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Incest with daughter(2012-03)

Incest discourse

yuna himekawa[1132]
I'm mischievous at night with my first daughter. My daughter is thin, but her breasts are plump . He has a slightly male-dominated eye. Her hair is a little tanned with a shortcut, and she is a boyish girl with both appearance and personality. About half a year ago, when my wife left home on a business trip, she probably fell asleep watching TV, and her daughter fell asleep on a futon. I give my daughter my own room, but occasionally I sleep with my husband and wife in a large room with a TV. I turned off the TV and turned it off. I also lay down and tried to put a towel on my daughter. At that time, I noticed that my daughter's shirt was turned up and the waist was exposed. I don't usually see it, but unlike my arms and face, it was white at night. I had a strange idea. My wife has an erogenous body in the waist, and when she smokes it, she wrestles and pant so that she can't stand it. Will my daughter feel it too? Excited, I pressed my lips against the gentle part of my open waist, checking my daughter's sleeping breath. My daughter was surprised. When I licked it underneath, I made a voice like a nose. I was about to wake up, so after a while, I stroked the same part with my fingertips. I was surprised again. After repeating the same thing several times, my daughter lay on her back. After checking my sleep, I stroked from the collarbone to the chest. This is also my wife's weakness, but my daughter also responded with a sharp arm. After that, the fingertips reciprocated from the hem of the breast to the nipple to the extent that it was touched or not touched. My wife has a weak left nipple, but my daughter also got sick when her fingertips came to her left nipple. Since that night, when my daughter sleeps with her, she has stimulated her erogenous body many times in the same way. I took great care not to be noticed by my wife, but the thrill was also addictive.About two months ago, when I was playing with my daughter's nipples at midnight, she suddenly coughed. It was the cough of an apparently awake person. I was surprised and withdrew, but at this time I was convinced that my daughter was aware and at her disposal. In fact, he then boldly rubbed his breasts, but no resistance was given. The night my wife left home on a business trip again, my daughter was sleeping in the hall again. At this time, I was ecstatic that I could do what I wanted with my daughter. After lying down for a while, I gently sneaked into my daughter's futon. The daughter was lying on her back. I tucked up the hem of the hoodie my daughter was wearing. In contrast to the brown skin from the neck to the chest, both breasts were brilliantly white, with pink nipples at the apex. I immediately rubbed my chest. I continued to rub it so that it wouldn't hurt, but I was strongly aware that my breasts were being rubbed. After rubbing for a while, my daughter's breath became rough. Occasionally I started to hold my breath and take a deep breath. Even so, I tried to twist myself as I continued to massage, but I suppressed this. Then, pleasure accumulates. During that time, I sucked and licked the chest, collarbone, and between the chest many times. When I put my teeth on my collarbone, I moaned and lifted my shoulders.Perhaps I had been doing that for over an hour, after rubbing my chest hard, I crawl my tongue from the hem of my breast. And when my tongue entwined with my nipples, which I hadn't touched before, my daughter bowed and screamed indescribably. It was the voice of a woman who couldn't stand the pleasure, which could not be imagined from the image of a sports girl who is usually a manly man. I picked up my nipples with my lips, sucked them up, licked them, sucked them, and chewed them. The daughter was shaking her body and panting like sobbing. I sucked up my hips with both nipples, messing around with my chest. The daughter moaned and made her hips flutter. I pressed it down as it was and relentlessly sucked the waist and raised my teeth. The daughter clung to the futon and screamed, but when she screamed, her whole body was shocked. It seemed to be light, but I didn't stop. From the waist to the back, I licked the spine line and sucked violently. Parker was in the way so I took it off. I also sucked down my daughter's slender neck. And I put my tongue in the mouth of my daughter who was breathing like panting. The daughter seemed surprised for a moment, but accepted without resistance. I enjoyed playing around my daughter's tongue as it was. My daughter went back with just a kiss, but if I continued, she went a few more times. My daughter had a mixed voice that even breathed. I kept whispering my daughter's name, licking her ears. My daughter was shaking her body as if she could feel it with her ears. When I put my tongue in my ear, I kept writhing.That day was until then, but nowadays I can't resist stroking my daughter's thighs. Last night, I crawl my fingers to the base of my legs and caress them over my underwear. My wife is sleeping next to me so I can't do any more. My daughter was looking at me with sullen eyes, as if the frustration fueled the pleasure. In the daytime, she is as active and cool as ever, but at night she is infused with sexual feelings and is at her mercy. I've become like my mistress.

Pitiable daughter

I was amazed moderate the husband of the daughter married.
It had come to the brink of bankruptcy debt also bulge every day of gambling is not injurious to the regular job.
I went back to take in the countryside daughter has been recommended repeatedly divorce children because absent husband, but does not try to Hanaso.
It was not live in rented house away Ichi-eki and I think that it comes to looking for the house of the parents of the countryside.
I went back to align the goods and chattels of the extent necessary.
It was through hidden husband come to look for the daughter on a daily basis.
so I decided to go home to eat Yugohan and confidence to daughter regained vigor As you visit the house of Koromusume that several months have passed.
You eat rice and daughter went to the liquor shopping in a long time. I went to the bathroom to say \"you too ~ huh enter together,\" said half-jokingly refers to as \"~ Hey good many\" cheerful voice to be \"entered because they boiled dad, Bathing\"
from the kitchen. Daughter was come in the door of the bathroom open and is immersed in the bathtub slowly. \"Although I said as a joke, c'mon,\" \"embarrassing E~tsu ~ Dad?\" \"Do not I embarrassed curving\", \"you are shy and blushing ~ Wow,\" \"The ~ Na teasing fool, the father\" and \"you'll get to flow back up dad\" and began to wash the lather to sponge upon exiting the washing place and is said to daughter. Cock until I came to come chest, and abdomen from the nape of the neck is allowed rotate me \"Yes, pointing here\" and wash your ass, and legs from the back. Cock said \"It's clean and You're appealing! Na because daughter\" and to words unlikely? \"In No dad, me naked 's was erection\" Grasp the cock deflated but was held to daughter reacts \"Do not! But You're parents with me, and it's lonely it can be seen, but ...\" one woman in \"daughter\" to come harder I was good, Dad, I want to embrace, lonely me, \"I hugged my daughter started We will rub the breast of the daughter by, there is also a reason but I want to be nestled in the dad now, \"It was a mixed feelings, but when combined the lips. 58-year-old me, touched the breast of a 31-year-old wife daughter other than it was after a long time. Daughter began licking pussy my cock and leaning on futon out of the bath. I also became more theriomorphosis without Toshigai in frightful caresses daughter was feeling frustration. I held him once again to wake up the morning of encouraging three times in one night. I am repeatedly having sex with daughter on Saturday and Sunday every week since then.

Yuko my Love

I got the virgin of previous marriage of the daughter-in-law has been raised from the age of six. You say, I got it is that on top of the agreement. 11 years 10 months, she was 44 years old I am at the time. The belly masturbation by caressing her take me to bed would be erect her elementary school 4 Toshinokoro, have entered a bath together as usual, so did not mind even look at it was put out at the beginning, licking and then get mangled genitals, or aloud to let suck the penis, or doing attacking the chestnut Minibaibu, where he was or committed each other caress I was a fifth grader. When I was young I used to become so someday, but I had been to enter until about half of the middle finger in her vagina you are accustom little by little Love lotion over several months suddenly so poor in young genitals, and two as usual I remember was impressed by two people so went up to just below the glans After pressing slowly hips Atega~tsu the entrance to try when it becomes a person Kiri. I did not the piston. It was not Hotobashira a white liquid in the place where I started growing her and brandished by hand housed in the camera for the first time. It was cooked a time with me to say the innocent to be \"incoming Bathing and dad\" in the daughter-in-law always. I did not do most of the bride we want to ejaculation comfortably at that time. I'm no longer even want to see something naked like pigs loose the bride and if I know the lush body of her daughter. I was so drown to the body youthful in young age daughter further genitals of those still young because it was also sufficiently love juice Become a exploitable addition comfortably mono my breast When I graduate from elementary school. It was believed that this happiness will continue much I'm sure, but I began to refuse me suddenly at the end it is the 1 turned her from menarche. Have you ever become so nearly 1, several times now during my daughter sex does not have more than a year already. It is no longer let me also that I am weaving you can put a finger, showing us the genitals recently. It has said that it makes me someday says her so's \"because puberty,\" but it may be that say so and I pity me. It might're watermark coaxed a fool father says with a straight face, \"it may be a place of your favorite guy. Dad because it is all right at any time over there when starting to throb as lonely,\" he said. Who she has seen in adult somehow now. I wanted to hug her wearing a sailor suit. When you have a bath after a long time in February, it is now likely Harisake to Shigemi you've been with black people and Ass good shape her breast is slightly larger again, but they did not put out a hand. Sometimes you've defiled by skipping semen uniforms of her ironing the penis by winding it Dari smell of pants she took off, or fired a sperm at the spot now. She wants, but I do not want to force to it can not be. Daughter who is willing to know me such irresistible I like even now.

Daughter of 6th grade elementary school

My daughter is in trouble I like things masochism basis for some reason.
Perhaps because it was showing and video from the small time I have a SM lover, you're doing since I was a fourth grade Masturbation. begin with a calm at the sight of me in the nude without hiding.
And I come seeking Spanking to me now. I'll do of course Then you issue the voice of woman serving another. Photos and a video I also took a lot are. Then are not suck from a year ago another cock rejoice. I have to drink also sperm of course. You are going to Shiteyaro a woman soon. Finger into the finger is not a virgin anymore in that sense that back up are doing put another