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Incest with daughter(2012-07)

Young daughter

yuna himekawa[1500]
Seminal in the daughter.
It is the pouring in of the daughter who loves the semen of their own.
I think that it, along with a horror feel about it and want to shoot as soon as possible coming happening.
It is contraindicated, but that marks the ending of the act luscious therefore, Yoshio heart is trembling in fear, and a superior Ngong violently.
\"Awww, Awww, Tsu An~tsu ...... me, there Watashi~i~tsu ..., there, aak ...... your reconnaissance,
Ya~tsu San~tsu ...... shaken Ya~u~tsu ...... tail and is doing, aak ah ah ah Hey!\"
accuracy has been released with the cries of Yuka A~tsu! \"father-daughter.
Dopyu~tsu, Dopyu~tsu, Dokudoku Dokudoku ...... Dokudoku.
Ejaculation first time in several years is carried out, semen is gradually poured into the vagina of the daughter in the fierce momentum.
I thought pleasure to taste after a long time, but the body is or not than melts in intensity that seems for the first time is Yoshio.
Because I had never experienced until now good feelings about this.
The TAMARAZU is coming to suck as young vagina entanglement strong, or tries to Suidaso can not remain the semen, barrel and its pleasantness,
it was fascinating about all of the other will be better anyhow.
If you're taste it, they did not need anymore.
I was there for this moment my life.
Enough to seem so, pleasure coming giving daughter was captivated Yoshio.
It will not be away from the body of another daughter kit.
It is unreasonable and are not inspire her daughter.
It was impossible to live without, such as taste this young body.
Repeat ejaculation many times, to entertain such a thought in my head that stunned with pleasure.
Yoshio you have finished firing a precision and a while, fell dramatically over the daughter slowly.
While remember the joy warm body to come received, Staring a young face in front of the eyes.
Daughter has vomited rough sigh and by the upper respiratory cheeks, it was Kawairashika~tsu anything.
My I got this adorable presence.
And so on, and it a thing of his own.
It would be a wonderful.
Delight is directly connected to the carnal, cock that had lost the power is gradually changed dramatically harder.
This Kaifuku force was also because of love to the daughter.
I want to be one again with my daughter to love.
The feelings he has become a strong impulse.
Into the daughter that you are vaguely is not cool from lingering climax yet, Yoshio that caused the body good momentum,
was going push the meat stick again.

Save daughter

Salary has decreased recession followed, like customs also not sociable with.
But there, my daughter I'd like us to compensated dating with me. Put gold of course but cheaper. Wonder if in such a feeling.
Onakura course. Uniforms, gym clothes, cosplay swimsuit. Pose naughty, raw milk touch, reverse Ona Watch, masturbation is the 3000 yen in basic.
Health course. At 5000 yen. 500 yen options Pissing, Gokkun 500 yen, 1000 yen Facial, Anal at 1500 yen.
69, morphism mouth, put finger, intercrural sex in 2000 yen basic foundation.
Soap course. ¥ 10,000. Do not mean foundation if possible in health. Wallet father, O daughter of JK also Tasukaru, and you too but bytes good split, and do not have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases, more than anything else. Bran me thinking.

Daughter's debt

One day, I was surprised to see the letter in the mailbox. The content was a debt reminder. Her daughter, Harumi, 30 years old, still loves her eldest son and her son, who cannot be independent. Both mothers did not sledge. Under my patronage , I left home when I graduated from high school. I was informed of the recent situation. Even now, children are unable to even get married after 30. That is troublesome. Harumi is also called a remittance and often asks for pocket money. However, I was disappointed that I was in debt of 2 million. I can't do it as it is. I decided to visit Harumi's room. My daughter was surprised at my sudden visit, but she welcomed me to my room. Harumi ... What is this rag apartment? Because the rent is cheap (bitter smile). The rent will be remitted every month. Harumi was silent with an indescribable face. I handed my daughter a reminder. My daughter called me sorry and cried. I asked the reason for the debt. Last year, at my place of employment, I caused a lot of damage to the company. After leaving the office (it seems to be similar to a dismissal), the daughter of thirty couldn't get a job again, and although it wasn't a bad finance, she started to get a loan shark. From a loan shark trader, you can proceed with customs duties. When I made up my mind, it was a reminder to my parents' house. I silently handed the envelope to Harumi. Harumi looked at the contents, shed dad ... (tears) , and cried in my chest. I decided to stay because it was noisy .Get a bath first. When you wash your hair, do you think your back is long? .. I'm sorry, I wonder if I can ask. I started to wash it. Isn't it stronger and doesn't hurt your back? After having a friendly conversation, having your head and back washed away in the shower, and turning around, what! , Harumi (excuse me), the grown-up naked figure of my daughter. Unlike the old days. Steamy neck, lustrous collarbones, plump chest, small pink nipples, constricted hips, full ▼, plump thighs, tight ankles, unintentionally licking from top to bottom said. When I looked at my daughter's face with a smile, she smiled and washed me from the crouching neck to my chest, belly, and legs. As expected, Hanritsu Mara refused, but don't hesitate. Take the body soap in your hand, gently and gradually scrub the ball bag or mala with your bare hands, pinch the base of the glans with your fingers, and connect the glans with the other palm. .. I put up with it. Not ejaculation. I put up with an erection. However, when I saw my daughter's face , who was absorbed in the wrong act, her reason seemed to fly. However, I stopped. I love my wife. Until now, even the chance of cheating has been deliberately abandoned. That I am with my real daughter ... Feeling good, letting the bubbles flow by yourself, the two of us soaked in the bathtub. Reasonably, I talked. It's a secret to my mother to take over the debt.Then Harumi, dad, is n't I attractive? .. Harumi tries to bring the story to that direction. Dad is embarrassed, so if you try to get out of the bath first, dad, won't you wash my body? I decided to ignore it in the middle and went up. Until Harumi came up, she asked herself what she said and did. It seems that there is only one set of futons, so I regained my spirit. Harumi's temptation ...? In the first place, why Harumi tempts me. Is it the price of debt replacement? I just don't understand. Harumi clearly understands the lines of her body. Wearing light clothes and pants, sneaking into the futon and hugging me, my wife and I haven't done much, but it has nothing to do with it. I made up my mind, Harumi. What & # 12316 ;? .. Dad, yeah. I love my mom. Harumi is silent. So it's like sleeping. Then Harumi became a horseman on top of me. Do you know dad .. What? .. I'm having sex with my mom and brother. Huh? I laughed at what was stupid. I saw it. It's been a long time ago. Mom also knows what I saw, so it's cold to me (tears). For a long time, my dad looked cute and I was dying ((tears)). If possible, I was thinking.I didn't think it was a lie. I was silent and robbed Harumi's lips. Harumi immediately entwined her tongue. Like a beast, I rubbed my breasts, sucked my nipples, licked my tongue, licked all over my body, sometimes chewed sweetly, and licked and sucked Harumi's secret part from the top of my pants. Immediately, the taste of love juice spread to the mouth. As if torn off, I took off my pants, licked raw abalone, sucked chestnuts, stimulated holes with fingering, and sucked villas, making a slurping sound. Harumi's crotch was already dripping a cloudy liquid to her anal. I was excited and turned into a beast, but I couldn't see Harumi's screaming face. However, at the moment Harumi said you & # 12316; Kikki & # 12316 ;, in my head, Harumi changed from a daughter to a woman. Bing Bing Mara, blushing cheeks and oozing large ecstatic sweat, vacuum blow, do you want it on your face (grinning)? Where do you want it I want it in my pussy. Harumi holds her knees in her hands. Open your crotch and give me. Please give me. Is called repeatedly. Until the morning, I tasted Harumi's clinging pussy raw. I secretly offered a transfer request to my wife, and I was transferred to work alone for the remaining three years. My wife was willing to send me out. Of course, I didn't tell my wife, I lived with Harumi, and now I'm collecting evidence of my wife and son at the credit bureau. The 20 million retirement allowance is not given to his wife. My wife's betrayal has some unforgivable feelings, but I'm also a raccoon dog in the same hole.

And daughter····

I have a 25 year old daughter. My daughter is already married and lives in Osaka. When I went to Osaka for work this spring, when I called my daughter, she told me to have dinner, so I went to my daughter's apartment with two bottles of wine. I did. It was the first time in half a year since my grandson was born that I met my daughter, and I was looking forward to her growth. I think I arrived at my daughter's apartment around 7 o'clock. My daughter's husband seemed to be working at night on that day, so I was about to go to work. I handed the wine to my daughter, thinking that the timing was bad. Then daughter in because "liquor § I've been stopped much" and again heard "Why?" I answered, "I think I might out alcohol from breast milk" daughter-in-law while you are talking about there is no silly me husband of went to work and listen to the daughter I "wine drink?" "Yeah. I want to drink" in the Tteyuu and say "Well After previously mentioned boobs?" the grandson while good I "Yeah." I picked it up and didn't expect it to come out in front of me. I was impressed that my daughter became a mother. After raising her boobs, she said, " I'll squeeze the night's worth , " and squeezed the milk with a milking machine and put it in the refrigerator. While doing so, my grandson fell asleep. And I had my daughter's homemade rice.To be clear, I ate my daughter's home cooking for the first time, but it was better than I expected. And when the two of us drank a bottle of wine, my daughter was just talking about the same thing, and I was listening to her, thinking that Loretsu wasn't around and I was pretty drunk, but I shouldn't drink any more. I thought so, so I stopped drinking with my daughter and went to see my grandson's sleeping face, and when I came back, my daughter was sick. I wondered if I could go home secretly, so I woke up my daughter. Then my daughter hugged me. When I say "I'm too drunk", "..." Isn't it wrong with my husband who doesn't reply ? I thought and say "cold If you sleep in a place like this Hikuzo" "....." answer is not is completely groggy state and I was took to bet my daughter and say, "I go home soon," both hands I wanted to give it to me and hug him, so I thought there might be something like this in the future, and when I hugged my daughter, she kissed me. I was surprised at my daughter's aggressive kiss, but I left her alone and entwined her tongue . And I just etched it. After a while after the etch was over, my daughter fell asleep again. And I wake up my daughter againWhen I said "I'm about to go home," my daughter seemed to get drunk with a surprised face. "Eh," she said, "What did you do?", So I said, "You 've been unilateral." When I said, "Maj?" I had a messed up face . "I'm sorry." So I said, "Yeah. It was really nice." I said, " Oh, in my dreams. I said "I was naughty with you" and said " Don't you be a husband?" "I haven't done it even once since I had a child ", so I said " Is it less?" and I say shyly as "Yeah" "it's three Taiyoku, do I have accumulated," and say daughter I "it might be so," came to say is I I "keep one more time?" As a joke, I was laughing "Aho w" and when I said " What are you doing? Alone?", The daughter said, "That's right." When and say, "how not Thats" hear me "did Te was one from about time?" "I wonder if it was about a junior high school student. I did not do I maintain is also married," she said her daughter was laughing " When I heard that, I got excited, "I said, " Maji? "And say "Yes" When you insert again put her daughter on the daughter ..... spree Ascension of rolling up shaking the waist such a relationship every time you go to the daughter of the apartment if there is that such has followed

With a daughter with intellectual disability

I live with my daughter, Michi, who was a little over 30 years ago. Michi has a mild intellectual disability, but I can hardly tell by appearance, but at around IQ80, I managed to graduate from the part-time system in high school, and when I talk a little, I feel that I am a strange person. Looks good and has been popular with men since middle school. I divorced my wife 15 years ago. The custody was once taken by the mother, but after that the man who lived together was a bad guy, and both the mother and the child were deceived, and when they noticed, both of them were made to work in customs. Michi also worked in a salon for about three years after graduating from high school. Even though it is a salon, it is a shop with options. One day, Michi was protected by the police. He was called by the police and told that Michi had been sexually abused by her mother's cohabitant and that she had been sterilized at the recommendation of her mother and was prostituted at the salon. The volunteer probation officer told me that I should be separated from my mother, and Michi was taken over by me and lived with me. Michi was originally compliant, and since I was a junior high school student, I didn't really resist being touched by boys, and even if I was told an obscene joke, I laughed and responded, but in the work of customs I learned to sexually buy men's joy, and I also became a body that wanted men. Even after I picked it up, it seemed like I was playing with some bad boyfriends from high school. One night, when I was sleeping, Michi came to bed in her underwear and talked to me about this. "Dad, are you out alone?" "What?" "I know." "What?" "Dad's video." "Oh ...""It's a waste to buy that, so Michi will give it to you." "That's a little." "Because I'm poor, I can't waste money. " Michi took off her bra and went to bed. While saying , "Dad, suck Michi's boobs," I stepped over me and extended my D-cup-sized breasts over my face. "Sorry, dad" "What's wrong?" "Michi, have you ever fallen a child ?" " Who?" "Mom's man" "When?" "When I was 16" "So I had surgery " Mom told the hospital teacher that she was a little short of this child and was deceived by a man, so she made it special." "Eh ... that 's it. " "That's why it 's okay. I hope my dad will be happy. " " But ... " " Hey, my dad is fine. It's hardened. " Michi put his hand in my underwear and squeezed it lightly. It was. Then I took down my underwear, put it in my mouth and gently stroked the tip with my tongue. "Ugh," I screamed involuntarily . If you think about it, is it the first time in five years for a real woman? Actually, I managed to withstand the irritation of my daughter's tongue because it had been processed in the video before going to bed, but otherwise I would have had a desire in my daughter's mouth.My daughter straddled my waist, lying on her back, and guided my hardened stuff by hand and put it in my body. The supple hip movement visually stimulated me. Forgetting that my partner was my real daughter, I also moved to match the rhythmic hip movements. "It would be great to have 3 minutes," he said. Maybe the ejaculation started in about 2 minutes. Michi stopped the movement of her hips while straddling me and pressed her to prevent her from coming out until the end, but she shrank and became smaller, and when she came out, she lifted her hips a little. It was. From my crotch, I saw a sloppy white thing dripping onto my lower abdomen. "Did you feel good ?" "It was good. But ..." "It may be late, but it's not good with Michi." "It 's not bad , at all. Anyway, Michi isn't smart enough to get married properly ... " It's okay because I've had a lot of sex with people like my dad at work ." "It's like menstruation for a man. It's like putting it out once every three days." Seven years after that, Michi is more than a couple. I've been working at night, but I'm already in my 50s. Sometimes you can't get well without the help of medicine. Michi is in her thirties and is more and more greedy and vigorous. If you are not satisfied, you may be required to take the second round, and the tank is completely empty every day. I no longer take care of the video.


Once you become unemployed employer is bankrupt, and went out his wife was cheating.
Daughter of a small 4 filthy Nante Mommy! I cry, and lived two people and left. When is later, when it comes to small 6, nipples become visible chest swells. Since there is only one room, sleeping side by side together always. Morning, when you get dressed daughter is happening earlier, I stole a glance the silhouette of chest bulging. Can not stand! If you examine the net, it is etched in elementary school. If you think so, last night, it struck the bath. \"I love you\" and continues to tweet so, to bare a daughter reluctant. In caress deep kiss, chest, do you have ideas, and showed me the pussy is saddled by hand by raising the foot as you say. Hair has grown faintly, but it's beautiful. Say a ticklish when licking clitoris spread with your fingers. Still and has continued, it has been a little wet. When is the easy-to-read system, hymen looked! Was looking through the back of the hymen can be spread with a finger, but does not appear to be dark. When we hear \"alright ○○-chan, and because I love?\" And, do you defiant to be \"probably got to say I hate\", and closed her eyes. It is poured into a pussy lotion, was also Nuritaku~tsu cock. When pressed to fit the position, there was a little resistance, it can go into. Is it painful to see the face of my daughter, I frown. When pressing Furthermore, it has been stuck in the back stretch Kito Once entered. The kiss was to contain the cry of the daughter say \"Itai\". It is not pleasant never in the sense that you Gorigori narrow, but in the excitement that I got the virgin daughter, was piston violently. Bloody Looking at the binding portion after a while. I was fired at that moment. Yes, he was put into. I have etched cum many times from yesterday. Indeed, it does not stand anymore, you have to eat two people. Daughter has been as usual. Is etched also tonight.