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Incest with daughter(2016-07)

Parent-child 3P

yuna himekawa[5910]
I 62-year-old, his wife be the same, there is a 37-year-old divorce calendar daughter.
From the time my daughter is still a junior high school student, or have not hidden even naked after a bath
only dab in front with a towel, my wife in front of me also show naked
but I was also aware of her daughter, after the bath naked was not hidden.

Because it was such a state, with no hidden naked daughter even if the 20-year-old
wife is a little early in the morning in relation to the work, also I was sleeping early
there, I sat alone on the table of the DK, drinking beer It had Damoshi.
 One night, a daughter that was out of the bath, in plain view in the naked
\"Hey, something don\"
\"gonna hot, you kana drink'm not ... beer I also say\"
at that time fell to the forbidden relationship with his daughter in the event, naked daughter my
sat on top of the knee, I drank a beer glass.
\"Dad, sucking boobs\"
is suddenly daughter I was sucked by including the nipple.
\"Assugoi ... so much ... A'a'\"
was lived in without being noticed because the wife was sleeping.

And sit the daughter on the table, with smoke and open the legs
in or sucking or licking pussy of daughter hooked, the system
pushed up violently and put in the pussy of daughter from, the middle in the back of the daughter
and the out It had been closed.

 Become such a forbidden relationship, it was not known to the wife. Such
a few days can relationship had elapsed. One night, in the night of his wife and the couple
\"You, more Iiwa ... will tighten than that child\"
, \"What?! ...\"
Of \"gonna I saw, happened since that night, go to the bathroom ,
would I have been invited to that child, Nante on the table
I was surprised \"
that night, raising even lewd voice flare up unusually wife
had asked it to the daughter. And daughter and wife I away
when you are in, seemed to discuss something with two people, I
was in not knowing anything, that day even beer is cooled from the wife
was told that because Aru, started drinking beer alone, my daughter
was in naked in a bath,
\"Dad, come from behind,\"
from behind the daughter got a hand on the table, the movement began daughter also
annoying voice, enters the DK that when his wife is what naked, behind me
the overlap from has been a kiss on the back, the daughter and later in another surprise
put alternately in the wife, she had become a parent-child 3P.
You will not believe, much I do not even believe in myself
so, surely I'm not say absolutely to people Nante in parent and child

During pregnancy the child of the adoptive father

I am 12 years old, becomes the adopted daughter of the now of the parents, the mother is not able to have children
was to welcome me to the adopted daughter.
 At the age of 20, confessed think the mother from their own,
\"Mom, Are I also gave birth if my ... father of the child,\"
the mother is of course in the opposite surprise,
\"What the saying of that!\"
As soon as a favor does not mean that was, and is also talking to several times mother
\"... to produce the children of your really nice ... dad
earnest of]
\" me to me a daughter, me brought up very important
from my heart in of gratitude, want birth instead of the mother, \"

the mother is with the passage of a few days in consultation with the father, is called from the mother
if\" you are serious, I mother, I want at birth \"
I father to mother Daite get as story have been There is also the
\"If you go to the hotel to your ovulation date, drilling plans
'll likely, tell mom\"

 ​​after it from about one week, had opened the virgin to his father at the hotel.
<Really do but I hope>
it will be on his back on the bed naked, with eyes closed, my father is an overlap
rubbed suck tits after the kiss, and dick
is or sucking licking open, Before long, father aloud
in the insertion, painful and clung to his father, moving in a above
father had had been released into the uterus, and then also my father challenge
is to was intense remember, I faint on the way so was the
is. So my father had been inserted, still his father when he noticed
was remains still inserted to my back.
It was the loss of virginity of memories. It is now five months.

It's been 10 years since I held my daughter

It's been 10 years since I got married with Yuki , and it started after Yuki got divorced and came back. My wife died in the year Yuki got married. One day I witnessed Yuki masturbating. I-I asked if you were divorced and I wasn't lonely -Why I-I saw you alone yesterday-I was watching my daughter-I thought it might be because of the sign of a person But when I passed in front of your room, I opened the door a little and heard a voice. Daughter-I'm okay with my daughter, I 'll have a daughter . I-Oh yeah, if you're okay, I won't say anything. Daughter-Dad I'm saying that I'll be alone after my mom died, so my dad is still young. Sometimes my daughter and dad are still 40, and I've done well with my mom about 10 times a month. I wonder if my daughter is amazing I was born a daughter I never had it I ・Well , you were also hard on that day One night my daughter's masturbation was quite exciting I remembered my daughter entered the room has been daughter, dad etch commerce such a thing would not necessarily be in the parent-child gonna have me, you do say I had quite a mother-in-law Datte'm not daughter like that ex-husband, divorce cause because it because it was my home life of ex-husbandI'm a daughter who doesn't know that, my daughter who sucked my cock because it's okay, my dad's cock is really thick, and it's even better than that big guy I, yeah, it's hard to have a daughter, my daughter, Aya is all right because not occur does not cause After sleeping once daughter unawares had become naked while saying licking also the daughter-father mine I-really huh's nice Yeah daughter, early because I can not put up licking at the posture of 69 My daughter, oh, it feels good, I feel good, you 're pretty good, my daughter, I can't stand it anymore, my dad, I don't have rubber , it's okay, it's a safe day, so I'll just put it in The daughter who put in the normal position raw, daddy feels very good, the daughter who pokes harder and the daughter suddenly says daddy , feels good Ah ~ Good Next, the daughter who pokes violently from behind in the back , daddy is good I 'm gonna be alive , Yuki, my daughter, I 'm gonna be alive , I 'm gonna go inside, I 'm going ~ I 'm done inside , and at the same time, my daughter is also an Itta daughter, Daddy I calledDaughter Iisho two people when only dad in Iisho me, apart from good but my daughter cleaning Blow to me I became a healthy addition daughter Papa Ole snow Blow is due because the good -daughter one more time quotient I - Iizo, what Positions good daughter-back is nice to most hit in the back I-Yoshi found was started in also stand back and hit the daughter called back, Iia ~ Oh feels good I-Yukiii huh'll also feels good daddy daughter・ Ah ~ Ah ~ Papaki so ~ I ・ Hora is a good girl・ Ah ~ Iku ~ Iku ~ My daughter has gone back to normal position and stabbed violently again・ Daddy is amazing, I'm going to live again・Daddy seems to be already alive, I 'll put it inside as it is Daughter, please give me in the middle, I'm also good ~ My daughter, who gave me a cleaning blow, was very comfortable, let's see, I and Daddy also feel like a long time It was good that day I slept naked and hugged each other. Twice a week from that day I started to love my daughter who loves Yuki. A year later, one day after I ended up loving each other , my daughter, dad, me, my daughter ... ...... I, my daughter, dad, I don't actually have a physiologyI 'm a daughter, so I don't have a physiology, I 'm a serious daughter, yeah, I 'm a daughter, I 'm not coming for about 3 months, I 'm a baby, I 'm a daughter, maybe the next day I 'm off work with my daughter saying was examined I bought pregnancy test pharmacy is daughter Papa pregnancy me, so huh want to give birth children of the daughter Papa I - it would be dangerous break the ice daughter why Iisho, because die and not me born with I got it, I went to the hospital for the time being and told me to check it properly, and the next day I took a break from work and took me to the hospital I was waiting in the car My daughter, dad, after all I had a baby, 4 months pregnant I'm about to enter, because I'll definitely give birth on the expected date of birth in December, I understand, a daughter who seems to be carefully raised, yeah , a healthy boy was born in December, and I resumed sex from the night I was discharged from the hospital , Yuki's first 1 I can't stand my daughter for a month, but I can't stand it. Now that I 've stabbed hard in the back and ended up with two people, I'm in the stomach of Yuki who lives with her daughter and three grandchildren in a town where no one knows. The eldest granddaughter, Shiho, who has a third child , is secretly etching her daughter, and Shiho is the child of her ex-husband.I was rushed when I asked what I was doing naked with my old man and mom who saw me having sex with Shiho Niyuki, but honestly I talked about everything with my granddaughter Shiho and took a bath together At that time, Shiho said that he wanted to do something with his mom, and I will continue to take good care of my current family.

Incest discourse

I did to my daughter and after a long time, good Well.
Breast softness over But Hari best, pussy interference soooo
gasping voice, Eloy than his wife.

Daughter had been out to the video site 

Hot, that in the afternoon of Sunday summer DaTsuta. 
Simple registered mail has arrived to Yuka Sato 16-year-old destined for the daughter.           
The sender is a hundred planning, I saw a middle-opened the seal felt something suspicious.              
Had written was NIV the request of re-appearance per starring popular pseudonym Mina Miyamori 18 years like the last time. I look familiar has been filed previously, have searched the hundred planning on the net, it was still it Toh was worried, back video company paid. I was connected to the site to not believe the middle. Title screen appears and driven into the video list and Mina Miyamori is located in a \"girl to open a meat jar to the man I knew.\" Played the video, false eyelashes and has a dark eye makeup has continued to touch the genital area from the top of the panty turning the skirt while sucking a middle-aged man of Sato Yuka tongue was but definitely Yuka Sato front is only is transparent After a while you will what was probably prepared obscene underwear Ding back who are Yukari is a man forced to М-leg becomes the naked will to the screen began cunnilingus up, the drooling man from pink vagina It flows down to the anus and excitement even unpleasant. I will feel that I have committed a daughter, crotch had clenched swollen. Beck moved into the city, now plugged and not unbearable man began anal cunnilingus made ​​to protrude the buttocks referred to as \"I put Mina-chan ...\". Involuntarily \"wait ... but my Yuka Sato ... Stop it ...\" I cried, but the man I also have exhausted and accelerate the movement of the hand at the same time pouring the semen in the pussy of Atsuke without Yuka Sato and continue to send Note It was. 

Tied to the father and one year ago

My mother was no longer at the time of the junior high school two years. Last year that was tied with his father
during the summer vacation, take me to the hotel asked the father from the side of me
asked, and cried in pain there is also bleeding up to my father, my father
out semen in my back in hot feeling at the time was, the pain than pleasure
I clung to my father there.  That day, but it was a safe day, matter of fact become a menstrual irregularities, in a misunderstanding and was pregnant, I was a few days later physiology, worry or be brought to his father who, seen through the anode is screening in gynecological to, once again to place a week later, I go to the gynecology, father and two people called to the examination room in, \"and it remains a daughter of the body but of the ... ... now, if in the case of pregnant Having finished the ..... So contraceptive treatment I'm is peace of mind more, then you there is also the risk of maternal and is the birth , but is also possible Caesarean section ... at that time is a safe birth ... in any case, pregnancy is No, \"I said that possible had asked embrace softly I was sitting next to my father. \"Dad, I I'll say, contraception surgery undergo a\" is not weeping father, had become silent face down a doctor. Then he had received contraceptive surgery after one week. After during the summer vacation discharge also been important to my father at home, and the rest is hurt. It was completed without saying something to the school.  In together even sleep with my father, and me hugging. Of course my uterus ask out the semen in, because there is no worry of pregnancy, the weekend has become a violent sex. Told by friends that it is beautiful skin Masu record, but I was the womb absorb the father of semen in the sex or would do such because they,

Father and incest

Son 4-year-old nursery school children, working in the company that his father is management, the father and the body
at the time the case for this time last year became a relationship, my son through the nursery
at the time that had begun to have, on that day the company woman of the clerk the day before not out
had been talking about the fact that does not go to work in the resistance. I wore lay the eve son. \"Yumiko, really paddle to say\" \"not a not only because ... dad, mom would be lonely Even dad died.\" \"It's ...\" \"tomorrow, send that child to nursery school, there is a daytime time in small, \"keep ready in the meantime I'm sleeping next to the room you are sleeping son, the son of sleeping face I was sleeping from seeing. Father sends his son to nursery school, I laid the futon in Japanese-style room from, is to understand the father went back to when you have a shower , \"Dad, wash me,\" his father called out to my father in the bathroom He enters, was facing the front of the father I was clinging to my father. \"Dad\" becomes a father and Deipukisu, father drops with sucking nipples fill the face between and both legs \"It's Oh good smell\" tongue out, had licked there. \"... In the father ... futon\" When the father rises, Sole will already large, was a surprise. It I was example mouth and wash gently. \"Oh'll get so much out when you are stimulated.\" When you issue from my mouth, from the 3GS to the shower father in Japanese-style room had been entered into the futon in and naked. Intense Deipukisu, sucked up strongly the nipple, rubbed had. \"Look across the face, licking I'll\" with the feeling of pressing the dick to the father of the mouth, \"Dad amazing ... A'a'a' ...\" Father licked per Sucking strongly over there, I feel very \"more ... ... Oh Sugoi \"and more licking each other licking at 69, led his father in the cowgirl, push up the uterus suffering to pleasure, pushed up from behind ,\" Oh good ○○○○'s ... Yumiko really say I ... \" \" Dad I'm also good ... \" \" ... where is good tell me Yumiko \" \" Oh yea ... A'otosan ... Oh ... Oh ○ ○ emissions is Ii ... more ... \" becomes more intense in the normal position , \"tell me, Yumiko, I do not know and do not say properly\" \"Oh dad ... Oh ○ ○ down more ... Hamete ... Hamete ... Oh ○ ○ down the Hamete ... more ... Hamete ... \" I increased the father intensity to obscene voice, great momentum to the uterus clings is divergence in, feeling my father is inserting both legs also entangled in the waist of his father, had been tied deeply It was. Lunch is a little deviation, also love one with the father, the son of the nursery because it is 4 pm, love each other violently with his father until the last minute is hurt. Since then during the day to make the time, of intense incest we have spent every day of burning to love one.

Daughter-in-law of son

I 48-year-old, son 23-year-old, daughter-in-law is 26 years old
yet recently, there is a misfortune to relatives of the daughter-in-law's family, son go
had planned, Sakiko's daughter-in-law and me in the circumstances and (a pseudonym) two people in
was supposed to go.  Sakiko's home also had been somewhat to drink at dinner in there was I, guided to the room like it was asleep stayed sleeping was found in the floor is.  Notice and Sakiko's have included the nipple in my mouth had been asked embrace from Sakiko's a surprise. \"I smoked your father\" Sakiko, who was included in the nipple in my mouth, but it was yukata before the breast is exposed tits of open both, form also often a tension I had to suck in my tits .  And I had to wake up even my son, also Sakiko-san and lower body I think that was in close contact, \"your father here also sucks\" let me breathe the left and right, yukata's Sakiko its under Hadake in wearing no underwear without anything , Sakiko san if sucking mouth will be under UTO, who opened make a shift both legs down, \"your father love to yourself by licking ... there your father\" for the first time saw was Sakiko's pussy, diluted the care to like are, give licking Sucking a beautiful pussy, cute a Sakiko's annoying voice, my son is in the Bing state, \"Sakiko's ... mind you,\" \"your father can be ... fast, - Oh Tsu amazing hard \" downright pleasant among Sakiko's pussy, the push-up had overlapping the push-up is Shigamitsuka from the bottom to Sakiko's was put out in the Sakiko's pussy. That night, again and again was doing and Sakiko's, late-night long ago outside had become thin bright past. \"I was your father nice, ... a secret, just between the two of us\" each other Sucking by the Deipukisu naked Both men, Mr. Sakiko has had overlap once again before leaving the floor.  Son did not know, of course, not known to the wife, and Sakiko-san I love secretly.

Summer relief mango bulletin board

It is summer vacation. Why do not you be a young child and etch in the summer relief mango bulletin board?

Insertion of desire

Bathing of another daughter (small 6) from his wife is said to ban this was the last of bathing stickiness and because it is the last.
To see the naked daughter thought I'd so that never regrets becomes sentimental when I think the last one with.
First of all, let gripped the penis, because Uncut
\"Mayumi, try flipping through the skin of the penis.\"
\"Oh Yeah\"
glans appears
\"to move as it is\"
a small hand of daughter me squeezes the penis users had.
\"Good Kana I want to touch the dad Mayumi of pussy\"
\"I say you do not hurt,\"
you fuck a faintly pussy downy hair has been growing.
And to expand the crack to make rolling the chestnut
\"there ticklish yo ~\"
\"them from feeling better.\"
\"I came out something ahead of dad penis Ppokara\"
or has been \"out, pussy to easily enter the penis when it comes out made do it by \"
\" Ee'! Why, \"
\" penis is when I'm out from painful if you do not have wet to go smoothly, \"to enter into the hole
,\" What is it true, \"
Let's put in a\" Oh really is Mayumi or \"
\" ... \"
\" unpleasant to do \"
from entering the such a large\" I'm not bad. \"
\" Well, first I hurts. \"
\" I'm still sore, hate \"of painful
contact with\" But another Mayumi I'm not put in the bath, \"
\" I see it not so much hurt 's ~ \"
\" Okay, \"
we will put the slowly pussy hole of undeveloped open lifting his leg lay on top of the tile daughter penis.
Glans fits
\"Kai painless but earlier whiff has entered\"
\"Yeah, still okay like\"
\"Do so, Well'll put more\"
5-6 and put the process goes to the back and out the Kaikameatama,
vaginal hole penis seem to have refused can not go in the back
, \"Mayumi body forces pulled in more relaxed and\"
\"but mon scary,\"
\"because it is all right,\"
pushed the Gui went to the roots
\"painful dad, yo ~ painful\"
\"entered another all Takara \"
\" because painful I do not move, \"
clamped in penis is a good feeling, to urge poked poked want to rub, however, it decided to pull out Ichitan Shi is also the future of it.
The penis virgin of proof, blood had been with,
\"to keep up to this point today.\"
\"Yeah hurt\"
\"or I try to put on when you can not stay this time mom\"
​​\"Ee' or put\"
\"Oh now is so much it because I went once I think that there is no pain, \"
\" distress \"
is the next fun.

Divorced of Whirlpool

yuna himekawa[5871]
I 38-year-old, son one year 16-year-old high school, matter of fact my father divorced for three years
will be already three years have a relationship. My father is 63-year-old already retirement age
, there is my break even on weekdays, and use it to the hotel in the parent and child
to go, I spend a vigorous love each time. Of course, the mother
not known, my son does not know, seems son tomorrow is a friend and a bar base Kyu, because it is likely to go out before lunch, to around noon
with a phone call to his father
, \"that child if o'clock tomorrow of 11 is I'm \"good because going out
\" or so, holes ... go Kana \"I do
father who examined the plans of the mother
,\" Well, I wish because not put out for a while, work hard kana \"
\" to I'll say ... plenty my back out and \"
looking forward to tomorrow, boobs also attached Sucking amazing, even downy tea dick
from licking the base tea, once a long are I, was attacked slowly
ask out the uterus. Ah wet have likely

Saffle line change

www the Saffle was able to three people at the site referred to as a \"Saffle line change\"

Knowledge in the spear eyes of frustration Wife Mature and dating ...

The mistress replica bulletin board really are indebted. This is my sex life if there is would have been in those lonely. This before dating site I met a married woman milf 40s. Certainly age had to say, but it was beautiful mature woman of slender decent in fair-skinned. And informal while meal was sex in Tsurekon to the hotel. At first I had to say, or \"heart preparation of\" been leaked sigh and fumble for the body, had as it is doing in the betting. Turn patted the thigh in a skirt, I was surprised by unexpectedly Okkiku to touch the breasts. Per Sucking poron and shapes appear good chest, it was agony sensitive. After turning stroked among panty immediately enters the finger, After turning stroking was limp bounce as \"Iku'!\". Once you and I'll lick \"allowed to shower,\" it is said to be the other side is going ahead hidden bought a vibe in the middle, in the naked and go up in the shower, and pretty to style I also issued a Vibe hit There were. \"N'! Aan!\" With great agony to raise Kuraikoe resonate in the way \"No ~\" Once you've moved in and out by rigid Makurimashita alive. Place the vibe of slimy next with man juice, and stick the Namachin \"feeling good\" in sore gasping amazing and, splashing sound and even in-juice in was out the obscene sound. \"In addition Iku'\" shaking his neck After violently is said to be in the right and left, limp feeling the body Innovation Bikubiku' electrical runs. Soon violently rest comfortably to be when you are moving, and type covered covered the body was ejaculation plenty and in the vagina in the wife. Extraction immersed in the pleasure of ejaculation, had come out full of drop and sperm. From in silence 10 minutes place \"great etch Looks intense do\" to come talk with a laugh and, Piroutoku while touching the breasts and And then \"still can?\" Me to Blow from beyond Once nodded heard, is wife to the top ride twice also the boobs were fired while to grab. If you do not go home in the evening and raised to send to the bad Rashiku meeting place, from the other side the next week and go home it was sex came invited. Women who come to the dating's a Uri or spear purpose because Tsukiaeru banged split really convenient. Sometimes it's also Menhera and mine woman I it is also charm

Divorced woman daughter

Only daughter was brought up in one Otokode lost his wife 10 years ago, a compromise between the mother-in-law I have come back in a bad 32-year-old. I also daughter also have a job, my daughter come back is cooked dinner, I have survived. My daughter also Drinker now daughter and a daily evening drink. However, since the hot It's summer, the daughter in the bath one long T-shirt with no bra, under is the shorts. This has also become a naked stripped off his T-shirt left to the good even daughter I say say \"You're committed\" to joke with embrace said, \"I love dad\" drunk. It does not stop anymore. It was there seeking the combined body of the lips immediately. That day I have slept in the same bed naked with two people.

Virgin is raised to father

21-year-old student, was raised in his father on Friday night last week. By e-mail from the mother
because the father is going to be slow coming back in a commercial, contact and I want you to stop
is the day I'll stop in a return to the apartment as soon as possible, my father is waiting to come
when he has, the door was the father is a knock. \"Do not bad, slowed down\" of being drunk is to understand, to sit on the sofa placed in the room to support the father had been raised to bring the water. \"Nante have drunk dad, it 's so unusual,\" it did not seem to feel you are so drunk. Sitting casually next to the father, my father looked at me , \"Yukari ... I wish was to clean\" \"Nani ... the other ... I do not want\" my father leaned to me, whether the drunk had come, fell asleep \"Dad ... you know ... wake up ...\" I somehow supported the father give to lay in his bed had been take off the clothes. Am I even slept next to, but to sleep with my father it was a beginning. Carefully raised from an early age to the father, me and <princess> There is also a time for his call, snoring to sleep next to such a father , but there was also, I thought that I wonder if tired. Morning outside is another bright, eyes there father's face in the transverse and wake I am not bra slip figure, because the shorts had to wear , but the father of Soco father and the body is touched touched my lower body It had. \"Yeah Oh! ... Yukari! ...\" \"I was it dad happened ... another very\" with the Father and the body is not touching, feeling the leg is involved in the lower body of the father and I , \"Dad ...\" I is clinging to his father, but had been my father surprised to kiss, father also suck my mouth, overlaps with the father becomes the underlying me and nature, sucking mouth while, been removed from both arms lowered slip , breast is exposed in, once size is 85 ?, father with sucking nipples fall release the mouth \"A'otosan ... A'a' ...\" left and right nipples sucked, breast is rubbed \"dad, woman me to to \" to the father and also kiss \" good to paddle \" \" Yeah \" is taking off shorts, is licking per Sucking my father over there is the first time I feel I. Rather than embarrassment, is open both legs to the father should dick is is in plain view, my father is in hell-bent is to be or sucking or licking a dick \"or say I'm ... hurts put mind you ...\" \" come dad ... aah \" is inserted Yukuri father, pain ran \" Dad ... Reuters ... \" \" Yukari ... \" the first is the stronger the movement gradually father moved slowly uterus sensation is the push-up is Tokari and father my back, I feel very divergent, even there numb as to become pain was like I was fainting, syncope while inserting the father was like you, father I was surprised. Like it was a few minutes in dick tightened tightly, father of is inserted all the way seems to have had. Then that morning, again and again have challenged my father to not eat breakfast, I was in love with my father.  The rest is still hunted a little pain, something is stuck like a have, since the nipple was also sucked amazing, a little there is still a pain.


It brings a surprising result
the person who thought this game is so wish come true in just 10 minutes from reading the e-mail. This game is fun, and will bring surprises result in you. Please promise. Absolutely without reading ahead, advancing it one line at a time. Because it is only three minutes, it is worth trying. First of all, please prepare and pen, paper. Reading ahead, and you will not come true is wish. 1, first, from No. 1, to number 11, please write the number on the vertical. Please write each a number of like 3-7 next to the 2,1 and # second. Please write the name of the person who knows next to the 3,3 and # # 7. (Sure, that write the gender name you are interested in. Thus a man if a woman, a woman if a man of the people, the same surname of the name if Gay) always, please go line by line. Reading ahead, and you do everything. On each side of the No. 4,4,5,6, please write the name of the person who knows of his own. This is also the family of human acquaintances and friends, everyone is fine. Still, Do not look ahead! ! Next to the number 5,8,9,10,11, please write a song title. 6, should be the last to your wish. Well, it is the commentary of the game. 1) that in this game, you should tell the people of the numbers who wrote to second. 2) the person who wrote the third is the loved ones of you. 3) the person who wrote in the seventh is the love of the other party, not come true but I like. 4) person who wrote in the fourth, is the person who I think to you is very important. 5) person who wrote the number 5 is your thing very well understand to me opponent. 6) person who wrote the sixth is you bring good luck to people. 7) The song was written in the eighth, the song that represents the person who wrote the third. 8) The song was written in the ninth, the song that represents the person who wrote in the seventh. 9) I wrote the song to number 10, the song that represents the inside of your heart. 10) And, the song that I wrote in No. 11 is a song that represents your life. From reading this writing, please put in a copy of this writing to ten bulletin board within one hour. That way, your wish will come true. If be affixed, it will happen to be the wish of the reverse. It is very strange but do not hit?

Father and husband and wife sex

Pregnancy and cohabitation with him, marriage could have taken, but day-to-day happy long
not last, was raised and sent him come the day of steep farewell.  Is the flow of time felt slow, the day my father told me to come anxious night, I still put in the bath a little son one year old, at the time I called the father to the dressing room, seen me naked even knowing of had to fully open the door of the dressing room. \"Dad, please,\" entrusted to father a son, in front of the father will be completely exposed to view my naked I understand that my father had been averted gaze. I hair length there to the bottom of the Sagakata, was the manner out of the finished washing I, in the dressing room will not enter only have only bath towel was always things.  Out with a figure wrapped only bath towel in front of his father, still my son I have been embraced by the father. \"Dad, thank you\" in an attempt to Dakiageyo a son, deviates a bath towel was showing naked in front of the father. \"Oh ...\" <I say, from wearing> was just down the previous lightly with bath towel. Although I was pajamas, bra Tsukezu night, I still out breast milk, I felt the tension out of the bath. \"Dad ...\" <Yeah ...> \"try smoked ... of that I ... breast milk has been stretched\" son been wearing lay, pajamas of the button in front of the father to expose the breast to open the year. \"Dad sucking\" and hug to chest the father, amazing nipples sucked up, Have smoked a left and right, I fell to the back while holding a father \"to Nugashi Dad\" get Nugashi also under shorts and pajamas to father Once, my father had come with sucking on the bottom. \"Oh Tsu amazing over Dad ... more ... more licking ... aah\"  <I'm here Yes scent of foster child> big father who opened the both legs or smoked licking wearing a mouth on the bottom from being in the body force was feeling going missing. \"Dad's want in ... came another useless ...\" backed away can not, burning with intense sex with my father that night I was up.  About three months since then, will be like living with her ​​son in the family home without the knowledge of the mother, he continued to covert forbidden relationship with the father, the son nor us gladly mother father grew steadily.  I was 22 years old, my father company executive of the 47-year-old mid-sized, 46-year-old mother, a working rice cake, and meet with father and ..., as it is opposite to the hotel, spend the father violently love each time. Apologies to the mother you think. It is incest and self-indulgence of my father.

And in one daughter

His wife a year ago, has a daughter and two people living went out with a man. We have strong sexual desire, but it was not too much because it does not go in, such as the customs there is no room in the money, sometimes Magirawase care by masturbation daughter of underwear. One night, I have found the place has squeezed the daughter of panties that were brought out from the bathroom as usual like in my room to daughter. My daughter will be solidified after issuing the up and the voice, awkward silence. I apologize to obediently, told that it could not really put up as a man. That day did end with it, the next day of the night, is daughter to know the circumstances that went out my wife or I thought to pity of me, came to say I do not have to worry about last night of it . Furthermore sometimes they told me and I'll I'll comfort. It truly is I was refused and I bad, but it did become the underwear take off your pajamas to say that you want a little help of Papa. Pretty white bra Glamour daughter, full erection to blunder in panty appearance. As it is daughter approached me was lying, it gave me rubbed the mine from the top of the pants. What was good attention to my a pleasant look, daughter and even take out the mine from the pants, gave me rubbing the direct product. My reason anymore at this point will flow away, I have asked embrace her daughter. It has been a little resistance when they stripped off the bra, but gently massaging the chest, was the state in which I feel when that includes the nipple in the mouth. Experience some of the? Reply and when a stupid question, not that there is no reason that there is such a thing. When extracting the panties hill vaguely hair began to grow. But now sideways twist the body lightly when you touch a ticklish, open the legs to somewhat forcibly suited up, observing the secret part of the daughter. A pink chestnut is exciting, I have involuntarily Mushaburitsui. Daughter every time licking the chestnut began to leak a comfortably likely sigh. Enough after cunnilingus, forcibly things were allowed to suck, further inserted into the crack of the daughter. At first I wanted pain because indeed a virgin, but seems to have been felt and continue to piston movement, he told me that the'll feel good dad. Mass firing on top of the stomach after the continued thrust 10 minutes or more. I daughter was also felt good to say thank you, told me the glad to get willing to Papa. That day we SEX in about every other day from. It looks like each other asking each other the stronger stimulus gradually, so wearing a string bread of Invisibility, or inserted by shifting it, and it violates the school swimsuit or gym clothes appearance. Standing back is also exciting, but the best is that the medium-out while watching the facial expressions spree feel of the daughter still cowgirl.

I love the Father

I 32-year-old divorcee, one son is 10 years old, is a fourth grade elementary school.
My mother out of the house a little early to incidentally send a son to school every morning
you. Become a secret love relationship with his father, already about three years elapsed
have been. It is of course, love at home, but sometimes hotel
there is also Toka love vigorously at.  Caution not known to the mother also has. You Yes and contraceptive treatment is so without fear of pregnancy, to the womb absorption acceptance into the uterus a father but we, the skin is loved by the Father becomes a fresh Tsuyahada my womb is it absorbed in will is good, the body is also son and daily bathing is show not hidden, I of thin see a dick under the hair that Tsu, my son also can see the fliers I have been, known unexpected and pretend casually dick has seen.  Someday I would like to give to accept his son to the body. Father it is also talking to, \"If I'll accept, neatly because'm boy I will be rewarded tell me, I do not the opposite, you of it the son of I 'll let them be firmly study because\"  I'll tell gradually from now on to son going it is.

Smell of daughter

Environment is irresistible that JK of uniforms say to walk around the front of the daughter.
Skirt of at close range, vulnerable-looking of the bath is pride.
Still Do It 's a virgin, how are you is masturbation? Just think such a thing.
And ransacked the washing machine, ... and to masturbation, the daughter of the underwear is made ​​in daily routine
was trembling only by the hand. I'm soiling so, mass firing from the son of a long time of the angle and the hardness
not also quit while I think that it is the lowest. Not taste the SEX of the daughter-in-law. ... You want pierces to the real thing

I love the Father

This morning, the went to the father and the hotel was about 8:30 in the morning. The breakfast
was finished I dressed in knee on a 15? Mini dress, finished the father go out Shitaku, was watching my mini figure. \"You're sexy one-piece\" is a little is I V cut with views of the valley of the chest open the chest. And sit in the front passenger seat, part of the skirt on shift up on pretty much looks the part of a string in a small shorts, his father was sitting in the driver's seat I had solved a string. \"Yada dad, and I we'll get seen,\" \"I have not seen anyone, because what ○ beautiful ○ down, not grave or not it good to\" actually hair is quite thin like a lawn, only part of the hill in Ano around without growing and hair loss, it is stick Sucking well to my father I do. This morning is sucked tits before that occurs, hotels there is also going to, insertion becomes healthy from morning without you. Insert had asked to put up with. Unlike the car of the flow of commuting, opposite from the morning in the parent and child to the hotel I was running. After a shower with my father, father of the leading edge also, my Soco also in time be Sucking adhere strongly without, raised licked slowly use the tongue was also raised voice. \"More ... Dad ... Tsu Oh ... and more licking sucking licking ○ of pussy feels good ... more\" licking pressing the Guigui and the bottom to the father of the mouth was on his back hope, my father had the legs smoked licking per sucking dick Ri, I had been pressing strongly I also accumulate without. Each other licking in the 69, when the straddle in cowgirl father of the array reaches the uterus feel the do, to sideburns the breast from below, movement on the father, in the insertion from behind, the uterus is pushed up strongly \"Dad more ... · Ii ... uh more when you ○ down ○ father feels Ow \" \" Yukiyo ... feels good ○ interference ... I say I'm pussy I ... \" interference uterus feel Tsukiagerae as it becomes prone normal position in then, in turn, my father pushed up the uterus like crazy \"dad amazing ... Iiwa ... more ○ pussy to Ai ... more ○ pussy ... ○ pussy .. aah over-out father ... - \" \" it's Ikuzo ... sky ... uh Yukiyo ... Rare ... \" I feel that the father has been inserted back, cling and father also my hug, had tightened the father interference is dick . Vacation leave was inserted into the inside of me, father after a while is in my second time to recover, challenged by hope as long as the subsequent physical strength is also my father I was not a jerk knotweed in the father and the bed, love each other also disturbed breath . Had left the hotel can dine in the restaurant on the way at 2 o'clock in the afternoon was returning home after a. I was allowed to be satisfied. My father is 61 years old, I am 36 years old, is a Whirlpool son 14-year-old divorced.

A daughter

yuna himekawa[5804]
I sudden death and loneliness of too at that time 12-year-old in a 40-year-old four years ago, his wife accident,
small 6 of the daughter, almost even want summer to the current 16-year-old will commit Yuna, it has continued to devour the daily body ... ... I was taught all the sexual foreplay to Yuna in the last four years 
Positions, fine drinking, drinking urine, dirty words, all ... a    
clean shaved pussy is fuck more than 1000 times thumbed darkened 
very high school students thing is not of  
as a 30s housewife if you look at only the genital area 
projection much to淫唇greatly enlarged clitoris is soy, anything
 -that is my sex machine that has grown to obscene lower body there was here in front of me now ...
tonight began the feast of pleasure.  
Yuna has already become a naked 
You have opened the crotch asking me daughter from \"you ... when π squid to do it ... even today,\" two years ago called so me       
to foreplay is plenty and 1 time is over you 
 take the underwear was summer in the nude I suck the mouth of the Yuna 
you touch the genital area with his right hand rubbing the breast another 
daughter began to put out the already sticky love liquid was started to barrage the dirty words.  
 \"Kuu ... you § ... pussy is feeling good ...
Hoshiiwaa ... sucking your juice\" 
was raised licked with another taking from the anus included in mouth granulomatous immediately Yuna is full of cloudy liquid is not 
Vacu I daughter I suck becomes 69 of woman upper - Mufera began 
from their own and the Deep Throating 
always to Blow of tainted saliva I ejaculate in squid are Yuna of mouth 
daughter is drink.    
Minute also to recover from it if I will begin to send Note Merge to honey pot of Yuna 
greedy daughter cried also while sweating to amount to tune a hip 
die \"dangerous ... dangerous ... the other ... - - die ... live like ... \"   
I was exhausted at the same time to speed up the movement  
had run down the semen from the pussy of Yuna was wide open and Dorori.