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Incest confession of women(2015-11)

The day we accept the father

yuna himekawa[24383]
3 year of high school I have accepted the father, it was the summer of 18-year-old. At the time of the house, my father, I, sister of motherless family, sister is under my four. My father, the loneliness with no partners, is trying to Magirawaso with my daughter, I can touch my body since I was in elementary school, had been or to touch their bodies. When it comes to junior high school, father of the act to escalate, but even more has been asked to act above, it only rejects strongly, it had been asked to stand by'll put in the hands and mouth. I at the time of the high-3, there was a consultation from sister. From his father, is forced to production, it is the trouble. Sister, knew of my father and me. My sister is still in junior high school, there is no man of experience. I am a high-3, so there was more than one man experience already, including compensated dating, I I've decided to comfort the father. I father, and that it does not issue a hand to his sister, on condition that put the rubber, was told to accept the father. To those of the father became big in hands and mouth as usual, I was covered with rubber. Father overlays cover me, the moment you've been entered, the figure of compensated dating father us and my father I dub in the head, did not fully somehow holding back tears. 20 years ago, it is a sultry summer night memory.

Son of the marriage plans

That there is a woman in my husband, I had inkling feeling.
But, in the hope that peace of the home, and I've been a blind eye to see.
To say it, the act of my husband just to escalate.
So, it is I, decided to finally do not live at home.
We did not collect a miserable, and think a disloyal husband, was feel relieved rather mood.
That said, because a woman living become middle-aged, some are dying is still lonely.
Such me deeply sympathy, that gave me assistance for physically and spiritually both sides, it is none other than, it was my only son.
Son is 25 years old, but already I have a fiancee, or stupidity of the mother, it would graces to catapult son, at last, \"mom, and lonely in the irresistible\" I would jump into his chest with.
Embracing such What is also no mother a son trying to gently, and told me that \"the Tara me a good, I'll love\".
I was determined violently sob, the son of lips, was entreated to be \"hugging mom! Mecha In Kucha!\".
Son's hand, when it took the panties, I did not need without covering his face with both hands.
And, I am in No Holds Barred figure Isshi.
\"Mom!\" Son to say to groan, and pressed my lips to bare genital area, began to turn licking the middle so.
Had been caressed by mouth such a place, it was the first time since honeymoon era.
So I have gone at once Beat Bukkake, settlement to increase the early as yoga voice.
\"Here, is this hole, I have Looks hole that do that have been born,\" said his son also banged horny, licking relentlessly the hairy privates, it was me or sucking.
Of frustration, from around the back of the nympho honey of crotch crevices of Older Woman, Dorori, Dorori.
The drip son has continued to suction while making a Buchubuchu and obscene sound.
Too much of the pleasure, Hashitanaku also had been intact mouth desire.
\"Please, dick, put it! Soon\"
\"Mom!\" son, was raised a tearful voice, has been thrust up violently wow erection.
Then, using the waist like crazy, to stretch climax.
\"Mom!\" The moment you reach, the son also called so, the hole that I was born into this world, it had dumped a large amount of semen.
Am I got exactly perpetrated that what.
But, a son of the real, which hurt my stomach, that was in love vigorously forget us, without even so, however, and I was glad to single-mindedly.
Hope to live from that day has been sprung.
Son, and at the same time my children, is my beloved mistress.
When \"Mother, this time I became very beautiful\" get compliments on my son, it will coyly like a little girl.
But, in fact, I, the son of youthful extract is received by the uterus, are you rejuvenated to ensure. Skin has been shiny.
Embraced his son, and when it is pierced deeply To a much much respectable penis than those of her husband, is immersed in the communion of meat and meat to forget everything, we are able to drown.
I wonder That was when what time, when it was raised for the first time licking the son of the penis, he was incredibly excited, the erection Bikun, was not vigorously Sorikaera and Bikun.
and \"How was that? been gone so feeling. She'll do ask licking also?\"
hiding the hostility to the son of a fiance, and ask jokingly, he while Ara-ge breath, word.
\"It's no good, Anna guy!\"
in his words, I am stupid mother, I was ecstatic secretly.
And, to dictates of intense emotions, and pushing son in place, and spans from the top, I like the lovely erection, it puts lead in my obscene hole ....

Of 17-year-old fine autumn day

I I met dad divorced at the time of the 3-year-old.
Without telling mom, and dad, we went to three movies and meals.
At the time of the fourth, it was sex and dad.
Every day, I believe just that dad.

My incest discourse

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I'm a 38-year-old housewife. My 16-year-old son has been with me since last summer. Yes, we continue the sexual activity of the couple while being a mother and child. Now, my son, who has been asking for my body since noon, is writing while going to the shower. If you come out of the shower, you will want my body again. It's nice to be young even though I've been sperm in my womb six times. Last summer. It was a hot day from the morning. I finished the housework in the morning and had a cup of tea with my neighbors at the family restaurant. As usual, the content is a couple's sex life and rumors about the neighborhood. However, only on that day, I was only talking about sex life, and my husband was assigned to work alone, and for me before my period, it was more exciting than usual. Just listening to it, the liquid that overflowed from the pussy was enough to make the panties stick. The most intense of these was the rumor that Mr. ○○'s wife, who is known for her zeal for education, has a relationship with her son. When Mr. XX urgently visited Mr. XX's house, it seems that Mr. XX with a cheerful face came out in a hurry as if he had been having sex until now. Mr. ○○'s husband is also assigned to work alone. There are no shoes at the entrance that seem to be visitors. So XX thought it was mother-child incest. With my own child. That's all I have in my mind when I part from you. I couldn't even remember how I got home. With my son ... When I entered the house, I tried not to be aware of it, but I was really worried about my son. I gently went upstairs to see what I was doing and looked into my son's room.My son is still sleeping even though it's lunchtime. When I'm at home, my son always has one trunks. Then, the son's dick that sticks out of the trunks, bends back to the point where it reaches the stomach, and stands up. When I saw that strong and young dick, my reason flew away. As soon as I entered my son's room, he chewed on his son's dick and was sucking on his dick. Surprised by the sudden fellatio, his son seemed unable to understand what was happening in his lower body for some time. I held my son's dick in my mouth, crawl my tongue everywhere, and continued to taste the young dick. My "mother" son finally calls me. "Yo-kun. I'm sorry. My mom is no good. " "Okay. I like my mom." "Yo-kun ..." "I'll lick my mom too." "Yo-kun." I trembled with joy. When I took the cock away from my mouth, I left myself to my son and asked for his son's lips. I suck on my son's lips and stick out my tongue. A son who responds awkwardly. I'm no longer a mother and a child. Deep kiss more enthusiastic than her husband. I gently caress my son's cock and guide my son's hand to my pussy. The pussy is already soaked waiting for her son's dick. "Mom. It's amazing. It's gushing." "Yeah, I want Yo-kun's dick . Yo-kun? Put it in your mother's pussy ." "I ..." "Yo-kun's first time?""Yeah , but that's okay." I was frustrated to take off my clothes, stripped off my panties and straddled my son. Pick up the cock and lead it to the pussy. The comfort that the glans touches the entrance of the vagina. I rub the glans on my pussy without thinking about my son. "Uh, mom !!" My son seems to be alive. "I'm sorry, Yo-kun. I'll put it in." I welcomed my son's dick. How many months has it been? The comfort of pushing the vagina open and pushing the uterus up. I shake my hips like a beast. Only the jarring, messy sounds and the rough breathing of the mother and child echo in the room. "Mom, already. " " Okay , okay. Put out a lot of Yo-kun's sperm, mom's pussy." "Oh," My son clung to me and threw all the sperm into my womb. "I understand. Yo-kun's sperm comes into my mother." You can see that a large amount of sperm is poured into my pussy so that it seems like it will not stop. A young and large amount of sperm is poured into my womb. A son who is exhausted and tired. But the dick is pulsing hard in me, as if I didn't know the decline. "How did you feel ?" "Yeah. Mom?" "Lend me a little more Yo-kun's body." And I kept moving again.From that day on, sexual activity with my son has continued. The good thing is that there is no master. The bedroom with my husband has changed to the bedroom with my son, and I can connect my body from morning till night if I have free time. My son asks for my body, even when I'm cooking, with a bath. At my son's request, I don't wear underwear at home. So that I can welcome my son's dick at any time. My son, who just came out of the shower, is looking into this sentence I'm writing. And I'm writing this on my son. But no more. The dick pushing up the womb gives me ...

I am back

Is 24, I have ends with a marriage just two years.
My father, nothing gently without saying, me being welcomed came the daughter back.
If you think you, you do not know to be much had compared his father and him.
Father and also live to one year together, I was confident that I love my father as a man.
Honestly, we hope to both the night,


I have a son of 16-year-old in at the punishment 1 44 year old.
It is the also funny I say of the parent, but it is so gentle handsome.
Its children from 1 year ago I do like looking as a woman rather than a mother.
Since the husband has been raised while I work divorced when the child is 8 years old, it is a translation it was much two people lived.
Bathing was also entered into with up to one, two years ago.
Stare its children from 1 year before my naked with Gee, and such are you touch out of the washing BOX while not I stay with my took off panties.
Then, when I sleep once because sleep and drink a little at night, but a little Ya I gently'm not occur, last winter, as you go to bed together and come into my futon to say trying to sleep because there is cold children together and it became, but I had with a stain on panties when you went to the toilet in the morning after a few days.
It was immediately found.
I go to bed wearing pajamas of big skirt formula when you go to bed.
To mean that son is in my back so sleep in roughly sideways, it was so at night it is. The body of the son in the back and I felt a sense of discomfort in the body when I sleep by bending to the character of the clauses before the leg like a shrimp.
So is the son that had touched my ass.
At first I was over winding sleeping, but Not the began touching beginning to raise entrusted skirt with a single over panties ...
I did as it slept pretend you do not know what to do.
Son move forward slowly to put the finger in the valley of my ass.
It is very late, and I came up to my part of the woman to go ahead as it is.
Nde I also came raised the child is not made ​​a man with one woman, the first time there yourself and realize that to say that I'm a woman, and I embarrassed the mischief of the son of the finger, but I have accepted.
Whether the child that had been thought to be a child was remember the finger technique anywhere, my valley of woman it is it's proceeds gently slowly smooth.
Again and again ... back to before ... I was pretending that I slept without getting hard voice. But I where finger has two to three round-trip and that is wet enough so embarrassed over there was to understand yourself.
Those who touch the thin wet cloth one over more than to be touched directly, I learned that very pleasant.


Mail from a son running through the university rented an apartment in Tokyo.
\"I go home today, I prepared to be ready.\"
Preparing and that of anal sex. And I became completely obsessed been groped by a man that had been infidelity before divorce.
\"I mother was genuinely hate the old days, and I think now was good and a bimbo girl.\"
Since then certainly first experience, never a man to turn fingered chestnut my body was extinct.
But only son now. I think because there is still love it because.
I that has been doting regarding son. And son is \"man\" does not have things to say because I me doing.
Night, became bickering and come and certainly son back by a man having sex with me.
In awkward Looking at the son, are you studying Toka go to bed early? I am I was bad that I said there.
From the beginning ignored the attitude, now hands out, to ward off me, now come to touch the body.
Takes it to the advantage of the fact, it is me who seduced his son.
When you are put your hand in the skirt to my son, and I you, but it was upset panic, if you imagine that the Once committed to his son, there was a myself to be terribly excited.
One night, my son there was a I sit on the sofa with one bath towel and go up from the bath.
Do not walk around dressed like that! Son to bellow in the cheeky voice with.
I close the eyes open slowly legs in silence.
Son you've been to gingerly crawl your fingers after a while.
It is laid on top of the carpet, it was not tampered son as you like.
I was fully made ​​to the other just a woman, taught how to use the finger begging to be want skein stomach son.
You are rubbing up so as to sandwich the vagina and the clitoris, I have reached with the eye full warp.
And I devour the tongue to move the son and lips in tears.
Many times is why I was addicted also son in art you use in order to plunge the man.
Was transferred to the location in my bedroom, son of hard penis was resurrected many times in my mouth.
I think I want you to look at all of my son.
Then, we were welcomed son to carefully prepared Anal.
I the son that would be up to fainting frantically my prisoner.
Did I was Nan sex with men up to now? I taste the more functional you think.
This is the best I have that you do not go.
Then my son I was engrossed in that to Yorokoba me.
When the son has come back we were called out as \"we go outside (hotel)!\".
But already it has a me had to bare no better son querulous face, towards the hotel put out the abandon voice because I Kruje with confidence.
If you are dressed sheer jumper son was put on the front passenger seat of the car.
To exit directly toward and highway love hotels are lined up in about 30 minutes.
When you run the streets, it does not have it because it is the night people walk, but pass each other I pounding of such brackets in the car lined up by car or signal. Because below it is naked no better.
Much big jumper over there to hide from just before. Son grin looked at me.
Deliberately to detour, and began to say to be due to the convenience store.
Wandering at a convenience store in such a figure in sandals. As much of the year of the woman clerk is flickering at me with me.
Buy coffee and my face became more red.
Son Hotel Inn and at the same time, sit in front of the mirror, and paint the jelly anal has been pushed up by the finger.
\"Look, I pond ass!\"
\"Oh ,, No, Hontonii~tsu Chow ,, bad yeah yeah!\"
has been reached trembling systemic me.
Penetrate the vagina in bed, son put in anal.
Son and headed to the bath in preparation for the second time to bring the figs enema that brought just in case ,,,.
I Cum and the liquid has been appreciating that the jet be on all fours in front of the son of the eye.
Of course ,,, while seen the embarrassment in saying was face.

happy time

Son of true Large (21-year-old member of society freshman) is conceived in the stomach, it was still twenty past when it was found. As in the marriage you've made, at a minimum also be blessed, it was lived and from out of the house along with the time of the master.
With such a husband, three years ago, it was parted in the deep circumstances it is not Kutsugaese.
The son I wanted to let them go to university, but proceed on the road of professional school, we have a job from this spring.
In employment, place of work that has been decided is a little far away, I became lonely think.
After I broke up with my husband, son of the mother think, me yearning me, I was happy. My purpose in life becomes a son just like, it was decided to work hard.
From the true size that came back to such spring of GW, it is for me to say that \"I want to give dress a white dress.\"
That's right. If you are forgotten long, and I did not want to remember, but I did not have to be wearing a dress. and not have mentioned also decent wedding, it had become to this year.
True size of feelings seriously, and I told me so far as \"I want to look at the dresses.\"
Then, at the beginning of July, from small salary, it was I to me dressed dress. I took a photo to commemorate in a photo studio. Son decided to wearing a tuxedo, it was me standing next to me.
It is said to husband of \"Try to kiss one?\" and is taken ask the shop, two people each other staring coyly, \"to?\" If I am speechless, to be \"want to\" Shin-dai to smile To It was me answer.
And, I asked holding my beautiful dress, Shin-dai me a kiss, shutter fell.
Two people could not also match the eye for shame.
\"It is good young boyfriend's. You also beautiful,\" she told me the shopkeeper.
The entwined arms, our parent-child figure who snuggled is also Yes decorate picture frame on the shelf now.
That night, in the true size and eating out, and told me that it is \"It was beautiful. I do not want to give anyone.\"
And \"I do not want to end the only Kiss\", a hot look, Shin-dai told me. So happy is that feeling, I am pleased also that it was me dressed dress, I was watching more dear the Shin-dai.
Hand of Shin-dai is, on the table, was overlap in my hand. Hot feeling with great to be staring,
I have to say is \"I am a's fine?\", you are in the other true size of the arm
I was feeling.
That night, we went to the hotel and is guided to the true size. Long did not come Hotel was clean.
Is it tense with each other, at first I did not engage even conversation, but sat on Shin-dai and a sofa, and be hugged unexpectedly, I had decided.
It is embraced in a large chest of Shin-dai, it was a hot kiss. Stripped the Rouge, put the tongue, and entangled the tongue, is sucked up, I think in the mind-boggling, I was fascinated.
And enters the bed and taking a shower, and celebrated an unforgettable first night of the Shin-dai, we mother and child, was tied.
May not say from me, Shin-dai gave me politely love me gently.
It licked until the armpit you care, sucked the nipples since childhood, and also to the place where he came born, gave me love over a gentle time.
As promised to me wearing the condom, big dick of Shin-dai is and come back to my body, I came Until deeply embraced by no pleasure and strange feeling of being felt even once so far .
After exhausted in my body, Shin-dai me hugged me, it was pinched lightly on the cheek. \"This is, I do not dream.\" I. The Nante \"I'll someday I'll let squid\", said the adult words, I though embarrassed, now happy to expectations. Certainly what time, Shin-dai had let me squid me. It is caught in to reach likely depth uterus, it was led unceremoniously. Even now, many times or is piled up dating a month, it has been embraced by Shin-dai each time. Happy time, we have followed.

My incest discourse

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The lust was son

Still it is when my son is 13 years old.
I've happened to my son back I tried to Yes nostalgic mini skirt was wearing a long time ago.
In asked me what was the, to say She even has a thought and I wish little or mini skirt is also good for the first time in a long time, but my son I went over there to say, \"Hmm,\" I'm making a left cuisine of the dressed and to come back again, I have been with holding suddenly from behind.
If you say to me \"what to\" has been good to me, \"Mom. I want to do.\"
I'm pressed to say I \"Please quit\" in Zama to look back in surprise, but this time it was hugged me also from the front.
I can not win the force of the Nde petite son, was obediently stop and say to me reluctantly and \"away because it was found.\"
I have decided to preparedness, and knelt in front of the son in silence, remove the belt of the son of trousers, it was down the zipper. And I had pants undress.
What I saw was the things that has grown slightly larger than my husband.
Already it had hoity-toitily in likely momentum regard to your navel. I've made ​​in silence it. And it was slowly out.
A lot of the liquid has been released into the mouth after a while. Son had been watching me for a while to say I was comfortable.
I will say to me \"I very large ○○\", I was proud I \"I cock mon it's the best in class.\"
And I I said I \"I yet again\" and I'll lick clean in the mouth.
At that time what I was somehow, \"Wait a minute, I have my mother also was pleasantly\" I say I.
It says a son Te \"Well\", I said to me, \"was just no going to mother and sex.\"
Son is a surprised face, than Tteyuu \"say no\", I opened the foot it becomes Lower the panties on the spot, his back in front of the son.
Although son had solidified for a while, and what I thought out of my mind does not change in Nokka~tsu like a dog with a prime, it was pierces again expanded penis in my Homet ○.
It has already entered the penis that skin also peel.
And, I was shaking the waist feeling'll is not to stop and to say that tired.
Really erection persists because it is after issuing once, I had become already a bitch.
It was accepted from behind become a dressed dog.
While son in Petite split massaging a larger breast, was fired as it is.
I then, I have pregnant with son of the children.
I'm thought that I wish still or I also gave birth because it is 36 years old, but it is where you are now still thinking.
Son will let pregnant woman for the first time of sex, had a little panicked.
But when it comes to alone with it it becomes beast.
And I had sex yesterday. Of course, defiant in the raw.

My mono

It is a housewife of 40 years old. One son is 16 years old, in the name of sex education. Son and I have a relationship. Initially, in the premature ejaculation Pounds, it was the game by the number of times. Since young. It is going to revive a little irritating. Propensity is similar to the master. Oh, I and my husband is a long silence a few years, recent daily routine, and go home. This is the first round of the beginning. \"Mom, please let me lick\" It is begging us of cunnilingus. I mean to. If you say because you come take a shower. Sadly. I'll be clinging to the \"Damedame, disappear Mom of smell.\" In the bedroom, one by one, it licks while reporting. Though \"It's the smell of mom of pee, the smell's cheese\" embarrassing, I will feel.

What to do

Son who lives in the neighborhood was divorced. Cause is the daughter-in-law stayed in the son of the house also serves as a cleaning on the day that is returned to the home. If you are taking a bath after eating dinner I son came in. Son Shidaki massage my breast Once in the bathtub, the finger has been had in the vagina. I was surprised, son and say I'll say to the father has quit to say sorry as back to us. With a phone call to the daughter-in-law the next day, Howa is not the poor because you can not take care of Howa. It says daughter-in-law was the state in which puzzled not know if they were told to do. Then son couple I have farewell will not go nicely. from son When you farewell to go to the scared I did not Ika is but son became worried house that while going to the son of the house, I like mom, I blamed mom's phone is the broke up with Keiko, I'm was a good opportunity because mom was like from the front. It was thing to decide on their own also of that day, so do not regret. It was confessed. Son give me the time to mom when you were Dakisukume from his son, and it was I have the answer, such as to permit half. The husband of course son Once is said to take the Which in arranged marriages, but it is that taking the son does not unity is the middle people feeling to think that you also sex.

My incest discourse

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Mother drowned in sex

yuna himekawa[24281]
At dinner today, I suddenly felt nauseous and rushed to the washroom. My worried son came to see me and rubbed my back a little, which made me feel better. But I was very upset in my heart. "No way ... pregnant ..." I have an idea. I'd like to say my husband ... but unfortunately, my family now has only one son. My husband has been working abroad for half a year and is essentially a single mother of me and my son. The person I know is this real son. My son and I have been in a male-female relationship for about half a year. About three months ago, I was depressed because I had a fight with my husband on the phone that day. I was always very careful about contraception and absolutely refused to wear rubber, but only on that day I couldn't afford to think about contraception in my mind. I want someone to hug me tightly ... In such a feeling of loneliness, my son was by my side. In the living room after supper, I was drinking and snuggling up to my son and weeping. My son hugged my shoulder. I stared at my son with a good eye and closed my eyes. Deep kiss with my son ... I was more active than ever. The two were hugging each other tightly. Eventually, my son began to caress my body. Partly because of alcohol, my body became sensitive. When my son's hand touched my body, I heard a voice."Ah ..." My son's hand gradually descended from his chest to his lower body. "Huh ... ah ..." My son's hand slipped from the hem of the skirt and whispered in my ear as I explored my center. "Mom ... your pussy is wet ..." I 've never heard such a direct word from my son. "No ... that's ..." "My fingers feel so good ...?" Something was different that day. Until then, I had sex as if I was giving a start, but on that day, I was at the mercy of my son's caress. "Ah ... good ..." "I 'll make you feel more comfortable ..." While saying that, I devoured my lips. A son who goes between my legs naked on the sofa in the living room and licks my center. Over and over again, my son's caress made me climax. My son always took off his clothes and became naked, and while spreading my legs wide, he said, "Mom ... I'll put it in ...", and my son's hardened meat stick pushed me over there. I came in. "Auu ... Uuu ..." "Ah ... it's warm ... in my mom ..." I didn't know at first, but it's different from the usual feeling. It felt like my son's meat stick was familiar and fused with me.But I noticed ... my son didn't wear anything ... he was raw ... "Hmm ... oh ... no ... I have to put it on ... ah ..." "Okay ... mom ... it feels good ..." "No ... no ... no ... No ... Ah ... " I thought while being stabbed by my son. When did my previous period end? It ended about a week ago ... just around the day of ovulation. "No ... I can do it ... Ah ... I can do it ... " "I like it ... Ah ... Mom ..." My beloved son said "I like it" and the inside was violently stirred. I can no longer refuse. To top it off, put on top of his son, "How? Love ...? About me" to when I asked, thinking, "like I love ...!" "Dad and Which is's fine?" "That Don't ask me ... " " Then, quit? Is it okay? " " No ... Nobuyuki ... Nobuyuki feels much better! " And shook his hips himself. I did. Thus, my son poured sperm into my vagina three times, despite the dangerous day. "What should I do ... What should I do ..." My son is 15 years old, I am 38 years old, and I still have menstruation, so I can get pregnant. But, I don't want to take care of my real son's child.I knew ... I knew that if I had sex without contraception, I would get pregnant, but I couldn't stop having sex with my son. My son was the one who supported my unstable heart due to my husband's long-term overseas assignment. It's true that my son felt a man and spoiled him as a woman instead of a mother.

The deeper

It is two years to become the other deep relationship.
If the Some other, I would like crazy together.

Son of a high school student

Son is a high 2. Initially, after the master night, I have slept as it is tired.
My husband will go out to happening always early.
sleeping son in the place has came to the room in the use of something.
It was decent I was seen sleeping in the nude.
At that time I had been still sleeping.
Son Will was lust to see my naked body.
It has suddenly overlying me to take off the lower body.
At first I did not understand what is going on wake up barely eye.
Before long anymore late when it was found that state, deprived of their freedom to his son that was the Athletic, penis I have placed in me, as screwed open large crotch.
It was I knew vaguely accustomed sex anymore She's stomach to his son.
And silently entered penis in me slowly out, familiar hand movements to put the tongue from my lips while touching my nipples, I have entangled the comfortably likely to tongue Shutting the eye.
My over there was also felt that a're blowing the increasingly open body fluids.
Son of the movement is faster, my penis was further expanded in, it was found that it was wavy and jumpy and incoming semen as scatter towards the back at the same time.
Then three months, now, and my husband in the evening, and the son in the morning, now often to the morning and evening sex.
Son became obsessed with me, it wants broke up with her.
Towards the intersection of mush with me than bland sex with young child I have been My name is good.
I also first in, but there was much resistance now that emotion also Usuragi, is excited about the sex with my son, I feel not say downright pleasure to abnormal is to say incest.

Son night crawling to me?

I am a 41-year-old son,
is 16 years old
this summer, I was looking at my lower body dressed son of fours Opening the sultry eye in the middle of the night to dim my room
sleeping in a little larger pajamas and it was, but
the pajama pants If you notice shorts taken down until the knee is dew to ...
I is'? What are you doing hundred-chan \"
and say the son
is seen in worried because I heard something, \"or mother of sleep talking came to \"
I \"so that No it? I'm sorry
go to bed early because okay
son went back to my room and say, \"
Just because that night is hot
I thought what was down yourself unconsciously the pajama pants directly below
where the treatment was trying to sleep sideways
It is? Something what you used as Nyurunyuru or say Necha to hand to hand ...?
I like being on the wet and put the lighting will care?
To my knees Atari, such as there is a sticky ...
were things !! the nose attached to the hand
was the smell of sperm
and I think you know also smell and longer married life ...
and things that my son was out on their own while watching my lower body I and to understand, even though had still thought to be a child ...?
Son around, girls of school
you would also need
me as a woman of the mother, or the most familiar of me interested?
Middle people, greeted the morning is not get to sleep
husband son in the business trip is the only son
that day since my son is ... is not to come to the room
now? What to underwear after it took off in the washing machine?
Such as are?
Today, it is these days ...
something? Also will post if there

First experience of son

Takashi of one son is interested in a woman's body in the current high-1, I always stare at the line of my ass.
Although of course I think it's virginity, to come in the evening the bedroom of one day,
\"Mom! feels that? taught yo to ... Mom I Kiss\"
I was jamming to confusion words for a moment, if Kiss position it was thought that would be nice is was the original mistake.
I will combine the lips of each other because Takashi where it was gonna lightly lips to Takashi cheek was sideways face.
Going to leave immediately does not take a strong hug is hamstrung.
\"Takashi? ... Away it would be another good\"
Takashi even did not leave Sucking entangle his tongue in my tongue while so good \"... to extend the mother tongue ...\".
Takashi \"I, I never was I sex, tell Mom, hey, tell me yo!\"
will lose the appeal in too serious face,
\"Takashi, ... lying\"
I I rubbed grip what was big erection down the Takashi trousers and pants.
Transparent drop from the previous glans has ended up including asked involuntarily lips visible.
I myself take off the underwear to feel the lower body of tingling,
\"Takashi, mother of the love in the mouth, I want to lick\"
Takashi was me sucking the sensitive projection wide open my legs.
Then Takashi \"I want to do it ... enters the mother\"
was raised to put invitation to the place I Grasp the ax of Takashi, and that Takashi was born.
Takashi was release a large amount of sperm in my body and struck the waist crying Did thrilled.
Embarrassing but is when Itta of the I also.

Long-distance relationship with my son

I (43-year-old housewife) have always had a habit of being embarrassed, shy, and laughing when staring at me or staring at me. Even now, when I am wrapped in the arms of my beloved son, Takaya (21-year-old college student), and stare at me from a close distance, I lie down with a smile. "You can't laugh at such a great scene," he scolds me. However, once Takaya's lips touch and overlap, you can enjoy the time of a woman. At the advice of my husband, once a month, I go to the room where Takaya lives, which is two hours one way, check the living condition, and report to my husband. The promise with my husband once a month is that, in fact, between me and Takaya, we have a secret date with my husband three to four times a month. Perhaps Takaya wouldn't leave his parents even in high school, lying down on my knee pillow watching TV on the sofa, picking his ears, and stroking his cute son's hair. After I entered university and Takaya lived in a remote city, I was so lonely that I had a hollow in my heart. I was relieved just to go to Takaya's room and look at her face, and I thought it was an expression of affection for Takaya's mother, but I often hugged from behind me, stroked my hair, and touched me. .. I was happy as a mother and accepted it to the extent that it was not overkill. When I was in trouble, I was kissing Takaya softly, saying "No, me, yo". One day last fall, I received a confession from Takaya. I was happy that the girl was feeling confessed of love, but Takaya was serious. It will be long, so I will talk about my first time with Takaya.On a cold day in the early spring of this year, I checked my living conditions in Takaya's room, had lunch, and went out with me, and it was almost evening. When I went to the station, it seemed that there was a personal injury, the diamond was disturbed, and there was a crowd of people on the platform. Takaya said a gentle word, "I'll send it halfway," and I was spoiled. On that day, I was wearing white denim on my coat. Riding the train as if it were crowded on the commute, we stood facing each other in the corner of the door, clinging to each other, almost crushed. To protect me, Takaya snuggled up and held my right hand and Takaya's left hand. I was swayed by the train and sometimes touched my lips lightly, facing each other at a close distance and touching my face. Takaya seemed happy to me, who was confused. Takaya's right hand was around my waist, hugging me, and gently stroking the waist. The hand gradually went down, and before I knew it, I went down to my butt and stroked my butt from the top of the denim. I glared lightly, but I couldn't stand Takaya. Crawl your fingertips along the panty line and gently stroke. The finger extended from the butt to the crotch. I blush and look up at Takaya, but Takaya sticks to me and I can't see my face. "No ..." It was a small voice, but I whispered to Takaya's ear. The hand turned forward under the coat. I traced it from the top of the denim with my fingertips and pushed it with my fingertips. I couldn't move because of the stimulus that reached the woman's core.Then, I found that Takaya's fingertips touched the fastener and gently lowered it toward the denim crotch. Even if I wanted to pull my hips, I couldn't pull it, and I couldn't do anything because my right hand was connected to Takaya and my left hand was a bag. The zipper was pulled down, and through the gap, the fingertips of Takaya's right hand reached there through the stockings. My fingers were crawled along the vertical cracks, and the core was twitched, and I buried my face in Takaya's shoulders and endured the pleasure of exquisite finger movements. Takaya's finger stopped. You may have noticed something strange. On that day, I was feeling like I was on my period, so I wore a thin napkin over there. Takaya lifted the zipper and hugged me strongly. At the next station, Takaya pulled my hand down. In the shadow of the pillar at the end of the platform, he said , "It was menstruation." He buried his face in Takaya's chest, saying, "I'm stupid ...". "Is it starting?" "Is it still a sign?" Said Takaya, "Let's get off the station." "Where?" "Where to rest" "Eh?" "I want to hug you" I couldn't refuse Takaya's strong desire. After that, Takaya pulled me out of the station and led me to the hotel district on the back alley. It's been a long time since I entered the hotel, which was gently escorted by Takaya. I was happy to be connected with Takaya and come back to my body. That night, I returned late and cheated on my husband about a personal injury.Since then, I and Takaya have been secretly meeting. We meet each other in the middle of an hour, and after a lover's date, we enter the hotel. Of course, I'm not my husband. Takaya is everything to me now. Now I'm completely leaving it to Takaya to enjoy the time of a woman. Takaya, who finally succeeded in making me squid, is now full of confidence. "The voice at that time is completely different from the usual voice," he says nasty. I am happy to be embraced by my beloved son Takaya.


My family is four generations, grandfather (89 years old) father-in-law (60 years old) mother-in-law (58 years old) husband (31 years old) me (30 years old) child (7 years old) grandmother died before I married here My husband has a lot of business trips and goes about 10 to 20 days once a month. My parents-in-law are still working at a factory nearby. It's like having a child go to school and drink coffee after cleaning up. Grandfather I go to an old man's club, so when my husband isn't on a business trip, I'm lonely, and even just watching a love scene on TV makes my body hot and my fingers naturally hang out in my crotch . When my grandfather came back from the gateball and took a bath and opened the door with his underwear saying, "Please bring Rie-san's underwear," my grandfather was already standing naked in the dressing room. A big thing was hanging down. My penis and turtle head weren't bulging, but I wonder how big it would be if it bulged. On the other hand, I'm an old man, so why not bulge that night? haustral the penis one week before father-in-law mother Onani to imagine the night went on a trip approaches as kana are still awake because it was with blurred lights to the grandfather of the room when having conducted to the toilet during the think connexion graduation Somehow , like a woman's moaning, the voice of the woman's joy at that time No way, when my grandfather saw it from the gap, the voice of the man and the woman getting entangled in it became louder I also heard the voice that I put my finger in the pussy on the spot At that time, my grandfather said, "Rie-san, Rie-san, Iku-Iku!" When I heard that, my grandfather got stuck as if I was tied up with my body. No way, my grandfather returned to my room. I couldn't think of being an owner while calling my name, and then I was worried about my grandfather's eyes.It's been a week since that happened, but after cleaning in the morning, when everyone was drinking coffee in the living room, my grandfather came and said, "Rie-san, I'll ask for coffee, too." the suddenly grandfather but "Ken guy monthly business trip often Do Rie's also wonder Do not lonely" in trouble to reply "No monthly because it was accustomed" of Ken in "so Kana - really would be lonely this old man I can't take the place of him, but I can help Rie-san heal, "he said in a hurry," What is Grandpa saying? "" I know many times where Rie-san is comforting herself. I kissed him while saying, "I 'm doing it." While rubbing each other, "Grandfather is no good." energy is also lost to resistance lightly bitten while pussy licked the nipple and the left hand of the grandfather right hand massaging the breast I have raised a voice of joy also take bra indistinguishably even pants have been entering a port in the crotch My grandfather rubbed his nipple and said, "I'm happy because the woman can die many times. Rie-san, this time I feel comfortable." I took off my trousers and pants, and when I saw the dick that came out, it looked like a monster that was big. The gooseneck was still half-bulged even with a baby's clenched fist , so I couldn't handle it with my hands. If you include it in, the guy's core will come in when you enter the pussyLike my first experience, the wall of the cavity is screwed in. It's taken out when I pull it. Still, I'm used to it, and my grandfather's waist movements are sloppy, which also enhances my sexual feeling and died in the middle of words. My grandfather's movements gradually became faster, and he kept shaking his hips, saying, "Grandpa is no good again." "No matter how many times." My grandfather was wrapped around my grandfather's waist, and my grandfather smiled, "How was it?" I nodded and kissed my grandfather. "Rie-san, let me die somehow." I thought that if I worked hard on me, I would die on my stomach, so even though I was a horseman, I died first, and my grandpa said, "Rie-san, I'm gonna die." "Grandpa, I'm gonna die again." "Rie-san, I 'm also good ~~" After that, I couldn't stand it because I didn't invite him from my grandfather, so I invited him to love me. I can't forget that big feeling of my grandfather. I think it's bad. I'm fascinated by my grandfather's dick. 

It is my sister and husband and wife.

Sister, a pupil 42 years old. I I was going to college to live in her sister's apartment. And the find are you or use to touch or Ona to look at the laundry of sister What are you doing? I was angry and went or touch my underwear. And because I asked me what I'll know you're always touching sister of underwear in the underwear-high sister and I've been touched because anxious when I honest Even do you wanted to Ona and I think had been touched from the time I was in home I I like to also know that you were watching my naked? I want to see? The I've been sitting next to the bed to come into the room I Want of wearing pupil? Sawammiru? Take off the skirt I'm underwear vinegar me lying by hand. In relation to the pupil and passed about 20 years you lived in two people do not get married to each other now children also have two people. It is a child of me and the pupil.

Nice relationship with son

Two years ago, can not withstand the master, had me comfort desperately me was trying to jump out of the house (43 years), it was Takeshi son (22 years old).
Eventually in consultation divorce, I graduated safely universities that had been through in response to the parent of assistance, son became a member of society from this spring, at a distance now, I work in the laboratory of the company You. I think your son's so also everyone that he has a relationship with love, but embraced by the son to love that, the \"that moment\" which was tied for the first time in one, it is one of mother I also remember clearly . Virgin lost the was \"that moment\" when the I was also so, but much more than, as a shocking moment, it remains in the mind to the heart. But it was still nestled in the son, it is one-time. And the son is far away, to 5 consecutive holidays of September, we met for the first time in a long time. I also me come back to the original, it was the behavior of the home cooking that is sincerity. It is hug lightly from behind me standing in the kitchen, I was unnerving. And embraced from the back to the dear son, I had felt something warm. Such last day, towards the son of the city, up to the middle of town, and I went in Futari. Eat lunch, with or select the son autumn sweater in a department store, it was a fun time. It is said to me \"I try to take photo booth\", shame also, you enter the photo booth there are young girls, Takeshi is suddenly hugged me, I have been kissed. I surprised solve my arms, \"suddenly, I'm cunning\" When I say, stare returns staring at me, also hugged, we have to kiss. It was a long kiss. Tongue of Takeshi is extended, it was not accepted. Walk the afternoon of the city, and are in the distance the hand touch, I imperceptibly, holding the hand of Takeshi, was Takeshi me also return grip hot strongly my hand. Takeshi that \"I wanted to be in this relationship,\" he said. It had been noticed in the line of sight looking at me as a woman, I also look as a man that of Takeshi, there was a myself holding hands. And I was walking aimlessly, but imperceptibly out into the alley, in front of the eyes there was a hotel district. Tsurekomi me under the building, Takeshi to be \"try on?\". and \"it contains, how do?\" and I you are returned to ask and, Will was copper. Staring hot me, hug, kiss is to Takeshi, and whispered in my ear that \"I try to enter\", had nodded finally I small. In bed that dropped the lights, Takeshi gave me hug strongly my naked. It is said to me \"You are nervous\", embarrassed, and \"I mean, because for the first time and Takeshi\" I. Where can I Did remember, mouth and tongue and hands of Takeshi love my body, I was accustomed. Included ear to mouth, was also raised Rim neck, embarrassing underarm from nape. Breast that does not collapse in the form also is sucked up while remembering Takeshi of childhood, it had Tokihanashi tension comfort. Up to the ankle and toe are also caress, it creeps the thigh inside, opened the knee, Takeshi even to my heart, gave me love in hot carefully gently, tongue and mouth. Contains the sensitive parts, and rolled in the tip of the tongue, I was the reaction of the woman. Wade through the inside of the shade, you can stretch the tongue until the vagina, is inserted ahead, had sprouted is likely pleasure mad. Takeshi came up to my face, touched a finger to my lips, whispered to be \"to Blow\". Takeshi love honorably towering thing I loved a woman of feeling than the mother. Takeshi which was covered with a thin condom, said, \"I put in,\" I was deeply closed your eyes and nodded with Kunitoshi. \"Oh,\" this moment, not this moment I can forget. While opening those that one jailing in me, press willingly come that moment. Back to the hug strongly by turning the arm of Takeshi, the moment you feel the things of Takeshi. This moment that it was tied to one. Since that day, it does not meet with Takeshi. Every day, will let the voice on the phone. But next'm a little more ahead, I am very much looking forward.

My incest discourse

I in front of by transvestite brother who is sex or my eyes have been or to masturbation.
And sometimes it with a chain around the neck of his brother who will go for a walk in the nude.
Speaking you want and want you to be urine, and the like.
It really excited.
In fact brother us to cute also face, it is cute Circumcised also small penis's a delicate.
Beautifully it is the favorite
when tease even the two people because a good face, it is really fun.
Ass is also already developed.
After, brother No. 1 is premature ejaculation. My over there to put in and then ejaculation is without waiting for even two minutes.
Tighten there is no ...

Do not you have?

It is a 41-year-old divorced. son relationship and it will be eight months.
And the incest is restless and in to have become from being witness to entering the Who to the hotel that was carried out in happened to my son and I would thing the act so that it is not also known car towards the same apartment to rumor strangely now each other better and pounding was more related to the son to. And who do you women that may have or known to relatives and neighbors a correlation?

Ties of blood

I 19 years old.
You are working in Osaka exits the country after graduating from high school this year.
41-year-old mother in the country, his brother 16-year-old, have had a 65-year-old grandfather, my father died about 10 years ago.
Mother and grandfather I am grateful very me grow my brother and me.
And attempts to reduce the burden of such a mother and grandfather even a little am I went to work.
At the same is another, do is a little retarded brother.
But now you can be one of the ways by yourself, time had been my mother and I helped be able to on their own also change of clothes you are going to elementary school.
When such a brother came home to this year's Obon, I had a mother and sex.
I would be surprised.
I've heard the annoying voice from the mother of the room to go to the toilet in the middle of the night suddenly happened.
is not a good mother is whether the past few years mother and grandfather of fellowship took two people to the age also How can my grandfather had been diverting the loneliness to go to the grandfather of the room when I'm going to junior high school did.
And wondering if it is a look at the mother of the room and I'm mother was waving waist spans the waist of his brother.
Yet until about two years ago and I body is wash not mother and grandfather on their own had been taught you can wash the way give wash your body take a bath together, but Nante brother had so much fine thing I have surprised.
And brother I have in Grasp the breast of the mother from the bottom, skillfully massaged.
My grandfather to looking into such a mother of the room has been hug after gently.
\"Grandpa ,,,\"
\"Yoshie, Come over here.\" and I grandfather is going to take me up to the room.
\"'m Mom also lonely. Let me give gently to.\"
\"Grandpa also be nestled in the good of. mom son.\"
and \"I have no choice. The house I'm in the original kind of star.\"
\"What do you mean?\"
\"Actually grandmother and I Do not a brother and sister that led the blood, Granny is I gave birth to you father and mother. So, you mother and father also'm brother and sister led the blood. And two people was love one Yoshie and Masahiko I gave birth to (brother). such a result Masahiko turned into wisdom delay.
countryside such a house is a lot of this side, I'm or got a daughter-in-law in a village in the relatives. So wisdom delay often do it. \"
Such a thing I heard for the first time.
And that night, I grandfather and I also had crossed the line of the body.
Grandfather I was to come overhanging and lay me in the futon, gone. Remove the ones you are wearing with a kiss.
I with a first relationship and cousin at the time of the 15-year-old, then had a relationship with senior classmates and school.
So it is the grandfather had accepted obediently not be surprised if came in me.
The next night it was encouraging to plenty of sex also joined four grandfather and I sprinkled the mother and brother.
Especially when the younger brother of the penis has been entered in the I, we have for the first time fainting is surprised at the magnitude of hardness.
I do not forget about that night still.
Now I'm looking forward to return to the New Year.

My first brother

yuna himekawa[24185]
I'm a 31-year-old housewife with my husband and a 5-year-old son. I have a younger brother, Akihiko. I'm still single. That younger brother was my first man. Earlier this fall, I met Akihiko for the first time in a long time at my grandmother's memorial service. When I look at Akihiko, I see him as a man instead of my younger brother, maybe because there was a relationship between men and women that Akihiko and I kept secret from our parents at that time. From an early age, Akihiko called me "Riho-chan". When I became a high school student, I entered my room without permission, often laying on my bed and reading manga, and changing clothes I changed my clothes in my brother's room. I'm from a high school and I think I was a good man, I didn't have a relationship with a man when I was in high school. Some of my best friends were college students who stayed at the hotel, and some were calm and openly practicing blowjobs in the classroom. One day in my third year of high school, when I came back from school, Akihiko, a second-year student, was eating Pocky in my room and said, "Let's chew Pocky." Even though I knew it was a play, when my face approached, I was tense and I was chewed by Akihiko. I was pushed down to bed and said, "I want to do this for a while," Akihiko was still with his face buried in my chest. Akihiko was so dear that he stroked his hair and wrapped it in his arms. When Akihiko became a junior college student and became a university student, they would go out to the city to have a cup of tea or a meal, and from the surroundings, they would look like ordinary lovers. By that time, I was kissing lightly as a greeting. I exchanged gifts and got a beautiful necklace from Akihiko.In my first year of employment, he gave me underwear on my birthday. At a department store in a big city where I went out together like a date, I was drawn to Akihiko's hand and entered a lingerie shop. When I was in the fitting room with the size of the bra matched, Akihiko opened a gap in the curtain and Akihiko looked into it, and the clerk said, "If you like, please", and Akihiko also came into the fitting room. I was also kissing firmly. When I shot the photo booth, I hugged from behind me, grabbed and stroked my chest, and crawl my lips from my nape to my neck and next to my bra straps. I had a strange feeling for Akihiko. On that day, we were finally in the hotel after being persuaded by Akihiko. Akihiko hugged me to the bed after taking a shower. "Because it's my first time, please be kind." I was a little surprised, but Akihiko loved me kindly. Even though I had some knowledge about Blow, it was my first time to apply it. Under the guidance of Akihiko, I also learned blowjob. I was desperate because my younger brother could see me over there and the fire would come out of my face. I heard from a friend that it hurts, but that's right. But slowly and politely, Akihiko entered me. The moment they were tied together, tears came out. For a while, it was tingling and painful just to walk, but as I repeated the number of times, I realized how comfortable it was. With Akihiko's lead, I learned various postures, and I also learned the pinnacle of women. It was decided that I would get married, and Akihiko looked sad, and a few days before the wedding, they promised that "this is the last time" and they were embraced by Akihiko.Akihiko, who I met at the litigation, gently came in when I was in the room on the second floor and persuaded me for the first time in a while. "That was the last one, right?" "But I want to hold Riho-chan," said the younger brother. I was planning to stay that night, but I made an excuse to "meet a friend", and Akihiko also said "I'll send it", left my son to my husband at my parents' house, and headed to the hotel by a car sent by my brother. I did. I was embraced by my younger brother for the first time in a long time, and I was intoxicated by the feeling that was completely different from my husband. I returned to my parents' house late at night without incident, and Akihiko also took a rest in the next room. The next morning, I'm embarrassed to see Akihiko, and I'm a little worried because I'm likely to drown in my relationship with Akihiko again.

During nap

I am a housewife of 43 years old.
In fact, I have accepted the sex of the 17-year-old son from a year ago.
At first ... it was last year's summer vacation.
Husband in the house for you to go to work was the only son and me.
Lunch and finished the rice, I also next to the son has been taking a nap lying had been napping together.
When I planted doze off, I son has been stroked put a hand on my shoulder.
It is the son of hand and are still in very pleasant to my bulging chest ...
I was a sleeping pretend.
Gently stroking is Shidaka rubbing the chest as, is a crunchy ... the nipple
was likely out voice even I was only 40.
Son remove my blouse buttons, while or sucking and chewing on the claims about rolling with the tip of the tongue includes a nipple in mouth, hands had stroked To Mosomoso the hit of the abdomen.
Gradually hand Iki extends to the bottom, you can flip through the skirt and into the panties ...
it had been rubbed my over there that has not yet out love juice.
But, I was open a foot from yourself feel from becoming hot it is in the body.
My son I was turning messing my over there with a saliva finger.
But for a while, but it was only is turning messing we have buried my suddenly face over there.
Son knew that I'm awake.
Me to say, \"Mother, feels good? I have here was I also used the Mother\", we have further intensely Turn licking over there.
Over there it becomes slimy son of saliva son of a finger ...
\"Tsu another ... I ruined ...\"
I cry, son If you close the legs are coming in by dividing between the legs Tossa, made ​​his big The mono and has been pushing me over there.
and \"Please stop Tsu!\"
we have put suddenly much by holding my hands and desperately resisting with.
Initially gone on all out to repeat, but did not enter until the well back, in that time also I lost my resistance motivation, I had turned to pleasure.
Remember the pleasure of the more not be holding to his son of the piston, I was clinging to son.
Son without spending too much a long time I have said.
Then I came to accept the sex of the son on a daily basis.
such as when the husband is present, you or have touched a son in the kotatsu.
You can put the thumb of leg over there by shifting the panties to appoint me over there in the legs of the finger, and put out or ...
on the side When you are husband ... it will feel that I very scary to think so.
I feel violently better of sex with son much better than her husband by now.
The first time around, and \"you'll only until she is found\", but was allowed to promise, has son and now is thought better of me and want to continue even made ​​her this relationship.

Sleeping pills

I am a 40 housewife. I confess the mistake I made. A month ago something went crazy for me. My son is currently in his second year of high school and I have another daughter, but I have already got a job and am not at home because I live alone, and my husband was alone with my son almost every day because I was assigned to work alone. My son was sleeping naked, probably because it was summer at that time. I knew that too. One morning, when I casually entered the room as usual, something unexpected jumped into my eyes. I saw my son's penis standing in the morning. Needless to say, my heart beat at that time. My son's penis was completely peeled off and I was surprised at how big it was, because my son wasn't big, I thought it was unusually large. I woke up normally that morning and sent him to school, but after that I had my son's penis in my head and my panties got wet just by thinking. At that time, I masturbated for the first time in my life. Since that day, I got up early in the morning, turned over my futon so that my son wouldn't notice it, and burned my son's penis into my eyes. And that thought began to want to make my son's penis mine. My husband was the only one who had sex since I was born. I had decided to serve only my husband, so I wasn't interested in other men and never woke up to sex. But that feeling that sprouted for the first time changed me.I wondered what to do. I was confident in my appearance. Shall I seduce my son? Shall I hit my mind? But I couldn't and couldn't say that face to face. And I came up with one answer. Let's put my son to sleep ... I thought I shouldn't, but I bought sleeping pills and was looking for the opportunity. And we went on last Saturday night. I put a sleeping pill in my coffee at 10 pm and gave my son a drink. My son was asleep when he went to the room an hour later, as I expected. I called out to my sleeping son just in case, but he didn't wake up. I took off my sleeping son's pants and put them down. When my son's big penis appeared, I grabbed it at once. As I licked it, it got bigger and bigger, and the glans was barely able to hold it. When I stimulated the glans, the penis seemed to move and feel. It's that time. When I was surprised to hear the voice of "Ah" from my son, he was awake. Then he looked at me and said, "Mom, what are you doing?" I was so embarrassed that I could barely mutter many times. And the son said, "Mom, you only have to do it once." I nodded to the word and hugged it as it was. And we started to love each other.I kissed my son with his tongue entwined, and gradually my son's tongue came down, took off my bra, and when I licked my nipple, it became stiff and even sobbing. And my son also touched my panties and stretched his tongue out to my pussy. I spread my pussy as much as I could and put my clitoris in my mouth. By that time, the pussy was already wet and the juice was flowing out. I forgot my embarrassment and said, "Oh, okay, do more." And finally we were united. Every time I moved it, the vibration echoed in my womb and I felt it in my head, and my son seemed to feel it, so I said "Mom, mom" and ejaculated inside me. After that, I was able to have sex to my heart's content by letting me go with a blowjob and being attacked from the back. After this night, I returned to my usual life, but when I remember, it was still getting wet. After all it is impossible to do it only once. I will ask my son again today.

Son of penis

This year's spring son of elementary school six years to around came to say \"mom dick hurts.\"
I thought the \"I wonder was do?\", Dirty hands and touch to it becomes worried whether containing the even germs, try and cock of the previous look by undress the pants I was a little peel.
I've heard that \"'s fine?\" A little embarrassed I am going to say to my son to be \"okay I, or? Try to enter the bath in today together but a little sore.\"
I went together to the bath before eating rice and answered \"I'll I'll cure the penis in the bath.\"
Parent and child after a long time of the bath, we can think of Te What are - I wonder if somehow very pleased to put together forever.
In give Wash the body, and from immersed in the bathtub,
\"Well, it is kana? warmed\" out of the bath the son to hear that,
and I say, \"I show a penis\", son It issued a shyly penis is.
I \"I think that hurts, I have to put up with it because heal in about a week,\" he said to his son with.
I do not know because my son is doing, but I was a troubled face, and from saying that because it is all right, son also reluctant much pain towards the surprisingly easy with a stretch peel, and young were peeled the skin penis is now revealing.
Then, from that day, and I but I was not raised to wash the penis of his son on a daily basis, has been erection if you have raised wash as usual in about a week.
I was gone example mouth in nature and mouth why penis was erect.
Son to be surprised is playing the waist, I was also Blow until ejaculation \"because good ...\" but was returned to us to say so.
Penis son was ejaculation in the mouth is still healthy, I have crossed the line that should not be as it is over in bed.
Also somewhat progress son of technique now, it has let me satisfy me.
When she was able to ahead son, it is either anxiety calmly get used as mother Given the time you got married.

Big Penis brother

One day to forget the mobile to the washroom, if you went to get his brother could place that take a shower in the nude.
I I have to look twice involuntarily. Brother over there hanging out, the respectable thing. Buttoku Te, long, potash is profusely surprised to big cock!
I leave the area by taking the mobile is referred to as a sorry.
Pounding even back to the room, it was incorrectly imagine the brother of Big Penis.
After a while, the room door is break even, my brother came in with a single towel.
My brother is getting closer to me, was not forced to touch the breasts takes my hand grasped his cock.
Since under mom and grandpa is present in, but I resisted it and stop in an undertone, brother do not you quit.
In no time, and was plunged forced almost made ​​taking off clothes.
Its size is odd without, but is great shock, brother comes with it without Mai placed.
After a while, while clinging to me also becomes comfortably brother, I was killing the voice.
The notice and many times kept alive. Sheets to Bichabicha.
Although younger brother were also ejaculation, quickly immediately in opening forced to Blow, the second time in Gingin was Dasa in your mouth.
Brother in the middle of the night of the day to come to my room. Also also been ya many times, it was harnessed many times.
Relationship since that day has been followed.