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Incest with daughter(2012-08)


yuna himekawa[1566]
There was a brother who died this year to me.
Age was 45 years old.
Parents is alive and well, but the expression was over frugal. It was much attitude I think my father as absent and especially sad. I've found later why. This time, there is a total festival home of the mother, the district, is carried out in the workings of the sacred treasures couple in ritual, in the voice of joy at that time, I had the custom of envy for a good harvest. Of course, it would have been after the war in the only form. At the same, there is a custom to say night crawling, it would be my wife at this time, the other party if the consent regardless, it seems to have been. The problem also occurs here. My mother married my father, I was a homecoming after a long time of birth to me. Sato mother was a serious shortage in rural daughter-in-law. In addition, it seems to have been major issues of rape and imitation happens bride who came finally by exploiting the unusual customs and night crawling. Improvement was enlightened activity is carried out! Mother who had made ​​a homecoming to hear that. Father can not forget that day! I called. Our family slept on the day of the festival with a release. Midnight, three men seems to have been sneaked into the room. And tied up the father, what to say even if me? It seems threatened the mother! My mother seems to have resistance still. However, committing the mother held down to three people, it seems to have crowded poured it all. Three people seems to have been masked. When drunken, father, unforgettable Nichikoe mother at that time! With. Had been at that time, was the younger brother. My brother died of cancer. It is a disease that is said to be family, but is not supported on other relatives. Parents was a solemn Christian. It was addicted to religion also was like this time.

In the open-air bath of hot spring resorts

I was invited to a family hot spring resorts that were not taken anywhere summer vacation to a close.
And ran towards certain spas and a ride to his wife and daughter celebrating huge amount.
Inn booked had been vacant this season quietly at the inn of the long-established.
I went into the public baths in the first open-air bath of course there is a family bath in the room.
Entrance of the bath was separate but the inside was like bathing together in the absence of a partition.
Daughter came closer because nobody did not contain us non-families.
It is the daughter of 6 small but my penis was desperate to hide began to react to the chest that was about to bulge.
I was clenched so that the wife is not seen my daughter my dick was full erection wife also appeared there.
This situ - I was excited to Eshon was reach out to the genital area of his wife.
Someone might come in, that situation has lead to extra excitement.
It was out of the public baths while I think ... might be inserted daughter unless stay.
If you are ready meals, Mobi wife you do not usually drink in the room - it was recommended Le.
It was fine to drink what was thought to be unnecessary to the housework and taking a bath.
wife was leaning on futon that was laid down in the state when the Nakai came to lower the繕.
I went into the bath and trying to Nero and entered the open-air bath in the room.
Daughter has also come When is immersed while watching a night scene that looks vaguely in the moonlight. My penis is Okidashi and Mukumuku \"It seems like drunk mom\" ​​and \"Yeah, it's not you say once in a while\" also
come to the next in the same way as me, we embraced the shoulder of her daughter. \"Is larger Kore dad!\" \"Do you know somehow this?\" And \"I know, I learned in school to\" or \"Yes, my daughter was surprised hand accidental daughter touched my penis at that time to touch more hand soft arriba! \"daughter was grab the penis. \"I'm hard!\" I also extend a hand over there daughter gingerly. I was rubbing up and down the vertical muscle hairy little. And began rubbing gently chest bulging small. I was kissed daughter cute nipples TAMARAZU harder. I suck vigorously push the tongue on the lips that was received without resistance. \"The paddle good to put in here?\" \"Nice, but ... It's big like this I wonder if entering?\" \"Hurts a little, but I can put up with?\" And \"do not know, but to put up\" the daughter enters a little and try to put your finger in the hole of daughter and began to slowly put the penis in the hole and put on top of the knee. \"I went a little, it would be painful, but Do not be patient,\" slowly, slowly put all deep advances have fit into holes in the daughter wants pain daughter Cali neck cling enters. I started the piston to say that the \"Likes I move from this\" in Dari rubbing the chest you can kiss it does not move for a while. Was released into the hole ejaculation feeling Wakiokori as early If you look at the face of the daughter that withstand pain. I was sucking lips violently again and \"did over?\" \"Oh, Na I'm sorry you have hurt?\" \"Okay No, my dad is because I like\" to see I was stuck in this word. Penis remains connected began piston to say that \"I move again because it was hard also dad,\" I started gradually becomes hard.


I have committed a daughter. Insert while aloud no mercy as \"A\", more pathetic voice comes out as \"Au\" lick my nipples to daughter. Tuna, my daughter's not much reaction so-called, but it is tantalizing immoral mind. It aloud to be \"Ugh\" when you went to the back indeed, Doggy Style tantalizing but my daughter cry. Addition let the cock towering my just unplug the daughter was crying, facial or mouth favorite shake violently have a behind the head of the daughter.
Can not stop face full of cloudy liquid tears and daughter, sperm come dripping from the mouth and not swallow, and would look at this.

Good friend's daughter

Our family has always been good friends. When I sleep in large letters, my wife (Saori, 41 years old) on the left and my daughter (Rina, 20 years old) on the right immediately pillow my arms. I usually watch TV in this state. I was proud that my 20-year-old daughter would stick to my father . My daughter has a cute smile like her wife. The daughter finally get married ... (;;) If you come man in greeting, step-by-step path to somehow but I was Raoh, gentle daughter to admit because introduce riding What did not. Even after getting married, I come to play about 4 times a week. It was about two months. I casually said, " It's cute like Rina Hasaori," in her usual arm pillow . If you think about it later, this word may have invited you ... My wife is cute, but she looks like me ~? (´ ▽) No , Rina was just laughing. On that day, Rina will stay, so I said, "The room is the same as when Rina came out, so there are places to sleep! Maybe I'm wearing dust." Rina "Then I'm going to sleep with my dad and mom. " I lay a futon under the bed and sleep, so sleep with my wife and child. "Wife and child" Yes . "This was my first stay after my daughter left home. It's because my husband was in the distance. About a week later, my daughter came to stay again. Today, I was playing with Rina pushed down , so my wife jokingly said, "Don't attack" (laughs) I don't care because it's a common landscape. My wife is on a business trip from today. Rina's husband is also on a business trip. Although I thought the course home, Rina is, me and say stay in alone with two people. Cute! !! My wife said it would be safe if Rina made my rice . It would have been nice to have a Mac while my wife was on a business trip, but ... my wife left. Rina and I talked about it for a long time, and when the talk was interrupted, I looked up. I "What's wrong?" Rina " I haven't been before or after marriage ..." I "What?" Rina "That ... that ... night ... night life?" I "Eh? ..." Rina "..." Unexpected For consultation, silence ... Well, when I thought that Rina would have sex with a man , I was afraid ... I " Hmm , that's right." I couldn't answer because I thought that this was to consult with my mother. I was disqualified from my father ... Rina "I don't think it's attractive ... I think he's alone." I "You're cute. Don't worry." Rina "But I want a child." I "Then. Why don't you invite me? Think together? "Rina "I also tried many times. Greasy or, or wearing clothes came out chest ..." I "wonder I did not know. In straight, hugging say I have." Then, suddenly rising, and slammed his fist on the table Rina " I said! I hugged him and said he had sex! But I just said it again !! " I "was found, calm down, somehow become." Rina "I do not helpless. Dad what is seen to!?" It can not be said that not say well in advance to consult, just hugged her daughter. I don't know what to say. Just hug me. Silenced for a while while hugging my daughter ... After that, Rina "Hey, hold me." I "... eh?" I couldn't understand what I was saying. Rina " Hey , hug me. You look like my mom and I'm cute, right? No? If you don't make a difference, have sex! Have your favorite in me ..." Pishan! !! I slapped my daughter who was frustrated and broke with obscene words. I said, "Are you stupid! Do you know what to say and what is wrong ?!" Rina's anger subsided, and after crying, she was sick. I'm not good at speaking, I can't say anything and I'm silent ... I just hug my daughter. Rina "... I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm going home." I "Wait. I'm smashing ... that ..." It was the first time I struck Rina. I've always been a good boy ... Rina crying and laughingRina "No , I'm going home and chilling ..." I "No, I was bad. I'll do anything ... Don't go home." Rina "Anything ... I see. I'm going to sleep with you." .. I said, "I said anything, but please make a face as a father! I can't do anything strange with my daughter." Rina "I know, but I also wanted to know how to do it. If you can turn it, you will think that it will be the second time if you are good at it? And ... " I" It? " Rina" I was happy that my dad told me that I was cute. I was disappointed to know that it was a flattery ... " I" No! I'm seriously thinking. " Rina" Then you can hold me ... I can't do it, it's a flattery ... " I "Then I'll teach you how to do it." Rina " I did it! Then I'll take it off." I "Wait! I'm still wearing my clothes. Sometimes I have to keep it!" Rina "... Hmm. I understand. I managed to get them to understand and taught from caress. To be honest, it's embarrassing. Are you a mom every time? I will ask. I answered yes about 5 times, and the rest was through. I teach because I'm a daughter, but I don't touch it. Just show the movement of your hands near your crotch. Rina "Hmm, I don't know. I understand the movement of my hands, but what's happening with my genitals ... My dad doesn't take it off, and I don't want to look it up on my computer ... It ’s already divorced. Hmm. ”Looking at this, I sighed.I "OK. I'll take it off. Just a little." Just a little

Thousand Masako

The name is a rare thousand Masako with the name of the children of nowadays. There are circumstances determined in everyone convinced there is derived from this name.
I call Qi thing always. By Although I am writing a incest with his sister until now, and went on at a speed of more than relationship with the daughter to become 12-year-old was thought to have been moved to this corner. You do not have to go out from the pleasure incest world dense than ever relationship with his sister. The original cause it was a chance that it was spoken for the first time when you are holding a sister, but from the time it was turned into a man from brother to me, can change a man from his father someday likely enough I think that it had been left. And It was a sister was on fire. that it was talking partly that old daughter and year-old sister has become a woman taken together, but it did nestled at that age, etc. I was taught a lot of things is, attracts as the story of reality gradually was closed. Although I have embraced several times she can and says such want hugging I thought my sister and daughter of Masako thousand, it's got dip for eliminate the redundancy unawares. Eye for Chiko It was gradually changed it may have been the flow of natural. And daughter I already knew the relationship with the sister. It became the biggest force this to become a woman from My daughter is can convince. Month, will be a time of upheaval just to the woman from her daughter, and from the change to a man from his father. Switch I had entered the body and mind of each other that you have to kiss and embraced for the first time. The hardness of the cock increase the intensity further touching the body of the daughter of the slender body still, I began to passionately intense desire to bud. We were gone over the hand for the first time in the bud and put your hands in the panty daughter a few minutes after the kiss. It was wet than I thought. I want to lick and here is strong, and I started licking it on its side on the bed off your panties daughter. It was repeatedly without even hand of the attack also loosen a small chestnut-chan licking by pushing the tongue. Anxiety that you said that I wonder can insert small and really try to put the index finger's crossed my head. But I went I think you want to insert the day of any cost today strongly, also daughter's the same I think. Take off all the clothes of my daughter, I embraced I also naked. Be patient and think This alone which is likely out, I went into the glans in the bud of the daughter. The reaction of the daughter of Uiuishi is, I have been asking for a body still young. It began attracted to covet my body had to put the body in the crotch open. I felt just like the glans is sucked into the bud at once when the glans even though did not contain enough in the bud still, my daughter was attracted. And I went into a deep cock slowly while refrain from excessive insertion while errand care enough. Strong I think that while we are willing to in the cramped, very and I had opened the door of the world of incest fully this is came to words. It was excitement beyond comparison with when it was the first time my sister. Body of my daughter I was trembling when I pushed completely calm while the meat stick that Mo~tsu. semen of the first time I was fired at the back of the uterus of the daughter in a matter of seconds cock that had Mo~tsu when this trembling is transmitted is Abaredashi. Meat jar of my daughter I had is cramped, but I started the gesture and keep the meat stick. I was also the moment very young body is beginning to seek the man. Inhale also full of saliva daughter while repeating the kiss, looking forward to the exchange of saliva and semen, the first day of the world of incest that begins now with my daughter