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Incest with daughter(2010-12)

Secondary sexual characteristics

yuna himekawa[213]
My father works for a trading company. When I was a kid, I moved three times because of my father's job transfer. At first, before I realized it. I don't remember this. Next is when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school. And the beginning of this story, when I graduated from elementary school. I don't really want to say it myself, but I grew up in a fairly wealthy environment. My father and mother's parents' homes were large mansions, so it may have been helped. But my dad used to go to work early in the morning and come back late at night. As a child, I knew that I was working very hard. My father was handsome, even if he looked at his daughter's favor. He had a well-organized face with clear eyes and nose, was tall, and had a slender body, but he was solid. When I was little, I was already asleep at 8 or 9 o'clock, so I could only see my father's face during the week after noon on Sunday. I couldn't wait for it, and by the time my dad got up, I ran to my dad's and mother's bedrooms and jumped onto my dad's sleeping futon. I loved my father who lifted me up while rubbing my sleepy eyes and gave me a high height. I heard from my mother that my father and mother met in a leisure club when I was in college and got married after dating for five years. I also loved my mother, who was a little shy but happily talked about her memories of her dating era with her father.The day after the elementary school graduation ceremony, our family headed to our new home. This time the house is a newly built detached house. It was predicted that my father's transfer would not be possible in the future, so I took the plunge and built a new one in a commuter town near Tokyo. It was a Western-style and cute house with a large lawn garden on a large site. Once inside, you'll find a large living room and dining room, and a wooden deck in the garden. I felt that it was a little too big for three parents and children to live in. When I said such a straightforward impression as I thought, "But maybe Nao-chan's younger brother or sister may come soon?" My mother said with a shy laugh now. But I remember. I will talk in order. My hobby from the upper grades of elementary school to junior high school was reading. It was when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school that I moved. I couldn't make friends for a while after I moved, so when I got home early, I reread all the books my parents had bought. It's like a complete collection of literature for children. I should have read it once when I was in the lower grades, but my understanding is different. After that, I became completely addicted to playing in the world of "The Story of Someone Not Me", and even at school, I naturally read books by myself. I was such a shy transfer student, but if I go to school every day, I can gradually get used to the new environment.Before the summer vacation, I had some friends chatting and playing with. And, apart from interacting with friends, the habit of reading as a hobby to satisfy my intellectual curiosity was well established in me. I randomly borrowed a book that I thought was interesting, borrowed it from the school library or the library in the town, or bought it at my own expense, and read it if I had the time. My mother always silently gave me money when I said I wanted to buy a book. Instead, the rule was to properly report what kind of book you bought. But my mother never said that she was careful about the books I bought. Even when I bought shojo manga, and when I bought a detective novel that has a lot of bizarre scenes when I think about it now , I laughed, "If you find it interesting to read, lend it to me ." And in fact, my mother seems to have read most of the books I bought. By the time I was in sixth grade, I was reading books for adults that became bestsellers. I remember my mother's words when I bought Murakami Haruki's book. "Oh, Nao-chan. I had that book. It's a beautiful story. It's a little naughty." It was certainly naughty. But it was a very romantic story. The name of one of the characters was the same as mine, so I was so embarrassed that I read it back several times. In the sexual scene, of course, I couldn't draw a concrete image for me at that time, but somehow I thought of a beautiful, ephemeral, flesh-colored image.I honestly accepted that when men and women love each other, they would naturally want to do that. Not only in Murakami's book, but also in the novels of other writers, such sexual scenes were sometimes depicted. And, fortunately, they were all sex depictions to confirm love, which is only possible with the love of men and women. In that way, I was in a state of "aging" sexuality through reading, and my curiosity and anticipation for it was more than the dislike of sex and naughty things that girls of that age tend to have. I think it was better. So, when my mother told me that day, my younger brother or younger sister, I just thought that I was doing it. The fact that my father and mother have sex is proof that they love each other. At that time, I came up with the idea that my father and mother had sex frequently. From the 4th grade to the 6th grade of elementary school, our family lived in a condominium. It was a fairly large rental for families, and there were 4 rooms excluding the living room, one for my father, one for my mother, and one for me, and the other room was a tatami room, which I called the guest room. When I was in the 4th grade, I wanted to pee in the middle of the night, and when I passed in front of the guest room, I heard something rustling. The next morning, when I told my mother about it, she smiled and said, "Oh, that's right. The god of my house lives in that room. I can't see it, but I've been sitting like a kid Floating fluffy,Nao-chan is watching over me. Only at night, I come down and do some exercise. 'Cause you "get tired when I floated all the way was what Sylhet said. Believing it slippery, I didn't care about the sound that I sometimes heard. Only "Oh, there is a god today" . If parents are parents, children are also children. In the afternoon of a holiday, after playing with me a lot, my dad sometimes disappeared. Then, about 15 minutes later, my father called me home and my mother told me. Something like "Daddy has just met a company employee and forgot something important at home. Mom, I'll deliver it by car, so please be sure to answer me ." My mother also goes out, brings a cake in the evening, and we both come back by car. That happened once or twice a month. Of course, I think there were various excuses when they went out, but I don't remember each one. However, even though I was dull, I knew that if it lasted for half a year, it would be patterned. And I was delighted that the day of the pattern was the day when the cake could be eaten. By the time I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, such a mystery had been solved. I'm sure they had gone to a love hotel along the national highway. Sometimes I want to make a loud voice and do it. And at that time, a big turning point came to my body.My chest began to swell slightly when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school. I feel more and more pain in my nipples, and when I check the mirror in the dressing room every time I take a bath, I feel that my nipples are getting bigger day by day. .. Over time, my entire chest gradually expanded.

Pretty happy


I'm really the first person I would be a real man for a woman ... And I want to say to someone, but I'm not say. Everyone say as a bad thing really, but I think parents also a year that it is not related to love.
Why I was crying and I wonder is it painful happen because it was a very happy child first and ask them to love as a woman dad.
It was said to Te became very beautiful from everyone physiological also starting out and get from hugging. I was supposed to Body Type constriction of the waist understand what friends Even though body childish yet.
Had to scrounge from me every day comfortably is from young. It also was happy dad because it'll compliment me is to have sex. It was glad much better sex is better than the performance of the school.
Became fleetingly back of the throat to also ask them also put fellatio to You now have the possibility to use neatly ass hole to So was the reply as soon as I high even when told Dad I please pregnancy.
But I could not quite pregnant. It was able to finally pregnant it was from getting in one. It was hiding desperate because killed the children of the stomach and gets out to the teacher.
Stomach did not become too large at first, but I began to said to everyone I Did not fat near the bottom has been blistering Te Puku~tsu in five months time.
That it had finally finds out in 7 months what was 6 months but Downing had been told the teacher to really sad and I can not anymore. I was really happy to do 's not killed anymore.
Dad was also glad I I me giving birth grandchildren. Was a bit strange mood is said to be a kid but I I'm also a sister to me.
You have a toddler my sister gave birth to my even at two years old. You're not supposed to wear your finds out absolutely, but I think 's woman of dad.
It is hard even now it is said to dad and I want to see I was pregnant again are you going to do abortion Once pregnant now and not make the second person but it from okay to abortion.
I wonder if not you often I really incest?
Why not a have dad to me I'm taught me from getting to the woman Dad just do not tell everyone but dad because I was the dad brother of my mom of was my uncle up to it? I was taught from mom
and dad on the day that I was not able to get married has become a woman properly and because siblings you were listening to mom I
also tell you if your sister that I gave birth has become a woman of dad I think that it will give.
Sister also because happy kit.

I am living as a woman of father

I will be 26 this year. My father is 52. I now live with my father parents divorced at the time of the fifth grade I, but
is the woman of his father then being fucked father immediately, as a daughter, I have lived as a woman of the father since were.
I thought the roots still that it was out of the house my mother made ​​a man, father, you attack me. Are you my love I am sure but a very transformation, is having a drink until Orimono at the time of the physiology and my urine.
The reason for anal also I like, it's willing to enema in hot water before, but will relentlessly cleansing enema. Wash intestinal fluid until you get to put the hot water until the stomach swell and Pokkori.
It is harder because sometimes it takes about an hour, but it will help sipping intestinal juice it with the mouth directly into my anus.
I also would become metamorphosis why, I like to drink semen of father, you drink it is received by hand what was issued in the vagina.
You get out in the back of the throat also likes. The pregnant five times so far, and gave birth to two children.

Daily routine part2

When you went physically and spiritually, it had become like a daily routine suck those of the mother. And I thought I do not have any doubt, and has been such a thing everybody.
Mother, he's instilled in me as a matter of course. · It is to a secret that must not be said to others. My father knew about it but did not say anything. Then forced to show to expand press with my
hands, I took the virginity of my earlier than greet the familiar when the small 4, and from dripping from there
mother, mother, got the upper hand in the photo. I was compliant with only cry do not know the divided.
From it, the mother I used my body as almost every day. Since there was never to ejaculation still, it was swaying for hours feel of the mother until live.
Be taught masturbation, I remember that ejaculate by rubbing twat hairless yet. In school is raised,
Mother me a lot that it feels me. But when it falls, has been or is that it hurts tied with a
rope. There was often also acts sprinkled with friends of my mother. When such, we can take a photo or take a video always.
There was no guilt so you feel good and very lovingly.
Mother, ejaculate into the hole in the ass in the future because it can not Mouchuu out. Is referred to as, anal now fucked.
Can have younger brother, younger brother also knew the unusual behavior of the mother and me.
I enrolled in high school, my brother when a junior high school student, you can peek at the Bathing interested in my body, my brother came to peek at the action of the mother, but
the father, brother and I have a relationship It had been severely note and did not seem forgive only to have. I will be 25 years old now, I have been working for the company from home.
You do not have that relationship with the mother you are followed by the romance of the ordinary today. I can no longer do that.
When they become 20 years old, is subjected to obscene tattoo in the instruction of the mother is my body, we have to genital piercing. The other, I had resigned my feelings at this time.
I was the sex slave processing completely as a hobby of the mother. But it is that I also wished. My mother's love as a tool of sexual processing me.
It is a love like using cherish toys rather than motherhood. There is also a fact that was considered rebellious to question this myself, in such a family, to get out the house, but
my body anymore, because it can no longer be satisfied with a normal, and gave up the other. My mother seems to want to brag to others like me, I will be lent to others well.
But, I no longer seems to bother separately. I now enjoy in reverse. I will not give up marriage usually.
It is thought seems not willing to let go of my mother, and the thing This occurs because also there is no way of blood transformation of my mother because they flow to me.