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Incest confession of women(2011-01)

Son and

I am 48 years old but her husband has died, and two people to live with my son. Have a physical relationship with his son three months ago. This is what I asked. Itching without sex as a lonely because her pussy is still too young and that Siemens can not have it. When I married and the figure has not changed. It just loosened pussy. The neighborhood is also rumored that parents and children to have sex, so I moved away from the apartment. This time it went ahead as wooden apartment. The couple said here. May say you can see her a couple years away. And not notice much less a child. Just call me by name. My son called me a ninja.

Become a widow

I am 48 years old but is a widow. I will be 25 years old son. Have a physical relationship with his son. This is from me invited. Iyagarimashita son at first. I asked my forced sex. I look forward to them that I have a son.

Fucked up son

I am a 48 year old housewife was raped by her son away when her husband went on a trip with friends. It is also during the day. The Sun is committed at night as well. I commit to my husband every day when you're six months since then too. Because no two living rooms apartment endless. Sleeping in the family huddled in one room. Yarimasu a son after her husband have sex with me. I'll make a two-person one night I can not do pussy hurts. My son is now 26 years old, recently married and I want to say. Husband and I divorced. It also has moved toward a nearby apartment so well. A couple of years away. Tei Sono who was tied with her young husband. Me and my son who is a father and son to the couple husband and wife can not really playing. I gave birth to a child, which is no help from her pussy. BTW I have Siemens. Might be pregnant. Put the Kontomu Kakasazu so. The younger son said to me that. So different and even the wife is away next year I do not think well.


I had sex with her son. This was when her husband was away. 47 year old son is my breath machine at the age of 25. Then my son every day and at night it requires me to have sex. My house is the apartment of two rooms across six tatami mats, sleeping father and son to Hazama Hazime Hazama Hazime after it has been from the storeroom. While having sex with my husband is my turn to demand sex with her son and seemed to peek over our son. I always makes the two people and sex. My son is sure to demand sex. Siemens is there still afraid of pregnancy. My son does not like to feel sick sack. Masu Sumi speaking if you are pregnant if my husband and children.

Every day

yuna himekawa[35267]
A college student. I go to the house of my aunt. My aunt is a nurse in his father's sister. My uncle has been working at home.
aunt at night, drank liquor together.
uncle "is not my boyfriend," I came to hear "I 持Tenai, the skinny, and ugly," "I do not feel so, but such a cute girl" I'm glad to know even flattery. Ever had a boyfriend twice, I divided the body and allow for some reason. Since my uncle still praise
had been red-faced man leaning drunk alcohol rising pitch well.
Kabusari uncle's lips on my lips you've put your tongue gently. Because I was drunk, in answer to it, open the bold lips, tongue Karame Lightning. In the long, delicious kiss Lightning defeated his uncle.
"s cute, ears," you can grab a button to open the breast. Squeeze the nipple coming. Would like more.合Wasatta lips remain. This is a very good kind so far, unlike my boyfriend. Entering into the hands of Uncle pajama pants. Directly into the hands have been in touch directly Pantei. I'm embarrassed. Soup is full already. take off and let Uncle Pantei
pants. Now naked bottom. And inner thigh, fingers and fingernails and can kneecap rubbing. The great thrill. Touching around the chestnut came, until you can touch the side of merit. "I touched a pussy soon," I say Cha. However embarrassing, say. Instead, you'll juice overflow.
man stood up, took off his pants. In front of my eyes, that cock! ! . Ishi Hutoshi bigger than I've ever seen. It is 剥Ke. "Look for the hand Suck" involuntarily held, Emashitamashita suck. "You know, where I learned" can be taught well into his mouth before my boyfriend was dating.
man undressed and lay on my cock into her pussy has. Because I say raise more flexed position of the head and feet. This is the first time. Pierced deep into my pussy uncle cock Bukkake Toi, and I quickly made it the Ascension. The man holding me gently until it fits my cramps.
"ears, I'll raise many uncle. So she secretly" "Yes," I nodded in a cute voice. I'm very glad because her pussy.
"ears, try to show pussy man Mite Mino your legs" "I'm embarrassed, I pussy" on his back and legs while I opened the letter M so.
uncle, roll nothing besides the tongue lick your lips clitoris.
fingers pussy entrance, put a little finger rub. The dough makes a left nipple. Oh, great pleasure. Cha voice out. For us in the pussy out slowly to the entrance and two more fingers. What would you want, this pleasure. Would not move back without permission. The man juice is already soaking wet.
clear juice is white Nigotsu.
it is soaked with rubbing my crack cock pussy uncle. Anna felt very good hitting Tamatama Ass. Split time between the clitoris and the pole
, I Pichapicha noises. And the man put me. Maps. I'm fat. I came all the way into. I know it all, SEX when the gap between the leaking cock in her pussy, but you sound like Puchuu. Innovation Lightning Gui pushing thinking man sat there very embarrassing. I write long or more.

Loss of virginity

↑ ↑ ↑
consent (° Д °; ≡; ° Д °)

Since there was playfully

I'm living together with his son by far.
day, my son, I was only a picture of yourself. What
yo. Na Do not take this strange picture. I said to myself
son. What, what
ー. To show mom. Thats
and. I'm just relaxing on your back
went took the photo. and I
. I tried to do
son was taken to Nokkatsu Hanashimasen.
Mom, I stop it. Second, stop me. I like that when
Ubaiatsu. face down in the form
Nokkatsu'll tickle the ribs with my son, my son. We Furemashita
little lips together. Sole
and decent on TV like this more often or rather Hashitsu is different.
Then I noticed the change of the lower body of her son.

state I noticed that when I first overlap. Ukazu

do I also want Teru Yono
shame what I was saying I got no reason to upset that.
suddenly wanted to do when I'm aware of would like to get so weird, but I just had a little bit,
what H and I H
I'm standing. I'm going to Nokkatsu
a bad mother? I remain close in such way so Ai, I know It looks like I started to sense each other. Oh ぱいおしつけられたらだれだってこうなるよ. I
nothing to do that.
son angry-sounding, but I Oshinokeyou signs and no. 're standing in my mother's
penis? When you feel these things
also a mother?
I wonder what I'm doing? there was a touch
Oh! I've finished what I
hands and dispel the Haitsu Temasen force at all.
men touching something after a long absence from my
found that pretty strong feeling about it. Oshinokeyou
I noticed that you do not really think that is not altogether bad son, I had tea and what to do after this. I was Toozakatsu
from men, I was like a man my son. or even try to touch

we perceive the fit was like we lost some time in each other's walls.
has devoted son sides with my hands in silence.
has gradually nervous hand.
Furemashita toward the front after the breast has to move around the chest to detect that I refuse.
been gently massaging over the sweater.
Have you kissed?
to try? I have gone through Soutto
have power in the hands of his son Haitsu then.
feels good. I would be jostled
breasts to her son. and her lips have Oshitsuke
Atarimashita teeth. What really
I thought. Once the tea because it likely
Masu Tome longer come as a surprise.
because it seems longer.

Righteous life under 5 years old son

Was married six years ago, I was 40 years old 22 years old and my husband, my husband was the boss of the workplace.
I was the other woman's husband. My husband is from an early age 女癖 bad, seems to have been repeatedly unfaithful to the marriage.
I just dabbled around (original) I was divorced wife is out of patience. my husband is not
two children, boys high school sophomore at the time just my husband, daughter of 7th grade I went to the wife.
children need a mother anymore, so great that it has responded to marry my husband I did not marry. Then
boy, Shinji, I was going to college in Kyoto, because the employment company in Tokyo, three people live in the house.
husband until about two years in marriage with unequaled energy, I have a son in high school, I held a night.
not have it in Sunday night was about a week. Sometimes seemed to be having an affair yet. I have a physical relationship lasted
been seduced her husband at the age of 20, it was actually the first male experience. So I just did not know
husband, my husband is not only a strong sex drive, 込Mimashita tell me many things.
But how stress from work or boss promoted to department moved to a new owner four years ago that, instead I have become
libido impotence.
among the first women to be at home not afford anymore, but I suspect that it was, I sought to deceive you can not endure
excuse me, as more angry and also calm down and ask, "so" and confessed the impotence.
late 40s or even older, so a doctor and would never go, I gave up. Well, just disappeared in the habit of cheating. I thought I had no
affair, the husband and married life is missing is seriously thinking about sexual desire, especially in
紛Rawasemashita masturbation.
to be associated with masturbation, his master was pretty much the way fingers rubbed out secretly,
may be my husband masturbating in front of her, and tell them how well various me.
me, so I bought too many pieces of equipment do you use when it is used when the body can not endure.
Osamu Makoto's is not coming back home from March of last year, many feel that living together was not much
go out and travel. Often too slow or husband or stay, that is about three people for dinner once a month.
But there are times you feel like someone's stuck at home when Osamu Makoto.
but fall outside the eye already saw signs that I noticed him, but he had certainly looked at me.


My wife is the youngest of three sisters and two elder sisters

4P, including my wife would like if possible. Please let me know how I
plan right now as a way

Dzutsuto alone have a relationship,
to stay where people have open-air bath room and I go
I think.

My brother and I

I am from Shizuoka, come live in his brother moved to the town, 初Metemashita work in there.
will make a move, my brother comes looking for me violent.
here to take forward the instruction of his brother is absolute.
brother to come home to, all the pussy hair, shave, wash and clean the body and wait for my brother.
just waiting for my brother comes back and Blow me.
body in bed, you are licking, "What good pussy too ... I" will be strongly absorbed or, like the brother my puppets. Daily sex
indeed, tired. My brother Sasemasen feel tired at all.
until sleep comes Oppai breathe. Will always be someone in the morning.

Brother and

I have one older brother on the ski 3

brother and I went to last year's New Year

not move for four hours after its return to Stuck in traffic so
< br> My brother and I however I can not drive sleepy

a love hotel for two people after all are brother enters the room once

I got to fall asleep as soon as I got


something I get into the bath, the glass will happen but

I think if I take a bath

alone with my brother going to explore more of the room suddenly grinned

I try here <br >
not until I was soaked in the tub sometimes

a bath while i do that my brother is going to come at me

<br >
breast nipple is even larger, but still in elementary school when Teru Kano

Teru Kano crying out praise

erection sister nude Then I like to Omowanakatta

however, anything goes up here

When you come to the end, but would not promise this'll

touched · ·

the nervous guy with a bath and a bulbul

I'm so going to bed Sonaetsuke dozens of times <br >

I ended up being robbed of virgins ass brother

but it is crisp

M The opportunity will no doubt become

And nephews

By the time I was 17 years old, my parents there are unhappy relatives off to wake up, I decided to take charge to my nephews. I think
nephew was in the small five-year period.
nephew is feeling like a child because the girl child in a rather quiet and really, I know pretty well
to come and since I was little that night
I had two games and then a bath together
I was red in the face is what I Irou Sasottara

got to want it Omoe very pretty embarrassing Haittara bath together, but a child forcibly
quiet, boy

lower body first time I tried I'm ready to kind of men

The nephew petrifaction

red in the face staring at me made it the dwarf got curious devilment

<br > To feel any danger

Sawaritai breasts. Well I almost I


pretty embarrassing www Omotsu I got a little mackerel

me instead I let them < br>
the deal. Ida

Hazime Hiraku vine I got really excited to try it

. . .

Try this. . .

I did not even finish the nervous

bath until we had to get my tea

‥ a little brother

40 years ago ... I'm 16 years old, is reading a comic in his face, under seven years old, comes with a small 3 was on the spoiled little brother was all. Until that day ...

brother spoiled and quiet, I began to massage the breast to put his hands in my clothes suddenly. I was pretty upset
, pretending to be lost in the cartoon, childish caresses, and took forever.
(later proved to be the suggestion of his brother)
to her little brother, her body art lit calm ... no, her body catch fire, even it is a lewd I do not know. The adolescent girl panty
, that they may 濡Resobotsu a lot of juice ...
your brother at the time, they closed the school for unexplained swollen lymph glands, a high school I gave up, my brother was looking after my mother instead of with a job.
Since that day when no family,
(parents, brother, sister, and youngest brother in a family of eight people and two sisters)
every day and fondle my breasts brother Masu Hashi .
Meanwhile, two people not talking.
no knowledge of his brother, the more I can not to.
But my feeling lewd, I want you to caress the genital impulse, a desire to reach would not be fulfilled.
alone when I read the manga character split em up in your underwear ...
brother naked and shimmering in the uncomfortable ... Eventually, I noticed so crazy about manga I thought I did not even daring to think peeps were lying close to one hour, still not developed.
brother were sleeping together, massage the breast while I fall asleep at night from behind, finally to go on that day.

Every day

I go to university out of my mother's aunt's sister. 30 units still say aunt. I get called by name 比呂 friends. Is still child. Because I live with two vacant floors.
went to the bathroom on the first floor at night. And they still man's living room with electricity and watching tv Maybe too! I wonder 覗Kimashita been looking for? Oh, yeah Oh, two people are naked in the middle of sex. I thought I should not move the legs.比呂
's, uncle's cock stood crouched, I again and again and rub fingernails Suutsu pole. The right hand holds the Tamatama. I watch it to the beat.
boyfriend Cause I have less experience, I know enough of frustration.
is a good aunt. Kito Now lick your tongue Oh, and sucking with his lips pressed against the Kito. Koto無I was such a thing.
is it, shave the thick cock Agari Uncle And Kali 剥Ke pink cheat.比呂's slimy saliva. Now's
比呂 is getting you down. Count on both hands behind the knees, Omata full open, exposed, slippery pussy. Fu is a surprise ya, you're white soup.
Uncle 比呂's cock erection of a fine crack Alltel rubbed chestnut. Are you not put irritating. Oh, you can hear it Bichubichuto. "Oh, to fit more Ochinpo"
比呂's, I'm begging you to put them back. Oh went into the living room. Bukkake Toi is a pussy. Great, I'm dripping with soup full of white?. Wet wet pussy and the other is me. I play with your fingers. Stumbling.
Oh, now I'm fit from the back. Going into my uncle's cock slowly. Put out many times, is put off, knead the entrance of her pussy cock, and I put out half.
"Kiko, come here, do not look, boobs sucking 比呂 Give" was seen. Resistance can not enter the room again, uncle, leave the cock in the pussy, let me take off my clothes for the full monty.
been embraced, will suck the lips. This is a nice kiss Yeah. Placed tongue, I say let my tongue tangled. Uncle massages boobs, my pussy will crawl your fingers, "What this anymore, I'm full," Lightning expected to receive extra wet if you add next.

My brother

My brother was a high achiever committed very serious.
mother did not come to help single mothers are aware that I had was in the next room. What
brother I knew my mother come? I hate my mother more than his brother.

The rule of his brother

My brother is a lump of libido.
14 year old brother and I away. 7th grade when I was his brother held a weakness in something. Barasa
parents do not want. First, through the body and licked, and then was made to lick, but I was finally let them in Blow squid, I was forced 10 times a day.
more about it three months, Virgin has taken to his brother.
After that, 10 times a day continued to demand the body. I did all spring and summer and winter holidays
was all day.
from getting bored, the brother of AV while watching, or being let me Blow, been fed, I was used just for that pussy out.
anyway, whether it is a lifestyle that ik, I felt that using my body instead of masturbation.
AV has been rented, I called the room, we pushed the butt, while I was watching inserted.
it, might Blow, might posture.
I graduated from high school, you 逃Retaku from her brother, attended the university had started to live alone is bad.
coming home sometimes, the same act was repeated. I wonder


I had a physical relationship with my son's 25. This day will go away on trips with friends, my husband and two sons and only that night drinking with his son and son away drunk, I 抱Kitsukimashita.抱Kitsukimashita son under the influence of alcohol, too. I showed it to my son and my mother into the penis which Sosori立Tta greatly as do the pussy off your panties and I said sure I'll have to put. Then I pushed my son is my crack. I now have that burst of pain pussy, her son likes to put yuan hurts more. I tried to faint, my son will not leave forever. I left my son what was coming out from the sperm. I did not and my husband is the first time.

Flower farmers wife

yuna himekawa[35080]
The farmer's wife. And people are doing with the family. The mother lost last year, has left the household. 28 years old. Everyone is friendly, especially the father. Will move to the father injured his leg, now in treatment at home. It is time to change a bandage
father late morning. Heating in the room is warm, take a blanket. I got to wear yukata, so your foot. Sorts to the groin bandage. I have become your father's big cock and I was changed. Even from the other leg is fairly healthy.
"Dad, pee," "I'm outta to 満子 bad," "fine, was playing the father in the home" If you bring down the trunks saying that, I'm an erection. But do not care, before pulling lowered. I shook Ochinpo erection pops out. I'm 57 but still energetic.
"満子 Oh, sorry, but this is becoming embarrassing," I'm shy. Man of this house. Over a pee, came back to the bathroom sink. Yet you still erect cock. I do? "Dad, I'll sleep like this"
I said, "I keep it a secret, no one, and two secret" holds the Ochinpo Shigokimasu. Today is a short skirt, knee and inner thigh from a father that is also visible pink panties.
or greater, steam out the nozzle head 剥Ke Cali. For example I suck it gently while licking my tongue, and out the mouth. Agate also give massages. "Great, I like the first time, I had to do Koto無I ever happy," What I would like first Furachio. I'm on my husband is doing it every 3 days. Ochinpo father is thicker than my husband has a little curl on the bow. While squeezing your fingers, lips tighten Shaburimasu. After 10 minutes, put the Lightning in the mouth. And I was to clean the tongue.
"満子 see her pussy," "embarrassing but" took off his shorts, on the face of the father held a pussy. The clitoris licking O父Santara. I feel Cha. While
licked again, and its mouth Ochinpo Eru, a small Ochinpo, you can see coming in the mouth gradually become hard. Soup is full of wet again. Pussy rubbing me the proper entrance into one's fingers chestnut father. Oh No!
. Lightning go.

The virgin brother

Brother and I got to talking in the H.
I called "The Screw" was playing outside with friends as a man in a boyfriend at the time I was 18 years old
his brother at age 17.
I first did so at the age of 15 H, was more experienced
brother was still a virgin. Our room was just a mat 6 in each of interrupting
in bran, and somehow did not 筒抜Ke sounds and voices.
was unable to make out in my book shelf and wardrobe H
now at something when they're on the bath and are only a few peeps
bran brother always open was.
once before, but after a while I started looking and complained

H and I also try to see the day when they're in, and open 2cm wheat bran I was always first in
anxious, H and a tear comes to mind if you lose all
one by one.
not delete or electricity during the day, so I'm doing something at all times is part
I think there are signs that it also binds to the portion
unbearably disgusting behavior of his brother thinks that < br> Once again, my brother went to the room late at night complaining of the day.
"Hey, brother! You today as I look into"
"I'm sick to fool around with"
brother saw the TV was still silent.
"You while I was looking for masturbation? ... pervert!"
"You're crazy you do too noisy!"
"I never look through transformation of things"
"Why are you such a thing? because virgin?"
"Shut up, it was not relation"
"Well then I う &#12316; or abandoned Ciao dense virgin?" < br> We usually do not like cats and dogs not as it seemed a pity
another little brother doing while looking at virgin masturbation. Both virgin
some things that were so far Besides H and brother
course, "What? huh?" I was surprised
"H You're not things that, I'll get my virginity "
"····· or really good?"
"Sure, I'll run you kinky action virgin forever because I looked"
take off my pajamas underwear now.
now my brother his pajamas off and Trunks.
cock down her brother and half-standing in my trunks I was wearing half
glans skin too.
to see what my brother's cock
since elementary school and my brother touched my heart, and I was greatly Sori返Tsu
Mukumuku twitched and curled up and all of the skin.
I grabbed it, but Shigoki
"Yes," and did so comfortably.
"topic in the mouth I want?" "Yeah, with" I was
and makes you feel like an older brother like brother. When I
Blow, my brother in the face comfortably
has been watching the Blow. When our eyes really was ashamed.
to lie naked in bed and my brother, my legs are fully open
is closely watching the vagina. Open and fingers, and look for my brother because it was cleared
came to live with everyday, I felt ashamed and weird.
my body reacts well, but they
"Wow'm more slippery," I was never impressed by his brother. My brother licking

Yaranimankowo was supposed to be insect Bechobecho
around the mouth, but his brother was trying to put a dick in me quite well
entered without, squeeze your fingers into me and I was led to
brother waving back, in less than a minute to 1
ejaculation gushing into the mine.
Kio Hiraku crotch on my bed, filled with semen comes out clean appearance that can
brother had been watching a tissue. I Kashikunari
"do? virgin graduates are feeling?"
"I? ... Oh, kickass"
"So from now is like I'm not looking anymore"
"What? and it is another story and I does not matter whether I

I threw the tissue and then a few days ·
bytes brother because he was, I was still hurting a few times to borrow money.
but told me to pay back from summer vacation to the byte after all 返Senaku

to me when my brother about 16,000 yen of the total money
From Enough has been said let me once again.
brother and I were in front of the H and I thought it was a mistake &#12316;
"good hands? You do if you do by hand," I said. Then my brother

"&#12316; example is if you just hand it twice"
Reluctantly, I am OK after taking a bath in the room with my brother at 11
I decided to go now.
brother entered the room, my brother in one
trunks lying on the bed I was watching TV. I approached
remote control turned off the TV. I would sit on the bed
, touched the top of the trunks.
to grow quickly erect tick.
trunks down so my brother, I've grasped it
Handjob still sat on the bed. Reach out to me
brother, T-shirts from the chest to massage Dari
with pants or touch the top of this Karaman. I noticed that
brother my wet Man Kono
"Hey, want to put in?"
"stupid, I quickly got cum"
said that I get expedited movement.
brother says: "How so fast," I told me I
, move your hand with no ejaculation Okamai
Pyudopyuto etc. on the belly of his brother.
and give you wipe the semen on the tissue in my stomach
"Well, next time, once a rest," he said. The remaining one was suddenly

to about 2 o'clock in the morning before I was awakened to my brother was sleeping.
the reason I've been excited by something suddenly blur while I sleep

"O little I can for now &#12316; &#12316; Kanben" I will say it
take my hand and pulled the crotch while I jet
sleeping (asleep), I was just moving the hand. Then my brother brought
dick on my face.
was senile and sleep, so I wanted to finish quickly
Kuwaemashita just a cock. My brother left his lips
is lying on the bed, now I'm on. I'll let you cum fast and
have roots with your fingers while gripping the glans, the hand moved up and down.
his mouth in the mouth behind the streak while stimulating the glans to the base of the tongue and mouth
included, and make your head violently up and down a lot
brother in my mouth
ejaculation with this debt to his brother and brother will be written off later
was not involved in anything, or rather refused

The son?

I am a 46 year old housewife. Only three families are a family of her husband and son. I worried about my son. My son is not nothing but loafer 24. Between the two families can not get rid Apaato living room with sleeping. My son and husband have a fight over her husband last night and saw it Itarashiku "Let me be me by my mom," he said. I keep quiet and son flew in her husband's sperm in her pussy. My son is licking it.
and I'll spread pussy.

Father and love hotel

Rabuho went with my father. Entering the room, take off your stockings without the father said, now all fours on the bed.
open legs sticking out your butt, now appears to have instructed my father. Zuri上Gatsu to the mini skirt, pants from behind the exposed state.
father watching from behind, I was delighted grin while. Father's things (maybe a little kinky?) But I thought, feeling like being fucking seen,
'll immediately feel I have become. . After a while watching his father, software has been rubbed with your fingertips and toe ~ Tsu. I feel easy, it just Pikutsu! I react with the body.
and legs and buttocks, inner thigh was blamed on a soft touch, I got an itchy feeling while there. The tongue now has legs and toe licking.
ass licking at the waist was along the lines of panties, but I feel the snake hips. Cover an there,
Peropero licked both sides of the crotch, could not resist, "I'll do ~, to lick there too." Onedari I have this. Actually, my father over there until it was unable to touch even once.
there is not much on edge, I was always a patient's own 撫Detakatta. My father and I ignore my face near Nitanita while,
now began to sniff and smells of underwear over there. "生暖Kakutsu up, smell Stink'm perverted." She said were delighted. I felt quite over,
we did not even shower bathing, I was smelling much. I was embarrassed (transformation ~, ~ stop me!) I thought I hid it by hand.
hand touched the panties that time, noticed that Bechobecho wet. Look had made a large stain panties.
(I'm so wet.) and i think I embarrassed myself. I turn around and look at my father Raretakunakatta more, this time I blamed my father.
take off trousers and pants, and I was licking. My father is already erect penis was juice slippery out your destination. The tongue licking and give Chirochiro,
father was a comfortably face. After a while, the father "Let's 69!" Has been saying. I (~'ll also be seen), but hate to think, reluctantly responded.
father below, near the nose and began sniffing smells in there for me. I (dad pervert ~!) But I thought, in my (soon to put this little boy.) I was thinking. Shigoi
that cock in the mouth and down his father, who I felt away, there has been more itchy. I am unable to endure his father 着Kemashita rubber penis. And I 脱Gazu
clothes, lying on his back legs M I invited my father to open the letter.浮Kashitara rid of me and I sat around my father panties,
leg extended significantly further. (???··?) Think that, aside Zurashimashita panties. (Could it be?), The moment I thought,
father has put in my penis has a lascivious. I was surprised, the moment came, "Ah ~ Daily! ~ Feels." And I cried. The feeling was as if
exploded what was piled up so far. My father has been slowly moving back. You should be on the bed with my clothes on, I felt strange.
wearing panties in the first time to leave yet, I strangely excited. My father is there or at rummage through the penis, has put the strength thrust.
each time, from there I was disgusting and I heard splashing sound. Lee Kisou I became "Dad, Lee Kisou ...." So, soon became the father of hip movement.
I clung to his father, "Lee Tsu'll Ikuiku ~" cried many times. Poke me hard all the way, Father, I feel me b skein. My father is violently thrust
like crazy and then finally I got in my install. I bought new panties back. Since my father was wearing a rubber,
but I just love juice, boulder and bad feelings had become more messy.

The brother of the owner of the three-room bed and noticed the high morning

Drunk at a farewell party at home, my husband that day, two nights out on the golf entertainment for parents, husband is still absent from home for two nights in the betrothal of relatives, I spend a night alone with two brother-in-law no resistance or discomfort, I work my brother in law likes to go drinking in the late best friend's farewell party. 3rd meeting with various moves second meeting, out the door on me to reply but only after 10 minutes I was asleep Shitarashii brother came home in a taxi around 2:30 am two colleagues walk Dattarashiku state and the story of brother and raised deposit lay brother in the room with the walk and holding or
, lying in bed in the upstairs bedroom, sleeping brother also returned to my room, drinking water for a while from the second floor in the kitchen, and then returning to the bedroom, the room went to brother, brother into bed and say You do not have to worry about sleeping brother, and hope to cling to 言Ttarashii brother. At first I awoke around 9:00 AM The moment my brother-in-law turned out to be a man next to me to be surprised by naked men naked next to a young master in a few minutes and 解Razu ー Where are you? About 4 hours to explain the tears
Shitarashii brother noticed it at about 7 they both went to bed later.
out and told me that both in-law and five things anxious to hear the most is when you see the movie brother took the phone, In the photo is definitely on the brother I gasped aloud that could shake the hips.
on that night, three men on the power of resistance to high to even say Kanawazu brother, the brother of a high three times about three days a week until the next morning still
The brother in the room at about 02:00 my husband and my parents went to bed,



49 years old now and this New Year is the brother touched the body about two or three years to the peep Satoru Naka
bath, where it says in sexual harassment
It was the brother of a brother and sister

five people in the bottom two younger girls under seven years old my son was still
various obscene things
is not had a real sense of connection to genital sex is not
While results were not to be taken, or been touched dick underwear while sleeping
brother's fingers to enjoy pretending to sleep to feel I was getting

take my underwear brother crept into bed one night as usual <br > was touching and licking your fingers, I unknowingly
feeling that I felt the crotch to moderate Kio Hiraku

open sliding door of a sudden, "You What are you doing us! "and I had found my mother
. I

why I was crying my head went blank and being scolded
with what I thought until I blame my brother got
. This aunt is now also made
grandchildren 35 years from that mistaken
what to do next New Year I have it
nasty things with his brother and < br> Sex is like the beast that I can only act crazy
has rejuvenated his body felt like it

said her brother said so, too < br> My husband is still doing well are you doing for your sister as well as sex
to fester in secret that economic activity will fall to drown us

hell I'm still good! Just imagine, that the brother is I get wet and Gusshori

Is in trouble

The 31-year-old housewife. Months ago, my husband is a long business trip to South America and, at times, started living with my father to come back home. My husband left a week later, a shadow that dressing room and a bath when I was a father peeps. As I was waiting to rise from the bath when I've invited my father to drink beer.断Watsu to drink but I feel bad and drank together. The recommendation of my father, taking away While drunk, I fell asleep As I lay on the spot.
your eyes open and something ponderously, overhanging cover was on my father naked. Please ask any and Yamete father, father's eyes are glaring, terrible force, resistance was not scared. I was immediately inserted. The male genitalia can not be larger than his master, the tip is round silicon embedded in the walls and piston is pushing the meat, pounding poked deep into the womb, the first time I had the intense stimulation, in a faint I. That night, embrace me until the morning, gave me away.
borderline father that day, day and night, regardless of location, Kiyomi, I love you and ask to Omeko You Yoshi. My body is numb your body get more pleasure every time. Father is reluctant to put my underwear in the house, almost no bra, and no bread. Father is a rootless injury, she was a beautiful young 居Masu 20s. I have a father Dearimasu friendly, has a tattoo of a dragon on his back, or partly foreign-made car I have been riding big neighbors are scared.
the father is behind the video, obscene slang, and I learned a lot. Sex is the opposite of open-hearted husband, technical long ago, about 20 minutes into time goes on, still holding me in 手枕 even after ejaculation. I am reluctant to wear a condom father, always out of, I'm just worried about pregnancy. Nature of the father to kiss in public in a frank, touching the chest, pigeon reach into the pants after all, is in trouble 開Keppiroge.
before leaving my husband, because my father raver, you have to remember that had been cautioned to be careful not to come out I think the hand.

Son Masturbation

Kikoe have something like herself from the room shortly before her son.
When I went before, Mom, Mom
wonder what?
Akeyou and you, oh Ah,
act funny and something I tried to open a little.
! ! ! ! !
dick was rubbed by hand, son.
a white cloth in her hand.
me that!
shock! I was there that I've seen

end procedures.
soon. Mommy
Ugh! Tobichira I let the semen spread in front of the newspaper and I'll say Utsuu ー. 'm
of the fly's momentum is really something. What about
be more. I look at my panties
cloth and holding in her hands after the ejaculation.
me Mommy? What my panties.
I hastily without being seen, came back to tighten the room quietly. I'm already excited to see that

I was dazed and then built a scene earlier. Tobichitta mark where
swiftly became an adult son from the penis. And that kid

look does not suit the little mama's boy son of a little quiet,
incredible magnitude. Maybe

was quite weak recently, stimulating, I write you. I am ashamed of

eyes adapt to the day not sure what to do.

my panties do you mean a girl?

panties I had on earlier attempts to wash the day.

Tsuitemashita little spots.

It was not a mistake.
there around my place.

Not only that,

similar voice from the room and my son a few days later.
Mommy, Mommy. She Ttara

I've been rubbing dick in panties and I opened it gently.

I now looked at as a big dick that Kuiiru. Oh really walloping

potassium form is a very big nasty. that there was
the upright.

Blotting found a laundry basket attached panties that day. What are

husband and other woman? Some even come looking for recently, I remembered what I forgot. I'm a woman

being in the house opposite sex, not a just and son. It is then
crosses my mind that the word incest.

carelessly in the habit to search for personal computers.

few days later I found here.
I got a man and a woman who just became even more. Kano Hana

son and I really want? I wonder if a transient
? I want to touch the

that big dick. Lightning
strange things like this before my obsession.
I'm crazy.

Maybe time alone doing so on purpose or find?

No help in caring for the body to the father

My father at 47 years old housewife (age 72) is engaged in hospital care and joint pain leg Rihabiri

husband attended college kids who has been director of two major trading

乗Seyou the father went around the bed and out of wheelchairs for Rihabiri father finished the morning chores as usual as soon as two months ago, my father had to get up bank account books showing a
(Mako's, to hear my last request from you to raise or passbook is impossible to ask me where there is something that I know) and suddenly spoke to him Then I tried

father listened again knowing what that means is a shy little voice (which I also took a year as some 13 year old woman has been seen already bereaved about once a month will feel like to in the body in a wheelchair can fit pussy do not wish to want to one man as I was watching every day tell you had given up impossible?) to hold my hand and

gesture has been surprised and ask me anyway (strange to say the child's father it is useless to me you will not say it is silly to say that your son husband go to the doctor) did reply back and then

father is (I want more essential to put into words the shame I'm ashamed to speak 忍N) and terrible I put a finger on

showed a hand pushing the bed and the pants binding arms behind back in that place has changed me as a person is pushed into the pouch and seal the chest and my bank book Family digs came 荒Rashiku

出払Tsu course I do not see violent acts, but the resistance is the father rather loud first (passbook'm certain that you give to three million Asako's body let me touch it at the last straw from the Sumu ask if I shut up in it) has been in talks as close to calm my rage and resistance

I (passbook) for Poor had to sympathize with the feelings of the father say to touch her body still has a lot of money to put money out of the way there I stopped for some reason the word resistance
(your father's Touching more than I just will not do) I will be told to love your body strong

finger tight pants like for over a top view and I get out of bed in the upper body 据Watta When you 脱Gaseyou underwear underwear and watch while massaging my breasts and rubbed my ass once in the hands of the opposition have pledged to resist a little far indeed (even without that Leave me alone I saw my finger embarrassing because I'm supposed to flabby fat is good) and I did pay

aside because the father of the woman I dont have the experience but also deaf in one hundred I had to know when someone leaked the voice of a woman feels somehow slightly strange feeling to become a father there

increasingly attacked relentlessly until I just miss the play with and where I now shake your face or body wiggle of what happened to

(I'll have them tanned pussy Mako's) pants and raise a finger on the other side suddenly rolled to one piece The father tends to do both legs involuntarily open've lost the pleasure to dispel the feeling that in my arm out on the tongue until then infiltrated into the back and pushes out the side of the little finger I have to say between the legs form

the father grabbed his head away or packed it rose to absolute pleasure being attacked Haarou I feel part of the tongue and fingers to lie down in the form

was pressed against the father to see it (I'll do better if only 往Ke 往Ke many times should I do what I do) have the feeling proud and fueling what

I'm some insane demands that sticking a finger licking his groin causing my father to come a little fluffy head that you know what the peak times for my husband to come 嫌Garazu If you feel a little bit longer felt a little old man's body odor was dark dick around in the mouth an erection is not the father trousers and pants down

(Nn Hmm hmm Cuz I ーーー Nn) to match the movement has seized my head saying

4 ~ long time felt they would have folded in the mouth quintile becomes large enough to insert and see what's stepfather or tried to give time for the trout have been accompanied by even more points I can not say that the hardness will not held on to grab my feet Motomu Kaname gave me squat case dressed dressed duck takes to create a system in the toilet pants down to his knees upon request from me I will give up being broken in the middle of his stepfather

I asked to be put in slow motion up and down my ass on my dick Ategai

semierect in my stepfather moved to lift from the bottom looking like lame move on I was dressed in response to a pretty tight was put down entirely while balancing on the shoulders of my father's arm but I do not feel easy

Shinano I would not erect ejaculation from Grasp the moment Gyuutto pulled back in my arms if the father (the crust will ーー ーーー ーー I'm yeah yeah) When the hole is something that I thought never issued a voice heard feel a sense of leaning in that (he was in was done with) and I realized too late that is just from my father

were issued in the state and most likely to go out and become they had to lean on a few things remaining from the tip of my dick began to wither in physiological

Shikaranakatta already worried about the father is not able to think that the nervous was only reminded of the guilt that only the husband and father-to

wiping gently with a towel in the bottom part of my silence over things I have (it was good I'll walk you have to feel regret at this grave to thank Asako's Mother, like, I do not
in secret) and I have talked with

After listening to his father are part of the word less polite words do not wipe off or Rihabiri has spent in the hospital and then took the time recently

交Wasanakatta body again for good from my father once they wear a lot about it anyway because we gave out will go directly into the mouth pussy and let it be ever so well in your father's good Ne

The coming period is five months

I tell anyone, listen. I have to fine you five month period H has not come this year if I were a baby and
Yattamitainanomou mad but that is useless to H sick, but I had to test and study until recently. Sports has always made time for a little bit and not run out of heavy belly.
milk was large but I'm glad your friend is a class of at least a little more weight than anything Oh I like fat. I'll talk
brother is also coming period is Shiran H Puridashi Kurenaku It has become that mother I was about to say you're being scolded just end Yasetara
said the truth me. Field trip, but also with all the bath soon put on the jeans try to buy too shocked Do I put pains

Cock crazy son

yuna himekawa[34989]
I am a 48 year old housewife.
55-year-old husband, my son is 25 years old. The events of last year and live
. Came back to take his son to grandson.寝静Matsu
occurred since everyone in the bathroom that night.
wife and son had sex in the middle of listening to ear to rely on that because the sliding door of the salon then moan.
such actions over the years I also got to peek through a gap in the sliding door on tiptoe LANGUAGE ○ thinking Oh I did not.
nothing besides a daughter-son son cock daughter to look very appetizing to lick ○ LANGUAGE whistled a wife Oh I was not wanted anymore since lick, who wanted it ○ · · ·
policy options, but my son is a mighty big compared to my husband.
saw a child's still small, so I'm supposed to Kiku Hiroshi was fine the first time.
wife envy.
Taki Hashi next morning waking up in the face as if nothing happened.
husband and wife that day, three grandchildren who said his son went out to go to a nearby park after breakfast in bed and crawl into Demashita. When I quilt Tta
捲Ku happen because there is no sign of causing his son to go to finish the laundry room clean and entered the eye grown sons cock bulge. I noticed that
son showed me the cock Ikiri立Tta pajamas and boxer shorts down at once so as to provoke.
when leaving the room instinctively turn away, have said the thing that I look into my son last night. hug cock pushing
told me I honestly saw no choice "Oh it! not you want" so I said I shook my head. Then I became the son
Ro embarrassing part is multiplied by the hand down panties stretch arm around my ass.
the power of a man struggling to escape there is no translation can match. I was holding my son
cock away knowing I moan changed through the power o ○ LANGUAGE feel devoted to my son's lips imperceptibly. But I felt touched
really big! !
than 4 cm in length was also felt that the thickness of 20 cm. Cali is a big
more! ! I was devoted to
○ LANGUAGE cock off thinking I want to be put in soon. Shake your hips
their own screaming too pleasant moment you enter

For example there

Tea was divorced at the age of 30 returned home. Parents and students to have a younger brother of the house to eat because it will embarrass the business. Fighting with parents of children not being able to side, and I divorced, but not my fault. The adjustment
change jobs. Closed Saturday and stay home, rest well brother Takashi, so being in the room, I quietly entered the room and sleeping pajamas. That
example, you Takashi, take off your pc pajama pants that sit while watching the waves. Hehehe, not shear is like during masturbation. I did look from behind. The noticed. I got to hide quickly. I do not mind continuing on. Tea was held to see, touch the penis of a brother intently. I'm great. I'm more of the original. I give you my thumb Department.
also hold the bag raised to lick the pole. Great, I say thicker and twitching.
to take off all our clothes, take off the T. I had too. Become naked, sucking cock is tea. Delicious. 'll Be licking pussy to go with the face of T. Omata, down to the waist. Licking a clitoris, you can put your finger in the pussy. Not like the first time. Feel good. I have been put on
. Great big, feels good. Shake your hips from, also to the lips, tongue sucking fit. Your Department and 10 minutes, Lightning out.出Ruuu say it's raised by the mouth. I got hung full in the face. Takashi
holding cock went to shower naked in the bath together, hugging each other and now we are behind. I also love the back. Slowly comes with Takashi. We want your butt sticking out too far, I asked for. What happens next
day seems to go every morning to wake. I see piss hard cock. I'll not go without underwear.

With brother and

My brother and with (o ^ ^ o)
brother is 29 and now I'm 22. always aiming to finally
earlier, my brother is like standing Dekimashi
I am not at all popular among types. Rather ...
up a little overweight, I did not love my brother from the time Puyopuyosurunoga tiny belly (o ^ ^ o)
kind than anyone else but me I was going out with someone like my brother Bakkari (College of fat that is), I thought my brother was not no good.
Yesterday my brother came home drunk by chance, I did not say I did go out I drink too (o ^ ^ o)
So, I'm so old cream larger breasts breasts I bought it.
asked me to paint my brother does not say from the massaging effect while With no cream.
to feel very touched when I thought my brother, I told you honestly feel. ◎
brother is also back me rub your shoulders or chest, not just felt like I was doing massage
able to take it anymore ...
to 泣Kitsui she wanted to, as it is Lightning pushed down / / /
even tell I loved it properly, I had sex with (o ^ ^ o)
today, so do not miss the night shift at night ... my brother. Yesterday was very good
brother was someone depart several times / / /
照Rekusakatta but it was a little off day two of my work, give him the big brother to make lunch me happy, very happy Dixie (o ^ ^ o)
standing in daytime course flirting Temashi

In the night

Mari Tomari went by my husband at home in about three days. Father died her mother is still young, and my husband and brother-in-law and three family members, I am glad that my daughter was able to enter my mother there. And mother, I naturally dissolve 込Memashita kind brother and all. I have my husband back into the job suddenly, everyone was drinking so happily in anticipation of being full of harmony and close, but I still stayed intact.
drink liquor like my mouth is. Cajoled into repeating the toast with her mother and brother, I received in the drawing room to bed around 10:00. Dry throat in the night I woke and went to the kitchen to drink water. I brought a bigger T-shirt bra, panties just below. Back when I drink water and no one has heard the story I had to see the light of the drink. The door opened a little bit because it was seen to think that casual peeps still drinking.
Huh, I have a brother and mother, and how both of them naked. Example is the brother of her mother Ochinpo its mouth. The tongue licking a pole, I have massaged his left hand holding the Tamatama. Massaging the hands of the brother of the mother breasts, and fiddling with a nipple. Ah, now spans the mother upside down, and cover the face of the brother pussy, begging to open the crotch. The first time to see the sex of the person I was excited to look into. The mother and
knees, hips up high, the brother from behind, I put on a Ochinpo. Greater than his master. Cali thick. Ochinpo gone from my eyes incest. I
amazing. Immediately put in, massage the breasts from behind, rubbed on your butt crack Ochinpo, Pitapita hit from the top of the clitoris. Hear. Became impatient mother, holding the hands behind your own cock, pussy
into Lightning. Brother also sat shaking violently, perhaps because it seems to go drinking at Naka Naka. Even her mother would - out loud, but this time I sat shaking on the cowgirl ride. Ah, the two men sucking each other on the lips. SEX is something like a lover.
"Yoshiko's, came in here, do not peek in there, along with Shimasho pussy," "Sister, Yarimasho together in one piece costume Pantei, you'll get care", how her mother The brother and seems to know that I started. I went inside to prevent rejection. Pantei been taking off the shirt and was naked to the two people had received the kiss of her mother. What is the first kiss between women, and let a soft tongue, Lightning answer it myself. "Oh, sister, you're lewd, already so saturated," Yes, Hashitanaku pussy was wet. And pushed the cock in front of the brother, my face pressed against the mother that let her lips open with your fingers. Go suck your own example was not even no it. Contains throat cock brother. You can shake your hips like I'm a pussy in your mouth. Stick to the mouth, and now big brother Karichinpo have been fitted by posture. I aloud, I met with elevated waist. Zururu, it was in shear shear is slowly coming into. The brother "wanted to kiss your sister, I wanted this cute lips," according to the Kyushu Is mouth to say, we put the tongue. Stella has to knead stimulates pinch my nipples. And this fit the cock in pussy brother and put his fingers. Muno clitoris pinch. I went ahead Lightning. Cock brother is by far, I have a mother that suck the juice of your rod with me yet. I also stayed for the day.

Ralph opened the door

My 30 year old homemaker. 3 people are living with their husband and father of two under. No children.
mother has passed away five years ago. I live in the house from when my father married two years ago. SEX
I thought I was frigid, not even what you like.
SEX before marriage, and some to their rather bland or selfish or something nice to me all the
own way, more than a pleasure to be honest did not masturbate. I
prolonged and troublesome little acting and when my husband because my husband survives relatively early.
did not know opened the door of my own father did not do.
is the beginning of the month. Sun's year-end parties in the late husband, the father came home as soon as I get home from work.
father was a worker at the age of 55 still active.
had dinner while drinking together. Repulsively
have become my father's eyes drink amount of drink was drunk much noticed.
and stepfather came to the dinner dishes finished, touched the butt.
I reflexively, "What are you doing!" I hit the cheek and stepfather. The father returned
face hitting my face turning red with anger now.
I was shocked that I hit Nantenai. The next moment father
絞Memashita my neck by hand. "Raise your hand and wants to marry the father!"
I now think likely to cause panic for fear being killed. The father went into the hands of power.
seized on the other hand strangled the neck with one hand while the father.
"Teru Hana son tits too appetizing, but looks like she ate but he has not"
in a shirt button shirt to remove the father in his hand, her hand into the underwear put a chest seized directly. Rather than grab a hand caressing
has been holding strong as massages. It is enough to hurt.
"Yeah ... I have not," I'm getting an amazing voice that surprised me.
"most Oh, what a way like it to be honest Lewd or" good father is stronger massaging her breasts, nipples 抓Rimashita.
"hurts Oh Oh Huh," I stop and say, not only with in a naughty voice.
father grabbed the hand is still neck and chest press, 押Shi倒Shimashita took me into the living room.
twice and hit my face about and not have the track "Alright!'ll beat you resist!" by hand was gripping my chest and nodded
Semashi take off his pants and threatened me or. Hands
脱Gaseru underwear and "How wet is it choking a lascivious wife is not just what I'm wet" fat fingers have put this.
was aware at that time. I feel I've been. No matter how gently caress
also been until now, I almost feel like people being held. My lower body
revealing they become imperceptibly, the father also lower body. And my father committed
. While the father put his penis
beat grabbed my breasts hard, gave a nipple twist.
every time I felt so hot and piercing of female 蕩Ke his own.
found that pant voice grunted an indecent pleasure.
I did not notice that even in the father-ejaculation. Nokezotta
found the body of the head was covered with snow at some point. would be that apparently culminated
was a moment opened a secret door in it my father.

I commit my nephews.

Divorced woman is a woman past thirty. To divorce a year, and I returned to my home office workers.
came back to take the children on New Year's sister. My sister is in junior high school boys and girls in high school.

that day, no one else in the house out to everyone hatsumode family, my body was lying at home in the Japanese style for naughty nephew Kimashi high school students who came home early one or. I think that I fall asleep, I've touched it gingerly ass and breasts.

so interested helplessly around her, pretending to sleep quietly, "I just like a little" and that was good and it'll let me in, without knowing the contrary, I I Meramera on fire and towards the body.
and next thing you know, suddenly stood up in surprise to me, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" to the mat 組Mi敷I and apologized to the nephew, I had become a nephew jumped into the waist.

So, the "I got excited to see me? ... but I want to have and lewd mom mad You're not spoiled? ... to Do you want me to look down while ?···" and nephew, they started to move my hips without permission, to grind on the cock Gorigori and nephew. Helplessly up close to feel the urge to want a hard man. Even without something regardless

reply nephew, could not stop my body anymore.
to kiss like a greedy nephew had to ejaculate in your pants to endure dull stimuli, as is of course not let end.
trousers and pants taken immediately picking, putting the tasty to the mouth of a long man, used to cover the mouth into the lower back, to whisper in my ear and play with his penis and kiss while you're finished, will be hard, and astride ... and I had a terrible Dally precious son of his sister's body.
mind, "Hey dangerous," There is a faint and it crosses the face of her sister, a man must 握Ri締Mere hard, too soon it was gone.

After all, soon to die, the hard Narushi soon, I'm really excited Shikitsu not know when the stop is enough, the last penis to prevent ejaculation nephew became forever remain big nephew child is making penis twitched became painfully agonized and red to 絶E絶E breath.
"Aunt, your dick hurts" is complain,
"But it feels good to do this" If your penis Ijire nephew and my hands,
" Oh I feel pain in Pampanga "state and half Beso.
"Aunt believe it's okay because it feels good, I feel I have a lot more shy"
I was smiling and smiling demons.

I think I take this opportunity to fully taste Tsukushitai To begin with, the seductive whisper and sigh, followed by my nephews will be excited to do something to leverage odiousness gently caress, Gachigachi張Ri切Tta not allow the penis to rest, I had committed the body to continue in high school.
doubt, and I can only see a situation I was guilty. But the temptation 逆Raezu my dirty, while the pain of the penis 張Ri切Tta, nephews and looking comfortably suffering in agony, I had riled the last.

nephew may have become afraid to lose her virginity that day. Now I regret a little. But it was force majeure, and nephew to avoid hatred, and what I think I'll be gentle next time you meet a lot Me.

For my son

Mother, the subject of the best is a lofty dream.
Please understand the feelings of his son.

The heavy breathing next door

I am 43 years old. Husband passed away in a car accident three years ago. I have trouble living without compensation and life insurance left by her husband, but have lived in mutual support and the son, Takuya.
house and lives in Tokyo, I began to go on to university last year Sono Takuya. Lonely lonely drift apart and the other son and three weeks later I visited the boarding house to the impatient.
and have a cleaning and laundry while I went to school, Takuya, and excited to come to mind. Come back and waited for dinner, cold beer to prepare steak.
I remember when I was waiting for the return of her husband's honeymoon time for me. "I'm back! Ne I came Mama" was jumping for joy about hearing the voice of Takuya energy.
toast with beer, the taste of beer with dinner the first time my son was a momentum story is also very delicious. Sharing a bed at night as you laid a pair of small rooms,
was also on talking only Tsuzu into bed. The sound of the room with the door open when that neighbor. You can hear the voices of young women over the wall.
"I Ne thin walls. 筒抜Ke You're the voice of the neighbor. her desk, the woman next door is living?" "No, I'm a man. You've got to play a girl I'm sure."
"You should envy her desk?'s girlfriend was already" "I do not, so mon" "Ee - tree!'ll experience yet?"
"Why ask such a thing! I go to bed now, I turn off electricity. "Look at that face as a little offended, I was happy to realize I was still a virgin mother son intuition. Truncated
the conversation for a while, still Netsukemasen. It is such a case. I have been omitted Kihajimeta muffled noise from next door a woman was silent. What I understand now what the voice of her voice. You also found out
Takuya. (Oh oh Utsuutsu oof!) 鳴Ri出Shimashita heart pounding and hot and the face. Hear the heavy breathing, but that alone is hard,
a few feet away is something that I still hear my son breathing stuffed. (Hey, I like you Ahhh ~ I'm good!) Heavy breathing became gradually, can be heard clearly. I've already been
判Ranaku what to do. It is at such time. I've seen me hug Takuya. I pressed against his crotch and take my hand. Takuya
cock became hard again Bing, it was washed immediately broke out. I rub my hands more than once.
(Oh Oh Oh Okay. ~ - I better upgrade assay) Takuya thought so I'm hard
got up off his underwear 取Rimashi Takuya or. Done slowly by hand to Shigoi cock erection immediately obvious really. Bikunbikun
cock in hand and 脈打Chi, will be entered in force to the fingertips feel quite upset that I touched with my swing for years
"Mom, ® ® hurts a little sore "[Sorry, sorry Ne her desk," I suck Emashita hesitate to say it. Your mouth is more than a soft hand,
I think Takuya is delighted to hurt. Bing cock became increasingly Takuya your mouth. I calmed down a little from its mouth for example. Mawashimasu netlist and lick.
Rerorero in tongues and lick the glans, and Takuya 震Wasemasu her voice drenched with roots to breathe. "Mama, Mama Mama you'll get Moude"
"out loud, do not worry I'm your mom out her desk," "Mama Aaatsu Uz Uz! I'm leaving "
the eruption of liquid in your mouth and ejaculation lub-dub.吸I取Rimashita I like to squeeze the last drop is Yogaru Takuya. Muddy and full of cum began to get dark with Tesh.
"I'm sorry mom. I'm sorry ivy tea put into the mouth." "That's OK, I'm glad it is good that even her mom desk," "Mama, mama Now I feel good I'll. Mom Is not that good! "
Takuya and say we've incorporated it into the panty Shinobi my fingertips. I'm wet and there's just Bettori from now. Strongly resisted shy Takuya is known to them. rather it will trigger
, I held on to force 脱Gashita panties Takuya my lower body. I have been better, too. If 脱Gasou and kind and would unnecessarily embarrassed. Takuya
has licked you, you can still stretch. I can touch you, you have my man's tongue is three years. I was already 逆Raimasen. Although there is not 逆Raemasen feel ripped. lick up the Villa Villa
attaches chestnut sucking. Licking is also kind to people. But it never good, now I 上Ri詰Memashita. You can not take it anymore. Bing is more or reach for the cock and Takuya.
"well enough, with her cane table," Takuya 乗Kkatsu I'll be in a hurry. And put your body between his thighs, cock 突Ki立Temasu Bing blindly.
"Hey wait you slowly, slowly getting into You know this is"
this cunt and rubbed with you, you burned a few times slippery wet in the glans, Takuya, Innovation Meri込N feeling came Zubuzubu say.
"Mom I'm kind !···· I went in," Takuya started fiercely disconnect. The use of elaborate Guigui come back fit and Kina Hiroshi yet.
leak comes drenched sounds indecent.震Etsuzu sexual intercourse with the other digits twitched.
"Iku Iku hoes I like you Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh I like you so I do stet Aaa Aaaa ah ~ ah ... ... Uuu Yau Yau Itchi Itchi!! "
Komu and fitted waist and waving a Kiku Hiroshi Gugutsu Takuya is strikingly, the Meko 噴Ki上Geta Dokudokudokutsu Too. Raised to tighten the vagina to cock Takuya and Bikunbikun 胴震I. It was a mistake only once,

Sleeve from the New Year

My 32-year-old housewife. Three people, including children, living in the age of 74, 74-year-old relative's house uncle, and when I went to greet the New Year, the uncle asked me, my husband drive 30 minutes with the kids ~ 40, When I went to a shopping journey, Sato Megumi's request have said, if you can do is when I said, You're my husband's secret and Sato Megumi, 5 million from the lottery issue, my sex and become friends, and have prepared a condom, I am my husband said he like to keep it secret, I entered the bedroom and uncle, the bed is drawn blankets, I sleep on the bed , my uncle said he has no time pantyhose me and take off your panties, pants too uncle, and take off his pants and licking tongue pussy, uncle and cover with rubber, and overlap on my body, Sato Megumi beautiful and sex, I'm happy to say I think can, in a stretch pussy Cock, Oh Yeah I'm the voice, is good to think about sex 74 years old, was re-disturbance of clothes Sometimes I came back my husband's car. I also embrace the likes from me.

Ralph and

yuna himekawa[34877]
My husband being away from home overseas. Life just became a father to the same apartment 70. I always lived together and making dinner. I was thinking like a harmless men and animals. Last night I could not suppress a fire illuminated the body, drinking until late in the luxury hotel bar alone. From my uncle invited me to feel like a fashionable middle-aged, straight to the hotel room directly. But he is a technician, but made me excited about technology or canyon or fingers could be inserted. Home by taxi late at night, but took a shower, and flushed the body helplessly, I was in the room masturbation. The father, seemed to peep in from the balcony, to come into the room during masturbation, Cunnilingus suddenly. Then, my mouth involuntarily Shaburimashita penis. Father is not meeting the even years to come into contact are played endlessly. Ikasa has time and again. Does long-lasting father says, is still not finished. Along the way, but several times and slept together in an embrace, to the end until dawn, went last. So I really went to sleep. Today, about noon, happening to come for the food to make dinner together. Sono Manaka too, are taking off the panties, the canyon has been inserted. What was my first time doing this, but say many times, or when it is touched or licked, I want again. What sex was doing this, and I instinctively thought. I think my husband is a bad day considering future excited, nervous. Now, would not be life without father.

Aimashita a plot

The father had a special relationship with the husband's father is a thing to live two months ago. Mother died in September of last year, good father of conjugal relations were wailing. When planning a trip to a hot spring holiday in October to regain the smile of an anniversary memorial service after his father husband. Unfortunately there is a master at work the day before departure, will not go. And because they thought my father was looking forward to the postponement, now I decided to go together with me. The hotel owner was introduced to the acquaintance had heard that 内風呂 Hotels in natural hot springs. Taxi transfer from the train station, situated along the mountain road into a bit surprised at the appearance of the hotel's distinctive bright white and yellow.
favorite seafood father very much and was pleased. Dad and Sorcerer Sashitsu 差Sa drink on my behalf with my father's with the endless food waitress in the room, gradually became calm enough to take dad's mind, the waitress's sex stories laugh. Morai
drank beer from pouring a waitress with a good father should, too. I smile with ease and dad's long, loud, drunk away, you spread your blanket's a waitress, and remember, I was lying down, I fell asleep. You realize, okay and I talked to her father Midori, my face looked so worried waitress's. from the waitress's refreshing to
and entered the bathroom to bath is recommended. Dishes come up from the bathroom was tidied up, laying there side by side bed. It was taken out with a smile waitress's fun. to the bath when the father entered the
, exposed, naked dad, er, eyes and doubt Eckert, surprised. Miller was magic. I think everything out and exposing too, and ashamed of even meet his father came out.
be reflected over the video and TV dad sex, and are seen to stimulate the happy dad I wanted to do was look at me sitting together Sofua. After a 30 minute walk with the father was entered into bed just because you sleepy. I dropped the lights and entered the bed. Come stop by when Midori and her father is also my body was under the influence of 火照Tsu television earlier, refused to have feelings, but is still 交Warimashita. Grandmother died, I was in contact with other women and I do not think, until dawn was upon request.
father is old and gentle Ojichan this occasion, my husband is happy too. It was turned into a hotel and talking to my husband before I had a love hotel, it is said, it was all a trick master.