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Incest confession of women(2013-01)

I of a widow

His son became the only two sons and died in her husband's are just playing with the bad fellow and his son I say Idaku son me to bring the boss of the yakuza. You do not even that it was nestled in the people other than her husband is my stranger. I held him, I think that because of the son in the person of 45-position boss. Timbo the boss is a long thick. I thought it was pussy and Harisakeru by sore when placed. In ~You was doing 30 minutes Karekore. Boss is you say you dare doing son boss is finished. Never was a child I am. I did it for the first time. I will hug cute Mushoni because you've never done when you have a husband.

Only two sons and

2 sons and to become 25-year-old died in her husband to tell it's equinox before. His son has been living together fooled widow next door without even work. She says it's 30 years old. But the child was born. Age difference is like a couple like that there are only 5 years old with her. I am 49 years old. It was Korogarikomi to my house it is not work and women of her. You can not Feeding the part-time wage of me to make her eat and son. It was decided to serve in the sex shop because there is no way. I was told to be naked Once done is said to Come upstairs long you have made since the interview. It is to the pussy store manager even when naked. I hug you would say that because it does not have or that you have a husband. It would have been doing 30 minutes Karekore. You make money with pussy to tell that it becomes 50 years old. Is 10,005 one thousand yen once so old but I customers I get in this grandmother-chan.

What you'll do become

yuna himekawa[1885]
My father died suddenly in an accident, I have lived in three of the mother and my brother. Mother relies on salary brother living without work experience. My brother's has changed to suddenly have one year position. And take a bath in the No. 1 first and come home or company, but its Nichiani has started to say someone to wash the body in the mother. I was also pig brother hit the mother to say my mother was surprised, it's useless, I stopped. My mother was Yuka him to the bathroom forced Nakinaki. The mother also gave up beaten, and began washing the body of his brother to take off your clothes. My brother you say is protruded to penis erect the rising mother, as suck in mouth. The mother was raised suck to put in its mouth penis erect and I think that it is beaten. After a while, I was holding the mouth of the mother to swallow it My brother Mai to put in the mouth of the mother.
 Two people come out in the nude, it's to suck the mother also, in front of me. And finally, I would be put into the mother.
Mother Turn the legs to the waist of his brother from the middle, it was found to have the hug at that time.
 If you say to the penis clean mother when you finish, mother are you in the mouth what. Two people were entered in the nude in the room of the mother that day. How would I now.

· Examination is finished

It was a night that was a relief center test is over.
The impatient anyway, until now, we have to put up a lot for the test, the increasing libido, while sitting on the desk, it became thicker, I had massaged the genitals.
The Shiboriage the glans and Guigui, when the penis is desperate scream about, my mother came into the room suddenly.
And look at the penis swollen, my saying Innovation calibration, we they are about to go out.
I I cried to her mother that shoot out of the room and surprised rock out in a loud voice.
\"Please, Mom, this sucks\"
Mother, look alternately penis bulging with me in the eye that I was surprised, thinking, it was halted.
\"Mom, I, painful\"
and said so, it was shown to the mother the genitals that stood folded in Gingin.
I stayed with convulsions and jumpy.
\"Well, Ttara Yu-chan\"
while so good, my mother told me to come Not a close. Laughing
\"Ma, also tested from finished, family\"
to the smiling, mother came towards me.
\"Oh, wait a minute\" My mother says so, it enters into his room downstairs, wait about 5 minutes, it came to my room.
The painted dark red rouge, mother came in the room,
we stayed with a woman transformed into itself.
The crowded crouched under a chair,
licking and Kururi with a red tongue mother has passed your ~Tsu of me, a little boy,
I began to suck from it, with a dark lipstick, a penis that was bulging lips. while sucks penis
that \"oh, oh, oh, oh, mom, Oh! feels good, Oh, Oh,\"
my mother was swelling slowly, it was said.
The \"say, it 's good, in the mouth of the mother\"
mother was said to me in muffled voice.
Needless to say Once, again, it is simmering.
\"Oh, oh, oh, mom, go, go, go, and over over go\"
hold tightly the back hair of the mother, my
mouth and mother Dokudoku accumulated to accumulate and protrude in front of the waist large, white semen We were put in.
Mother, by black and white eyes, while drinking with Gokungokun semen dark me, looked at my eyes.
The appearance of a bewitching mother, I was good for the mother to push the Guitto penis.
\"I want to see her pussy ... mom mom, felt good\"
mother, nodded and down, by shifting the Pantei with one hand,
it was protruding in front of my eyes on both sides with a finger pubic hair that grew and Misshiri.
Smell ripe and Poon is now.
Genital mother was completely wet.
\"You are gonna me sucking pussy now,\" my mother,
I said so.
Still, I've found penis to be pounding is going to become hard and suddenly.
While so good \"Mother\", was a cup of water in the mother it with a mouth to pussy ripe mother.
And I plug Gushatto blue vein stood pussy mother, the cock of me.
Mother, to Nokezo~tsu to say Well, I was sandwiched between the crotch of my cock.
And I was squeezing the penis and mother Guigui is moved vertically.
figure mother also feel, to go is completely exposed to view from the top.
Eventually, go Eventually, my mother,
and said so over and over go, mother addressed the teeth to my shoulder, I was exhausted and went to the waist jumpy.
Center once you've finished testing, I try to slow that night, my mother and I was promised so, I enjoyed abandon.
Of course, the other a mother, I have a relationship for years.
My father came back to drink every night sake, I do not even know why my mother and I have been in such a relationship.
From when it was the third year the story my mother lamented cock of the father is very small, my mother and I, I had become this kind of relationship.
So my mother loved thick cock.
My mother was waiting for me every day, which has been put up without hard rubbed the thick cock.
Pussy of mother deeply, and suck, will swallow the white semen genitals of my firmly.
It is thought that it is good also and dead mother. Center once you've finished testing. And my mother promised to do so ... I try to do is promise that only pussy keep doing it even if I passed the university also fell.

Although it is my Wife 

It is a married woman of 46-year-old died in her husband last year, but I live two people and son. I'm just playing with the wrong crowd does not even work in the 25-year-old son. But it was I have not conceived it would be beaten to Te wife nearby. It was Korogarikomi to my house because it is a widow her husband died also the wife. Wife is like a married couple there any difference between the year and at 39 years old son. Just eat without even worked ish Kusoshite lady. I now that I make to eat anything. It was decided to serve in the sex shop Kano-shi juggle also indecisive in wages of super Because I was troubled to gold. It is that his wife and worked for two years when it is before them. I worked her when you are taken care of when the children. Son I have nominated me to come to the store. Son gave me satisfaction to pretend eaves pussy my.

Incest living abroad and 13-year-old son

We came back to Japan now, but living abroad and son, we have become estranged state in the country, which is also her husband.
 So we slept in both put to bed my son usually, we have to release in me of course. I will return tomorrow. Get instant access to naked and son in the pool in the home of the house, and you Aishiae with confidence.

What can I do to premature ejaculation.

Cheating husband divorced because, we have been living while a number of parts and then brought his son and daughter.
In part destination, there was a lot of temptation to be or have been invited to flirt unabashedly husband like the original but there are wife or is wooing from single men, but he worked hard to devoted children.
To enter the dormitory of the company of employment at the same time as the vocational school graduation, eldest daughter has a life of its own way.
It has sent a daily study pickled only son of one and want to go to university as a flame. Reply to cumene costs through relatives, if you have contact only son of the current high-2 and want to go to college on the basis of my husband because I came, I have been studying with the aim of leading universities.
It is now come to sleep in my bed as often as to say that it is not able to sleep the son cold recently. I have been raised to sleep with it, I think that helped.
Sign of the human hand moves lower body because I was at a certain time, and sleeping, and was paid his hand and hit the turn.
And slept together in the not sleep and cold because I was told to sleep in my own bed from now to the next day my son, but also had been quiet for a while.
Then again, it began to touch me, but so did not touch the lower body, I had to sleep with as it is.
At that time, so did not even try to touch me for a while do you tired studying the practice of physical education when at school, I was raised hugging gently son from me become a lonely somehow think. And then I was paid my hands feeling son that noisy. I think my son and I've been soundly.
Has returned embraced big time and I one night, and came into the bed of my son is over the late-night study, since we have touched me after a long time after a while.
From the night of the next day, how to contact with me in bed son has changed.
Heart had become dazed the head with lack of sleep during work lunch at pounding you can kiss softly on the cheek of me, you can contact with the skin of my lower body Lower the underwear, you can bring the lower body on my hands .
Evening it is such, because my son has been close to the lower body, I hugged my son can not be put up. And then, my son says \"Ugh\" lower body is hot.
And I went to the bath and toilet went out of bed.
Son I have ejaculation to me. I was surprised. We are worried to say that his son is in the ejaculate things about this is or is not a premature ejaculation. Either would be a pathological premature ejaculation. We are worried about his son a cute likely, that it might be do is contempt from her remains this.
But what do I do to become a man of the ordinary.

Forcibly to my nephew ...

I was forcibly fucked by my nephew. again and again.... I am 53 years old. My husband is bedridden at the young age of 55. I am in a nearby facility due to a serious disability. I go home from work every day. Two years ago, I had a sudden illness. I thought he was a very healthy person and had nothing to do with illness, but it was really sudden. My husband was thin, but he was very energetic, and he held me almost every day until about ten years ago, and once every two days even after he was 50 years old. I was also happy to be embraced by my husband every day. The pain of a day without a master cannot be seen by others. The shock when my beloved husband fell and became bedridden struck my heart and body like never before. In the daytime, she sobbed while holding her husband's hand, and at night, she comforted herself with a lonely sleep. My husband has a disability everywhere, but he doesn't lose his feelings for me and tries to comfort me. Although it is inconvenient, he manages to mess with my female core with a movable hand and stirs deeply. I was happy with that alone. I feel the love of my husband. I will also comfort my husband's cock. I love my husband who never gets stubborn with his lips and tongue. I think my husband is happy. Liquids like sperm also overflow from Suzuguchi. One day it became a fellowship of love between me and my husband. It's been two years now. At the end of last year, I went to my brother's house in the neighborhood. I went to deliver what my brother's wife had asked me to do, but I didn't have a sister-in-law, and instead had my nephew Takashi.I was talking to Takashi, who I hadn't seen in a long time, for a while. Takashi is strong and not like his delicate master, but he has a somewhat similar atmosphere and liked to be with him. Takashi, who is a college student, has grown up and has a manly odor. Unknowingly, I was touching my body and stroking my head by Takashi's side. I never intended to provoke Takashi. However, Takashi feels cute ... But Takashi was a young, strong and hungry male. Suddenly I was hugged and pushed down. Shortly after I resisted, I was getting more and more disturbed. Still resisted. He stretched his body, closed his crotch tightly, and kept throwing words to remind Takashi. However, Takashi's power was beyond my control. I spread my hands and my lips ran around my bare chest and neck. I felt numbness in my body while resisting. I was surprised that I couldn't resist. At the same time, I firmly felt that I was looking for Takashi's cock in the depths of my heart. Finally, my thighs were cracked and Takashi's body was interrupted. Before I knew it, Takashi had his lower body exposed. I felt a hard and hot Takashi's cock on my thighs. I thought I would lose power at once. Takashi shook his hips. Is it the first time or not so much experience? Takashi couldn't get inside me easily. One day my lower body was impatient and trying to pick up Takashi. Takashi blocked my lips. Roughly insert the tongueI've been stirring. At that moment, I welcomed Takashi. I wrapped my arms around Takashi's neck, entwined my tongue around the inserted tongue, and wrapped my open legs around Takashi's waist, pulling Takashi. Takashi shook his hips violently, calling me, and put a strong cock in and out of my vagina. I climbed up all at once. Takashi also ejaculated at the same time. I felt a lot of semen flowing into my vagina. However, Takashi kept shaking his hips without stopping. I don't remember for a while from there. Except for the fact that Takashi continued to be passed away by the unstoppable loading and unloading, and that Takashi continued to blame my vagina no matter how many times he ejaculated. When I noticed, I was hugging Takashi. Takashi kept putting in and out of the cock, just before the last ejaculation. I also climbed up to Takashi's words "I'm gone!" How many times did you climb up? How many times has Takashi's semen been poured? While thinking so, I strongly felt the joy of the woman after a long absence. After Takashi pulled it out of me, he naturally ate Takashi's meat stick. As I always went after being loved by my husband. Carefully cleaned Takashi's cock. Just like I used to be my husband. However, what is different from my husband is that he hardened the cock while purifying and poured the last semen into my mouth. Since then, Takashi has committed me every time. Violently and many times, giving me a sneak peek. Sometimes they sneak in and pour me semen all night. How many times did you fertilize and drink up in the short time from the end of the year? I continue to have a love relationship with my husband.However, while including my husband's cock in my mouth, I remember Takashi's cock and end up. What does my husband think of me, who is more intensely wet from guilt and devours my husband? Probably Takashi will come soon. I want to lick Takashi's cock and get it wet. How many times can I die today?


I was help exam study son. Returning to the home in divorce, is just around the field.
Son of the performance was good in its own way, happily passed the University of decent. I am living in the city alone.
I was a daily routine before going to bed, and I Good luck with your study, it is of'll hug from behind.
When there, it is pushed down on the bed suddenly, I have not shaved Awa whole body pressed against the face to chest.
I chided the son think so came is crawl hand at the bottom, and bad indeed.
But, son to sue and not be helped there in the mood, we forgive and if only a little from the top of the underwear.
Whether there was a guilt in my son, become quiet since then, it seems to have felt the Hikeme me.
It became painful to think I was surprised at that time, but my son is suffering about it.
Friends with the son you've been working hard to brave to come farewell, in the countryside at the convenience of the parent. To tell it 's the day of the exam soon.
I thought feelings toward his son recruited, I have to somehow. And bring a snack to my son, I waited my son finished eating.
And sit next to his son while sitting on the bed, I was over there invites the hand.
Pajamas until about become moist, son was raised rubbing intently at your fingertips.
By restraining the son, I was down underwear every pajama bottom. Son while knead with your thumb, \"I here, ,,, like this\" the clitoris, to penetrate the finger deep into the vagina.
You have to reveal the chest unbuttoned pajama top, we make him blow his nipple.
It will issue a loud voice involuntarily \"Anne!\", It was clenching against Press pajamas to mouth in haste. ,,,
Other ,,, Chau said you do not go, even while I think so ,, useless ,, useless, waist I did that shook up and down to fit the finger of son floating.
I writhe \"N do ,, Aan ,, Oh, ll\" and convulsions. Son while Masaguri my chest, was watching the situation.
Son also lower body naked, I was clenching your stuff. I was raised in the mouth gently, it was raised by downing Nokorazu.
At a rate of about once a week, somehow, my son passed the University of the desired repeat such a thing two months. My father and bought 'em in celebration softening, got the money.
And you say \"it is not what you want separately, but. You want to fuck a mother abandon\" and to say to his son.
I had wavered in feeling that I think the other, and the feeling that you think I do not do any more, and I want to mad aloud abandon. Was Fukkire.
The day of the move to the apartment of his son, after eating the rice night, and whispers to his son. I nodded happily \"go hotel?\" Son.
Once in a love hotel, it was a bath together. When Komu fallen by two people in bed, and ground-vigorous body, ,,, as usual protruding hips.
Aloud abandon, I kickass. And, I beg you! Buttee. And I get the Bukkake \"cheek.
Pasi! Cormorants more strongly! The whole body becomes hot, fainting at the same time to go. Fainting experience of several years.
son was screaming many times while the push-up me abandon Give it \"I awesome.'m amazing.\" condoms.

Sex with one son and his wife

I am a person who has entered the Mukoyoshi. I work for the father-in-law there has been a business. But I like the stock investment, you can ask them to the filling heavy losses until now, or might cause a problem with trading partners, and had not been to the other father-in-law, mother-in-law, even his wife. Sex with his wife was also missing, but the January 4, as I return from the beginning of the year around, voice wow his wife and son are heard in the bedroom of his wife, it was during sex Once inside. It is said by the great voice to be \"Vamoose!\" without a state in which the wife is built, was Warubire, I went to my room. Now, it is impossible and good life, even to ride a good car and a divorce with his wife, we do not believe that divorce without anything of their own home. Since that day, his wife and son have sex in the room of his wife after a bath together in a dignified manner. It is not every day of hell have also she son.

I Dedicated to brother

It has been turning patted my father and \"Do not because it promised\" brother came sunk to bet my good parents of two-earner is was go
out and have some rest in the morning the next day of the center test was suddenly it \" In response to truly decided to discontinue the saying \"Alright When you are finished,\" when you have been taught various towards the center that has been smoked father as \"Chuchu~u\" The Hadake pajamas soon you have thought E~e~e ... \"\" I want to say I ... \"~Yo~yo'm still a virgin,\" which began sucking my clit \"full monty\" brother even though the \"full monty\" but I may be feeling taking off Usso~o~o ... \"pajamas the cock to say \"§ Naa I like you,\" After saying \"Mommotto~o Iiyo~o~o~o\" brother is that we have listened to me \"Do so good\" when saying \"I~i~i~i~i ~ ~ ~\" Te If you think the \"????? what is beginning,\" which has been pressed \"Kuchu Kuchukuchu\" You licked also good but brother the gas has become far something \"Picha Pichapicha\" It's rubbed with dick also good is good \" say hurts a little when the first \"Guchu~yu ...\" What does this all \"~O~o Alright\" feelings by saying \"Hey I, but to me that was clinging\" feeling Iiyo~o~o~o \"The Innovation\" by painful After so much \"brother\" My brother got pulled suddenly \"I~i~i~i~i\" \"Aaaa\" when put to the back folds jerk rub every time you move your hips I mean 'Cause I really say ... \"I also\" me \"brother The spear and Tokiani with no parent ever since I can not forget It was interesting really than the study of the center were taught various brother full ... was \"Pyu~u~upyu~u~u\" \"... more! hate\" in the morning to we remember and everyone'm mon good, and it is rolled

And daughter ...

Do you masturbated? I am addicted to the extent I can not live without it. To a man of course it is also pleasure, but recently, it was ... I have seen my daughter. Naturally, ... daughter I had come home early for some reason that day where you down the shorts and gone to crack, it is comfortably hand while you finished your lunch alone, you are slumbering little. When I put a hand on the shorts of the daughter called to see the daughter that you are Tron your eyes and sit in a bed Gusshori ... daughter, or does not come hug me and I'll touch. Since then, have fun with my daughter, please forgive this mother.

Relatives scat

I got evidence that my husband is having a relationship with his mother. That's because when I wash my husband's pajamas, I suddenly see a red crimson on the collar. It's weird ... I thought so and looked closely. Certainly there was a small red crimson on the collar. I never put on such red lipstick. And yet, I wondered why the pajamas were on, so I decided to put the pajamas in my drawer without washing them and take a little time to explore them. The answer came out immediately. Believe it or not, this lipstick was the same as my mother-in-law's. Mother-in-law ... In other words, my husband's mother. My husband is an only child and my father-in-law is dead now, so I live with him. I used to live separately from my mother-in-law, but when my father-in-law died, my mother rolled into our only son's house. Of course, my mother-in-law had a huge legacy of her deceased father-in-law, so it is my malicious expression to say that she rolled in. The condition to live with my mother-in-law was a promise to pay most of my and my husband's remaining mortgage. With the joy of not being able to repay the loan, which I have been struggling with every month, I just gave OK to live together. For some reason, my husband, who welcomed my mother-in-law who moved in with excitement, was also excited. Until then, my husband was late every night because he was working at the company ... but from this day on, he came home as if he had pressed the mark. At first, I misunderstood that my mother would refrain from returning home early, but I never returned home late at any time.We were my mother-in-law, my husband, and I, and we always had dinner together. I didn't like the way my mother-in-law talked to her only son's husband and had a meal with a strangely sweet voice, but I couldn't say how he said that he had baked such a shaobing. My mother was old, but she was a beautiful girl, and she looked 10 years younger than her. Her mother's make-up was always dark, and I had never seen her real face. Chanel's cosmetics had a unique scent, and I immediately realized when my mother approached me. When I put out a red stick from my mother-in-law's dresser and compared the red on the collar of my husband Pajan while my mother's lipstick and my mother were out during the day, the red was undoubtedly exactly the same as my mother's red. Since I'm in the same house, I wondered if that might happen, but the clauses I could think of didn't disappear. It was a week after I found Beni and thought it was strange. Late at night, I gently noticed my husband getting out of the bed next door, pretending to be asleep and chasing after him. A short walk down the inner corridor, there was a hand-washing room for living with my husband. The master went straight into the washroom. I misunderstood that my husband went to wash my hands and went back to my bed again. But after a long time, my husband didn't come back. I went to the bathroom at midnight to see if my husband was feeling sick during the hand washing. I hear a voice from the hand wash. It was the voice of my mother-in-law and her husband doing something in the bathroom. "Mom, go go"It was the sound of rumbling and the sound of moist skin in contact with the body. "Hiroshi, my mother goes too," I heard a muffled voice from my mother-in-law. "Oh, mom, lick my kintama" I heard my husband's painful pant voice, and it seemed that they were changing their positions in a narrow toilet bowl. "Hot is Hiro's Kintama" There is a voice that my mother-in-law is holding something. "Oh, mom, you can put it out as it is," said her husband, panting. I instinctively learned that my husband and mother-in-law had sexual intercourse and my lower abdomen got wet. "Yes, okay, give it out, give it a drink." It was a moment when the voice that my mother-in-law said ended or did not end. "Oh, my mom is going ..." It seemed that my husband was in agony while washing his hands as if crying. And there was a sound of changing positions inside, and my mother-in-law panted. "Sucking my mother's pussy , sucking and sucking" I was slurping something and it seemed that my mother-in-law collapsed. My mother-in-law shouted as the hand-washing toilet slammed. My mother-in-law said with a voice that seemed to kill me. Eventually, the sound subsided and there was a sound of the two sucking each other's genitals. The act is about to end. I hurried back to my bet. The heart is ringing like a bell.A few minutes later, my husband quickly returned to his bedroom. I couldn't sleep at last that night. The next morning, my mother-in-law and my husband were having breakfast in the kitchen, as I got up a little late. When I sat down on the dining room chair, I didn't miss my husband's feet touching his mother-in-law. The creepy breakfast ended silently, my husband went to work, and my mother-in-law returned to her room and came out immediately. Then I told me I was going out for a while and left home. I gently entered my mother-in-law's room and searched all over the room for something. Sure enough, I found a white, throbbing, semen-filled condom in my mother-in-law's bed. It also had a few dried condoms. It was undeniably proof that my mother-in-law and husband were having sexual intercourse. From that night I was sick and couldn't get up from bed. My mother-in-law cooked my husband's meal, and the two of us had dinner together as usual, saying words that comforted me to the extent that I was sorry. That night, I witnessed the two falling into an unusual relationship. It was Ozomashii, the scene where the two of them were doing intense scatological acts. My husband is eating the excrement of my mother-in-law. She straddled her mother-in-law on the toilet bowl, and her husband put her mouth directly on her anus and was eating feces. My mother-in-law was saying Eun Eun, but she was dropping stool directly into her husband's mouth.My husband opened his mouth wide and said to his mother-in-law in an ecstatic state. "My mother likes poop," said her mother-in-law. "Hiroshi, I'm glad, I got Hiroshi to eat shit, smoke more, smoke more ." It was the sound of my mother taking the plunge and putting stool in her husband's mouth. There is a buzzing, buzzing, popping sound from my mother-in-law's anus. I'm sure my mother-in-law is putting out a thick poop. My husband said in a very impressed voice. "Mother, I want to suck, suck, sucked, I want to die, I want to die with my mother's poop, I like my mother, I like my mother" My husband sucks semen while holding his mother-in-law's poop It looks like it was released. Naturally, now it's time for my mother-in-law to eat her husband's droppings. I was sick and almost fainted. And I really fainted on the spot. When I noticed, my husband and mother-in-law were in front of my face. When I was surprised and tried to get up, my husband said. "Keiko, I'm sorry, we had this kind of relationship." My husband took my mother-in-law's hand and apologized obediently. I couldn't say anything about this development, but I was just struck by the cold tears running down my cheeks. There is no way I can forgive these two people. I'm sure they were a long-standing connection. Then, why did I choose me as my daughter-in-law? I was just resenting myself standing in the strange fate of my mother-in-law and my husband.I am thinking of divorcing my husband. I'm sure my husband and mother-in-law will agree. With a promise to say nothing, I will get half of my mother-in-law's property and will break up. Is this all right? Now I'm separated and living alone in an apartment. I'm sure they're out of the way and incest. It is also the most obscene relative scat. I should die, I cursed two genitals and feces, dingy, sucking each other.

Was pregnant.


I was much cum opponent, so hesitation constitution for 21-year-old pregnant one son.
A husband,
a good How can I ... I do not have H!

The day I met my dad again

I'm a college student now, but when I was in elementary school my parents divorced and I was raised by my mother. After that, my dad went far away for work and hadn't been there for years. Such a recent thing. My mother told me that my dad was back nearby and I was happy to go see him. I've always loved my dad. He was a child who kneaded to become his father's wife. I went to my father's house at the end of last year. When I got home, my dad was wearing a sweatshirt. I'm sorry for this look. No. I hugged my father when I entered the front door because of nostalgia. Dad, I wanted to meet you. I wanted you to hug me tightly and hugged me as much as I could. It has become a shape that puts my father on the wall. Hey hey. It's not a reunion of lovers, it's too sticky. Not good. Dad, it's been a long time, so please squeeze it. While doing so, a hard thing hit my stomach. Dad ... Yui. It will be good already. Dad tried to get rid of me. Father. It looks like it's getting bigger over there. It seems that it was a shame. Father. is this. Then I touched the hard one. Yui ... I. Daughter. sorry. I don't mean that.Are you excited? Did I become such a good woman? Ah, yeah. I have experience as a man, but I am a woman lover and I haven't been with him for two years after being separated in a few months. Although he was a sloppy person, SEX was a good person, and I was excited about that part of the man for the first time in a while. Somehow strange feelings. Dad is getting bigger. Didn't you do that at all? You don't have to worry about that. Somehow, I felt weird that I could leave myself to my dad as it is. Dad is so big. I thought I should have given it to my dad if I gave it to the fighters below my guide. I. Not the first time. If you don't mind, dad. You can hold it. My dad said he was angry that he couldn't do that, but dad hugged me and made me bigger, so why am I angry ? Will make fun of parents. Do you think you're kidding? Do you think of me like that? Even though I know I've always loved my dad. When I look sad. I'm sorry I said too much. But you can't do this. Do you like me Of course. Let it kiss you. My dad kissed me after a while. I squeezed my lips.I silently asked for a tongue insertion. Eventually my father put his tongue in. I took my father's hand and put it on my boobs in that situation. My dad's hand was confused, but I held my dad's hand down with my hand as if touching it from above. Make it your father's thing as it is. Is it really good? Yup. At that time, my dad finally seemed to be wiped out. I put me on the floor on the spot and got my boobs from the top of my sweater. Yui ... I was so grown up before I knew it. My dad took off his sweater, put his hand on his back and took off his bra. Eventually I was stripped of everything, and my dad also stripped everything in front of me. My dad's, oh, hey ... what I saw for the first time in a while was better than his ex-boyfriend. My dad's dick, which I saw for the first time in about 10 years, was completely different from what I knew. It seemed like there was a navel. I was there when I was ready to accept me with a gentle caress. Maybe it's better than his ex-boyfriend because he's a veteran. I was struck by my dad for a few minutes. It was very comfortable and I was able to enjoy it. Yui. Dad is going to go. Then my dad finally took me out.When I hugged me after finishing, he gently stroked my hair. Father. it was awesome. sorry. I'm a bad boy. Only dad. It may be the worst. I've done something like this. Not good. The secret of only two people ... Oh. Dad, how long have you been honestly? Honesty? It's a secret. Yup. It's been about 5 years. It's pretty ugly. It's been about 2 years since I was there. I'm experiencing it while my dad isn't doing it. Are you jealous? Well, since I'm a child now, I think that's what a college student would be like, but as a father, it's complicated. But we are also parents and children, and we have done something like this. It's complicated ^^ How do you feel about being a daughter? It feels strange. I wonder if I'm glad I did this. I wish I hadn't been exposed to my mom. I am. it was awesome. You can come here again. Of course. Do you have sex again at that time? Maybe I will. Fufufu ... This honest person ^^ Then I'll come back again, so it feels good again ♪ I said so, and after staying for a while, I left home. I didn't mean to do that from the beginning, but in that atmosphere. I was frustrated, so I was so happy.I decided to steal my mother's eyes and go see my dad.


yuna himekawa[1591]
When I was in the summer vacation of JK3 years.
Just, brother, graduation thesis,
I was bought such go anywhere this summer vacation in the exam, but the parents
have decided to go on a trip for the first time in a long time with his grandmother. Departure date, we parents,
went out to say mother \"Say hello answering machine. I'll ask a meal of brother\" and with the busy getting ready to have if Bata from morning. It went to sleep and a bath and chatting while watching TV and my brother with the preparation of a dinner.
My brother
I had to kiss and I wake up feeling suffocation in the middle of the night. I was going to happen in surprise, but
it had been a kiss as it is. Actually, I knew
had to kiss when the brother is sleeping many times before, only difference with the previous,
brother I've been kissed boldly because not today is families with Always.
had to leave, but is the brother Yokara such know why okay to come put the tongue while kissing. I began to fuck her tits directly hand of brother
is unbuttoned pajamas
put up with the likely de voice involuntarily feel really it was pretended to be sleeping, but When played with your finger on the nipple gradually It was desperate because it.
the voice was gone out indeed when the hand of his brother came in the Hajamazubon further. My brother
seemed to know me to have been put up until now,
because I have heard \"Do try to stop Yoshimi, while preferred, what? To\" and \"Yoshimi,? Alright feelings\" and
are you N \"Contact Anicha with the naked me while refers
was found \", tonight, Yoshimi
said.\" I hope Rundayo., such a thing of me Well then to say that it \"habit know mean, Yoshimi is likes that your brother was closed.
We embraced brother even though the naked immediately,
I was rain kiss. Relentlessly to enjoy me to excited to
lick it or kiss neck, ears, lips loincloth stroked buttocks, chest, a secret long section from embracing me I'm for the first time, but it feels like there is an experience brother has been attacked. My brother began to move by causing held a healthy son with my hands. Son of the brother was holding for the first time, had been hit hard and hot pulse. It was a little scared, but I decided to leave everything to my brother and I thought \"This is, I'm a symbol of man. Things and not so hard thick is placed over there of me,\". It intends band voice comes out feeling Oppa stomach stimulated well with the strange feeling you have or entering finger of his brother and out in the dick and I licked the tongue nipples harder. Was pressed against the son of the brother over there my saying \"dick of yours is.'m So wet by Tsu'm good to put another Yoshimi, you know,\" he said. I found the tip of the son It was entered and Nyuru~tsu hips moving involuntarily feel something that moment. And cut your hands immediately after the brother you \"feel foreign body softened as stuck over there\" is good gently, \"it may be a little pain squid but Do not be patient,\" said son is invading, dick felt To another cup you've growled as \"Auttsu\" in spite of pain, such as is run over there. Son of the brother has been invaded more before the pain over there was a while Jean Ru followed. I'm glad \"Yoshimi, and even? Gore Men'ne, or hurt tears when I bleed in pain and joy that you feel over there to become full, the son of his brother, was accustomed to one and favorite brother I am. It gave me a kiss wiped my tears to say gently and \"because I was accustomed to together with the sight of cute younger sister. It was a happy thought to say our thoughts and that was good dedicated to favorite brother for the virgin until I can like people to each other, and get to loved brother. But I worry about is Luke accustomed to love the people of the other guy if you continue the relationship with his brother in this state.

Brother and 23-year-old, I will from now H

Long time no see Desu~tsu! From now
that was Koshin articles lot, but
I will write to here new and Suu Well then H and brother. . . Really! Until now, it is on the verge! It was, but I will until the end really is today. Now, I Chu bath alone! The Masu Shea finally Once up. Update Once settled. To Yaba~i pounding!

Do not quit

Thing a little while ago. Body is pleased rather I not Kobame it was a relationship have asked my son one day, but are asked every day.
But I think also not need to stop.

Father what

34-year-old housewife I, is 66-year-old father. Was when the homecoming, I was sleeping in the bedroom on the second floor to serve the children with his two children, I Akan put out was the father if you open your eyes and feel the accident to the weight of the body, the Yoko voice within one-piece of fleece, I and resistance to killing and voice Yada useless Dad hands of his father, shorts is taken off to the love that you think up called, respectively, and spread violently with Gu~i have both my ankles, I tongue he killed the voice over there of, but I'm impossible and even if said voice and Aa ~ do is, and take out the Yoko voice, you have never been in my husband's pleasant it is for the first time, and I also I killed him but when out nice voice and Aa ~ do is, of you out to say that trying to change Yoko place, etch and'm unreasonable more husband is from there, and I'm fine if Kabusere a condom'm fine , It is said Mother to try to change the location early Yoko is because happen, out of the back door, I would beat the sheet to open the door of the passenger side to go to the source of my car falling the stairs while being embraced by the shoulder to Dad , after kiss hot, we had been superimposed on the body and Nekasu to seat his father, and is in the ashtray to be wearing a contraceptive by I~ya useless and pull the sheet the knee hanging of children, Yoko and covering contraceptives is called prepared is Na I'm good, I would spread the legs to make it easier to accept the father, lower body each other overlap is referred to as Yoko, I would float the waist to welcome the bar his father , it aloud and Dad Aa ~ do was have entered gently called Yoko, N Aa ~, I was able to accept the bar of his father.

After a long time

After the death my husband, my 64-year-old had been forgotten completely, such as sexual activity. We were attacked by a son, son of 40-year-old became the New Year holiday at the end of the year it was homecoming alone in the 29th. It was Rampage in desperate Hanaso in amazement and was pushed down to come touch the milk to hug me what son drank too much liquor is what I thought, the behavior of a sudden, but the son that you are excited, It was resisted by a strong tone to be \"you know what if they were yours,\" but son took off Lisbon has been inserted. I am not wet was a painful struggle desperately, but the other, we would be missing the power lost to the power of man. It has accepted the legs spread wide unawares. And I got the feeling the pleasure of three years. 3 years Dad died, that excitement that I remembered the first time in a long time, will not intersect in continuous from that night.

My husband to be with son

43 years old 45 years old my husband is 21 years old son.
My husband at the very H, was allowed a lot of things since I was young.
You can Atega~tsu young massage san,
you or made ​​me take care of the lower body of the father-in-law. Resistance so say
When I went to the house of the father-in-law living alone, diet is the end, it became tipsy drink enters a little,
nephew, husband went into the bath father-in-law is, and, em flowing back of father
After attempting to enter in one piece shorts so says my husband, and, put Become stupid, naked and there was but turning the sleeve with my clothes on, if you tried to enter, shorts also I have been taken off turning the Zuru~tsu masters . The good
grinning, slapping bread and my ass,
and, I 'em take care from time to time from now, I
will shed dad your back and entered reluctantly,
Dad, my husband's fine even if such a thing Eh ~ ,
happily even while saying,
thank you Ja. Wash and hold the penis of father-in-law is around before reluctantly
to flow back, and over the hot water, I was sitting in a chair to say when about to leave, my husband
Akan, and also take care of the cock and so say
, I was ironing.
It is the father-in-law of 67-year-old, but penis increases gradually,
and breath Nuke also becomes rough,
it was exhausted with ejaculation after 10 minutes so as to embrace me on the shoulder with both hands.
I also was a little excited indeed, Bagina was wet.
Since then, I have been taking care at the rate of one a week.
I am also sex in recent years.
It is that of the son, but it is a good husband, not even she is still my son this and Yaro virgin, and, em tell me how this cunt once.
I laughed, it is anything much as to say, but
Will there be also interested in the woman at around also son,
when I was out of the bath, I saw the nude my Shigeshigeto by pretending to go to the washroom have.
And I am also aware that the masturbation in the room from time to time.
Something like the same as when the father-in-law, his son
is said to my husband while bathing, and taking a bath naked,
and went on to say Yoshio-chan, and, I'll wash back.
My son was a little puzzled and surprised, but it was sat on a chair in silence. I around and in front from the back,
wash the penis of his son, and and did hold.
Penis increases in a moment, we ejaculate in less than 5 minutes.
My son, my father? I heard anxiously with.
Yeah, I went out now,
Mom, me, because that has not been a
woman, let done once?
It was the end with it that day to say, I now Yeah.
The em doing plenty to son tomorrow,
I, and, to want to see, my husband, was laughing with a face dirty-minded look.
Then I came to serve as the outlet for the sex of three men.
You closed the variants pretend my husband, but I think a complex body and I love sex.