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Incest with daughter(2010-06)

Pregnant girl

yuna himekawa[12]
 Daughter unmarried was pregnant. Opponent is like saying the original him, but I believe their children may not know maybe.  Was having an affair with the daughter is about two years ago. With, it was a momentum of liquor. Daughter was resistance as frantically what first, but it would be even more excited, and I have a cum also twice. We regret equivalent in the morning, but entranced as \"the first time I've got the feeling all the way so much\", daughter of waking up gave me comfort the son who was morning wood.  Since then, I've continued to have a physical relationship on a regular basis with my daughter. Time of blank could often, but my daughter return to my original finally, relationship Devouring the body as a woman I was continued while you are able to lover daughter.  seemed to have a boyfriend who met in joint party until 2 months before the pregnancy is discovered, but the relationship with me did not end even while the boyfriend is there. It seems not last very long, daughter could not go to Orgasms asking me in the middle of the night, the boyfriend was committed in a strange excitement the body of the daughter immediately after I was also embraced by the other guy. Residue of man did not come out from the vagina of the daughter. It is natural because it had a contraceptive. But I did not do contraception.  Then pregnancy revelation of her daughter. Daughter have asserted that not going after you broke up once and for all, you get to take responsibility to him, you see me glanced it and assert strong and grow as a single mother and ex-boyfriend.  Elapsed months after 4 soon. I Sashikakari plateau. Is it a child my whether the grandchildren come born, I'm going to be the force of the daughter which determines prepared to grow in herself one anyway.



It does quit Yappa

It is the father of Arafo, but ended up relationship with my daughter.
My daughter is in one of the 13-year-old this year,
but when required for the daughter, even while I think about quitting someday, self-control, then you will Sutton.
The day of the night shift, three times a week my wife has become one almost always.
The beginning of things, and the fact that my daughter came to genital fondling well since I was 3 years old, there was that it was a caress pussy in half I found it is playfully. My daughter seems to feel quite sensitive, and with Vic and floated the waist, stood one hour I also notice and become a serious mode involuntarily. Since then, my daughter will come in asking on a daily basis, finger becomes to enter two lines is when it is about to elementary school students, and to enter it if small Vibe. And so by asking me stealing the eyes of the wife even when it comes to this time, there are his wife, Nante in the pants, hands had become as commonplace while Dacko in kotatsu.
At the age of 10, my daughter got used to the one finally. Until it also has been or infested only the part of the glans, but it was able to penetrate until it hits the back by three months and 10-year-old daughter. One more than 300 times in less than three years from it.
And has been clinging school Nari come back end with lunch today. When you cheer up son Blow daughter is on, it has been squid in 10 minutes vigorously at the top sitting as it is today. Is Kanpatsu Irezu second round. The caress daughter over a period of time now. End in the mouth fired after over 30 minutes son is restored, it was squid three times.
I thought, and I do not quit.

I was able grandchildren

I am two people living daughter and 16-year-old.
I love her daughter. My daughter has me love me.
A man and a woman so in love, act associated with it has also of course.
It was the first time fuck daughter daughter when I was 14 years old. To come repeatedly to fuck since
it was poured into the daughter my love for the first time on the night of the graduation ceremony of the junior high school daughter.
My daughter did not go to high school, you have me to me much. Its loveliness is
Itoshiku, think only her daughter and even from the company, and hugged her daughter soon as you return from the company, it will be naked.
There was also that it was in love at the entrance.
And the other day, the crystal of our love was finally sprouted.
I was wondering are you committed love almost every day, it would be someday, but I'm happy again.
Daughter also pleased.
I love her daughter in the future of course, you love one, but I want to love both also of a new family.

'12 From there

'12 And remarried and floor. .
Naa was Iloilo. . The Yuka to the student dormitory, dragon of my son bereavement in rectal cancer after five years of illness finally last year along with it go to the University of Tokyo from April of this year. . 2 people ended up saying continuously at this. . The Ikankana have to go even to the exorcism? Naa had to say Come to think of it, former husband of Yuka also died of cancer somehow. . And Tamasato daughter Yuka go on to two-year high school. . 2 people living began this spring in that it does not matter two people me and I asked what to do to Tamasato. .


I am living the couple no better than almost Yoshimusume. It is about a week one and bereaved wife, son posted overseas, it has been resistance terribly at first of course, but so do not dispute than making mistress, etc. out to each other, but we covet the body.

My favorite father

I am a 23 year old nurse. After graduating from a junior college, I work at a university hospital in Tokyo. The family lives with a father who was a gardener and a mother who was a nurse. I grew up being loved since I was little, probably because I was an only child. I am such a person, but I have a big secret. It was a year ago that I first had a relationship with my father. On that day, my mother was a nurse working at night, and my father and I were alone at home. Even though I was out of the bath, I think I had a fault because I was wearing only a small panty on a T-shirt. When I got up after folding the laundry in the living room, my drunken father suddenly pushed me down on the sofa. I didn't get along well with my father on a regular basis, and I hadn't heard much about it. I shouted "I hate it! Stop it!" Many times, but I couldn't beat my father's power. I was pressed down with a glaring look, and my head turned white because of my fear. The T-shirt was roughly taken off, and the panties were stripped off in a blink of an eye. I desperately said, "No! Let go!", But when I was forced to open my legs, I was licked my dick. I was so embarrassed that I resisted violently, but while holding me firmly, my father deliberately made a sound and licked it relentlessly. I was full of disgust, but at that time I was gradually feeling it, contrary to my feelings. When I was attacked by my father's thick fingers, he even leaked a voice that didn't say "Huh! Ah!" .When I noticed, my father was naked. And in the crotch, the momentum of a penis of a size that I have never seen before goes wild. I made a last stand while my thought circuit was paralyzed. However, my hands were easily dispelled, and my father's hot and hard thing was applied to the crack and pushed into me vigorously. My boyfriend was poking in the back of the womb that I could not reach. My father's potash shook my uterus, and my body became hot and my head became white. I was violently violated and I felt in agony without knowing what it was. According to my father's movement, a voice that suddenly comes out , "Huh! Hah! Hah!" . I remember hearing the voice of my father, who was meanly enjoying my reaction, asking, "What? Is it okay?" I was raped by my father, but I left myself to pleasure ... One day I entwined my tongue with my father's tongue screwed into my mouth and accepted a rich kiss. As the movement became more intense, my dad quickly pulled the penis out of it, spewing hot, squirting semen on my face. While bathing my father's cloudy liquid in my face, I put my lips on the penis that is inserted in my mouth and lick it crazy. She is a nasty woman who is amazed at herself. From that day on, my dad always came to commit me when my mother wasn't there. No matter how much I had a reaction contrary to my head, having sex with my father was only a problem. At the beginning ...At some point, I didn't realize it, and finally I started looking for my father's body. Every day I think of sex with my father and agonize myself. My body and soul were completely becoming my father's thing. And one day, I took the plunge and told my father. "More shite ..." ... Since that day, my dad has been able to get out of the night with my mother and hug me in my room. Of course, it was sex that killed my voice, but I was still satisfied. When my father leaves the room, he feels lonely and asks, "Come again tomorrow ..." . Immersed in this relationship, I broke up with my boyfriend who was dating at the time and continued to have sex with my father. At first I should have been disgusted, but then all of my dads confused me. The body that is tanned and working during the day is a muscular and strong body that can hardly be thought of at the age of 49. And that scary size dick ... A low-pitched voice ... I became more and more fascinated by the adult masculinity that my boyfriend didn't have. And of course, sex techniques ... It's a skillful skill, and it always makes me feel unconscious. And the power is also extremely strong, and it seems that sex other than my father is no longer sex. However, that happened about half a year ago. As usual, my dad and I were hot and fiercely entwined in the middle of the night. But the moment my dad opened the door to leave the room, his screaming mother jumped at us.My mother knew everything. Even though it was 2 o'clock in the middle of the night, my mother collapsed due to hyperventilation while continuing to scream like a scream. Breathing calmed down immediately, but the house has collapsed since then. I was separated from my family, and my mother became violent, such as hitting me and kicking me, and eventually I couldn't get out of the room. Eventually, I became neurotic and became depressed. Every day I feel sorry for my mother for doing this because of our mistake. Still, as the days go by, my body begins to ache in search of my father's body. I couldn't stand it so much that I headed to another room where my father was sleeping one night. And we were asking for it all night. Sex with my father who enjoys it for the first time in a long time. I threw everything out and immersed myself in pleasure to my heart's content. At first, I was biting my voice because I had a mother, but I became bolder every day. Time it is penetrated to his father thick mono, "Oh Aaaaa'!" Had Arage the voice said. My father , "because you do need a refrain, more voice put out!" Says the. But that's not the case. I can't stand my voice because it feels good. As the days went by, the voices and sounds that were made became more intense. Scary, I gradually forgot about my mother. And now my father and I are alone at home. My mother was hospitalized. I am receiving radiation therapy for recurrence of uterine cancer. When I went to visit him the other day, he went crazy and was told to "go home" , so I haven't been there since then.But I'm happiest now that I can get a life of just two people with my father without hesitation. I have a hot, fierce, and indecent relationship with my father almost every day. My father told me that my mother's affair was the cause of my disagreement with my mother. To be honest, I think it's my own business. Furthermore, when I expose my heart, I secretly wish for the progression of the disease ... And I decided ... Until now, sex with my father was extravaginal ejaculation without contraception. Most of them are in my mouth ... I'm going to convey my feelings, "I want you to put it inside ..." . My father and I are already married. You should be allowed to have children. I am prepared to devote all of me to my father ... However, I don't know when, when, and what kind of face I should turn to tell my father this. When I think that I'm mad, I'm scared and can't take action. I want to devote all my life to my father. No matter what the world says, I can't think of days when my father doesn't hold me.