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Incest confession of women(2016-01)

Brother-in-law and ...

yuna himekawa[24992]
Marriage is the fifth year, it is 36, children will not stay.
It is not especially Toka dissatisfaction now of life, it says by force, is more of over there, protein kana - (* _ *) in a rut
and the husband of the work is busy, and such as breaking the physical condition, was here three months long silence , also with other day my birthday, my husband is I was wondering Innovation birthday kana-of alone on a business trip, because the mail birthday from his brother's husband came, \"It is alone lonely birthday party.\" Reply of
a few moments, I came to visit with a bouquet.
crying want much happy was intact, birthday in the Futari, then be asked to listen to, such as husband of bitches in the drunken, leaning or ... Add to my brother's shoulder
when you go home of his brother, and tightly do was hug is
intense, I have been kissed
after the brother got home, it was crowded settling on the spot
it from, I do all the time that the brother is not away from the head

My incest

When I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, my parents lived in the outskirts of a rural village, and suddenly my father stopped coming home. From that day on, I lived with my mother and even when I was eating. also to take a bath when you go to bed even slept together in one of the futon, one day my mother has a thigh around in a state in which a hurry to fail in the physiology of a processing 've seen a're wiped, in becoming one When I was alone, I found an old book covered with dust in the back of the storeroom, it was an erotic book depicting incest and beast rape, when I became a middle-aged man and told my mother that I had a dream, I said nothing I was taken to the bath without being stripped naked, sprinkled with hot water and whipped with soap, I washed my underwear cock with my hands like peeling and handling it, and took the cock that had accumulated on my neck with my fingertips, Coco When she washed me to keep it clean all the time, I grabbed my mother's shoulder strongly and endured the pleasure , from that day I woke up to sex and started to handle it myself and ejaculated with my mother's nakedness in mind , many times a day I started to do it every day, and when I was taking a bath with my mother, my eyes went to my mother's nakedness and I started to see her as a woman, stealing my mother's underwear from the tongue and ejaculating with it I also used dirty pants before washing. Immediately after becoming a middle-aged man, the two of us took a bath as usual and had my body washed, and this time I was shedding my mother's back, but I could not stand it and hugged from behind and rubbed my tits At that time, the cock that became a bing hit my mother's ass, and the mother who was holding me with a smile as to what happened was looking up at me with an erotic face and licking and sucking I can not stand it ( I grabbed my mother's head and put out a large amount of sexual fluid in the back of my throat.I'm sorry for my mother , I saw why this happened, my eyes looked different, my underwear disappeared, I started to touch my body well, I'm looking at my mother as a woman, I asked for some time is when its time to deny, steal the underwear of others like, hit the elsewhere of women, was there thought to be forgiven when you come in search of what time and is made in such a thing straddles and, so saying on top of the knee When I said that my mother was okay, I picked up the cock and applied it to the crack, it became slimy and I got into the original, the inside was warm and comfortable When my mother started to shake her hips, I was already at the limit (exit out) Ahh ~) and put it inside. The first woman warmed up in the mother's bath, and as a mother again, she picked her up naked and laid her on the futon in the bedroom and covered her, the mother spread her limbs wide and greeted me, when she spread wide, her instinct I thrust my head into the crack and sucked and licked it, my mother's breathing was disturbed and I was saying huh, my mother who was growing big and pulled it with my lips screamed (Hey ~) My mother stunned by scratching her claws on her back at the same time as she ejaculated while thrusting a cock into her unprotected crotch that was cramping and cramping , blood oozes on the traces of her claws, how many times she continued to fill up until dawn that night I don't understand. My mother also became frantic and woke up in the afternoon and touched the omeco and asked for it with great momentum and was violated three times in a row and fell asleep until after noon , woke up by my mother and ate a meal for the first time in 18 hoursSince my mother welcomed me last night, all the vaginal cum shot crazy sex mother's terrifying preparedness is transmitted. My mother also calms down and has sex I will graduate in April when my son and a gentle mother have lived a life , and when I graduate, I decided to work from a small town, but there are people who know the circumstances of the house My mother's mother comes home on the weekend when she is about to graduate , she lost her grandfather three years ago, and now she has her own dog and a few animals such as chickens and vegetables in the field. I'm living with my mother, my grandmother came over on the weekend, my mother went out to a town a little far away for business, I always thought that I would have more intense sex with my mother on the weekend , but my grandmother left me Made dinner and ate with me, I took a bath together, washed my back and soaked in the bathtub, and my grandmother also came in. Grandma straddled my knees and grabbed my cock. I put it in my grandmother. During that time, only the hot water was swaying in silence. When I ejaculated in my grandmother, I was smiling that if she was good, she could do it anytime and any number of times. We slept together and played with my grandmother five or six times. From noon, I cleaned the mud in the pond and cut the lotus trunk, scooped up two true carps and a dozen small beech trees and put them in a large fish cage. When I scooped about 20 loaches that had loaches in the mud, two eels also came in. Take out 5 small crucian carps, drop the head and tail, take out the intestines, cut them into vinegar. When I pickled it, ate it at dinner, and talked a little with my grandmotherGrandma said her mother hasn't come back for a few days yet. When asked why, she seems to have a baby , and she seems to go to the hospital on Monday to check it before returning. Grandma knew about me and her mother from the beginning.

My incest

I was there to live with three people parents of me in the countryside of the village off when the sixth grade of elementary school,
suddenly my father, no longer come back to the house,
the day turned to my mother and two people living from, even when the meal Even entering a bath
and slept together in one of the futon when you go to bed,
one day my mother is the thigh around in the state in which panic failed to process the physiological
you've seen to have to wipe,
in Become a one , when one person, dusty in the back of the storeroom

Tie relationship

"You, there just lost trouble become seriously desperate, distressed distressed probably a result of out? ... I should be a dignified become honest with such their honest feelings" against myself, how much I don't know if I repeated this word. Today, it's raining in the rural areas of the city where I (43 years old) live alone. When I think of this time of rain, I always remember it. It was a rainy day a year ago, when I was escorted under a single umbrella with my son Kenya, who was a 20-year-old second-year college student at the time, and was tied to the hotel for the first time. Since Kenya was in junior high school, my husband, who broke up with me, wasn't doing well. In a situation where I couldn't talk to anyone, I was approaching the situation just before I became a neurose. Kenya, who was still young, didn't even know that. At that time, when I confessed to my close friend who was worried, he kindly gave me a consultation and recommended me a cigarette because I couldn't drink alcohol. It's a light menthol, but I felt saved by itself. By the time Kenya was in high school and worried about going on to school, our couple had already reached their limits. When Kenya passed college, he told me that he would break up, and to Kenya who became my ally. I felt a sign of growth. Kenya entered the university and started living alone, and the separated husband left the room. After that, I often came back to my room and worked hard for me and stayed with me. He helped me with cooking and cleaned the room. I don't know if one of them started to be aware of it first, but I saw Kenya as a man who was mentally strong and dependable.Kenya once said, "Why don't you go back to being a woman again?" At first I didn't know what it meant, but after a while, I realized what it meant. One day, after having dinner, Kenya invited me to take a walk nearby. At that time, Kenya first made me a confession of love as a woman. He sat side by side on a park bench and shared his thoughts. I was worried. I had a new problem, and I couldn't get out of it because I couldn't talk to anyone. When I returned to college, Kenya sent me a letter. In a letter entrusted with my thoughts, he urged me to say "yes or no" like the last bet. I was quite worried. Even if I say my son, there is no doubt that he is a good adult man before that, and even Kenya who sees me as a woman and sends a hot look, I will collapse the remaining stubbornness. did. I met Kenya, who is waiting for my reply, in a strange city. When I walked in the rain and was first asked "I wanted a younger brother or sister," Kenya finally said "I'm sorry." "Is there still a chance? ... I'm still young," he said to Kenya, "because that's what the other man needs," and pointed his finger at his face. , "I am," said Kenya. It's decided that it's impossible, but if it's allowed, I'll take the proof of Kenya's hot love in the back of my vagina, harbor a crystal of love, get pregnant, and get hungry. I felt like I wanted to give birth. ... Yes, that was my answer.In response to my answer, "yes," Kenya led me to the hotel under a single umbrella. A year later, Kenya is completely leading and embracing me. It caresses my body gently and politely so that I don't feel loved so much. When did Kenya start to remove makeup and make up without makeup when he embraced me? I'm embarrassed because I'm worried about the thin eyebrows and the fine wrinkles on the outer corners of my eyes, and he says, "Such wrinkles are cute." It stretches your tongue between your toes, puts it in your mouth, and even licks the embarrassing ass hole with your tongue. It also sucks up and swallows the joy juice that overflows in disorder. I couldn't do it until then, but now I can pour Kenya's extract firmly into my throat. Now they have a firm grasp of my period, go to the drugstore together, line up at the cash register, Kenya pays for tampons and napkins, and I pay for condoms. I will. I had been refusing Kenya's wishes for a long time, but at the end of last year, I finally showed Kenya how I was peeing in the bathroom in the hotel room. I crouched in front of the toilet seat and saw the whole story of pee from a close distance. After that, he carefully wiped it with paper, and whispered to me, "It was cute," to me, who was embarrassed to have a man wipe it for the first time. I am careful only about contraception. Maybe I should take the pill, but it is compulsory. During the cycle called "safety day", I received raw insertions from Kenya several times, but they always put them on my stomach and buttocks. Then, entwin the extract I put out with my fingertips and transfer it to my mouth. I'm swallowing the extract.Kenya, who is loved by his real son, reveals everything, loves it with his tongue, and makes him squid, has turned into a beloved man. Just touching the chestnut with Kenya's tongue makes me fall. Kenya is a treasure that takes time to irritate and sometimes stretches a stiff tongue into the vagina, making me a perfect woman.

Night secret

I, for the first time was the son is the last year of April.
Ken, this year 23-year-old. Take the university, it is just a job.
To find an apartment on their own, was also all their arrangements of moving, because thing you've finished do not come back almost in the country, the husband was allowed to Tokyo to let see me how worried it was an opportunity .
Since the sword came out in secret, I put the first phone to employer after I arrived in Tokyo, I went to the meeting to Senkawa of apartments in Ikebukuro.
Narrow room of 1DK. Sure enough, it was dirty and messy.
After go Ken shopping, and cleaning up the room, we finished the dinner in the instant food that has been bought and the Ken.
And it only toast in full there was beer in the refrigerator.
Do I was tired in the crowd of after a long time, and take a bath and laid the futon next to the bed of the sword is already sleepy, it has quickly asleep.
The middle of the night, when it was noticed, and embraced from the back to Ken, the fingertips of Ken had Masagu~tsu my breasts and over there.
Why voice did not even out.
was stopped to make him try and just to move the body, thinking, sword is of the grabbed his hands, but does not enter is at all force, finger tendon them there has been an intrusion into my pussy.
I, at that moment, to remember the pleasure like electricity ran, I had to raise the voice.
Finger tendon is rubbing the clitoris, is allowed to stiff nipples, imperceptibly, to leave the body in the caress of the sword, it is naked, my body had become and to remain, but I think of Ken.
I was 43 years old. Another three, four years it is also without having to have sex with her ​​husband, I was also dissolved also body and soul to the caress of the sword, at the mercy, to raise the voice, there had become hot enough to boiling.
When Ken came with the lips to my nape from behind, and much I think I think we tousled hair in my body, well the feeling is, after a long time, I've reached the really the first time in a long time.
At that moment, the penis of Ken, ... been invaded in my body
ahead from along is, almost, it was like a dream.
I was my first time also being in such a position, let alone, my body known only to her husband's penis, through is hard penis is much thicker than the husband, I began to move.
Frankly, I has gone wrong.
The agony aloud, it will for the first time, enjoying the sex is born.
Even twice, also to have culminated three times, his son, Ken has been a kiss, even when that has been entwined tongue, I have responded.
And, ejaculation ... tendon
in the back of the body, while being driven into the hot mass, I, incorrectly called the name of Ken.
Then, over there it licked To Ken, the second time normal position, for the first time of sitting third time this even born after I slumbering little.
And connected deeply about are no more on the knee tendon, while sucked the breast, it has reached a number of times.
The reason ... it will of what was the
do not say even Ken, I did not even hear.
The next day Saturday, and Sunday of two days later, except that went to the meal about two times out, I spent sex most of the time.
This much, yourself that's like sex, I did not think.
Ken seems to have wanted sex with me from before.
I also, for the time being, does not have to stop is likely.
Twice a month now, each with about three nights, are we doing.
You do not have to quit is likely to ...

Son of age

A year and a half ago, we were attacked by a son of the time high one.
Gone is the night life of the husband more than four years, the husband two years ago, it was bachelor in the local branch.
I look back and it is from that time. The son of attitude began freaking.
If you go up from the bath, or have been on the panties of should you have been put down, during the day, when entering to clean the son of the room, tissue wet after masturbation in the wastebasket is not contain a number, Adult DVD of incest thing had entered what the present or in a bookcase.
And \"because the son's age who are interested in sex\", did dare not say anything.
So me and did not even think Nante had seen the subject of sex seriously.
Last summer it was extremely hot. And up from the bath, since too hot, and relaxation while bedroom naked, I have slept as it is in bed.
Late at night, and wake up to Negurushiku body is heavy, I son had covered overhanging on top of me.
At that moment, I did not understand the situation.
But, that contains the thing thick in the vagina? ! And I son began shaking violently hips.
Not out voice paralyzed tongue is too much of the event, it was pushed back a son by hand desperately.
I did not feel Nante pleasure.
How much of what time has passed, stop the shake the hips suddenly son, and \"Whoo!\" And the penis was put thrust to the back and growling.
\"No good! Useless to put out in! \"
voice did not come out even. Son Bikunbikun and many times had been put out and is allowed to convulsions the waist.
Feeling go full things lukewarm on the back of the vagina ....
In my ear, \"Mom, thank you. I finally was able to with mom\" ​​to say so, and went out.
We have been also forgotten that cum in much of the impact, and was sleeping indistinguishably.
The next morning, when I woke up, there is I think realistic dream.
Also as usual son of attitude. After all, I was not convinced the dream and my.
But, that night, when I was in the bath, I son came in. Naked in and allowed to engorgement of the penis.
Penis was the thumb position when viewed in the last, skins and peel, thick Sosoritachi long, it had grown to more honorably adult penis.
Many times in my mouth to ask crying \"stop it! Is stopped Come\" also came against the penis.
I I have e mouth son of penis. And I have shook his head.
The son was ejaculation in the back of the throat by holding my head.
\"Incredible momentum! And the dark! Too dark! \"
My husband and is hit the back of the throat in great enough there is no momentum so compared, we will do involuntarily swallowed.
Then, when the bring had my ass that you are stunned, and came inserted from behind.
I, while hanging the semen of leaving drinking from the mouth, was shaking like a doll while stuck in the son.
And it has been issued in.
Still, the son is not me to release, in the bedroom and take up me.
I had exhausted many times in my.
Since then, except when my husband has come back home, it is almost every day asking me of the body.
I someday from also had aloud and waving hips together while being nestled in the son.
Nante mother crosses the son, thought did not even I, have been long-awaited and now every night son to come to the room.


A husband who was typical of the second generation stupid son who has an uninterrupted female relationship and does not work at all. My son changed me, who was about to give up on such a husband. I was in charge of the real estate work of the family business. It is thanks to my son that I made the stupid husband who is living apart take responsibility for the work and treat him as one of the employees. Having plenty of time to spare, I said goodbye to my parents and my sister who was returning home, and started living in a condominium. Thanks to that, I can concentrate on my work, and I enjoy learning my favorite time. Such a son lives alone to attend a university in the city. From time to time, I enjoyed shopping in the city for recreation, drinking with friends, and staying in my son's mansion in a good mood. When my son woke up, I went to a local izakaya or karaoke box to drink again. It's true that he was dressed a little younger than usual. It's not a mini, but I wore a tight skirt with exposed thighs. I sang my sleepy son alone in the karaoke box. There are only songs from the era. The son who finally got on started singing, and it seems that he drank a lot. One shochu bottle opened in a blink of an eye, and the second one went into it. If my son is with me, I can drink with confidence. I never thought that my son, who should be relieved, was dangerous.When I entered my son's studio apartment, I fell asleep because of tiredness and sickness. Suddenly I found myself sleeping on the mat. The mat I bought to sleep is almost naked. I hate pantyhose, so I wear stockings up to my thighs, but it goes down to my knees and I don't wear anything after that. When I traced my memory, my son flirted with me as usual and told me to go to bed. Later, according to my son, I was happy until I was wearing panties and stockings when I tried to change clothes, but it seems that I fell asleep. I suddenly remembered it. So my son tickled and stuck to wake me up and nipples ... I remember desperately resisting. I was overwhelmed by the strength of my son who had been sharpened, and I was tossed with my fingers at will. I haven't had sex with my husband for years now, but I have had sex with my husband for a while after 3 days. He was a pretty favorite person. And I also had a constitution that was quite easy to feel when I started. I was mentally tired and had dizziness, palpitation, and illness, so I had never been aware of sex. I was completely drunk and thirsty, and when I drank cold water and calmed down, I was very upset and stunned by this condition. And there was a solid trace on the vagina. I had a miscarriage about twice, and I was forced to tie up my fallopian tubes. My son knew it, and he probably put it inside with confidence.I was crying when my son started to mess with me again. However, she soon reached the climax and became just a writhing woman. On the next day, I challenged from noon when I woke up. I was surprised. I put my finger in the anal while inserting me sideways. "This made a great voice." My husband kept blaming me, and when he became dull, he used the technique of stimulating anal and making me crazy. My son knew it. I'm embarrassed to get rid of my fainting. From then on, my son skipped the car and came to hug me. While flirting, I was asked , "Mom, have you ever put a (penis) here? " And answered, "No!" As a toy for my son, I have been tried several times. But "I can't do it, it hurts!" My son, who is enthusiastic about research, finally decides to give me an enema. The first time I went to the bathroom immediately, but the second time I was forced to put up with three fig enemas. Is it quite responsive? had. I was made to do it again and it was only liquid. Anal swallowing two fingers painlessly with the help of lubricating jelly. "Oh no, it leaks, no!" The fingers fluttered all the way to the back, and embarrassment peaked. I crawl on all fours when I'm tired, and although I'm not thicker than my husband, I've sunk a hard and long penis. It's so painful that I can't live.However, the pain disappeared when I put it in slowly for a while, but the same stimulus as the "labor pain" that hits me when I put up with that enema increased. "No, no, no, yeah!" It felt like a leak and my son fired a cum at the same time. The hot sperm was pretty stimulating and the anal spit out when my son pulled out his penis. My son was immediately peeing and washing his penis. When I pushed my penis into my crying mouth and got well, I blamed my vagina for a long time. My son who got sick and kept blaming me for breathlessness. While checking the sperm flowing from both of my holes, I was happy to say, "It's like an adult video." I can't make a loud voice in front of my neighborhood. Sometimes I started to enjoy it at love hotels. The embarrassing appearance reflected in the mirror made me angry with a loud voice. Anal gradually began to accept his son effortlessly. Unlike vagina, I was exposed to the throbbing sensuality of my spine. "Oh, stop ... it's about to leak ..." When I go to the bathroom, it's okay. Only a little jelly leaked. When I said that it wasn't dangerous anymore, I took a bath. It seems that the penis is hard to live because the loosened anal has no scratching part. I pushed my penis in like hitting the floor in the bathroom. "Already ... Really ... Oh ..."And I got sick. Anal, which was pushed out from the inside, received her son's cum and the whole anal became as sensitive as vagina.

Nasty M or woman is like?

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I want to do with the son

Since the night crawling to son, my body had had become funny.
Young, penis, it was because I knew so much that the feeling is good.
Even sleeping with her ​​husband, once again, my son and not you to night crawling, it was I waiting with stripped off his panties.
Aa-son and Saddle Thailand!

My incest discourse

When Kusuri-do energetic agent to purchase, peach Breasts Hall E cup man hole one point with bonus

To son

We confess with the intention to be at the end the relationship between Daisuke today.
When I think now we regret that it was good and to be done such a thing.
Six months ago from now, when I was entering for cleaning of Daisuke room junior high school 2.
Women's underwear and turn the casually futon is ... it was soon realized that mine it.
It had been noticed that disappears from the front, never Daisuke ... Nante steal
it fell in the shock came out also to my other underwear When I looking for or not in the other.
From a little before, but views on I was worried about ...
it was decided to speak to whether such what it directly Daisuke at the end you have thought.
\"I came out is such a thing when you entered the room today, No intend What say!\"
\"There is interest from the front to the woman, ... not able to endure\"
conditions that discussions with a variety in this after two people it was decided to establish a relationship in.
1, it is not stolen underwear
2, one-time relationship
3, I do not speak to anyone 
after one week in the promise of more, by say just one day.
Morning of the appointed day, and by sending the husband to the company are washing the dishes,
Daisuke as \"Mother, I'm appointed day\" has been approached.
and \"I know, ahead please go to the room to ...\"
I was still wondering. Really say whether the ...
shower - it was decided to staring at yourself in the mirror of the bathed bedroom.
\"I'll not be going back, do not think my son only today!\"
in the underwear of white to the Haori Daisuke room gown ...
When I opened the door while saying that \"I enter Daisuke\" naked Daisuke suddenly hug kiss.
Tongue is came in my mouth entangled the tongue of each other and the exchange of saliva.
I turn a blind eye to lie and Daisuke to be smoked or chewed the nipples started rubbing with both hands wildly remove the bra ... to bet
involuntarily become hot during when the hand touched the genital area from the top of the underwear body I hugged Daisuke head.
Underwear one is taken in to the finger in the vagina, is stimulating the middle came in with two,
\"Mother, I have wet, amazing It 's amount\"
was found me also. ... That the love juice is flowing anal
so that it does not issue a voice Cities - When you had been clutching a tree licked the chestnut with the \"struck\" and voice out,
\"? I put my mother,\"
I I was signaled to expand the nods foot.
Slowly violent and out, such as push up the uterus and penis is entered to the back of the vagina.
Soon feel hot sperm in ejaculate is to squeeze the uterus ...
kiss each other staring at me and Daisuke in a state where it was put.
and \"I'll just today.\"
\"Yeah, you know, and I do not put trouble, you do want! until there is instead time\"
\"Yeah, I'll say, this thing! The secret I\"
I raise the hip to say so a large amount of sperm flows out from the vagina, while the Daisuke penis was still big, ... to the involuntarily in the mouth
has a unique smell and taste penis love liquid and the sperm was tangled.
\"I want to lick the mother\"
\"say I'm\"
I ... and the genital sperm is flowing out to Daisuke face
Daisuke kiss blotted accumulated sperm into the vagina at the mouth.
Was out in the mouth of each other, while entangled love liquid and the sperm in the tongue drank,
\"Daisuke, teaching I'll\"
testicle while the Blow says the Massa - characters. Prostate put the finger in anal stimulation ...
I love one as long as the permit is and time.


Father and a 30-year-old daughter of two people living.
Youth, I had a father also talk of marriage also.
I was home even people who were your relationship, but it did not become until marriage.
Affection more than emotion to say that father and daughter I feel to each other.
I honestly, I believe that I also embraced by the father.
Father I would have known.
However, it is not Fumidase one step each other.

Man (son) x woman (mother / wife)

At the age of 44 in March, I had a small annual New Year's party with three friends the other day. "Somehow, if I'm sorry, it's been beautiful recently ... There's something, absolutely ... I'm sure, man, proof that I met a nice man ... You see, a heart necklace I'm suspicious ... what do you think? " Two friends across from me were speaking in a voice that I could hear. I waved my head and shook my hand and denied it hard. But ... a nice man ... I'm sure I am. It's a secret relationship that I can't say even if my mouth is torn, that it's my son Toshiya. The necklace around my neck was also a Christmas present from Toshiya. The relationship with Toshiya began last fall. I couldn't imagine opening my bare legs for my son, but now he treats me kindly and kindly as a woman, and I remember even making me squid. I love Toshiya, and when I started to feel Toshiya as a man, I came to a deep relationship between men and women that jumped over the bond between mother and child. Before last summer, I had Toshiya drive and went to a department store. As I was climbing the stairs, I suddenly lost my balance in sandals with heels, and I almost fell back, and Toshiya caught me in my arms. She smiled and accepted that the stockings were in a dangerous condition under the calf. Toshiya was holding me from behind. I was embarrassed, and I was happy to go to the bathroom and change into new stockings. It was early September when Toshiya returned to his room in the university town. It is 4 hours away by train from my city.That afternoon, after lunch together, Toshiya pleaded with me for a knee pillow. I talked about that time while thinking of Toshiya when I was young. Before I knew it, Toshiya's hand was hanging on the knee of the skirt. "I thought it was rough, but it's smooth." I wanted to tickle, but Toshiya looked happy when he stroked the knees of the stockings. Toshiya got up and suddenly put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me. I thought it was a light skinship joke, but Tomoya's lips overlapped my lips. The power of an adult man was stronger than expected, and he was hugged powerfully and could not escape. Toshiya's hand stretched out to my chest and said, "Like when he talked to me, let me suck ...". Let me suck ... It was my chest. "I'm not breastfeeding anymore." "It's okay." The shirt was dexterously unbuttoned, a beige bra appeared, the cup was lowered, and Toshiya sucked. Such a moment was like a dream. The nipple sucked into the same lips of Toshiya who grew up was engorged and hardened. When gently knocked down on the sofa, he gently sucked up the left and right nipples and rolled them with the tip of his tongue. "Ah ..." Toshiya, who didn't miss my voice, continued to suck her nipples. "To ... Toshiya ... No more ..." Toshiya's hand came in from the hem of the skirt and was desperately holding it down while being held down. When I was finally released, I healed my messy hair and lightly reminded Toshiya , "This is something we do with mutual consent."That day, Toshiya confessed to me. Since high school, I've been interested in me and have seen him as a woman. He even told me that he had a romantic feeling. I was happy with that feeling and answered "Thank you." When Toshiya returned to college, his husband's room, which he returned only on weekends, was lonely and lonely, and only the empty time with a hole in it flowed. At the end of the lingering summer heat, I was so lonely that I called Toshiya to confess my loneliness and was spoiled. Toshiya, who realized me, met and met in the middle of each other next week. That was the beginning of us ... We ate lunch, walked around the city, and before we knew it, we were holding hands. "Do you look like lovers?" "I can see." I had Toshiya's arm entwined. In the evening, the loneliness of being separated again made me sad and almost tears. Toshiya, who gently wiped the corners of my eyes, suddenly kissed me. I was hugged tightly, and I also had my arms around Toshiya's big back. "Would you like to go to the hotel?" I was confused and gave a hot kiss to me, who was holding a reply. Receiving Toshiya's hot gaze, I stared at him and decided, "Can you be kind to me?" "Of course" "But I promised only contraception ..." When I extended my little finger, Toshiya entwined her little finger. I have come. Of course, he has faithfully kept his promise and has not failed. I walked to the hotel area and was led by Toshiya to enter the room.He picked me up with a towel in the shower and carried me to bed. The lights were turned off and the first time for only two people began. I was worried that it would be rough because I was young, but that worry seemed useless. Gently and politely, Toshiya started with a kiss and led me to the world of women. Toshiya loved me so hard that he reacted. It was my first experience to spend so much time and love my whole body. Toshiya's hand in the panties touched me over there for the first time and gently stroked it with my fingertips. I think Toshiya was excited because I was stiffening the sensitive buds and leaking the voice of a woman in response. When Toshiya's finger was firmly inserted into the vagina, I quivered my whole body. The moment when the last piece was taken off was the most embarrassing moment for a woman as a mother. When Toshiya's face came in between me, I felt ashamed and crazy. Toshiya politely loved my petals. The tongue crawls vertically, and the tip of the tongue crawls softly from the urethra to the buds. "Ah ..., Toshiya ... that ... no ..." I licked the sensitive buds softly with my tongue and made me crazy. Toshiya's was excellent. I loved the thick and hard ones that stood up, and I included them gently in my mouth. Toshiya still says. "Where did you remember Eri's blow job is the best in your life?" When you whispered nasty while walking in the city, you blush and look down.As promised, Toshiya put on a condom, opened my legs and came back into my body. You will never forget the moment when you were first tied. I twisted my back and hugged Toshiya's back as the penis was poured deep into the root. Now, I know all my weaknesses, and I am confident and willing to love and attack me. The tongue crawls inside from the earlobe, and Toshiya's tongue crawls under the cared armpit. It always leaves a red kiss mark on the bulge of the left chest. I also learned that cunnilingus alone can make me squid enough, and Toshiya will take the lead. The pleasantness of the tongue that crawls to the buttocks has recently become a new discovery by Toshiya. When I was struck from behind, the place where I hit it in the long part was different, and that was also the place where I was developed. I also remembered the face-to-face cowgirl position, and until 69 I became Toshiya for the first time. On New Year's holidays, when I changed the napkin and came out of the bathroom, Toshiya hugged me from behind. "Eri ... are you okay? ... are you feeling sick? ..." When I was alone, he called me abandoned. " I'm a little hungry ..." " Isn't it physiological?" I was a star, and my face turned red. He gently stroked my stomach and whispered in my ear, "I wish I could finish early." After the New Year, I went to the station to see off Toshiya in the car my husband drove, and I was sitting side by side with Toshiya in the back seat. Under the coat I took off, Toshiya and I entwined our fingers and confirmed their feelings. At the time of parting, I nodded, "I don't want to be embraced by my father." "No, I promise."After seeing off such Toshiya, I feel a little lonely now.

And son

yuna himekawa[24816]
I am a housewife of 42 years old. Actually we have a relationship for the past six months son (15 years old) and.
I was not going to confess to here about it.
But today, as I went to the hospital, it would no longer fully holding my feeling is absolutely, I decided to confess here.
Now I am a little upset, but please forgive me.
And I had been to some extent prepared to, but I son of the children had made.
When the act of the son did not have to contraception.
Although I had guessed of safety date from the date of physiology, it still I was vain By such sloppy.
Since there is no going was peace of mind 100 percent, I was going that has been simplistic that it is not only fallen loss What if I can if.
But it was and is and shock told anew pregnancy. I got pregnant the forbidden life.
It fell. It was attacked by a great sadness.
Husband is alone with his son and two people because it does not have a business trip today. Now, my son has been sleeping in your own bed.
It became so alone with for the first time in a long time, we had each other love violently until earlier.
Although I thought it was also whether it Uchiakeyo that of pregnancy, it could not be.
To forget the sadness, I might have been asked to violently son while you do not even know yourself.
Son after finished,
\"Mom, today I amazing softening\"
was and is whispered with feeling shocked.
And ... I Will say it is to sneak abortion do not confided this remains
not yet attached organize feelings. It lost to be honest.
In fact, about what was pregnant, and I just, but they've also felt joy.
I'm confused and very surprised at such myself.
The children of beloved son so that the lay their own rather than the other women. We come even sprung so to think and happy feelings.
At the same time, I shudder to yourself that you think so.
Currently, for that I give birth to a child, it does not have to be unnatural also homely superficially also.
There occasionally with her ​​husband, perhaps her husband because it is indifferent about the number of days you'll think your child.
But it ,,, children's definitely son.
Of course it husband love. But much the same, as a man that of Maybe more son, and I have got love.
Son and that it had a relationship, I do not regret.
Son will me say that I I also gave birth perhaps knowing that pregnancy. Its much am I have also felt the son of love.
But it is, and has also further torment me.
When you find this corner we were going to have just a reader. But there is a thing of today, the stomach also will not be stomach standing even, I have started to write.
and I thought how little feeling subsides by writing. At the same perhaps feeling there was somewhere to want to hear opinions from people in the same circumstances as me.
Even though a problem that must be resolved on their own, but it is cunning. I will hate myself.
wrote have been, rather than feeling subsides, we have become more and more hesitation is large.
Although I thought it was also whether Let cancel another all, we decide to put again because he awaited wrote up here.
Husband both since married, do not have that you have the birth control even now. Yet after all children was one son.
But I got pregnant in just six months and son. God'm really cruel.
But perhaps of own fault. And it must make a decision on their own eventually.
It is unlikely and only a little more suffer until a conclusion does not have much time.

OD steep

And I'm good to be pervert, it's going to escalate to chase after everyone After several times. I wonder if you want to rape?


At dinner today, I suddenly felt nauseous and rushed to the washroom. My worried son came to see me and rubbed my back a little, which made me feel better. But I was very upset in my heart. "No way ... pregnant ..." I have an idea. I'd like to say my husband ... but unfortunately, my family now has only one son. My husband has been working abroad for half a year and is essentially a single mother of me and my son. The person I know is this real son. My son and I have been in a male-female relationship for about half a year. About three months ago, I was depressed because I had a fight with my husband on the phone that day. I was always very careful about contraception and absolutely refused to wear rubber, but only on that day I couldn't afford to think about contraception in my mind. I want someone to hug me tightly ... In such a feeling of loneliness, my son was by my side. In the living room after supper, I was drinking and snuggling up to my son and weeping. My son hugged my shoulder. I stared at my son with a good eye and closed my eyes. Deep kiss with my son ... I was more active than ever. The two were hugging each other tightly. Eventually, my son began to caress my body. Partly because of alcohol, my body became sensitive. When my son's hand touched my body, I heard a voice."Ah ..." My son's hand gradually descended from his chest to his lower body. "Huh ... ah ..." My son's hand slipped from the hem of the skirt and whispered in my ear as I explored my center. "Mom ... your pussy is wet ..." I 've never heard such a direct word from my son. "No ... that's ..." "My fingers feel so good ...?" Something was different that day. Until then, I had sex as if I was giving a start, but on that day, I was at the mercy of my son's caress. "Ah ... good ..." "I 'll make you feel more comfortable ..." While saying that, I devoured my lips. A son who goes between my legs naked on the sofa in the living room and licks my center. Over and over again, my son's caress made me climax. My son always took off his clothes and became naked, and while spreading my legs wide, he said, "Mom ... I'll put it in ...", and my son's hardened meat stick pushed me over there. I came in. "Auu ... Uuu ..." "Ah ... it's warm ... in my mom ..." I didn't know at first, but it's different from the usual feeling. It felt like my son's meat stick was familiar and fused with me.But I noticed ... my son didn't wear anything ... he was raw ... "Hmm ... oh ... no ... I have to put it on ... ah ..." "Okay ... mom ... it feels good ..." "No ... no ... no ... No ... Ah ... " I thought while being stabbed by my son. When did my previous period end? It ended about a week ago ... just around the day of ovulation. "No ... I can do it ... Ah ... I can do it ... " "I like it ... Ah ... Mom ..." My beloved son said "I like it" and the inside was violently stirred. I can no longer refuse. To top it off, put on top of his son, "How? Love ...? About me" to when I asked, thinking, "like I love ...!" "Dad and Which is's fine?" "That Don't ask me ... " " Then, quit? Is it okay? " " No ... Nobuyuki ... Nobuyuki feels much better! " And shook his hips himself. I did. Thus, my son poured sperm into my vagina three times, despite the dangerous day. "What should I do ... What should I do ..." My son is 15 years old, I am 38 years old, and I still have menstruation, so I can get pregnant. But, I don't want to take care of my real son's child.I knew ... I knew that if I had sex without contraception, I would get pregnant, but I couldn't stop having sex with my son. My son was the one who supported my unstable heart due to my husband's long-term overseas assignment. It's true that my son felt a man and spoiled him as a woman instead of a mother.

And I became addicted to the cock of the brother-in-law

I have older sister 2-year-old has been living with your husband. Sister couple children only grow independently sister couple.
Its sister couple, you may come to play in the house of my wife.
From sister when your husband of my husband and my sister came out to buy lunch, I was told that the husband of the sister. Husband of the sister, at work destination, Toka are embarrassed and dabbled in many women, the husband of his sister, Allais is a great Toka the body went on heard the only thing that does not have.
From sister \"You are, I think it's still all right, and I think that it surely come out a hand. What do you want to do?\" And you heard \"such a thing, not I,\" and I answered. \"It is, if kana?\" I was told.
That day, after finished the lunch, my sister married couple I came home.
In a few days, the day before in order to go to my husband and fishing in our couple of out, it means to go to stay in my home, I came in a brother-in-law only a sleepover. Brother-in-law was to take a bath after you finished the dinner. In order to go to the back of the room after a while, the moment you try to Toro in front of the bathroom, brother-in-law of the naked figure came out. Since the brother-in-law says \"Do not saw\" and I have lied and \"not looking\".
The dangerous and I think, when you Tachisaro from the spot, brother-in-law is grab the arm \"tonight, and me to an opponent\" and I was out called.
I also also was a frustration, it was a promise to say that after the master of the inner was sleeping. Brother-in-law, you give him a lunch box and cans of beer to master the inner, we decided to lay.
For 1 hour, master of the inner will I have to爆酔.
When the brother-in-law to spread the futon of me the back of the room, it was hug from behind me. It was as it is pushed down on the futon.
Deprived of their lips, it is made ​​taking off his coat to go up a bra to the top of the nipple, and began licking the nipple. Right hand was massaged the other breast.
After being taken off the skirt, and I think I do have been stroked from the top of the panty hands of brother-in-law I came into the panty. Is open crotch, was also taking off until the end of the panty.
Brother-in-law, while licking my dick, while enters between the thigh, it was close the lips.
Brother-in-law took off the pants, the cock will be given my dick around, seemed to be teasing. When I say, \"After all, quitting will!\", \"Come up here, really and would I want to,\" is said to be, brother-in-law came to insertion. I would aloud as \"a ~\".
\"Look, Keiko pussy's not honest! After all is putting not it wanted,\" so to say and brother-in-law is, began to thrust in the inserted penis. More pleasant husband, I came become comfortable feeling to have been poked with a hard cock. While the kiss, it is busy and licking the nipple. Brother-in-law is \"already, and Serve will!\" After a while you say. I've been asked is \"Do? Serve anywhere\", and I did not think that far. \"It is good? The out during\"
\"Wait a minute!\" \"anymore, go'll!\"
so to say and brother-in-law is my man had ejaculated into this. Lukewarm body fluids, I also have I found flowing through the medium.
Brother-in-law are, we have a white body fluids and pull out my Mankokara cock came flowing out. After that, insert me in the fours, about 30 minutes poked, et al., And has been'm in the second time.
Since then, do not forget the body of the brother-in-law, also to a knee each time the brother-in-law is coming now wait just skirt and panties. When the time does not exist, it is also standing back.

New Year of mother and son

We will talk of this year's New Year.
My husband I have been to Hawaii in the left behind the family for entertainment golf of the annual New Year.
So since January 1, I (38) three friends, son (14) is two friends, called the house, was the orgy sex out 4 to 3 with live Saddle in.
 Sons at least once subjected us ejaculation from leading to climax, twice at least in the original condition when the ejaculation, we are a total of six times more than vaginal ejaculation, uterus boy of semen in it became Taputapu.
 Satisfied you've been very pleasantly sex, it was farewell and promised to be \"also, trying to do it.\"
 Two days limp To the dormant until noon, attacked by a son a place that had a shower is happening, twice in the back, positive higher and is Tsurekoma Beds wipe the body, sitting higher, was the sex in the face-to-face locus.
 Both 5 times Needless to say, it is Pies.
 During which I call a son with you, son was called by my name.
 We this day is not a mother and child, was love one as a lover.
 We do not have sex because indeed the 3rd husband came back.
 But, me and my son for two days, because hard as Aishiae, never to regrets.
 Husband seemed to victory Although the entertainment golf, it was a very good mood.
 The whole family and it was good because spend a very meaningful New Year.

Father of remarriage

To also have sister came to the room and I only at night you have committed is to bare.
My sister was saying that it is not committed because there is no chest.
Ayumi says is good large thing swaying swaying chest Te Maki Te also Fucking large chest.
Pussy that tightens well unlike sister was saying the best.
You'll be committed every day.
Sometimes it becomes naked and is said to be Iro waiting in the futon.
Even though the mother was said to waste.

Rogue mother and child

I husband becomes the bachelor, I have had a son and relationship with soon.
Inception, while you are there kitten while watching his son and TV, it is touch the body, son also got escalated been excited, had gone as far as it will go beyond a line if you noticed.
Why was it allowed to insert, even if I thought now, excuse can not be found.
I, 43-year-old. Son is a college student.
Once son had to know my body, now come on a daily basis seeking my body.
I also, while I think that it does not go, accept the desire of the son of violently impulsive sex, while you are penetrated, with a fire in the Rogue feelings that had been sleeping in the depths of the body, it becomes to feel cum below.
Son even when the feel like a lover or husband and wife, between me and my husband, you may also be embarrassed in the bare jealousy.
Also the other day, it is called to the master of bachelor destination, and come back in one night, came out son in the front door, as if the \"Do Tsu! Had been doing with the father\", as if I've been in affair in, and it approaches.
\"I'm different, your laundry or something, we gonna clean up was very\" and, it was said, doing a gas to a final son.
Son, when you grabbed my arm going to take to the living, by turning the skirt up Do crouched down in front of me is to to the inspection and sniffed a sniff and panty of smell.
Then, when my lower body to bare, let caught both hands on the edge of the living room of jalousie windows, and I have to insert a meat stick from behind.
So was around o'clock or five 4 and bright your outside enough dazzling, in the park under the house people in the neighborhood had been through several people.
When you while still scared so that it is not noticed is fucked from behind, a strange excitement I have felt in the uterus.
On it, in a few hours ago, and the husband and sex, where that vagina is still flushed, and now has been inserted the son of the meat stick, as a mother, and also really to immoral feeling and guilt as a wife to come excited, it has become likely raise the voice.
When the son comes vigorously piston, the frame of the jalousie windows to become a rattling according to the movement of the hips, and are thought to me What if turned around the neighbors, rushed the pleasure like Jiwa~tsu and body floats to come, and I have been squid to finally son for what it is.
Since the first day, when my son to have sex almost every day, son also became interested in various sex, during this time I have finally a son and anal sex.
Have you ever lit husband, but to the son of Bae ○ vinegar thick, been realized Tteyuu are Oh violated when it is inserted welled up, I also have been very excited about the end was put vibes in vagina still, it is at the same time inserted into the anal, feeling the great climax, I have issued a shame Kashii voice.
In such times, or the other party's is another son, and the flame of whether, and I no longer know the reason.
But, from now on also, if possible, until it is tired of the son, and we would like to have been loved by all the time.

Libido of son

Recently, it had become to come graces the son of junior high school three years.
I thought the kana ... have become nervous before the exam. That day we were getting ready for dinner in front of the sink.
Son, has been Matowaritsui. In close contact with the body, we have or have attracted shaved cheek.
\"Nani rice today? 'Son, has suddenly embraced the West.
I, I have for some reason Takana~tsu big heart. Kitchen knife ahead of the index finger on the cover is I have touched a little.
Red blood has been blurred.
\"OK?\" I have asked anxiously.
Suddenly, I was included in the opening grabbed my finger. It was crowded added until about the second joint. Tongue It was felt that entangled To soggy.
I, while embarrassed, was referred to as \"the other, because it is all right.\"
Son, has released my finger. Son, had peek in close contact and as hugging from behind.
I felt a strange feeling of pressure around ass. It is, I noticed immediately or what a of.
Son is lust to me? Such stupid ... silence ensued. Suddenly I felt a man. Face I felt to become red.
Son, went back to his room and \"gotta do homework.\" That night, I have many thinking the son of that.
Son of obscene embarrassing book that had been hidden under the bed room that has come to mind. It was SM magazine.
It was just photos are embarrassed Me et al have naked women tied.
It was humiliating thing for a woman. But, his face, I felt full of joy.
\"Son, wants kana ... it was like that,\" I had unawares replace the sight of photos to yourself.
I tried to counteract the imagination. But I could not stop myself.
Man's face has changed to son. I, while calling the name of the son, had touched the nipple to Bajama over.
Sweet stimulus was spread to the entire breast.
At that time, the door has been knocked. The door opened.
\"How was that?\" Son was remained silent.
Before the son of Bajama of pants, it was swollen big.
Son \"I can not sleep,\" he said and as tweet.
Son, was looking to devour as a per of my chest. I was hidden in the chest in the involuntarily hand.
Body was trembling and big in the \"'m want to do with the mother\" shock.
\"Might be good, Mom,\"
I did not go out voice to much of it.
Son has been turned stroked disgusting the thigh. I is not can also scold his son, I was desperately shake off the hand.
And, we have been trying to Oroso the pajama pants. I was holding desperately pajamas.
But, it has been taken off. Son's eyes, was the eye of a man who was glistening and lust.
and \"forgive, we do not look in such eyes, and terrible I\" I now crying.
Even though their children, it was like a scary another human.
Son, suddenly stood up, was exposed suddenly the lower body. I had covered his face with both hands.
The naked seen as a child and had been very different. Completely, I'm a man ....
Part of my woman has been stimulated.
I've decided. To this not only stop the runaway son.
I knelt in front of the son.
\"If you absolutely can not stand, I'll was your mouth,\"
\"more'm useless\" son nodded as the gloating \"I promise.\"
I was gripping something son.
And they were selling large vein. ... Nante so large.
I was feeling that lower body may become hot. I was including those of the son in the mouth.
I've felt myself become the indecent.
Every time you feel the son of reaction, I would like more pleased.
Strange euphoria has been hit.
Suddenly my son drew the waist.
\"I'm already out of a likely\" I, is himself the yelling again added.
I want drank something son and I had thought.
I had drank feverishly.
Son, has requested a post-settlement.

Mother-to-child incest

I was a mediocre housewife of 43 years old.
It is, there is acquaintance of funeral, it had happened when you got home.
It was when I tried to Kigaeyo enters the room.
If you casually look towards the door, there was a figure of the son became a college student.
Son's eyes, was from usual different feel.
If you are glistening, I felt that you are bloodshot.
Involuntarily, I had stepped back.
It had imperceptibly become a feeling to be forced to the wall side.
The son has been to urge the body to me.
So we've been turning to ass hand.
\"A ... Tsu gonna be nothing! ...\"
I turn the hands back, I tried to Harao the son of hand Ass.
\"If you do not pay a hand, I would feel ... So, ... the odious Na ... I'm do not have to pay the hand\"
was a shock.
From that gentle son, I did not think it to hear such a word.
Son, to return before my hands, while staring at my face, I hand you touch in the ass, I began to move disgusting again.
The palm of the hand, is allowed to slowly crawl, it is coming so as to ascertain the like shape.
Be such a thing, the body could not be resistance to think as rigid.
Ass will come trembling little by little, it was full of embarrassment.
\"From the top of the skirt, I'll not put in the Na ... want to make sure firmly ass mom. Last'm only from the top of the skirt ... So, I ... because I in peace\"
and whispered in my ear and It has been.
I can not say anything, while trembling lips, it was just listening to the son of whisper. 
Son, while relentlessly to stick to ass the palm of the hand, it has turn stroked Nechikkoku. 
In Momihogusu way, we come to continue relentlessly attack.
I not withstand, and had been crowned characters ass.
Face becomes hot, it was irresistible for shame when I think the face is reddened.
Son of the finger from the top of the skirt, was an assigned to the valley of ass.
And, from the bottom to the top, you have disgusting stroked up over the stomach bone in the tail.
I was raised a disgraceful voice.
I did not like that you are still anymore.
Again and again, we are coming up stroking the valley of ass.
I, waist informal, was sat down on the spot.
Such to me, it is the son has been said to be all fours.
Son rate hike to sow a skirt in veterinary, many times have Hagi only underwear was through the things of me.

And I suffer very

The'm worried about is confession, in order to hear the test results of the father-in-law
and escort to the hospital, from the charge of teacher, to hear a description with a photograph that is projected to a personal computer, biopsy also is said to not worry was a benign
, two people in was joy holding hands, and let to a meal, go to the restaurant, when you are waiting for the meal to come, from the father-in-law, Ma-chan (I, Nde Manami) I guess, Ma-chan Atsushi and this means you are married to, and so come several times to the house, while you are having, that of Ma-chan you've come to love, but when I marry Atsushi, I've been to endure, When we met recently, and to have become more beautiful than before, and I'm dying to like to really like, but would be laughed at by a good year, real Nanda. It is this confession, dad, I also'm like, dad of that, lost my early father, will be married to Atsushi's, among which met dad with you, this gentle man, it becomes father Once, I really was happy, and I think that there also be me hug A true father, but I do not can also keep up with holding from me, I do my more, want graces dad over.
Thank you, I'll glad feeling of Ma-chan, and I'll hug properly this time, good graces and I think a real dad color.
Father's hand, overlap in my hand, middle finger and gently Nazeru As touched lower body is numb such pleasure between the ring finger, involuntarily is head down, I have piled into the hands of the father the one hand, tongue but the base of the finger, is to lick, Oh and sigh is over. Thank you for waiting, meal I have been transported.

Son's cock

yuna himekawa[24724]
I am a so-called single mother and live with my son. I had a lot of trouble, but like a treasure, I raised my son. Thanks to you, he is a healthy boy who is very close to his son and has a straightforward personality. This year, he is in the 4th grade of elementary school. Since I was little, I've always been with me, with rice, sleeping with futons, and of course taking a bath. I was wondering if my son couldn't do that anymore when he was adolescent. One day, I was taking a bath together as usual. My son seems to be proficient and has never said or said anything sexually. When I saw and touched my son's penis in the bath, it was just like a cute cock, and I didn't have any special consciousness. On that day, he suddenly shouted as he was washing his back as usual. "Mama, it's hard. Ochinchin is weird." When I saw it, the penis became stiff and pointed to the heavens. I was upset because I never imagined that would happen to my son. "Mom, what happened to my cock. Are you sick?" My son seems to be surprised for the first time. " Oh, it's okay. I'm not sick." "But I've never seen such a weird cock. What's wrong with me?" My son is just worried about the first time.At such times, if you have a male parent, you may be able to say something, but if your mother does this, you don't know what to do. I just say "it's okay" and can't do anything. My son's penis is getting more and more curled up and getting hungry. I was just looking at the penis. "What should I do? Are you going to the hospital?" My son's anxiety is only growing. I felt sorry for my son and took the plunge. "It's okay, my mom will do something about it." "Really? Is it okay? Mom." I reached out and grabbed my son's penis. It wasn't an adult penis with a skin on the tip yet, but it seems to be about the size of an adult. When I grasped it, I was surprised that it was very hard like a tree trunk. "Does it hurt?" "Yeah, it doesn't hurt. But it feels strange. Can it heal?" I gently moved my hand. Thanks to the soap, it can be moved smoothly. "Oh, mom, stop. Something strange." "Leave it to mom ." I can't stop halfway through. I moved my hands faster. "Mom, stop, stop, something is strange, weird." "Stop, stop." I kept moving my hands regardless. I may have been excited myself."Ahhhhhhhhh" Suddenly my son shouted and put all his strength into his body. Then, when I thought that the penis I was holding suddenly swelled, I began to violently spit out semen from the penis. Did you come out four or five times? I got a lot of semen on my face and chest. My son just breathes violently. Looking at it, I'm getting suffocated. "Mom, something came out of my dick. After all, am I sick?" "Okay, I'm not sick. Boys are all when they grow up." I tried to reassure my son. That was all I could do. However, my son's penis is still growing after that much ejaculation. "Mom, Ochinchin won't heal." My son is already crying. I didn't know what to do, but I started moving my hand again. After a while, or ejaculate violently. After all, on that day, I ejaculated four times until my son's penis erection subsided. Since that day, every time I take a bath together, I ejaculate by hand. I know I shouldn't do it, but I can't stop seeing my son's happy face. I don't think other people will understand it because my son has a firm hold on it, but I'm having new problems. It's my own problem.Every time I take my son's semen, I get very sexually excited. I didn't look at men and worked hard just looking forward to my son's growth. I never masturbated. However, since that day, I remember my son's penis and touch the embarrassing part every night. Even myself, the joy juice overflows embarrassingly. Someday, I'm going to want my son's penis. I'm not sure how long I can keep my reason. Oh, I can't wait to squeeze my son's penis and get semen all over my body ... After that, as I squeezed my son's penis in elementary school every day and helped with ejaculation, my son and I gradually changed. I was really happy that my son had a pleasant expression on his face, and I continued to act, thinking that I should try to make him as comfortable as possible. However, at the moment when my son is in the bath, naked, of course, sticking out the penis and ejaculating, I feel the sperm flowing through the penis in the palm of my hand, around the back of the penis. If you do, you will not be able to stay in your normal state. Even if I think I'm talking brightly and talking as usual, when the blue sperm pops out vigorously from the tip of the penis that has hardened like a tree, it hits my body and I feel the heat. Involuntarily, the voice of "Ahn" comes out. "Mom, are you okay? Don't you hate the things that come out of your cock?" My son is worried that he will get dirty things. "It's okay. Mom, I'm fine."I speak plainly so that my son won't take his heart. But it's not really. I am very happy to be able to sperm my son. I'm excited. My son doesn't know, but at the moment of ejaculation, I'm also focusing on the dick as the penis makes a jerk. No, it naturally gets stronger. One day, when I was taking a bath with my son as usual, my son reached out to my chest and touched it. "No, don't do that." I dispelled my son's hand. "Then, this is it, " said the son, reaching down. "What are you talking about?" I let go of my hips, but I wondered if that wasn't the case, and I was touched by my hips. "Stop" I finally escaped from my son's hand. "My mom's son is slimy." "What are you saying, that's not the case." "Mom also puts out something from there?" "I won't put it out ." "But it looks like something is out. " It's a lie. " " I always make my mom feel good, so I want to make her feel good. "My son may be saying from kindness. "Women, unlike men, don't do anything.""I also want to make my mom feel good. It feels good to rub it." "Okay, that's my mom." While saying that, while looking at my son's penis, which was growing up and facing the sky, I it embarrassed liquid is flowing endlessly from the dick.

I became her cousin

I will be in high school this year.
We can now have a relationship from year to 3-year-old older brother and several times of the act that became the junior high school students.
About the beginning of the half-moon a result, it has been embraced by every day, in Saffle.
It has a gift the Hesopiasu and pairing to mark that it became \"her\" in second grade.
Brother at a later little took me to the front of their friends, it is to show my navel was pierced was told to be \"made to her.\"
I have I was going lover Play, had at that time I was also ring on the left ring finger.
It was floor to take place out-of-sight I forced to have sex in front of the brother of a friend, Pies.
Between the brother of a friend I am supposed to be his cousin.

It became a brother and a husband and wife relationship.

The first thing was that of H is, when I was about college students.
Then I was also also can also make another lover brother,
in a brother that I loved the most, to be made ​​the boyfriend did not last long will be aware of the things of his brother.
Although the H relationship with his brother was incorrectly followed much,
it is not accustomed to bother to or made ​​the boyfriend to another, even I have gone to make a relationship with the person of a man other than his brother.
Do brother also I to others, such blame had said there I wish I do not want to make Toka her,
and me have not made ​​a lover to another, now willing to ask me to H When libido is accumulated.
H relationship of brother go much followed, it lasted about 10 years. I also also around the second half of the 20 units, How can I thought and I wish should not be not soon married Toka consciousness, rather accustomed myself to go out with another man because there was a relationship with his brother, is do now I thought the kana as. So, we talked a little in the future of things to his brother. But, brother to come or vice versa I have to think seriously in the future of the relationship, when I had thought I had been Hagurakasa brother that. But when an attempt is made ​​to the fact that H is obtained from his brother on the night of that day, the brother \"Nechansae, I want you to let me to take responsibility if good\" than that, does it mean? And to listen again and to his brother , \"sister much you want to only mine\" and it has been said. I will become a very happy feeling, then, is said to be I'm nice but to cum and a now live in brother, I nodded and \"Yeah\". On that day, brother of raw cock came into the inside of me. There was that you did that you have cum to Toka safety day, I was really excited for the first time from being did live on the day that might become pregnant, it would wet terribly, I much asked for this day I have noticed that had. And really I'm fine but I'm soon out likely to brother? I asked, but was I, I will because I already prepared can I have say I Can I put in without scruple. My brother has been directly ejaculation without refrain. Penis is moving twitching, now, even though it may become pregnant I felt full of the have been brother of semen is full on. When I will be fraught baby brother is now filled with happy feelings. Brother of H relationship with my from it, it no longer considered Toka contraception, went to the Pies do not hesitate. And during this period, as a result of using a pregnancy test, it was incorrectly react. I tried to go to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, but is that they've been pregnant after all. Because not only with his brother is a child's definitely brother. My brother and I have me pleased that pregnant. I think that there is a future that many great, but I will do my best with two people so happy.


By or pussy blame in remote Vibe You can ask them to fellatio hiding when there are of course during the absence in everyday sister and sex pickled junior high school parent enjoys brothers. And the most was pounding is that you have sex in front of the elementary school students do not know anything. Recently it has begun looking forward to Anal.

Son love with me

I, son in 44 years is 23 years old.
Husband a divorce in May that went to arbitration, and the parting was the It was late November of this year successfully. Son, because it was me saying they'll come with me, two of us were moved to new land. Our two people because it is land that you do not know, began life as distant a couple of years. Of course, still to me, if the sex without rubber because there are physiological, the result is, I think you young! So, got with the prescription pills in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, I enjoy sex. ... In poor writing