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Incest with daughter(2012-05)

My father loved

My father loved since childhood. It was not lonely at all even without mother. It was such a gentle father. That's why it was extra shock.
Soon became a junior high school one year. Thing ... you saw in the room of his father. Album children of the age as much as I have reflected. Thing and that is reflected in their underwear, things that are hugging each other naked and man.
The man was the father. There were a lot of albums, but more was not seen in shock at that time. And ..... near the the album.
There was also pants are dirty of me. My father learned to be a transformation in the pedophile. I understand also that it's a crime and Yu fornication to be like in the album at the same time.
I wanted to get stop such a crime to his father, I was nestled in the father. Was every day. Desire of the father was gradually
increases. Exposure, Restraints, Anal, excretion. The album has gradually filled with me gradually.

Because it is super-delusion only

It is a great delusion everyone. So am i
My daughter is not very pretty, it's a geek girl glasses Ruru said. Do not like the care Tsu man. I can not be helped is I'll commit.
The showing in the erect penis of my take a bath after a long time in the beginning and (together), has been a great unpleasant face, but he was taken cry Once you've held is not the daytime. I was more excited tried not Blow but it was bad indeed. That's still more.
Then, when you are sleeping, had been large crying (firing sperm pants rubbing towards Karamanko ass while rubbing milk from behind) a successful intercrural sex.

Daughter of daughter

yuna himekawa[1342]
When in elementary school, my daughter is coming to a sticky strangely.
It had been decorated appropriately at first, but one day, it had been beaten to his wife.
I asked secretly when alone together, it seems to have been abused.
After all, divorced his wife, was taken off a daughter. Summer of small 6, the body of her daughter will look like a woman, I was conscious of a sudden. The out and said to want money so buy Toka bra, became a trigger. That night, daughter struck by aiming at the bath. Of course, it was a virgin, but did not mind. Become a love each other on the weekends always, began to sleep together when it becomes a junior high school student. Or from the chest because massage, it becomes C cup immediately and began to go. The number of high school students will increase, if you bother to contraception, pregnancy immediately. It gave birth to a girl before a little, it became illegitimate, but it's daughter is a grandson. The body has not yet returned, it has not been etched. I wonder become loosely After birth, even young? In addition, day to etch daughter and daughter wonder come?

Thank you can see ○

I have daughter relationship (high 2).
I'm sorry his wife.
Because they put the rubber properly.

Daughter broke up ten years ago

I worry a lot whether to write to the bulletin board, but
it was decided to go on a trip daughter to live with the divorced wife in ... 10 years ago because I wanted to talk anyway, and Yukari.
Story came to me you will not go in the sudden death of grandfather of his ex-wife to were prepared to Shinkansen tickets from the hotel to go to see the Hakatadontaku of Kyushu.
Travel of only two daughters and also I'm glad it is as long as all can go for free also glad.
We checked into the hotel for the time being to get to Hakata Shinkansen overcrowded.
It's happy little in W bet When you enter the room but
\"Yukari's W bet, but I get by changing
room?\" \"I, I I do not mind, it the other room Nante I think we not free\"
and I was able to take barely Do not \"Yes such mon had to say, I say if you like even Yukari
\"wonder years pretending to me to sleep with\" Dad? \"Yukari Na because this was at the age of six and because in '10 with\" divorce \"§ or\" 10 years since Which store wave of people, even in the stalls Street ~ \"The little early\" but I go to eat at night rice with side haunts the \"Yeah\" \"wherever you go also went back to the hotel reluctantly crowded. Said sadly that it \"was brought like to mom remarried, the people of this before man\" daughter came next to it and looking at the night view of Hakata I returned to the room with meals at the hotel's restaurant also \"Yukari new dad or not it was good to be \"that person\" I hate, my dad only one person \"mom Kanashimuzo I say such a thing\" \"That person Mon do not like really I mean\" \"human mom chose\" But It came with both hands grabbed my arm to say wonder what \"... and\" want to live with dad \"... me. It was clenched in one hand the hand of daughter that clenched \"that person do not like what?\" \"Mon I just dad to be here now I my dad coz\" me arm. Staring at me with tear-filled eyes to say that \"I want to stay with dad?'s The bad You can live with dad\", I have gone through lips to lips daughter loves. It was a very long kiss. Moonlight entering through the window and turned off the lights in the room was the light of the naked daughter. I arrived to embrace reason daughter of his father disappeared along with the lights on naked was well-proportioned clean. I was caressing the body with a small nipple sucking. You caress gently bring your finger to part the hidden potential of pushing aside the black bushes. Was put a finger on the腟穴breathing daughter also becomes rough and picked at your fingertips clitoris becomes hard Nde given a stimulus. Finger was sucked deep modestly moist. It was caressing the body of the daughter while but the moment that lead finally came. Was slowly put cock in腟穴spread larger foot. All had subsided while being pressured by the vaginal wall and proceed with the aim of is back Nikubo daughter you have endured distort the eyebrows. I started out slowly after. Nikubo stopped the movement ejaculation feeling Wakiokori as early and screamed in cramped腟穴Or rather narrow. The alienated ejaculation feeling massaged the breast piled up lips again to his daughter. I started a piston ejaculation feeling Ki retreat far in a short time. But was released into the belly of the daughter disconnect it from腟穴ejaculation feeling struck also early. Looked at me daughter with the cleaning up, lying in the arm pillow is say, \"I wish dad, even out in me\" and \"you'll and it may be possible to After such a thing\" and say \"I or \"O it, mon\"'s fine Why? can I say? \"\" I want to lay baby \"father\" of not you say something \"stupid\" - I mean \"\" Yukari ~ that ... ie \"It is not 's for the first time\" I \" \"So it seems!\" \"experience said so I daughter now Doki's gonna fast\" \"Dad what public attention Well?\" \"by the second person,\" \"at, or so\" you do not want to say another story like that try to stop \" I \"do not hear anymore I'm sorry I'm sorry\" \"Dad\" Hey, useless to live together? \"\" I want to live with Yukari, but my daughter came to kiss to say now that you try to consult with mom \"to be\" happy \" were. I started to fuck with my daughter again cock that had been withered also recovered well.

Recently that

To this during the holidays, I got the virgin daughter. About two years, thinking variety, were examined in various ways. I read well not just this board, also loss of virginity relationship. I've heard good and how to feel of a junior high school student, even thinking in dating. Daughter reaches the fifth grade, I began to practice the results. The family of that time, the eldest son is the eldest daughter is a small 5 6 small, wife doctor spear salaryman the real me was \"househusband\". Wife or because a doctor, I've been taught that clearly also sex education. I went to travel well wife loves hot spring, entered the family bath four people. Probably because that, I was taking a bath and daughter well at home. Breast daughter began to bulge so little by little, it was decided to measure the size. Was only 6cm difference under 56cm, the top 62cm, but it would be pretty excited, and smiled as \"I'll keep it secret dad, to! Mom thinks that naughty\" daughter to find cock from standing half I'm of the opportunity. First, I was taught from that feels After etch. In comic first, next showed AV drama, movie, finally. The second phase itself, taught alone etch. It came to in front of the eyes immediately this, but did not go for. Next, but Blow cunnilingus. Once you have observed in the pussy before licking, it was confirmed hymen. I took also full photo before it would break. Physiology began to winter break, the A cup bra in the fall. Preparation of the body that we have completed, I got only the \"feeling\" the rest. The son, if you tell the erotic site Masturbation In parallel, it has worked hard erotic video on their own the rest. More at a later date

I was a gift from his father the Vibe

I am a student I am please let me confess a secret that was not true for anyone I've been to things like prostitution to his father from a small time. I do not remember cutout. But the other, had been taken roughness and naked at first had been issued in the hands of around four years old. But was allowed to buy whatever you want ... instead. But on the day I did not understand gravity of the situation. And we adjust them rubbing roughness of a father and roughening of my naked and or allowed to Blow, Fast finally and ...... you can licked the array that has escalated from around in the elementary school, or licked the nipple I might had been keeping an eye from small time father or deprived of their kiss ... Maybe. It is a father and daughter good terms in the table, but everyone, even if playing in outside my So we have or rubbing the pubic area you can take photos and videos when my father ... and I have two people once and for all in the back, I also become to feel them there is also when the hair is not growing as shaved occasionally, hair thingy I were doing in the room a closed curtain and father, had to avoid being noticed. But I also come to love, my father seemed even worse feeling when I think a favorite person. I gave me what is in me One day, father. ... When I applied to when one person was a great vibe of pink, I am now every day ... and it was depleted and its relation to place my father was gone soon comfortably. I was doing in Vibe other you have hidden in the room of his father when nobody else but still not enough. It was two before. And today ... is doing it Sarakedashi the chest wearing a swimsuit of Invisibility wet, front ... chestnut three, vaginal, comes at me embarrassed and Nipple ... Vibe I even now. I father I ... Or how hateful I do not know now ... whether the poor at the end. But in the room, I can not say to anyone not like the family is the break is also a fact to know now who was confessing how good, who was in secret anyway ... what good Sarakedashi the chest and dick in swimsuit The only woman of the one who was caught in pleasure Te gasping Vibe three that are reflected in the mirror ...

Completely now

Relationship with the daughter began in the summer of 3 daughters.
One year by eliminating the wife. It is the time you've been able to afford a little care of children struggling with Otokode one.
I had never care about the sexuality of their own when you are being chased by life, but ends up in the hands pants daughter that was in the dressing room suddenly one day, and casually really, cloth crotch dirty yellow When you've sniffed, among men I have I have to wake up.
It was a moment in the smell of raw woman you feel after a long time, my daughter was only a child just for me has changed the subject of sex.
During the bath, in my head was full of her daughter. While you imagine also fellowship with or daughter naked daughter, I have an erection firm enough painful than ever is mine I had comforted myself occasionally.
If you go up from the bath to decent and soak in the bathtub, and took the pants daughter again without a refrain again, put the mouth crotch dirty, I would be licking tongue.
Daughter had toward the computer as usual now.
I lose the reason completely to bulge of breast no bra visible from the side of the tank top and white thighs visible from diatomaceous of the bath, and ended up clinging to her daughter from behind. pure white breast appeared from in a tank top (eh, what, a little Papa) (aptitude or was, it was aptitude or) is pushed down, was raised turning. That the breast was larger than I expected, and I remember clearly even now is that it has been depressed to buried in the breast and nipple, of a beautiful pink. Lose the reason completely, I devour the breast obsessed. The Mushiritori pants, we Shaburitsuki to the woman's daughter. Is there that the smell of the soap is, pubic hair had is aligned flies fine anymore, difference and still adult women, folds of the meat was very beautiful. During turning Rim (Yada, yada, yada, yada, yada) and there, my daughter had it as struggling feet weeping much, but not sink to draw too late or that momentum, I I is pressed against the erection of their own to the bottom of the daughter became slimy with saliva, we will through at last. While apologized (sorry, sorry) and daughter to blub at the same time as the sensation (hurts, it hurts, it hurts) and it is assumed that Gugugu~tsu, I was clinging to her daughter. It was a feeling after a long time to be wrapped in the meat of woman. It was a pleasure electrifying. In less than how much, I would be growing very quickly, I think a moment of the (bad) has crossings, but does not stop in any way, it became more ejaculation in the daughter as it is. It did not lead to pregnancy fortunately. However, then the face of the daughter does not look for a while, it became a life in the air awkward daughter is also to avoid me. Two years will be set from there. In fact, now, it has become a relationship that meets the sexual desire of each other and daughter. While in life awkward for a few months, I've lost the desire again, continue to compel the relationship with my daughter, daughter had resisted about Some, or woke up in the joy of the woman unawares, genital unawares You can now say and even (Iku~tsu) and also, now would wet the Shitodo, and started up a cute voice gradually, Where Did I remember. Nipples depressed is still, but the tip and Togarase Plump When excited, the change makes you please me. While awkward, knowing that I rejoice, it is now willing to serve in a small firm mouth. The body of 17-year-old daughter I was completely drowned in the technique of middle-aged me.

Useless to look

I used there is a lucrative job easy in the world ('-ω-) ♂

Unusual father-daughter

I'm going to pick the daughter of Luke to ballet at night 8 of Tuesday and Friday.
Issue the car and put the Luke speak happily talk in the classroom Ballet You boarded a car on face reddish little sweat when you phone mobile Luke from the front of the building.
It is Luke you know where what to do by now, \"Yeah\" and say, \"good? Luke a little.\"
Make sure around and stop the car in a place that is not always popular. Luke off your pants and skirts for yourself and defeat a sheet Luke sit. You caress on the tip of one's tongue open with a finger youthful blue bud you sweat. Voice of the woman that you have leak just faint. It will be a police seat other First When you are seen in a place like this person. I will taste the thrill. Luke me licking the penis when I put down the pants and pants now. Previously just was just put in the mouth, but for us to move up and down by now. You pay attention to around while enjoying the mouth of the daughter. It is an act that is not less than 10 minutes, but there is a thrill. Divorce four years ago with his wife, divorce cause was abuse against the daughter of his wife. So my daughter's came to my side. Luke gave me yearning me unusually there is also such a thing. Such Luke is also a 5th grade. Summer of elementary school four years, pubic hair began to grow breasts bulge between seen physiology. But I went into the bath together. It was innocently that it'll wash your dick it's before, but it was changed to face likely comfortably somehow. And I began to wash the dick of each other. I experienced the ejaculation at the hands of Luke 5th Toshinokoro. Face of Luke was surprised you remember. I was told to \"I'll do feel good I was out of white, probably sperm Is this? If you issue?\" while laughing. Then tell the caress of a mouth, it was raised by a woman after a while. It was Luke that was holding back just beseechingly clinging to me. People also enjoy sparse camping, barbecue and Luke yet. It is a father daughter good terms from anywhere look. Luke grew up in prime eating well. Are playing it with a foot in cold water to enter the river stomach is full. Some couples on the other families and have a tent in the parent and child in the place where it was a little familiar. It is in two people Luke and tent for 4 people of dark green. Is opened only a small small window Close the zipper entrance. I order the caress of the lower body to Luke while looking outside. There is no reason that looks like Luke fill the face to my lower body from a small window. Never know the family on the other Luke Nante are doing this and I was playing in parent and child to earlier. You are suck a penis that small mouth has become firmly Dropping the eye down. Laughed and Nikoli With Match to eyes and Luke. Behind closed doors, only voice is heard from outside and close the small window. To be naked and let stand a Luke. Fill the face to the lower body while touching and the bulging. Suck a small projection to wade through the tongue the pubic hair grows about half of the adult. Voice of adult leaks a little bit. View firmly with outstretched legs lying. Boundary to be transformed into the genitals of adults from the genitals of a girl. Enjoy insertion of wearing a skin, the tightness of the painfully after it licked firmly. Luke put out a small voice to be \"Ugh Ugh Ugh\" every time I move. A large amount of sperm emitted into the skin. Also, become a figure and Luke I, father of the daughter of ordinary are everywhere to get out. Amissing .... because it is fiction.

Relationship between the actual daughter

50-year-old me, I have committed two daughters live in, the daughter is the time of the 21-year-old. The change into pajamas as usual, daughter What was the middle of June, came back with tipsy at about 10:00 in the drinking of the company, was watching TV and sitting on the couch. I also had seen together, but of course, probably because my daughter is drunk, while leaked light zizzing sound to lie on the sofa, I would be sleeping. When it was trying blankets, from the gap of the button of pajamas, I could see nipples daughter. In spite of not very large breast, the nipple is large, it was light brown. When staring, my penis, I felt it coming erection gradually. At the same time surprised myself to erection by looking at the breast of her daughter, it was no longer suppress the throbbing breast. Remove the button on the pajamas daughter, I was holding the erect penis of his own while watching the breast and notice. My daughter slept without a state in which the notice at all. As close as not to touch the breast of the penis daughter escalated, my feelings were so it starts masturbating.
The eagle & # 25681 this breast; you want to massage the body, you want to suck the nipple, such a thought comes to words. Then is was entered eyes, is the pajamas you are wearing. Was it you are planning to bathe and look good, it is wearing no underwear. Stretched his hand gently, I tried to lift the part of the rubber. You can see the pubic hair was black 's daughter. Was Mashi violently with ironing the penis with excitement. Daughter noticed it is at that time.
Look at the erect penis in my face daughter, \"Dad, what are you doing!\" shout has Hikitsu~tsu with fear and surprise. My daughter showered hoot \"to go to pervert! over there, do not stay away,\" said to
me, \"Dad, ... of you ... just because you do nothing\"
to excuse. I think to say my head becomes white again, with no choice but to commit when it comes to this was tour ran for some reason.
The slap the face of the daughter! \"Noisy\", was overpowered Tsuke stripped down both the pajamas. The flapping \"I quit Year! Iyada! Dad! Help\" your feet, you fiercely resisted. And pressed her daughter in both arms, push the waist between both feet flapping, was inserted into the penis at once.
voice and \"Forgive stop Iyada! hate!, dad Iyadayo ....\" daughter was also gradually decreased. I have continued to commit daughter dazed. It was up and down the waist slowly lift the leg, and devour the breast, and pushed up violently while watching daughter remain open eyes to stargazing, we ejaculation last. Open the legs then Yari wipe the semen flowing, it was the kiss of genital daughter.
The next day, my daughter went to the company without saying anything, and I came back as usual. Night life of silence and daughter lasted about two weeks, my daughter came into my room to.
It is a naked look closely. \"Hugging dad, and be saved with each other, probably not but continue the relationship of the devil,\"
I embrace the daughter say so. Father embracing daughter to be embraced as a woman, as a man, eight years have passed since then, grandson also was able daughter married. But the relationship with the devil daughter, we continue today.