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Incest with daughter(2011-07)

Daughter Nimoe

yuna himekawa[380]
There is a daughter of the proud 19-year-old to me.
I think it might be quite doting parent, but that he better clean.
When the high-3, my daughter I had to bike to school, but
it is that when you have surgery and a broken knee and fell.
The story of the attending physician, I had heard that the lower body anesthesia, but
to hear of anesthesia is poor, and seems to have switched to general anesthesia hurriedly. It was
not difficult like that, scratches
and not remain so much surgery itself. And
I decided to accompany her daughter to the day of surgery, so I was able to take days off
hurriedly, but I think surgery it was 40 minutes 30 minutes. It and did take a private room
in the hospital partly because daughter also called around, because insurance had
When my daughter came back to the room, and full deep sleep state.
But is natural.
As soon come back to the room,
I remember the nurse is and what is the catheter, but it might be a mistake to hear.
To say such a thing, and since it may be kidney rupture urine accumulated,
I put a tube into the urethra of the daughter to say as you unplug the urine.
Even as a father of the expected,
it does not look more than 10 years other such Toko daughter. Hair over there is pretty thin.
I was staring I think it 's mother inheritance is there,
underwear lower body I became firm is totally not wearing,
nurse it had been bevel things like loincloth is \"Just a few
It went out of the room and Inokoshi \"I think eyes and wake up in time. Excluding gently
arrived in surgical such as yukata clothes daughter is
wearing, bra is also not wearing.
Within my head,
it does not do, such that it is touch the daughter if you miss this opportunity again. . .
Chest much larger than the mother. About D is likely.
The rolled fir terrible chest daughter, I took with The photo to the memorial.
Of course, I also take photos of spreading the foot.
Then, aiming at the chest of the daughter becomes the horsemen, ejaculation. . . .

I was found my daughter's de М Although there any questions ...

This happens in the flow of the story softening.
You answer depending on the question.
Oh, By the way, my daughter is 12 years old.


Now, you have two daughters to me.
I think not, and Speaking of cute or mighty, but it 's the more reasonable.
I bath is on duty from the time of the baby both of whom.
Perhaps that has been on the together ever,
a child on that for us entered together still came in under 1 in 3.
It is said to be entering together anymore to be Once quit his wife, but while it entered me together
because I want to enter, you have to convince the wife so.
Even without entering together, taking a bath
so that wandering around in the nude all the time, although I show me naked.
It is parental love and wanting to take a look at the changes in the body of the daughter.
It does not mean looking at Filthy eyes never.
Child of the above is becoming to the body of the adult already a child below
is feeling a kid. Daughters
I wonder if I feel
like there also special just my hair I also have been aligned flies finally,
it is so ashamed at all. Swimming, so begin to become the summer, the children of above the children of also
performing the processing of hair below. It has shaved legs open in front of my eyes.
It does not also excited to not look over there a daughter, since such things always.
The more the child of under, you may even be that I'll shave.
Just enter the bath with two people once and for all the children of the ...
on, you're right for a long
time, but they want to touch the dick of me.
I feel it and play with a larger.
Perhaps because it took the old days,
you will be Tekoki daughter of above amused you are turned into premature ejaculation.
And I hate it and return to touch, but
it has become a strange feel eyes that are wet and wet apparently.
Is it being processed by one person? You say you hear me, and has been.
It refused to say I'm on the show now.
It seems embarrassing indeed.
It and did gave me a daughter Denmark that are no longer used with his wife.
What if I asked,
it is from the top of the pants the other day that you will answer me I 's
weapon, but when doing Atega~tsu the Danish children of the above, spree alive. . . . daughter
that I even got excited over, you have already SEX daughter and
above'm apparently not you not want to do is
etch, but you have hit it seems want to combed kiss, that there is no wife. You would think
with it sitting at the top likes,
it would be good for minute daughter spree swaying comes from yourself riding on top.
It and is not this of them. . .

Illness of daughter

Daughter when I was 9 years old. You told me to ... I menstruation has come to daughter wife.
Do not fast a little in my mind? Children of recent whether precocious? It was around I thought it was.
My wife told me to me a few days later, took him to the hospital, as you start hormone therapy.
was Yes' s an be short stature and be so serious, and I checked on the medical books in the home and is not expected, abnormal sexual desire Toka Dell Toka become violent.
Certainly, chest well developed than children elsewhere, and hair under has also grown, and it looks like anger.
It was thought chest and wonder if a wife inheritance, but it seems different.
I have a son under the daughter, but
I also remembered that my son told me secretly to me \"sis, come touch dick,\" he said. At that
time, did not expect only to Young leprosy good to get along.
There are full Fushi to hit.
I was talking to my daughter as a father, it does not afford to also mean Hottoku. Is there that was telling
\"Akande, there is no harm for you, but
my brother because it is one year still Once in the bath together with his brother anymore,'m such thing is not good for the younger brother,\"
Well, if you gave me to understand. Problem was from here. I daughter I \"want to be seen\" to say I \"'m there 's how to handle sex on their own\"
good \"there will be heightened to gender and to a problem with the hormone, but there trying to consult,\" said I could not believe their ears. I thought in my mind that it is prohibited and bath brother extra but it did not want to mouth. Willing his wife also certainly. But I thought it was copper or not, but I was relieved daughter me and say \"you know\" If you say I \"Akanyo I showed to people who friends Ya do not know.\" My daughter told me it \"was found. Doing so,\" said in the face bright red and say \"If you ever want to show really, dad because I'll look,\" he said. and I had a face to say the night after a few days, it was about to come to forget such a thing, when my wife went out at night get-together of the PTA, daughter wants started to say something, but I us together once in a while \"to daughter remembering suddenly When you say? \"whether there is a bath, and has been with in silence. As a woman, daughter, without supposed to have seen, I was not even excited. I feel that is not the same as usual, so was it enters together emergency, to say it \"because I'll Horami, and try Mise open\" I, daughter spread your feet shyly to say that I \"? Would I want to be seen\" told me to Mise. When you say \"I yan invisible Hiroshi to expand yourself more\" me, my daughter gave me Mise spread out over there with their own hands. It was a closer look at a daughter over there It is since the time of the baby. Some hair also grows and they had in there is something different from that when the baby. It does not mean that a child of nine years old I \"Yeah\" says When I say that the \"Do do become a strange feeling and be seen\". How relieved and \"Yeah\" to say \"is it, I'm with mom.'m Certain such Toko also mom\" ​​What. In the early years of one's marriage, his wife showed me masturbation well. And I was no longer such a thing recently. Daughter began to touch the clitoris to say \"Now, you wonder a feeling weird? You try to touch a little,\" I can hear it I? \"Whether or touched with their own\", daughter because She said she \"sometimes\". I was I think I know once. How to feel is very similar to the wife. Bad feelings have too similar I mean. Or about 15 minutes, I was watching masturbation daughter in the time. My daughter has become a small 6 now, but I am seeing masturbation daughter still. There is also a feeling likely to cause a mistake of them, but I have to put up with a jerk as a father is there. Daughter loves Berochu. There also I'm a mother inheritance, but also breast, C cup there anymore, I will also wants to touch my dick. And me not torture me any more.


It is a daughter of 45 years old and my 70-year-old to say that, and daughter.
We took care daughter came to stay sometimes for me living alone and lost his wife.
It is time during this period, we stayed to come. Night, while you are drinking with two people, my daughter I said. that the husband is no longer able to have sex from three years ago in diabetes.
Honest man want as a woman of 45 years old. Can not also be an affair to say whether, and it was trouble of how I do.
So, you might think in the momentum that I was also drunk, actually I also odious Become a this year, the fact is that she want to have the body of a woman. It is not that allowed in parent and child, but what about in say that the secret of only two people. I've said.
Daughter laughed off, but was drunk Become a groggy then drinking swig. I lost the reason to see the thighs protruding of his daughter. Was Mushaburitsui I also become naked with naked daughter.
Was the only form of resistance daughter also noticed from the middle, but it did not stop anymore. Daughter t