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Incest with daughter(2013-07)

Deeply ... secretly

yuna himekawa[2179]
Ruri only daughter to become elementary school six years, is the daughter think the sun shines out of someone's eyes. There secretly relationship and feelings, different from the father daughter ordinary.
Wife is busy working in the civil service, I have the design work at home. It might feel relationship with me is the father than the mother is dark.
Physiology came to change appear to figure when it comes to about five years elementary school. It is said in a strange face, \"Papa, I ticklish, ... good feelings,\" said
it had raised wash your body elementary school 4 Toshinokoro, in the bath, and have raised wash your crotch in hand wearing a soap
directly below. It was a moment that I felt the woman something to Ruri.
Then I came to in the bath act without telling his wife.
It is now touch open with a finger crotch and said, \"Ruri,'m a secret, because without telling mom,\" he said. And I stroked gently with a finger small little projection.
You can now enjoy my fingers close \"Papa, I secretly, ... good feelings\" eyes.
I felt you know somehow when he serious thing you have that Ruri also dont somehow, and to say.
Front of the wife, the bath is no longer fit together when it comes to five-year primary school. But I went to become a bold and secretly.
It is now coming to work in the room and I go home from school to 3:00 too. I thought are you living alone there is also a TV and also how lonely Well.
But it come greasy. It is riding on top of the knee or have a hand wound to the neck.
And you say, \"Dad, secret ...\" and while watching me. I come seeking.
Ruri became the body different from the previous physiological also begins, we would be in to temptation.
I remember clearly that at that time even now. There was a white pattern and blue, underwear. We were put your hand in it.
I feel a little tangled, pubic hair is thin and not previously fingertips. I was watching the body of lapis lazuli in the nude When notice. Ruri had to harden the body with his eyes closed.
You lick at the tip of the tongue to open the vagina with a finger.
Voice \"~ ... ~ Nuke .... Fu Fu\" such as zizzing sound small. I do not know was how much licking.
My eyes \"because I absolutely secret,\" \"Yeah ...\" at that time would have been no common.
You should know it is the year that Ruri with me that crossed the line, Ruri also know the sex, what is doing.
So that you obtain the pleasure at the hands of Ruri it and not touch the hand of me. Eyes of lapis lazuli was a face like surprised increases white semen and jump out ahead of me.
It was a laughing face, such as with embarrassment, say \"Ruri, and I felt good,\" he said.
You headed to act in the mouth and act, in the hands of Ruri. After just put in mouth painfully, it is now licking to enjoy.
And ejaculation in the mouth, the figure of Ruri ... towards the washroom in the nude Hold the mouth.
June of this year, in ..... the house.
Voice, \"Ouch, ouch, ouch ... daddy\" of lapis lazuli, I at that time would have been feeling unusual.
It was inserted into the genital own daughter. Ruri had distorted the face (s) that cling to my back.
We were served from skin spread a bath towel on top of the futon.
Meetings and events, public-private joint in neighboring prefecture, the wife was the day of stay in social gathering that day. It is I who was eyeing that day.
that Ruri also should not be, and that sex is something that, I know you would not say to anyone thing.
Relationship that does not stop anymore, there is a feeling of regret confessor somewhere in my mind. Delusion .... ..... It is a delusion because

Whether you pick up the daughter

It is invited to Come and play his wife met with old man in the reunion, because we host, it was supposed to be divorced by the host mad.
Has a daughter in the 2, but say you want'll follow in dad.
Chest be greater, I have sprinkled the pheromone of young woman.
Delusion during when it becomes motherless family, it might be riot.
Here, people who are practicing like a lot. I wonder if there is a good hands or what?

Citizens pool and daughter

I am a 28-year-old, will have his wife and daughter.
It is that when the hot summer climax daughter will also be small 2.
Was reluctant to hot because it is Segama daughter to take the pool, but it was now decided to go the instigation also his wife. It was only undressed because was wearing a bathing suit at home When I got to the pool. We undress the clothes took him to men dressing room a daughter. Swimsuit daughter was a type of pink bikini. I went on like a kid in a candy store daughter made ​​a parasol on the edge of the pool. I also went into the pool and looking for a daughter getting ready gymnastics. I swam together and find the daughter. I was waiting outside to take him so began to say my daughter wanted to go to the toilet after a while. I was surprised to see the daughter came out from the toilet you are waiting outside. It was bare lower body to come out and without a swimsuit. It seems to have come out as it is (the string is not Musube) is so that they are not wearing alone in the story that you hear. I was raised signed a string of daughter took him to a private room of the male toilet in a hurry people around gathered attention of the daughter. And went into the pool also daughter Upon exiting from the toilet. I took a break in the shade for a while. I went into the pool and looking for a daughter in a hurry and would be sleeping unawares. Then my daughter was crying and finds a daughter. There was a daughter are in the pool in the nude take both swimsuit If you look at the daughter. I was saying that it was able to take swimsuit suddenly when I swim and listen to reason. I was watching my daughter people have gathered If you look around you are wondering whether there is such a thing. I was comforted was raised wearing a swimsuit daughter on the spot. I thought someone that said they took mischief probably. I decided to go back toward the dressing room to go up from the pool brought a daughter. Was undressed swimsuit and a towel wound around the daughter in the dressing room. I ended up touching the pussy of daughter with when it tried to Jaca daughter Taking the pants daughter from my bag. It has been said, \"Papa anymore until I quit,\" and to the touch once also had no reaction daughter. and I thought it was \"What have ~?\" \"mon was touched by the pool 'Cause sometimes\" To No way, but I was wet when you check carefully. I was dressed was Jaca pants and wipe with a towel pussy daughter. Were promised it secret to his mom also treat the ice daughter when you go to change clothes home. Fortunately daughter thought again there is Na cute personality is simple mood better in ice.

Mother-Daughter Torture

Will be referred while remembering a dozen years ago. I had a love at first sight to the president daughter of bytes ahead of time college students. Beauty, however, there was a girl of 3-year-old divorcee at 24 years old. In such a girlfriend, I was able to end the attack Takeshi, to her. And I that was interested in SM were originally trained gradually. It can be the perfect sex slaves to follow to anything by the time I'll be graduating from college, has a job at a company of her parents as it is. Married in three years after employment. It is now that we live in three people I, his wife, of Yoshimusume. As you to grow more and more in beauty Yoshimusume is similar to his wife, in me, desire for Yoshimusume we have observed increasing every day. Righteousness daughter is the time of the small 2 big turning point. It was ordered future, and hold out the Yoshimusume wife, as becoming a slave to my both parents and children. Initially, Toka please forgive only that, but had refused to say, but I swear that it will present her daughter to me with conditions As a result of all your hand variety, daughter that unless harassment. And I think that it'll let you are interested in SEX in righteousness daughter first, without tightening down the door, we have to be SEX. It is time of SEX some time. I can see it looking through sign is the person from the door. I remember vividly still SEX at that time. The blame in the back in the blindfold tied irons to his wife, I was disturbed while emit Rina and \"feels good, feels good, more, more\" or wife. I was also excited about the things that are seen in Yoshimusume. It was multiplied by the voice gently \"○○ chan, wonder looking? it is allowed to enter,\" said the daughter righteousness where the wife has become alive likely. If you think my wife is like did not notice, the silence of the moment, whether rigid, was syncope is allowed to jumpy the body to remain silent. We have heard that \"mom okay?\" Yoshimusume came up timidly. I was confronted by an erection cock Yoshimusume Unplug the cock while saying \"I'm just tired okay, okay, it is too comfortably, it'll happen soon,\" he said. Daily, and while it is included with a bath, it's showed the cock that was full erection it is the first time. And staring with the perfectly round eyes, we have heard about the penis is Yoshimusume. It'd be hard large and will want to H. Baby is'm capable of original children out if you become comfortably, if you put in here, I tell it to open with both hands and pussy of my wife. And while saying SEX and'm feeling really good, and solves the rope and blindfolded his wife, again, was the SEX and wake. There had to cum many times wet more than usual while said to be \"embarrassed\" in an undertone wife. I also have come to seem alive When are stuck in wife you have limp past alive. The former like a baby Yoshimusume? So say you want to see and hear, it was ironing in front of the daughter unplug. Are you pleasant and rub? The rub also feels good, but it becomes more comfortable and get to rub ○○ chan seen for those who like and I also feel good. So say you want to rub it and say, I'll thing that should not be in the parent-child really, but when I'll to do, special, to say, it was not touch the freedom cock. Yoshimusume or rub the dick, and are playing with or swinging and hanging out, my wife caused the body. Saying, \"Yes, I understand,\" said obediently to say so as to teach how to rub my wife, I was taught how to demonstrations sprinkled with rub and how to hold and feels good point. Was ejaculation as hard to say that excited by the unusual circumstances, that it'll come out. Very momentum of semen at that time, the release of the first hit in the cheek of the daughter, and the other took the daughter of pajamas for my daughter who is surprised stood back. It 'felt good, and I'll have Nadenade his head and said thank you, you showed me tremendous good smile. It is the beginning of the mother and daughter Torture, which was referred to as sex education from it.

Daughter's body

I'm a 44-year-old office worker who can't get up. The only pride is his 38-year-old wife and daughter. It may be the seven wonders of the world why my ex-model wife fell in love with me. I haven't really thought about it, but from the perspective of others, my daughter seems to be pretty good. Such a girl is 16 years old this year, and although it is said that she is quite full-fledged, she is still cute. One Sunday morning I went golfing. My wife also said that she would go shopping with her friends, so one daughter was in an answering machine. When I returned home to cook my daughter's rice before noon, she wrapped her bath towel and slept on the sofa. My daughter often takes a shower in the morning, so I thought I had fallen asleep, so I decided to let her sleep until I had lunch, so I started making rice without making much noise. Suddenly, when I looked at my daughter, I fell asleep completely and the bath towel was open. At that time, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't seen my daughter naked since I was in elementary school. The last time I saw it was when the hair underneath was about to grow. I had no memory of it since then. I heard from my wife that my daughter's breasts are bigger than my wife, but I lived without worrying about it, but it was exactly what my wife said. Have you seen a beautiful breast for the first time in a long time ... I have been looking at that beautiful breast. I can't express it well, but the nipples were quite small and looked like a man. The areola was also small and the color was moderately pink. I'm not sure about the size, but my wife is a C cup, so I think it's about a D cup.I don't know how long I was staring at it, but when my daughter turned over, the bath towel was peeled off and my butt was completely exposed. I thought I was wearing pants, but ... I wanted to see what was going on underneath, so I kept watching for a while. It was worth the wait for about 5 minutes, and I turned over on my back. The hair underneath is similar to my wife, and it grows only to the extent that I am sorry. However, unlike when I was in elementary school, that area was transformed into an adult. I didn't try to spread it out, and when I was small, it was a crack even if I spread my legs, but now the petals are a little exposed. However, I was wondering if I should wake up my daughter in this state, so I secretly returned to the front door, made a loud voice on purpose, and said, "I'm home, I'm back now." .. When I asked, "What's wrong?", He answered, "I was sleeping naked (laughs)." When I said, " I haven't seen XX naked for a while," my daughter replied , " I can't show it." When I was little, my dad invited me to take a bath with me, and my daughter answered, "That's right." I was a little happy to remember my childhood memories. It was. "I'm lonely when I think I'll never take a bath with me again. I was cute when I was little," I said, and my daughter said, "Hmm ... Dad takes a bath with us. I was asked "Why do you want to?", So "I never thought so ..." I certainly didn't want to join.I said, "If I'm spoiled, my mom will be in a bad mood." So I said, "What's that? I don't understand." I said, "Dad is too insensitive ... don't you understand?" So when I said "Oh, that's it. I don't know what it means ", my daughter said, "Mom is so crazy , I don't know what it means ." When I answered, " Maybe so. What?" My daughter said, "I'm coming," so I was amazed, "I don't know if that's the case." "My dad is so insensitive." When I said "Huh?", I said "I was careful about myself ", so when I said " Is my mother jealous?", She said "Yes, that's right." I'm really happy. When I said, "I'm sorry I made you care," I was told "You are welcome." "Thank you. I'm glad," I cried. Then my daughter hugged me tightly and said, "I love my dad," and I cried a lot. I just kissed my daughter while being hugged tightly. I'm not sure why. It happened naturally. It wasn't called Chu ... I had my tongue entwined. My daughter was screaming, "First kiss is my dad ...".Then my daughter once again ... entwined her tongue. Maybe I was kissing for more than 10 minutes. When I think about it now, I think my daughter, who couldn't spoil when she wanted to spoil, exploded. After that, when I didn't have a wife, my daughter slipped on me. I often kiss my favorite kisses, and now I take a bath together. I haven't had sex, but my daughter seems curious ... I'm trying not to be disqualified as a parent. However, I think I'm vulnerable to people who spoil me as a man. Even if it's a daughter ...

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