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Incest with daughter(2010-07)

Incest discourse

yuna himekawa[62]
Mother in the reunion, it was the day we went on a trip of three days and two nights. That day, and again and again though was told, \"I Come back, 9:00 before (night)\" father,
that good that no mother, I had play around until pretty late with my friends . . It is I arrived home, 11:00 was also passed.
Electricity of the house is also attached to me \"... wonder would have been angry\", if you open the front door gently, my father came out. In great threatening attitude as \"!!! it's what time is it now and I'm thinking\". .
\"You're not go back to playing with friends,! Will not be helped\" me, if you try to enter my room through the side of the father,
do you go against the \"parent from behind, blocked the mouth suddenly?! ! so?! \"Oh, in anger like never seen until now, when I was a bit surprised,
I!\" carp \"here, remain gagged, it is taken to the tub . . While told me \"! I do apologize properly\",
I say I ,, \"... I'm sorry!\" Attached to the face of the hot water bath, but my father not quit. . On the contrary, I have to touch my ass. .
If you are wearing a short skirt happens, moreover, and put a face to the tub, and I might be because it was Toko much become all fours. .
Father, by shifting the panty to be \".. Therefore Ya wear of this\" and \"! of Ru ... What are you doing ...\" immediately ,, resisted amazing. .
After screaming to me \"No! .. I hate\", rock out, it was hit me \"annoying!\". . After that, it remained to be the father. .
I think it had been said, \"Do not not be compared with something mother .. Aiko ..'ll pretty ..\" such a thing. . Or where you feel ,, by tampered ,, licked and anal dick,
and \"quit, because no two again dad .. ..\" ,, to say so it hurts really, are you not transmitted to the man Kana. . Also the father. . . There was increased of my father, was Toko to be outfitted. .
Mentally \"Tsu hurts!\" ,,, And getting better, even if the other can be placed at once amazing rock out, all the way. .
Is greater father, and becoming comfortably every time you hit towards the back of the uterus. . Again and again it is said \"hubba-hubba ... Aiko ... and in Na ... because out ..\" What. . .
I was Yoga~tsu crying. . \"When you issue before, since become pregnant, and I'll put out the ass Aiko ..\" by saying \"Ikuzo~tsu ...\" moment that I thought I \"? ... Eh\", I
now is, by being placed in the anal. . It can be seen it is are you better Dokudoku in the back. . . It was the first time ,, anal hurts amazing. .
After it was issued, my father took me into the bedroom now. . It was issued in Anal also ... it is in the anal now. . .
Then mother until come back, when you finish school, and continued committed father. . If you are asking from me the last day. .
Then, in love there are no mother, I'm always with my father. . Some him, but I like now and which way. .
I ... those of his father, things ... anal He decided arbitrarily in my pussy.

Drunk daughter

 I'm ashamed to say that my daughter dropped out of high school and is working in a water business. Although she has similar eyes to herself, she is a proud daughter who is quite a beautiful girl, but working with a man with that as a weapon is quite complicated as a father.   I want to stop it, but my wife wants to do whatever she wants. It seems that he hasn't drunk alcohol yet, but it's really dangerous because he is sent to a man who is a pick-up clerk every night when he gets drunk and comes back fluttering. My daughter plans to leave the house and live alone when she can earn a little more. Because my father is noisy. It's a waste of attention for my daughter. When my  daughter's money started to accumulate, my daughter's time to go home was early in the morning. My daughter-in-law also works part-time, so it's early in the morning. Because of that, my daughter was usually picked up by me.  At that time, my daughter was quite drunk and returned home with two men. I'm almost intoxicated and my consciousness is almost zero. The men returned in a hurry to escape, and I supported my daughter and took her to her room. If you throw it on the bed, the daughter will climb on the bed and go to bed. That's the usual pattern, but it was a little weird that day.  Although he was intoxicated, he seemed to be barely conscious, and he urged him to drink water, so he gave him mineral water in a PET bottle. My daughter had already spilled water from her mouth and flooded her bed, and when she tried to pick up the plastic bottle, she was suddenly hugged. I'm calling the name of a man I don't know. My daughter's consciousness is almost zero. Apparently he misunderstands me as the stranger. Somehow, it was a very complicated feeling, probably because my daughter liked her. Even if I try to peel it off, I'm drunk but it's hard to peel it off. On the contrary, I'm hugging and rubbing my crotch. The daughter completely misunderstands the man and the father, and when he tries to leave, he cries not to go to Mr. R. I could have helped if I had a bride here, but she was already at work and couldn't get any help.  My daughter hugged me with great power as I tried to tear it off. Then lower the zipper and grab the dick inside. To be honest, I was expecting this development for a while while my daughter was rubbing my crotch. Even if it is a real daughter, as a person who likes Miss Age very much, even a daughter who is still in the age state will be a little like that. For some reason, the tech of my daughter's hand was quite good and she had an erection immediately, so irresistible desire was prioritized.  The daughter did not hesitate to suck on her father's dick. He was a technician not only in his hands but also in his mouth. I feel a little unpleasant when I think that I have climbed up to my current position with this tech, but on the other hand, my daughter's blowjob that accurately stimulates the acupuncture points of a man made me completely absent from my daughter-in-law. I have ejaculated in the back of my daughter's throat. At the end, I grabbed my daughter's head and shook her hips. The daughter drank thick semen with a noise and smiled when it was delicious. Oh, it seems that I'm completely mistaken for R-kun, and in addition, my dick won't heal anymore just by pulling out one shot. When I pushed my daughter down with all my might, she hugged herself and rowed up to a D kiss. The smell of cigarettes and the strong smell of alcohol, and even my mouth drank my semen, but the D kiss with my daughter was very immoral and the excitement was increased by 100%.  I lifted my daughter's shirt up to her chest, rubbed and caressed her big breasts from her daughter-in-law, and she was already frustrated when she opened her legs. I was so wet that I felt incontinent when I reached for my pants. It wasn't necessary to understand it, but when I put my finger in and played with the clitoris, my daughter made her hips scream and screamed. My daughter seemed to be quite sensitive and easy to feel.  I couldn't stand it anymore and I thrust my dick into my daughter. It was so hot, and it was pretty tight, and I kept hitting my hips as hard as I could. My daughter's pant is also terrible at the screaming level, and she gets excited just by her voice. When I heard it in the neighborhood, I closed it with a D kiss, but my daughter sometimes ran away and barked like a beast. It's almost time for elementary school students to pass by.  I really wanted to decide on the finish, but it's not good. It cooled my head a little and became rational, and I sprayed it on my belly and thick man hairy pussy. Although the amount was a little thin, I was completely less than my daughter-in-law, so I was excited and satisfied, and the immorality and regret that I had done with my real daughter, all became a sense of accomplishment and pleasure. My daughter fell asleep a few minutes after deciding on the finish, and I desperately cleaned her with a wet towel, cleaned it up, obliterated the evidence, and went to work. Of course, I couldn't work properly, and if my daughter noticed it, or if she noticed that she still had sex, I made a series of impossible mistakes.  At night, my daughter was leaving the house, and one bride was waiting. My daughter-in-law was absorbed in Korean dramas and almost never heard anything from her daughter, almost ignoring me. I was relieved to be as usual.  My daughter looks relatively normal.  However, I'm a little wondering if I was having such intense sex and I wasn't really conscious of my daughter, or who R was. Actually, the initials of my name are also R.

Relationship with father

I am a 42 year old single woman. Mother, I died of illness when I was in kindergarten, and I lived alone with my father and daughter. I had a relationship with my father in the summer of the sixth grade of elementary school. On a hot, sleepy summer night, I woke up with my dad's moaning next door and my dad's hands moving violently between his groins. I was worried when I saw him facing backwards, bare lower body, grasping something and moving it back and forth violently to make a painful and pleasant voice. Just when it was at its peak, I was surprised to see my face, but raised my voice even more and released a white liquid, so sperm, from that part so that the woman would writhe. For a moment, I looked at my face and said my name. I was surprised, but my dad told me that an adult man had to get white out of his cock and usually put it in his mom's genitals. I want someone else to do it because my dad can't do it, but I thought that someone else would take my dad, and now I put my dad's cock in my genitals I told you to put it in and put it out. My dad said he couldn't do that, but I tried to put my sleeping dad's cock on my genitals every night , but I couldn't, and my dad tried to raise it every night. It is said that you can touch it with your mouth and move it back and forth, or you can just hold it in your mouth and move your head back and forth, and it will make you feel good every night, so hold it in your hand and hold it in your mouth when it becomes hard and the white liquid will come out. I was moving my head back and forth until I got out. I started to touch my chest and genitals when I was holding my mouth because it was unfair if I had a junior high school student go up, and I knew that it would be nice to be touchedI found out that my dad was making a strange pant voice at that time, and I knew that it was because it felt good. I found it comfortable and asked my dad to be naked when I went to bed, and I started to sleep naked together without wearing anything. When I grabbed my dad's cock and started to get stiff, I took my dad's hand and brought it to my genitals, and I also touched it and started to urge me. When I feel good, I say it feels good and start to moan and twist my body. I don't remember what I said when I felt like I forgot to grab and move my dad, but he said, "Okay, okay, put it in, put it in a lot. It seems that my dad was excited because he seemed to be shaking while hugging my dad and pushing my crotch so that my crotch would avoid it, my dad's cock pushed into the genitals that did not know my man It seems that I pushed my hips with a squeak as if I was waiting for it, and I felt no resistance and no pain, just like a male genital that I accepted in my genitals. I slept on my back and raised my legs high, like a woman who got up like a father and straddled over my father and knew all about the pleasure of sex, slowly moving his hips and sometimes twisting his body and writhing He raised his genitals and moved violently, and while climbing up to enjoy the heightened pleasure, he slowly enjoyed the regrettable insertion that ended again, and he said that he was screaming with high-pitched joy over and over again. Convulsions that seem to be covered with water and the eyeballs are lifted to the extent that they become white eyes, and the body and hips that do not seem to be junior high school students are moving and rhythmic as if they are attracting everywhere in the body Frequently wakes up and pulls out of the nose that seems to go away each timeI raised a sweet writhing voice, the interval between movements became faster, convulsions continued, and when it became a violent waist movement without rest, I thought that I tried to shake my hands without interruption of my voice, and when I clenched my clitoris, I could not stay in my eyes move your finger like a scratch off at a speed unexpected, one hand began rubbing vigorously grasp the chest, head fucked swing, made the white of the eye from the mouth not closes the body continue to raise our voices in agony while flowing vertical without any drool also endlessly When I thought that I had convulsions little by little, my body contracted for a moment as if I was flying in the sky as if I was supporting with only my genitals , which was inserted with my male genitals as if I stretched my hands and legs in a big letter. is. After that, he became sleepwalking and sat down again, slowly pressing in a circular motion and wandering between pleasures for almost an hour. I felt such pleasure once a month and it became an unthinkable body for anyone other than my father. I have become a prisoner of pleasure. When my father couldn't do it because he couldn't miss it for a day, he had a futon attached with something similar to a male genitalia and was in agony beside his father who was sleeping alone. I remembered the best pleasure of a woman in my junior high school age depending on my father, and I can't think of anything other than my father. I'm still having sex with my father while taking care of my father who is now 65 years old. As I get older, I can't insert enough hardness so often and the number of times is decreasing, but I enjoy sex three or five times a month. I can't stand it unless I always feel the insertion of the genitals, so except when I'm peeing, I always have a custom- made vibe with the same thickness as the ankle that shrinks to the vicinity of the entrance of the genitals and extends deeply While wearing a rotating penis band so that you do not knowI hide it in a wide skirt and enjoy it in agony when customers do not come at the storefront, and I also have a vibe on the chair and sit down by inserting it into the hole in the butt. I have placed an order to make the thickness of the vibrator to be inserted into the genitals one more thick, so I am looking forward to it being completed. Sex with close relatives, which was said to be forbidden, and the fact that the relationship between father and daughter was done at an early stage was more indecent with excitement and guilt, and I knew the pleasure that ordinary people can not feel I feel joy but no regrets. I think it's a joyful result that I've been able to continue for decades without rest because of the pleasure I learned from the relationship between my father and daughter. I am grateful to my father for leaving me with a body that only considers the pleasure that he left behind even if he died and became alone. I will let him go in my genitals even when my father is gone. I also seriously want to die while feeling a whirlpool of pleasure in my body and raising a voice of joy in agony while inserting a vibe close to a pillar into my genitals . Finally, I want to die while showing the woman who has been seeking only pleasure. I am grateful for the healthy body that has been seeking pleasure for decades. The pleasure of incest that I knew when I was a little girl is the best, and if I continue, the best life will be delayed

I want to do with my daughter

It is the father of five-year-old daughter.
I am Lori.
The unbearably wanna Chinpohame daughter.
This before, I've licked pussy daughter sleeping.
Was Shoppaka~tsu.
Oh, I want to do ....

The underwear of daughter

Daughter was having a relationship with married man at the time of the second grade of high school. I did not notice at all that has been going on than six months their relationship.
However, I was Dokirito underwear daughter in the washing machine when suddenly there. It is a black underwear. I tried to open the crotch of the underwear involuntarily because I had a slump in recent actions daughter. My heart seems to be pounding and Hayagane Takana~tsu abnormal. Towards the back hitting the anus and place a clear mucus and cervical mucus is exposed to genital as nasal discharge up to does not have an unusual way dirt had white powder.
I see that has been in the toy genital remains underwear daughter met a man immediately. Strange excitement struck me.
Dirty underwear was only attached along the crack white Mankasu because there is no state in which I met a man looking at the underwear for the next day.
And underwear has an unusual way dirt Sure enough If you look at the underwear of the day came back to go out. I had Mushaburitsui taking rake the dirt in the tongue of the underwear that time. My daughter is a beauty of Erika like type Speaking at entertainers.
Dirty underwear was silent on the wife.
Every day, all of the daughter was found Tenitoruyouni If you look at the underwear of her daughter. It is the day of the intense masturbation when the white mucus enters the dirty crotch the entire abnormally daughter even though not even go out.
We are saved by taking all the photos, such as underwear at such time.
I thought that it was funny when some, like the lotion because it was attached to the underwear of the daughter. Sure enough, two-sex aids anal or for thick of arm on 5 centimeters nearby at the gooseneck of Derudou type or lotion, and Vibe for searching in the room of her daughter secretly and I think that the lotion and It will be a day I met a man one is a two-· W pink rotor large and small, until Lotion condom handcuffs you use more than half were in mothballs Yes towards the back. There was evidence that all used fairly.
Form some would had inserted all the way towards the base of Derudou The 25 cm thick near Anna total length is attached.
I am euphoric state only imagined appearance daughter is using.
Vagina of my daughter's, such as those spread considerably.
I did enough to body trembling with excitement.
Relationship with a man I was finished with finds out his wife is'm going with a guy, but seems to have been charged sex thoroughly in the meantime there is nearly a year courtship with a man after all. It is more than 100 times I just was confirmed by underwear. Relationship in the field seems were many unexpectedly or in the car. When there, and that it was married man in the first man, was said to have met 10 times much a month I asked not to be it that of a man to his daughter. I was made ​​Bikuri daughter to hear it and wonder not to take, such as photos and videos. I said it and I'll listen to calm down, shoot photos and video to have been. It told me everything I became scared when you'll hear it as if he is worried that it may be put on the net and intimidation while suppressing the excitement To still.
Photo was called reluctantly that it has taken about 10 times place in the shooting in the hotel and outdoor sex and masturbation thing sex video and that it was taken Cry number and sex photos in various places do not know.
I was desperate to be pressed excitement while listening.
It was confessed that there also be taken at 6 hours position hotel is a long time in a 90-minute short ones to hear the time of single. I divided come back those underwear's also dirty.
And we inspect the underwear every day even now then passed three years. It is an abnormal father. Now is the abnormal man who is also groping daughter.