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Incest with daughter(2016-03)


My daughter, in the stepchildren of his wife, married at the time daughter of the third grade. I think that there is a good relationship over the biological child.
Such daughter, collapsed causing the anemia in the bathroom when the junior high school three years.
Been suffering from the bathroom, I have, but he was wiping the body with bath towel, the body is a woman of the body of a full-fledged, under cover to Dosakusa, and breast, pussy even got touched. Pubic hair is still thin pink pussy Komu added to my finger.
It began to stare at the daughter as a woman since then.

Two daughters

yuna himekawa[5530]
The other Friday, my younger daughter finally graduated from elementary school. You can finally release the desire to reveal yourself, or the desire to tell someone, which you have suppressed until now. My wife died when her older daughter was involved in a car accident in the fall of elementary school 2. Of course my daughters and I were very sad. For the first three months or so, the house was full of disappointment. It's been a few years now and my daughters are accepting it as a thing of the past. I was stunned for about three months, but I changed my mind for my daughters. That's all for now, my wife was actually my sex slave. I met when I was a member of society and she was a college student. She is self-employed and came as a part-time job. Originally I had little interest in her. I was just one of the part-time workers. Still, she had a beautiful face and a slender body, and she was a little conspicuous. However, I didn't really care because I thought "I'm not a college student". However, one day she confessed and started dating. I continued to have a normal relationship, but one thing that is different from normal is that my propensity is quite S. She came to our house as a freshman in college and was a virgin because the man I was dating for the first time was me. Originally, I thought that I could train from a virgin, and when I was confessed, I had a black joy in my heart. Training began gradually when she had her first experience and made her feel comfortable with SEX.First of all, I planted my ideal female image to make me respond to my taste, "I like a nympho woman" and "I like a masochist slave", and made me remember masturbation and pleasure in anal. It was. From then on, it was quick to fall. Exposed clothing, tattoos, tongue and nipples, genital piercings. She trampled on all her human rights as a woman, including physical service as a sexual slave and working at a sex shop. However, I have never looked down on her. I loved her thoroughly as "she". I drove to school, provided financial assistance, and had a lot of dates. She also taught her new hobbies such as traveling, trekking, skiing and diving. I intend to give a lot of joy to be loved as a woman while being thoroughly disciplined as a sexual slave. And when I got married, I told her, "I will make my child a sexual slave." She was naked and sat down, "the master owns the child of the sex slave. Please discipline as you like," she agreed. Fortunately, I had two daughters. She took care of her child well. However, since I intended to raise my child normally in early childhood, it is so-called normal childcare. Time goes by normally, such as going camping with the family, learning the piano and violin, and going to Kumon. From the time I was in the 4th grade, my daughter intended to train. But before that, my wife suddenly disappeared from us. I will omit that area, but as a family, I have recovered while sharing my sadness. Let's say my sister is Rei and my sister is Keiko. It was a pity that both of them were really "good boys" and polluted with my desires, but even so, my long-standing desires could not be suppressed.About half a year after my wife died, they finally came back to smile. I started to train the two, "Let's get started." By that time, it seemed that the feeling of "a family of three people from now on" was firmly recognized in the hearts of the daughters, and it became even more common for me to be pampered. I started training because I felt that. First of all, I decided to sleep together and all three would sleep naked. Rei and Keiko no wonder now sleep naked on my arm pillow. By doing so, I was able to feel the comfort of feeling the temperature of the other person by matching the skin to the skin. After a month, they both started to say that they didn't like that way of sleeping. I used to take a bath together as a habit, and even though I grew up normally when I was a toddler, I showed a greeting kiss and a couple's SEX. When they got naked and had to go to bed, they said, "Do you both know the real kiss?" They said, " I don't know." "The kiss you're doing is different? " " I'm also kiss are you now, really like people, no kiss of the people that I love you's also different from you, " two people" what's over? "" over I want to over there because I like it daddy " be quite happy They are two people who say. "Do you really like it?" Rei "I like it! I love you!" Keiko "I love you too! I love you !" "Well, do you love my dad?" Two people "I want to love each other.""Do you want to get along like dad and mom did?" Two people "I want to ♪" " Then both of us come " I sit on my thighs sitting in the agura, each sitting face-to-face. I kissed Rei while holding their heads. I will stick out my tongue and lick my lips. Rei also senses and sticks out his tongue and licks my lips and tongue. Insert the bottom into Rei's mouth and lick the inside of Rei's mouth. I will do a deep kiss to Keiko in the same way. "What was it like?" Rei "Something slimy but something feels good" Keiko "Daddy's tongue was there?" "I'm going to kiss you from now on." I repeated deep kissing. In addition, I will write more.

Incest discourse

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