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Incest confession of women(2015-06)

My incest discourse

One hundred yen products appeared in it storm surge sister - frigidity to or libido intense pleasure does not stop is the aphrodisiac call heck actually become etc. that will heal, you'll want to experience

My incest discourse

They were brother and brother and incest

Reward son of test

yuna himekawa[22466]
I to one son at the time high school students, so was Segama as many times \"I want a mom\" ​​refers high rank of the simulated test, was the promise (and would be impossible in the son of level).
But is a surprise, and I brought back the results of the top 10 of the school year.
My husband is in my room the night of a business trip, it was as promised man.
Son rejoiced face will not be forgotten even now.
Did you know about no need for sex education. But \"condoms need\" I was taught in detail that it.
The fast is, but also recovery without disconnecting put out, and I was able to satisfy even five times the issued because the premature ejaculation.
Again women is mandatory condom because it is scary pregnancy.
Young child control impossible, act with because even scary son getting ahead of ourselves we are always contraceptive measures.
I on condition children's study rank, has been embraced in a single pace in February.
The truth is I want you to embrace even monthly weekly, but was spun off because Distinction is required.
My husband has me earn a Sesse not know such a thing.
Until the son of the year exam even one and a half years-old now passes the University of hope, we're going to continue the son of gender processing.

Drinking aphrodisiac

It is the story of when the junior high school two years. My sister, it was at that time a high school one year, but I bought the aphrodisiac in the net in curiosity. I was attracting close friend of Ruua the (PN) to the house the next day, which arrived aphrodisiac do not know such a thing. My sister is me kindly welcome, it was me pass the juice to Ruua. It it was the beginning. After drinking the juice, Ruua began fidgeting. Face I had met rubbed the red a Koshikoshi the thighs and thighs. I was pushing me to be in Iwanbakari try and waiting had heard that the \"What's wrong?\". And I myself still began to take off a little too big a sailor. I do not know the meaning I was confused. Ruua consists only in underwear, I tried to Nugaso also me. When desperately to resist Ruua I was raised roll up the clothes on put your hand in my sailor up to my shoulder. Slowly carries a hand to my chest, also on the thrust their hands into the underwear, it rolls up. Ruua began touching and morose the chest in my growth. I was leaked a voice can not be put up for the first time feel. The \"§ ... Tsu ... N'nn ...\" Then Ruua is Nugashi their underwear, we began rubbed nipples and my nipples with my standing gone \"... Ah ... no good ... § ... N~tsu ...\" After that it was also continued to stimulate my chest to say that such \"licking good to turn?\". ↓ conversation from here (in H) \"Han~tsu ...... Rame~tsu ...\" \"... Oh ... feels good ?? An~tsu ... huh ... next, Koch Ikuyo ?? (below\" and \"... there ... Hey ...... went not touch there ... A~tsu ...... N~tsu ...... \"\" to such from the top of the pants, Hey pervert ... \"\" § ... is shifted by ... Rame~tsu ... Ah ... N~tsu ...... Aa ... \"

We were asked to son

It is entreaty and because I at one time from my son, I was absolutely disgusting Nante intersect in parent and child. Many times in the weak son of the shy and care is being asked, it was according to press just in case and I only once. The exposure of the body that of 51-year-old slack to son embarrassed, I was hesitate to take off. But son became naked earlier already erection, you're waiting for me. But, I do Will also the son of poor women experience become naked, you're confused. I have now on his back and persists the mind, I put led by inducing here by the son. Son What 2-3 minutes by moving the waist insert, I was immediately Dokudokuto ejaculation is now issued with Dell. And even though we continue to be sought from the more there, it was over all too soon.

Adapt to son body

And was forced to promise to the son of Hiroya is that before another six months. 
Not embraced the husband, it was his son and pinky a firm promise.
To witness that, sure son leaves the hickey on my left breast.
Now it is completely lead to the son, I place even Saguriate accurately that want, for us taste Wase a woman of pleasure.
When it is is nestled in the son, let me drop the makeup, you embrace me in Suppin.
Long time of unprecedented experienced until now, my son will come to attack Kung.
Enough mind-boggling, I will me the location where came his birth, at Shin love.
In the city live in son, while walking and formed a regal arm,
\"the voice at that time of the mother is very good by\"
Nante, it says unabashedly.
Last month, my son came to propose a rotor of the remote control.
It's was only showed me the image is, to put in hand by mail order, it was allowed to practice.
On the inside of the stockings and panties, and is attached by a pin point, I was dating.
Among department stores, unexpectedly, at the moment you have forgotten, the switch is turned on. It will operate the elevator and stairs.
Knee is broken, and twisting at the waist, and had clung to his son.
I do not let him even shook his head, which had firmly moistened.
Also the evening of that day, I was loved by my son.
I the moment go, son you staring from close range.
Son is squid, when released into the body to be separated a thin one,
I also'm a woman, and you realize.
Body that we are familiar to son, no longer return.

My incest discourse

I am a housewife of 56 years old. Two years ago and is one house lost a husband. Even 58-year-old brother who lives in the neighborhood and we are young living alone eliminates the sister-in-law of my viewed from. Once you also press to whether intercom and invited but I went to my brother's house would then eat dinner together have forgotten the promise to his brother entered the use house the reaction there is no duplicate key brother had to sleep on the sofa. It also ...
groin with ultra bikini pants figure of no Toshigai was protruding glans from pants bulge just to Hachikiren. Husband body since the cock died tingling and I have Mushaburitsui to cock it turned into a female to caress was estrus can not will endure aloud unawares my pussy to see that my pussy has been wet . Although my brother had been surprised awake was issued a semen in my mouth while saying that \"mass media pleasant by\". I while loincloth licking gently and say while drank it \"Now I have big brother also loved my pussy\" to be with open pussy wet enough to embarrassing Nugashi my underwear \"Do has become like a flood,\" \" Masco, I dare to say that I say here that is full lewd juice Te what. It is said to be unless'll stop, \"said, now I shame\" pussy from spicy to be stopped here. it reminds that the early putting \" were sisters. Was the way in beginning to stimulate it and say that it will want to pee \"let go the toilet,\" he says \"I Show me pee figure emanating from the pussy of the mass media\" urethra. Indeed shameful \"I spoiled of what are said.\" I said. Hurry beyond the limits of patience and is taken to the bathroom if you try to go to the toilet and I have vigorously out. And we have applied to the body pee lifted my body As soon say while Anigami pee that does not stop hard to \"I want to catch the pee of the mass media in the body\". While licking drenched pussy in lewd juice and pee \"I have become become want to softening I also pee. The paddle view Masco?\"
Was called. What a I did not sometimes seen the master pee appearance of the men nodded and \"Yes\" in the interest and half was seen my pee. Erect over pee brother earlier began to appear from the cock to me started to be \"non-try in\" I Mashi suck the cock in the mouth. I love one more in the bathroom and forget even going to bet.
Each time a lewd juice hits the pubic bone built a splashing sound drenched and sound each time it is waist your brother is also inserted in a separate I to brother while aloud of joy as \"Oh I pussy rickety that would contain useless N ~\" The cling was love one night. Brother enjoys about become worried that not it fray is \"Because it is lonely only lost each other companion and Let's Aishiao in the future,\" he said to me also objection without week 2-3 times a pussy and cock (laughs) brother \"now It was said to be more or not try to be exciting thing? \"now. I nodded while example sucking the cock of his brother.

And brother

I am a housewife of 56 years old. Two years ago and is one house lost a husband. Even 58-year-old brother who lives in the neighborhood and we are young living alone eliminates the sister-in-law of my viewed from. Once you also press to whether intercom and invited but I went to my brother's house would then eat dinner together have forgotten the promise to his brother entered the use house the reaction there is no duplicate key brother had to sleep on the sofa. It also ...
groin with ultra bikini pants figure of no Toshigai was protruding glans from pants bulge just to Hachikiren. Husband body since the cock died tingling and I have Mushaburitsui to cock it turned into a female to caress was estrus can not will endure aloud unawares my pussy to see that my pussy has been wet . Although my brother had been surprised awake was issued a semen in my mouth while saying that \"mass media pleasant by\". I while loincloth licking gently and say while drank it \"Now I have big brother also loved my pussy\" to be with open pussy wet enough to embarrassing Nugashi my underwear \"Do has become like a flood,\" \" Masco, I dare to say that I say here that is full lewd juice Te what. It is said to be unless'll stop, \"said, now I shame\" pussy from spicy to be stopped here. it reminds that the early putting \" were sisters. Was the way in beginning to stimulate it and say that it will want to pee \"let go the toilet,\" he says \"I Show me pee figure emanating from the pussy of the mass media\" urethra. Indeed shameful \"I spoiled of what are said.\" I said. Hurry beyond the limits of patience and is taken to the bathroom if you try to go to the toilet and I have vigorously out. And we have applied to the body pee lifted my body As soon say while Anigami pee that does not stop hard to \"I want to catch the pee of the mass media in the body\". While licking drenched pussy in lewd juice and pee \"I have become become want to softening I also pee. The paddle view Masco?\"
Was called. What a I did not sometimes seen the master pee appearance of the men nodded and \"Yes\" in the interest and half was seen my pee. Erect over pee brother earlier began to appear from the cock to me started to be \"non-try in\" I Mashi suck the cock in the mouth. I love one more in the bathroom and forget even going to bet.
Each time a lewd juice hits the pubic bone built a splashing sound drenched and sound each time it is waist your brother is also inserted in a separate I to brother while aloud of joy as \"Oh I pussy rickety that would contain useless N ~\" The cling was love one night. Brother enjoys about become worried that not it fray is \"Because it is lonely only lost each other companion and Let's Aishiao in the future,\" he said to me also objection without week 2-3 times a pussy and cock (laughs) brother \"now It was said to be more or not try to be exciting thing? \"now. I nodded while example sucking the cock of his brother.

Horseman dating cheer Circle

M woman agency! Horseman dating cheer Circle! The Netora been introduces the Torture already de M a wife who! Once you remember the pleasure had never disappear without the day-to-day without telling husband was Hotera the body ... also. It would seek that pleasure. We will introduce the S gentleman's as refuge of such horny wives. ○九○六三一二六一四八SM towards the men and women of beginners seeking a way of also please contact us.

Son to masturbation

I have a relationship with the son of the current high school three years. My husband has been a bachelor since last year.
son before I have a relationship with his son is a stress from the exam, stealing my underwear had used to masturbation.
How can I heard earlier the reason to his son, whether the mother is wearing any underwear, which had been said that there has been interest.
Directly attached to the skin, shorts and bra is so there is still most interested.
What you had been dried by washing, it was able to be incorporated in my absence, but when I tried to pick up directly, it seems to have gone to an erection.
Mother-to-child incest from common sense, but is the act that is out, we in the son now allowed to diverge the semen inside of me.
Son firmly work hard to study, results of operations even in the upper level, also me working hard and working hard when me and etch.
It is not to say that a good way, but also I think that's one way.
Even return my son from school yesterday, because has been spoiled me \"boobs\" after study, we let them breathe tits son of mouth to love included the nipple.
Bathing of course enters with his son, it is my double bed even sleep, because coming from finished studying, I always late at night is around 12:00.
The night of the weekend, I also forgive the body, the Toka Saturday night, go to bed at an early time, we love each other and son.
This age around is not exhausted energy is, place you want to say that I \"still to?\", It will be pushed up.
In has also taught Positions, by being challenged, it is another awesome. Become a hip omission likely position, I am also asked to be satisfied.
The night of the weekend, my vagina are moist in the son of semen.

My incest discourse

I am a mother with a son of 17-year-old.
It was around this spring, my son is an accident on a motorcycle, it had been three months hospitalized with fractured dominant arm and both legs.
I've become the last month discharge, is Naku~tsu use is still well legs and dominant arm at the time of bathing at home, where I was now to enter together since the time of elementary school.
If you do an eye on the crotch of his son in the bathroom, genitals had been an erection. Naturally son was also dropped the line of sight under.
I also was worried about, and have washed the crotch of his son as a mother, furthermore groin son went gaining erection.
Son without regard but had hidden me in the hand, was raised gently genital served with a hand on, treat up and down.
Although son was groan under his breath as the \"Mother\", I was ironing as it is anyway.
Then, because my son came complained in an undertone as \"Dell\", I was raised by example sucking the genitals that its erection.
The son of genital indescribably, It was dark sperm enough not be said anything spewed son, I was raised swallowed in the throat back as it is combined son and the line of sight.
It has been raised to the mouth strong point of processing the son of genitals every time you bathe and son from.
But you can also bathe alone come to soon injured recovery, so it is time to be suspicious even husband and has entered into with me going.

I do I think ...

Same author not too much? Mother-to-child thing the same contents do not many?

Mother and son

It began as time.
When you have a clean up dinner in the kitchen, and was hugged from later, and come in hand in the panties, and was put the spot and remote Vibe.
When the time was not wash the cup while being fearful or be switched on, I switch it was placed in a suddenly strong.
Intense pleasure that ran on the back from the pussy.
\"Auu Tsu ~\"
waist and I have divided it dropped the bowl crumbling.
If you have convulsion convulsions and leaning on the sink, voice to say, \"Oh Oh, had divided\" was heard from the living room.
If you try to go in the living room and crawling, once it had been weak, but also it would have been strong, and \"Ugh, it Ugh, uhh - Cormorant!\" Was trembling himself to pleasure and crouched by raising the voice moaned and .
when the barely arrived in the living room, my son had me ready to take off your pants.
The penis that is upright the thick hard, I have Mushaburitsui feverishly.
Vibe that was glowing Teratera with love juice that becomes cloudy as take off the panties with one hand while example sucking the penis was not trembling and fell pulling the thread on the floor.
\"In facing the
rear,\" \"No, let me more lick!\"
I I have embraced the force is isolated ass.
\"Whoa! Another chestnut I have jumped out\" was licked and Gin-san a chestnut while opening the pussy to say.
\"Aa Tsu ~!\"
And I was bitten lightly the chestnut.
\"Hieeee Tsu ~!\"
I would let Nokezora back with pleasure.
\"Tsu - I can not take it anymore! Put it painting Tsu ~!\"
\"Where?\" \"So, putting Uh!\" \"So, where I?\" \"Mean!\" \"Bottom hole of?\" \"Iyan! Contact, pussy hoo! \",\" No to want what you put in? \"\" anymore! The penis Put example Tsu ~! \"and I'm always a kind tone. Son of hard thick long penis was coming slowly pushes open the pussy. \"Ugh, Uu ~ N!\" \"Ikuzo!\" And came piercing at once to the root is much pull. \"Uhh Tsu ~!\" Penis was crushed uterus. sound Pampanga and the ball hits the bank it has changed the sound wet Pishapisha. In accordance with the thrust of the penis and went up the \"aak, aak, aak!\" Force. It was shake the waist made ​​from Doggy in cowgirl. If you swallow the penis to the base tip to Guriguriko the uterus. After the hip has convulsions big back and forth, convulsion and has been finely convulsions. It would, \"Oh, good! Oh, good! Aak, and Oh ~ there! Intends uhh go Tsu ~!\" Up chipping pleasure on the back from the pussy, crowded fell to the chest numbness is the core of the head. Is the twitching convulsions to that body on his back, also it was inserted at once as far as it will go. And while the violent thrust is followed by a few minutes, \"great-Tsu ~, great-Tsu ~, and Hiii Tsu ~!\" And has continued screaming and. \"When my mother, Ikuzoo Tsu ~!\" Furthermore sticks became violently, to hug by turning the hand on his back, it was entwined legs to the waist. The \"'ll get!\" \"Give me! give me a lot!\" \"Ugh!\" waist along with the voice that is trembling and Bikun, hot semen Oman has been slammed many times in this back. \"Ah Tsu ~ that ~ Tsu! Go it intends Uhh!\" Is also me to violently Nokezora to the back I was able to go together. My son had to cut the breath violently on the chest, \"Well, I study and I went to the room,\" I went out with a lightly kiss saying. I drank it tasted as usual and scrape out the semen was Collection Drott son to put the finger in the pussy. I shaved carefully the hair of groin as always is to put the panties of slimy in the washing machine with love solution was the cleaning up of the kitchen of the cracked bowl entered the bath to be dispensed the rest of the washing. And I was lying in bed naked and with a perfume to a bath.


yuna himekawa[22388]
It was a two semester begins. Forever come not a high school student son happening (16 years) to the cause to the son of the room.
I was sleeping in the pants half-assed and Hanenoke a cotton blanket. And I have Morning Wood Looking. And I have longer surprised.
Well, I think this is I'm a real. It Nde young evidence.
At any moment and it's cheerful about likely jumped from the top of the pants.
And pretend you do not see, \"Sho-chan, Get up. You know I'll be late\" did not occur even if multiplied by the a voice.
It was asleep yet fully.
Is hung up when the son of the hand ... in the pants. If you have seen I think that edge, I began to move to the up and down hold.
It's ahead whiff glimpses. Still visible or reddish earlier say pink, all with pants shift I have seen.
It is that in no way inferior magnitude, even compared with the master.
If you have seen while pounding, it varies in a pained expression and is ... in expression of anguish.
and \"I hate, it is not not you come out?\" and I think you can look for a box of tissue but does not see. Movement of hands came faster Gradually.
and \"I do not want, how can try. futon is become dirty,\" the moment when I thought, I've example involuntarily mouth, I.
Son also will happening edge and surprise, looking at my blowjob face on which you are what tweets as \"mom\" and seems to be still half asleep.
Was released into the \"Sho-chan, say because it put in. I in your mouth mom\" ​​to say excellence and \"Ugh, up\" with your mouth a large amount of semen while leaked.
And I have spit in the palm is not likely to multi-of choking such distinctive smell and quantity.
There is a tissue box on the desk, it came become you are and also big increase in clean wipe.
Son, I look at it Junn my eyes. It seems to appeal something.
And turning the skirt off the nature and underwear when referred to as a \"Sho-chan\", it has across the top of the young son.
Son and put up Nyururi and back, was aloud as \"mom, feels good ~\".
While referred to as \"Sho-chan, I have to sit still,\" I was using the waist.
It is the youth. It's reach throbbing and the back is firmly than my husband.
It was a moment that I thought Iki likely in a little more.
When the son is referred to as the \"mother\" I hips thrust up from jerky and lower.
\"Oh, it is dangerous.\" It was a moment that I thought. And I felt the hot splashes in. Son and I had been cum on.
I was a little worried, was the only no safety Sun a few days until the physiology.
It is from. Son does not come up until I go to the cause. to go and I was waiting to make a longer cock.
\"The other, I'll not be helped,\" Take off underwear to say, it's across the son of my son and I have become daily routine.

Relationship between son and couple

Since two years ago, my 24-year-old son has had a relationship between a man and a woman, no, a couple. The reason was that I really had no love. Prior to my husband three years ago, I lived under one roof with my single son. Of course, I was a real son, so when I took a bath, I usually went to the dressing room in my underwear, and when I got up, I didn't mind coming out with a bath towel. I guess it didn't work. My son's eyes on me changed little by little, and at the same time, he began to approach and touch his body. At one point, I also playfully touched my son's body, and found that the crotch was extremely hard. When they were silent with each other, after a while my son said, "It's my mother's fault," and hugged me strongly. His hard thing was hitting my crotch. I tried to pull him apart by saying, "Stop it, let go," but his power was so strong that he was pushed down as it was. While saying, "I like my mother," I covered my lips and approached me to kiss while touching my chest. I had my mouth closed tightly, but when his tongue pryed my lips into and started licking my tongue, teeth, and mouth, my head became dull and eventually I Was also entwined with his tongue. His hand moved from his chest to my important place and began to caress. Even though he was caressed by his real son, he got very wet even though he was his real son, and when he was shown the love juice that was pulling a string on his finger, he was embarrassed and had to close his eyes.When he said, "Mom, that's okay," I had no choice but to say, "No, I'm a real parent and child, so no." But I couldn't reject it. When I thought he was between my legs, his thing pierced me in one fell swoop. My husband had diabetes and hadn't lived as a couple for more than 10 years, so it felt like I had forgotten. To be honest, I thought, "What, this is harder and bigger than that person." The son, who went inside me to the root, approached me again and asked for a kiss. I also responded and entwined my tongue. Eventually he began to move slowly, piercing sensitive areas and uterine ostium in me, and his head turned white, and I could only make a loud yell with a nail on his back. did. When I thought I was going to lose consciousness, he said, "I'll get out, I'll put it out in my mother," and at the same time, something hot spread in me. I was stunned for a while, but my consciousness became clearer, and I was terrified that I had done something ridiculous when I saw my son above me while still connected to me. At that time, he said, "I like my mom. I'm not interested in other girls. I just like my mom." He looked straight into my eyes and said. He said, "I and you are parents and children. You can't forgive me for that." He further said, "Mom, be my wife, get married." His stuff that pierced me became stiff again, and he held my sides and stabbed me hard again, preventing me from escaping.I was hit hard by my beloved and sensitive body, and I was struck by a pleasure I had never felt in sexual intercourse with my deceased husband. I was fainted by the sensation of breathlessness. I asked him later, but at that time I was crying and entwining both hands and legs with him and saying, "I'll be your woman, so poke more." I don't remember that at all. And I fell asleep as it was. When I woke up the next morning, my naked son was sleeping next to me naked. When I was embarrassed and tried to get out of bed, he grabbed me and pushed me down again. I tried to refuse by saying, "Stop, yesterday was a dream," but he said, "No, as my mother said at the end, make me a woman, hold me until I feel like it." I was embraced by him again. It was Sunday so I don't remember how many times he pierced me until the evening and poured it into me. Then the next day and the next, he kept holding me. I could have refused it, but I didn't. In less than a month I started expecting him to hug me. He now calls me "Takako" instead of "Mother", and instead of having no resistance to accepting it, he calls me "you". I realized that I loved him as a man, not as a son, and I was very pleased to be embraced and seeded by him. As he said at the beginning, she didn't make her, she just loved me.I can't get pregnant after menopause, but when I accept his sperm deep inside my body I'm happy that I really became his woman. He told me that after moving to another place, I would like to say hello to my neighborhood as a couple instead of a parent and child.

Affair of the quit is not my son

I also once was a relationship between the son and a man and a woman.
But, my son in the wake of took a job after graduating from high school away from my ex, I am looking forward to the first grandchild is born this fall.
I also have also men who have intimate relations Nde Hitorimi as to men of decent relationship (Saffle?) You also have.
Yet ... and also I have the son and SEX ....
I think that it is seven years.
... Or say that was attacked or say was suddenly invited.
While it is of course it was also to have also refused resistance, or say that it has defeated the momentum or say somewhat forcibly and ....
And I had been to dag while resistance poetry.
Once I know every day, the other party also signed a body many times, my how to handle. Even while saying the words as
\"No! No! ...\", Repeated lips, and entwined the tongue, and is caressing the body, my unintentionally body seems to have remembered without permission of seven years ago sensation . And one .... We are coming do nicely. The body is led move naturally to back his son to the back, it does not taste is now his and Saffle, we devour the pleasure such as tsunami. There was no such intention at all. And, in the son I say anything now There are his wife. guilt that I had in play a Katabo of infidelity son .... But not fit the desires of the son that was turned into a beast even then, to have outstanding resilience from therefore youth, to devour my body countless times in one night, I was pierced. Its time to go many times I .... The next morning, \"And I come. After all, Mom 's best woman\", \"idiot!\" \"Ha ha ..., Ja\" son went home with a smile. It is very complicated .... When it is embraced but reason also I have been blown away even guilt, now, when we become calm that you had to wait though it pains mother-to-child incest that washed the feet, his wife and my guilt against him It is嘖Ma to. But, you can try to think SEX last'm crap at best chemistry is good and much had been fainting .... Somewhere might it be a bit of thought I son gave me came back ... in.

Son of college students

I thought to try writing with great regret of feeling.
I son in the 41-year-old is a sophomore.
Last summer, I was committed to my son.
He has a beefy although it is not a tall If you are doing rugby from the time of high school.
Face If you are a trendy clean face, it seems pretty popular with the girls.
Not noticeable rebellious phase also the time of puberty, was not also be Grell.
It is the active and bright child, but there is a place, such as falling off a little sense of ethics or say and sometimes cold. 
Interest against women strongly from earlier, but I heard then from himself, first experience in the case of high-1, is heard then was also relationship also of girl any person.
When in high school, he was there much that is three times that had Tsurekon the girl in the room.
Outside the room, I have heard that voice, it was troubled and do not know the timing to bring the tea.
Because it was any different girl, it was little unnerving.
I was playing with many more women from going to college, and I was listening.
But, since up to that time in my practice swing that has the interest of as a woman did not show, that too abrupt, it was the events of startle.
It was in the evening of July.
tired and would have a nap in the living room, he could not noticed that came home.
I woke up in front of his face in the eyes, it was the place that is going to be pants take off.
And it would be to have been half asleep and if it is normal that a few seconds, is withdrawn pants with underwear, we grasp immediately the situation.
and \"What are you doing! Stop it!\" and shouting Once immediately his hands has been strangling the throat.
\"I do not issued voice, mother. Son and etch to have Toko, it would have been known to everyone.\"
\"If keep quiet, it's a secret only Now .2 people. Look really good woman I Mother.\"
He and let opened my legs at the hands of those who are free, we have put the hip in the meantime.
Anyway I can not stick butter feet, and try to somehow twisting the body, it has resisted.
Although told to squeeze out the voice to be \"stop God's sake,\" he put the power in the hands of the throat, I also became stuck.
Hard thing I felt was being rubbed over there. And it has been entered in slowly.
And to not wet, it is large, it hurts.
The \"narrow Na. If you are a little more quiet and since I'll be gentle.\"
When it begins to put he pressed the leg away the hands of the throat.
But voice is not put out. I can no longer even resistance.
\"Oh, are committed\" while closed tightly or give up that eye, and the body I have to stalemate.
It is to check the entered my resistance has stopped all the way, he was also removed bra remove the buttons of my shirt.
Chest is now Russia.
\"It's imagine, You're beautiful boobs. Father also recently is not it not been asked to touch.\"
The Masaguri the chest while placed in, it has been licking and bent down the body.
What I do not feel fear and guilt. I did just feel a foreign body sensation over there.
While he is rubbing the chest, I began to move the thing that has entered into.
\"Mom, good Na. I feel good. Mother of pussy.\"
He went ahead of the gradually movement, and moaned while, I felt was ejaculate in.
He wiped my part and myself of a tissue,
and \"It was good, Mom. Suddenly today, and I'm sorry.\" To say I went to my room.
This is the events of one year ago.

Relationship with his brother

I is a 22-year-old member of society freshman.
My brother went into the university this year at the age of 18. In fact, now I come to touch the body, such as when you're taking a nap that absent parents from the time of the high-1. I think that because there was often just I noticed also there was of course when I do not realize. At the time, I'm afraid of and had little continued to pretend to be sleeping there is also interest only, but now come touch directly to put a finger directly into the underwear or a kiss with his brother gradually escalate. It has touched also there or whispered or \"cocoon you, I want\" in my ear you can have licked the chest or a kiss or touch the body began to come in the middle of the night in my room to them. I was being fearful to be either unaware of the brother because I was around it is seen to that is wet with excitement myself. \"I try to travel in Hakone together because some pocket money that you earned in your sister bytes, it'll keep apart two weeks from Saturday and Sunday,\" his brother continued to do that is to me last night was told. While I mixed entered is expected to worry ... until ... the end if you went on a trip with his brother in the stay, it held nodded. I am whether very anxiety if I should do. Once you have a relationship slurping and ... And then two people with happiness of ordinary and what is no longer grasp.

And his brother in marriage Blue

I just got married last month, so-called, it is a newlywed.
But, just before the wedding, I have a brother and a physical relationship of the real, that even a few more times, has to do.
Maybe, that the future
of the ... younger brother is the first relationship, but is that of the posted on another site,
I also intend to confession for this sin, that of his brother, Let's written here I think. The first of the relationship with his brother was that of one week before the marriage. From long ago that one month I, what that marriage Blue, various things is a fear, if you are frustrated, it was a state of mild neurosis. When such, if you have a cup of female friends and drink, go to the apartment brother has been living alone in a good to say drunken become hate marriage as drunk if Yoe state, and I had spent a brother and overnight. Since had been quite drunk, to simply impulsive, and although there is, the last gift from the previous to me to think asked me not brother, there was the feeling that. So, it was of course the intention of only the relationship between the overnight. Sex with men, was the first time in months the number of 1 year. After I started dating on the assumption marriage with her ​​husband, it did not have that. Until then, the relationship with men that come immediately asked the body was disgusting, premarital sex with my husband I did not at all. Serious husband, gave me convinced it. But if you now, Will did not go that well. Brother of the post and I do not read, but because it is a modest child, I think that portrayal is not for details of that time. Brother of sex, never I have experienced so far, has brought me a shocking pleasure. Immorality of many years of thoughts and incest to me, And desire of my body, will the overlap all. A while because I was drunk, and you're immersed in the euphoria that was chillin, Oh, Na I have a so sense of security because they led the blood, and it was fairly dust and the body has not felt the comfort that comes hot It was. However, suddenly a strong pleasure, such as beaten head, myself came up thrust, there? What is this? If you are confused and, it was swallowed in the vortex of pleasure mind-boggling. For details, I do not remember, but it seems from their own, they had asked desperately. Morning, when I woke up next to the brother, still exhausted, and had been immersed in the euphoria with is separated by this, married and begin a new life, it is as I thought. But, the sex of the impact of the younger brother, my body, I forgotten did not. It was for the first time of sex with her ​​husband in honeymoon. Maybe it is in its own way, as an act of a man and a woman, will was the pass line. But, in after the act of a brother, rather it was halfway increases the desire, and I was a acts like a half-dead. And, my husband did not have sought only every other day. And from back home from a trip, I was a worrying endlessly. Surely brother and wait for Nante involved, you can not do that, and for a while, it was trouble. But, immediately after I remembered the presence of souvenir that has been bought for his brother, and the other, and tomorrow free time? And I have contact with. You've found the excuse to visit his brother, is that.

It is left to the many years of Kukei

Yasashika~tsu was her husband suffer from severe illness,
beneath the third year even faster from said.
Meantime also send-off mother-in-law, now enjoy a growth of one son (5)
Mini, it is a part work for accounting firms.
My son has a drop off and pick up to kindergarten in the morning and evening. It is a half-hearted middle-aged woman who called 38-year-old, but hopefully, not rough and do not's still a good person appears yourself. Meanwhile, there is a phone for the first time in a long time from the other day of her husband cousin (40) below. It was the story of my blind date. It says that it might try going out because good people are. Is meeting with his cousin and the front of the station was aft hear a story while dining together. And I will show details such as your photos and history of those who partner, How can I visited the story, I thought it was very happy properly nisin now talk to me that it was too very possible. Talk also momentum, it became very happy feeling there is also taste of wine. If there is also his recommendation good, and I but I thought is a little early, decided that the time being to see you next Sunday.

Love affair with the son

There are two sons and we are doing have a home, but on the married.
Younger son is still 25 years old in the single.
The second son and I would have this time last year relationship.
It was in response reluctantly to come seeking much after you've forgiven once.
But it is no longer able to suppress the I also the comfortable and overlaps, the second son you guessed it gladly I have come to come to seek more and more.
It's like nice because not yet known to anyone, but I think that it would have been known someday.
I usually would not do it and even become alone together my husband go out have wanted to see this is to let touch me by issuing the penis.
If you see the have been out your juice from the direction of the tip to become immediately large it would have a final kiss.
Then it will come blame me Hodai you want another spear of second son.
I'm want good shaking the waist clinging to second son with both hands both feet eventually.
And from the end, Oh also you will regret and self-loathing that it is useless mother and I had a such a thing.
When calm is you do not need to stop and talk with the second son, but will continue this relationship and slurping.

Son sperm

yuna himekawa[22326]
I have been divorced for 3 years and live with my 18 year old son. I was relieved that I was able to enroll in the high school of my first choice. At the age of 40, I work part-time and live while cutting down. If there was a time when you wanted to cry without any child support from your ex-husband. I was consulting with my boss about divorce at that time. At the time, 37 years old, I was often invited to eat with the section chief. The chief became kind and listened to my complaints. I'm vulnerable to alcohol, so I put my head on the chief's shoulder. When I took a taxi, I was in the hotel area ... I was embraced by the section chief. The warmth of the man's skin after a long absence ... As soon as I entered the hotel room, the chief's tongue was on my lips ... I was also entwined with the chief's tongue. Is laid on the bed is taken off to take strip the clothes spread the legs are caress to section chief ... "Please let me bathed in chief ... shower. Do not lick from Iya dirty ... no good ..." section chief and tongue on my dick I have been passed away many times with my finger. I got into a sixty nine position and licked the chief's penis. It's the size I've never seen before. The chief's penis got bigger and bigger in my mouth and laid me down ... "I'll put Reiko-san in." Slowly came into me. "Oh ... section chief ... n ..." I made a woman's voice. When you put it all the way to the base, the tip hits the uterus.I remembered the joy of a woman for the first time in a long time. I entwined my legs around the chief's waist, turned my arms around my shoulders, and kissed violently. Hot a ... kiss while exchanging saliva entwined tongue "I'm Reiko pleasant by !! Iki likely" section chief I "I good I am also a would-Reiko said ..." section chief "Oh Reiko ... the crust - pass away !!" hot section chief Sperm polluted the uterus. We were still connected, stroking our heads and kissing. Chief "Reiko ... I 've been talking about you before ..." I "Don't tell me, I feel the same" The next day is a holiday, so I've been passed away by the chief many times and all the sperm of the chief is inside me ... I ... I drank sperm for the first time ... It was the moment when I became a woman from my mother. One day, when I finished eating with the sunburst and got out of the bath, I didn't have my underwear. My son's room was a little open, and when I looked inside, I was lying on the bed, handling my penis, smelling my underwear and licking the crotch part. I was embarrassed ... I gave up. My eyes met the chapter ... "Mom ~" The next moment I put out sperm in my underwear. I was pulled by the chapter and pushed down to the bed ... "Mom ... I like my mother !! You want to be a mother, right?" "What are you stupid !! Stop !!"I forgave my body to the chapter without being able to match my son's power. Rough caress ... my breasts were rubbed ... my nipples were licked ... I knew that my dick had been painted. I just ejaculated, but it's getting bigger. I put it in my mouth as I handled the chapter's penis. When I was dripping saliva, the "Uh !!" chapter ejaculated in my mouth. I drank all the sperm that was put out. I have switched on the woman. Chapter "Mother ... I'm the first time" I " I'm okay with my mother for the first time" Chapter "Yeah! I like my mother. I love my mother" I "Well happy ~ Then my mother will tell you" My dick is already bichobicho It was painted. I "Chapter ... Lick my mother's dick ~" Chapter spread my crotch and buried my face in the dick. I'm licking while making a fluttering noise. Chestnuts are also sucked ... I can't stand it anymore ... I "Chapter ... I feel my mother-put it in ..." I slowly entered the vagina while guiding the tip of the penis. I was clasping the sheets on the bed. Chapter "Mom, I'll come out again ~" I "Okay ~ Put out a lot ~ Put out in my mother ..." The chapter came out in me in no time. Young sperm polluted my vagina.Mother-child correlation began on this day. It is issued every day except for menstruation. On menstrual days, you can use your mouth to get rid of it. I'm taking pills because I'm worried recently. I can't make a loud voice at home, so I want to be embraced by a chapter in a love hotel next time ... Chapter ... Mother will be your woman


After dinner, taking a bath, relaxing in bed, having a good day, feeling a good night's sleep, and calming down for the first time in a while. When I closed my eyes, I seemed to have fallen asleep, and I was taken off under my pajamas, as if I was moving. When I regained consciousness, "What?", A figure is trying to take off my pants. "Who?", There should be only a 17-year-old son in the hotel room. No way ... "What are you doing ?" "Stop it." "Idiot, what are you doing!" Rather than being surprised, he resisted his son in a hurry, even with his nails in his hands. However, my son came toward me, took off my underwear and pajamas pants, and repeated , "Stop, what, stupid thing", "Stop!" , Fluttering and kicking my legs. Perhaps my feet hit my son's stomach, he fell off the bed, making a dull "don" sound, and when I turned on the light, he was lying on the floor. I went to my son in a hurry more than before and was worried about my son's injury, "Is it okay? Is it okay?" I had my lower body exposed, and my son suddenly jumped again and was pushed down on the floor. A son who is defeated by him and opens his legs. Even if I struggle, I'm restrained by my son's power and shout "Stop, stupid, stupid" My son's penis is big and thick, and I see it for the first time with a decent male experience It was such a size.I was surprised that my cute and good son had grown up to this point, let alone the power of my mother to attack me, the violent behavior, and the feeling that I had gone somewhere away from my hands. I was attacked. Whether sad or empty, my son's ability to resist violence seems to be fading, and my son's penis is squeezing into my crotch and declining hard. The moment the crotch is pushed open so as to rub tightly, the consciousness of refusal is gradually concentrated in the crotch, and the point where the son's penis that I saw is raped is mercilessly obsessed with the sex of the woman's crotch I couldn't stop the stimulus that was pierced violently and turned into pleasure, and one day I saw myself being dominated by the size of my son's penis. Even the joy of being swallowed by pleasure appeared, and I had no choice but to accept the joy of pleasure thrust into adultery, and I had to open my body. And my son was not a virgin, but my body reacted and repeated with a generous attack, drunk with the pleasure of being filled, turned into a woman without hail, and was crushed by my son's penis. It's hard to believe that my son's voice suddenly hears such words from his son's mouth, "Is it a safe day today?", But I was swallowed by the momentum of my penis, and I nodded more honestly than I was surprised. I was responding to my son about something. After my son opened my crotch and got drunk by my son's penis, I was attacked so much that I could not tell how much time had passed, a violent piercing hit my crotch, and I was informed of the climax I was heading for the climax again I was deeply exposed to my son's ejaculation, spit out an unstoppable lewd voice, hugged my son and enjoyed the climax of pleasure.It seems that she is a pitiful figure who returned to bed, sucked the penis presented to her son without resistance, and was dropped by her mother to a woman. Tears spilled naturally, but my son's penis, which erects well again, was carried to the crotch and opened from me and accepted. The penis that rushes in like playing is struck with the pleasure that can not be returned, and the sexual intercourse voice that can be heard from the crotch, "Jubo, Jubo", one leg is raised and thrust into the side sleep Rarely, I flipped over and stabbed in a crawling position, and the pleasure of losing everything rushed in and repeated, hugging me head-on, my son holding down, and I desperately shook my hips. I was looking for a pleasant feeling to respond. My son's penis is pointed at my face and I handle it with my hands while sucking, the ejaculation juice that increases the momentum of the erection, the momentum that jumps into my throat many times It was me who knew that I became a woman who had completely lost the heat to drink.

Relationship with son

The divorce to you will in '16.
One son was a junior high school student at the time and raised safely, was out of the house have been married two years ago.
Meantime, is only two people of family life.
Also that it has made ​​a mistake between parent and child, there was certainly what degrees.
But, here in six months son, it will be really surprised.
To visit the home alone from the apartment of the next town, and I approach me. Once
\"mother, a long time ago like in And then I\"
said so, you will not be able to refuse also help loneliness of Hitorimi.
I am past the other 50 years old.
The body of the line also collapses, also can wrinkles on the face.
And daughter-in-law of the overflowing of youth son should not be compared.
Yet, why is my son, would come in search of my body?
Moreover, in so much frequently, always violently ...
and, whether my body also, Why is the reacts to so much even indecent? Nevertheless
... to forget that it is a
mother, and perhaps have accepted the desire of the son as mother rather.
I do not think this state is good, but only thought that it must either cut off the relationship between the son, chest will be painful.

Ask to author like

and it eliminates We are looking forward to the new thread rather than continue in use a variety of name own kno Write. I think it I think just me.

Son nude

8 years, son of 29-year-old who was living alone, now that you live return to the home in some circumstances.
In Naritate in society people before leaving the house, but it was still a child, is a respectable adult men now.
You'll did not feel as long as it lives in together forever, but there was some awareness that we live together in eight years said that the son.
Son is mentally growth, it had become an adult. And I was happy as a mother.
More than anything, it is for us to gently to me.
Sometimes I go drop off and pick up of the visits, help with household chores, when it became a sudden rain to part way home, when my son who came to pick, you can remember was holding back tears in the car.
It is that of a certain day.
Morning, I entered the room and trying to wake his son ...
will the relic of living alone.
And we had to sleep in the nude.
I was raised a son over a gently cotton blanket.
Reaction of the man of waking up, even from the top of the towel, I've found.
Daily kindness, the sleeping form of, I had become to feel the man little by little.
Although it was not able to look through the son of masturbation, and have done the ear, it was also able to hear the leak sigh.
Basically, work patterns, because the family of the life rhythm is different, there was also to be a son and two people.
Going appreciation of everyday kindness, it was okay reply When invite to the bath.
At first it was really enough to flow back, looking suddenly, I son is reacting. Son was sitting as if anything not.
I, not only back, I wash arms, legs, chest, also mono son sitting toward it to the surface.
Rather than wash the notice, it was rubbed.
Son also began to caress my lower body. I even while weakness it would be Ascension immediately, was prompted ejaculation son.
Embarrassment and awkwardness, and it was full of space in joy.

I am friends with son

I was invited hot spring trip to the son that was homecoming to New Year holiday. It was recommended and I Come also performed in master. This is the accommodation in the first parent and child. The 25-year-old son, had been predicted to some extent. But reality, it was refused when the son has been snuggled. We can not even be mentioned loud at the inn, it was embarrassing been naked. The husband was the anxiety only to first experience in the honeymoon destination hotel. When the son, but the fellowship itself was not anxiety, think of this body is strongly to his son, it was acceptance of shame. After my son was ejaculation is now referred to as the \"I feeling was good\", my son was delighted was me happy. That night, asked the two degrees three times to son, I was also after a long time of pleasure.

It had been the grandfather

19-year-old is a woman. Who it is also had in mind can not be also consulted not speak, write because I thought Naa hate even to bring to the grave.
I had been that etch to grandfather from the time of the second grade up to six years. Is the kiss, spread put your finger on my pussy, it had been a cunnilingus. One finger is to increase two and number Once to enter, by the time of the sixth grade and has been extended until it enters three.
Although the time of sophomore I did not know that the act to spread the pussy, because it is age that has been thought and can children if the kiss, the night of the day that I went to my grandfather's house and anxiety that you are not pregnant in it I was not falling asleep easily.
As you gradually increase, it does not pregnancy alone kiss, and act that is grandfather was learned that naughty thing. But rather want to be hated, I was also continued to be a naughty thing to grandfather from knowing.
And I when I was a fifth grader. Everyone in the toilet of a vacant house that do not I was the first time S ○ X is inserted from behind grandfather. I remember that the was a little painful. But whether because it had been all the way with your fingers until now, I did not go out blood. And I think you had been to it in maybe. From my pussy it was dripping liquid. It grandfather gave me wipe.
The S ○ X and becomes very afraid that it was Dasa in with, was finally confided and I have been a etch to grandfather it to mother. My mother had been very surprised. I the mother wants anxiety bought me a pregnancy test. We did not use eventually pregnancy test. And it was not pregnant.
That thing naughty things from even grandfather after there was lasted. But I now refuse to etch with the grandfather. It grandfather is from becoming cancer. It was around the end of sixth grade late. While the grandfather was stuck from the bed you called me as until now, and the anxiety and do not than deteriorates my body alone or a kiss, I grandfather and horny that thing called it from I did not do. My grandfather had been a little sad.
I no longer grandfather in the summer became a two-year junior high school. I regret that and finally got grieve the grandfather.


Son is married, because ever since the middle of last year in November from out of the house to really four months pretend.
Becoming term is knew.
And because the son is to satisfy the I do not other than me is a mother.
17 years old and also from that autumn was the initiation of all the sex and to my, is there pride that knows all of the son.
I've run in to the young flesh hesitation of temporary care, currently is the mother doing way above all of the evidence that came back to my original.
Last night I was drunk after a long time of sex.
Body to pleasure through the whole body each time that caught the vagina to the son of a big cock that I have felt has been full of joy.
\"This is a gonna, this !! this is not a living dont !!\"
many times is up to you thought so strongly every time you climax. Told
me, \"I thought of a mother is the best, I. To feel excited,\"
he said last night, son.
And it won the 20s that woman.
Is Zamamiro.
I again and again while being embraced his son,
\"A~tsua~tsu happy, A~tsua~tsu I'm glad,\"
I gained a voice and.
Next year, it is to become 55 years old, sexual desire does not stop.
Because just my son came back after a long time, it will spree crazy again resistance for the time being.
Chest is throbbing violently only imagined.
Dick I've been wet even now.
While masturbating from now, you prominence thought to son.

Propensity of son

19-year-old son and knew that hiding the naughty Photos and videos, such as Mature and mother-to-child incest did in high school.
At first it was just big young girl of magazine of tits, but something to the starting point seems came to like tits of large Olusegun.
And, I like a there is also interest in the fact that mother and son meet.
Recently you can collect the naughty images on a computer in addition to books and video, or asked me about aunt incest play in a chat, and I like trying to sex to seek sympathy and lying and there are no mother.
People that there is such a sign to people and son having a sexual relationship with mother and child or is taken underwear, there seems to be such or are look into the bath, but still there is no such thing.
But, when the mother and the child you are while watching the videos and photos that are etched \"Mom, I love I have\" or, masturbate and muttered to or \"I want to put out to the mother\" is the next morning mother and child incest It is that it seemed a dream, it becomes painful to look at the figure that is Morning Wood genitals to sleep talking both.
Recently, I tried to invite a joke is about to enter the bath together, and does not try to see even my naked and shy.
I have to have a husband, you have also another one of his sons.
To incest is a also know it is a taboo, it does not and her husband had sex other than the child making.
The bad husband. Bad to a child under. Incest is bad.
At the same time I think so, and the feeling that you want give meet the son of desire, is there at the same time feeling that want to enjoy sex with pleasure.


My husband had divorced and had two sons. I got married and suddenly became a mother of two, but I think I lived a decent life. Now my husband is 50 years old, I am 42 years old, my eldest son is 26 years old, and my second son is 22 years old. The eldest son has irregular holidays and often has weekday holidays. The eldest son was forced to commit him at the end of June last year. When my eldest son went to the bedroom to clean up the laundry on weekdays, he opened the chest of drawers and held my underwear in his hand. When I thought I had lost words to each other, my eldest son said, "Have you finished your period?" Why do you know When I answered "maybe" while thinking, I was told "let's have sex" ... My eldest son was approaching me, so when I tried to escape, I was squeezed from behind and said, "Ask me," but my eldest son forced my right hand under my T-shirt and touched my chest from above my bra. When I said, "Stop, let go," my eldest son's hand went around his back, the bra was unhooked, and this time he touched his chest directly. My breasts were rubbed and my nipples were tampered with, and when I thought my eldest son was crouching for a moment, I put my hands under my skirt and touched my dick from the top of my pants. And when I thought that my eldest son's hand was up to my stomach, I put my hand in my pants at once and touched the dick. After being touched for a while, I tried to roll up the T-shirt from my back and take it off, so I tried to escape again, but my eldest son was muscular and strong, and eventually the T-shirt and skirt were taken off and the bra was taken up. My pants have also been taken off. The eldest son was taken to the bed so that he could lift his body and was put to sleep, and the eldest son covered it.The face of my eldest son was approaching, so when I turned to the side, I was grabbed by my face and kissed. The eldest son's body went down a little, his chest was rubbed, his nipples were tampered with, and he was sucked. When I cried and said, "Stop it," I started touching the dick this time. I didn't like it, but I got wet ... The eldest son took off his shirt and took off his pants and pants while holding me down. My eldest son went to my leg, so when I closed my leg, I grabbed my knee and opened my leg. I feel that my eldest son was spitting on it. I tried to escape with the last power, but my eldest son put me in. Or rather, it felt like it was screwed in by force. The moment I was put in, I shouted "No!", But my eldest son grinned after putting it in me. I knew only three men until then, but my eldest son, Are, was incredibly big for me ... The eldest son said, "It's small and comfortable," and started poking inside me. Perhaps because he was young, muscular, and physically strong, the movement of his eldest son's hips was really fierce. Sure, I felt good, but I didn't make a good voice and repeated "No, stop" until the end. And the eldest son finished with sperm in me. Even though I often say "safety day", I was worried until my next period. Until my period came at the end of July, my eldest son often asked me, "Did you come (menstruation)?" And when my period came and my eldest son asked me, I said "I came."When my period was over, I was held by my eldest son again ... After cleaning the bedroom, my eldest son came ... Like when I was raped a month ago, I resisted until I was taken to the bed, but for some reason my body was completely weakened while being touched by the bed. I was squid by putting it in the state as it is. In August, my eldest son told me to go to the hotel next time, and I went to the hotel with my eldest son. When I entered the room, I was hugged and kissed. My eldest son started to unbutton my blouse, so when I said "shower ...", he said "shower later" and unbuttoned my blouse and took it off. The skirt was taken down, the bra was taken off, and the eldest son began to take off, and I and the eldest son went to bed wearing one pair of pants. After being kissed, my chest was rubbed and my nipples were tampered with. And I put my hand in my pants and touched the dick. I got wet in no time ... While I was being attacked by chestnuts, I got it. Then the pants were taken off, and the eldest son also took off the pants and put it in. While being struck by my eldest son's thing too intensely, I was irresistibly disturbed aloud, and I got it again. After I was itta, I was poked again and my eldest son was like itta.

Or son would pervert

My son is a single 36-year-old. And it's the son comes looking for this grandmother became 51 years old. Son of company personnel, is the late shift this week if there are shift work. The son came home after the attendance also my husband this morning to my room pulling my hand.
Was being held up earlier, his son was ejaculation three times. In now is about twice a month with my husband, by far the fellowship with my son is now, are many. Son I'm licking my embarrassed there. We got to poke or morose in the tongue or sucking your beans. I become another drunk, dick is wet Jukujuku, I come out full of Otsuyu. My dick then you are covered in bristles, you got it crowded cutting with scissors to son is now not protrude from the pants. Have you started meet at mother and child, this son or What a transformation, please tell me.

To Papa

yuna himekawa[22181]
Not is' s mom in the case of me. Even Papa variety of ... I think that it is from the days of 1-8-year-old but it is incest. Daddy I was taking a bath always like. I was entered mom and bath might be when the baby. I do not remember. It seems I got to wash always a place to sit head and body that are cross-legged. There was a sense of discomfort in the ass, I thought the penis of big daddy had hit it and move. Finger and putting you do not clean and I ~ penis into the hole in the ass nor the difference is and the better feelings are not and I ... many times to clean, yo ~ Papa feels Papa kana per around 10 years old, penis has come increased It was. It was scary and warped above If you look at the penis of Papa. Dad can put a finger in the ass as of by secret's in the mom because man of promise every day I feel like had been rubbed the penis. But I'll - Papa okay scared - I was in something dad is out to that white when it was also made ​​to three become two fingers. I do always exits if a man. Also take a look from out Papa. It placed a finger

Son's semen

My son, who passed the high school entrance exam and passed the school of his choice, has something changed since then? By the way, in the laundry, as usual, I was busy with cleaning and washing and doing housework, the buzzer at the end of the laundry sounded, and I didn't have my underwear? While I was drying the laundry, I noticed that my pants were missing, and there was one reason why the underwear that should be in the house was gone, a story that my husband could not do, and I remember that the only criminal was my son. Has passed. My son, whose attitude toward me changed completely when he was adolescent and studying for entrance exams and when he was young, was looking for loneliness even though he thought it couldn't be helped, but he saw him studying. Was in a state of giving up by telling himself. The joy that my son stole my underwear gave me the illusion that he had returned to me, and I was doubling my joy. The act of stealing underwear by his son is unforgivable, but his son, who has only returned the words "understood" and "noisy" to his cold and blunt attitude, awakens his adolescent sexuality, and Above all, the interest in underwear that sees me as a woman, and the joy of that, is my misunderstanding that preceded me? Rather than the embarrassment of seeing dirty underwear, I thought that underwear would not be the price to pay for the return of my son who was kindly spoiled with "Mother ..." as before. Is me. And I don't know what will happen during the Golden Week holidays in May. My husband couldn't come to the resort pack that I finally got for work, so I lined up in a long line all day long, entered the hotel in a hurry, finished dinner, finished bathing, and finally had time to relax. "It was fun today, but I'm tired." "Yeah." "Mom can sleep soundly after drinking and sleeping.""Yeah." When I opened the beer I bought at the convenience store on my way home, I could see that I was getting drunk , "It's delicious, but I'm drunk." "If I drink more ." "I 'll be drunk and fall down ." . " " it's okay. " three eyes of beer is poured into a glass open, " Wow, I I do not drink so much. " beer usually also come poured to not to rarely mouth, come drunk What I noticed inside was (Well, no, no, no, no, no.) The soul-like behavior of my son recommending beer drunk me, and my thoughts passed. I started, but it was late, and the beer sickness was enough to paralyze me, "Yeah, drink it, drink it." I've never drank the beer poured on my son, and what happens? I didn't know what to expect, but I was struck by the feeling that I was determined. Moving from the sofa to the bed, I got more drunk, my heart was pounding, and I couldn't see the spinning ceiling, "Mom, are you okay?" "Drunk, drunk. "It's round and round." My son's voice is uncertain, his reply echoes, and his son is pulling off his pajamas. " What 's wrong?" "Well, what." "No, no."My son is trying to open his legs, exposing my lower body without saying anything. "No, no." The ceiling turns, and I see my son's face pressing against me, "Oh, uh." My son came into my body, and I felt drunk. Feeling the piercing momentum of a man, sexual stimulation and reaction rushed through the body in an atmosphere that was neither forgiving nor forgiving, the body pressed by my son, the slamming movement, leading me brilliantly, the crotch was hot, The stimulus that is pierced inevitably calls for pleasure. The jacket is also removed and the breast rubbed by the son's hand is stabbed by a tight stimulus. "Uh, muu." My son scatters ejaculation, and hot things are flowing. I fell asleep with a sudden sleep without thinking about something like this. I woke up and the clock on the nightstand was still ticking at 3 o'clock. A relationship in which a naked son is sleeping beside him and is informed while he is drunk. A feeling of guilt strikes at once not in a dream but in a real event, a physical relationship with my son, but I love my son's sleeping face. My son woke up and hugged me again. I had no choice but to hug him to respond. While feeling the open body conscious of the male son who accepts it, a hard and vigorous piercing is deeply embedded in youth. With the joy of accepting this stimulus obediently, he showed his son's man a writhing and ripe mother without any shame, and looked far away at himself as a greedy fornication. In such an act that I really accepted my son, I was pleased with the adultery that worked to forget the face of my husband while various things went around and devoured my son even more violently.In the pleasure of being pierced by my son's man, my son's ejaculation is released again hot, and a refreshing feeling of comfort that my son's body rides. "Mom, are you angry?" " I should have been angry." "Well, okay, aren't you angry?" " I'm not angry, but I wonder if it's okay. I'm scared. " Why of scary. " " What if I become like Taka-chan?'ll trouble. " " it was felt good. " " I mother was also very felt good. " " So gonna embarrassed, you become love. " on the second day I wasted my admission ticket and continued to have an adultery that hugged and loved my son, and enjoyed the intense adultery that my son's man became accustomed to, so I was not even afraid to continue with my son.