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Incest confession of women(2015-08)

Distorted family relationships

yuna himekawa[23224]

After confirming that the morning's second wife went out to work yesterday
I to the bedroom where dad are.
Dad was in爆睡.
(Saturday) night,
probably because you have long sex with the second wife's? Dad above was sleeping wearing a sector shorts of second wife's in the nude. I remember the anger in the figure. I broke off the shorts immediately customers second wife with scissors. The daddy of the penis and had Tsu dry white man juice of the second wife is tangled. It was wiped with a wet tissue and alcohol to raise grasp the penis of the daddy lying and Aran. Then Dad only penis even though the sleeping was Ikirita~tsu started erection hard! Tip of the tongue in the As learned from the turtle destination morose previously original husband, erection to have stimulated the leading edge further turtle destination penis of Papa. Then dad suddenly realized that Mariko what you've been? ! And what I last night in Papa was sash Tomoko and cheers for good work) and dad until late? Mariko angry Na yo because'm married couple) and a bath with two people invited to try to enter Mariko and the bath in Papa. Course was raised wash the whole body of dad I was also asked to wash. The bath and dad had in the nude (laughs) would think What if second wife is seen (laughs)? Home from second wife is part past 14:00. Second wife in with the embrace while called now to Papa Nari home and (anger) and I to Mariko Chan now) I'm with feigned ignorance and to your return please mom (laughs)

My incest discourse

Son's no longer as no longer a human being.
I was told clearly.
Me If you own woman.
It will switch had entered.
The other is to me I could not stop.
Mercilessly it was forced to son.
If resistance in a loud voice the other we will not be staying to live here.
I give up you to resistance, it has allowed sex.
And I've embraced many times.
Or that my son apologized If there is salvation.
Me as he was holding because I love as a woman.
In the future, I going to be the woman's son.
Pregnancy alone must be avoided.

To just had a look at the sex of the sister married couple ...

I have been There are sister, I'm older sister to the bragging of your husband on the phone.
Husband of the sister, is it often Toka come seeking many times tough.
I had heard such a story.
One day, come to play my sister is at home and the phone is consuming, and went to the house of my sister married couple for the time being, because it is was not to meet the sister.
Since not come out when you press the bell of the door, and went into the room and opened the door. Is that always seems.
Sister couple seemed to have sex in the nude I opened the sliding door at the back of the room. Although underwear only had worn each other, it is in the room tissue had been scattered.
I If you try to leave the room, your husband's sister was grab my arm.
\"Just, was good! Tanoshimanka together?\" He says.
I went otherwise specified. Then, he was asked \"Omankosuru If two people?\".
While not the presence or absence also said, your husband sister Turn the hand on my shoulder, I went into Ichisho to another room. It is narrower than the earlier of the room, but there was only Beck and. If you put a hip on top of the Beck bets when I think or turned the right hand to the shoulder, and began rubbing the chest.
While being deprived of the lips, it came into the hands are gradually opened the jeans zipper. Panty was wet.
The other, the body was as seeking your husband to my sister.
And stripped off his clothes are Raichaku from myself, I was sleeping on his back in only to be Beck To panty.
Husband of my sister, is. Remove the panty, he was stripped off his pants. It is a thick hard likely to tell you that he just was with my sister a little while ago.
I was forced to spread the foot and has been in the M Ashi-fu.
Gradually penis husband of the sister had come toward my pussy. I of the pussy of earlier I see that the penis of your husband's sister is about to be inserted.
The next moment, your husband's sister was allowed to insert pussy the penis. I was leaked a voice as \"a ~\".
Husband of the sister after inserting, went on month.
Time in which it is caught in the penis, I was feeling.
After a while is caught, I was on all fours, and begin to stab in the back, and I started rubbing my chest with both hands.
Husband of the sister I say, \"I'm soon dangerous Kana! I knew I would come out.\" It is the \"Oh! Another useless, I would come out,\" had a 1-shot eyes and say out in my pussy.
It was inserted in the \"still. It 's now\" normal position is lying on his back to Beck To is said. In a few minutes, ringtones of mobile has come hear from my bag. It was my husband.
The husband and I were talking about it and go to see my sister, but probably because the slow return had sounded the mobile.
Of course, your husband's sister is not Could put out the telephone, it has been continued and rolled month. Husband of the sister so many times the mobile rings I poured two shots first in the pussy at high speed piston.
Then, the same is true for three shot eyes. I tired, I have slept on top of the intact Beck and.
It seemed to be sleeping your husband sister next to me.
Time is past, when my husband came to visit Become a worry, I've seen your husband and my naked figure of older sister.
Husband of the sister woke up, was talking in a calm and face \"... because had been seeded to Anta wife\".

When I woke up

Son and I have two people living.
Last night, meeting drinking with several people woman friend.
If you notice, it had been sex son at home.
If there is eye son of the movement has stopped.
If you say, \"What are you of you doing.\", Son did not answer anything.
And it was kissed on the lips.
I think it's another useless, after it was allowed free to.
After the lips apart, sex starts moving again son.
And rainy day intravaginal ejaculation END.
Although it was to much trouble to resist if there is a good, was it allowed it may have been mistakes.
And the No way out in.
It is worried about serious and what to do in the future.

Unpleasant second wife (female masochist)

Last night,
while watching the story scary was really
second wife and the (female masochist) as
dinner in Ya
usual while flea a drink in three people of Papa I and Kucha * Kucha in the transverse across the suddenly you notice when the table a nap sound When I peek under the table second wife has had to convulsion pushing up the hips to the ceiling behind him stood the knees. Cum kill desperately gasping voice. So Dad had built rough genital of the female masochist. And (entering the bath) to Papa entangled in penis female masochist stand momentum with two people crotch institutions in the scissors up thrown away leg with chopsticks that are using female masochist in panties I was put off a female masochist to the bathroom becomes a naked I and did have trampled part. (Laughs) And Dad is the female masochist from the bathroom! Tomoko pee and Show me the Toko that, if think that was the sound of hammer out a Jorojoro while not even a while, and what was received by the hand pee of female masochist? Pretending to sound dropping sink has slept also Mihakara~tsu the timing. And two people have chanted sometimes Pashipashi and sound sound of female masochist Ikuiku while not even a while to the second floor bedroom! Papa would had hit the ass while piercing the female masochist from behind? While Less than half an hour if Daddy came down in the nude in my (early bath from catching Mariko cold roasted Ya) and go contrivance there, mother and (laughs) and I are sleeping, even to sleep and I'll sleep Papa It rose.

The secret of the father-in-law

It is HiroshiKa (real name).
It is a 29-year-old single OL.
Family structure
is my mother 52-year-old father-in-law and 52-year-old three-family.
I will mother is now father-in-law remarried when in one I am living from it together.

The secret of the father-in-law

It is HiroshiKa (real name).
It is a 29-year-old single OL.
Family structure
is my mother 52-year-old father-in-law and 52-year-old three-family.
I will mother is now father-in-law remarried when in one I am living from it together.

My husband does not know

I am illegitimate child. This is the so-called children born out of wedlock.
When 18-year-old mother passed away person without a single relative to me, I visited the shop in a memo that left the mother to rely on. And invited the
\"parent? Is part-time job seekers? Please
please.\", At the edge that has been adopted in one shot, married to the bottom of the shop is developed to associate with second son, now, of two children It is the mother.
Since dedicated virginity to her husband, now lustful wife taught the woman of joy to her husband. But, I was aware of the more obscene fact, I murmured in mind while being embraced by the husband.
\"Brother, pleasant. Sister of dick delicious licking? Anne of sucking is your brother, by your beans sister. Brother of the penis, is rampage in my dick. The reason for sex A brother and sister, very indecent I. to \"back, in the photo the name and exactly the same name of the father-in-law was written, had reflected a mother and father-in-law of a young age. Date of one year before my birthday was being carved. My father would be the father of her husband. Maybe then, and I hope that as his half brother and sister to get married, the husband of the home's address might be my mother left. It might was the revenge of the mother. Last night also, the penis of the real brother and licking by example mouth, it was rubbed each other the mucous membrane in the brother and sister and welcomed over there. The hug to brother trembling out in pleasure, it has been multiplied by the cloudy tail soup of DNA that are similar to mine. \"You, really I wish I love sex. I'll happy with a couple things that are similar.\" Oh yeah, it's like because it is brother and sister. Sex love is probably genetic. I because I was sired a child to mother to insufficient 's mother-in-law only.

Son of sperm

Son is three years have passed widowed became a three-year junior high school.
Recently, the night, and come back in the grassy smell and my underwear eliminates the morning in the laundry basket.
Son we have masturbation with my underwear.
I will wait for the return of the school head becomes white, care has been taken to the son came back.
Son apologize crying, I was crying tears welled up.
Then my son began to say \"mom, tits want.\"
son by shifting the bra flipping through the maternal instinct is springing clothes son to fawn was called \"drink\" to.
Strong son the breast that shouldnt Dell is sucking.
My secret part has wet the notice. It had been raised to the see the son of pants.
I was called before the husband's death to hear from when my son was beginning masturbation.
Then my son and I began to say and want to help masturbation.
I even while lost, had been handling the large became penis down the son of pants.
Son seemed to feel while sucking my nipples. And son had sown the semen around.
The son was wearing a mouth to raise underwear rolled the skirt while saying that \"this time to feel good mom.\"
I was surrendered to the son mind freaking. Consciousness to caress of what years of the men had become distant.
Son of the penis was found in the in the secret section and notice. I was saying, \"you ...\".
Son called my name, I I think the husband has possessed his son.
When the son said Innovation \"Mother microphone I\", I had said, \"is you out, against a full uterus in the back.\"
At that time there was a feeling like open the cervix in me. And son of the sperm came in gushing.
Tears had hugged gently son came out with nature.
Son was said to be \"I will mom ... now become a place of the father.\"
Then my son and I, each other seeking to become the night, we love each other.

Masturbation son

Son 17-year-old, my 41-year-old, died in the ill husband 10 years ago, since then, I came to spend Heiheibonbon and every day the son and two people lived.
One night, from the son of the room sleeping in the next room, because it comes with a light, but was sleeping I think what has also in the study, If you look from the gap between the sliding door because some anxious, something the body If you are staring to whether still doing what so moving, it seemed somehow to masturbate while watching this.
I have a you are and definitely Masturbation look staring. I, the body has been flushed become hot.
10 years, bear in lonely think alone, but anything has been raising children seriously without, as will my vagina is hot is awakened the son of behavior you are looking at now, it is no longer unbearable to feel strange, attached to the inside of the panty When touching the vagina with your fingers and put his hand, it was wet faintly.
When I move a finger, and feel really, but such a thing is the thing did not have until now, for a long time, be it whether comfortably had been put up, it feels superfluous when touching the clitoris, put a finger in the hole is not unbearable body now tremble as pleasant as.
Use your finger to match the son of masturbation, it will want to go to and touching the clitoris with your fingers at the same time as another finger was placed in, will say it is not unbearable when you move vigorously finger, that when Omowazu \"Aa \"and I would aloud.
And noticed his son, \"Mom, what are you doing for?\" I was seen the appearance of the remains put your hand in the panties open the sliding door. It is asked, \"Mom, I had a masturbation saw that has been of me.\" \"What I feel?\", \"I thing the first time, embarrassing ...\" and you issue the hand out of panties while saying, \" I'm lonely. I have, come put your hand in, \"says panties'll comfort, touching the vagina that feels, it is tampered the clitoris is placed in the finger,\" I wet very \"and violently is out, also to go becomes likely, \"Yoku~tsu, Iku~tsu\" Although I have said, still to blame in the finger, \"the other, yea, yea\" Now it has been said, is open the crotch to come with a mouth to vagina blame the clitoris in the tongue, it is to suck scissors in the lips, it has been told that \"I have jumped out to become red towards the mother of chestnut skin\". When the son is sucked tightly by rubbing the crack and put his tongue into the hole, I was kept alive or without being able to endure. Good after a long time of sexual intercourse, pleasure is springing, it seems to have remembered the sexual intercourse with the old husband, and the rest is pleasure still, it becomes mood you want to go even in this state many times, it is until you are satisfied to son wants is to yourself In it I have said that I may be. Then I, after a long time to drink the man's semen, also tasted many times in a non-Innovation the smell and drop and is the stickiness of the lips and tongue.

My incest discourse

It is a sad your report today.
Beloved mother had committed suicide.
made ​​what is also somehow ... finally organizing of mind by, it was now calm.
Now we believe that if Ikere back to the original life little by little. Sex with my father it became freely so.

Those of elderly

I want to read 
you think you mother-to-child incest first time in later life and there is a feeling in the elderly

Son of secret

Son Hiro-kun eighth grade. I am the mother of 36-year-old. The husband, Hiro-kun but I broke up when he entered junior high school, we have run a snack from those days, I was not troubled too much in life.
However, originally I like sex, I am not falling asleep is not every day, it was a sex alternately with few customers in drunken momentum.
If you come home drunk, had me always laid to bed Hilo kun is undress the clothes.
One day, good eye shark in the shallow was probably because people of the sign, was gently Look try and Hiro is the masturbation while Nozokikomi my crotch.
Somehow I learned a pounding to strange excitement I have to go home so as not to get drunk too much from the next day.
Hiro is me. Remove the clothes, I was lying in bed as usual.
As what to do now, and waiting while pounding, open my legs, it was as looks into the groin.
Sometimes I started masturbating while touching or gently my chest.
And touched by the subtle touch that it might touch or touch around the body, I would be excited abnormally. Voice it was barely even endure to become likely out.
From it by want toying more violently to Hiro, it was to wear an obscene underwear.
It is most of had just T-back even, but I was put Toka something like biting into the pussy almost only with a string, and what part of the pussy is open to learn.
How touching of Mr. Hiro becomes increasingly strong, then you will you now come to put your fingers in the pussy It 's gently, panting can not stand the voice is coming out.
Perhaps because you have to pretend you are sleeping it even drunk, started also Hiro who had stopped the movement of the hand I am surprised, now us continue to be somewhat aloud.
And the other that time did not accumulate to want you want is cock of Hiro.
My pussy but have wet Bechobecho by being tampered to Hiro-kun, it is not me quite Saddle.
I also not be said Saddle hand, we spent every day to be a worrying endlessly.


About half a year ago, I saw my son's masturbation. My son's was so big that I couldn't believe he was 16 years old. My son didn't notice it, but after that I couldn't make a decent eye contact with him. I am 35 years old and divorced my husband 4 years ago. The cause is that I liked SEX and had an affair. I was masturbating while imagining my son Hiroki's penis stuck in my head and being fucked by Hiroki's penis almost every day. Before I knew it, I was dying for Hiroki to get hooked, and I was just thinking about how to make Hiroki feel that way. I can't say that my face is beautiful, but I'm confident in my body and I think I'm pretty sexy. When I was at home, I wore a short miniskirt so that I could see my panties, and I intentionally showed my panties in front of Hiroki. Hiroki didn't say anything, but he clearly felt his gaze. Eventually, I learned that Hiroki was masturbating with my underwear, so I tried to wear only unpleasant underwear. I only wore T-backs for panties. I intentionally opened my legs in front of Hiroki and tried to wear see-through blouses. When I masturbate, I used to put up with the voice, but I also intentionally let Hiroki hear the gasping voice. I wanted Hiroki to push him down quickly, but every day I was frustrated that it didn't happen. One day, when I woke up in the middle of the night with a sign of something, Hiroki was right next to me and was touching my chest. While pretending to be asleep, I regretted wearing my pajamas.Hiroki seemed to be squeezing her penis, touching her chest and pussy alternately. I was dying to touch it directly, but I had no choice but to stay still. From the next day, I started to sleep only in my underwear. I wore panties with almost only strings so that Hiroki could easily touch them, and I was waiting for him to come. My pussy was wet just by waiting. As I was drowsy, Hiroki came into the room before I knew it and began to touch my chest. Perhaps I didn't want to wake up, I tended to be too reluctant to touch it, and I couldn't help but feel frustrated. It continued every night, and the way I touched it became more and more intense. When my finger was put in the pussy and it was stirred, I could not stand it and finally made a voice. Hiroki quickly pulled out and seemed to be watching me. I kept pretending to be asleep, continuing quickly in my heart, and hoping for Hiroki's big penis. But that day, Hiroki returned to his room. As such things continued several times, even if I made a few voices, Hiroki began to play around with my body as it was, and from that time on, Hiroki's way of touching became bold. Maybe I was aware that I was awake. And finally, the day has come when Hiroki gets hooked. Hiroki, who was stirring her pussy with her fingers as usual, opened my legs as much as possible. I got into my crotch and still started to thrust my finger hard at my pussy. I couldn't stand it and started gasping, and finally I asked myself to do it."Fit Hiroki! Fit a big cock!" The next moment, Hiroki's big penis was inserted. It's big anyway. I've had a lot of relationships with guys, but I've never seen one this big. It was a daunting feeling, and Hiroki didn't have it for a long time, but I went there before that. After that, if I have free time every day, I have Hiroki fuck me. Now I can continue to attack until I say "forgive me". No, even if I say forgiveness, it's hard to forgive me, and I'll poke it until I countless times. The other day, when I was a man I had a relationship with for a long time, I was told, "You're getting worse." My pussy seems to fit perfectly with Hiroki's penis.


yuna himekawa[23151]
The birth to two decades ago, in an article of something that time, when the child is gonna be a hug as many times a day, and to settle down, with or feel the warmth of the mother, when the thing very good, might be seen, since I was a child is small, it has been embraced much, even now, it is a calm, even when there are husband, we hug, because everyday act anything I did not, but my navel when recently, you are Hug hit those hard something around of, but because away immediately, but at that time I was finished with it, still later some days, on top of the navel as before, my son took my hand, hard and things to I move the hand to rub it from the top that count on my hand, my knee Mazuki, loosen the belt of the son of pants, I got down slowly along with the trunks, it was flooded a transparent liquid appeared turtle head, involuntarily included in the mouth, was crawl the tongue, back and forth to shake the face, looking at the son in the superorder diction, and Tsumuri the eyes, and put out a groan not a voice, and endured, is in that time your mouth bulge, I was suddenly collide with the back of the throat, it was a large amount of ejaculation, and out the penis from your mouth once, and I'll blotted clean entwined white lump on the tongue, in the face down acceleration, his saying mother's thank you I went to the room, while it I did not notice, in shorts, hands put Aa drenched in, you can either be Zuke refused When asked here now, finger moves on its own, and the Brute man stir.

Absence of husband

I 36-year-old, son 16 years old, my husband is 40 years old.
It does not have much anymore five years with her ​​husband. But the son I am in almost every day.
In our case, it is like invited from me if anything, I think I have was originally there is incest desire When I think from now.
It is that of one year ago from now, but that night in the house her husband on a business trip did not have only son and me.
I bite the panties to crack, I was provoking the son by the deliberately standing knee as crotch of the back looks good.
Son the third time I was pushing me no longer be completely patience.
Son plucking the panties is rolled up the skirt and push down on me, has buried his face in the crotch.
Crazy about the genital Rim wound chestnut, and I've been inserted said, \"Mom would be nice?\".
I and did floated the waist so that it can be successfully inserted. I do not remember well what was said.
What as soon as the son of the cock has been inserted is I became not know somehow.
Anyway, there was no way to feeling good.
Since then, and stealing her husband's eyes have been crazy to mother-to-child incest. We are doing almost every day with the exception of the physiology of the day.
Both of them seems marked with cats and dogs of Sakari, but there is no choice but to be comfortable with comfortably.

Mouth Horny

I am helping the son of masturbation. I age 37 years old, it is a high school one year in the 15-year-old son.
I started the help of masturbation, it is from the previous summer vacation about a month.
My husband has been working in the family restaurant. Therefore, when the streets of rest there is no trial which was in the house. Of course during the summer holidays is a little son and two people.
Since earlier than I was a doting feeling a son, lives alone with his son and two people could not collect fun. To take his son to be set to go shopping, it was enough to go dating mood.
Such a day a few days continued, I found the H book during the cleaning of the son of the room. I even while I think that the age appropriate, I tried making fun of his son in the book of that at half mischief.
Is called the son came back to the living room, I was enjoying the reaction showed a practice swing to blame that the book.
It becomes masturbation talk to while you are looking at the son look down in red to the ears, the son heard the story of the still it is not you have me, half-jokingly, \"Well, if I'll be a mom?\" and I have said that.
and I thought the \"bad\" immediately after said, but I thought with me son parry.
Awkward in flowing air, \"I want a mom,\" said a small voice I heard from my son. And I thought it was a joke, but I have lost too much of seriousness.
After that, we did a son and some promise. SEX is absolutely useless, and from absolutely to some of the promise, such as secret from her husband, made ​​a commitment to help with masturbation.
Then one month, it is almost every day to the help of the son of masturbation. Such as holiday morning with no husband, son and intentionally let the service of the I do not come out from the futon in the morning from the hands and mouth by calling the room. But I have not lost. There is deliberately also look forward to such Jiraseru Keep in pulling the care of his son by a lightly dressed.
It is cute thing. Now like to us to anything such as shopping, cleaning in order to want to got with me. But for enjoying the most is you might me.
That said my son, because I can be free things of young men. A I am a little uneasy which likely will open the body from their own.

Embarrassing event

I went back to the family home in the body of pregnant four months.
You may want to consult with my mother, and met I was back to home in, but mother, father rather There are, there were.
Mom, and
how it is said to be not come back only o'clock the night of 7 I asked is, the sweat to say I'm not,
take a nap and drink beer from flush the body in the bathtub since I am writing, I was . The drunk was probably because sleep is I think that was deep. Take off was that the the Pantei, I did not notice. Father, penis, has been entered in the Omancho. Around even aloud to be stopped and stopped in surprise, vain firmly embrace suffer are the heart and the back is not only a voice because there is no house had been turning the arm to the father's body in La. A kiss, the waist to come Karamashi the tongue while, the back of the Omancho while using, and I comes in the penis. Is comfortably better of the body, the ~ father N ~ Dad \"Oh cormorant, I embrace my body long while saying that it'll feel good\" pussy'm very pleasant of Momoko is, father after harnessed \"cormorant, cormorant, leaking c ~ voice I have issued the sperm in my body. Sex is ended after \"father mom, I have been asked to be'll let me do it the Momoko sex because do not want to have sex. And because I've forgiven once, and now I think good kana. My husband, was also inadequate because fall asleep by quickly Oashi.

Man's body

I am 39 years old and my son Kosuke is 15 years old. I divorced in September and live with two people. The burning body of a single person has managed to get rid of it with a computer and the rush of life alone, but it reached the limit with the masturbation of his son who witnessed about two weeks ago. When I looked into my son's room for a midnight snack, he grabbed my penis in front of my desk and squeezed it. And what a dirty panty I took off that day ... My son rubbed his nose against the embarrassing crotch and licked it with his tongue. And I was surprised at the strong size of the penis and the momentum of the finish, and how lovely Kosuke's voice ended while saying "Mama ...". That night, I didn't make a midnight snack and remembered the scene in bed and masturbated and went twice. That comfort made me decide to regain the woman. We went shopping yesterday Sunday and it was cold and cold so I said I should take a bath from daytime and invited Kosuke. Kosuke was surprised at first, but nodded whether he had decided. I was so excited that my chest was torn. First I took a bath first. I purposely put the panties I just took off on the top of the laundry basket. When I was soaking in the bath, Kosuke's silhouette appeared in the washroom, and when I was still naked, I just thought, "My son is looking at my dirty panties ..." I have come. Kosuke came in with his lower body hidden with a towel, but at a glance he could see that Ochinchin was erected under the towel. I decided to have Kosuke wash my back. Of course, it is the towel that Kosuke has in his hand.I love Kosuke's hands, which shed my back, and when I turned around, saying, "I'm going to get stronger," there was an erection in front of me that seemed to bulge and hungry. When I asked, "Kosuke, is it like this when you see mom's nakedness?", She turned down. Kosuke said with a surprised face and muttered "I'm sorry ..." when he said "You were having sex with your mom's dirty underwear, right?" When I said, "Okay, don't be so embarrassed anymore," I couldn't stand it anymore and grabbed Kosuke's Ochinchin. Kosuke was surprised and sat down, but I squeezed Ochinchin gently with my hands, regardless. I was wondering if this was my beloved son's penis, a hard, thick and youthful penis, what it tasted like, how much it would go wild there, and semen from Kosuke's penis. It splattered. And every time I squeeze, semen pops out vigorously. I also flew to my face. I guess I couldn't stand it. "Mom, I'm sorry," Kosuke apologized. When I asked, "Okay, did you feel good?", He said "Yeah," and smiled for the first time. The smile was so nice that I hugged Kosuke involuntarily. The skin overlapped perfectly and I rubbed Kosuke with a sharp nipple. Then you can see that Kosuke's cock, which has just been released, is hard enough to pierce the heavens. "Mama is cold ..." Kosuke's voice suddenly returned to me and I put Kosuke in the bathtub.Kosuke's body, which I see again, was already a man's body. It is muscular and has no pieces of extravagant meat. The husband who broke up was medium-sized and medium-sized, but he felt that he had already overtaken his father in all parts. Of course there is also a penis. Kosuke was careful not to let me see the erected penis in the bathtub. "Hiroshi-chan, you were surprised because Mama did something strange, right?" " Does Hiro-chan already know a girl?" No matter what I asked, I just shook my head. I made up my mind and asked, "Would you like to sleep with my mom for the first time in a while?" Kosuke nodded clearly only then. I had a good year and my heart was sick. Kosuke withdrew into the room when he got out of the bath. I ate silently at dinner. After eating, he nodded again, saying, "Because it was the promise I made earlier, I'll go to Hiro-chan's room when mom finishes cleaning up, right?"

For the first time of the event

Husband because in long-term business trip, folding had comforted alone lonely your finger in a separate bedroom, but I was the sign such as that somehow look into, and fun with continue one person because there was no sign of life to be confirmed in I got off.
We have become comfortably take off until about underwear because resentment of the recently-less had accumulated.
Suddenly the son of high school students and I have been suddenly inserted pressed against the body Nari come into the room naked in there.
Exploiting to violently back in the big body and physical strength is the resistance to it will feel gradually and I have finally aloud.
My son and I came to a lot is overflowing out of the fire remains were placed in a son in the momentum would be shame many times said in continuous movement more vigorously listen to its voice.
Right now, every day or can not I have a fear, but we are worried about it in I knew I would be even tonight would have been hit frequently son.


Today, I was told that pregnancy in obstetrics and gynecology of the teacher.
While going had been able to prima facie prepared because the pregnancy test was positive, and then to those around the eye of the fact, I is intended to become a still mixed feelings. Father of the stomach of a child you know. That's right son.
I am a housewife in the 38-year-old this year. The couple no better than stealing the eyes of her husband from the son and the last winter of 17-year-old, it can be said, it has continued the relationship of a married couple or more of the body.
At first, it was committed by force to his son, but does not deny that was carried out gradually seek the son of the body from the side of me.
I than from those of the five also older husband also not be compared, young, and strong son of propenyl vinegar was then captivated me.
Morning, and send her husband, dive from the side of my son to bed. And Mushaburitsuki the son of the penis sleeping.
Also to some to be a blowjob, it may lead to the son as it is sitting higher. And it fits the best of dark sperm morning in the body.
Only the early days, it had been concerned about the contraception, and young, and, budding feelings that do not want to waste the sperm of a child you gave birth to rip myself, it has become to accept all of the time or from the son of body fluids I was.
When you honestly I say, sperm that is forcefully ejected from the son of the penis, it is also true that not another escape from pleasure when hit very hard my uterus. And, today, I conceive the son of the child.
While I think I want to own, give given rise to the son of a child, the fact of infidelity that a child of incest is crossing the head, it does not attach a hard decision.
Since SEX with her ​​husband are located in once a month, I think it is not that barrel to say that a child of her husband.

I am bad.

And the son of junior high school, and I became a relationship that does not go.
All, what I bad.
A son, it was the beginning of things was thought young children.
While I do not know of, and I was a child and waking up to sex.
Originally, I am time was spent in diatomaceous you are in the house. With no bra, squat and Cleavage could look clearly.
In addition, without considering the age, it was to have been the housework in the ultra-mini skirt.
The son became circa did not could have been eye of poison.
It is allowed to hang around the plump breast, from the mini-skirt, was the thighs, panty had become excited material to son.
It was time to close the evening in the kitchen had been the preparation of dishes.
Son, and I sow suddenly skirt from behind, was the hand is applied to the panty.
Surprised, it did was reduce the desperately panty, and I had been stripped to his son in anyway.
Son, was the actively say.
\"I'm a bad mother! I'll go wrong when you are so much provocation! Pussy Show me ~?\"
The word is, had lost the mother of reason.
Reluctantly, to expand the legs and protruding ass, from between the twin hills of ass, it was to that of the things that show the pussy.
\"Dad, I have a secret absolutely! Instead, you like - because I was on the way?\"
After that, I did not need time to become a relationship that does not go with the son.

Son and ~

From the loosening of my mind, it became a relationship that does not go with the son.
To see the son of masturbation, but I had been squeezed in my hand Become a poor, pussy, come wet with a jerk Shiyori, take off the panties, and I had put a berry in the pussy.


yuna himekawa[23060]
Now, just finished a son and SEX. 19-year-old son, I was 43 years old. Three years and divorced my husband.
Although doing my best parenting and work, I am also a woman. Occasionally, the body is aching.
And to lie on the bed, put your hand into the underwear, but the son was excited seen his son a place that masturbation was overlays cover me resistance can not win the power of his son, and had been committed.
But the son of the penis, including my husband, larger thicker than anyone man who ever experienced imperceptibly their people are feeling, and was waving the waist becomes above.
Young son of the penis as many times as without knowing the wane even if ejaculation, have been asking again and again.
Since that day, they begin married life with his son, already half a year.
Awkward SEX brute force is now, me technique also remember to please me.
Bed of course together. Bathing also together. SEX from morning break of day.
It is most committed devour the remains spent body of underwear.
At any time in any place if the son Motomere, it sucks the son of the penis.
And not earn live without my son now.

The bedroom of the couple

Son I was tied finally enters the summer vacation.
Son is now confirm whether before washing what you say from knowing that the masturbation in my underwear marked with son of sperm in underwear, and comfort in happy will catapult one person and is attached if now way. It has become my daily routine.
When I was one of the licking place with always sperm was taken out of the underwear as to say that has not come yet happened son went to summer vacation, without also known that the son is looking at Te said were sisters.
His son to me in the afternoon of the day been heard that \"always are you do that?\", I've idiot in the bright red face told me the honest son.
My son told me confided that the \"I want to with mom.\" I also I did take to go kiss the happy become son in our bedroom.
I usually think to have a son in a bet that you are husband It was a bit complicated, the island in sight of his son is hard even without turbulence the way that I was showed to my husband and I would like give taking advantage of the son did.
Son I have said in my immediately without still experience at the age of 14. But it has been many times so young because either immediately become healthy.
I will have the joy that you can have another son and sex. Without a son it is useless.
I believe to become a son of slaves during the period of summer vacation. Also my son has slept in the next now.
Have the now loved his son.


My house is a three-person family, I husband 38-year-old 43-year-old, son is 15 years old.
My husband is a salaried worker who works in the engineering company, half of the month we have business trip, but never thought to be lonely.
It is, I think originally and I sex was not so much love, and because he did not fit the master and personality. But about six months ago, I am I had made ​​a mistake and son.
I did not know even a little, but the son from a previous seems to have been masturbation using my panties. At that time, I had a nap while watching the TV.
Son says because my the sleeping form of was sensational, but I have been exposed to the thighs, it seems to have foresee until the crotch of the back only to me was sleeping and lying on his back.
Son is dissected with scissors my panties, Dari smell of the genitals, but seems to have or messing around, I did not notice any.
When the son I have noticed it was trying to insert, and had Atega~tsu the penis into the vagina.
\"Takashi, Stop it! Useless by! And good me!\" I do not have enemies in the power of've utmost to resist son.
\"Mom, I'll just would be nice. Once. Come on.\" Son had been hoarse voice with excitement.
\"Useless by. Forgive, please. Takashi.\"
I and the son was scuffle SuMadoka while arguing such a thing, but I have been finally fulfilled the insertion.
\"Mother, I'm sorry.\"
I resist force I have rapidly Ousset as soon as it was found to have been inserted. My genitals has become a slimy love liquid overflowing, because the son of the firm strong penis had been occupied in the vagina.
Son continues complained of pleasure in terms of as long as you come up, it has soon after ejaculation. Me also extremely good feeling, but seems to have complained of a pleasure as delirium, you do not have to remember well.
I will be married and my husband in '16, but it was the first time was so good is.
The son should that one-time, was also ejaculation six times in just that time. I also enough to not even try to How well is comfortable, it has been reached many times.
It thing called from, it has come to sexual intercourse if they have spare time without day and night relationship. The spear in the mouth when I became the physiology, we have sexual intercourse is not every single day. Then three months, and noticed a change in the physical condition, I went yesterday to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
When you release it and to my husband on the phone \"I Serve three months in the story of the doctor.\",
He was said to be \"Well congratulations. By all means gave birth in me.\".
Child in the stomach is not a master of the child. The child definitely son, but my husband and I believe my child. No attempt has yet to talk to his son.
Happy like, such as scary, it is mixed feelings, but I think I will Sanmo children.
Still mother-to-child incest has continued with the son, there is no intention of quitting. Drinking the semen of their own of gave birth a child, a good feeling rather Tamara being deeply ejaculation of the vagina, mother-to-child incest does not quit absolutely After doing once.
The master and are also doing in-law now, but do not want to do really. I am of this way is sinful woman.

I ended up doing it secretly and nephew

Me and my husband, have Naku~tsu stay children, will stay with loved nephew. And this year, my husband work on a few years, will leave the home, I alone will to be referred to that it is dangerous, and was staying invited the nephew at home. Nephew also to have survived will also close from work on the company.
Then, I was young in her wait for the return home of his nephew. After a while the aunt what looks like semen in my underwear had attached, the But I also stayed in a while silently, young nephew, so I was in my underwear and continued to mischief, word Told. ○○ kun, she, and not stay, Then nephew, ~Yoto you do not stay in an undertone, I, and while you do not stay with her ​​husband become a cute likely, Kimi No way and even thinking ○○, kana virgin I called the, Then it was hit.
Before GW of May, I let them graduate virgin. While I also absent husband, until the return of her husband so lonely, nephew and a fun sex.

My incest discourse

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Absence of husband

It became a son and one from as much about two hours before now.
Again, I sex with love is good.
Sincerely do you feel that, still, but the son of the technique I'm immature, gave us squid me many times.
Chest is now in the euphoria seems to have been above all wrapped in love, it is full.
Now, son Did tired in bed next, you're asleep. Actually, it's had been up earlier, sex ....
Even so, the moment when the son of the array is first inserted into my over there, impulse or rather excitement and current indescribably the body is running, it has become strange.
I might and because it was a long time sex was gone burning an extra.
Bori-tsuki if choking on my naked body, son I have me turn licking up every corner of the body.
Many times son who have thrust flip through my pussy with a large penis to say yet that it is 16 years old.
It is really dont son. I wonder me now to do with me.
Now, it would likely come wet dick even only remember.
Nor another stop is likely. You can not get away from that pleasure.
To son was also pleased me, I would like full to son from tomorrow, continue to sex education.
And we're going to go down as far as it will fall to the son and sexual pleasure.
Also it will report from now. My husband does not come back until tomorrow night.

Precocious son

My son is now in third grade junior high school this year. Son and was having an affair with two years ago, I thirty-five-year-old, my son was when the thirteen-year-old.
Quite good son of physique than average, also awakening of sexual desire quickly, it seems to have been masturbating from four grade of elementary school. I was aware of the son of masturbation when I was five grade of elementary school.
Or is dirty summer quilt sheets, with or committed rounding tissue is in the trash, I knew that my son was remember masturbation in its traces. Husband from before the six months was absent becomes a transfer abroad.
My son did not know what how good that felt the masturbation I was anyone have spent every day remains unstable feeling while not able to consult.
The son began taking out my panties did when admission to junior high school.
My panties were taken out from the dressing room of the dirty things, which had been back when you are next day washing, was always crotch parts become stiff.
Although I the absence of her husband did not respond to the loneliness to spend the night of one person lingering had become as addicted to masturbation, find some time, the panty son and release the semen is still raw thirst state of below.
Turn white is in my head, I smell is kneaded semen at your fingertips. Erogenous tingling, groin has been moistened much trouble I would repeat the masturbation while standing pressed against the crotch on the corner of the washing machine.
Son and but did we supposed to have a relationship there was such a foreshadowing, directly did that was prying eyes to his son a place where I have a masturbation.
In the story I heard from later, my son in it before I noticed seems to have had a look at the site of my masturbation many times.
When my son came into the room, I would accept in the form you want to succumb to the also not son of strength I think that while refused.
After you have done, but I also son also had become sentimental, but it turned to feelings like each other comfort with each other immediately wounded, and the also embraced deep kiss, was again Kasaneai the body.
Son of physical fitness is a surprisingly tough, I really I have up subjected to cum from the son of the inserted second time.
After that, it had been involved in before you go to bed at first, but it is now the son is home from school, and now blowjob before school in the morning.
Now it not only in the house, in the car and, we have or in the large storeroom in the garden.
Among the car out to drive yesterday of course, among the trees of shade and seaside tetrapod of the park, it was even inserted from behind in the bare ass in the landing of the fire escape of midnight suburban estates.
What you'll say. I am I feel really When required for son in羞Zu Kashii situation.
It is I think that does not change in the future.

Brother of big penis

2 months before the event.
I ended up as it is sleeping on the sofa return from school.
I will sleep for a while. The notice and, something felt hands strange.
When the hat I think look opened the thinner,
the brother cock was ...... surprised to palm, and
in its weight and size Zushi~tsu and hand me
a while to leave the some time, Chen Chen, great size
I was instinctively clasped with formic ~Yu~tsu to be.
My brother is shifted my pants, I have put a hand in the pussy.
My brother is a's happening is I,
we have to move vigorously fingers have been found.
I Nuke and voice, I was squeezed violently the brother of big cock feverishly.
After that, Jari rolling up
the relationship much ass I is continuing even now.


I was taking a shower before going to the son of the room. Disgraceful even when you have a clean up of the meal to be, because there is gets wet.
We went to Kosuke of the room in a bold-looking that camisole with a brand new underwear and take a shower.
Kosuke was reading a magazine and sitting on the bed in his pajamas. And I showed a little surprised look on my dress. I might have been turned to one female anymore that time.
\"Hiroshi chan, had come as promised. Today, I. Then'm secret of this is that only two people will go to bed together,\"
he nodded Kosuke is greater say. It seemed to know already what happens. I knelt and let stand a Kosuke beside the bet.
Pulling the pajamas and pants together to take the plunge, penis of Byun and Kosuke was jumped. Just by seeing the momentum I've found myself that there is wet.
In feel like heavy hard hot one sticks to have in hand, Kosuke pull the whether lower back strong stimulus when involuntarily to Hozuri. Large father heirloom or turtle head has completely directed skin. Deep deep breath of Kosuke was heard when the Ju and kiss.
It is included in the mouth from the first bag. Suddenly is to disgraceful to the penis, I was feeling too good is. Ex-husband also was like to be licking the bag. And it was included in the mouth from licking licking a penis.
The Will of another explosion verge. Penis of Kosuke was felt that further increases in the mouth. Immediately \"Mom, out would\" When you lower the mouth Kosuke to say and was ejected semen.
Momentum of semen as worthy of the adjective Dopyudopyu is really, was out of the outpouring in the mouth much can not believe that it was put in the bath a little while ago. I drank all so as not to drop even spill.
It has longer erection while you are raised to the cleaning of the penis in the mouth lay the Kosuke to bet. It is the youth. I have Kosuke and bring the chest to the mouth of Kosuke take off the camisole has Mushaburitsui as 15 years ago to say
\"now makes us feel good
mom?\". Caress much a little painful was the pleasant pleasure to me.
Nipple has pointed firmly enough to surprise. Hand of Kosuke grew to lower body. It's already wet enough embarrassing.
Hand of Kosuke is to hear a Nyuchanyucha when extending in the crotch of the panties am I was ashamed about face is red.
We showed there to Kosuke take off the panty on your own.
\"I I I came out from here Mom, red-swelling It looks at the slimy been\"
is said to body whole body became hot. I can not take it anymore. I was asked through a stretch with a span penis with Mesmerize the Kosuke. Over there of folds is intense feeling, such as open about twice struck.
I used the waist on feverishly in Kosuke. Once upon a time it is Positions and failed to be embarrassed to. But it is about was getting better, even if such a thing now.
The Kosuke it is out twice but was long-lasting much for the first time of the split, and have included \"Mom, anymore went likely\" the Kosuke of the penis is pulled out to tide that the such as the mouth. No matter how fear of pregnancy in pleasure was evoked instinct.
Kosuke was ejaculation for the third time in my mouth. I momentum were no more truly the last time, but the amount was now surprisingly many mouth full.
That day is the end in it. We went to bed and hugging each other naked. I went to bed and hold the penis of overnight NakaHiroshikai.
Tomorrow is a holiday. Kosuke is likely going nowhere. I'm sure the other aunt, but, and in bad taste is the mother, but you think they'll have me and his fourth of the relationship.

Son for mischief

Son is naive place in still children at high 1. I while also watching TV today, seems to have slept with asleep.
Sound to open the door it was. Surely it seems children came back. Awoke not when vacant eyes are closed son is staring to come enter the room.
They came by the side when have a deliberately sleeping pretend. Then it's squatted down. It seems to peek my place. The notice of it was slow.
Inadvertently in his back as well, yet it has been noticed to sleeping in slightly open the crotch, and are jumped up here, and I think that it would be to hurt my son, and have pretend slept in situ, to look into the arrow-clad crotch to have is a situation.
I feel something faintly. I'm open to move my legs spread like a soon and feet to more than now. I thought the same and like or to see the situation in this state, if you have a blind known to be when it comes, something comes in between the crotch. It's the son of hand.
When you are with feel the signs, it has touched the pussy from the top of the pants. Although I hope that will not be any more, son Do you think that completely sleep, and concealed a finger from the side of the pants while touching the shadow column of pussy, it was brought to the pussy.
It has trees and tangy as the moment electricity is run. I thought whether happened like but does not move the body. Go gradually addicted When a finger is to bring as stroked crack while I thought the same and like.
Feelings will be well. Wet come of it can be seen even by yourself. And the feeling that I think I was up to there, but feelings of the more then crossed had not touch.
And placed a finger in the pussy it is completely dominated by the son, and can not stand to be out, and finally will aloud and \"Ah\", I have asked holding his son.
Son of the pants off your pants to be waiting to take off because right now it is also not take off. Son, but I like was surprised, and I'll gripper licking the cock in the mouth, \"Oh, leave Dell\" was released in the mouth.
If you swallow what you put out was, to pounce that the answer to ask to be \"the drank?\" \"Yes\", and began licking at the tip of the tongue with Sucking in the pussy at the same time raise turning the skirt.
Although a miscellaneous enhanced the feeling, it can be seen and that has issued a love juice from the pussy.
\"Oh, very good\" to obtain the son becomes the obscene figure and, you've issued a voice to be anymore put.
Son has been superimposed on the cause of the body, with like not enter well, when the lead took the frustrating become penis, has been entered.
I thought as a child, but it is fine. Thickness called the magnitude also be satisfied, myself going committed to my son, the son of the virgin I had never dreamed and rob their own mother.
Such a thing not matter anymore. When Ikitai just to have lead had the son of the body, we've also put out to be \"out the other\".
It issued during, while I think that it was closed, his also asked the son to just Lee expected, when the son is going for the third time, it has gone At the same.
One son was also tired of, while a deep breath as \"Nuke\", but apologized to the mother sorry,
\"I did not become a thing went wrong. The Tomere if. Would I be disturbed, But you put in The thing is
I very much if you could in a very. dad if you can even \"\" If baby not say. earnestly and
useless by \"to say who is that I met you because\" \"Today settlement even if there is a time If the
and telling, and let go to be in advance wash quickly, it is a great amount to ass came out semen with sticky white issued son If you look at the pussy.
Why tears flow from the eye, I was looking at the semen that are coming out from the pussy. Do they sad that it has committed to his son, whether willing, it is mixed feelings.

It is pregnant with son of children

It is written in the previous bulletin board, but the it was found pregnant with son of the children. Date is next year's March. By then, changes and the body, and I want to write the relationship between the son might still continue.

It was committed to son

I husband in the 43-year-old housewife living in Hiroshima has been living in since then passed away seven years ago two children and three men.
Eldest daughter it was a certain Sunday in the house of cleaning that came to each other living in the son and the two people who became college students now live in the neighboring town and out of the house and the marriage last year.
Over the lower of the room and into the only thing next to the dirty and there are a lot of erotic books and adult video is next to the cardboard of the desk when I give to the son of the room also cleaning are many middle-aged women There were also those incest. And there was a few sheets of my underwear that had been thought to be lost previously in the drawer of the desk.
Although \"Well ~ ... If this child Tsu\" I thought we finished the cleaning while I think unavoidable because it is a boy. And it was son and awakened to something breathlessness at night you came back drunk in drinking party of last year's late company overhanging to me naked.
I do not know I might had been felt by the reaction of the body that had been death ... No already son can not win the power of the \"what you have to!\" Innovation is Hanenoke the son resistance did. Young boy ? !
I was squid many times is but remains on the difference of been away son devour those of son crossed the line that is not the beyond.
That day from not stay and wearing underwear when you go out with two people in the nude is when I'm to remain but says son it becomes like a son of a toy by two people.
Now it is also H in exposure and toilet in the drive destination. Son of the friend was interested in the physical strength of a young child is to Blow toys from two others of my friends I give blame me in the nude in front of my friends came when the son began to blame me yesterday.
Sons When you come back You have to go out now \"also pleased I'll let\" Innovation There was just phone and what may be doing even what time such a thing as \"anxiety\" and \"more\" every day that feeling that you say are crossed ...

Summer vacation

yuna himekawa[22925]
I have lost my husband in a car accident three years ago. It is a mother to become 36 years old. Height 168cm, 88-64-92cm from the top, bra uses the E cup.
 You will be asked violently every day in 3 of the son in that entered the summer vacation. The son of retired soccer is come to seek and stress of the exam study, the outlet of superabundant strength and sexual desire in my limbs.
 And that it is not should we know but, but, so if us to concentrate on the exam study. And, it is me carelessly, resulting in forgiveness.
 If you wake up in the morning you first have spoiled me. And dining at moderate to the kitchen, it will be inserted. It is Nakata live.
And afternoon. And to take a shower and I have become daily routine together and come back from the summer course. Night also, \"When you have finished studying as planned,\" because I put the condition that, son will study crazy. And I son in the middle of the night comes to my bed. In husband and bed that had loved every night, it is nestled in the son.
 Curious libido also third year of junior high school bottomless. Gradually because the request comes to escalate, this tip is worried. Summer vacation alone with the 40 days, whether the time that end is adapted to what. to think and horrible seems, yet, as to expect somewhere. Such as exciting. Dont's mother.

Lower son of brush

38-year-old housewife. There are son and 13-year-old daughter of 15-year-old.
5 years older than my husband is you are bachelor the past three years, it will come back once a month.
I also husband also, since the marriage match compatible with carnivorous system each other if anything,
when you came back to you heart's content diverge muffled to Rabuho from daytime.
However, I still useless in month 1.
Disgraceful is the words, but I aching the body. If you are touched with a finger in the middle of the night,
and much soiling underwear Become a drenched, it becomes irresistibly in want. Recently, my son I've noticed that are interested in the daughter of underwear. When replacing the sheets son of the room, I'm the daughter of underwear had been caught in the gap of the bed. Containing the heart of pattern in pink land, but I kinda cute feeling of shorts, so had to say and no longer missing daughter, I thought I wonder if had been stolen and have dried, and. Underwear was that before washing. Intense portion of dirt is turned like a glued, or son has used to what we leave immediately pin. But, Why are you daughter? My Well, the No useless? Come to think of it calmly, and Nante be the target of sexual desire a mother, I'm such that normally can not happen, I who had spent the day-to-day it is not sexually satisfied, I felt even mild jealousy to 13-year-old daughter. That night, I talked with two people at the son of the room. Show me the cash, was preaching so that it does not and twice to son. However, it has come to a strange feeling a little also I am excited while I was preaching. \"If you want so see Oh ○ンコ, because show mom\" ​​take off the skirt and underwear, we have to show. Son had a face like were taken aback. \"You know, while touching here, Masturbation to see\", \"pants and pants, take off\" leads to the left hand of the son at the base of my thighs, I grip the thing of son in palm that hung down the spit, squeezing a little bit or did. Son of thing becomes quite large, it is clean peel. Size also is about the same as that of the husband. And laid his son on the bed on his back, was screwed to the waist along with a hand while span above. With little by little move the hips, I felt that the becomes smaller Innovation Suu son in the body. Mood, such as from \"the ejaculation in son is my body,\" \"This thing of me,\" daughter, took back his son. Such emotions gave me to make me happy. Lifting the hips, those white on top of the son of the body fell dripping. Son, trying to divert your eyes from me. \"Thank you. Mom, was very felt good. In the future, Nice to meet you\" son, he shook his head in a vertical in silence. The next day, we had to prescribe after pill in the hospital. And, we have to consult the insertion of the IUD. Originally, How can was also recommended from her husband, my son gave me push back. Next month, now that you get put. Now both the son I can enjoy without worrying about contraception every day. From a tingling in the body, it is finally freed likely.

Husband of a friend you've loved

Because it is not a correlation we might spot the difference.
I is a thing of the × 1 of the 47-year-old.
My friend Atsuko
died in February without any medication of Kai in the long illness.
I tried to contact Eiichi's safe funeral also corner husband.
Phone's voice was crying and sunk.
The course is lost beloved Atsuko.
I was invited to want meal Become a healthy, even a little.
I want to become healthy in Eiichi's I think.
We asked a variety talk while eating and Eiichi's.
That suffered pain ... I want to die and ... painful is tired ...
Eiichi's because it does not stop or tears ... people around is staring
was riding in the car of Eiichi's and finished the accounting. Tears do not stop ...
I've kissed is stroked the head is Sasura back to the crying I was ...
Eiichi's in Eiichi's chest.
Eiichi's tongue in my mouth ...
I also gone surprised at not Was ... sudden events entwined ...
the car
put the car to the Mashi was ... garage to love hotel district near the inter ... also a fierce kiss ...
I also had to answer to his kiss.
I would have sucked being rubbed the silence of Eiichi's will be pushed down the caress of the rough on the hug is neck ~Ya ear As soon enter the ... room in the room ... in Eiichi's been made ​​taking off clothes on the bed for ... chest ... \"Because bad Atsuko ... Hey Eiichi's ...\" Only that I was able to deny that far ... I let myself in with a four-year sex not do ... Eiichi's since divorced. I ... Actually, I had Koikogare to Eiichi's. My body of all of Eiichi's is gone come to love ... four years less came on fire little by little. The unwashed dick Eiichi by being ... another very embarrassed Rim in san, but really it No pleasant. I also Hoba~tsu his big thing. To become bigger and bigger in your mouth. \"Eiichi's ... gone me ... anymore,\" he came sunk waist between my crotch. It was drunk in the four years through. It is unscrupulous but I was comforted every day with a rotor while I think the Eiichi's. It is now loved by the Eiichi's. 's Fine even if there is no love there. And I have raised a voice that does not even ... and poked violently to Eiichi's the word on the nipple also pulled I feel really is wildly just a relationship body. \"Another useless - Eiichi's ... together ...\" is nestled in the favorite Eiichi's I I remembered the woman of joy !! the \"Reiko ... die by !! crust ~ N'nn ...\" I on the back of Eiichi's and clung to had caught his semen in the back of the body. And it gave me a kiss and patted his head while connected. \"Thank you Reiko,\" \"I'm also embraced in Eiichi's happiness\" has been embraced five positions a month since then. And from each other is tentatively single problem is I do not think. Now some of the mind until Eiichi's joke can say in came with a soft physician. He will also be in this month 51. I do not think it is going Kuraso at this late hour together Toka put a cough. It is just as much in happiness is come to his side. We met a tomorrow the first time in two weeks. I think that it is full of graces would. I apologize when it was really out of place. Please be through somehow. This I'm sick of mind called complicated grief. Meaning should be examined.

My incest discourse

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