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Incest confession of women(2009-01)


yuna himekawa[14899]
The other day, and go clean your room son's college, opened a book on the desk sex, in a corner of the room in my pants rolled up, surprised. My son came home from school, "Keep it up nicely!" Said his son was angry, "entered my room without permission? You idiot!" And swearing, I left the room as Akire果Te.
Then, "sorry I'm sorry Mom," I apologize over and over again, so comforting in a way, "I entered the room from her mother on their own, K.," sheepishly down the face of his son divorced Kio Mukai, I, I had to hold myself.
said "I love my mother, a woman," says his son for a moment, and my head went blank, his lips turned a blind eye to accept have been over my son's tongue is sucking son returned. My son is pushing me to the side has a chest rub. "I want to have sex with mother mother wants," he says, a local 弄Rimashita put her hand into the underwear.
dick wet I do feel that I matter. "Katsu-chan, but I like my mother. I do not regret," I was putting the tasty the genital erection pants down, my son licked my tongue.
cock son and I have an erection immediately Gingin. "Ah ~ Mother May I put in? Mother?" I opened his back foot and your posture changes, dilation was accepted into the body of her son. My son moved back violently, de bat hit the back of the uterus sperm sperm immediately. I forgot my son Itte sex for ages.


Occasionally have sex with him, went to drink alcohol.
I took my son and I know my son,
first son went back to a cold, he and two people in the mood I'm also tired I did not, Tadashi Tadashi love hotel sex in the back of the station. To be honest, not at all feel. It was a long time ago he was three days Akezu sex. But to act.
I did not have to stay, so I went back home he said.
son to watch the TV so tiredness, argued from the beginning that I go to sleep quickly said, it was 押Shi倒Sa. I was frustrated
is seriously resisted.
soon be naked, I got the idea is beginning to feel the fingers at the mercy of his son soon.
"After I gave a man and a heaven in agony and I do!"
started blaming my son out toys.
Eventually, I reached my son violently pushed his penis in my mouth, I went to the room and quickly satisfied.
son thing, but I was terribly upset, the body got something refreshing,.



This idea is

It is like incest mother and child can not easily be difficult to stop once started. When I started masturbating
son from me most is when strong sexual desire when they saw the mother and the mother as a woman,
prone to incest I think, once so easily 覚Etara body away from me one day my mother is from about 2.3 become daily routine.
energy drink in the bloom of puberty semen that youthful body and I am the son of a mother it became harder still
so that it can only let go this time. The first is the
had become obsessed with looking after my son most likely from an incestuous but was afraid.
As for me, and incest should stop with force as long as I feel does not meet demand.
incest taboo mother is certainly in there, I think this is taboo and not something that inconveniences or anything.
than a parent-child relationship irreparably stopped by force, I think the best is that there is no wait for a physical relationship at a distance and gradually over time?


I was a normal family, the family became corrupt.
It is air-conditioned room for the exchange of his son, while clearing a room that started with my panties and I found this series of erotic married woman.
book about the model years of age I have a sensual Karami.
and shame and I think this has been a strange thing with my panties.
that night to consult with her husband, since puberty, and saying that some things were garnished. Of course, also changed the eyes to see her son, and disguised 接Shimashita calm,
and anguish in my head that night, I asked her husband, so it is going to be knowing ....
things already, and there go to the bathroom in his underwear, a son. Uncomfortable air.
Then, from behind the husband, "Did not you see," and then "I'll look better," and I, my son to bed, soon to be naked, even her son off like to say, The three family members naked.
I say good husband to touch his son, in ecstasy, and touches my chest and dick, lick once, I will 解Ranaku the Wake, an array of her husband again stiffened, Shaburitsuki , I got Lee.
Thereafter, while having sex with her husband, including the mouth, that the son ejaculation in the mouth.
and her husband, seeing my son, that the firm still beckon in 入Rero and I have sex with her son. White head and soon, they both immediately 果Temashita.
After that, both husband and son gradually escalated, or use a vibrator or a vagina hair removal is to enjoy the three people under anal, anal or is extended,
son's friends as more so we can indulge in the pleasure and gradually carrying a relationship with them. The other commonly Modoremasen.

Relationship with his son

I am currently 37 years old 20 years old son is a bachelor
husband 41 years old. Relationship with my son since
is three years.
I have a 154cm tall, baby face with a low
relationship with his son when the son who I was already higher. Will always be young they look young and not even dress makeup.
relationship with a first year, the state did not dress like her young son. At that time his son
friend, she was introduced I was older. Enjoy Demashita
date back to high school with his son so.
son, erotica, I was gentle with me.
wife and colleague from her job to take action and going to college after graduating from high school, I was being introduced before last to get married and live together.
will come back very little local vacation can be a slave wife and husband in the first appointment.
Now however tame I like my husband and son do a blood, the limbs are the collar around my neck when his two sons at home, late at night attached to the band's shackles will be taken out for a walk in the nude with a chain collar. However
now be inserted without being to anal pussy and mouth and want to care about my son.
son recently, I said that I want to see others embrace someone lent me well.

Son Toys


homemaker married 20-year-early 40s. The family of three sons and one husband's 18.
son and family and want to be good friends ever since I was a kid, the morning call each other by name, so I had another son, also spoke, night, hugging and kissing and lightly Masu Hashi.
husband is missing from the act of the night three years ago. My husband is tired and I think in the 50s prime. It has invited hundreds of times, but my husband,
his body does not respond. Cause I heard vague answer frankly, in the end 黙Ri込Mimasu. My son has become
but I am no longer in a larger body: some hold that the lovers and I said, I'm going to be scenes or hands,
be confusing, I kiss greetings complete, and I'm going to fondle breasts and buttocks to come unexpectedly rich Dipukissu.
son to hear, because the place three times a week to handle alone he said he wanted me.
for handling sexual desire, but my son is always trying to clean my husband for making the results and SEX are invited.
anyway husband and I SEX How will aging in the absence of which, it blooming, and vain to think, so that might be decent if you go on a trip with his son lying,
I think you would be a good son, I should rather become. My husband gave it to
Not now, I'll get better mental health of the toys my son, what's good for physical health as a woman. HP
here and I see that has to feel it.


47. My son works for a local office at the age of 23.
husband passed away last illness, but now my husband and mother, and my three sons who are living.
other day, since her husband died, her mother and I had somehow lost my energy, my son cared about me, gave me an overnight trip.
mother, I was looking forward to it very, bad feet for three days before the trip, will surely not go.
travel for an appointment because I had two servings, will instead be going with my son.
and great weather, it was a family trip for a long time, could spend all day fun.
But that night, my son is drinking lots of sake, and out of the room's futon provides a waitress, suddenly, I have called my body.
son was fond of the sport in college, I was not beefy muscular physique can you do?
parents to be And I can call people, not even rioting, is allowing the body had at last. It also
from home, so as to find the mother, on a daily basis, my son asks my body.
I did not know what to do, and would say only son.
son said, "Mum, do not feel left out and always will be the" will say.
My feeling is, and the happy, and feeling sorry for her dead husband, and found her mother's fear,
mingled sense of shame and ruin his life to his son, the future really I'm troubled by myself What should I do?


I am a 43 year old housewife. There are three of the family and my husband and son.
My son is 11th grade, from the end of middle school may be interested in starting,
H in my room and kept all the magazines and videos, now you steal my underwear Mashita.
In time, daytime and no husband, now my body wants 触Rita, sit on the couch when I came and sat next to his son immediately,
Dari smelling hair , now turning his hand on his shoulder and coming.
me out, "ticklish," he said, had always escaped one day and had a nap on the sofa when I,
skirt in my son's hand imperceptibly There was also entered. At that time, my son is obviously convinced that being seen as sexual.
course, I was scolded his son, then her son is losing interest in my body was not. son
unusual behavior, I wondered what to talk to my husband,
my husband, just because of bad upbringing, I just want to yell at me, remained .
Since then, my relationship with my son, almost the worst state and no longer even talk. Unsuspecting husband was more just tell you to kindly to his son.
to me, but I can not say you do?
daytime, when alone with my son sometimes comes suddenly going to kiss me. I became scared of her son.
day, things are down in the performance of his son, now quarrels. To interrogate the reasons my husband fell to his son grades,
"because it was cold and my mother, I study adhere to the hand. I wanted to speak or run away," I complained. And I began to master the anger against me.
I did not argue well beyond the one-sided story of a son to his master. Honestly, now I want to feel my way out of the house.
But it will put out my son is not possible. Even for example sexual deviant to me there is no important change in his son. My husband is not well understood
has become empty holes and Pokkari situation. I felt as I have lost a couple to bond.
It was aimed at for me, my son has been approached.
alone during the day, I finally got my son to open the body. I did not get the trust of his master.
So I thought I did really trust betrayed like this.
myself, and I think my son finally got to do with SEX, I felt a terrible guilt. From the moment her son accepted into
But the guilt I have already vanished.
son wanted to have sex with me, there was no way I wanted to look at, got a toy like that, we sat back and forth wildly excited, for now ejaculation but,
Moteasobi my body forever, many times with ejaculation.
Then my son said to me, we would like to appeal to every day.
still required daily, two or three times, has been inserted in the bathroom and kitchen. My son's violent violently SEX gradually to feel good now,
now, the rigidity is gone and my husband is interested in SEX, SEX husband and not even once.
relationship with my husband is not made 顔向Ke son, and now feel like there might have been the right choice. I think selfish ‥.

Anxiety son

Thank you a lot of writing.
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thread now.


Recently I am my brother's cock every night to tampering. My brother is in grade 1.
brother and I sleeping in the same room with two bunk beds. How did mess with my brother's cock, not because
this year because it was the older brother fell into bed at night occurred in the bathroom, the bed suddenly as 掛Keyou
swollen eyes that went into the groin of her brother. I'm interested in is lowered pajama pants and rubbed my brother cautiously. There
, the mushroom-like dicks. Brother's cock and saw it at the time of the last four was a different thing at all small. Eventually
devil whisper in me, I lick and lick imperceptibly, while the cock of her brother and
Sawa Sawa was a touch Tamatama cock with his left hand supporting the right hand .... Then the cock even harder
打Chi出Shimashita vein blood vessels stand out. I became excited to see naked obsession that I wanted to address the
my dick cock of her brother. From my dick they have a lot of juice dripping out from the roots strange cock
full brother of severe pain while running and I sat down at once is understood to have pierced into the back of me.
10 minutes the pain was just in a jitter. Suddenly I was face buried in her brother's chest and cause
brother face is already happening, they pat me gently wraps me like .... "Natumi · · · the first time what?"
"Look," said that, she showed me a finger and wipe your hands to do the finger joints. What the bloody finger love juice, and had arrived tappuri.
"shameful" and I say that "a dude, natumi What is the first time," confided to me.
next thing you know we found that the pulsing in my brother's cock. "Natumi if I could put in?"
"Yes," your brother in my hips moved. I endured the pain brother, leaving. Kiku Hiroshi
突Ki上Gemashita me three times her brother becomes more intense after 10 minutes of movement. At that moment, I found three things at the outpouring of feeling in me hot.
Eventually, I learned to say the erection is just to discourage soft 逝Ki brother's cock. This is the blind Chinchin
erection still less than a round! And every night, my brother and my relationship has continued.


yuna himekawa[14698]
Married for nine years, since the beginning of elementary school children are able to increase their free time, I got to meet cousins often.
my cousin was 15 years ago people were missing.
nine years ago, but I married my husband in order to liquidate the relationship between the cousins, the body is honest, even if I was having sex with my husband having sex with my cousin, I remember the face, had sex with my husband.
contacted me to do my cousin had a relationship again.
W Decades ago, my cousin married five years ago, to break each other's families and children themselves are now meeting once a week.
Fortunately, my cousin, so the operating time to be free, but I see no difficulty.
was glad in a conversation with my cousin, remembered when I have sex with my wife, and your wife to have sex with me in the mood to do that.
sex cousin is nine years my husband has tasted fresh, my body and soul are filled with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, satisfaction can not sex a long time.
not a sex radical, embracing as usual, to kiss each other's bodies 触Ri合I go to increase over time, that sex is most pleasant and gives me satisfaction.
husband and I love, but who needs me, I need sex for a week and also his cousin. My husband
In an effort to be seen naked by others for not, as a woman, sex can also strives to show himself for the best, because for every one. I can now heartily
cousin and my husband loves 貰Imasu.


My son was around middle school, while my husband and I divorced for many reasons.
back to the home, the man they were serious about our relationship before the divorce, my son also like that (married) and have to 言I含Me
to eat together, or even several times.
Unfortunately, many overlapping circumstances, he and I eventually broke up, many feelings for my son since that time it became like
ruminate. And when I met him late at night,
sometimes even travel.
in the embrace of his son, was last fall. Students living in an apartment and started
, and occasionally cleaning the room I was going to
, and they are 押Shi倒Sa on the bed before we could say at the time called her to come back for dinner Mashita. Not knowing that
I impatient. Scar has been cited
turn, I've been slipped a hand between the legs.
desperately to escape me, keep my son's might.
not because I can not raise a voice, I was desperate to persuade.
"put ,,,," conceded that the voice of the Son
limp, his hand shading his face, after you become a mercy.
his bottomless, clitoris and vagina with his fingers skillfully
son comes tampering.
tensions melt already so I felt I could not suppress a voice. Two
denuded body adapts some point, I installed my son got pushed into the thigh bone.
wipe with a tissue and drank a cold two people silently. Then I tampered
it was also being laid.
Son endure another "here? This?" I answered the question of consciousness has reached say jump.
beaten cheek to his son, also ,,,,.
next day, badly Kedarukatta body. Lee was evidence more than once in a while Tta. While
repeated several times that, I realized,,, -


It's always like this time it started. When cleaning up after dinner in the kitchen with, after being hugged,
comes in hand in the panties, and were put to a remote spot vibe. When I wash the cup while you can turn it when Hiyahiya,
I was suddenly put in a little switch. It was a pleasure back strong from there until you do.
"Uuu Tsu Oh," I broke the cup down to the waist Kudake. To have convulsions Hikuhiku leaning against the sink,
"Oh Oh, I was broke," said a voice heard from the living room. When you go into the living room to crawl, but had become slightly less once,
away also been strong, "Ugh, Ugh, Uu U ~!" Crouched trembling with pleasure to himself groan aloud Mashita. When finally reached the living room
was ready to take off me pants. thick, hard, erect penis
to it! I feverishly Mushaburitsui.
the floor was trembling is pulling the strings vibrate with love juice was cloudy Terra Terra flashed off your panties and suck cock with one hand for example.
"After facing," "No, more to lick!", my ass is being held forcibly separated.
"Oops I'm already out of his chestnut" and was licking clitoris while Perotsu Kio Hiraku say vagina.
"Oh Yeah Daily!" was a chestnut, and light bites. "Yeah yeah Hie ~ Daily!" I let her back in pleasure 仰Ke反Ra.
"can not take it anymore ~ Daily! Eh ~'ll put", "Where?", "So, for example putting ~!",
"So, where I", "mean", " hole in the ass? "," I no! us to sexual intercourse hoo! "," I want you to put what? ",
" anymore! Eh put penis ~ Daily! "I'm this vein always.押Shi開I slowly came into the vagina long penis is hard and thick.
"Ugh, I Uuu ~", "Here we go!" I came to stick your foot suddenly pulled out a jerk. "Uhh ~ Daily!" Penis womb 潰Shimashita Press.
has changed in the rap music Pishapisha wet balls and overflowing embankments. According to the end of the penis, "Ah, Ah, Ah!"
Continued to raise Lovely Voice. Has been rejected by the waist from Doggy cowgirl. I rub muzzles the uterus until the root tip and swallow cock. After around a large
back spasms, convulsions have Hikuhiku fine. "Oh, good! Oh, good! Ah, ah ~ ah! Ooh'll Ikuu ~!"
Uphill from there until I ran back to our pleasure, and I was lying on my heart today the center of my head numb. Body is on his back spasms are twitching,
was also inserted to the back stretch. While following a few minutes and violent end, "~'ll grind, grind ~'ll, they'll grind ~!" He continued screaming.
"you're going ~ Daily!" When more severe end, to hug arms around her back, legs 絡Memashita the waist. "I'm out!",
"Give me! Give me a lot!" "Ugh!" With a voice that trembled with Bikun the waist, was struck several times in the back of this until I have your hot semen!
"Oh Yeah ~ Daily! ooh Ikuu ~ Daily!" I was able to let me go with them violently back 仰Ke反Ra.
breathlessly son was intensely at my breasts, "Then I'll go to the room to study," went out to peck my fingers
likes vagina We had always tasted like mud and scrape out the sperm of her son put Innovation. Once you've
washing bowl for the remainder of the split in the kitchen cleaning up the washing machine into the slimy liquid panty
剃Rimashi love pussy hair carefully, as even what time to take a bath or. Lay naked on the bed and on the bath with a perfume.

Love each day

Hands of his son in my heart, "I no, joking right!". I was behind 振Ri向Kou moment, my son, "I love my mother" has her lips together. I still have the tongue entwined with his son after a long time 酔Ishiremashita a passionate kiss.疼I the woman could have this cozy feeling. My son served
left behind my neck, so just fall back, into the right hand Pantei carrying under arm, is played with an unexplored region. "I'm wet mom, you know," my son's voice was also shut an eye embarrassment.
son "a good mother," I did my best but the question shook his head nodding partly shyness. During the last Pantei grabs his son was hiding in shame at looking at the hand. The word is my son, "Where is my mother embarrassed treatment" hollow, stick your face looked like during the thighs, "Mom I'm beautiful" has been kissed.
when it is inserted, but I feel there was strong opposition from parents and children and began to happen so numb sensation all over soon. Two-hour connection, We thrilled to sex in eight years. Let me someone depart several times a lot like my stamina from the young. Finally in the bath, in the bathtub is raised to erect in your mouth, and finally was caught from behind. After, his son, "I moan a great mother," a face turned red. intense love and intense desire grows
Between Reason and still desire. When pure and true thoughts of my son crazy, I gently wrapped the body violently shook his son in the great love between the mind and it is a woman and a mother it has nurtured a secret love messy.
beginning of sex with her son is when I was getting my PC. My son was sitting behind comparatively, a hand on his son holding a mouse in my hand, I also understand that my son no sense of how quick the machine and taught me how to move gently .
a week passed, and since my son away from the mouse hand. Sometimes my son's face was looking at the screen from the top of my right shoulder, and stuck to my cheek and went to look into Dari and escalate the chest. Devoted to hands embracing my hips, cock and feel of the system over the nylon pants, my son is an event the next day and now feel the uncontrollable desire.
year since then, nine years after the death of my husband, I and my son's night life begins again, and I love each day. !

My brother and ...

That was what happened in one weekend at the end of last year.
lives alone in an apartment I have not gone well for the other job would like to share the future may also become a year old yet 23,
ever dated anyone else just because It is not without any reason, by chance alone at that time, there was no plan that day, especially on weekends,
Don Don and wonder and then the door chime rang Ketatamashiku door and suddenly I thought I go to bed soon passed into the room sounded Tarimashita rap.
felt even when I was thinking what is going on terror.

"Hey! Maki ~! O ~ We're back now!" and heard a familiar voice came.
it came to appealing against such misleading if I were his wife, who would was a real brother. My brother lives there so
at home with my parents, I no come to my room Oh, it never comes to visit, let alone late at night, unless things greatly 有Ri得Masen.
his brother came over to say, but I thought it was something that seemed not much of a voice call is not sober, I have not drunk from the tone completely around the 呂律because it clearly understood.
I thought I had let just leave me alone, and also a nuisance to the neighbors, it will also be misleading because Aranu, my brother decided to open up reluctantly.
opened the door and came into force in 傾Re and did his brother was waiting. I take it
and somehow stuffed the keys sit with the door closed the door.
and off your shoes from the feet of his brother, brother's arm to raise up the tensile force which is likely still in bed and carried me to bed, keeping your body in the staggering wobbly.

entrance to the bed, while supporting his brother in a drunk just a few meters, so much feeling that would not be long. It leads to shortness of breath
I breathe hard enough, while making a breathing My brother is in my bed and say Susu. his brother
such after-work suits, meaning that it becomes so wrinkled suits awaited,
I kind of thought my brother take off your coat, take off on a hanger with pants too吊Rushimashita. The rest had only
shirt and tie, shirt tie up anyway, but thought it good?,
what was wrong with the 脱Gasou because we dominated the air and then, could Then, once you ...

sex brother and tie off, remove the shirt buttons one by one, we will hold me at arm's brother suddenly I'll take off Now. Somehow I know now what
moment, stunned to have a brother in arms a while, "Maki ..." I heard a voice calling me brother Kana comb.
I happened to think, "... her brother?" There was no answer and I talked to, they firmly hold me but I was unable to move the state.
At that time, did not honestly feel bad. I was feeling rather comfortable in the sense of security.
brother is family important to me, because I was young I thought of his brother's wife seriously,
Hazama Nao to hear you in my heart is thus the arms of his brother for once I wish I can stop time like this.

air could pass, if I sleep just 仕舞Tsu, I woke up on the body of his brother was sleeping.
is sandwiched between the legs like a brother to his left leg had gone to sleep in such a way is also my brother put a left foot. I was soon asleep
how much is understood, and realized that it was only 30 minutes looking wall clock.
At that time, noticed the thing that is hitting hard on my left abdomen, "eh? What?" I thought it was a split-second.
thing about him is that cock, but soon I found it much less experienced. Even so, it's awesome
size. As far as I know, I think at most.
more to make sure, I thought it was addressed to his left hand gingerly challenged while his brother's face, I check the size and hardness of pants from the cock.
boyfriend broke up about six months ... H 御無沙汰 I was too excited to masturbation even the odd away were touched cock like crazy to remember things that even the other brother. then gradually recruited
desire, but this time I had to touch directly, to lift part of its rubber pants Whoops, I saw my brother in looking alter ego. There are things
and saw my brother got in the bath together when I was young there was a cock different.
But it is the best material for my excitement at that time was the best thing someone could meet my needs.
started rubbing it gently up and down holding hands.

said "Ugh ..." hear and moan, and indeed so far, not much that I woke up 酔I潰Re however,
had his brother's face staring , and then was making a Suyasuya breathing again.
Yeah I thought a little more if you do not have to touch it, slide the rubber part of the trunks down a little, let the cock is open.
And while rubbing up and down slowly and carefully observed, came out a clear juice oozing from the tip.
glad I saw it thinking "Oh!" raise their voices away and was on pace to take lots tongue licking the juice spilled out.
dick that time I have still have sex with hot soup surge already overflowing, I was clearly understood. I will not feel put off
pajamas, playing with a cock in her brother's bare right hand and was playing with a portion of heated soup in his left hand. I was more excited
求Metaku, Chablis brother cock Go ahead and put it in their fingers, the obsession with masturbation, as if they were the things inside his brother though was.
like my brother noticed so far is indeed, "I? Maki ... What, what are you up?" and asked me 寝惚Ke half.

So I was so impatient now, "Hey, hold up ... please ..." and stick a kiss on the lips as she said her brother,
come entangled with the tongue tongue was also entangled with my brother or me to answer. Then my brother
like to change the posture of the body under me, get naked and hanging off his shirt and pants off while kissing deftly started massaging my breasts with both hands.
I get more excited Hashi Sono brother was irresistible to want to put more faster than the limit really.
Now I want to kiss my brother started to suck my nipples for a while, did not come even once in the hand rubbed clitoris and vaginal opening vacant. At that time I
"awww ... haa haa," and gasped aloud, "no good anymore ... ... ... ... I want her brother ..." was no such a word for my brother and I feel ashamed. But the script does not put
brother, in turn, tongue licking nipples were heading for the bottom and came to my groin Gushogusho going on with love juice.
suck on purpose and whizzing noisily full of juice you've inflated my desire to further how such a glancing lick clit tongue Innovation in Choro.
because it was really crazy, "no good!'ll ask to come!" a little strong to say, "Are you sure?" and my brother, so I finally answered,
Datsu fine day I want to be put right now or "Oh yeah!'ll put up soon!'ll still only just!" So, my brother put me in silence.
hindsight, into one of the few experiences in life like his brother were the first. It is good or bad, I felt as a pleasant habit.
feel things have entered my brother all the way, I was surprised at the gap and look. It is so big in the 痛Kunakatta. How do you say
so much a feeling of pressure just good, it just felt good.

speaking men and dated so far, and I realized later that I felt I did not have so pleasant. I felt fully
something brother. The feeling inside me was like my brother too, a time to move back "by feeling good! Vaginal Maki (inside) by the best!" Tell him I was. I answered her brother
"♪ ♪ I started in this pleasant feeling too good," I felt something crazy in my brother said.
or how much time had passed, I approached my brother about time limits, "awww ... awww'll'll b more! Chau Lee Tsu! Dametsu! Ikutsu!" when I was shouting, my brother, "Lee, too Datsu it going!'ll Give you! Oops!'ll go! "
brother saying that I have released into my vagina. I have a moment, "eh?" I thought that I was excited by the sex of half a year, I wanted to do well, my brother would take all the semen. I know I'm
moment as the Paa warm womb. I really think that the pleasure will only do me? Anyway, I get a sense of welling and his brother was one, was excited at the moment might be the best. After a while we still led
embraced on the bed ends, were immersed in the afterglow while breathing became rough and ready.

challenging parts are connected and addressed a few pieces to take bundle tissue bed beside his brother and me to wipe the semen from spilling out of my vaginal opening and quickly pull out your cock. The thing I
including my brother, "Thank you, ♪ brother," his voice hung. Ikko

cod body wash and then taking a bath together, because his brother was also a large cock, and started in second place. This time I had put behind
standing. The positive power of place
the opening of uterus is stimulated to reach deep differences became more pleasant, and vagina (inside), I had filled out. Have your
sex that day several times until the morning, I had a lot to feel good to stay with you forever until evening the next day.
brother From that day on weekends and I enjoy sex to come to my room. I became a habit to
is too pleasant to drink out of the pill in the first time, the weekend has gotten so be sure to cum. Pies
my brother so I am glad it pleased me best.
marriage but can, I think my brother like a baby someday.

Living with mother

The intersection first time mother and my mother was when I was 15 years old 35 years old. I grew up in a fatherless family was sleeping with my mother too well to take a bath. Just looking at the erect cock nude in a bath with my mother's middle school, so ashamed was hidden. Yamamura winter cold in my bed I slept with your mother always Damn. One day, erect cock from behind and hugging with my mother, I ejaculate. Wear pants that change was in sticky cum, she smiled sweetly and noise woke up my mother. Back to bed again, your mother gently embraced me with both hands and Gyuu I became an adult and her Department. Intersection of the mother and that was three days later. Still guided by his mother, moving back in ecstasy, dick skin feeling soft, warm and happy to live well. Mother's sleepwear under the white kimono at the time was with a singlet and waist. The first time my mother solves the belt of the kimono, just excited to open the leg extends stride bigger loincloth. Then, my mother has to live together as good bed and sleep for a couple. My mother's sex life and told me his father was a war widow only a month. I was about 30 years old, in with the mother and child is closely related to spread rumors and moved out of the country mansion. The hesitation to anyone not of the apartment. The hug at the front door there is a couple of good. Retired three years ago, I also enjoys trips to hot springs and 84-year-old mother. Also, post.

10 fear of my son

You write a lot, leave fresh new [sure] I have become so full already. They become a little Kakenakatta
to about 50, again when I came to see about 3 times.
do not know what to expect in that I got, because I also try to keep people in so many Itadai answer.
Yes. There are now 10 bullets
what I'm [sure] that even a blink.
thank you again how little better before I start Itadai acquaintance.


30-year-old brother is single. Sunday afternoon, nobody was home.
Drinking tea with his brother was only slowly while watching TV. Have spoken to my brother.
"H sister recently was?" Huh? Why ask such a thing? I thought, for a recent
Ine. Answered. "The most recent was when?" "Have you two years or so have not you
Hmm. Kazu?" "I'm the last week.'s Sister two years have not? Good and beauty < br> I think. not once in a while. "" Because I do not even opponents.'m introduced to someone.
young man "
" I hope to introduce it, rather than going out and the opponent SEX I have a guy as good
. do him any? "" You'd seriously 付Ki合Eru er child.
's not such a person? "" What guy seriously 付Ki合Eru, H Surun poor or even I.
Well then it becomes impossible two years too. H is for doing it were good to him and 割Ri切Tsu? "
" It would be great even for cosmetic uh yeah ..."" If you want to? "
" in? Who is he good?? T you? S you? "
" They're good, but, O how about you? "" Well you O? not the type Na "" On hand at Irashii SEX
I respect. but it self "
" Toku quit after all. O You're useless "" I waited, O you like, it's pretty sister Yoshi Kimi
want. Tsuyo Ai I like the older "
" Toku I quit. I'm sorry "seem a little disappointed brother.
"Well then you do not want to be my partner for my sister's beauty."
"brother? I do not of course. You can not with my brother. ー Tooru Hiroshi"
"No such thing is, a real sister and even people who I know some people my H "
" Really? "" know my sister? H'm fine with siblings 多Irashii person who "
" But you , H Kaz You're the poor?? "
" Oh Come on. sister. I can not stop on the way to the end if you
no. "" What way? What do you do? "" Wellー topic of them, fingers, or canyon.
sister're good to stop immediately at Yangamouiyatte say "
" Well, I can not lie You ー. with you... "
" Even my sister, You got to masturbation?'s why I always? "
" Hmm I'm not so much. I masturbation "
" You can put a finger to do? vibe I use it? or? "
" Darn it, stop kidding me yo "" I raise one finger to my sister alive or ー.
lady if I do my best for me! "
" anymore,,, made I do not do that. My brother and I ..."< br> "Sister, Well then, what do you think of this?" My brother Peter and backs up his pants down in front of my eyes out
varnish was. Kii Hiroshi hard black. Has also put the glans.
"do? do look like a sister?" "You lie Darn it... I
stop kidding me.." "My size has ever seen in my sister is what number?" "Oh, a fool with a brother and sister
is hard..." I looked askance Kaz penis.
"Sister, please! held once! try to hold!" "Well Really?? also
U... stupid,,"
I saw my brother hold the penis . Hard. My brother grabbed my hand and every move from the top of my hand began to
. "Oh! Like that! Sure! My sister!" Monu liquid in my hand from there I became a paint
Ru. "How about this?" I try to blame
circles around your finger or glans. "Oh! .. The! Nice lady! Good feelings!" You stupid little brother. . .
So I was thinking that my boyfriend gave to the young continued to blame.
"forget it, sister. I did it from far, I put? sister, not being
!" "will not do!" continue to blame the glans. "Stop it! I live my sister"
"Oh? Go now? If you go?" Tried his hand tightly. "Oh I live....'ll
Up! Sister! Hand I'm going!"
Surprised me. Even though the blame should have already done the previous boyfriend, brother Why do not
Naka Naka line. Has gradually get tired. Solve
waved my brother came and attacks. Keep your feet from being pressed down into the living room
. "Hey there! Waited longer, do not you dare think of what to do!"
On Sunday and say things even careless, was wearing a mini skirt, everyday wear. Toi
brother had scraped between the U in my underwear, put your finger came legs spread. "Zowie! Stop!
With Cho! Wait!" "Toots! You should not, like that for me.
I have not already been stopped. To give up!" My brother's fingers Shinatta . I was wet.
"You've been my sister too wet. I think for the beauty! 入Remasho!"
've found that I was wet, not even have words to return. "Stop your little
! I tell my mother!" But the word out, but I feel comfortably at or
essential. I feel blamed aloud the chestnut "Oh"
brother came in last. I gave up all the way to hard to reach. My brother is moving back to lend
well have been to blame in me. I've put out a low voice. 10
What quintiles. . . My clothes, my younger brother were forced to be free of the side or even behind
been attacked.
I was raped in the back on one's face, breasts caressed my brother take off my clothes on hand.
at the back of the penis has reached all the way back my brother, I've felt
or aloud. Positive in the upper end. "From my sister put out in the" "Yeah. To put out", "Nyan immediately feel
sister? We now? It alive?" From "more I went,,, I'll go
" "What? go now? do not go quietly. I wanted to go together"
"Sure, go now! Kaz. Go!"

· · ·ー sister ·····" No! I'm still going. that I'm not, I'm long.
yet still I'll fill. "
" uu Oh, "I inserted my brother anymore will remain, free to continue blaming the body was left to his brother
. Standing in the back. Sitting sideways. To move freely in my brother's penis was
. . . What I was alive again. . . They continue to be at least another hour into
Ru. I could end up with someone to get a cock in the mouth Kaz.
living room had been filled with sweat and come, but SEX. Everything is already done, as parents come to light in
片付Keshi the day is over. Datsu first time I fucked this guy just one or
. The beauty was certainly felt like a good. My brother was very happy with SEX.

My mother and husband

My mother is 59 years old 33 years old my husband 31.
married six years.
husband about sex from married two years, not being able to have children because my body.
on holiday in May last year, my husband went out two nights and the lap of the golf ball with his friends in the company. I travel
affair with him for nearly two years. There is also
his home, barely able to stay overnight.
golf until tomorrow because my husband and I went to visit my mother's place on the way home.
when it came to the corner of the home, and the car stopped in front of the home was about to go into a travel bag from the car home with my mother. Both voice
Kaketaku mother, my mother rode the car out of the car, the car I was riding my husband did. In the absence of any state
phoned my mother and I are still out shopping, get home at the time thought that I came back, this thing is the worst.
is cheating on her husband seem to have somehow knew, I was gone from me I started cheating, masked marriage, how long masked marriage.
But, mother, husband and mother.
間違Etai see the cars, was such a feeling, no doubt the car number, but remember, there was a mistake.
was standing at the corner of the home while stunned for a while.
between mother and her husband, in never in any accident, my husband went golfing the day before yesterday evening, and meet my mother was never in any match it.
not know what I'm looking toward the entrance of the home, was waiting for my mother to come out.
"Keiko Oh, what is"
mother saw me in the face of little surprise, I felt embarrassed.
"from Takashi There was not time to call it up from golf gone, and already here."
"Oh, yes, I travel back from ... On a trip in the neighborhood association Tabakari "
Make a hurry, but my mother was wrong words.
even two trips back, I could see the bulge of heavy luggage.
"Dinner, You still going to eat something ?····?"
in a long time to eat with my mother, I had a pleasant chat, deep down, that will look inside the luggage有Rimasen could help to burn.
it while taking a bath with my mother, I was sure to open the luggage in the bedroom of my mother.
One was changing and toilet, and another bag, even with three hidden sex toys carefully, while using the toy, which my mother crazy with dirt.
sheer sheer negligee and red or pink or purple, they look transparent panties, panties with holes, every last one, like panties husband, mother, 59-year-old woman, let alone so much dirty panties as well and wonder how to get dirty, so did the intensity of'll see my husband.寝静Matsu
me from my mother in bed, sleeping in the nude mother, remembers no such thing, even though the mother should sleep well and sleep wear or pajamas, in the nude.
And as you can imagine my mother armpit underarm hair grows and we are 茫, lower body did not have a shiny appearance of pubic hair.
your choice of all my husband, my husband and mother relationship, I knew how much deeper. Even with the couple staying
mask, a relationship with my mother, like something out of anger at mother and mother, husband and I stopped by from many other men do not stay would.
say from my father who died early.
without my husband.

Son ...

yuna himekawa[14500]
40 years old divorced. It was found out the cause of divorce and the relationship with my son.
son and now two years since the summer of sex. My son was 14 years old. When not traveling on business
a week during summer vacation my husband, I found this naughty son in the room. Married just a lot of things and
MILF stone just too much ... I just photos, but that's dick ....
come to light again, as is seen from the top of jeans in the bedroom I was touched. Without a lot longer with her husband,
masturbation about once a month. Fingers during the day was about comfort. I remember just saw a book,
was going to put an end to the club before coming back from my son ... my son came home found earlier than usual,
抱Kitsuka away is the kiss ... I feel really hot body in itself.
because it was the only state shirt, his fingers fiddling with chestnut strong resistance to her son,
feel pain, cry and feel Lightning. I'm quite pleasant to the touch of a finger other than my son's things that I really wanted,
insert a little help but I resisted. Ikimashita son was put in many times. Come inside ... ...
I was hugging my son the night. Can not give and then, if there are no sex with my husband and my son was still two years


To me, the younger brother is a pervert in the car during the commute to his brother, finally is held cock brother, is drawn in to a love hotel near the station is down from the train, after all that day to the rest Of course things take a rest, being raped by his brother at the hotel, after all is said 遣Ra stopped and disastrous end, after I finished the last minute, from my brother's genitals sperm was dripping. Even more than the 遣Ra whether or not there is a change in my body, do not know yet.


For his son to attend college in the country, "my mother going," I'm doing it twice a month. Only a person living with her husband, said sex outside the relationship each other.
"I'll Ya gonna come to you always!" half-serious words of his son while pounding
I say, I stoked. The 19-year-old son
fiercely energy, sex and leave for three days.
son while sleeping, cleaning, washing, I was naked and was going to come shopping. I have also dated
man in his thirties, it is still a teenager is amazing.
reported to have sex with him and his son, here is fueled jealousy.

Like my son

I am a 47 year old son is now 20 years old in January of this year. Family is the only single parents and two sons. After that I have children, but three children, all girls Katadzui. I have been working overtime will be busy until yesterday to the supermarket checkout, yesterday I got sent to commute by bicycle store manager.気Ni入Ranairashii it is her son. Since I have been in the family restaurant to eat and shop manager, committed to the naked take off my underwear when my son came into the bathroom and sleep. In doing this child do not know why, but until now no. Five years have passed since a man drought, I think I was hungry for sex. Kajiritsukimashita feel my son is getting better gradually While we were beaten. Issued several times without disconnecting son semen. My son and I are now happy to help you. I told my son that my mother would forgive you every day. Happiness is ... It is such a thing.

A mother

The 43-year-old mother. I live in 二入 17-year-old son and divorced.
started living together since elementary school son. First divorce had been sleeping together to support her son's spiritual anxiety.
son from that time I had the habit of touching my body to sleep. I led the team keeps it away now.
and now has to handle of his son. But the relationship is not so-called final. Son to mother nature left off this
, I hope that other women facing. Of course I'm responsible for that action to it repeatedly.

Anxiety son

Thank you a lot of writing.
act with my son. We like a lot of fun with your friends.
for men and women from confusion, to acts of extraordinary confusion.
try to write everyone will be pleased to feel like I'm wearing a lot of people look forward to reporting
will keep writing until the mother and son living here.
enters the world of incest is when it was just confusion,
now I have become all things daily and love dearly beloved Son. Once I changed it and now I wish myself a little bit longer to talk and act like a coincidence that my son has become like the satisfaction of holding me and another adult.
some more again this year? Thank you for reading.
'll continue our little reporting.

A good son

I do not have serious relationship with my son, what sex it is single mothers. The five years have been divorced too, I will be 64. My son is 35 years old, at that time lived with my son who just two. It was like a couple of years away and his son in an apartment without a home. Her pussy was not necessarily every night. But lately I've come to touch my son will be onerous. Nmanko soup now I'll spit in pain and put into dry Dezu. Alas it is now a young son. Become a wrinkled old woman, 35-year-old son is doing so.

Son woman

"Oh, that is no good." ‥ ‥ ‥ I'm kissing a man other than her husband is! ! . Son penis, ‥ ‥ ‥ very nice, but hard to shame. Cock hands "‥ ‥ dream. I can not say who once wanted to be like this." Son and I never really ‥ ‥. A year ago I was embarrassed like a lie, shake the hips in agony is a big cock into secret lips, "Please, you want a little more Iki" totally lascivious - now a woman.

Son woman

"Oh, that is no good." ‥ ‥ ‥ I'm kissing a man other than her husband is! ! . Son penis, ‥ ‥ ‥ very nice, but hard to shame. Cock hands "‥ ‥ dream. I can not say who once wanted to be like this." Son and I never really ‥ ‥. A year ago I was embarrassed like a lie, shake the hips in agony is a big cock into secret lips, "Please, you want a little more Iki" totally lascivious - now a woman.

Son masturbation

I'm helping to give masturbation two sons high. I usually rise
pajama pants off son to bed alone 横Tawarimasu trunks.
and give out before I open the little boy will soon harden. Holding
fundamentally, I feel out of the right hand portion of the glans.
though, but I Kamutsu glans skin completely.
And glans Shigoi who just held his hand, back and repeat that.
about 30 seconds earlier when, in about one minute too late, my son, "Mom, she'll out" the called,
put my penis in your mouth, ejaculation causes there. Of course
swallow semen.
萎Ndara the little boy, to give tongue to peel and clean, that's to cover the skin. I
withers away little boy is cute. Though I love
son is suffering less than friends. seems to be a complex
phimosis. But my husband was too small
, was 剥Ke skin.
little boy but I love my son.
was the first time such things were before the high school exam.
and can concentrate on studying, now I'll promise that topic once a week.
it passed, but increased to twice a week, is worried for my son, and now has to give it every day.
college entrance exam next year.
to reduce the pace a little, instead, becomes a college student, I think that you'll forgive the petting.

The hot spring trip

I saw this site last year, and I want to experience, Kinugawa Onsen went with a friend the other day. That day I got out because of snow and eases the stiffness of a young woman called a massage and two friends who could not out at night. We say this waitress in the inn's true, but I seem to opponents of the night, it lets us quickly if we can not only waitress asked. He said. Because the beauty of a professional massage from a young waitress who has to OK. Let me take off pants and white panties massage then stop. The massage therapist who did my first one so. Friends do you think the second time since taking a bath in the room, turned the full monty let. I thought the second was better it looked. The price was 20,000 yen per person. I did it three times without disconnecting and thought highly satisfied with.

Son and daughter

I divorced 33 years.
3-year-old daughter and my son is 18 years old.
son born child, so I'm still at the age of 15, can be seen from around a couple of years away.
and 3-year-old daughter is a gifted child between me and my son. My son does not

Satoru Susumu high school, worked. I am a life as a hostess.
son said so 18 years old youth, also vigorous sex, and almost every night.
that we have accumulated money, but they'll move soon, in which we would like to move the openly living as a couple.

to call him daddy and that even her son's things, it would still small fine.
son, "Now I want a boy," I said that, I had to twice this morning before work.
But I have her interest, and SEX are staring at us.
eyes while looking behind her to bed is just like my son.


I will confess the truth. Please pardon-less so I'm sure it would actually be written 有Tta to curse. 30 years old but I actually went to the hotel in Kinugawa said two people I went with my mother brought it to the hot spring, so you have a lonely old woman that my wife died and his father last year. There is a restaurant for dinner, so I went into the bathroom after eating family. I'll wash and mother, but still can not see 60. I've led a strange feeling to the groin. My mother at that time saw it looking back, "You're and ~ you gotten so is with Mihoko not you do not." Pushing the crotch of his grab it likes, "says Mihoko'm doing here That is the secret, "it said," I'll go to the room slowly, "did it three times to go to the room twice to say. The mother was wet there. It is also good filial piety.

Sun lover was the son

To pass the entrance exam of high schools like my son, when I went to an amusement park in Tokyo to celebrate,
play like a kid in a candy store about noon, checked into the hotel, finished dinner, a bath,
comfortably on the bed, happy day, feeling sleep soundly, time has come to settle in like a long time. I like to sleep
into close your eyes, I like what the body is moved, I was taking off pajama bottoms,
Eh, what? If 戻Se awareness, trying to figure 脱Gasou my pants, "Darre?" Hey, this is a hotel room, but should be absent son,
Could it be the "Hey, you doing Are you, "" Stop, "" stupid, then what are you, "his son to resist rather than be surprised in a hurry,
resistance even before I raised my claws into the hands of his son, son came towards unflinchingly, is taken care by underwear pajama pants,
"Stop, you doing, silly," "Stop," I had to kick them repeatedly slam your feet tired I hit the belly of his son's legs,
son fell out of bed to go fly, "Don" and I heard a dull, looking at the lights, he was not lying on the floor ,
son went to the place of a hurry than before, "Are you OK? not downright?" "Are you OK?" I'm worried about her son's injuries, the lower body is exposed,
son suddenly again getting jumped, and knocked down on the floor remained 押Shi倒Sa son headed legs open, her son has struggled on the power of repressed,
"Stop, fool, fool," cried I had seen her son's penis, thick Ikiri立Chi Kiku Hiroshi,
in size as when I first saw a decent man experience, my son was growing up here was a lovely child that will better especially surprising,
much less my mother's assault force, violent behavior, was attacked by a feeling like you've gone away from where my hand.
or sad or empty, go in person to resist violent force is fading, my son around the crotch and press my penis hard 減Ri込N son comes in,
押Shi開Ke rub my crotch so tight,突Ki抜Ka stretch at the moment, forced to deny that consciousness is increasingly concentrated in the crotch,
adultery penis I'm the son of the eyes, groin obsessed with sex and women and miserable, intense stimulus 突Ki抜Ka I could not even going to stop that turned into pleasure,
his appearance there has been dominated by the size of the penis obsession son, appeared to go even been swallowed pleasure pleasure,
adultery Besides the joy of pleasure rather than accept the thrust to be written, and they stayed open yourself body. And my son is not a virgin,
attack that included a room, reacting to repeat my body, filled with sick pleasure goes, no woman is turned into hail, my son was crushed to the penis.
son's voice suddenly, "Today is secure?" What I hear those words from the mouth of the son, it is hard to believe it,
I'm being swallowed by the momentum of the penis is more surprising It is a response to his son Orimashita safe day also nodded obediently.
son opened the groin, from the penis of his son being drunk, aggressive enough to know what was overtaken how much time has passed,
groin hit the end without bitter, I'm being informed of the peak are bathed by deep head for the climax ejaculation while my son again,
淫声 not stop spitting up had enjoyed the pleasure of a climax to his son a hug. Go to bed,
example sucking dick suck without resistance was offered to my son, What a pathetic figure dropped from her mother,
spilled and tears are natural, healthy erections again son to the penis, which would be carried to accept from me in the crotch open,
the end we came to playing with the penis, still continue to die of pleasure hitting things can return, "Jutsu Money, Money Jutsu, "hear the voice from the crotch intersection of adultery,
butt is pounded into the bed next to his foot raised, poised to thrust Yotsun這I been incorporated to further reversal,
like to lose everything repeated sensation surged, with face-hugging fits, poised under son,
I have pleasure seeking desperately to respond to the hip shake, my face is toward the penis, sucking For example in his hands stroke cock sucking son,
gaining momentum erection, ejaculation is released into the juice in my mouth, throat momentum coming back again and again jump into,
the heat drink I did know that consisted entirely to the woman fell.

Where is the pee hole?

I pee hole would get to watch my sister vagina
somewhere well understood. Please tell everyone.

Karaoke five talents flow

How is everyone going to karaoke?
masterpiece "that lodging is Zankano" appeared behind a pink kimono
'm a woman's unknown when he was five generations ○ summer.
has been confirmed to appear divided on several tracks based enka songs, too.
inn water, rarely appeared in the song I'm hot springs. Recently, during a trip to Beppu
towards "a man out on a karaoke!" Was put at the voices and it was nice
. I second rate, third class,
It is under the current five current four. But it was shot two nights and three days.
it to appear on the screen is actually an amateur karaoke nationwide delivery
to you it's too easy. All expenses are borne
but I have to do it. I like my

四十路 now addicted to incest mother and child.
son in her mid-twenties are not disabled are
handsome, but are interested in why my body. Just a quick
tongue and finger techniques are also substantial in the Ikasa


Last night, I have him? 39 - 35 year old brother I have, I married one another. Also, you want to.

He is

My son is 25 years old, I am 48 years old. Continued from intercourse with his son two years ago. Now for a divorce three years ago, has only two sons and lives. I am a flower has opened, my son is a civil servant. Be transferred to his son, now go to the office of civil Ibaraki. The one who makes me take my son says that the mother together, know what I do? My son can not have sex with it too. It is also regrettable that the lost two years of married life. Please tell me you have something better.

My son and I did

I am a 46 year old son is now 23 years old, sex is still going on five years now. My husband is coming home in the New Year it is just migrant, who lives in Tokyo a few. Two sons and lives in So. The New Year also came back this was here until seven herbs. Sex with my husband every day but meantime, there are bigger change Timbo do better there as a young son for some reason. Son, my husband got home last week because it was hard for me without the woman are now glad to Gingin. I have seen rumors of it because of the little son and siblings. When a son is a pussy do not give orders quiet lot. When I have a shoulder Shiteyarimasu to spread the legs and feet. At that time I love it. I did it last night and over.

I did it on a stormy night

That day was a stormy day.
came to deliver gifts of Ralph Okinawa.
"Takashi Are you slow?"
"I will probably take a little after ten o'clock because it always rains"
"I Still "···· violent storm while they There was a pause.
"Can I have a little until he stopped the storm?"
"Absolutely yes"
welcomed me without any doubt.
did not even expect from such things to come.
"Dodotsun" thunder suddenly sounded.
"crikey" I instinctively blocked ears.
"Oh you scared?"
father comes closer. I
dread of lightning. I gently brought near
trembling embrace.
"I'm fine"
he sit down together on the sofa while I stroked my head so.
"your father's okay It's okay," you have to stand up and embrace
sudden great force.
"your father's it! No"
I was hot at the core of his head in the arms of his father came law.
"Please do not stop your father's? to Good"
indecent relationship must not become absolute.
I said to myself in a daze.
"I'm not supposed to know that this"
while your father's strange excuses from "stop immediately" and the swelling of my breasts
has been touched on.
"No, not"
and pushed gently let go of your father's. Then start stroking now
skirt crotch.
"Yeah but useless"
Suberikonda forced the hand of the father in a skirt.
"No, no stop"
father suddenly shifted beneath the body, increasing the roll on my skirt came
underwear rub face.
"Well awww"
felt warm underwear over the life of the father tongue Namaatatakai.
"Yeah useless"
we rushed through the power of the whole body in less-than-subtle kick while I do so.
do not want to know my husband this obscene figure.
crowd at the same time fears.
"anymore Takashi's not coming back"
"I know"
panties had been pulled down while hauling it whispered.
"I just touch a little bit before the show comes back, Takashi"
"No! please stop"
takes the hot breath of the secret father.
('ll feel bad oh)
disordered breathing excited we wanted to think so as well. Ro is a clit I
"more Yametee"
"is a beautiful salmon-pink"
let slip a finger at the entrance while the father mutter.
"Oh I"
knee had been held in the hands of my father immediately tried to close the crotch to let out the annoying voice.
take part in secret hot breath again.
"I'm excited I'm getting you out of the soup ah?"
"is not the case"
understand it myself but I have a dick so hot.
"little taste"
"Your father's had to stop playing"
gently up and down on my clit father tongue.
"Ah ~ ~ Well I have ···"< br> would honey overflowing one after another.
"So should I feel"
keeps licking my father.
has raised the hand of thicket father scratched.
father subsequently slipped into the folds Innovation fingertips.
"well being shut"
and out of touch while exploring the folds so as impressed.
"Oh I'll do Tsuan"
felt I was the father of the finger movement. Using fingers and her husband
not be compared.
softly while slowly moving it slightly pat.
pleasure that my body was looking into hot fret.
"So I locked so I'm feeling"
stepfather turns messy puddle in the middle of the longest folds Waruku Iji saying. The tip of his finger and
Furuwase Komakaku folds in the back of better.
I will not stand each time.
"Oh I col"
"I can endure it no longer has"
口走Ri father while I've been wildly overhanging canopy down my pants.
"da bad! It just never"
"only just tonight, tonight,"
"Oh No"
I have involuntarily Nokezotsu .
60s and kept the hot stuff I think expanding burned strong.
father was crazy they could not shake the hips in pleasure endure. It's a way
've always done it again.
a weakness I would have the temptation to pheromones.
husband without knowing that the storm still night.
husband and father is sometimes involved but I still can not stop with the bad.

Brother-in-law and near misses at Encounter Cafe

The mobile sites I often go to Cafe Encounter Encounter so scary. The Encounter Cafe is also reported comes everybody who is believed to have coffee prostitution, it is not. But I've heard in some women with that byte back. In Mobile, in age dating Encounter Cafe is a lady in a young woman is crisp. Close to the coffee shop and went to what, one hour by car Encounter There were so crazy brother.

Son did ○ ○ ○ ○

I am 46 years old. My son is now 20 years old in November, is related to three years. I want to say these days, and living alone. People like to say: getting tired of her mother heard the translation 萎Bita pussy is not it? I cried with frustration. Suka Arimase I'll break that had been terrible to have sex that much every day. Was it the way I have already made a young woman. It is a shame as I was so married single mothers. People having sex last night and did not say farewell. The other son and I looked at using the position and I think it's all impossible. There is tingling as I did. Son did not wake up this morning. I was really alone.

My discourse incest

Sex for the first time this year, with grandchildren in the bush for sex on the street in front of the hotel where hatsumode love back with her grandchildren. However not being like
Touzen. I came home to have sex with his grandson every day. This relationship can not stop.


ー today at The Walnut ~. Yesterday, my brother taught me a lot (H is for)
me, I was taught to Blow brother last night. (At first I did not know that Blow)
older brother in the beginning "to Blow walnut" and was told I "Blow What?" I I asked,
brother is "a Chi ○ ○ After I did, I can get to lick the nuts in the mouth," I've spent so excited, so did interest me,
I was embarrassed "Let me do it," I say in a low voice and tried. Kuwaeru before I was a tapir tapir w
my heart I tried it on my brother's mouth to the tip of courage. Then my brother
"You're not up to the base and Kuwaenai, walnut," or so I say, you and up to the base Kuwaeyou, I've hit it before the end of the throat.
I said, "It stems from impossible, but it only Blow me this?" Then I heard,
"keep everyone up and down his lips," I was told it is " Nnn I "and I look good while doing it,
brother is" I feel good cane, "I had said. I was so excited, I was getting more and more quickly,
brother is "like drinking out of a walnut in his mouth that" I was told. My first "I hate that," I told you, I say why and thereby
"Hmm, I'll try to drink," I say "OK I" I tried to say . Out a lot too, had I can not drink.
Then the brother said, "Now I'm fucking" so I did not know it is said, could you tell me.
brother is "Try it as I thought," I was told, the use of breasts by name, I understood,
knowing what do I do then, brother "the day today, but teach a course of attack did not say I'm an H, I'll be wrong," I was told I was
"Eh yo have not heard about that," I suddenly did not say I've been kissed The one day it was so bad I H is the momentum, "I'll do it, I guess I will try to"
but you say, I've a brother in the face with tits "I'm off "It was the day it is said that I do

Son of erotomania

I am 43 years old housewife, 19 years old son freeters. My husband is in hospital
time. Going to visit her son and took a bus two hours three times a month faster. One son said to see serious and put out of my pussy female genital interested in lately. Showed that once the promise of so many times 叱Ritsukemashita say that his son, it was a mistake. "I want to show all the way where light" at home so his son said he went to a love hotel and I know when someone will come without hesitation to the SM entered the room. Tied legs spread open pussy Cusco crawling and I stand to restrain the tyranny of a sudden. I get embarrassed to tears thinking. At the same time also using the hole diameter of Cusco only two simultaneous anal and deliberately tampered with 6cm was opened about a digital camera while shooting. Situation was observed shrinkage of the semen or vaginal secretions 嬲Ra situation as is the clitoris. At the same time I felt the cold eyes of his son and devour the cold metal of Cusco. And I put my son in Cusco Rotabaibu metal! But also a pleasure just opened about 8cm vibration "through internal 見Eruru" 立Temasu 云Tsu to shame and fueled. I finally lost the pleasure reached Olga was holding. Cusco me to unplug the last two holes. The son said: to solve the rope and go to the bathroom "topic like this," saith this. It is natural urination and bowel forcing nature. There was a mess with the natural urination, bowel also to nature. My son was looking at how to devour this. But it was only
forgive me.

My discourse incest

On the bed while reading a magazine lay naked father came. Suddenly came in without knocking my father said nothing came to hug me. While
just me with my father to help me but no one I ask for help. My father covered
被Sari me kiss it and speak, I turned away. Need close to kiss his father, was holding his arms, give up a key source
father came and pressed his lips with a spitting Bettori in my ear.
no power coming true as I squirm away from his father and the body comes from my neck and ear licking, bang your feet tired to resist them, but I was trying to prevent further,
My father brute force began to rub those big hands grabbed the breasts. Hurt ... in the words that should not enter the ear, rub his father, and closely attached to the spit nipple, and suck Chuuchuu, one hand on my pussy.
Stop it! No! Even if resistance to finger flapping clitoris certainly grabbed the leg, lost my mind to resist being pulled in too much pain. My father stopped me
resistance, bystander from the nipple, sides, stomach and lick while Iki down, reaches into her pussy, pulled the clitoris,
by fillip, using the tongue, full of saliva put began to lick. Peroperoguchuguchu, so the sound is on purpose, lick my father.
use your finger to stir for about a pain in the vagina, two of three counts of 1 finger, I can go three, four ... Speaking of pain, hurt and irrational course I would Nasty Put your finger on the 5th spears,
while you can put out, I was a nympho You know, so nice, and, laughing, to hand out ear finger,
forgive 噛Mitsuitara he says he came into my father's dirty Chinpo Jari forcing my mouth. Norway and even disliked my father coming into the mouth by force,
be patient, be tough to smell disgusting, but I try not to breath, licked.
father would want to be satisfied with my cock, saying please and say, sticking out in front of me come, allowing hate to say anymore,
say please and quick to put, say My father seems to be frustrated, and scared faces, yet fall prey to what to say painful,
least likely to bite my nipples torn saying, as soon as I put my father Please say. My father came to me in so comfortably,
Do not worry, says in Catch at Mouth put out hate, said his father put into my mouth stomach and gushing out come. Drink, the Rim,
mortifying miserable. I was so careful not to be alone with my father 2.

New Year

Look out at my house, I came back two days. My son is out late to attend to our size but was in bed with a cold. What I am busy and
Kaya, two weeks without sex?
gone through the skin immediately with his son. The first is the son
have earnestly put into my penis,
recently, I have to remember to enjoy my body.
to me naked, I look to have taken up various poses.
use lotion, I is not never cum fuck around with your finger.
is frustrating enough nerve-racking, but I own a vibe I
Copyright insert vagina and anal. I commit roughly
son crying shame.
going to be a fun year this year.

I nympho

yuna himekawa[14143]
Escalator up from the junior college-educated women, arranged marriages and distant man upon graduation. Lost virginity honeymoon wedding night.
husband and night life once a month from the first 10 minutes as well. Then five years, one year or more sex while I have never once experienced pleasure.
about an hour or more each week I'm doing and thought he was a friend who married a lie. The presence of uncovered women was dating my husband before marriage, divorced immediately. I do not know anything
company work is indebted to his father lives back home. My mother divorced when I was three years old, my father raised me I can not remarry.
back to when I was six months of home. My father came back from two o'clock to midnight to end party, the people who backed the company,
alone had drunk so much Berobero stand. That his father was the first time. Colleagues from the bedroom carrying his father went home.
one who managed to take off my suit, I hesitated a bit pants to 脱Gashimashita. When I saw the father's penis Daratsu and I tried to stunned.
Because I'm thick and longer than my husband's penis becomes larger when broke? Man's penis until it becomes larger than 10 centimeters,
when sex is something that I thought from the peel of the tip. Also returned to his bedroom and did not sleep floating in front of his father's penis. I wonder how much
a penis that grows? We pull a string with sticky fingers 当Teta liquid in the crotch by chance. And!
had to fly from fractures of the legs is large clitoris. The electricity runs around the waist and touch, I rub like crazy.
masturbation was the first time. The next morning, but my father has been going on as usual, I have become concerned about my father's legs. It was
from masturbating in bed each night imagining the penis of his father. York State Of Mind "Dad, put! Example'll poke hard ~!" What she said. I also stay at home household
day, I was in good shape gradually during the day to masturbation. In April of this year. When I came back with a drink Father welcome party for new employees.
drunken father or the "Hey, Akemi, or take a bath together!" I told you. "Oh Wow, dad sex!" I saying,
me, I take a bath together to watch the father's penis. "O ~ Tsu, Akemi, I wish I was a pretty big breasts ~ Daily!" And was told,
thinking, "Wow ~ I," I said and covered in his hands. Father's legs and eyes go suddenly had a little bigger penis! It was 15 years
I take a bath with my dad. For the bathtub 浸Karimashita back together in the embarrassment.
But I steadily hit something hard in the ass around. When my father got up from the tub, There has been a huge chunk of meat in front of me turned around!
I divorced my husband looked at least twice. My father's penis, I suck instinctively example. "Oh, Hey Stop!" Said his father but continued to suck for example intact.
It is thick, long, and above all I'm a hard! Another shook his head feverishly. But did not enter into a very full mouth. Seizures were of the penis and the Father Hikuhiku
. I spilled tears came, my heart 口走Tsu the thing until now concealed. "Dad, please! Put Eh! You feel me!" I've said.
legs open looking down at me lying in scullery, "Do you really?" Hey. When I came into the penis of his father, and her husband divorced when unlike,
Merimeri feeling and push open, my lips hurt 堪Emashita biting pain. But the itchy feeling around the waist and immediately started shaking his father back!
"your father, and more! more!" retroflexion but ran back electricity to the spine strong, intense white light shining moment disappeared in my head was like fainted.
"Akemi, Akemi Hey, are you okay?" I went back to his father's voice startled us. "You're the voice I was screaming Wow!" Hikuhiku convulsions were still hard thick penis in my father. "
I'm not you frigid! Please! More poke! Eh ~'ll poke all the way!" He also began to thrust violently. And,
"Oh Oh, by, you'll go!" To overtake and I was saying, I, I was entangled at the waist with a leg hugging his father in a daze.
"Oh, oh, oh ~ Daily!" My father let me sit and Bikun convulsed violently in the back of my ejaculation was. More and more things when she filled the back of the vagina lukewarm,
反Ri返Rimashita intense in my back. "Oh Yeah ~ Tsu, if, Ikuu ~ Daily!" I'm not you are frigid. After finishing, has been full of happy tears
.抱Ki起Kosa when his father, his father fell from his groin and Botatsu sperm. It is a translucent liquid Sara Sara no, it was a mass of white jelly!
straight to bed with my father as it is being held. And for the first time 跨Rimashita penis. Screaming fuck rubbing muzzles sense of the penis and uterus father,
cried wolf a kick while vigorously shaking his hips. "U Ugh, too sweet, Akemi you?" What she said,
me from under my breasts massaged my father. "Dude feels ~ Daily! Dude feels ~ Daily!" Replied crying tatters. Doggy
the cowgirl, and when done in a normal position had been more than an hour. Now I feel I have become a delicious fishy semen drinking father.
I myself did not know she was so horny.


Parents to come home in the memorial service.
brother (son) came in place of the parent. This time, I had taken the hotel,
go home they stopped the plane. Two days ago, one room, so thank you Uriah conditions were different hotels as well. Gratuitous,
移Ttara room double bed room with my brother, Even with two brothers get along, because the state had no choice situation. Each other, are married.
last night, I started out to say stop watching adult programs that pay to see my brother and I are watching TV is boring and Kamisan.
I've been watching quietly while drinking together. When I turned 12 and his brother Neru, lying half of the bed, I went to bed.
or premonition that I, 00 from her brother out and say I know better than to say how many times a week is a big brother, I'm a daily basis.
32-year-old brother, I decorated it with great, is ridden on, I'm taking a bath before middle school. Began to massage my chest,
away upset, the shower is caused by the tongue body and my body is left bare to say, the first kiss with his brother.
something different! I feel the man and his brother, a strange feeling. Again, tangled in the bed is inserted, and first ran electricity to the body.
tension relationship and I want to do something different. It is well expressed write, I love my brother. Did not understand the morning with my brother many times,
sleeping on the side. Some people act and I also had. I heard my husband and I had so far on whether it is true, too!
the airport tomorrow, so tonight is like no good together. I was last year, they 敵失 uterine surgery and is physically able children.
brother I know that, did you understand that and make sure tonight. How cute is that salvation from her husband with his brother when the outside.

My son

I was 45 years old now, my son is 20 years old even if 童貞Rashii. Dearimasu handsome physique is good, a woman working at the hospital they would have no inconvenience, because there's a woman's gynecological doctors think that's good. The night was back the next afternoon the other day. When I returned I went to my room and sleep. So my son went to the room. Something or was using a PC. You may have seen this site I'm sure. Later I saw the computer away, was the surprise of dating sites. My son and I was going around with her. My son made a bad friend you can call my son and I was wondering are you a pussy.言Imashitara son and my mother would have too. If something makes us dating mom, but I stopped. Maybe I should be better and said it was Yara. To borrow your wits.


The mother was 50 years old this year. 24.21.17 3 years old son. Eldest son and second son has left home to live. My husband went into the civil service
son to college like two waves.
and son last summer, the only son and my family during the day, as usual I was eating lunch together,
CX television broadcast of the day talking about breasts, the second son What are breasts? I heard it and said that the mother's breasts. I
Koume marked with the cutting board breast, do not wear underwear at home. I Hodonai sway. I have my second son
smaller bigger is better. Certainly brought a girl, it was a small child in the chest.
this child I know. If so, the end. 2 o'clock, I was cleaning up my bathroom, the second son naked, I come to think of a shower, when to get out,
body in the shower or bath is the son 捉then hung up, and taking off the clothes are wet from the mother and son would like.
I do! It was understood from this situation, I want to do!問I詰Meyou and you, kiss away in your mouth blocked by his second son.
state put out the word, to my ideas, and so this'll go naked in a room of the second-floor room 2,
the son again, and my mom wants to SEX standing wonder what you're looking body. Once done, you think I'm pregnant and dabbled in other girls,
period of 48 since it does not do good. A son, father and brother I secret. After studying firm, was held. Young
force, but only take. Spoiled only satisfy himself. I did. But what I can get though some were so few people 多Ki 3,
son's son, surprised greater than those of her husband. The bats emerge solution etc., this surprise, I had accumulated so much,
every day, but I can not do it against, like in the health of the mother. The promise of once a week, was an act.
after a few days, the breasts like that? H interfere that much greater, would there have been some trauma.
husband and continued day and night and sometimes once a month. Take the third son.


I have sex with him. I saw that from my father and grandfather having sex my daughter Louis,
agony almost a week to three, as'll let you stop to his father, Louis the day I'm going to play yesterday, and my father talked.
"or seen" The father says wryly, the Louis and sex that began soon after my mother died last year. energy are 強Irashiku
to laugh about myself, about my mother is healthy every night and twice had sex,
from the mother to the hospital, while patient two weeks Thorpe seems to have time to go.
mother passed away two weeks Tarashii but to be patient, while Louis and I'm taking a bath one day,
over there as soon as you saw a Louis impatiently for erection. Louis holding a first in the bathroom,
and it had to end. A shock, "but the safety of the day, Louis and Nakade have not." When else,
blowjob you get, I use the skin. So what was said. "I have to Tageru. So I will stop now and Louis."
The figure of two people having sex the other day I was in my mind, I said myself. Feller had. Shagamikon
in front of my father sitting on the couch, pants down to his father. Great. Hard, and rugged. Hot.
the time you ejaculate in my mouth moaning of his father, I was wet too. To take a bath together in the tub and holding is,
penetrated from behind by his father. Body still wet, having been brought him to his knees on the sofa, the sex on the couch, her breasts are rubbed,
embrace of his father while screaming ejaculation. "Well, not just" still on the sofa, his father received from the root of the penis, when it started the second 2,
Louis have been pouring in the living room. Now, I can also Louis, the drain of the Father. My father comes off like a hoop, to Louis and bombarded me,
four times to me this evening in the end, two times in the Louis ejaculation, and sex. Absolutely unstoppable.


Last spring I moved into a local Abashiri Asahikawa away. In order to enroll in college. I live in Asahikawa has lived in the same room as my brother. My brother was waiting for this day too. My brother left the Abashiri
three years ago, it was transferred.
but I go along, even when there is interesting work, I lived in had no other from out of Abashiri, some scared.
But to be able to make time for my brother and I came back three years away from the occasional holiday with his brother, thought I was in love with his brother,
give to my brother I'm just satisfied So, my brother used to live in Asahikawa trump college admissions and dare to say.
to live together as I became addicted to sex brother, days off each other from the previous day, sex and even taking a diet blog, engaged in sex. My brother
winter turtle to tie me to wear a coat, and let me go to a convenience store, still dressed in the summer let me go to the park near the middle of the night,
or sex in the park, be honest though it is to pervert, kinky sex is good, I leave that thing is not my brother. Abashiri
when I could have been seen in a while to sex tourists on the beach of Lake Abashiri, I'm excited to be seen, I was bullied by his brother extra,
still feel away, had greatly raised to look out loud Kio Hiraku feet. I usually leave the room
bound, or is left into the vibe, and take video, M just not interested in other characters tied to her pussy,
and licked, finger and placed or two at the same time placed the vibe, only there to focus on my brother anyway, removing bullying.
like sex brother naked for pick-up in an apron, towel wipe your dick brother came home, I put in the mouth, this is a daily routine. Because
weekday work and school together, but mild sex in front of the rest is hard. (Laughs)
cool if I can live on land that his brother know that I continue this life forever, they become anxious.

The Grandma

The grandmother is waiting to come out of him becoming fashionable for 60 years. And that he is my brother. Sometimes you can go back far to marry. My brother will come back to that day, we have seen that having sex with grandmother. I think it done today. Then look at the face of Grandma 赤Ran. My brother is doing would go somewhere and Iki coming by car, so grandma.

S son

My son is now 20 years old this year, but still sleep with me, my 45 year old is worried about whether a woman would feel. The sleeping room with his father and three of the narrow house, but sometimes I have sex with my husband to look after Irurashi It is touching your body, what you feel Why are. Are united with my husband last night, still touching me. After the semen is wet but that, touching the sticky places, came into his fingers. Then I inserted my ride waiting on our sleep. So now I have to voice out surprised and said, still holding back. "It'll be something that will not do much because my father found," he said in a whisper this. I tried to run away, I forgive my son was silenced by the power at any rate. I get frustrated tears. Do you think were many times like that I slept unknowingly.

My special skill, tricks

I experienced a variety of feats, but customs 悦Bu
man but you.
can swap trick first ball of the left and right testicles.

My son

I am a 43 year old with a 19 son relationship. That is to happen to live separately from my husband, my mom came in last night but my son is living alone in an apartment called the divorce, you say that the script does not push the stamp master was in trouble, My son told me that I'm going to get. They say I'm Living in together and are said to have been so troubled by bringing a young man in the world. One day my son, see the mom and her pussy want. Let yo will be good. ]

The mother and H

My mother is 17 years old 40 years old. This can be good for the New Year, there is no lie-in. Hatsumode Okosa was going to think. I said well representatives from the father to go say it is better seen on TV Hakone Ekiden. And so she became the only two people, I became a mother 抱Kitaku. So "no one there to show my mother." My mother said, "what I do not say something stupid," was rejected. The one time I noticed this site because it is useless, and said after a few minutes. Mother on a chair in the living room but then it lifted up her skirt panties off, "Look here 見Takerya" showed up and said spread stride. Now, "and let the good time" and say "Do it if you'd rather. You will be the first time. Try it from teaching. I'm going to do this," the hips in a circular motion and turned on was. I did that but then turned on, I immediately left the semen. Now when you give, so be careful not to go out first.

My son is back

I was 46 years old, came back from holiday weekend in the company's dormitory 20 years old son. In last night's sleep only two pains are now gone and my husband too. I told my son to enter 入Rimashitara a bath together and two people entered. I have been pushing hard for his son Timbo Aimashita wash my back with each other, I will reach into the scullery there lay my precious son to get out before you is not it? And now put your cock. Son has done once before. Young people thought other people feel good and energetic. Semen coming out of there before I did took the chair in the living room naked to cum once. Thanks I got drenched and wet on the couch too. Oshimaita tonight, tomorrow is now made to wait for my son likes to make plunged to sleep. Timbo Shiimashita a husband and a son is greater than you think. I look forward to. Nru I feel like Ru.

My son has been ○ ○ ○

I am a married 43-year-old has a physical relationship with my son three years ago as 20 years old. That, beginning not too much to drink at my reunion you invoke and his son came to see, I came by car, the car came along she is. In saying that and my mom is not it? And besides that, in the car, there was used condoms. I forgive him his son while she was trying to have me. I have accepted the wage com son three years ago. I did tell her. This boy Timbo gave this to me. Since you're a child. The return home and embrace. Now in a fight with her.

Good Son

My son is 43 years old 18 years old. We said that viewed from this show is swollen when I have a little boy his son, that it is swollen and I was without an erection. My son and I was fooling me. At that time I was out too, so my husband tried to escape, was done to lose the power of his son. Now I feel I still hold strongly to my son. From time to time in the future will require.

Fucked up son

Was a hot summer night. My husband is 13 years old with two sons living in a foreign bachelor. That day my son went out and fireworks were uncommon in some beer drinking. I got weak liquor lying in bed as soon as I got home. I drove my son's body so unable to sleep well and wake up somewhat heavy body. Genitals had been inserted deep And there were hard and erect. Could not even move as being firmly rejected hit by embracing. "Stop!" To say that it was the fullest, I feel I am going to ejaculate inside the vagina with a lot of gushing at the moment. That day has been issued many times in the morning being fucked. Now five times daily to ejaculate inside of me. Now I get it wet as I thought.