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Incest with daughter(2017-07)

Pure white and white to white

yuna himekawa[7401]
Back tanka

appear to be a masturbation to equinoctial week
 passed away daughter of which is not known only father


\"pure white and white on white\" [daydream]

is there, it is weak is born body.
Will not hold up to adults from the doctor, because was said, Do you wonder knew himself somewhere, and in various ways to live a hurry.
Study, play, travel, none or Kke last had to lonely.

In, or did it was around there is entering a few years before his death of high school, I have began to say that I want you to tell me the man.

\"I die without knowing the man regrets leaving\" or.

Because what it is such a time in parent and child, or Hikiawasu even in young Mont who each accustomed to the woman of the treatment? And \"In this body that contains the female body, man suddenness sputum. Totcha, metazoan's §\" is also heard that, is being asked to cry without be helped.

Since the daughter's body was found to take in hand what state, was Yari hugging treated as ordinary Onago committed while Eraku caring.
Look at the Zhu Jaca remaining on the futon finished with two people, I remembered that I was glad smile daughter were seen in a long time.

By the way, my wife is also weak in body, waiting to give birth daughter soon gone, Kedomo had grown daughter in one Otokode, last I wonder ... I wonder I Kiren to do in Anna that.

Daughter became a woman through the deflowering, I I also embrace Well in man.
And I'll embrace many times, the poor were energy of daughter every time is to feel like something return, Tara often \"do care\", Well, it has Jima' fraught.
Because you he is a doctor that Oroseru be closer to the midwife Whoa in the countryside, we got \"flowed\" in the big clinic over the mountains of.
Daughter I was crying and \"die at birth wanna Kachanmi!\", Is said to doctor and daughter of the body would wreck before giving birth in the body is not good to eat barely, somehow Do not be appeased, or I also'm his son Does not it was Yarusenaka' in one's grandchildren, I had to unplug from the belly of the bag.

Well, I was back home in Futari from along.

Or was is badly cooked was down again, my daughter even if it has become often lie down ... was Chima' gone as it is.
Holding hands \"Sorry, sorry,\" I apologized and, I do not know if it had been delivered to the ear.
Without color of chalk at the time of Imawa, but still thin lips but at least also of salvation was a restful as if they were smiling § ....

It is housed in the same tomb from the following Hatsubon celebrated with his wife prefectural land, the Do ... daughter'm Kun that squeezes the Mara Recall daughter before going to bed.

In yukata I was doing clothed corpse in that white face.

Afraid I Somehow, because from Tsu looked looked better than when you are alive.
It but would not be healthy to the ghost, \"white daughter\" to \"white mind was doing\".

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Morning come liquor is missing father sober
 memory cleanly missing etch

So father, thinks that it sunk into my bed naked drunk.
It 's not every time, but I also run away ... I'm Yana feeling of do not remember the other party (father).

Under lighthouse living

[Back] tanka
in Ochia' daytime home only two people
 daughter is nestled remains of uniforms


[daydream \"under lighthouse living\"

This is the story of when I was standing about a month a little before, become the new school year.
\"Huh ... Atsu\"

(to feel hot for spring sunshine, now wonder if because during the day?)

Sweat in the winter of uniforms cumbersome body, feeding the wind into the jacket crowned Hira the patter and hem.
Looking at the parking lot There is, of my car and take a look at is that the other party from now are already back home.

\"... properly also Shiro work\"

without even say to anyone, try muttered bad things about the car of the owner.
Go up to the floor with a home in the elevator exits from the entrance.
Take the thin and quiet was early afternoon of the floor, try to put a hand to the home of the door without having to ascertain the key.


entrance of the key is open.
For the time being wary of \"mother\" quietly take off shoes, entering to the back of Sororisorori and home.
Sign of life in the daytime of home living room and the kitchen is not, it sounds like is also seen in something or when going to the back TV to while still tense.
In the direction of the sound, it was attacked by a ... a stretch weakness when looking into a room that is wide open the entrance.

\"Slow was na\"

person who was heading to the PC in the study has been called out face up.
That when it comes appearance ... I wonder mother say what you see.

And to stand the Nani was watching the AV naked, my waiting opponent.

At all ... not a like a fool to here had been wary of the mother.

\"School, half Don It 's (reduced class) even many things there I\"

and prop up against the student bag in the doorway of the room, go side by side in a study of the desk and remove the Yara smartphone Yara watch from uniform.


Still and listen to the person you are relaxing sitting in a chair

, \"drew lightly\"

because he told me

\"not 's! I also have that? Better to bathe\"

Ah, such as convinced in the face, from the top see me to the bottom.
I usually, I'm naturally attracted because they were at the hotel, so is today home, very much without permission was asked the difference.
Opponent is rising instead of answering, have been hug shaking Burunburun the firm remains array.
I try sniffing the smell around the Sun and neck hugging each other, there is no odor, such as when was in the car.
After all etiquette, but it's important also to etch.

\"... N\"

after repeated lips, but I thought it was coming Nugashi, arrived the knee is holding the shoulder to the floor, coming projecting things opponent.
And guess the intention, try to touch the things that were firmly in the AV before I come.

(Gollum ...)

use the fingertips of both hands, and Sawasawa as tickle, funny bounce and jumpy.
When subjected to both ears hanging out because their hair is the way, ahead of ourselves is clenched things that you are Jiwari, Hobaru open the mouth wide so as not to hit the teeth ...

Sugomori from Friday night

[Back] Tanka
happy it was my daughter and naked Lying
 kissed exchange fiddling nipples
\"Sugomori from Friday night\" [daydreaming]

nothing people spend with his daughter naked on holiday that do not fit, such as the way.
Now, around noon on Saturday.
Last night, so was either already many times from Friday night, spend a series of laid back, the daughter and the bed to accumulate the next libido.
Since the air conditioning is a Tsukeppanashi, although the morning from midnight that's naked was a little cold, the day the wall temperature also rises as the sun rises, but much a little hot right now.
Touching the body of the daughter snuggle up next to, feel by hand're a little sweaty.
\"Dad's hand, hot by\"
the hassle likely to squirm, but quiet becomes grab the breast.
It loincloth stroked the bulge has grown even from the entrance to the high school, it has become a little stiff when nipple touches the fingertip.
The areola and Sri Sri, reveal a sigh from the lips open thin and I'll be Kurikuri the nipple.
Such glossy Mekashiku, cover overlying piled up lips, also begins depending entwined daughter and inserting the tongue.
Not violently, Yet numb as a netlist and the reply of the tongue, parent-child kiss.
Both of them release the face rough breath a little.
Mix sigh, the line-of-sight to intersect up close.
\"Can likely?\"
Spear prime daughter of the body's greedy.
Say whether it early, come hold the son.
I thought it was still impossible, but was aware of are stimulated to graceful hand movements of the daughter come by increasing the hardness.
Daughter to widen the slip and feet, or you have a Well then, or do my best ...

Gender courses to the daughter of a small 5

Bathing the two children as my job, but you wash the daughter of a small 5 to rise wash his son earlier.
In particular, pussy do But clitoris wash the inside of the crack with bare hands to wash flipping through the skin, I'm in the comfortably likely.
\"What about Emi feels good but\"
\"Yeah, really feels good.\"
\"Well here is the university.\" When asked to put your finger just a little bit into the vagina hole to say that
\"I do not know N cormorant -\"
\"This is put Nechinchin because the place that should not be without first to clean because Toko to make a baby I \"
\" penis from entering \"
\" Yeah. \"
\" well of also entering big cock of the dad, \"
I'm still early\" Emi's I'm so, \"
\" in time Once you put the \"made
back three to four years Once you put in may,\" \"Hmmm
,\" that's patience until it \"
\" Are' Emi Kai want to put early. \"
\" But you do unreasonable \"
try to put in a try\" I'm so or \"
\" Yeah, yeah \"
in intended to fall unexpectedly When I put Guitto in the back of the fingertip has put
the\" fingertip paddle no pain I went as far as it will go. \"
\" I Yeah no separately painful, something strange feeling. \"
And to stimulate the G-spot in this
\"up ... be comfortable there something\"
gentle and has given the stimulus
soon as said, \"Do not, something goes out -\" pee came out Spray.
Eyes and see the face of my daughter had disordered breathing as Toro-down.
\"Would have been if it felt good.\"
\"Yeah, really to was comfortable force pee was leaked missing\"
\"has become cock Okikku of long-dad\"
has become Daikkiku when I touched the \"Emi dick \"
\" I also have a little touch? \"
\" I say, it was not rubbed while gripped with'm touching the wind that say \".
\"Hey I came out something dad destination Ppokara\"
\"It comes out when the middle'm the role of ze become slippery Lee in Emi\"
\"N fu ~\"
\"Dad also feels good.\"
\" good \"
\" move more quickly \"
small hands in fair-skinned daughter is likely out come dwarf happiness and looking from the top of which deal with jet-black penis
\" good or Emi common Tokundazo \"
I was fired. To it flew semen about two meters
\"Wow great ~\"
\"This is fall and I'm can baby in the Emi\"
was the dark contents of the sex course than usual today.
Production act with his daughter is coming soon.

Yochitsu diary?

 In Emi elementary school Yoshimusume, finally because I was, I plunged into the long-awaited summer vacation plans until late August from today, in the house (of) in addition to other than Watakushi became a father and son home that absent a family, summer vacation period at home at the time limitation has decided to lower body only be to spend at the turtle pop in, available to you in immediately is to but the practice from the other earlier! ! The imminent even me to stay watching TV because Emi the vertical streak crack issued only 曝 passes in the Living, in honest FB (full erection) state, before about just 5 minutes, stride opening on the couch by pressing from the by of the posture gently to the daughter of a longer break hook the recorder and call you Tatefue of the tip to use in the classroom of music hymen (hymen), towards the young in the vagina, blowing a song whistle doing was vain, even the external genitalia of the Toka clitoris on the labia minora and its small size that is being formed not vagina only sound to match the performance, contrary to the initial expectations, fairly or in different breathing and usually Although I cage emits a sweet voice ....


Father is withdrawn from the crotch or the finished
 tears while wiping crotch dirty

Opponent father 51 years old

Father to 22-year-old virgin, which was raised I have graduated from college, I was hurt
is in the clear memory even now, was the hotel of bed.

\"Dad, safety Date of of ... If tomorrow\"
promise to raise the father, first, but the father had been puzzled, my thought
I was a confession to his father.
 Father of operation to car wicket for hotels in the gate, and his father entered the room
each other embrace with a kiss immediately,
\"and Nugashi Dad,\"
I close my eyes, and my father Nugasu a one-piece, mini slip
is also taken off, the only in bra and panties, pantyhose has
had to come take off at home.
T160, B85, W58, H87, the father is to bare large array I undress
in a surprise result, my father gently enters body in the bathroom lift up my naked
wash, there's hair is # more than even thinner care in beauty salons
not, hair was not to the extent that remain slightly.

If the whole body finished wash gently, gently wipe the moisture of the body,
it had been laid to be lift up the bed.
 Father each other entwined tongue kiss becomes a top, left shift gradually under
rubbed suck of tits, father went between the legs over there
to crawl the tongue, I've been thinking aloud.

\"A'a'a' ... father ... aah\"
there to feel I was not raised licking tongue. For the first time know pleasure
will be like the body to numb, such as go through the force from the body,
\"mind you, I put in, first put up I would be painful
I put ... I've got to\"
father gradually, such as those spread press enter to my back, pain is
run, but I was moving slowly, gradually strongly back
had cried cling to his father in pain pushed up.
\"painful! ... father ... Oh,
\"... You know ... Yurie Ikuzo ...\" put out during the \"
feel hot to the uterus, father felt the body numb the insertion until my back
is, I'm fainting I want you gone.
 Notice and still my father in a state in which it is inserted
, \"Wow I love you dad\"
and had each other Sucking long sought a strong clinging kiss to my father
, I think. My father had to restart the movement in the inserted state.
That day, was in love intensely enough to forget the pain.
 It fell to the days of love from it, physiology without notice and
finished the proven pregnancy abortion, the father is the determination of the pipe cut
I was finished the treatment was.
 Now has to spend every day happy become a father and husband and wife sex life.

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Nasty father of breast massage molester manner
 is to Momimomi nipple Korikori
Well, feeling bit by bit Toka Zowazowa?
Messing around how the nipple is exquisite, truly front of the power of acceleration and change in pain.


In a couple of doctors and nurses, we have a son and a small 5 of the daughter of medical students.
Dabbled in JK who was tutor to the honest pedophile w student
dextrose marriage and pregnancy. Son at that time is playing in the city.

So to my daughter. . .
But still, I can not be more than a line

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It kilometers clothes Leave it to okay my father
 in the outside of the room mother frenzied
are screaming without thinking neighborhood nuisance to jealousy BBA midnight.
\"Akero! You Era is I! I know what are you doing every night\"
Ussai Wow, escape from the window, leaving a father.

Back Tanka twitter

Suddenly when rubbed the chest from behind
 trampling the father of the foot in the heel
of our house is, Nde free of sexual harassment a father, because you do not have'm kind of relationship.

Incest discourse

View pussy daughter in absolute body today. From the chest began to bulge recently, but I do not enter the bath and I.


Daughter, first experience of Yoshino, is part of up to insertion. On this day, I had decided firmly in mind and, take away the virgin of Yoshino. Now, still and try to burn to store the body of Yoshino do not know the man, but I started while wearing an electric, female genital of the cleanliness of Yoshino, was impressed by the beauty of the hymen. Fall in love a woman and one, teach elementary school children do not know anything, to monopolize the beautiful body, my feelings were overwrought.

A little while ago of Yoshino is, shouted me \"go, microphone\" was really surprised. Is the same as the adult woman. Still, one year later, piggyback red satchel, to 5-year elementary school raw. Body is enough, that enjoy the adult man and sex.

\"Nuke,\" a cute're bouncing a breath, we hugged. If so suited the face and trying to kiss had dropped a slovenly drool from the left in the mouth. It seemed to no longer know the other you are doing.

Drool a raised licking tongue, it has been with stick and reflection to suck suck as it is on the lips of Yoshino. \"Smack, Chu, Chu\" and nasty sound was sound.

Incest typhoons and thunder is caused

Night typhoon came, daughter in it to thunder rang a power outage 2 in the middle of the night is
the \"thunder afraid\" I am sleeping is said to come to the room
as \"good to sleep with?\"
immediately when I slipped next to me, more a large thunder sound
was trembling been clinging to as \"calibration ~ scary ~\" to me.
The room face that Hikitsu' of the daughter in the only light of thunder reflected on the window in the dark I was also hug strongly daughter the poor.
Not hear what thunder but was staring at me there in only the last few centimeters the face of the daughter projected lights in the window.
It has piled up lips attacked by a strange feeling.
Not trying to Furihodoko be gently touched the breast of the daughter accepted the kiss Close your eyes
intense as \"a,\" \"Anne!\" Voice like agony to reverse leakage, it was entwined tongue caught fire at once my libido It was changed to kiss.
My daughter is also coming or smoked violently or entwined tongue was caressing stretched out a hand to the pussy.
Manco also there and put a fingertip already vagina hole is wet was wet Gusshori.
When you daughter naked to stimulate the Chitsuana rolled a smoke with a nipple to the breast
\"You see, if feels good,\"
\"good, feels good Tsu\"
\"try to touch cock of dad\" immediately grasp the cock
\"hard'm hot and\"
\"or try to lick cock, dad also because I want to lick pussy\"
daughter I overlies cover on top of the daughter now has sucked in the jaw I pussy cock.

Relationship between the daughter and the body

yuna himekawa[7160]
Since my daughter came out to shopping at lunch prepared,
I am not the real father, she was married to a Whirlpool of women at first marriage.
She became the wife would be passed away five years ago, the only daughter and two people
open the body from the direction of the daughter becomes the life I was tied welcomed me.

 Become such sex life of a married couple, intensely loved case also went to a love hotel
also spent the time, because it is ordinary car can not be car sex, blue sky
there is also the love under, car sex is possible in the hope of daughter
one box and I have said to try to change the type, afternoon daughter
is going out to find the appropriate models.

 It father is in the family register on, Ikazu to mean to be pregnant with my daughter, I
but has got a daughter of the virgin, avoid pregnancy because it was safe day
has been. Daughter says I be pregnant, but if talk with my daughter
had, we finished the result pipe cut.
 Also entered me and bath, hair I had shaved every day, tingling
seemed going to eventually hair loss is, Shaved state of the slick is now
is. My age is 40's, the 25-year-old daughter has passed.

Desire to father

I have sex with my father! I had no plans to go to high school, but I was free at home. My father also stayed at home as if he was on vacation. My mother was on the part and I was alone with my father. I've loved sex since I was a junior high school student, and although I'm limited to older people who are good at sex, my spear friends and boyfriends have never run out. I was in agony because my period was close on that day. However, neither my boyfriend nor my spear friend had a plan and no one was caught. I had no choice but to give up and go down to Kickin for a late breakfast. Below, my father was watching TV. My father noticed me and said, "What !? Yelled. It was hot from the morning so I was wearing pants and sleeveless. "It's okay because it's home! ", My father was having trouble with his eyes while screaming. When I returned to my room and lay down for a meal break, I was still in agony, so I started masturbating. When I was thinking about what to imagine while playing with chestnuts, I came up with the idea of ​​"with my father ...". However, it's a real parent and child, isn't it? But my father is also a man and older ... It would be awkward if I refused even if I invited him ... What should I do…. Reason and libido struggled in my head for a while. But! When I was thinking about sex with my father, the abnormal world of incest aroused more excitement and interest, and my desire prevailed and I called my father into the room.As soon as my father came to the room, he said, "Have you changed your clothes yet? I scolded me. Ignoring those words, I asked my dad for a massage because my back hurts. "what? What happened? My father was worried, so he said, "Because it's before my period, my back hurts!" Then my dad came to bed with shyness and began to push my hips prone. "is it wrong. It's lower! I ordered this and had my father massage, but I was wondering how to invite my father any more. Then, "You also started to say menstruation without any problems ..." My father muttered. "why? Is it strange? "No, I don't think I've grown up ..." my dad said with a shy smile. I said, "I'm 17 too! "I'm already an adult," he said, "That's right! "Adults, adults", my father laughed. At that time, here! I thought, "Ah & # 59145 ;! You're stupid, right? I'm no longer a child. 』\ I changed my posture and lay on my back and pulled the tits with both hands to appeal to my father. My father said, "I already understand. I turned my eyes away from my chest, so I said, "I don't know! I grabbed my father's hand and let him touch the tits. Then my father shut up and looked at the corner of the room without looking at me. My father's hand just touches the tits, and one finger doesn't move. I put my dad's hand in my clothes and let him touch the tits directly, saying, "Please touch it properly! Then my father slowly started rubbing the tits without saying anything. "How? You've grown up, right? "Yeah, even when I asked. I only get a reply. However, I got wet just because I thought my father was rubbing my tits. Occasionally, when my dad's finger hit my nipple, I heard a voice saying "Ah ..." and I was so excited that I couldn't go back anymore. Maybe my dad noticed that I was out of breath, but he didn't stop rubbing his tits.On the contrary, every time I uttered "N ... N ...", my father became a naughty way of rubbing in a circular motion. As I became more comfortable, I rubbed my dad's hand as he rubbed his tits, and he flung and picked his nipples with his fingers. To that stimulus, I said, "Oh! I felt awkward with "Ann". Suddenly, my dad turned to me, rolled up his clothes and stuck to his nipples. The gentle and sticky caress of my father was pleasant, and I was pleased while holding my father's head, saying, "Ah ... feeling ... good." My dad slept beside me while licking his nipples, crawling his hands on his flanks and thighs, and then stimulated chestnuts through his pants. I feel like I'm putting my hand around my father's neck. When my dad put his finger in from the side of his pants and started to touch the chestnuts directly, he made a strange noise from the already wet dick. My dad who fingered the dick for a while got up, took off my pants and put his mouth on the dick! By putting the tongue in and out of the vagina, sucking chestnuts, and stimulating with the tip of the tongue, "Ah ... I don't like it ... Iku & # 59145 ;! 』\ I couldn't stand it because of my father's cunnilingus. When I was surprised at how good it was, I said, "... was it good? 』\ My father kissed Hoppe while stroking my head. "Yup. When I answered "OK ...", "OK! I got up and said, "Oh? What about daddy? okay? "I can't do it anymore!" "Because it's my father and daughter," he said, "Isn't it shit? I was worried because I tilted my head and said, "Well, let's give it a blow job?" And my father became silent again, so I was my father. I took off my clothes and gave him a blowjob.My dad was stroking my head and trying to make me feel good, but after about 10 minutes of giving a blow job, he said, "It's okay. "Thank you," my father stopped the blow job. "Eh !? You haven't come out yet, right? I asked, "I'm fine if you're satisfied." Are you tired? "My father cared for me. I was so excited by my father's kindness that he said, "Daddy, please! Put it in ... " My dad silently laid me down and slowly put me in the missionary position. My dad gently licked his nipples and alternately moved shallow and deep while using his hips. Unlike the powerful etch that my boyfriend and friends always do, my father's etch was kind and soothing from beginning to end. "Ah ... Daddy ... Kimo ... Chi ... Good" When I hugged my dad, "Huh ... Aki ... Daddy seems to come out ..." I'm getting closer. "I don't like it, I don't like it," and I moved my hips in line with my father's hips. "Ah ... no! ‥ Iku! "" No ... no ... no! I was just before the climax, so when I unintentionally turned my father's waist and hugged him with all his might, he said, "Oh, oh !? Ah & # 59145; ”My dad just got it in me. The moment my dad put it out, my dad's things suddenly expanded in me, so I got it in a hurry. When I left me, I was impatient, "Wash me quickly!" When I saw it, a lot of my father's sperm was dripping from my dick.

Incest discourse

Daughter comes pressed against the chest, it Mataonedari.
Before this was Nedara in a bath in the appearance of a single bath towel.
30,000 when Segama came into naked in my bathing, while what I described flow back. No guy that cunning works. You put near as much as to say me to lick the pubic hair of over growing in my face, or wash back while pressing the began to bulge milk on his back. Mercy of the erect penis grabbed another daughter When you are squeezed in. \"Because keep silent in Mom\" after ejaculation, it is the evil daughter. Kana Blow Job, go to the insertion in this guy put away.

I love one father

Father 52 years old, has become the relationship between the father and the body from dying mother.
Please note that you avoid details.
 Once there is also experience in the contraception and abortion pregnant with the child of error father,
ever since my father we have finished the pipe cut.
Recently, I spent a love time and sometimes also used to the hotel.
There is also a car sex, if you or go out to the suburbs, stopped the car
there even there to find the location is, even if not out breast milk in the take off easy dress we give to breast-feeding also to his father.
 And across the top of the high speed at the location where found recently, beyond the middle
dead end in, a leisure sheet becomes the outside out of the car
and lay illuminated by the sun on it, I had bought a father and sweat
\" I want also shouting nasty in a loud voice if here,
big time cried anywhere because not heard ... is good or at
tell me in saying, look ... cute voice \"
\" Oh Dad ... Ann ·· ○○○○ the good
more ○○○○ to ... Hamete ... dad more
○○○○ ····· An ... Dad amazing! · ·
○○○○ ... ○○○○ ·· more Hamete ... \"
\" pleasant ○○○○ I'm ... uh interference nice
but of ○○○○ ·· \"

loudly than ever will in love with, my father and I are
each other Sucking determine the overlap opening in sweat, the skin is also in close contact
will blazed to love one intense, return hotel on the way
I was passing a father and sweat to find a but like burnt to positive is.
 I also hair is Yes and hair loss without, is also pleased from his father

2 that the only daughter

It is a continuation.

Probably would have experienced for the first time of orgasm daughter, snuggle perfect for my body, in a satisfactory up (to look to) look, I arrived at sleep.

However, I will return to us, drifts indescribable guilt, I could not sleep. Various think is the zero crossing of the head.

\"Although the consequences, not only remember the sexual excitement to their daughter, ... and which has been the ridiculous\"
\"is not it also allowed for worldly\"
\"From tomorrow, how daughter in contact I wonder if I should go to \"

confused my head, gradually convenient, floats excuse.
\"It does not mean that forced the daughter reluctant ...\"
\"It's that you have to either understand ...\" \"... to nor was a prank by taking advantage of that do not know anything.\"
In this way, without even wide awake, I had greeted the morning.

Morning, the daughter came down from the bedroom, has said \"good morning\" with a light smile. It was common than I thought.
\"Miki, I'm sorry ... yesterday.\"
\"Eh? Apart from, I'm not angry something to\"
\"But Do not, gone to do that in parent and child, I ... gone in pensive from there in various ways.\"

\"Well, but I I was happy to full stuck to Dad. I, I do not Wakan still well that etch, to was the study of physiology at the school, since the men and women of the mechanism has been found once. and, Dad and mom, like a yesterday, will do I was born because I have been in love with each other variety? also the huntingtin is large, I full well that that juice is comfortably out, not that be strange, not I had to say dad? I instead of mom I do not 's, to not only just the two people, because nor can speak who it one by one separately in school, feeling do not happy if a little can get along before you go to bed . \"

\" Thank you, \"I did not say only this word only, mind there was a thing to be refreshing.

Then, the night is followed by withdrawal of the act with his daughter.
(But, the last of the clear distinction only [insert cell conceived] is not an absolute, but I was in so as not to in your libido vent)

since each other relaxed, daughter have also gradually aggressive request you. \"Ne, stroking and dick,\" \"so gripped huntingtin\"

\"pleasant to the touch chest?\"
\"Hmm, I kinda hurts when rubbed, the nipple is gently stroked or pleasant After me na\"
thus act of mutual caress in the hands of each other of the day it lasted for a while.

From the few weeks, I began to use the mouth and tongue.
Daughter seems to have come to differ in the method of touch than usual
while caress gently through the body in the tip of the tongue, and to the foot of the daughter large open, you aloud as \"A'tsu! Yaan\" while surprise a little. As it is, I have often looked at the crack Me daughter. It is indeed obscene play. Then, when gently crawl to the tip of the tongue to the crotch, my daughter has floated an expression of \"Ee'tsu?\".
(... licking my dick)

you, but, numbness in different sensation and until now, while raising the voice with the \"feelings Ii'!\", I grab my head with both hands. My tip of the tongue unconsciously seek ... stimulus so as to press the crotch.

- since it became long, it continued also later

With my only daughter

He is the father of a father-son family with a second daughter (Miki). It started from taking a bath one day. My daughter, who hadn't taken a bath with me since the end of elementary school 4, said on my birthday, "Dad, today is my dad's birthday, so why don't you take a bath?" I was talking to him. I was a little surprised, but responded half-jokingly, "What? Together? What happened suddenly? Is it something you want?" My daughter said with a smile, "Well, I'm not hungry. I haven't been together for a while, I don't know if I'll be together again, and this time it's my birthday celebration." To my feelings, I decided to respond obediently. However, it turned out to be an unexpected development. When I took off my clothes at the dressing room and looked back at the girl who followed me, I was surprised at the girl who had grown into a body with a remarkable femininity. The breast, which was not so noticeable from the top of the clothes, has a certain bulge, and the buttocks are slightly small but rounded, drawing a beautiful curve. "Dad, don't look too much!" I was nailed by my daughter, but as a man, I couldn't help but look at him. Rather, I was happy with my daughter's growth at this time. It felt good to have my daughter rub her back with a sponge, no, it was comfortable. "Dad, did your mom wash you like this in the past?" "Yes, when Miki was small, my dad washed his body every day, and now, what should I say that Miki can wash me like this ?" I wonder if I want you to wash it off every day from now on. "The daughter smiled with a shy expression, "Fufufu". "Then, my dad will wash Miki this time." "Hmm, but it's okay because I can wash it myself." " I've been together so don't hesitate," while I also said from my daughter's back. I gently washed my arms and hips. "This time, turn to your dad." "Oh, I'll wash myself before ..." "You don't have to be shy, I really have to ask my mom to tell me, but the important thing about girls is politeness. If you don't wash it, various germs can easily grow, so take this opportunity to remember. ” Thus, I slowly slid my soaped finger into my daughter's crack and rubbed my labia. While gently moving it back and forth, I told him, "This is a place where dirt easily accumulates and germs tend to increase, so wash it well and wash it away." "Dad, something tickles I was found" "I have a little patience, a little bit more and not to drop the dirt," "power to the foot does not turn Yoo ... something strange" while daughter do this to say, in front of my eyes I sank into the floor of the bath. "Ah, did you feel it ..." I closed my eyes and sighed faintly, "Fu ... Fu", and I saw my daughter in an M-shaped spread legs posture in front of me. Unexpectedly, my penis started to get up with mukumuku. The more I think it's bad to see this in front of my daughter, the more momentum it gets.Sure enough, my father's local part, which I had never seen before, jumped in front of my daughter who opened her eyes, and with a surprised expression, "Eh?", She put her hands on her mouth. "Dad, this is ..." I can't cheat anymore. "Yeah, yeah, when a man sees a woman naked, it's like this. Miki is getting closer to an adult, and his dad is also a man, so this isn't strange." "But the shape is something. wow ... it's very different from the penis of ... small boy even though it has already been hanging out always " " When dad is also small, it was such I was the same penis and the boy "look Miki from there, no longer of implementation It is sex education. My daughter was curious and seriously listened to me when I pulled the skin of my penis into a phimosis and taught that it would be like this when I was a kid and when I grew up. "May I touch it?" My daughter asked me, so I covered or peeled my penis halfway, but she said "it's funny", but she actually got into a handjob. I have. "Something like juice is coming out from the beginning ." My penis overflowed with patience juice. "Yeah, a man feels good when a woman touches a cock and this kind of juice comes out." "Maybe I was crazy when my dad washed my dick a while ago. Is it because I feel better as well? " " Maybe because Miki has become an adult woman. "As expected, I couldn't ejaculate here, and I managed to round it up by saying, "I can't wait any longer, so let's get out of the bath. Let's go to the futon." After this, while struggling with what to do and what to do, I entered the bedroom with my waist and my daughter wrapped in a bath towel. Curiously, my daughter lying on the bed with a bath towel wrapped around her has a certain sex appeal, or indescribable sexyness, and my reason is about to disappear somewhere. I gently snuggled up to my side and gently stroked my daughter's hair, and she just stuck to my body. Gently remove the bath towel and the daughter hides her face with both hands. My daughter, who seemed pretty sexy, was still a growing body when she was naked, but when she slid her middle finger over the faint cracks, she was surprised to find a lot of small cracks. It was so dense that I could almost drop it into sheets. I never thought that even a child would get so wet. "Miki's body is very beautiful. Miki has a lot of juice like her father, so it feels good." "No, naughty." The daughter holds her chest with one hand and the other. When I twisted my body to hide my crotch, my excitement culminated at once. My middle finger sought out my daughter's clitoris, which was about the size of a grain of rice, and at the moment I traced it, my daughter shook her body, saying "How!" I was allowed to. "Dad, what's this? It looks like your body will fly somewhere! Hmm ." "It's okay, move your dad's cock! It's okay if you feel good together.""No! No! No! No!" In a loud voice, the daughter experienced her first climax . I also released a large amount of sperm into my daughter's small hands. I'll come back to this later