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Incest with daughter(2012-11)

Fear of reality

yuna himekawa[1708]
When it is kiss my father suddenly, in my head ... is. Though it is true ... parent-child. Although I thought that joke into the blouse hand of my father ....
To like have not heard at all \". Snitch on you because your mother\" is also such a word.
When a hand is applied to the bra, we tried to resistance considerably become horribly.
Suddenly, I had fainted beaten me Bachi~tsu. \"Body of you because I'm a thing of my father.\"
My father was entwined in ankle stripped shorts of me to say so when notice.
My father began licking Preface face suddenly Toko 21 years, it is not anyone else to see. Open the legs of my
\"beauty, but Virgin still. It. Na because I'll be a woman from now\"
father ... it and so Yu, was not interrupted the waist.
Mono \"Au~tsu\" ... my father push the crack ... My. I ended up Nokezo~tsu involuntarily.
\"Hurts, ~ Stop it\" .... I think that it has sued crying. My father was brought back and forth many times the waist on me.
\"Arriba, blood Na came out, for the first time - be nice after all.\" My father was swirled inside of me saying so.
Toko that is bound to become bright red, and while the obscene and sound ... Gujuguju. If you thought it was numb gradually, because I say \"'ll put out\" ...
\"Please, out\" What. Character of pregnancy was grazing his head. But I thought my father and growling, roughening of the father remains entered has cramps in my vagina sperm of the father ....
At the same I have fainted at the same time. Not stomach father and notice, over there I had become sticky in the semen of the father and the love of my solution.
I was making a stain on the bed of the Virgin blood and body fluids that are mixed and the futon


My family consists of a mother, me and my sister. The real dad died when we were little and has been a three-woman household since then. I was scared at night when I was only a woman. Everyone jumps up with a little noise. But my mom remarried when I and my sister became high school students. Actually, it seems that we have been dating for several years, but it seems that we got married again when we became high school students. After all it is safe to have a man at home. When I started living with us, I was a kind and nice father at first, but gradually I showed my true nature. I have witnessed them coming into the room without knocking and smelling our underwear. Until now, I was only a woman, so I used to watch TV while I was naked after taking a bath, but I'm worried about my dad's eyes, so I decided not to leave the bathroom naked. did. Even so, when I come across a bath in the kitchen, I sometimes look at my breasts with no bra with naughty eyes. When I consulted with my mother, she said, "Because I'm a man, I can't help it to some extent, please understand." Little by little, I became disgusted with my dad. I was hoping that I shouldn't escalate anymore, but I didn't receive that wish and escalated steadily. My dad was also naked after taking a bath, and he came out, turned over my skirt in his uniform, looked at his pants, and said, "Isn't the skirt too short? I saw the pants." Hey, "he chewed on my skirt and hugged me. I gradually moved away from my dad. But my sister was different.My sister was rather nasty, and even if she was wearing a pair of pants in front of her father, or if she was naked and came out of the bath, she had a calm face. The two were very close. Sure, my dad was muscular and cool, but rather than a relationship between my dad and my daughter, it was more like a good friend. My sister looked like a mother and was an attractive woman to me as a woman. I've been escalating more on Saturday lunch when I don't have a mom. When I and my sister were cooking together, they approached me later and touched my ass. I was embarrassed and cooked without saying anything. "It's a soft butt, isn't it about the same size as my mother?" I touched my butt with both hands. I didn't like it, but I couldn't say anything and endured it. Then my sister said something like "Your sister's ass is soft, isn't it?" Dad touched me to check my ass, saying, "Oh, it's big and soft." In addition, my sister said, "The shape of my butt is also beautiful," and turned up my skirt. My pants are now in full view. I just had a raw fish in my hand and couldn't move it. I said "Stop it", but my dad said "It's a really beautiful butt" and, fortunately I couldn't move, I slid my pants down. My sister was laughing, "Sister, bare ass." I had my pants slid down, and my sister had a skirt turned over. I put the fish down and started washing my hands. Then my dad tried to open his butt, saying, "It's a soft butt with no stains, what's going on inside?" It was inevitable that I would put my strength in my butt so that I couldn't look inside.I wiped my hands with a towel and immediately put on my pants. But I think I've seen some important points. One day, my mother had an urgent need to stay at her parents' house and go home. I, my sister, and my dad. I was very scared inside. I stayed in the room so as not to get close to my dad. I took a bath around 11 o'clock and went to the living room. As usual, my sister with one pair of pants and my father with one pair of pants lay side by side and watched TV. When the TV became a commercial, Dad touched his sister's chest. My sister shouted, "No." It's a scene that I see occasionally, but I can only see it as a lover at any time. I had trouble finding my eyes, so I went back to my room. It's been about 30 minutes since I returned to my room. I went to the kitchen to get a drink. As I stepped out of the room, I heard my sister's voice from the kitchen. I instantly noticed "Ah!" It seemed that my sister and dad had finally crossed the line. I terrifiedly approached the kitchen. My feet were heading to the kitchen, thinking I shouldn't look at it. When I came in front of the kitchen, my sister's voice became even louder. And at the same time, I heard the sound of licking something. I took a peek at the situation. I was doing what is commonly called sixty nine. My sister was licking my dad's grown-up dick, and my dad was licking the important part of my sister. I was shocked and my body got stiff. At that time, my sister's eyes came to me, and we met. I hid immediately. My sister said, "Daddy, my sister is watching."I heard a voice saying "what" and the sound of getting up, and I heard the footsteps coming toward me. I felt dangerous and tried to return to the room. But my dad was faster and I got my arm grabbed. Dad forced me to lie on the tatami mat. Two naked people were looking down at me. "What should I do?" "Let's make friends with us all the time, can't we tell moms if it's 3P?" "That's right. Take it off," my sister, I began to tremble. I curled up and resisted. But my sister held my arm down, so I desperately resisted with my feet. I begged, "Stop asking, I won't tell anyone," but they didn't stop. I took off my pants and pants in no time. I still resisted. Dad said to his sister, "Daddy holds his hand, so bring something to tie." She immediately returned to the room. I cried and asked, "Please stop." The dad said, "Because you are cheeky, you have to discipline." My sister brought a rope from the room. I had my hands tied up in a hurray posture. "If you don't take off your clothes, cut them with scissors," said Dad. I didn't reply. Dad cut the clothes on me, as the word says, and I was stripped naked. "Would you like to take a picture?" Dad said to his sister, who pointed her mobile camera at me and took some pictures. He was warned, "If I tell someone, I'll scatter the photos."When my sister finished taking the picture, she approached me and touched my chest, saying, "Your sister has big boobs." I glared at my sister with a crying face. He said, "Are you angry? I'm sorry," and told my dad, "Your sister is still a virgin." I was hoping that it would give up, but I was against it. He said, "Well, then, let's teach SEX to my dad," and my sister was happy, "I did it." Dad held my legs, put his body between my crotch, spit on his hands, and began to touch the important parts with his hands. I told my sister, "It's a beautiful pussy, look at it." My sister looked into my crotch and was delighted, "It's true." Every time I touched something important, my body reacted. My sister looked at my face and said, "It looks good." Then my dad said, "Well, do you want to put it in?" And started inserting the bigger one over there. My face was distorted due to severe pain. Dad was happy to say, "It hurts, it hurts, does it hurt?" I was desperate to hold back the pain. Thus my virginity was robbed. The dad asked his sister, "Can you take the rubber?" And asked him to take the rubber and pulled it out. And when I had my sister put on the rubber, I inserted it again. My dad's hips moved faster and faster, and my dad's stuff moved in my body. My dad pulled the dick out of my body and asked my sister, "Can you remove the rubber?" The sister carefully removed the rubber and licked it cleanly. When Dad asked, "Is it delicious?", He began to squeeze Dad's dick, saying, "Yeah, delicious, next is me."My dad's dick was getting bigger again. My sister slept next to me, spread her legs, and begged, "Fast, I can't stand it anymore." Dad said, "I know," and inserted it into my sister. My sister was pant in a very loud voice. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't see it. It seemed that the two of them did back and cowgirl and finally returned to the missionary position. After that, they were hugging each other and stuck. ... After a while my sister got up and started licking her sleeping dad's dick. When my dad noticed, he begged me to do it again. When my dad said, "Hey, I'm sorry for your sister, can I let you go?", "Oh," my dad and sister said, "I'm sorry," and took my rope. He solved it. When I took off the rope, I returned to the room with my clothes. That day I was crying in the room until my mom came home. Mom is back in the evening. I hugged my mom as soon as she came in from the front door. My mom said, "What's wrong, what happened?", But I answered, "Yeah, I was just lonely." From the next day, I tried not to meet my sister and dad. I got home late and went somewhere on the weekends. Little by little, I stopped going to school, and I felt like I was running away from home. The friends I was dating were all such people. However, even there, my boyfriend touched my body and I was forced to have sex. I have gradually become accustomed to such a life. That's how I made my own place, so I was doing my best.Still, it was a lot more fun than going home. Even so, he seemed to get tired of it, and he began to be rumored to be a woman who would let me do it as soon as I asked. I also lost my place. After that, I decided to live and work in a pachinko parlor, but he didn't hire anyone and eventually hit the door of customs. Since then, I have been working as a mistress.

That of the father

It was said to be \"standing\" When you lick me for a while. But energy to stand and was gone for me. Dad faced me, I was carried to bed.
It had become the opposite of a little while ago. When you lay on his back in bed with me, Dad took out a mobile phone.
An attempt was made ​​to stop, but a barely float of a little hand, many pieces were also taken to The photo the body. I did not think the thing that dad family to think.
When finished taking photos, is referred to as \"Misato ...\", and has been the kiss. Accept the kiss, I had ended up comfortably, has become more pleasant.
Observed intently the chest, pinched the nipples got up, had I been let out the voice to be \"! Fit\".
Placed in the mouth the tongue, I became Memaigashi likely. Mouth went down, I began to suck the breast. I mouth was empty, there was no choice but to panting.
It had put up the words as \"! Go! Ah! Aan Oh!\", It is not the words, such as to hear his father very much. Dad will continue to attack my body silently.
When the mouth of the father went further down, I was prepared for it to go. When you open with your fingers how many times Kaname, cunt my knees, Dad began licking gently.
I tried to endure a little bit longer to grip with all his strength sheets, to go, but the Pyuppyu~tsu, I quickly erupted in less than a minute.
As more trumps me, which celebrated its climax while aloud similar to scream, and began sucking licking clitoris. Then you'll be in the mouth of the father, liquid I went
into. It can not be helped to be ashamed, I, just bear desperately to go, did not have what you can do to the other.
After this, I was or is inserted, but you could not write and do not want to remember. You think that it is probably not write. Then, where you do not have a brother, father
came to touch occasionally in of clothes over the pussy and my chest sometimes, but no attempt is Mochimo the production, work was also me become like go properly.
This thing, whether the was good to really do not know yet <

With my dad

I'm writing this because I'm wondering if someone can understand my strange feelings toward my father. I've been a dad and son since I was little, and I love dad. Even now I'm 21. On my days off, I often go shopping with my dad, and I often go to the movies with my dad, and I often go for a drive. Of course, there are times when there are three people including the mother. That's right, we're a family of three, but we're all very close. A 45-year-old father and a mother who has recently turned 40 and is making a fuss about "I'm 40". Neither of them seemed to be that old at all, and when they were three, they were a couple and sisters? My mother is happy to hear that, but I immediately say, "I'm a daughter!" It seems that I can't usually see it as if I had a big child like me. It seems that my friend saw me walking in Shinjuku with my dad before, so the next day at school, "Ah, that was my hobby." "I saw it, with a pretty cool old man. I'm walking, "he said. I said "I'm a daddy", so when I said "Yes, I'm a daddy", "What are you doing with assistance?" "No, if you're a daddy" "Hmm ? Is it a mistress contract? " " That's why my dad is "" "Lie, I'm not that young. I walked with my arms folded." My friends don't believe me at all, so on my day off I even brought him home and said to my dad, "Yes, I'm a dad." My friend said, "Aya is a father complex and a mother complex."But if this is a father complex and a mother complex, it feels good. I love both of them. But last year, I think my feelings toward my father have increased a little new (?). I've been talking with my family about "Let's take a commemorative trip when Aya turns 20" from before, and we all made a fuss in Guam, Hawaii, and Europe, but of course I can't afford that luxury and my dad's work is amazing. I was so busy that I ended up going to the hot springs in Izu. It's been a long time since my dad took two days off on weekdays. But just before that, my mom was so busy that I couldn't go. My mom is the chief designer at a design office, and she's in charge of her job, so she can't take a rest. "I'm sorry, Aya." My mother was disappointed, so I said, "OK, I'll do it again." But , " I don't know when my dad's vacation will be taken again, so we two Please go on holiday. " Certainly, I had planned from around spring ( my birthday is May 5th ^^;), and it was June that I could finally realize it, so it was difficult to match the schedules of the three people. Avoiding the G / W, I made a schedule before and after that, and everyone adjusted ... I was always OK. So I talked with my dad and decided to go out together this time. I told my mom that we should go somewhere next time. The weather was very nice on the day I thought it would be nice not to hit the rainy season or typhoons.Since it was one night and two days, I went out with a little luggage and a casual feeling. It didn't really matter where I went and what I saw, and I was very happy to be able to monopolize my dad on a busy weekday . It seems that the tension was high from the morning, and my father said, "It's an elementary school excursion." But when I was happy to walk, I grabbed my dad's arm and walked. My dad booked a very high-class place for the inn, and it feels more like a hot spring inn than a hotel, and the room has its own open-air bath. The food was so gorgeous that I couldn't say that I was on a diet on this day, so I ate full. I decided to take a bath together because it was a big deal. It's an open-air bath, so of course it's outside, but I can't see it from the surroundings, so it was really nice to enter while looking at the sea in front of me. I used to wrap a towel at first, but after soaking in hot water, I took the towel and stretched it to the fullest. Dad, for a moment? I said, but soon I smiled and said nothing. Dad, I think it's been 6 years since I saw my nakedness. I used to take a bath with my dad until junior high school. Until around the summer of middle one. Of course, by that time my breasts were getting bigger and I had hair, but I 've been taking a bath with my dad for a long time, and I didn't feel any discomfort. But I heard later that it's time for my mom to stop it, right? One day during the summer vacation, my dad said, "Oh, take a bath alone" and that was all.Even recently, when I bought a swimsuit, I wore it at home, so I think I saw the line of my grown-up body, but it's been a while since I was naked. But I didn't hate being naked in front of my dad, and I didn't think it was weird. Because I'm a dad. After getting out of the bath, I wore a yukata naked. I was chatting again for a while on the futon that Mr. Nakai laid out side by side. My dad always listens to me without being annoyed. We talked a lot about school, friends, and unsuccessful romance. Well, I was talking a lot. When I noticed, it was already around 1 o'clock and I was about to go to bed. I tried to sleep for a while, but I wanted to be very sweet and called out. "Dad, are you awake?" "Hmm? What?" "Can I go over there?" "What are you saying, I'm not a kid?" "I'm a kid, okay." I sneaked into my futon. And, as I used to do when I was in elementary school, I put my head on my dad's chest and entwined one leg to cling to it. "Hey, it's already heavy, you" "Yada, I'm doing this until morning" "How old are you," Dad laughed. But as he did before, he kindly asked me to make my hair nice. I was so happy that I tried to get closer to my dad, and I also moved my legs, which had been entwined with my body further toward him. At that time ... my dad's crotch touched my thighs. And ... I clearly understood that it was hard.I didn't move as it was, and in an instant various things ran through my head. First of all, I was a little surprised, and the fact that my father was the first man to be aware of it, a little anxiety, and somehow very happy feelings ... I don't know for myself ... I feel happy because I felt like a woman. Come on. Certainly, my bare chest is pressed against my dad's body, and my entwined legs are bare in my yukata. If someone saw only this scene , it might look like a man and a woman who finished the etch. At that time, my dad put his hand stroking his hair around his shoulder and hugged him tightly. At that time, I wondered and naturally thought, "Ah ... I wonder if my dad will hold me." And if my dad asks, I can't refuse. Do not refuse. I don't want to refuse. ... so I thought. I didn't think that it was a bad thing or I didn't like it at all, and I naturally thought that my dad would just hold me. I was short, but I had a fierce love affair, and I had a male experience, so I knew what it meant to be embraced by a man. Unlike the feeling when I had sex with him, I didn't feel like having sex with a man, and I couldn't say it well, but it was a strange feeling that I was really just embraced by my dad. Then, my dad opened the front of my yukata and got on top of it, opened his legs, and my dad's things were inside ... I was thinking about that kind of calmly. This is because my dad loves me so much, not SEX.But in reality, both of them didn't move. I felt so good that I really wanted to keep doing this for a long time ... and it seems that I fell asleep before I knew it. It was already morning when I noticed. It seems that I was sleeping on my dad's arm pillow. I didn't entangle my legs. I still had a mysterious feeling of the evening, and even when I remembered it, I didn't feel like "it was dangerous" or "I wasn't afraid", and I thought it was okay to be embraced. It was. I wonder what my dad thought. I'm sure my body was reacting. It's been about a year since then. I and my dad are still good friends. That night is a wonderful memory for me. And that mysterious feeling hasn't changed. I don't want to have sex with my dad positively. I can't explain it well, but I feel like I just want to be embraced by my dad, not a man and a woman . When my dad comes inside me ... it's not like pleasure, but I feel like I'm very happy ...

Incest discourse

I had got me a bath dad until junior high school one year. It was me wash up every corner of the body carefully every day.
When there is a day when not in travel mom one day, you are washing your body enters to say \"I enter Junko bath\" is also the day, lower body was still exist soap will flow down the drain.
I've even written a Beso crying as \"Yadayo\". And then Dad
lick up carefully from the toes and aged me to say \"'ll's okay because I'll wash like a parent-child of Yoshi Yoshi animal\" in the all fours and even ass thighs also navel per also back also \"clean
continues licking stinking wide open legs to say \"here is the\" Na to be the most beautiful and say \"there,\" I started to lick the pussy on his back at the end and continue to lick while, \"said'll become,
and licking pussy in them Dad went on or sucking it into and out of the big time tongue into the hole in the Omankomoo ass of my cross-legged and holding it upside down and turn the hand on his back while.
And I pledge to forcibly ass hole the tip of the nose while and out the tongue with sucking pussy.
I looked like a big mess matsutake is cock of the father If you look at the front of the eye in the form of an upside-down.
It was added in the mouth thick cock in front of the eyes Then it is said, \"Junko even if the cock clean of dad,\" he said. The salty and a little and out slowly grip by hand the root of the cock and I think that it is trying to good
\"with or sucking it in and out the back of the throat up or put slowly\"
so say and says it \"delicious salty\" so say \"how about it\"
It's me compliments \"I'll tone that'll do so good\" when say, \"delicious\" delicious juice comes out more and more.
The mouth of the father and disconnect the power so say \"Do away with\" If you say you will want to pee been standing goose bumps and noisy body dad because suck in amazing suction force chestnut and my \"yo leave Dad pee\" is like coming out Joro Joro in.
Dad and drink it ring the throat noisily closed with a mouth comfortably pussy to say \"It's squirting\".
It had continued overnight in the lying posture that now that I came out in a mouth fast and furious things lukewarm from the cock of the father also will drink noisily.
I did not think of that until you get to put the penis in the vagina at the time, but that it is not forgotten anymore. Dad does not issue any mouth about it
now, but I get to do the father and love someday. It is a daily masturbate remembering become odious to the body 160,88,90,50 is a 35-year-old single now.


Kito seems to have come to like. It is to me the piston at the position where the Cali are allowed to move in and out of cowgirl. It was rising as morning and evening every day. You have started to say physical strength because it does not have, and I want to buy a Vibe finally. Is referred to the shape of the matsutake is erotic, I want want to feel That said child. Physiological, there once since then, but it ended in just one day. It is unpredictable unseasonable considerable. Again, pregnancy is so bad, you have a substitute in the place that is packed into bags after checkout, a thin transparent bag. You sagging Boo \"not out only a little\" to see the white liquid collected in the bag.

Daughter it is life expectancy sentenced

Life expectancy sentenced
daughter of two months from the doctor daughter Once rubbing milk and kissing
daughter and daughter I consulted from the daughter-in-law said, \"I want to be nestled in the man\" married daughter falls down when the high school entrance exam daughter had wet \"hurts\" soppy and when I try to surprise insertion Unlike honest ... imagine
you have catered to Ahea but I rubber in the promise of a daughter-in-law was the promise convinced already of only once only once in the promise of the virgin bride was a promise to put a but raw you've done a raw give me the daughter I that I thought \"I want to train the body of her daughter\" and rolled erect penis is remembered the feel of the body of the daughter every time I see a girl I should have quit noon daughter-in-law of Saturday chance came early pretty daughter that you can not be the eyes of the daughter-in-law had refused to be \"... from the bad mother\" is also forcibly There is daughter daughter in the room was me put in a room easily go out daughter I from geese are too rubbing the penis of 3 times ejaculation me while Ki stabbed love to daughter daughter daughter-in-law to come back with \"... okay\" I asked me to do, easy to without also resistance to me? \"painful\" relationship with the daughter came to light was seen a penis swollen to daughter-in-law was the only twitch the body last tweet as \"take\" to the body convulsions daughter that blood had come out

That with Papa

And so sex with dad, it is 6 years. First thing when I was six years elementary school. In Bon vacation, mom only had back towards the Iwate ahead.
Company of Papa also becomes a rest from the next day, it was going to go along with me. As always, daddy so come back drunk, me mom also has become just like sleep earlier.
But that day, if you are up until about 10:00 because there was a program you want to see, when Dad came home, I was taking a bath just.
Since referred to by voice \"Tami, Tami\" got drunk, while saying that you do not know the reason softening When you reply, it was like went toward his room.
Me is that washing the body, Dad was coming into the bathroom suddenly. And by naked, a red face, I was drunk.
\"Papa, etch, transformation,\" physiology come from, it did not contain a bath and dad more than one year. If you look at me in the eyes and Boo~tsu, Dad grabbed the hand of me that tried to escape from the bathroom.
\"Oh, Tami also I had become beautiful.\" I was completely drunk. Penis has become significantly between the crotch that sat down.
Exiting the power of body softening, while standing, it was not able to do anything. It had been on the ride to knee Papa was sitting on the chair imperceptibly.
Penis increased Daddy between stomach and dad belly of me is sandwiched, I was shaken up and down Daddy hugging the body of me.
Yada, what are you live, I'll quit early, but, penis Daddy rubbed the crotch of me, I felt good for a moment. Daddy hug tightly at me suddenly,
between the belly of me and daddy, hot stuff was spread. Penis daddy while jumpy movement, I had been blowing the white liquid. Papa becomes pretty suddenly,
we give hugged head softening. You can then wash and body dang dad became quiet, I was out of the bath. Rather sleep,
I was touched with their own around the penis dad had rubbed imperceptibly. It was the first time masturbation. I do not know how long was standing, but
it was enough to be comfortably and have touched with their fingers, and almost cry. And I came to the sudden \"Tami, a little while ago ... or fell asleep is a sorry,\" Papa.
Pajama pants also shorts also take off on the bed, me had masturbation. It was under the dim light, but it feels like Daddy was found soon, it was not paralyzed in silence.
And, Daddy I came into the bed of me. If you think feet are grabbed, head of Papa has touched the crotch of me, I began to lick the crack of me.
I was surprised, but I had to sit still and be comfortable. Before I knew it, daddy even though naked, me also I have been naked.
I was moving penis daddy so rub the crack of me. Is push the legs, body of Papa had moved in the meantime me.
The pleasant, it was about will want to pee. If you feel the movement of the Papa has become faster, on top of the tits was small and still on top of the stomach of me,
hot liquid has been splattered. Many times been flying out the sound is enough to Te Pashuppashu~tsu, I was spread on top of me. Dad gave me a gentle kiss.
I was turning one another by morning. I went to the Iwate and dad the next day. Without telling the mom, I was turning 3 during the summer holidays. Become a feel gradually,
it became Itchau so only finger Daddy. Then, cram me up to ask them come to pick me up at once Papa a week, was now at the hotel.
And, spring break before entering the junior high school, we have sex with dad finally. It was painful, but semen of Daddy came spread in the belly of me, I felt good.
Rather'm petting, it took about two months until comfortably sex. Papa because wearing a condom now,
ejaculation in me is about two times a month. Once a week, Mom and Dad are both me once a week, but Mom is going out during the day of rest from time to time, I have sex in the room of me.