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Incest confession of women(2005-01)

Re: [374] son and I are not related

yuna himekawa[375]
> Fortunately, I passed my son to college, she can also be determined employment is expected to marry soon.
> When she is still doing, I feel like using different. I do not know how long the relationship between the two beasts,
> I'll talk to two people it comes to this hell again.

It is up lady, the wife and mother are getting along well Masu Yoshi 3P me, and my mother continues to thirty - three years, my wife and mother committed to me for twelve years 所帯持 (mother I was doing to his wife), now also concerned about her mother's mother is my wife wants two 4P Atari前 body.
My son is in love with you, depending on education also serve as like how I think I was most taken with the mother's education initiative that I'm teaching a son to play 思Ikkiri woman, weak libido, even imagination It also leads to decreased degradation of sexual copulation, and put away to get to sleep without mating constitution 為Tsu sex at least twice a day from my old xv way, Sun is still four to five times the age of fourteen applications I'm mating with sex, without fail, we will keep the wet masturbating to wake up my mother and her mother was a place without work in the morning before the front door alarm, bit by bit from the butt end shaking 逝Ki (stopped at a toilet to), it is our work.

My son and I are not related

My son and I have passed by since six years should not become involved.
At the time her husband was away from home for another five years in the family transfer. My body always frustrated her.
've Got a couple of days and anguish. Students from becoming his son is still facing more interested in his son
Making a midnight snack around, and had sent a busy day picking a cram school. I woke the beast is that
Masturbation from the sight of her son. H-rough breathing and watching this was a little boy Shigoi.
"Ugh" with a voice, a cover of semen son, I noticed a man who feels his son.
Masturbation scene witnessed several times after that. Rather than a witness, although it might be better waiting for her to watch that much masturbating. Have witnessed masturbation wearing panties one day my son.
When I saw it, I will be happy to suddenly cut off something in me. DIRTY actions and did little after that.
My son opened the door, take off your nightgown, I hugged my son's body.
My son seemed to have hesitated a moment, including the mouth as soon as my breasts, sucking my nipples have been attached.
My nipples were sucked into a man who was the first time in several years longer to boot up with Bing, the general 走Ri抜Kemashita pleasure.
And "I do not have to put up with another one. With mom and trying" to say,
Bed and went into the hands of his son to take. My son gave me lick your body starts from my chest. Lick me there and plenty, of course,
You can touch me. There's not much I will ever get wet, my son seems to have been surprised.
Genital licking stiffed my sons, I did by hand to caress. My son is now 果Temashita once, soon recovered.
Sex with my husband since I have gone, man is a long time, young body was crazy about it yet.
I gave my son the first step to take home. I've entered the last thing my son.
Can not turn back while still regret, that means my body does not hear. Accept the things his son intently.
Great pleasure driving, thinking, "Oh Oh ~ ~ very good! ~ S too late, so Iki, fuck more!"
I remember that like it screamed. You can not remember much after that,
I was just obsessed with the pleasure was indeed dazzling. I followed the road of bloodshed and from that day two.
Fortunately, I passed my son to college, she can also be determined employment is expected to marry soon.
But their relationship is still followed. I am jealous of her son. Not want to be taken to his son.
Well maybe, maybe lose a son for his own pleasure. But her young body so I win,
A brush technique, looking at various video something is working. I tend to be variously useful website here
I got to see me. Should I turn I also Tsukatsu Loans. Rarenairashiku still stop me and my son's behavior, if not my husband comes into my room. SEX with me I want you to be able to say to you lot, it feels like.
And still do when she is careful to use a lot. I do not know how long the relationship between the two beasts,
I'll talk to two people it comes to this hell again.

Re: [368] [71] beloved son

I've watched it like a mother, my son the same unspoken, in my case was triggered after, followed by three years of frenzied excitement of my mother thirty (娶Ri wife and children are 居Masu).

> Very natural emotion I think.
> I have a show and masturbation, and underwear show
> Why do not to provoke.

Lesbian mothers and'll Chata

It is very dangerous. Beginning of the thing is
N was a friend I'll have had a relationship with her boyfriend. N-chan's boyfriend is a fine Yarichin,
However, N chan is also, I did not know such a thing. One day, N is called that just because there is talk of her, I was drunk, how much better one, I think, N I and her boyfriend.
At that time, I have not drunk to remember much, when he then, I was doing after all, it
I have never experienced before so good at H, N H Hamarimashita her boyfriend, and since then,
One day was repeated many times involved, there is a chance to see the chance of the mother cell,
She seemed, N the number of her boyfriend. 44 year old mother of the house but to look younger,
I'm too crazy to say cheating, I give away much, and a great person. I feel very eager to become,
I thought one day to listen to hear byte (distance of the bike) Please forget the purse to bring,
Purse when I go back to your home to pick up the rest, there are shoes of a man, I thought shit, Innovation and enter the house right,
Heard a great moan, look, I was placed back in the kitchen from his mother. Opponent, N chan boyfriend.
Had gone to surprise and move in, I was in Kizuka, N being forced to take off blows her boyfriend,
Namero are told, made me lick penis. Meanwhile, his mother ordered me to your mouth masturbation mother, I was embarrassed with masturbation. Then, N-chan's boyfriend, and he'll lesbian to see Teru Tokoro,
Our family, falls in love with penis, so that, like slavery, had only heard it referred. Then,
N was issued in her boyfriend's mother. Since that day three days, we parents, especially not speak to that topic. But I think his relationship with the parent-child mutual agreement we repellent.

18 year old college students

SEX has been with every man will be. Once caught by the police for shoplifting, get to come to Uncle
I had to take back custody. The man likes to say, if you do not want to listen to parents Barasa,
I held a. At first I hated the guy so I SEX I'm good. Especially sexual intercourse lick me lick me carefully in the body.
Then during the first lick to the back of the vagina with the tongue, caressing us with so as to hold the vagina and clitoris and fingers.
I would feel involuntarily gasp aloud.
The first time was the second time and put out the semen, I will paint the body. Is very pleasant to have to paint but I'm sticky.
Makes the last out in me. Until I H will always continue. From now on my way "to do" it means where they are now Too.
It has become closely connected with the 27 year old mother-in-law, Shigeo construction company. My wife, Keiko is 12 years younger, my mother in law is a widow 10 years older.
The relationship was in hospital from his wife in a car accident. The mother or my diet, take care of me one way or another,
I also favor the graces of mother, and was going to eat her mother's house. And I've finally crossed the line.
One day I was pretending to be drunk 抱Ki着Kimashita a stepmother. Her mother said, "What do you do, like go home because I'm drunk again"
突Ki放Sou for me and hope. I put more power, forcibly kissed her mother, take off your clothes down the skirt,
With the underwear. Mother of their underwear is very attractive.
There are wrinkles on the face but the body is still tight as in the 20s.
I could not take it anymore. Remove your bra, panties and let then take off your chest Mushaburitsuki rich.
I was initially resisted but eventually even sense Shitarashiku mother, "I will discharge from the hospital instead of Keiko Keiko," I say I Makaseta himself.
Lick me there, I carefully and suddenly become aggressive. Do not fit to go to become like this and this, too.
Mother licking nipples, and I was licking and clitoris. The mother, "Oh, alright, it was a long time doing this? Very good. I want a little boy.
Enter early, "comes close to the body and will. More impatient with me, and inserted into the vagina. The mother was well into the vagina tighter than I expected
Did not seem so doing the number yet. Husband's mother is the birth right of his wife Keiko, and I lost hearing. Since then,
I was saying a mother had been living with a man not related. Sexual intercourse is the mother of my pubic hair anymore Gushogusho Shimikomi joy juice,
Soaked state. The mother and "do not care to put in the ~!" I screamed and my instinct too,
To ejaculate in might.
Even after their relationship has continued to discharge his wife. Just because work is slow, we repeated trysts outside. My wife has a job,
Appears to be quite busy, potatoes do not seem so far. It seems her mother's desire becomes stronger day by day. Recently,
"Today, three out. From Until I return.." Or "stronger pinch her nipples!" Or "give birth to your child,"
Or 言I出Shimashita.
It seems women still become stronger with age.

Re: [366] relationship with his brother

I am happily in love now to revive a previous relationship with her sister cone grin. Hugs back when I was saying earlier, but better, my sister is burned like crazy, all deposited in my husband burn minutes. I also think that marriage is the same.


My brother, my brother aiming to go out, giving me the training I have my master.
Cargo bound behind him, you, me hanging with Yasushi Ken Bura下Ga instruments. When the leg is also suspended, and exposed my dick is my master.
Will voice out and you unconsciously put a thick dick vibrator wet wet.
"Null, Nucha" to an obscene sound.
Next thing you know my master is looking at me a beer.
(Well, this hand Who are you?)
How did my brother. "Ear ~ please look!"
Vibrate playing in my brother's a real dick.
"Girl, very pretty. Koto無Katta saw this girl"
"Hey, Kana is a safe day! Put live, do it out inside."
It was a master of contrived.
In the end, dressed, my brother and I, became the relationship between man and woman.
When a black out in front of me now.

Re: [71] beloved son

Very natural emotion I think.
I have a show and masturbation, Why do not you show and underwear to provoke.

Relationship with brother

The first time posting.
I am a 37 year old housewife. 32-year-old brother, both had to get married.
The two began their relationship 17 years ago I was 20 years from now, 15 years old when my brother is.
A hot summer day, a Sunday holiday I was asleep until late in the morning.
And wake, I had a peek into my crotch crouch at the feet of my brother.
I was surprised and a little brother, "Look at you, nasty eyes, do not people come into the room without permission"
叱Ritsuketa is this.
My brother the stairs to go back to my room door was open so my room Nozoki込Ndara, open my legs, underwear showing Itarashiku sleeping, watching for a while it seemed to her.
I am angry, my brother and we will hang on my works.
"It's elder sister, liked before, can not take it anymore"
I resisted and tried to 押Shinokeyou somehow win out to force his brother, had to break T-shirt instead of his brother pajamas, I had been taking off underwear.
While holding my brother in the body, and take off his trousers and pants, and put up something in my groin, I came inside of me. I'm crying, but resistance was Kanaimasen.
Without even caress, I also started it because it was, I remember the pain ran torn body.
After, my brother still went out of the room, while I did not move the place.
After flowing down the body in the bath, could not stop crying.
Then for a while, but that was not match his face and his brother had spent time thinking one's Folly.
When you are half a month has passed since then.
Mari Tomari grave in the country at the risk of going to his parents the day I came together with his brother shall Sugosanakere.
I do not finish dinner, and is thoughtful in his room early.
After a while, knock on the door of the room has been my brother.
請Ou brother came to apologize and to forgive me.
Are not things I was allowed into the room is not put, I was talking on both sides of the door for a while.
My little brother from the time, told me I have nothing else to masturbate, and I liked it.
Oshiku I love my brother so I had to finally allowed to enter.
My brother and I entered the room, came in my heart leaped with streaming eyes.
I hugged my brother.
Staring at each other eye to eye together, exchanged a kiss.
The bodies entwined each other, allowing appropriate relationship now.
It steals from the eyes of parents, 愛Shi合Imashita together.

And now the masters of Tsuki合I However five years later, after dating for a year now and getting married to my husband, even while the relationship between the two, I was dating my husband then, talking with his brother,
I decided to cut the occasion of my marriage.
One week before the wedding, I tried to say in the name of the last day to treat two people eating out to celebrate my brother.
Met at a downtown station in the evening, we went to a Chinese restaurant near the station.
Friends to eat together, drink a little wine, I headed to my brother and city hotel by car.
着Kunari the room, then kissed, shared the wash in the bath together.
And go to bed, "marriage, congratulations, you're last in this"
"Thank you"
Shared the tongue entwined with a kiss, it signed a relationship with his brother and the last.
Wedding day, my brother was crying and listen.

When I was married for 10 years have passed.
At this time, I was three years has passed and my brother married.
One day was about to come full-fledged summer, it was found to have cheated on my husband's house.
My mother also died, people can talk 居Razu, agony, 架Kemashita call my brother.
And so I had to meet in a coffee shop near my brother from work.
"I'm cheating on my brother righteousness, a real"
"Go well, snack girl"
"And precious brother, Are you serious"
"I like playing it, but annoyed"
"I 問Itsumeta"
"Well, we're outraged,"
"But it's righteous brother, I like it yet."
"Oh, I'll'm cold."
"Oh, what's even better, after all, the better her precious"
"I, her precious things, have never forgotten"
"I gave up because his brother, still can not forget that her precious"
I was on the spot, I cried.
My brother was silent for a while,
"It's me, did not think of anything anymore"
I had to put in my husband cheating, I spit on the spot that I had expected.
I worry about my brother around to rise, and grabbed my arm and then left that place and took me into the car.
I will not stop crying, were crying in the passenger seat.
"Even me, I like that elder sister, because her sister had given up, I'm not forgetting that the elder sister"
"Well, the good one, embrace me, please."
My brother is in spite of high traffic on the road, beside a car stopped, I came to steal his lips.
Tongues entwined each other brother and I, together 抱Ki合Imashita.
Then go to a nearby love hotel together, there was sure to love.
On entering the room to kiss me, take off my jacket, touched the breast from the top of Kitamashita blouse.
Then, remove the button on the blouse, I've caressed your breasts and bra Dzuri increase.
(I have things I like Yuki Takashi, leave no more)
I am filled with joy, I felt.
My brother while caressing your chest lifted skirts, shorts have been touched from above. Remove the hook and skirt, dropped to the floor.
My brother and let slightly opened legs, came to lick from the top of the shorts.
"Oh I, I can not leave anymore"
I could not stand the feel good, it has collapsed on the spot.
My brother off your shorts and take off his pants and trunks, their feet towards your face, and ride on Kitamashita licking my twat.
Shaburimashita brother in the mouth of the conspiracy too.
Would be considered extraordinary spectacle, I have had from both genital licking siblings.
After licking fit together, I came into my brother's things.
"Oh Yeah"
A long time to fellowship with my brother and I burned, I felt.
"I, I, like, like, her noble, like"
Faster movement of the brother, and we 逝Kimashita.

Then we steal the eyes of both families, I'm fit, I'm in love.
Until recently envious that my brother was my brother, I had enough,
Seems about to do, I'm loving my brother.
Sorry for long and short of wording.

Re: [361] Travel

> There is no incongruity in the family can stay in one room and travel package tours abroad, it does not feel cheap. So I'm like traveling abroad. Can heartily love from my son. I went to Hong Kong travel agency tour Hankyuu recently during the four-day trip, incest mother was sleeping in almost every night. So sleepy during the day, was sleeping in the bus most. The duty-free shop to buy gifts not only formally, do 狂Imashita back to the hotel immediately. The bill for this trip when my son ejaculate 24 times. I enjoyed a lot. My son is 21 years old 42 years old. I just now finished third tonight. How much can really spend. Incest mother and child in a state of high emotion is good. I feel good enough to do so and death, especially in overseas hotels.

I can post from Hong Kong

College students

Got pregnant with my brother's children. My brother was playing and always very close together from an early age.
I loved my brother three years older and very friendly. During my second year of high school, my brother and was signed.
There was no resistance was so much love. Since then, my brother almost every day my body will prompt.
If I would feel very attached too. But I always keep my brother out of the raw
Was worried that someday this would happen. My brother gave me money to go out and make money quickly because Ro fallen.
I think there will have to be filtered after all fallen, the hospital is going to be scary.

The old man Yarareta

I got beaten by my old man.
Grandpa came while sleeping
Sasurimashita belly rub hard for me to say.
It is said that those lower down, hit the penis becomes hard.

I have been a virgin, but I was surprised that the penis was touched, and I was rubbing just looks good because it was a very pleasant old man.
Grandpa for a while, "Will you also look more" likes 下Roshimashita trousers and pants.
Face to face with your penis is stiffened.

That said, my grandfather and terribly surprised.
The two girls are still high. Since the body of a man was interested.
I tried many things to check.
"Holding it, so rub up and down," I will say.
I gave a cradle like a baby and rub it hard, like that of the bar. Grandpa has a very pleasant looks good.

I'll try to play with everyone including Tamatama reach.
It is strange. Punyupunyushite Tamatama to ascertain the stiffness will go to escape from my fingers.
Grandpa reached out to let my body while the victim to rub it in my chest and waist Mawashimasu stroked.
"The growth of Akemi. Was a beautiful woman. What I see first-hand well"
That is. And let me take off your pajamas.
"Yes. It is also Kimekomakaku skin inheritance to his mother."
Rub and rub the skin.
Real mother is the daughter of Grandpa, I got to your husband's father.

"Tits me see where I grew up"
Lets say take off my bra.

"Oh, what a beautiful breasts. You're more than good looking mother."
Grandpa and the cries of admiration.

"Please let me better," began to massage my breasts and said.
It seems like pretty breasts touched me. I feel that the hand of the rainbow ー Grandpa, Grandpa comes from the urge to move the penis in the hand like freezing. Then rub resumes.

"Akemi boobs are better shape and I will go more and more bigger.
Right now, I'll welcome a massage. Because I grew up in such a form of massage nice tits mom grandpa too. Let me suck grandpa. "
Grandpa and plunged my nipples sucking like a baby. I rubbed my head are going to gray hair. My nipples are tightened in good standing and feeling excited.
Grandpa will have been sucked into it more and more. I noticed is that my grandfather had to fondle the breast as well, but my mother and daughter say.

After sucking both nipples fully both grandpa "Let me see what the hair also grew, Akemi," he says.
"Stupid. I'm high 2. Why not," and indeed I resist.
Grandpa, however, sadly,
"I wish to see the growth of the granddaughter." Downhearted on this. As a last resort, "See? You look good." Healthy and grandpa became rather suddenly
Pajama pants down my panties then 下Roshimashita well.
"Yeah. I grew beautifully. Fine fine. Masaru Shige so on are also very good ass hip to it too"
Mawashimasu stroked around the hips and said.
"Are not there Akemi virgin anymore" and will ask Grandpa.
It was hard to answer,
Answer and grandpa's eyes shone and he has even a virgin.

Grandpa will rub hands from thigh to ankle.
"Virgin skin that is different. Because he burned the skin of the memory of the virgin land of the dead grandfather as a gift Akemi it now." Stomach next to the legs and hands from my lips and tongue, breast Licking the Mawashimasu. And I came up there. Grandpa was there to kiss me, "Let me in a souvenir of the underworld Mesa" I asked.
Both mother and grandfather, "Hameta" because I also "wear" should have the right.
Claimed. I thought the strange,
It was okay for the poor old man. I was just wanted to graduate a virgin because it was also the 11th grade.

Grandpa has been put to me. It hurt a little, we used to.
"Yeah. I'm happy. Akemi. You'd be very loose."
Grandpa said that in my 果Temashita.
"Yeah. Is that it の Rino Shima Hana Akiyoshi mother inheritance.'s Better if you grow"
Raised the voice of admiration.
And very interesting story that is.
I'm not really a child of the father and mother, that it is a child of my mother and grandfather.
So I mean it is my grandpa and my daughter and grandchildren.
And now has passed away, my grandmother married my grandpa that the fact that it is Grandpa's sister.
The mother was born between her sister and grandfather. It is very complex.

According to my grandfather, was born in our house is actually incestuous fathers too many people angry they often diagram family incest for generations, it seems to have the family tree in the back. So mother and grandpa, in our family and my relationship is a very common thing.

The first story seemed very unusual, I've convinced gradually.
Now you can once every three days in memory of my grandfather's room.
And will fit. Grandpa's hope is to make children born to me.
Whether sperm are still alive to know, but my grandpa sperm,
My first is still in high school. So I ask them to contraception.

I think that is the younger brother Shino Taka. I heard that the child and mother and grandpa Takashi. Takashi and I want to fuck. Grandpa sex with it too, but it is fun, I would like to meet a young boy's skin and your skin.
I want to welcome my little boy in pink.

Is where opportunity is trying to have sex with Shino Taka So now my brother.

By the way, even grandpa virgin mother
Grandma's virginity was also his sister and wife,
Boasts the best that they can be a virgin, and my granddaughter.

I'll receive a virgin in the two brother. I look forward to.
I will also report success.

Re: [360] mother

You should not I'll Park It

International travel

Also there is no incongruity in the family room and staying in a travel package tours abroad, it does not feel cheap. So I'm like traveling abroad. Can heartily love from my son. I went to Hong Kong travel agency tour Hankyuu recently during the four-day trip, incest mother was sleeping in almost every night. So sleepy during the day, was sleeping in the bus most. The duty-free shop to buy gifts not only formally, do 狂Imashita back to the hotel immediately. The bill for this trip when my son ejaculate 24 times. I enjoyed a lot. My son is 21 years old 42 years old. I just now finished third tonight. How much can really spend. Incest mother and child in a state of high emotion is good. I feel good enough to do so and death, especially in overseas hotels.


The fault may be done only once, yet if the trip destination.
Might be able to swing like a shame to travel a little lost.
Slept with his mother was the second time at home the next day bright.
The next day at school was incredibly different from what is everyday I really like a dream I had yesterday.
I fell into the illusion that nothing would come home and talking with friends and her.
In the back, dressed as always said to my mother at home all morning classes.
I was a mess left on the jacket off and came back to stay back to my room last night but still beat backchanneling properly.
Go to the living room table for lunch will be served with fried noodles and fried rice have been completed, but beyond that my mother had a red neck.
Outgoing father is wearing a hurry in the morning yesterday, I did not realize it was so obvious.
Komiage have the urge to say anything and eat a meal together at the end 言葉少Na mother somehow.
Around to leave them looking after my mother, his face buried in his neck a hug.
My mother is "a little bad," said the resistance does not contain the power was not even wearing bras and hand pick the chest under the shirt into your hands.
My mother originally deposited, the body has to give up that looks like a little rub for good today as a warning because it is the people that arrive at yesterday.
The smell of yesterday with the smell of sweat mixed with hair and a permanent 当Teta unique and have been leaning close to the mother's body.
And resisting it takes to become fully undressed mother has been hard to confirm from touching my crotch and my mother take off her skirt 脱Gaseru rubber pants.
While Yurashi sighed and began slowly caressing your body as soon as we opened the mother's naked feet.
The mother of hip-opening look at the bright again I lust for more and more mothers have been left by an intense than I had expected.
My mother put up with those of my erection slipped between the legs to let my body even more wide open crotch of the body soft and feminine. When my mother put weight while still fully inserted in the high thin voice sigh, "Ah," issued his voice.
My mother slowly moving back into the shape of a circle is fast enough to groan and then a breath stertor contentedly while still "Utsu Utsuu"
I started to feel in a subdued voice.
To have sex in a bright living room at home yesterday and the difference, particularly with her mother away to consciousness, "Okan" I called.
Burned like a mother to feel the tension in a single break of "Ah! Fill with Oh Wow Wow," began aloud.
Mother like this also the end of yesterday I was so excited to know I feel in a husky voice can no longer put up with the piston abandon over weight ass mother revived the excitement in the hear I also expired from the condo's what someone really feels a mother squid before, so let your voice was shaking and my mother I hasten stet.
My mother was just being reminded of ecstasy woman's mother and runaway like that, so nobody can cry when I ik.
"Now all that has done it again," I said to my mother naked next to "Eeyan. Janashi decrease mon. And to service," my mother laughed and said. The first time I had to say that this service can still sex.
The mother knew this time would also feel happy and peaceful feeling to finish having sex.
Mother's naked body was prepared and take a breath breathing down they still colored red.
So was his mother's naked in the living room though was anything strange sight.
I thought it was a regular in the mother 年女 to look hard again after all.
'll Stiff swollen belly baggage was left red marks on the rubber skirt.
Sagging breasts were very slightly larger than they stained with her nipples.
From the base of the arms and I found that the black people what black 覗Ke down.
Out the door from the door crack, get back to it.
Lack of firmness was the butt to rock 動Kuta Binitapunto.
Rino Tiyou leave too are fading by pressing the skin retraction.
Looking at the little face is really my mother of course there are wrinkles.
That young mother looked like my childhood is still years if appropriate take off I thought I was pretty beautiful.
I felt again and can even think of 抱Keta Itooshi excited about what attracted her mother because unmistakable.

The coming period is five months

I tell anyone, listen.
I have properly come to us in the physiology H Yattamitainanomou five months of this year H mad if I were a baby that is useless to test and study it, but I feel bad I was until recently.
Sports has always made time for a little bit and not run out of heavy belly.
Milk was large, but the class is a friend of me Oh I'm glad the fat
The minimum weight of slightly more than anything else.
I'll talk your brother does not come in the period that Puridashi Shiran H Kurenaku It has become her mother to say I'll just end the truth is scolded for saying it about me Yasetara. Field trip, but also with all the bath soon put on the jeans try to buy too shocked Do I put pains


Hatsue's a ↓.
Even though nine months of January, due to give birth in July? ?
What it?

Having an affair with his son

My last November, had confessed that pregnancy has a relationship with my son. Confession will be the second time since then. That time can not reveal the name of the person I was reading the book by chance, "Rumiko" I use a pseudonym. My real name is "Hatsue (Hatsue)" is called.

Now my stomach is facing a steady nine months. I was a baby it was decided between the beloved son.

Long time to see this page, are still surprised to find that his confession was previously registered.
I've kind of nostalgic and think. In my reading it really is ridiculous to think about myself was suffering so much. The other is to confess I do not think I was,
Even greater concern is the approaching birth and has become not help but feel like even standing. That was posted earlier this month and seven days, Eriko it's people who read the confession,
And convey our feelings to someone scream so much, Mashita decided to write again.
Could only have been met by writing self-satisfaction.

When I made baby son suffered serious they really were to write the next day last year, after having lost terrible, I told my son to take the plunge and pregnancy.
Reproduce the conversation at that time based on memory. My son was watching TV.
"○ ○ Hey (The son's name)"
"Hmm what?"
My son is crazy about TV half-hearted reply. Not even to see here.
Look at how innocent it still says what also began to doubt Yosou. But this is not and told him straight to take the plunge and inspiring.
"Hey mom, got pregnant and looked like"
My son looks back in surprise.
"I went to the hospital yesterday. Gynecology hospital."
"You mean, is not it, my ?····"
I filled my son asked me to tears thinking. I 押Saemashita face with both hands.
"... Yeah. ... Baby ○ ○, · · · unintended pregnancy."
That much to say that was my best. Then again I could not see the face of her son. However, my son hugged me tenderly, I whispered in my ear is.
At this time son says, can never be forgotten. I think so and they still cry.
"I'm with my mother's treasure. I never gave birth. Yes."
I was surprised to have raised his face crumple in tears.
"Because I love you mom. My first baby, birth mother wants the absolute"
"Oh, ○ ○"
The other was panic in my head.
Sugaritsuki him I asked my lips hard. And shared the fierce devour the tongue.
Long time has passed as it is. Deipukisu long end, when you release the lips that I finally calmed down. And this is my determination 固Marimashita. Okay, I'll never given birth to a child's beloved son. Let love grow crystals despite struggling with his son and what.
I no longer worry and confusion completely.

Also that night, I had my son hold gently.
Hugging each other naked, stroking my belly while his son,
"I'm in this our baby. I love you, Hatsue."
And the embarrassment, I made my first honorific.
Without any discomfort Strangely, I could accept the word.
Then I realized that they've gone completely out of his mother as part of. Think in my mind right now, women bear a male child, the mother of a man I never had the feeling that they do. Common sense is a matter of course, the norm of what happened is that my body does not.
産Mou children decided to say his son, a mother herself at the same time, it was also decided to abandon completely.
You could not find out for myself, I said, "son of a woman," I was reborn as.
It is exaggerated, I think the most appropriate representation. So when his son to the honorific,
I think that sounded natural.

No longer is the sadness of the mother, joy and wonder of her son got to say completely
And is now holding Moraenaku 名残惜Shi as much to damage the stomach for, mingled among the head, blowing a cloud, I asked my son many times.
It take me my son from the front, "Hatsue, Hatsue," repeatedly and groan, I continued to blame softly, pulling me into the world of pleasure.

The next morning, someone else was also reborn as her son. At least I saw it. Just as I am no longer his mother, his son was no longer me.
Are in front of me was a strong man leading a woman to me. During the night just
We are "off the mother road" from the relationship between "man and woman really love each other," it became a relationship.
"Mr ○ ○"
Just when two people call each other this way now.
So far, the "Son" We have been using the word for me, "he" is the.
Now for his "son" can not even use the word, which had been much discomfort rather strange.

For birth, some fear, of course. He and at least this is not dark and exchange of blood,
Childbearing age and 43 years old. I do not know the baby is born with no disabilities.
How can the birth Eriko that's normal. I really envy Eriko's.
I decided to let his children grow up but this I can take a lifetime. I'll get over even if there is any difficulty, because of its real name revealed.
My due date is early July. Will also confess that I'm not sure. Anyway
I decided that I intend to live every day hard backed by 27 years younger than him.


Pressed the button without putting Sunmasen comment

To Aki
This is not Bakkari fact, most often imagined.
Does your family will Confucianism? .... You say that you're not, basically, I think is right. But read the text, to completely eliminate the exception to say, your idea itself is the most hated in the world, none other than the fashion.
Try hard to say unintelligible sentences profusely, but the childish, some frightening. To have a little experience, to 推Shi量Tsu the world, I think not.

Incestuous "delusion" is dangerous

yuna himekawa[354]
Brother and sister having sex brother and sister, mother and son, father and daughter ...

Incest as "an act removed the truth" is not.
The more sex without love "less vain desire" is not.
Everyone working together here, and families, "fuck" but seems to
This is a philosophical, educational, to say the humanitarian act "wrong", and
No "family" dimension 狂Waseta that "the first step in the tragedy" that warned of.
The surprisingly incestuous "love" or growing. "Unity" or solidify. "Bond" or born.
All answers are "No", and also coordination 狂Wasemasu.
If enjoying incest (father, mother, especially) are tied to the pleasures of paranoia, an obsession with love away "the family way," the idea that all fell away, but it might well Unless improved, the family order "," forget that there is no doubt going to ruin the road.
"End of Desire without order" (= incest), the waiting is endless hell. Above all, mothers, fathers responsible position "responsible" family responsibilities as are significant.

Re: [343] and his brother wanted to married life

> Had not yet known, but it seems like a dubious relationship with her husband and my brother. One difference between brother and sister we were good friends from childhood. Interested in each other's body since he was in elementary school, junior high school when their parents were hiding from sexual intercourse. In the eighth grade when the child is pregnant with my brother, but was forced abortions are known to get mad at me mighty parent's relationship with his brother did not confess. My parents thought it would be my wayward daughter, I gave very important to me that his brother loved about him. Forced marriage is that I did not come between her brother and for me to know that our parents. I'm sorry but my husband and I also love the little 沸Kanaku husband has sex with her husband not to be put in and why something happens Segan husband. Have sex about twice endless honeymoon, but otherwise has not done even after six months with her husband. But, my brother is doing on a daily basis. I have my house in the footsteps of his brother in a sake brewery house, my brother and I have a financial relationship with a family business because they are face to face every day. My brother planned to get married without having to single 義理立Te to me. I am now, I think a divorce from her husband. Once a divorced woman can be married and living as good as his brother.愛Shi合Imashita in the car with my brother today. Remembrance and give birth to a child as soon as his brother.

Good luck let a dream realized by all means. I enjoy life with my brother to be able to live in the same way I feel. When the 6th grade is the embrace of his brother, too, my brother before that I was masturbation watching my body, you've become a figure like that of his brother, too, the brother of them I had come to accept that someone naturally.
I wonder that in the past is not pregnant but has never accepted the spirit of his brother several times. I also had my brother had accepted all of the children while pregnant and want my brother a few times. Now everything has to accept life.


Cousin techniques (hand) ... also very good at is getting frustrated to tease me with words.
However, if she has another cousin, our relationship is secret. Angry parents knew about it ... But,
I do not live with not one Hazime Ken. Without marriage, H every day I want to!
Kana's case is the real thing siblings, things I need to stay together and I think marriage is possible,
H to the intentions of the person, I think the world is irrelevant.
Kana's, but now I think it is hard, hard to please.
Ayumi is rooting for.


Well today I began to embrace his father was someone else apart Tadashi Tadashi.
Then go to university in April.
I'd like to end now, let me finish.
Iezu mother also, what the future will continue this relationship.
I'm troubled.


The only thing that I entered university. I am quite spoiled by her only daughter was sleeping with my mother all the time.
I was in my bed is spoiled or to the cheek and buried her face and breasts of a mother holding Getting them to my mother well.
Getting them to hold him while I slept with my mother as well as usual that night. My nipples out without knowing my body wrapped in a crowded indescribable feeling face buried in breasts and that while the mother was holding Morai Innovation to the pin.
My body is rubbed their bodies for my mother who I 火照Tsu fast. "Ah, that was pleasant"
I'm moist and wet panties away feeling completely away to caress my mother, I can not state such as cow udo also be rubbing clitoris panty addition.
My mother looked 込Mimashita face. "What?" Gentle mother started talking to me.
But I can not say it So now the state of the mother. My nipples are already a tense,
In this state so torn up screaming in pain. My mother gave me gently massaged my boobs or guessed. "Sore nipples" "Yeah, I'll have to feel it until tea Momma" T my mother gave me a warm hand gently massages the breast to gently put her hand into the shirt. "Well, your Momma or tea," "What?"
"Feels good. Going to be weird," my mother gave me rub your breasts and even T-shirts take off. Big boobs mom spilled to take off his coat and pajamas Pururun mother too.
I buried her face into the soft, warm breast, to the cheek. "Sauce" has leaked out of my mother moan. "Oh, Momma or tea. The panties," "so wet. I can not stand it any more of" Mom gave me the finger and gently rub peeled off my panties. "I'm wearing your hat.
Rei and take off your hat in that year. I'll let you take off the tea Momma "And so my mother and me to peel my tongue in your mouth and gently suck my clitoris. "Also, I'm no good. I can not stand," "a little more patient.
I'll come off in your little hat, "my mother gave me inhale her peel beans have suffered in my clitty tongue.
"Oh no good," I just fainted and I 仰Ke反Ru hard. Suck me gently in your mouth and notice my mother for a while.


My first experience of the person, the youngest brother of his father was a man.
That is when the ninth grade.
At that time, employed man in Tokyo was that when I went home on a tray.
Went to see bon, unawares, uncle and two people, walking toward the mountain behind Yukimashita. Find a hut, man is said to go a little rest.
I suddenly hugged, kissed. I have in my head, now white.
Then after that, it was like watching a dream.
Unawares, being jostled and chest, and was sucked.
Is taking off the pants, put your finger when you were over there, indeed, but resistance in a daze, "Satchi, I love you" and repeatedly been told, before being kissed, Uncle may give thought.
But when the penis is put, its the pain was Amarino, raised an outcry.
The man then ran, and semen poured expired on my belly.
Then again, in my penis into motion, this time in my mouth semen issued. I got choked up.
Very day that two people going there for the same thing.
Now, though each is married. There is a family function, and fit the face, with the indifference.

Re: [346] [340] Village of memories

>> They erase me I left my heart, I'm beginning to think that the recent moves. I'm worried about is a little like something has changed my body.
>> I am now in a very average home husband and son to have a man, but made life Irun enough work for part-time before, when they sleep at night remember. It would in my head lately Yogitsu sweet thoughts when I was actually embraced by his brother when I was young.
>> Distance away and my brother is not so, I recently wondered whether there are times when I do 無性Ni to meet you. I have written I'd have the courage to come if you have any advice or should I do?
> You should see the phone?

I asked my brother I implicitly spent half a day when the hubbub at the end of the family gathered noisily. Remember that when you are young or not? Yoshiko Osamu What is it? I'm not the same as my brother and I was asked. After that I had met last week while talking on phone. I love hotel had been held into the car of his brother. I was surprised that several times in a row. He was in good or fairly worried about speaking to his brother. I thought you had the story flows naturally from there when my people like that. Asia Arigatougozaimashi t.