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Incest with daughter(2010-11)

Daily routine

yuna himekawa[203]
When you went physically and spiritually, it had become the daily routine as it is suck a thing of the father. And I thought I do not have any doubt, and has been such a thing everybody.
My father, he's instilled in me as a matter of course. · It is to a secret that must not be said to others. My mother knew about it but did not say anything. Then forced
to I took the virginity of my earlier than greet the menarche when the small 4, semen and blood of the tomb is,
micelles pushed with their own hands, and from dripping from there hairless, father, photo I was housed in. I was compliant with only cry do not know the divided.
Since then, my father had to use my body as almost every day. Since there was never getting wet still, it was sucking licking those of his father so that does not hurt even a little time of the act.
Be taught masturbation, I remember going that by rubbing twat hairless yet. In school is raised,
my father makes it a lot that it feels me. But when it falls, has been or is that it hurts tied with a
rope. There was often also acts sprinkled with friends of his father. When such, we can take a photo or take a video always.
There was no guilt so you feel good and very lovingly. Physiology came when the small 6,
from now to ejaculation in ass father, because can not Mouchuu out. Is referred to as, anal now fucked.
My mother knew all, but it was indifference. Can have younger brother, younger brother also knew unusual behavior of my father and me.
I enrolled in high school, my brother when a junior high school student, you can peek at the Bathing interested in my body, my brother came to peek at the action of the father, but
the mother, brother and I have a relationship It had been severely note and did not seem forgive only to have. I will be 25 years old now, I have been working for the company from home.
You do not have that relationship with the father have followed, was the love of ordinary still. I can no longer do that.
When they become 20 years old, is subjected to obscene tattoo in the instruction of my father my body, we have to genital piercing. The other, I had resigned my feelings at this time.
I was the sex slave processing completely a hobby of his father. But it is that I also wished. My father's love as a tool of sexual processing me.
It is a love like using cherish toys rather than paternal. There is also a fact that was considered rebellious to question this myself, in such a family, to get out the house, but
my body anymore, because it can no longer be satisfied with a normal, and gave up the other. My father seems to want to brag to others like me, I will be lent to others well.
But, I no longer seems to bother separately. I now enjoy in reverse. I will not give up marriage usually.
It is thought seems not willing to let go of my father, and the thing This occurs because also there is no way of transformation of blood father because they flow to me.

Daughter's virgin

I am 32 years old and an ordinary office worker. I live with my daughter Masako (second year of junior high school). When I was 23 years old, I met a woman who was 6 years older than me at a pachinko parlor, and I got married half a year later. She had a 6-year-old child (Masako). After that, my wife was absorbed in pachinko and made a lot of debt from consumer finance, and she stopped going and evaporated three years ago. After that, I raised Masako by myself. The incident happened a year ago. I had no money to work hard and play hard to raise my daughter and pay the debt to my wife's relatives, and the only fun I had was H-video. It was a commemorative video taken with my wife and half a fuzz. I started masturbating while doing video as usual. Suddenly my daughter was in the room ... "Well, Masako !!" She seemed to be quite surprised, and for a while she looked at my face and stood stunned. Exposure to dick while standing in my Gingin transferred to below the line of sight gradually ... "That's true, Dad I'm a man also" "The are watching any video? Back video?" And, says while next to me I sat down and started watching the video ... Then my daughter shook her voice and shed tears ... "This is mom ... Dad and mom," she muttered while looking at me. When she finished watching the video, she suddenly took off her clothes. The naked daughter touches my erected lower bodyHe hugged me while saying, "Did you miss your dad? I won't lose to my mom!" I was able to kiss and do my best while saying, "Dad ... I like ... hold me ." When I hugged my daughter, I was shaking my body a little. I entwined my soft tongue and kissed violently. "Masako, have you ever done that?" I finally returned to myself and asked my daughter. "No, for the first time ... I decided to be a dad ... I've always liked it." I was surprised at the sudden event, but after a long time I couldn't control my self-confidence after seeing the woman's body. Was there. The next moment, I pushed my daughter down to the floor and reached for her tits. My daughter's tits that I touched for the first time were quite large, soft and warm. I put my daughter's beautiful nipples in my mouth and rolled them down or sucked hard until they turned red. After that, I licked a body with no stains that I had never touched a man. I laid my daughter down and enjoyed the smooth feel of her skin with her hands and tongue. And when I reached for my daughter's pussy and stimulated it strongly with my fingers, it was very wet. I couldn't stand it and forced it into my daughter's pussy ... "Oh! It hurts!" , The daughter screamed and then clung to me with tears. I stopped inserting and gently. a kiss "painful is me be patient because the first only" say "Yeah, do not stop ... to put up" daughter and told me.I inserted it all at once because it would be painful even if I took too much time. I shouted, "Oh ... it hurts ... mom !!" My penis went all the way in with the unique feel of a virgin saying "Buchi!" It is a fresh pussy that can not be said. The pussy that was a virgin until just a while ago tightens my cock violently. I was excited because it was hot and slimy and I hadn't touched the woman's body for a while. At first, I was moving my hips gently, but ... I forgot about how comfortable it was ... I just got fierce ... I put it out in my daughter. When I saw my daughter who was running out of liquid mixed with red things from her pussy , she said, "Masako ... I'm sorry ..." and apologized to her ... "Okay, it was my dream, so my dad "I like it!" " You can do it every day, stay with me forever!" , My daughter hugged me. The second round started immediately. After that, it starts with a kiss in the morning ... I always take a bath with two people ... I sleep together at night ... Of course, I ejaculate like every night. It's been a year since then. Now Masako is sometimes urged to remember the taste of SEX. I am also crazy about the young Masako's body.

Memories of father

It is a 21-year-old Mari that goes to college in Tokyo.
We live in a college dorm right now to come out of the country.
There is a father of company employee and mother have a nurse in the country.
It is the story of a little while ago, but I had a relationship with his father three years ago.
I think it was having an affair for the first time with my father, and was when of about kindergarten. When there is a memory, and ... and because we have a relationship anymore.
Of course in the beginning, you can not insert, it had licking the whole body. You do not know the meaning Turn licking much chestnuts, that get wet, belief and was leaked pee, and when I was a tearful face, and told me
\"I'm going to be doing everyone. The'm such because feels
good,\" said .
And it be referred to as a \"microphone\" that you have become a sensation after it has been wet, pee is likely to leak, electricity is run to the
body, it is referred to as
\"take\" enough to get wet if Nurere
becomes violently, many times But it taught me that \"take\".
By the time you go up to the elementary school, it had become enough to get doing to scrounge already.
Put them in the bath with my father, open the legs, it was me wash with tongue carefully always to say
\"Papa, Wash\"
What. I had been suffering with
\"... Oh\" by pressed the head of his father and
And if you think that now, I do not may Masegaki in the world.
So as not to finds out in (laughs) mother, I had was my room and bath, but escalated gradually, and now in the futon father when not in night shift mother.
When you know that I should not be doing this after entering junior high school, I had become a body that can not live without a father anymore.
be patient in masturbation when the father does not stay home on a business trip, to get lovingly and comes back. Place also escalated, even outside or in the car, I was.
It was me inserted, and when I was 3. Boyfriend is made ​​to me, is that the day I went to play with a little flashy looking.
And took him to the room me and what was jealousy, As soon come back, and began to blame violently. After being alive enough to remove the rotor, rickety, and has been inserted suddenly. And say, \"becomes comfortably immediately\" when trying Oshinokeyo to say \"Papa, hurts!\" Wait,
I was still a virgin I was destined to chestnut directly rotor. Comfortably of the stimulus to the chestnut and the pain of the insertion together, though it is the first time, I was gone. Then, the relationship between the father became the relationship of the body, including to the insertion. Mother had asked lovingly as almost every night when the night shift. And I became a body that can not live in H without my body even if the growth and also two to three years. There is no SEX with the father now because it is living in Tokyo. But, many are also crazy to do every night and boyfriend. Are not considered life without a man.


I was associated with 68-year-old daughter, age 40. Wife died three years ago, my daughter you come to help in the housework stay cliff sometimes you care about me living alone. When the meantime, thank you for coming, night, when I was drinking with my daughter, when my daughter was heard \"never want to be something more?\", and I'd like to thank really \"You are so you come to this in the momentum that was drunk. there is no shortage, but only one, Na only thing that roughening of the night can not be my wife passed away, \"there is such a desire eh\", even if the year of dad? \"It 's\" Oh yeah likely, you want to still I. The'm being processed by yourself by looking at the adult video now \"\" Oh, well ...
\"I was set on the TV to come with a video. It was one of father-daughter incest. I was staring at the screen daughter had said, \"I odious\" to devour imperceptibly at first. I touched the rich tits daughter clinging from the back of the daughter. Pinched the nipple to put your hands from the chest. The \"It's, I bad\" daughter was resistance, but resistance has ceased in that Masagu~tsu the chest still will not matter. Together the mouth Hold the face, this was also resisted at first, but it has covet by entwined tongue freshly Sucking the combined lips eventually, when I put orphans tongue. I got to the other men and women from it. Was committed devour the body of each other intertwined Become a naked taking off what you are wearing each other. I was excited to the body of a woman of flesh and blood for the first time in four years was almost out quickly. He said to me that it was worried about the pregnancy of her daughter indeed my daughter, \"okay, now gonna say, give me it out in,\" he said. My daughter told me to kiss and hug me tightly that was released Dokudoku in the daughter. Were combined and then take a bath with two people, and then, again drink again from the sky, and also sleeping in the same futon. Time since the 20s, it was the night like a dream and is! Can also twice overnight become this year.

Father and daughter taboo 2

I've committed a Yayoi for the first time in two years. But have quit.
Daughter, Yayoi has grown into the eighth grade. There was just such a loyal daughter, but to truly rebellious stage. Body was also growing.
I was stopped once and for all sexual activity with the daughter. I was holding the desire. Confusion also Yayoi, had me using the mind \"dad okay, I'm okay,\" and, it's really brave daughter. And to not even show their underwear usually, to show off the figure of bath towel bath, you've been tempted. But, I was struck by a period of sexual activity, such as narcotics Yayoi Metropolitan. Reason is, but he's pressing down greed. It was a parent-child relationship of the ordinary for a while, but the rebellious phase of Yayoi to trigger. It becomes a tussle out to mouth depreciation and Yayoi, that scene was revived. That was until last daughter of nonresistance most. Sailor is well Yayoi become become a junior high school student, but I was overlaying on top of the Yayoi the mass of immorality now. \"Stop Dad\" daughter cry weak, but growth's more things than not resistance, and mucking Yayoi from the top of the sailor. Yayoi vagina was wet amazing if you put your hand in the pants while checking breasts and buttocks also from much different in those days. It seems to riding the invitation of Yayoi, temptation of woman horrible. But would be nice to set it to that I hit the last, I blame the Yayoi wildly. Pushed up the vagina to me for the first time in a long time

Incest discourse

I 35 years old. It is still single.
Has been allowed to a sexual partner in his father from the time of the 20-year-old me. My father 50 years old. It is because they repeatedly hospitalized mother is a sickly.
You fuck me from the back of the apron wearing my father came back and finished the meal preparation to go home. I want dinner partner of the father naked it is finished. My father will eat it with the man juice my always side dishes of rice.
I will attack from the back I'm washing the dishes remain naked it is finished. Also, remove the straw, sucks to put in the hole Tomanko of my ass. It is a bath it is finished.
I wash the whole body of the father, the father will wash my whole body. I will increase with the addition of meat stick of his father. When the father continues suck my pussy.
I go to the bedroom after backing, normal position, and軌上position in the bath. They both bring the dirty linen of my father in the nude at that time, and excited to sniffed the smell, you embrace me.
My father said, \"be nice, woman. Useless is not an anti-\" and while rubbing licking my body. I would feel unawares while receiving the act of his father,
it will say \". More to come dad, best\". Pussy I will cum We take the semen of the father in the state always messing with man juice. 
My father always asked me, I will come to not care even when the physiological. Clit I got bigger, thanks. There is that men of my father other than to have sex with
his father, but that animal-between will go berserk at such time I am. Clothes had come is broken, both hands, both feet are tied, it will be cleaned put your hands in the womb. Mind seems to go mad.
Is caused to the enema, is thrust a finger in the ass, is anal or bottle, eggplant, cucumber, the Agekunohate at such time. I'm going crazy.