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Incest with daughter(2012-04)

A daughter who does not burn with ordinary sex

yuna himekawa[1275]
When my daughter was 18, my mother died of cancer, and I've been living with me ever since. After graduating from university safely, I became a member of society, fell in love with some, and was about to get married. However, when the marriage story suddenly disappeared and I asked my daughter why, she didn't say it clearly. I met with the other party of men, persistently and hear the translation "sex is the problem" and the surprising answer "How will the problem." "Actually, I was for a long time, I think that I think we them change " I don't know what it is." "Young lady, Akiko, isn't frigid, she doesn't react at all during sex." "What does that mean?" "I don't feel it. I'm always in a tuna state. " When I thought I had some lover-like men, I immediately broke up with another man ... I shouldn't tell my daughter, I thought I could n't tell my father. I called my daughter who was preparing food at home and said, "I heard everything today, what should I do now, I think it's impossible to get married as it is now." "But dad, I don't know what to do." "What? I wonder if there was a traumatic thing about sex. " " That 's not the case. " " Then, what 's the problem? " " Heal my dad, so that I can have sex. " I was surprised at the unexpected remark" Can parents and children do such a thing?" "It's not a parent that even parents and children have an important daughter who is sick and can't help." "It's different from that, it's insane to have a physical relationship between parents and children . " It's not such an unpleasant relationship, but my dad is trying to cure my daughter's illness. " " Okay, let's stop this story, dad's bath. "For the time being, I ran to the bathroom. As I was soaking in the bathtub and thinking about what my daughter said, she came in. "What's that story yet?" "It's okay, I just want to join my dad for the first time in a while," and soaked in a narrow bathtub. My daughter's body, a splendidly swollen breast, and dark pubic hair that I saw for the first time in a long time. The folly responded naturally when they were in close contact with each other. I tried not to let my daughter realize it, but I touched her body in a narrow bathtub. "Dad, I'm glad I felt it in my body." "It can't be helped , because my dad is also a man, it's strange not to stand naked when I see a woman." Every time my daughter moved, my foolishness became fine. As soon as I was in trouble with where to go in the narrow bathtub and raised my daughter's body, my daughter's body got on my feet. And the moment I moved, a fool went into my daughter's secret shell. " Oh, I'm sorry." "Okay, dad." A calm attitude, usually, if that goes into the dick, it should react even more differently.The word frigidity came to my mind. I never moved my hips. I inserted it all the way to the back. No reaction, no good I thought I had to cure my daughter's illness, "Akiko, let's get out of the bath" I took my daughter to my bed and said " I'm going to cure your frigidity" and my daughter's legs I started to caress the secret shellfish. The pubic hair was scraped off, the skin of the clitoris was rolled up, and the tongue and lips were stimulated. One hand rubbed the breast and the other hand patted between the anus and the secret shell. no reaction. However, the joy juice springs up from the inside so that it overflows. I inserted a fool inside and made a violent piston in the vagina that was quite tight and only I was excited and fired. "Don't you feel anything?" "I don't feel much." I 'm seriously ill, and when I think I have to think about the next move, I think maybe I put a clothespin on my nipple and do the same for my secret shellfish. I tried sandwiching it with. My daughter's face became distorted and began to react, then tied her hands and attacked her anus. When I put one, two, three and my fingertips, the pant voice began to leak. After all it was a masochistic daughter. When I was forced to say obscene words, I was even more excited and a large amount of pee spouted. Bet became peeing and peeing, but it turned out that he was not frigid. However, I thought it would be difficult to find a partner, so I decided to deal with my daughter until I found a partner.

I have a relationship with the father

I have a relationship with the father.
My father is 34 years old now. If you are walking together, look is young enough to be mistaken father to the couple well. I love such a father,
it is not visible to the other party that something friends of the class mingle In what looked to children. It was summer vacation last year. When I saw the magazine that had my father, read the article of incest, I've learned that the people who like me.
That night, I went into together I also excitement does not fit, my father came home from work, and take a bath. My father seemed surprised first. But there was nothing there.
That night, I tried to provocation by wandering around with a single T-shirt that shows through in front of the father. My father seemed excited. Is torn T-shirt is laid on the couch grabbed his arm suddenly, was tossed in the chest.
I wanted to have a little, but it was so nice to me when you touch down, you can not stop the voice you will feel very. The last, I was put in from behind is Tsukasa hands on the table.
It was put quite violently, but it was I have very pleasant. At that time, we would be issued in. That night, was embraced again and again until the morning close in bed.
I had forgiveness dick becomes hurt. Since then, I have been every day SEX. I wonder if standing about half a year already. I do not think life without a father anymore.
In recent years, we have SEX to invite friends. But you tell him father, and good is Rika. But, what's good have continued thing. I'm worried about pregnancy.

Daughter and menarche

I was impressed by the children of these days and what begins with 4-5 years elementary school to hear from his wife daughter has menarche.
The lady comes increased further hair grows out chest bulge menstruation begins.
\"We enter Bathing dad, and SaiNozomi'm already
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what\", \"that child also, because I became a woman SaiNozomi\"
\"What did SaiNozomi did you have to
say,\" \"SaiNozomi is still unknown And it looks like no Te, but ...
\"\" SaiNozomi to where now \"that it becomes impossible bathing fun and only
daughter\" is going to Chika-chan house of
\"friends. Enter \"Papa bath but SaiNozomi
to daughter came home
It immediately
Please enter rhyme alone dad by \"useless\" wife
to \"What SaiNozomi\"? \"- Entering\" I \"- I\" useless \"It's useless in the\" What, Thats had entered and dad - and Zu~tsu until now \"useless from the\" Today \"change of such\" \"Well\" Well, tonight is the last Ja it I had entertained the bathing and the last daughter persuaded his wife to either \"stop. Blood had a little stain physiological napkin is attached Damn pants When Nugaseru clothes in dressing room. I noticed and is up Soka menarche, but went into the bathroom to undress as it is. \"It 's the end of the fall and SaiNozomi\" It's the last \"What soak in the bathtub with the Kakariyu? We hug to say that I because will become adults \"... SaiNozomi\" \"to enter the bath and dad\" I, even as an adult \"to be\" happy dad \"Thank you. Red blood dripping from the crotch function When I wash gently with a sponge whipped the body of SaiNozomi out of the tub. \"I do still get\" \"Translate are you know a daughter who looked at it? \"Yeah, 's evidence that adult mom was saying\" \"shower - I was flown at but was Ategai to crack the fingertips as you remember abnormal excitement in the blood that flows down to the next from the next. \"Has become big daddy penis\", \"This up, no nothing,\" daughter saw it son erection of course was that I can only reply flustered. I called his wife and the \"~ come Mama\" in blood coming out endlessly. Look at my son, \"The odious and of believe Papa what\" and \"'m different, of SaiNozomi, I do not Toman this\", \"I'm useless and I told you so\" wife opened the door of the bathroom doing somehow \" It was calm by firing at - Onani swing some years excitement does not wake up even after I \"Take rare Aya I guess it can not be the other way\", quickly hey \"two people came out of the bathroom. It was I who lost dignity of his father without a word that \"minimum Nante erection to see the physiology of the daughter\" word of his wife talk back and go up from the bath.


I was noticed recently, but it was often you can come into the futon while saying dad might have something to me while sleeping Toka ... morning I \"Sayaka ~ ♪\" but you can have touching thighs from last month around, softened I woke up or shifted pajama pants. At, just now today, because it was time zone Papa come down from the second floor, and tried to sleep in the state that gave Hadake button a little in the living room to try, And then from the top of the clothes while saying Toka and \"~? Do not occur\" been tampered nipple. . . But Te care in the pants when I was put up, been allowed to crawl finger over there, touch \"do? Happened\" And Is' s went towards the kitchen and stuck if you say or \"do ~\" me becomes I Pikun~tsu was delicious to people ......