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Incest with daughter(2013-03)

Mother of sickly

yuna himekawa[1936]
You went and fell into the world of forbidden and father.
Is what I was wrong.
I think my father had been embarrassed mentally you are repeatedly hospitalized mother is a sickly.
That day, my father came home to drink alcohol.
My father came back and have wiped the hair under the section figure - I Basuro in the bath rising. My father told sad that it \"was told today not longer anymore Mother\" sit next to my
father and listen
to \"Welcome home dad you, how was your mother?\"
And you are drunk. I stopped to wipe the hair words to return can not think of. And Basuro when trying Furimuko a father are sitting next to - I would be exposing the thigh hem of the Department is disturbed. It was scary eyes of his father. I have been overhanging pushed down to father attempts to leave rising. I am trying to put your finger in the tree - short loincloth stroking the thighs massaged the chest from the top of the Department - Basuro. My father sucrose forcibly to say that \"Come stop your dad.\" - Has touched a local put your finger in the tree. It did not seem to have embraced the mother for years because I was sickly mother. I arrived Sucking the breast with the naked me like a beast. You come to close the mouth with breath smell liquor. I was also stopped you to resistance. My father began to take off their clothes and release the mouth do you noticed I became quiet. We were at that time Nigedase but I have been inside my array of father became ... naked. Heyday seems to have come father seems to have been繕take on something like that move the hips violently brutal movement of father and move the hips violently more ...

Incest discourse

Dad me we have much business trip.
It is not met at all enough cans three years when Aenai. When I came back at the end of the year two years ago, mom did not go go to reunion.
Dad wanted to look at the sailor figure of me that went into the high school. And I've put the head inside of the skirt happily if you give dressed!
It was felt that it has been playful and drunk, but it was sooo embarrassing. Has been that such dog like Guriguri the nose at the crack-chan.
To come rubbing his leg after that to me, \"I have become beautiful\", was taken off the uniform in bed.
Underwear also been taken off slowly while Hozuri to stomach, you've seen for a while. The I remove the pants Karaochinchin suddenly, Dad has been relied on.
While said, \"because I end soon, because soon\" Well, if you've been on all fours.
Yaba ~! When I thought I, I had ended up Nokkara dad anymore. It was not pleasant. 
It was embarrassing all the way I Na how good. It was saying Ne-chan your also I was reluctant to do dad before you get married.
I do not want you are persistent, but it was only once, and Ma~tsuikkana? Feeling.

To everyone of writer


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