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Incest with daughter(2018-03)


I was 61 years old, my daughter was 36 years old, and my wife died five years ago, and the night the funeral was over, my daughter first came to my room and was tied up, and that night my daughter confessed. It seems that he had an affair with a married man. The hair of the pussy is left slightly thin on the hill, and it is easy  to stick and put in. He said <Take care of your father>, and the relationship disappeared and it seems that you noticed the relationship with me. is. I sleep in my double bed, and my daughter's body is a treasure for me now.  "Gonna I of the body was raised to dad, it does not leave much because children are not filled love me, filled out gonna want me in the back of is contraception" in divergence to the daughter of the uterus, I'm strongly clinging to each other and love each other violently on weekend nights, and recently I've realized that my daughter has changed into a beautiful glossy skin woman.

Daughter love

yuna himekawa[8847]
I am 61 years old, the only daughter 37-year-old, beautiful in style also often lead to one with me \"dad, wow is full up to my back,\" parent and child at or would be perfect size, of course, is the release to the back of the daughter receive.  My wife is a part worked, during the day is my one person. Daughter has a home near the married, the child is still part worked in the women's nursery of 5-year-old infant, sometimes it gave me a virgin before six months of marriage, the wife-known not secret relationship it continues to be.  Your husband is ... already ...  enters a daughter in the delivery room, it had over time, and had been told the doctor , \"daughter is cesarean section is ......\" I have heard the explanation was it not enter the head, there is only the mind that wants to help the daughter and grandson, there was a thought that cling to the doctor  for another 5 years since then has passed, become a forbidden relationship with the daughter of his father in daytime is the daughter incest It has been in a sexual spree. My wife is also to get anything even tits daughter not known to smoke as infants. 

Devil Lolicon Father

Orie, a daughter who had been separated for some reason, is returning to me with her grandson Yuka. On the third day after I came back, I'm committing my daughter to look like my grandson, Yuka, once a week, so that I can recognize that it's your turn to be embraced by Yuka. If you undertake the metamorphosis DNA of me and Orie, it should be my sexual processing toy. Like when my daughter, Orie, was in junior high school, I want to make a toy for sexual treatment by committing Yuri. I'm a devil lolicon father who loves to play with the body of a nasty girl that adults don't have . The story of when my daughter was a toy I will write again if I have a grandchild.

Love each other with my daughter

I was 46 years old, my daughter was 21 years old, and my wife passed away two years ago, and I was single and depressed, but I wasn't dragged forever, and I devoted myself to work, but the people around me noticed me. I knew that I was there, and my daughter invited me to change my mood, but I was surprised at the hot spring I booked, and it seemed that my daughter had a room bath and thought that she wasn't there. Did he care ... I left the room early. I started taking off in front of me without a dressing room. The daughter who took off everything was beautiful, and I was also taken off by the naked daughter, and while standing, I naturally hugged and kissed, and my virginity was mukumuku, but when I went out to the washing place with my daughter, I started washing gently The 21-year-old was soft to the touch, washed with each other, entered the bathtub together, kissed her daughter, and after getting out of the bathtub ... was a virgin. I had my daughter's body full of kiss marks. Six months have passed since that day, and my daughter went to a beauty salon to perform permanent hair removal, and although it is not perfect yet, she is taking pills for contraception and spending a night in love with me.

Became one

Please refrain from detailed age. My wife is 32 years old, and when I was looking at a pamphlet, "Dad, what's that?" I'm on good terms, and my wife asks her for me before going to work during the day. When I walk in the park, I often take a walk with my arm entwined, and she often entangles my arm and the breasts touch it a little, and I feel its softness in my arm. But if you take a walk without worrying about it, you know I'm aware of it.  <This is a one-day hot spring> I showed her and confirmed that I needed to make a reservation. A few days later my wife was at work. "I've made a reservation for my father, so let's go." It was past 8:30 in the early morning, and breakfast was almost over. Did she drive for about 40 minutes? When I climbed the curved road in the mountains, I saw a building in front of me, the car stopped at the parking lot, and she said her name at the reception and folded her arms. Surprise though it together in a guided dressing room , "you want to go with your father, the mother secret is I" It was also a surprise became naked in front of the eyes, even trying to hide in the naked daughter-in-law of the son to see for the first time No, the breasts that do not collapse are fair, the nipples are pointing upwards, the waist is feminine, the hair underneath is thin and elegant, I could see cracks, my foolishness has happened for the first time in a long time not to mention. After that, it was already naughty with her, so I started rushing from behind. It was fired without holding it for a long time in a young vagina with a pleasant tightness. I feel like I'm in a dream, at that time I was crazy about a young woman without any luck. About a week after that, I often get together with her during the daytime, and I'll be back from shopping soon, but I think I'll finish it once before lunch.

great strategy

I am a coach of a volleyball boy group. I joined the group when my daughter was in the third grade of elementary school. There are many jobs that male parents do, and the first year is a series of regrets. But now, I'm glad that it's the end of the third year. One is a drinking party called a meeting. If you work for a company, you may have a stake in it, but here it is a flat relationship. It is also attractive that the girls are still not ashamed to see the growth of the girls up close. Unlike men, girls are really cute and their bodies change dramatically. Yuka-chan, who first guided my daughter, was a little child who wasn't 140? When she was in elementary school, but at this summer's training camp, the first tide came and she took care of her. The chest, which was pettanko, is enough to put on a bra. Because of this environment, a father who is interested in girls is created. Even though I wasn't a lolicon, I became attracted to the cuteness of the girls. The topic at meetings and drinking parties is about girls. The names of the upper grades are listed one after another. The particularly cute, bloated daughter is praised by several fathers. And when the sickness turns, someone begins to ask the child's father about his physical characteristics. Until last year, I was on the question side, but this year, Hideaki-kun gave me the first name, "Miku-chan, you're cute, isn't it?" From Goji, " I'm becoming more like a girl." Miku, my daughter, is now in the fifth grade of elementary school. Ultimate late birth. 11 years old born on April 2nd. From before last summer, he grew a lot and became 145 ?, which looked like a matchstick, but this time it has become rounder since the summer. I'm still taking a bath together, but now I can clearly see the bulge.Our boy group has a spring camp, a summer camp, and a ski school in winter. Conducted for 1 week, 2 weeks, and 5 days, respectively. The girls and fathers have been together for quite some days. By convention, female parents do not participate because of the care of their siblings or having their wings stretched. The fathers take turns taking time off and attending during the period. The practice is by a professional coach and it is quite hard and most of the daughters cry. On the other hand, the girls are forgiving for the fathers who are kind outside the practice. So every year, some girls dedicate their little bodies to their dad's friends and friends' dads. "Ah, I'm aiming for Miku." At the drinking party, telling the child's father that he's cute is a notice that he'll approach. However, not everything is fine. "Haruka-chan is cute too." Goji's daughter. Miku's classmates are good friends. ""

Days of love with my father

I am 22 years old, my father is 47 years old, and my mother died 3 years ago.  Currently, I run a small company with my father, and although it is a really small company with less than 10 employees, it is still a sufficient number in the industry.   I had a relationship with my father after my mother died, but at first my father was confused about being with me, so I became more active and gave it to the hotel. Of course there was pain, but I strongly felt that I was united with my father, and when I became a woman, I strongly clung to my father and asked for his father's mouth and sucked.  Last night, I loved each other almost all night at a hotel near a certain IC, and I sometimes use hotels near that, but that's a place where people who don't know our parents and children wouldn't come, if we knew each other. If you look at it, you will know that parents and children have a relationship, so the hotel near the IC is used on weekends, but it was a hotel that changed its location a little because it was crowded. It's a quiet and spacious bath, a spacious bed, I was spending a night I loved each other, contraception is a ring, it would be difficult with a pill, so ... I also have permanent hair loss, my father You'll be happy to love me, my dad will stick to the dick well, I'm glad that it's delicious and has a nice scent, isn't it? The person who is absorbed in my body is my beloved father. You did your best last night I think it's better to be a little thinner , T161, B87, W63, H89, maybe because I'm often sucked and snored, I'm still sleeping, I  can understand the feelings of parents and children of incest.

Love each other with my father

Even if I say going back, I just returned to my father after parting from him who lived with me, I am not married, now 25 years old, I have no blood connection with my father, but I died My father, who remarried my mother, was 41 years old. When I was in my fourth year of elementary school, cherishing my mother, my father persuaded my parents to oppose me and got married.  I paid for my school expenses and I only thank my dad, I had a relationship with him last year, and at that time I loved him violently every night like a newlywed, and of course I could have an abortion. I thought, but I had no choice but to have an abortion after discussing with my father, and I inserted a ring and returned to the night of intense love with my father, and of course I went to bed with my father in the bath.  My father told me that my skin was beautiful, and I think that my foundation was well-developed and moisturized. Perhaps this is because my father's semen is received in the womb and absorbed in the womb, and I have an  incestuous life with my father, but I feel happy.

Love each other with my only daughter

I'm a 47-year-old company officer, my daughter's 20-year-old junior college student, my wife's 50-year-old I will read your posts and confess that I have a secret relationship with my daughter, only the content of the etch that does not matter I will do it.  A few days before the coming-of-age ceremony this year, my daughter told me that my wife was secret and I was meeting. Somehow there was a prediction, and after I usually took a bath, my daughter couldn't see it with my wife with a single bath towel, so I quickly opened the bath towel and showed me beautiful nakedness. My wife didn't know she was doing that, and while she was away she confessed that she wanted to give me a virginity.  Meeting day Miniskirt, white blouse, jacket, half-coat daughter "Dad, I'm sorry I waited ..." I usually go out with my daughter's shopping, and I 'm taken to the lingerie corner, "Dad, this suits me " bras and shorts I was shown, I was shown wearing the shorts I bought, and I forgave my daughter's selfishness and bought lingerie made by a manufacturer, so I thought it would be time for me to take it off someday.  When I put my daughter in the passenger seat, I started running toward the love hotel without hesitation. <Is it really good? > "Because I like because dad, always a mom dad thing Hey ... Because he seems to ignore Dad, I saw of ..... You know ..." in the wind daughter're wondering < What's the matter ... Tell me> My daughter started talking when the car stopped at the traffic light. "Mom gets in another man's car"I was choked, the traffic lights turned blue and the car started running towards a hotel in the suburbs and was beginning to look ahead.  I entered a love hotel and took off my daughter, but my daughter had already turned up, and my daughter's nakedness was in front of me, and it was beautiful, and the white shape that was neither small nor big was good. A woman's crack under her thin hair, her height is a little shorter than me, and my daughter who was taking a shower touched her and said, "Dad's so much ... amazing ..." I also took a shower, I wiped my daughter's body and I picked up her naked daughter and carried her to bed. "Dad ... embarrassing ..." I thought my naked daughter was beautiful, and I was holding her up like a princess. There was a bed right there, but it's also my daughter's virgin because it goes through an important virgin, it's just an unexpected event, and I gently put it down on the bed and laid it on its side. ..  The daughter lying on her back, gently kissing and gradually descending, sucking on the left and right nipples and sucking and rubbing the tits, a cute voiced daughter <Open both legs> The daughter who opened left and right closed her eyes and the virgin When I open the woman, there is a virgin flower core behind the beautiful pink petals, I open my mouth and lick it, I hear the pant voice of my annoying daughter for the first time, and sometimes I suck it up and say my daughter's petals Fully cheeked, < OK ... it hurts, but be patient> Insert little by little, but my daughter still screams with pain, my thing is inserted all the way to the back of my daughter and moves back and forth, overlapping my daughter with skin I was clinging to it when I put it together. "Dad ..." Kissing and pushing up slowly, and my daughter panting and pushing up <I'll give it a go>My daughter was clinging strongly, semen was waving at her womb many times, hugging her over the daughter and her breath was disturbed, "Dad ... no more" My daughter was tired. My swell was inserted all the way to the back of my daughter, and after taking a rest for a while without pulling it out, my sledding recovered and I challenged for the second time. "Dad ... Ah ... Wow ... Ah ... Dad ..." <Bookmark ... Good ...> "Dad ... Dad ... Already ..." My 2 With the second release, I was still in the back of my daughter, but I felt it gradually wither, and after I got out, I lay down next to my daughter and hugged her. <Bookmark, I love you ...> "Dad ... I love you ..." I knew that my daughter was still out of breath. After a while, I wake up and still pick up and enter the bathroom, wash my daughter, my inner crotch gets dirty with virgin bleeding, my sole gets dirty with bleeding, and when I look at the bed, it gets dirty with bleeding. It was. How long it was, my daughter got up, I put on my shorts , put on my bra , put on my blouse, skirt jacket, put on my clothes, support my daughter, and leave the hotel I was there. My daughter in the passenger seat was defeated by reclining and it was still before 5 pm, so I arrived at my house before my wife came home and entered the second floor where my daughter's room was located, and my wife did not know and I had a secret relationship with my daughter. I'm continuing. I've heard from my daughter that my wife is having an affair, but I pretend I don't know anything with her.

Daughter's school fees

My divorced wife told me to pay my daughter's tuition. My daughter will come to pick it up directly. You're fooling around, you paid a lot of damages, but it's 2 million. I'm going to have a daughter instead. In the old days, I used to take a bath with me even in middle school. I was troubled by the milk that had begun to swell, but now that my wife and daughter have oppressed me, I have a side dish for my daughter. You can do this much.

This year's daughter and me

About a year ago, my daughter's pants in the laundry basket were my side dishes. While my daughter was studying in the room after taking a bath, I took her pants out of the laundry basket every night before the bath, looked at the scented pants she wore all day, put them on her nose, and sometimes her genitals. Wrapped around. After masturbating, I took a bath, so I was able to put my pants back in the laundry basket without being suspicious of my daughter. However, on that day, my daughter was in the living room unlike usual. I was so absorbed in the game I just bought that I didn't study at the usual time. I decided to ignore it and take a bath, but I thought I should be careful a little and went into the living room. This was the beginning of the mistake. "Hey, I Do not have a game forever. Year-end would close?" "I ~'m fine, now of odd-lot is's a simple,'m margin even no Tsutomu Nante in the two-test" saying "such a thing, you next year Isn't he an examinee? "When I liked my daughter in the game, she turned around a little moody. "At best, you're in trouble if you don't have enough points when you take the exam next year?" While being scolded, my daughter didn't look at me because she was so bad. .. My daughter kept looking down from my face so that I couldn't look at her, and the next moment she snapped her eyes to one point and was surprised with her eyes rounded. My daughter's pants, which I used for side dishes, were slightly sticking out of my pocket. "Daddy! Why do you have my pants!" I couldn't say anything to my daughter who suddenly approached me and pulled my pants out of my pocket and blamed me. It's all because I'm bad. I used to use the pants of a girl around the age and the pants of my own daughter for vulgar acts.She seemed to know what she was doing, so she entered her room, leaving only one word at least. For the next two weeks, I barely talked to my daughter. My daughter took her laundry to the room once after the bath so that I wouldn't catch it, and started putting it in the laundry basket in the morning. A terrible parent. After discovering an affair with my wife half a year ago, I'm currently chilling each other's heads at a distance, and my daughter feels that her mother's affair is very filthy, and I say it's my father's point of view. Gave me. In spite of this, I repeated the act of demeaning my daughter to a side dish as if trampling on her feelings, and deeply hurt her. I apologize for hurt myself when I have to protect myself as a father. That decision seemed to be the hardest. At dinner that day, I apologized to my daughter from the bottom of my heart. My daughter is still angry, but she forgave me for the time being. I felt that my heavy feelings became a little lighter. However, I cannot be the only one who can be comfortable, and from now on, I will not betray again unless I fill in the wounds of my daughter's heart.

Burning with my daughter for the first time

yuna himekawa[8751]
I'm 48 years old, my daughter 23 years old, let's be self-employed My wife has already died and my daughter became pregnant at 19 years old, but the important husband was missing at the time of childbirth, so I took my daughter to the maternity hospital and waited for childbirth However, a doctor came out of the delivery room on the way, but it was said that it was impossible to give birth normally, and the second person said that Caesarean section was safe for the daughter's body, and it was impossible for the second person to make a decision. At such a time, I was annoyed at where the host was, and had no choice but to make a decision. He had a Caesarean section and had a baby, and he was taken up safely.  Four years after that, my grandson went to a nursery school, and the owner was divorced, apparently having an affair with another woman at the hotel.  Every day when my daughter took her grandson out of the bath, the bathroom door opened and she saw her naked when she received her grandson. Because of that, "Dad, you're looking at my nakedness ... Is it okay for me? ... I do n't have to worry about getting pregnant ..." I was surprised and had no words to return. "Why don't you go out tomorrow?" <Yukari ...> "Okay ... Dad ..."  This morning, when I sent my grandson to a nursery school, my daughter and my first love hotel, my daughter who got naked in front of me, was so well-proportioned. I couldn't have imagined that I had a good body. It seems that the two of them took a bath and thinned their hair by themselves, and my foolishness had already occurred, and I wondered if my daughter was touched and became even bigger . pretty annoying pant voice per Sucking to crawl the tongue, in the cowgirl daughter painting mouth in 69 "I put Dad" is slowly tied down the waist, face-to-face seat position, back, face down, the push-up violently become a normal position, the daughter also voice Screaming the pussy loudlyThe uterus was pushed up strongly and a considerable amount of semen was produced. My daughter clings strongly and my skin is perfect. I have had sex for the first time in a while, but I didn't think I would be one with my daughter, so I tried to have two shots for the first time in years.  My daughter is resting now, it was her first incest with satisfaction.

Small 6 raw vagina clinging

 When my employer went bankrupt and became unemployed, my wife had an affair and went out and ended up.  The daughter of 4th grade is filthy as a mom! Shouted, and the remaining two lived together.  Over time, when I reached 6th grade, my chest swelled and my nipples became noticeable.  Since there is only one room, I always sleep side by side.  In the morning, when my daughter got up first and changed her clothes, she snooped on the silhouette of her bulging breasts.  I can't stand it!  When I checked the net, even elementary school students are having sex.  With that in mind, I hit the bath last night.  "I love you," she keeps muttering and strips her disliked daughter naked.  With deep kissing and caressing her breasts, she raised her legs and held her knees in her hands, as if she had an idea.  It has light hair, but it is neat and beautiful.  He says he wants to tickle when he spreads it with his fingers and licks chestnuts.  Still, as I continued, it got a little wet.  When I put it in an easy-to-see position, I saw a small hymen!  I spread it with my fingers and looked into the back of the hymen, but it was dark and I couldn't see it.  When I asked, "I love you, XX-chan, isn't it?"  , I closed my eyes, probably because I said "I do n't like it."  I poured lotion into my pussy and wanted to apply it to my dick.  When I aligned and pressed it, there was some resistance, but it went in.  It hurts when I see my daughter's face, and I'm frowning.  When I pushed it further, when the glans entered, it pierced into the back at once. I kissed her to contain her daughter's cry of "Itai".  It's narrow and gritty, and it doesn't feel good, but with the excitement of having my daughter's virginity, I made a violent piston.  After a while, when I looked at the joint, it was full of blood.  I fired at that moment. Yes, I put it inside.  I have been having vaginal cum shot many times since yesterday.  As expected, I couldn't stand anymore, so we ate together.  My daughter is doing as usual.  Well, I'll have sex tonight too! !!

Virgin over sequel over the 20-year-old was raised to father

Because it is full so, Once was always, I come car greeted at home, but is a private car in the operation of the father There are afternoon outing scheduled for today, then ... in the hotel we love one .... If you did today so busy there is also scheduled tomorrow, is that going You take the time.

20 years ago

Before the betrothal, I was up at the hotel to his father. Wedding is the end starts again, I was the ride into the train at the station of the home, got off at the next stop, he is in another surprise and ask greeted with a public telephone to surprise his father, after a while My father came with boarded to pick \"come on do not ask ... nothing to say to dad somewhere hotels .....\" father issued a car was open for a while to mouth. \"Kai's good to such a thing?\" \"Because ... Dad No good I have been embraced by the other men?\" My father put the car and eventually hotel is visible in silence, after the mutual love my father and I are crazy time to forget, but I had to spend vigorously flare up time, and then apologize to visits to the home of the father and the other party, it what was thought to sit in the <needle rather>. Physiology is eliminated when the notice becomes a sex life of the father and the intense love one, but it was abortion can not give birth, but is becoming a distant memory, the relationship between the father and the body has continued. You have the time being self-employed.