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Incest with daughter(2015-07)

If my daughter sees her activities ...

yuna himekawa[4489]
I was 44 years old, my wife was 41 years old, and I was 18 years old. Naoko, a first-year high school daughter, saw the couple's activities, and it was ridiculous ... One night, she stripped off her naked wife's futon and was enjoying sexual intercourse in the missionary position. .. When I thought it started shaking, the house shook violently. My wife was hugged saying " I'm scared ..." and hugged her and waited for the shaking to subside. The shaking subsided, but my cock didn't subside, so I inserted it again and continued the rhythm. My wife was about to climax and I was about to ejaculate. Suddenly, the door opened, so I was surprised, and when I turned around, my daughter was standing there. It was so sudden that I couldn't hide it or do anything about it anymore. My daughter saw her naked, connected with her genitals, and hugging each other. My daughter also witnessed the unexpected sight of her parents and stood with her hands on her face, saying "Wow ..." . Mazui ... I thought I had to get this place somehow, and for the time being, when I asked , "What happened ?" , My daughter Naoko said, "Earthquake ... I was scared ..." "Yes ... it's okay. , Come next to your mother ... " Naoko awkwardly sat down next to her wife, glancing at me. I left it inserted in my naked wife.My wife also seemed to be indescribable when she saw her in a hailless appearance, and silently tried to push me away. I felt awkward, but I thought it was better to be honest than to run away with strange reasoning. "Hey, Naoko ... now, dad and mom are in love with each other. When dad and mom love each other, they're naked and have sex. I'm already a high school student, right?" Kokun I nodded. "Good couple of the relationship is, I'm going to bed in love Koshite even if the number. It is obvious that such do but I'm. I'm not ashamed that ..." had hit the Un'un and nod. "A couple is allowed to have sex on a regular basis. You know ..." My wife hated me and tried to leave me, but "Mom is embarrassed. Look at what your dad and mom will do from now on. " Naoko seemed to be looking through the gap between her fingertips, covering her face with both hands. My wife is shy and refuses, but I thought that the only way to get through this place was to show sex education at school as well as show actual sexual activity. Although he hated his wife, he hugged him and pushed up his weaknesses. My wife couldn't stand the rhythm, so she shook her face from side to side, disturbed her hair, and panted. Naoko seemed to see her wife gradually disturbed between her fingers.As I look like Naoko, I show the meat stick that was in my wife by pulling out the meat stick that became cloudy with my wife's love juice, insert it slowly and repeat, and my meat stick goes in and out of my wife's meat hole Naoko was staring at her because she was trying to make her look like Naoko. When I entered the final finish, my wife said, "Oh, you, safe day, please go inside ... Ah, ahhhhh ..." "Uh, uh ..." I'm my wife's meat I ejaculated in the hole. When I pulled out the meat stick, the semen that was drunk flowed out from the meat hole that my wife used. I applied a tissue to it and wiped the meat stick clean. I was a little calm and said, "Now, a man's semen is poured into my mother from my father's body. At this time, if an egg called an egg appears in my mother's womb, it will be in my father's semen. You can combine with a sperm to fertilize and have a baby. You know. Dads are a couple and they manage the ovulation day so they stay raw, but when you have sex with a boy , I wear a condom so that I can't have a baby. I understand. ”The wife who kept the silence said , “ I understand what Naoko and Dad say. ” While holding Naoko's hand, the rescue ship Gave me an ovulation. The next day, when I was working every day to enjoy vaginal cum shot on a safe day, my daughter opened the door again. "Can I see it today? Where my dad and mom love each other ..." I couldn't refuse. I hugged my wife in front of my daughter and made a vaginal cum shot.The next day, my daughter came and went on a tour. On the 4th day, the night when my wife had menstruation and thought that she would be abstinent for a while, my daughter came and said, " Why don't you do it today?" "Mom, I'm on my period, so for a while. " I see ... Then, dad, don't you love me? I want to experience it, but I don't have a man who is nicer than my dad yet. " " Parents and children can't . " " Junior high school I didn't like my dad so much for three years, but now I really like it. I don't have to have children. I have a condom. " " Naoko ... You 're 16 years old and you're already a woman. Then, please make me a dad ... " My wife sent a rescue ship to my daughter this time. I moved to the side of Naoko and gently crawled her hand over her pajamas. I gently stroked it from my chest to my stomach and thighs, but Naoko seemed to feel it. Already 16 years old, he seems to be a virgin, but he seems to have experienced masturbation. I thought it would be good, so I unbuttoned Naoko's pajamas one by one and expanded her chest. After gently rubbing the dewed, bouncy, slippery girl's breasts and nipples, she lowered her pants and slid her cute panties down. At last, a hill of pubic hair that had grown completely appeared, but when I pointed my finger at the crack under the pubic hair that had just grown and was not yet bristle, and stroked it, it was already completely wet.When I let the crackle crawl on my tongue and put the granulation in my mouth and draw a circle with the tip of my tongue, I found that it gradually became harder and popped out of the skin. "Oh ... oh ... oh ..." My beloved daughter's pant ... My beloved wife and my alter ego were trying to open the sexual door by my father. Feeling ready to accept a man at any time, he said, "Here's a man's thing, Naoko ..." , slurping the honey of my child. Let me spread slowly legs, while putting on the condom to cock, to his wife, "Mother, because finally put, doing it clasped firmly the hands of Naoko." And said, "Naoko, is now dad goes here It's okay, so hold your mother's hand firmly and relax your body. " " ... "The glans part sank in and pushed in slowly, little by little. "! ... Hmm!" While feeling the moment of deflowering , I slowly pierced Naoko's narrow meat hole with merimeri and hard meat. "Naoko, my dad's stuff is all in. This is a man. Okay, it moves a little slowly." When I started to move back and forth slowly, Naoko's face looked painfully distorted. .. Sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old high school student, sex with a real daughter, this excitement tried to lead to ejaculation in a blink of an eye. I wanted to finish my first sexual intercourse early, so I pierced and ejaculated strongly ... weakly. "Naoko, it's over." "..."I left Naoko, took off the condom, said, "Naoko, this is my dad's semen," and showed me the semen that had accumulated in the condom. The wife, who was watching the sexual intercourse between her father and daughter all the time, opened her mouth. "Naoko ... because my dad put it in first ... ... There used to be a time when you shouldn't have sex until you got married. Nowadays, many girls are before marriage. I mon is to experience. " " ..... " " Naoko is, this is virgin through protect up, No I ... "was dedicated to the favorite dad is my wife told me gently. .. After this, until Naoko left home to go on to college, she began to hold Naoko only when her wife had a period. My father and daughter loved each other three times a month. Blow also becomes good, in March last year, after graduating from high school, at the end of the father daughter sex, completely remember the pleasure, "Oh, Oh, Dad, Ann, Oh Pa, Papaa ..." and complete I remembered having sex. Naoko is now returning home during spring break. "Hey, when my mom's period comes, lend me my dad again." "I can't help it anymore." When I got out of the bath and tried to enter the living room, I heard the conversation between my mother and daughter talking in the kitchen. Dad has to work hard ...

And the father is hiding in the mother?

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you.
Attrition \"? And the father is hiding in the mother\" has become full thanks to all of you.
So we continued launched a \"? And father hiding mother.\"
Because my husband is in business trip, I came back to the still young children and parents.
In the mother travel, even with his father observed the nursing of children in father and I have forgiveness and a suck tits.
My father just it I have can relationship with hit me not fit.
Now it is only this year, the father than the number of times that my husband poured the semen in me has become the number of times that infuses the semen inside of me.
To confess such a plight, and I am glad After receiving your opinions and impressions on everyone.

Night alone with a daughter

For my house I, daughter-in-law, son, the daughter-in-law also
son began living alone in order to attend the 4 people family son from this year to the University of outside the prefecture of the daughter
no longer take the hand will go to daughter JC to University week 3 much in now to enter the nurse of the night shift I have daughter-in-law three times a week from last month and a this kind
is almost turnover state and so no later than 20 sometimes go home
to spend the night alone with her ​​daughter and two people I have become

I want to embrace daughter

early morning of Sunday with during this time the sleeping form of in a state of wearing Kakemono in the lower body mapper daughter, it is not seen her room moderately good gloss Kageri grow specific place to which you've been passing discovered How many times since but narrow living space worrisome is of course also mean would Suga~tsu street, not knowing if it were watching the embarrassing figure many times to my father, tired it is of sleeping in a good feeling There seems to be able to fall asleep in such a figure in a bath back home. It is the second time in sight this time. Milk? Is it above wearing? And I wish once in the stomach all futon! And although he cling streets in the expected value large upper body milk it did not appear because it somehow to hug the futon. What mind I think the time when junior high school brother out happened Close her room door, home Enjoy that was in that mean up to this point is a habit is not that close to each private room at dawn transparent environment. And Tsumamusume is and everyone because had been growing my hair is're been much the lives of not closing even door even daughter that with discretion is unabashedly in front of the son or father prowl it is unabashedly in Pan'ichi at home The last of the bath today is! He was sentenced and she was when elementary school sixth grade summer vacation family travel. I had always included in the family bath if you go to travel, but But the bath is no longer able to see her naked since it wrapped bath towel, unsuspecting state cling street in front of the eyes of the father that is lying down in cold blood . Hip full view Kageri painting glimpse To give eyes. . Such a thing around the time of a day-to-day well landscape she is 4 years old, remarried wife became a daughter of my in-law is a border, I happily without in-law's father Dano fence reluctantly to be anyway cute a late marriage first marriage The life was made ​​from around the carefully nurtured too affection containing too much or milk he has greeted the early menarche bulge in her chastity cares, her first opponent I have! Without permission and had been disappointed as my father's that declaration at the time and in the sixth grade and had began to consciousness delusion, it finished even opponent can first experience to go out that that was just swell is delusion to your sex appeal that is a glimpse with the growth and and it was when the high school students had heard that he. not supposed to come true, but I wanted to take care of more chastity. As experienced women, is such a fire on the border father is completely trying to daughter that the bran Yokara a ... dream at the time you've been out aware of the daughter and also ... another delusion that as a woman What I have to this write now want to embrace ... Oh limit Kitemasu daughter, not may have been abnormally close to the ... lower body bare of daughter you do not have a Sunday son every day during this time that it has become impossible to settle for delusion. . We Mukumuku

History of incest prohibition (

Whether it is unknown incest it is prohibited from when I was in modern civilization.
From Claude Levi-Strauss is that genetically is to be no customs around the recognized parallel cousin marriage cross cousin marriage is recognized to the same parent, etc., genetic reasoning of consanguinity prohibited in the 16th century before Europe it is assumed that had not been done.
However, Michel Foucault is pulling the words of Socrates that child development is poor in the second part, \"sexual history\".
It may be treated to be confused, but point out that incest contraindications does not overlap the marriage rule is a rule only sexual also present.
The past is present many societies did not have clear regulations on parent-child marriage and brothers and sisters married, or have been allowed to marry the mother and son in such Karangu group of Java, father and daughter in such Burmese Karen of marriage there is also a culture that is consanguinity between parent and child and can not permit had been accepted, in Egypt there is also a story that once and not the ancient royal family only common people were also married in the brothers and sisters, also his half or a half - the story is even confusing if you look at the brothers and sisters, the brothers and sisters of the same father warts ancient Athenians are allowed marriage, brothers and sisters of uterine his half in ancient Sparta had been permitted marriage.
Also, if there is no opponent of appropriate first experience as part of sex education in the tradition of night crawling in Japan that the mother and father had also serve the other party.
In the Siberian Yakut, as that could lead to unfortunate if it became the daughter-in-law remains virgin, brother had been reported also the presence of the practice of the other party of sexual activity before marriage.
Incest-taboo public ethics generally it is often the spoken as a kind, may also be handled in ethics context.
There is also the case that incest is acceptable culturally in rare while modern, Indian et al live in the Sierra Madre Mountains there is talk of doing a father-daughter incest.
In fact there is also a case in which the law has been mitigated by the actions of people who are doing the incest, Sweden from the fact that there is an uproar that his half brother and sister became convicted of incest crime is providing two children in 1973 and to amend the law, it was if half brother on obtaining the special permission of the authorities enabled the marriage.
In China there is a Juaku of Tang, incest had been evil.
But, in Japan of Ritsuryosei that would have made ​​it refers to the Ritsuryosei of China to become the \"eight\"虐, incest had been removed.
Contraindications view of incest is in the Edo era was intensified in earnest in Japan, in this time the opposite sex twins have been disgust as there are compatriots incest in the mother.

Daughter of hymen part?

Attrition I have launched new because now full.
Brother of Yuki-chan in slippery pussy shaved the hair of Yuki-chan would do and think. Because want to see or what reaction it has been to be heard in Yuki-chan says Yuki-chan is not with another brother.
\"Why do not you and another
brother,\" \"because mon it is not pleasant to like when you are with the
uncle,\" \"it wrote because not towards the skin is
small,\" \"Yeah, my dick'm another one of
Uncle\", \"That's
nice,\" \" But
it may disappear in friends with Yuki-chan to would yak Kana \"and\" Yeah jealous yelled to Manami chan I say such a
thing, \"\" it is trouble to \"\" was Once you or not in secret uncle and Yuki-chan \"\" Yeah it In Toka \",\" along either, but I do not Barre in Manami chan Na \",\" there is good be it \"and\" to want you to at any time to come to us, \"\" Where Once, \"\" somewhere in the hotel Toka in because it unreasonable of the car at home Barre not as I \"\" But ... \"\" What, \"\" I will not have to, I would like to every day \",\" every day it was impossible but Na \"\" I make the Well as much as possible time \",\" Unwaka~tsu, because soon return once again Uncle cock and licking let in the \"\" I'm home I see today. \"\" Yeah, and I also take cock The photo of Dene uncle, useless if you when I'll be on your own while Utsushimemi \"\" good but face copy lonely I \"\" It Toko I licking I do not death I was licking it while taking The photo by me by \"copy.

Incest discourse

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Two people were Ika out to his wife

This in life, I've went out to say that I do not want to end. Sex when it comes to the night
to put the divorce is, even thought that you'll remarry and want to be \"frustrating every day, the daughter of the elementary school two years that it is not hard to find new mom is a Pantei daughter sleeping are saying and I do not need The Nugashi, the Oman surprised even daughter became a strong word Please leave its feels good daughter and are rubbed in this hole is what ..... open your eyes, poor daddy you have to leave the It's I guess, eyes Close and then until after cares because sleep does not enter into the small holes to cock ahead from Kukke in the hole \"the sperm is squeezed, it was out. How long will it is possible to put in if you standing ...? ?

Incest discourse

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3 year

Relationship with his daughter also enters the eye three years.
Hest Street daughter to daughter of room to go home Masturbation use the electric machine.
6 Sometimes always masturbation room I go home.
It is was crazy aloud to hear to the door.
Masturbation instruction is also made ​​for almost two years.
Daughter-in-law went out to five years ago .....
it only daughter and two people living from.
There was also rebellious phase, but I'm want to see was eventually Samishika~tsu.
And talk with my daughter, it was to take the physical contact.
Bathing also to enter together, finally I got the daughter of the virgin.
Daughter became a woman
was also found erotic DVD together've been listening to various things.
I had said such a thing that I want to feel the joy in sex as a woman.
So, I began to a lot of sex.
I became hooked on the electric machine in the.
Ma to vigorously stimulate the clitoris.
Daughter of the clitoris in daily masturbation
became bigger as the little finger. It seems pleasure has increased.
In the bath to enter together, hand Man enema'll make every day. Anal I Shiteya~tsu to use allowed.
The three years we have almost every day.
It is a state that every day rather than exaggerated because it in your bathroom in physiology.
Although salary fell because no longer any overtime, that are happy to watch the growth of the daughter.
Daughter high-2, however, the tide also to blow, even I can use Anal, tied also can be.
I do not know what will happen Konosaki,
I think I want to buy this remains daughter as a slave.
Also I wonder that it happens, but has to do comprehension daughter.
After graduating from high school, and the remodeling of the body.
Piercing tattoo breast augmentation
of ..... I am addicted to sex with such a
daughter might towards me .....

I hope

I also want to father and H


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Incest discourse

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And the father is hiding in the mother?

By changing the title of \"during the absence of the mother\" to \"the father hiding in the mother\", the less comes become soon full, it launched a \"? And the father is hiding in the mother.\"
My husband and I had returned to my home came back from a business trip, but now we live with children to come again back to home.
While raising the children in nursing, sex that is hidden in the mother to the father of the real is the best.
And I think bad mother, but recently there that Kai is like father and mother came to the life of a married couple.
My thanks to me this? June 28, is asked to come to pick a car to my father I had a violent sex at home. But the other hand that, you can kiss while embraced was soggy, and noticed that there was no act of a caress the body of each other, and I was in the father and the love hotel to take in the middle baby to go home. Rough Sex loud voice also put out and if here also, and I'm a kill two birds with one stone so can also act mutually caress the body of each other. First, while reservoir hot water in the bath, and changing the child's diaper, and began by put to sleep it is allowed to increase the stomach by raising the tits. Because it will be distracted by is cry and hungry when you are hugging each other and father. Father I put the chest, and watching while drinking a saliva a figure that has raised the tits to children alongside. \"Anymore, because I'll leave properly so much'll get distracted if you have seen in the vicinity. Minute dad, later plenty of it sucks.\" I started watching whether TV father was relieved to say so. However, it adult video has been flowing soon as I put the switch. My father will not look in the manner of dishes eyes. Just, you have inserted from the later father a big daughter of incest thing of whether stomach. \"Ah, dad, stomach child ,, when I got so much\", \"Miyuki, this true father of the child I'm Who. Yuji Kimi or children, or do my children, I Which of. If you said not this it'll become by far the. \"\" ah, useless, father, she says. is because say you let go until the end ,, \"and do I say you were\",'m anyone's children. \"\" its, it's dad. 'Cause I is not Yuji's sperm. When asked to look at the hospital in silence the semen Yuji-san has issued was told I azoospermia disease. \"\" Do so, or so, it'll lent by Miyuki. \"father and we've been repeating the piston in a further violently daughter while saying so. Father was excited to it and I'm stroking the ass came to my side. \"Dad, a little more and wait it. It is because sleep When soon to.\" \"Hey, us too? Let's make the children.'ll Not finds out and if now. Wonder was raw also that guy.\" \"I No are saying that what stupid . \"I am became naked in order to be embraced by his father and lay the child on the couch. It from the father also had committed to caress the body of each other in bed naked. To each other licking genitals of each other, I also felt Olga several times. It was a kiss and hugging each other even there enters together of the bath and its after father. Upon exiting from the bath and I went led embraced on the bed. \"Hey, Satsuki, me fraught with father of the child.\" Insistently say as losing my father and I said, \"Right on, children. Much people .3 I shall lonely'm one person had wanted\" I was. My father heard it came devoted vigorously penis into me. \"Ah, Dad, nice ,, Right on.\" However, my father what was excited, and I was gone immediately. Return to the home it is has become in the evening. My mother was waiting to make a feast. and \"not a was slow. and to went to so much celebrated early.\" \"I mean to some errands, I'll just impossible for sorely children.\" said, and had been to the excuse silently that it was due to the Hotel Scam It was.

Hymen of daughter

I'm bathing with her ​​daughter today.
Daughter had been growing even hair below have been in even swollen a little chest with a small 6.
But it will be soon denied it is thought that is not tied with daughter in front of it.
I wash the daughter of the body as usual, but it was not wash attack your needs Hamanko today. I tried to put a finger to vagina as
\"dad I already say\"
\"I not say
so.\" \"I want to tell the truth Na here dad penis put\"
\"Anne Where are you putting your finger,\" \"to put to why such Toko\"
\"Where I do feel something'm vagina hole\" \"It's impossible for such a large \"\" No, I'm not unreasonable, \"\" I want Why put \"\" You are'm from dear \"\" dear me what? \"\" You have to strange I'm \"\" That's because cute'm I still elementary school \",\" dad The selfish listening or not me. \"\" But such the still'm unreasonable, \"\" Try to do once it would be nice to because give up if it was impossible, \"\" Can you stop if it was really impossible, \"\" Oh, and it is really also, \"\" to anywhere in the of \"\" has been moved to the rise daughter door Beck retrieved from the bath in the translation dad say, \"so in Beck To asleep. \"Let Ao touch to get wet is the middle time being,\" \"The reason for what I mutual touch\", \"dad'm or touching licking you dick,\" \"to what I\", \"you also got to licking the cock of the dad I'm \"and\" Ee~tsu licking \",\" would cock come before so I'm \"\" First Dad sleep This sleep you mineral and mouth, \"\" and I'll hate me lick \"term is sleeping quit\" Well you licking \"daughter of foot Te greatly spread to try to put a finger into the vagina hole. Finger went into comfortably. Cock will put slowly into the hole and wet with saliva. Is fit to enter all When \"painful Tsu\" \"Because dad is very painful Let's quit another\" If the battery is felt but is further back, such as split and Gukiguki in \"a little more put a little more back,\" What's it do hurt, \"\" No. I can not painful \"Cali Because from \"forcibly to push that in cock narrow seems to scream. It disconnects the cock so say while crying \"I quit the other really is.\" The disconnect was cock only hymen to have a red blood seems torn. And we show the blood attached to Dakiokoshi daughter \"It was Yeah very painful\" and \"Let's Taro painful Sorry Na,\" \"This'm you became a woman Na But\" \"The thing that if you say,\" \"Look at this cathedral\" penis It was. The first act of the \"my pussy was Ee~tsu hurt,\" \"different I'm evidence of torn hymen\" \"I put again in a break-in No finger\" and \"Because painful Fu N - is at'm no longer\" This is my daughter Could, it's put up for up to widen the hole to be patient until rub put.

I Moraware-kko

I was brought up by being Morawa now father childhood. I now 19 Toshichichi is 45 years old.
In fact, my father has never married, yet it seems to have been virgin, Speaking of why, the thing with the father testicle had to give up the marriage was pessimistic only one without a home wealthy than elsewhere in the house We had enough money even than enough. Things real parents do not think even wants to know do not know at all. It is to lie speaking such a thing, but there was no opportunity to know. Out of the high school we have a father making meal not adhere as well to work.
I think I was around the junior high school, but has seen the Father of the genital area, it was not separately considered anything. More recently, I asked my father. Then children with only one testicle also is pessimistic can not Taro and by I like was there to give up the marriage to make. It was a little embarrassing, but I asked.
And not Okoshita Ja, Then father you only showed me曝only issued a show-like and lower body because it is now.
Stay towards it to also fine ones in full erection Some, unusual treatment is the only chance I that there is only one, So to say that Tama. But still young and then you completely erection, the virgin and I think poor said from me. Hey, we all of others rather than ties of blood,
how nor altogether bad also father was there in surprise and not look in once sex and I also the daughter in the family register on, and stayed in a bath well together childhood Remembering things, and entered in the bath with his father and two people for the first time in a long time.
I also, to men experience there dozens of times, virgin father was that of feel pathetic. I think I'm strange even say so myself, especially bust in well-proportioned system is large, it is already full system When gripping the father of superb article in the bathtub. and this if usually it is possible to sex.
I also to very excited father reasonably well to wash the body with the naked as one likes futon, while I was feeling a little resistance, light the room with the father of hope wearing the red people, spread my privates father to see the entire Te and I intrusion into Ategyo its儘奥the pole father knob my vagina, and Pikupikuto moving're like father of the penis in the vagina, in a few minutes to move the hips naturally fire, was also satisfied feeling father in a completely changed without sex.
Such a thing is there father come asking me not cry and night and morning without the noon every day. I also I who love if anything rather than a hate thing. So I am enjoying myself also its pleasure to sufficiently tailored to the request of his father. You write a cock pussy and Dirty from this next.

Daughter of Dekaikuri

yuna himekawa[4283]
Daughter took me to the hot spring trip with my sixtieth birthday celebration.
It was equipped with a open-air bath in each room in the old long-established style inn.
Rice and I enjoyed and evening drink and gorgeous daughter evening.
Nakai is went out to spread the Zen to be only Zu single futon if say that \"I'm coming to the sixtieth birthday of
celebration\", \"get along all right It is parent and child,\" said
daughter Nakai \"I do not see that's very sixtieth birthday\" It was. And \"If Hey dad taking a bath before going to bed,\" the daughter I had to go along with it, \"Yeah, you too if it together\" daughter \"Well it also filial piety kana\" daughter mean to say so. Daughter to kana private have peace of mind because another sixtieth birthday there was a desire. It had been hidden in the once towel before even become naked and removed the towel and soak in the bathtub. My Gusoku Cleavage is not visible from the inside of the hot water has also reacted. I thing it's another '14 passed away a daughter, \"Well mom\" ​​Do not have seen naked women in the Well of Hisashi swing \"\" Genki I and of got up to look rough dad my naked \"I the Gusoku the daughter look \"I\" I also passed in '14 that will duck so \"daughter\" Well I also dad '14 have patience \"I\" I just did not have that opportunity but does not mean you have to put up separate \"daughter\" Well celebration I began rubbing grasp the Gusoku been snuggled other party to Ageyo do? \"me\" daughter between opponent I \"say yes to. Was rubbing touch the breast remains is I say my daughter \"I dad okay to touch me.\" Since the nipple became hard I tried picked the clitoris to touch the pussy by lowering the hand. It was likely much children of the cock in the big chestnut other than. I \"The do not go yeah large and daughter-in-law it causes\" \"You Kore large Na\" daughter I \"Why Indah not go to daughter-in-law and this is big,\" daughter \"because embarrassed I'll not show so big chestnut\" I was, \"Well you are still virgin of whether\" \"I alone father also was touched by so\" daughter I \"show me that so perfectly\" daughter Show me to expand a little the foot sit on the edge of the rising bathtub. Even just closed chestnut had enough cock of children have protruded. I was \"certainly a great Na\", \"probably large network\" daughter stimulus to include to me \"virgin if cock for the first time wrote was touched\" daughter \"Yeah first time Home will and pounding the I\" its say chestnut the mouth of the daughter. Daughter \"After Asson'na thing ...\" chestnut's like a cock becomes hard larger. From chestnut to the urethral opening - in the vagina it turned licking tongue. Daughter seemed to feel strongly grabbed my head. Did peace exposed the embarrassing secret seems to feel my caress. I also rise to kiss daughter was in and out and put a finger into the vagina hole is. And we have inserted the cock placed on the edge of one foot in the hole. Daughter began \"Oh ~ dad ~\" at once Yue swing. 35-year-old virgin. Will likely soon be out in the pussy 14 years I \"Ya dad anymore out likely\" daughter \"say I'm full of out,\" I was the ejaculation 14 years in the daughter. By kiss soak in the bathtub after ejaculation was unplug the cock. In hot water to clean the genitals of each other we loved each other once again to enter the futon naked. Daughter for the first time \"takes the place of Hey dad now my mom\"​​ by licking the cock daughter I \"now'm also glad I see Dad every night and I think the riot you.\"


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