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Incest confession of women(2015-10)

The forbidden world and beloved son

yuna himekawa[24065]
Son of 3 There were a lot of tissue that is rounding into the trash seems recently have a Ona two over.
It was just incest product of a mother and son under the Beck bets mat have erotic book is hidden.
And I was still thought to be a child, but I'm had become such old around. My husband and I were able to consult if put, but it does not go as well so you have just divorced last year.
erotic book of the content just was watching it was a concern that was the mother-to-child incest thing.
Nisin and I think what that child also has such a desire is complex.
I was feeling something gaze when that comes to me is the bath speaking so. Will's looking into.
I would imagine that the variety. And I have thought only that sinister and Toka to pregnancy and committing rape and classmate.
I wonder if good if you can eliminate the frustration in my body than run to crime, I have thought such.
When the son is in the bath
, \"Shinji-kun, mom also good to enter together?\"
\"Well what! I'll do it to say\"
\"I gonna want to give wash Shinji-kun of the body\"
, \"a good yo yourself \"from a wash
and I think that it is therefore now pull of
it went into the aggressive and \"I'll go.\"
Son to jump into the bathtub in a hurry
to \"do it I was what,\"
\"What's not it had entered well together before I\"
\"I thing I'm many years ago\"
from a \"good, Shinji-kun is not me wash If I'll wash the mother of the body \"of
it sat in front of me \"anymore ...\" I am reluctantly out of the bathtub.
Cock was likely to stick to the stomach to have an erection.
It is a meat stick seen after a long time, but seemed a little smaller than that of the former husband, but it was fine in its own way.
\"Shinji-kun also another splendid very glad I mom I'm became an adult\"
\"It 's How to junior college strange mother of today.\"
\"It was decided mom ne big\"
\"te big decision?\"
and \"Please do not be surprised \"
and \"indescribable,\" says not to hear
\"good! well to ask it.\"
\"The get mom to Shinji-kun of the virgin.\"
\"... it me\"
mom \"So Shinji kun cock You'll \"No placed in a
\"serious or I\"
and \"unpleasant for\"
Jan \"no reason unpleasant\"
and I was \"so good, and there that I saw women's genitals?\"
\"not by the real thing.\"
\"Well this is here in the clitoris pee here below it in the hole is out Toko yo \"to put the penis
Can I smoked Dari massaged tits and I was \"Unwaka~tsu?\"
\"in the way you like I'll say\"
\"Well first I'll let me lick the genitals\"
son intense caress of began.
I also enjoyed the son of meat stick in your mouth.
Son of semen were also Mashi delicious top.
Now we have entered the forbidden world.

Travel away from the hotel

Mischief of the now 17-year-old son is from the time of the other junior high school students.
Gradually been stepped up, when even bad husband personality On'naguse went out of the house, it was felt that honesty dangerous.
Than I say scary, it might had been honest expectations.
When the show liked hand in the skirt.
But I obediently stop when chide strongly.
Son also there is a hesitation, I also do not collect it is being tampered in a little half-hearted.
Or other strictly reject, or ,,,.
I tried to invite you to go to travel on holidays.
Son was of course reluctant but, in my fawn like speech, and I was OK and smiling leering smile.
Journey of 2 days 1 night. The first day aboard the bullet train, we arrived at the hotel around 3:00.
To come launch a Oita from the Shinkansen, hidden in the jacket finally, it was already going crazy.
I went to public baths immediately, imagine that now take place, care Sozoro of the bath.
Son When you return to the room, it's rough in Tsurekon me to the bed.
I kept the impatient son, \"Look, you also take off ,,,\" deep kiss over and lying time.
And, as desired by the son, and received caress in large open finger legs.
To make sure my reaction, sometimes ,,, while receiving guidance to me.
\"The other, useless it. Stop it!\" And for no and not quit, but I do not have to say.
Honest, it really was ashamed to that seen going up at his son.
\"Wow!\" To reach the displaced son, the bear to tremble me.
Son's Well, the standard is in the men until now.
But, and because after a long time, it was very hard and exciting.
But, at the time of insertion, I have to cry to become really scared.
After dinner, another ordinary lover mood.
Thanks you love each other until late, the next day of the Shinkansen son came back without incident will sleep.

Restraining mother

I have a relationship with my 19 year old son. The reason was that my husband woke up to a strange hobby. When I was a married couple, I brought out the handcuffs I bought and tried to put them on me. I absolutely refused. Once, I tried to force it. My husband seemed to give up because I resisted so much. At that time, my husband's long-term business trip was decided. I felt at ease. It's been a few days since my husband went on a business trip. It was the moment I came back from shopping and entered the bedroom to change clothes. My son came into the room to chase me. It was something different than usual. I felt like I was thinking about something. What happened to me? Suddenly, I faced with a scary face. And I pushed it down to the bed. I was pressed down with tremendous force, and I was put in handcuffs and legcuffs. The handcuffs and legcuffs were roped to the four corners of the bed. I was tied up in a big letter on the bed as I was back from shopping. I struggled to remove the restraint on my limbs, but it didn't work. I was really scared inside, but what are you going to do with this? I was angry with my voice. The son silently took out something unexpected from the closet. It was a lot of naughty toys. My son picked up a pink egg-shaped one. I couldn't accept what was to come. When I thought about using such a thing for a body that couldn't move, I was overwhelmed with disgust and fear. Don't be afraid! I'm sorry for doing this! Ignoring me who got angry, my son turned on and crawls all over my body. Since it was from the top of my clothes, a little vibration was transmitted. However, I felt like I was getting naughty. Every time I made a humming noise and pressed it against the bulge of my chest, I was about to make a sweet voice. I clenched my teeth and continued to put up with it. Things were getting worse. My son gazed at me with a hole and slipped a pink one into his skirt.  I gradually climbed up while crawling around my thighs wrapped in stockings. I desperately tried to close my legs, but to no avail. The moment I was pressed over there, I inadvertently leaked a pant voice. I was ashamed and my whole body became hot. With a nasty smile, my son unbuttoned his blouse and put his hand in. While being blamed for the nipple with my fingertips, I was pressed against it. I couldn't stand it anymore. My body moved in a wavy manner, and I was making a bad voice. I was even excited about the situation I was in. My son grabbed my chin and kissed me greedily. When the tongue came in, it was unpleasantly entwined.My son took off his shackles. But when my lower body was stripped, I was detained again. Then I picked up something in the shape of a penis and turned it on. It moved with Kunekune and approached me. I'm scared, no! said. My son grinned, sitting between my legs, hitting the tip over there, and tracing up and down. I found myself getting embarrassedly wet. I was so indecent that I couldn't help it. I was going to be crazy when I was sometimes pressed against the entrance. And finally it was put in. The moment I put it in slowly, I felt it trembling all over my body. While moving, my son was screaming at nasty words this time. I seemed crazy about shame and immorality. I felt like it wouldn't stop anymore. I thought it was more messed up. I've finally said something I shouldn't say. As if my son had changed suddenly, he pierced me all at once with his limbs restrained in the bed. And he was violently violated. He took off my handcuffs and legcuffs, which were stunned. To my surprise, my hands were immediately turned around my back and the handcuffs were reconnected on my back. I was made to look embarrassed that I refused even if my husband told me.He was made to look embarrassed to be prone and lift his hips high. It was a fierce waist errand that firmly grasped the waist and hit it from behind. I have completely fallen into the abyss. I was used by my son many times.

It is fucked

I was raped by the son of a friend during the day yesterday. Since Kyaimu rang 2:00 position, No so you go to the entrance Takeshi Mr. son of friends had been standing in front of the entrance, I was assimilated into Takeshi kun? You answer, me to defeat the front door is raised turning the skirt is made taking off assertive panties were found to come into the finger of Takeshi-kun to the local, then, Takeshi kun has been inserted into the man himself. Takeshi kun, is beating me also I Takeshi kun Why? And say Takeshi kun, was answered \"I was rest school because I wanted to do aunt and pussy.\" Being fucked in children of junior high school one year, mind and body is worn out. And Takeshi kun, I How much got the underwear! And I went back to have a underwear while saying. Takeshi kun is afraid when you meet at school events and because it is the same class as the son. It was outright said Mr. Takeshi leaving ringing home phone after a while are \"Aunt! I ask my best in the future!\".

Son to voyeur mother

The end of last year. I work part is now winter break.
Son in 2 also went into the winter break.
I was watching TV while enters the kotatsu in the daytime to two people.
I had to close the asleep eyes Do not worry I woke up to the sound of taking something The photo When I was sleeping in it because I became sleepy kotatsu.
Then it becomes for a while the sound of The photo, Could it have I taken? If you and I thought suddenly occurred son had taken me.
My son has closed the mobile by surprise.
I had lot of was taken hid me if you look at the contents and pick up the son of a mobile.
I was also a movie when you are Ona ...
son had apologized and I'm sorry while becoming to cry.
As I was listening to the various and talk to my son I have went as bad are you sexy dressed
had been rough-looking and or wearing a large sweater do not wear bra in the Well certainly usually home and ... it did or hanging around wrapped bath towel in the bath was
to between have a talk with his son, groin son had swollen greatly.
Become Itatamarenaku I watched such a son, and had imperceptibly stretched out a hand to the crotch of his son.
And then we have been the kiss come hug me suddenly son.
Son has been massaged vigorously rate hike chest sow my sweater.
But I was Tsu rejected as \"Wait a minute! Stop it!\", That I reached for the crotch of his son is now at the mercy of the son thought it was useless.
Son tried to put in Nugashi my pants a little bit put out the cock while or sucking the nipple Dari massaged my chest.
Son I was impatient because not enter easily.
I was induced into grab the cock of his son.
Why had wet my pussy ...
I have accepted the huntingtin son.
Son was rolled butted me and started shaking violently hips.
I had to ask to be put out always out to his son.
Then he issued a semen in my stomach Unplug the cock immediately.
I was raised also wiped huntingtin son wiped the sperm with a tissue.
While the son of Chen Chen remains energetic I Blow the cock carefully, \"Now I'm Blow the cock of his son ...\" and After immoral feeling Toka thought have my dick had been wet.
Son was directly put in my mouth.
I drank the son of sperm.
The son was Blow while Tit because've been ask you like to see the Tit me.
The son had been very comfortably likely.
The son also I was out in my mouth would say.
Indeed third time the sperm is was thin.
Son even though Itta three times, Chen Chen had curled a still healthy.
Son has been heard to say that \"still want to.\"
I replied \"good I\".
Son was put slowly sit up and beg pussy let me on all fours.
And son had come with violently.
I was projecting high ass aloud to pant to become comfortably.
Son was called \"the feel mom? No pleasant?\".
I replied that the \"great pleasant yo!\".
From a son was waving whether slowly lower back has been tired I was told to be down to his son.
Then we took a position in cowgirl.
I was moving up and down the waist while strangled there.
Son was Dari massaged the chest from the bottom.
My son has been poked violently from below after a while.
I was moved violently hips according to the movement of the son.
Son Mashi Iki unplug the huntingtin.
I was limp and overlies cover to son.
Then we were I poked violently to accept the huntingtin son protruding ass month hand on the wall would have had been to wash dang a shower become healthy huntingtin son.
That day I was flirting and son until the evening.

Mother and child incest

I am a 38 year old mother. Until now, my son and I have lived in peace with two mothers and children. However, my son refused to go to school and started playing at night before taking the high school exam. I couldn't quite hear my son's feelings, but after talking several times, I found the cause. I'm jealous of many days when I go out with men through a hobby (I have nothing to do with my hobby). Certainly, he may have been dressed or dressed quite young. At the same time, seeing me as a sexual object is something that can't be helped. I was surprised at this ... What should I do if I get stuck? I heard that he wanted to touch my body enough. Of course, I should have refused, but I gradually allowed sexual relations because I wanted my son's schoolwork to go smoothly. At first, my son put his hand in the skirt at best and ended up on the spot, but after I started to make a nasty voice, I started playing with it endlessly 3 times a week. , 4 times, spent 2-3 hours naked in the lower body after dinner. I feel more and more when I think I shouldn't feel it. It was such a day. Gradually, my son's fingers became skillful and the floor was incontinent, so the towel became stuffy. My son went to school and cram school seriously, but at one point he brought a vibrator to where he bought it. It is 4 cm thick and 20 cm long and swells with violent vibrations. I felt like I was going, and I pushed my son away. Rather than that, there was a change in my feelings that I was more in contact with my beloved man than my son."I can't go beyond my mother's line anymore," he said. "Why? I like my mom too. It's much more beautiful than the women around me." Did I continue to be persuaded by my son and became addicted to drugs? As it is said, the vibs toy violently moves to the world of sensuality while being naked and being tampered with the nipple. I have exposed everything, knowing that I have already seen the whole body cramping. My son seems to be very impressed and shouts "Wow. Mom. Wow!" Many times. In the afterglow, I put my son and lips together and clung to "I like ... I like ...". The devil has already dwelled in me. I was often fainted and wanted my son's love. One Sunday, "Would you like to put it in?" My son was surprised and silent. After a brief silence, "Are you ready?" The two of us went shopping at the supermarket and bought a condom at the pharmacy. I was planning to eat out for lunch, but my son is trying to pull his sleeves home. I went to the restaurant on purpose. I sat in the corner seat, but my son purposely sat next to me. It was a little short skirt, but I stole my eyes and put my hands in it. I had already returned to the condominium for a while, but as soon as I opened the door, I was held in my arms and was forced to use only stockings on the carpet in the living room. I attached it to my impatient son's penis. It's harder and stronger than I thought I would touch it. I thought it might be substantially bigger than the vibe. When I spit on it enough and got it wet, I started to react and led my son. I thought it was pretty tight, but when my son moved, it was inserted smoothly as if it got wet.I was mentally impressed by the tremendous sensuality of immorality. My son also released in no time. I hug me as it is. The thought that I had finally become my son's woman made me sick. I cleaned my son's stuff with my mouth. My son was surprised because I had experience with some men and did that much. I must have been a mother and a saint. But I didn't hesitate to enjoy it anymore. I told my son all the points I felt and I was confused. It lasts until 11pm and after all dinner is a family restaurant. On the way home, my son put his hand around his waist. It was almost painful, so I said, "No more." But before I went to bed, I was inserted from behind and hugged each other while getting drunk with pain and pleasure. After that, I have sex for 2 days. The other day, I set up a large mirror at the entrance in the living room and was forced to look at the joint. I have culminated in the ugliness of that figure. Every day I want to do everything my son wants.

Cooperation to son

To me, I have a son that is working hard in high school exam.
If you come home from school, to exam study back to the room without barely even taken meal, and I was working hard until midnight. Complexion is day by day it was worried about getting worse. Tonight I was visited the son of room to make a midnight snack to get the energy. Usually, How can enter the room from over the voice, it was to open the door in silence if and only tonight.
It was was appalled to see the state of the son.
Toward the desk, down the pants and pants to the foot, it was had been squeezing the penis.
Look at me, I did had to raise the pants to become backwards in a hurry.
At a time like this, if, in not know what may be multiplied by the voice, did was jump out the room while at a midnight snack.
Son, stood Whoa, cock did was got burned in the eyes.
Then, I did the lost opportunity of awkward whether conversation with each other.
Ano, lose weight and the face, did I think not the only study tired. Maybe then, it was felt that it might be overkill masturbation.
This remains, to not go necessarily to stand also, did was to cross-examination to son.
\"During this time, and entered the room without spending even voice, I'm sorry!\"
son, I was had been hanging UNA.
You can easily \"never, mom scold going not No yo! Takashi around, no choice and it is No yo! But I, masturbation in public, it is too head is blurred because seems memory is diminished, mom ~? \"of are worried about
I know, \"Even I, and I'm unstoppable!\"
and I think that there is the opportunity for the first time the \"masturbation, what of?\"
\"the father is, absolutely in the secret give me ~? \"
\"such a thing, I would like to resolve only two people that should be there is no try! Mom and Takashi to say, I I know! talk Look to ~!\"
\"At first, the gravure of the adult magazine in the fun and I was looking, that! I'll I did not \"to masturbation
is \"It 's ~ what ~ of the cause?\"
\"Actually, I'm a mom!\"
\"Well, I a, why ~?\"
\"in the middle of the night When you are studying, so hungry, to go to mom's bedroom, something, and I went up to close as of the made ​​by the Morao will I thought do I yo! room, the sliding door over, I'm mother of groan was heard! a little, if you open the sliding door, leave father and mother stood, and etch to the It '! father I've seen the are Timbo is, that has entered the mother of pussy, and'm looked clearly! mom is clinging to my father, \"I feel good father ~! pussy! more, ~ Choke a penis! Aaa ~ pussy, cunt,\" \"more than that, was and is needed in very look! \"
I, what did was not panicked not know what may be reply.
\"The shock that it can not be imagined from the gentle mother to see in the daytime, then, masturbation began do it by!\"
an opportunity of masturbation son did was a me.

Someone me and

Died husband, 39 widow of the ride is 5 years, at a much frustration, I am every day, masturbation in Vibe. We are looking forward to your contact! Today's underwear, It 's underwear that of sheer red (* ^ o ^ *) 

Virgin son

My son (18 years old) said this when he was drying the laundry on the balcony this morning. "Hey, mom, my dick is weird, can you see it?" "No !!!!" "Mom, I don't really understand, so don't say that! Please!" I don't think my son will ask with a crying voice at any moment, so I decided to take a look. "Well ... I don't think my mom knows well, but I'm in trouble if it's going to be a big deal, so I'll take a look. Take down your pants. What's wrong ?" "It hurts." "Where is it?" "It doesn't hurt in this state." "Then it hurts?" The son whispered, "It hurts when I have an erection." "Eh !?" "It hurts when I have an erection ." Dayoo " " But you do not hurt because not now? not it can not be helped to say when you do not have erection! I put away quickly! " " But do !! now not you do not know whether it 's what hurts Contact huh's help'm in! "because to from not! our parents and children of no I!" 's no way that you can "do that or not you do not ask for other than" such that the parent !! " " ... Ja What should I do? " " Touch. I want my mom to squeeze my dick ... "My son said so desperately that I decided to rub my son's dick . "It can't be helped. Welcome here.""It's not going to get big ..." "Hey mom" "What?" "Blow job " I hesitated a little, but decided to do it for my son. "Does it feel good?" "It's amazing. It feels really good, mom." "It's finally getting bigger . Show me." I saw my son's dick for the first time, but honestly I don't think it's this big. did. Moreover, it was thicker, harder and bigger than my husband, and I hadn't had sex with my husband for a long time, and I felt a little strange because I had a blowjob. "I don't think there's anything strange about it ... It still hurts?" "It doesn't hurt as much now." "Yes ..." "Hey, can I touch it a little more?" "Eh! Why?" "Okay. . Mom feels weird. Now that I'm alone at home with you, why don't you have sex with mom if you can keep it secret? " " Ehhh ... " " no? " " I never was I SEX even... " " because I'll tell gently. the first time you huh-san and Jai and? ' 's fine !! mom Cite want to as "Oka-san?" "What because ashamed Don't let me say it again. ” By chance, that day I wore white lace underwear instead of the usual aunty underwear."Mom, let me take off my underwear." "Okay." My son took off only his bra, "Can I wear pants later?" " Let me like it." And a hot and dark SEX with my son in the living room. it started. My son's kiss was hot and I found that the pussy got hot and wet every time I entwined my tongue. Eventually my son's hand touched my chest, sucked my nipples and nipples like a baby, and when I was licked, I got sick. "Mom Daijobu?" "Oh, I'm fine. It's been a while since you're good, so I just got boobs." "It feels good?" "Eh, very" My pants were soaked with nasty juice. "I like my boobs, but I touched and licked my pussy quickly," I instinctively requested my son. My son said "OK" and opened my legs. "Mom's pants get wet and the pussy is transparent and you can see it." "Take off quickly . " When my son's hand got on the pants, I lifted my hips a little and made it easier to take off. My son's tongue licked her pussy when she said, "My mom's pussy is shining brightly. It's a little hairy but pink and beautiful. The clitoris is so big ." "It's delicious. Mom's pussy. It smells good." "Ah, it's good. It feels good.""Does it feel good here?" "Yeah, there! There! Ah, I'm gonna do it again." It was the second climax . "Hey, let me lick my dick." Then my son stood up and a strong dick appeared in front of my face. "Wow ... it's bigger than before. I wonder if it fits in such a thick pussy ..." I licked the bag, back muscles, corona of glans, etc. so carefully that I had never used it as my husband. "Oh, it feels good. Hey, I want to lick my pussy again," my son said, so I was in 69 positions. "Does it feel good?" "It feels good. Does it feel good to mom?" "It feels good ." " Oh! Mom feels good. " "It feels good. It 's in my mouth as it is. Your sperm drinks. "I want it" "Is it okay?" "Okay. Please have your sperm in your mouth !!" "It's going to be! Ah! Ah!" Then my son's dick is full of sperm in the pulsating mouth. It was released. "It's delicious ..." "Is sperm delicious?" "It's delicious. It's your cute sperm." As soon as I drank the sperm and cleaned my dick with my mouth, I got an erection. "Well! It's amazing when you're young. It's not just right now. You want to put it in your pussy soon?" "Can I put it in as it is?""Okay. Put it raw. Put it in the pussy this time." "Eh! Can I put it in?" "Eh, put plenty of your hot sperm in the pussy." "Pussy to and penis that contains the, let's was the normal position because I want to see your face. " " I put in Oka-san. " " because was not so big cock of the dad, is have slowly because I do not know enter. " so Speaking of saliva, a slimy cock hits the pussy and slowly pushes the entrance open and comes in slurping. As expected, the dick hit the deepest part of me. "Mom hit something." "It's okay. That's the innermost part of the pussy ." "The inside of the pussy is really warm and harder than I thought. The mouth was nice but the pussy feels much better. " Ah! Wow! The inside of the pussy is full. At first, poke slowly and big. "Then my son slowly shook his hips. "Uh !!" "Mom, is it okay? Did it hurt?" "It's okay. It feels good to hit the back." Every time my son shook his hips, he made a nasty noise from his pussy. "Wow. It's the first time for me to do this kind of dick. This time, I'll move in small steps ." "Let's do it ?" "Yeah! That's okay."This time, move as you like. Poke your mom as you like, fast or slow." My son is the first SEX, so he keeps shaking his hips crazy. " Ah, it hits the back! Yeah, poke more, more! Ah, oh!" "Mom looks good. Is it okay? Is it okay?" "Okay! I'm going too. I'm gonna go with you! Okay? I'm gonna go with you !!!! Ahhhhhhh !!! ”My son and I went together. I found that wavy sperm was poured in the pussy. "Hahhaddo? SEX was felt good?" "? Good to great was comfortable. The death" "I'll say if the time yeah nobody. Because I've sweat Let's take a shower." Say so in two I took a shower with people and did it twice more in the bathroom.

On my birthday

I, the four-fourteen, my husband, the four-eighteen, son, is twenty-one-year-old,
my husband, by now have bachelor in the UK, once a year
I do not come back only position, his son from his master, of mother
the birthday, the restaurants of Tokyo hotels, since the reservation,
as Shunichi also want doing celebrating to I was only twenty years old, e-mail
seems to have come. My husband, but this is not, I have very happy rather, that day, I went with fashionable, waiting in the lobby
registration twenty second floor of outlook restaurant, had been a whopping reserved a private room, and a great night view, I because I like
was the large satisfied with dishes of Japanese kaiseki, when something young, dating
in the mood, such as the and, even after a meal, along with two people
enjoying the night view. Shun-chan, turn my Hand On Hip, lover
I like each other, and I charmed, it becomes to watery eyes, and are not able to even talk, I've been kissed attracted the waist,
a matter of course if this atmosphere As such, it is facing, in close contact with the body also,
the tongue of Shun-chan, painful caress the tongue is a mouth asked for my tongue
and sucked about, in such a fierce kiss, my woman reacts
, it is not aware though, waist Ugomeki back and forth, the kiss
and if not, the hand of the joy of feeling voice ... Shun-chan
from the top of the skirt, and tracing the underwear line, the skirt
up tucked, on slowly in pantyhose over, Aa
the embarrassing part, to release the lips, breathing also painful, constantly breathe
in Dae, disgusting here, Onega~imumukisu ....

The night crawling to son

yuna himekawa[23878]
It had been done firmly to his son until a while ago.
Since the terrible headache was gone in bed soundly and drank usual double agent. Was dreamed say for the first time in a long time.
From behind came back the husband in the bachelor are you me poking violently.
I think I, had probably raised a loud voice.
In climbed many times, when it was going to say I already useless, I've remembered.
Husband, that you do not come back until the end of the year.
Ryo and my two people of high school sophomore son of'm home now.
In other words, what with penis, there are only son of Liang.
And I was going to Okoro is jumped up, I, I'm such after the terrible turbulence.
Until just now \"more, more\" Nde was waving waist me, I do not know what I should Enrage to say.
While doing so, it has become is also firmly Tara Akira~tsu. Heck, I do not know even how many times went to.
Alone three times should have done from awake. I am surely overflowing.
Cock of Ryo, like stiff than husband. Maybe course from young do it.
Feeling that comes is like shorter than the husband. But, is there no perfect thickness.
It might have stretched gills than husband. So it is really good when it is unplugged.
I, also I became hooked.
It will not be able to Nante stop on the way and once encased would I a woman?
And I'm wondering desperately is gone and'd better let stop is in the head, not a heard that over there say.
Gone is moving nature and hips, it was gone again.
Another very Once confirmed sheets is Ryo it with electricity from back to my room.
I Noto Ryo Noto had stain until futon Become a confused.
It fell floor to drip and Ryo Drops After going to sneak the bath.
Tomorrow is Saturday. Akira also supposed to have a day at home. The Kuruwa kits tomorrow night.
It is not perhaps Kobame When you come. Still're over there is flushed and well into the futon.
I wonder what years of the so violently. Useless because out of husband's protein.
Manager's original company, which has been affair before marriage was unequaled.
Cock was smaller than Ryo But. Alas, it is scary to a somehow going to be addictive.
And I think it's okay today because I just finished physiological, not be forced to put Nante condom if you have slept pretend.
I never drank, I like a good person who drank pill.

The black and the thick penis

A voice fawn from the brother of the room of the woman heard
\"should be to? Certainly brother absent She is strange?\"
Do not look to open the layers think along and doors, during masturbation while a whopping watch erotic video was.
We were moving up and down by hand a thick penis is black.
For some reason I thought the penis want.

Sleeper train

Son and to have a relationship with the mother to be in one year.
This year's Obon to me and high school one year Ken and in three husbands, and is the time to return to the country.
Since airplane tickets did not get well, it means it that go home leisurely if anyway, took advantage of the bed. But, I did not get in a private room.
Three of us and another person, to have a visitor, was sitting in four people.
Before long, it becomes night, each divided into up and down, it became next to the bed.
Because it was a little small, and I am to not quite get to sleep, it came down Ken from the top, we came into my bed.
Husband and another one of the guests has built a light sleeper's breathing.
In bed that does not get used Ken, it was the manner in which it is not falling asleep easily. I was nestled to sit Ken shoulder alongside Ken.
Ken gave me a sense of my shoulder, I had some time out as it is.
Among them, Ken quick guide to the top hotels, embrace me, and has been the kiss. This time only, I also truly obediently to was not accepted the kiss of Ken.
The other side of the curtain are you sleeping husband. How much, and said that the large favorite Ken, and in a place like this, and while I think, when Ken tongue incoming dividing my lips, such a feeling was Yuki at subside immediately.
Ken's hand, to dive under my sweat, you have touched the breasts to the soft.
As if invited to the stimulus, my tongue is entangled in the tongue of Ken, saliva of Ken Masu Yuki spread in my mouth.
Kiss of Ken, moved to my neck, hands in the sweat is will change increasingly hard touch.
And, sometimes, when it is pinching already pointed nipples, involuntarily it will likely raise the voice, it was pressing the panic mouth.
I will take off the sweat on your own, it becomes naked in the dark, was lying as it is.
Take off what you are also wearing Ken and me to caress my tits.
In usually a different place, yet in the next sleeping husband is caressing his son, my heartbeat Yuki getting violently, penis of Ken that is on top now want.
We, in the posture of Sixty Nine, and mutually caressing each other, and in doing so, I am more and more, Ken will want, we will do Seguin Ken.
Ken turned on, but I have slowly entered into me.
Always more moist my dick is, as has been the attempt to capture themselves the penis of Ken, I was Ugomeki, it had floated the waist from the side of me.
the moment when Ken came in me, I would be lightly said, still Ken comes with Zunzun.
When I become likely to raise the voice, Ken lips, occludes my lips, but still leaks a voice not to voice.
I will put entwined legs to the waist of Ken, in accordance with the waist of Ken, it has pushed up the hip from the bottom.
The passage, occasionally, the But someone go through, each time the footsteps is, will stop the waist of Ken.
Ken, and therefore whether the mind become scattered, did not me quite said. I had already been squid many times.
Such Ken becomes poor, me and Ken wearing what you took off, it was towards the So~tsu and toilet.
When I'll lower the pants of Ken, the penis of the remains was still hard in front of Sosoritachi, I was raised included in your mouth.
Immediately, start spread extract in your mouth, I was raised licking using the tongue to more than usual.
While licking the penis of Ken, I also will want, themselves by lowering the sweat pants and panties at once, it spans over the Ken sitting on the toilet seat, and went sunk waist.
After it is a crazy, move vigorously waist clinging to Ken, along with Ken, and climbed nails at once.
While I feel the signs of gushing overflowing Ken in, I tasted the best feeling in the arms of Ken.

The ... son of slaves

Become a son of sex slave processing of junior high school three years, it will be three years.
It is my son in first grade of junior high school summer vacation, I've been me in the rape of a parent.
That day will come hit me stealing the family's eyes from! and (flee and has been a strong slap.)
Now, when the family is not home, the wearing no underwear, and I have been ordered to no bra and son!
Sometimes, it may be said to be as wear naughty underwear son of hobby.
So it is chosen on a weekly position son and mail order site at adult shop!

Son of college students

Saturday, I was called to the son of college students for the first time in a long time.
From my place, we will have the currently living alone in 3 stops away from Tokyo closer to the apartment by train.
The year is 19 years old. Early story is I such that you say want to freely live where there is no monitoring of the parent.
When moving I also went to help. It has been allowed to clean Yara chore of the room, but ....
After finishing all, to be a memories took place at that location.
Since I bought the bed of affordable price, while you are having fun with son on top of it, it becomes a strange atmosphere, as as it is left to the feelings of each other ....
Was embraced by the son was the time for the first time that.
After the act, each other, become very awkward think, does Mase et al forget that it was puzzled.
\"Experience had do it ....\"
I was talking to him that such meaningless.
I next to the son, was wearing panties in a hurry.
\"I because no good to say in secret by ... today of things. Dad.\"
\"I'm sorry ...\"
but my son told me apologize,
\"I because as long as this time and instead ... mom. After as she . \"
so to him it said. Son also protect the promise later, we had been back to the original mother and child thereafter.
It was a sudden call from his son.
I said, \"because something like a sometimes consultation ...\" my husband, I got permission to go out.
And if I went to the son of the original, and I apparently broke up with her ​​was dating recently.
Moreover, the sexual desire that can not be holding it, I was treated to my opponent say me.
\"I already useless. It would have talk only at that time. First, you will not be able to report to the father and she was the consultation of such a thing .... Hey, Once you play outside? ... It'll give my mother money if a bit much.\"
I said to my son.
Then, his son said.
\"I want to with my mother ...\"
was suddenly surprised is said such a thing to a straight.
\"The other ... such a thing said to trouble ... Mother also Na ...\"
I do not away from \"things give me ... the real thing since ... if any say every day mom is the head. But with the ... mother It's promise, I had to put up with ... if not protected. \"
If it is so confessed to his son, something maternal instinct was upsurge suddenly.
I had to contact you and stay in the son of place to master It was after that immediately.
\"I forgive. You .... Did not know Nante was suffering so much by the mother,\"
I think I'll become a woman of the son only tonight in the son of bed.
All I have left to the son of the lead. When the older I think the future of his son to lead, I do not think that's never a good thing.
Some of the things missing, such is told me in contact with friendly or more master but there is no way.
\"I was ... So gently'll become her ... you just tonight.\"
I was in the son of breast entrusted the naked body.
Overnight that can not be of or forget it can be I have can.

I want to quit mother

Son I am troubled asked the relationship.
Actually, it has allowed the relationship yesterday.
Also we were asked tonight.
It might conceive this child of the real.
Scary it, but promises to be naked 11 o'clock.
37 This is a stupid act of.

Tie night

I am a 42 year old woman who has returned alone. I have an important man now. It's my beloved son Junya. The affection she gives as a mother has already turned into the affection of a woman. It's been six months since my 21-year-old son graduated from a vocational school and moved to the city where he started working this April. My son lives in a studio in a company house and lives separately within reach. I moved to this city where I didn't know right or left and had no friends, and my only person to rely on was my son. Originally, he was a straight son, and he was close to him, but he treated him like a friend who was a little older than him, and eventually gained an inspiration as a heterosexual man. It was early on that I realized that I was feeling as a man. On weekends, he took me out and invited me to a refreshing date. Drives, amusement parks, movies, shopping, all snuggled up to my son. One day at the end of spring, he took a walk in the park in the evening with Junya and held his hand for the first time. I turned red with the feeling of returning to the girl, and I was down. "We want to do that too," Junya said, when he encountered a young couple cuddling and kissing on a park bench and they were both laughing . And really, that evening, when the sun went down, Junya hugged me, robbed me of my lips, and kissed me for the first time. Since that day, my feelings towards Junya have been soaring and soaring. At department stores and on the sidewalk, I was able to walk with my arms entwined around Junya's arms.Every time I met him, he was held in his arms, kissed hot, and entwined his tongue. It was natural for Junya's hand to touch the bulge of my chest. One day in September, I went on a date with Junya's car and went shopping. In a highly polluted mall, I folded my arms and dated as a lover without worrying about it. I had been talking to Junya for a while. He told me that he wanted to give me nice underwear. With my shy hand, Junya took me to the underwear store. Junya waited for me to sit in a chair outside the curtain and check the size and fit of the bra in the fitting room in the back. I was thrilled to have my upper body naked with a single curtain. That evening, I drove my lips thickly and Junya's hands unbuttoned my shirt. Junya's fingertips went into the bra were warm, and when he touched his nipples, he almost let out his voice. After that, Junya held my hand and argued. It was easy to imagine that such a time would come soon. If the next man holding me appears, I can't think of anything other than Junya ... I thought so. Even so, when I was actually persuaded in front of me, I was also happy as a living woman and had to make up my mind. With a hotly clenched hand, Junya urged me to say, "Do you love me as a woman?" Even though I knew without confirming, I was saying such confirmation words. "Of course, I love you as a woman with more feelings than my mother," he said."Can you hold me gently?" "Of course," Junya said with his eyes shining. When asked "Tonight?", "Because I'm not feeling well yet" and "Next week?", Junya immediately noticed that " I'm suspicious." I knew it was near, and when I said, "It's next week," I nodded. A hotel room with my first son, Junya. The hotel room, which I haven't come to in a long time, was beautiful and nice. In front of the mirror, Junya hugged me from behind, rubbed my chest, crawled my mouth around my neck, and blew a hot sigh into my ears. I'm used to it ... My son is used to treating women ... That was my intuition. I was a little lonely and regrettable. The hem of the skirt was raised, and the panties presented by Junya were reflected in the mirror through the pale stockings. "I'm embarrassed ..." To me who turned away, "It's cute." Junya's hand stretched out to the panties and stroked them back and forth with her fingertips. I was embarrassed to show Junya defenselessly that I was about to let out my voice and was still disturbed, so I put up with it. Gentle and polite, Junya took me off. The bra was unhooked, exposing the white skin, and the last thin piece of panties was gently removed from behind. I had thin hair from the beginning, and when I hid it with both hands, Junya grabbed both hands with my back. The part of the woman who couldn't hide was visible to Junya on the other side of her thin hair. After taking a shower, Junya also lay down on the bed with the lights turned off, hugging each other.Junya stared silently from above me, " Be kind " and "Yeah" Junya was really kind, crawling on my skin, stroking, and slipping. Junya doesn't realize that my body is still tense and reacts to the caress aloud, even though the part I feel like making a voice is caressed with my tongue and mouth. I desperately put up with it. Still, I wasn't completely able to demonstrate a woman. When I gently sucked up my nipples, I had no choice but to feel pleasure, disturb my hair, shake my head, endure and quiver. Eventually, my son's face and tongue sucked up his nipples and then went down. Junya sank between the white legs that opened to the left and right. There was nothing to hide anymore. I couldn't resist, and Junya's face between the open legs stared at the place where I was born. The tongue crawls on the inside of the white thigh and gradually approaches the woman's part. Junya opened the door with his fingertips, even though it was embarrassing enough to see my important part. "It's beautiful ..." "Ha ... embarrassing ..." I knew that it was completely wet. Junya carried his tongue and licked it inside the crack that opened to the left and right. At that moment, I was raising a woman's voice. "Ah ... ah ... ah" The soft texture licked up and down on the inner mucous membrane and crawled around. I couldn't control the overflowing joy juice myself.A small chestnut was also engorged with the caress of the tip of the tongue and became hard and large, and was contained in Junya's mouth and sucked up. "Huh ... oh ... that. There ... no ..." I was attacked by the weakest part and confessed. Long and gentle, Junya's cunnilingus continued. Extend the hard tongue, when it is inserted into a narrow vagina, "there ... there, hated ... Oh" to his son to love, I inserted to stretch the tongue to the body, was crazy to pleasure coming hit. And my first son led me to a pure white world. Junya picked up the condom on the bed and raised it in front of me. When asked to like it, I nodded. Prompted by my son, I was lips on the already hard penis. I was a little worried if something hard, thick and big could really get inside my body. I put the condom that Junya gave me into my penis. And that time has finally come. Just hitting the tip of my penis at the entrance to the vagina made me already happy. As Junya gently moved forward, the penis with her vagina spread was inserted into my body. The thickness and length that I received in my body made me want to bend my back and escape to the pleasure of attacking. Junya, who held my waist down and attracted me, had no way out of me. I'm still coming in all the way ... I was fighting pleasure in that feeling. It was the first time for me to have a deep feeling that I could reach the uterus.Junya, who shakes his hips, probably wanted to go deeper. The lower half of the body, which sank to the base of Junya's penis and touched the skin, was united and united, and was deeply tied together. Eventually, the young Junya found that he felt comfortable and violently beat and released it in the depths of the vagina. How much time has passed since I closed my eyes quietly in my son's arms? She stroked her hair, kissed her forehead and cheeks repeatedly, and Junya took care of me, who was exhausted. I was happy and dear to be kind to the woman until after the end. It was a gentle Junya who put a glass of water in his mouth and let him drink it by mouth. Junya will be back in my room tonight. Junya, who is staying in my room, and I will be enthusiastically hugging each other in my bed tonight.

Son and fuck

And invited the son of a college student, I have finally have sex.
And to have a decent appearance, ... not she also made
​​it is the arrowhead that had been worried that.
Since his father's things away on bachelor, of But I was also so as to masturbation from frustration, and I was one day I seen it. To son.
He looked at me with such \"did not Taman wanted to, Mom much was Okaz of my Senzuri\" Nante ...
I have committed. It devil had pointing. Then we have to have sex to hungrily several times.
I am troubled by the thought that it is not go anymore. But I can not forget the sex with son.
Thicker than the husband strong penis, long foreplay ...
last night is over plenty of time an obscene kiss long, I feel it is Stop playing cat and mouse was a crazy look.
and \"If you want, I'll Na said from his I want\" you say mean Nante.
Such a thing can not be said. Sex to say Dattara was told Even Oazuke.
While I think I'm good at this, it's still useless.
More than you've know the son of the body, the body would throb. The cause is likely to scrounge what tonight.
You come back a soon son.

It was bought with the money I

Of the time I was still a teenager, even remember now horrifying also I want to talk about the sensual marriage. I, over the years from relatives of the ex-husband, had been humiliated. Because it was the countryside, to marry a daughter of the branch and the head family of the eldest son, very ordinary and it could have, but that it has been from the head family is still young for me, it could be so horrible. Thing is the beginning, but I'm local, the daughter of the branch of the wealthy farmer that there was still a high school student at the time. Since anyway was the countryside, Manabu do not want a girl, in a place called After I graduated from high school, was you are planning to work in local. Suddenly the father of her sister (aunt) is coming from upstream to there, me want to daughter-in-law of my son, I was told. It is really that so \"had been wearing eye\" for a long time, but had been turned down all the way without a father is a good face. But, for some reason, it I was forced to marry the head family of the eldest son (my cousin). And why was the enormous debt that my father had been carrying. My father would fail to be fooled by people who are business, get lost even house to live because he entered the also collateral house at such time, the head family is willing to take over the debt of the father instead, me the eldest son I want to daughter-in-law, and was said to be. My father tearfully, it was supposed to do me a bride. I and the cousin also year has left more than one size, I did not come To pin without that it has met rarely but, for a home, now that you go to your daughter-in-law. It's relatives, and would not think such a disgusting, I was thinking, once, go to your daughter-in-law is also at the top of the wealthy farmer in the city, and it had been envy from around. Marriage of the day before, When I arrived to head family, is said to ‥ because first there are Bonn in the back of the room, and was guided to the room. (Because Bonn was something like the nickname of cousin to be the husband) wide, even while surprise in a mansion, you enter the room, which is guided, as if a big physique and appearance, such as the toad man Den! If you are sitting and looked at me and laughed and grinning. I felt a shade of anxiety there. \"... Sail is Kasumi .. thank you ..\" I was sitting straight and trembling, was bowed, as I learned from my mother. . ... That night, still was a previous formula, and the people to be the husband, I was for the first time tied. Of course I am a virgin, anyway it is Kumishika in big man, and you remember that it was horribly painful. Then I, the titular the head family of the daughter-in-law, though, such as a maid treatment-whore treatment, was the hell of life began. Daytime is Ibira receives a maid treatment from the aunt, from the relatives of the husband and head family muscle is because daughter bought in gold, and I treat them like, air flows that I unawares, of men of Honke muscle, convenience good, as the outlet of the sex we were now to be treated. From or that will allo-father-in-law, uncle (brother of the father-in-law), cousin (two brother husband) and received all humiliation. Still 18-9-year-old, yet my body was not until the husband such as sexual experience had screamed each time. Most terrifying of the and cousin, when the friend came to more than one person to stay \"I'm this guy's big brother daughter-in-law, to love and use to say do it ze\" and it was that it was committed every day in the backyard of the barn. Shamed received it to tatters. . But, even under this kind of disservice, I body had went gradually been developed.

Semen addiction

I'm 41 years old and I love Blow and Gokkun, and I'm having sex with my 1st son. When the still soft cock gets big and hard in the mouth, it gets wet by itself, it was served as it was at the first blowjob at the time of middle 1, and I felt it was delicious from that time, the person I have been dating until now I always drank it, everyone was happy, men like gokkun. For the past few years, once every few months, I just ask for it as if I remembered it, I just put it out without foreplay and it's over, and when I put out my favorite semen, the amount decreases and it becomes a skin The smell of rubber is transferred to the one I put out, and that's what I went out, as anyone who has had semen in my mouth knows, semen has a slightly fishy smell, so I The feeling of a little fishy smell is irresistible, but when semen comes in contact with the air, it deteriorates with tremendous force, then the fishy smell becomes stronger and the taste changes or drops, so I put it out as directly as possible. I wanted to drink it. I've been hungry for semen all the time. I knew immediately that my son had masturbated, because I like semen, I can tell by the smell, because when I entered the room, I smelled something I had never done before. It's a shame, I thought I should put it in my mouth, rather than putting it in a tissue. So the next day, I called my son who came back from school to the living room and said, "Are you masturbating?" When I suddenly said straight, I had a very surprised face, and because I was silent , "You masturbated in the room yesterday, right? I know my mom. "I've been silent all the time, so I don't say anything ." When did you start? ""I'm not angry, it's not bad or embarrassing, it's strange not to reverse it, so I just want to tell you as a mother, when?" "I want to know as a mother" Thinking that he was saying something strange, he answered softly as if he had thought "I did it for the first time yesterday." Hit! "By the way, was it the right way to do it?" "Is there such a thing ?" Asked with a surprised face "Did you not know? If you get a strange habit yourself, you will not be cool as a woman. " That's a lie, really!" "So my mom will teach you the right way to do it, so take off your pants and pants." I was stunned, so I reached for my belt and tried to take it off. I tried to raise my pants, but I took it down with my pants at once, grabbed the exposed cock without a break, peeled it, and made a snappy " Ah " voice on the sofa. After leaning on the backrest, it's at your disposal. Even if it says at the mercy, it erects at the speed of a second and ejaculates at the speed of a second. It was so vigorous that it flew to the back of my throat and I felt like I was throating, but I couldn't help it if I overflowed with semen. After enjoying the taste, smell and stickiness for a while, I drank slowly. After sucking it clean with your mouth and wiping it with a wet towel, you will be asked "This is a blowjob right now " "Yes, this is a blowjob, how was it compared to doing it with your own hands?""I thought it was super comfortable when I was myself yesterday, but I'm afraid I can't be satisfied with my hands . " "Then my mom will say it from now on." "Ma, Maji?" "Ma Ji" That's it for the day, and the next day, I called my son who came back from school to the living room and naturally gave me a blowjob. the difference is not while rubbing the thigh of the sitting son side by side on the couch , "Hey Wataru, I think I told you was the first time the day before yesterday Masturbation, surely etch of the experience is the? I think the" the body to Nokezora staring at me Te "Oh, there not? not there." So I can "see? as if mom" not much out even voice, like I was surprised , "What if, and I want to? and" "and, then, I would like to!" I gently smile , "well, tooth I found that I was nervous about the kissing rattling, saying, "Yeah," I kissed my lips a few times and then put my tongue in little by little. Soon, my tongue became entangled, I unbuttoned my shirt while kissing, slowly kissing down from my neck, sometimes when I looked at my son, I closed my eyes and felt comfortable, my stomach When you get to the point, take off your belt, take off your trousers and pants, the cock is already facing the sky, you will chew involuntarily, take a closer look today and enjoy it slowly.Suddenly I licked the bag, rod, and glans with my tongue, and when I looked up, I looked comfortable again. When I reached for my nipple, I felt more comfortable. I want to make it more comfortable. Finally, put it in your mouth, swallow it slowly to the root so as not to tighten it strongly at first, tighten it with your lips and move it in small steps, then loosen your lips and slowly rise, repeat it several times, then the glans Hold it a little lower, tighten the lips tightly and move it in small steps while stimulating the glans with your tongue . Repeat this several times, and finally tighten it tightly with your lips, being careful not to hit your teeth. , Repeat putting in and out as violently as possible. My son who says "Oh, it feels good, mom, mom" It seems that the limit has already come, "I'm going out, I'm going out" I'm thrilled and shoot semen in my mouth Even though it was released yesterday, it's great that it's so dark. I sucked up to the last drop and asked, "Did you feel good?" "It was so pleasant, but didn't you etch it?" "Yeah, I'm going to etch it again, can I do it again ?" So, the etch part will be later. Then I have sex with my son every day, and even though I do it every day, it's strong and awesome. First of all, I will do the first gokkun with a blowjob, the second with a standing back, and the standing back is easy to pull out and hold in my mouth as soon as my son is about to get excited, so you can understand it by trying it. Right now, he's obediently doing what I say, but I wonder if he wants to put it inside.While thinking about it, I am having a fulfilling and enjoyable life. If you like semen like me, please do not hesitate


Relationship between me and my son will be in about a year beginning.
The stepchildren of the husband to say that son. So I am a stepmother.
Beginning of things, when I was cleaning his room, the 40s-50s MILF of hair nude collection was located in the futon.
I, and cross-examine the son came back from school, milf than mother and Shiniwakare young sister who at the time of the 4-year-old, ie that of the wanted graces women about mother.
I three years to come to this house. ... Unaware of such a thing at all.
My husband is a business trip for a week from today. Physiology was over yesterday.
The son boldly, my 39-year-old, a woman in their 30s When asked Dameka, liked is that of mother, and came hug good.
Son to a good thing that I am a non-resistance, I the beginning the Hozuri to Pantei over turning the skirt was suited behind, where it whether once stroking dick licking anal was I remember is another unawares drenched.
Stealing it since my husband's eyes and we are asked to fit.
My husband and is, SEX-less state. It will have that amount son I very happy.
By the way, son, still full of energy at the age of 14. eight times the best ever when you.
Yesterday, my husband entertainment golf. We did it five times.
Do not little or too much.

Son to jealousy

yuna himekawa[23772]
I 42-year-old is a housewife, but the relationship between the son of 17-year-old will be close to one year.
I have come back from my husband appointed destination Bon vacation now, but it is I'm a problem.
My son is like a bad mood in the state that is jealous of his father.
something to you can grab my chest when the husband is in the toilet, something when you are taking a bath is to come suddenly push the things that was Ikirita~tsu stripped the underwear is pushing to force,
was \"father and many times ? How many times I am kind of do it! \"
and I'm angry.
Because I care about is not care,
\"I do not to say I had one! I who goes gonna when you and you\"
comes in like anger and say subsided, but my husband to appointed destination Back and since then does not come back until the end of the year, I so say to clean the hair under When my husband back,
\"I good!\"
I was forced to promise, I'm a little uneasy feeling.
I also ... because they be helped to gradually body of the son of H satisfied always been squid also really feel many times react in recently because
we feel is somehow scary ahead.


Cock and sustainability of master inheritance, and to the strength of much in comparison with the now husband, I, my body will not be able to leave from the other son.
Became This also is because of the husband who was cheating all, the habit that did not respond to my request, had to do with elsewhere woman, I is bad that person.
Divorce is not, but in my not that person anymore husband, we will live and think only of people come to earn money.

Old photos came out

Parents are divorced and the father is not met from the time of 12 years old, first experience was the father. Also ass well as vagina. The other day, photograph father when the died mother was a Katazuke of the home was a copy in the tremor timer came out. Photos that have been plugged his father's cock in the ass I have to expand the foot much no more on the father's knee, which was sitting in a chair. Before the split also be extended with the father of the finger, young I have endured the pain and pleasure and let Nokezora the face. The mother does not know why he has to save the father and my photos.


And I'm a lady of mature woman who is 50 years old, I think to try to post the first time
and is 162 centimeters of housewife Pocha system. Weight fire, Mi Tsu ♪
I lived in five husband and three sons.
My son just dumpling three brothers!
The top left home from last year at college students, it is the firm's living alone.
In bottom it is little junior high school students to fawn also in addition to the rebellious, middle of one year of high school this year is the second son of \"yourself No. 1\".
I also do say that tame me cute handsome been well very cool second son of the middle, is always a good child that will help us, such as shopping and housework.
However, cute second son in the handsome, was would proceed to the terrible relationship of parent and child in the injury during practice of physical education meet ne assembly gymnastics.


I am a housewife of 55 years old.
When a person of the same neighborhood association came to the house and threatened me is I have been taken off the pants and skirts.
It will be seen in the son (28 years old), people of the neighborhood association was Nigekaeri.
Son the appearance of the remains of the lower body naked is watching.
I am a misunderstanding, \"mom, always that man and lewd that do it I? Have a\" said.
Because you say, \"If mom does not report to the father standing by etching and that person naked!\",
and the \"different No yo, yo I do not the have been taken off the No yo! But nothing been threatened mom\" As I said,
\"in the lower body naked in front of that person, and had been in the pussy bare facts,\" it was said.
While referred to as \"mom I wonder what happens if you said to dad and I have always sex with that person,\" we copy me with a mobile camera functions.
While \"Because the father keep a secret I'll show I also over there mom,\" said son said, you have touched my dick.
If resistance is threatening you'll say to the father, and was not next to open my feet.
\"What mother of Manco, and Ne are darkened stretch is Birabira\" says that embarrassing and.
Son it becomes naked take off your clothes, you let me suck a penis.
I am the mercy of the son. sad.
Or put the penis in the mouth to the son of the real, over there I was licked been wide open the legs as look carefully,.
Attempts to put the array which became firmly says \"I to me put in the pussy of the mother also.\"
Useless because it is parent and child! To be rose to dad when resistance to say! Threatening and,
it was Iwasa that \"I want to put the penis of Takayoshi in the pussy of the mother.\" In addition,
\"I like mom even penis of other people, you want No I put the penis to Takayoshi\" or,
\"Mom I felt licked the pussy to Takayoshi. is gonna have become so slimy. The early It was Iwasa to be put in \"to the force.
A I was Iwasa as \"faster by the mother of the vagina want to put the penis of Takayoshi\" I said or \"Because mom from now on when you like Takayoshi'll be pussy! So the father secret by.\" Said Takayoshi has recorded.
And son of has come in. Relatives is incest.
Son shaking the waist while hug me, at the ear,
and is said to be \"I pleasant pussy mom. Since the mother and pussy at any time from now\",
and I hope to put in at any time of \"Takayoshi, to dad Barre it says was due to \"the way no,
\"Takayoshi of the penis was I have said with a pleasant Wa\".
'Cause Takayoshi to my over there is buried my face had pretty licking.
When placed the penis in my mouth I was sucking use the tongue from me.
... The Nante parents of feels to.

Son of meat stick

I am a housewife to become 39 years old.
Do say with us the secret obtained, I will confess for common and is not considered relationship.
In fact, until about six months ago I, there was a man who had an affair with another husband.
Would happen to be looking at it to his son in high school, so at first, but has threatened to snitch on my husband and I who had insight the son of true feelings to have a son and relationship in a good thing that my husband is a lot of business trip became.
Subsequent I have sent a sex life of his son full commitment.
It's curious I youth. I do say research enthusiastic, towards me than no experience my son I knowledge nor good craftsmanship.
From about last week, \"I've got to develop a mom anal!\" To say, it came to us with a caress also But ass little by little.
Something last night, while had my ass in the back, when subjected become comfortably, put a finger into the hole in the ass.
Previously him and the anal, which has been affair like was interested, many times but I was requested to me \"I have not done in the ass\", and has continued otherwise specified I \"only there to forgive ...\" was though, wonder the son, I \"He is hope, and ... If you enjoy both\" had been to think that.
And although at first I thought it would be painful, than the feeling that hurts even when that thick dick of son has been inserted, and say either, I struck me to become a yield unexpected is also referred to pleasure.
Now we are challenging a variety of play accept the son of the request to the extent that I can also be.

To imperceptibly horny woman

When I was 55 years old, the older master 7-year-old has died. Only did not blessed with Kodakara, one person life had sad Wabi properly mourning. Also invitation from those who know and have refused I was holed up in the house. In have passed while I think there is two years, even memories of the kind-hearted husband went in subside. After the second death anniversary memorial service of relatives only was over, I was invited to dine in Kaoru is the younger brother of my husband that became indebted.
In Kaoru frequents of cooking cuisine inn after one week, was the delicious food and drink, fun dinner for the first time in a long time. Imperceptibly to get drunk with sake, and I was holding suffering is kissed Kaoru. To directly your next room, it is Kaoru slowly Nugashi my clothes, I had you a caress and tantalizingly systemic. Contact milk, genital area, such as master only do not know the man I was shocking Nante feel by being caressed. And spread the legs, tongue behind lips of the wall thickness, the clitoris has been caress as wrinkly.
And though was ashamed to be seen in men other than my husband, many times in the caress only was I have said. Then, when I have limp, Kaoru took off the pants, length of whether would be twice the husband down the pants, the thickness of the Timbo had bristles. It was something incredible possibly. When Kaoru-san lay on his back on me, was pushed deep while your respectable Timbo spread the vagina not be more. When you are slowly beginning the piston movement, the vaginal wall is rubbed with a large hard Cali, a strong stimulus that will not ever tasted \"Aaaa ..., it is already useless ... useless ..., ah ah Aaaaa - ... \"soon I will go.
It continues to be rubbed in Timbo that stretched the gills the entire vaginal wall, then also many times I have said. The experience was that no pleasure until now, my dick is that are crowded example mouth with vigorous tightening and Guilloux was found myself. The \"I'm a long time for. Many times to have to say, more and more do I ne me tighten my Timbo\" That day, we had accepted the Timbo in various Positions until the morning. The way, but no longer consciousness many times, and regain consciousness in severe irritation, it was a repeat of the tailed by deep vagina with a large Timbo is in all fours.
Kaoru the border that day, you say your work and lie to Miho's wife, now repeat violent sex to come to my house. Been developed all the erogenous zones in Kaoru, it is Torture, are brainwashed, and now in about sex like it sucks anal a large Timbo of Kaoru-san, I have become to Timbo favorite nympho.

Older favorite son

I am a housewife of 36 years old. My husband absence in the long-term business trip abroad. Righteous son of 19-year-old and I am living with two people.
I have also loneliness that does not stay with my husband, the son lie as \"food company in bytes\", which had been a byte of customs.
Things like that one day, I think the good if there is such a thing? Son to come to my store after school is, moreover, and I was nominated me.
As soon as the combined face each other, become pale, I lost words.
Go into my room, first, we have apologized tears to his son.
Of course, you health, but it can not be my son and play. I question Why I came here.
I was stunned to the words of his son. I in that it had a favor from the previous. Young woman to have no interest, older is that you like.
Today to come here for the first time, women's nomination list has told us that it was nominated because I like very well to me.
I will return the money to the son, the husband was asked to promise to make it secret. Son, of course, went back without anything.
And, that day, we go home and retired from this shop.
Along the way, it was trouble. But, to reach the conclusion that it is referred to as \"my son does not want to let piled up other women and body in customs\", that night, to lead to a son in the bedroom,
\"because I also quit the shop, you also do not go to public morals\"
\" From now on I'll get the sexual desire processing \"
is transmitted to the son and, we have fellowship piled up skin.
That day four months passed since, is bathing, the bedroom together, morning, evening, late at night. 3 times a day, it piled the body.
Morning, whenever you cause a son, crotch have an erection. Lower the pajama pants, and raised in Blow. As I also naked, coalescence.
Evening, as soon as bathing and son comes home from school, each other wash the body, as it is combined in the bath.
Midnight I was taught, is the Nechikkoi caress over time coalesce.
Recently, it enjoys to buy well as your tool.

I love 2

It is getting a duplicate key when you live alone (parents do not have), at any time you put in a room at any time, cleaning, laundry, and dishes, and wait for the return.
Before you confess, that time was Mashi Itte while delusion the H with your brother as usual and pillow masturbation.
Does not Masturbation Since the is most of get was cock of the brother love now.
To tell the truth I wanted to tell more quickly feelings, even confessed to when there are her from friendly, and to would not me in response surely, after all it is because it is being rejected was afraid, she may not have, also why I Celebration admission Give in, it was Furishibori courage.
Although it's a lovey-dovey there worth that.
Parents to my Burakon was aware,
\"to ask tell me study, come by our Nichantoko\" and if communication with the \"Yes, it found was\" to end with, well or commonplace.
In fact, because the performance was good and ask look study.
By the way brother is passed in active duty in the local National University, and worked as a public servant I do not say specifically so embarrassed when it is specific.
Weekdays H is not basic, with such feeling, I guess it is often to wait for the return to make rice, so you always send a car to get home until 10:00, without much time, and brother and I also have thought that do not want to H of the only order to give, or have a chat, it is about kiss and hug.
The minute Saturday is H and of slowly over time by staying, I love Blow (only brother) If it is said to me \"feel good I\" will be very happy, I think I can do all day.
At the same is asked to even love to drink out to the mouth, if not get out in, at least I have to ask you and want to drink in your mouth, I bitter only with Cho, it is delicious best.
My favorite position is to feel the breath and body temperature, in the normal position of the in close contact with the body, it is squid many times.
Tomorrow is I can not wait.

Son of junior high school students

Nearly two years have a relationship with the son of a junior high school student. Temperature has also increased.
Still son is 3, but the sex is already quite good.
Take the City Hotel in son's birthday yesterday, was the sex of the memorial at the standing back while watching the night view.
Recently son becomes many orders, it pierced or something exciting skirt.
As I was wearing jeans, there is also when it is not me to have sex a bad mood one day.
So there also wear replace it deliberately tight miniskirt Once want a son.
Son while wearing a skirt in super-mini yesterday, came in.
By the way, after you while watching the night view yesterday, it was a sweat in the bath with the story for a while.
If not wash the hair, it has been from behind the breast to grab.
Surprise did., while washing the hair, I was at the mercy.
I grip the son of the cock is finished washing. Not surprisingly, it was Bing.
I was Tsukasa a hand in the bathtub, I was directly committed to the son. It was pushed willy-nilly.
But even while you are being fucked really I do I'm out to his son a girl's voice is too comfortably.
What a mother you do not go to Nante to hear a woman's voice to his son, but my voice and to say to his son is likely to pretty excited.
Hey I think because there is little voice?
I the past two years, taught many things to son. My son wants to Hoshi be sure, it is Blow and paizuri.
I'm going to not pass to the other woman even son now armed with large breasts.
Now, I am in charge of housework. My husband is in charge of work. Son is a sex life (sex) in charge.

Son in elementary school

I say you and Yuko (32 years old).
married to the second year, the children of her husband was married (Yusuke 12 years) was related to enter together in the bath during dating.
Yusuke-kun had washed out the glans is peeled forcibly skin from cock suffer skin in the bathroom 5th around.
Yusuke-kun had to put up with the watery eyes. It was returned to the original skin after washing because it is poor.
After marriage is wearing the skin of cock about three times by the time I've refrained from bathing to get married.
Yusuke Mr. bachelor husband begins to close elementary school graduation, I was made ​​the bathing of Yusuke you and after a long time I was surprised the growth of body and cock.
The son made ​​the junior high school after three months.
Yusuke-kun of the body and cock to see in the bathroom after a long time it seemed much Horny grow than When I was mischievous.
Cock that was suffered in those days skin also were moving and occasionally jerks ready to glans came out Strip.
Wash the body over a period of time with both hands to put a body shampoo, Yusuke Mr. cock stood warp by the time flowing in the hot water.
Semen has been ejaculated from Yusuke-kun cock Pulsed and twitching involuntarily in it and would be included in the mouth mouth.
I was raised to hug when drink it, and I became an adult.