I The who had quit also, I felt strongly the extra that. I attended attention to Magiwa-ra so To Fitness Club.
But, it was felt that extra body is aching. Every day to comfort yourself ensued.
So, I had entered the summer vacation.
Son of Nechikkoi gaze I have resurrected. I had been before and feel that is unlike while puzzled.
In suicide, many times, \"Please, do not look in such eyes,\" I shouted. It was erased out desperately the delusion comes to mind.
It was such a day. Son If you have a washing was approached in the kitchen.
I also do not I was obsessed with delusion. Son from behind the next moment has hug.
I have pressed the things that became violently hard. And we have as soon as massage the breast.
I, \"please stop stupid thing. You get angry I'm\" and I said in a hoarse voice with difficulty.
The body, with joy, I felt seeking vigorous man of hand.
It had Masagu~tsu vigorous said, \"I should not because it is odious woman mom\".
and \"Stop please, I'll I'll say to dad\" while called, the body had been sensitive.
It had become the mess is in my head. Force did mercy with the feeling that no son it is no longer enter.
and \"I'm sensitive, I'll odious, and'm drenched,\"
it was said to be \"nipples are so pointy.\" I am a mother that does not go.
And I got invited to the bedroom and \"... give me over there in\".
After saying gone, the body is now hot in shame.
\"Nante invite his son to bed, odious woman's\" while said Toka, and was taken to the bedroom.
I have put a tongue sucked the lips. I also I have a request vigorously entwined tongue.
And we have seen all by being naked.
Trembling in shame, it was accepted the most embarrassing place of caress. And is ran pleasure, such as penetrate the body.
I, I was exposed to Hajitai to raise the embarrassing voice.
Before long, it became a son and one. My reason was not blown away.
As say son, it was odious female.
I, I had a thing that should not be an absolute death.

Law sister - 91-year-old

I am 60s. Examples My number photos, it took two people brother and sister in-law. Law sister that does not bore a child faintly pull the red, was preparing. It always looked beautiful shine from. Both were taken by the mobile and some photos digital camera put windup, and possession secretly we ask them to an opponent of masturbation. 91 woman that old is old said that is I charm. I want to walk the streets hand in hand together. I want to give wipe the pussy with a tissue that you want to give watching beside To proceed want to pee.
. I want to go together in the private open-air hot spring. And - and I want a law sister Kyoko and pussy of 91-year-old love hotel. This is the person {woman} that longing from childhood.

You meet a horny woman ^ _ ^

Association of free love ... and I will meet with the horny woman ^ _ ^ \"If you ... keep a secret,\" I have full MILF Housewife that. We will introduce the horny women nationwide. Please contact once. ○九○六三一二一六四八

Good divorced mother of Naka

I am a divorced 42-year-old who runs a beauty parlor in Tokyo.
Son for a reason you have got to grow to parents is deposited in the home. His son also I am active in another high school sophomore is swimming part.
Because the son was released hand was ten years ago things I am not think mother.
Year distant relationship with you not match most how much good siblings like a relationship.
I have in the place of about one and a half hours by train from there workplace and residence is Tokyo home.
Son has been through high school over a period of 1 hour everyday, but I'm a near from my house.
His son has recently become often come to stay.
I I will anger and walk around in your underwear or such age of the.
Somehow I have become happy and seem to be aware of me as a woman. And also you know the sneaking is treated with one person in the room in the middle of the night.
Of the son anymore lovestruck I, me with \"Do I'll help?\".
Son that hurry while not referred to as the \"Ne Ja idiot?\".
\"Little or yo to Sawarikko?\"
sooo hard to the touch when inviting and from the top of the \".....\" jersey. And now? Young people of good nutrition huge!
Son rubbed the nipple of the breast from the top of the pajamas without a bra,
I would aloud me.
And I pulled the thing son, it was grip directly.
Sooo hard and long. When wrapped in palm,
\"Yaba! to Serve you!\"
and I have been shake off me.
It had become in mood and I anymore I want to be embraced by the son.
Sleeping on his back in silence, and had seen the son of fingers crawling.
Under the pajamas are taken off every underwear, it has been open legs.
Violently wriggling fingers will have penetrated as far as it will go.
I would feel about it is the other tears tatters.
Son Will was the limit. I began squeezing grip on their own.
I was included in the port Unroll the hand of his son.
If you tickle the holes in the penis in the tongue, and ... in the back of a stretch throat.
Young Rashiku sperm that momentum deep into the throat,
\"Publicis, Publicis ~~\"
We jumped me.
Although I felt very bitter taste was gobbled happy ... all ... fresh.
After I swallowed, and has continued licking the penis, and also has been increased.
It's a hardness, such as the stone in the clangor.
It was directed by the hand the face towards the son. Cum ... spilling from the mouth.
\"I like erotic video!\"
son and told it joyfully.
Son came clings from behind when you gargle and wash your face.
\"I'll go to bed.\"
It was taken by lift up to be called.
Intense tits ... your navel ... over there and the son of the tongue, starting from Depukisu to caress me.
There was a huge flood anymore feeling well.
Son has been riding on top of me or became impatient.
I have exactly put in my vagina to aim with both hands.
\"Aa ... say ...\"
is the body in the body is meltingly sensation that shuddered.
Why tears ... from the eye.
Big taut gills will stimulate my uterus.
Yet the son of the penis and also arrived in the back does not go only halfway.
\"Aa ... Aa ...\"
son of thick penis when tiring pounding I have pleasure enough boggling of the gas has been hit.
It is not another can put up am I gone while drooling.
How many times penetrated the one ... until the morning.
I devour the tongue clings to my son, I have even reached many times while feeling a little pain in the hard penis.
Son on the border that day has come to frequent stops.
Of course, I'm a big welcome. The other life without my son is not considered.

I want to commit

I want mad and committing an obscene female pig

And son

I had thought that thing 50 and beyond, of the past for him left heterosexual relationship is in this year.
In fact my husband and also there is no life for many years, I myself also be without feel the loneliness and frustration against it, we have lived in.
... And it is determined from all things myself of gave birth child.
But, it was not necessarily come to mind clause did not.
He did at puberty, such as his several times ripe On'namono you've witnessed magazines and confession book of incest in the room.
At that time also there was that he suffered in his taste somewhat in shock.
But, such a thing is I think that there is no helpless also troubled my mother, and had imperceptibly become a past thing.
It is has become a reality recently.
Son, after eating rice with invited me to dinner, I went to his live Mansion.
I, son I had gone without any hesitation is pleased that invited me, but After a while over a cup of coffee into the room is he has been cut out.
\"When I much Mother of year,? Do not you Toka another etch\"
in his words, under the guise of calm while feeling is that the run something in my spine,
\"eh? and, Yada~a, Deshi~yo~o - you do not have anymore opponent\"
If the aim of the son arrive expected, I find going to become more and more quickly beating.
\"I, my mother and etch you want to ...\"
My body and words that had been expected to come out from his mouth does not move as I think too much of tension, and also likely out of the words did not come to mind include words.
Honestly, it was a feeling similar to the feeling of despair.
His hand even while you are so began Masaguri my body, at once stripped a tank top and bra was wearing, a kiss to push down the I've peppered the whole body.
For some reason when I that had been fully confused, I had to call my husband is won him barely.
\"Oh, Dad? Tonight, because we stayed in the room of Akio\"
Then, while you are bland conversation 3,4 minutes, is the lower part of the body to exposure to son, soon as I hung up the phone while jumpy , his tongue began around on crawl my crotch.
Numbness is running the whole body, and is pressed against the face on his futon to answer the sobbing, something his penis at once in my womb to the moment that I thought addressed is cracked has been entered.
(Finally, ... that had crossed the line)
in such a feeling, it seemed was greater guilt than pleasure.
Still, when I think he was the piston in an incredible such a speed, it was exhausted in me in Monono minute or two.
And the fear that it would hear leakage around, guilt, to weak myself that did not Tsukihanase a son, I him further you've completely UNA dripping,
\"this, because now is work hard ...\"
saying During even without, it was found coming blown back his erection breath together with such feeling is push the vagina.
I decided prepared in despair of the edge, it was allowed to continue to the act to him with the feeling of giving up and going to give the body until he is convinced.
Then in turn, we have been the Koshitsuki wearing a skillfully change while watching my reaction is reversal.
Carefully stimulated the throughout the vaginal wall, had regained myself and women within that sometimes gently, and pushed up the sometimes intensely again and again with no uterus.
(Oh ... wow ,, ... it is hitting all the way)
by raising the voice unwittingly, I was moving the hips to match his movement.
And Rogue space, in the pleasure surging, things and my husband, and that this relationship is taboo, had become well anyhow anymore.
Rather, that gives us a woman of joy before this much, it had become to remember even thrilled to be a my child.
(Oh, to ... to mess with ... mother is ... poked much)
I have received the outpouring of the son in my body and feel the climax many times.
Then too much half a year, and spent the night to be pretext to something in his room, it has continued the relationship so as not known to the master.
To proceed with two people in his room parents child without any, you love one to become a man and a woman.


So far I never invited actively son from me. But as much as there is between my libido is surprisingly strong, I feel can not wait until there is a son of the teaser. To know a woman's pleasure, we are puzzled or rather this yourself and scary. Joy half the of me have invited from son until now, there is also embarrassed and embarrassment, it was in response to the request as if tantalize. It was soon go home to and mail to get rid of the embarrassment to the son of a mobile phone yesterday. Son was the reply mail with slower in overtime. This morning, when you forego the son was about until after parking, I was honestly convey the feelings of the \"Today you want death\" to see his son's face. Son, we departure by Inokoshi and \"I was found.\"

Son of college students

I'm helping the work of the family home in the countryside in divorce.
Son has been through rented an apartment in the university of about one and a half hours by car.
March that my son was still in the home, we would have a little secret.
Son of the I room and talk for a while and bring a snack to was a daily routine, but doze off in the son of bed some time to become a little sleepy.
While son's hand massaging the chest and suddenly notice, the other hand had been interviewed over there while rubbing the thigh in a skirt.
Even up to now, or rather a sign of the about skins ship coming massaged the chest, but I was well OK so odious felt there was no, I have I also become hard body tense indeed.
I did not move in a panic, but the son finally it is determined that I do not refuse despite going on ,,,.
Desperately to close the legs, useless, useless, and muttered I was, but it does not stop.
Think hard in the head, you can \"I only touch! Really!\" In a serious voice and say and son Unadzui.
I open the legs to loosen the force, had been unawares panties wet.
Son has been rubbed from the top of the pants on your own.
I encourage my son, it was not issued a penis. Unawares surprisingly grown penis.
When wrapped in hand son even force to come to mess me, son in one another rough breath Tsukai has issued the lust in my hands.
Then nothing without touching each other for this act, I think my son was also conflict.
But, son in about every two days came sneak into my futon, I was also raised in response.
And to to forcibly suppress I thought it was dangerous, it had become to wait is pretty nervous.
Son of the apartment was looking after a few days was decided. Although 1DK and narrow about good to say still a new apartment.
Moving is the end, and have put away the luggage,
\"What do you live that? today\"
and \"I'll go to sleep here because slow.\"
and \"Hmm. I wish it okay?\"
\"What bro.\"
The other one another and not expect something below.
Night, I was dining at the family restaurant.
Butt face each face, and whispers like a lover,
and \"I'll know if I want to (contraception).\"
\"condom, and I bought in a little while ago a convenience store.\"
When you go to the window to try to Shimeyo the curtain to return to the room son came with, we have suddenly put a hand roll up the skirt.
Is Shidaka rubbing the chest to open the legs while standing, and was laid will not be stood soon.
Is made ​​taking off panty every skirt, Mom makes son of the finger for a while.
and \"It's more beautiful than I thought.\"
\"was really slimy. Here, anything seems to go.\"
The win is a thing you say son.
While I instruct the son of a finger, or kiss or hug his son.
\"Oh ,, there, sooner ,, Aa ..\"
imperceptibly systemic naked except for stockings I was reached by Nokezo~tsu.
Then the first time in honest many years? It was me who was quite excited to accept the penis.

I want you to be happy

I and her, Risa (43 years old, the same age as me), have a son who is 21 years old in the same year, and have been mom friends since kindergarten. I'm sorry because it's not me but her. Maybe it's fashionable now, and I can say "mamakko", and it's a friend that my mother and son are having a good time dating, drinking tea, watching movies together, I knew it as information on the media. Risa, a close friend of her mom friend, is a beautiful woman who resembles Yoko Minami in the entertainment world. I looked so young that I couldn't see it in the same year, and I was always jealous. It was around this time last year that I first saw Risa and her son Junya shopping together at a department store. I'm jealous, I wanted to walk with my son. When I talked to my son Taiki, he said, "It looks like. I know." At that time, I didn't realize how far my son knew about Risa and his parents. Five years ago, when Risa was welcoming her husband and Shuraba, I was consulted and helped as much as I could. Risa was relieved that she now enjoys living with her son. At the end of last year, I saw Risa and Junya in the city. Junya chose Risa's necklace at a jewelry shop in a department store. Then, my eyes found Junya's arm around the waist of Risa's skirt and hugging her. When Junya walked out of the shop and patted Risa's skirt's butt lightly from her waist, she refused lightly, but she was happy to get along and Risa's smile was joyful. It was a "woman" face, not her mother's.And in early February of this year, I happened to see Risa and Junya in a decisive place. To tell the truth, I also have a wonderful man who is five years younger than me as a secret that I can not tell. I enjoy the secret meeting Aise two to three times a month. In my case, it's an affair. When I and he got out of the hotel and got into the car, I found Risa and Junya who got out of the car from the other side in the car. Risa, who entwined her arms with Junya and smiled down, entered the hotel. Risa, rather than my affair, made me white in front of me. One day before summer, when I talked to my son about Risa and Junya in a small talk, a surprising word came out from him. "Is it okay to say that?", The son worried a little. But he told me as a secret that I wouldn't tell anyone. Risa and Junya are in a relationship between men and women. I knew it for another year, my son said. I also knew that Risa was pregnant with Junya's child. The proof of the love of my beloved son, who I gave birth to in my stomach, was thrown into the back of my vagina, and the fact that the crystals of love had come to fruition and now my child is growing in my stomach has solidified me. At the end of September, I was called by Risa to have a cup of tea. There was a sign that he was wearing unusual, plump clothes and hiding his bloated belly. "I may have heard from Taiki," said Risa, "I've done it. It's my last chance as a woman, and I'm a baby of a loved one, so I decided to give birth." He confessed. A loved one ... Junya-kun.In his stomach, he knew that he was already a girl, and he said that he had decided on his name. Risa seemed to be enjoying her time, gently stroking and rubbing her swollen belly with both hands. Then, I decided to move, move to a city I didn't know, and grow up together. I thought women were strong. Finally, I asked her, "Are you serious or have you failed?" I wanted to know her true intentions. The question was, was it planned to have a child with Junya, or was it unavoidable because of a temporary contraceptive mistake? She nodded and said, "I was serious." She rubbed her bloated belly, seemed to be brilliant and happy as a woman, and sincerely wanted her to be happy.

My incest discourse

yuna himekawa[24525]
The other day on TV, look at the write-up image of Takahatafudo
but I was able to draw a son, I and I say, so say, a good photo
is the kana Let's go and invite again and I take is, has been riding,
son I'm camera to take great pictures as a hobby,
wonderful autumn leaves, five-story pagoda, it was very beautiful is light up, where from the direction of the men and women of the two displacement, press the shutter
receives is said to want, son of the camera , when set up, two people
and I was combined whopping lips Yorisoe, and want to take there
and I was told, in turn, is said to be by transfers in place, we also
and are arranged, stuck high more I, I more, reluctantly
I had to take in my his pose, such as placing the head on the shoulder,
where it is but I broke up with the person who, son side street pulling my hand
it in, the shadow of Shigemi and I've been suddenly kissed go into, and then surprised
has been a fierce kiss remains is, is routed licking mouth with tongue
, hand to loincloth stroked ass, raised committed skirt, in the hand,
and people in a place like this What if come, and with great force, useless, and let's go back, stop giving, and came home with a meal.

And son

One son also, another 23-year-old.
I do not even have 's age afresh say Nante woman, but still sometimes if there is Mushoni that the man's body will want to have a lustful imagination without Toshigai it was every day to comfort yourself.
And turning a skirt in the toilet and the bathroom and kitchen, it had built rubbing the genital area by inserting a finger into the gap of panties.
One day, if you are masturbating in the kitchen, it was at that time that it was Noboritsume to peak as usual, I suddenly, the door opened.
\"What, Mom what are you doing ~Tsu!?\"
\"Yoshio chan ... No ~Tsu Iku~tsu Auau ~Tsu Tsu !! without looking Dame~tsu\"
shame Kashii've seen the moment of Acme I (Oh ... I already end ... ) I was not pessimistic with.
However, the son suddenly, and is pushing me strip the clothes, with Sucking in wildly nipple, and I've been messing with a woman of the crack at the same time.
\"I miss the tits of my mother,\"
\"hated, Dameyo ...\"
but was refused in words, a woman of pleasure is running the whole body, vagina is, it was found to come numbness.
\"I mother pussy juice has come out,\"
\"I gonna feels Yoshio chan ...\"
I was peeled chestnut beans are in stride opening, became drunk been cunnilingus to vagina.
The notice and I was squeezed by clutching the cock of his son from his own.
\"Yoshio chan ... amazing Wow, so admirably into adulthood\"
I, rod from the son of Tama bag, was devoured in addition to the opening lick the Cali neck.
\"Mom, feels good feels good I ~Tsu\"
\"~Tsu protrudes ass Become a Mother backward\"
When shove your ass in the back as it is said, cock of Pampanga in swollen son has been test tube inserted thoroughly into pussy.
I feel after a long time of cock
I have a \"A~tsu Ii~tsu ask yo, will be given to the back of the vagina poked in it ~Tsu!\" aloud.
Zubo~tsu, Zubo~tsu, Gucho~tsu, Gucho~tsu, Zubo~tsu, Zubo~tsu ...
the waist Orthography son piston to as make sure my reaction, that muddy and pleasure juice is overflowing from my vagina hole I've found.
\"Aak, Mother, amazing yo pussy juice is out ~Tsu, of go! No Chow go!\"
\"Hassoyo~tsu, in the cock of Yoshio chan, Mother of go! go, said Chau !!\"
\"cormorant U~tsu, I also already leaving out by ~O ~ !! \"
son of the dark semen feel from being released into my vagina hole, I climbed to the peak at the same time.
\"What, mother's I'm sorry ...\" After a while after it was over and my son was called Potsuri.
I've hugged my son to say just a word as \"good No ...\" raised wipe the son of cock with a tissue.
From that day, the son was now come asking me on a daily basis.
I, son by, has spent every day was full of happy again of the woman.

Mother-to-child incest

My husband becomes diabetes, libido is no longer happening, How can long, there is no marital relationship with her ​​husband since.
Because I already become a 41-year-old, it is old if Une and old.
However, every night, my not been satisfied is sexual desire as a woman in the body, as thirsty in sometimes get up intense desire, it does not say to her husband that the lower abdomen is starting to throb.
My husband went out to the company, cleaning in the house, washing also end, for a break at the time of one, while watching TV on the couch in the reception, which had been a nap.
It was a nap, but it seems to have been pretty deep sleep.
I always meet you go to the PTA of the son of junior high school, to the husband of father and son at home parents of the same class, we have a very favor.
However, it is always had a rational response.
Somehow, that day, I would look at the dream at the time of the nap. The dream of the son of junior high school PTA, it was a dream that the men and deep sex.
it arose was given to it because I was around the wide program of TV is finished, what was past also 3:00, still early he is around 6:00 in the club of my son come home, husband and only 7:00 No return. My crotch in a sex dream with too vivid the man was wet with Gusshori. Downright, inconsolably, I carelessly, while sleeping on a couch, Lower shear attract their Pantei, imperceptibly for again of sex with the man, he began to masturbate.
Since that time was Mushoni wanted men, it is fitted to cut the thick of cucumber in the form of genital went to the kitchen, now it is no longer used, a condom during sex with her ​​husband to the cucumber,
of their own, wet deeply To Insert to the Sobo~tsu was genitals, while the rough breathing, it was raised rubbing.
It is remember the pubic hair was painful bite into the genitals.
The more sad, because it was immediately after the feel of had sexual behavior dream of, to think now, was pretty masturbating also realistic.
Genital cucumber while yourself, am I to gave me violently climax.
When I was the best period of masturbation, while calling violently the name of the man, it reached the acme is not wielded through the body.
And when is its, my Vasari and someone is covering overlying on,
while kneading my clitoris with your fingers,
I've hug son as \"mom, mom.\"
I neither resist margin, bloated while you say that there
was I have to insert the son of genitals.
Not cool in mind, while I feel that there is no pond, while we in the genital area of a son that became too respectable thick, also I say honestly that it has gone again and again.
Son intently, the Endeavor, while licking my genital area,
the \"It's like mom, I love mom\" ​​to say, his lips with a little bit of smell and licking the genital area is smoked strongly my lips It is.
Inserted hot breath of the son of the tongue, was a tongue with a young force as gritty.
I also lack the composure, I was raised in abandon inhaled his tongue.
Son earlier, in spite of such just put to me dark semen that was gushing, and came pushing and Guigui by inserting a large genitals that peeled up again in my mouth.
Sex of many days is Une with my son, it was wonderful.
Three times was also got a son and sex in a row I have said to him that with the breath in the limp and beside me.
\"I try to secret from dad\"
and say so, son nodded luck, I suck my milk.
After all, also, the son of genital became big again I realized the strength of sexual desire while we in myself that example mouth.
Since then, son finished the club of the school as soon as possible, but we engaged in the afternoon of sex, somehow recent body tone is poor, so you, such as nausea, I went to the hospital.
It it was found that you are what you are pregnant.
My husband does not have a relationship of course all the. Again this child from the son of semen that I was pregnant there is no mistake.
Now, it can not be said to the doctor, it is not Une also to son, we are troubled.

I want to do with the son

To me, I do not have a son to unfortunately.
I To bring painful thing is that thinking of the incest.
If, before you can be aware of the sex If we had been a son, I want to give feel the joy in my hand.
Let me see my hairy pussy of crack, and I'd like to to erect a cute penis Even limp.
Once it becomes hard to Bing, and I want to put in the pussy riding on top.
Me now that can not be it, the person who is words to satisfy even only, thank you!

Travel destination

Mischief of the now 17-year-old son is from the time of the other junior high school students.
Gradually been stepped up, when even bad husband personality On'naguse went out of the house, it was felt that honesty dangerous.
Than I say scary, it might had been honest expectations.
When the show liked hand in the skirt.
But I obediently stop when chide strongly.
Son also there is a hesitation, I also do not collect it is being tampered in a little half-hearted.
Or other strictly reject, or ,,,.
I tried to invite you to go to travel on holidays.
Son was of course reluctant but, in my fawn like speech, and I was OK and smiling leering smile.
Journey of 2 days 1 night. The first day aboard the bullet train, we arrived at the hotel around 3:00.
To come launch a Oita from the Shinkansen, hidden in the jacket finally, it was already going crazy.
I went to public baths immediately, imagine that now take place, care Sozoro of the bath.
Son When you return to the room, it's rough in Tsurekon me to the bed.
I kept the impatient son, \"Look, you also take off ,,,\" deep kiss over and lying time.
And, as desired by the son, and received caress in large open finger legs.
To make sure my reaction, sometimes ,,, while receiving guidance to me.
\"The other, useless it. Stop it!\" And for no and not quit, but I do not have to say.
Honest, it really was ashamed to that seen going up at his son.
\"Wow!\" To reach the displaced son, the bear to tremble me.
Son's Well, the standard is in the men until now.
But, and because after a long time, it was very hard and exciting.
But, at the time of insertion, I have to cry to become really scared.
After dinner, another ordinary lover mood.
Thanks you love each other until late, the next day of the Shinkansen son came back without incident will sleep.

son to love

I single mother of 35-year-old. The 18-year-old son and like every day I am the etch. and think if when I was still 7-year-old son at 24 years old. may not leave my son from my tits though it normally be weaned something has been long ago, it was or sucking the nipple. Wonder was how \"? \"At first, I thought this way, but the situation suddenly changes ... I I got to feels been tampered tits son. \"(Even though real son ...)\" my pussy even think so is I came to see as one of the man's son got ... from the day wet soaked. And now a tiny penis that day I do not yet erection from so as to Blow every day. Son I was so pleased to serve a lot in ended up glad I also because they were happily. I like to Blow every day to his son, his son now also naturally cunnilingus my pussy. Honestly I would feel. It is that when certain. When I son of 12-year-old 29-year-old. Son cock is now very respectable in to say that elementary school six years. Son After that day also give you normally blowjob has something to say, such Tage face. and \"What's wrong?\" I asked as, \"What penis is strange feeling ...\" and I was saying. \"What I feel?\" and I asked to \"itchy ...\" and ... is so that you began to say and, I when the long-awaited ejaculation was approaching. And son I was safely ejaculation in my mouth. Son of semen was good taste than the father of this child. And son on the day I graduated from virgin hugging me. And it will lead to now. Son is now called that of me and not \"mom\", \"Azumi\". We are you love each other as a man and a woman. Son will be graduating from high school in March of this year. Previously son gave me said to me. \"I want a child with me ... Is the Azumi. So after graduating to work. It is because I love seriously Azumi things ...\" and. I nodded while crying. And our dream came true. What and I was pregnant. Nde nausea was terrible to one week before it went to the inspection and was informed that it is three months. After son also immediately reported to me really pleased. \"Father like things are not absolute. Child to go to protect much of Azumi and stomach,\" it was me saying. Now we are asked to poke in the back, which is said to be good Positions in pregnant women. You have now in love with the son of the now Nde becomes impossible to etch. I'd say do become daily routine is your serve at Blow every day And then. I want to go now also loved son.

Son and ...

\"Oh, Mom, what ~! To Nugashi my pants vinegar?\"
\"still, please have!! ~ you'll get to feel good,\"
\"so much, and - I can not be put up if you squeezed the penis!\"
\" pussy, please ejaculation screaming me pussy! \"

The first night

Bus stop there is no country
was a poor home.
It is the youngest of five daughters.
After graduating from junior high school, his son and arranged marriage of his father's acquaintance of the president
in the condition cause to go to high school
forcibly wedding mid
to maid of the house, brand new futon been given a new underwear
first night
son, but it is another husband
We were greeted in the morning by lying only.
The next evening, it is placed in the bath, the maid, in a virgin, or there, it was seen.
For fifteen-year-old daughter, it is that it is embarrassing to death.
That night, came into the bedroom of the newly married, rather than her husband, her husband's father, is the president's.
The real first night, the husband of the father.
It was a woman on the father.
There was no possible to both the husband and night.
I have been training in meat puppet of the father-in-law of my country events.

Son and cheating

Remarriage to the second year. Son is apartment living to attend university, but no longer come at all in the house.
My husband is a boss of the company that was working, also remarried.
It is on the one size, but we have spent a daily gentle with gentle people.
Son is also called force, will back hurriedly to eat dinner.
Though it is unlikely in separately not hate her husband.
One night, I was Toitsume by calling when the husband is not a business trip.
\"Here's unpleasant do when the mother is I think is doing.\"
son and living in my parents, my mind was no Tsu man.
It was like I felt a woman by married.
The relationship with her ​​husband long, that it is that it was carried out gradually deepened.
And about once a couple of months to really now, even if the sex.
married from \"the other, and right? I say\" it was a rare and come seeking liver can also meet and bad.
\"I'm not.\" Involuntarily with me blushed to say.
It's not a kind of problem.
While we are talking, and I it was found that the son is me well.
Then while you talk with several times son, it is gradually my heart began to move.
Is the first time things like that had been hit the feelings from the man, the other party Even though my son, I had myself that would somehow was exhilarating.
I was doing the son of the studio apartment to the cleaning and washing occasionally.
And finished out of the daytime, and I had returned to eat the son and rice that came back, but the daily husband because it takes about two hours by train from the house had said \". I wish I had me to stay.\" .
Since \"Today, I've been saying that the stay to you.\" Told over the phone before that and go, the son met sooo tense face.
How can eat rice while drinking sake, it can not be combined eye ,,.
Pretty drink also drink, to a sooo etch mood and preparedness is determined.
The apartment bedding and I had been bought suitably about I also sleep, but Ekiura lab Hotel want to abandon burst.
and \"useless In rough. it gonna hear it and say.\"
I was taking a shower in the so to say to two people.
Bathing is also mirrored. Former husband like of very tall son. I am not only a son of the chest position.
And Masaguri systemic in bed, began to knead the nipple son.
I instinctively put out a shameless voice.
But, it did not allow the guard to penetrate there by hand.
And to even had the teasing, since it first to become painful and is wildly's ruin.
\"So, slowly ,, gently ,,,\"
Konerase the clitoris, was allowed to gradually penetrate the finger to vagina.
\"An, feels good ,,,, another, Damee!\"
and forced to rub up the finger from the back to the front, I was pushed up to match the wide-open waist legs to finger.
\"Oh, no. Ikuu, Oh Aa! ,,\"
abandon raised the voice, was reached.
I Turn the hand to his son's neck, he had been clinging.
\"Wow, wow Ya. So erotic Yin's Te Mom!\"
praised the words of do would do, son rejoice me to skein Lee again.
Son of a has been fitted with a condom contains a little mouth.
The hard and long penis. Son pushed up the waist suddenly far as I scream as \"cowabunga!\".
Crazy son to move the hips.
and finally the beloved feelings are interlaced to terrible feelings and son and had, I have cried tattered.
It has almost every week etch.
Son so have to put up with two or three days masturbation when you meet me, it would have been in pretty exhausted every time.
But when alone with two people, we have to quit cause referred to as the \"mother\".
It 's not because feel guilty, simply because I want to enjoy Warikiri and young affair partner.
It is solely etched in the son of the apartment, but it is a prank and Te drinking in the tavern, when you went to the apartment will have been wearing no underwear.


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Transformation son

I, I knew from before, the son had been divergence in my underwear, have wet at the crotch of the shorts you have put in the laundry basket, I got to Innovation null. Waiting for my return, I began to say and want day Yes were shorts, I'll I can not I do that No, son, may be underwear thief Do not stand, and say out apology, though facing the back, because take off now , and put your hand into the skirt, took off with pantyhose, and had been passed without seeing the son, if you Tsu son to come to my side, it sounded sniff the nose so as to cover the 顏 spread the shorts, oh Mother of smell, not Taman. Makes me strange feelings, such as that licked the vertical folds under, I have been feeling. Last month, in a day toilet, and said he and the like please do not use the bidet, you can Say What please a lot dirty shorts, have been advanced transformation, and put your hand in my skirt, and Nugashi, bidet the 1st was not used, Sucking licking the place and the vagina of pee, wow yo mother, smells good, it is delicious. I embarrassed, to hide his face with both hands, but shaking the waist, Aa rise on away from under his son at that time, and to do my hands sideways, mouth and got to the kiss in that smoked where my dirty It is, and Collection Drott to, such as a little salty, it was poured into my mouth, as there is only drink two people and entwined the tongue, you got to fierce kiss. Ahead transformation will have escalated likely premonition, so as not to Barre to her husband, it is I, which would also be expected.

Remarried mother

We would have a relationship with the son of 17-year-old. It was like a nightmare.
It was remarried two years ago. I think that it is the last chance for me soon become 40 years old.
I've lost because has a son of age, was introduced to his son and take the plunge. After all was really lonely for.
Son also gave us favor. Son also have been familiar with her ​​husband, it was felt that it is happy.
It was two weeks ago. My husband was in business trip.
I we have hug from behind and suddenly have a washing in the kitchen.
I, since has become alone with for the first time in a long time, I think he has been spoiled. But, those hard to clearly ass had been hit.
I was confused. I did not know what to do interpretation.
I, \"I have another release it, and clean up will not be,\" he said pretending to be calm and.
\"Come on, I'll have to sit a little more.\" I went to my son to fawn with.
It was not possible to forsake that it is said so. But, it has been hit by what became increasingly hard in the ass.
I, and \"because I'm a high school student, and the other, away please\" blood is climbing on the head did I say in Arage the voice said.
Son, was away so that I was surprised. The downhearted to, and went on to his own room.
I, in my mind was asked \"what kind of thing? Why?\" And many times.
It was that you do not want to think. \"I'm seen as a woman that I\" became suddenly embarrassed.
You would imagine yourself being embraced his son for a moment, it was erased out in a hurry. That day I did not sleep well.
The next morning, son of the line of sight was out worrisome. It is to feel that you have seen flickering in the man's gaze.
And, it was a night to come back husband the next day. It was when I was trying to sleep anymore. My son I came suddenly into the room.
I was asked while blundering and the \"What's wrong?\".
In a low voice, and \"I can not stand,\" \"What?\" I was Kikikaeshi.
The next moment, my son has been attacked. I tried desperately Oshinokeyo. But, it is not quickly to horsemen, it became stuck.
I feel I have overwrought strangely.
Removed the pajamas of a button, when it is rubbed the breast, nipple It was felt that Toshimaru and Kyun.
I did just say that weak properly and \"Stop it,\" \"I do not go.\"
At that time, it is I was also turned into a strange feeling. So, I think that it could not also be bellow.
I told that it many times, \"Stop it.\" Among my heart, I prayed many times. It refers to the body to reverse I felt more and more become hot.
And, son of the tongue has been crawling the nipple.
I, I had raised the victim give up on voice of the body. I became filled with shame.
At the same it was starting to throb core of the body at the same time. I was ashamed of my sluts of.
Son of the act only to escalate, anything I no longer believed.
Son came seeking lips. It was the last of the resistance. And he fled desperately to twisting the face.
Son chasing persistently, has been smoked at last pushy. I, I fully force is gone missing.
Son of the tongue has been entered. I, I have entwined tongue.
Son's hand has been turned stroked systemic. And it has turned stroked the inside of the thigh. And we've been to stimulate the most sensitive areas.
Embarrassing sound It was felt that resounds in the room.
I was raising the embarrassing voice. I, I had earnestly disturbed. Such me son, has been suddenly inserted.
I was desperately clinging to his son.
I, while saying the embarrassing words, I have said. Since then, there was no thing that son is looming.
But we have seen so as to turn licked my body in suddenly to notice when the man of the line-of-sight.
I do not know what to do.