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Incest with daughter(2018-07)

I finally got sex with my eldest daughter of 5th grade ♪♪

 Tonight, during the summer vacation of a public elementary school where even a slender Maki attends, the desire and desire as a male parent who has been struggling for some reason has finally come true, and it is re-entered in the hole of a 10-year-old child's fox. I immediately report the fact that I was able to safely squeeze my foolishness as a widow of an unhappy person who lost his wife to an incurable incurable disease in September last year. I would like to write about the details and the sequel in the true story style if there is a lesson ...

Long time no see

It is in the details

Compensated dating daughter

yuna himekawa[10271]
My daughter, who was in her second year of high school, had an enkou dating and was called as a parent at school. After discussing with the vice-principal teacher and her homeroom teacher, she was able to avoid leaving school, but it was decided that she would be dismissed for a month. .. After returning home, I talked with my daughter, "Why did you have an enkou dating?" "I wanted money ." " If you're a messenger, I'll give it up." "..." "Well, how many times did you do it?" "About 10 times " Did you open your crotch to a man you didn't know 10 times?" "..." "If you don't want to talk, take off your clothes right away." "Why!" "Wash your dirty body cleanly." I took it off reluctantly, so I took it to the bathroom, washed it in the shower, and washed my body with body shampoo. Even though I was a daughter, when I saw a high school girl, breasts and hips, and a tight nipple, I got an erection regardless of my consciousness. When my daughter noticed this incident, she said, "My dad is also a man, I'm excited to see my daughter naked." I thrust the erected guy from behind. "To the Hyi-Dad" "I'm Punishment,'m cleanse the inside of you with this guy." "No - stop -" it seems came felt neglected to have nailed the waist "Oh", "good ~ "When I speeded up to that voice and thrust it, I was in danger of" I'm about to die "and I pulled out the dick and pushed it into my daughter's mouth and ejaculated.My daughter grabbed the dick with a familiar hand and squeezed it out. "Oh, dad!" "Oh, I got a bad result ..." "I was happy to hate you ." "You!" Then my daughter hugged me and kissed me. In addition, I got up and my daughter put it in my mouth again and rubbed it with my tongue and lips. I have already fallen into a forbidden world.

Inner wife's stepchild

I'm 46 years old, but I remarried a 20 year old woman last spring. I married a 21-year-old woman at the age of 28 in three years, but my wife, who only I know, had an affair with curiosity and became pregnant with the child who was having an affair. Both our husband and wife have divorced. It was when I was 30 years old. I met the wife who had an affair with her. My cute woman under 2 years old was Miho. While comforting each other, I was able to have a physical relationship, and I started living with Nana 9 years old, my 35-year-old, Miho 33-year-old, and Miho's daughter. I didn't submit a marriage registration and it was an inner relationship. We had good physical compatibility and had intense sex every day, but we didn't realize that we were sometimes seen by Nana. That was the year Nana took the high school exam when I was 41 years old. Nana was standing in the bedroom when I finished the day's work by ejaculating on Miho's chest. I was watching the whole story. And Nana, "sly only Mom. I Datte to want to be a dad of the bride." He said. I was at a loss, but Miho said, "Sex isn't good yet, but I'll make my dad feel good." And let Nana give a blow job. I was blown by a junior high school student, and even though I had just put it out, I did not ejaculate again. It wasn't until Nana was 16 that I robbed Nana of her virginity. We are completely strangers because we have an internal relationship. Nana's guardian was Miho, who admitted that she and Nana were engaged.When I cunniling Nana's cute dick, she died against the fact that she was 16 years old. I embraced my virginity since my ex-wife. I knew from experience that if you can feel it enough and get it wet, it is surprisingly easy to insert even a virgin, and there are individual differences in pain and bleeding. Moreover, Nana tries to hug me and get pleasure. I was distorting my face between pain and comfort. I embraced Nana and Miho every other day. I enrolled on Nana's 20th birthday. Prompted by Miho, I met Nana's father ... that is, her ex-wife's current husband. I reported my marriage. The marriage partner brought by the daughter is the ex-husband of the remarriage partner. I was stunned. Miho wasn't there when I got home. There was a letter. "They were shocked. I finally got revenge. Please live happily. My wife on the inside is in the way, so it disappears. Goodbye." Nana and I cried. Where and what has Miho been doing since then ...

How can i have sex with my daughter

The bulletin board here has detailed information about having sex with elementary school students, but is that true? Actually, I also have a desire to have sex with my daughter. However, I was wondering how I could do it, and I couldn't come to a conclusion. I never take a bath together, and I have only a few conversations, so it's almost impossible to hold my daughter. I would like somebody's guidance.

Real daughter

A bad father who has a relationship with his real daughter. My family consists of four people, my 46 years old, my wife 48 years old, my eldest son 22 years old, and my eldest daughter 19 years old. I work in the car sales business, so I rarely stay at home, and I have never been to a children's athletic meet, so I just worked. I didn't have much to do with my children, but my wife told me when my eldest daughter was in her second year of high school. "○○ (daughter) is noisy with my dad and dad lately. It feels like a kind of father complex? He said that his suit was cool, " said his wife. I wasn't completely praised, but I couldn't get it, so I thought I was a bad father. Shortly after that, while I was in business, I passed near my daughter's school and was waiting for a traffic light, and my daughter suddenly got into my car. "Dad, take me home . " "I'm at work. No. ” “ Do you have time to send your daughter? After all, my dad is cold to my family. ”The word cold to my family pierced me. "Mom and brother are cold about dad. But I'm on my dad's side. ” I'm happy. And when I had no choice but to send it home, a memo that my wife addressed to my daughter. (Because I'm eating with my friends , I'm making dinner in the fridge , so I'll warm it up and eat it.) My daughter says that she's doing this all the time. My brother is not at work. "Do you often have dinner alone? " Sometimes, " I told you all the time. "I lied that my daughter was pitiful and she was sick at work, and offered to leave early, and I ate at home with my daughter. How many years have you been alone? I enjoyed talking with my daughter. My daughter was innocently entwined with me whether it was fun too. I cried when I was told , "I like seeing my dad doing his best." When I wiped my eyes , "What, don't cry," my daughter's face was in front of me. When I put my hand on my cheek, my daughter closed her eyes and waited for a kiss. I hesitated for quite a long second. But my daughter doesn't move. When I put it on my cheeks, I said " Hmm ! 』And sharpen the lips and request again. When I hugged him and kissed him, he realized that my erection was "Dad, it's getting harder ." "Before my brother and mom go home, please dad." When I took off my clothes in the living room, it was a naked body that grew up splendidly. "Sorry dad, I'm not the first time . " That didn't matter. And the father who had sex with his daughter and became a captive of his young daughter. Only my daughter became a father who could open up time

Erotic hanging skirt of daughter

 In the O Tsu monkey Mammoth elementary school of the City of Nao attend only daughter, in relation to personal interviews and has been incorporated in the classroom visit and the class teacher to yesterday's public holiday, Tuesday today, because the transfer holiday but it is a weekday, leaving I alone of man parents are somehow brought up the Nao thing called from the green which was a wife that was the beginning slender figure this year lost unsatisfying in brain tumor malignant. The Nao of daughter you can poke your eye out, today is playing in the same 5-year-old friends who and outside before lunch, had Tsutana made at the hands of returning home to man the parent to the small 5 (Tsutana) lunch after you have finished eating, I have committed themselves to fornication with me from dressed in dark blue hanging skirt of the lighter is also a primary school uniforms is a big favorite of Kosuteyumu.

Incest of 2 pairs of parents and children

Keiko I was glad that my father was here for me when the fall, at the same \"Hanae-like\" is, but I was me and took care of him and passenger, had been told by the doctor, <quick to appropriate treatment corresponding also there was finished in mild while always \"Hanae-like\" I know the presence of the sister to me. It is sister to be to rely on.  Is the day that is nestled in the father, but me also taught knowledge of work in bed. It is the presence of my shadow, but I have become a major force. \"Mind you, is to Keiko was equipped with two of the sharp sword, one <Hanae director>'m sharpness is good sword, I've had one person <Affairs chief, she'll also a well-off sword, but it prudent use , follow the father is, the more the lessons of the force, also increase the presence of the president, also dad will continue to follow-up of Keiko the future, rest assured dad is with \"  the from the hospital do not come even clothes, baby only my father gave me wearing in the doll, is there is or h Ri best sense of security of being embraced by his father, as Hanae-like you said, I No of each other father is the best, from me also father No longer away.

Miyu's dad

  When children get along well with each other, their parents inevitably get along with each other. When her cute daughter Chika (12) became a close friend with Akemi in the same class, her parents became friends. In particular, I and Akemi-chan's father got along well and drank at an izakaya or each other's house.   One day, I received an email from Akemi's father. I received an email saying "Why don't you drink with me at my house because it's not late for someone's concert?" "Isn't there a cute wife who likes that miniskirt and shows off her panchira!" Immediately after sending the consent email, I received an email saying "Would you like to start at around 6:30 pm?"   It was the beginning that I misunderstood this as "6 o'clock". I came to Akemi-chan's house just before 6 o'clock and tried to ring the doorbell. Then, from the garden, there was a rhythmic "bread! Bread!" Sound and a woman's "An! An!" Gasping voice that seemed to match that sound. Clearly the sound & voice of having sex.   "Hey, that cute wife, I haven't been to a concert! After all, I'm having sex at home! But I'm jealous!", So I decided to take a peek with a little regret. I was really surprised when I approached it so as not to make a noise and looked into it.   Two naked men and women overlapped on the lush grass. Of course, "above" was Akemi's father, but he wasn't riding that cute wife. The child, who is much younger than his wife ... It was Akemi herself. Akemi-chan isn't hurt at all, but rather depends on pleasure. I feel so much that I don't think I've just experienced it for the first time.  Akemi-chan's dad's hips move faster, and the atmosphere seems to be lively. When Akemi's father muttered something in Akemi's ear, Akemi nodded. The speed of the piston reaches its climax, and Akemi's small breasts sway. Akemi-chan's father shouted "I'm going out! I'm going out!" And stopped moving. It seems that Akemi-chan also got acme.   After a loving kiss while still united, Akemi's father held a smiling Akemi in a princess hug. I turned around and headed into the house, but I was surprised again when I saw my father's dick at that time.   The condom is not attached. And, from the crotch area of ​​Akemi who is being held up, a white liquid dripping down ... Yes, my dad is in Akemi-chan ...   I hid behind the gate, suppressed my excitement and regained my composure. If anyone had passed by, I would have been a suspicious person. After a while, I rang the doorbell. "Hey!" I heard a young voice. My face was a little reddish, but Akemi, who was properly dressed, opened the door and greeted me with a smile.

Mistress of fifth grader who is also a daughter

 Occasionally, "the context may be mixed up", but please forgive me. In addition, this series of sentences is in the form of a diary without exception, so please be careful ...  I felt a little bit like a bare thigh in the bath last night. I hugged my daughter, who was washing her body outside the bathtub, from behind and put her lower body in close contact with her thighs. The moment my daughter's crotch mucous membrane touched my exposed glans, my daughter pulled back and ran away, so there was nothing more, but I was from behind While holding her daughter, she comforted her son with her hands and scattered the seeds on her ass. My daughter was a little surprised and was washing her ass, saying, "I was really scared." I regret that this time it was a little too aggressive.  When my daughter ejaculates me, she innocently says, "Yeah, I got out." I also have my daughter stand in the bathtub, bury her face in her waist with a cover, and enjoy the still developing crotch with her tongue. When the tongue hits a sensitive area, it bends and reacts with a slight disturbance of breathing. It's another breath to the bare thighs.  I went to the bare thigh in the bathroom with my 4th grade daughter. I have my daughter stand in front of the mirror and enjoy watching her penis penetrate from behind her crotch to the front. Two people are watching the ejaculation scene through the mirror. There are days when it flies vigorously, and there are days when it oozes out. Next, I'm trying to take pictures and videos. My daughter is usually OK, but it's difficult at home because of my wife's eyes.It's not good to go to a love hotel with a child, so when it gets a little warm, I'm thinking about going to a place that isn't visible by car and taking a picture. I would like to keep a record of the genuine and unopened hymen.  In preparation for the next step, I tame my daughter's vaginal opening with my tongue. The small entrance, which has not accepted anything yet, is as beautiful as a marinated salmon in color and shape. There is a complicatedly shaped fold of meat in the back, but is this a proof of a virginity? Push it open with your tongue and you will see a narrow entrance. I am carefully checking the genitals, which are so delicate that they will break if I put one finger in them, with my tongue.  Last Sunday daytime, I went to a cottage-style love hotel with my daughter. When I went in and out, I put on a coat and put on sunglasses. The purpose is shooting. I searched the site in advance for a room with an open-air bath and entered it. My daughter was excited in the room and took about 150 shots in various poses. Of course, I was able to safely capture the beautiful hymen in the camera. In the open-air bath, I turned the video and shot the intercrural sex. In natural light, the pink mucous membrane shines beautifully on the white skin, which is just like a fairy. I changed the angle a little during the intercrural sex with standing back, and when I hit the tip in front of the hymen and muzzled, I could not stand it and fired. The video shows the fluid dripping from the crotch perfectly, and it looks like after vaginal ejaculation. I don't think it's too far away to be in my daughter.  I went to a love hotel with my daughter today. When I take a bath at home, I'm worried about my wife's sign, so I feel uncomfortable, but I can enjoy it as much as I think it's a love hotel.I tried to insert it from my bare thighs today as well, but the guard was stiff and I wondered if the tip part touched a little. The finish was released onto the mons pubis, which began to swell.  The daughter seems to be a little proud to have led her father to ejaculate with her own body. After that, when I saw me waking up in the bath, I was mischievously invited to say, "Daddy, it's like putting it out." When I said, "Why don't you put it out with Mami's hand?", She was cheeky and refused, "If you do that, you'll betray your mom."  Recently, I am learning about the mechanism of human reproduction in elementary school 4 science. It's not sex education, but you should know everything about the mechanism of pregnancy. Recently, my daughter has finally started to take it out by hand. When the glans is rubbed with the soft palm of my daughter, it is released in less than 30 seconds. I also kiss my daughter ○○○ and taste a slightly sour body fluid.  Even so, the pubic area of ​​the 4th grade daughter has a mysterious shape that is different from that of an adult. A piece of meat that looks like a clam's gills sticks out of the crack, and when you bring the tip of your nose closer, it smells like an animal. Is it because the body fluid is secreted that it smells like that even immediately after washing in the bath? If you stand upright, it will not fit in the plump mons pubis, but if you open your legs a little, it will appear.  I succeeded in intercrural sex last night. I hugged my daughter who was washing her body from behind, and pressed the soapy folly against her thighs, and she slipped in.When I made a slight piston movement to open the legs, the foolishness adhered to the soft mucous membrane at the base of the legs. Looking from the front in the mirror, I saw my folly sticking out of my daughter's crotch. My daughter is silent, and when I move my hips, I close my eyes and disturb my breathing a little. After shaking my hips about 10 times, I couldn't stand it either and released the offspring on my daughter's thighs. The daughter was silent and washed it away. There was an awkward atmosphere for a moment, but my daughter opened her mouth. "Dad, a little scary was" "What," "I thought I would I wonder if put" "The put also was good," "I hate, so made or was ready I Do Seriously is a little while ago." "I it was bad," it from the I took a bath as usual.  I took a bath together last night. I applied a generous amount of soap to my daughter's crotch and my folly, and cut her hips in close contact with her hips. My daughter seems to be relieved because I promised not to insert it, and my tip touches a harsh place, but it does not seem to move. The finish was between my daughter's crotch, at the base of her legs, and on the verge of cracking. The released body fluid drips down the inside of the thigh as if it had flowed out of the vagina. Will we finally challenge the production next time? But before that, I would like to take a picture of my daughter's beautiful hymen and save it.  I enjoy intercrural sex with my 5th grade daughter every night. With my daughter standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, soaping her thighs and inserting it from behind, the glans sticks out and hides from her crotch every time I move her hips, visually. You can enjoy it.My daughter sandwiches my son in the position of an ant's door, so it looks like a standing back style. At the time of ejaculation, I take my body off and put my hand on it, aiming at my daughter's hips and legs and releasing it. My daughter seems to be interested in ejaculating me, and whenever I'm there, she always tries to take a bath with me.  Intercrural sex is good. My daughter is also having fun. The best thing is that parents and children can now talk without tabooing their sex. I also talk to Frank about contraception and masturbation in the bath. My daughter seems to like licking the clitoris, and recently she has begun to ask me to "lick", and when I put my tongue on it, I bend my hips and react.  I have sex with my 6th grade daughter. At first, I took steps such as handjob and intercrural sex in the bath, and it took about half a year to insert the vagina. Although she was a genuine virgin, she didn't hurt so much at the first time, and she had only a slight bleeding on her penis. However, when I put it in the standing back several times, the lower part of the crack (perineum?) Was cut off, and that person was hurt. After doing it 10 times, I got into it smoothly. The appearance of a daughter with a delicate body swallowing an adult's penis all the way to the root and breathing out is exciting with a sense of immorality. At the moment, it is an extravaginal ejaculation with raw insertion, but sometimes it seems to be outbursts, so I'm thinking about using rubber soon. Also, my daughter started begging me for pocket money, and I secretly gave my wife about 10,000 yen a month.

Ayaka's surprise

Ayaka of only daughter wants to say has to go to me and travel before graduating from junior college "would have a lot he would go with classmates I graduated from travel" "I'm so to me is in the tuition and various care and Dad also serves as a thank "I want to go" "Tuition is a necessary expense and I'm a parent and child to take care of me" "I still want to go with my dad" All the travel arrangements were done by Ayaka and I just arrived, I do not even know where to go I was just sitting in the passenger seat of Ayaka's car. I passed through the highway and ran on the mountain road, and I could see the signboard of 〇〇 Onsen and confirmed that it was here. "Yes, thank you for your hard work, I finally arrived." I liked the atmosphere and quietness of a long-established store. I went out for a walk because I had time until dinner, and when I took a walk while listening to the murmuring of the river in the yukata of the inn, Ayaka folded her arms and felt the softness of her chest in her arms, which made me excited. "This I guess what do you think looking at the two people," "it would be nice father daughter of the relationship" "No be, Toka lecher father and the young mistress ♪" "I'm glad you were so" "Tara hate it - Papa'" "there "Haha" "But there may be a surprise" "I'm looking forward to it" When I returned to the inn, the set was ready and "Wow ~ a great treat" "It looks delicious" Nakai-san came and lit the pot and said "Go Please take your time, "and went out.After toasting with beer, flattening the feast and resting on the porch, Mr. Nakai came again, cleaned up the dishes he had finished eating, laid out two sets of futons, and went out. "Hey daddy, I can't take the open-air bath there." "With Ayaka?" "Of course." While saying that, I took off my yukata and headed for the open-air bath naked. I was a little excited to see my wife, whose naked back was dead. I also hurriedly took off and took an open-air bath. Unlike the city, it was beautiful to illuminate Ayaka's nakedness with stars and moonlight in the dark. A fool reacts to the woman's body that I see for the first time in a few years, "Oh! I'm glad that my dad is so naked", I forgot my father and daughter and kissed, rubbed my soft breasts, and stroked my ass Grabbed "I want this" "Is it okay! Here?" "Yeah" Guided by Ayaka and united " Is this a surprise?" "Yes, I've always wanted it." "I should have said it early. " But " "This kind of thing is out of the ordinary, so I wanted to change the atmosphere and connect in a very natural way." "Ayaka" I hugged strongly and moved my hips. I felt happy because my folly was wrapped in a jar. I got up from the open air and hugged each other with one futon, but I took a rest. The next day and the next day, it was the best trip to connect with Ayaka. When I got home, I started sleeping on my bed from that day, and I'm running like a newlywed.

Incest discourse

Stepchildren of put a new nationality woman is a good body from coming confronted with mini skirt in the habit of JC to a habit that is inviting After doing toying your body hug on whether the woman is absent love I'll do if I want to do so much Misen no practice swing reluctant because I do not need such a performance, and I because Shiteyan be pleasant wanted or is finally quiet When pressed against the body to the tatami, what's being wildly favorite of? Swing Ya want Shi I asked Te I think I'm creatures that Arekore in order to draw attention of the man, even mere JC is for me a woman not you wanted to still carefully may reaction showed Ya want and I'll caress Hey or even hi dudes to shake neck saying to be stroked anywhere well the whole body sensitivity Shi put out sexy voice if Namere by rolling up the actual nipple erection is in agony out twangy not a way I wanted to do even shook neck much when absorbing but if I'll and said, gonna I understand round, still plaintive acting to Ya want of me woman is ze's thoroughly Mendoku to e creatures 've got to bounce convulsion waist If you touch pussy that oozed slimy from before touching, ze it keeps no hate laugh is that Koshitsuki me who if seen hi dudes because it is the same as to say I put early Ochinpo I Do not hurry was found was found, because Shiteyan plenty good think of Expectations only be tired of waiting this JC'm face trembling lips Wanawana in a'll rubbed against the pussy Ochinpo I had it is amazing how cling because seems to have been the first time of the thickness of my arm without Taman then pleasure because kun stroking without bustling Sawasawa Now it was cuteSlowly the feeling of Ochinpo I was willing to spill Hihi Afun Afun tears and I'll put together taste creatures Te hi dudes I wish if the honest in the first place On'na' really hi dudes also hi dudes from it truly is seemed accumulated as usual libido JC I young, I have hi dudes from Kitan home from school in a short skirt aesthetic wake up guy also very Dawaa pretty example I strive for the new father , but I'm doing it every day opponent hi dudes, do as usual and want began gonna live performance I do not hi dudes to you doing Barre in if the body Come doing Ha guy I totally woman

My daughter's hemorrhoids

yuna himekawa[10135]
The daughter of 6th grade said, " Dad with a sore butt" " Where is the butt?" "Just around Komon" "If you can show it, I'll look up" "No! It's embarrassing " "Would you like to go to the hospital? " I'm embarrassed, but I think it's better than it hurts . " He was said to have anal fissure and had an ointment on the disinfectant solution and gauze. According to the teacher, if you have stool, be sure to disinfect with the disinfectant solution. "It's kind of annoying." "I told you that if you disinfect it, it will be cured in about a week." "I wanted to go when I talked about stool ." " Don't put up with it until I get home." "Yeah, go home early. When I got home, I rushed into the bathroom. After a while, I heard a screaming scream of "It hurts ~ It hurts ~" from the toilet . "Okay or ~" "It hurts when you leave, very ass'm not wipe -" "Well Come out from good to not wipe" "How to not wipe" I do I washed off in the "shower in the bathroom " Let's do it. " "Maybe that's okay." I came out of the bathroom without raising my pants. I rushed into the bathroom because it was better to hurt than to be embarrassed. I heard the sound of taking a shower, but "Dad, come on a little" "What's wrong?""I can't wash it myself" "Why?" "It hurts and I 'm scared to touch" "I'm a sweetheart" "Don't look at my ass" "Yes, yes" Gently take a shower around the back of my daughter washed. I will also do the next process. I make it a one-on-one style and disinfect it from behind, but of course you can see cracks, but I disinfected it while glancing at Moriman's streaks, which grow hair even though I am a sixth grader. Then apply the medicine and tape the gauze to finish. "How was your father's treatment?" "I was super embarrassed ... Thank you." "What a good parent and child. " "Hmm ! But you could see it." "What?" "... A So・ Ko ” “ Well, I could see it ” “ Cha-embarrassing ” “ What is embarrassing ” “ Because ... I saw the maiden's embarrassing thing ” “ I know the difficult words of a maiden ” “ Don't mess up in I " " bad bad " " But Dad, if I I "is also seen " so? " continues to look at one week treatment is over. At the end I touched the crack a little, but my daughter forgave me. I wish I could meet my daughter someday. I will write again when I can act.

"My real daughter's vaginal diary"

 A pure white blouse, a bright navy blue suspender skirt, and a girl's long black hair glitter on a red school bag.  The uniforms of public elementary schools are not as clean as private ones, but the short stature girl with a fair and delicate body that seems to make up for it is beautiful enough to see and is definitely classified as a true girl. The aura that should have been released from the whole body.  It is presumed that this girl has just been promoted to elementary school 5 when she sees a brand new and glossy name tag that says 5th grade and 3rd group, so she is still less than 11 years old, probably 10 years old. Let's go. When I lowered the school bag with a bright red color like a picture, the string of the suspender skirt was crossed on the back, which made me feel innocent childhood.  The hem of the uniform skirt was rolled up by a rugged man's hand, and then the cotton pants with a light blue accent color on white were lowered and finally taken off.  When the hairless vertical muscle omeko was turned up, the mekobira was slightly protruding, suggesting that she already knew the taste of the cock in small 5.  Yes, this is to write the character of my daughter while watching the video that my father, my father, recorded from the video memory to the Blu-ray disc as an important collection. It was shot about one year and three months ago, and as a proof of that, every corner of the screen was shot only for personally shot works after the image quality was significantly upgraded from the conventional full high-definition to the latest 4K system. It is projected clearly and beautifully with a quality that is more than sufficient, and I like the sound quality.  The girl who became naked before long seems to have reached the age where she can understand the meaning of the act of making a young body of a pheromone, which is unique to a preteen, as a toy of her real father who is an adult, and while smiling innocently, actively It was emitting sex pheromones to the surroundings. "When did you first make a mess with your dad ...?"  "I made a mess from last summer vacation." My daughter dedicated her childhood chastity to her father in the summer of elementary school 4. And, without hesitation, he holds a cock that is too big for a 10-year-old child presented to his mouth with a pakuri feeling, and starts a seemingly poor blowjob, but he feels that he does not touch his teeth and is firmly taught. It made me feel that.  No matter what she does, she keeps giggling and smiling, but she shows a pleasant face when she is tampered with a young pussy.  Hearing the sound of flirting with honey, the girl opened her mouth halfway and let out a lustrous and sexy sigh, "Huh ~~ ha ~~, a, an, an ..." .  When I pry open the tippai tsurumeko before the first tide and the red-black cock pierces, I hear a slightly painful growl, "Au ... nha ...", and the adult decachin is still to this girl. Is too tight.  It sounded like a sad moan only when it was inserted. However, maybe the young meko had come loose, "Huh, ah, ah ...", and finally it turned into a pant drowning in pleasure.  If I don't look at my face and genitals, I can't tell if it's a boy or a girl. My foolishness is absorbed in a delicate body that is thin and has no extravagant meat, and it is slow pistoned to pull out young omeco meat.  When my father lay on his back and straddled the girl child on the furious penis, he immediately skewered the spupe and the omeco with the weight of the child who seems to be only about 30 kg for the woman. .. Then, unbelievably, contrary to the childhood of appearance, the girl began to use her hips with a squeaky kunekune even though she was not instructed to somehow heal her sexual aches, and began to panting with a ecstatic expression. Isn't it? Katsuaki recorded how the young body fell into the pleasures carved into the body during the summer vacation of elementary school 4.  While in the woman on top posture, the man pushed up the cock violently and released semen into a young honey pot.  While looking back on my daughter when she was 5 years old, dripping hot semen into her inner thighs and immersing her in the afterglow of lewdness with a satisfying face, she now matches the fact that she is 11 years old and cares about her future. I couldn't help it.  Then, as I imagined the affair with my beloved daughter, who is scheduled to leave school in about an hour, by superimposing it on the past, the rush juice from the tip of the foolishness polluted my underwear. Then, there was a picture of a girl in a junior high school sailor suit and a picture of a girl in a high school blazer. It was a beautiful girl, but at the same time I realized that it resembled a popular idol. However, the DVD was over after the high school photos.

10 year old pubic area

My wife passed away in complications of breast cancer and uterine cancer, has resumed bathing the daughter of 10-year-old. Daughter of the nude look in three years was a fresh and dazzling. Began to bend over in front of and take a bath pee you want to be the drainage port since ancient times, it had an erection and have seen vigorously jumping out pee from the crack. When the pee is finished I wash the crack while applying the shower, but I have stroked the chestnut will spread out with crack. Daughter when he touched the chestnut did not miss was the Pikutto, fourth grade of I thought also I feel a girl, Sonaruto allowed to spread the legs to sit in better observation and want to become in the tub edge was chestnut Lane rather than observe in widening the crack Te. Inserted yet to see a chestnut-urethra Engineering, Chitsuana is I thought it was impossible. But if you continue Lane chestnuts after four to five years came out from convinced that the bath that it can be inserted. Cheer the way to the insertion because we will Tsu continue thank you.

Bath taim

"Daddy is big today too" "This is what happens when you take a bath with Ayaka" "Do you feel stiff?" "Hmm, of course" "How was your kindergarten today?" Tayo Daddy's milk, wash your face properly "" I'm sorry, Daddy's milk, unlike mom's, it's not from the boobs "" Daddy licks here today "" Hmm, so I can only clean this place "Ayaka feels a little good, but it's a secret to mom." "It's a secret between dad and Ayaka."

Two daughters

My wife and I are remarried. Both are 42 years old, the eldest daughter is 19 years old, and the second daughter is 18 years old. My two daughters are my wife's stepchildren, I am divorced due to a diagnosis of azoospermia, and I have no children with my ex-wife. By the time I remarried, my eldest daughter was already six years old, but fortunately they both soon got used to it. Then, while stealing my wife's eyes, I trained my eldest daughter, mainly my two daughters, with mischief. The first thing I taught my daughters was how to touch my pussy. I taught him where and how to touch it in the living room without his wife, in the children's room, and while taking a bath. When I became able to masturbate, I also said that I would masturbate in front of my father, and I also competed for the two of us to die early. When my eldest daughter was 11 years old, I showed her the first cock that erected. When I touched it, I was terrifyingly holding it with my hand. I told my eldest daughter to take off my pants and let me sit on my seat. And I attracted my eldest daughter and showed her a slippery pussy with a cock. The impression of the eldest daughter is that Ochinchin is growing from the pussy. The eldest daughter seemed to like the fact that she rubbed the whole pussy with the erected cock that she did after this. "Don't do it yet, it's just my dad and I." Mi is the name of Miki Nijo. "It feels good? I think this is good." I lay down on my back and put my eldest daughter on it. "Sit on the cock"The eldest daughter obediently sits on the cock. "It hurts a little pussy" "Sit down so that it doesn't hurt" I slowly shook my eldest daughter's hips back and forth. "Does it feel good?" "I don't know, but it doesn't hurt ." " Is this sex?" "No, sex is still early." Ma is the name of Maki's eldest daughter. It's my first time, so I don't want to be disliked by force, so this is about the first day. For my eldest daughter who was in pain on the first day, I applied the lubricating jelly I used with my wife to the cock and put it on top. "Something slimy" I hated it at first, but it seems that I found it to be slippery and comfortable. "Maybe it feels good to have a pussy." "If so, try rubbing yourself." The eldest daughter snorted and started using her hips. "May feel good penis of the father" "comfortable?" "Yes" "pass away?" "Pass away I what?" "What pussy is comfortably" "Hmm, I feel good I do not know" for a while uh-huh on my The eldest daughter I was talking about got stuck and her face turned bright red as if she had a fever. It's a good thing, but I'd like to continue tonight.

Relationship with daughter 23 years old

I have been an officer of my company and have been in a relationship for about a year. My wife forced her to meet her, and when she and he were two, she said she would go to the bathroom, rushed to the meeting place with me, and went straight to the love hotel with her daughter in the passenger seat. I got my daughter's virginity, and after that I sometimes become one at the hotel and love each other, but maybe my wife is aware of it ... I type this in and my daughter is watching it together. I bought a cheap studio that my wife didn't know about, and now I love each other in that room and have only one double bed.

Incest of 2 pairs of parents and children

Keiko introduction will be omitted. Two sets of good friends parent and child in the same house, once spent the night of the swap, which was to replace the father or have the momentum of the drunk, it is to each other intimate parent-child returned, there may be the exchange in the line-of-sight in-house.  I reason that came to like the car sex, but it was by chance become a relationship accept the father and becomes body also father to only two people, ... father it is in the opportunity also to miscarriage without noticing was pregnant It is to cherish from, had been changed to a one-box thinking as I also car can become the horizontal. So in search of sex in car from me, and then I came to the car sex drive.  Have then remove shorts in front of urination in the house, need when I go out from the bidet, <because I'll lick, I want without washing> from his father, but is said to be, but still after bidet, my father was so get to wearing the shorts from clean lick, because it can not wash after urinating in the grass in the drive, my father is to clean or sucking licking clean me of that.  From when the two people to the Father and the boardroom, the previous urination Have undress the shorts, but is after the bidet, are asked to not wearing the shorts from and to clean or sucking or licking with Sucking .  Incest would be three sets, Aishiaeru become one in the intervals of time, you'll get even tension to much work, we of the love become one and become such a relationship would be necessary, it is a result is it is true that creating a good work, I like sex. You'll alternating contact \"Hanae-like\".